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"shivers dolphin square" Discussed on Spies of London

"Savior's and behind the church is a large grassy area which isn't George's Gardens if you walk along the street, which is a really natural historic Georgian Terrace Street, you'll see a gate a metal gate and walk into the square now, we normally stop here to do our introductions because it's quieter than outside the tube station. It also gives me a chance to talk about our Second Sight on the walk and really our first took the site which is the massive of communist looking apartment block, which is Dolphin Square. The reason I like to do that discussion here is it's quiet and because Dolphins grows a private area. It's not really phone number to stop and talk about the place especially the kind of things we tend to talk about when the residents are walking past you. So we stopped in Saint George's Square exchanged names understand what brought us home. Gather today for the walk and then we talked about often Square. I have the luxury on these recordings of expanding more than I tend to on the router itself. The thing about these walks or indeed any guided walk off is that the walk is always unsatisfactory to just about everybody it is too long for some people and too short for others too quiet too. Noisy to windy too hot to cold. This is just human nature. But if I have eight people on the walk you can guarantee I'll get ten different reviews. So feel free to fast-forward any stages that you don't like the look of but I do want to mention dolphin Square in some detail because as well as having a rich history here is also been mentioned in the recent John le carre book a legacy of spies and this book came out the month in September 2017. I first started doing these walks, so I had to include this and I had a lot of John the character and specifically interested in looking for Dolphin square, but I first heard about dolphin Square from another Walker dead. Came along in August of that year when I was just launching the walks and he asked me about dolphins square and he pointed in the direction of it and I looked it up and couldn't believe my eyes. So one thing to start it off here than it is to look at the instructions that Peter Gilliam received in the John le carre novel reading from John temporary accommodation has been obtained for you effective. Today's date at apartment 110 be Hood house dolphin Square London SW following conditions apply. I am to keep no pets no unauthorized third-party to be admitted. I am to be present and available in the premises between 2200 hours and oh seven hundred hours or supplier legal department with notification in advance. So Peter Gilliam has been summoned back from his wonderful French Farmhouse to account for past actions that he and George Smiley of carried out in the in the history and particularly with Alec leamas who was in a spy home. In from the cold who was the the hero in that story now dolphin Square you can look this up as you know, I have a Blog with some of these photos on the used to hand around on a tablet. There is no substitute for actually going to Dolphin Square. It is massive. It is split into at least four different blocks or houses of which Hood house just mentioned is one of them and I tell people to keep a lookout for hotels as we won't pass. It has an underground swimming pool a restaurant shopping arcade. It's really nice. I love it. There's no balconies. There's no outdoor space except the garden in the center. I love it because it's roughly Art Deco. It was very very ground when it was built. There was Porter's that would park your car for you. You could walk out across the road to a jetty where you could sail your yacht onto the river which was never built and former. It was always planned and it's in the some of the diagrams that you'll see. I have a really interesting book about dolphin Square. There was supposed to be a little Harbor there for residents. That was never built but there is a Gardens there. So as you walk through Thursday, In square keep John le carre's words in mind soon. The lighted Hulk of dolphin Square was rising at me out of the haze ever since I had rallied to the secret flag. The place has gives me the Shivers dolphin Square in my day had more safe flat to the cubic foot than any building on the planet and there wasn't one of them where some luckless Joe hadn't been briefed of debriefed. It was also the place where Alec leamas had spent his last night in England as a guest of moscow's recruiter before setting out on the journey that killed him flat 105-ten be Hood house did nothing to dispel his ghost circus safe Flats had always been models of planned discomfort. So the idea is that he's not being sent to the Reps here at home has been sent somewhere that is uncomfortable tricky to get to and foggy and that's to give him the Jitters before he gets interrogated by his Old Masters, and it was a connection off. Calls between Hood house and the hood hoodlum Gangsta kind of idea and Alex son seems to think that they are basically naughty boys and hoodlums. They're not really suck Diplomat sore police people. They are really trouble and it's a really dark world that they operate in. Well, he would think that wouldn't because his father was killed in the line of duty, but it's it's a Viewpoint and the more I dig into these spy stories the more you wonder what it's all for because Thirty forty fifty years after these massive scandals, especially around Kim philby Anthony blunt and the moles which John le Coq adapted for his most famous stories that Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy series of which this is one Thirty forty fifty years later nobody remembers what was going on or what? It was all about or knows anybody and the world moves. So what seems to be a matter of life and death Earth shattering importance at the time suddenly looks a bit silly forty years later unless you are personally involved in your family has been affected by these authors. So there's no question. The dolphin Square was very ground. It is still very large but it's lost some of its Grandeur nice little bit Dusty and Faded around the edges, but we leave by the front gate which is always open as far I can tell 24/7 cross the road. However, you prefer and into the gardens opposite and if you walk to the riverbank, you will see the US embassy at nine Elms and this really is an important thought building. It has been ten years or so in the making it's effectively a cube. I'm certain there are several levels of basement at least one edge of the site is an artificial Lake which is helpful against terrorists and attacks on the reason America moved here was because Grosvenor Square which you will find on the Mayfair walk was just too claustrophobic. They had experienced rocket attacks and bombs in other countries and they've increased security but the London government wouldn't let America seal off the streets around Grosvenor square and basically occupy those streets. So although one Edge was comparatively safe wage. From the park how they could have cost five an RPG across the park quite easily the other size the other three sides where you have side streets right next to the building were really becoming a terrorist worry. Nothing ever happened there, of course the police the British place and the Americans are very sharp on their security, but although nothing happened. I think the building was getting tired it need to revamp. It was in a bad location in many ways. So America could move to nine Elms have a much bigger site most of which is empty but it's that buffer between American land and the outside world which gives them peace of mind and it's a very modern eco-friendly building. It looks fabulous and although it is in the middle of nowhere nine Elms is being developed right away and to Battersea in the battery power station, which used to provide Power to Dolphin Square. So the American Embassy itself is very dramatic, but you have to see it to really believe it just like with Dolphin square box. A story I normally tell here is the one where Phil B and Burgess and MacLean found themselves working with the CIA in America representing MI6 and it was really guy Burgess that long to the problems that these three men had and you have to wonder if guy Burgess hadn't been so Indiscreet and Reckless whether they would ever have been caught because the sequence of events as I recall it off was essentially that Burgess had been getting more and drunk driving faster and in his car. He used to get stopped frequently for speeding and just becoming a problem and as the Americans and it was the issue is who discovered these men as the Americans did more and research. They started to realize that MacLean in particular was trouble and this investigation reached the ears of Kim which implicated him because he told MacLaine that he had to get out of America risk capture interrogation. So Burgess accompanied McClain back to England. They said a very dog Short time before catching the ferry to France and then escaping to Moscow, but when this happened the Americans realized that somebody else must be involved to have tipped them off and that investigation eventually led to the door of Kim philby and resulted in his defection to Moscow as well. So although the Americans that had suspicions for some time. It was really Burgess his behavior that tipped them over the edge and got them involved and got them close to understanding exactly what was going on. Britain didn't really believe that philby was involved and that was partly down to his Charisma and charm that they didn't believe it and his bank account as well and you'll see his school letter in this walk. So that's my American Embassy story and it's a fascinating building but you can walk along the river now towards the bridge now, unfortunately, this is one of the bridges where you cannot walk underneath the footpath stops at the bridge. So you must exit to the road then what I prefer to do is go down to the lights at the crossroads crossover stay in front of them. Side Apartments so that you get a much more dramatic view of Mi sex when it eventually blasts into your eye line, or you can walk straight back towards the river next the bridge and follow the riverbank towards Mi sex this location, which is a green space a nice garden with some sculptures is also opposite the morpeth arms, which is a fabulous Pub for viewing MI6. They even have a viewing Gallery off the first floor with telescopes which might seem hilarious because this was meant to be a secret building or was it will in fact Vauxhall cross opened in 1994, and there was an awful lot of parliament published in that year which for the very first time officially admitted the existence of MI5 and MI6 and from that point the director General's have both agencies was published the address was published and now it might seem ridiculous in the age of Google Maps and Apple maps that you can have an office that nobody knew about but the in the second Field House years the birth To a Year's these locations were secret. They had no name plates. In fact, they had deliberately confusing nameplates famously. The Minimax fire extinguisher company of Rome was used on one of the buildings. Vauxhall cross has been in every James Bond films since Pierce Brosnan's years. It's been rocketed with Judi Dench as M as she crossed the bridge. It's very famous. It's pretty much as iconic else I can get for government office and it's supposed to be the most secret. So it coincided with a opening up of the Secret Service in Britain and more of an accountability which was partly pushed through from Europe as well. Trying to set these organizations on a sound legal footing this also gave rise to the section seven set of protocols to do with MI6 agents and gchq agents breaking the law have other countries whilst overseas, which is also mentioned in another episode and there is a court case going on to try and uncover the precise nature of the rules around that act now the section of seven is dead. Knowledge but there was a protocol that is not public knowledge which specifies what the foreign secretary can and can't allow MI6 to do under what circumstances that's the subject of an ongoing legal action. And my name is absolutely fascinating and it's like a fortress but you will see it contrasts heavily to MI5 even the color of the security cameras on the building are completely different to him I V the whole thing which is nice and steal is almost Square it has several basement levels and it's severely fenced off with turnstiles and all kinds of other paraphernalia those things which look like guns on the roof are actually for cleaning the windows. We walk now along the riverbank towards MI5 and I do my trick here like I do on the Mayfair walk when I say stop at the embassy of Qatar what I say to people here is stop when you get to change my V. I like to stretch of the river. It's always windy no matter what the weather's doing, but it's a great walk you often see a lot of tourists coming in and out of Thames house and you see the millbank tower once the home of the Dead A party of Great Britain now the home of Russia today with a fabulous view over the British government people normally stop when they get to the maritime organization, which is on the South Bank of the Thames perhaps it has because it has so many flags but they building of interest to us is on the same bank as you and it's right under your nose. If you can see the maritime organization turn around off the road and you'll see a very large brick building with a huge Archway. This is Tim's house and it's been the home of MI5 for just about as long as MI6 have been there across the river Palm as always with these kind of buildings. There are rumors of a tunnel between the two so that the heads and staff can get together at times of Crisis or emergency. This is eminently believable. It wasn't Refuge by my Navy colleague believe it if you will this MI5 headquarters has appeared in Spooks. He was also the scene of a terror attack when a man emerged into the foyer brandishing a knife. He was apprehended within seconds wage. Does show a level of openness that MI6 does not share there is no way you could get into the foyer of MI6 because it's fenced off behind turnstiles MI5. Although the main entrance does have that proof shelters Behind These are normally open during office hours on one of my walks. When I visited Marshall Court, which is behind this building and our next stop by could see an open door at the back but it felt like anybody could just walk into this would be deceiving because there are lots of security cameras on the building. There are the classic tank proof bollards around every British government building here in Westminster dog is pretty secure but it just has the feeling that it's less secure in the sense of being more welcoming than M16 and I think that is partly deliberate partly. It's the fact that the building was designed for the purposes and is the mirror off of one across the roundabout where as MI6 was custom built from the ground up on a virgin site just like the American Embassy so that stems house take a close look and then walk around wage. back of the building and you'll head towards Martian Court, which was the home of Morris Oldfield a former head of the Secret Service and want the target of terrorist bombers, but you'll have to wait for part to find out about Morris and the bomb.

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