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Seis e Um Podcast Notcias #2 | Histria de Claudinho e Buchecha vai virar filme

Seis e Um

04:28 min | 2 months ago

Seis e Um Podcast Notcias #2 | Histria de Claudinho e Buchecha vai virar filme

"Bill limited participation guten global. I started a little bit differently. Shisha signal coloniser asked slow them but passenger lucas job with the june carpenter. Shish john what the bible says that glow g you forgive you. Mustn't each guy was thrashing. The producer hookah fumes laszlo homeless deputy would by depreciation so cynically slugged shusha. Because you shishir phoolan. Long success vega. He stood heats kista larvae. Was he able mondello. You're duper for modern municipal. Some solid with genedal haji shishir. That'll mood scopus chehab. Muthu buys opportunity ideal meal abundant view this while they was it hard scicluna gluco ship his but as my orders to sessoms leaching brad committed to that going to venice. Gop dfw supersede butkus. He'll be community. School sequel distrust his colo- g we bullshit institution legitimization. I on sunday stupid city. Settlement concept is suing down about g. I said some paul. With a seamless visitors. But it's your day in the academic do fina major via that set qahira dutra motto clough djing doppler crouching a bush asia zoo digital on. How do we should do through. Now fortitude to vehicle jim they present so valuable data donahue journey wakey he called gpu. Bianca dope la. Guardia trees june to those me do is oblivious martha soundness that in and we did he would some paul revere when all the municipal badge johnny basha voluminousness who jalil what the volkswagen will did wolf control. They happen apiece before my calls. You avenue bungalow. What's the post i say. Stumbling up after badge chef yoho the who through coaching venal bunk. Would you got jewish billion. You've the impetus uncivilized viewers shisha. The better is because you mark. Jim champions eat seasons. Dodge sadness dip was superseded klaus alasia as the source share. This guy here assault can do number was acquitted. Cinema lozada munoz says cloudy. Shusha kentucky started duplicate asanuma aside and probably the jumbled must be hard it also boost my zoonotic try google. Guess the former joel but if either of them is point.

Shish john shishir phoolan mondello haji shishir scopus chehab Muthu scicluna gluco sessoms laszlo vega lucas johnny basha Bill Gop brad Guardia donahue paul revere Bianca jalil
Pokmon Snatched with Yusong Liu

Natch Beaut

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Pokmon Snatched with Yusong Liu

"I heard podcast last. We always dogged about because you own it for me to finally cream been matthaus but today i drove two voro you Probably with that never has brady always keeps bridge. Told me day to run. How good. I am creams. off. You say cream your neck now drive alone in some dr seuss. Ooh stale no. I've never felt this way. I just can't imagine heo skin. Good okay now that you'd in maine what you said about that amon c. forever. Now sit alone. In my green sit alone and welcomed an attribute welcomed. The natura. beat everybody. That was epic and it went. Okay when okay but wall street everybody. This is special episode. This is a special episode. They're all special. I love all my daughter's equally but today's episode. Welcome to issue me. I am your guide and your host. Jackie j. the beauty talk shockwave. Creams your hustle. The most russia's friends on the west coast your favorite over thirty niche influence other ant. Welcome to natura view. Yes honey okay. Why is this a special episode. You say gee. I have a guest on today that i'm excited to have my guest. I have been on to his podcast. Both of which he bailed on don't exist anymore so i didn't a solid and went on them both and now i made him come on my show and have i bailed on this show yet. No i haven't because i have. What are we say. I what follow through some generations. Don't have it okay. some do some. don't that is what it is. My guest is all over the internet. All over the podcast waves. He is a writer of podcast or and apparently according to his twitter bio a streamer. Okay whatever that means. I will find out. We have a lot of business to discuss. Apparently some skincare questions need to be answered. Self care things like that. Please welcome friend of the pod. Use song lou us. Welcome to view jackie. I don't even know how to there's felt more different emotions insurer than there are colors in the rainbow. I so had no. I'm glad well human beings. I knew i knew that you would feel that way. Which is why. That is why i chose that song for you. Because i knew. I'm like as young. He's on the polls of pop culture and the zeitgeist. This is the biggest song of the in the world and that song brings up a lot of emotion for me personally. I think it does your everyone. Which is why. It's resonating so deeply with the zeitgeist and i know you could appreciate it. I really do. I really do. Thank you for having me. i'm terrified. i'm terrified because and please correct me. I would love to be corrected here. Yeah i think. I'm the person with the least knowledge like with the niece least knowledge of skincare and makeup and beauty to evergreen the padrino. That might be true but it also might not be but also most people probably don't know this but nash byu has evolved over the years. We don't just sit here and talk about makeup for an hour. We talk about self care. We talk about mental health. We talk about things we do to take care of ourselves. It's different now and that is why it is perfect for you to now be here you song. Because we don't have makeup we could. We can't be one. But i mean the first thing i need to start the interview we hemmed and hawed for long enough and i know you have a heart out because you're getting a new toilet. Okay somebody's schedules toilet deliveries during podcast recordings again. Someone's professional someone isn't we'll let everybody figure that out on their own johnny. There's a huge. There's a huge crack you might. It's dangerous that is any at any moment. I could hear a rush of yeah water from the other room and my life would be over it so i would have to move. I wouldn't be able to live in an apartment knowing that that had happened kinds of something and this might be too much information and can't wait. I put this is the second time i've had toilet problem and i realized we're not even like three minutes in people might start assuming some bad things about i just wanted to. I just want to let you know that. I use the toilet like everyone else. Do you like sit really hard. You like man. I gotta take a load off and like just kind of like buckled down or something like. How do you crack a toilet yet. I've got one of those trampoline seats. No no i just use my toilet like a normal human being because this is like a lemon toilet like yeah. I'll lemon a lemon. And so i've been putting like i've been putting like different mugs and tupperware till i now to catch so sorry. I'm so sorry. This is not a way to live you song. I'm glad i'm here and here. And afterwards i throw them out. I can't wash again. I just mentally over. It's clean water if it's filtered water it's clean water but still just something about it just the knowledge that sounds extremely wasteful and my nashville august sustainability so luckily getting a new toilet but we need to move on from the toilet. Okay you saw the first question as every guest on is what type of skin do you have. I think i have. I think i've been blessed. Truly because i think i have good skin high But do i deserve it. Of course you do you not corn because his narrow. That's very nice. i think i do. Yeah but i don't do anything to maintain it. And so when i say like i've gone i went through high school. Getting getting made fun of for everything but my skin. There's lining there. yeah. I didn't have an awkward. You never had the zits because that's really hard in high school and middle school to zits. I'm sure it's incredibly difficult. I can't i can't imagine. But now i'm in my adult life. Sometimes i go out there. One time. I went out there and i went to a cafe and the person behind the counter. Said you have a good skin and think about that complement every life. Listen for somebody working in the food service industry to give a compliment. They must have meant it. 'cause it's rough out. There is somebody who is aware that she's saved factory at the grove is rather so good. You have good skin okay. I'll take that. Do you remember. You saw the first unique product that you ever bought or used. Fuck no. I no way i would. I bought tweezers for my eyebrows. Yeah the minute. I had an amazon. And i'm not out here schilling amazon but i but the moment. I think that you might leave. Like how dare you saying. I have a should. Do you think we support jet based on this. Show us on. I mean you know about the whole ethos of my show because you were there. At the beginning. I went around the beginning. Yes us usa. Sit in that little green room while i was recording looking intently up at me aspiring to this level. Let's all put it out there so you know we still do and i still do. I wish i had. I wish i had your voice. I was a lot of things. You have a great voice. Thank you. I was cut. This is so off topic. But i was cut from my high school. Varsity chorale program. So there's some there's unfortunately some evidence is just the contrary however that person teaching it was kind of a loon. Okay i skin product. Yeah i'll take the tweezers answer. That's fine the tweezers answer. Because i didn't have to be like. Hey mom yeah. I wanna go get some tweezers. I could just go get tweezers for myself. And one time one person was like he had a mono brow in high school. I thought about that till the day. I got the tweezers. And then i got them. Did you ever over tweeden's. Because that's what i did absolutely. Yeah absolutely which if there's anyone in highschool hey you're not alone i was. I was overseas e earth. And it's like a. It's like a sign of anxiety and stress. Which is totally ugly understandable. So so yeah you're not alone and maybe maybe to someone yeah. I hear that. I throw in an extra one question just for you. What is your favorite video game. This is like a high school guidance. Counselor easing into commerce. Yes being like. Do you wanna play settle. Yes i'm a professional. And i appreciate and i would like to think. I have sort of a guidance counselor role in your life. You know that sort of how. I feel our friendship is i also see. I also see that i agree. I see that. And i love that for us as well. My game is a game that i think is extremely palatable. You might even like jackie. It's new pokemon. Snap go around taking photos of folk on. It's the it's worked joy in my heart. That i did not know as previously there. Well that that's all. I look for in a game. I don't have a switch but my that's my little nephew does. So i could borrow his in place snatch pokemon snatch would you say snap snap. Well i'm gonna call it game on snatch and the hunting layers can i i have. I have a thing that i'd like to bring to the table. Okay this is my show. And i'm the host but please go go off topic more please. Jackie may please bring up something. Skin care related that my significant other. And i know you song first of all. I wish you could. I should shared my screen with you. You would see that. I have notes here prepared for our interview and then i'm gonna get to that so before you try to steer the ship and take the wheel out of my hands. Maybe call tessa down for five minutes. And i'll get you it. Did you ever think of that. I know it's just. I know you've bailed on several buckets and you don't want anymore okay. But i host this one and i know how it works. I'm bailed okay. Oh this is is that what is because now you're all about that twitch you're like i got to play video games instead. Look i'm trying to figure in my life. I hear you like. I mean very period oil. It is stable. I'm trying to figure things out. I hear you but yeah i'll let me let me navigate. Please okay my last. Won't listen the half. The show is going to be these questions. The last question is this. Is every guest guest this. What is the most beautiful thing about yourself. Because we're all match beauts and you can't cop out here and just say like your person. Could everybody says that some people go physical. Some people don't it's an open ended question. I get a myriad of answers. Well i want to tackle this courageous and earnestly. I think that. I have a good collarbone. I think i ever pronounced that that clavicle on point that clavicle is on point and not a lot of people see it all. Yeah but i. There's a few hidden charms about that. Then clavicle that class class class they wrote out of our you they cisco. Do you know that song where you too young for that we round right for us. This is the worst response to that question. Wasn't it in glee god. It probably was that all the kids know about anything. Now i know anyway Glee okay my first question for you you song and now these are no more kid. Gloves real quick. Now we're getting down to the nitty gritty. So in case somebody is listening. That doesn't know who the fuck you are. And they're like who is this. I just was wondering if you could run down your podcast resume with us. Why are you this figure in the podcast world. What what do people know you from. For instance i'll start you. Song used to work at my old network as a producer so we knew each other at the very beginning of natura. Yeah i got a lot of face. Time with jackie and chew jr and she bought might know me from being the producer of doboy boys. But you're not anymore not anymore. Yeah i'm just a character. In the doe boys extent producer of waiting wong's and a bunch of other shows the god if you're if you're listening and somehow a part of the others category it's not because it's just because i'm nervous and i'm sweating to make sure right outside of that you might know me hosted a podcast called worst case scenario. That's now gone from the internet recipes. Pulled in a. We can talk about it and podcast called. Maybe don't with kevin bartell another another Podcast boy like and those were the two shows that i went on and took my valuable time to guest on james. Yes really yes. But one of them. You can't hear sorry one of them. You can't hear me. I think i had like diarrhea that day or something. Do you remember the floor after before. No after fuck do you remember. They were shooting once upon a time in hollywood on burbank boulevard right when we were recording and i was like i would rather watch gwen tarantino and brad pitt but i have to go record this spot gas with you. Song and rebecca that is now gone from the internet. That's a fun wrinkle it is. It's lovely. I'm glad i got to see it. Quite tarantino runs. His own camera. Isn't that exciting most directors don't but he does he runs. His own camera. Is excited culture. I can i say that. I appreciated the gentle nature of the warm up questions. And i'm scared that i'm not ready for the real. No don't be scared difficult. I warned you. I said i would be nice but i said i would be nice. Okay so i'll try to be nice to calm down. Calm down the guidance counselor tough love. Okay book okay. Great so your self care journey. You song nash. Street is all about your self care. Okay how do you take care of yourself now. How does current present day. You song take care of himself and the journey of that where you started where you are now way i started. This'll give i people might have be told this story before but it gives people a good idea of who. Don't worry my ninth has never heard of you. They don't know so. Feel free to recycle your material. They've probably already tuned out that they probably already tuned out. Pokemon snap is a game in college. Yes i'm really all about like an extremely well. I was really anxious and depressed now. Luckily things have gotten better but in college so therapists that i really like and this is just gives you a look deep into my psyche as a baseline. Yes and one day. I had a dream where this therapist. She was spooning me. And was she attractive. This is frost versus nixon. I would choose to decline to okay. I i i respect that and in the dream basically you're saying she wasn't okay keep going. I think she no well in the dream. Yes i could sense that. Something was wrong so i turned back to her and i turned back her and i was like hey. Are you sure this is okay. And she said yeah. I do this. Allow my patients. And then i got jealous and i was like you do this with all your patients and i told her about this dream. The next thing. That's the most i've ever left with another human being. She was funny. She thought it was funny. Do you think do you think she was just nervous. So she was laughing in order to hide issues nervous. I don't think. I don't think that she was nervous. Because i think the point we had been talking for over a year and we have a baseline like she knew how neurotic about a lot of stuff. Anyway that's the i was and i've gotta tell i've got to warn people where i am now. Is it the most uplifting feel good. I'm not gonna rudy out there. Yes and be like. I'm fixing now. Yes you're working progress as we ours as of last week. I'm no longer on my two medications. I'm off you've wean yourself off. I've weaned wave with a professional. My psychiatrist told me how to wean myself on and now was this. Because i'm so selfish shirt rockin collarbone defunct podcasts sure in my professional quote unquote streamer according to your twitter bio he's a streamer yup and no it was not it was not because it's because i'm about to lose my insurance say i'm i'm still a baby. You know what. I don't get it from my mom and next week i lose my insurance in. My current job does not provide that insurance. I was like now's as good a time as ever and it's not like things are incredibly bleak. Now that have gone off but i'm just like really ornery now. I wanna get into arguments with strangers on the internet. It's like a huge character change. Yeah last week. I drank a margarita in orange county. And i really wanted to get into a fight so this is a new chapter of my life. I'm extremely hesitant about it. I think i need to go find a therapist however. Ll without no insurance so again. It makes us whole journey incredibly. Have you now again. I am your older sister. So i've i've also lived in los angeles in my twenties and had no money in was pinching pennies and dealing with it. So i've been where you're at the streaming helps good. Is there not a way for you to get private insurance and pay for it yourself. Have you looked into that. I haven't looked because you need to have health insurance. You can't just not have it if you're off the grid. Will they come find you well because of your taxes. They find you when you do your taxes if you don't have insurance it's not a lot but you need it if something were to happen to you catastrophic. Sure which could happen to any of us at any time. If you need exactly your toilet could crush you sure. And then you're poor parents are gonna have to deal with this and i have a feeling their place full. I have a feeling they're they've got their own shit going up. So you need to have your own insurance you go onto the marketplace obama said this up for us. Thank you sir. Thank you i can send you the damn link because guess what i have private insurance but please me the link. I base myself every damn month. And because you're young and healthy it's gonna cost that much. Sure it's gonna cost lower than it did on mommy's plan but it's going to cost way less than mine i will say. I don't even know how healthy i am. I after i drink of margarita last week. And i don't really drink that much and have a beer. We'll get me absolutely like wasted. Yeah almost yeah. My heart has been skipping. Beats occasionally things -iety. I don't think the alcohol did that. I don't know that margarito seem suspicious. Well you know what nobody's forcing you to drink. And maybe they are and that's a whole other issue. Unfortunately we don't have time to go through that we spent fifteen minutes talking about buck. Poke at the top of my beauty. Podcast song okay so anyway. Very interesting i don't know did your psychiatry guidry's okay with you going off as just because you can't afford them. I want to be honest. I don't think my dude cares. Yeah like he's an old guy. I think that he's got a lot going on. Yeah and we connected a few times but it was really just like. Hey can i keep. Can you keep giving me the medication of which will be consuming. Yeah good day. And he said now i can't well he said yeah for as long as you want but then suddenly it was like us lose. My insurance times are bleak. We live in the us. Yeah and he was like sorry. I need my money. He would out with you. I don't think it's like. I don't think he's under the better. Help dot com slash. You sung promo drop your own promo codes on my show. I don't have a problem. i don't whale. No use code niche. Everybody before you before you type in any code you try natch. I any problem. I don't care what the product is. I don't care if you're ordering new drapes your mommy's house. I don't care if you're i know. Try it on the irs. dot org. natch put type it. I don't care try it first. Everybody before you type in anything. I don't care about deck shepherds fucking coat. I don't care about the dogo code. No offense i don't care match i okay. Yeah and then you could maybe see if you song as a code. But he probably doesn't because he's a streamer so anyway. I'm really sad that that's i. Can i ask these. Yeah deep down. Do you believe in me. Oh are you. Oh my god. Of course i do. Of course i do. Are you writing. Aren't you on staffer. Covering i'm still writer's assistant and that's great but writer as a writer assistant job you're on the path you're on the track that's true. I think if. I think if i could go back like a few years ago and be like. Hey don't worry about it. it's we right sure. I think that there's still so many unknowns. And i stopped the decide like how i want how i envisioned the rest of my life. Yes but anyway. Thank you for answering that question. Because i think this is the most. This is the most transparently vulnerable. I've ever been on a podcast. Really i think so. I needed approval from my older sister. Kooky southern yeah. I you say on I do ben says ought to. It's a regional thing. I think so. I say an benz from the east coast. He says on't i opened the east coast. Yeah it's it's a regional thing. I can't figure it out. I can't figure it out anyway. This is not natch linguists. Of course i believe in you. And if i've ever made that unclear i feel horrible because you know chess you know it's our bit. We have this bit together. Of course and i never at no point was genuinely hurt. I merely wanted to hear it from your. I hear you well. You i definitely everyone loves you and loves working with you everyone. That's sweet. it's true listen. i haven't read you. Damn spec script might be garbage for all. I know but i doubt it. I doubt it. Yeah okay okay. I'll tell you one more piece of advice and on the show business side and then we'll get back to an attribute. Sure shishir that feeling you have of. What am i doing with my life. I'm making the right decisions. While i ever have a dishwasher like those things that never stops it never stops because we have chosen a profession to where there is no certainty right and if that is feeling that you cannot function with then you have to leave the business because it's constant everybody even my most successful quote unquote friends with all with a lot of money and big careers. I talked to them. And i'm like how are you doing my life. My best work is behind me. I never be able to stop this or this happened or talented or oh. I can't think of anything i'm like. Wow this is universally how things are in this business and almost the more insecure you get sometimes with this success because then you realize success is fleeting and that once i hit a peak people. Don't stay up at the top for long. You do fall so you have to really manage your finances. Well smart because no one stays on top for long no does a baby. That's right baby. I i started one last year. Let's go honey better late than never hiding t so you just have to believe that you have what it takes. Yeah and don't fuck and give up like you did bone to those podcasts. But after that don't give up and believe it and and that's it. I want to tell you you're so you still have your youth which you lose you look back. I'm sure you're already sort of going. Oh my god. I can't believe i'm twenty three old you are. You're probably already doing that. How old are you know. I'm turning twenty six okay. So you're you're fine. Twenty seven twenty blocked me up bad. Really you've heard of the twenty seven club. No that's so. Dr you sound listen. Kurt cobaine janice joplin. Oh these are all. You probably don't know who they are because you're so young. No they were mentioned on glee and also we just give. Should we just give a quiet pause at the end of this. So they'll be good. Come back from the edit. Cutting that okay okay. Okay okay. i'm not gonna let you never know i hear you. I hear you. But i'm not cutting that it is a thing. The twenty seven club is the thing everybody look it up jim morrison there's a bunch of them jimi hendrix it. It's like the well. Maybe i will cut this the like die young age. You know a die young age because it's like after twenty-seven is never be as hot as i ever will be. It's like literally like that's when it's that's when you hit the peak and it's only down from there you know so anyway. It's something next year skin. No you're doing good. You're in the game at twenty six. That is so impressive. You're doing what you're supposed to be doing. People love you. People support you. Keep working and you're going to be fine. You'll be staffed that's who you wanna do right. Yeah i think so. Yeah yeah listen. You're hanging out with all the right people. I'm not worried about you at all. Yeah i might have sorta third podcast to talk about all my feelings. But i agree with you in the large umbrella of what we're saying. Yes you're doing okay. And it's normal to worry and doubt yourself and ask these questions. I would honestly be more worried if you weren't because this is a this. World is uncertain scary and our businesses the most volatile business the most hostile business. I would argue in the world. I heard that. That's why people in la believe in horoscopes at a prodigious rate at a above the they're trying to find meaning sense about this world of yeah that makes perfect sense. Yeah that makes sense. Are you about to have a birthday. So are you a gemini. I am jim to face. Oh yeah i got to tell you about. Honey's let's talk. Acne we have all had acne breakouts or blemishes at some point and know how hard can be to a navigator skin routine for it. Well guess what. The inky lewis is a skincare brand. That believes it with knowledge. You are empowered to make better decisions to help. Treat your skin when it comes to treating breakouts the cynic acid. Acne treatment is a fast and effective solution. That combines the power of three ingredients cynic acid yes sell a silica acid and sulfur to help unclog your pores reduce oil levels and reduce breakouts fast all while being gentle on skin we love that and we love learning more about the right ingredients style. Treat our skin. You can hashtag ask inky via live chat on the website or dm at the inky list on social media and skin care. Coach can help you with your skin concern and help create the right skincare recipe to help. Treat your skin. the ankylosaur is looking out for you. Honey discover the right ingredients for your skin at. Www dot the inky list dot com. That is i in. K. e. y. List dot com. Yes honey. We love the inky list. Hello honey's yes. I'm so excited right now. I am thrilled honestly to be sharing with you. The fabulous kegalle bell. Yes the keigo bell sweetie the original vagina. Jim yes the kiko bells lives in creating joy one vagina at a time. When i first saw the bell. I read the sign and truly started to cry. I said i would like to take my sexual health and my gentle health into my own hands and have a little fun experiment and let me tell you. Some of the results were incredible. They were fast and they have continued to bring me joy and empowerment throughout my journey as a kookie southern. And i don't know if you're aware of this honey's but if you have a vagina the doctors recommend that you can't go key will create strong pelvic floor muscles and those help in so many ways honey first of all stronger organisms on a increase natural lubrication more control but there's also all these other benefits like leakage. A lot of people vaginas have bladder leakage. It's a very common problem due to muscle weakness. If you're the person who experiences honey take this into your own hands. You can bounce back because it's all about feeling confident. And when you feel confident that radiates through every aspect of your life you might be getting a coffee in the barista says that person has a pep in their step today. And you'll grab your la and you'll walk back and you'll just turn back and go. Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's bell and you'll wing and then that brees is gonna go well. I gotta get cable bell. I gotta get one. I highly recommend checking out the bell. If you haven't checked it out already get your vagina. Jim today honey. Where are you going to get it. You're going to get it at kegalle. Bell dot com that's k. e. l. b. e. l. l. dot com and. You're going to use code net of course code. Najeh t. c. h. That is going to give you ten percent off your order. We love the key. Global here unissued. I've interviewed the founder. And i really believe as products and a lot of my honeys. You too and guess what. It's your turn now. We go ed. Check out the goal bell kigobe bell dot com promo code natch for ten percents off your order. Kiko bell honey. You deserve it. Now we will talk about. I are had mental health check. Because i said i've read some of your tweets and like a true friend. I'm asking about this on a podcast. Instead of just asking him person you already covered all that. How is your relationship with the internet. Would you say it's good or bad. I think it's on twitter. I've begun to mute everybo- because i certainly can't stop opening the goddamn app or going to the website. So in order to try to push myself away i started muting. Everybody's go there is just like am i needed. You have made muted i. There is one day why genuinely went down and muted almost everyone. So i have like a few things i have like. Redux is still unbeaten. Onion is still unmuted muted. Just like extraordinarily benign. Yes this won't upset me. yes yes. Twitter is very upsetting. Yeah i left it for like five months. How did you feel during those five more great. Yeah i race it off my phone. I logged out every once in a while i would log in and clear my mentions and leave but it was twitter can be pretty intense. It's bad. I think my relationship with the internet used to be a lot worse but now i'm super careful not to do too much and completely lose myself and stream and stream the streaming is the streaming is a concentrated dose of the internet the point that radicalized twitter for me was like i was like reading something at nine thirty pm in my home on my phone on twitter and i was like i did not in something of me. I can't remember what i was like. I did not invite any of these people into my home at nine thirty on a tuesday. The ridiculous i am dunzo with this. So that's that's my new philosophy moving forward. I like that. I know selma like bowen yang a race twitter. Yeah just couldn't he couldn't take the comments and it's true. He's playing andrew yang on snl inbetween tina fey in between maya rudolph inbetween alec baldwin. Icons of sketch comedy. And he's getting you suck. You're not funny. And i'm like instead of enjoying that beautiful moment of your career in this arguably the highest echelon of sketch comedy or an institution. How hard it is to get on that show and all you can hear people telling you suck. It's fuck this. Erase it. And i'm like i wish i had your strength. I just got my check mark. I'm like i don't want to give up now. I know check marks. Yeah i just got my damn checkmark. And now i don't even want it. Can i ask you something. How did i get my check. Mark the checkmark achieve goals. Yeah how long does the joy last four. I had a twitter checkmark on my goals. Yeah like literally. I wrote a goal. She it was on. My goal is i was happy for. I don't know an hour because there is a mess and use it that much. I've been slowly trying to get more into twitter but as soon as you leave your bubble meaning the people who know who you are. It's a nightmare. Yes for sure. I had a tweet goes viral the other day and i was literally crying because i was so scared. Jesus it was my reese witherspoon. Tweet you have muted. So you didn't see it. I literally was. I was trending. Nationwide i was a number two trend. She's all night on a friday night crying with the fear came from. Because i've had scary shit happened to me on twitter. And i was scared i was like as soon as you have a tweet cross out of your bubble of friends and support people attack you sure and the it was happening but i didn't care because i said something about my second husband which is funny people were like. Why are you saying second husband and these people don't know me. They don't know what i've been through. They don't know that. I'm making a fucking joke. Yeah and again you tweet something you don't even think about all those things that can happen and it was just i was literally sobbing and then it was like what's wrong and i'm like i'm just so scared that something's going to happen from this tweet. I'm scared somebody's gonna take it the wrong way. I'm scared somebody who maybe doesn't support me is going to get a hold of it and attack me or i don't know it was just really scary. I hated it. It's scary to leave your little bubble of people who like you definitely as same with instagram. I've been doing real. I'm coal and like if you have a real hit an algorithm i start getting comments like your fucking ugly. What are you doing. you're bad singer. Like whatever and they don't bother me does not bother me. They really don't. I've been around long enough. Those don't bother me but just the idea of it happening is scary. Strangers like strangers entering your life and yes but then. I'm like that's what i'm trying to do like right. It's it's weird it's easy. Hey i got a check mark next to my name on the streaming website. Which i saw thank you. You're you underscore song right. I'm why you underscore. So in what i do fucking research on my guest i did click your little twitch situation and check it out and i saw your little mark thank you but it was like i really like doing it because i like the idea that i could potentially be making someone feel less alone just like doing the dishes and stuff. Yeah i love up to a certain degree. Because i don't necessarily want to hang out with everyone in person. Yes and it's r- confusingly trying to endear yourself too but not yes too much. Foundries boundaries are hard at as a podcast host as a figure on the internet is something that we have to all figure out for ourselves. Yeah well i guess we should say something about skincare. You song first off okay. You told me that your girlfriend and you have disputes about skincare number one. Where's his girlfriend. Who is governed. How long have you had this girlfriend. I don't feel too bad for you because you have a girlfriend. you know what. I'm sure sure it's inside unfunny to have a girlfriend know. Hey i'm on my second marriage. Is that funny shit. We all got to get ours. We all got to get ours you song. No shame in the game. Yeah so mcgovern's great. We've been down for like where's your meat hanjour. Okay start of the pandemic so you can imagine out. Y'all been going over year almost a year. Wow it was weird because not only was it like. You're meeting a stranger but it was also like hey. We trust each other enough to not lie by the fact that we've been tested. Yes do you want to hear on an and park. Or whatever yelm and she'd she know who you were like a podcast fan or no no which is good. Yes yes and. I just look out for you. I don't want those chuckle coming in. You know what i mean. You gotta be really careful out there. I don't want my boy getting hurt. I don't want. I don't want some dough boys girl trying to sure you know what i mean. Break your heart yet. I shouldn't joke about the demographics boys. Let's say a lot of isn't it more women than men lesson. No way every live show. I shouldn't have said no way so dramatically but at every live show is like a guy wearing a shirt and then someone next to them being like. I don't get this at all. But he was really excited about all that so cute. I could've sworn at one point when we were both on our network that i was told that they skew just over half of women list as i could be completely wrong. It'd be an anyway. What tell me about these disputes. Tell me what you want to ask. The may now is your time. She wants me to get crucified for this. Okay i washed my interesting kink. Everybody s thing. i'm not. I'm not shaming i'm not king shaming just to be clear right and we can only have sex after a period of three days where i disappear and then i'm like dead and you resurrect this is probably not offensive to anyone anyway. I'm jewish now. I don't care okay. As far as i'm concerned the guy never even was around. The dispute is that. I will wash my face hand soap and hand. Soap is dr bronner's. She thinks that this is unhinged. Okay yeah okay. And i want to be treated fairly so if this yeah zurve if i need to be put in the stocks or whatever yeah so be what what dr bronner. What foot sent the casteel oil one. Okay yeah i think that's the original. It's very late. it's basically a sent one. You're done washing without. What do you do my face off. Okay and then what. I go to bed okay. Yeah we have a problem. So i'm not mad at the soap. I'm not okay i have. I have had people on the show that had cleansed with doctor bronner okay. It's very gentle. Yes i would argue. Well you have gorgeous skin if it ain't broke. Don't fix it breaking out. You're not having so. I'm not mad at that. Basically what needs to happen is after. You're done cleansing. You just need to replenish with some kind of cream or moisturizer. That's it lasix. Clint and you wash your face every single night. Yes there's no night where you're like. I'm tired it none. It's a half. yeah. I'm fine with the doctor bronner's i'll live with it. You have to use a moisturizer when you're done. Okay now something light and easy because your skin is great you don't need a lot of extra moisture you're in your early twenties mid-twenties you're fine. You don't need anything crazy. Here's where might lose even like this is gonna gain anything. Yeah what if. I don't like this and station of putting something on my face because it takes longer dry. Yeah i hear that. Yeah and that is fair really. Yeah i mean because the thing about care. Is that if you aren't going to like it. You shouldn't use it. And we always sound view. And i did take this from hiram yarbrough who i don't even know if you know that he's he has like literally nine million followers on tiktok. They call him the gen z. Skin-care whisper sure. He said the best screen is the sunscreen. You're actually going to use. That's that's the best moisturizer is the one you're actually so if you don't enjoy the century of experience product it's not the right product for you so you need something quick a quick dry a maybe you need a gel a gel cream gel because they go on really quickly and it dries down really quickly or you could spray. You could spray honestly. Yes because this is my gripe with with sunscreen as well like yes mentioned. I just don't like if i'm going to go up for a run. I run three times in the last year. this is a hypothetical. But if i'm gonna go offer run. I would not have the sensation of just like having wiped peanut butter on my face. Yeah yeah you need something thinner. The more liquid also thick. I have a really good sunscreen for you. Really and i have one right here i can actually send it to you. Where are you over city. Where are you. I'm in burbank folks. Yeah we're we're close to each other. I can literally run this over as your toilet is getting installed. Because here's the thing you song. And i'm glad you brought up sunscreen and i hope your girlfriend uses sunscreen. She does because. Here's what i need to really drill into your head. You can use dr bronner's i do want you to get some kind of moisturizer involved a hope. Hopefully she can help you. I can help you as well. Something that's light in quick dry and easy for you. You have to be wearing sunscreen okay. And it's something that. I wish somebody would have told me this at twenty six. I literally am starting to get like old lady marks on my hands because the sun is the worst and our son specifically is so strong. Do you feel the sun when you go outside. You feel it stinging because it's just our ozone layer is gone. Los angeles is essentially on the sun at this. I mean we're so it takes five years for that sun damage to show up so we're all like oh my god. I look great fuck sunscreen. I don't need it and then all of a sudden you start getting these spots now. I have the filter turned on. You can't see. I have sunspots all over my forehead all over my chin. It's starting to hit the fact that in my twenties. I didn't do shit for my skin. I don't want that for you. You song to handsome your hollywood. You're a hollywood beautiful face boy. Okay we can't have that you need to keep the youth as long as you possibly can so you have to absolute worse screen and you have to use it every day. Even if i don't go outside you don't go outside some days. Oh that sad. But the pandemic was the pandemic is rough. I i guess. I just don't think about that because i have a dog and so i literally have to get out of bed every day no matter what sure so i get it. If you're not gonna go outside fine don't tell anybody because really truly even if you're near a window you should have on sunday okay. Yeah and now. They're saying you have to reapply every two hours. Which like how much time do i have. Two hours motherfucker. I'm gonna use a bottles every damn day. no. I'm not and i'm view. I have one hundred things. Right here. Ho. let me get the sunscreen with. I'm okay can. I tell a story in the meantime. Jackie already gotten it. So you're at a time. Tell your story please. This this is not my show. So i'm just kidding. Please go no no. We wanna hear about it. We want to hear about your girlfriend. Govan is these dogs and they barking incessantly whenever over. So i've gained some good favor by trying to warn her. He's he cares too much about cloud you know. He's a streamer. He's on his twitter bio pokemon snatch snatch really cute the pulmonary. I'll take the dogs out for a walk but like the dogs are just so happy to be on the walk. I don't think they know that it's me taking them out on a walk so one day. I was really trying to hammer at home. It was like knelt down. I level with the dog marley. Yeah remember associate me remember. It is me voluntarily. Giving you this joy remember the world would be nothing without me on for a good thirty seconds. Go friend is laughing because in that time a neighbor has walked past so quickly because she must have thought that is truly unhinged behavior. Even explaining an la. We have all learned. How to just disassociate very quickly with something really wacky going on show that we can survive and we just pummel through. I was that for someone else that day. Yeah yeah yeah. It happens all of us. And it's unfortunate because the sense of community is really missing. You know what i mean. It's true it's truly a disgrace. We should embrace are tricky. The people around us does the dog. And what kind of dogs are they. You can't bring dogs and not ask about dogs. I love dogs. They're small in black. I don't know yeah okay. Are they pomeranians. I don't think they're pomeranian. 'cause pomeranians bark lot. Yeah they just happens. There's just very protective of her. When you hug. Did the states. The the heat of yeah. Yeah yeah that. I never had that problem. Luckily but that is a very common issue with other people's dogs okay. I'm going to bring you this. It's called every day humans. It looks like the cover from the john green book. I don't know what that means. please elaborate. There's a nice light blue color in black and white text. I don't to put off the book is this is a brand. They are from australia. Okay this is called resting beach face. That's awesome spf. Thirty sunscreens serum. Okay so this isn't thick white. Cast putty like sunscreen. This is a lovely light serum. Okay do you know what a serum texture is. I can imagine we only nonfat milk. Yes okay yes it is. It is similar to oatley. I'll give you that. By the way oat milk is really easy to make to serve any knows i know you. I'm looking right at your kitchen. You don't have room for a vitamix but if you did would be very easy to make milk and you know what when you come over. I'll make you some demo milk and you're gonna go. Wow that's really kind anyway. This is great. you'll love it. It's easy and quick. Now do you don't like to touch your face at all or you. Just don't like the sticky feeling of dealing with all that. I just don't like this sticky. Feeling so i don't care what touching my face my instinct. Afterwards it'll be to run my hands under the water after i'm done. Yeah sunscreen. I get that and that's fair but i will say this. Not a bad idea. Go like this and rub it on the back of your hand. Sure whatever's on the front of your hands. Use it on your hands. And then i start to go. I do this thing wherever. I have really dry skin. So i wouldn't put moisturizer hand swing them like a almost like your dabbing like i'm dabbing but just your vertical axis. That's how much i don't like that sensation. Why will my arms like a lunatic around my apartment trying to get them dry. Yeah yeah do we know why you hate. This is there. I don't think mama was like maybe like locked into an milk storage facility or anything. I don't think there's any of that. I'm just like i'm very like for example. I don't know if this relates to it exactly but like i don't have centered anything. i think. I'm just really sensitive to things like. Yeah around my body. so yeah. that's why. I'm very tried to go as minimal as possible. Yes okay. I'm gonna get you an unscented. Quick dry down face cream okay which you do not have to do well. I could just send you the down link to yes. Yeah but also. I want my honey stale me. There's a lot of my honey's that have sensitive skin. there's one i'm thinking of but it's expensive and again i don't wanna make you pay for it so i could probably get you for free. The which i love woman owned local brand sweet. They sell a cream. That is wonderful. Okay and it's so light. We need dries like a that chemis. Confessions would also be a good brand for you. And i have their own my god no i have it i have it i have it. I'm gonna bring it to you. Okay chemists confessions they are. They're asian american women so it's a woman owned brand their local california chemists that opened that sort of their own brand and their incredible. They're on national all the time. They're very knowledgeable. They have an incredible moisturizer. That's so quick. And i have one right here that i was gonna use but i'll give it to you. My boy needs to be hooked up mob. Wine is looked up. Who's the big sister now. Do believes in you now me free. Skincare from jackie j. Not everybody. I don't do this for everybody. Sure i get that. That's all you need to do. You need to do the sunscreen. It will dry quickly and you need to use this. This will dry so quick. Also use less write us a tiny little pump. If you use like a huge glob it's going to take forever to dry just a little and that's that'll be quick. That's all you need once you're used to that call me and we'll add something in okay but right now all you need is to cleanse every night replenished with the moisturizer and in the morning you need to. I would say you don't have to overcome over plans okay. Maybe because here's the thing when we sleep. We actually our apps absolutely disgusting. We're shedding skin cells. Were rolling around. Those dogs are near you. I don't a sleeping situation and so some most people would say that you should cleanse again in the morning. But i don't want to overwhelm you. So i think when you wake up in the morning just use water. Okay of a temperature of your choice. Okay do a water cleanse dry quickly. So you're not neurotic about wet face do your cream again. Then do your sunscreen. Back-to-back really quick. So dry quickly. Getting it over with the thing about sunscreen and this is another thing they don't tell you you have to use a good amount of it or it literally does nothing so that but it'll dry quick moisturizer. Just use a little nick. Yeah just like a little bit if you use too much. Then you're like. Oh my god dry dry down right none of that for you. Okay so there you go. I really changed your life. I don't think i would have. I don't know where i would get this insight. If not on the fifty fifth minute of a record yes yeah. We talk about pokemon too much at the top. I'm just kidding. You literally barely brought it up. Antifreeze you enjoy and i honestly want play jealous. I wanna play it. I haven't gone to play video game in a very long time. Did you know. I play the sims. No but i've what's your facebook groups. I have a sims freeplay game that i've been playing for like literally seven years on my ipad but my pet is so old that it won't even turn on basically so my game is just been sitting for years on played. I've always wanted to get a new ipad and start playing again. Or i want to play earthbound because i had the it's all my oh computer had a simulator. So i'm jealous i want. I want to tweet which you should a switch i want to. I want an antenna. You know lit. I would have been if i was on that animal crossing. I would have had that shit. I would've killed that. I would have killed at so jealous. What i'm making fun of pokemon manca some gels. I wanna play pokemon pokemon. Clap what is it. Oh it's pokemon snap snap for you okay. I never played in sixty four months. I was a playstation gal. That's fair yeah. I played tomb raider. I played grant. Yeah i've lived. I've lived a life you song i've had a past. I haven't always been this regal elegant statuesque podcast queen. I used to live in a studio apartment in play video games too. Okay yeah. And i don't and i don't i don't i feel like a lot of words. Have input into my mouth. Whereas i want to be as open in accepting to anyone who wants to experience the yes joy of touching joy cons for the first time yes. I can't wait. Yeah do you have a favorite pok mon. i screamed. There is a pokemon called mantain. It's just like big mansoori. It does a cute little splashy. Dance if you play the music extra and you can take a photo of it. I wasn't expecting. I almost started crying because of how cute it was. Hey does he live in water. He lives in the water. Okay i need to see him. Will you please send me a photo. Absolutely because i love q. Animal things yeah. My favorite pok. Mon is sida great great but only because i love ducks. Yeah and i have a duck birthmark. See for anyone who's listening. Eight is indeed a duck birthmark. Isn't that wild. Yes that's wild. Look yeah and so. I had all ducks in my room as a kid. Sure ducks are you know like you have like an animal so mine was stocks and my dad calls me jackie duck. Did you use to think that you're stuffed animal. Ducks head emotion. Oh yeah. I have patti the platypus. Beanie babies still yeah. She's one of the original six by the way. I don't know if that applies. But i know what you mean. I also pedal the platypus one of the original six beanie babies so again. You probably weren't alive yet but being able to just be a thing. Honey's let's talk acne we have all had acne breakouts or blemishes at some point and know how hard it can be navigated skin routine for it. Well guess what. The inky lewis is a skincare brand. That believes it with knowledge. You are empowered to make better decisions to help. Treat your skin when it comes to treating breakouts the cynic acid acne treatment is a fast and effective that combines. The power of three ingredients cynic acid. 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Promo code save fifty. yes honey. you're gonna love sola. I feel like. I should say one last thing about skincare. Because i play. I just want people to get their money's worth. Yes that's true and you have to go because you are getting your new toilet. I am getting into yeah. I use conceal her once. And i totally understand it. Where i like wanna i feel like i should have some on me always because yeah like eight truly and it was really eye opening because i was like a left-leaning guy or whatever like you understand like hey make up. It's just for you or how you how you how you dress in how you present yourself as a not for anyone else and yeah but but it was like oh man. I'm really insecure about this tiny little thing on my face that because it can stop like scratching editor. Whatever right and i was like. I'm so confident. Now the change yes demeanor stature was wild to me so i'm very happy you brought that up and i just want to say that makeup is for everyone. This is something that has not always been said. I really want to normalize conceal her for all share. And truly you song you should get some. My husband has some i- zooms he goes on tv. He does appearances. He's got this powder that i bought him that. Make up artists edwin. Monzon said it's great for guys will blur your face like a fucking filter this shelter and he loves it. He uses it for his meetings and he talked about. I'm not blowing his spot up. This is what i'm saying. We have to normalize. Makeup is for everyone. Don't let anybody say to you. It's whatever hyper feminine to use makeup. It's not it's common sense like you says the paragon of masculinity should yes one telling us. Yeah exactly but no makeup us for everyone and if you're curious about 'bout conceal her. You should get it and it could be intimidating. I understand that so if you have any questions come to me. I appreciate it. And the reason why is specifically conceals because anytime that i'm really anxious it will show on my yes not even acne. I will just like yes. Whatever anxiety you'll get a little blotchy might get a little dry or yeah no matter what they always i. It will show on my face. Yes yeah well. I think money's worth yes and you can get an affordable one. Yeah oh are you meant mute. Talking enough about oh. I'm happy with it too. I would truly like to ask what's in your shower all that stuff but we are out of time in your toilet is gonna come so you're going to have to come back because i feel like i could really drag you for like your shampoo choices and things like that. Do you have a hair care routine. I try not to use chiampou. That much i try to use it like once once once a week. Okay yeah that's fine. Okay i'll i'll allow that jedi was slowly lowering. I was just like what do you mean what are using them to runners on your hair to the last thing i did want to ask you about. Was you tweeted a funny tweet about your mom senior haircut. She thinks. I look like a chinese criminal from a tv series. I was like who she was like all of them. So i have gotten this middle part. It's all you now. It's called the but cut. It's called the bot cut and it's a very conic nineties haircut. Yes the tick scenes in their hype houses. Not only that. But these but k pop stars who. I've so many voters of k pop stars on my phone for reference with just like. It was hilarious. Because i wanted to go in there and just be like. Hey can you give me this line. Please like forget that john but anyway my mom does not like it. My mom does not like this haircut. And what does she want your hair to look like. i'm confused. I think she wanted to look like the side that i've had my entire life. Because she in that you know and when did you. When did you split down the middle. That's semi reset that extremely reasonable. This is the first time i was like okay. Let's try to do something. It looks so good thank you. That's so looks chic. You look fresh. You look like you have attitude. Yeah it's young it's fresh. I love it. Yeah that look like a nerd before you look like a guy who streams is damn pokemon snap await. Oh shit joking. i'm joe yeah. We have a report everybody. I hope that was no you. Your hair looks great. i love it. I'm sorry your mom disagrees. But you know what they say. Parents just don't understand that that is true. That is a trope for a reason. Yeah the hair looks good. I'm happy with it thank you. Yeah yeah. I was so nervous. Willow getting the prisoner. Who's coming here so much cooler than me. Scalise tattoos. I'm just trying to be like. Yeah i party no. I don't so right. I had half a margarita. The other day almost died. Please tell me it. Was it like a mango one or something. No it was like a normal margarita. Go yeah we got to go did a little walk. And oh and i wanted to get into fight and now my heart skipping so there's yeah yeah well you're going to be okay okay. I think you're going to be okay. I see you've got are those goldfish crackers behind me. That's a process snack. I don't think you should. I would like to up that game for you. These are wheat thins which i think are probably still process. But they're the the oil sun-dried man flavor now. You can't support that industry. I'm going to have to get you some new snacks. We don't fuck with palm oil view. Okay we don't talk with high fructose corn syrup. Sure sure. I'm assuming those are both in there. I i would bet on. Where do you shop. I'm just kidding. We're not gonna talk about next time next time. You use zoom with the jack stor. I'm gonna make comments on the background. And i use on vulnerably showing me his entire kitchen. I have to. It's not like you have a choice. You do have a dishwasher though. I didn't have a dishwasher for ten years over ten years games. La it is. When mitch came to my apartment. He was like oh my god. You have a table dishwasher. And then i send the link. It changes malkin life. Yeah washer out there. And next time i will pull myself at the mercy of maybe admitting that i have a two in one shampoo conditioner shower. Okay i'm gonna pretend i didn't hear that. Yeah and don't get me wrong. My girlfriend knows trying to stretch. Change me yeah around. I'm on her side. Yeah here's what i'll say you song. I'm assuming i'll go over her house more because you've probably there's more room is she. Has the dogs sure. Yea start experimenting with her shit. Okay and if she has roommates dictate their shit to get forever roommates. You know when you're in the bathroom you know shower. You're getting ready in the morning to leave. Just open that cabinet and go. What's this and try stuff because you might like something sure absolutely. Yeah you might like something and then you can go. Take a photo of it and buy it for yourself. You're going to have to experiment a little bit. I can't tell you everything to buy right right. Because like i said the best moisturizer is going to be the moisturizer. You wanna use so dig through other people's shit. Yeah you're welcome everybody. That's a tip for you. Be sneaky about it and don't be greedy. Don't use half the damn jar. I'm just saying little little dab will do you sure. Sure okay you sound please go get your toilet before you go before you go. Can you just tell everybody where we can find you. If you want anyone to find you on the internet sure if you wanna find me you follow me on twitter while uso g. l. and on twitch while you underscore swingy. They're different look for that. Purple checkmark look after that purple checkmark. It's pretty. you're you're on instagram. But you're not very much. I want instagram post very often but yeah may twitter by others a link to everything else in there so perfect. Jackie thank you for having me on the show. Thank you for coming on finally and next time you wanna have me on one year. Podcasts i am going to need it in writing that it will at least last year because my time is valuable and i don't like being guinea pigs for people's passion projects. You know so fair. That's okay. I did cry on. Maybe don't i had a great time. I haven't what a sweetheart. Yeah me too. What is your girlfriend. Do for a living eventually journalism. Oh yes fair respected profession. Hang on to that one and she likes dogs. Okay thank you. Everybody for listening to this episode. Thank you for being here. And don't forget and i'm saying this right to you song user to be happy yeah i'm talking to you user to be happy and over cream your neck and keep your friend fresh. I'm assuming you don't cream your neck. You saw i don't i don't create my neck. In the history of my show i've had two hundred and fifty episodes. I've only had two people. Tell me they don't your number three. Just let that sink in a little bit okay. It doesn't feel good. I'll tell you that well we're going to get you a cream you like and you're gonna is going to be powerful.

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Ask Amy- My 4-Year-Old Hates Transitions

What Fresh Hell: Laughing in the Face of Motherhood

08:08 min | 3 months ago

Ask Amy- My 4-Year-Old Hates Transitions

"Margaret i need some new clothes. This sweatpants life was fun for a while but now that the sun is out i need to step up my game and stopped dressing like a hermit and do you know where to go for really cute stuff. That doesn't break the bank. I do a. It's jane dot com slash laughing the boutique marketplace with the absolute best prices asked me something hard aiming have you seen the komo news on their. They're like they're like long sweaters but they're much more chic. He can throw on a tee shirt jeans. And i'm gonna get a komo and look like someone who goes outside and sees people. I'm an address with a life i want. I am very confused by your new kamado lifestyle. But i accept you for who you are and the thing is even if i'm not ready to promote it up. Jane has so many awesome trendy items at amazing prices. There's home stuff kids stuff. Clothes shoes adorable seasonal items. And if you go to jane dot com slash laughing. You'll see some of amy and my's current favorites as well as hundreds of new products every day at prices. You won't believe sees the savings on all of it at jane dot com slash laughing. That's jane dot com slash laughing. Welcome to ask amy from what fresh hell laughing in the face of motherhood solving your parenting dilemmas. One question at a time. This question is from corey she asks. I'm wondering if you have some tips for helping my four and a half year old and transitioning between classrooms at school. She has regressed home and at school. Recently tantrums arguing with everything crying at drop off pouting in class. She's never been going. She's always had strong emotions. Her pediatrician is green lighting. An early evaluation for adhd and anxiety. But she believes my daughter's in the range of normal and simply really strong willed and emotional today. My daughter's teacher called me at work to ask me to call my daughter down over the phone. She was sitting on the floor crying and refusing to participate. She's been going to daycare since she was three months old. And this is the first time i've ever had to do that. And the thing is she was actually going through a blissful period before this mature helpful listening not arguing with every little thing and then this transition happens and it's like she regressed back to three and the before times. I believe she would have been excited about moving to the older class and they usually do a more progressive type thing but because of covid the classes are kept in hermetically sealed bubbles. So there's no touch points to make the transition smoother just a rip the band aid. Is there any advice on helping her. Get excited about school again. Maybe dealing with the loss of the relationship with her old teacher and maybe reversing this regression and getting back to the four year old. I had two months ago. Thanks cory cory right. it's a regression and the most important first step i think is that we understand that. There's an iceberg here right. There's what we're seeing above the surface. Which is the challenging behavior. And there's what's going on underneath which is a lot bigger and that's what we need to get curious about that. You're aware of that already. Makes this so much better. I'm glad to getting an evaluation. And i think you should really trust your gut here speaking from experience. There's nothing i think you should be alarmed about. But if you get patted on the head and get an okay mom. I think she's just a four year old or they send you home with advice to read more parenting books or something nod nicely grad. Read the parenting books but keep asking because if you sense that something is different or not right. You really should trust your gut. You're gonna check her sleep. Is something happening since the time change that. She's not sleeping enough unit. Check her diet. You're really sort of excavate for yourself like what is going on in this case. I think there's an explanation. That's pretty obvious. And pretty universal which is the sort of ending of the pandemic returning to the way things used to be which is hard are episode. This week is going to be about returning to routines and now that we can do what we do. We suddenly don't want to for four year old. She spent twenty five percent of her life. Hanging out with you right doing this completely differently. So this really is a lot to ask if any four year old and it's a miracle that any of them can do. This can comply with all the additional rules that are in place because of this covert time far as helping your daughter. And what's going to work. I think you can be extra cuddles at home. Extra jimmy time extra support during what is clearly a difficult transition for your daughter and i think the teacher is going to be a great resource here if the teachers calling you at work. It's clearly something you're having a hard time dealing with and the teacher to some extent as well so she's going to be a willing participant if you show up with anything besides hey. Can you do a better job here. So your kids teacher has probably already thought of all these things but make sure that your kid is maybe getting extra chances to be the line leader. The light flicker the class. Shishir the one who plays a gong. When it's time to line up for music make sure that your daughter is getting the chance and maybe a little bit of an extra chance to indicate with the teacher when the time has come for transition. Can you give her some of these duties at homemaker. The dinnertime announcer. You know the bed time. Can she be telling you. And your co parent. If you have one that it's brushed your teeth time and timing them. You know that kind of thing. Make her in charge and if the other person can play. Act a little bit of frustration with that. That's okay too right. Let her let her see. That will probably help her work. Some of this out. You can also make sure this is. This is a little bit trickier but make sure the routine at school is predictable. Are they you know doing storytime. On the rug and then putting on their coats to go outside every day or is that just mondays and thursdays and on tuesdays there's a push in for music and then and wednesdays there's extra time if the routine is overly complicated and different from day to day that it would be hard for a four year old to do and some slight simplification of that might benefit more than just your daughter. Hopefully there's a chart on the wall. I mean this is such basic stuff for early education teacher. Notes the stuff. You don't want to be like hey. Do you know that kids have a hard time with transitions. Your kids teacher is aware of that but there is a way to sort of. Hey how can we lean in. I know this is a developmental thing because guess what this is a developmental thing. Some kids have a hard time with transitions. Eitiquette with a hard time was transitions. It is something that happens in this case. Keep looking for the answer. But i hope in this case for you that it's just this simple explanation of cova changed everything and now as we go back to life. Some of us are going to have an easier time with that than others and if your daughter needs a little more time and a little more support. I think she's going to get there. Because you have this loving awareness of what's really going on beneath the surface and one last suggestion for you. If the teacher can find ways to cut the kid some slack and not make her participate in every transition. I don't mean pay attention to her while she's having a tantrum on the floor and the new fourteen other kids are lined up. I'm thinking of an example with my kid who had a tough time with transitions. Really didn't wanna lineup for art than really. Didn't want to wanna up for music. Got to the point where this kid would go to our class in the early childhood years and just not want to participate and to sit there and this kid wasn't carrying on in this kid wasn't throwing a tantrum was just not participating in this very wise teacher. Who'd been teaching for a long time. Talked me about it. she said. I don't really know why this is happening. But i decided to just let this kid be there and just be there enough to work and it worked after while my kids started doing it again. You know so. This is a season. Kids alternate between these periods of regulation and dysregulation. So sounds like you're in the soup right now but this will change and hopefully for your sake. It will change sam sinister parenting questions. You might answer years next. Email us questions at what fresh hell podcast dot com. Thanks for listening.

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Two Whats!? And A Wow! - Sssnakes!

Wow In the World

09:19 min | 1 year ago

Two Whats!? And A Wow! - Sssnakes!

"Now where is that book about the fifty weirdest kinds of toe jam wall many? Did you turn your gingerbread mansion into a library? You know I did Garros. Wow this is amazing. I don't even know where to begin. Biographies Historical Biographies. That's in Your Library Library Iras. That's Roberta the new librarian. Would you hire a snake is a librarian because my last librarian was too afraid? Dish me when I was getting too loud so you thought that you should hire us make instead the best. Shishir is on the planet. How do the game show if we can talk? A bubble whisper hough. What did you rent? You take a lunch break okay. Dan were three two and now for everyone's second favorite game show after drum solo or just some nervous energy to what's up off Allah. Welcome back. Well it's time for another exciting addition of two. What's the scientific game show that separates the house from the Dow before we start today's round? Let's review where we left you yesterday. We gave you three scientific facts about sweat in challenge due to guess which one was the one true. Wow was it a hippo. Sweat is actually leap purple or was IT B. Every person sweat smells and tastes different. Or was it themed courses sweat exclusively through their noses and answer yesterday's question joining us by phone. It's William from Texas William. What is the winning Roslyn? Mindy William from San Antonio Texas and my while in the world is that everybody sweat tastes and smells different in that crazy in probably disgusting. Thomas fingerling Gramma G. Force Guinness Registan Eating Dinner. William that is core wrecked and there. You haven't Hauser's if you guessed the answer. Be EVERY PERSON'S. Sweat smells and tastes different. You picked the winning. Wow turns out that no one person sweat smells or tastes exactly the same. We all have our own unique sweat. Your sweat enact like an old factory name tag which could help people identify you based on the way you smell for those of you who guessed a or C. You weren't that far off if you guessed. It turns out hippos. Do not sweat at all. However they do produce a reddish oily fluid that comes from special glands in their skin this oily fluid axes sunscreen and protects the hippo from the sun's ultraviolet rates. And if you guessed see well forces actually sweat in a few different places like between their hind legs and on their neck and while they don't sweat through their nose cows actually do. Don't you tell our winning rousers what they want? Well Mindy all of our. Winning contestants will be taking home their very own invisible sweat stained t shirts. This invisible sweat stained t shirt was lovingly harvested from your family's dirty laundry basket and comes with signature sweaty aroma. That's guaranteed to last for weeks and garage. Relations to all of the winning lousy didn't take a quick break so we can get shocked by the new librarian when we come back. It's another round to what how to what's in allow. We'll be right back grownups. This message is for you support for NPR in the following message for parents come from NPR AN NPR member stations. Support your local station at NPR dot org slash stations. That's now back to the show. Welcome back to today's round to what's an awhile. Category today is Mindy. Why don't you refresh our contestants on how the game works you now? We're going to present you with three scientific backs about snakes but this is a big bat. Only backs will be a true while the other two. Just a couple of made up okay. Well let's get started. Which of the following facts about snakes is the one true scientific? Wow is it a snakes? Have Two hundred to four hundred ribs or is it. Be thoughts have six inch long fangs? The longest fangs of any species of snake or is it see most snakes. Eat Five to seven times one more time is it. Snakes have two hundred to four hundred ribs or is it be. Haiphong's have six inch long things the longest bangs of any other species of snakes or is it see most snakes eat five to seven times a day when you think you have the right answer right down on the sheet of paper and scream your choice directly into your pillow and check back tomorrow to see your. Lau is the winning while but before we go we have scientific challenge for you. We call it operation snakes mark. We challenge you to do some research and find out about the characteristics of a venomous snake and the characteristics of a non venomous snake. We know this can be kinda frightening. Sometimes if you don't know all the facts but it turns out that the majority of snakes really aren't that dangerous for humans once you know the fact. We want you to find creative way to tell your friends and grown-ups about your scientific research. Maybe you'll write a poem or a book or Draw Picture magazine or even make a short film get those creative juices flowing and start thinking about the best way you can share what you've learned with others become a science communicator. And once you're done let your grownups know that they can upload your photo video song or whatever you make to tinker cast dot com slash share. We'll pick a few share them with the world. Be Sure to check back tomorrow for the answer to today's game and we'll play another round was produced by Mindy Thomas and me Cairo's Gerski writes the words and Jason Rabinowitz ads. The wows as our audio producer Jessica. Boaty keeps her facts. Straight Jacob Stein rounds at our creative team and meredith halpern rancher powers the wow at tinker cast special. Thanks to Jet Anderson and also on your Brenneman and the team at NPR. Our theme song was written and composed by the pop ups for more on their three time. Grammy nominated all ages music. Find them at the pop. Ups DOT COM grownups. You can follow us on facebook. Instagram and twitter. At wow in the world and our email address is hello at wow in the world dot com. And if you're a kid with big wow to share. That could be used upcoming episode of to. What's in a while? Call us at one. Eight eight eight seven. Wow Wow thanks again for listening all for now until next time keeping Roberta at any books about the history of Elbow Patches Q. I know is baby by tinker cast. And then to you by.

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Human Computer Interaction and Online Privacy

Data Skeptic

32:37 min | 1 year ago

Human Computer Interaction and Online Privacy

"Quick announcement before we get started with the show here at data skeptic HQ. We're looking to hire inexperienced sales engineer. Remote applicants are perfectly fine. We need someone who can help work with us to bring an AI driven automation solution to medium and large enterprise customers. If you or someone you know might be a good fit, please head over to data skeptic dot com slash careers where you'll see our most recent listing I'd love. Love to tell you more about it, but I don't WanNa waste. The listener's time data skeptic dot com slash careers and check it out today data. Skeptic is not sponsored by VPN. Hey, that might come are becoming more popular from what I understand. The market's growing with stay at home orders in place, or even just being good policy. If it's not the law, there are many people trying to protect their home Internet, traffic. Traffic and for good reason at least in the US our ISP's are basically allowed to spy on us. It's Kinda crazy looked into a VPN. Just have one, but that alone isn't the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to privacy, privacy is one of those issues that comes up at many levels, and while I'm definitely interested in topics like differential privacy. My personal opinion has always been that most of privacy. Privacy is really a human computer interaction issue I remember being in an office once when much stricter policies were put in place for what your password had to be so in fact that most people had trouble remembering them in the frequency of posted notes with passwords on the side of monitors that became much more common occurrence at that office privacy I think is a problem that has to be engineered and designed quite well. This week on the show I speak with Moses NAMARA. He's a PhD student at the HAT lab. The human and Technology Laboratory at Clements University. We have an interesting in broad discussion about privacy implications, and the overlap with HCI and things along those lines. My Name is Moses Namara I am a PhD candidate in University Walk Online privacy career, investigating people with experiences on expectations of online privacy I am. Originally from Uganda was pointing, follow on came to the useful known I'm on my way to getting that beauty, and when it comes to online privacy. Can you be a bit more specific? Are you concerned with things like the SSL level or a user's relationship to their browsers? Where your interests lie, my interests fly A. Team, so I'm coming in not at the technical aspect of privacy, but I'd be used experience aspect of privacy, and so the key question being held. We hope uses money to privacy online as most our lives transition to use of nine technologies. Yeah, in particular, has the you know, covid nineteen in the stay at home orders, and all these sorts of things. How has that affected the privacy? World has a fictive privacy in terms of most people now being forced to interact connects through various forms of technology, really honest, various forms students having to download and use online technologies. Stay in touch with teachers to parents. Adults having to Donald Shishir, meet the I in terms of. With the news better so making sure that they can connect with other people that no money they would have meant Christopher's physically. So in terms of how effective privacy is that? We're seeing a lot of people now. Adopting new technologies, they haven't used all use mobile technologies higher rate than they would know. Maybe do, and so that definitely being what technology they end up using presents, different privacy, issues and challenges. Is Privacy I don't know the truth to this. I'm not an immunologist. Human being stayed home for two weeks. You know the virus would be effectively defeat, even though that's kind of impossible, if everyone used two factor authentication and some simple protocols, would that solve privacy? No different in you hoping tons of protecting people's access to their online accounts online logging online, they need to log into right, but that's the security level in terms of offering people the option to actually secure log into their accounts and making sure archaeology, the possums were trying to request or log into the account, so that help secure the data in one aspect, the other aspect in terms of privacy is that we biscuit looking at the data that they explicitly maybe give to the technology will looking I at the data that the technology that they're using requires for you to function. Function with looking at the data that is not explicitly given by the user, but implicitly in five by the technology right based on different, maybe algorithms that use, and so we are looking at all these different aspects in terms of holidays uses to come into play on. How do we ensure weather? That access is restricted to only people who the used as comfortable sharing with all having people here? This is a really interesting comparison. You guys have in the paper that that will talk I'm sure a lot about privacy at a glance, the user centric design of glance data exposure visualizations. To impact there, but if you start with, could you expand on the difference there between privacy in terms of settings and privacy of data what say user giving up in each case I guess. Privacy in terms of sittings are basically the control is that guide enable uses to set or let be known what level of privacy they're comfortable with, and this is usually enabled by technology that they're using so these technologies like a social media. Company will site like this because controls that enable people to sit with the one I share Nixon, that fitting that level, and so this is hoping that way then we have privacy in terms of the data, so the data is basically any use of using information beyond what the primary purpose was, and so I think that's where the issue comes in comes of using this data in other secondary Rewe's deviant of the primary ways that someone has. To be used what I like to think about when I think about did yeah, when I'm installing an APP I'm often being asked. Do you give it permissions for your camera or this or that? And often it'll say you know access to contact the Internet, which is such a weird Pandora's box to me. You know it a weather APP THAT'S GONNA! Talk to the weather server and get the weather for my zip code, or is it an APP that's going to? Be All of my private data and send it to the mothership. I've never felt like I really had a good I could be turned that on her off, but I never had a full control setting. Is that something you envision that? Maybe users would get more control of or do we trust that the user can manage those controls maybe too complicated I don't know what do you think so? That's a sexually good that you raised that because my research looks at what is the comfortable level at which uses able to engage and uses controls, but festival demo countries. You have the more less likely achieve all. All those controls because yesterday, a huge number of them on so that requires quick native, if looked to the ARCUS, fully seek out of control is unused them appropriately, but at the same time we need such was in place, because then uses a able to explicitly kind of make the edition non or set a liberal privacy comfortable. We've now the trick becomes the paradox becomes. We have these countries in place, but we have fewer people using them right, and so it becomes a question of. How do we meet these needs where they are on? How do we ensure that they are motivated enough to actually? Understand what this is due on. Be Able to actually go unused him comfortably. So in some sense, the existing of settings sort of puts it off on the user. Hey, go in set these the way you're expecting and then just hope for the best I guess after that although the is really interesting to me I. Don't know if these are new ideas. I certainly hadn't seen this before, but giving users some visualizations that tell them more in real time about the way in which there. Are Consuming what they're sending that sort of thing. Could you describe a little bit from a user experience perspective what you guys were experimenting with, and so I wanNA. Shout out to the main author newspaper. My colleague Derry show concern. She's the one who is this idea stemmed from analysis likely to be a part of the project, but the idea was basically to make a bring to the forefront visualizations that could hope they could understand what data that they upset had installed in their phones, accessing right, and so the hope was that these visualizations could offer more understanding on may be be. Be motivated I now for people to up to maybe going in one OI. Another uncontrolled diabetes nitto excess in terms of the data I mean. Is there any cognitive load on the user for Keeping Track of that? You know like what data's going. Where maybe if I'm a researcher, a Security Professional I wanna study the various ways that the APPs connecting, but maybe some of that's mundane connects Google analytics, which connects to stuff like that that sort of explainable you. How much time do we expect the average user to be spending learning about stuff like this? The hope was the would. have on so being that he doesn't take for you too long to stay at your. Because as the first screen that you actually see if you're to unlock your phone, but also looking at the different ways. That maybe would be more on a Sunday service. Would it be enough? We just showed the OP itself on Monday notification in terms of saying. Hey, we have instagram here need looks will have access your location six times in the last two hours, right the other premise while looking at is that okay? If we take away the wedding opportunities, was that many upset for the access location and just give you location on say. Location has been six times in the last. Last two hours, and so which of those different ways of you in writing permission he's being exist would motivate people to ahead on MIC. Janice, their privacy settings, all be concerned enough about the different that he's being existed for fun. The world we happen to live in and I guess the technology doesn't require it to be this way, but we have this middleman, right? We have the APP store. Where same thing on iphone where you have the APP store or I'm android person. I can go to Google play, and any developer can put their APP there I guess there's some. Some SORTA, screening process, and then I can download it. Install it, and there's reviews, so it looks bad. Maybe people share that and I won't try it or something, but there's Google. There's apple in the middle there. How much responsibility do entities like that? have at keeping their store clean so to speak. It's a huge responsibility that I hope they take seriously. Because Napster is not only serving people who have on their pregnancy like me, but it was so serving others who may not know the intricacies of what it means to be private, and so the honest, then becomes zone gatekeeper. Gatekeeper himself to make sure that they absolutely have one store. A privacy compliant on are not nefarious applications that wing to end up violating People's privacy because they have a lot to moose anyway, so if they upscale becomes a place where people can trust to go and find secure applications van that upstate is GonNa end up. Not Seeing many developers develop for it better so Nazi mini end users end up using the application so I think these a lot of interest is enough skin in the game for these obstacles to be secure unpredicted privacy for US ed love to go back. Back, a little bit to the user survey we were discussing I didn't get around to asking you about some of the conclusions. What were some of the inciteful things you learned from the real world user data and feedback? You got the ticket with from that cities that uses performances for with a division centric depends on their value system if they value their relations them, they're more terms of relationship. They have with application. Dan More likely to prefer the up centric visualization in terms of the value, the content, basically the type of data that these applications accessing the data centric bygone. Bygone was more appealing to them, so it'd depending on what the use put more radio very must about their privacy, and we could talk a little bit about VPN's to begin with. Tell us a little bit about some of your interests in research in the area. My interest in the area steams from festival. My own experience using VP in Bethesda VPN wasn't for privacy say, but it was more of a will accessing wanting behind a firewall or behind a sense at all and the reason I became interested in particular understanding. Examining VPN's was because festival where come from in Uganda what? What happened was that they put a tax on accessing Shishir. Media sites, generally the Internet, and so what happened is we ended up seeing little people use VPN right as a will bypassing those restrictions we have them. What does Congress Rolling Back Privacy Protections which would have required ISP's to ask for us a question before they could share information with patties until those two combine drove my interesting studying how people actually end up using privacy announcing technologies especially pins, and so in this case as looking for people who actually use VPN's as a tool that protects your privacy and what is. Is Know, if you had a chance to look too much into this, but the penetration rate I feel like many people are aware VPN's. Although perhaps that's my own bias, right. I tend to know more technologically savvy people, but I can't say that even amongst those people, everyone uses one. What is the I guess? General, penetration, or how do we understand that the deployment of this technology so general deployment? I would say we have around ninety percent of Internet users. Letting America is in VPN's for primarily just to access since content when we look at North America and Europe we have. Beaten the lowest say there on eighteen percent of uses unmanly majority of these people who are using it for accessing the Industry Sean accessing the employers. NIP Walk, so they using it as a tool to Biscotti security conductors. Activities do that Bowen. Cut People Opportunity using it for privacy purposes that number that it'll be very very little to most people who use that are actually finding the interesting. Why do you suppose that is I guess we're. More aware of what online privacy means to US feudal advocates of Europe where they have the PR strong laws implications, this all creates an awareness among the end users to take serious me the notion of safeguarding their privacy online. And where do you think we should be in terms of rollout? Are there people who may be inadvertently are having things they would like to be held private protected I. Mean I guess you know somebody who looks at what movies I. Don't think anyone can find out what movies I watch, but that's at worst embarrassing right then there's my healthcare data which I don't want out or maybe I'm like an activist or something. There's a long range hero of those who most need the protection I guess. How many do you think understand it can deploy peons? You're actually raising very important point whereby most people say they have nothing. Nothing to hide so nickeled, Gallas, what happens to the data, but I tend to do that if you're making predictions for one group of people than I think they should extend to all of us, because even the people who make that argument have things that be deemed at least private and carried will kind of making that more clear. Is that I don't think they necessarily allow anyone to enter the house, or they have been from in that case right, but that's physical emotional privacy until similary. What happens online is basically a mirror of what happens in offline lives, and so whereas generating, we may not have a problem. You know what we should out will caring about what we share I think there's some expectations with a immune Oklahoma cuts that we want some form of boundary in terms of how we originally toleration ships online Wrigley to use as our data. Yeah, I find myself even though I mentioned like Oh. Who Cares about my movies? I should probably hold a stronger perspective of like the opposite almost that it should be. Be Privacy by default because we need to sort a herd immunity, you know maybe for someone what they watch is consequential away. I can't anticipate, but I would guess we all agree. Our health data needs to be private on some level yet. Paradoxically sharable right I. Want my doctors to be able to collaborate maybe even a researcher to know about me some general anonymous way. Do you have any thoughts on how? How we can maintain a the right levels of privacy, but still deliver on some of these other needs I think a lot of that comes down to quench ruined and transparency so as you rightly put it. Yes, we went to our health to be private on probably transferable quotable to other Doke does on twenty six cents for researches to figure out a new remedies from our data, but we don't want that. That to be done behind bucks right I. Think we want some clarity in terms of white data, exactly is being shed, have a final say in terms of how that gets used to how that gets transferred right, and so it will be unfair not right for you to put your doctor Von Alignment and the next day. You maybe do a travel to some foul flung country without your knowledge immediately that does. To your health would, and so I think what you would expect he's. You'd already have some kind of question. That would have given that. You're okay with that oxygen old that transfer happening so unfortunately s note Powell usually. This technology is walk behind the scenes because just bricks. When we tried to offer people consent at skip right, and so usually default becomes too much equally doing own, not seeking in from us, just because of the complexities that may be involved I'd love to get into a little bit of your work on how these effects were cross culturally so I recently heard Dr. Fauci sang some things about like. Like, we're aware that there is an anti vaccination movement out there. Even though it's not scientifically founded, we need to start educating people for when the covid nineteen vaccine arrived, so there's a public health initiative. He wants to take two churches and community groups, and like get to the people through these alternative channels I'm wondering if you see analogies for how we educate people about privacy, I, definitely the festival different people have different notions of privacy, different ways of leaving different cultures that dictated our privacy now on private lives, and so that is true that we're going to have different ways with think about privacy so a one. Conducting Serie up like everyone to use your. In terms of reaching out to people who on vaccine you need to emphasize for these groups of people you need to emphasize the benefits that they derived from in this case using a vaccine right until you. That's what you need to focus on, because you'll be surprised. Usually the benefits are not as a parent as we hope or think they are on people in drive on Mogi side. Side effects disconcerting again by vaccines to kind of reinforce within this group of people reinforce the ideas of the authority to philosophies in terms of white Buxton's abide. People who donate highly with that message than into go into. Follow it very religiously, so when I bring that back to privacy the difference we seize, usually these individual differences on most of the notions of privacy tend to focus on. On that individual, by in other cases, they WANNA be group differences, and so those differences will add had different privacy, notions or ways of getting practice in that setting itself, and so I think what I found in my study is we tend to activity focused less on such groupings or such coaches. They're really understudied on the quicker we do it. The more we try to understand where they're. They're coming from their behavior. Has the experts Van de Bitta sorted? We have to be in a position to design for them. Technologies become conflict with the US I'm curious if you think that will eventually have automated solutions for these or I, guess to what degree we need to human in the loop. I could see where maybe my phone learns that I'm an Instagram influencers in. In everywhere. I go. I take thirty pictures and take for granted that I. Give My what else generous permissions to instagram APP. 'cause it's learned about me. In my real preferences in can maybe make some privacy inferences on my behalf. Yet I'm also a little intimidated something that makes too many inferences on my behalf. Is there a happy medium somewhere in here? I definitely agree with you dumbs. dumbs of headed to a degree. What emission most of these decisions are taken care of on behalf? Always do need the human in the loop on. So what is that suits foot I have no right answer. Right at the moment, but I think more needs to be done in terms of trying to find that sport them strike a balance because what I. Find The initial in some. Some of my studies is that people are comfortable making some community in tasks right unsold to go back to the example you any fluence and we know that you're taking that excess every time. Maybe you step out and so on, you're comfortable of that action being automated, then you'd have no fight about soul any worries about that being updated when your behalf as long as it's done correctly. Correctly, and it says done as accurately as possible, but the key there is. That is a very simple task. Right on. It doesn't have consequences tweet so because that is really be consequential. Fall back if you get it wrong, but if we look at an auction, like really has real life once Quincy's let's say for example who laughed that you take pictures the tunnel to be the. The wrong pictures that finally may be in the public domain that you want them to be shared in real life consequence of like losing your job famous person losing your credibility in public then you would want to have human control of that action rather than it being committed so I think it depends on the oxygen and Minnesota. It depends the course offensive that option and there's in my. My opinion been a rapid growth in a lot of this technology I mean twenty years ago well, maybe there were cookies twenty years ago, twenty five thirty years ago, there was a day when there weren't cookie files, and even those files today I'm not quite sure if everyone really gets what they are, the degree to which their privacy threat do. We have a system? That's just inherently too. Too Complex that there's a mental load on people to learn all these detailed things to even understand what's being exposed. Yes, definitely, we have reached a point where these emotive mental demand omb into Lord on uses the text uses puzzle ethics the condition, but he just affects the way they make decisions about some of these technologies. You only think about it. In terms of how many technologies really. Really interact with on a typical day. Dictionary I think more than one, and so if you had to increase security, make a decision, each everyone of those in as the number goes up, up for everything becomes more dominant more common, then that cognition annoyed tends to increase of time, and so that's why we propose some solutions make. Hey, you know maybe making his actions could make. Make it easy out, will maybe you? For this action is too severe that keep you in the loop, and so thinking about those types of questions and trying to find the right balance will ordre. Bassey's I. Think is important at this point. You know what Technical Jenny that we continue to ride forward I'm curious if you have any wisdom from a perspective of like interface design I remember. Remember you know for a long time, dialogues would ask you a question and say yes, or no. At some point, people got smarter and said we'll put the actual action on the it should say save or not save, so there's no confusion. Do you have any insights that could be helpful for someone? Developing interfaces to better convey what privacy controls do yeah, so for my own inferences. Inferences for my own, London is that having these contracts I increases trust in your system or whatever system or designing developing also festival nece have that as basic starting point, and then now the becomes. How do you make them accessible? How'd you make the mind Sunday? Belong? How do you make sure that uptick? People use them appropriately or the way? They're supposed to be used and so. So one is three dictation and one week. Educate is through suggestions all through one will another another way that we exploring his disgusting people to to find these controls, and maybe highlight would suffice or something better in thing that we just took the with magically taking action on behalf of the user, and so these methods up to these issues on aid methods that we're kind of. There is nothing new in addition I think you've seen modules addition informing you nudging you to take some form of action when we another and so we're trying to understand when it comes to privacy. How'd we up? Bitar imposes to use these intros better to make decisions based on some of these decision age that you have made so that you can you designed for system and I'm curious if you'll share a little bit about yourself personally, how do you manage your privacy life? Are you someone that is always incognito mode and clearing caches and things like that, or what's the right level of a no data, cleanliness and hygiene? A good question, so the more I learned initially when I begun. A privacy freak, but of course the more they indulged with delivery John Bland on, did some of my recites in more cautious begun yet so I do Pius Mike. Cookies I do Kim interest in what applications on watch data these applications that use a asking full I do sit. My privacy settings to mean must babysit default that I could get and basically tried to make sure that I am. Of what I'm sharing online or what he may jump rejecting on nine, so us lagged gains that you know hope local to magically block. So dramatically. Look cookies so. Not to forgive out, but that's just my way of securing Lee line, and making sure that I'm comfortable being what I need to do. A night I'm also curious to get your thoughts on. How much of a threat you think people face from a lot of these third party bundled in services. You could be an APP developer who as every best intention for the user and their privacy, and even though I'm collecting data. That's maybe sensitive. I'm doing it in a smart anonymous way, but then I just want some extra feature. You know some tracking, service or analytics. Bundle in this little one line of code and unbeknownst to me now all my use. Your data is passing through someone else's server. These are real threats, right? There's two ways to come to that on since I do computer sounds. I know what it means to be a dope on I, know the mindset that develop was have when it comes to the applications on to be honest I think us up privacy. In this case, it is usually the last thing that. That, we think about yet. It should be the last thing because then the increases the chances of watching movies, actually being used and so possible when it comes to that applying to partic- now in obligations. The reason that the vote do that is you don't want or is viewed things from scratch we have. If is that US manage already some complex algorithms in place that I've already kind of addressed the problem that we address we. It's not a reason basically to end. Start from scratch over the time, but then I think the question should be vocals. Don't tend to actively devote the time to understand what data that APA. Including within their application. They don't take the time to run over the privacy policies around. Whether they exist, and how each slow in how that might affect their in use of the product right as would be expected, it's always a surprise to the users when they find out that activity. What the application, though interrupting with ended up bussing to that, but yet petition that the I'd no idea about that. They definitely India sense of mind would want the access to so i. think just like the Gatekeeper Question Iztok question that you asked me. I think it's up on the devote to make mixture that developing a vacation with privacy in mind in for a developer like that as you said I mean it's Sorta priority the first thing developer. Developer does when something has permission. Air is usually set all the permissions public just to get the code working. That's wrong attitude, but is there a central place? A tenant hippocratic oath anything like that you can point people to that might give them a jump start on a better sort of design philosophy, and there's a lot of literature that has been retained in terms of how to do what they tell us. Privacy by default I think until doesn't number one place I appoint people to Biscotti read. How can you designed Technologies applications with privacy in mind and how you security in privately do that the other thing. I tend to think about advice. It could be well vetted Owen technologies that people trust already on so in. Be surprised if they had the only problem comes to nefarious old sniffly. Using people that out on bussing into that Petia applications and using it in a way that is. The have no idea out, and you see known to them before that action happening the NIFF- NATHANAEL concerned two weeks so I think those are the things are one wants to keep in mind. Win Activity Wing about development I think overall technology has gotten better in this regard, maybe not better enough or maybe not fast enough or whatever, but like my phone recently updated, and now my settings have improved I can say like certain apps can only do things if they're running. Running, I have more control or RA background processing great. We could argue it's late to the game or not, but I think that's progress. What else are you hoping? We see inters- the general technology landscape. Are there other features like that that you hope become more ubiquitous? Yes, I like the GRANOLA. Live of controls are now being pushed out I like the decor. The nutrition labels that upper recently without with the latest update wireless both education on those with ways in. In which we improve us a practice literacy I'll make people more aware will bring some transparency in terms of what these technologies doing on what us at at at collecting the other thing that I wanted to talk about is that increasingly as technology gets better, they are going to be different forms the ways in which collected from uses where the unknowingly or knowingly right, and so I think having these granules controls one than advantage. He twelve us no I did as. As being collected and how we can take action if you're not comfortable with that collection, the other thing that went address is also we see a lot of people do the privacy talk I call it, but it is what he's known as the previous paradox, whereby people said they care about their pregnancy, but the option you don't take the action to protect the pregnancy, and so I think the mall of us who care about diplomacy on the steps to take action to. With! This protections in Houston multiple did go by the signals. Notice that we actually expect a we demand of privacy protections within locations at you're developing economy, privacy protections, but also Sikua development of applications, and so the more of us. Take option in those Dane ways I think more than Miss. It gets louder on hopefully. Who knows the new finally end up with privacy regulation on the table for people especially within the US. Yeah, definitely! Moses! Working People best follow you online, so the quickest way to find me would be on my twitter account which choose zero nine. Nine eight so that in a Z L zero nine eight. The other is to usually give my updates on their the. He's similar facebook name my name's Moses tomorrow. I still have a website. If you Google my name, you should be able to find that. Usually update downs opening UK puzzle any new research that I might be working on. All have been able to publish exit. We'll have links to all that in the show notes so people can follow up Moses. Thank you so much for taking the time to come on and share some of your thoughts. Thanks for listening today to skeptic, interpret ability our guest. This week was Moses in the mirror. Give Him a follow on twitter at. Nine eight our theme song is number five by big D and the kids table putty armbruster is our associate producer. Vanessa birth does guess coordination approaches your host. STAY SAFE, everybody.

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Best of Birthful: How to Truly Understand, and Calm, Your Baby


30:44 min | 10 months ago

Best of Birthful: How to Truly Understand, and Calm, Your Baby

"The. Hey Mighty one with nearly three hundred episodes in over five years, it may be hard to know where to begin listening to the show to make it easier. We've put together the best of birth full series which showcases some of our favorite or most relevant episodes. This is one of them. If you enjoy what you hear. Make sure you subscribe it's free and that way you won't miss a thing enjoy. My guest today is the fabulous Kerry County Kerry. Welcome to the show I'm really happy to have you here today. I'm so happy to be here. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. So we're GONNA do this little bit different today and I'm going to have you. Tell us who you are and how you got into this came to the side of babies the baby world. Wonderful. I would love to so I, came I, come through it a little differently than most My journey did not I didn't land here because I got pregnant and became a mom and just got you know thoroughly enchanted by that whole world. It was more an innate calling that I really tapped into as a little child. So when I was seven, I, got. The whole I was always interested in babies whenever my mom would bring out the birthday cake from the time I can remember four or five six. My wish was that my parents would have a baby because I was just thoroughly like smitten and I just wanted to know what they were about to give me dolls and just that was not satisfying at all I needed a baby. They never had any more children but. my neighbors down the street did and when I was seven, we got to go visit right after this little one was born and this mom for whatever crazy reason put this little person. He was maybe five days old into my arms and there was just this. Edition the sort of feeling that came through my body and my whole being just sort of lit up with joy that I was like really doing this thing that I was loving and so for the rest of my time living with my parents from childhood through Teen Hood I was Babysitter Mother's helper. I was just with these MOMS in these children really practicing my you know observing and getting a really clear sense of what it means to grow and to be a parent and all that, and then I went on to get a masters here at. Ut and health education, and then I went and got a PhD Prenatal and perinatal psychology from the university from Santa, Barbara Institute, and what I find fascinating because I. So I am a Bristol have been so for about ten years and my daughter's twelve, and when I you know I see this a lot of my clients and I saw it in myself. That once had a baby think when I was pregnant and ready to have a baby I had had very very, very little contact with newborns and had really you've almost no idea what to do them. Right I think that's common. Yeah. Yeah and so we always talk about how it would be great if newborns would come with the manual but now fast forward a few years later and I'm sure you've known this for gazillion years that they actually Kinda do because they're constantly and very specifically communicating their needs so. What are some of the ways they do that the paradigm I operate from and it's really based in my studies and just my life is that you know the old way of thinking was that they arrive as a blank slate and you don't really have a person. You just have a baby and until they can do all the things that you need to teach them to do to be a person quote unquote that they're not really there. But what we now know and I knew this even as a kid but. We now have science to back it up, is that we arrive conscious and that we are what I call the big doing in the little body that even though we can't use the body and we don't have the neurology or the muscle structure to do all the things that the adults or even the kid people do it doesn't mean we're not there definitely does not mean we're not communicating meaningfully. So when you do arrive in that very primitive, very small body and you are bringing go wariness of the universe with you. What they do have is they can make sounds with their voice. They don't speak a language yet that has to be wired and learned in wired in, but they can make different sounds and they also are moving their bodies and they're using. There is I mean they're doing everything they can with the limited capacity that they have to make sure that the people around them get to know them and get to know their accused so that they can communicate and ultimately survive and thrive. Yes. So what are some ways that? Parents can tune into or help you know learn this language and figure out those cues and to help. RESPOND TO THEIR BABIES. Beautiful. So there's kind of two facets and this will you know people you can take this with you through every stage of parenting there's what you do with the other what you do, the child, the baby, the person's and and more, and honestly more importantly what you do with yourself. So I'll start with self because when it comes to. Parenting You WanNa you WANNA become reflexive, and this will take time and skill that you learn over time but you want to at least be aware that Really, learning how to slow yourself down and and steady yourself. And really connect with you in the midst of connecting with another person is really step number one. So what we often do in our culture is the baby gets upset or starts crying or does something and we go into reaction and we hold them and we go oh, you're fine. You're fine. It's okay it's okay and we start running the part of our brain that's in reaction it's it's it's usually a lower brain state and it's a part that just wants to make sure it's what needs to be done to stop whatever's happening or to help. The person but what is actually more effective both in the short term and the long term especially in terms of understanding what this person is trying to communicate because it is a different language in the beginning is to really first and foremost really connect with yourself and really just acknowledged like, ooh I'm a little revved up. ooh, I'm a little extra tired right now. Oh, my body is telling me that my stomach's tight. Okay. Take a breath. So there's that first step which is really about adults really connecting with the adult before you go toward the other. When you do that and you start practicing that what it does is it gets you present and it allows you to be a lot more receptive and open to what this person is communicating and I think the first thing that parents really need to be remembering is just like with any relationship especially with the person who doesn't necessarily speak the same language that you speak it's a it's it takes time and it needs to unfold and you might have a person arrive and you might feel like, Oh, I've known you forever but you also have another person arrive and You might feel like, ooh I don't really know you yet, but it doesn't mean you're not going to know them. It just means you have to flow a little you have to slow down and really start to almost be a detective just be curious, and if you can really hold that mind state of curiosity of ood who you know the the four questions I invite parents to be asking them. They're little people whether they're in the room or a fifty five is who are you what are you here for what do you need and how can I help you? And if you hold that. Curiosity. In every phase, you're just gonNA, get a different awareness of the communication than you would if you are looking for something that may or may not be there yet. Can you just because? Listening is harder than reading. Can you repeat as for questions I? Yeah. So it's just the big question who are you and not just like, Oh, you're the seven pound baby who has blond hair it's like, no, who are you like, what is your and then what are you here for? So if you operate from this mindset of become in as conscious beings that are all here to travel on our own past, it's a curiosity that you wanna be aware of that. You don't know this person yet and they are a person and you're not making them who they are. You're just GonNa Start, relating to who they are as you get to know them. So who are you? What are you here for? What do you need? So in terms of you know, how do you how do you WanNa be connected West you know what are you needing right now developmentally, but also in the bigger picture, are you somebody who is really tuned into joy or somebody who's really into science like what do you need from me to really thrive and be the version of yourself? That's the most coal and then the fourth question is, how can I help you? So how can we help you? How can we support you in this early phase of development to really unfold into the person that you're here to be And I so appreciate that shift in perspective from Oh, you're crying. Let's stop the cry to right like what are you trying to tell me with the sound back you're making a. Right right. Exactly. And that requires that sells parenting I because the reaction which is very normal and natural to want to fix it or stop it that that's that's very that's wired in whether it's innate or it's something we learned because of how we were cared for doesn't matter it's in there but. Also a way that if we slow ourselves down and we really acknowledge, oh, you're a tiny little baby person trying to do your best to communicate I need to slow myself down. So I can hear you and I can be present with you. You're gonNA, just unfold a much richer connection they're gonNA feel you being present and they're going to appreciate it and you're gonNA, get to know their cues and their communications a lot more efficiently. You know it might not. It might still take a little. Time. But overtime, you're going to start really it and you're going to hear a little bit of a distinction between Hungary cry in a wet cry or you're GonNa notice when they've been playing for a few minutes and they start rubbing their eyes that they're trying to let you know that they need a break and they need you to regulate and and get them to nap sooner then maybe if you don't notice that so it's c. a. l. m. s. the C. stands for check in with yourself. and. Then the as stands for a breath. So when the little person's alarm goes off and you're going to them if you can just take one to ten seconds just to go oh wow I'm revving I've got a lot going on in me because this little person's upset. Okay. Let me take a breath and just try to slow myself down because I know that this person is reading my energy because little baby humans are tuned into their caregivers and they feel the energy they don't just hear. Your words they seal how you're feeling though you come to them with a lot of anxiety. They're gonNA get more alarmed because they were just upset because they're hungry. But now the person who's here to care for them all wrapped up they are looking for somebody to communicate on very primal level I'm I'm I'm here with you I'm I'm you might be feeling that I'm a little off but I'm taking what I I'm doing what I need to do to slow myself down and really get present with. So, those are the first step and you can be holding a baby. It doesn't mean you're in the other room taking ten minutes to meditate. It literally is just doing it while you're interacting with this person, but making that just a conscious first step. So it see checking yourself a allow breath. Those are the things you do for yourself. Then what you do with the little one is L. Listen and mirror, and they go hand in hand. So you know crying crying crying little person instead of going Oh you're fine. You're fine Shishir shoots you go oh, you're that you're showing me you're crying I see you. So you're listening and then you're mirroring mirroring what you're seeing even if you don't know what it means, you're just acknowledging I'm with you and I'm I'm seeing where you're at. And then s is just food. So you know you do do the five ss that Harvey. Karp might talk about the seething swinging all that stuff you might have to change them you might see them you might walk outside you might bounce on the bouncing ball and try to settle them but if you take these four steps i. Not, only are you getting more present so that you're going to be more impactful in the moment in communicating to them and their nervous system that all is well and that they're safe. But you're also modeling for them long term of the ability to emotionally regulate themselves in healthy ways. So Carrie. Okay. What is going on in a brand new baby's brain those first few weeks first few months. What should parents know about those early stages? well, I love this question as well as one of my favorite questions. So we know more than ever about brain development and probably it's a you know a thimble full of information from from what we will know down the road. But right now, it is an exciting time to be a parent because like I said, we used to think that there was nobody home that until they had violin nation and all these big words but they weren't really remembering anything and they weren't really going to be the doing the human thing. Things yet but what we know now. Is that they arrive from the womb and they have all the brain structures and all the neurons that they'll ever need to connect up and do all the things that'll be making them, sing and dance, and do art, and read and all the cool stuff that we do as humans. But. There would they don't come pre wired that we arrive. We've got all the wiring in place but nothing's connected and the reason for that is well, and that's not true about twenty percent is connected and it's the brain stem, which is our survival brain and the reason for that. Is a couple of reasons. One is we arrive out of the WOMB earlier than most mammals would in terms of development because our our heads get too big, we have to come out and number two probably and more importantly in terms of evolution, we wouldn't want to wire in their for things that we aren't going to be using. So basically, the little one comes out with just enough wiring to communicate survival like am I safe or not safe, and if I'm safe from quiet and if I'm not safe, I'm in fighter flight. So I'm crying or moving my body or trying to get you to get get some buddy. to know that I'm not feeling safe and I need help they've got that wiring at first. But beyond that, they don't come out pre wired to connect. They don't come out free wired to speak a language and like I said. It's actually brilliant because it's it's a user, lose it systems. So it's waiting for the environment that the person comes into to really help them shape what what gets connected so that they're going to be the most deficient chance of them surviving and thriving. So once they get out and they're here for about six weeks, they're basically just operating from that Reptilian brain state. Now don't forget what I said early on there is a being in there so not not. Home, but they just aren't wired to express it yet. So in a way, it's a little bit like somebody who's had a stroke where they're in there and they're experiencing the world and they're getting information through the sensors and they're making connections, but they're not able to express very much and so you really want to honor the being and treat them like a person, but you also want to honor the primitiveness of their of their physical experience in those moments. Okay. So how do you do that? Well I think a couple of a couple of ways. One is you recognize that they've been inside of this person whether it's the mother who's caring for them or somebody else for nine months, and that's the environment they've known. So they come out. And they don't know what they're coming into. They don't know what's going on here they have to learn and so. You want to offer them. a sense of safety physical and emotional safety first and foremost so that they can merge almost from this fourth trimester. So he can give them that first six weeks and then another six weeks to really start to land in their physical experience on earth and really imagine yourself almost as their ambassador slash you know trusted caregiver that your job is to really try to communicate to them. You're safe and here's this place that we're in and. We're going to get you oriented to the smells in the sense and the sights and the sounds in a way that really honors how vulnerable and and you know overwhelmed you can get. So there's a lot around attuning to this little person and really trying to help regularly when they're exposed to lots of stimulation recognizing that they might need you to pull them in and and wear them or keep them nice and close and also not. Racing ahead and thinking well, you've been out here three months you'd better self food or else I'm gonNA create a monster. That's a crazy way of thinking we have to be really really really honoring of the fact that this person doesn't know this world and it's our job to really earn their trust and the way that you earn their trust is to make sure that you're doing what you can to communicate to them that they're safe and that they're mad what they're communicating matters and that you're working on getting connected and trying to learn each other you know. With patients and a Lotta. Love. Curie you mentioned six weeks in six weeks you're my. So what happens like? That that seems foreshadowing what happens at the first six weeks and then at the second six weeks that makes a big difference. Yes. So much. It's crazy. So all right this little one you know sevenish pounds obviously there's ranges, but let's just say like an average little human comes out at about seven pounds and. They're not pre wired other than to take information through their senses and the people let anybody know am I safer might not save. Can you help me if I'M NOT SAFE? Can you just make sure I stay alive Oh, my belly is saying I need food. Armed goes off and they're really just in reaction to life and hoping for the best. So. That's the first sixty, and then at about six, sometimes on the dot for many little people if they arrived on their basically their due date There's a lot that happened those first six weeks that is really helping them adjust to breathing and adjust adjusted and adjust to you know having a life outside the womb, and then at six weeks, there's something that happens in the brain we move into the the one up level of our brain, which is our limbic system. So I operate with the triune brain That's the parents. That's the brain system that I help parents understand is this three part brain. So I that's wired is that reptile brain that brain stem survival then the second brain is all about attachment and connection emotion. So they're still not using words but similar to mammals, they're using I contact. So at six weeks almost to the day, you've got this little human who all the sudden is making eye contact and you're almost feeling like they've finally are here because those first six weeks, it's too much for their little system to be sustaining eye contact but six weeks they really that door and that's when you know you're you're bonding with them for the. First six weeks. But then at at the once they hit six weeks you really start a whole new journey with them where you're really starting the relationship and you do start learning their communication with a little more skill and a little more depth in terms of Oh. You're looking at me. Okay. Now you're looking away that was too much. Okay. Next time I'll know we'll. We'll go home a little sooner or things like that and so. You know what I love reminding people and I love Seabury brazell ten. He has a book called touch points that I think is just a classic because what it helps you understand is that development is not linear that you just acquire and get more skilled. It's a few steps forward and then a few steps back and then And then you make a leak and so at a little before two weeks a little before six weeks or. Three months a little before four months a little before six months. Before nine months. You could have this regulation disequilibrium where you might have had a great eating and sleeping pattern going, and then all of a sudden it's all crying and eating or not eating, and really if you if you understand development, you realize that's necessary for the leak that they're evolving to this new version of themselves. and. So you WanNa be aware of that because it could be where you start thinking like our typical culture would say, oh no, there's a problem I need to get help and fix it. But really if you understand human development and you understand the milestones and you understand that they're actually necessary for the growth that they're moving into and the new phase that they're going to add the new facet of themselves that they're going to explode. Into you really start to welcome more of those challenging times or at least you don't fear them and think Aronie Asli. I need to fix this man really just start to celebrate I wonder what's coming because Lao six it's week five and you're up nursing many more times than you were a week ago. Okay. Nothing's wrong. You're getting ready for that six week I and we're GONNA get a little more interaction from you how exciting So. What happens at twelve weeks? So when I see it, twelve weeks is a few things. One is physically they start you know they might again everybody is different. So I like to give hallmarks but I, also like to invite people to not get stuck in Oh my baby isn't doing that but really you know there's some rhythms and whether it that happens at five weeks or you know whether I mean whether it happens. At ten weeks or fourteen weeks or fifteen weeks it's doesn't matter. We're just looking at like hallmarks and rhythms of change at three months a lot of little ones start to rollover or they start to move their body. They start to see and play with things in grab things a little more in the four-month range. But that's certainly there they start vocalizing a lot differently than they had been. They might be a little more amenable to a little tummy time. You know you could have you could be practicing tummy time for a month and that little one can only stand it for two five seconds and then they have to be picked up but then one day maybe around three months, you put them down and all of a sudden. They're. INTO IT and they're like Oh. This is fun now and a lot of it has to do with just the fact that they're more mature and they can hold them fill up a little differently and it feels more safe to be able to do that. So those would be some of the biggies I think that Yeah I think it's like verbal vocalise. Asian. So you hear those little squeals which are just like melt your heart crazy wonderful They become a little more awake to the world. So you might be out and they might make note of you know a stranger a little differently or they might watch a kid on a swing a little differently than they had prior to that They definitely start moving their bodies in new ways rolling over maybe holding themselves up a little bit when they're on their tummy and you know if you pay a lot of attention, you could really start having some sweet little. Conversations with them, most little tiny baby humans are needing a lot of both your physical attention but also your emotional energy and so I think you know what parents really have to pay attention to, and this is probably the crux of my message at any age is. Because you're the regulator because you're the one steadying that these little humans don't come with a nervous system that can regulate their emotional experience. You have to be very aware that you're giving not just your physical energy with your you know by not sleeping and giving them food and all that but they actually are requiring your emotional energy to manage the emotional ups and downs that are inevitable for their development and so. You WanNa be fifty one percent more attuned to your own wellbeing. Then the giving that you're doing and that's I'm just asking people to be one percent more that you are giving giving giving but really the biggest message you're giving this little person is regulation and so if you can Really. Stop and just be. In on yourself and having little micro practices that get you a little more juice in your hub. You really want to be very mindful of that because we could easily turn around and realize. Beyond depleted and most people do get there and it doesn't mean even if you know this stuff that you're not gonNA get depleted but you just want to become more tuned in to the fact that I have to keep you regulated. So I have to make sure that I'm staying even a little bit regulated in myself or s or else we're all going down and it's much harder to get everybody back if both if everybody goes off the cliff. Yeah. And then and that your definition of parenting, the parent that you are is not defined by the amount of time that you give your child. Exactly. Right and that you know if you're spun out mom but you're thinking oh well but I'm with my child all the time I should. I should figure this out versus somebody who says all right I'm the boats steadier if the boat gets wobbly and I need help steadying it, that's okay because it doesn't matter and if I need to step away and get some space and then come back and I'm fresher the little the little people they don't they don't, they would rather have you less but you more presence and more emotionally regulated. Then a spun out parent who never steps away and doesn't know how to get refilled like they can handle it. They just want adults who. Can Communicate. You're safe and you're you know you're amazing and we'd love you and we're delighting in you and harder to do that because of where you are in your brain when you get to overdone. So as stress goes up, the brain goes down and it would be nice if we didn't have to recharge ourselves to be more human and more conscious in our very special human brain that gets developed, you know starting at nine ten months and then continues to develop as we grow. But as adults you know if you don't recharge and you're helping another person bill bear brain, you're gonNA YOU'RE GONNA run out of steam and you're gonNA, move into the part, your brain that are more crispy and cranky, and then ultimately potentially you know guilt ridden or depressed all because of the energy in the energy out it's not a it doesn't mean it's something wrong with you. It just means Oh wow I didn't realize how much energy this was all going to take I need help I need somebody helping me get energy in my system so that I can give you energy that this person is wired into need from me. I absolutely love that that's basically the number one way to calm and care for your baby is homing and caring for yourself. Yeah exclamation I that everything that I'm trying to teach. You right now, new Taylor we have to t shirts. You mentioned. So the three part brain system, the REP comes on right away the limbic sort of steps in around six weeks. What is the third one in one? Does it come on? Third. One is that human neo cortex with only as far as we know you know it's very specialized to US human. It allows for language and rational thought and consciousness in all the cool stuff that allows us to be uniquely human. and. So as you hope wires, somebody's brain which you're doing as a parent to this little person. They're not just hearing your words they're reading your brain states and so it's you know I when I started my work, I had a little tagline assure a t shirt that said or I wanted to make that said self care is not a luxury in the subsidy Kerry. Thank you so much for this fantastic conversation today. You've been listening to a best of breath full episode and there are many more where this came from look for episodes with the words best of breast full and the title to continue your deep dive to inform your intuition, you can find the indepth show notes for this episode at Birth Full Dot Com. You can also connect with us directly on instagram where at birth full podcast. Birth full was created by me. I the Lhasa that and is a production of anti war. Williamson. Co.. The shows senior producer, Paulina Velasco feed. He Laura is the managing producer Cedric. Wilson is our lead producer. Thank you for listening to and sharing birth full. Be Sure to subscribe on Apple podcasts, Amazon Music spotify and everywhere you listen. Listen every week for more ways to inform your intuition.

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WPTs Vince Van Patten Has the Greatest Job in the World | Ep: 20

The Heart of Poker Podcast

40:14 min | 3 months ago

WPTs Vince Van Patten Has the Greatest Job in the World | Ep: 20

"Hi everyone karen scott and welcome to this episode of the heart of fokker sponsored by eight eight poker now. Although this is a poker podcast. I won't be asking any strategy questions instead. I'm using a slightly modified set of increasingly personal questions developed by psychologists twenty five years ago. They had this theory that intimacy over a short period of time could make strangers potentially in love. i've shortened list of questions for time and updated some of them but otherwise this is what they came up with as a shortcut to get to know someone on a deeper level fast. And i'm here to help you all fall in love with my next guest in honor of the wpg deep. Stacks eight eight poker online festival from the eighteenth to the twenty six of april. I'm happy to welcome my second. Wpg guests to the podcast this month. He's part of one of the most iconic commentary teams in poker and patent as you can easily tell by. His name is part of a hollywood family dynasty and himself started in the entertainment business. Early i as a child actor and a professional tennis player as well and of course a poker player. And he's been one of the most recognizable voices in our game for nearly twenty years. They so much for doing this vince. I have really been looking forward to this high. Yeah this is exciting. i'm thrilled. I didn't realize this was a questions from a psychologist. But alabama shrink milquet cool. We might fall in love but you know the audience obviously fell in love with you years ago so here we go the first set of questions. It's all pretty pretty standard stuff pretty easy. The first one actually hits a little bit differently in a world dealing with a pandemic. The question is given the choice of anyone in the world. Who would you want as a dinner guest. I know you know a lot of interesting people. So it's not going to be easy to narrow down. Well it's tricky. But i'll tell you who i would love to sit next to. That would be to people. I paul mccartan from the beatles. He's amazing. I listened to one of his interviews just recently with would stern believing and the guy guy so humble first of all when i was growing up on like seven years old the beatles arrive and become my favorite group of all time and i just think the brilliance where came from for him and then your humility throughout everything he did makes me makes him an idol of mine and i just so interesting and creative and so that would be the one and the second one would be. Joel all stein. Who's a religious helene earth. And do you know okay. He's the greatest. Preacher preaches saying the word of god i believe. He's just so brilliantly does it also he has humility and also makes it's so human and inspiring so i love him too so those those would be the two zero. That'd be an interesting table actually to get all three of you at. I can imagine some of the stories there'd be. It'd be pretty interesting to see that kind of reaction. It's great that you're so many poker players are going to be listening to this. I love poker players. I love that it. They love the game. And listen to you and me over the years so i get a lot out of this. I'm sure i'm sure they will as well. It's a it's a kind of a different way to look at the people that i don't know we kind of think that we know we listened to your commentary know. Read your interviews and all of that but it's just kind of like a look under the hood. I'm i'm like the emotional mechanic. I'm just gonna take a quick look under the hood so the second question. The original question from the study itself was. Would you like to be famous. In what way. But i mean given how you grew up your success in tennessee entertainment poker. That's not really hypothetical for you. So what was it like to grow up with fame and to have that well. I don't wanna be phony about fame is fun you do. Initially it's like my father is a don't show off but there's another side that people wanna show people want to show their talents into delighted laughter and do something good so that they could be the center of attention for one. And then you can sean on somebody else. So there's nothing wrong with that. And i think that's why people get into the entertainment field and and things like that are one succeed in life. You know you wanna be noted so. There's nothing wrong with that and i think for me. That's always been a fun things that you can do something and you can show people you're good at and you can inspire people. I agree for me. I mean. I have a much smaller level of whatever notoriety. I wouldn't even call it fame but notoriety in poker than you would. Have you know. Mike sexton did have as well but when people kind of come up to me and they want to say hello and they say they like my work. It's so gratifying. it's like yeah. I mean i'm you know i really love what do and i worked. Really hard on it. And you guys liked it. I don't know. I find it really satisfying absolutely and you know. I have a lot of different people that i look up to. And listen to seen sport politics that i admire and then you like to go up to them. Say hey i saw you. And i'm impressed by you. There's nothing wrong yet so absolutely yeah okay. So what would constitute a perfect day for you. I'm guessing tennis is going to be involved. That's i guess i i am. I love life. And i'm a fitness buff. I really love exercise. So i kind of simple this way. I'll just get a great workout early in the morning. I'll do a lotta reading and writing in the morning. I'm very creative early with couple of goods cups of coffee strong coffee. I mean i've talked about getting up at five. Thirty six o'clock stretching going to the gym. I work out maybe an hour and a half to two hours a day to day cardio than lift weights. It just makes me feel alive. It's so good like i have an edge. I want that. I want that feeling. It's like a drug and act without a little tired. But you get a great meal. And i live by the ocean. Malibu i do love to go in the ocean every day even cold water and just to be with my family of three kids. I have a beautiful wife and we like to spend time together and eat well and and just have a good time but it's all through like health and exercise. Which is i used to play a lot of poker but you know not as much anymore will becoming at a bigger level soon. Perhaps but for now. I like the time and just feeling healthy and getting staying healthy and being appreciative. Yeah well i'm curious. What are you when you're sitting down and doing you know reading and writing. What kind of writing are you doing. I am a screenwriter movie. Seven days the vegas that we just did. I wrote that. I'm always writing project film or documentary or something. I'd find find a creative end. Just sometimes something hits. Mitch is when a right and reading. I'm always reading about something. That i wanna do or travel or be or just improve myself. So that's that's the kind of things i mean by by reading. I you know. I was a tennis player. Top twenty five of the world. I learned how to i was self taught. I never had time essence junior by learned how to play better tennis by reading. Bobby riggs his book and told the strategies into court hustler and poker. I become a good poker player by reading all the books and studying. And so everything i do and even screen writing. I read all about the. I love to read about things i like. And then i wanna do and try to offer that way Okay well the next question is a little bit more in depth. I've had a a whole range of answer to this one. So if you could change anything about the way that you were raised what would it be okay. Well you can't would i. I wouldn't i would not buy. Parents were amazing but unorthodox and he just loved us a lot but they didn't know where the heck we were. they didn't give you know strict discipline so we had that other side that we could do a lot of things and we learn a lot on her own. And but i wouldn't change that. I turned out perfect. I did a lot of hard time with with life and end. Learn a lot of lessons by myself and my brothers did too. So i would. They were amazing. Parents know they will. They taught about loving life. Not taking yourself too seriously Giving back being people being good friend that type of thing keeping your sense of humor about life in appreciation so the bottom line is and good food and laughter and entertainment. They did all those things but the deport like the typical parents. You have to be great in school. You have to get these nano. We did our own school. I never did home. We didn't have to just barely got by high school but stopped me from being curious about life learning other things so they will unorthodox in that way they never said college. And you gotta do this. What are you gonna do with your life no life. I just figured out what. I wanna do what i loved. Because that's what my father loved love things and that's so anyway i can't say change a thing. I think that's really beautiful. My parents were likewise very unorthodox. I think it gave me room to figure a lot of things out. You know that. Maybe you wouldn't have figured out if it was you know go go straight to university and do this and do that and you know i was able to kind of be a little bit more free in figure all those things out and you know people are parents in their own ways and you know all credit to them for how they decide they want to do it. But i'm gonna try to do that as a parent myself. Give my my little girl. That space did you do that for your kids as wild you kinda give them that same a little bit of structure in a lotta space. Saugus arab too lenient. Doing great you. My parents always trusted us to so they would tell us like that. You know like something was going on with their friend and this well. You can't say anything. Don't ever mention this but this is it all okay. So they trusted us. That i think in the deep level of respect that yeah Respected us and rise to the occasion. I think as a kid if someone trust you you become trustworthy you act in that way and you learn so much about life as a kid that way. Okay for for now in your life. What do you feel the most grateful for So things but listen. I know it's i have. We have our health. I have family. That's number one kicking around at age. Sixty three that's not older. And i feel like i'm very appreciative of life and i have friends that have of are gone. Passed away know great friends. And it's like this mystery of life is interesting thing and it's not gonna change so i am appreciative of just life and my friendships with people in the great job ever on the world poker theat love. My i was happy where i am right now and a much happier now than when i was in my twenties playing on the tennis circuit and striving and did know myself as well and going through a lot of staffan top yes. It's all good if you could go back and just you know. Whisper a little something in the ear of twenty something years. I'm kind of advice. Something like to focus on to know about yourself is what would it be. I would change. I would not be as intense when i was younger. I was so tough on myself to be number. One of the world tennis at the number twenty five beat some of the greatest players but i thought it was going to be number one or or forget him. I lost control of myself. I lost the love of laughter. What got me there. And the excitement and i learned great lessons from that but i would say hey. Relax take it easy. It's all going to happen into pace yourself. Gosh either been even better. If i would pace myself if i had someone a good coach or someone life saying hey you you don't have to be this right now. Just take your time. You've got another fifteen years in front of. You never happened for me. So i took my lumps that way in life now. That's the way it was supposed to happen to me. But i could whisper back could change things. I think it would have made it a lot easier. Yeah which might have been okay. So how important is music in your life. The question in the in the study is really. When did you last thing to yourself or someone else but kind of in a wider sense. How important is music in your life. It's you talk to a person is extremely important day at. I have my my headphones on a wire every day. Listening to music. Every day i have tons of dipa music sixties and seventies and stuff today at all variations. And i have my favorite songs and i have list and i have those things in all the time. His music inspires me end. It's go the grocery store. I have it on It's it's an amazing thing music's in amazing end I have a huge boombox just bought a few months ago. Right allie Outside by the In the driveway. I had a backboard made so. I play tennis against the backward and just boom out this music so a music is incredibly important love music. Okay now this one. We're getting close to the end of the first section If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any ability or quality what would it be a lucky i. I got enough nice. One thing that. I'm good at and i love but if you're gonna throw something out the yes okay would be to be. Hey music creative to be able create sources down a pm just boom. I could create something wonderful. That's a great gift and it's not just. It's the talent of going in front of the piano day thinking about to come to you and you creating so that is something. That's that's that's that's something. I admire him. And we're being okay. Last one of the section if you were going to live to the age of ninety and be able to retain either the mind or the body of a thirty year old for the last sixty years of your life which would you want the mind or the body. obviously you be better that bull but The the bodies. Nothing if you don't have the money but minds. Their bodies deteriorated. That's not funny now. So it's real coin. Toss there okay attain when it would be it would be the body only because i have a buddy of mine that has also early fifties and believe it or not. I've seen this for the last three years with. He's pretty happy. Go lucky at this point. It's like i speak to him. It's like he doesn't know that he's deteriorating. Maybe that's not as bad you lose a little bit. You get dementia. You don't realize it tells you the same joke three days in a row you still laughing so i'm gonna joel on out there. I'm a body which is healthy and fit in your mind. Slowly ozone k. Maybe nice gentle way. Yeah maybe okay The second set we start off with one about the future. If a crystal ball could tell you something anything about your life your future or actually something. That's already happened. what would you want to know. Are there any secrets out there. That have been just dying to figure out anything at all. nothing. I mean everything i really do. Think about the ones. My friends at a passed away. My family and i think about the often and i think i'm always looking for signs. I know i might be talking to myself. I look out. And i go all right. Just only the sign okay. I know you're probably out there. I believe you're out the can. Just be a few hands. I if i could could ask him. Yeah i would say you know. Where are you what is it like. Is it really heaven end. And what's that all about. I mean that's a great question. That's what i'd like to know. Sure it's one of the great questions of like humanity as an it. You know what happens afterwards. And where do we go. you know. Houdini harry houdini. The great magician thirties. You know he. He was obsessed at the end of death and when he died he was telling his wife and people. This is the way you're going to contact all that. And i don't know whether they ever got houdini of contacted them again. But i know this own stories where people feel like. They have been contacted complete mar and for real. I think it's and also they might just be too busy having like an amazing time and then they're like oh man a millennium went by. Just where does the time go. You know yet. We have no idea life miraculous. It's so interesting so anything is possible. Yeah when they said well that's fairy tale. I believe in fairytales. very real. yeah okay well. You've covered so much in your life. It's hard to imagine that there's anything you've actually not done yet but the question is there anything that you've dreamed about doing for a long time and haven't done yet pretty done a lot and i like what i'm dan but i want to a i would say usa special trips with my whitening world Just things we could really It's not even a in wouldn't be places it's like moods like go to like new england and spend a month a month at at certain house red be by the ocean and the storms. We love rain in the feel of rain and that type of think some of weather person. I like to feel different. Weather's around the world so it would be like trips like that. We we planning to do that Coming up in not this year because we still have a seventeen year old repeal down the line i wanted to spend some time in different places around the world. I do love to travel. Saw something i wanna do. Okay what would you say is the greatest accomplishment in your life. My life only got great. When i started having kids. Having that's really wanna turn when love it love it love it. Love it but accomplishment. Yeah i you know. I guess i was. Atp rookie of the year. Nineteen seventy nine. So that was the top forty in the world. then i moved into a twenty five. Beat the number one player in the world. John mcenroe in a major tournament the biggest indoor trouble so that would be without a license or anything. No one expected it. I are wrapped them. The most for things like that defeating macaroni that forum. When he was one of the world that would be my gosh. That's so few people in the world that can say that they've done. That must feel incredible to be able to look at that and go. Yeah that is there. It's always gonna be there. I did that. It is the further we get away from the more go what they get worse. No-one said i could do it. No one even said hey. You're going to get a scholarship at a college. There was one tennessee. My father took me to when i was twelve years old and he hit my father said so. What do you think you think. He's got potential. He goes if he plays all the time he goes. He might turn out to be a good club. That's constantly heard like negative can't do that. You can't do that. And when i did it and became one of the very very best. It's like i look back okay. It was from people telling me no. And i think it was. God sees that. I really believe the man upstairs sees that makes you work harder and can make anything happen so given so who gave you. The most kind of encouragement and support than in your tennis. Career was no how his career no no one and got their own. And just you get hit enough and beat enough and you've loved nothing just say. Hey this files fun. When they finally beat the guy that was so that gets better and better by far the always had faith. He said you've got a great backhand but you know my parents had faith. But they didn't think i was ever gonna make it as a tennis. So no one really. Is that dog good now caterpillars. Good okay The next question is a what roles. Do love and affection plan your life. How important is family to you. It's it's everything. I mean my wife i lead and i love each other very much. We've been married eighteen years now and it's great and Having three kids and bring them up is amazing and we're really tight roll type very blessed very very lucky so it's a huge thing in keep trying to make it better and better work on the problems if you do when you have the problems and getting creative so that's all important. What did you kind of take lessons wise from your own upbringing in your parents and bring to your kids aside from kind of like giving them that freedom that we talked about. Is there anything in particular that you you were like. This is really important. I'm gonna do this. I my parents love each other. Very much the Sixty years sixty two years in like fall till my father passed away six years ago. I watched them. They were amazing couple. She loved him when they were but they fought all the time they had fights at a lot of fights he would bug her play tennis. No i don't wanna play tennis. No let me do what i wanted you know. He pushed your and she would. She was amazing but they would fight and then she'd be in tears. Sometimes you've watched that with tears. End ended but he would always come in after the fight half an hour in any he look at it okay. Pat really. don't love me this time. And she said. I really mean that you really don't love then. You will not laugh by the time. I counted right and she goes. Shut up you one and he would joke to and he would have that look on his face a funny look that connection he never got three before something bursting out loud laughing and then they would hug and that was their makeup you know mile and that was but i learned in my relationship with eileen that i i don't bug her as much. It's more of a fifty fifty thing. More chauvinistic and old school man woman relationship thing and and i've i've evolved a cab say all i roll the punches i understand keeping the pieces everything and i blow art. I'm right i can. I take my ego out of it. Because she's probably right home. That's where i. I think the kids are gonna learn the said they. It's a different. It's a whole different. Look these days of how to get along. Oh yeah completely at. It's it's different. I mean when. I look at my parent's relationship and my own and then you know some of the younger players in a different generation than me. Things are very different. And i find that quite exciting. I like to be able to see how things are evolving and that we can evolve as a species. We are constantly emotionally evolving. We are moving towards something. I hope that is kinder to you. Know to each other. That is my great hope anyways. Yeah okay last question in the second set. If you knew in one year that you would die suddenly. Would you change anything about the way that you're living. Now i'm gonna guess you're gonna say no after all that you've talked about you sound like you're someone who's really in the right place right now but how do you answer. I gotta change everything really happy. Now of course nailed it. No no no no. I'm do adjust for a lucky happy. I really and not that. I don't have problems. Just deal with that and just realize you know this is a good life is a good time wildlife and a very happy appreciate so i would think how is the pandemic treated you. I mean i know a lot of people have had harder harder road to hoe than others have. So what's it been like for you. We've been lucky the whole family. No one's no one got it. We've been able to stay at home ally. Yeah it's been stressful between my wife. My wife is more of a believer that it's was a even a bigger deal and to be more vigilant about everything. And i'm a little more loosey goosey. So there's it's added distress there. Were all teamed up we got to this and we want our shots now. It's great and we'll probably have kids do real soon to it's been very lucky and Chacha it and isn't this all it's been all but it's people's oh much it's it is going gonna teach people how to appreciate life again this little things so i just feel bad for the hundreds of thousands you know so but besides that if you get through it we will be strong i. I think it's really. I mean it. It's tried to teach us something about how interconnected we are. And how important is what you know how our actions do impact the people around us and you know how our actions as a country even impact the other countries of the world. And i really really hope that once this is over that people actually do remember that and governments do. Remember that. because you know there's all the talk about the at the nineteen eighteen spanish flu epidemic and how it just kind of fell out of people's memories almost immediately like they just did not want to think about it. It was so hard so difficult. And i just really hope we can hang on to some of the lessons that were learned. I think social media probably won't let us forget so we'll all be getting those reminders in ear from whatever facebook be like. This is what you were doing a year ago. Nothing disturbed for years. That things fade. Yeah on the good things that you're supposed to appreciate even over time latte fades and they become justice. Jana but maybe i'm wrong. Maybe something different. But even the bad things people forget about the wars and lost in wars and after that fate that's human nature but overall the next few years getting over this is going to be one big part. Yeah it's gonna be jumping down and let's hope it lasts. Maybe i hope so do okay. The last set of questions here we go. The first one is have you ever been genuinely terrified. Sure Shishir many times in my life. Yeah a couple times once. I was twelve years old and I we lived in an apartment building in the sherman oaks san fernando valley in los angeles. We're in an apartment. And my brother. And i shared a room. I was eighteen little tiny room. And when i was twelve february ninth six zero two. Am we. We had no doubt from long island new york and we here for one of on that dads to six. Oh two who was a major earthquake. Epicenter was five miles away from where we lived and that shook the bed so horribly is a big one. Six point five on the richter scale. Pretty big and we weren't near it. I thought it was the end of our apartment and was going to collapse. It didn't but i ran inside. My parents ruined. They were in bed. Iran under the bed and stayed there for about a minute. You know it was over anyway and then you get aftershocks in. You know who knows what that's going to happen again in ninety four. It happened again when i was insured again. Living there with my son who is six months old and wife and the big one happened again. Walls came down. And i have to say i'm tara of i'm terrified of these quakes. It feeling completely out of control. And you're you don't know where the house is coming down. This is your last day on earth. That's terrible earthquakes and we know the big one's going to happen. So you know. I get all prepared and i'm always telling people you know. Be extra prepared. I have all the emergency and all that stuff this is. It is one of my fears. I know i should trust more know that we're gonna get through. It may be the case. But i do fear it still and i'm working on being prepared for things i don't know i think that as human beings sometimes fears a really healthy emotion an incredibly healthy reaction to things because it tells us to be prepared. It tells us to do something you know. And i i think this is. Earthquakes are a perfect example of that. I'm curious why you still live on the west coast if it's something that's really because i mean you're living in earthquake central so right there so well attended. What is my mother. Still brother really tight with brothers in the famous. Otherwise i'd be on your show right. If you've gotta miami florida. I could take a hurricane. They tell you in advance hurricane seven miles away some so right but i'm only here because the families. Yeah yeah of course adds important family's important all right going from family to friends. What do you value most a friendship and are there any kind of deal breakers for you. How good question. I have some amazing friends over the years just people. It's a chemistry. I think you would once you get to know someone just a little bit their energy either. Click with them. When you don't right so i gravitate towards everyone. You want to be friendly to everybody. But it's those people that just make you feel like wow. This guy's like my brother. You know really. And i have a few good friends like that for sure. And you'll take it all they have to do you know enjoy hanging with me understand me and i love it when i say that guy's a true friend i know rich or no. Tom do anything. And i think for them. I know get and then. I have certain so called friends. I go hang. I don't right be a little something jealous of this or that. I don't feel like they're really there for me. So if something good happens for me. If i don't feel like that person is really behind me. Going whoa oh man. I'm just as excited if you then it's worth true friend yet right for sure. I try to friend as well if i don't feel that way. Which is possible. About certain i i. I shouldn't fake it. To be a with them will acquaintances. We like each other. But if i'm feeling that way the shopping missing the wrong miss. That's all and it doesn't even have to be wrong like you were saying it could just be that these are not. This is not your specific person. This is someone who's acquaintance and that's really nice and we have so many acquaintances and i think especially in poker or in broadcasting and entertainment you meet so many people right you cannot be super close friends with everybody and i think when i was younger especially there was always the feeling that i should be friends with everybody. That's exhaust. who has the time. So you're right if you're not if you're not naturally kind of cheerleading your friends then there's probably something wrong or something missing. Yeah yup okay. Here's a question. When did you last cry in front of another person or by yourself having cry You hear me yeah. that's you me. I haven't done that since. I was a little kid. But i had tears and i feel i feel deeply so i'll tell i'll be talking to my wife about something. Cheers will be rolled out thinking about a one or this and that or something rough that happened in you know so just a couple of weeks ago and then they'll that means emotional. I am in a most person. So i will feel that but other event nothing crazy thinking okay. Well if you and i were to become close friends. What is something that i would need to know about you. i think i think it would be easier realized that i would like you to know that i am honest. If i say. I want to do something i do it. I do it i do. I am very honest. I couldn't cheat anybody out of a nickel. And i couldn't i will if you say. Hey this means hasn't been. I do it. There's no i. I will take the shirt off the back and do it for friends. I will do that. That's all that's that's about it. I'm not gonna i'm gonna. Maybe he's the fall. I would maybe tell you like if you had you had something that was you writing a book or something. I might lose you a little bit. That's my i might. Oh very good. When it wasn't in my honest honest in those little white lies where it can hurt person. I'm not that kind of guy that goes. Hey i want to be totally honest some not that kind of for maybe. That's i. I got that for my father a little bit. He he should call it. There's a little bit when it came to that. But i will not sugar coat when it comes to other things that i think are really important. Yeah now i understand what you mean. I actually have to tell my friends when they want to send me things to read or they send me like a film that they're they're working on i. I always say to them. Please don't expect constructive criticism. Because i'm always amazed by my friends in their talent that i have a i mean in in italy. There's a saying here that you have shoot in front of your eyes when you love people and you just can't see anything the best so yeah. I've told them. I always have prosciutto in front of my eyes. So don't expect any i don't i don't want to hurt. Few people's reheard crushed by by by criticism. I don't i just right. Okay here's one That again. I'm going to think is probably going to be an easy one to answer if you were to go this evening with no chance to communicate with anyone. Is there anything that you would regret. Not having said yet. If you were going to die tonight would. Is there anything that you would regret. That you hadn't said really not really probably tell by brothers. I love the more you know but we do love each other but we navy that would be but that doesn't mean that much be run out do that today in a wine they know it. They deeply nor that he didn't my other brother have to run out and say if in by the way one i love you may i mean even though we love each other and maybe people said hey vinci should do that. Maybe i'm not gonna if something happened. I wouldn't go to haul understand more. Yeah it's about how you live your life rather than saying the words all the time by parents never said and they're the greatest parents that they loved us Never 'cause that was back in the sixties when a lot of Tie-ins didn't know that my father's half the time but in america they didn't but we knew they did completely and that changed about fifteen twenty years ago. I started saying okay. I got a break that one. I gotta tell them. I love them. Felt good and now. We did that all the time. I tell my son's or revoke that paradigm there and we'll how good it does feel okay last question. You're almost free Your house containing everything you own value is on fire after you save all your loved ones and all of your pets you have time to safely go back in and take one item. Only what would it be and why to him. Maybe a picture of the whole family item. Maybe a picture. I nothing material. Things don't mean that much to me. Honestly i don't have any stanley heirlooms that a really meaningful now that maybe we have some great pictures family in funston. Yeah lots run back again. That's it those memories and keeping those members alive. Yeah that's okay well. That was our last question. Thank you for doing this with me. How was it for you lloyd. Great love it. And congratulations on this podcast. You always been a big fan of. I think you saw and you're so night ever loved you out the world you deserve this and you're fascinating so i thank you that i shouldn't. I shouldn't coach i don. I really appreciate that thank you. I really do appreciate that. I've been very lucky in my career to work with some great people. And yeah i mean we really have the best jobs in the world. Don't we i mean i. I can't imagine having any better job than this. it's fantastic. it really is. Yeah okay well thank you again so much for coming on and for everyone at home. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you feel like you know the person behind the poker and the wbz commentary even better now and don't forget that the wpg deep stacks aided poker joining together from april eighteenth to twenty six for special online festival. Thank you all so much for listening. Join me next time. On the heart of coker sponsored by eighty poker.

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Falcon & Winter Soldier ep.4- The Whole World Is Watching

SuperHero Homies!

1:10:37 hr | 3 months ago

Falcon & Winter Soldier ep.4- The Whole World Is Watching

"Shorties edition of the superhero homeys. Podcast my name is quentin and is always. I am here with home kevin. Hey everybody lays boys and girls. Are you guys doing today. Ov- leave had time to catch up on your dizzy. Plus subscription of falcon soldier. And you got to see the latest episode. Just like we did. I'm talking of course about episode four and that can make a corporation. It is the falcon and scattered articles and go to bed. All right you know what you get your grammar. Police too. Always thought like man i. It's it's not. I don't understand the decision to call it. The falcon and the winter soldier but that is a mouthful of fucking name. I'm i'm willing to go into make that mistake again. So damned if you do damned if you do. I'm willing going to say. Oh yeah falcon. We're soldier julia. Show everyone. does. I think that's exactly what i'm gonna do if that's what everyone does go them too. Because it's a good idea. Well indeed episode forced titled. The whole world is watching and by the end of the episode. You understand that title a lot more. Yeah yeah yeah dude. Just go ahead and start. Shout the gate hot with it. I liked this episode a fair bit. It kept me engaged. Not not to ride this because i want to celebrate tonight's episode but it kept me engaged more than the last episode very much so Well yeah what did you think about it man. What's up nothing. This is probably my favorite episode. So far i thought that i thought disability made the most sense. This episode was being honest. The only episode where it really gave a shit about carly what she was up to. This is the one time where she filled less like. Just a robot to get to a cool place where we want it to be more like intrical part of the story. Yeah i thought that was cool. It was also cool to finally see the other shoe. Drop on john walker to see him you know. Make that step to becoming kind of who we are him to be. Actually used that joke on you before running one now. Yes decade yeah. I don't think dick's run his does. Okay oh okay gotcha. It's a symptom side to put the super soldier serum. Dick may run away from you. Steve rogers got just got really lucky. Man that's what happens whenever you get like the quality. The quality vaccine versus the lackluster vaccine. Efficacy something for we get into the episode breakdown here. Shishir just another lose. Something about the character of john walker and that is i think that john is and this is probably unpopular. But i think he's probably one of the best handled character in this series at least so far because they took their time with him they they got all of the qualities of john walker from the comics and applauded to the show and they did so in a way that no what can get lost with the took the time with it and they slowly on this thing and now we're still getting to where he needs to be for for the show to really kind of become you know its full potential. I haven't thought about it but you're correct. It does bring me to one of the compliments. I wanted to give night's episode which would just be a briefing doesn't it will go into it in detail. I liked the utilization of falcon. Or excuse me the falcon in viz episodes tonight just because we got to see any mackey as an actor has a lot of range wasn't thing i was happy to see also is thousand's range not anthony mackie's as an do because we know he's got the job so we know he can cut the check. Joke intended but the falcon himself. We've seen them play a couple of parts in the actual. Mcu marvel movies and whatnot and here. We got to see him kind of i guess this is into detail here but we got to see him. Play the ex-soldier as well. Not just you know buddy cop to his for a superhero friend catholic merica and so that was kind of fun seeing a little bit more development on his characters will that being said yeah without a doubt like the us agents characterization in the show like his actual application has been like the most seamless. It's it's felt the most real and flushed out. Yeah yeah Like because even the comics like when he's presented is not like he is automatically. This antagonistic douchebag. He's just a douchebag has good intentions highschool jock who eventually became a super villain. And that's the thing those he's technically he's he's never really been like a full-fledged supervillain at least four while anyway but like the thing is that like he. He's such an asshole but he was always asshole who was trying to fight the did fight. Yeah and they've done such a great job of showing that here in this show. And i really appreciate it that And i like you also really love with the doing with sam here because I think home kill pointed out to me. But what's up. You know a at least seven to this episode Sam has more or less felt like Applaud device more so than his own actual character which cash there's been to many parts especially in episode three maybe to some of to definitely where he's felt more like the lynn's just like the navigation that lets experienced scenes through him rather than an actual character that mattered that needed to be there. You know. yeah but luckily this episode kind of you know reprimand some of that for the better. It does i mean i. I don't outright like dislike any of The characterizations here or any of the riding that you say i think that I i make fun of it. But yeah i won't say a strong dislike it but i will. I will go like wait a minute. What the fuck what. You know the typical stuff guys typical stuff. I'm not hating not tonight. We'll see about that. Hey don't challenge me. I got my my little happy drink right here. I'm good to go. We'll start this off here Same thing as always gang for those of you who've been longtime listeners. Thanks for coming. Back new timers spoilers ahead so if you haven't had time to check out the episode this is your Your warning please do so come on right back or keep listening. If you don't mind we start off in conduct six years ago and we have a yo helping bucky overcome his programming and seen a lot. Yeah me too. Simple was very very simple. Very subtle And we get right to the point. this is definitely the tail end of it like they don't spend a whole lot of time on this right we didn't need it Yeah yeah no. We didn't but it was It was still really cool. Interesting seeing bookie break free of that and sebastian man he really did staying someone some Showing some emotion alassane that part. We definitely like the ending of the. I guess you'd call that the psychological conditioning the d. fucking of his brain I love watching the because that was necessary to us as an audience to know that. Oh he's not like an rc. Toy car that you can like take the controller to pilot some more no he. He's his own self operating guy again. Which will go good for you. And it was awesome to witness experience that. Hey so congratulations. The leash off brother For sure that was pretty cool to see and also like when he was going through that that deprogramming as she put it it was like deconditioning. You see him going to be moceanu and then we got glimpses as to why because began to see some of the atrocities. He committed ash the winter soldier. Whether it was him killing stark's parents or you know killing some other people. Killing killing sure does love killing. That was a really cool scene and after that we come to count i Other big not have here is is in this is really picking up at the end of the last episode when she's speaking to buck the and she goes okay. You got eight hours before we come for zemo and believe they probably put a timer on that shit right then. Yeah from the moment. I stopped talking. You have eight hours. Seven fifty nine gets email on his on his phone. Seventy four wasting another emails. I'm fifty three. It looks at the window. she's watching the other one. That's emails shit. I i hope it was eight hours to the dot for them. It doesn't seem like that. Much time elapsed. I might be wrong. They might have been like a mekki eight hours. You know seem like more than eight hours past. Guess we're in the middle hours. When i was watching the episode. It did feel like that though where it's like more time passed in eight hours like you were very loose on those eight hours or we'll con- hours much longer now know. Hey these oranges man. They can do a lot in eight hours. I won't put that pass them. Injures plus others tend to call me one personal shows and adventure and zemo who basically just one a little a lo chunk of the internet with dumb dancing memes also told the homie caleb that Zemo dances like if you a villain like this exact same dance smooth that we'll see in this case zemo has done a great thing. Lucien is bad dancing and normalized it all right. So it's not such a cardinal sin to the club and be like that guy. I can't dance now. It'd be like oh man zima zima. He must've zemo man. Let's talk about him for a second going off script here so he's just having a spa day like all. These are just like this is a vacation from like. How many different glasses of scotch received this episode like two or three. Maybe two i i know. But he's just like relaxing in one moment and then another we see him club in the last episode and then oh the episode prior to that too we see him just steal a car and joy right that thing a big old like billy. Birdwell so yeah. He's just having a heyday man. He's just like oh fuck. Fuck your objective. Oh yeah we gotta go this way guys. Yeah there's a club over here really wanna dance here i mean hey if i was imo. Maybe i do the same thing. If i know that my time is limited right. I go back to jail over to the condon's then because they're gonna fucking murder me for killing their came then. I'm going to enjoy my last hours. Damaged yeah zemo probably played. Some of the smartest cards is episode two. Yeah and giving it to them for sure we finally getting more of zing zemo mobile zemo. Because he's he's playing forty chess roy. Everybody else is trying to play chess. And the only people who realize that were the reconnaissance but really you know you got to move king. I saw the next thing we get here. Is the team vengeful about it. Turns which is I'll enough zemo falcon and bucky They go around the refugee camps the refugee building Looking for information on don years funeral danica course being like the mother figure to allow refugees who died last episode and Sam and bucky wonder with nothing. Where all you needed was little bit candy. Candy to that scene creeped me out i. Why did he seeing the little black she thing. I just assumed that was. That was creepy factor. Yeah that was more creepy. I think they put it in the be creepy to the audience. Even though that's just kind of more matter than anything it really is. I mean so that scene. I would call how to look like a predator. Wanna one because it's like. He walked up in an overcoat being creepiest. Fuck speaking english language. Everyone else a second language there. I'm sure out of no idea. And he's like seeing this nursery rhyme blah blah blah blah blah blah. Hello little children. Would you like this random bag candy. I just pulled out of this. Very shady looking brown ruffled up paper bag. How's that sound to you you know. Oh it's unlabeled candy to. It's not like a known thing like some skittles or some shit man. Listen free candidates free candy. And if that's how you get kidnapped and if it's free lsd. That's even better. That's how you came up again just as an adult about this. You cannot get kicked up again but no seriously this guys. Nobody's giving away. Lsd so get over yourselves. There's listen out there. He's like oh. Tell me more at that disclaimer. All anyway zemo does lured the children in quite easily with candy. So side note about that. No we just finished while. I'm gonna give you another for free Buy one get one so turkish delight. The first time i've ever heard of that was The chronicles of narnia In in the first story now. I never read the books to completion. I wasn't that big a fan. My mom was a big fan. I wasn't but The first book. I was familiar with enough that One of the young men of the family the humans at infiltrate the magic wardrobe and enter narnia. Liam neeson's keenum There's a line of which anna wardrobe that book and movie you get it. Yeah i know what goes on. I share you do and The the white witch the evil bish she offers one of human children turkish delight now. The book never explain to me what turkish delight was. All i knew as a child reading these combinations of words. Turkish into light was that well is delightful. Whatever it is because it says it right there so i have to trust that context and also is turkish. Well i know a turkey is so in my mind. I've always as a kid now. Okay imagined that turkish light was just like really fancy turkey. Yeah this is a really sweet up. Juicy turkey insight and this white which just kept feeding sweetmeat this turkish flight to this young boy and he's just like gorging himself on it and it wasn't two years later. That's that's some turkish delight and as a note as an adult making a mental note. We correcting error. You learned as a child a walk bag and it's like oh that's turkish delay so it's not sweet me so the more you know so that was the thing define what turkish delight as they never tell you it's a it's a taffy esque candy or like a potential hard candy or whatever it's just like hey turkish delay. What makes it delightful. I don't know what so it looks almost like this. I don't know like has like a caramelized texture at least looked on the tv. Show right right. His off brand turkish delight But yeah so. Zemo is able to get information on donna's funeral of bribing these kids and then he looks to salmon bucky who are standing in the background and he says to the children. These a bad man do not speak to them or trust him. And they're like i but The next big thing we get is john walker. He confronts the team. And this is a really cool scene here because In this scene here he of course he wants to arrest zemo He wants to know why in the world bucky and sam would free a fugitive. Which you know that that is actually good question technically. They didn't end their defense. That is a flimsy fucking defense. We all know it. Hey if the glove doesn't fit okay. That was also. That's why i say the. Yeah so johnnie. Walker in america about a star the taking advantage of the legal system for black man this time so i can't be too mad at it but you know you know we. We celebrate Oj getting golfing. He's never invited to any cookouts. Like that's the only dave pell even just like. Oh you know. He did it anyways. The ford decided. They're technically the five decide that they're going to work together But they're going to do things by the good guys Rules used to tim. I loosely because again zemo is on the team right and so what they decide is that they're gonna send in sam to confront carly and to talk her down john like whoa no the stupid we can just go in there and arrest them and capture them blase blah but they ultimately agreed to do things by sam's rules and john goes. Okay i'll give you ten minutes and during this time. They handcuffed zemo In in handcuffs into some kind of thing Sam goes in and he is You know kind of way to the funeral. Proceedings are officially done and then he confronts carley and speaks with her and every very Candy conversation this was a greasy. It was this. This is what. I talk my early gang whenever i was explaining about you know sam being able to flex his chops as an experienced soldier know someone who might have become. Ptsd counselor you know someone who might have been like a you know some type of wounded soldier program. You know hero there you know. And that's really cool to me. I like that. That's that's more of an actual real application And it was just again. Great acting on that part so awesome scene. Yeah i think it is important to remember that in terms of the. Mcu falcon falcons but sam He got his wings from the military from an experimental flying unit. Right and it wasn't as him but he said he had partners willing his partner with shutdown We learned this and winter soldier. Movie that i've seen way too many times and then close into the movie at the third ad when he gets his wings then the explains no. I didn't say i was flying a plane. I said it wasn't screaming of flying unit And so a couple of things one i. I think that the scene we get here loosely. Ties back to that because he has lost people. You lost his friend Who also had a set of a falcon wings and and also. I've always wondered why the military hasn't done more of that because if it was made by the military than technically should they be able to make more moving on. okay. I don't know man it's like nevermind. We'll have time to go into that. You know no we don't whereas the moving on birth and on the the man who could create the wings got snapped away but he never came back at the problem is the other soldier was the man who created like. What do we let him go out rate. You know who they bring in to make the next set of wings fucking the vulture hill. Yeah i mean. I am i wrong shit. I mean he'd know man you know neither. Will we ever see a bit. Like a voter in falcon pricing pretty cool. Now that you antibody you know. I'd i'd watch that. Read that be shit anyway but the conversations going really well. The two were reaching some common ground and sam is very. He's very good with words. He's a wordsmith her. he's he's he's able to get carly to see some of the bullshit. Then she's been laying out. Yeah he was actually able to get her to kind of express. Outward like a subconscious would be the right word like a sub-conscious thought process that she wasn't aware that she was believing in their will in following the way that she's doing things. Yeah i will reiterate something say last episode which is reminders via the you. Can't you gotta find a new way to draw up sympathy for these films. Besides pulling the magnetic card and and they they are still relying little bit on that. Have sympathy for me because the system let me down in my people suffer because Because we were oppressed because of this that and the third therefore lashed out and william lashing god may be wrong is getting results and blase but It's very magneto ish. And and it's like man but this is a vast improvement over her character in the last three episodes. But it just makes me think about magneto and I mean the good finger. Bad thing it's just a thing buddy. If makes you feel any better. Did it better. Oh of course all right. Yeah absolutely right. I guess my other Loose warrior fierce. That like you guys are laying this on pretty thick. Now what are you gonna do when you never really do. Bring him magneto. You're gonna shit again just different setting different people different oppressors. Yes okay moving on but the sadly enough as as much as i am joking we both. Unfortunately no i'm not you know i it. It's it's part of that disney formulaic thing. You know You could put a group of villains in one corner because they all have the same format of story and why in how the fuck they are. You know it's unfortunate. It's lack of creativity. But you know it's the pros and cons of industry doesn't fortunately we're not. That could be another issue. I should shut up. But moving on moving on him speaking a sympathetic villains vultures. Another one and at least in terms of the eu in the the new story they mate for him was superb. Much better but dare. I say it has the magneto flair to he sympathetic. But he had that flair is like my family and my co workers got fucked over because of stark industries. Doing a good job and we lost our job because of the billion dollar corporation. So it's this is the start hatred flair that his folks he's part of the billing because a hey tony star club. Yes because funk tony because he couldn't build this game with a box scraps shit. I'm sorry oh man we we. We lost you too soon. Open diet we lost. You did why did we man and try to bring it back for one seed. Cruciate back on shit homeys. What's up okay. So during this talk. Of course jon. Balka gets impatient. Which is a trait of his. And he decides he's gonna try to storm in Bert i like the approach here because he goes to storm an and Confront carly but bookie gets in the way and instead of trying to bruiser his way through bucky instead we see john walker. Take a more diplomatic approach and try to talk to salmon reason with him. Like hey you're partner the could be in trouble. Don't you think we should go check. And it's a way of playing on emotions and playing on scenarios or manipulation ago see. This is the moment. I wanted you to read my thoughts. I i knew you were going to set it up so i was just like or less jeopardy this shit. What is relation ding ding ding. David r.i.p alex travek obama. Rpd mex- passed away today known heartbreak fifty years old. My gosh bergen morose ten years ago when fleischer mouthfuls came out no. His first album was and hill is hot. I was ten when that album came out. First off that's a great album. This agreed albany for sure. Yeah yeah flesh of my flesh. Blood him up lewis's second album which was just as great anyways. I remember the cover. That one being gruesome is. Is that the right one That's one he's covered in blood. Got so i'm that are p. to the x. Man now you will be sorely missed yes Moving on here Walker bucky in about a star. They do decide to go on and confront carly. But of course stop linking cool et all john walker bose's load man and Of course carly she then runs away. All the trust that sam had built up gone collapsed. Call lapsed golly. Gee thanks john walker for bringing in that certificated. I'm telling you man it's it's it's going to be running hashtag before too long hashtag sir decade. Dick add on. Twitter is anything. I'm sure someone's say anything on twitter. Twitter is also like council culture capital. So oh so. Maybe the answer is yeah. You could've once upon a time. The also thing theoretically you can only be cancelled by people who directly affect what you do so like enlist homeys alike man. Fuck that i'm outta here. You can say whatever the fuck you want to on twitter. Because if anyone who doesn't listen to the podcast says anything fuck they don't listen to anyway. I can make us. What a bulletproof shield could. You gotta listen to the show to get mad at us. You know sort of getting mad at us. You can't council something that you don't subscribe to plus technical side if you hashtag something and then type it out as one elongated ward quote unquote with space in between like you know sir dickhead. Aesthetically three words and no spaces in between the computer. Doesn't autocorrect to that. Because it doesn't know that word so true yeah. i know. It's like surf a lot. You know how what if we if you type in dick alone twitter it comes up with any mode of john walker. Next about that about emerge during this there is a kerfuffle. I'm sorry and hugh you. Could you please repeat that. There was a coffer. kerfuffle man what. What kind of rube started that curve. My was the mustache. Trolling desperately zemo. Who does he brandishes a pistol from his side. How about you. What's in these drinks man. But no zemo does plant a clearly cla- biscuit back gatt in indonesia pulled out and He shoots carly carly realize. The suit sherman. That's not made me. Bulletproof just skipped over that We did see the hiding spot. Carleen gang had the precious little blue vows. Presumably the super soldier serum. Because that's what they said it was and we saw her retrieve them in the classic fanny pack. It would have been hilarious if in hindsight it was just heroin. Joe walker takes and it's like. Oh yeah reality drooler. Right here is given an oprah. You know you're going to be flat on your ass. Oh fuck plus a lot of yeah dizzy minors that does lead to like an actual thought though. We cannot buy heroin jokes on you dammit. But this is kidnapped. That's probably why they didn't show me because he will look. I mean hell. I it is doing drugs of them. Yeah yeah you're literally rolling up the sleeve. What actually maybe let me get the tube just in case to be safe. You know all right there you get look bad not lists. They can do vaccine gun. He conveniently has an looks more like a yet. Movies have done that. Yes is that right. Yeah so let. Let's let's talk about that coming back to the podcast in view rather than the the funds is. What the fuck did they do point of view which were so good at the he even test the ship. He probably just said fuck it know. I'm just stabbed himself in the steroids. He's just he pulls out the valve. Papa day raised open. Just that is how long this is. Take on the side of it take one fourth. Ab three days until he's like. Oh fuck me. Oh well may cause anger. Oh here's the thing. At least in the communist books with their powerbroker the one thing that power broken never told anyone who give these powers to much success rate. Now they're how you may. Well die a mister sinister sorts. Yeah i said mister sinister has better success. Rates than the powerbroker like a sixty forty powerbrokers maybe thirty seventy The question was going to ask. And i know this private breaking ahead. Some but let's let's do it anyways The station period of that medicine was not impressively log. Because we we see a small interval of time. Between when john walker interrupted the scene you are just describing when zemo shot carly carly was kinda like put down and kind of like you know under fire. Essentially zemo saw the spilled over vials of blue aka. The super soldier serum that fun alliteration essay. And also he starts popping just boom boom boom under his boot and he pops all the ones he sees john walker comes in the room see zemo his objective his target shield slams the fuck out of his head like brother. He should have been decapitated. I'm just saying one more cmos out probably with concussion. There's probably right dogo sleep tonight you now. That's going to be bad. But then john. Walker cities in betwixt some some water gallon jugs in the corner was another blue vial untouched unscathed by the rubber sole of the boot zemo so he picks it up quietly pocketed couple scenes later we see him in another fight and is presumably a different day. It is it. Is you know because there was a time. When was i've costume having like a real talk moment without all-star but then we see him super soldiering it up by bending metal pipes and doors downstairs and into the brick wall creating gay an indentured into the cement wall like okay. No you are not just good human your now a super soldier at this point so you must have. I guess i'm talking myself into a corner here. But i guess he could've taken it as he was going to bet. Yeah yeah. I mean in theory. Oh see that. I don't know i guess like if if this because it is important to know that this is this is not the same super soldier serum that steve rogers took no. This is like version two point. Oh yeah this is some kind of offshoot of that moment. Not this is an off shoot. Because according to the mcu like this version of the serum was tailored after the the blood and genetic makeup of isaiah bradley and the version they he received was even different from the version. That was administered. The steve rogers. So i mean theoretically. This bank is very loosely related to the original the. Oh gee stuff that steve took. So it's the grandchild of the og formula essentially. Yeah how diluted at that feels like fake. But i mean there are some oops i would. I guess like it doesn't put the I guess it depends on who you are like one side effect where the negative positive who knows it depends on the person but you don't give the mass you know what i mean. Steve rogers from being if steve rogers took this version he was still be fucking nothing. You would probably just be normal soldier. He wouldn't have become super soldier. Like oh now you're legit soldier army. Congratulations i mean. That's the thing was like this version doesn't alter your size any nope satanically. He still be the same. He'd be the ultimate surprise. No one would ever see coming. That does have me thinking of a fun experiment. I just imagined like an eight ounce glass of water and a clear glass and you purposely put like a good five to maybe eight drops of colored dye into it like a a strong red or something and then using like a Like a syringe. You take out just you know five day. Drops of water from that glass after the colored is diluted and then you put that in another glass filled with water eight ounces again and you let that you know the colored water. Sit in that water and change. Its color obviously not going to get. The same shade of red is going to be like a a pinkish so john walker is the third glass after these two. Where you got that syringe again from the second glasses time pumped it into the third glass and it's just like you know it's not even is changed red. You know the only pushback offer would be that it is only remnants of that original red. There's also a new red. I added to it. Okay so at least one. Fresh drop given to the second and third glass. Yeah okay. still weakest mark I just just for some reason turned that into a child's elementary science experiments but the imaging works work but no Already described the scene. Where carly had to get away after she got shot and zemo got cathartic to buy the shield. I'm sorry krathong. Yup thought that is a verb now to kurt bunk. You don't want that. i read way too. Many comic books came. Naturally i believe that. And yeah like you said walker pocketed one of the one of the vowels and No one knew any better now. The next thing we would definitely got to talk about is the confrontation scene between the door. Malaysia versus john. Walker and lamar. That was awesome. Yeah that was the scene. Where if they accompanied by some bad ass fight track. It would fit it. Would've it would've made sense because it was awesome. I mean if you didn't already know how capable the door. Malaysia are here. You see just two of them and how awesome they are in because like you got a thing about it the thing about how bad as you have to be to be the bodyguard to the black panther entity that arguably needs no guard. So you've gotta be pretty bad ass being the mini before a boss. Now yeah exactly what it is like. I don't technically need you but your presence here makes things. Easier like an intern. I damn this is a fun fight and eventually Bucky does stepping because it looked like a it was just gonna kill John at one point you know there are so many audience watching like yet to do a come on. Yeah just come on doing skewer. Wait a minute. Calm down Yes and then when bookies tried to step in ao basically said. Take your arm off of me. I was cool schooled his ass just like literally like could spark pressure points. I got that that all the class on his shoulders. Whom imagine being if i was somebody and they do that to your actual arm just on wait a minute. Nobody right personal fucking. Certain amount may my whole their energy shoulder. Like i'm sorry. When did you get the like the model. May your for my body dot is like we can reattach it. I think this is really fucking weird. I don't believe your story didn't believe. I'll just houses pops out lego art in action figure. That'd be crazy if the doctor just like well. What if we just try this. He puts it back into the shower at the soccer clips. In like oh well you find that we three thousand dollars fuck you use my arm to flick you off. That was great. This we get here and loose just moving right along here with the big events and this big here's i have the phone call Carly calls sarah sanders stor. This was a interest interest in seeing here. is threatening as it was to sarah and family was also in my opinion a sign of desperation from carly the fact that she's resorting to not empty threats. But i do think that these are far fetched. You know we talk a little bit about this while watching the episode. But i made the joke. That sam has to have all the phone numbers to the remaining ventures mean so was like. Hey hey hawkeye how this. Yeah yeah could you do me a solid you know hauge. Almost black widow no. She's dead can't call her. Hey rocket you wanna come back down to earth and bring grew. Let's us grew to me like seriously. Call up doctor strange. Hey man listen you literally don't have to leave your your term. Just send your fucking astral play. Just just just put put the flag smashers in like an endless torment loop. That feels like any turn ity. It's just been like and i just quit. You know they wouldn't cost by though. Don't don't call. don't call. Peter peterson enough shit right now. Here's enough shit. But i was just playing on the whole like. Oh yeah the beef that entity players right. yeah yeah. He probably wouldn't do that even though peter will do a great job hell. Oh there's no place in louisiana to swing from spiderman looks around and clear countryside. Tammy my when we can have one weakness again stupid. One week this again to upstate. New york and anywhere else. Except for manhattan and queens. Yeah in who Carly's her Yet she wants is that she wants to meet up with sam alone and she wants to discuss some things. Like i gotta go alone. He's like coming in. Sounds like all right. I i wanted to paraphrase but it really. So they show up Suited and booted man ready to go in suited and booted. There's a lot of phrases we've used when i have a child one day in the future. All right kids. Are you suited and booted a that means really throwing at me being a room okay But as during the confrontation here with carly when she says i mean she feels like like the worst ultimatums ever. It's like so. I was either really hoping sam they. Maybe you could either join me or leaving the fuck alone forever. No we can't do it right like cars purely selfish know you know how this works right that you plant you pretty young so let me explain us soon. Been is at that point. When sam gets a phone call from sharon carter who says the hey so just pin john walker and it looks like he's going out there someone or someone's going after him and they realized that this is just a distraction right now it seems Because the more buy the more that makes sense. Because i don't think that carly is quite dense enough to think that sam would take any of those offers. So this is just a distraction while they actually are killing walker then it makes more sense. I like the idea more that that sells better. Yeah john walker was the one that she knows for. Sure she can't trust at all. Sam was the one that was teetering. Right yes so might as well eliminate the bad piece on the chessboard. Yeah why not which did not work. It didn't work Because he He had a drink some blue juice. Yep and i told you go to bed yet. You actually have not. I'm doing good tonight. Moving oh shit that you know what is interesting. Is that 'cause i don't know now. It must not be that interested like no. I'm i'm getting like my my komo book. Kenya confused with the mcu lower. What's up so i was trying to remember if if the doctor and In the last episode if he said that his version of the super serum was also experimental in that it had some cases that didn't work in in terms it would kill people. No to a chunk of what you say in yesterday's last. But he did say that there were people who could not take the super soldier serum and that they they did pass away from the dose but this was a more surefire confidence your nevertheless okay like it was one of those things which you have to genetically blessed to be able to receive and utilize the super soldier serum and not just receive and oh sorry. It looks like killing you you buy. You can't take it. Yeah okay so there were parameters in just random like who could take it in liver. Die is still random to some extent. But it's a controlled random like okay. It's like okay. You seem to be a fine specimen and human being. Your physique is great. Your your health condition is fine. He's dead right right. It's like you you just for some reason to have genetic disposition to not bind with this serum. Well i imagine like that. Yeah certain medicine. Because i was just trying to think like. I don't know this. Essentially for the serum is but so far it is one hundred percent success and the show. It's like they're telling me it's eighty twenty but it's really if i take it i'm good. Yeah yeah it would've been cool like if you got. just one. Flashback scene of carly in our her henchmen taken it in like two of them. Drop fucking dead dramatic all. Take the low syringe gun. We can't be doing hair. Went on disney. So how many crazy things have you said today. I said doing heroin on disney. But you take this ranch boom then like twenty people in the room and they're all looking around like okay. Yeah i feel amazing. Oh my gosh. Greg to my heart isn't working though but i feel see. Why do you also his his knees. Give up the ghost. He's just like we we lost. We lost day but man he with the biggest direction. That's straight to his dick today. He's trampling is he missing to bury him. Nine feet deep. Who data listen. They called the flag. Smashes racing made his pants capri. Walk those up here. Oh my gosh oh man. What are you talking about roy so as alluded to earlier. We don't see. John take the serum but now we can definitely soon that he did. Oh yeah he's walking around wanted. I'm scott that pompous. Yeah just kicked a through a door. Yeah yeah we see that during this big fighting that takes place here. And there's a pretty large kerfuffle morris. Kidnapped i but he's able to eventually break free malone to go deal with the avengers in and whatnot and so during this there a scene where we get off ow gain and And john walker captain. America sir dicken with those two fighting together against the flag smashers and was a pretty cool seen. We get to see john utilize to shield in the way that you know the names. I can't hear that is not the about nine days call. He said we must name. We have to be the flag smashes. In memory of dave. Our fallen comrade was taller laying down the is standing up all the guys. Holy fuck. oh my point. The all contemplated navy. I shouldn't put just a little bit. Drop right folks. You only get this content at the superhero podcast. By the way. Be sure to check the e. For explosive is the one episode. I forget to sell one's child friend. Okay hold you awesome. I know we're taking this on for so long dave's dig. What but. I wish so hard. The fictional characters we've made for these shows existed like has matt franklin franklin. What happened. the has. they're both. They're both kicking together in. Mcu own just. Oh my gosh. Oh shit has mad dave now put yeah now. No now for dave yes. Yeah i put. Dave and has matt wonder what the third show is going to get. I think the low-key show is next. We'll see we'll find something okay but during this fight scene. Lamar is tackled by carly and he hits a pillar. And lamar is killed. Instantly in at this point is kind of like everybody in the room understands that. Oh this is this is bad like it's like no one really intended for anyone to die. The ori gave off. Yeah and that they kind of humanize. The flax measures and a little bit the fact that they just want to ha- we we're doing it. You know they were like oh shit. No he's dead It's like oh we need to take advantage of this moment. 'cause we bought plenty of time. Let's dip yeah and at that point the flag smashes like you said they dip the fuck out falcon and winter soldier immediately. Go after their the flag smasher. Try to keep up. Find them John walker is a man on a fucking mission right now. Yeah yeah he goes after. I don't know his name. i'm sure they've said it. But this is carl. He's right hand man the guy who's been with her since day one from day one. Yeah and he goes in captures him in public. Everyone can see right at like center square where there's like even like a statue a monument in the middle of the street. Yeah so it is by far the most public part of everybody's town and he murdered this man with the shield. I mean think about even just metaphorically with that says yelm murdered with this world. Symbol justice morale and peace. The you took that invalidated. Yeah what what. A gruesome image strangely groups like you are supposed to represent what america is supposed to be. Yeah now all of these four knows who are ready to have a distrust for america have just seen the icon murder a man who was begging for his life. Yeah it's not a good look nine good look and that was a perfect place to end that episode it was a great ending and then of course our boys Sam and In sebastian stan. I forgot his actual name. Thank you bucky. How the fun salmon. Bucky come on the scene just in time to see. You know a bloodied corpse. A bloodied shelled and john walker standing of the centerpiece by the way and this is an important detail to of an entire circle of the public camera phones out smartphones filming and probably live posting that shit simultaneously so next episode. It's gonna be hot. Yeah now what our do if our john's like a spe- dow Defense attorney. I'll be like john. Listen you've got to treat this guy. Same treat black people. Okay so you know how cops plan drugs on innocent black guys. You got a plan some explosives on this guy and be like hey he was gonna fucking detonate. If i didn't stop them. All right. damn hot take. Those explosives went off that don't exist but hey as john walker's lawyer the defense attorney of sir dickhead you. Can you confirm nor deny that is true. Yeah yeah You plead the fifth and a country. That doesn't give a fuck about the this. They don't know what the fifth is. Yeah it is important to note also like this mean that's going around the past the past week before this episode came out. I think this ending seen kind of brings it home they've been posting this memo media of Abraham erskine from captain miracle one explaining to a young scrawny little steve rogers Saying that we don't need a perfect soldier need somebody who's good on the inside. You know because the the the standard is gonna take care of this shit physically that you can't yeah. We need somebody who has the heart and has the mental capacity for this We know looking for a good soldier will look for man and You know you contrast that with john walker who was literally the flip you look at his accolades in terms of the show and he's seems to be a perfect soldier and he has he has what three mill honors and he's done so many things on so many tours and has served the country and so many different ways by doing things that they've hinted at being pretty fucking gruesome. Yeah but he's good at following orders and he's good at getting results. It seems they chose him for a reason because he is a perfect soldier but in doing so that they completely missed the point. And what makes steve. Rogers captain america. Yeah to reiterate that One smart thing that the now late barrel star said this episode before his gruesome end was It was it was a clever a clever line You know. I think power brings out more of just what's in you know something of that of that verbatim and it's like oh that that's actually a really good way to put it because you know would see. Rogers was given one. Essence was power Super soldier serum. Whatever have you. It brought out his capacity of doing good and multiplied that. Go just like here. It's bringing our john walker's capacity of trying to control or manipulate or get his way or compete against other people. And it's cool. It's cool are really big back because there's a lot of truth to that You know it's like it's kind like right now. How as somebody who was not a millionaire. The things that i buy are extremely limited. You make me a millionaire. This is a whole new window now. And i have access to a whole lot more shit. You better have a library of comic books a brother. I'm not. I'm not in front. I want a whole room if not to set aside one room for marvel one room for dc shipbuilding the third room by the way at add onto your house. Because you care about match you wanna live comfortably punk chesley. You know Flamboyantly excuse me functionally. Wow you wanna third room added on for your every other comic your your image dark horse. Yeah that's fancy and then you went by your friend kevin. How so guinea. Wild wanna do that because brother. Hey you wanna see me sometimes at your dinner table and sometimes not another I mean why. Why would i care. And we're done here moving on. But i i guess this enclosing. I really do like how this show has done. Such a great job of handling john walker Room has been amazing right awry. Russell has done such a great job with the role. I've really enjoyed him as john walker. And i don't know if enough people are saying that so i make sure they say it often. He's phenomenal. us agent yeah. Yeah yeah and i also have the gift. Propaganda danube rule As zemo. I didn't i didn't dislike his performance in civil war. I just dislike what they gave him to do. The man yeah. I always thought the man himself was was a really good actor. You recognize him from other thinks he's done. Yeah inglorious bastards. He was in What's the name of that. Movie was hand camera and he was like third integration of it Fuck in Shit warranting cloverfield. Yeah okay wow okay. He was the cloverfield movie. That came out on netflix. I forgot what it was called kofi. A paradox yeah. Yeah he was in that coho. Yeah pretty sure you saw that one then you. I'm pretty sure i did. He was knowing me knowing soft spot for like crappy quality horror movies. Yeah it was actually high quality they just to sell us to. They just thought it to netflix. Instead of theater it was the high budget hollywood movie. I can't remember. I know. I probably watch it because i saw that and said okay. Okay yeah it was. It was a solid fluid. The s i just really enjoy the like so much. More care is being given to to the writing and even though like some things with carly are a little bit formulaic. Not not all of these villainous characters can be well written. I mean there's so many floating around hell but truck belieber from episode. One is still out there. And i love the fact that every few years george saint pierre gets a call from say. Hey man you wanna play but try the leap year again. He's like yes i do. I my gsp mutations not good one of the greatest of all time to fight in the ufc always love to see him. Show up Phone facundo get outta here. It was a anthony. Mackie said that When he was filming the fight scene you had with george saint-pierre and episode one of this show at one point. George accidentally hit him like really hit him and he goes and he goes. You know like it was. It was all cool. Whatever like you know should happen. We just moved on. And i was like what the fuck are you gonna do right even if you wanted to do something the use of all the fucking you gotta do anthony. Yeah okay yeah yeah. Gop such a nice guy. He probably apologize profusely anyways but great episode man to more low right really for this year only six episodes for the season for the season. Yeah really why do you think they will so little. Wow yeah it seems like maybe us at least one more maybe to i mean. They gave one division ten. I think nine nine. Yeah wow but also want to be shorter. Run time than this showed us. Maybe maybe a little bit but still just like interesting. Although that's not necessarily a bad no remember. Netflix could learn something from. But i'm a big fan of thome story. Then getting the fuck outta there you know. Get off the stage here. Maybe they just didn't want to stay that long. maybe not. Maybe we don't either. Which is where we're wrapping this thing. Go yeah yeah. A does that mean in a couple of weeks as the episode ends three weeks. Now we're getting lucky they doing that. back back to release again or I don't think so. I think is going to be a little bit further down the line. I got a check to be honest me too. I don't recall. 'cause i think there's original plan was it was going to be like i think as soon as this show end did think that that was supposed to be when black widow came out in theaters since so we will have. Everyone's watching marvel on ear law. Okay we got a gap but yeah man. Another great episode looking forward in this weeks and that was hilarious. This is there's a lot of fun. maybe too. Much fun arguable. Maybe too much maybe not to. You can't have too much fun. I hope you enjoyed the show gang. Hey guys listen at the very least if you don't enjoy watching whatever move your tv show. They talk about you know that you will enjoy hearing talk about it. Amen uh cut this shit. Speaking of which we still need to do king kong vs godzilla for the patriot honors. And we also got to catch up on invincible. We do. We have a double feature of that coming up. They talk about indeed indeed. Yeah there's going to be a lot of lot of good shit guys. So don't with the homeless guy g we haven't forgot But there will be all for now. Thank you thank you. Thank you home again for listening and thank you for your comments and thank you guys. Pay john But that's gonna be offered now home. We so until next time. My name is superhero homie. Q and i am superhero homey kevin.

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Covid-19 Updates, Stay Or Go, The Bachelorette Recap, Paulina Is Condo Hunting

Fred + Angi On Demand

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Covid-19 Updates, Stay Or Go, The Bachelorette Recap, Paulina Is Condo Hunting

"You don't make. I'm the guy that's a bit ahead of the curve and with the holidays coming up fast. I'm here to fill you in on another big secret tax kind of sewers. Rejoice you've got spirit hub. Enjoy the world of uncommon craft with their comprehensive selection of old favorites like whisky and vodka. To unique lakers. Like maple syrup glazed barrel. Jin spirit hub connects independent distilleries with you visit. Spirit dot com today. Spirit hub uncommon craft delivered enjoy responsibly. Winchester in america's greatest city of chicago five kiss. Fm radio station. It's the fridge. Every tuesday december fifteenth. Fred show is on morning. Kaelin mourning mourning mourning mourning mourning owner jason braga morning. Hi good i love it. I love it how much i'm doing. Great appreciate that. go in. Just a second. We'll entertain report after that. What do you have coming up teases and you tell me which one you're excited about. Okay i i'll tell you who still feels guilty about two packs death. That's not for you. Okay second the cast of the sopranos attitude. The cast sopranos is reuniting. Tell you what now i won. I was not really a team that was more of a statement. Will you case green tiny. Reuniting masterclass that would be great ki. Facebook for like a master class with martin scorsese or whatever movie. Rubio's mask lesson radio That was really getting know. I just you know if you're asking me which one i'm more excited about. I want to hear from you which one was more exciting was directed at me. But i i gotta hear both right so that i know for sure. Yeah that's that's very. Yeah because i got to pies which one you want is an apple pie and a pumpkin pie because if it is by gasoline if it's a headset apple pie anything else. That's always apple pie. See that's what. I'm saying like the he would have been like i don't care what's next even taylor said forever but that's what you're getting both pies know there's there's a few directions i can. Of course rubio knew immediately Well but you have you have the maturity to just say well. That was going to sell an adult joke. But now he's not and then doesn't do it all like you She'll be silly about a half an hour with the showdown new player today. Same prize. i look every day. But it's never changing Well someday it will change one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents a good news stories. This hour as we'll stay or go next after serve mesa one zero three five surf mesa. What are three five kiss. Fm chicago's number one. Hit music station. Good morning fred show. Hello hunter good morning. Welcome how are you get onto a we call. The stair go We pour through thousands of requests each week for people who want our advice and This thousands maybe hundreds of them. I'm not you couldn't be way more than that And so we want to hear some of them and sort of like a community meeting like a group therapy thing. Cc what everybody has to say about this What's going on with you and jessica. All i know you guys have been together for seven months that you're having some kind of issue. What's the deal care. I mean we've actually been like really happy. You know we both love each other like we teased by family. You know and and she loved my family and they loved her and You know it was great and it is great is just He doesn't want me to be her family yet. Okay seven months you have introduced her to your family and everything and well And the serious relationship with seven months but we were talking about like you know. We're looking to the future here. We're looking for your maybe marriage and all of that. Yeah he yeah any. She even say he'll spend the rest of her life and may but he's not ready for me to meet her family yet. Until i just like i don't know is that normal. She said she wants to take it. Slow like don't my respecting that. But i'm also i just think results part of me and i'm like is that something to worry about that. He's not ready for me to meet her family yet. by the way you can be part of the show eight five five five nine one zero. Three five off yeah. I think it's weird. I think it's weird because you're at the point where she's comfortable meeting your family and you and she's comfortable enough to save that you're the one you know so to speak. But yet for whatever reason she's concealing her family from you were you from her family. I doubt that she's ashamed of you so someone tells me something about her family. She's a shame. That's what i'm thinking. He indicated that to you as she as she given you. Any clue bad childhood or that. They someone of the families of weirdo or something like that. He definitely hasn't talked a lot about her family. key mentioned that earner shishir like. Don't talk anymore. So i kinda yeah. It seemed like kind of a hot button topic. So figured i'd give that on and like but you know about it. And then like i mean he. He moved away from her family. Well yeah i feel like. I feel like there's drama in the family. But if she still talks to them and i mean she still talks to them if they were like a strange. This is not a conversation if there was no interaction with them. Then you wouldn't be asking to meet them. So here's a woman who's like i want to be with you forever but then you don't get to see the whole picture and not that you would change the way that you feel about her. It might fact enhance the way you feel about her. But you wanna to maintain people because like how. Can you know what i mean. Yeah i mean. I heard wanna see like you know where she her own. Good play in different like you have a right to to. But he's got they're going to be together forever. What's the rush like. Like longtime but thaddeus. It's twenty twenty. There's a pandemic out there you don't you don't need to be meeting zoom meat. But maybe she's gotten should maybe she's got issues. Maybe there is something behind there. Maybe she doesn't maybe have a different political stance and she does or they do and maybe she doesn't talk to some members of the family anymore and you got time in but you ain't going nowhere in fairness she's not using the pandemic is an excuse because you're using the pandemic use not calling. You know your if that's if that's the only reason you haven't met these people. If i if i met a girl in the last seven months and she's like look. My family lives far away. They're older and i haven't been home then. I'm not going to be like you're taking me home. I don't care you know what i mean. Ignore like you know. I've been if i have been dating somebody for seven months. I don't know that. I would have been introduced him to my family because go home. I've go home a couple of times. It's his whole thing fly home. I get tested. I hang out with my family. That i come back. I get tested his whole thing. And i'm you know it best probably for some people risky enough as it is. I'm not introducing other people into that so it the pandemic thing if she would have told you if that was the problem that you think enter it. It's not the pandemic thing. Like i mean you know maybe even doomed with my family. You know what i mean like. We could have been right right right. There's something more family peace of mind. Don't you have to think of the peace of mind the other person involved to like just to say okay. I've met your family. And i've hung out with them. I spent time with them. Now you've met mine or some of them. You have some idea what's going on there. I mean once you do that just for your partner to give them peace of mind. They're asking for it because like she she left it so big like he doesn't like i want to be respectful of her boundaries and mike respect date. There's something there that she doesn't want to talk about her doesn't want me to t yet. Doesn't want to open up about yet. And so i respect that in mike trusting all he will tell me when the tiny great. But i don't like i don't like it because not a reason to to leave your laces again. Me feel like he gets to choose pick and choose what parts of her life you could access to and and again this is seven months and you're talking about forever and you don't feel you're talking about forever. That's that's i got forever to to to figure all this out it's it's we're gonna be together forever so you may as well lay it out now and whatever it is you're concealing. Yeah okay so you have a conversation with their have a conversation with her bringing it up. I want your family is there. Is there something. You're you're not telling me nets as that you don't have to be. I don't wanna see your family or this is over. Well i feel like that's implied. Though i feel like him saying he wants to. He wants her to reciprocate what he's offered her in this relationship. I feel like it's implied it. It's either do it or tell me why we're not doing it. Okay yeah then she has she had they have to have a conversation and talk about it. But there's no reason to leave your relationship for seven months just because you have a family like every red flag. Every family dynamic is different for family. Maybe there's there's some drama behind their. That doesn't change your opinion on that one on on your girlfriend you'd have well because some people though you know that it's no fault of their own but if we're being really honest here if you come from a really bad family environment and depending on from from where and what happened. That's something that you should be aware of before you get into a lifetime commitment with somebody not because you're not gonna do it but because you will be aware of sensitivities of things that are coming of aspects of that you may have talent we were. There might be challenges in your relationship. I wanna know. If i'm gonna marry somebody everything. There is as much as persons willing to tell me. And hopefully that's everything if i'm marrying them Hunter i'm gonna take some phone calls. We'll see people have to say good luck band. I have the radio on and and you can make your life decision in about ten minutes after taking phone calls. Okay good luck. Eight five five five nine one zero. Three five dude is is with somebody for seven months and she's fully in with his family except she won't introduce him to any of her family despite the fantasy says that they're gonna be together forever. That's the intent. Hey bill bill. Good morning what are you saying. I definitely think he should stay. 'cause once kim meet the family you become Expected to go to every single time you have now with just girlfriend might be serious but down the road i mean i don't think it's that simple man. I don't i was brought to you by spirit. Hub uncommon craft delivered whether it's innocent puppies and kittens and situations of Dogs being used in product testing or endangered species for trophies. The humane society of the united states is fighting every day to protect all animals. Their work needs your dedication and support. So they can take on the biggest fights for all them. You can help prevent cruelty right now. Where the one. Time or sustaining gift at prevent cruelty dot com that's prevent cruelty dot com. Visit them today and become a humane hero to all animals hiding you know what is what is so bad that the guy she's gonna marry supposedly can't deal with. That is as soon as you go to the family. You become part of the drama in you. Automatically take her south. Yeah i would enjoy the time you hear right now before all that angry. What did you find out that somebody her family is a terrible awful criminal or something and and you had to live with that because you're associated by moses by default but you still gotta you still don't know what you're dealing with family you guys going to judge me. Yes no. i'm going to marry you. And i don't know if there's something really terrible going on and she didn't do that but i have a right to know. I still have a right for her. Not to not that long day talk seven. They're talking about being together forever. You're having conversations like this is serious. Yeah oh macy's slow the relationship down then. I think they should just smoke a jay and chill because this is too much something here that i don't like. Thank you have a good day bill. Yes paulina okay. I think that there's something there that she doesn't want him to see. I get that and everything but what what's going to happen the family or he's gonna meet the family at the wedding that to me is is not nice. She gets to pick and choose access. He has to her life when he's given everything. I'm saying every family's different. Maybe he comes from super. Loving family understands family. He talked to his mom every willing to meet his family. Then i think we would have sack is like okay your family. You want me to meet them. Meet them. But i'm not ready for you to meet mine. I think that they both can control those situations. And it's nice that she's willing to hang out with his. Hey selena i go yes girl. So a few years ago i was dating. This guy who didn't introduced does family for almost a year because he was dating another person's That happens or maybe. Maybe there's something about her that her family might reveal like if it's dating or some sort of aspect first of her past that she's not telling him about. She's editing her life. I don't like it. I don't like what is she hiding. Been a year. Y'all deeper shady. Thank you sleep. have a good day. I thought i was thinking. Maybe he's another relationship or or he or sorry she is or maybe she doesn't really took them serious. Like we think this whole forever thing. I'm already like you gotta meet the family. The parents i didn't see a point. I would get it if if he's pushing his family on her and she's like no but she's all in on his side you know. She wants to be immersed in his part in in his stuff. So why is she not reciprocating. And if it's something like I'm not ready. Or i don't like them or there's some good skeleton in the closet will then all she has to do is tell him that and this conversation is mood. He's probably okay. she's not telling him anything. So what does that mean. Hey naomi morning. What if you want to say what are you think. Okay so i think seven months okay. Yeah maybe a little maybe not for some but coming close to year. You need to find out because i have a feeling. She's her side piece Something else going on in the family knows another guy As the guy and he's just you know this accessory but a seven months seven months. Id's i mean yeah happens all the time and she met and she met his family for come on now like really no. I dated somebody who met my parents in which eating because she might she would argue. She wasn't cheating that you know it wasn't as you guys official. Oh yeah but you know. We weren't as serious as i thought it would it but hit your comings. I mean my family like what do you think that means i feel like there'd be more shady situations he would. He told us about it not just meeting her family. You know saying didn't seem like he felt like yeah exactly like she's not oh she doesn't she's let me see your phone or she doesn't let me Contact your on tuesdays and thursdays or something like that. You know what. I'm saying stays. Everybody knows what happens on tuesdays and thursdays some naomi. Thank you for listening. Have a great day. Hey ryan recording. Hi good morning. You've been in this situation just to recap of you just tuning in this guy in sayer go he. He's been dating a woman for seven months. They both acknowledge according to him that they're the ones that they're going to get married and she's all in with his family's met them. I guess hangs out with them. According to his note to us yet he at her family's off limits to him completely. He wants to know why you should go. But i mean he's got to figure this out for himself. I honestly don't think he's telling the full story. I mean if they're claiming that each other are the one You know something's not adding up like how do you not have that conversation break breakdown. What what exactly is it that. Why can i not be your family. You really think like it's going to hurt our relationship. Some way of how successful authority and like you said seven months. I mean there's plenty of people. Have i know but crap and whatnot but like you know you're gonna find somebody else that's gonna wanna to introduce you to family gonna take pride in you. I can think of your lack of worth for seven months. And he had brought up the they're talking about marriage staff and the one thing and all that then i would say it's too soon and he needs to pump the brakes but but they're apparently you know hot and heavy and serious and if that's truly mutual then that changes this then he has a right to know what's going on everything a hundred percent concern. I mean you got a lot of good points like from everywhere and like it's kind of hard to say stay or go. But i mean like i said what i said before. He's gotta have that conversation and and really breakdown that berry like not not made 'em hey i don't mean your family oak do it. You gotta have that conversation and see where everything lives. 'cause i say that is that five piece but there's there's something that's not quite right with this situation. I agree thank you ryan have a great day. Thank you got eight amy. good morning. Welcome to the show. How are you kidding berio. I think he's he's gotta go In my past relationship. I didn't meet family until like nine months the years and it was such ideological differences between the family. And the that we're gonna be together rather like four and a half years after that anyway but it was never it was like. We're always trying to fix something. You can't pick your family your family and i feel like maybe that's that. She knows that they won't get along. And if they are talking about the future than like that's something to think of your family and your significant other and you don't really see eye to eye. It's let's say this is all on the up and up right. Let's say that there's no cheating and they really like each other and they really feel the same way about each other than i feel like. She's kicking something down that kicking the can down the road. Whatever it is. There's something whether he won't be accepted whether it is religion or it's his race or whether it's or whether there's something fundamental here that's being avoided and want to know what that is because in fact we're talking about being together forever but i you know he's gonna find out on maury povich. What i think are more easy going more excited. Yeah he's actually dna tests involved or we're gonna find out there on here and we're gonna fight. In fact i wish you wouldn't go. Don't go on more income right here. No problem we got chairs. You can throw in everything Thank you amy. have a great day. Glad you call it Listen to entertain report. And then she'll shelly is here on the show. One three five one every five. Kiss up out. The latest entertainment news is on the fred shown. Says he still feels guilty about death panels in vegas to see him. Fight bruce seldon. The night he died in a drive by shooting. Ninety six and mike says he feels like he really pressured him to be there so mike wanted to walk the ring with accustomed to attract played in the mgm. Grand switch just need to take a second to appreciate how amazing that is on. He says he pestered him to bring the actual tape like the recording which is very timely old-timey on and after the fight mike plan to join him at six six to nightclub where the rapper was shot. He said he only changes plans because he'd recently had a baby and decided to go home to his family so sad sort of the bachelorette for those really something i can i It was very bad. David really bad and A little guilty but commented fight meet crushing them for being taken off the tape. You know and i go out with him. Then they apartments six two of them they by just a little baby on a model of Provoked me to stay home. So i stayed with the baby. Someone called me at night and told me that happened and this is just what we do. You know i come to my senses. That come to mind jack and i know who i i know what my elements about and my word is what happens in my world. This is what happens in my world. Alad parnham. I want my word. This happens jessica. It was to attach to it. It was different so it's kind of like two reasons. He pressured him to come to the fight and then he pitched him so. I don i guess maybe he feels like me at this club or that was it. I don't know a lot about two bucks. I know you do but that was that was going to happen. One way or another. I was about beef. What and that wasn't like a random occurrence. I mean yes i guess. We'll they don't know. Who's but i feel like there. Was that was premeditated like it was there was. That wasn't just a one off deal. There was be for. Maybe something going on behind the scenes. Like me yeah. If it hadn't happened there may have happened somewhere else somewhere else. I'd be maybe not you know. I don't know i guess i would feel guilty to but obviously he needs to let that go because there was a long time ago So the cast of the sopranos is reuniting for a good cause kristof series creator david cheese. We'll be joined by more than a dozen cast members including jamie lynn. Sigler who you have a crush on her rush on his show and see bush emmy for a friday night event to benefit friends of firefighters. A group founded after nine eleven to support active and retired. fred. I'm here to tell you how to be the guy. Sure to get the exclusive. Invite to social bubble. This holiday season impressed with the best uncommon craft spirits from spirit hub. Delivered to your door see stories behind. The distilleries inspired recipes at of course. Great spirits on spirit. Hub dot com spirit hub uncommon craft delivered please enjoy responsibly fisher house. If i had a chance to talk to the fisher family. I would start crying. Because i can't articulate how much it meant to us. Your house is to comfort home for military and veteran families staying at no charge allowing the family to be together to support their loved one during medicine prices. It's enough to help. You thrive through these hard situation. Go to fisherhouse dot org for more info and how you might help. That's fisherhouse dot org. In new york city firefighters and their families the event will include the live reading of a new scotch from cheese and six does writer. Terence winter the fundraiser. If you wanna watch air seven pm eastern six central on till tomorrow. I didn't even know what that was. So die In an upcoming prequel the many saints of newark The young tony soprano will be played by. Michael gandolfini james son. He passed twenty thirteen his dad. So you guys have all seen by now. Naomi campbell her has met suit. Have you seen that photo okay. I'm obsessed with the in. The beginning of the she famously wore one on to a museum like not even to fly but she also wears them to fly. Well she was asked. You know like where she gets them. Because i'm sure people want them. She buys them in bulk and their subscriptions so they just keep coming to her house. Any photo because i thought i had seen it but yet she has matt service seen picture. Yeah yeah there. She is a long building she she goes to museums. That's how she leaves her apartment. Which is amazing. Yeah they just keep coming in and there was one point where they stopped because they ran out and she's freaking out. She had nowhere to go but she must be some sort of proper morton checkout online today. Katy perry majorly changed. Her hair. Felina thinks the hockey back And i'm response to obama. I guess obama was wrapping one of his songs. Eminem responded that's on french. Radio dot com is figure. The t i got the new one for you guys. It's there's a woman who rehabilitates wild animals and she has a t t dedicated to leave which is a beaver own. That she has re ability is is in the process of rehabilitating. I don't know the whole story about beef fairly. She found him and the intention I guess he's not a pet like she'd she's trying to raise him and allow him to be a beaver in her home so that he can be released back into the wild but like he'd dams he damn stuff in the house you know how they damn from like he'll take anything he can find and he'll build dams in the house and then she gives him like little pieces of balsa wood and he just nauseam all down into sawdust or whatever. And i guess he's young now so he's not he has hormones aren't like yeah he's a full beep so he's like hormones having ramped up but as soon as he turns into like a man goes from boy to man. I guess we'll start getting mean use their p in like something drink or something or if some foods i swear ingredient and a lot of food or something i gotta look it up and they call it something else. So people don't realize beaver pissed off the bar track beaver p vanilla flavoring. The fda regards cast caster eum as natural flavoring. All on. it's really from the beavis. Yeah it's all it's from. Their butts is a castor oil. Is that what it is. But no c. A. s. t. o. r. e. m. kastoria and beaver but secrete a goo- called kastoria m- which animals use mark their territory. But it's the fda calls it natural flavoring That happened that this guy discovered proven slavery. I think we could use this. No shit carries him like but right now. He's okay but she. She was saying in a video days. He's gonna get mean when and then she likes i guess let them go eventually and he goes off and his teenage years. He gets the hand to your algorithm is nice and friendly tiktok animals a lot of farm animals so happy to i a good mixture of man. I guess sports cards. I got all kinds of stuff. I get yesterday. Criminal hacks part one lot of pilot stuff. Let it airplane stuff. I get Smokey robinson went to this guy's a motown star. If you're not familiar with smokey's work i mean if you are a certain age. I dunno fifties above. Maybe than this guy would have been part of your childhood. I mean a lot of hits. Smokey robinson he's on the tiktok he's on the cameo rallies he's probably on tiktok too but a guy named jeff purchase his mom video greeting from smokey on cameo for three hundred and fifty bucks is mom grew up on the same detroit street as the famous singer. Ask that smoking. Wish his mom. A happy hannukah Hannukah spelled in this case c. h. a. u. c. h. a. an uk hr yeah as opposed to hanukkah spell both ways i guess this is the message that surprise this smokey robinson. I was contacted by your son's jeff. Kerr they told me that. Used to live in detroit across from me. and gosh. that's that's beautiful and they want me to wish you happy to nuke idea is happy governor. George to publicist as he's like i don't they know what it was. But he's hitting threes. I have to his sons jeff and jer. Only that use. Gosh that's that's beautiful and they want me to wish you happy to basit so man you on twitter. Now join t. new lady He's probably not all that tech savvy but if you can make if you can record a tiktok that he can take a word. You don't know and put it in google and do the google pronunciation of figure out what the hell the other thing is. If i'm a big celebrity. He's older it'd be doesn't care but i'm not i'm not going to get set up to say something stupid you know so i'm gonna make sure i'm going to have somebody or myself. I'm a research what i'm being asked to say so that i don't wind up like this google. Will you also hannukah spelled or pronounced or whatever knows all the time. I see where it's all the timer things i don't own and i'll like look it up on google fi saying half the time i still say wrong but like anyway And then we have this Famous this is also a cameo famous. Ufc ring announcer. bruce. Buffer isn't the brother of the son of michael buble. This brother little brother. Michael buffer was good ball. He's got sued for it Michael buffer copyright was paid two hundred ninety nine dollars on cameo to record a break-up message for a fan and this is what he did time to find the time line anywhere as good as i should have this pulled out but now Marvan ride with mark mcgrath. Those a cameo too. I thought it was really. Oh i don't know ask someone. Didn't he come out and say somebody said set him up or something here get his mark. Band sheared off the charts. But always in your hearts this cameo was booked by cheyenne and she wants to know a few things. And this is a little difficult for me to say. Because it's the first one of these i've done but she wants to hear no. You mean a lot to her. You mean the world to her but she's having difficulty staying in this long distance relationship. It's been on the road for years with my wife a long time. That biggest arguments. The biggest obstacles in our relationships is the distance between us. It makes it very difficult around the road And it's hard for. John is trying to let you know it's very tough for her to stay in this relationship. She still cares about you a lot. You never know what the future may never know. Wants to be friends with you. You cares about you very very fake than heated. know at the time because he looks really tortured. He's really like stumbling over his words. He was trying to see if he would read it but he was a fake. Like fake to see if he'd do it. Hold on i'm reading on it. Can you decline a tiktok tries to get you to like. Speak out against somebody. You don't hear 'cause or something. yeah. Because i don't know just watching this washing hit. He's really struggling. And i don't think he's that good of an actor so mark mcgrath is like a music knowledge expert though he has an encyclopedia like the guy is incredible. He knows like you went on jeopardy when they had any win every time because he just knows everything very knowledge story on this thing He got set up anyway. Whoa research this off the eight five five five nine one one or three five showbiz. Shelly is here next. Play the showdown for one hundred and three dollars fifty cents. If you sabir four game win streak on the fred show. What oh three five one three five kiss. You have what it takes to battle showbiz shelly. In the showbiz showdown eight five five five nine one one zero three five. If you wanna play the game. I keep forgetting to tell people to call these days. I just assumed that dislike everybody in the world. Now's everybody knows what we're doing votes in the whole wide world. So if you'd like to take on showbiz. Shelly call now shelly. Good morning. good morning. I just keep forgetting to get people to play against you. I just did that oughta this. Because that's what i thought. I thought you said the number. Nobody called and i was like. Oh no i mean it doesn't happen these days and just really never know these days. What's going to happen to out. I'm just never truly aware of what what the new day will bring you know some days. It's like nothing works some days you wake up. It's like hey come in two days some days it's like you don't have to leave your bed your underwear you know other you just never know you just never know shelly How are you doing. I'm doing good. How are you guys doing right. We're just lining up display here. We go in through the entrance interview you know. We asked him a lot of personal questions before they come on the program. Like what's your name. where are you from. Have you received the vaccination yet. A lot of people are wondering about that. Here we go. Hey kaelin in palatine. Good morning how you doing excellent. What's going on unit car or are you going to work. I guess what do you do that. You have to actually go their customer service plumbing companies. So we're essential. Well you are some have is my calling kaelin get over here right now Okay so it's five questions. Chile has won four straight games. Three eighty four twenty-seven her overall record and the prize of course one hundred and three dollars and fifty cents. Are you ready. caitlyn. Alice play caitlyn. Good luck thank you. Shelly off to her sound booth proves she is taking her headphones off. Here we go question number one who hosted. Snl for the first time over the weekend in a new photo. Sasha obama looks amazing and all grown up. What's your sister's name. Why did shawn mendez. Publicly apologized to sam smith. Oh i have no clue. A game of thrones prequel is in the works which network aired game of thrones and adam. Brody is forty-one. Today adam rose to fame after playing seth cohen on this teen drama in the early two thousand three one more. Oh you were. We got three three which is good but you were so close to for all right. Well you'll see in a second and then you'll be like hello hi shelley. Three three was the score. Okay okay you ready. I'm ready s. l. For the first time over the weekend timothy salomon a new photo. Sasha obama looks amazing and all grown up. What is your name. Malia shut mendez publicly apologized to sam. Smith oh he introduced him with the wrong correct. Romania game of thrones prequel the works which network aired game of thrones and adam brody is forty one today adam rose to fame after playing seth cohen on this teen drama in the early two thousands. One caitlyn goes. Oh she didn't know the answer. It's like whoa. we're so close Caitlyn you have to say. Caitlin showed up on the showdown showed up on the showdown with the girl was good. I mean we grill. Hang griller for the whole thing Caitlyn hang on and have a great day. I'm glad you Playing thanks for listening and have a good day to plumbing place. Okay shelley boy. You some tired today shelly. Like you sound like how about how about how she's like. Oh man. I lost so refresh about how soon to be honest. How how soon before the showbiz showdown you wake up. Honestly five minutes. I wake up at six thirty. No i wake up between six thirty and seven through my little prepping stuff stuff. See what's going on mendez discipline. Because let me tell you shops like when we were working from home for a day. That's how it started started with okay. I'm gonna get up at the normal time in lay in my bed and do my our prep like i do every single day and then it was like well saying there's forty five minutes before and then it was thirty minutes before and before long. It was like rodney earned. Four minutes crawl my ass in there and start talking so you have tremendous discipline being able to get up at home and like actually More have tremendous -iety and i can't imagine waiting till five minutes to get on to do it. I need to peters not gonna were. Nothing's in the log in and the power was out at my house howard. We thought of every single contingency for this. What am i gonna do helical. Chick generator can't do. But i wish. I had this kind of discipline when i was a kid because i was the i i i have anxiety but yet for some reason i wasn't the kid couldn't go to sleep until all my homework was done now guy. Everything has to be done before i go to bed and then i have to have a bunch of stuff done before you even walk in the door here because if i don't i feel way behind so i gotta lay in bed for like an hour and respond to emails and like i got a clear the board to walk in here. I if i had been disciplined as a kid. I probably would have gone to harvard. I s. i would've would've been bennett on the bachelorette which we started talking about this morning but it to be completely honest i did for some reason. You guys can fill me in watching a mental all apart. Because they're just such bitches. He went hard. He went hard and they were yelling at each other. And that guy with the with the mustache. It's just a little wimp and like wait. They're all bad beard going. They got kicked off like came back for like last night. I didn't have air conditioning in the room. Either all sweating this claire back to or yell at tayshia. You want to hear my prediction by the way claire in and dale my prediction. I don't know this. Obviously because it's real time now they're not gonna work out and she can wind up with the bearded guy or the blake guy. She gonna wind up with one of the rejects beard. Oh the biggest beard guy got kicked off last night with the with chin beard. Yeah blake blake. Made the clay weiner think so and then there's the guy shouldn't like right down his deepest darkest secrets and then burn the nfl player loss. On that way yes kaelin. You would've loved it last night because they talked to like a crystal experts crystal reverse cowgirl and teach other sky crystals because those are for sexy time had a red one and a reds one red blinking. red ones the matrix rentals and blue crystal. You may only me. I'm gonna watch today. I wasn't feeling their bs last night. The second part of it is just. I don't know i can't deal with them Anyway shelly on at noon. What do you have coming up today. I'm thinking of talking about the origins of chanuka. What he thinks gases. I do ask laughing. When i first saw that video. What is unlike no. There's no way that he's all god is and that's what happened. Crazy nights of sound Let's not even smoking hookah song trade and not know about contact son. Jeff told me that used to live in detroit across the street from me and beautiful and they want me to wish you. Happy nica is nuclear. George lucas. four times. Four times he went on it. You don't know what it is if you don't know what it is anyway. The best part is like he had to like read over. Be like chanuka me. Sheriff saying this new car real quick search winter revealed what he what he should have said. But i'm really glad he didn't Shelly we'll soon have a great day. Okay i hope you enjoyed shinyuka. This year Twenty four k golden. Good news stories next the fred. Show her the. Fred show is on one zero. Three five kiss up comes feels good. Good use positive stories. We every day on the show in which she got. Yeah so well. Smith season two of his snapchat series. Which i did not know about will from home from your yesterday for at the season two premiere. Well broader along jason derulo to shock fourteen year old aiden who was diagnosed with cancer. In april aden's father chuck goes with him to weekly chemo treatments to. Kobe usually stands outside the room and dances to make him laugh. I feel like we have done that story. So derulo taught Shock and eight. New dance moves then. Big surprise will had chuck and eight and a box that was delivered to them and it was a. Ps spy you. Okay so cool. Yeah i mean you know he's deserve. That's what i'm saying. You have got a ps five. It is awesome though is something he and his dad can do together. Because he's a warrior fighting cancern at ten k. donation was also made to cook children's medical center. Where he's receiving chemo for cancer. That's awesome that's so cool. Sounds pretty deserving could afford these chapelle shows when rico's and he plays the kid in video games and the kid can make a wish for dave dicamba and like just keeps beating him. And it's like do you don't mean i'm the guy that's a bit ahead of the curve and with the holidays coming fast. I'm here to fill you in on another big secret. Talk show kind of sewers. Rejoice you've got spirit hub. Enjoy the world of uncommon craft with their comprehensive selection of old favorites like whisky and vodka. To unique lakers. Like mabel syrup glazed barrel. Jin spirit hub connects independent distilleries with you visit. Spirit hub dot com today. Spirit hub uncommon craft delivered enjoy responsibly. Fisher house if i had a chance to talk to the fisher family. I would start crying. Because i can't articulate how much it meant to us is to comfort home for military and veteran families hanging at no charge allowing the family to be together to support their loved one during a medicine prices. It's enough to help. You thrive through these hard situation. Go to fisherhouse dot org for more info and how you might help. That's fisherhouse dot org. No you'd some youtube rubio kid deserves. Ps by then some by the way speaking of of that Lurie children's hospital on thursday We we've never dunkin if he never dunkin so forever. Larger coffee sold between. What was it in the morning at five. Am new Then one dollar will be donated to ann and robert h lurie children's hospital of chicago so thursday donkin five eight noon Go get a coffee larger. Xl coffee there. You go So this is very cool. idea A letter writing initiative that cease bundles of uplifting personal notes being delivered to individuals in need of kind words is back with its twelve days of letter writing campaign and you can join him there for more days to go On the more love letters december dr organization says we need your cursive to make this year. The most impactful. Yeah so you sign up each morning. You'll find a new letter requests. You'll then have a day to write your letter to someone who might be feeling lonely or need extra encouragement in the form of a handwritten note and corrects many letters as you would like so It started. I guess way back in the day when the founder published a simple question on her blog. Do you need someone to write you. A love letter today The inbox was filled with heartbreaking stories. That one question changed my life forever. She they spent the next year writing hundreds of love letters to strangers and all parts of the world. Now they're forty two thousand members of this group facebook group m. l. l. is what it's called and And you can join to and then you can write a letter to somebody who More letters might be having a hard time. It could use a little positive message because an isolated from somebody a more letters on face. Fred show turned out. Lie studios in america's greatest city in kfc fm chicago when entering five kiss. Fm radio station Everybody tuesday december fifteenth. Fred shows high. Paulina good morning owner. Boehner deals in the other room waiting by the phone. I know second date for this couple. We'll get to next the entertainment report after this. Very famous artist and icon sad. That fan tried to kill her. Well i guess you probably shouldn't say fan. A man tried to kill her and to her real fans saved her life. I'll tell you this wile tease masterclass thing. I noticed that. I can't wait to hear. These stories are enough money. Why were you left waiting by the phone alexa. How are you doing well. good morning. Welcome to waiting by the phone. Tell us about your date with chris. all about it's where you guys stand now everything on a dating up and we talked for policy weak and then we ended up going out for dinner and drinks and we had a really good time and i mean i saw. He felt the same because he was texting me law And then just one day. He'd completely like stop texting me like it was like check back and forth like pretty much right away but then like there's a couple of hours of between the few vendors nothing and i just i don't know what happened and he's not responding to me so i'm hoping you can help me out okay. So he's got him frustrating and you want to know what's going on so we'll call him. You'll be on the phone. I don't want anything right at first but at some point definitely jumping on the call and hopefully we can figure out what's going on and said she base up on another day to we'll pay for everything okay. Can i hang on for second. Let's find out what's going on next after. Post vallone on the fred show. What are three five plus own three five kiss. Fm chicago's number one hit music station. It's the fred show alexa welcome back. Let's go chris guys app. I didn't talk for a while. went on this date. You thought really well. And now the communications simpson. His trickled off. And there's nothing goes to do you want to know why we're gonna call him now. Good luck hi chris. Hey chris fred calling from the morning radio show on kiss. Fm star. bother you. But i have to tell you before we go any further that we are on the radio. And i would need your permission to continue with the calls. It okay if we keep going Sure thank you. i'll hear about alexa girl. He met on a dating app and went on a day with not too long ago. Do you remember alexa. Yeah i remember her okay perfect because she reached out to us and told us that she'd met you in likes you and the other day when well and she hasn't heard from usa sedate and she was kind of curious. Why and if we could find out what's going on okay. Yeah so we went out one time Honestly pretty good time whether then after the date and then we'll social stocking you know like you do checking out the facebook name or whatever and and i stumbled across Her interest page and also kind of roaming through that and found. She had an entire board dedicated her wedding ingle yet. But lots of single girls still do. It's like You know scrapbook or like a vision board or something. I just creeped me out startled. But i would kind of be like you're yeah you're years away from being married for the same reason you would look at it through a bridal magazine just to like look addresses because you like wedding dresses and their prettier. This is public for everyone to see right. Everyone sees it. Feels like a little bit of like an expectation. If you're seeing this girl with you what. I think most people when they go out the expectation is eventually they'll get married to be together forever for a long time or something like that. So i don't know if that's unfair but It sounds like a pretty common thing. I like that alexis here by the way What word girl has stuff like that. We wouldn't magazines or watching. You know one of those shows on tv or they go shopping. It's just not fine engaged. Might come across something on the internet. Where you think. Oh that would be cute to have at my wedding one day so you pin it you know so you don't forget what it was or you can reference it it'll take you said they give a surprise at girls. Think about weddings but public process enough for you. Wanna go on a second day whether i mean what is your ambition. Is your ambition just to date forever. I mean i guess it's that the wedding thing isn't that farfetched to me. I don't. I don't know you've never met a girl. You gonna one day outside of that and then you know her main interesting. I mean her. That board had the most pins on phillix. You spend all her time. You know thinking about this wedding sometimes people just because it's a time waster and it's something to do we. She's obsessed with pinterest anyway by the way i have. I have a pinterest account. So i can look at other people's pitches to count for gift ideas. I do have that which is smart actor. Yeah i think it's a great place. You know to look at things. But i i. Just you know creeped me out. I don't know all right so you say it's kind of a weird reason you're otherwise you can't get over the you know the aggressive Pinterest wedding pins and go on a second day where they're at least see if you you know since you had a good time with the first one no it was too much for me to mile. Okay well there you have it alexa. Yeah i like it's an excuse. I mean it seems so ridiculous that it seems like it. I don't care anymore. it's what it is then by. No chris answering thanks for your time alexa. Best of luck to you. All right entertain report next after surf may sell what. Oh three five Five kiss up elitists. Entertainment news is on the fred. Shown it's brought to you by lurie children's hospital so it was share in my tease. So i guess some guy. She was performing on broadway. Some guy was at the back entrance told her that he wanted to shake your hand. She shook his hand putting saturn pushing her down the alley and said he was gonna kill her crazy so there was no one around but then to fans of hers turned the corner and saved her life. She says that those fans later became her friends. So i need to do is save taylor swift and then we'll be. Yes even twin taylor a lot or you taylor stuff taking taylor. I don't think i'm on the on the like what is it called. When you're on twitter and follow like a thread guate-. I don't know i don't know if she will ever see that but i just got save her life and then she'll notice me number just give it to you. It's been holding damn big girl. Without the worse little girl average average girl really got a lot of ways. I just went skinny girl. Hey hey little girl. I'll just call you skinny girl from john. Look we just had that sexual harassment training the other day. I'm afraid honestly so. They make us watch this this. They don't make good idea. You know. I understand like and they're doing it to cover their ass. The company with the watches to training about what we you know how we can can act in the office. And i watched it last night. You guys have done it. Previously and now. I'm afraid to speak to anyone. Like i'm i'm afraid that anything i say could be. I mean like relate to any of those scenarios that were bad though. I don't know come around the corner asking me if i like my shift and wanna keep it. You want to keep your ship. Yeah 'cause i gotta go pick my daughter. I got to take this training. This scenarios with actors and they're showing and it's very uncomfortable to watch so cringe and i understand. They want us to see stuff. I mean everybody needs to see the way that you can. I can act any office. I understand that but it's forty minutes a very bad acting and very very uncomfortable scenarios. You have to watch because around the corner you like either in a warehouse they touches. Her elbow is like do you like your shift. And he's like she's like yeah like multi want to keep it funny but Happens in my house like inappropriate there was one with the boss who was trying to get the girl to go out to dinner with him after work. And imagine being in an actually. That's why i'm saying. I understand why this training exists but like they found the creepiest guys to be the typecasting because the guys were like super creepy. That we're doing this. Oh god jeff so. I'm afraid to call you big girl little girl girl girls from any of those you and we'll be all right. Just keep your eyes. Let's keep i shift. And i'll just go on like we're going to be okay. So jeff bridges revealed a newly shaved had in his latest health update. He wrote feeling good shave. My head got a puppy. Monty had a birthday. Seventy one man always like meet his tweets in his voice He told us back in october that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma also shared a link to no kid. Hungry seeing the health of our children can serve as a compass letting us know if we're on course or not are off course so he gave us an update and also you know plugged charity which is very Racially cook man. The star of one thousand nine hundred ninety nine. She's all that you guys think. I look like her. I don't look for you. i don't know. She joined the remake all that cook. Now dear god why she will. She'll addison rae. Mother feel old. Now we do you. Oh he's pretty. The daughters so anderson raised pretty one. And then there's gonna make what is. Is it going to be pretty prints juniors old enough that. I can't remember when i saw that movie watch. I watch it all so good when i get real union. Look him random cameos. But yeah so i almost said well. What else is she doing. But she was in netflix Love guaranteed which was the number one most watch film of netflix in september. So i guess she didn't need to do the movie she just. I don't know. I mean if you're going to remake the movie someone from the cat like someone has to be in it. You know. I feel like you have to cosign this year. Really quick Guardians of the galaxy star star lord. Because that he's bisexual. I don't know who that is by. Oh okay yeah he Chris pratt plays star. Lord and i guess the character is by and They say that he was by the comic book. I don't know. I don't know that we knew that. But they also won't say if the preferences will be shown in the film. But it's a start i guess. So they're coming out and saying i don't know it's a start. Hopefully they do show you know his love story in the next come so i didn't know that who he played so he plays star award his. Yeah that's god that sounds nerdy. Peter quill but his His name is start. Lord he goes. It's it's it's an ongoing joke. Because nobody knows who star lord his. And that's i stand by star. Lord books as much as i thought i did. I don't know i feel great franchise. It's a great movie. I've tried so hard to look at. I desperately wanna like comic books and video games for that matter. The comments but i mean i enjoy all the marvel movies all the dc movies. I don't read anything. The comics just you know so i. It's kind of like how you say. Fred like you read and then you watch the movie and it's just like oh there's a lot missing from the move from the movie that there was a book so often find. The book is better than for me. Like i don't have that. I don't have that t number like oh man. They took out a whole chapter of this book and the movie responded to the movies. Fine with me. So i'm fine with the way the movie is You don't know the difference so you really can't say well that's why don't you can't say one way or the other because you don't bother to read that's why because reading is good Mortar check online today. Katy perry changed. look again. Paulina says the hot. Katie is back also Obama is an eminem fan who knew and so Gave them a little shout out. That's on fresh show. Radio dot com for christmas kaelin Maybe you should talk to someone and you open it. And you're like really. Don't know the book i've been talking about late. Therapist lady routed about her experience as a therapist. Yes as soon as i'm done with a punishable face by calling joost it will read. Maybe you should talk to someone. But i can tell you do need to talk to someone. That's the point of the book. Okay no the book is no no the next book i bought you which is definitely go. Talk to someone. That was the message but no this is not. It's about a it's written by a therapist about being therapist that stories about people who went to therapy and then her own staff. 'cause you're if you go to therapy then and you've heard us talk about it because we go You've heard us talk about wanting to know like at some point after years of telling this personnel. Your stuff it's like well amir your stuff. This is unfair. This only goes one way. I want to hear what you're up to. I love that. I can give to people after i read them to. And so i'm gonna give that to my mom. Who's the therapist. So i think that will be good. Also my friend has two therapists. Should i be doing that really. Yes isn't a psychiatrist and a psychologist. Oh no she has well. She has a trauma therapist. Which i definitely have my fair share. And then she's a regular therapist. So do i need specifically to. I mean i'm like now. I'm thinking like god. I gotta get a whole team of therapies. Police therapist therapist. Yeah i need to know if i need like. How do you afford all this. I live at home. Squeeze try it. Let me say something own arabic. You'd really be big guy cooking at home. I would be balling so hard if i were paying mortgage no. My thing is obviously therapy. So my therapist works with me on a sliding scale highly recommended to look into it for those who because it is pricey and they have no therapists. I only see like once every two months because it literally is that. It's just like a session and so hard not only does multiple therapists. I mean this is while my add a team people. Antioch team deal making moves Move the bags around was on last night Tayshia got rid of the blake guy. You think blake saw you joy. I love sorry about that story. Oh man late last night a story. We both sauri interesting. I can say four eastern european like french-canadian. Maybe very nice story station. She doesn't have feelings for sorry addition and more confidence situation. I says relationships so she sends him home. Sends this other dude home. Riley guy said. I think riley was the guys you. I really hit his turtleneck isn't he. Yeah he's a boy eh fake name like he chose. He's from detroit new york and he tried to argue with her about him to be kind of tried to be like well. Why why reminding mean invite you to just get away get away. Just just say thank you leave in a limo until you give them. Some of this is in front of her though. Tried to reason with her. And it's like you're done you're right now in the limo. Suv drive right drive in circles until you start cry torture They just keep prying into. They're doing they make you see like I know some shows do it like Gordon ramsey's cooking shows like the four like hell's kitchen. You get braided all the time. So before you leave. You have to see a therapy to talk to somebody interview. I don't know. I mean you're on you're on this show and then heartbroken and your mental state might not be good along neal lane. They should also have a therapist that they work when And a doctor medical doctor on a lot of things Pants sure that. I'm sure there is one sort of some physician to get an se. Check before you go on. Show good mental health. Like i told you about. But i'm saying leaving the show like you wanna make sure. I'm harvard bennett. He came back spoiler alert for no reason because she got rid of him again but he explained to all the guys back started with this really strange bizarre. Walk out of here. I had a really emotional time ultimately come to the conclusion that i was going to be written off as this. You know harvard d. bag. That that i certainly am not. I felt like there was a lot of unfinished business. Least so Went to see tayshia and told her. I loved her and now the following day i received a note saying that my my words meant to lock and she liked to see me at the rose ceremony where she proceeded to send them home from last week because he was coming he got no but then he came back and then he explained to the guy because he got ticked off then he walks in the room with all guys that either less. Go really tough doing here. So he has to explain to them why he's back and then it didn't matter because he got kicked off Kicked him off twice back again. The whole follow up. Did you see cler- clergy not. Come on with. Joseph was there. You'll say neal was the guy who was mean to clare. Even though he said he was very mean in his approach but most of what he said was true. Yeah and he could have said differently but nonetheless here is a yosef. Not being willing to apologize declare. I rarely do this. I to try to help you help yourself. I've seen a lot of crazy stuff twenty years. But hey it's fred. I'm here to tell you how to be the guy. Sure to get the exclusive invite to the social bubble this holiday season press with the best uncommon crafts spirits from spirit hub. Delivered to your door see stories behind. The distilleries inspired recipes at of course. Great spirits on spirit. Hub dot com spirit hub uncommon craft delivered please enjoy responsibly fisher house. If i had a chance to talk to the fisher family. I would start crying. Because i can't articulate how much it meant to us. House is to comfort home for military and veteran families staying at no charge allowing the family to be together to support their loved one during medicine prices enough to help. You thrive through these hard situation. Go to fisherhouse dot org for more info and how you might help. That's fisherhouse dot. Org was really not a good look it just the way. The weight escalated the way you spoke. I would love if you could just see that and just be like you know what i do. See that in claire for that. I'm sorry i'm not gonna apologize. I really don't care what these guys really think about me going to stay true to myself. Okay i mean it was bad how he said it was screamed at her. Yeah i would expect more from the oldest bachelorette was a little too much. Yeah the way he spoke to her. I did not care for but everything. He said to her She said you could never be the mother of my children derogatory so she said it was interesting but i i mean the whole thing. I don't like her guy who is trying to make the coup like whatever the volt against players kenny. Kenny who is he should have spoken her that way. There's no doubt about that But you know he. I think he would have gotten the same response from her if he had said those things to her even though she deserved to hear them He just sort of said the should have said them differently. And then i think that would have been a pretty easy opportunity to say right there. Hey i shouldn't spoken to her that way. My bad on that but by the way. I meant everything i said. Yeah that probably would have gone over okay. But she wasn't there like it's not like he was confronting her. Yeah she's busy trying to get pregnant by dale trying to yes she said. Oh my gosh. I'm totally on the pill and then you know. Take the entire month. Tst new story alert not new story. Just like sal. He saw he saw something. Dated before. Where you know the i'm like. Hello oh there's a few less ladies need to consider. Now you d i take. I take a different medicine all the time. I don't know i don't know. Would you take the male pill absolutely one hundred percent. I would okay. What about you. People forget or whatever. But if you forget and i like that's that's the burden of a woman. There isn't a male alternative there is. It's a condom. But i'm saying as far as the only if you make a joint decision in a relationship that that's the contraception. You're going to use them. That's on you. And that's that's a burden and i get that but if that's the choice that you either take it or you don't and if you don't if you miss it or you don't or you're not you're way behind than you gotta be like. Raise your hand and say hey way behind we gotta do something else here as opposed to. Psa antibiotics make it not effective. Sorta something else. I saw this week to repeat fever. Be respond that affects birth control. You can't yeah. It's bad idea trending stories. What oh three five surprise anybody but there's a vaccine scam already number of colored vaccine scams already I got that and the most hated cities in the country in. What's trending in and more nuts. I i watched. The masterpiece feels radio masterclass. And that's why the tease was so good. Did you work before you met him. Last twenty years. Before i met him were absolutely worthless was only i met him. Things are you're just wheeling and dealing out here blooming even rubio's going to even the man who taught me how to tease going to hang around to see the conclusion of. Yeah thank you so much. You're okay. I made the professor. I made a brown We'll do it next. Fred show stuff on one three five kiss. Fm is what's trending because of my incredible tease. Everybody's still hanging around. Yeah i mean i'm excited. Everybody in the room listening. You guys the people who are paid to be here. You guys still hung around. I'll you don't want to keep leaning girl. It's been a little bit. that'd be great. Sure a lot of companies have to do this. You know this is various training for legal reasons or whatever in this one about the harassment. Again a lot of people probably see it like you know. Yeah i get it but it just the the presentation as They had they played out these scenarios on the train made us do and it was just. The acting was just really bad and the scenes understandably were very uncomfortable to watch made worse by the creepy as actors weird to do it like this like at this time because there's no it's like bella. They're doing it because at the end you know you click a bunch of boxes and you except like if anything ever happens you can't come back and say we didn't learn. Any of this runs working from home is is it yes. I don't know you j. Keeping their pants on zooms wearing pants in this call more than once how business we've heard about people you know one guy was jeffrey toobin guy the guy wrote for the new yorker or whatever. He didn't have a job anymore because apparently couldn't keep his pants on himself. A mean good lord The first dose of covid nineteen lancet. Say that the first dose of covid nineteen vaccine been administered in the us. The first person inoculated in new. York is an icu. Nurse at long island jewish medical center. She said i feel hopeful today. Relieved healthcare workers around the nation are also getting the shots they gain yesterday. Health experts say that will be months before the vaccine will be widespread enough to make a noticeable dent in the spread of the virus So the question is do you need a covid. Nineteen vaccine if you've already had the virus kaelin sa- question The answer is clear. But i didn't feel good after reading the article and like do i don't a lot of other things. Most experts say. Yes the chief medical officer at web. Md source i use for all medical needs says i have had brain cancer and herbie's and god and that i need my leg amputated says all of those things For various reasons we do not know that we do know that people who have had covert will will have immunity for a period of months to years ram. We just don't know how long right so it could. Last couple of years. It might not experts believe that immunity from the vaccine may be stronger than getting covert and recovering so basically at some point. It's possible you could get it again. So that gives vaccine. I guess he's a right as a safeguard. The better business bureau is warning of scammers trying to make money on the cove nineteen vaccine which i read some like what of course they are the agency says you may receive a phone call text message email or even someone knocking at your door claiming to get you on an early list to get the vaccine. The scammers may promise you a covert nineteen vaccine for a fee or ask you to share your credit card or social But the ftc the federal trade commission says that you likely will not pay for the vaccine out of pocket during the public health emergencies. Don't give your card number. Like i'm dr fauci and i of the vaccine. You know i'll give you the way that he had corona virus. So he can. He can the immunity. Dial in your. Dr he's not he's a family man. I understand and he's not worn here. Warn year Elders in your. It's the people that don't know better President elect joe biden's electoral college. Win was made official yesterday biden past two hundred and seventy vote threshold needed to become president just before five thirty with california's votes pushing him over the top. He ended up with three hundred six president trump to thirty to the same count. The trump beat hillary with four years. Ago i guess the other way round of course And yet. I don't think it's over somehow supposedly. He's we're still doing this again. I tweeted about it yesterday. You know just like hey be down with us. It's not a a an and no one came after me but it's not a political statement is whatever side you're on or moving forward like iriarte people ask the opposing side to move on. You know like just move. So i i'm just as as a guy who's fairly moderate and but really you know I'm just like come on. I try i try and especially in the media you know i just try and kind of stay in the middle and polarizing with the politics. Nobody comes here for that. But all i'm saying is it's over it's over. It's officially over. Maybe you maybe. Somebody's i don't know of anybody rod but whatever it's over it happened it's also the doesn't seem that way but whatever. It's also time to hope that our president does the best he can do. Because wishing that whoever the president is obviously biden now does bad job is not what you want for the country. You know we we did this. We debated s. We went to court over this like. I don't know if you're if you're a trumper. I guess it sucks but here we are. Let's like figure this out so we can get together and get these people that get the big everyone vaccinated or whatever so we can get back to like the the two sides come together. Get a stimulus package for the people man. 'cause it's it's it really is just flat out their own. We're all this and we all want to go back to You know having gatherings and in bars lives and lives and concerts on these name anymore. Cheers hello lou. I'm saying whenever ends vaccinated arm and there's nobody in there that that was nice. That was empty and i wanted to and i also learned. I learned that on rubio's masterclass to paint a picture win win. We're broadcasting to the folks paint. A picture in their heads is over. going for. That picture was an empty boss bar now. Of course it usually is at four. Pm when i go ten years ago fifteen years ago ten years ago it would have been i would four am right but you know things i get back to his boozy brunch and his early boss bar and straight tobacco Thanksgiving a recent study among america's most hated city. You wanna hear it. The most hated city the way most hated city in america. Number one in detroit michigan of skinny girl kaelin fan. I mean i don't understand. We're trying biggest baltimore. Los angeles saint louis new york philadelphia. Colorado springs riverside california and miami florida. Why they got the top ten at least hated in case. You're wondering minneapolis. Fort worth and saint. Paul okay so all the funds states were in the hate it. Yeah i love. Vegas vegas yeah. I don't even know what that's another one you know wants to go to las vegas. Say they can't do it. Can't i'm not going to las vegas year two years for sure but i feel like i don't know why we hate having fun places. Jealous hustle saint paul and saint paul exact. I can help you in minnesota. By the way they only ask people. Minnesota minneapolis saint paul right and saint paul to me. What's happening here is National cut cake day and national. Wear your pearls today as well. It didn't read. Show talk better than they type. These are the radio blogs on the friendship. I two audio journals. We do every day on the show. Paulina wants to deal block today. All right falling what you got sierra. Thank you thank you dear blog. I feel like we can all relate to this when it comes to our parents because my mom and i were nothing. I'd i on something here. And i think it's really interesting because she's done this before but basically what i'm doing right now is. I'm calling light search. Because i'm not trying to tomorrow but i'm kind of condo searching kind of seeing what's out there i mean i don't work in real estate so i don't know what the market looks like. If it's hot if it's not. But i just felt i waited the location for an hour and a half of my way to drive people around from place to place own selling. You could probably sell anything. But i also yeah there'd be some professionalism issues perhaps condo. No no go around the back door. Like i know people can do on the dell. Yeah we don't need like deeds and just move right perfect bedroom martinez that would see your light searching light searching for a better term. But i'm just looking like on the apps. But i have actually physically seen a couple of them i do have a budget is very low But i also wanna stay like in my neighborhood. Where i grew up i midway. I'm looking like midway airport so like there's different sites to. I'm looking literally at every neighborhood around midway. My mom obviously bought the house that we live in. I don't know like nine hundred ninety nine or something attend the so. Call me crazy. But i think the market has changed since nine hundred way we get loans and all of that has changed. Plus she was married had two kids. I feel like we're kind of going into it or we go into differently. She was looking for a house. I'm looking for a condo. i'm not married. i don't have kids like it's just different. So i think she wants to give her input in her advice. Which is great. I want to do that but my mom used understand like. I'm learning to and the reason that i give her israel because i'm learning it from my realtor and my lender all these people but she thinks she knows it all and i love her disagreeing on like what is it that she doesn't agree overprice and i'm like this condo is overpriced in your is like like she's like well i wouldn't have paid less and i'm thinking like yeah in nineteen ninety. Nine hundred like doesn't get that and you know kinda like says it's too late with the loans and everything like i'm learning how that's working on. A house definitely know how that works with the whole her thing. She's very traditional twenty percent down. And i'm learning. You don't need that granted. There's different approaches to that because he got like pay an extra insurance. Yeah so like. I rather just go in with not twenty percents. But i know that it'd be better for me in the long run but like who has that. I'm going so. I don't know i'm just thinking about it. She is wants to be involved. Oh and then. She doesn't like i'm not gonna say what street doesn't like a certain street by us and i'm like it's not bad there it's like there could be some shady parts. Yes but it's not a bad area. My best friend lives right there so looking out for you though. She means well but you know she's old. School is what you're saying. Oh and and fred you said you bought your house or i at twenty six right. You said that before like where your parents involved in that. They helped me with the down payment. I paid them back. Yeah that's not a bad idea. But i mean they help you like as far as or stay here or don't wasn't it It was an austin. Yeah yeah no and that was always the deal with my parents is that i had to come up with some of the down payment. They would have the rest. And then i had to pay them back and so again it was less money i had to pay interest on. I just paid the back of his But yet no. I asked them for help. Though because i didn't i didn't know anything about it. A lot of stuff came up. But but my mom didn't question or or neighborhoods or whatever. She just kind of went with whatever the realtor said and then and looked at those options. But yeah i mean there were certain ones that they didn't like as much and this isn't as good and maybe look at something like this. I did what does she just doesn't want you to leave. Okay here's the thing. So she says you. She's like i think it's time and she did tell me vats on feel better having sexually boyfriend of the basics. She's finding a problem with everything you know. She would be like. Oh great of. Yeah you should get that show. I just feel like deep inside. Doesn't want me to leave. Yeah of course because my sister lives in detroit now like by detroit house you guys here. This from the most hated city in the country. Love my family so much. But i feel like they look at my sister who go to like an ivy league all these things right. I felt he look at her as the older sister and like what she does. Okay she can live with her boyfriend she can do this and that but pollyanna looking at condos. Oh boy you go you know. That's it like banned house for mom. So i'm sure i'm sure it's mixed but you know what she probably go celtics. You're going to get herself fat condo with a view in the loop and she'll be balling out martin going to be out here. Hey mom can. I come over. She's gonna be like not tonight. We'll paulina your your mom's fun buddy. Like her sister's the one who organizes things you know lays down the law and you and your mom or like little buddies and you have fun together and that's probably why she doesn't want you to leave. You got your in this relationship and you know. I don't know down the road other things will happen. I'm sure you can't do all that stuff in your mom's house so she know totally. But i was looking before and i talked about this. Maybe last year. I was looking before like the whole boyfriend thing anyway. Because i'm twenty eight right. My goal was always thirty. And then i was like you know what twenty nine sounds really nice too so i was like thinking condo of your own. Yeah thirty right okay. Plays build some equity out of your credit. Go to accomplish minutes. It's a big deal. It's good for living at home on purpose to save got like i know. I could've got an apartment here. And i've had an apartment when i moved back from l. a. when i was twenty four but i said i wanna live at home. Help my mom's and save up some money go. But i just wish she kinda like trusted me more a little bit. Just let me let me teach you mama. It's not literacy trusts. You is just your child. So she's always going to have reservations about stuff. You're gonna do you know. I think it's true that people remember I don't know like my. I went to the same college as my mom. And she used to walk around. Stanley's yeah we both wentz. Smu and and we. She walked around telling stories or or reference. Something to me about how it was when she went twenty years. Twenty years before me. And it's like well it's not no it's totally different now like it's so and so isn't like this place doesn't exist and that places like that and whatever and it's like you know. I think the people trying to help. But they got to realize things evolved in their different now change and and you kinda have to accept that but that now imagine how long she would be like. Oh you can't go to new orleans. It's a dangerous city. I was there for the super bowl like years. I'm like six. I live in detroit man. The most dangerous city in america says she was always telling me about taking the cable car. I'm like me and i love. There's no cable car anymore. Like it's all so different. But they try they try to help your mom against you getting a condo or she wants to get a house like a single family home or the house next door. There's actually a house for sale across the street telling her that nobody tell her personally. I'll be very honest. I want a house. Because i feel like i mean i want the yard space But okay single. Paulina can afford it. The longest you'll be doing all people queen with the hostile online therapists inskeep therapists. You can have a six bedroom house on several times a week. Money left howard hughes over here. Hey we'll see we'll see idea big long beard. Lots of money didn't end well for him. Whatever reid wasn't much of a sales echo your house. Bill colo Well pauline. i'm happy for you. The big big moves a lot of things happen for you. Lot of things happening here in twenty twenty for you. I'm terrified of twenty twenty one land. Why why you team up for success. How do you want more this year. I mean they're good things happening for sure and and you know. I'm grateful that we're all still here and able to do all of this together so there are good things coming. I feel but i'm nervous. This is new territory for me. It's very nerve racking up growing up man. My kids are just growing up right right in front of my eyes closed. The wrong direction.

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PODCAST: Start of term special

The Wonkhe Show - the higher education podcast

46:25 min | 7 months ago

PODCAST: Start of term special

"It's the one key show. We're talking start of term at new lockdown and covet and we look to the airheads everything that might happen. i'm what it means for higher education. It's all coming. Up the clapham omnibus test here you know the person on the clapham omnibus from omnibus testes matt when the same article only the words in a different order a pace in the guardian and the telegraph on the other day effectively. The same article was there which was why should students be paying for accommodation. They've been ordered not to used by the government isn't any she that's going to go away. Welcome to the share. Your way into this week's higher education policy analysis. I'm mark lee trunks and chief and joining me for a new year's special mit team in london. We have this debbie. You're part of the week face. Well i think my highlight of the week was probably the enormous chinese. I et Following the press conference on monday where we discovered that everybody was going back into done. So the the the press conference itself is not the highlight the the enormous chinese. The i make myself feel better definitely and in what food we have associates. Jim dickinson jim. Your heart of the week watcher Yeah yesterday i doorbell went. And i ran downstairs and opened the door and a local personally. Wofford where we've had some difficulties. Have a christmas delivered. The christmas radio times radio show. We have these other associates. Decay david cut into you and me decay. Decay ohio to the week. I'm split i think between gavin williamson confidently to the house that he the last thing he wanted to do was to open schools and having some really delicious takeaway is absolutely been a week for takeaways. I think so. The start of term is looking a little bit different to how we thought might at the end of last year with a new national lockdown essentially and changes across the different nations of the uk about how students are expected back but still a great deal of uncertainty and as ever patchy information and guidance. Coming from our government's okay. Can you tell us for. You're actually what's changed. I mean that's a very good question. And i don't think alone aim regarding this week. It's quite calm. Believe we started the daily. Yeah loss happened si- obviously light last week We discovered that the planned staggered. Return of Toldt students in england walls to be. Well i was about to say slow down. We don't really know what kind of form it might tycoon. Other van most students on in what we would call the nonessential agrees. Were not return until at least february there. Would there's going to be a review a point. And so there's been some improving omega about which sees wrinkly dead and can eat to students for people that still in insects and so on. Insulin say that played out very light last week. Probably light for who you know but probably already boarded a trying to. I got themselves to another part of the country if they study away from home Obviously when england does that sort of thing when backpost wakes up police friends say went so the question then arises what happens ing the developed nations Story goes that custody. Williams met with vice chancellor in wiles earlier this week and results to make no changes to the plans in wales. Cheese is i think what so humphrey would call a bold coal minister big outbreaking next week. So i'm gathering wiles and then the complete opposite to that happened today so we're recording on friday and nicholas sturgeon has just announced just as we recording just after lunch from friday that the stugotz return in scotland except for essential in health. And so one now begin until at least march. And look you know. There are at least a handful of universities in scotland. He's tub is due to two weeks in march. I if i a student studying away from those universities They will in theory be them. Because it's a stock for term would be back full awake two weeks and selling sound side. You know i think people will buy. We published on monday a pace. That said look the time. He's probably a face to face. Roy off it's easy. It's probably better and easier. If we just accept that now and that that evidence he starting to stack up as the as the week continues. Yeah and terms of the the westminster government. The seems like the expectation. Is that a face to face is going to be slightly more limited than was previously announced under the return. Deka ran down the list of different Different courses. This is absolutely fascinating. The westminster government has chosen to specify which -tudents are supposed to be on campus. Having a face to face experience quite precisely. they've gone right down to the level of individual. He costs codes. Of course if you're releasing a list of individual individual subject codes the best way to do it is as an unsorted list on pdf with no identifiers. They i this on the thirty first of december in michelle dot com lead students. Which obviously everybody would have read immediately and then in the guidance actually updated this list without throwing anyone's attention to it. The only possible way you would know that there is now an an extra small number of subjects is if you extracted the to less than two separate pediatrics. And then laboriously compared them. I mean i've obviously done this on the site but quite what on earth day. Faa playing at that particular point. I have no idea what so ever. The other thing to bear in mind is that there are potentially quite a lot of students that are going to be studying one of these courses. It is broadly speaking healthcare e stuff a medicine education and social works for some providers. That's quite a lot of students we get up to the likes of King's college london could be up to six thousand. Undergraduate students potentially on campus in the early parts of january. Now i can understand the argument that there are certain subjects will where practical activities are supremely important but we also have to bear in mind in certain parts of london Approximately one in every twenty people are infected with covid. Now this does not strike me as a good time to be bringing any students back for any reason whatsoever and yet we still appear to be going ahead. So there's lots of questions still to be answered. And i'm not really holding my breath to when they're going to be answered one or the other battle lines of this This new lockdown discussion about critical workers as well so universities. Are brian knowledge. Telling stuff that's what they do. Cancers as as critical and therefore they can access childcare. Obviously one of the trickiest things to juggle learning from the last lockdown. But there's been a big backlash from many who say that they shouldn't be given that exemption and concerns about schools filling up with too many people clauses critical workers. In fact. i think it's just the sector. I think lots of people have found themselves designated thusly in this lockdown. Were they when they weren't in the last. Yeah i think the bigger picture here is that. This look lockdown shares the characteristics with fresh fresh lockdown in march but the effort to clear sense from the government. I don't that explicitly said this that they are trying very hard to protect as much of the economy as possible. In a way that perhaps wasn't as much of a priority in the first look done because we had already suffered. They'll the economic consequences of having been in lockdown at that point and so we have seen for example that nurseries state open great for people with toddlers. But i think parents worrying about whether it's the right thing to send their shelter nursery and kind of consequences is that might be likewise given the government has said you know. Universities must continue teaching and expectation is. Is that everything will be. Delivered online at the quality and students here on campus will have access to provision services. It becomes extremely hard not to argue that the staff who are delivering those services and that teaching are not a factor there for critical workers that gets very quickly quite challenging party obviously because of the bigger context of the sheer scale of spread of covid nineteen in the population and the implications of people moving around for for for stopping stopping but also some skills we believe are if you're a school that's located in a university time for example than a large proportion of your people's my actually be the children of of academics or itchy itchy stuff so your ability to then protect the students of the critical workers that you're teaching becomes compromised if everybody and then the third kind of issue there i suppose the the because if you're a school in that situation of course you call up the parents say can you please. I knew that you might technically be designated critical records. But could you please like it for the purposes of keeping everyone safe so it's leaving a lot of parents. I think in a sort of a catch twenty. Two situation with their employer is saying well you should access childcare. That's not our problem but the schools are saying. Actually it's already very safe. And of course i'll be thinking is the right thing to do to send my child into school so to add that the ready existing burden of online delivery and blended delivery and and all the rest. I can imagine. There's an awful lot of race stress. Didn't she professionals like there right. Yeah definitely jim. Geraghty was on twitter a lot this week but the kind of return of the calls for no detriment and being some national moves in and around that kind of policy the last couple of days. Talk us for tools through that. And once jason. Look i mean in some ways the coals for now detriment resemble colesville full night detriment in the spring insofar as everyone says no detrimental safety and i made something different often and also it's gone fairly viral side. You know. there's lots of evidence of students just sort of talking to each other You know when they're home Abou- you know why have not gotten a different policy and to some extent has been fueled by the tab the national student network off kind of online student tabloid newspapers has been encouraging its local branches to get that local people to talk about the no detriment thing. So it's gone really big the last week or so. It was bubbling just before christmas. And i wrote something just before christmas about this. But it's really big this week and obviously that's manifested in students unions then trying to have those conversations with universities now each difficult because what i might call pure no detriment where you effectively say do any worse than you've done so far depends on having a record of how well people have done so fast. There's not that much evidence of attainment so far it's actually quite difficult to implement no detriment and so you need to put a load of other things in place and then potentially put a detriment sticker on In order that. Say say that you're kind of doing it. And some universities of are not doing great benchmarking ought greatfloors packaging punctual stuff and calling it. No detriment of the universities of reinventing types of new at no detriment and then one of the things that happened yesterday. Subsidise friday friday. Recording on thursday the russell group took a really interesting car. Remember this happening for a long time. The russell group issued a statement. Saying here's why we won't be implementing. I know detriment policy. And look just i tell you things about it. I is my ways that where students are saying. They want to know detriment policy. What they're expressing out loud is that they are worried about their retirement this year and either that lack of confidence is justified or not justified. If it's not justified and they're going to find that we should reassure them. If it is justified we need to put more support in so that they attain this year. A my worry is that. There's a lot of debate tobacco tactic but not much interrogation of how well students are doing this year. And if you look at the debate that's going on in schools. It is clear. I wish starting to get a much clearer. Picture of how well students in schools are doing and therefore what we should do about it that we have in higher education. And certainly it's the case that if some students are doing worse than usual and some students are doing better than usual. Universities will do well to try and work out. who is. That's doing less than usual now because we might have a major access and participation problem on the participation end You know by the end of the year if we're not careful. W what might the russell group be taking a collective position about others. I can't let me back to my not others. But i think i can speculate about where the russell group is coming from. Because the background. This of course is the government's preoccupation with great inflation. And and i think also i mean there is a sort of recognized need in general level to maintain standards and to be seen to be been maintaining standards and that there's also says all of that should be clearly immediately. Go out the window in teeth of a national crisis. But i think it is continues to be important universities that when they are awarding qualifications that they are warning them to come to demonstrated that they've met that earning outcomes chief this qualifications and i think there's clearly a sort of sense that this this district wide widespread call for no detriment is essentially would create create suprema. Potentially that could wrote those thunders. I also think there's something a bit more kind of tricky going on. Jim alluded to or. Is that the implication if you if you read the kind of the beginning of the statement the location the is it made sense to implement new detriment last march when it was sort of the back end of the year and it was very and the learning environment for students to change radically very quickly and but up until that point students had lots of opportunities to demonstrate but they were able to do on the scale of the change the learning environment was recognized that it would negatively impact. What the rocus essentially saying is is that this year that hasn't been the case that the provisions being put in place the learning and teaching is happening and therefore the idea that students would be able to claim that their experience with they've been able to acquire in the time enduring this year has been affected isn't illegitimate claim that i think is where you get into very tricky territory because basically with if you boil it done. The russell group is saying to ally for the idea that no detriment should be a policy that is implemented across the sector would be to concede that the quality of students learning this year has been sub sub par and that is a really tricky thing for universities to concede because you up all kinds of doorways to two students compensation to investigate regulatory investigation and all the rest of it which is a can of worms that has been kind of sitting on the table to mix metaphors for for a long time. But really really. Nobody will battle as one of the things in the russell group statement. Don't get me wrong. Just the muscle great. This has been coming out from a number of universities that have been having these conversations. One of the things in the russell. Grape statement is eight talks about the challenges that students are faced in accessing that learning. You know doing well this year. The challenges that students have had incentive disruption isolation a mental health and so on but it frames challenge is something that students have faced and then frames universities updated as something. That's been fine now. Look all educational. Outcomes are partnership their partnership between students and university students and academics. It takes two to tango but this is not strictly because the professional dancers have had real challenges to the idea of universities have been able to deliver fine and it's just students have had challenges isn't going to wash as a line for the for the for the whole year particularly when academics are doing their level best be honest and are striking up. Decent relationships with students online on students understand the academics of also struggles that universities have also struggled that the that the guidance caning. So we're going to need to try to find a way of having this conversation about attainment. How people are doing and how we fix it wherever. It's going wrong without this kind of chest beating. What we've done on on our side brilliant thing because that's not going to wash the one of the other touch points of the base for the last few weeks has been a-levels of course the total. Shishir think it's fair to say coming out of the palm education as per usual but on a scale that surprised even the most seasoned westminster watchers are decay. Talk us through what's changed and the implications on on the air head so as predicted by absolutely everybody in the entire world Govern williamson told the house that exams by which he means primarily. As levels and a levels in england will be canceled this year. This is notable because he spent the majority of the back end of last year insisting that they will not be because altogether now. Exams are the best way of assessing students. They're not of course but that's an issue maybe for another day so This completes the uk. There was an announcement in northern ireland. On same day we already knew that levels would not be happening as exams in wales and highest would not be happening at exams in scotland now govern williamson insisted that there was a plan a plan b e the exact same plan b that claimed not have before christmas to assess students without final exams We don't know exactly what this is yet. There's going to be consultation supposedly two week consultation so we should know in in early february what these are going to be in scotland and in wales the approach is much more along the lines of is much more along the lines of teachers and schools administering and marking assessments. That have been created actually by awarding body And in wills you still have Coursework actually within a levels. And where possible. That will go ahead as well now. Govern lillian instance has said that is not going to be a matter of the algorithm again is going to be a matter of trusting Teachers to assess students now last year. We eventually move to a system where we trusted teaches assessments and that led to what people like how often calling massive grade inflation. It could of course equally argued that these are the grades that teachers reckon students would get so the exam series in previous years. Were actually under-reporting these again. That's maybe a compensation for another day. We do not know what the warding a profile is going to be across the whole of the cohort. Which makes it very difficult for a staff in universities to start making offers now. Recall that you are not allowed in most cases to make an unconditional and conditional offer which means that you need in some way to use these grades. I mean whatever they may end up being however they are derived whatever the profile. Has you need to use these grades to make an assessment of who to make an offer to and who to admit the uk-us deadline i should mention has been pushed back a couple of weeks to the twenty ninth. This is primarily to benefit students that we're going to be applying elat to get to the final deadline but the task ahead and i've Written a little bit about this on the site task head for admission staff is almost impossible. We do not know what the marks can look like at the end of the day. We don't know if there's going to be loads and loads of as stars like they were last year we don't if they're going to be moderated we don't know if it's going to be a fair assessment of the potential of students if you take the view an a-level as a potential rather than of knowledge entertainment so quite what's going to happen that absolutely no idea but it is absolutely want to keep an eye on. I think what needs to happen. Essentially is the exact reverse of what happened last year when there was a moratorium. And unconditional offers. I think the there needs to be as sort of acceptance that universities are going to have to use their discretion using the they're just about the best information available and make conditional offers because it you know if the goal here is to make sure that this generation of young people are the best difference ability suffer new further educational disadvantage then. Getting them into university seems to be kind of step one and then it may be that in some cases there needs to be some extra support in place and universities will need to decide whether they're up for that but in an individual cases but i think going through this whole rigmarole of waiting for results heavily kind of scare quitted and then everyone kind of finding if they go into the university of their choice when none of the data specifically even it's even more unreliable than usual That does it doesn't just seem to be in the best interest. Young people have to emphasize in here. That the the bit of the data that is more reliable than usual. It's the actual results is Not the predicted. Grave predicted of probably a fair reckoning of where teachers think that students are asked remember that teachers are issued last year. Teachers issued predict a grades thinking that the system would happen. You know as as it does every year this year. They're shooting them in the context of knowing that there could be disruption so although you have to trust the professionalism of teachers you also have to cook bacon and assumption that they're not they would every year and it's it doesn't therefore kind of the predicted grades were issued at a time that the secretary state was going around a searing every absolutely no way exams are going to be counseled. I think the predictions might be different because obviously students have had a different learning experiences. Here i mean these are students that have missed huge chunks of face to face learning in the first and second year of their a levels so i mean teachers with the best possible will in the world about the efforts that teaches a making to provide online provision. They will not seen these students as much. They won't necessarily know these students as well but the predictions at least they're and they're at least made by professionals. The thing that really just add extra spice to all of this makes is that. It's the stated attention of the secretary of state to move not this year admittedly but next year to a system of post qualification application. Now you cannot do this year it just is based on next to no data it and it really concerns me that the stated policy if the government is to the kind of baking this lack of resilience to the system. And i think we're in a very very strange place with admissions at the moment right in this most of us we are still trying to think about what might be coming up in the weeks and months ahead And i'm gonna ask you all to take crystals out as we talk to the future at least as much as twenty twenty one as well. Let's your immediate kinda near future. i. I've got this kind of working theory that we've effectively got three types of torch. Didn't knocking around at the moment. There's a bunch of students Albacore or at least are about to be back in the kind of you know the health spice manley the health of animals people where you know. The arrangements would be made some of that. He's about to deliver the right number of Cease to meet bar. She's target to give supply the health service blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. So this is a small number of students. Hey everything is carrying on. Alexa asked noble. But you know what i mean. Raw at the other end of the spectrum is a bunch of students who don't really need in order to complete their degree and if ice device teaching whatsoever and i think the practical reality is that regardless of when certainly in scotland and england term kind of gets going again from a face to face point of view. There'll be last in the queue anyway so this offer their students and if we just knew that now people could put in place arrangements to my to make the best of that that we possibly can the ones i'm really worried about. Is everyone in the middle where people need studio time lab time placement time work experience placements all sorts of practical components and my big fear. Is that people inside the department. Don't really understand. The vast number of pretty heavily vocational impractical courses. That we have in the east is evil what we might consider to be. You know traditionally subjects in the name of employability. People have been doing lots of really interesting practical components to their degree programs particularly post graduate level and types of undergraduate level and. Look i think the dangerous that what happens now. Ways in order to finish the academic air time everyone starts trying to bulge square pegs into round holes and stops dropping practical components or pretending that not really required in order to graduate people time and a couple of things about that one. I think students are gonna be furious when those decisions start to be married to. I think he starts to look really problematic. If in march the death rate has fallen with preparing to relax restrictions and the secretary saying to those students we extend the academic year by four or five weeks or by seven weeks or by non leaks. Or whatever side. I think there's a case to be married for the sector by institutional level and national level to be starting to understand the extent to which there are components that we can't drop that would require students to be around for longer and then to work out the cost implications the people implications in the time implications of that so that we don't for example end up graduating allowed events management students who've never had the opportunity to organize an event. Debbie the government's being on the on the brink of publishing things about education policy for for seemingly months if not years Particularly on the brink of the with slots lined up in the number ten media grids that keeps sipping at least they're kind of getting closer and closer to actually happening. What's what's going on. So we're expecting to skills agenda relevant items to come out of government imminently but of course you know that means freida at least is one is the white paper which we expect to introduce heart and qualifications the qualifications at level four and five validated through essentially validated and creating centers in tech technical technical for for people that that don't tell them at the minute growing apprentice apprentices apprentice ships and also tinkering with the student loan funding arrangements in england. Such that it would be in theory possible to access for years of student loan funding either in further or higher education to be taken up at any point in your life so in theory you could do do level four go and go into employment comeback to level five or six and so fourth and this is something that from an hr perspective is very welcome. Although there's lots of things have to be in place for it to work well such as a meaningful national system of credit transfer so that that will be really interesting. And i think will be the intention. Here is to open up a range of opportunities both for primarily for the people who don't currently progress into higher education or who later in life nature reskill and it's widely understood that there is a need for a better more more easily accessible opportunities for that grip and then the other smaller group that started here is a government sort of belief about group of people who are going to higher education but who otherwise would do better in a in a technical and that's a society different thing and not the tops into the other thing. We're expecting which is finally response to the ochre review which as published eighteen months ago but bit more than eighteen months ago that review people will recall proposed a whole range of things including a reduction in the higher education fee. So we're not necessarily expecting that because the level of disruption involved will be quite significant but we are certainly expecting commentary on this sort of this tale of people who who for whatever reason we are not seeing the benefits of attending higher education and do better in other sorts of courses. I'm particularly essentially someone encouragement for an incentive from the government for universities to start thinking about proficient level four and five as well so short courses and perhaps more employment relevant courses and the link between those sorts of courses these these employer engaged courses smaller. Perhaps more more more targeted a lifetime. Learning on this at the heart technical qualification piece. The link between those two isn't entirely but they're clearly trying to operate in a similar space the whole that whole conversation and how they linked together. We'll be very interesting when it gets up. And running and linked to that package of policies also expected a response to the the of. You talked about this before christmas. I did indeed. I would be quite surprised to see a response to the peer review at this stage even though it is long overdue There is of course a more general consultation out at the moment about quality from the office for students has just been extended for a week sponsored and now win by the nineteenth and this is the one the bakes in the idea of detailed and supposedly principles driven but actually in the main data light definitions of quality standards that would form part of the regulatory framework. If you've been in gyms be three bear. Fandom the idea that some of these metrics that we've seen previously in teff on a graduate employment on non-continuation etcetera are going to end in regulatory former as something. Every university did part of every university was going to miss his spot consultation that it laying the groundwork so we're looking really i think at the tariffication of the english regulatory framework rather than i think and adaption or another change to Taff which. I'm increasingly believing that probably nobody cares about anymore. Apart from me well. The review is is imminent throughout this week. It might be next week or the week after. Is that debbie. I mean a. Do you think the opportunity to to kind of get down on the mall. Subject level is is something joining you were saying about. Government skills priorities essentially. Do you think this is kind of an opportunity to pull the the quality lever in a way that gets the to chetniks push higher education in the in the way that they want. I think i think you're sitting in fee and you've got an agenda so if you if you start with your agenda and you think right what i'm trying to do is. I'm trying to nudge. Students who will not flourish in higher education or who will get the comes at that they need and i realized that the kind of that proposition is that students built the data that that is where a predictable at a bit problematic. But hypothetically if you're sort of saying there's there's a bunch of students go into higher education and then don't progress into graduate employment. We wanna nudged students into other options and we might do this by signaling courses where students in general don't seem to be getting those outcomes and kind of implying that steer clear and another way we might do. That is by discouraging or actually actively stopping providers from delivering his courses a toll. So you're you're always thinking. Where am i cars. Where mistakes i think. The tests are presents itself as a very useful both carrot-and-stick because designed for the purpose of informing student choice and also driving university behavior. Identifying where where things are working well and and sort of penalizing things are not so. It would be very surprising. Indeed and jim who's going to be explored this in a lot of depth on the site if the if we're not real as subject that enabled the identification. Of course that had a under the government quality. Rupert gudauta comes for students and attempted to reward. Universities that reliving. Those courses nudge students towards them. But i suspect it. It wouldn't function so it's not sufficient a stick i think and this is where the regulatory intervention comes in. So i mean it is quite. It's really quite startling. Some of the things that said you know. It's a real change of direction. In terms of how the sector has traditionally thought about what before good performance looks like in terms of student outcomes so they part partly breaking it down by course with all the challenges the entails in terms of actually segmenting courses and saying us distinct entities that you can make make claims about but also in in the reduction of benchmarking so said that it fully expect that every student in of course should attain a certain benchmark in terms of outcomes of non-continuation and graduate employment. And that no no. No concession will be made to the demographic of students that that course recruits and of course you can absolutely see that as being kind of phenomenally kind of positivity equitable because of course why should we accept reduced outcomes for working class man or whatever you to mention but it's also completely blind and deaf they do with the wider social context mature education is operating and in the limits of higher education as an instrument for delivering student dotcoms. It's not just in the gift if universities to call these things to happen and it's not really necessarily in every case a function of the quality of course so it is very tricky. Don't expect you'll have you'll have you'll have setting these thresholds anyway wherever wherever wherever they turn out to be and where a provider is operating of course level either asked her just even just blew out or just above that threshold. They will become a target of regulatory interest. Shall we say so. What i would imagine actually will be sitting. If you know in terms of where where you'd expect competition my test. He said well above the threshold. I very much diet for example. If you're sitting on the threshold of seventy five percent non-continuation or wherever it turns out to be that you will be able to tefron tall. I think that would that would seem quite unlikely. The expectation is that that most providers will performing well above and that i think will become a precondition for being given any word whatsoever. This dog records have potential to sound a bit. Abstract doesn't jim. I mean a lot of people are talking about wanting direct refunds for their for their fees. Missile seeping into the combination. Debate will quickly on the clapham omnibus test here you know the person on the clapham omnibus testes met when the same article only the words in a different order a piece in the guardian and the telegraph and the other Effectively the same article was that which was why should students be paying for accommodation. They've been ordered not to use by the government. That isn't an issue. That's going to go away Obviously there's now kind of below the surface row going on between the sector and the government Really complicated because it's partly about whether or not you just allow students to not pay or whether you actually compensate them in other words do you give money to the landlords by university on private as well the slightly different to buy tobacco. Jewish and fees also. Don't think he's going to go away. I mean the end if you follow the vanishing point on the picture that he's about what our students paying for are they paying for that. Colts which bind is being delivered online in an equivalent way or are they paying for access to this range of other things. Don't mean them all for stuff like friendship. I mean access to facilities and you know being able to sit down and having a free wifi on campus and so on and so on and again. I don't think that issue was going to go away and a suspect again. There's a really complicated conversation going on. Just below the surface which is partly about you know who do you compensate fairly. Inside-out would say as boris. Johnson has been cold out to a week at the press conferences with questions. If they saw the ad and he's going to need an answer. See lord let's go to steven from sheffield university. They encouraged to not pretend to rented time time addresses and i'm not received anyway the same quality of service that they would have received if off the pandemic chemical outlawed in the ways of the intensive support university students. Either coming weeks. thanks very much stephen. And this was a question that i've been asked repeated in the course of the last few days and i think that we need to look very hard at the deal. That students are getting Stephen and we need to see what more we can do. Frankly to to support as students and to help them in what has been a very very difficult time and You know of course at the moment. They're they're not able to go back to the to the universities Except for very very few Key practical causes And i know how frustrating that is. I know the financial frustrations that that entails. And i can tell you. Stephen the were we're looking at that. Now and you'll you'll be hearing more about that from the education secretary while i'm going to ask you all to look in your crystal balls are one final time with your wildcards for what might be interesting important going on amateur twenty-one and decay so sunday the twenty first of march two thousand nine twenty one the census will be carried out in england and wales. It will be delayed for your in scotland. The census is a collection of data on an area basis about demographics about levels of education about earnings about types of house. Everything from the number of lightly student households in an area through to the average earnings in an area comes from the sensors and is added every now. You don't need me to tell you this. The weird time to be doing a sense as we're not going to beginning normal results but we need also to remember a lot of the area based and demographic base data that we use in hatred is ten years old it needs to be renewed in. I mean just in terms of making sense to be still using the data. But it's going to look radically different to what we have before. Quite what this means for stuff like polar for stuff like the multiple equality measures for stuff like ideas of earning ideas of who's living in an area. I'll comes down to what is gathered on that particular day for the first day for the first time the census is being run entirely online and also for the first time. It's going to feed into our cultural cultural walls. In fact stuff there is going to be questioned on sexual preference. There is going to be a question on gender identity. These are optional questions but they are going to be there two weeks so expect also to see a lot of coverage of fat in the weeks before much for a long long time about in in the west certainly the left half owned protection and safety and the right have owned freedom and opportunity a mantra dictionaries when you after a pandemic where everyone's been kind of cooped up and the move and donald trump is no longer the president of the united states america. And you've got boris johnson in charge. I think the left are going to try and have back freedom and opportunity and that will start to really change a lot of these kind of cultural debates of become actually fairly solidified during in through the brexit to buy an changed quite radically web. Politics goes next by the end of this calendar year. I'm a tour and actually can i the thing. The thing that the thing i've been thinking about is is a equality inequalities agendas. I suppose what you might characterize the government's war on work. And i think what we've been seeing is sort starring in government of responding to what are perceived as radical ideas of a for example critical race theory which which which brings kind of appreciation of the systems produce in inequities between between different ethnic groups in the sense from within government. That this is a scene is left and liberal agenda and is problematic and That we should be looking at individual individual level Inequities which of course often produced by characteristics such as maternity and ethnicity and disability. And all the rest of but there was a big speech. Pilots trust just before christmas. Which which that some of the and there's a question. I think about the extent to which the government will want to double down on some of this thinking. Certainly there is an agenda to promote equality but it is a form of equality that is defined as against a different version of promoting equality and very much into cultures. But the reason. I'm sort of hesitant. I think i think it's really important. Because i think speaks to. The universities think about widening participation access and participation and also the way that they manage and address their own. I guess historic in systemic racism and other forms of inequality and and high. They what redress they put in place for the and students who have this characteristics and they talk about on campus and the actions taken all the rest of us. I think all of that agenda will continue to be pressing in twenty twenty one with the complexity of the kind of political background of everyone's dusting. Exactly what that looks like. But the reason. I'm hesitant just because that's essentially kind of three three bites of the cherry and i'm not sure that this is a year where it's going to be the culture wars. It's going to be the dominant force. I think there's actually also going to be a really practical challenge. A boat this cohort that you know the twenty twenty one twenty two heart coming into university Even if by september things are fine large back to normal. I think there is going to have to be a lot of thinking going on about the support that the students will need And all the things that have been learned over the past year and a half about about learning teaching students support student wellbeing. Mental health. Support stephanie to support students and all the rest of it so suspect. That's going to be the thing that when we look back at the end two hundred twenty will characterize the year so that's about it to this week to delve deeper into anything we discussed today. Explore dot com. And make sure you're signed up to the daily briefing where we'll be following every twist and turn of the year head difficult you can subscribe to focus automatically just the key show on apple. Podcast your favorite patrick mccaw structuring. We'll find the feed you need won't call satpal costs and events guests not show trump us an email on team. Don't call them. Appleby in touch to jim debbie table mccain having behind the scenes until next week. Stay safe Save walking.

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Burn Da MK- Season 4 Episode 23

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Burn Da MK- Season 4 Episode 23

"If you haven't heard about anchor is the easiest way to make your podcast. Let me explain. it's free. There's creation tools that allow you to record and eddie your podcast right from your phone or your computer. Anchor were distributor. Podcast for you. So he heard on spotify apple podcast and many more. You can make money from your own. Podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything you need to make a podcast at one place. So download the free incorrupt or go to anchor. Fm to get started. I ruled by. What's going on rue boy you to fill me and bro man. I've been. I was doing some reading going on cuba. I've been out of the loop. Dr today shit so me man. What todd damn tired fucking jack. Rabbit run from fox. I'm down down shirt day for icebox diamonds. Having having the near lamont bag cringing over to down over too much as all in all and never mind. I told you online days for me day. It's gonna go back to work monday. That's kind of sound like. I really feel like that. August second seconds. Nasa fight traffic again and shit. Damn well hey listeners. Welcome welcome to another of mango. Podcast burned k. Live monday night raw here. Stereo which are co scientists. My con diesel. We are about to get on that s tonight because there are some island protests and a lot of different going on neighboring caribbean countries. Yet we are overlooking. What this -nificant they hold and their future with that being said before we get started doing a little favor. Make sure that you follow us. Do not pop those little bubbles under our heads unless you us here stereo nation you also follows on instagram at an kp new tasks again at 'em kpd cash falls instagram facebook. Make sure you follow. A scientists. Nine has been widely e and ex condie's excess ex-cons aunts. Make sure you follow us on instagram. As well subscribe to our youtube channel. We are putting up the mango kush travel episodes. Yes yes a lot of good things in store for you. All make sure you describe known as a youtube channel. Make sure you go charleen tree. Witches in our bio and our instagram thing get signed prescriber to receive our monthly newsletters in which we highlight different. Things gonna taming industry music movies and other entrepreneurs in the atlanta area. What is your opinion. is anybody listening. As you see the title today We are going to be talking about the item protests in. Which if you have not been in the news. Recently we had some great news guide. Haiti going on with the haitian president was assassinated as well as some protests now going on in our neighbouring friends in cuba was there are finding against the harness party. So they're allowed to reports on. So we will get live in raw on what is going on versus what the mainstream media wants to tell you. What's going on so sit up. Roll up drink-up sip up those get up. We'll rolla papa united and everything would open it. Walk up vm. Out now you want your job up so much nicer commission said i really did not know. News said so. What is the president of cuba. He was like i. I guess towards the communist countries that we need to put a stop to protest down type. It'll be up all night. Put an issue mouse. Right has good that we got to go. Besides the point imagine we went. Their dad grew breath bad now we were real data off war we should. We're just trying to get into bed on a boat go home. You won't go gold notre dame career. I can't hit a couple of pictures on the gall. A darn work. Because they all look. You won't be honest. Shit we cubans for either colored out here. So i like i e little somebody. We stuck stuck only. I'll go on that. We can't i. Don't think for the only either you get stuck on sarah from there is i. Don't have no neither. Do i go but puerto rico gal only one No actually. I have some of them. Pretty all my goodness. The arc factor. Type shit guessing. I was talking about latin. I went to san juan all laughing or erc damaged in a hurricane lasting heard. We really really wants to news. They help really hurt eating any island in the news. But like i said up the The big news on on occasion. The president says nation. Now these are only some things that we know so far. So of course we'll give you the facts as far as the quote unquote mainstream. Media is telling you however though when you started to do the research and dissect and cross examining some things are going on then you understand what the fuck is going on for real four but what do we know for certain right. There's a few things that we say or can we said as about the assassination. First of all happen wednesday july. What else shit. Where last week. So i an last week. And but she was shot a in his own private residents so he got killed. his house is action on. Oh he did. here's thing is they. Were saying that all according to what do you call it The reports right that there were two dozen mercenaries including some haitian citizens at colombians right. That were former surges surgeons. Twenty-three does about twenty four. But they to asian people at some colombians and then they're like some former served soldiers from From the more they village i was identified. The da so pretty much. Nothing is right. They said that he was shot. Twelve damn times in his own. Goddamn house you know what i'm saying. I guess why you've got clipped a couple of times that she was severely injured. So like you said. I think they're talking that it was some cool shit like all they want to go. Now that i call era now gentleman. Oh you know what you know. What s the part that. I had to go back. Granted we only hear about somebody getting killed wax. No fucking reason or some shannon's okay. That's crazy enough right. So i went back and look at all video research and to this. I didn't even know this year. And it's hard to make sense. Do you know that. Haiti had d- lowest cova cases. The entire from twenty twenty two. Now the last so now with that being said you heavy lowest coalition cases by a worldwide has out and make to make the you know at injured insult or insults injuries. Skews me you are one of the absolute poorest nations on the face of this planet but yet you have the lowest. Kobe byrant confirmed cases. Now how does that add. Because usually it's the low word economic you are you know are poverty goes uses that is a breeding ground for you know. Type diseases chill. But you are the poorest. And i'm not i'm not speaking out against or making nope my haitian brothers and sisters. Do you know but this is called. You are economically one of the poorest on the western hemisphere countries. You are wanted to pores on the western hints. Fear of the goddamn planet you can go with cases out of health that got there the president over there. He refused to take the dan max and he's like we don't need that shit for what we have. A little cases would have what we need. That shit for you wanna do. Somethings get basically star. Saying i give us a more shit as when we dan useful. Not just no goddamn medicine that we have mother's still poor gives them the infrastructure resource. Dan deal if not basic fuck out in a nutshell. Of course a lashley. Good friend of mine the nurse she said nigga better ramp up doubt the variant is a this is being taught about more and more than case picking up for this. I think this framework for because the thing about islam. They're saying that should now because they want i. I'd hallway agenda behind bullshit but that's that's that's almost a whole nother whole 'nother show by within itself but monthly so long all this shit is new damn delta savannah right yet. Even with this being said they've never have fucking vaccine for the guy dan berry. You know what i'm saying. Because they still gotta push one to old fucking damn. That scene was like why y'all giving us on goddamn change or you know the so-called thing why giving us affirmative actually ovarian that's basically says outdated i give him the iphone iphone phone fucking you know seven daylight phone. Twelve just came out. You know what i'm saying is like go this shit. I can't get. Irs fourteen on basically outdated get the other one is is is the biggest fucking down advertise marketing scheme. But they'd get motherfuckers with great. They do that medicine. Edition fucking technology fucking cars. Who got anything that we consume or gals might they. They do quote unquote out versions. Shit and then two months later. Get the new brand deluxe version of this ship. You know what i'm saying. They always do that. Is chlorine mega. I mean goddamn. There's almost got there. There's only so much money that you fucking people over with. I mean share only slow months damn money but now book even beds his damn haiti. You know that. Apparently they're saying okay. So here's they're saying that the guy who fucking slick who set it up right Hayes national police behavior man's keep flying into the country. I'll try to work with a mass market. Okay so whatever they say. The guy's name was christian manuals synon- or some along however though the crucified buys you know they're they're they're highs some dr florida. Oh on his ship come on now. What the foot with a doctor in florida has do with the damn. Hasten prison being killed or assassinate unless it had to go back to the whole thing we said earlier. You know what i'm saying. He was like a man. I don't want this shit we got. We got damn load all college because what it was. It was on a report. Bbc africa was news. The bbc all my seen thing where they had an interview. He was talking. Tell me he told them that. This civic plant down there that they eat or they consume a lot. Because i got her a or some shit right and their neighbor taken at shit nick nick. I'm talking about like nothing has been wrong with them. You know and in the crazy enough. I do more numbers on the more more. The kobe cases have been down. A haiti fucking. Outsiders go figure revoking outsiders yet outside of i mean granted that but overall this is like god. Damn he got wacked. Then it's just like you have down in cuba's inert fucking minds because now they're apparently they are missed. The worst economic crisis in decades should alabama. I'm just glad that we got to visit to knock that off the list. Is he'd back over there ever again. Get back over. There is reasonable back over there. I mean less. I'm damn escaping the damn country. Or i asked them go over the. I'll go bad especially that'll be lifted a travel ban on trouble. I'd heard about the action on fighting so they probably will shut that shit. Kobe neptune guarantee is like some bait and switch shit where everybody's out. Losing damp is right now and they're gonna shut his back down back down fall and winter boxes back. They were going to be the chilling. They were going to be on wages and spring. And we're gonna come out of it as all the social engineering. I noticed people conditions like a joke. No this is real. They hire more focused louder standing human behavior and mass because again individual behavior is hard to identify employees. Lsu can't condition the mind to react. Spas and sorta way but masses of people masses of people are like a like an ally form a group of sales gruber sales in the tissue in tissues. Make organs organs all body so ever you have a group of sales people that are mass. That had the same reaction. They're all gonna act the same way. So he's like if if the government based said hey motherfucker this bad to say sir. They do or say on things sponsor deems as dan good or bad nelson but the yes some people i don't i don't believe that angle against it. So you know the ostracize exile or you know basically shut down for having opinion about anything but i- goes into the whole cancel culture and our whole fucking on What do you call it you build. Cincinnati shit you know what i'm saying. It'd be sensitive. 'cause there was on i'm thinking about it. I was listening to one show that that was a sin and there were handed the guide. Can you be interested. Can you be true whether pro black drinks or something like that. I thought saw buffing is this. I mean i feel like it's can be pro human and fuck you ask but you can't be a pro waste. You know this is say you can't be pro. White had data black person. You can't be pro. Black data white person like that's like me being pro muslim. But i'm i'm fucking. I'm dealing with a christian like right. We're we're we're major christian. This is not gonna mix then you can. You can have certain checks and balances understanding and you can always stuck with is not going to mix you know what i'm saying 'cause stem tolls and and crazy enough. That's the that's the from have with with this whole back to that. Cancer coach shooter. Is that have a opinion about. Were the one that you're do this and you don't have to press how to fuck you. Feel you know our lifestyle. Whatever political party somebody else they did. They disagree with you. Fucking got downright disagree. You know. I think that really help things. But yeah i i. I don't believe that shit man brawl all which macaulay okay i got. You grew up with that. That was that was interesting to hear that conversation. Because i'm i'm not one to. I'm not willing to really talk about that type of stuff to people mad. We'll talk about that. But you know i don't really get into that debate. Any of my black light meals back is soccer proud. That have made a white woman. But you know they're still works but you know yeah i did. It is what it is very much situation. The judge judge but she be critical because like again. Okay profligate example. You can't you can't be daylight. Grandpa that i'm pick apples this shit. Okay of april ause. She got dan me now. I might shit here there however though we got we got some weird as i mean. We're making that work with his totally got their smooth sailing. He'll their restaurants or that we eat here. We can't do as she can't eat this candy. That are we had to go somewhere as order totally different. You know it is like that shit. This is awesome as far as dietary options. You'll ask all scientists doesn't real food route fooled garden the the the the small as far diets now imagine race because i mean i'm not saying that people again. Yeah we understand as a species yes for humor shipyard saying and this why this where i get it i don't get into many conversations with you about body because i hit over here with basic science kind of people use that like overall same option. Okay yeah granite. We were the same species in a sense split there something called genus and species by looking fucking bear a fucking polar bear and a goddamn kodiak beer and a panda bear in fucking grizzly bear beers. Right beer it might do some of the same day. Dave fucking hibernate. They might all this guy that so however though they live in different parts of the goddamn and country and they fucking look different. They had different features. Yeah if you if you skin the motherfucker alive when we skim over it and doubt is still going to have the same group as regular bayer you know but it's still a different down. Species are different than breed of that bear. And that's the same thing with humans like yeah we might be cooking humans but like i said with like different breeze. Her it is is is really like your debris prison damn sabe. But that's that is what it is you know. And that's why it's a little different for you know we. We can move. We don't have to stay in the region dummy you take certain things in and out like polar bears gonna say in the fucking wherever you know subzero temperatures or really cold but a a lot of us migrate. We go to different places. We we take in different cultures on that day. Your heart whatever. You're still you know the you know what i would. I'm not mad at here in in you know tell you you you married a woman but you know you still want to be pro black. Because he's black or whoever that person deal black at the end of the day it's time for them sell out a down down with the calls bit. Oh yeah we do though but think about. This can't can somebody of the opposite race. Really empathized of what. You're going through as a different narrative so so so far it's almost support a black back. Yeah yeah i'm not. I'm not knocking that. I'm not for support you. You know where the damned is shaky and shit. Y'all saying you know crauser this third cool with that but very core. I don't necessarily believe is always be calling myself a christian. But i don't follow the whole rules of what christ said bible so can eight with recalling some damn christian but they about is that. Is that really the correct thing to do. Though the whole hull another this adding i listen. I listen turn things. I don't talk a stuff and y'all chip religion that's four horsemen of fucking killer. Conversations fucking religion politics sexual orientation. And what's what's the raise is rootless religion politics. You can't talk other artists in their body. You can't talk dancer. Smart rose last one. He's only took my goddamn tall. What is it. you're right no is not race. I it's Is is is not race is. I can't talk politics. Nobody is always our pa- part. You can't talk. We're listenable because that she's always whatever you can't talk sexual orientation. Nobody is innocent. It's more. I'll tell you last pub fucking head if i forget it some that you always are you about that would about people about their religion and they were getting them straight point by this year. Who always argue about those. That's that's a whole horsburgh. But has iran and i- christianity probably one of the post wanted to wonder religion that judges the out of things. I've seen you say your personal but that doesn't necessarily you know that you're out. You're practicing religious practices either reading game for a lot of christian on that. I mean yeah i you know. I'm one of the pot kettle. Black ish like that is the whole message of christianity has been so fucking like boone. Oh you know my own plan. You have to be exactly who you are. And that's it is at the end of the day. It's about how we treat each other one another. That's it tell. We treat one another not going back and forth about anything else. Hey this is my point of view. Razieh had that tommy john. Okay so dom- ahead of that for you played national okay. So he said something like pointed view right a hatred. This about the trees are right so we're talked to treat each other night when your kids play nice now saying share decide deserve plaza. Buzzsaws wouldn't usually talk after lying around our say by like fifth grade worthy. What are you talk. Normally sarli idea middle school. Then i don't know mind okay. We'll privilege you're taught bag basely like not so much it. But you've gotta compete. You gotta compete. You gotta do this guy to do that in middle school would ask you really taste. That tastes that shift but but again what was we look at damn differently that oh that's my goddamn enemy blase blase blase. So i'm dan enemy different autry. My so called fred. And that's me start learning your whole divisiveness in middle school. You know what. I'm saying like brought that honesty breaking out of classes and bro only yoyo dot up to diesel sides if the whole mango kush podcast man. On behalf of the fucking lines network news man. Roll that shit like that. She smoked that shit. But don't pass that shit cause negatives broke these days brought any the body on fucking wedeman. We taught us to put you fucking cheap lung navy's not real shit though shutout theon man. But i'm not joking me. I think he's got a bye. We by your fucking wedeman. We only smoke the facing twenty. Twenty bucks his run-up shishir again. What's up and we smokin on that golden goal. Just so you know what i'm saying. Always share my strange on nikki's missiles that golden goal marincos main to go with a guy from The rockies while on a blog later simpson. Man i think online tobacco that all get out of denver did it from no. We'd like erkki like fucking amazing Paint ain't nobody like that. We had a little absolutely abs- absolutely that's what was you can't afford things that calls argument religion politics sexual orientation and now funding ovid poser. Four horsemen arguments. We're racing four and to say. I know that sounds very odd. People had to say i was like we were talking earlier. The four things that should always arguments nowadays. You always argue about religion. You always argued about politics will always arguments with my sexual orientation now the new list. Four four always argues on bye. Goddamn coke mass. No mass vaccinate unvaccinated. Social social distance eyebrow. In you divisiveness with that. That's what it was about to get the train going. Eddie triangle got because as there's a difference between knowing what is right and now i was wrong so you go on enough about thinking. Hey you know what. I was taught this way. I was raised this way. But you know different so the whole thing. Is you know what just be nice to people. Just be nice and they'll be nice to you than you would definitely have a great time having to new people. I mean you can't go on endlessly about just having. You're having your upbringing. So i get. I waste but in actuality man and then he really you know really possible. Because there's all these different. You need different standards in different classes like a lot of this shit is embedded abandoned in in in in your in your bloodline slow. If you know if they decide they want to you know. Open their mind to different people. Different culture freidan knives these people out of their family line you know. How do you know no we really don't you know. And this is on both sides. I've seen on black guy you know. I've seen that shit bro. Being both ways a lot of great even talking neighborhood. I live in now. It's just mostly why half the neighborhood happening the walking out. Welcome the game. Whatever they're doing they way they smile they speak. Look at me with the fuck. You doing neighborhood you you feel that entity driving my lights even look at it. Only kenny looking out for you did not damn niggers owner. I they don't even know. I don't know yeah. Hey hey just they look at look at their sir way your own you know. Shit about remark cockaded work really really down. You know what i'm saying. They they really down. They released the or not. I don't know when it feels like you know to be black in america. But you know mine. And he really is in law but you know like you said is invaded. Like a tommy tally. You was making the statement that people just know better like do talk. I mean people you may think that went better some to a main no pair but they do differently just because that's what they do or somebody who really do not know better because like that embedded like poverty primacy that people who are powder who rely on the system just this i almost called handle is they can get their hands. Sudden people know how to use it and get out of it. Some people are like. Hey this is all i know. I don't know go to school or get a skill. Make some money be entrepreneur. Or all i know is just a gold sell drugs all those two ghost body do whatever so people you can save. You should know better da. That's always the case. People they see it you know but uh switch it up around. No real quick might way. But what happened when larry parents. Hey hey hey. Stephen mobile who as you christian gordon then when something unique steve is out here around this year as she was. I have figured out that like the coast is everything about that. Should buddy was. Coast was like model of Batman as very own Marijuana distributor her name is anointed steps. You may wanna go and follow it hook up with her anointed steps. Aml we out here. We got a whole fucking. Just go to let me come shop a blessed you still hot hand shoot me shoot me. Shoot me to travel to bliss a bless you up in new jersey. Ain't you like new jersey. Yeah we're gonna. He's orange sister to go vernon only target. We got we got a special guest coming to the stage or we'll cover. That's not an issue at all. I mean at all. I think you just put that in there just to say. Hey you know what. I have a fourth one for problem now. That's an individual thing covered as an individual thing is sort of like getting the flu. It's an individual thing it's not. It's not a global thing. I mean in the aspects of like global global Go fellas sit out. Sienese spoke at all. Cross a one day classic. A what did i listen. I would monday mondays. All right man. We start the week off right monday. Monday night raw. The raw new york will big things. Like i said but i definitely put chick man knowing instead is all about that this this bed got it all. Okay that's always learning again. Not in the poconos now of jersey hot skipping weight loss like an hour twenty minutes so okay molded over. There you saw. Those down in the sideline is legal. Law go back to the fuck out of earth's an real quick. It's like home sir right. I'll be in the project. All talk of a hobby project all day. Like i thought we were supposed to be out here to elevate now stand benefits on all all that only only a my looking to a feudal expensive and you know my sex alex off. One of my team be broke. My daddy nets. And i was like twenty one year old person loan and they still not bother. Adding is nothing like that. I think would be grassley. Crazy fucked up. You know what. I'm saying to graduate. Go as you'll even know where to make in plan. Ali lake michigan. Here's the negative bad early warning ancient name over the families family gaming animal body stones while what fairly see with no was like that down in new orleans who don't tour and they were like all the people that all mountains just stand on the masbate we stand on mass ave dishes creepiest Philippians won't say. I'll have a during this. That smith name licensed met you go about already have so lutely but i appreciate john. Nicolas the funky in there. So when i gotta say shit like smoke bomb. Did that though. Amy your fault. Mr bliss guy alive man. Listen to challenge to Strange truths and a big voice and usually you everyday or meatballs on air force. And then i'll vlad live zim zamora's ahead. I know they got talent show. Doing talent show night raw on them. But yeah mayo. Yakima follow man got got some people over there. I think so yeah. Let's shaolin but up would put out the best. Six thirty actually fell fleet so under now waking case the show a little late but on was going on which along talking about tonight. I just closed my curtains to so it can be dark as how you know you tat me. You sleep in Sauce outside he be able to out make sure she used to be but alvin. A- thank you thank you thank you but yeah man. We ain't shit on his horse burgers shit about you. Know how the haitian prison goddamn gun down by. Low lives borough phrasing crazy. Man burning intersect a not. That easy. it ain't that easy. Says they oppressive. Indy fucking country for their bluest away. Like fucking dan training. Come on now come on. it is -actly exactly that's That was a game. You don't smell set up earlier in my pocket industry. These news negative ncoa three vigevano other project broad. I'm telling you. I'll think we would do that. Shit we have over here. In america they try to keep a lotta shit pacify saying because big about whether tried take the fuck marnie damn gun loss. We ever fucking revolted like this. This happened where the fucking fuel fog is. Government was framing lifelock and rosa. With the right. I mean i'm not trying. You know like the military but if it comes like what the fuck capabilities we have weather. Wise nigger we can't go against. Us military maybe the national ours. Whatever but in the military you're gonna get dust. Dust want to try to do tonight. We starship trooper dance big on areas with you once hit. Okay let me try no. That's okay kinda good right now but no growth is real man awesome. Lucian day real. I think a lot. You no check this all this is going on. We got fucking president. Shot chew was now game into because now they so-called tired of the communist party of the hellene is at a all for mirror. They made a damn notation. There's like a newsreel like a couple of weeks ago like ufo's have been discovered a show like that. You see that heading of pumping news. They don't pull bush weirdo for the aliens at. You know what i'm saying big about. We're bad haley. All right okay. You go to their velasco were to guy. We get caught nestled. There's on the not. Yeah you fucking bigger doniger pal. The negative been the fucking knee then the near die. Doesn't that no real shit. I do believe. I admitted blackshirts. I know this has real mad along with joel. Said he was like was people. Can't handle this shit so we gotta reps because if they knew what the fuck really was would lose their dan. Fuck good loose. And that's craze named by the there's so much inner work shit that's gone on labels that you said was set up. But he got set up. And that means a damn who was set up with that. Damn president to give fun gunned down in his own. Shit even gonna find somebody. Abby run game six get the nigger nigger for this but the Because even with Who was the guy that What was the movie judas and the black messiah and judas deuce blindside that guy's name for let me see. I can't really life. Fred hampton freddie. They've winning their. They get broad naked. Drug buddy he didn't wake up anyone in shot that man in day his down widely broadcast that style in trying to get the political party together up in his guide them in chicago. 'cause i'm dan. Dad's from up there. Gary indiana so he about that should go like dirty cops in a damn. Black mobil did that bloodshed. And they're like man. That's bad was just like that. They didn't of here say hey. Dan job they had to the saying should the guy day. He started to see the way. They were like no way to say okay. I want to have any fascination covered up working. You know no no came. Want nigger would allow be like. Oh you won't see this year. No not is they always say basically the way you know. We're not. We're not talking about a lot of book smart like you know like too much for going on near the label game crazy or fucking way knows too much going on. They don't fuck you. Know what i'm saying but were demands too much. They got out here. That's what if anybody ever read a book call you hold a pale horse. By william cooper can still find it. They like ban the fucking book which they are dirty did or they try to. Did you by amazon easily. Yeah get that book like he goes through a whole shit of just like is he was a fucking you as a us navy officer and of course they have. They got access a different documents. Show like that right man. That man and our story like what happened. What basically he what he did he took. He wrote his book. He put the actual scan documents in this book of like yours. Talking july fifty-one fucking. The damn aids virus the different femur programs the fucking The different families who run the ship all type of shit. You know that this is the order. They're going even on control the dan buyers and stuff like that he said i'll this shit it may should back in two thousand one. Four september eight popped is asked he magically died and then of course they they label the fucking book. Like a conspiracy theorist this ad third. You know what i'm saying. But it's enders i man as it should sit adds up shit adds up ads chance. They attended multiple. I'm taking style where nick is. Probably i'll tell you. We got their food when the guy that water is nigga career lab rats fucking we levies price. Hollywood run that experiment because the blood experiment that they didn't calculate right nigger would tell you make it. The expert depend. the bear was an independent bureau. The match up as you as i. They need a way to control for tell you control with us guy. Down vote in their chosen. Got there and cold it and they controls gardez vaccines bullshit. He news on a lot guy. We're on a nigga. Nigga have an issue in cuba they have nationalist. Do buddy com swear. We got to check thing for a whole variety password. I got kicked out of packet east. I you know we. We can do that asking them for. We are really eat out. Fuck retail me. Walk along with was very damp that that they are then. You see how spa brought. That would have been dope as was go fast. Travel schober also guy. I said we a male cushman of back then nigga if that was brought out of an adult baz fuck man fucking left his path. We've matters of refugees. He's about to be sworn her fucking small living in a foot on That'd be have a bad feeling bra because thinking about what the us this fucking if let you back on the boat. You know what. I'm saying been listed our let you back on the boat launch activity. She'll like that but they said nagging nick yet states cuba you had to go to the. Us ambassador ambassador us embassy go through all that paperwork. Identify who the fuck your. That's like fourteen was a wasn't is wrong. A bit fucking terrible as looking experienced that a terrible ass for rough down. There were big pod. Issue william cooper literally predicted nine eleven Said that that it was going to happen before i say. Thank you said on mason amac clip dan. Slip that nigga on you you you are getting erased from the god pan picks they gotta hit that fucking delete bug disney gaga Thought about this year for some shit. Leon desolate you're expunged. It's about weekend we. He has the same plot. And every now do you was about back type of year old killer. Signing you got the same saying is always like an ex cia purser. Who's career fucking damage rain. The he was buried. The wife died or become among the economy. lower fucking. They movies as they used to play. They don't make a lot of replayed upholstered early ninety eight. You ever see you give back to a space where the content is more. Politics is right. Now that's the problem itself. We have still streaming because it because so so much so much information. Then we will more do you think. They're going quantity. Oh yeah of course. Of course of course my nigga think about a man shows now at me. Great you'll have a few souls that are good in quality act quality but you also have hunting shows they coming out with the same writer light for example how many slaves. They came out with them. Since ain't all good. I underground world. That was a horrible ask fucking series bra. Them was good. But y'all like you got the same rhetoric coming out all the god damn times holiday. Best thing i mean quantity is the best thing martin. They're push it out too much or somebody else are are since it became popular. Fuck the white guy blah residents as long as. I want to send it back to the next door our list. Why were when they first came out Whether the red bars for winter two. Streep i don't care where no bribe blah blah blah blah spirit. Brock video video games. Remind our games every two weeks. Take it back in a just that experience that you know. And it's five two doors down on hold. Ross says he this. Is this your friday night row off. Wwf bra man. I'm talking about as be fucking. Wcw w world tour north. Aloe geist to kill that game round. We release the kids. These kids how they don't understand the they out. Nigga can stream or dan game on your xbox i should you can play a game on your phone tablet now nigger we had the fucking get gays goats store and rent the motherfucker for three days saying sit back. This was a struggle. And you'll be lucky. Got an game. Christmas or birthday niggers acting offer for fifty dollars back fifty dollars back then like the fifty to me. Nowadays for the guy i we're on a nigga. What library i'm telling you how euro on it went to travel time and they got him long. Fuck fuck adnan. Chain the whole hotel suites ahead state me. See what slang my little change. I'm telling you bre listen. Dan dating. I had been ranked twenty in my pocket. I was big shit. I got twenty dollars a month. Look at todd is cold. What's bigger beheaded. When i knowing that money was on bush you go to the fucking earlier dale fucking. During again we get along spied the server for negative tong. Roy fucking pont. You pay six hundred dollars for my and some absolute seasons. Oh my nigga wego we're give onto the club or just the goal distance the music go fucking get dressed up we go fucking do whatever for them to give drunk the goads them bounce around five to maybe a shootout in your favor this shit pay for jesus christ over his last business. Everything's bigger financially. Everything's been flowing over a long time. Man i started looking at my talk about money. You don't realize how much money you below even with a right. What's looking like free make a so. Now i'm and deal. I'm looking at my bills. I'm looking at surveys. That need to pay. I'm looking at things. I need to get that before. Taking charlie Defining offer about what you're doing and which part exist goals that's missed going to we see a credit my credit debt. My name is craig backup in the seal on it. I'm like god damn seen issue yondo telling you bro. You decide taking on is little more serious changes library but i i still be blowing money bush it every now and then below money'll blow. Listen lotto tig is my niggers. Those those are trae void motherfucking dreams shannon boy and the mother fucking stress man guide. That's why we got the mobile opera of the same as active role in every movie. Just like christian. Bale michael jordan chris. Pat always kinda have more than comedic acts on. He does a lot of them do now. Hollywood don't have no kind of thought process and trying to give anything different thing. I even even the my nigger like the rock was playing at cheesiest fucking roles aries. Always the big bronco tight weather for only rowley fucking plays you know what i'm saying. Even if as serious a damn comedy whether he got paid big most most iconic knackers. Nobody in this particular thing. Jackman be overweight nichols role if you said nick discreet. Hey we'll know. Logan lose ratto broad of no. No big fucking go. Y'all saying riddick bro. He made one gene character. Is i mean. Even though he did what. I don't even care on fast dishes fucking for god damn deny more. They can't keep looking them there. They can't get another two more years since looking. Drive in duckling is sitting again wise. Nashes you tell me blade course anybody garbage. Yes that's true. Because that's that's how they got star worth bra by us. I i got. I got hooked on the first one was pretty dwell. The force awakens was actually pretty decent. And in a way into okay. Settle on me straight away to fucking second line like god damn like my favorite one. Tokyo drift didn't even have indian by one nothing. It was actually about racing. No that was my wondering aside that we're gonna personal aspect of racing aspect now this one for the dan delaware is more focused as bracing showing like the first one the second one i like the third way and then up i was. I watched half and they revived tried literally paved the way for the next five with damned. I mean how much still isn't one things like. Okay if they are making more any in that to that serey die. You know what i'm saying is like god damn gonna be nigger fast and furious seventeen. Thanks this is a yes. This i must be. He's on the puck is hanging fucker tags. Fetus this fucking. Dan of hd ban dough adobe for k. Bra glass in our ears. Shit is like god damn they kanki making these shifts like start. It's the same. But again. I go back to what we said that he came to everybody the same fucking roles and same entertainment. Same plot no recreate creativity. You can count on comedy movies. Never drink only. There isn't the same plot. Berle is the same flight as a comedian. I mean yes. God bless him but mike as damn shit was just so has the meet the blacks earth. They meet the blacks to and it's like god down. How did they signed off on this shit. Our hearts out of the past has got five from the guy. Fish joint can pass to have parlayed is good good now be bubbles and stop talking about my white husband like that leeann. New thing is the boy's man. Listen we'll see really hate makes this same old garbage same same fuck saying fucking damn baloney and cheese with manase pickle sandwich with that. Might be they might. They might ask them song pepper. This time but same in the same and about ivy ivy league i should go see his movie whereas the closed after. I wanna see crazy enough. I don't know i. I don't know that ending issues like his mediocre best. You know what i'm saying. Taking was probably his. Damn magnum opus has the gray nigga. It's like brother gray had no ply crash land in the middle of the woods. Friend his ki- the third movie. Your wife gotten you will find a niggle your fucking. Her ex husband british. This silliest buccaneer unit can't that third one because four part really had no railroad. I may try to make cameo award-winning actor force. Whitaker it was like all he was doing his damn tapping the pencil point shit like he was so smart. Put of our bands around the dan lars. I figure that's the case then because in movie housing right and do it. News like people's gopi goes it is like have the whole movie trying to chase it down until next year. I believe you didn't do it. Taking through is then they they to ask hesitate did they. They're flooding as massless in our basis movie again. Also now man you know. How should i say fuck movies by negga man thinking about that. I remember my first damn job back in high school. I worked at a subway. And i was getting paid like seven. Fifty seven twenty five an hour somewhere around and i remember getting ed paycheck. That ship was only like two hundred dollars but feeling like i was actually doing something like i was happy. Low key proud of the damn shape. I remember going to the bank. Put it in at deposited. And just look like i'm getting money like that. I look back at this shit. She didn't say she didn't load in the same sentence my bad. he's be a libra. I'm telling you the whole came back fucking methods log. The xbox three sixty. I worked my cooking too to nailed the law in fedex whole summer like a goddamn big book plantation trinidad light. Working hard is hail these pay bills like the week. After depends i. it was like a delay. I'm making one hundred and fifty two dollars into the dan. We might nick at one. Fifty lightning almost much is willing to make good. Money is making like six dollars a month working there now for six hundred dollars a fucking blind right and think about it. There's who worked there full time. Who make probably double that shit. That's all there may bra. Nigga if i only have wanna make twelve hundred month i would be fucking damn scrounging for scrap. Think about long as i think about where we live robert. We'll see we'll see down. They're down they're down there. You could do that shit. Y'all i'm saying wouldn't in atlanta we're thinking about if you got only a month and that's all you dan make let's be real. What's on down. You're going to book asleep in iraq period by negga. Berkeley nigga claim brought us nigga. Junior wouldn't aboard in the neighborhood Mom always wanted next. Never miss it all just real quick around guy never been on too much of onery. I would school our school doors. Bra georgia good. Oh fucking rex georgia. That's why we switched gone. Eagles landing passengers and may be a recent movie. It turned into a movie to turn into a racing robber movie to dump. Take over the thing of being the vendors trying to save the world and has gotten ridiculous like before some damn actually signed paul walker and everybody to doing ten movies and then the tragic paul walker. So everybody's still signed on ten movies so a lot who knew he was gonna get ten movies. What else can do at this point. Now at this point nine getting those you can do now is i. Don't know time travel vendor. Did they do time. Travel over omelette fucking. Cut their shit boycott. I will go to fucking down to guide them. Hollywood and sit executives desk. He's new times passengers. twenty two. Who fucking figure this out. Go figure me eight and fuck it like you said. He's just racing to maybe like okay racing. Maybe a couple of damn barflies loose focus rayton guy for mexico. Five dollars ninety nine gpa. Exactly y'all you're taking our government cars wissam. God in ludicrous. Appall people fucking tells you like. Come on come on now. Now dan to right there is this like they refer people even places saying he plays his broke up as broke down. Soldier tyrol thing about as transform dollars shirt he should change to man on this moshe. Ssd i'm like talking about the wages. Because i'm like this comes up again. But i'm just like flabbergasted sitting here hearing how much y'all meeting like high school and my college because i go back to my struggle talks like my first high school. My first vote was like in high school. But i worked for the records from my school. And these start at me like ten an hour and then in college. When i was working yes i was making like. I wanna say like twelve thirteen hours. Like when i got promoted you know so. I don't know he's just watts media here like the different prices in different cities. Like down south and stuff like that like seven. Our like. that's crazy like. How do i'm really curious. How can i cut in. I couldn't lose puck and grind. Hey man making crumbs in bam bread. Don't like you i'll tell you rows with the law shit or i had the fluffy in damn make a quick damn book here. They're a. I don't want them. You know brought the the biggest grinding amazon. That jesus christ nicot for a trip was griping. I worked harder. That timeframe than i did before my fedex. On on the ground hustling care is. In the borough is amazon a flakes. Wigan the first. Cas off the get aroused around these rubbings. Swipe were like a mother for swiped up and then she'd probably you hear it. Her pitch news was looking our god. Damn man now. He got worried about the she'll we just make my ask fucking get older investments that we're bringing more money in different visited brooke. That greg's grinders this shit man losing. I'm i love gotta grind over just did to. Who's fucking in. What are we doing to weigh yourself. Dan dow you know work. Are i mean. I know lazy as grasshoppers. I got down this. Use fucking braced for find a way to easier. Luckily we do davies here. The choice is yours. We are not easy way. Abbas i while we're called you ain't got to you know what i'm saying like big about that. She liked prime example. Right if we had access the fucking marnie like we damn need wonderful. Would you are. This is like i mean. Of course we'll have our hands in the shit seattle and the guided but upon make you had to be doing this shit. You know what i'm saying. I is is man at the capital capital bro. That's what it is. The name of the game talk for time there. Can we speak about that. Can we speak to like the different types of grind. 'cause i all talking about grinding like i remember like going hard from little coins background thinking. I was doing something shed now like like. No businesses are coming up in business ideas coming out of work in like a job or two jobs or whatever may have your whatever. Your situation is a different type of grind. That you have to have an adult to be self sufficient and get to where you wanna be. So can that be bigger conversation of. Oh yeah okay okay. This show we show parlay schol derek. Damn ribeira grande. Amy team scientists tower easily. Oh are you quietly in to the topic of discussion in hand. And if i am compelled to speak he will definitely for me. Appreciate that is good as well by the grind different types of a but i mean marvin to your point if we had access to money. It's not that we didn't have the access money. 'cause look at all these little white kids growing up right they. They have the knowledge of the money that we have access to. But we don't have the knowledge. That so i feel like that comes down to a generational thing because if you look at our appearance sergey out here merwin sitting outside But if you look at our parents. They come from the german generation where everything touch. They don't tell us secrets about generational wealth whereas our generation sitting here like nah like passing endowed like our offspring are french children or whatever and we're building generation help. We didn't have that knowledge like we had access to it. He had access to all these funds. We just got leads to the game. You know we got hit two games. You know it was all around us rolling up like i even. I'm sorry i'm super long winded. But i even remember seeing like my father. He showed more by action than by words. So my father was yeah. Valeo man realized by agreed man. We definitely weren't left. The blueprint wasn't man. A lot of shit. Either figure out and i also coming up in a time where things are transition technology. Everything everything was new right. I didn't i fucking signed. I graduated then it was like the not the nokia twenty six ten. You know what i'm saying. Agreeing block you about getting the time to general manuel. Just like we were really late on getting those early tools to get a head start opposed the bucket probably fun of how do i know what i wanna do. I i won the big dipper not issue though twenty zero doing what you're doing now man this. I wish i had to say. I had these same ideas as i did. I agree to same ideas tools. That if i have now to do the shed at your age and i have the energy or no how now the knowledge what the damu and landscape even but like you said we come to shit late or you know or little one thing about dan. Thing actually might be outdated crypto. Five fucking example is a prime example. I wasn't intel Toshi it like who is just like those coin will fuck it. You know the the opposite problem with stocks. Oh criminal does. I heard about the coin in theory of whatever they call by the way bitcoin for type of black market. Bushy they use so fuck fucking it was a. I can't afford anyways them with all this damn meaning toki. She started coming out and it was like two zero. The opinion buddy actually put that eight hundred eighty thousand in the shin there when it blew up when i was it like zero order. Flee like thirty cents arthur. Who said i don't have one hundred. Exactly i don't i don't but again it goes back to just the generation daylight saying my parents didn't do bad or greg's do because you're saying a life sales the has the left over again in. We weren't on the same type of things. Have like a deputy generation thing though that although jury should because because i mean yell now i would say my father's day they either like right by my late. Grandfather was military degree. A soldier data service. That's all that stuff and came back. He still had his own businesses johnson. Mind you first. Employers that time out of to the grill and business food truck. Should you had a food and drug janitorial. Xyzal help with dan janitorial business then his long cutting bear nick. I knew how to do lawn and landscape because of him three different jobs like that. You know what i'm saying learnt next. I a job gonna make some money. I was taught that. But then also too. I think he had attained money to do the fun stuff. The funder ideas on the fuck and now as money was flooded. You know pretty much. Took a fucking alleged hotline will give you more money because let's be realistic vacation with shape below line volunteer dollar relative five months. Never this is out. I don't wear a lot of jewelry. Anyway serve myself neely the for for for for big for some metal. I literally fucking iron you crazy evaluate humans davis value. You could take some iron a fucking piece of damn crude as metal for five pounds. Were five dollars. But now if i take that same piece of iron refined it motive until i fucking china so fucking fine dining recorded this is worth that damn me dollars a night for iron. You know what i'm saying. So it's all fucking value. We put in shape. Y'all's am is like nigga full jury. Like i'm not like you said i'm not paying for some fucking metal damp dead rocks and issue like i'm not doing that. Now get him. I give you an opponent. I give my goddamn folks. Now gotta get one party. I will love to join the panel by allowed to. Don't talk about the type of grinded. I did when i was younger. And the showed him still do now. But alex so might. The last one didn't finish. But i mean to the point dollars sitting there talking about like you know like investing using your money. That's required to like re- reinvest it and that's one thing i can say that like. I'm thankful for like growing up. Because what i personally did see like i saw like again. Nothing was spoken. Nothing was say do decided the third. And i feel like that's a deeper conversation as it pertains to people's learning curves because some people can look by just like washington people actually have to like you know be spoken to. Some people actually asked do boo boo people actually have to do both are all But with that being said is like. I can say. I'm lucky to have seen that. You know because you take from from that particular pot and you flip it you double it. And then i mean you apply. That's life experiences. See thing financial over the thing that people should talk bag around the time of them being fairly in high school. I got toward it from my father. Round buys solve more year meaning jersey. And that's right. Tom hustle and bustle for money. But it's anytime right at the high school me and my wife. May we had a child. So then i had to hustle with different weight and different jamaica. Money needed my family. Now is like i have the the knowledge do new things. I don't do horn. I don't do those coin. I don't do any of that type of stuff. I don't mean money. I want it to something extra splurging and stuff like that trying to make sure to make more money but me more like a collector so i buy shit that be will. You should buy that. You don't need to buy that. But unbinding because i know eventually i don't want it somebody can buy it off me or higher price. Whatever recently this point. So i have a question So marv you said that you're not paying for job with dead rocks in it. How do you feel so. I see i see this all the time right like when i'm scrolling through facebook. How do you feel about the concept of an u2 on the sean how do you feel about the conflict of buying like wedding rings you know and the value of a diamond and the value of a wedding ring leg. Do you feel like it's worth by the wedding ring like how you at. Are you gotta stay within your budget. I think this what i'm saying people over. I don't know people wear what they wear. They wear chain. I can't say i ain't gonna. I won't be a little cuban link. Cuba with is what you know you have to. You know with the ten thousand dollar ring which you don't with you know don't don't call. This does go down. The you can have four bothering issue would put a day their paws. Shoghi some i'll pay. I'll i'm putting like that with that whole like again. We we see value at certain things and yeah we can look at a diamond ring. And all the carrots and carrots of gold and top ago house polish and colored and how it shines disliked decibels under a damn microscope. Light i get it. People like because distinct but religiously the value the shit. It is not doing the that she can't stop you from getting fucking giving cancer or diet ours and shit like that. It ain't fucking work the money now if you put on a fucking ring and uk like telephone or some shit or fly or like read minds. It's probably worth five gs or whatever it might be like some dark spirit okay. Looks damn good. They don't worry about the coming to the street night. Punching the dan phase. Take off your finger get fence. You know what. I'm saying the other thing about this too. I mostly like you said that fans but then you'll live in the damn tax bracket air area that you should we word that. Shall i gotta worry about fucking snatch worse. You drop shit out of sing and lose it always. Have you done this talent. Drug lay user gracious like dad. I was fucking our turn. Goddamn white if i fuck it had a down ten dollars dollar rain and i shit out of dry. He's worse in the drain. You can still catch it. You know what i'm saying. Delo devil hergovina the damn toilet toy. Flush off the issue surrounding diamonds and it was and see. This is what a lot of people are. Not aware of their diamonds. Themselves are not even worth the money that people are paying them. And i don't know of anybody from million with this. That was all pure marketing. It was very ingenious marketing. And this was something that harry. Winston cartier two beers. They all capitalized on this. Making it like that wedding ring like the most important -portant rain so to speak but really in essence. It's not. it's wild when people when people look at me a whole what. What is it about diamonds that you don't like it's not that i don't like diamonds. Once you understand the real marketing behind it you would want it anyway route. S that's late. Appreciate that for that knowledge that you try ringing. Didn't even think about the whole market is because yeah they always shining up policy. Get to like listen often because we like shining things. Cars gun show gina. Thank you thank you down. She's always got a big smile crazy. I mean let's be real fucking diamond is if anybody does not science here. Johnson so Diamond if anybody knows carbon is harvard is the one well. They element spiritual later. Basically carbon you know comes in carbon dioxide because the whole right in my nose a cold. Crude oil is right so under years of pressure and intense pressure. You take some cold which is nothing more than damn dead. The dead organic debris or decay which consumer data animals day of bacteria or dead bodies whatever. Fuck dissolves shit ain't will fall susan oils. The gets condensed over time in pressure. Great energy great heat to form. It goes into a nice little hard impenetrable rock named diamond. And even then we find diamond. Looks like damn bowl. You know what i'm saying. I add walk. But you got postured. Up is unrefined ship. We're basically taking dan. Dad ask dad ask materials shy shoot up as the best thing in the world fucking here you go crazy booking greasy thank you. That's a point for. I wonder why damn dead is before forever. Wonder fucking why but yet thank you lady really do appreciate that comment on their but nigga. I don't even know what the fuck. How okay so talk about making money. They bring put it like this. Just don't spend two thousand rate. Would you rather spend five dollars on. And if five thousand dr damn a hundred company scenario. Yeah oh no if we scenarios. Oh shit nikki. I'm traveling say. Fuck this five. Reflect get the fuck out about facing camera. Travel log that xactly thing about five. Jeez okay okay. Cool with but they got five will travel. Light travels a guy experience everybody. Should you know what i'm saying. And you learn from. The ship. Absorb other coaches again. Excuse me we talked about that earlier in the show condominum notion just travelling and you'd experienced everything around and it's like yeah. Everybody needs to travel even midst to another city. You know in your in your state somewhere you know traveled to the fucking you know be traveled to the mountain. You know go to the plains although somewhere not even international somewhere where you can just down relax like real real can travel. Mk brought to you by gay travels. Maybe i'm maybe i think differently the like i'd rather just like if you're going to propose to me like yeah like i mean. The ring is nice to display. And baby. I'm coming from the perspective of being previously married. And when i was that age. I was like all all about the rain. But i'm like joe invest in property for me or something and be like. Hey this is like my wedding gift to you. let's get tattoos later and that's the kind of mindset. I'm coming from so. I don't really think bring is important. I think the value sentimental value that holes. Yeah i'm here for the sentimental value but a lot of things can hold sentimental values Depending on the person is catered to magazine for the arago. Vaca do all over again. We in the month like a backyard our backyard and should we got. We've got some shooting was nick and we traveled. We buy a house for that block that flood. Dsl debut small chunk pays for slogged that against the nation. Yeah well that wants to spend some brain don't the knockoffs. I was thrown at one. Time on us does go fuck you know. We wanted to be traditional and all issues like half the show and then on top of that shit you got to pay all that food nigger collect. You know why was burns. Let me tell you what when when you gave me on that box. Laws near the liquor like ono we. We one hundred bucks for the team that they go in is. The big news had no water. we know. that's people don't talk about that yet. I'm probably but people don't talk about that. Miami is a fucking food desert at water desert literally. Lightning wants to shoot closed down. You have no food. And no water runoff. Sando miami. everything's overpriced. Fuck on all those you know. The the the restaurants and automobile knows closed. You get you get all of my. That'd be now we can't even get in closed. Ditties close pizza closed news. Add negative reduce the fucking convenience or snacks. As for dinner. The worst part is never a we. The taste of deceit ocean. Okay so me cold dank about diamonds. So would me. My wife is materialistic about things. I didn't go out there and spend four thousand three thousand four rinks. I spent what was in my budget to get her to ring that. I feel like she deserved and i didn't go. Dan get diamond. I went out there and got coney. 'cause keeps konia is the same thing diamond without having to spend as much money and i'm not willing to spend money outside of my buddy especially like i said having a child at early age i can't go spend ten bands on the rain and then hope that we together forever or you don't lose it that i just couldn't do that but me i stick within my range of payment four rank and got her one and that's where we've been out of a sense would it. I just recently last year before her new one to just upgrade said that makes me think about it for the ten best investments relationship bigger. You may not get back is like da now. Yeah hey out. hail. I get this year also. I'm still waiting to join us panel so we could talk about this hustling and buffalo for money. I'll play we go beyond for that. Eisley mudra bubbles paying a little bit. I sister it's very funny. You're talking about like about the ribs in the backyard. And whatever else but like my sister married husband through justice of the peace she. They got their wedding rings. And i hate to say this but she got them from walmart. There were like fifty bucks peace and she got a ruling in also got her really nice dress. My sister is like super super for goal. And i think overall i think when you include the justice of the peace and i think the marriage certificate i think the whole entire thing when you add that up it was like two hundred bucks. They like okay. If you wanna founded reception were having a barbecue tomorrow back yard at my house. And that i mean like that is about as simple as my sister will keep it in. My sister even told me she said i'm wasn't even interested in honeymoon. This was as good as it was gonna get with her. And i actually respect that more than some fifty thousand dollars hip the hale and all that all that money might be later fried kathy some ribs you know. Here's down shit. We might be within a couple of years. I spent goodbye. I rather create a memory as long as the spending a whole bunch of again. Deepen exactly that to be using something else honestly like fuck in house investment. What does not but again as lesson learnt places. Do you guys recommend to go and miami. Because i will be going there soon so i need to like plan my trip. We'll we'll end on that topic one time so i would say if you f- recommendations mauritian ask. Yeah if you. If you haven't been. I would always suggest you if you never burping. That does a hard question. When would this is if you don't win. Daytime yup lower definitely by far that we went through during the daytime. It was like outdoor jury damn allergies the call flights billabong the very warfare or louis to that it was a nice home is now just drinking near this. And they have future food and you have other spots over winwood district Want to go more and decides what coun- have a lot of bars that way of course never been quick southeast. Police words fleas clues but nonetheless. It isn't experience. please hold on comments. Please call us for the battery life around to go on. Sean chartered for that long. That's how me and my wife got. Every we we thought about it and we looked at people and their weddings and he was like. Oh we're not that kind of people to spend that kind of money that we're going to go to justice of the peace in north carolina. We're going to get a mexican aria ring. I told her she can wait to buy mind. I i don't care. I just walk around without my ring off with a moment and i was still helping by mary anytime. We even have a cookout. We went to a group that was right around the courthouse One of my friends some friend. My father drove as we win. Eight and then we realized that we save so much money that we went on a trip and we take a case of a work in. We stayed in a hotel and we wanna do people might think is like buji but fuck that. We were trying to spend as much money on things we wanted to do that. We couldn't do before that money on a wetter. Then after you know crazy crazy enough. fucking on me. I will do that shit. We went to four house. I mean we save for later on down the line. But it's like i think if we would've fucking just you know did we. Dan did and we did go to like a nice restaurant by right after we had dinner making britt fancy restaurant and my parents end their loses. Like damn for we've really did is burn down. That means something else who's been asked fun. Oh will you lose. So i've been a lot of places of the country But i've never been to miami so that's going to be my first time but don't be mad. I'm going to birthday party. But yeah i need things to do. Oh yeah definitely definitely. Oh yeah definitely that yeah go to winward laws southeast. Wanna go to get the experience beach collins. You know ocean drive all that stuff. You definitely go over harbor ours. I think based based arbor those those go towards definitely check azure area. You know depends on live down as you know they might be able to tell you the finer places in the area or the city but definitely check out those spots for the most part but Everybody thank you as we are burned in k. Out monday on different different topics of this. Please do us a nice little favor. Make sure that you follow us. Smell 'cause podcast. Not by 'em case indicate. Make sure you follow us on instagram or facebook at an kp task again. That is in kpb cast. Make sure you follow us on our instagram facebook and facebook page and rupert as well make sure subscribe to our youtube at menchville. Kush okay again. It's mangled curse his youtube. We have some of our newest episodes of our lays web series mangled kush travels in pay. Travels had a few travels within the past couple of months. We've got some things coming for you know. We had denver on there had a bowl trip. Had north georgia definitely. I have many more spots those channels as well view with uh smoke and laugh again. This here is signs is nine words for them. Half is where it is. Have a good week and we'll see you all.

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Interesting If True - Episode 48: Moist Moons Over MyHammy

Interesting If True

33:57 min | 3 months ago

Interesting If True - Episode 48: Moist Moons Over MyHammy

"And welcome to interesting true. The podcast that's made of nazi fighting gravitational moon ice ice baby doing do yeah music joke. Sure i'm your host this week. Aaron and with me is the ever fabulous shea. I'm shay and this week. I learned that the republicans came down harder on joe biden for having a minor major problem. They differ matt gaetz for having a major minor problems. Yeah that's how that went. Yeah so so you know how everything is actually made of ice. because newton was wrong about gravity and the size of hitler's dick you know. I do remember hearing that in elementary school. It wasn't yours from a crazy man on a corner. But i remember hearing that he was waving an icicle around saying he won the lottery but still. Yeah what are we talking about two neither to these people but here we go. cosmic ice. ice baby is what. I'm calling this story because i i need to get some mileage out of that joke because it's the only one that you the only music joke you know. It is the only ice related music. Joke that i know yes. Did the white help you with this. One as she didn't she she would have left me for this one bad all right. I think she doesn't listen. What about ice. It seems that whenever someone decides that the earth isn't round or that the sky is actually the'real firmament or that we did not in fact evolved from filthy monkey men ice plays a crucial role and see their. You know preserving the men orit walls us off from the capital. T. truth it's unknowable. Or you know it's the wrath of or some such nonsense. Are we still talking about ice. Yes and all of its various cosmic forms. I didn't realize it did all of this other than satiate. My and helped me drink beer. It helps me fall down a lot during gym class in canada. To be honest a lot of things helped you fall down in gym class. Go outside of gym class. Basically my natural state is falling over. All right we all. We all need a state today. We're borrowing mostly from column columbine but there will be some filthy monkey men later in the show because most of what we're going to talk about was accepted out of a need to venerate stupid assholes for not being ivory tower think-i people what. Yeah thank you. People who would have argued wrongly. Of course that the universe isn't made out of magic cosmic ice. Wait a minute. Is this a scientific theory. Put forth by trump about precursor. If you will. They have a lot of quotes in common. Oh no yeah. Whereas dr christina easily from the institute of history at the university of vienna explains quote the cosmic ice theory portrayed the world in a simple in vivid manner in the form of a story astronomical and geological processes were paired with spectacular stories in the vein of fantasy laden adventure novels and while this theory was easy to follow. Conventional academic science seemed only to offer numbers abstract equations appearing incomprehensible and out of touch as a result. The cosmic ice theory seamless esoteric to the man on the street than the conventional sciences. And quote. wait a minute so they were like. Let's just make up our own science hookers and blackjack basically and i don't know frodo sprinkle some frodo and good measuring dolph and that science now. Because it's you know more fun. The numbers. yeah that's exactly how that went a problem. We still face today. In fact both in terms of people thinking the sun is made of ice There are actually a few cosmic isis. Still left out there. Yeah and in. Nearly every other facet of the sciences that requires more than a third grade education and a bottle of mountain dew to explain. I mean it the most basic if you were to ask a child. What does the sun made of. I doubt their first response to ice. Like fire higher. Yeah device not ice. You're gonna while before you get to ice on. Yeah yeah yeah thousand. Five or six a doctor who right. So what is the cosmic ice theory. I imagine our listeners asking for the of this transition. I'm asking awesome transition successful well for that. Only travel back to a simpler stupider time specifically eight hundred ninety four. Okay started on a monday. For greg and saturday for julian. I william kennedy dickson. Patton the motion picture. This was the first year that coca cola was offered in a bottle which is kind of nice at cool. Yeah and it was. When rudolf hess was born which. I don't recognize that one. You will frustratingly. We'll come back to him when we get to. The gem ends rather stick with coca cola and watching movies this them better place to be especially back in yielded coca coca-cola days. Yeah and it was fun co right. You can watch movies and run a marathon so in the summer of one thousand nine hundred austrian hans hor bigger or bigger whore. Bigger is what i'm going to go with. Oh is it ever. We'll see discovered the theory of austrian. Word well too. Shy scher work. Close enough that's probably what that is or is it translates cosmic ice. Apparently it was also called or later originally was called aleisha cosmology or glacial. Cause me a forever. Yeah thanks house. What if only. I had those diction classes like you. I was a kid. House was an inventor and engineer. Who didn't have time for those ivy leaguers with their telescopes or math. No no he had visions to explain. The universe checkmate atheists. People with visions are always you know. Just the best of us. They're always so right. All the time always always correct by his own account or was observing the moon when he suddenly had his first recognition in quotes. What it doesn't tell you is that he observes the moon but in the day he just stares straight into the sun is what you would call a watcher of sky things at the sun. I can already feel it. I i feel like staring directly into the sun for days on end. Might explain where we're going to go with all this. And i kind of felt that my bone in my my ice phone is good good. You're catching on so upon realizing that it was so bright and rough on its surface the moon. It must be made of ice only explanation yup and not something white and not cheese or else. I feel like cheese might even make more sense than ice though. Not commonly known for its reflective property cheddar. If you hold the a nado and it's nice white cheese like a swiss could reflect pretty. Well you know. That's that's true that those are shining. Jesus very shiny squeaky cheese. Y'all you're right you know because of truth s is all about what you can see and not what you can prove. He just decided then. In their ice moon school is known that the scene hundreds were simpler time surely thereafter. He had the second of his recognitions or visions as they're now being called an historic He had a dream vision. It was a fit. It wasn't a vision. He had a fit offense schramm. Now yeah so. In his dream he flew through. Space and watched a silvery pendulum. Swing getting longer and longer until it broke the end don awakening. He knew that newton had been wrong. And that the sun's gravitational pull ceases to exist three times the distance from neptune o. That's what that man. I knew there was gonna be something stupid. As soon as he had a dream that he remember yeah right so silvery pendulum longer logger until it breaks. I was trying to think of. What could this mean. I didn't think of that and no i. I didn't newton either. But that's why this guy is the beer genius and we're just podcasters. I yeah well. That wish i lived back then. Maybe know somebody starts with this dream. I had it's gone downhill from there. There's nothing good comes after. That sounds really not at all. So if your phone you'll see you'll see a picture of horror bigger. The date is unknown but he is mr mustache and beard. Much of this picture is all of it. It is an iso- graph so it was a. It was following his revelation that he contacted his friend philippe foul in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight as schoolteacher. Who helped him publish the here. We go again. Delays zal cozma gunman Caught kosgey no glacial cosmology and twelve b seven hundred and ninety page tome based on that dream and looking at the moon too much. Oh my god. Yes he stares at. The they start at. The sky was filled with photographs and diagrams and would become the foundation for well. Shishir or wwl well as it would be commonly known and i'm going to call it for the rest of the thing is i'm bad at austrian. Did he get these photographs and diagrams like he dry drama doom himself. He drew and took a lot of photographs himself and he also took a lot of photographs and diagrams from other people and then corrected them. Good seven hundred ninety page tome back then. That seems astronomical. That is a serious amount of effort. You don't do that by accident. Well no but even the size of the book and the printing technology back then like that would be. I feel like it's gonna be wicked expensive. Yeah he put serious effort and time into this. Fortunately he was at this point in his life a wealthy engineer. I guess because i thought like he started off as i'm the science for the people. I'm going to make everything so everyone can understand you. Don't go to school. You can sail done. that's where he landed. Basically is what it boils down to. Yeah he he was by trade and inventor in an engineer who i guess invented some kind of plumbing to coronary piece that made ye oli plumbing. Coroner an elbow pipe the ad. Nobody all gives a crap about his engineering. Apparently the company he founded though still exists in germany and austria. They do like industrial stuff. Not not moon ice stuff. I'm like they don't make ice. They they do not make moon ice. Lord i mean well well begins at the dawn of creation win. A super giant star pulled a dead water star into itself and Where those came from you know. No i know what a supergiant star is. I think that's the thing. Yeah water star is a new one. This was described as a slushy star. That makes it more understandable. I hope it was grape. Those are some of my favorite flavors. So yeah no coca. Cola was news a coke flavored stew hopefully for was hurtling through space. Yeah so in the beginning there was a giant star and a water balloon. Actually yes that is what you just described all right. I'm on board again. The impact of the smaller wetter star caused it to explode for some reason. Sending water crystals out into the universe that became ice blocks the lucy space droplets ice bricks. You see has of hydrogen because of the the ice maker trae than someone felt because of the giant stars as machine and and eventually all of these ice bricks were eventually pushed together by space hydrogen from the quote milky way and other solar systems which is the least problematic quote in this story. At least two. I mean he said milky way and bat is true. We are in the milky way. We we are. The milky way is not a solar system The galaxy okay. Why they okay yeah. Our solar system had many more planets when it was created than it did now because of ice knows. Because he's haired if that's on long enough if you look at the sun and the moon long enough you learn to read between the lines in your in your vision of the burned out cones perhaps supervision when you need it. Superfish has the collected rather eight as the greet ether. In stories we talk about the either or the ferment. Oh as that zeiss. Ice is good. That's what happened at this point in time ice either. Thank you for explaining that to me. I mean it was such an obscure concept that just that one word ice right helped solidify it into my head when you're confused ice okay. But so the the planet's muscle or system start to coalesce and the outer planets are hit with more ice and therefore they are larger than the inner planets in case you wanted to know why neptune and jupiter and such were not dinky okay and that is also why pluto is the biggest planet nurse solar system see. Now you're on good guy. I didn't with the power of ice super ice super ice. Yes that is exactly it good. I'm getting of course. The remaining ice is still naturally visible to the naked eye in the form of stars and meteors and so on as we know is because i produces heat and light. That's right hor. Bigger was big on the idea that our son was the is only star. The rest of it was just glittery twinkles like in snow. Oh space no space space. Cool all right all right. But that was the cosmic ice also dictates many weather patterns of course For example when the aforementioned meteors fall to earth and break up on reentry there were hail and blizzards come from that tracks and when ice blocks collide with the sun. We observed sunspots and the ice itself is vaporized into finer ice which then covers the innermost planets and clouds and ice son ice. Oh seis seis. It's very precise very precise. Theory upsize threatens come in those. Those haven't got here yet. Those come from the super star at the center of our universe after may device. Yes okay those. Those are after the nazis and if you're wondering why this doesn't make water out of ice as his heats traditional role. It's because ice isn't made up of other stuff You see ice is itself a quote base element in the universe. Did you mean to say that. I did use those words. In that order the crazy person scare quotes. What makes that possible. Oh yeah. I miss that at base element base ice. It's kind of like it's kind of like an adventure time right. You've got like ice and slime and candy and fire. That's how you handle. Autism is all right and so all of that ice is of course pushed around by celestial hydrogen which pushes it to the outer planets and around and eventually into the sun which will freeze burn frees us to death hydrogen. I forgot you did mention celestial hydrogen earlier. Yeah i forgot because it was surrounded by a bunch of other crates right because it was a drop in a lunatic ocean match celestial hydrogen magic sure. I'm pretty sure. It's god farts but i don't know man a mighty wind this a mighty wind. Thanks for listening to interesting if true. If you like what you heard might to shut on the socials or leave a review. Wherever you're listening you can always subscribe at patriots. Dot com slash. It where for as little as a dollar a show. You'll get patron exclusive story. Each week out takes on the regular show and more contact us. Find out more and see what else we do. It interesting of true dot com takes the patriot support of listeners. Like you interesting. True is a proud supporter of wyoming aids. Assistance registered five. Oh one c. Three charity that provides support to wyoming nights living with hiv aids. Find out more wild. Waves dot oregon. Thank you for listening sharing and donating along with many other worlds. The sole system used to sport earth had a contingent of moons of which are current moon is simply the last man standing. Heck yeah the best. One wins the fittest. That's derwin ian moon logic all the pacman eight all the other moons. Wocka wocka wocka then. The ghost froze the other moons all began as free floating planet. An orbis of their own until earth captured them. One by one captured in quotes. Because yes there is the implication of actively capturing because you mentioned that gravity doesn't exist in hydrogen pushes things around. I confused again suit. Our did our earth after like reach out and yeah oh gravity does exist but the sun is the only thing that can make it but it only goes as far as three neptune's are we farther than that i don't know if he thought that or not perfectly honest para maybe we might be three neptune's away from the sun. It's really. I mean any any reason to not use kilometers that about three neptune metric system. Confuses me how many newton's is no shit that's a real measure of. I can't even be this stupid on a web. Well newton is wait so it was still stupid. you're awesome god. Forbid i should be taken seriously no eventually. The mini ice wounds fell into our atmosphere disintegrating into the ice. That would now be rock. Strata not the fine is. This is different. This is different than the fine is. This is moon ice mice. Mice this is. This is the mice not the splice way. Now each geological event that can be identified in the strata of geological formations is. Actually the record of an ice moon impacting earth dead. Dyno's ice moon did the great flood. You guessed it melted ice moon. That kind of business okay. All right this sorted hind to make sense. Because i have a headache i if you have a large of ball of yarn this makes sense. Okay all right now. The last moon tertiary moon as he called it was the quote sin azoic moon who's impact caused the sun zoellick era commonly believed by fake news nowheres of things to a followed the kt st- extinction event. Yeah i is that when the dinosaurs died. What is the senate zoellick era. I'm there's apparently the third era that's all rise of a million life that that's actually a term moon isn't but yeah no no okay. So that's what happened in the sentence. Okay i just i guess. I didn't realize that's when when my birthday was that is yes. That's true until present and steve's literal birthday. He's not here to dispute it. So it's true. That's how true works on this show and look it up now. According to were the fall of the synagogue moon was recorded in myths and legends like dragons the battles of sky gods the devil or the germanic. Oh there are so many little dots over the vowels in this word got her dumb got wrong. Got the maroon. Yeah i think the twilight of the gods or as you may know. The book of revelation of course after the moon fell earth captured the currently visible moon in an event that according to hobart owners english follower hans strider bellamy caused the biblical flood. See the moons fall the previous moon not armone the lastman the one. That's not there anymore. The one that is not there anymore. The fifth moon. It's because we were on the six men now. The fifth moon added water to earth but also as it fell it pulled on earth's equator with all of the gravitational force of ice causing a quote girdle tied at the equator which wants freed from the moon ice gravity when the moon hit earth. right the tide then sloshed. back down to the ground causing global flood. Okay i can follow that logic. That's that's the thing. I can picture in my edge. All all of this sounds dubious at best but sure are right. Yup for evidence of this bellamy offers books like moon myths and man in the beginning. God which i guess is a book. I guess you can put those words next to each other to i'll get those can be a title and of course. The book of revelation is history as evidence. Oh good thank you. That's another book. That i guess you could probably get from the arc. I'm sure genesis has some answers for this guy. does geordie rabies on reading rainbow. 'cause if not that i'm not gonna read them. Yeah that's now the these are season for it. Never never got there at darn. Yeah yeah you had to get. The visor was the whole thing now. The fall of the previous moon believers are. You explains the great flood but also the loss of atlanta's yes it would flood it because of the title girdle right. The girdle tied moon. They sent shit. Up and atlantis sank as you can imagine. Hct was not welcomed into the halls of academia for his brilliant insights. in fact he was pretty widely shat upon for all of it. Fortunately around this time the world was distracted from his and really all other nonsense by the first world. War during which hans did who knows historic. Just kind of glosses over this pile. I know what he did. Actually let me do stared at the sun. Some more spent the whole time staring at whenever break. Yeah no idea where he was during world war one. But once diana defeated aries single combat ending the war back to its musings and hands doubled. Down could stare at the sun for a few years. Sarah insight comes from. His views weren't accepted by the smarties but hands on his followers knew that their facts didn't matter in the face of overwhelming public opinion. Hans founded the social Founded some social groups in austria and many who in turn produced pamphlets books movies on the subject and even a newsletter called the key to world events they held public lectures and star studded. I mean for the time and topic events. More kennedy's vehicles than scientific symposiums. And they're the ones that started the dilution of science. Isn't you plus there are. There are plenty of people willing to give him credit. Yeah grins to his credit. On this front at worked it didn't take long at all for his followers to start. Heckling astronomers meetings with quotes like quote out with astronomical orthodoxy. Give us hor bigger. Oh my god. These are original flat. earth irs antibac- sers just idiots and still get some of this flat earth today. Oh my god yeah explains the ice wall. Uc oh we're going over that later right away be section too but yeah for his critics over your head simple. Replies win challenged mathematically he famously replied quote calculation can only lead you astray. no which. I'm sure we've all heard in passing at some point. Thanks for that hans. Yeah that's really. Yeah he's were that game from. Yeah that's why. I cut twice in measure. Never go right. that's why i have. My board stretcher makes all that much easier. Now when astronomers like willy a offered visual evidence like pictures from telescope simply said that they were faked by reactionaries fake. Yeah essentially being the first fake. This guy's such a douche. That was their stated game plan by the way in his books and the society's histories they're really upfront about the idea that since they weren't in welcomed into academia they were just like no facts. Don't matter if if people wanna hear my nonsense instead of your truth so this guy did invent fake news. And he's a horrible human being. he's a big old troll. As a big ultra. He and his entire organization trolls. Oh yeah now eventually lay. Who is a rocket. Expert challenged him and heuburger. Said famously quote either you believe in me and learn or will be treated as the enemy and quote the guy that was pulling stuff out of his but said that he was just cobra. Was just like yeah. You're either with me or your again me because for a second lay said that i'm like good. Because he knows what he's lay didn't say that he said that to lay. Oh my as a mindset that would mesh well with world war two era german ideals great. This ghetto go. Well yeah now. In his defense hans had the good sense to die in one thousand nine thirty one. Unfortunately his theory did not die with him. Know and great You may recall. Europe isn't doing so hot. At this point and germany's national socialist party is gaining ground among them was houston stewart chamberlain leading theorist and the formation of the nazi party. Who is also a staunch advocate of. Well oh great. So he's well educated. Yeah yeah no it. with one. l. By the way with one at all capitals wwl cosmic ice thing his followers would recognize cosmic ice from greco roman glaze yield cosmodrome knee. Whatever to the now common germanic welsh did well and officially began marketing at as the answer to quote jewish science. How is this an answer to space lasers. Because einstein scary and isis safe refracted the lasers and protect our planet from the jewish space star. Don't tell green that she's gonna start whipping ice cubes. People einstein had published his theory of relativity. And this didn't set well with german sensibilities so naturally the cosmic ice theory became the quote german antithesis to quote jewish physics Which is i guess. Something they needed. I feel like they only this so they could adopt the entire fake news angle rate because they really did well with that. But we can't let the jews win you see so supporters commonly used rhetoric like quote our nordic ancestors grew strong in the ice and snow belief in the cosmic ice has consequently the natural heritage of nordic man and that that totally makes perfect sense. Which yeah. I mean why not right. You've been like trip down a flight of stairs. You on your ed. And no i watched frozen. I know how that works. Yeah these people needed to let it go along with the ideal of quote pure science. Which of course why not was the idea. The idiots are good for a nation. A theory so practice by the right today so remember has an himmler and those guys like not to but i do. Yeah here's a. Here's a quote quote just as it needed a child of austrian culture. There's an exclamation mark in the middle of that sentence continuing to put jewish politicians in their place so it needed an austrian to cleanse the world of jewish science. The fuhrer by his very life has proved how much a so called amateur can be superior to self styled professionals they needed another amateur to give us a complete understanding of the universe end quote. Oh great yeah. Yeah so you know. That is giving me the worst headache to date. They needed scientific outsiders to drain the swampy flasks. I suppose. Wow yeah yeah. There's so many parallels to our political system. Well yeah yeah. You don't have to try very hard. Do know now because in truth the idea of brilliant idiots and accomplished amateurs was a favourite of the nazis. And why wouldn it be if you needed to convince a largely a grenade credulous mass that they were special. What better way than the stand up and say things like. I love the poorly educated o. No not hitler was it. I know no still as dr. Wesley explains quote. the cosmic. Ice theory clearly illustrates how the boundaries between science and pseudoscience can become blurred exemplifies the history of modern science is inextricably intertwined with a fantastic imaginations and spectacular mistakes. Say that in yeah now world war two is going strong and himmler. Hasn't hitler basically all of the people that you don't want to deal with our very fond of the cosmic ice theory and pushed it to the mainstream german life. Hitler in fact was so fond of the ice theory is onto have suggested that only with time world ice theory would one day replace christianity so they were serious into it. Wow how long until that happens. We're winston i did. I think i did read an article. That said Faith in christianity is like at an all time low so at some point maybe the three remaining people who write ice theory outweigh the christian. So yeah no. It is actually talked about it. I think on last week. Scathing pew research numbers came out again and religio city in america. Globally it's been declining much more rapidly than it is here but religiosity america's on the has been on the rapid decline for decades. And i think just this. Last research study the nuns as a single group atheist. Agnostics people who can't be bothered to go to church that group for the first time is is the largest america. Oh wow if only then owen not an. Un's right yes yes people who have better things to do. Not not women of specific dress code. Okay yeah so anyway. The nazis they liked the ice it proposed supremacy. Because you remember when gen talked about the the racist that came before man like jellyfish people invisible ghost people yup in the moon the moon nells hyper aliens. Yeah this is. This is that the cosmic is explained airy supremacy explaining that the last great moon fall. Kill the hyper. Borey and race. Making way for the areas obviously and it puts idiots and position of unassailable power and it fed into hitler's other pseudoscientific called ideals. Himmler has and hitler were apparently known to have grand discussions on a fuhr's opinions of how it might explain the fall of the quote world empire of atlantis which fell victim to the catastrophic the moons falling to earth in the quote. Apparently hitler really thought that was a quote from hell. Does hell boy that would be the next paragraph. apparently there's no hell boy in here but there really should be trained all of us j. Would hiller believed that. The is theory could be predictive. When it came to geological and meteorological phenomenon even spurring his building of the great observatory in. Linz austria is town representing quote unquote. Hitler quote the three great cosmological conceptions of history. Those of taller may purna's and hoeger something came up for a second bear. When you when you said the last word on your own brainstorm no i get it or banger right right there. The kospi logica conceptions of history. Yeah if you're gonna put three names together. Those are the obvious three right. Oh my yeah they. They are to me. he really just. Einstein didn't he. Even stay were ninety eight. I not big on him next. Best thing or pinger yep. I opted. einstein's names in similar next week similar from different faces of the same coin. Really yeah so eventually. The cosmic is theory. Would explain revelation as well though. It didn't account for the fall of nazi germany. See orbiters theory. Was that eventually space. Hydrogen would push earth and the solar system into the sun. the universe's only true star. This time burning it to nothingness instead of ice burning it smaller ice icing by the yeah before the sun and all of their matter was push back toward the supermassive ice star at the center of the milky way by space hydrogen. Oh cosmic dot parts god parts before god blew us back into the black hole weight and of course. We're theories still on today. And the vestiges of all right thinkers and of course flat earthers and other noble amateur scientists unburdened by the way to facts evidence or the knowledge. That it's bad to be nazi. You does any of this word. I don't know man. That's the end of the story. By the way i can't. You're not going to get any more answers. I get any more answers. I need to have a fever dream and see some visions of a pendulum and then. Hopefully i can figure this out all right. Well i'm erin and this week. I learned that if you want to blow up. Go to siberia and collect specialize. And i'd like to thank all of our listeners. Supporters and of course my co host shea. Thanks guys and if you'd like to find out more about the show our social and our contact information or what that blown up nazis thing was about visit interesting true dot com where about the show social links and contact information interesting to dot com. A music for the episode was created by wayne jones and was used with permission. The opinions views and nonsense expressed on the show. Or those of the hosts. Only indian are ever seen the people organizations or lifeforms. All rights reserved interesting of through two thousand twenty.

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The Librocube

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"Hello this is pendulum's actually listen to the liberal podcast featuring host jordan maywood. I could potentially enjoy. The libra killed bed as a contest. We haven't heard yet. My sweet might be terrible growth. You can catch with our here we go. This comes to us from our good friend jordan. Maywood class hamburger steamed ham. Do hello welcome to the liberal cuba. My name is jordan. I am the lackadaisical rookie recoilless this show. Oh god the show is one in which i discuss all the media. I have consumed all my my mind. Consumption of media's why. Why would this be a thing that someone would listen to frankly. I don't know which perhaps explains the almost complete lack of listener pace. Yes i'm not worried I should say at the top of every show which sometimes ever gets to that. The possibility exists. You have not consumed some of this for yourself so you know i warn of it because i don't want to spoil it. It's a spoiler warning. Excuse me okay. I guess i'll push a button that will get started. Oh shit yeah well. I put it in the show notes a little bit. I'm thinking in leaning towards and so far have decided to That this episode is five sixty. Six last episode will be six. Yes that is what. I have decided why not go out with a satanic bang So obviously that's a hundred weeks. Plus i take two weeks off every ten episodes so there's some math that someone could do to figure out exactly how long that is but you know we got some time once a another thing. I started decided. Just since we're talking about it. And this is one hundred episodes away from that and so it sort of fits I decided that once we hit episode six hundred There's gonna be some changes. I'm going to do we'll give it a give it away. Let's just say when episode six hundred hits this podcast will be a fair amount difference fair amount not one hundred percent different but of heroin hats. Shishir pushing button now. Movie monologue today is moving. Monarch sponsor is power. Shag carpeting installation. Now in austin. Thank you for that sponsorship movie. The first fill from two thousand nineteen been a different to dark comedy which i do Oh directed by greg near directed in starring greg kinnear interesting Written by stephanie mouser Dentist which i feel like. What was that steve martin. Movie novacaine that right depressed dentis in midlife crisis tries to learn why one of his happiest patients suddenly commits suicide and a dark comedic adventure ensues. Hey you know what i said even before i read that dark comedy and it mentions it in the description so it must be from twenty nineteen Yeah i i as if such a thing as someone who listens to more than one of these exists they will know that I tend to gravitate towards dr. comey's enjoy them. Lot of familiar faces unless a great career was good rating wise. I don't know i. I'm gonna go three and change If you're unfamiliar with my rating scale three is enjoyed while watching. Probably when watch again. And while i did enjoy This while watching it. Unless i can't really see a scenario necessarily where i would want to watch it again. No offense phil Yes basically a greg kinnear's Get sort of embroiled word. We'll use in the lives of these people By pretending to be sort of a long lost friend of this a now deceased formerly happy person. in any you know shit goes with that. Obviously obviously i. It's okay it's an okay. Move moving on to sorry to bother you from twenty eighteen. Oh yes this was a bit of an odd duck. I see here. It says comedy fantasy fi. None of those are really. That accurate comedy is probably the most fantasy the second most sifi. I don't know how that ended up in there really. Yeah i i suppose. In an alternate present. Day version of oakland telemarketer cassius green discovers a magical key to professional success. Propelling him into a universe of greed. O- yeah the guy who. I don't think i've ever seen him before La- akif stanfield replace cash screeners. Very good There's a few familiar faces but probably more Familiar voices which is interesting because that key to success that catches for one was what they call in the movie white voice. Which i suppose is what i have technically. So he would end. Danny glover was the one who sort of a showtime the trick He would start talking in his corner. Unquote white voice. And then it would be dubbed. The person who did his voice was david cross. There was another guy whose voice was done by patent oswald And i don't actually know who did. Danny glover's voice. I don't know if it was someone familiar or not. I didn't recognize it. Yeah So apparently if you're going to be telemarketer you need a white nerdy sounding voice. Apparently oh man. Maybe i should be a telemarketer Yes so there's that weirdness Then there's the weirdness of the sort of its Distorting future Yeah yeah. I suppose that's to say but you know what would what's good about this. What's interesting about this is. It's not distortion to the degree where they've like changed huge things. It's like just close enough to be depressing that you could see things happening in this movie. If they were to happen in real life. You'd be like yeah you know. It's a little weird but also fucking idiots just you know humans in general rating wise. I think i'd go like a solid four points. Eight nine repeating sure. Why not Yeah i do recommend sorry to bother you if the sort of weird movie sounds up your out you and the mrs doesn't like weird movies which i do unfortunately Unfortunate that. I like him unfortunate that she doesn't so we don't have to share in the weird movie love I can understand when it comes to a weird yeah. Let me put it this way. I don't really begrudge. I don't begrudge Because i can understand the not liking of a weird movie like it doesn't blow my mind if you don't like weird movies yeah Okay moving onto the third last films austin powers international man of mystery austin powers. The spy who shagged me austin powers in goldmember. Oh that's interesting colin's for the first to know colon the second in the final. You know what is interesting to doing this. Really watch Which i hadn't seen in quite a while The first two. I enjoyed in the in the last one. I kind of didn't so much interesting. Maybe an austin powers movies in order to be a good. According to my stupid scale These cohen it interesting. Okay so Austin powers international man of mystery. I i feel like it was still trying to take itself a little bit seriously Which i think deterred from it a little bit And then i think austin aspire shagged me sort of leaned into the ridiculousness of the whole thing To a good degree and was still its own movie although the amount in both the second and third of jokes that just redo is high. Yup and you know. It's too high. Despite that i almost feel like despite shag me the second one. I ended up actually liking more. Which is sort of weird I suppose maybe it was. I don't know it's hard to put my finger on so rating algo four for international man of mystery. Four points something for the spy. Who shagged me and Three minus something for goldmember. I'm in push too many buttons to television talk. The talk sponsor is winchester. Frozen bacon cheeseburgers. Thank you for that sponsorship. And thank you for the television. Show supernatural you got tampa fifteen season behemoth Those a fucking fun ride man. Fucking fun ride Just so perfect For quarantine times a show such as this. I did the sort of classic i guess. We'll call it a discworld thing which i assume other people do in fact i positive i for other people do this where i got to the the fifteenth and final season of supernatural. And where i was watching you know like a shutdown of episodes a week I just sort of really slow down and savored it. Till i got to the final two episodes which i'm glad i say there's a protect when you get to the final two. You're watching back to back and you'll think get more enjoyment very interesting Probably going to get into spoilers here a little bit I've tried to keep it vague anyways. In the the second to last episode of this series could have been the last episode easily And then just sort of had a little you know little thing at the end to clear up maybe some things but they did like a full episode of just sort of like clearing up and while the two main characters dying not you know necessarily dying ending up in in heaven in good version of heaven. Yeah so that was the happy ending. Both characters tying Fuck i i will say that final episode cried like a fucking a lot. Yeah really really hit me hard. I i think it's an maybe i've spoken of this before the quarantine dumbness. I know of spoken of that. I also think potentially It sort of boosts. There's a bit of a boost to your emotions During this time You know psychological things happening So so the fluctuations of emotions is probably higher than it would be in sort of normal circumstances quote unquote So that's combined with the fact that it was fifteen. Cut him seasons bed. Three hundred and twenty seven episodes and these are. This is an hour long television. So you know what forty some odd minutes So you really gets In invested in these characters. So the no surprise that when you've spent this amount of time with these people because i thought it feels like When they die even if it is a quote unquote good death It's gonna be emotional as it was. Okay so what. I love about the show It started off. You know season one to whatever the the first little bit as sort of i kind of an action. He show reminiscent the in. I'm sure this comparison has been made a little reminiscent of buffy and angel. And then they start. I not going to put a number on which season. Because i don't know i'm not a professional so You know. I have no idea. But they start. Taking chances they start doing different episodes. They start experimenting with things like a coming to the quote unquote fly missing quote unquote. So much i am faith accurate the quote unquote real world Where the television show that. I'm watching as travels to this world. In which the television show is being filmed like shit like that The episode where The whole thing is filmed from inside the car. Yeah that one was fucking crazy. That reminded me of the fly. Episode of breaking bad for the whole episode. Takes like a bottle episode. I suppose although this one. I don't know if it is a bottle episode because cars moving and things are happening outside of where the car is. Yeah crate crazy. Stuff like that Just just really taking experiments the fucking bad guy. This is going to be fun to say. Which is my laugh. The bad guy of the final season of supernatural is god far so good so good. Yeah well i. It's funny because you know with a show like this. Your buffy is your angels. Each season is going to be you know like a like a story arc involving a big bad guy And after fifteen seasons you know you're bad guys can't get worse every time. I don't think it's gonna be hard to. So what are you end with. He and fucking god. Oh so good. So good Easy easy six hundred five. Yeah i i. It's been infrequent that i hand six hundred five so you know what would have i given a six at five to an awesome follow games. Maybe some terry pracha books movies. There's not much. I give six hundred five's to but supernatural seasons one through fifteen deserve a d. deserve. It's definitely very much so so there. What button am i pushing knicks. I don't remember. Oh yeah okay. Game given these game sponsor is d sixteen nine days. Nice all right. I just have a short one here Just because it was something fun that happened in the Dischord dean d. Rowe place server. That i've mentioned from time to time. apparatus So there was this Character and player Who were seemingly having a bit of trouble In sessions in in in two regards And i managed to In character give his character and therefore his player to tips. That's a i would sort of you know. Very base general tips. We can get into the minutia very easily with the andy and have fun doing so but here. Here's two and this is all the segments going to be. It's gonna be quick to tips for players. Dvd players to two simple things okay so Tip number one for your player is you can be anything. You can be a a a loner. You can be evil. You can be good. You could be literally anything you want. as your character. the only thing you can't be is a detriment to the rest of the party so if you are playing that evil character you need a reason that you are working with the party. If you are playing. That loner who doesn't talk to anyone. You need a reason that at least for the members of your party that never talking to them sort of thing doesn't happen Sometimes it's hard to do. Sometimes you can give yourself a challenge. I have many times right now. the next sort of pc m working on a towards this. It's going to be evil cleric. Now why is he going to work with the people of this town. Well he's insane and he believes that by saving others. He is adding to a sort of death. Total so for example. If i save this fighter. Who's on my adventuring team. This fighter is going to go on for years and years and years going on other adventures And killing shit of things. Because that's what you do. The indy quite often so all of those deaths would not happen. Were it not for my intervention. I am giving those deaths onto my god. See he's crazy. He's evil but he's gonna save you for his own twisted purpose just as an example Okay number two And this one was He he had some some troubles with this as well Yeah the reason this happened in characters because he came to one of my one of my characters in character. Boy getting confusing apologizing for his In character behavior that of a sort of freezing and running out of character. It was apparently and this happened a couple of times. He would do some weird things that would be detrimental to the party. And also not show up sessions or not really be paying attention Never ready on his turn. So this is where the second one comes on Especially online especially in discord with average right especially if playing on your phone Try to have a rough idea what you're going to do your turn This is a this is advice. I give to players playing in person. This is just advice in general. You don't have to know exactly what you're going to do but have have a tentative game. Plan that if things you know you do. This is how i do it. Have a game plan with what you're going to do Each time a other player goes look at that planned and safe. It still makes sense to do it. If it doesn't revise it now the time it gets is if it's the person who is right before you really fuck shit up for you You'd be you know saying my you'd be surprised how often that does not happen. Or how little revision to what you think is smart to do which is actually kinda sad Sometimes it happens in some types of does but the those are my two sort of just sort of basic low level player advice for people playing dnc. there we go pushing button internet intercourse bottles threes internet. Integrate sponsor is cirque medical supplies inc. Thank you for that sponsorship Item the i ask questing beast three with guests dale. Ken's mill and dick broadcast aka lombard Yes this was like a youtube. I guess you'd basically called a podcast But it was interesting. Question beasts have been watching some more of his stuff. I think i've spoken of him on this. He does a lot of reviews of modules. Which is interesting. I don't really run modules. But i do like them and seeing some of the mechanics they might have in it some of the cool ideas that i could steal and such so. His reviews of them are good ways for me to go about that without actually running So he did a sort of a qa with a kingsmill by no. I've spoken very highly on this podcast before she is. Oh shit. what's her monarchs factory Mannequin remember off the top of my head. She has a youtube channel where she speaks of. Actually it's funny a like ten minutes before. I started recording. I was watching whenever video. Where she speaks of a dandy stuff and she does a lot of myth and lore stuff as well. Just you know Entertaining youtube videos for the nearly inclined. Let's say and she really knows her stuff to as she made a great evidence of during the course of this cuny and then An individual who had never actually heard of before a scope notice channel. There wasn't really much on it. It doesn't look like he's recorded an oil maybe he's doing stuff elsewhere in. It's just not on youtube on his to channel. they're calling him the bard cut. It looked little. Like ed greenwood which i appreciate And further appreciation for the fact that a jail and questing beasts are of a younger generation whereas the barred Probably i would say older than myself. Even which is forty of not too long ago So it's nice. It's always nice to see the different perspectives. Like i'm not a Old school despite my age. I'm not an old school dean dear In many respects. But i do very much enjoy looking back and seeing some of the Thoughts and ideas and implementations they had in previous editions and Just coming at things from a different perspective which the sky offered Which is nice to see. Like i prefer the more sort of quote unquote third again Modern style of dnd Butts you know doesn't mean we can't look back they did have one. Yes oh differences newer versus old school yet. One interesting idea. He brought up the other seemed to be interested in. And i don't think i would do this for a campaign but maybe for a one shot where he had some extra of backup characters. It was Instead this is just one little tidbit. I took away from the talk. They spoke a lot of really interesting things. But this this one. I wanted to bring up specifically it was what if instead of When you're hit points reach zero you start rolling. Death saves you instead our dead. Yes so when you're when you're hip points are zero. You are dead Which is interesting. Like they spoke of all the ways it would change sort of battles like instead of as quite often happens and i'm guilty of this as well of the few healing characters that i have ever made which is not too many It's quite makes more sense. Mechanically tactically that instead of healing. Someone before they go down you let them go down and then helium so they can get back up It it's just from a sort of sheer numbers perspective. That sort of scenario often is what makes no sense Even if probably real life scenario you might not do it. That way And he definitely wouldn't be doing that way if an hp of zero means you die. I don't know if it would work. Though because heels healing spells healing potions are not very high in terms of numbers. So you would basically it. Which is why often makes sense to heal. When someone's down so like if you're gonna use say a cure wounds heal. I don't know they say you get ten. Let's not bad it's not a bad rule But but then a hit steals thirty damage. You're gonna spend three turns trying to heal that thirty damage in. That's three spell slots as well. Yeah okay so. There's certain things i wouldn't work or would need adjustment clearly for. Hp of zero equals daft to work anyways. Fun to think of moving on to also fun. Help playful with bruce green I don't know apple fisher. Sure diction and sark cirque. You may recall Was one of or was he the original. Dmz of nerd poker podcast. I thoroughly enjoyed back in the day. And now is just okay. Because i don't like the current dm anyways Yeah so they're playing. This game called green hell which is sort of a cross between kind of looks a little like rust Which is a game. I've spoken of Several occasions on this podcast. I'm sort of arc. Survival evolved little like that basically you are thrown into a jungle and half to survive while also uncovering the story. That's a that's happening in their survival in this jungle as in i assume actual jungles is fucking hard as shit. It is literal health. Sometimes like there's a everything you eat fucking poisons you you're hungry thirsty you've got track your protein your carbs your water You gotta make sure there's no leeches on you know parasites There's a can sanity meter Aunts everywhere wild beasts trying to kill you tribes trying to kill you It's hell i. It looks like one of the most the fucking difficult frustrating games. I've ever seen which is why i'm not playing it but it's fun to watch others feels frustration. I guess so Bruce green formerly a fun house. shit ap l. fisher. I don't actually know how to say latin. I forgot how they say it and addiction. Those two. I'm not actually familiar with but the they seem nice enough And of course are so you know. Check that out if it sounds interesting. I it's a game that i am tempted to play but I almost feel like. I had more fun watching them. Play a do play throughs than i would have if i just played it myself Okay so moving onto. Oh yeah this could technically have gone into television. Talk however I wanted to devote that to supernatural. Trucking taskmaster seasoning. yes Recently finished that news. Sort of interesting I wonder why on the youtube channel. And i never really figured this out why they sort of a posted an older season as sort of one episode a week I'm not complaining and says the goddamn delight The guests were in sterling. Joe thomas lou sanders paul sinha and shawn gibson. Shawn gibson was who. I was rooting for and to not went and i will say If you're unfamiliar with taskmaster. Ooh oh a classic in pity situation. Have i feel like we haven't had one of these in a while. I envy the fact that you now get to go on youtube and type in taskmaster and we'll have a shit ton of episodes to watch and enjoy and laugh and love however Pity that you've never got to experience the show for yourself. A classic envy. Pity situation Yeah so a recommend that definitely Season ten so this season eight nine nine. I watched already because that was already there do believe a season a season. Eleven actually is going to start airing soon which is interesting march. Eighteenth is the is the first episode. I'm seeing on the wikipedia cool beans. They have lee mack and season. Eleven unplugging really looking for that looking forward to that he's one of my favorites So we'll talk about that at some point. I have no doubts moving onto last but not least a new podcast added to my podcast listening her repertoire. That happens yes with spencer crittenden in jeff. B davis You may recognize these names. If you were a listener to the podcast harmon town as i was This is add podcast. An actual play dean. The podcast that it's on its way to happening either. Genes something smart and something. I've been sort of contemplating as a as well Let me read. And maybe it'll tell a rising from the ashes like some sort of podcasting phoenix toast. Jeff b davis and spencer crittenden bark on the most courageous ground breaking mission. Ever conceive. talking into microphones. Join our heroes as they fearlessly weight into a myriad of topics and takes as they crack wise and make mary and with and without special guests. It's just of also play dungeons and dragons. Sometimes that happens a podcast. Yes so listen to the first two episodes First one was. You know what i love about podcasting which is two people sitting around shooting the shit talking about stuff cracking wise as they mentioned It's fun and funny. And they sort of Outlined what the general gist and plan of The podcast is gonna be going forward. I'm a spencer is going to run a campaign for jeff will be one player which is always interesting And i think will lend itself very well for a podcast form One thing of dean d. actual play podcasts. That i don't like is when there is a lot of players. I think to might be the best yet to might be the best Three ever done many times. Four is when i start sort of in five. I don't think i could listen to five. Birds are chirping. It's in the Second episode a delved little deeper guts the character role some stats Jeff will be playing a tobac- swashbuckler which is fun And i think if you're going to play a one person campaign Sw sabar right. I'm pretty sure that the bar yet. A bard is a good selection for one person campaign because they could do a little bit of everything and i think that will be fun when that happens folks. We did it. I'm not sure what we did but it has been done. I should say the final thing. Say which is always a final thing. Say which is of course. It's nice to be nice to the nice. This is the end of the show. Sincere thank you for listening. Time to plug. Something's and i do not mean but you can like us on facebook. You can follow jordan. Underscore maywood on twitter. You can subscribe and comment on items. Lastly at you would like to contact the podcast. You can eat may jordan. Dot maywood edgy. Mail dot com. I would like to conclude that. I am not rolled back and bed i have. I've got a that. It's a demon dancing demon. Something isn't right there. I've got the best is yet to come and be be you but you ain't seen it shine to the warm ups underway. Wait to wait and see that sunshine. You wait seen nothing yet. Come and very this yet. To live long and prosper.

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Season 4, Episode 15  The Miracle of Dads

Bad To The Dad

1:02:11 hr | 8 months ago

Season 4, Episode 15 The Miracle of Dads

"If you're the kind of dad keeps telling your kids. God help you and you're not a member of any clergy. Then this is the podcast for you. Maybe not the holiest. Podcast in the podcast. Fear but definitely the podcast at celebrate suburban dad life and dads everywhere. We are bad to the dad with coach. Randy and adam d. This is our season finale episode fifteen of season four. They call me adam de they. Call the gentlemen of a bow to introduce big in luxembourg. Explain that in just a bit. His name is coach randy coach. Great to see you again. Adam d is always great to see you miss. You miss you and the dan. It's crazy but i we're doing the right thing constantly questioned about going out and doing things but You're over there in the candy. I'm hearing the dan on. Somehow he managed to bring this this podcast to our listeners. Every week on time because we are bad debt bent to the dead doing this thing and serving his great role models for not just other dads. But just be safe the end. I don't know if it's near but it's nice it's now it's we're going with ny goldline zion. We're going with that kind of language. Now it's ni- yeah well with the vaccinations on the cusp of being approved by the fda and the first wave of a central workers cluding healthcare workers and those adjacent to healthcare workers about to receive the vaccine January is going to be a good month. February is going to be even better. I was on a webinar not to bore anybody. But you know this. I'm in health. You say is never boring of the enlightening us. Also thank you for constantly. Affirming my existence but was on a new jersey board of health webinar and the way that they are setting up the vaccination centers for small ones medium. Large and mega. They expected in the mega centers alone. Twenty five hundred people in the state of new jersey can be vaccinated in one day and with the other centers combine. They think a million people a month just in the state could be vaccinated and we are the most populated state in america. So if that is our plan imagine how fast we can get everybody else. Vaccinated across the country granted. They put their fears. Aside ran a day don't have any ideological issues restrictions with it. This could be the beginning of the end of a very very tough period in our history. Are you gonna take the vaccination. And i am my. I've done the research. I know that you're not injected with a full strain of covid. Nineteen your affect your injected rather with a coating a- protein. If you will that helps stimulate your your defenses. Does it involve bleach. Do you want to involve bleach. I'm just curious to know if that ever made. Its way into the realm ashes. Fortunately fortunately the more cerebral scientist said. I think we hope this bleach story kind of goes by the wayside. Well as our current president debate said it was tongue in cheek. But how would you know how which no it. It came out pretty serious. I think woolite may actually be the cure grill. Perhaps have you seen the needle on these Vaccinations yeah Uncertain uncertain syringes. It's pretty intense it Hearkens back to those old needles that you saw like in fifties and sixties hospital shows like six seven inches in length egg. It's going to go in there but it goes in the bone right. The bone in your arm don't know if it goes all the way into the bone that that i'd have to research but look Three or four seconds of minor pain for perhaps five year lifetime of health alive. Well about lifetime. But i think that the the period of protection is at least five years could be a little bit longer depending on the other vaccines that that get approved. But i think that's the horizon for the pfizer and madonna gooden's. I'm gonna jane. I'm i'm going to gauge my experience based on yours so the the pressures on you head coach who's always willing to experiment regardless of the dangerous. If you're thinking what. I'm thinking and i know you think what i think but i think what you think and you think what i think it was. I'm always thinking is berman. Branding becky birmingham. Bourbon dot com. You thought i felt rights. Look at that. She's one of our major sponsor she has been for all of our four seasons at birmingham dot com for all your graphic design and web site needs and if she can take care of coach randy and embellish his brand for his personal coaching business. The magin what she can do for you. I would recommend goto coach. Randy says on your on instagram. You're on facebook. Instagram facebook pinterest. Which why. I don't know but one must have pinterest learning about all these things and soon to be tiktok. We're going to be on here going to be on talk. Yes my my daughter's now. The mikhael is now the the head of my social media department. Will there'd be dancing Might be some dancing at first because she told me that i had to go and do something that involves dancing so people will start fogging. You'll have all upper thousand followers. Follow me so steer school. You gotta be gotta be light on your feet. Hey you know we're also brought to you by november and movember dot com. That is the men's health campaign grow a funky mass mustache and raise awareness and funds for melt men's health issues and we'd like to thank heath barbaria our guest in season four for turning us onto that and we'd also like to thank a group of anonymous educators who just want to thank all the other educators support staff and administrators for keeping education going during cova times. We know it's not easy but educators support staff administrators. Thank you so much everything you do for all of your innovative ideas and of course for listening for listening our guest today coach is going to be rabbi ari lucas A synagogue called congregation. Good israel in caldwell new jersey. You may have heard of it. I love it. Because i am a member of it. Not just heard of it. But you're a member too and of course emma member and When we do go to services when you know services were a thing that you did in per in person coach randy and i would sit together and we would often get shushed. We were like the old the too old muppets in the balcony. We couldn't stop talking. You'll going on you weren't shishir. We were the issues we were the. She's yeah she's got. I gotta be honest with you. That is one of the biggest things i miss. I swear how much i miss being in shoal go into services sitting with The schindler's it became such a nice routine. It was just something to do on. Saturdays is not that it was. I didn't go for all the quote unquote. Religious observance is really about community. And that's really big part of us as jewish people as celebrate. Hannukah the idea behind community. We were talking with our girls and how he really miss going to show sitting. You know listen to services afterwards going up against bit holland and sitting for the big kish. It's a really. I didn't realize how much it began to become part of our life when now it's not existed so i loved that car gatien. Rabbi lucas is remarkable. Being another one of a great guests and no better way the end season for episode fifteen then with a rabbi lucasville of haneke's a superstar rabbi who has learned from another superstar rabbi and alan silverstein who Their forty years forty years plus of service will be moving on and we thank him of course for everything he's done for our community and and really the communities jewish non-jewish around the world Just an amazing amazing presence. A luminary of of rabbinic life on. We'll get up to all that hanukkah and rabbis role turing kobe. Times and twenty twenty which is an unusual year to be any member of the clergy. We'll get to that in just a bit. But coach we gotta talk about luxembourg. I map in luxembourg luxembourg out of nowhere adam de as i shared that email from you I don't know how are y. But apparently we're in the top forty podcasts in the kids and family section of luxembourg luxembourg luxembourg. You know what we'll take it anywhere we can get it and we thank the people of luxembourg. We're gonna say magazine say donka. Shane speak luxemborg. Which is another one of the official languages of luxembourg. Don't know much about. Is that such a thing. Luxemburgish is not that is a language. Luxemburgish wasn't worry. As you. And i think luxembourg ins or are the are what you call somebody from from luxembourg. Just public service has gone. Luke sers on that might be derogatory. You may have to ask you know that. The capital luxembourg city is one of the four official capitals of the european union fat. You can thank luxembourg for being one of the countries that jump started the whole idea of a european union. I did not know that. But i spent all week learning a little bit more about luxembourg because we have an audience there now we have an obligation and a joy and pleasure a reaching out to our fan base in luxembourg. Her who i guess are actually dads as well. They are bad. The dads how cool would be if we get a dad from luxembourg th reach out to us and be able to interview them on a bad of the dead episode halt action. So if you were a dad a whether you do something interesting or not you have a business that you want to support online or otherwise. We'd be happy to have you on contact us at bad to the dad. Dot com contact doesn't bad to the dead dot com. We'd love to have young not just one but multiple deaths will do a whole episode for our fans in luxembourg. I would have to certainly please speak english or we'd to find someone to come in and kind of be announced later know if people are speaking three languages in luxembourg. I have to imagine that is one of them. People in europe are not like us. Lazy americans were. We insist that everybody's speaking english if they don't we speak louder and slower and put the letter o at the end everything. Do you understand what i'm saying. No that that's what americans do but luxembourg. They're a lot more equipped to speak multiple languages. And i don't know if you're listening. Prime minister savvier bethel your beds. Thank you for leading the nation of luxembourg interesting fact about prime minister. Would you like to hear what it is. I was wondering if there's anybody. I want to hear something about would be the prime minister of luxembourg. But you did it for us. So light me so zadie. Battle is the first head of state anywhere in the world who is openly gay and has been reelected up to me. Yeah know that so. Luxembourg quietly has made world history over the years over the decades. And i think we should. We should take notice. You should notice the fact that atom d at the end of our thirteen episode of season. For who would affect. We started this not so long ago that we would be in the top forty podcast in a country. I think it's about the size of the state of new jersey right. It's a small gun. Might be a smid bigger than that. But yeah you're on the right track right here we are. They said whoever they were. We couldn't do it. They said who you're kidding. You're just other podcasts. But we said no. We said we're going deep and far we're going across the world. We are suburban dad. Life we are we are. We just wanted to get big. Yes in five square blocks. We were hoping west orange new jersey. A big enough but now So yes luxembourg. Lots of board. But tell me for you this week as a dad i got a great store. It was it was hannukah so the first couple nights that went off with without a hitch. But yeah i wanna talk a little bit about paint. Co. tranny oh. I'm glad to talk about pain. I have a conversation that might just be perfect In terms of a pivot about paints a perfect so four years ago we had most of our living room loft dining room area painted by professional painters. It's a big job. God vaulted ceiling. So not the kind of thing i wanted to do. So we bought pain from benjamin moore and it's a great pay. Took me wrong. Oh listen that that is a very fine when lanes so it's sort of like an off eggshell is sort of a grayish. Tend to it with but it's mostly white and depending on the late. It's great whitish user imagination. You know maybe. I'll take some color swatches and imposed him to social media. You know me and my imagination. I can go deep in many different places. I'm a little concerned. So you know what everybody except coach randy. You can use your imagination when it comes to the great whites watch so we have some touch ups that we needed to do because we put some holes in the wall and we've scott things up by bringing things up and down the stairs so typically when a homeless painting. There's some leftover paint. I was looking through the house for an extra can of paint for life. I couldn't i couldn't fight it. I looked. I looked in the garage. I've got like seven cans of paint. Nothing even close. I went to the basement. We've got some pump room. That has some pain. We've got laundry room. That has a closet with some pain. We have a corner of the laundry room that had some paint. I looked everywhere for this paint. So you know what i did. It's like a scavenger hunt looking for paint. What a fun game. Yeah and thinking. I had the right color i would do. Some experiment like paint a section. Now i've got like my own rainbow grades and have got like blue. You had an awfully nothing matched you had to go through. How many shades of grey unreal. So apparently there's this thing you can do. We can take a piece of your wall. Yes and bring it home depot. Yes and they have this machine. Where they i guess. They put the the sample slot. They put it under a computer. The computer analyzes it. And jeff tells you what kind of paint it is and the guy at home depot. Insisted we've got a match. I said this this is the world we live in. it's miracle hanukkah miracle so is how much do you want. I said well let me get a can get a kid. Twenty two bucks. I'll get a whole candidate paint. You gotta you gotta count and not a gallon gallon of get. Let's let's talk technical here. So what did i do. I brought it home. I did a few samples. i waited for to dry. Not the right thing. The computer wrong got it wrong. She always gonna find this mystery paint. Yes so just so happens that three days later. Michelle comes up from the basement. That's my wife with a paint. Can she says let's test this one out having find it. I don't know if you try this one yet. Sure enough we do. A couple of swatches exact match that rich so now. Of course i feel like a damn fool because i've gone through twenty three cans of paint in the house i took. I ripped up a piece of wall and took it to home. Depot twenty two dollars a gallon of paint. That's not even the right match and michelle. Somehow i said where did you find this. I have to know she goes. That was in the laundry room. Have your man is well. Maybe that maybe that's one excuse. I the conspiracy that maybe she was hiding this pain from me where she would have hit it. That's exactly for me just as could give me. I told yourself and this way she could be the one who comes up to see. See how important i am. I know a pig. So what did you learn about. Reports of keeping cans of paint would you. It should be my wife's job because clearly because we know that as fast forward five weeks and actually all about moms did you have. Did you label bomb did you. Did you label the cans of paint with what was in those cans. Yeah and you know what they do. Is the the folks that are are selling distributing this pain. They take a little wide open right like kids bedroom upstairs wall. No it had some sort of crayola name for the color and net was on the label. But i don't know just just call it white or google or call it eggshell. Don't call it sunrise dream. No but lifelock don't you haul it. Don't call it. You know milk in your cereal after beating. Lucky charms just get a real name please. But you go in with that little sharpie and you're right in bedroom hallway now. I know because. I have you know cans of paint and on the my right exactly for now had known that you'd be in a situation you are. I'm might have saved you. Twenty dollars the fact of being outshined by your wife but happens regularly and she is clearly the truce would but i love the image of you trying to figure out because i know how handy you are. That's one of your one of your traits. Will painting is is like my thing. I how to schmear right. Ed credit lending who at sea athletes different so here. Here's where i'm trying to save face. I asked i asked my wife. I said so. Is there some room that you need me to paint with this new gala books. I wanted to go to waste. That could be a little bit off grayish whitish anyone bathroom. Can we just recode that. Just so i feel useful but you were bad to the dad because you didn't give up. I was more bad. That i was dead but this is a bad to the dan. Moment imperfect species because i had a similar situation. This is a legit dad moment. I am of most important in this house. The bug slayer made that very clear. I'm also the one that watch. I fixed up and i. I love that part Add earlier this week. Migros came to me and told me that the bathroom tub was Was clot and that the water was coming up was about an inch and everything else. And i'm thinking that's fine. That's okay. i'm happy to take care of it now. mind you. I've had experience with clogged drains. And so i knew i knew what to get. They have These their plastic strips Cleared drains called the snake. You want us a snake right so this is a little plastic clips like about like a foot and a half. Maybe two feet in length right so i went. I picked them up. And the idea is you. You take these things and he put it down the drain. Now mind you not knowing what to expect but knowing expected that i am the daughter of girls. I'm the daughter of girls that have very long hair. So you with me or yeah. I think i know where this ends. Maybe there's no henry ending to this. I'm not sure though. Let's keep talking. So i i've been the bat by start putting down the the plastic snake and i'm pushing it down pushing it down and i slowly kinda pull this piece of plastic out and outcomes this this lump right and it's your hair but i guarantee it keeps going and i keep pulling i keep pulling keep pulling whole human head that came out. It was like baca coming out. You pulled on you. Walk out of the drain will walk. And i kept pulling. It was over two feet length. All the girls get in here can here for that out and held it up. It was literally two feet length. Okay i did it. But i made all the girls come in and say this is why you need me. So they'll come after me about doing the dishes. Go to the grocery store that this is what i do. I swear to you it was a two foot iwate that came out of the and what did they do after you show them yet. That's gross I put it in a bag. You know we moved on and guess what no more clogged. But i had my bad dad moment in there so it was funny. And you don't see you don't see michaela brianna helping you with that the next time that moment but i do want to let them know whenever i do stuff around the house whether it's a painting or fixing things. Electric things using electric tape. I always explained to them. The tools that i'm using because i want to become self sufficient when it comes to those tool so that was one of my bad moments even though we had a great hanukkah we let the candles the to footy walk coming out of the bathtub. Was the of my head to the dad Week fifteen of our final four. So it's awesome. We learned that We just got a little mini dad vice from coach randy. We also learned. That cochrane is also coach Wrote a router for all your. Your plumbing needs bill. Side-hustle coach coming up. We have rabbi aryeh lucas of congregation a good israel west essex and colwell new jersey again. That's coming up right here on bad to the debt. We are bad to the dead with coach randy. And adam de if you wanna find us on social media it's really not that hard are handled for all platforms. His act bad to the dad that includes facebook instagram twitter and link did not quite on tiktok but our daughters have to teach us all about that. And we're on the web as well. Www dot bad to the dan dot com where you can see guests past present and future and if you want to reach out to us you can. We have good old fashioned email. Contact us at bad to the dad dot com. That's contact us at bad to the dead dot com and we're also using that. Dm mechanism on social media so those platforms. You wanna reach out. Feel free will read will answer. We may have use some of your content on one of our shows. Were bad to the dead coach. It's our season four finale and we are thrilled to have a good friend of ours. As we celebrate the jewish festival of hanukkah it is rabbi ari lucas of congregation and good if israel in caldwell new jersey one of our rabbis. Rabbi lucas amazing. To have gone to the mic and the time bill. Loan cupbearer shalom shallow. It's an honor. I think coach randy just trying to impress you with whatever he remembered from hebrew school that hopefully he's doing a good job shallow. I hope he remembered a little bit. More than shalom. Yes is that's say we'll save yes. We'll save for another broadcast. I just want everyone to know that wall. Rabbi lucas is an outstanding. Rabbi and a man of god in the first man of the cloth we had him dad to the debt. We have learned quite quickly. That god is not a fantasy football fan because if god was a fantasy football fan rabbi lucas. Would one our synagogue. Fantasy football league three years running and hasn't happened yet. So i think that's a fair theological statement which is to say god does not care about them to see football and he has better things to worry about. I think it's the logical rationalization. He's pretty god's hands pretty full right now some of the things so i would imagine fantasy. Football's probably on the lowest tier level of god's Priorities right about now. I think that's as they say but you can disagree if it's not if it's not great but chamois used to say we plan god laughs satan. You dish you know how to satan. Yiddish has a high neutering zeidan. Perfect your accent. Though is from the gullit's. Yana region from a mel brooks movie. Exactly i'm south poland. I'm from a different region of lehem. All right you're dial it down. Think i think he gets the point but rabbi rabbi lucas mention it is the the festival of hannukah the festival of lights the eight eight nights. And you know i. I think it's important to kinda you know. Go go back into into the history books here because it it's very common when hanukkah roles about to hear one of two questions what do you want for hanukkah and what are you getting me for hanukkah and we realized that there's much stronger historical significance in. It's not just about the present exchange. So can you give us a little bit of background. Historically about what chronic is all about sure Tanakahe commemorates a miracle. That happened a long time ago. Over two thousand years ago in the land of israel The jewish community who lived in israel at that time were conquered by the assyrian. Great greeks antioch Was the bad guy of the story. They came into israel and they imposed not only political domination but religious domination they They ransacked our temple. They put pagan gods in there and they demanded that everybody. In the land of israel worship as the assyrian greeks did That's a problem for jews. Jews don't like bowing down to other people's guts Not then not today. So the jewish community at that time struggled with this. So it's not a simple Simple time to live as a jew and there was a group of very courageous zealots. Who put up an armed rebellion They were the maccabi. It's Judah maccabee is the hero of the story. In the way we tell it and He along with his family in a group of other committed Zealots took up arms against the mightiest army in the ancient world. And they want That's a miracle We we believe that that's a miracle. And then the second miracle that happened was when they return to the timbale it had been defiled the temple's holy space it needed to be cleaned up and rededicated the word konica actually means dedication rededication. So we're commemorating the dedication of the temple which happened when it was first built but the rededication effort after it had been defiled and of course many people know the story of the oil. Which is that. There was only a little bit of oil to be found to light them nor the minora as you might know was a centerpiece of the sanctuary in the ritual in the in the temple but there was only a little bit of oil left. They lit Thinking that it would only lasts for one day and it lasted for eight nights. And therefore we celebrate an eight night festival to this day commemorating the miracles that happen for them but also affirming that miracles happen in every generation to sustain us and to to keep us connected It's a message of religious freedom independence. It's a message of hope encourage end. It's also message of black dozen presence some while one thing they often get from the world in which we live is very divergent very diverse is. This isn't hannukkah jewish. Christmas isn't it the jewish. I'm curious how you respond to that question when you hear it as say no. you're commerical. Are jewish built very badly that all the non jewish gives the all these great gifts and it's got to find a way to up the ante gets on one day as adam schefter says we get eight glorious nights. I just said holiday was celebrated for eight days. I didn't say gifts were given for eight days in our house. We try to do every other you giving you get your giving you get. I would say yes and no which might be surprising to hear from a rabbi. That hanukkah is in some ways the jewish christmas which is to say the idea of having a light festival at this time of year is not unique to judaism The idea in the darkest days of the year we light light. And we bring our light and god's late into the world That is shared With other religions But the story and the message is uniquely our own and it would be unfair especially a holiday. that's about honoring the diversity of different religious traditions to conflict them and say that they're all the same Hanukkah has its own story. Its own message. Yes you know. conoco's The presence is is a tough one In the old country you know eastern europe. They wouldn't give presence on hanukkah. They would give gilt right. Which is you know. They would play drizzle and they'd get coins To spend for a treats or things like that but in america there has been a shift towards presence. I think that's a terrible thing. You know i think in some way. It's a season of giving We can take that aspect of this season and incorporated into our festival. Konica as long as it doesn't become the centerpiece or the focus of what hannukah's about but doesn't that play into the desire of the jews who came into the united states having experienced so many programs and the holocaust assimilate into american culture and one of the best ways to assimilate is take on some of those american traits so it makes sense in order for them to become americans would be to follow some of those particular cultures. Yes there's deep irony there because again the story of conoco's about fighting assimilation. There were jews at the time of the hanukkah straight. Didn't mention them but there. I mentioned them a bit up to sleep but right there. I said it was complex. At that time there were jews who are pro assimilation said great. Let's join the greeks. Let's be part of that culture. They're the biggest and best thing around. Let's become greeks and the maccabi is were a reactionary group against that and said ono. You know that's not what you do as so we've celebrate the victory of those who argued for a distinct jewish identity not in assimilated one in america. We've always found that that balance which is americanizing finding a certain sense of inc That's part of the american story in general for all immigrant groups but also maintaining and preserving our distinct identity. I think we can do both. But it requires awareness and consciousness of the pitfalls. So i'm glad you brought that up you know. I think one of the beautiful things about our synagogue which you are religious leader of is that we are a member of a ministerial association called weymouth west essex ministerial association and in an it's really cool because we come together in times of crisis to unite ecumenical services and celebrate each other's diversity and and you know the the power of what each faith provides to the world so have you ever gotten folks from your congregations throughout your throughout your tenure or otherwise saying. Hey you know we. Our kids go to public school. Got a lot of non jewish friends. We celebrate hanukkah but my kids want to go and help friends down the street decorate the tree. You're put tinsel up or things like that i. I'm curious to hear what the and i know. Every rabbi will probably be different right depending on the denomination. But what's your tack on that. That's a tricky one. Each parent i think has the figure that out on their own If they're asking me for council My advice would be. You can appreciate acknowledge the beauty and other people's traditions without participating in their In their celebrating which is to say. My neighbors have beautiful christmas lights and we look at those beautiful look leaders that they put those up But if they asked us to comfort them up. We'd say you know we're appreciate the offer. Thank you very much We look forward to seeing them. When they're out you know That's how i would respond. But i also get it that it's it's not a simple thing. You're gonna be neighborly. You want to be friendly. You wanna be supportive I think it's important for us to remind our children of the difference There are some things we do in everybody's going draw that boundary a little bit differently. You know what you will and won't let people participated now now. I like what you said about. Hey the home has to has to decide right. You have to be comfortable in your own skin but still able to own your identity. Rabbi lucas shifting gears a little bit Twenty twenty was not the year that anybody really signed up for at all It had a little bit of everything. And i think it Cherokee challenged us morally Every month you know there was. There was something new to contend with so as a member of the clergy loaded question. What were some of the things that people came to you for guidance. On how did you help It's been a hard year i People came to me for guidance. For a lot of things we've had economic the economic impacts that have affected the broader american society. We're not immune to them. They're people who have lost jobs people who are struggling with that parents who are struggling with managing kids at home and Maintaining their commitments to their work and their family concerns about their health. All the things that. I'm sure people are experiencing in their own lives. They've happened here. And yes we've had a number of losses within our own community deaths from covid and And then also the spiritual struggles of not being able to be together you know. The jewish tradition has ways that we process death and we comfort each other in moments of loss. Those haven't been available to us. We typically after somebody dies People gather around the family of that person in their home and bring them meals and bring services and comfort and friendship to their home. Of course we can't do that now so it's been hard to do some of the things that we typically do to deal with this kind of crisis. We have found other ways to do it. We do zoom shiva's which means you know will gather for services online. We've done zoom funerals. We've done you know Other gatherings and holiday celebrations we've given people resources to make the holiday special in their home when we can't gather together in the synagogue there is and it will still be a lot of spiritual wreckage from this experience We're not yet able to fully appreciate it. I don't think hanukkah. I think can help. Which is that. The story of the lighting of the minora happened in the middle of the battle. It wasn't over But you find moments along the way to affirm your connection your hopes. Small wins bringing a little bit of light to the world Even amidst a battle that is ongoing. And if you can find a way to celebrate a small win in any given day or you can find a a brief moment of connection Well that was a good day. That was a bit of light amidst the darkness. So that's what i try and counsel people. That's why i try and remember myself in my own family. My own life And we will get through this together. and will continue to figure out how to best support each other along the way rabbi There's a song that we sing Every year during pesach. Passover diana like you know had we just depend that make. That would have been enough. We just listened jobs. No danger right heavy just dealt with the you know The case with the black lives matter. You know that would have been enough. You know so. There's been a lot of diana's this year it's been a hard. What are your thoughts given your rolls around by about all these social justice issues. That are compounding the challenges. We face notches american culture. But also as jewish culture in terms of how you're doing with your perspective yeah it's a as much as we've turned inward this year and we've thought about our own homes in our own families and our own livelihood There's also a tremendous call for us to turn out and To think about the concerns of And to pursue that attention. Because i think people are so focused on what their own well-being will be in in the question is how do you. How do you pointed out where it's I see my role as a rabbi to number one hold the community together and we start with ourselves. We start with ours. How do we build a just and fair and caring and inclusive community. That's the first step and then we hope that ripples outwards and then we think about partnering with other people who are working towards that So we're doing some learning or thinking about how we can best best do that within our own community and then partner with other people who are working towards towards just ends the hanukkah. I'll just make another hanukkah connection once you light that candle you're supposed to put it in a place where the world can see because the idea isn't just that you light a candle to light up your own home. You're actually not supposed to use the konica candles for light in your own home. You're actually you know you're not supposed to use the hanukkah candles. They're supposed to be a message that you project out into the world. Miracles are possible. Hope is possible. Diversity is beautiful and each individual candle has its own integrity but together they create a bright light that we project out into the world. I want to see a really powerful photo. You could go to yad vashem their instagram account or the us holocaust museum. There is an amazing photo taken from inside the living room of german. Jewish home with the minora with one or two candles lit and in the background is the nazi swastika. Banner hanging from municipal hall or or some such place so we love underdog stories and jewish people have been underdogs for for millennia and You know these these the powerful images that again reminds that You know we're here to stay or anybody who suppressed you know. They they rally and they have the will they. They will remain as well. So i think about the courage took to light that konica that context that that minora in that context and if they could light it then they're well how much more so do we have an obligation to be proud and also to think about how we stand up to forces that would otherwise flattened the the difference in the beauty of of our world. Yeah well said well said we're speaking with rabbi ari lucas of congregation. Good israel in caldwell new jersey rabbi lucas. We know that you're not just a rabbi. But you're also a dad and sometimes you're you have the inter we've both you know with advice and counsel and of course Fostering a a religious home. I know that your kids are young. You have three kids of the age of seven seven and and younger. Who so just say. What did you do in a past life. But i don't know if we believe in reincarnation but your kids old enough to really appreciate that the work that you do and also understand the fact that you are quote unquote a father to nine hundred. Twenty other family units in the community. I think they get the aba. They call the for dad. I think they'd get about has commitments to other people. I don't think they know any difference so they don't have anything to compare it to. I don't think they fully know what rabbi me and we used to come to synagogue. They'd see me up on the bima on the The podium and they they knew that other people's dads were not up there but I don't think they fully get it. And what's actually been. Helpful is in our synagogue. We we have a senior. Rabbi alan silverstein legendary legendary and we were going to miss him dearly as and i call him the rabbi so you know whatever he's speaking gonna the rabbi speaking and this way they also have a concept of rabbi. That's not me so they have a relationship with a rabbi and they have a relationship with a dad. I don't know if they get what i do. But they know that. I'm often running off to other things And i try and also not let that you know Stop me being there for them. As their dad. In the best way that i can be just real quick when it came to being a rabbi office idea about being a calling and he talked much kids about life dreams and how you joe to become a rabbi with them not yet they haven't really inquired you might know. My dad is also a rabbi. So this is a family business and you for a long time for me. That was a strike against becoming a rabbi. Not because i always admired what he did. I was respected. What he did but It was mainly other people imposed on mecer. Next dictation say you're going to be a rabbi like your dad and i would say Are you going to be a podiatrist like your dad. You know imposing upon me the expectations just because of what my dad did. Eventually i came as as i grew up in. I tried a couple of different careers. I appreciate how meaningful that work was to him and even how meaningful it was to our family that my dad was involved in the life of a community helping families helping people And i came to appreciate that. It's it's it's good honest work now sometimes in my my own training classes i like task getting to know you questions and i think we did this on a more closed circuit broadcast with you With our congregation and number of months ago to ask people in a profession. If you weren't what you're doing now so if you were in a row by wants a career that you would pursue. I know you had a pass like before you became a rabbi. So maybe that informs your answer. I don't know it'd be campus. Starting catcher for the new york mets. It's very easy. Well i'm sorry. Just silencing team no In another career. I really liked to work in tech. I think Less because i have the skill set do it but more because i am attracted to the culture of some of those startup tech companies that have unlimited vacation policies. And you know are thinking very creatively and innovatively about the way they work. But not not because i actually am attracted to the work itself more to the culture of that kind of workplace and and you know it wouldn't be that hard for you to make that switch because israel has been a breeding ground for so many outstanding tech companies including ways. Which is how. I get a wrap. It wasn't for ways. I probably wouldn't be able to leave my own development and of course you know so. Many american jews are responsible for some of the everyday absent technologies. That that that we use read at our fingertips. So if you get bored with us you know. The the pivot probably wouldn't be too art but we. We hope that that's not the case. Now the irony. Is i think the thing that i find most meaningful about rabbinic work is the ability to be with people in the most important moments of their lives and no matter how innovative exciting the work culture would be. I don't think i would have that opportunity in those other virement. I'm grateful for what i do every day. I'm in the right place for me. As as are we and so Rabbi when you're not rabbi When you're dealing with families and It's hard i know one of the biggest things that you deal with their losses families and funerals. You spend a lot of time at funerals us. You're doing a lot of ages stages drina it focused on that work Even though it's a twenty four hour day job what are the things you love to do with your kids to spend time together and would you like to do with your kids. I mean the park is just the best. And i'm still. My kids are still young. So i tried to foster them. Getting involved in some Some organized sports but they haven't really taken to that yet But for us we'll just go in the backyard and kick around soccer ball or we'll go to the park and they'll play We like going on hikes. We like going out to anything outdoors. Really is what i'd say. Yeah with the kids the liberty science center. I know you have a international following. Try and keep it generic but no no no no. We have france and we found out this week. We're in the top forty in luxembourg luxembourg. Rabbi lucas have you been there. Do you know where it is on a matt if i asked you. I'm mixing it up in my mind with liechtenstein. Yeah people often do that. No no. they're liechtenstein from their luxembourg which is very common mistake luxembourg. if a it's a salvage guests yeah. It's you know how they say like iowa and nebraska the fly over states luxembourg is a flyover country That we have to learn a little bit more about it because we have a fan base there but it's between germany. France and belgium put it somewhere in there. But so for all those of you in luxembourg. Next time you're near newark new jersey. I want you to go to the liberty liberty science center. It is an incredible place. And that's what if we had a free sunday and it wasn't cova times that's where we'd be gone today. Yeah that that is a fascinating fastenings museum. Very hands on and great i- maxes if you're into by maxis if you like sound just assaulting you a theater that's the way to go right lights right. Lights rabbi louis. This is the home stretch of our program. We're going to be talking about dad vice. I know you're a semi frequent listener to the podcast of an idea of what advice is but for those of those of you just joining us any advice that you might have for other dads and you can take the rabbinic track or you could make it more general. What should death dad's no other debts. Were listening no from rabbi ari. Lukens so i'll give you my personal advice than the they'll give you rabbinic advice from the talmud how about that. It's a two for one. I love i love tubers two for one. You are so well behaved coach until this point. I was going to give you a cookie. but all. Right we digress and we digress too much rabbi stages yours my advice it is you need to find every way to conserve energy possible I actually had idea of writing a book. And i never got past the first chapter because i was too tired but the book would be parenting lying down which is to say. How can you the conventional wisdom to new parents is you have to sleep while the baby sleeps in my advices. That's not enough. You need to find ways to sleep while your kids are awake. So how can you do activities in games while on your back. You know different things where you can conserve energy while also watching your kids that is tongue in cheek. But that's my lucas advice. My rabbi lucas. Advice comes from the tom. This is maybe an ancient dad vice from the rabbinic the rabbinic compendium of laws in the discussions. That happened about two thousand years ago and the rabbis teach us that there are several things that apparent must do for their child and one of them is teach them how to swim and the wisdom behind that is you need to teach your children how to be self sufficient had survived in the world and to move away from you. I think in this world of helicopter parents and everyone wanting to provide everything for their children which is so wonderful and well intentioned the primary goal is to teach your children how to exist without you so teach them how to swim the gift of independent. It's the gift that keeps on giving coach randy still wearing floaty. So maybe remedial lesson for our for our good friend rabbi ari lucas of congregation that good at israel in west essex. This was a great joy. I can't think of a better guest for our season. Finale especially during hanukkah. Thank you so much for making time in. What we know is tremendously busy schedule. Especially at this time of year. Great to have you on happy from a good. Thank you so much. We are bad to the dad. Download us wherever you find podcast. We're beds the dad with coach randy and adam de again brought to you by berman. Branding one visit burman brandon go to burma a s dot com. That's berman c. Says in consulting services dot com for all of your web design. Graphic design. Marketing and business plan needs becky berman. She takes care of us. She'll take care of you also brought to you by movember and mo- member dot com. That's mauve member with an m. as in must mustache november grow a funky mustache raise money and awareness for men's health issues and even though it's december and will soon be january. Every month should be november because again. It's all about men's health everything from mental health to other physical issues and we are also brought to you anonymously by a group of teachers that just want to thank all the other teachers the administrators and the support staff for doing a great job during the covid era educating our kids regardless of what educational institution. You may represent coach. I want to thank rabbi ari. Lucas a congregation. A good israel in caldwell new jersey. Learned a lot about hanukkah. Yeah after have remember. This is not an easy job you know we have to. We have to remember that being a rabbi is almost like being any kind of member clergy as being an essential work because of all mental health counseling and being there that these people need to do for their flock ever told you but many moons ago when i was living in san francisco trying to figure out the who am i kind of question out of college at one point. I dabbled in the possibility becoming a rabbi. A rabbi coach. I really really did. I had been working at a. Jc in neighboring view is kind of a dual job until fulltime job. And i was just trying to figure out you know. Who am i what i want to be and some. I had this idea that i could be rabbi. I think it'd be it'd be a good rabbi. La people like to help people so There was a rabbi in burlingame. California life me. I just can't remember the rabbis name. And he he said come. Shadow had a profound effect on a very big big big effect. I know him. I didn't grow up there. So is just a someone who just being kind and so i showed him for like two weeks and 'cause i wanted to see what it was like to be. Rabbi that was a really good idea. I found a rabbi. Does most of his time or her time funeral funeral was always at a funeral. He was always dealing with someone who just lost. Somebody in the thing is as a rabbi. If someone dies on your day off you get no day off at seven day we could have been a fluke. I mean the art could have been a couple of weeks of just people just dying least said to myself if that's what it means to be a rabbi. The maybe just had a very sick congregation where they were very elderly. That's a possibility that you're gonna say coach that i would've loved to have been a rabbi. Wasn't for all that hebrew ahead. Well you know. There's a five year program but i swear to you really was because he was spending so much he explained to me. It's all about live events You know life's life's life moments He's the weddings are great. The bristles are good but it was really this an unbelievably hard job. And you really have to have this idea calling that you are. I i love what rabbi lucas talks about. You know your though your parents to so many different families near counselors and you take it on so many different roles It is a draining drop and To know people who rabbi who. I have many friends that do it. I did not have it in me to be to be and all i can say is thank god for all of us that you didn't pat that you did because we wanted you to be all in and you can't you can't be half a rabbi. No but got to be all in and the funny part is when i was at hebrew union college getting my master's degree and executive nonprofit management. It didn't matter what my family thought what i was doing. They just thought i was becoming a rabbi. He kept saying wasn't because i was going to hebrew college in their mind sense so it's very funny. He was he's he's such a remarkable even being You're part of the the search committee that helped find him at yasser because it's such a great job at bringing him. What a remarkable even being We're very fortunate to have rabbi lucas and coach very fortunate to be working with you on an unusual but i think remarkable season this. I'm not saying remarkable patting ourselves in the back. i. I really feel like every week. We punctuated current events with guests that we had. That's what i mean by remarkable. I really feel like everybody that we had on was somehow relevant to what was going on in the world. And i can't wait. Till i m eighty years old and i listened back and have that remember when moment of remember the peak of covid times and the election and social justice and we didn't cover murder hornets but covered a lot of every. We've been sports how code affected sports and i really thought that we had great representation We even had a bourbon guy on you. Know sometimes just got to hit the pause button and throwback bourbon and bring on somebody with expertise so as producer and a co host. Very proud of what we've done and i think it's going to motivate us to our game in season five but thanks for being part of the journey off season for trying to get better every year out of d. as a feeling is obviously the preferred the presence of your presence but it was something again we spoke about doing for years and we just did it. And lo and behold we are big and france and luxembourg and. I think we could get even bigger and little. Tease little tease. We are talking about our very first book for dad for dads taking all the dad vice that we have gathered of the last four seasons. We've got so much to offer so many things to give our listeners that we've talked about it and just the things i think. Now it's time to put out the universe. You will see this year next time by hanukkah season our very first volume one is like bill the history apart wine right just that no other actor matt right. It'll be volume line of some kind of book. Dad vice whatever it might be authored by coach radiant adam de in. I'm i'm kind of excited about put that out there. I think that's that's the next step lot of material to work with lot of material like you said might make a great holiday book. Hannukah kwanza christmas. If you're an atheist it just you know thursday. Just pick up the book you know and i think you'll enjoy it. Maybe we can have translated into. Luxemburgish looked so we can accommodate our listeners country. French and french yet. Naturally naturally naturally that enjoy it because you a a bad to the data is is a bad to the data in any country and i think that's great So you're probably wondering right. You're at the season's end here. What is coming up so you know we do our break. We go back to the drawing board and think about guests and try to come up with new and inventive ways to make the podcast. Great for you. If you have ideas again contact us at bad to the dead dot com guest ideas ideas around conversation ideas around topic again. What we love about this program is that it's interactive and the listeners have helped to build a show. They've helped to inform the show. And we do listen to those ideas. We'll take our break. We'll come back with a special because there's so many sci fi and fantasy streaming options during the holiday season so the dead geeks are gonna come back just after new years. We'll have neal. Tensor will have john brooks and of course our season one one guest brand adding them all christina's have cheetos. We have quite. I think we have quite the name for the the episode. Data laureates the data lawrence based on the mandalorian which is the hit streaming series on disney plus from star wars. So we're actually gonna talk about the mandalorian season to we'll talk about the boys talk about the umbrella academy and by then the wonder woman nineteen eighty-four thousand. Nine hundred. Four movie will be out on. Hbo max so we'll chat a little bit about that and see everybody felt about it and then probably around early to mid february will come back this season number five so usually we return just around superbowl time. Who knows when the super bowl is going to be this year because cova keeps pushing manipulating scheduling buzzes. Kevin i on social media. That's you can find us and we'll give you alert says to win. The new season season five will be broadcast. Maybe with some of our favorite guests returning but all new guests all new guests and you will find a way to have new guests. Because that's just what you do you do what you do. You gotta hustle. You've got to put in the rap. Says they put it in the reps. So thank you everybody for listening to season four. Thank you for again continuing on this ride with us on to the debt so have a very happy holiday season and dead's have a great week.

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Jen's Favorite Things  The 4th Annual Holiday Gift Guide

For the Love with Jen Hatmaker Podcast

45:06 min | 9 months ago

Jen's Favorite Things The 4th Annual Holiday Gift Guide

"Hello welcome to the sports. Annual holiday gift guide on i'd fast shares and she you're heading and are my sister's disturbance. Listen for logan. You have seen them on a budget. I'm sorry casualty of the family that just get holding announced so we have so many like fun. Cute begins to talk to you about an really show you on. This year's get guy is pretty awesome. Weeping like wrestling We call it. Depends on what we want really what we're doing so crystal. Let me talk to you if you're new to this one. This is a weird year for women. Twenty twenty the no. Thank you will standing Same but that means that holiday season it's gonna be janas to the best we can to make it very bright example requirements a little bit before the episode Out it's early november my trees. That's true i actually have a treat to. I'm just a single person in a little house to all my roommates and i like it. It makes me feel happy. Of course. I did order microbes mysteries. I ordered it. Hasn't come yet. You should shop at my house. I have fis peace on my back. Door cornish Joblessness threw up in their keys. Who and that's how. I should be able to share. And that's what we're going to do because we are going to. We are going to create happiness however whenever we want. Even if it's too early we don't care. We wanna walk you through some pretty incredible companies in products is at four yards on this. This is my favorite holiday gifts guy. So let me set the framework for view. This is your first time. In four years ago we started this episode with the intention to shine unsought light on companies. That have getting back as a central spoke of their wheel of their mission. So that you were already in the season of spending and giving gifts being basically do the most good with the dollars already Gets to buy arne planning on it. This is like a double town we give to somebody else in the company gives somebody else. I says nice place a homework. That's not i. So here's what you've been carrying here today. A good majority of the brands. We're going to discuss twelve off. Thanks to bring me today. Are jimmy very tangible. Things to make a difference in the world every single one of them has basic story Purpose behind it. You're feel good all of it all right and so what else made me more two points or you. With higher every single company whereabouts highlight and the products. That we're gonna show him to have special offers literally just four for the podcast. So it's deal day with it is deal debt. You lucky win never pay full price. Always you're going to get to that. Data can promise you. A lot of these offers are good through the end of the year and some of them even beyond so block campus. Okay this is your day. We'll let me say this up front so you might ask you get a chance to take notes over at jn. Have come under the high cats tap. We're going to have this whole episode lineup. The clintons all the links all the companies plus all discount coats. Cause you still have to remember or you don't have too much try to remember what. What was the tone for that win. And this way it'll be absolutely Loving or you can just be delighted to enjoy us. We are a delight. People say all the time and best one. I need you say that all of some you sell with no other new. We're excited to bring you incredible companies and their incredible products. This could be our love. You a one stop shop for christmas. Okay this is another great way of all the years. We cannot be like knowing stores and will on my stores any target To make it by this is the year so this is from the comfort of your couch and the easiest possible way to best shot of the. Okay let's get started. Courting start i started i so i somebody is called wagging copy. And you've probably heard the fresh. This is the wedding. Be represents second chances so having the long ready so wag copy of it is recovery focus so that needs a empower employ encourage women in recovery untested. And here's Candidate her husband. Ryan originally launched an initiative free twenty eighteen and it's a spiritual community for addicts loved ones of addicts and spiritual refugee. I'm you know what i like about. That is a added. The loved ones a lot of times to london's alex you're really think about their sense of great and it's it's nice to they're like oh you know what you guys are going to this good. And so they operated within the walls of free in there now which we say employed with directly. Remember this i when. I left copies i in the morning. Ridiculous ed clumpy. And that's why she doesn't understand the joy of good coffee right you or these. I take my coffee. Early serious is called twelve ten white. Copy some visit case desserts in your house. You almost thirty hitting your kramer still do because as being water what he's like. It is so so good. Its nettie but it's not as it's got seventy percent morphine guys. Oh i like what you more kathy. It is christmas on. You need people coming over. It is so good buddies based on set the ends twelve ten in the bible. When i am weak nine-strong off advocates in suber. I love it. Unlearn invest not. Your damn. here's another it's called among. has your chocolate edge dried. Cherries said christmas like christmas. Is christmas. burgess here calling you like right. Very act is the roasted on day with. This was roasted a week ago. Like one week ago merit badge sell havi there. I'm not gonna steer you wrong. Take very seriously. thank me for this later. Well this is a gift for. I a bunch of people who live not quite sure what to get for you. I'm a hundred happy every sunday at this. Is you know what all of these ethically sourced a responsibly size. Yeah it's done. Right is better than grandma. Those are like instant coffee. She drinking until she is wrong today. That's again lightning either. So you use how for the loves. You get ten percent off the shelf. Sober christmas goodman called recovery. So that advice coffee roasters dot com ten percents. Nice okay on monday ray. Utilitarian player on really bad. Was i know i mean i make no excuses. Facts a page. You'd have actually mike okay. I actually love this one because in fact on right so irish shaft. it's my actual job. I love this one. Because i have been doing this adjusted brown sugar and this is way better i. It's called treehouse and company and there was a nineties christian star listened new means to you about ninety s Of i you're you're your writer. Get lynn that's right christian and showed jesus deadly search that we are advised or sorry right. We didn't mean but to your hoy soon kit. Now she was a nice christian pop star. I'm now it's really good anyway. Her and hall at wieden founded. This company called tree housing company and they just have these rape products and they also run these great events they used to be hosted in person but then find twenty. Mar all good stuff. It's so anyway sexual. Also a nonprofit called the tree house and then so now. We're doing everything on line or a couple of things first. Flat is a candidate. Akon rob let me tell you something i. We are taxes people. We are a rugs right now. We are a rub and so wes. Do this ship collie cute decide. His hand isn't that cute so what she's been doing at her own home before they may describe it. She made this rub on their fake. It and so. I i again sugar on but this is next level way. That's kicks brown sugar in the body. It does but you can put it on it. It's kind of like sweet and salty and let me right now. The oldest one in the inner group sweden salty's for it is your provider favorite yet sabres. That is my favorite favorite is delicious yesterday about about about street. Solters sweet salty savory fleet racing. I'll take any combination of it which is funny because i don't really sweet but neither neither saved but the thing about it is is for me when the street is paired with the salt as amazing. What else you have nest. It's another southern shabelle. It's a biscuit. Act it's chocolate. This is deep south. It's a trauma biscuit. Let me tell you this even though it was my job. I don't like making things harder. The kitchen say. I like things to be easy and her like this is super easy. It comes prepackaged ready to go like you. Just make the mix favorite like you'd literally just taken out the could are. I think brother could do it. I'm not saying something that's all you do. Is you pour it all in. And they also send you guys or you're shopping biscuit glaze. Oh you know glaze your skits whereas a normal biscuit you might butter icing lace for your child glaze your could. I feel like that's probably what you should students and again gifts like is askew this is a creative interesting is not single same old same old things that something you somebody who really know what you left to doesn't love this right seven minus so you just or the loss at their web site tree house until dot com shots so delicious really really. I'm not next seminary to talk to you about a company called extra good already like the name. Their mission is to help people in the platelets which did and so they coach unders. Laura heard jerry iceberg and they were working in corporate and nonprofit spaces know decisions. I the corporate giving is so common like gifts for clients gives employee's but most of them were away gifts. I knew exactly what it's a nice thought. But it just ends up in a junk drawer or trash to be honest with you. So they weren't really necessarily meaningful thoughtful. It was not happy with corporate level. Wanna not really ridiculous. it just don't waste it. So here's notice. That nonprofits rely so heavily armed nations and our grants in a those make products but they lacked the resources to reach a wider audience of course so yesterday before today thought like really high quality improvements. People love to give and receive. So let's talk about what a couple of days you've been around me light for a minute. You hear me about the elton sauce. Like elvis story in a metaphor around st male ellison's how they the sister elephants back around either like they're injured sister or their instruments giving birth in forbidden protects them while they're vulnerable and is incredible imagery of sisterhood of recovery and protection and invite is our dinosaur two years now. I'm at creighton. Every single time i i it makes me proud. And i've been at the center of that circle this year and so like really having experienced that level of like air and brick section and surrounding by my sister's by other women in my life consisted so over the top and so they've got some elephant sauce. One of the didn't come in it. But it's so darn picture up on the sites for you to be able to have a look. Here's of acute one. Look at this now. By way let me say ornaments wrote quick that elza ornament helps provides jobs for american women who are fleeing domestic abuse out his right. And it's we have some little on your list. Okay or bombs should be. Kiki in timbo is staffed alan mike now so in this case because gifts for good does allotted lloyd in a line places for a lot of people in planet's her chasing one of bees helps protect elephants in the wild with in real trouble. Big even also get when bundled with owner card also provides one month of prenatal vitamins to women. Women me eight. You can't feel about their data. Mazing gifted said thanks so also hope for the last. If you can percent elvis the entire sites except for why did not an gifts forbid dot com or december thirty. I'm on the next one to because it's such a Friend of this company. You have heard me talk about this company. Plenty of talented sound bad stevens. Because i'm talking about this stone. Back is incredible love her. she's author. She's speaker she's a increase. She's a social entrepreneur. Cheap out at this farce asher Her father and then subsequent child abuse when she was little. She has always wanted to build and provide sanctuary for survivors. Legs offered this safe leading community so in nineteen ninety. Seven becca oakland. What would become the first home saver farms for five women survivors. So that's what she started. She started what she do and then four years later the women were making huge strides recovery struggling financially become independent and so that is how far social enterprises to answer that for twenty years and affirms is as soon greatest interval and twenty years later. They're riding business. Yeah it's amazing shishir. know reason also. I could sell the house so but i know this okay. This is so hard each free ice. You're gonna love it so much. This will have incredible. I have tons of in my house with their candles. Have been most of my favorite and this one is the seasons called. it's nose i kid. You not like they were standing inside. A stop is for short. A nas remain buried a massage. It's finally going love. The bachelor will let. Yeah just. it feels tom. Yes it only could make. peace with. Women handcrafted small batch soy candles hundred percent Is we're not exaggerating. Exceed needs to come for the law and fifteen percent off the candles any entire shot Die or that was entertain rarity for a introduced. Yes and you know what that's harvey during your house. Kits in the friend is like there. We'll have year old. It's just anyway the do when you're not a town less. We give us a lot for me. I know i know. I mean i hear you loud. What attached to me. And they're just there is now being belly. That in the nice james talked about that with the nice bath really got the next time next. Because one percy's versus the ghandi's. I have the joy bringing the company aspen way so again a female owner and ceo. Not the girls they are a one stop shop boutiques for your friends. Your dinner guests your work people. Whoever they have old debt free. So here's what we have to be your or from this company i. It's a robe in set and let me just tell you something right now. Who doesn't leroux. I love it loud. Love love interest Another awesome okay. Early you to fill this feel it. S really way. it's so light. Some rooms like the big hot rocks on his. It's so soft you cannot even believe his hair. They have like cloud. They have all different kinds stripes dots. All this way. I like digital for the mom to be. You can get a matching swale sets or your all day long as i know shock. You sound like you can match. Maybe also lightweight in the softest material. So if you've got like a little new mom your guest world how sweet and microsoft broker the mom in for the baby like i have. Let's see i was run. You which yours relig- in jones remember fussy otherwise you guys. Yeah we look on an honest to god. I asked you to her child anyway. It's like the perfect yet among amongst its district or the left-outs of in person author in tire site on all orders over twenty dollars. Now that one is also good for january thirty first side. There is so much on there. Is we have some babysat but there's tons of it's a grazer Gift place yeah. I'm next next. And so i'm going to talk about sisal sox kurt you're saying okay. So i'm so sad is did not get here in time. Drink up sitting these launch. Has all socks. We are all home. I'm not learn shoes. you're here so what he invested on at all yes. I run cold. So i always have woman. I'm at home. Might be by dish and days are the actually back so just a little bit about facile. So there's so much fun making a whole great deal but the founders vanessa. Mike is individually guys on a trip cube media. They met and fell in love. It in is the safety is her is so they decided to bonnard orphanages. Little story is but so right now. In the little teeny tiny village shared so all the women in the himalayan village handmade all of their stuff. How is they said. This on the three ages handmade himalayan happy ladies. Words all wears. He had crafted by winning lid in this series with them we receive fair wages for their word. They are literally cozy ensue colors attitudes and they drink cozy saw. Yeah so they all these on these matters reading hook they make all my live and right. Yeah yeah because yes. My in my socks washing my homework. You're so you by yourself from them. And they were saber. Good wage from it. That fifty percent of their wage goes to as a women in the app for food shelter. Education their great gate in strategy and women givebacks other women and they raise the upper. Dan and i love that man. I'm sorry we you don't have to show you but we'll get the picture on the website so of a hat gone by your so warm up as a outwear hats down here in office but some of you eventually we do for love and fifteen percent off all their products. Free shipping on orders over fifty dollars. So that's the next as well. So this is a longtime favorite suggesting you betcha there staffer. Her last is able and jen. Were there set on this exclusively graphic sponsored of sumer. I'm we're all their clothes. They are so a credible initial operable that they still terribly gathered. But he's doing it's so easy it's ethical. Fashion is good. It's invention because when they get things done better or we've badri across funny guy says lovely warren core a video really nice and he comes in like called boater other other Saw under cognac. Well that was a nice name. Mission field is lovely in disgust. That every woman that now but it's also class now related woman will have a didn't play to your husband just asked what to get me. And then when she get that they able also dad's initial. They brought this bridget. These are initials of oliver jones. I would lead to point out that when we first looked at vince. My sister lizzie curse. Will that be. Gavin's would see. I never played in honolulu. Was i mean alien. Kids is actually very cute. Is terribly praised. These beautiful women who started in ethiopia they started with just making starts making him as guards from women it made a wage may lay out in two months with all these cars and has just gone into his whole lifestyle. Great jay are beautiful and you must lay. They're just doing right they are. I love the right now. This is the way your kid and you would wear. Your shoes were when he bought them. I still a lesson that put on the thing like right. The second you get is a teacher to and the kids are my desk. Give me a president in. Start loading although i wear it with the lane. Issued is breaking Turns into her lovely. Ed is so well aphid celebrated. Hey look it be here if you live. Actual dot com their website offering twenty five percent offs. The whole sites with for the law. How this sites that kind of stuff. So that's a great parter. Iranian james to this season day are not used on a mid seventy s summary. At the time you know all right much These girls have the coolest most unique day with their friends. Their look their products kind of like being needs rocker meets. Western meats vintage les. I don't know they. But the flagship store is around jancis. Instead of mujo based on the radio they're so cute sign in sunny. I really really really loved them and even the name gypsy healthier or vitriol products. Because we won't be really different. Sit a little a little fun for you are gorgeous. He'll john jersey's animal based spirit animal. I'd say like these will disappear out of my sister. Scott circle is at the top of the knee. Okay so gorgeous amid we'll get the embroidery right there on the shoe you guys these this weekend. Iran metallic side they cheered tied. Back is obviously like it's so cute too much over the top ida we recognize. It began what some of you guys are. Buy gifts for the top. Yes sometimes people are extra they are. They are in there for them. If you're extra equal open up this curb boots they would lose it. Absolutely lose it okay. So big jump. Unlike fitness for everything they got little t shirts in chains. Rebel in me. Never dies this is my name for yes. They've got sure to say. Bring on the oakland rose and country as a biscuit. That's just how it is a major centered. I already have this and so now. We have a matching other seconds lori. Hasn't i hear what you're saying. Now do no harm. Retake is our our our girls. Get mind because it's full of just really unique being tested stuff so you use for the last fifteen percent off the their higher sites jesse bill dot com and that would sit there january thirty first christmas. Watch when you get money for chris right here like where we want our something for myself. You have all these ones you spend money on your money on what you want guys through when you get carved when he returns been you. Hey and you get something you love so anyway. The point is this company is just. There's not enough good works cripple. So what they do is they. They call themselves a global market market through the whole world make market. Is that what it is. Hard to read to heat. The glasses is a lie. She's lying right now. Just your reading that phrase. They're more than a story all. Yes so they're ethically sourced and it's like it's like stuck you ashley using your doctorate. You're like oh well. I i like that nari. Yeah they're beautiful in there so all of these sayings. All of these things are made by people that it helps them earn living wages and a whole lot of the independent first things first. Y'all are going to now okay. Might not so. It is a cutting board but by cutting board is their lead yaw. How early as it sounds very feel is headed. it's marble with the wood inlay. I can't even. I wouldn't even cocktails on this not Reports how gorgeous you'd circuit They this is from india. Laimais is okay. So lovely. And i can't even say like all day with your little surgery in fact i saw this this right here. The attached to its authentic callum macari scrap which is cracked by the artisans astra handicrafts association ashes sensor for hope. That's nice i know. Are you guys get this. It's amazing on you guys know what else they have claimed this. I've probably third army to tout center. This is so lovely. it's neutral so whatever time you it's going to go with it. I use mine all the time. It's so lovely it makes your Pretty yeah i love talking again. We're thinking this isn't a gift guide. So you're talking about who i buy. Or who's your kitchen person like. Who are they house. Who loves to throw parties. Who loves to be to these days. Are your gifts for this person. Rarely where these over my shoulder. I prepare things all. It's amazing. what a great great company to get from your home for the love. Fifteen percent off their entire sites villages com awesome january thirty first. Who the next week. Oxford is not a hawks not cancel. It's huge but it goes right into your brain is any workshops with suzanne spill quick like she's literally although the any graham has been around forever. It's actually ancient. it's really having. Its moment right now. I retiring now. Life i am i. I'm not even sorry. Workloads close to get new to finally get the shooter chew and you really are more solid nap. I'm a solid three chewing Understand three kicker yup. We're just swapped a little bit to operate here on the gift guides and the reason we included this because for me the instagram thus far are probably the last fifteen years has been fool that has aided might interior work. Most for Spotlight on no. I am and what makes me. Sick of what motivates me at. What a healthy When grading also like primarily what is looking summer relationships which is a huge huge huge resource. So suzanne bill. After her she is my friend. I consider her minch from afar. She has parlayed her twenty five years of studying the india graham and all the newest no joke nearly either this is for life's work here and she has created resources just for us actually took on the The recently we had we rented any graham series all summer and her particular episode was the most downloaded of all the Sits out here's what we have opry. Suzanne has three outstanding ideogram courses that we are including in the gift. This is such a created an interesting guests for the people who have who like work experience. We do this actually waited experiences. Yeah when you don't give me a saying this experience gets it. I think it will be hickel's should get this this for your interesting. Honestly this helps you your actual life. Does it pays. Why are you not yet retail totally you. Why you like once you realize. Oh this is why i do it. It helps you in your reaction like out a deal every adjusts. There's three different courses for shoes from the first one is for the like the new the any agreement if you will then. There's one a second horse about better. Managing rests in light of your number. I don't know if anybody simliar stress this year. The third course that she just released an all new session about the any ran in relationships. It's incredible content. I promise you she's. She's the top of this is the best there is so if you wanna get this as a gift you use the code for the love. You save twenty percent of anyone of these courses at suzanne's to build dot com slash or love. Also go through. Verse agonized now. Gen statement is is a big feather era surest. She wears in anywhere. I even when she's not in front of you guys that i this one. This came in to get these you would imagine. Nation are so so sweet anatomy quick. I found big imaginations years ago through my melissa. So melissa sydney this little at seaside years and said you're gonna like this is a texas mom and she started her own little business that this is on brand for what he lied. And i have spence warn everywhere. Twenty eight pairs. Her amaechi at erie yards against nine is right now in by. Just you're writing. They are so rate and she imprisoning all. She is the brainchild behind it all with her. Fz shot she does. Does such should step in your hand. Did your clearly statement letter earrings. And she opened it years ago because and just trying to get time over bulla we see they have different sizes like desert along. These are my preferred. But she's not one of your big euros over the years you answer for me. Because she's an artist sculpture in college. I didn't study. That's our area. Millions like us artists are. These are gorgeous near are beautiful. I walk away with those turned her her luck into a sieber gravis sabre his mom. I love. I wanted to feature herself like his had her. I've put her everywhere. I'm so happy that it's fun my dealer today go l. It's absolutely him under way. More neutral at your land also. She's not only like she's like goldie on red wines to menefee old ideal. Besides that is i do. It's really while there's a whole rainbow air this sugar in five guilder. Oh shit night. Very i say this and this is the truth as the semi primary earring rados travel batteries to travel. I kid you not not exaggerate. Even at that as many nine times out easily as i'm walking airplanes and flight attendants is standing right there while everybody play nine times out of ten nice earrings right. Every time for some reason there are basic flying of pan. Maybe they noticed the earrings. So here's useless for the love. At presides shop you'll get ten percent of these and other sledge earrings. He died Will not be are unloaded with imagination by each. Yes oh my love got suffer your babies we suffer your mind. We've got stuck for your sheets up for the world has gone. It's just everything you can wind women for women made by winning women owned companies and then just the amount of goodness these these companies doing the day actually given so many started with this little teeny idea firearms at people and now they are huge things they just get right in the right reasons in a growth These incredible incredible levels. And i just a lucky girl who gets to and the lucky sisters to seal can wear on. Yeah that's for sure but we just wanna put some gifts in your hands at everyone of them. You're getting a discount on just deals. Deals deals this early. Matthew slummy trying to get these order you are unfloppable. Your christmas game and i can give you some really great ideas for hard shop absolutely. There's something for everybody in this Absolutely so just a reminder. We wrap it up here. Bigger dot com on the podcast out. Every single thing is lined up every company. Every every code will have pictures of all the items that feature items but remember we just showed you some feature products. Their deals extension their whole inventory. So go to their websites. Ceo loves you can knock out your whole list Comfort of your cats. Have your couch socks. You're facil- socks. Yeah yes. I'll get those with a picture of my anything else. Cheers you guys. Makers mary careers christmas. Every everybody a great holiday -solutely funding being used today and nice new crimes. Could christmas lights up early. Side permission. Granted permission Miracles cheers

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#36 I Retaillessen met Tjeerd Jegen, CEO HEMA | De RetailTrends Podcast

De RetailTrends Podcast

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#36 I Retaillessen met Tjeerd Jegen, CEO HEMA | De RetailTrends Podcast

"They'll competitors podcast. Podcast fallen retailers straight over little lesson in baseball cost hanging. Speak michio jason hewitt shishir. She opened amo on amo house. Loudon shelton walter via life to shoot taylor allegra from in the north and empty abo- Into that who games in the malls over eighty getting on new luxury bins dialect. You've been to the still still. Yeah yes yeah now. Gay alex now snakes almost in retail though these guys into the retailer fighting with the heavily to lessen on the house spotting shown up the link in the cave of both of our of our times naked away him up with the was a slave to your helix. A nevado that zolt box almost mirror check banner. All of them are you thing is far too common. Guy guided the boats help stock them safely otter help officials my from the vague. Dr donald meal is okay. onto elections. supermarket dune and equal mahane year. The document variable mannix an implant ainu bond lucas and from the bleier strategically cope open for sheesh. Five cent on the concentration not acknowledged this need to nationals owner compu- men's seattle don. Don falsehoods moulik pens on perspective. Or opening to mature students developers kazahstan falls. And it's it's hotmail daughter non-food for cost on the two sides from outside my shoe on beating plutocrats copa dissect or offer. Cope need to estrin shelly. Wrinkles do contracts. And mutcd malaysian. Matsushita posted a both of says actor vet thoughts on this called our strategic mind automobiles club. Linke's nomin the. I'll take you look at phoenixville japan. Who was year kaduna state My boss coach from atlanta russia. I should she of name on any any dink and the rules and indochino ios from the oak oak took moved to name and then we show show actual. Couldn't it just sent off in. China came to blame me southerner yet. Locals caused been an in an innovative new to cake for my name. Or should the epa smith adam here and it's been your chevelle markets also vowed here on the line again volatility the epa. My house placard knock and you have to for those student. Spoke peace and there is two thousand tag beliefs over almost who redmi sheesh. My fault commitment talk show now yeah. They became vr korea. The human of starts and i mbh duty to them in vavuniya austrian. The time vowed that goes. I got an osteopath azure. By the hours of the low pullovers our martin was yukon new business concert for the productivity of the altoona tomato art and to vaccinate for a avid failing. Our martin's old contorno needs to tangle tour an till seek prussia hopeful for his on dumping is on dumb yarmuth marmot overall and squash bod and also opened motto Still blocked by out corporate office. That you wake. In an arbor starring lopez into makes the venture starts out in saddam and mine studio quickly because of flouts dossier hoppers got the for a short of their damage to state about. Dean's now the act and evade stars. Investor starts hanging on the f. o. Moi from with australia got marketing. it's an docomo osama and to make an iron up failing to k. consumer on not societa fourteen ship mallika to nearby about it and even if leica export export-fuelled stasi's shopping hornbeck albertan is opening continue ship. Last york needs fanatic story at a at a damn between the art and those to be. Nick smith she Yeah okay. This ago on grain literally became the appropriate in new business. And i want to lose stealing the ship from our those ban on all of your bomb stave obtaining cer- pocket an got this hour tomorrow patina. But it used to bombard you for tokyo monkeys you've lightman time between and joep bites productivity die flavor in the car versus walson turns will from tosses died heart disease bender whole allen to the albert dock's foot lahser too dumb soon. Applying to myrtle was passed over. Five minutes is nato conduct over warmer amount ida in vehicles caution. Being he'll concept boches look forward to halo sticky and productivity sticker. Hang clay vehicle. An executive order individuals kwame listeners gains vets and that would be. Yeah yeah kingman. Thanks in nevada my of now on the job and four hundred zero in individuals in overtime. Mike moore proceeds from the On the incident stuff. Yeah and doing location on the tomato tomato bali to initiate martinez included to naga opposite of anglesey. Now and the locker don loosened plaque dick saudi echoed gang plots neater lake calmer in syndrome. I'm just making the by talking to my call. Dorsey madore snags placate my vehicle. Even hold on fickle miniature steam lighter and he died need to heal the chinese nichols to the mayor tumors lockyer spawns and tour and it could potentially bring management shoot mark manager and acapella looked at cooking the xtop winkle lists the d'arno exponentially algal child between the ira ice maze of my ladders. Cops arriving ability ship of. You're a long versatile. You fallen for halo mentzer. Manila skill an article on the left either energy and commitment up dash may little boy. Do hala in okinawa. Okinawa vehicle meet riot and you mentioned make clinical bettina and sixty. Who who and stay on stoning. Just hang vessel on stella but net if a bowing call steve england gotta push and dia. The daily thing outs that was of dsl. Dining anniversary fill newer warning and into the players who the hearts new academically it over at motif and just infuriate of mensa less Ville for your oxygen and this year mitchell from assigning. Most if you title tied mine mine lighter. Art roped vinko fluids dot. She'll died look saying Oak notice Zorka events schedule and deny it from the clients. They get jealous Who install community. Gase crucially so factor kate display and depression it honked. The ambien honked. And the secret needs to copy manek's retailers and. Oh yeah and leers. Make an oprah show mashona who you're so comunicacion within weeks now and yeah the nassir. Slightest carpet nas to clone leo clone. Who vinko the fact look vicks and okajima velvet. Ding numeric advocate. Carter to not even not commissioning jerry. Often as kind of coffee do ship for bags. Domke excellent open the open barn accomplish you're gonna onslaught by scheduling manager at a is on them. And the sexy hooper bob. You are devoting antibiotic states for mike given the policy. You could not look at heart and super neutral on on. She don't neither is willing. You guys get refugee evoked. Dart vinca come forward. You can back. yeah now all of tobacco monaco's banning road soap mart vodafone hula hoop. And he'll appreciate there and exclusive night of equal passi dotted slight pause better. He the kospi premier and on boxing houston dotting all that last remains a now starter economical alcohol puget a marketing in costa the phone. From my life on sears and had clean veatch the malaysian maloka of mea. Usual nubrik edgy miniature. Ever stop all the ones are behind the voted out and in displays hanukkah pash in homage lauper antidote short. Titleist layers vimpelcom. Okay and and elson counter winkle through asia and dot dot the. They'll buddha no must also markelle velten an selling in the house my nash. Jorda fooling alka. Mon on dot may the in vehicle and on lisa carter three shelf onto for us and that they left the carpets admit beurre. I'd say the accelerator devoting day and medical Counter beta but the box walk the lease over on mir the donald tour and why the nevada ferrelli copa steer the moons. Look for an open john. Humor hold of disapp- shukla non yar insulin. Oprah thousand hours explains easter after he knew air focused hoop scan your bad loans in bowl expansive. Jerry was expensive and it was accurate. Sam on ann arbor slow to mysterious. Innovate dot com awaking emission to ziegler data league kirk bio she theater in japan and cocco annex outing yard And michael later in to moyer alto and saddam owed mike tomlin outta on the doubting conic internationale studio loc- buddhist dots. Pulsa thanks to departure. Linda near slough spoil and check about like all hail assignments audio car zip flange stake in its work. 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Baltic fumigate open-top marcia marcia you'll notice few may talks locally team for market equipment supermarket the show coming to you and show tomatoes to market the best in the lab. Demetre hema is with us. Marshals on twitter of over in addition we're shelby gordon and enables mitch and intensity for mine. I was a neat. Yeah the i look at allegations. Owner doesn't make you connect of Halo connects us grown school now dugdale to nima corporate shelter close and And the virus hilda implant on the shoulder of life net in november an of commod bowl on the saving artsy overdraft moyer vehicle in wrinkles safety look so touting for cash and unsafe and we'll have causing the data micronesia now volvo vile fair in a menu union kleiner unloader bennett to holler about under the and dot com years. I'll take her. I colli tilton moist cold flashing. And i look in an approximate took him smith from name on the marshall. May i do. I lived in mart. 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Medic winkles schools online the the hookah karma and if you don grownup on the slide in latin schmaltz in part of maurya tenaga i can community and to design hill minus non-food rita. Would i feel that. The joe go off slight and have been total and the doing need elaine. They'll do we do four artie. Nine thousand callejas and doffing oblong excellent for one hundred and new owner for our topic. The like an experience. Lbj dots an natick dots Fire taivon dr Caring clones domination. The meters you talk from the clay has damaged dominant who dope shoop lack. I cannot get all and it kept to lot. Dr go film basing beckmann hartmut how to connect game over one year and who started to get into dock methods smears. I decided to michael snow looking next. Except for the fiend. Also near mall begins to start to make it get arte davis and long live was gone. That's nikki's complicated. Continue died cooper is smart and now yeah okay. Hit on the votes iowa. As we've been in etowah beige with more equally. Assure a car. Board donors omer omer and concrete billfold. Nee these little life of of august retail ziegler he'll brigade for my mic out. Film an orange archie modell foundation trial. Boonta donovan our food and beverage retail as awful force but -delity monta on bidding toward a black a leash the international involvement possesion. The ball then leaked hunting. You know another guy car lies. Taylorsville name rush the inch pieta venus. Data's dingle ayla more re concept. It ain't but al retailer my capital if you've fund from rituals close to montlake symbol. Hey for k. a. in alemany between yarra marveled vied medic near sets to the madman bingles also. This'll be an approximate launch outing. And if duly line extreme rituals say zelda sector. Each mayor met open. open politics today. she took chronicle sept caputo convicting edema. Salvo culture muccio can heal more niche in Yeah whole foods in munich laughed and proximity at my foot articles in whole foods. Mechanized spy that's by up now. Don't you expect and the yeah dunk. We eat lesson says denia veto alaska's from this book. Contract duncan unit cost less default for under cake for me. If my husband husband'll downfield.

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#447 Esco Big Bars

"Augustine hosing a show with your host. Dog use gino's took take the take. Hello dan welcome back to the casinos english show with your host agresson zinc and this is episode number. Four four seven. That's four four. Seven of the tino singer show. Hope you'll good wherever you may be chicken the show as per usual if it should turn first time. I i am as you can see i. I've gotta show the choice. Must i liked but subscribing subscribed balloon if your listeners revered a podcast app then of course a five star review and a share will help it go along long way so make sure you do that get involved on there today and of course support patrons always motor welcome at patriot forces. Agostini you get one bonus show coming. Live indirect at you tomorrow so make sure you jump on their patients. a. g. o. s. h. o. To get a chance to listen to the patriots only boehner show available to my backers. Get involved don't delay get both on day to day. How you doing good wherever you may be. I am feeling okay gain to our needs to be. The energy is still kicking my ass as usual. Say levy and all that milwaukee but we still standing we are still standing of what else has been going on. Still working away through basil galactica. A couple of percents yesterday which was fairly decent again as i mentioned previously. I'm still not very still not sold on this whole idea about the silence. Being shaped shift in shape shifting human cyborg thing he mcgee's everyone that's called dick basically falling in love with him. That's not really my vibe but overall in terms of space opera. I'm loving it. I'm loving every bevis so that's been pretty decent to you know get involved in. Malaka puffins at nine. Oh center was today. May not a plane tomorrow against granada in europe leak. That's about it really to to. We have this impending vaccine possible thing happening soon in the uk. Which i mentioned on the show while back ago right. I said it was going to be inevitable especially for live events. I was very much you say. I was pretty much certain at a time. When i heard that gave floated that they will definitely going to make thing regardless of the vaccine was successful and now even in the post vaccine world in a car park vaccine would with still kind of facing the prospect of having to submit our or make our public health a private health information public to gain access to things that we didn't need to make it available for right so to go to pablo cinema festivals in concepts. And now we're going to require you to have some sort of document that proves debated knock allies from this kind of bullshit is whole complete. Shishir again like i mentioned prior. I did really think from the outset. It was something that was bound to happen. You know soon as the idea it. It was very much unlucky to turn back and say oh no. We're not going to do anymore. It was definitely going to happen. It was just a matter of when if if So that is something were sort of having to battle with here in the uk. But you know. I think how say you know how it's difficult if we had a decent opposition to boris who actually stood for something than might have actually helped in terms of being able to kind of another narrative. Pushback from this'll were under the moment but seeing kissed on with a little bit passive and i don't know what kind of back deal he's abaco. He has with the tories but he just doesn't strike me. Somebody s going to you. Know for lack of a better term strike strikeout. I hall tech advantage of the indecision and sentiment in the uk and basically side with things that would say plagiarize outta history but side with the current sentiment in the country and basically guarantee votes when we goes to general election in a few years. But he's probably not going to do that. he's not he. You know begrudgingly back the bill. We're gonna end up having to give our medical bills over to some random person working to spoons and this is going to be a completion. And he's talking to and from there. I because soon as we have that we've effectively got our own version of biometric. Id card in some respects right. We've got probably more information on dead than some of our european counterparts have on their. Id 'cause records the standard thing they have in the european union. I e qods basically giving you a day above i'm not. I'm not sure it's called blood type of appreciate hasn't but essentially as you know think that you carry around us. That advocated a possible. So you can you know gain excesses places. Maybe cross borders wherever you may be. We'll end up having something far worse than that will contain a level of information. You know private health information that you've probably shouldn't be sharing to private businesses but there is also an argument that private businesses have a right to request whatever they want in order for you to excess to their services or they're building whatever it may be so it's a of a situation like i said especially considering we've got vaccine is working pretty well and people are being a lot more willing to go and get vaccinated which. I was very surprised by so to be in a situation where not the moment where we're currently having to face this whole idea coughing. Or what. What do they call it. Announced snow possible is a certificate certification. Something kind sums will appear in front which is a whole different array of issues again. Right you have to flip in face idea. Look then you can have to upload and kind of input william private health information and then share that with some you know Bless her heart and part time awaking in local poverty your area in order to get a good drink still or to go to vegas for a tenor like it's just an opposition absolutely show but again what can we do. What can we do go jump atrophy today as per usual. Lasagna dive unin so it. Make a drink hilo snacky that good stuff in between less. Get in both. I mean i. I kind of stumbled upon today. That kind of got me thinking call. You know what things have changed so much these years. I don't even think there's anybody in the scene right now. Exists us of the level of you. Know somebody that can escalate very influential would say Graham mc from slim crew unfortunately pasta. I m going to say. In two thousand seventeen in my been famously known as being jimmy hoffa coverage media for being a professional footballer buffet for a host of privy teams here in england and escobar was one of his kind of half prevalent. Who kind of you know. Very much respected and grime had over stories attached to him from the streets that people would probably not too fond of repeat nba in a for lack of term. He was setty said he fide as a kid sat there but definitely one of my favorite sees. He probably didn't have that much of a. You know snow of lyrics. Probably had you know if we're gonna count to. Let's say thirty two right. He probably had maybe fifteen twos in his pocket but they were discussing where did have their just you just real them off back to back in every set and just completely dumpy loads of occasions of of him through them god's gifts and stuff just absolutely destroying regular today pirate radio ice dies. We religion outsell home recording stuff late tonight on dejean wince on the ever station to a seven point eight station but the radio was really good balloting. Not a wacky stuff you have now with. Ntsb of gay into radio stuff like proper radio to kind of scan across the The radio waves no to kind of get a station and depending on what location you will you picked up. Some pirate stations located in random abounding random abandoned flat somewhere Ridicule ones and you to hear you know these amazing upcoming emcees from your area. You got to have like a little peek into what was going on in terms of this i member was. I'm gonna say pre twitter so those is some kind of town square feet to kind of find out what was going on in your area. Right lobe st. Paul takes developments in buildings and stuff. Whatever may be you kind of learn. They offered Porto of those pirate stations. And sometimes you date have really good collins. Radio shows morning shows. I drive shows. I really really cool Entertainment order around was kind of thing that you didn't want to miss you. Kinda rush back to your radio to listen to. Anything that can say was similar to pirate radio back in the day. That's kind of existing now. Is that thing. That wasn't quote again district. This similar i think to pirate at the moment is this Was at school. The ten v ten right and they do these things where i've got this flyer for like a rain. He's going to a promotion. Packs it to me like a buju assisting but they do really good ones to be ten and in the other example i would say would be of your radio right those the only two things that are kind of like an online radio show sometimes even was suffering caused pink. Friday was a one nick measuring weber. Is there's no love them that you'd wanna rush back home to kind of go. Listen to which is why. I know as great pilot. No i haven't listened to tissue entire life one in four but the kind of defended a miss. Is that kind of appeal. What you want to just shoot it on time when it's actually on you don't want to watch it on demand to back on the modern. You think you are kind of unita choon time. That's actually on air. And you don't get that nowadays i guess maybe 'cause streaming and whatever may be a sore replaced in indefinitely but this is definitely an era and nowadays forget just radio streaming just in grime alone. I don't think there's a lot of defenders kids out that moment. Who even touching someone that can execute by kenneka. Said he wasn't really that prolific didn't have a lot of dubs all of tunes out there. He wasn't really pursuing his musical career that seriously prior to passing anyway and he was still mouths ahead of anybody The see nowadays the kids coming up his pre again. Maybe it's difficult because that was a golden era so i'm so Comparing the kids are coming up. Now to some absolute of jesus Comparing the rapids coming up now to let the jays nauseous but that was a really golden era of graham. That you fool people would have may be built upon right and kind of progress for the so far. There's not really love kids out on the level of mexico boston. Let's play a little bit of what he has to say here in this little clip from practice to y'all noises practice hours big ripping them get arrested in come to megawatt knows who else don't appreciate the don't want to get one rose. We'd no one nation a any break it. All straight speak nerd is telling sweepstakes service like murderers behind. I saw conspiracy. I never get that little bit. I shelter and saw fuck about thirty are basic kaufman. I'm sarah maria radio show when we're not rut composing also but there's no one around. It sounds really. Is i really. Don't think anybody wanna sounds like that and again so r.i.p escobar one of our legendary graham seats from back in the day. Somebody who again like i said. We played an instrumental part migrating up and one of my favorite. Mc's along with crazy. Tizzy as per usual chip especially during his heyday scorcher. Somebody could stock is from back in the day. Pierre definitely somebody to a big fan of an assault stumbled across my time line. The other day was have to move onto the but was we have here and then of course you had. This is not here from the telegraph about the covert possible. Says exclusive clavier possible trials to begin in the uk at events this month which is again. I'm against the puzzles. In general you get some misses a pretty clever way to kind of shoe on in to normal life right by kind of dangling at the end of a carrot and saying hey if you want to go back to these events you're going to have to give up some of your own. You know privacy and whatnot. A continuous coverage possibles are set to be trialed events in brain weeks. The telegraph can reveal as government pushes ahead with the idea despite the growing rebellion by. Mp's new deals around a dozen pilot schemes. For safety of the safely opening large events will be announced in the coming days with plans to trial. Cova stiff acacia checks at the fa cup final cup semi cup. Final the world snooker championships. I'll take him par with the would also in discussion of the was new championships. It's gonna be an absolute terrible images from definitely crowd is absolutely insane. Now that you wouldn't mind going you know of boring to watch don't get me wrong Maybe you'd probably wanna go to dots instead of the atmosphere can be a bit more ambiguous but they definitely get on a definitely get slush when they're out there that's going to be a good test to see if we've with kobe correctly people come out there. And it's proven it continues. People all going on the offense will be to take a covid testing entry and another off. The attendance of the spreading of the virus can be limited government. Scientists are closely involved in designing and the pilots will watch everything from a crowd flows to ventilation systems to learn lessons about running events. Multiple government sources involved in the planning told telegraphy was hope at the covid. Possibles produce a certificate showing. Your virus status will feature in some pilots. The event will run throughout. April lemay administers What enough conclusions to be drawn from the reopening of large vessel but to happen from megyn again another stipulation of were. We weren't really aware of prior right. There's always conditions to get back to a level of don't know if it's just a consequence of being in the first place and the fact that if you get a little bit power is pretty difficult to let go over here relinquish and give back your citizens their freedom but this idea that we have to kind of jump through hoops and you posses tests in order for us to go back to live in our normal lives that we were living prior to this crazy viruses. Just insane but again. It's one of those things which makes me believe that if they pushing these kind of crazy test things and you know trouser that having to do their most likely the whole possible things it's gonna be you know like i said it's about it's about when if if continues the events in april may require negative covetous and entry hope that some of the pilots may control an update which has someone is headed jab or negative. Antibodies that has been described as a covid. Possibles the puzzle who work in other countries. Don't care about that. The announcement will be another indication that the government is pushing ahead with the possibly allowing people to show covers as was socially active titties even with no final decision taken however backlashes brewing in the comments with more than seventy. Mp's putting klima saying these things are wrong. Putting putting their names to a statement opposing. The idea included around forty tories. I figured that were conservative. Whips given the government's majority in the commons of ruffy. Atc's as well as around twenty labor impedes. Tim them's the statement. They backed the following. We oppose decide the divisive and discriminatory use of the covid. Nineteen stay certificates into tonight. The visuals access to general services jobs the labour leader. Jeremy corbyn in john mcdonnell the shadow. Chancellor have also signed the move comes off the kiss diameter labor Lead a total of the fought the british instinct would be against covid wants pandemic steiner. Said that there was no easy answer and he would alone. You decide whether to pose wants. A detailed proposal been published. What's pussy stand up for something metal or full for nothing. This guy man. God almighty so yeah. Let's see what happens. Most that i couldn't like i said if you're from the uk just brace yourself. This is going to happen so you don't get too disappointed because once these guys flow these things out there in this manner. He definitely is an indication that it's going to go this way. Regards where we like your no so it is what it isn't nixon docket. We have Eric weinstein on the podcast. You can experience having a bit feeling. A little bit aggrieved by the treatment that he'd been receiving from tim dillon. Which is hilarious. I if you've been familiar. I posted a clip from tin. Dylan's patriot which you should definitely sign up to. It's easily the best. Five dollars of overspent on patriot. Easily very very very warfare ami upload about to maybe one to two clips bonus shows on these patriots per week as well as the other tears you get like a rush chow stairway. He sometimes upload as i can a long form video interviews or feature films. He puts together regardless. But you know in general is tim. Johnson is with great value to listen to regardless of what pat from his own and he had like a little free minute segment way kind of ripped to pieces some of the guys involved intellectual dockworker basic questioned their credentials and jokingly and not so jokingly way which is in a valid enough right because especially in the last few months with diva surges of club. House the app. Brit weinstein. Eric weinstein lex friedman Who seen on from the idea. W i've not seen I'm not sure if i've seen some harris. Maybe they've rueben the kind of catis kind of been ousted from that. Group feels about lot. Those guys are spending a lotta time in those spaces. Basically getting i think brett weinstein got basically shouted at by a group of students for being a white guy in some space and yet kind of apologize and basically kicked out eventually aircraft sneaking datuk in about the identity politics and counterculture stuff they usually talking about. And it's just interesting because these guys always kind of as tinted instead viewed as being very small and very educated people who surround themselves with people who are also very smart educated sometimes well fina and whatnot maybe of a managing director till capital right pia consolidation or whatever think tank company that is part of and again. No one really knows what anyone does in this kind of la intellectual griff diesel thing which is probably heaven takes right you kind of want to be as you kind of want to be as ambitious can be with your ocupation what you do so that you can continue doing stuff that you probably have no right to do because already knows what you do right. Is i think there is. There is a benefit to that. But it's also annoying when you're just constantly talk. I'm a great person to say that hypocrite area. And it's just funny that. He got so peeved off by tinted and biscuit suggestion that he has nothing. It doesn't do much. Because he spent most of his time talking on the free app on clubhouse and bemoaning in a gender gender buffets and stuff what if it may be and again it was a joke said ingest but obviously some troops of it and it seemed to stung really harsh because throughout this entire process period. Tim has been constantly saying these. Puerto the take me to hate me hate me and not was just joking around. But judging by the kind of reaction. Br had to some of the jokes. He made some really horrendous. Clapback thing that you know. His wife have hiring. Didn't really take too well either. So her face when they mentioned tins name and she didn't seem too amused. It does seem like that. Intellectual web crew with the exception of maybe sam harrison. They're very incapable of laughing at themselves. Which makes it difficult as again. Because i'm a fan of these guys i like. I love the portal right I love it weinstein's thing what's it called with. The rhino forgot what it's called. Dot course podcasts. Level guys right especially journey covy brett weinstein and his wife have been a really good resource in terms of getting an understanding as to how this virus spread in. The first place of eric has is really good guests on some shows. But especially with. Eric people have no say he started to like you know. Thinking shit doesn't stink anymore. So i think that tim dylan. Bob came at just right. Time to solve simmer down a bit at anywhere on the jergen and basically stay crying one more time about he typing and put up against this definitely proof that tim is. Tim definitely got to eric in a way that he probably shouldn't have considering You know eric's achievements and what he's done and whatnot. He shouldn't really be bothered all caring. What what flipping tenderness assay again. This is the world that we live in. I was you know this question. Like what is eric weinstein ever done. I did that. I did the marginal revolution question. Is tim dillon. Joking around i know you said what did he never created though he was joking. He's fucking around. That was the funny part of that. He was joking but he's saying that because he knows you're brilliant. I understand the only reason why he can say joe loser. Joe couldn't say you you don't need to make me feel good about what you brought it up at. No i'm saying something completely different. Can i actually have been scared of this question. What question that. Tim's question taken seriously gonna take. I'm taking it seriously. Okay in a weird world okay. Here's here's world. You're in a world of serious intellectual people ham straight. You're also hanging out with. Tim dillon in me and i love it but it's the problem is you're you're generating these to know joe. I'm not angry tim. Dylan's that angry. The word you hear the word that that's a problem. You're not that angry carlos mencia. I'm not angry at him at all. I time anyone should be savvy. Pretend wait wait. Wait wait wait. He's one of the most important comedians of our. Okay how dare you derek. Jesus christ and and again. I don't blame the guy to be honest if oh completely i don't blame him. I guess is a natural consequence of being somewhat famous in a field that no one really gives a shit about when it comes to public intellectuals right it should be something that you shouldn't be. You shouldn't be commanding views of like upwards of the half a millions for speaking about stuff that most people convert comprehend because you haven't had like a innocently high. Iq whatever it may be so. Isn't this weird weld where you really shouldn't be famous for being intellectually. Brilliant as you up he is. And then you'll being famous in your what mid fifties wherever he however odious. It must do something to your brain. It must be a bit strange and you hanging on. Its own groups. And you're going to send things and you're you're exposed to you. Know different innovations and technologies are taking place behind the seasonally aware of is going to change the future from your mankind. District lucky is a lot of stuff to kind of contain one person's brain and when somebody's so of course you out and basically questions your questions your room position of questions your place in the culture you can get a little bit tense can make you feel a bit weird overall but it's probably best. That again is a blessing and a curse. It's probably for the best that you you know. Become more successful and become famous in your fifties as opposed so of course when you like eighteen and stuff and you're still developing as a human but i do maintain that it must be boever. Mind fuck. it really does like us. Just a dude that was what lecturing and consulting stops and stuff whatever it may be in silicon valley. Having somewhat mildly iconic. Were some some like a cult. Following maybe in a particular niche in particular subculture. Whatever may be an suddenly. You're broke on. You know one of the biggest shows in the world you gain a massive following. You do import. Gaza brings you allows you income to be more flexible to do your thing and your brothers award become famous too if again kicked out and sex from each university newest milwaukee it must do something to definitely but it's just funny as attempted advantage sita. There's no bob says this is. There's little josie fruit guys just kind of being funny and poking fun has really cut deep with these people who are so brilliant. They shouldn't be really wasting their time with this. Pig has to say but you know the water will even at the moment. You sometimes reacted above as you posted a chorus of claps in praises and dick sucks that occur out there that but hey what can you do. Nixon list was identity. Personal wasn't a weather. Ebay were dropping paypal as a payment provider. This is very strange. I'm very very confusing. Something that i'm actually over the moon about this means i can go back onto ebay again. Discussion the says. Psa either let you sell items of our bank account stein. From valentine's of course this was written earlier on the year in confederate says the following In two thousand two ebay ebay bouquet power and a one point five billion dollar deal turning into turning it into the way you would buying get paid for items. You sell the glamorous so on gino's auction site but the ones happy couple has been broken up has been breaking for years and events as as some centers may no longer be able to sell items on ebay at all without committing an old school bank account. Instead of very interesting this morning. I received a final email warning that would need to add a bank account by february fourteenth for bill to revise your released existing listings create nudist as we'll be disabled continues ebay toews versus isn't a deadline for every seller is rolling on phases and quick. The web shows is going out for at least a couple of years. It's been going on for a couple of years. Isn't the final phase either as ebay tells us the rollout won't be complete until two thousand twenty two time by suspected moving fast. I got this mission despite rarely selling items and ebay and company tells me that the research centers won't be have ebay managed payments by the end of this year digging up a bank account and plug in your profile. May not be doing the annoyance here by the way. You'll be waiting longer if your money as ebay manage payments sites per payments is points out so this is what basically they laid out here to said what to expect you complete ourselves. A step one wants to buy has paid to fund to show his pending salah harvest. Time for you to shift your. The once. bank sells a transaction on ebay funds. Show as available step to payout initiates that to pairs shade daily a weekly based on your scheduled a second payment schedule nomo processing times between one to four business days depending on the bank and impale free your bank sales funds on your account with a normal present time so it looks like from use selling the item to you. Get in the money in your account. It could be anywhere between two to seven working days. Which oversees pre decent. I still think. And i think for the most part of people myself who i kind of stopped selling on ebay purpose pacific because of paper i ran into a few issues. When are selling a couple of cameras and trainers when people kinda declared it in received items and then you go through the entire stupid Conflict resolution sting of low as quotas. Whatever quote on paypal and in because they've been linked if you don got band and you weren't able to your paper anymore you automatically your ebay bantu because it looked like he didn't compete sale. The puzzle devi by feedback to complete the situation. So if they're able to somehow in bring all in house. I'm definitely going to be happy with it. It's just interesting that they will pay one. Play five billion foreign like paper and then suddenly removed is this way says right ebay actually purchased it right ebay ebay pay off one point five billion. What are they going to. So i guess is this something that's been hidden behind the scenes as paper is going to turn into a beater beefing or is this just an ebay thing. I'm assuming he an ebay thing right. Integration is going and pay business a selfish going to be very interesting development and again is definitely going to take out. They'll take steps to remove the need for people to go and buy like an ace accounts because there's a few sites out there that offer people to paternity if you're banned from selling on ebay you can sending selling on ebay because you have a paper you can buy a paper that kind of has been aged and enchaine details i guess or whatever may be oh maybe sapa virtual debit card or something. I don't know what they do but there is things that you can do so completely takes out that business but again maybe it didn't of lungs out the process in terms of this might explain why you i'm seeing these pets happiest for ebay right. He's little way to op. Eds way they like all the ten items that you should buy but the price makes no sense at sort of bringing everything in house continues free to six business days long time to wait for money that could be instantly pops into your paper that said as my last ebay sell the immediate relief funds. Eva shruggy emoji. That's true. I think even abstract the you to have to weigh about a week to get your money in hand from time for the person receiving that malarkey in the defense click the storm. I guess it depends on the status of your actual paper that cut if you've been verified and you've or the limits cleared and maybe when someone send you the money it kind of shows up stray away but for the most part is always a bit of a hold on it. Just ensure that the person receives the p. And if integrate wherever size integrate within a puzzle mocked has received enough secrets released body. So it's never been instant really the only incident. I could see happening in a futures if some companies integrate stuff like you know bitcoin blockchain that escrow sauce ways of peer to peer ways. Basically paying in selling for things that will be to be instant but as is not going to happen. Continues on the plus at ebay says as most other shoot quickly pay should actually quickly for a crap and ebay says mercer should actually pay lower fees and before and provide a very to case studies at this page but it's not like epa's really passing along the savings previously. Ebay would typically take ten percent and paper. we'll take two point nine percent cut in total twelve point number of you take ebay taking a twelve point. Five free percents In the same situation which makes sense again they can make a cheeky. Be on top of it. Why ebay graphic above my look like. You're saving a big chunk of money when you can see if you look carefully to the size of the basel misleading and amid the new matters ebay bob again. I'm i'm fine. Somebody has not been able to sit on ebay for years because my husband fucked up. I'm more than happy to have this ability to do what. I know how to do best. And i sell overprice. China's two teenagers around the world. Nixon list was to be have here pop up. What else do we have here. This move this issue much time. You've used up birdie bear with me base passports. Your desk got egotistical. Most you have got this for this one. So this is a. This is obviously something. That's been developing for a few days. Now the very influential and famous well known make partisan youtube. James charles's admits to messaging underage boys. Sixteen year old boys his basic mater in his now famous. Second battle of apology video. Where he's got this sort of quasi but nist haircut planted top of his head as says the following beauty youtuber. James shows is made to sending sexually explicit messages to two sixteen year old boys. He says in the video. I fully understand my actions and how they are wrong. He said twenty one years which we forget he's twenty one years old actually has stuff about being a child and being a kid and knowing good from you know doing right from wrong especially considered ideal time. He's been in the public eye and doing stuff of in social media space. He's you know he knows rosie know what what you shouldn't shouldn't be doing. he's platforms. But hey it continues allegations against charles. I imagine soc me media this year. in february. The influ twenty five million subscribers as youtube channel was accused by one teenager of charles denied saying he flooded with the person because the boys under eight to be eighteen chose denied the allegations. By the festivities tied wholesome accountable. He admitted wrongdoing. He says that there were two instances one last year one more recently puffiness actually seventeen if that deaf noodles to recount. Who's like a like a youtube influence. A knock and he's the one that solve like tau tied. He started the whole monitor. The whole kind of is mostly to wrongdoing. It's not that bad but it still seems to be strange. This guy that spending these entire life cataloging order. Misgivings wrongdoings these Cl- of these kind of very well protected youtube foods. Who kind of capable of doing anything wrong. Even what is something to do with breaking the actual law and is adult. That's all spending his time. Chronicling all these misgivings and i guess. Making himself the enemy of most of these youtube influences and also an ending of the fans because imagine a large portion of charles fans. Don't wanna hear this right. They just want to wash to make videos fully him on snap and take continued dancing of his parents. Don't really care about all this stuff. Which is actually the most concerning pov. Is that people that are actually pushing to get this guy. Quote unquote cancelled the people that are fans of him. He's actually fans don't care they really don't care if you puts out content tomorrow and just continues clubbing people as per normal which he probably won't because you know most of these guys don't have any backbone and if he gets accused of ways accused of they're just avoid him until the he kind of dies off in all refund again as they always do. That's weapon i. I'm rather if i remember correctly. Wherever kind of for them and social as soon as he kind of came out with video with receipts will be bunking. Claims every so refloated mcgann. So it's just a funny situation in general to look at it continues is these conversations shouldn't have happened chow. Said in the forty minute video. He admitted he could have searched for them on social media platforms and found their ages. Defend by this. Imagine if this was women this was guilty of right like this would be far more egregious but the fact that it's dudes it kind of proves again that no one really cares about the safety of young guys on these social media sized young teenage boys actually right children. No one really cares about their safety and what they're being exposed to but if it's this is these were teenage girls like people would be good absolutely ape shit but as it as it is. I guess people are going to keep moving. You continued you. Probably the place said that he will take time away from personal social media. Educate himself about these issues. Was it educate yourself about your twenty one. Just don't try and fund or six senior alternate. Let's pretty easy. May you continue. Some desperate scandal is not the first time. The beauty influence has faced controversy in two thousand nine years accused of using fame money to terminate almost sexuality which which would allow people would do when they get fame and money right of the pod the po and part of the draw impove the reasoning to go out there in the chief things to stay in fairly good shape into groom yourself well and way expensive clothes and pull on really in a fabulous fragrances would be to explicitly people's for this sexually right. That's exactly what some people do out especially in hollywood. I would assume so so. He's only just following tradition right i. It's a bit crude bit. Horrendous believes boever. Sick taste in the back of your throat but it really is what it is like you know. There is a story a long. History of people manipulating young impressionable. People that come into the industry with their fame and money is what it is and some people are willing to you know to take you know some fashion bogging. It continues to the when addressing why he has been reckless in population shift. He said that's because he's desperate. Imagine kahlo social media having to apologize because you want to keep your brand deals and then having to admit anybody that you're missing sixteen because he's just too horny right. You just to to julia. This is this is also somebody that looks like from. Why see so far. This is somebody who doesn't drink too much and doesn't use that many drugs and he's already i imagine when he finally discovers the beauty of drowning your sorrows and you know comforting yourself. Psychologically for a bottle pinot brown liquor and frison some clauses substances. Imagine how how bad he will be at that point. He's bad enough as he is sober. Somewhat right indulging in work doughnuts and stuff and was at stake racial they will go to I dunno whatever one of these places right here. Charlie's with croissants name these kind of clandestine bistro restaurant places that will go to content pitches and he imagined horny like this and he doesn't even do fees no time he's no drinking flipping non info to every night. It looks like non-permanent guy too much. He's ready disappointing. Imagine once the suddenly then discovers the you know the life of The debaucherous few and get involved in that he's gonna be he's gonna be like if he's not one already. It continues in a video. He made it s into ethnic trae. Nineteen he said Chuck hughes became more care for for the promised. Is that what he's got these locking key or hearings and right. This is my privacy. My friends i love in a youtube is always so funny. Money's influence a types in the background non makeup. The hair like just come out of bed. I'm taking this seriously and again. This is disingenuous because you know most often more often than not. They're only doing this number one to maybe gain front of media story reread the narrative. Maybe just to make sure that don't lose all their brand deals but never come. It's never really for a it's never really come from a point of moral or ethical reawakening. It doesn't really come from there. It's not is the full owner. Meanwhile was actually fucked up. I need to atone for my wrongs and tell my friends. I've a changed person because you don't really tell people that you've changed you. Action should prove it. But i do like the house so of disingenuous is from the outset like they don't try to pretend that they're doing this because they are actually sorry. They're only doing this because they go cool. And they don't want to keep losing money effectively right. They go brand deals effectively. Paying for their hidden hills mentioned somewhere wherever they're living in allowing them to go on trips to texan coast. They don't want that to go away so any way to prevent it not to go away is to give up the camera and basically bear all quote continues by as time progressed. He says in his most recent video he began ignoring red flags again. A red flag with peru. Be when you're and again. I don't use tiktok too often right but whenever you do go and take especially on the feed when you first open the app they curated away so that you do get to see and consumed content that they want you to see which generally in a kind of skews on the young side of things i see. A young guys employs dancing doing comedy skits or whatever it may be and if you spend enough time monday and you like enough at the right things quote unquote you end up in this way. Rabbit hole where everybody that it will be crossing across coming chris. Feed will look like they're at most nineteen at most. Some of them of course might look a little bit younger than what they actually are. If you're you're clever with the makeup tricks make sure you don't have any facial hair you can't fool most people you can tell when somebody's young. It's just easy to basically see especially when the shamelessly flying around doing some really horrendous dance quote unquote in the middle of nowhere. Right just your child would think that would be cool to go. Perfect camera outside of a car park somewhere and do to fucking renegade aena teenage would think. That's a cool idea to do so to sit there and say you were ignoring red flags. There's red flies over there right. Especially if you're old enough you feel gross watching goeke flicking and for some videos. Because they're all these like again young teenage boys in very tight. Close jumping around in front of a camera dancing seductively and in a unless you're the same age range is should make you feel bit weird so that know what sort of education red flags he saw his talking about hey continues. He ended the video by vowing to be more cautious in. The future is treating social media accounts as innocent. I don't really again. Maybe it's the app itself is out assumed this quite a few young look. I guess i'll the soom the kind of guida gem charles's into could find them that person on tinder he could find that person grinders and finger. I'm sure is there an app for social media influences. Cool them riot. I'm sure you can find somebody. Like why doesn't he use those kinds of things. Why is it why is it. Why is he getting the social media apps because it doesn't seem like he's creepy people a dating app just seems like it's mostly coming through the all access social media things which makes sense i guess and it may be untapped potential or most of the hugh eased quote unquote which is disgusting to say exist on these. Social media is because they are old enough to be entertained episode. That will be one of the rich legs. Which is flipping hilarious. If you think ryder right. He's saying oh To be more careful and do more research. But he's only doing the research other social media after because he's more he's not he's likely to come across. People under underage. Allegedly are who lows. It continues academics and admissions sexual misconduct. Each of is a become more. More combination teeny chipper. Just in joe's channel off meeting has changed david daybreak. And of course blahdy blah blah blah. What's going to happen to the guy. Go forward probably nothing again. As we've seen in days gone by and in years gone by without a big youtube creators influences for the most part if their fan base is big enough and they kinda give less of share about what the general public about them. They should be okay. Maybe that's where shells wind up kind of faltering. It does look like yeah. She cares about the opinion of the general public. Oppose like jeffrey star. Who seems to basically. Don't really give a shit our anyone says no pets or revelations overexposure pieces are ever going to make him so change. What he's doing just gonna keep continued doing because he's finds continued to continue backing what he makes. You know it is what it is like. I said previously on the reassign of the industry-wide or industry here industry whatever why counterculture thing that people do. I'd still be a final mostly your your actual fan base deciding whether or not you should have a career that should that should that should be how you basically Succeed or die right Your friends build you up to decide that you've kind of you know of a state you're welcome all the things that you're doing are beyond reproach they can then decide to counsel you buy stop watching stuff in kind of you know what i'm subscribing. That's fair enough. These kind of big corporations coming in and solve basically potent unicorn away you coffee family because they feel like they've been shamed into doing so because they actually feel morally affected or ethically affected by. What you've done is already for me. So james shows once advice. You should probably look at jeffrey. Start in terms of to follow. If he doesn't care if he does. K maybe take the david wtam. Purchase go silent for a bit Used silence as time to educate yourself and learn and Recalibrate what you wanna do. In the world that malarkey. That could be a way to do things that way. This quite a few options there. But it's just hilarious. No one really cares general because it's boys right. If this gaels dissertation will be far worse because you know twenty one year old boy mench continuously mentioning continuing meant messaging. My word game is up there sixteen-year-olds as we add in it but it's also kind of strange to that. Nothing happened from why. I'm if i'm if i'm being corrected right. It's just messages right just kind of sixteen and stuff whatever but nothing actually happened in real life which is an odd one. I guess it depends. You're in some states. Have some real so very strict laws about missing people in the regional so by sixteen by blah blah. If nothing has happened in real life should your career be thrown out the window for that completely. I don't know but then again it is a bit strange s. sixteen twenty one year old constantly wants to be around kids of that age. Like i know what it was to be twenty one to sixteen and eighteen. And you know i. I didn't really have a lot of friends in my friendship group boys who were sixteen eighteen when i was twenty one. 'cause they were insufferable. You just didn't hang around the kids that young. it's just too much. So i can't imagine where must be that to be in a romantic relationship with somebody that young. Especially when you're james charleston. You've so accomplished so much money so much fame like what you actually get in that relationship. I don't know hey. This is way above my pay grade. And i hope everybody involved. I'm still a bit. You know i don't really. I'm not that comfortable seeing a counselor news essentially just destroying people's careers overnight and kind of taking a lease old clips and put them together. And make you look like a monster but maybe in some cases when it's like this you might have to intervene rice and kind of point entity saw things just in case against serious. Because as much as i said. He knows only text messages. They don't want this to go on check today. Continues on an ends up being something that ends up negatively affecting someone's life reverend known would forgive themselves to that kind of happened so dot might make complete sense not regard move on we move on we move on we move on and move on move on move one. It looks like according to ra. Looks like one of my favorite. Dj's mercy some has quietly changed his name. if i really alerting anybody which is Very wise of him out. Say if you remember. Is it kind of knows in the summer. Robin solomon solomona was a summer or beginning of the winter. But there was a lot of conversations around you know some into trinity jays and their names being you know a little bit misleading in terms of their racial representation. Let's say all as if you're one of the main examples was the black. Madonna who ended up changing and into madonna is a conversation around the few other people and in an emotional jomo assemble was basically getting into a corner as well with his name. Which kind of stems from detroit. Techno scene show right mercy impress from detroit. And that's what saw of name is basically taken from biscuit owed to that and ended obviously over the course of that entire summer felt like people were just pellet in it and he did reply like i don't think he said anything when he came to his name he kind of kept his low profile by it. Seems like all of the flies coming out now for the police kind of you know from december on was have featured his name in his looking according to ar-article says here dan nilo pleso. Let's show named aka am cdt. What he was going by for a while as well he changed it for most journal. Similar to mci to So that was kind of a kind of a pivot into maybe collins of the daniela plus slow. Ford says it mixes the fabrics presentation club. Compilation continuous mixing. Double vinyl sampler. Out twitter may twenty eighth again. He has his name represents done listener. Misdee- or see that's what is actually going to be called so he's definitely changed it going forward so that's been interesting in the changing of your name and as you continue a twenty eight tracks oil. Eleven of wishaw included on the double sampler that makes it be available on cd and digitally for may twenty eighth but divino of the same day. The interesting thing about it. If i remember correctly i wanted. That guys. basically said that time that he was coming up. You couldn't get. It gives an america at the time he was climbing up. You couldn't get away having a white name playing house so you kind of had to change your name to be racially ambiguous so that you could get booked also a lucrative fly. Oh who knows what it was so just funny. That nowadays phosphor within a couple of decades. And now i let you have like a very european german sounding name yukon appear on some flyers on this your name as a certain weight to was it was a kind of a. It's kind of a sign was at what colour signed is kind of associated with a very well known label or a collective daniels. Yonker get uncertain. So fly so the issues from the Yesteryears i kind of repeating themselves. Go forward them again. Go this. I don't see how this sort of like serves anybody go forward in terms of race representation in terms of you know. They're being a little bit more publicity democracy but in terms of being mixed up lineups. I don't see how this is going to be a real game changer. In this regard but you know is a good move from daniel. Plus lloyd a show that he recognizes. The plight of racial minorities in the league does music scene and he's making amends and doing his best. And this all my lucky. So you're interesting. He's quietly done. It not really mentioned it anywhere. Think again. I'm not really checked. His facebook page on your fingers as those guys usually provide updates on their buffing. What we see so far. Fcd has permanently or slowly but surely changing his name to daniela so go forward and he saw played for fabric is going to be out on may twenty eighth so definitely checked out. Support that if you're that way inclined what else we have. We have another name. Change place called guests. Last gas base at the name change follows original websites build magli chins reports of misconduct by co founder. The audio engineering. Four of quote guests lots of just pretty decent name s really good name. It's like head is that is that head files hifi audio file Forum us back in a day. That's a pretty decent advocate. Let's just pre sick kind of minds. View of him was joe rogan. T shirt thing you want to do back in the bay turbo slots right so so the similar to that continues the idea behind the name. Change is to make the foreign more inclusive and better suited Professional environment and the audio inculcation world demuth follows an online petition that gained over five thousand signatures requesting the name change original site which dubs itself as the world's biggest pro audio forum was built by meg lee chin in two thousand two thousand and co founded by julian stadmann into peasants. Chen reached an old settlement with steinman of the claims that he'd engaged in he'd renegade re reneged on a deal -cipline li china's a partner i bill and created guess lost with jillian said men. She's wrote in january of the petition to rename. The site was launched. He was ahead. Moderate performed on the tentacle precise the scene behind the scenes. He chose the name of the seven years a bus in my ears a week. Seven decide to pretend. I was no partner but just an employee best strong in you can read her experience of knock. So what did he what. What did they so is. It just misconducts in terms of him being. This is why. I mean is what sometimes can you take people to call for being a bad part and being above addicted like he didn't do anything militias to harare just was a boever ship partner and he's been taken to call the name then changed sagir space and he's been wat- kicked out of his own forum. Looks at the sounds of it. I guess it was for them. Maybe gear spaces name. Besse acquire an gas as things are punched. But maybe in an era where living in the moment. It probably isn't the wisest thing to call your for a minute. And then also we have here or time away. Need to end known. Joe talked before. Yeah got this This is a this is yeah. This is not because this is from resident advisor is the follow is called weapons tech house pre equal ten minute story on the kind of origins take house where it kind of went wrong and what the future will hold us entire scene and it's interesting and funny because it comes from ray who would consume out assume would be one of the main culprits as to why people have such a big issue. We've take house in a scene in general right kind of snobby. I would say mostly berlin centric point of view that they come from Would mean that they would be a fan of the guys and gals are plane at scene because effectively in completely two different scenes right in general. Especially when you when you think about the club's player and the kind of people that go to different parties right. You just compare people that good that greece to somebody that will go to like a dc ten. Probably not the same person also probably no overlap involved in their paw from day. Have them probably having the same clothes in their wardrobe right lows of black maybe to some extent of the. Let's take people kind of transitioning into wearing love color whatnot and it's a pretty decent Again video piece about the entire think. It's a bit it's a little bit you know fin on the ground of course in ten minutes. Kaliningrad across so much information. I think they missed out an entire piece in terms of focusing around the kind of ninety free scene and all these guys and gals especially the uk. All around the you think of that gail could alicia who can afford for twitter and stuff and not entire scene of people who and michael. Bb's people who have kind of taken to take us into a whole different level and part of me thinks a lot of the issues around. It are mostly based on snobbery right. Mostly based on people feeding their bed in them and feeling like they don't represent busy adequately. I think people view take us community fans as similar. Today would view people from the edm scene. They can look down upon them. And other really see the reason for i think he can no coexist at our fingers a one particular way to enjoy or to consumer to make a play those musical electronic music in any way shape or form the fact that these sort of scenes of kind of remained somewhat relevant for many many decades of changes in terms of the music industry and scenes in tastes and whatnot is testament as well to the great work. That people are doing their. They really kind of Again for the most part from wife seen community guys they've really consume the content that revolves around they scene. They go out to paul ease. They buy choose buying pieces of merged it following people around in places when going on tour. They're actually taking in the scene in a very active way somewhat may be more active than some of the insurers online who only have things to say in comments or whatnot. These guys are actually going out there and sort of like you know quote like a for lack of a better term. They're on the frontlines. Right there on the part you frontlines who kit up ready to party in economy blamed the do differ do what they're doing. There is a funny interesting piece about the origins and originally is kind of being press shy and fast forward to nowadays You know most of these guys are like you know setting courses on how to utilize social media to kind of boost your teaching profile that milwaukee and sell more tickets so it's a complete kind of evolution and a completely different type of person that's canal consume that music again. The out say for the unique critic about it out say overall would be songs are formulaic. The people playing are very former leg. Even at least your she's got the whole wide thing that kind of really cringe at gun finger. Post office really you know. It's a bit too much for me. Lows of those of kind of rolling effects on the mix and all that kind of stuff. There is a particular way today they played. Everyone's kind of the same style normally sticks out too much the only kind of interesting iraq unsinkable of that hotel has seen has to be when it was on minimally liberal. W when you know What they call jamie jones Guys around ryan. They were doing their thing and that kind of ribe. That was only time. I kind of enjoyed it. But nowadays it does feel a ba- formulaic. It is a samy same. You can kind of close your eyes and you know basically identify what trump's gonna come without any really much work so that makes it a bit difficult overall. I think they should be allowed to coexist. They are an integral off the scene there. I would argue that. Most clubs say they are the ones that basically pay the rent for love there You know a lot venues around the world and provide the salary you stable salary for love. People they employ a whole host of people to Maybe some of the dj's themselves saw the most refined characters they might be the most enjoyable characters the hang around on a day-to-day basis. But i'm a fan of. I liked to dip in and out of that scene and see stuff from afar and but again i recommend checking out what happened to take his resume. The visor a pretty decent video are played a actually mean obey. But this is the clip tech house might be music's most divisive subjects style is globally popular and indisputably big flip the years it's been dismissed as being functional to commercial and formulaic those criticisms however usually fail to grasp the music complicated history. The stall is frequently misunderstood as being something like this but for those you know about its origins. Tech house is actually something like this. So how does this confusion. Arise if techno comes from detroit and house comes from chicago where to tech house come from and how does sound that once. A him is the underground end up being so widely disrespected. Yes check it out if you're doing clans pre decent article of ap's anyway that he's in shape is number four four seven. Thanks for tuning as per usual pleasure of your company. If i'm gene to show me show he smells. I like subscribing will comment down below. And i'll see you guys again very very soon piece.

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1015: White Woke Dad (w/ Shantira Jackson)

Yo, Is This Racist?

1:09:27 hr | 2 years ago

1015: White Woke Dad (w/ Shantira Jackson)

"I barely finished doing in time. Now, this is the podcasts. And now, this is the podcast. This is the. Go my gosh. You're listening to ios this racists, the podcast gots. Right. We're gonna fix the racism. The help of special guest. I'm tawny. Newsome? My name is Andrew t. I'm not in the tendinits country. No man, you get in this Canada flavored. No canadian. Oh, yes. Great. Is that good or bad? I have no idea. I can't get a good feel on this place in Vancouver because I'm in this weird downtown area. And I haven't had time to venture out into lake where I assume people live and work and play. Then you write your where there's like a movie theater. It's like a little bit like, I guess, even like New York, not New York as much time. But yeah, like sometimes downtowns are like people only work there. And then no one really hangs out there that much. Yeah. Like, I should at rush hour should start following people. Be like where are you going? Yeah. Where's their normal place? Just do that always do that just people where are you going? Hey, hey, where you going? Now. There's also I also can't figure out how people get around. I came here last minute. A big researcher. I do allow research new city. There's no lift or Uber here. Cabs seem on interested in driving passengers around Banfield to the point where they're often just like aren't any or like at the hotel. I'm staying they will call one and they'll just be like, oh, well, the cabs probably won't come because it's pretty busy. So they won't come. So then I'm like, okay. There must be a transit situation. But I don't see it anywhere. Again. I have not explored very much, but just to the immediate like plunk a person who's here for work in the middle of downtown vibe. It's extremely difficult to do anything. But just walk. So I've been walking. This sounds like you need to rent a horse. Horse up there to get around the word rent with the word horse. Visit maybe the funniest thing that you've ever said to me. Read to horse. Oh, God there were horses around. I would consider hopping on one for sure. It just feels the right right move. I don't understand. What's happening? Well, it's a beautiful city. There's mountains all around that. Always makes me really happy. Right. And there's Chinese people on heroin. That's all I know about not together. Well, maybe together. Look, I don't Chinese people on heroin and heroin, the two two things I know about Vancouver going to tell you what just based on where I am not seeing a lot of either. Not a lot of melanin general. Or you're in good Vancouver. I'm in like, the the the ethnic people are just pretty French. Right. That's that's a diversity franche. Boy. Well, that's good. Yeah. It's great. I actually I ran into to Matt Bowen from west Culturas. They were literally they were staying in my hotel, and I didn't realize it. I was getting out of a cab. They were about to climb into that very cab. And I just hear them shrieking my name, which was crazy. 'cause I don't know anyone here. The rest of my cast was not here. So I was like who on earth knows my name here, and it was Matin bone. And we went on how to drink. It was very nice. Ex- y'all is dumb. This world is dumb. Well, let's see news. Why did you get a chance to watch the Oscars? Did you know I was flying back as a long boring story that I won't tell. But basically, I left my phone in a cab lift in Los Angeles to fly to Vancouver without a folks. I couldn't get it back in time. The guy was like, Nope. Sorry. I'm downtown not driving LAX, and I was like fair. Flew to Vancouver with no phone and then Nate was like overnight. It long story short. It got stuck in Canadian customs. I then got called back to Los Angeles. So he should've just kept if can phone back Los Angeles flu, I was literally on a plane during the Oscars still with no phones couldn't even catch up on clips. I finally got my phone yesterday. I was without a phone for five full days and tawny tragedy. People don't understand. It was actually kind of great. It was just weird that I was like, oh, I don't know what's going on. I don't know anything that's happening on Twitter when I saw Matt and Bowen, I was kind of like tell me what's in the world right now. So no, I just I barely caught up like this morning on like things that one. But man, it's weird. I feel very out of the loop. I you. This has been covered on the podcast. So pry other people here that are listening here. And we're listening know this off the top of their heads some of them. At least did you actually watch book green book one? I would not I forgot I felt the need to not. Okay. Okay. That makes more sense. I just for some reason I thought you'd watched most of the awards bait movies, but it won best picture the picture of from the stage of the producer's like basically EV the first like fifteen people closest to the microphone were all like old white guys Shishir and the first person, they think. Is not Dr Shirley, not alley. Its eagle Morton's now Victor Hugo green, the author of the original. No. Yeah. It's one of those. I mean, I don't know if there's a ton more to say about this other than like, it's been really depressing looking on Twitter and seeing people sort of white people of all stripes defending it, including white liberal ish people. And then, you know, most people color being like what the fuck. And then of course, some people of color being like, I found this nice. God guide. Brandon tweeted awhile ago, like we've made enough movies about how white person was nice in the sixties. And that's truly what it is. Like, an the fact that it didn't talk at all about the actual green book. The fact that people can walk away from that movie. Still not knowing if you don't know what this is a motorist handbook for black people when they were driving across the country or driving anywhere in this country to let them know where it was safe for them to do things like have meals or go to a hotel. It was a little like a safety survival. Handbook that was kind of like, you know, it was like a lonely planet guide if your country hated you. It was it was like a Michelin guide tiny Astros at the bottom. It said might not get lynched here. Right. Right. Right. It's like zag it. But instead of telling you where who has the best it's like you. Here's where your life is safe. Anyway. So the fact you can come away from watching this fucking reverse driving days, the without knowing what that is already just made me like, well, I don't need to see this film. This is not going to me anything realize I've only there's a scene. In in the movie were Vigo Mortenson teaches Amar hersal how to eat fried chicken. No, no. I wish you had never told me that literally how to eat literal fried chicken is on it just so tone deaf the guy that wrote a who's a grandson of the racist. White guy is himself a racist. White guy. I don't know if there's that much more to say about it other than this is like, you know, exactly the kind of bullshit that makes white people feel better about race. Yeah. Because they feel like like they think by watching a movie like this or by watching a movie like any of these crash. This is this generation's crash. I think Ed your mobile said I got after him about that. Why you liked crash? No. I just said how long do you think a generation is for? This generation's crash crash. Was this generation's crash? How old are you at? Tenuously? He might be right because the generation below us wouldn't have seen crash necessarily generations. Subjective is what I'm saying. I understand that. But they're both the generations crash. All right. You're right. No one's that. Not that young Edgar and Girling gets the tweet that if he's back in the eight years old. And he might be true. It doesn't it makes people feel like they did something like they somehow supported us by watching that show. And also that like racism can be solved just by making a friend. End that the only bad type of racism is like screaming, the N word, and like, you know, burning crosses, and like everything else is all good because we have a friend. Never forget in oppressor Vigo Mortenson did say the full Edward harder. Yeah. Yeah. So it's just like every every and the other part about it to watch more of these movies before making that one. Something I saw my friend Robbie yesterday who's like a he's actually been on the show before a long time ago, but he's he's from Texas and his dad's like real racist. And he's like you can tell a race movie is not correct. When my dad likes it. Is, you know, just because it's the kind of thing that makes racists feel like they're okay. Yeah. Racists, you not okay racist? You not okay. That's a good litmus test. If you have a racist family member that you can let them watch shit, and that it'll tell you whether or not it's on the right side of things are just wanted suppressing. It's probably true. I also wanted to say I in Kupang who has been on the show. But is a film critic tweeted a thing from slate that was very interesting too. Because evidently the thing that the short that won for best short at the Oscars called skin is even more tone deaf racist, white bonkers, I don't I I'm not gonna watch it. But basically it involves you know, a Nazi family. And then the dad gets kidnapped by a ball of black people that somehow exist who tattoo his. Skin to make him black. And then makes you think. I mean like is that an option for Nazis like him? We can we full-body techy them. You know, just doesn't work. It doesn't are you. Sure. I try because like it's hard to get around. The is just it's just hard to that. It's I mean, just imagine right. Like like, I feel like racist genuinely think they look like black people when they're in black face. I think that's that is the only way to square. This like concept is like, well, they think that's what black people are aware person dipped in paint. So crazy, anyway, I there's I don't we don't need to talk anymore about the Oscars. I don't think. No. I mean, that's not what this show is about. But Marvel's I Oscar were one by black women. So right. The customers I think so. Yeah, designer. Yeah. Creatures is confirming production is I know versus costumes Aigner. I'm gonna tell you right now. Still fussy on the difference shut out. Shut up. Ming four one half second the differences find find. Let's see what else. Okay. So. Yeah. I don't know other than that. You know, Spike Lee, rightfully so I will say a little tiny bit. And this is none of my business. And definitely who cares. What I say about this. But there's a part of me. That's like. He's he's a little too personally pissed about black clansmen and not like Jenn not enough in my opinion, generally pissed about green book as. Is that fair I feel like because it's hard because it's like it is always gonna look like sour grapes. But if he wasn't if he wasn't even nominated or if he didn't have a film this year, he should still be that pissed about green. Both. Also, I haven't seen enough of the coverage, but his little like his little circular walk. He did afterwards when they asked him. They're like agree agreement winning and he like takes these long sips out of his champagne flu and does like a full like huggy bear style. Circular walk before coming back to the Mike. He goes next question. I was like that is epic Spike Lee. Just the right amount of Spike Lee. And then I guess if we're song those were talking about Oscars. You know, like, always Spike Lee was just like everyone get out and vote and do the right thing and love love overhead. And of course, Donald Trump took that to be a quote racist attack against him, his Donald Trump. So I don't know other than like the fact that we gotta stop letting racists define what racism is Donald Trump. Is that just we're just like pushed to the breaking point of that being is nothing new to say about them. It really is them. But if you don't say it did it did it happen louder. Right. I guess that's true. You have to keep saying, even though it's tedious and just a fact. And then other pieces of news enough people saw this, but an elementary school in Ashburn Virginia played a runaway slave game for black history month in gym class. So I assume this was like, essentially tag, but the black kids were instructed to be runaway slaves. Towns fine. Whatever people thinking, teachers, what are you thinking? I know your regular people. I know everyone's just a person with a job. What what? But you're also the ones in charge with teaching the little ones of us. How to be in the world. It's just like to be better and more careful. I don't know what to say other than like. This is like like if you genuinely think those teachers are capable of then objectively and dispassionately without unconscious bias like giving kids a fair education. You're an idiot and delusional. It's just like so gross. Moving if and I don't know that this is the case. But what's imagine that there's some amazing lesson that they had planned afterwards about the horrors of this? And how they are really going to instill how terrible this was. This was a demonstration to get the kids there to think about it that way, whatever you're still not thinking about the actual physical trauma. You put these kids through to make them act that out that they will remember carry with them. Yeah. I mean of this is that I mean, even think, you know, there's a world where like the kids don't understand, look, whatever. But. It's still like means something, you know, and it's seeps into their subconsciousness and starts at talk about values, and who they are in a subconscious way, that's like so fucking to also like like it also like this thing of trivializing what like a runaway slave like what would happen to those people. You know, even if we're playing this game, right? We're doing this thing where what you're you know, with them kill them. Like what what is this year like sanitizing that is like so fucking? Yeah. I'd love to know of. If anyone is a teacher, you know. Well, I was gonna say like I'd love to know of teachers that are doing it. Right. That have found ways to teach elements of American history that are horrifying and terrible two young kids that are that is not traumatizing and racist and awful like how do you? Keep the severity of it without I dunno. Terrifying them and like at what age. To do that. Because one part of me is like we should be teaching this young. Another part of me is like this is walking fucked. And maybe we should wait till they're like thirteen. I don't know. I mean, I think if you look at like the American educational system or the way I mean the way people react so strongly even to a show like this where we are mostly joking at people. It's that like the way we talk to adults about race. Like white adults about race is how we should maybe talk to the kids like green book has about a third grade level of thought behind it is in terms of race and adults don't confront horror. You know what I mean? Like, it's. It's just like everyone is so stunted like no sorry, not everyone. But like the the official narrative of race is so goddamn stunted. That's why everyone's like Martin Luther King just wanted everyone to hold hands and your racist for bringing up that there's different you know, that races are treated at a different way. It's like I mean that passes for like right wing thought leaders, you know, and that should is pathetic. It's like this. It's such like juvenile thought that like, I it's so hard to imagine getting past and heels. Wow. A little depressed. Dopey depressed. A no I would prefer to be. To oh, I was going to come up with a rhyme. But I couldn't make it happen. Dang to blessed to be depressed. To your to press to be depressed. That's what you are pressed about stuff. To oppressed is amazing. I'm of course, neither. What about a good thing? Are you willing to? Are you learn to? Earlier this week, the New York City commission on human rights instituted a law that bans discrimination by employers schools and other public places based on hairstyle mainly protects lack people. So the commission explained further it bans or restricts bans restrictions on natural hair or hairstyles associated with black people are often rooted in white standards of appearance and perpetuate racist. Stereotypes that black hair styles are unprofessional such policies. Exacerbate anti-black bison employment at school while playing sports in other areas of daily living. There is a widespread and fundamentally racist belief that black hair styles are not suited for formal settings. And may be unhappy genyk messy disruptive or unkempt things that anyone who has worn their hair naturally has undoubtedly been told by an employer before I know, I have so for black people. This includes the right to maintain natural hair, treated or untreated hairstyles such as locks, and they spelled it right? Thank God corn rows twists braids Bantu. Not spades. Afros? I love that they poke fades in there, and or the right to keep hair in an uncut or untrimmed state, this might sound trivial. But this is so huge. There are so. So many women like I'm I'm lucky I work in an industry where I mean, granted it's a trash can fire where we're constantly judge John parents. But if I make a strong claim to have, you know, a natural style or whatever and I get head shots taken in my agents say this is fine. Like I'm allowed to walk into audition with that and short of just not giving me the job. They're not really allowed to no one's allowed to tell me. I can't wear my hair like that. However, if you are a lawyer or you work in a doctor's office, or you work in a variety of more business, professional attired settings. This happens constantly black women and black men where they told that their hair is on kempter that they need to quote style it or that it needs to be better groomed. Because people fundamentally don't understand the natural shapes that are Harris supposed to help hold and frankly because I blame a non black people and mostly like white hippies wearing dreads all the time that they now associated with for a long time, they were associating dreads and locks with, you know, being having unwashed hair or with being like a hippie. Or like a bookie Mian? Look remember when day oh was on the red carpet like three years ago and Kathy Griffin and bunch of people were like making fun of her hippie stone locks. I I mean that feels like such ancient news really hitting me because they were basically saying like this is the formal event. This is a red carpet. Why would you wear your hair like chieftains Chong style? I think someone. Said, and I'm like that still were here is every day that you can't say that that's not formal that. That's not professional looking happens all the time. So New York City has made a huge stride, the first city in the country to pass a law of this sort, and I think everyone should follow suit. And I'm putting this in the black people section because since included fades and lock spilled the correct way. I assume that someone black is on this on this commission. How they got to the point without it. That is. Oh, man. I I'm going to take a slight diversion from this just because as you were talking reminded me, I'm. I'm gonna send an image to text thread because Tony's not next to me right now. It's from it's still from the the brief. The of the policing of black people's hair and attorneys. This is still from law and order UK. I believe it only ran for one season. But in law and order UK prosecutor is a black woman, and because all because England is you know, regressive is fuck they still have to wear like powdered wigs when they're in court. A black woman wearing a white man's powdered wig for. I don't know if it's wrong that this is so insanely funny to me it's like on top of her. I can't tell what her hair is doing underneath it. I think eight. Maybe I from doctor who oh that make sense. Yes. Yeah. She's she's British someone. So she wearing powdered wig on top of her natural hair. And like I never tried to hide anybody's hair under those. It's a weird hair hat. This is a weird hat recons. It used to put it's it is like we'll say for what it's worth a reminder of what professionalism used to be when only white men were allowed to be professional. Oh, yeah. And then, but it's so funny to me. Yeah. If you don't, you know, if you don't think that this is important. I know some people are still like everyone should be able to wear whatever whenever I have complained about like, you know, people not accepting natural hairstyles. Everyone's white liberal friends will be like, I think your hair looks amazing. Like that. I don't know why anyone would ever. It's right. Well, we don't work in this these environments that I'm talking about all these cases all over of women, you know, especially who have you know, they get a job with their hair pressed, and relaxed, and it straight, and then they decide they wanna chop off the relax pieces in grow their natural texture out and suddenly their managers are calling them in and being like, oh, you need to start styling your hair again as because they don't fundamentally understand that this is not a non style. This is just a natural. Yeah. Yeah. And it's like like, the really what it is you need to look more, white, truly, eurocentric beauty standards. Have shaped what professionalism is. Yeah. So. Yeah. New York everybody else. Fucking get with it. Yeah. In a sense. Let's hear it for New York. Yeah. New York New York land that I love stand beside her and drive her. The land from above. We did get to talk to and tear Jackson. This week wanted dream, Shan Thira is I just I was so happy that we all got to hang out just a beacon of energy, light and fun and wisdom. Yeah. Such a great such a great talk. Let's just go into it. Tony. I don't I don't understand how to run the show when you're not in the same room. Honestly, I'm really floundering here. I don't either I feel I feel like we're just having a phone call. 'cause true. You live the only person I talked to on the phone besides like, occasionally, my parents. Yeah. Same same do a lot of phone talking. Well, listen glad you got to hear that. Let's roll this. Great stuff happening over on never not funny. Now's the time to check it out. Oh, yeah. You know, we're we're show sometimes not funny. But we do it for a reason. Because sometimes we need to have heart rhyming, Pardo. He's just never not funny. You know what I'm saying? If you don't know this show Jimmy Pardo jokes around with his sometimes famous. Oh, friends. It's a free flowing conversation filter. Jimmy's knack for always finding funny. Recent guests include Darcy, carton, Alfred Molina and Chris Elliott. Wow. Major find ear Wolfe's like Scotswomen at a little Andy Daley fell Janet Varney, Mr. Dave homes there the mix they're all in the mix. And this week. The guest is Stephen merchant who, you know from the office extras and the new movie fighting with my family the wrestling movie, which looks. Pretty good to me. Yeah. I think it looks good. I would say that we know Stephen merchant from his show. Hello ladies. I thought that was a great little HBO show that I will say one time I saw him like a comedy party where he was fully two heads taller than everyone else in the roof. It was it was amazing. Maybe know him from looking across the sea of people and meeting only his is just like he he probably can't. But he does feel like one of those guys that can dunk without jumping hell. Yeah. Doc, effortlessly, never not funny on Stitcher apple podcast wherever you get. Your your podcasts. Once again, we have a cold open that we can't use because you just gave her address. Who can we not find interior Jackson? What's up? Thank you for coming. I've been wanting you to come on for while since busy tonight launch. You're right, or in a performance, we say performer co host I mean I- buddy around. A little corresponded action. I think there we go correspondence good word writer and correspondent and general around person destroying. On busy tonight. And that's been really fun to see you on there. Just call him busy out on her nonsense. Why lady? She was she is one of my favorite self-aware ridiculous people to all. Like, my top ten white ladies only. Sometimes I just say top ten. I'll be like that's why in my top ten. She'll look at me. And she'll go of white women. You know, maybe. Yeah. Everything. I mean. Yeah, we're grading on a curve here. Much these days. Be like I accept this. Right. Just just anything north of baseline is like pretty good. Why why people good? You've also been writing on a handful of other stuff here and there just freelance econom-. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I like a bunch of a word shows last year's like I got the right for the SP's freelance for cartoon. It's to Mandy just a little something something. That's right. Yeah. We we recorded a show the cards against humanity theater. Studio studio everybody, I always go there and get snacks. Even when I'm just like, that's basically what we do. I mean. Yeah, they have like food there. That'd be like. Yeah. There's other Cada full gross rice groceries. If you wanna party. Hard up. You could go like I've gone there before I've been like all these are ex bars in this camp. Okay. I'll have three pour overs. Please one time. I was there. And Joe Feldman was like do you want to grab a snack, and I turned around and max was just cutting up a brisket. Yeah. I was like brisket at new what happening here. All right. A card game. It's while it's so many snacks. And they like 'cause like there's also people who work out of that office like they rip space then, but I'll just go there. And I'll be like, I'll take six bananas. You are shopping. I need this. Yeah. I'm struggling artist. You have major money max that was kind of the vibe. I was so I was so sick when we were in there, but a bunch of clementines pocket. Yeah. I was handed to LaCroix after drinking yet a third also there if you go I mean, there's some stuff, and if you go in the bathroom, if you like sick, there's IB pro fin. There's Advil and this just like Riccolo in there come on. So like if you just in a bad thing for that, take three cough drops. Doug. I'm companies like that like in the tech startup world who literally they provide everything. So they're like there is no excuse for you to ever. All always ultimately sinister, but you can never set foot outside. We've got beer we got your fucking lunch. We got your ibuprofen. And that's what that's what like sets are like two. That's a reason it just like not slow this down at all. Yeah. But I love I love working with the Jap was really fun. It's just like a fun job there. I really need him. Brazil nuts. How has a snack situation? Busy tonight. It's really it's really good. Like, we have a little kitchen and the PA go get stuff, and I don't drink soda, really. I don't drink coffee. So I was like, please just by me juice. Yeah. I like just want us boxes from trader Joe's and keep buying like half, calorie juice. It tastes so weird. Like, it's the only it's it's literally eighty five percent water in my I'm so excited. Like I was like who is buying the twos. I was like you're all perfect. You're all great. But if you buy me this time, I'm going to normal news. The only thing that bothers me. But they're working. I said that you and they're like, okay, we'll get you. It was driving. Crazy. I don't drink cry. Plea. He's Shinchiro just can we just time travel back to young you just a fresh face at second city, just hoping I don't know what your dreams were. But just hoping to get somewhere. And now look at you said an Email like a regular white lady sent an Email about the that you're for normal juice, lease normal juice because we have like we have like fancy coffee, lots of LaCroix. But like, I really I don't drink coffee, and I just I just wanna juice box deserve you deserve it. I'm just thankful that you are allowed to ask for it. Yeah. I've accomplished full bloom white woman. Thank you. Oh, man. I and I'm sure they're just like, oh, this is actually nicer half Cal juice, probably more expensive. Right. I think it's just it's on the same. It's like it's just in the juice. Nobody gives a fuck yet. It's like, okay, I'm gonna get all the right now. Just get to Justice tends to be a lot of assumptions about like Hollywood everyone wants to be thin. Like, let's get the half calorie stuff on the writer's room baby normal a lot of tattoos and drinking full calorie calories. Gonna see me man. You know, they say that Hollywood's fuller rebels and here. West. Shoot. Usually we talked to a little bit before we start rolling about. What's about to happen? But we didn't do that whatever. But we're gonna listen to some voicemails people and give them some advice. I think you'll figure out I know, it's har- aren't. Let's let's start start. What are these fucking voicemails? Hi, everyone. So this Christmas, I got for my niece a copy of the Princess of fraud and a matching Tian adul- town of Barbie. And we're from New Orleans, and she loves the movie, you she loves the dull. But recently, she was his living room. And just that this is Jonah she Brown and like my first impulse was. I just said, yeah. Honey, lots of people are Brown. But what else do, you know about her? And they kind of forgot to say like you don't need to say that about people. And you know, she's never said that about real humans of color that she's encountered in the world. But anyway, love to hear any advice or input. You have this. She's to maybe it's a non-issue. Anyway. Thank you so much bye. I I mean, I'm all about yelling at babies. I guess like this does for whatever reason. This doesn't bother me. Now, it doesn't bother me either. I I once had a little kid that I was babysitting. Tell me all the time. Like, you remind me of my friend. Tony, you remind me, and my friend, Tony. And I knew this kid, Tony. And I was like why do I remind you know, I didn't know the kid that was keping. Like, oh, this must be like, I don't know same vibes. Name was like, Tony, Tony whatever this kid is three. And Finally, I was like what about Tony? And he goes, I think that you are both nice. And I think that you are Brown. And I was like these are facts I met that kid Tony, and he was like all of the Mediterranean mix. What he was. But I was like, yeah. I guess to your White House. We are kind of Brown. Tony. He's probably twelve now. He's fine. But yeah, I don't know. I feel like when little kids I feel like it's very pure to just be like that as a Brown person. And I wish more like grown ass. White people could talk about absolute king color and a normal way. I think that like because she is Brown. And I think if you don't make a big deal out of it. Because like if you feel like there's like a weird way can go. You know, like, yes, she is Brown. How do you feel about that could be like, yes, she Brown? Same way. Like when you're with a group of I used to work at Republic and people used to like a whisper black. I was like who is helping you. And they'd be like, oh, yeah. He was really nice. He was so handsome. He was plaque. And I get this say black. So I think that like people get uncomfortable. Just from like hearing it make it into something that is not. But like, she is a Brown when you whisper, it's what you whisper it, then that's when you know, you were thinking. I'm like, it means you don't have any black people around you in your life. It black. It's too. I think the other side of it. I guess I will say I like what the mom did. You have a what else do, you know about? 'cause I think the other problem is like you see all the time with like what's even at face value. Right. The allegedly clueless white people that do black face when they're just rushing up as extra why black person and you're like. The fact that black face in the hollowing black face. Let's call it is so prevalent means that like part of it is like that means those white people. They just see black like when when they think about this person. That's like so clearly like one of the most salient parts of them yet. That is like like that beyond saying Jay Z black face couple that went around. Yeah. Where it was like it looks nothing like either of them when his worn a puffy vest in the last ten year. Yeah. When has beyond saver had black hair, and it was like, oh, you clearly just only see their skin. Yeah. Whatever assumptions you make about blackness. Yeah. That's I think the thing that you got to like drive home to this fucking kid is like, yes, she's Brown. And but that can't be the only thing you think about this person. Yes. What what's in real advice? We gave real advice when we give real it. Let's do bits. Yellow your kid if your kid only Brown doll, so that she'll know the difference. She don't know the dolls exists. Actually, I will actually say you could be like, no shoes normal. Your all your weird white. Barbies are weird. They're those white dolls are weird. Look how they don't have any color on them. Yeah. I hate them. Yeah. They're the bad ones. Again. This child is to probably not gonna absorb a lot of this. She's just going to play with put it is better to to nip it in the bud of like don't have your kid running around pointing up people's race. I also think of the less weird. You can be about it in either. Even if your kids set, some borderline weird racist shit, like the less, you re like the more you can rhetoric a neutral way. Yeah. I think I think what gets weird even with the most well-meaning white people is when they live in a super white area. And they don't see a ton. Just get weird and they get like half step e around black what to say, they do their well meaning. They're scared and then their kids get weird. It's like, you know, what my littlest is for all new white people love this so much. He told me this this test all new people because I only fuck with it white people these days. So if it's like a new person, I just go who why people wild, and then they go. Yep. Okay. If they go not me, what do you mean? No. Favorite? What do you mean? What you're talking about unless they go. Yeah. Absolutely. Right. Yeah. We'd crazy unless I get that exact reaction. What about just an uncomfortable laugh? Nope. Because I have white people in my life who like who I've talked to about this who have been vetted who don't like their buddies don't clinch up when you say white people, which is like so wild to me. But like whenever someone trolls me on Twitter. Whatever tries to I always say. Okay. White, man. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Why man you racist? What would you say that? I like, well, I'm in. Okay. Your man in you way. So. Fad is one we rarely have actual smooth segues. But we do have a speaking of while white people here we go. I am calling to ask your opinion on the conversation. I had with my father a couple of months ago, dad worried to consider some be woke I know because he's told him that a coupla times and November started using eight black emoji you, you know, people etcetera. Anyway, my father is a white person. I asked him why? And he texted me back and said that Brock emojis are his truth for the day. And then when I trust him a little later, he said, I'm feeling Garrity with my African American brothers and sisters today on account of another police shooting. So I'm saying I'm black for the day. I'm with you. I feel your pain black lives matter except Russians. Here's checking racist. Right. Really racist. Okay. Bye. Like so uncomfortable. I tell in ninety two run go. Oh, man. Of course, we love calls Dr king on your own family member. Do that. Yeah. Oh my God. Black emoji thing. I mean, I know there's been articles written about digital black face that are smarter than anything. I could say, but so go read those. Well, I think this is such a good example of like, right? Okay. Fine. It can be a little I'm big US. But when it's not this is the shit, we're talking, and I also think that like any like older person who says they're woke always need help. You know what I'm saying? They always like well, and I might now it's like always like, but I think this is one of those like too liberal for your own good like they're like trying so hard and you're like black lives matter. I'll take just a you ain't got to do. Please. Don't because even if you like I want to be black for it. I'm being black for a day. No. You're not. You're in the thought that you could try it on for a day. And then take it. That's the thing. Like gross. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I'd like to be white for a day on my gosh, I'm actually half. And I still can't be white. Yeah. I someone asked me something for a project a couple years ago, and she was like going around asking people, and she was like if you were like a white man for a day, or if you were a want if you're a man for a day. What would you do? And she like asked a bunch of guys like if you are a woman, what would you do? And like all of them were like most booed or like auto new, and I was like, okay. And she was like, what would you do it? I was like if I was a white, man. I just walk around the city in just be left alone. I would just go into stores with no intention of buying anything walk around. I trust him stuff on expensive shit that I couldn't afford, and then I just walk out and my wave Erica, I dunno. I might do some basic white people should just be left alone. Embezzle something. Get away with it. Doesn't say I would insider trade. Yeah. That that's that's right. Yeah. That's what you would do insider. I do whatever the whole movie the big short was about. I'd just do that. All those things destroy the train. I find an economy to destroy and I would destroy it. And then blame the people there district. God, that's literally what Donald Trump was doing the shutdown anyway. Okay. So the dad. All right. Yeah. All right. Okay. We talk. No, it's good. It's good. This led to good conversation. But I also wanna know I don't know what I wanna know. But I don't really want to know anything about this, man. I wanna know what you do. I okay here. Let me let me throw out. The maybe more useful thing. It's like is there. Okay. Here's the two two things that I would say the general version of this is there is a question though. Like this is racist. But is it worth doing anything about this guy who you're like, he's you know? Also grading on a curve for white people. He might even be in the good half. Unfortunately. But you don't of all potential white people. Yeah. He's still on the good half. I mean, well, Andrew this is uncharacteristic Zachary sort out there say that he's trying too hard. So the conversation that I would have a lot of times you have to pick your battles. I would be like if you are not going to stop sending black emojis only in them to me anybody else. Then also don't tell anybody if you wanna be in solidarity with people Brown people how they how you can do that don't say I'm black for a day because that literally is not something you can try on. And then if you and the privilege of taking it off is not helpful to Brown people. So that would be the especially if he's open to being helpful should just say that to him and just be like keep doing what you're doing. But I don't say this brand of old white person is among the least actually receptive. Yeah. Back kind of thing. Yeah. And I'm like, this, isn't helpful. This is this is literally like the parents and get out. You know what I mean? I guess I tend to treat those people. I know what you mean. I tend to almost like play a little game with people like that where it's like. Oh, right. Because you're so open minded and. Yeah, woke so you, of course, wanted your feedback about why what you're doing fucked, even if they get kind of defensive I just keep hitting them with the like, oh, but it's because you're soap and minded which is so great and kind of force them to. Active, but claim to be receptive to these you buy into that kind of annoying fake truth is sort of forces that I I have one experience of this actually working or at least working at me where they stopped doing shit in front of me. But it was just me being like right because you're so like well read about black issues, and blah, blah, and they kind of had to be like. Them with their own worst bullshit that they are putting out there. But it probably yeah. Probably more people just get offended. I mean to the extent that there are people that like like, it's literally the voted for Obama and Trump white people about a third time. Yeah. But then they're like, oh, well, you know, like, I don't like whatever like, I don't like all the identity politics. Like that. Is this dad is that kind of personally? Oh, yeah. He definitely voted for Obama. But David for Trump. Yeah. More even if he didn't he could like there's a world where there's a world if you piss them off enough, but he's not getting the credit for being. I think a lot of people also credit for instead applied to the work. You know, and I think that at any moment like when they're not getting credit for doing some shit. They should be doing. Anyway, you know. Well, I'm on you as well. That's brand. That's why the emojis. Yes. Trying to get the credit front, so he sending black emoji. So that people will be like, hey, hey, Jeff. What is this all all I stand in solidarity? If you just just stand stand still look pretty quiet standstill in yourself. Don't be don't be most Dan over there that way ship top. I'll put you to the front. Yeah. Go coach talk to the fucking cops talk to the riot cops. Yeah. Okay. Wait. But then also sometimes that kind of white person I thinking of the like the white person at the protest where you're like. Sometimes they are the craziest person there. Then can also make things worse. I'll absolutely I went to the women's March. Twenty seventeen I went, and it was just like, oh, you only want to help cell you feel guilty about this. Yeah. But like if like, we're fighting for the same shit forever. You don't have the option of taking it off. Yeah. Take it off. And I'm like, okay. Well, okay. So I don't know. I'm so tired. Yeah. Room of tire. I guess for the daughter tell you tired. I think you should just tell your dad the things we just said, especially not me just said, I think they're all useful. Like, this isn't this isn't as much as borderline as some some of the white people trying to be a little to help. Sometimes you just gotta sit down sit down. And if it's uncomfortable to talk about I think, he literally if he is as receptive as he claims to be you could send him some of those articles on digital black face, and that could be enough for the right type of person to if they just read that about why it's problematic and bad that they'll stop. Yeah. But if he's a bad person, he won't and then you have to do something else. I don't know. What that is. Maybe the like he's saying black lives matter. But he's also objectified. Black people. So well out wouldn't be the first time. Yeah. Just like maybe just say that throw it out there. Okay. Let's let's do this third voice mail. Andrew I had a question about identity, and I know y'all talked about this a lot of the show, which I really appreciate I'm adopted from Korea and South Korea, and my mom, my mom is my pin. My dad is white and I grew up culturally being less. Yeah. And two I x what I grew up with. And I've never really explored anything about my Crean culture. And so, but now that I'm growing up in to do some work with environmental, Justice and social Justice. I feel really comfortable sometimes like thirty my self into the Asian communities and my teen IX communities because I don't ever feel like I'm enough for either of them. And I'm just really like I'm trying to question my data the ally. And I'm curious I know we like y'all talked about identity is your. Own. But I I wonder it's like wrong for me to try to insert myself to either and Clayton, but thanks so much. I. I did have thoughts. Yeah. Go a couple of things. I think that like this is just a broad thing. I think that people especially in our generation as we get older that when you adopt people that are of a different race. You have to recognize who they are. And I think that a lot of times, especially when white people adopt black kids that happens a lot. 'cause if she is Korean, and obviously, I think that like there has to be a conversation that it's like, oh, yeah. Obviously, you're adopted culturally. We're doing like the best Mexican thing. But like also like you have to be prepared for that person to grow up in like 'cause like in my head. She's not the Tina. Yeah. Like, just like, you're not Mexican Korean which and there's absolutely a place for you there. And I'm just like all I'm just like a black bitch, right? My best friend is half white and have Korean. And we've talked about this about how she has a hard time like being. Spaces like being in those spaces. But like no one's going to be like just because you were adopted by someone who's Mexican you're not. I mean, you're like, so I think that like I don't think that you can honestly like identify as Latino ex, but I do think that you have the same experiences, obviously. Even if you group culturally Mexican like just being Brown in America. It can be rough. I think that your voice is obviously needed in will be amplified in like helpful in Mike Asian. Yeah. And I think participating in. I'm not sure exactly type of work. She wants to do. But in the Latin next community just by saying, my mom is Mexican that lens and understanding of like, so I grew up with an understanding of the elements of the culture that she shared with me. And that's valid and it doesn't have to do anything with what you are. But it does tell people a story of like how you were raised without saying, I'm Latina are Latina X because I do think that might rub people wrong. I don't know. I'm not letting ex but I could see if someone was white. Yeah. Like and their mom was black. And they were like, oh, yeah. I'm I'm black. I'd be like. I feel like this with my my mom is white. And I don't feel like I can say I mean, obviously can't say like I am white. But also like a lot of traditions and things that she was into like, she Scottish, and she had all these like bagpipe shit's going for me. That's very much like her shit. Yeah. I was raised looking at it. But I wasn't ever. I was never under any impression that I was like some little Scottish kid. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't know if that's similar, but. I think one thing that happens that. We're we're like, you know, we're also seeing more stories like this is that like people are still we're still at the stage where people think there's or culturally we feel like there's only one way to be expires. And so I mean, I think the thing is like everyone's unique. But obviously, I think it's fair to say this caller has like more unique things going on. And like there's that element of like, you don't have to be career in in the way that your stereotype of what you are Korean are Korean whatever you I mean, like also I feel like that's something identify with Shirley growing up with people just telling me that I found white. A white girl. Like, there's no like I didn't get to be whatever version of whoever they be Asian people have to be a certain type of Asian people have to be a certain type of Indian. And like it's like, oh, why can't we all just like, I just be a person? And as far as I definitely. Yeah. I think that's I think the I just wanna make sure the caller gets when we say like, you know, you can you not like you could choose your identity your identity who you are. It's not saying like, you're not Korean. It's saying or you can decide how it is. Like, you're not that type of Korean thing that you think of what you are thinking of Koreans like it's more about expanding your mindset into like. Yeah, I'm a type of Korean who has had remarkably unique things happen to me. That's it. I'm Korean who was raised by a Mexican woman that's a different category that we don't see a lot of. Presentation of hear about so don't maybe have the tools to even identify even when it is us. Yeah. Just because we don't see it as much. But that's what you are. And I do think that that means you have a right to speak in both of those groups. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think you can be like look I was raised even I mean, maybe not what about to say like sort of raise my mom's. Mexican I have a lot of these cultural affinities. And I know that the world doesn't see me as Mexican or Latina or whatever the caller said like, but those things are all true. And it's okay. Yeah. This is just wishy washy it. No, it's not because I really do believe that there's that everyone needs people to like help them, right? And I mean, like she is in a very unique position to be someone who is Asian who can speak because I think especially like in America, we like oftentimes think of like Asian people as this race of people. They're like good and acceptable Vermont. Yeah. Out of all the races and a lot of like Mexican and black people in Haitian, and we're like the dirty people. Right. And I mean, like just for her to be in a in a place where she can speak truth the power on like a very thick Mexican experience to like Asian people who might not otherwise listen unless there's like someone who is like looks like them. She's in a very little position to to be able to speak truth into both of those. Yeah. Very Los Angeles just in general. The most Los Angeles. I don't know where you live a Phoenix area code. Oh, okay. I don't know. How many Koreans are in Phoenix? But you could be one of the few pretty confidence saying not that many never know there's pockets of stuff truly truly ends and Phoenix get at us. I feel like there's a lot of that in the Asian community. Because there's a lot of specially like hop up people who. You know identified as why? And now got away with being white for a long time now, especially in entertainment. You're like, you know, seeing a lot of Asian people. Like, that's my most tongue biting moment where I have to. This is fine that they're here, obviously is fine. But it's good that they're here, even and it's okay. And even though part of their calculus might not be the most noble version of why they're here to hear fine. And they're not not Asian. It's just sometimes because my friend who's have Korean we talked about exactly that instant what she's never. She doesn't pass. She looked Korean. And I think that there are so many people who are now were like hiding it because whiteness Lewis like not even beneficial careerwise was just like helpful just. It is easier. But now I mean, like even like I was talking about this earlier like when I was younger like when I was like seven seventeen eighteen I would have not gone to HP CU. Like, I wasn't in a place where that would have been helpful to me now that I'm in my thirties. I've never been blacker like the in. So I think that people who passed in the past as we've gotten older, and they're I say gotten more woke that they've been like oh shit. Like these are things which I should've been like participating instead of trying to hide it. And like, I think that it's a double edged sword. Because like sometimes it just like now I'm changing my name to Yang because I want to be in a show. But then it's also like damn I can't just have all these white friends because also a lot of times I've known people who pass and why people be saying shit around him. They think they wait. And they'd be like. Oh, no. Yeah. Complicit in that ship for so long and also like. Yeah. End the other part of it, especially in Hollywood is those people are sort of disproportionately rewarded becomes the embrace their like this case Asianise like I'm just like. You're still getting this because you are like fitting the white standard of attractiveness absolute. And I think that there's just such an easy way that I see so few people doing to just acknowledge like, yeah, I've benefited from a lot of white privilege 'cause I passed for so long. And now she's like to just like have this conversation, even amongst your friends because like we knew you before I met you. You were not Asian. Yeah. Yeah. Honestly legit. But u n never ever claim. No do Asian. Yeah. I feel like there's just a way to acknowledge both truths. Because you're honest about why you're doing it won't be upset. You're like what to delve more into Gert, non white culture. You want more into your culture. Great cool. But and that's the same thing. It's like you like, that's that's almost like the difference for the collar too. It's like be just cognizant and open about where you are in. Your ernie. Just me like I was at opted. I'd never really like like had occasion or like thought or motivation to embrace my Korean nece. And I'm starting now. Yeah. And just be like, it's okay. To be like, I'm starting out that doesn't make me less Korean. I hope parents really that people really do when they adopt kids that are racist. They really start like acknowledging it I really do think in the past that people were just like I think somebody adopted those I went to that March. And there was a bunch of little black kids when Trump hats. Because they Dopp by wife Oof chooses, and it's like I thought you were just gonna say their hair was a mess, but they've here Dubya mess, but it was little black boys with these all white families. And that was like, you got adopted and to this Trump, and they've think that because they adopted you they're not problematic, and it's like we have to. Yeah. You have to recognize when you adopt a little black kid or Asian kid. Like can't just like be like you white because as soon as they leave your house, they not gonna be waiting. Stop thing of black kid doesn't make you not racist. This shit. No ten a lot of other examples. I never wanted to kidnap a baby more in my life. Go get that China. On him home to me. I was so sever that baby best fucking depressing issue. I mean, it was depressing. Hell that was there. But it was. Yeah. A punch a little black kids with their their families. They obviously have been adapted Trump shirt and the Trump hats and walking around, and they don't know any better. They literally don't know any better. So I mean, the world is going to show them. I guess but. Yeah. Absolutely. Gross. That. Yeah. And that note. Can you tell people where they can see here? Read more of you. Sure. I on busy tonight. It's on E at eleven PM. No, you're about to go to bed. You can watch it on YouTube. Talking to the old out here. Now lineal because people are always asking us where they can watch it on YouTube, or if you have Hulu streaming you can watch it. My improv Tim three p we do videos with comedy central go there. Look up Twitter. You guys had like one of the most watched videos on comedy central dot com. Yeah. It was ever. Yeah. It's like what was it called in? It's called the blackening the black. It's really funny a horror movie out. I think we're probably like seventeen eighteen million hits. Now. Enormous. Oh, yeah. Check it out and then Twitter and Instagram. I love social media garbage fire. But I also very good at your posts are always uplifting. Now that they have to be fun. I enjoy your Instagram. Thank you. I enjoy yours. Just cute. Thanks. We're friends. I interrupted you though. Is that all things? Yeah. That's it. I think so it's good stuff. Do all that stuff. Thanks so much for coming in having me, so fun, and I got to say white people so many that's our goal. We say are keeping a little counter have out of twenty nine hundred reigning champ. Actually. All right. Thanks. We did it. Late us back in. Oh, thank you. They everything's. I'll mixed up now that you're Canadian. I know I know I'm really I'm taking some big swings. Doing some weird stuff. Canadian person officially. I don't get how citizenship works as evident. By the way. I talk about it. I will say that when I was coming through customs and immigration and because I'm working here. I go to the separate little area to get your work permit and tell them how long you're going to be here. And it's like a slightly more involved process. There was a dude in front of me who had come in from Beijing. And I was getting so mad on his behalf because I felt like they were treating him. I feel like they were treating him terribly because they felt like they couldn't understand him. I was just like get uninterrupted. Are specially goddamn Vancouver. I know because it was late at night. I think they're interpreter was like on a break or something. But this man was just getting so flustered. And I was just like you. I let him go through. But then I was like let me not be like a black person where candidacies like five of us ever. Let me not start some shit in here. I just had to be quiet and just give him supportive looks. That's good. I guess I will say for what it's worth supportive looks fr-. There's a, you know, whatever relatively decent chance. Those were among the first support of looks. He's ever gotten from black person just know in Chinese people. Presences a gift to people Andrew, you're right. I'm just saying, I don't know. I always worry about Asian, folks. We didn't talk about this in the news. I don't I don't remember off the top of my head. If there was any bad, Asians news. But. We'll get to it next week. If there was sorry fare you. Well. Just just let me know what I go too far. Why I can't I'm not authorized to do that. I think you're I think you're Asian folks that keeping you plenty accountable. Judging by how many of them reach out after you out about shit. Fair enough. Well, mostly Muslim partly. Thanks tear Jackson for keeping us in line. Thanks to takes to producers egg engineer Jordan for actually keeping us in line to because we are again, I don't know which way up right now. What do we say go to racist dot com? When we say, please fill out the pod survey, the survey that tells us who you are. And what you like and what you're about a pod survey dot com slash GO. Again, we get a lot of questions from people asking how they can help us how they can support the show better. This is right now, this is like the biggest thing that will help us. So it helps us out. We do. I did get a couple like at replies. DM's some of the categories may be a little limiting. We're really sorry about that. It's a boilerplate thing for marketing. And as we all know marketing can be a little reductive and fucked up we're sorry. I guess go with the spirit of the questions and hope. Don't hold it against us. But no that we did not write this. We don't know how to make a survey if it's has not been clear, honestly it Tony. Oh, I would if honestly wasn't like a little rude to our co workers to completely step on their toes survey. I would have done it. But I'm trying to not be such a fucking busy body and jumping everybody else's job. So that said, I'm sorry. If the categories are limiting, I did have a friend and be like what the fuck is this marital status question. I was like point good point good point. But yeah, I can't do everything. Because it's it's rude of me mischievously what I'm saying. You can't do everything because I am on what else merch Murdoch dot com slash. Yo. I feel like this is wild to me. I feel like we plug it all the time. And yet every time like like most recently posted on Instagram Llosa's racist on Instagram picture, Tony wearing our go back to Europe airline cert-. So many people were like, oh my God. What an amazing sure. Where can I get it at like, we don't know what to tell you anymore? Y'all know listen, you know, what you don't get merch. Oh, no. You don't get murky going full black auntie with a yaldo. Listen, listen. It's just like we we keep I worry we tell people too much, and the fact that we give people like oh my gosh. What an amazing shirt. It's like, I know pod swag dot com slash yo. Maybe well like with everything on this show. Yes. It is too much. And also, no one knows what we're talking about somehow too much not enough and incomprehensible at the same time. What's the opposite of the parable that we get in the three bears where she finds a thing. That's just right. All the options and it's still wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. I don't know. Get. Fable writers fable ace ops. All my ace ops out there get at us while we are. Visit supposed to be the end of the show fully off the road. Three three three nine seven two to three to leave your questions. Three two three three nine race back. Yeah. Fables give us give us more fables. Wow. Good. Bye. Oh way. He's.

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Curious George, YOU'RE ON NOTICE

Yo, Is This Racist?

47:56 min | Last month

Curious George, YOU'RE ON NOTICE

"Positive andrews positive right now. No exhales not even breathing. I held once inhaled once before we started. No anything is escaping. My lungs walk whatever remains to the spot. I'm concerned yeah word medical much. I head of thing. When i was would i okay and keep in mind. I know a little bit. I took you know an undergraduate amount of biology classes pretty enough enough to know that for some reason in my twenties i was convinced. If you had to p one thing you could do become so dehydrated in the rest of your body that the p. would go back at your. This is the podcast. Was this race t with the help of our producer. Kevin tell we. Listen to your voicemail questions about racism with the help of special guest or guests sometimes. There's no guest. This week. I we can get into news and right now. We're hearing whatever the fuck this is. Andrew andrew should not have been and people people who are medical doctors today used to cheat off me in biology class a graduate about that. Chew on fucking best the dumb shit i just said and think about a physician potentially your personal physician. Yep is dumber than andrew. The thing i just said andrew to yes yes without me would not have gotten probably would not be the same doctor that they are today. Sitting there the tests going. I have used the bathroom. Oh but i'm thirsty so it will just reverse. Yeah my argument was just that there's some level but i believe the reality is that lavoie is you're you're you're human. You're human and that's when that's when the gradient equalize at work here week it was great. Her drinking's china stay hydrated. I guess to prevent these things. I'll talk about it more on. Yo can we live. But i started some language courses omland language courses out so what language you doing. I took a free trial of japanese and spanish. And i had a thirty minute Class with a teacher and everything. Thank you for that. I got the daima. My four hundred eighty day duolingo streak laps recently. No that's impressive for a long time. It was i instead of checking twitter first thing in the morning. Knockout one duolingo good. That's a good. Yeah i should basically what happened was i got vaccinated and stopped giving a shit right because you're about life is back. Let's get back to life. I you know my spanish is lower intermediate. But i think. I've spoken to someone around my classmate ben schwartz and he was like very impressed and then we met a guy from spain. Ben goes oh tani's fluent and i mo- they go. No and the guy immediately watched in and i was like no. No no no no. I'm so i feel like you're spanish was a very like goddess around. When we went to columbia it is utilitarian. It is a no way artistic or social. But i can get or do anything we need. Yeah that's great. Yeah whereas the restaurant. What's the name of the restaurant after a bathroom here. Everything that will the friends are allergic to. Yeah how much it cost. Yeah and whether it was too much money or not. I took two years of italian in college in spanish teacher had to say. Why do you keep responding in italian. He was like I was like. I am because i don't really remember any of it but i guess somewhere in my brain i was like conflating. The two the so he would ask me questions in spanish and then responded in italian and he would say. Please stop doing that. I'm like i promise. I'm not doing it on purpose. But he recommended duolingo. He was like you gotta up your vocab and do some daily duolingo. all right. Good tip deal link goes up. we love our sponsor. Duolingo is mark. i think what it is is. it's not a my guesses. It's more like how children learn a language so it's probably not the best way for an adult to learn a language would be my guess. Have you tried. Those is didn't you know. Is that annoying so memorize i. This was a couple years ago so they might have changed here. Might be different. But when i started it was like duolingo in in that it was games based but they were like they would make little means so it was connecting your brain to like visual things in context not really helps me. I will cut that right. I figured out the hack to the duolingo game. Which is i was doing. Spanish to try to learn some spanish but i would lose all my stars in that stars says how you is your your life points and then i could just our hearts hearts makes more sense anyway. The point is they don't really keep track of the language. You're doing separately. They just keep track of your accounts share so then i could just log into chinese. Get all my heart's back. Because the chinese very easy to cheat fully just cheating it sneaky. I could go all day. Things got my heart's back and chinese. Speaking of chinese. We went to dinner up here in vancouver jimmy. Yang took us to cure in downtown vancouver. Really good authentic cantonese food and He ordered bunch of stuff for us he just like ornaments things like are great and then he told us later that the server said to him is that all you want in in cantonese and jimmy was like. Yeah do you think that's enough food. And he goes. It's enough food. But you know how these white people like they're crispy sweet and sour get some of that. We ordered it. Jimmy was nuts. Ordered it and that was the thing that was gone. Like i i a. It's a power thing but often also those places do that shit quite well. I find everything was good. Yeah it was funny that he he he had you know where people get perfect. There's probably a world where the answer is like. That's why we're not getting it. They can always get it later by. Everyone likes pizza on the way home. Yeah if they don't have they don't wanna have cucumber or whatever you know we did good. We had spot. Prawns spot prawn season up here. They were so good. It's lot seize your welcome back to its spot. Season cast and you know what that means. That means we're going to get into some light racism andrew. What's your what am i even talking about. Andrew what's your first bit of. I think i was. I saw this yesterday as we're recording it But this is going to be a both a. It's not news it's not use. This is kind of the fact that it's news to me is one of the parts of my own like. Maybe i'm being a little racist here. Which is that Cat williams was on a podcast. The joe buttons podcast and had like a very like good correct. You know thoughtful. Take on quote cancel culture. Let's see my favorite poll quote was talking about comedians stand up comics which i think listeners to the show will know my thoughts on stand up comedy but like you know as far as whether or not you need to say y type of slur cowan's if these are the confines i keep you from doing the craft. God put you to do it. Probably ain't for you which is like just but then it's like truly probably the other flipside of it is the amount that i personally was like surprised. There's probably some part of that is expecting. I guess old comics. I'm trying to choose my words because definitely. There's a lot of people online that were like point out. It's like having low expectation of cow. Williams shanks in its own way problematic. But but it's problematic if you're thinking that from a racial point of view but not not if you're thinking about the era he's from because we Disappointed time and again by many comics of his age and type. That's true common. Yeah it's yeah like like right. It's i guess it's the age and the standup yeah adminis- of it 'cause i assume standups are horrible until proven otherwise and many of them do but but like i've never heard cedric talk about the stuff directly but i i worked with him and he's delightful in always and i could see him having similar. Take that's you know again. I've never heard. I'm not putting words in his mouth but having a similar take that people might be surprised by because he's from kind of that older guard of due the to. You just might expect them to go. You can't say anything anymore. But yeah i think there's also the world where for standups like unless you think about it like cat williams clearly has like i think a lot of them reflexively. Because it's like if you don't think about what it's a little bit like the same way like all lives matter like if you unless you i don't know think about it. It sounds reasonable right right right if you don't know the culture on like yeah i don't like people being said you know told the can't say what they wanna say like. Yeah in the abstract. That's good enough but then then concrete leads. That's not what that means about. It's like we all want people to live. what are we talking about. Yeah yeah it's it's that so the other side of it. Yeah similarly do. I mean these issues are very different. Similarly to why. We don't say pro-life we say anti-choice because that's what those people are. That's why i don't like the term cancel culture because it's not the word you're looking for his consequences well and also like but even the cancel of it like cancel it. It's not like what is what is being canceled. Canceled janet jackson because the fucking timberlake super bowl. That's was out of everything because of that bullshit. That was not her fault. That's what it was canceled. Sinead o'connor was cancelled. Yeah right so i was. Oh man yes. Nato o'connor show me one. Have louise already back doing standup. Everybody's already she'll be one man who's been quote cancelled. I'll wait well. it's also like like cancelled by the like gatekeepers is not even cancelled. Just sort of like blacklisted. That's the sort of thing i mean. Cancelled really is like people are like choosing no longer to be a fan of yours right like like having a fan a inalienable right or like. It's like i have a right to fans and how dare you take the. How dare they choose to not be my fan anymore help. They're your when they look at you now that they know some of the things you've done and said and they feel rather watch other people for a while like truly what we're talking about someone like right absurd absurd anyway. That's so so. I mean but i do. I do find the discourse like many things. I was like a little like okay. I was also surprised by. Yeah i was genuinely surprised. That cat williams said that right. The fact that i don't know cat williams his work an thoughts and stuff to the point. That can be surprised. It's gotta be on me on some love. Yeah that's true. I don't know. I didn't love the way i felt. I was like realizing my gut reaction like. I was so surprised when i saw understand. I shouldn't be surprised. That's wrong with me. The other things that i don't know much about williams but the other things that are socially known about him is that he's like a hot head so it also imagine like. Oh that guy's probably not gonna react while the someone telling them. You can't say certain things but it's nice to be nice to be pleasantly surprised. I will say almost every publicity photo. Hats are a little too big. You got a palm with hats. So take take this problem with tavern and that's true. I still love a big brim on a hat. Keep the sun off your face. It's not enough trees in los angeles everybody shade. I'm taking myself in a two hole. It's funny you're saying that andrew. Because i'm looking at the photos of him and mike. I wanna get into big hats now. Oh my god disagree. Kevin's like big hat. All the way yeah. Kevin andrews for christmas. I want a half gallon roll. Roll little hat now. Like the guy from curious. George like the human curious george. Hw you're like a british colonizer. I dunno dressed as about it. Like like third mice to india type. I just don't know what else he that must be what he is right. That's it the raises. Podcasts have canceled. Curious george i that would i actually more than some others feel like. It's probably a lot like a fucking ten ten Really like in your head. It's like tinton whatever and then you see the still from tin tin goes to the congo and it's like oh my god is the most racist thing i've ever seen. You keep talking big now. Are you talking about ricky ticky. Tavee talk tinton is now do i wanna know. Is it a scare thing. That i wish. I wish i didn't know it is definitely thing you will wish you did it now. I'm pulling an image. I'm sending it to simply the group chat Wow i literally almost just sent it to my friend. Just i guess. Joe listeners know listeners. Let me save you. It's it's worse or as bad as you think like charlie brown but with horrible black caricatures in. You don't need it just take my word for it and avoid this in your in your search bar. Yeah whatever list eight is that. Oh my god. I don't think tani could have spelled out more clearly. Do i want to see this. Is this kind of upset. Like no no good. This is our friend chartres sars. no. I shouldn't have done that. How did this even come up. What happened to me. I don't know we should do something else now. For serious I don't know. I mean the only thing we sort of talked about otherwise beforehand was I guess it's sort of the perpetual double standard with black tennis players. You know just eddie time. The tennis establishment the white tennis establishment talks about You know obviously talked about the. The williams sisters was always racist. What's happening now with naomi. Osaka is Yeah i mean. I guess not explicitly racist perhaps but or not like immediately on its face racists but it is also just like but by naomi. Yeah i think we can say that you know in. I mean we all know this as we watch. Well maybe we don't all know this but anyone who's watched serena's kind of like know struggles in a very white sport it is. It is understandable that facing the press especially when asaka has been someone who's been so outspoken about issues that are important to her comes with an added layer of pressure and expectation and is just plain fucking harder. They ask her harder different questions than they ask maria I don't know her name. And i was gonna say something but maria charlie brown exactly like they just they're gonna ask different questions. And that is because of the intersection of her race and gender and so for her to draw a line and say. I don't wanna do this anymore. Because it's hard for me. That is linked to her race without being racist to her. Yes yeah. I'm not sure and i'm also sure someone was raised to her. I mean it's goddamn ten s just just hang on earth something happened. Yeah i just. I like the i like the. She taught us all a little lesson in. You know drawing some some boundaries for herself. Yeah and every level right. There's no like like it really is like those boundaries. You are important in like. Don't do this shit if you don't do shit that is hurting you now. Easy for us to say i suppose. Yeah we're we're able to do you know various entertainment jobs and you know relatively pick our compromises. I guess not that todd. I've ever had to loved every single cycle of every person with my love. I love everybody. I work with except for the people. I vaguely mentioned on here before. Every most importantly we've loved every corporation. We've worked for brad talking about you. This is what i have to constantly say because my producer for star trek lower. Deck's brad show. Hi brad and anytime i start to allude to a bad working relationship. A tiny sliver of fear in his brain is like. Is she talking about me brad. It's never you we love you and you know what brad you'll now that's true question. It'll never be a question that's the promise. Yeah should we. Should we take a little break and then voicemail. So it's great okay. Here's some ads by this week's episode is brought to you by green chef green chef the first. Usda certified organic meal kit company. Listen listeners. This podcast will know that andrew here. And i did a lot of cooking during the pandemic when i was locked inside a lot and then i got a vaccine and i have already been going out too much and honestly you boys is trying to get back inside and do a little more cooking. So that's what's so great about green chef for me You know just just a way to bring a little variety into my cooking. That isn't just a duck single day. Green chef recipes include pre made and measured sauces dressings and spices. So you get more They call it carried flavor. 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Cancel your subscription anytime and if you don't love ritual within first month they're gonna refund that first order so this is a low risk operation for getting healthy today. Okay so you wanna get key. Nutrients without any of the garbage ritual is offering our listeners. Ten percent off during your first three months visit ritual dot com slash joe to start your ritual today and get ten percent off. Come on ten percents off. Visit ritual dot com slash. Yo okay. those are some ads. We're back hello scare into the racist. Hi okay. So i'm calling in about a situation that happened a little while ago. It was probably like a year ago. You're going to have to go and it's just kind of always bothered me And so i wanted to Actually sick up all those emotions and get your safe on it Okay so about a year. And a half ago i was looking at a company that really prided itself on social justice values and equity and diversity and we had recently hired a woman who just like. Raise a lot of red flags for me. She said that she was on the. Don't ask or not to proceed worked on the See something say something campaign in new york city which israel fight a lot of Black and brown people after nine eleven And she also went heard police sirens and was up up to no good and i really wanted to say back. Probably cops but i didn't anyway. So my co workers All white men and they kind of laughed at me and they like made some jokes about like. Oh maybe people are suspicious about my backpack on the subways racist and i was really dumbfounded Because i couldn't understand how like they didn't see how See something say something like directly targeted Brown people especially after a context like nine eleven I thought it was odd for like a company that cares about social justice values to hire someone who's so obviously had some kind of racial bias because of the things that she had and worth their. She's done anyway. I would love to know. what am i done. Ask a sorry story when my like male co workers Indeed right spectacle of my hesitancy to trust this woman. And can you summarize. I just got a little lost in the weeds. Got ahead to the. Yeah so basically. The caller works Were no works but this happened a while ago for company. That is sorta nominally like many companies by the way. And it doesn't mean the true but nominally gives a shit about the world being less unfair. That is And they hired a woman who was involved with the. Yeah the so. It sounds like they do like maybe sort of a pr. Marketing type. thing is my guess. Because i don't know what other worked on. A campaign means But yeah so so the if see something say something campaign in new york which was. Yeah the subway racist. I was trying to think it's like one of those things where like and then also like basically said the when when she heard cops was like someone's in trouble someone's up to no good and the question really is that the male co workers off a skepticism about see something. Say something we're like. Well what if someone is you know. Suspicious of my backpack like right. You know the what ifs about of like. Yeah i mean i get one of those things where i think lots of nice enough but unthinking people mostly white people. I guess would hear something like you know. It's the same as this like all lives matter. See something say something. What could possibly be wrong with that. We need everyone everyone. It takes a village to ignore that. It's like when you you know Deputize a bunch of random concerned citizens like all the air quotes in in the world around that. They're only able to not only they are going to act along they're going to act in line with their biases because they're not a practiced aren't fucking detectives. They're not investigators so they're going well and brown people detectives are. That good view is that everybody is reacting to their bias. Which is around. People did a heinous crime. Brown people might do it again. Let me look. Oh that guy's brown and he has weird back like yeah. It's not even conscious all the time. But that's that's what we're doing. That's what profile like like it. Is that thing like every time. There's a neighborhood watch. I mean even just the concept of next door right the type of people who are looking there are for whatever reason unquestioning of their own biases and racist as should yeah. It's like it takes a village by like the only people volunteering just so happen to be the fucking racists the the the slightly interesting question the caller's question is should is so self evident that it's racist of these white co workers to to not see this. It's just gonna go a little softer. It's just so tiresome that like where is still there that you could be working with people who don't get how that's a problematic policy and it's just it's just tiresome because then you have the job of like well. Do i educate them. Do i just deal with it. Yeah just like oh wei-kai like would have someone suspicious my backpack and it's like. What am i rate that people that look like you are accused falsely accused of anything reporting. See something say something to the nypd. What is the rate that people don't look like you are. What kind of consequences happened when it's just like all of the walk them down that and now i'm like well surprise white dudes you are the ones. I'm profiling now because y'all are the ways. Yeah oh shit and finally people are waking up to that. But i'm like you're right. I i am looking at you sideways on the train. Yeah but something. I'd like to say something that says on the era mostly it was like you know. Yeah people getting busted by the nypd with a a amount of weed that actually white people have more than other colors on their person. And you know start accumulating strikes and then three strikes types shit like like that. That was the look at no at no point. Does it sound racist. But if you can't see it that it is plainly being executed by racist a racist organization and the nypd. Its target people of color. Like that's yeah but but bios legit like not even like close to and it's also again you know. I promise you almost literally. Every white person i know in new york has say well. I guess like the we'd laws changed before the we'd laws changed. Had a head a you. At least get you know a a ticket or a strike level amount of shit on them that they should not have it. That's that's every fucking white college student. You think you think oh like broken windows policing go to any nyu dorm you'd lunatics like if you really want to clean the streets up yeah yeah fucking oh yeah not to go back to the news. But the nypd did violently clear out washington square park the other night similar to what lapd was doing in los angeles you know and they did a similar like peaceful. Protesters were met by riot. Cops right cop. Sounds like they pursued people for like several blocks even after they were like not part of the demonstration. Yeah cops are plainly racist and are you know especially in these situations. I promise you i am. You know probably going to more of these things that go sideways than i should given my age. It is always the cops that start that shit like cops. Create the violence and yeah. You're simply wrong if you think it goes the other way. Sorry got spat. That answer came out again. The people love that they miss him. When it's that edger or pecan reverse itself andrew and yeah. You don't get choices. You fucking take your pick people you got one or the other itself andrew. Oh my god. For the caller. I think you're you're right to feel annoyed. But i mean i probably wouldn't worry about it too much more than that because you're gonna run into a lot of people that just aren't with. It just aren't that aren't having these conversations regularly enough to where versed in these issues and that that's very strating if you feel like you have the ten two minutes to ten thousand years to educate these people. There's some version of the like okay by you understand that you are not actually being targeted disproportionately right like what bob but caller already has all those answers and it is true. It's like talking do this this today's whole job. You want to do this whole job. Educating these people just save your often you don't save everywhere breath time all right not so. We do one more more more. Hello There's been a trending around tiktok Claiming that a white person a black woman a clean is a micro aggression. And i just can't take on. Oh god a why are we calling a black woman. A queen a micro aggression. I mean okay serious thing. The serious statement is the generation that primarily uses tiktok. The post millennialism zimmer's. They are whatever you wanna call them. You wanna say they're more sensitive than us you want to say. They're like twos whatever. They are more attuned to these things than any of the generations before them so it is possible that they are clocking things that For them are micro aggressions and they're trying to weed them out and you know what. Even if i don't feel that way. I am for a gentler. Kinder better world like i. I want that generation to be like. I don't give a fuck people call them pussies or whatever and i'm like great. Maybe there will be less war. Like maybe they're in charge. There won't be predatory lending and like maybe things will get a little nicer. So i'm okay that my first reaction is like l. Fuck that that's fine but if some seventeen year old is like no. That's bad i'm mike. Okay quyen go ahead. you're right it can be that. That's fine well. It definitely can be bad is like it's like it feels like the the clearest example in my head but this shows my age is just the way you listen to bill. O'riley say black like you just. It's just that there's a context and a way to say that is wrong and you kind of know it when you see it and possibly. That's that's why these like hard. Rules sowed absurd to us. Because it's like you know what tiktok like it's like they're they have sort of the opposite. It's like the letter of the law. In spirit of the law is probably correct. Yeah yeah like the actual like saying the word or calling calling a black woman. Queen in colorado is is a micro aggression like you know what probably definitely not always and you know who are maybe not always but but you know again like debatable and like not really the point however i get what they're saying and it's functionally probably correct. I'd rather queen than a girl if a white woman says ashley forever sideways sideways forever right. It's just like any any number of mid two thousand blonde comedy women saying girlfriend long. Yeah it's exactly that be that that kind of wrong. That's that's the thing where it's like. Look conceivably it is weird though because it's like it's weird that they do this because i would have thought the online tiktok et cetera generation would be like extra sensitive to the letter of the law in that again. I would say this. As a general rule probably a correct practice for white women to live their lives with. However i would have thought the more online generation would be more sensitive or or speak in a way that makes them less susceptible to the well actually of which is what twitter mostly is. Maybe it's because tiktok doesn't give a shit about twitter. And the fact that i think twitter matters makes me simply an old man but but that that would be my thought i would have thought young people having grown up in a world where any random anonymous stranger can be like. Well actually technically that's incorrect would make them less likely to talk like this. But i'm glad that they're not but i just. This is just not understanding the kids. Do you know the reverse here. We go put it on top. Which which edgy wide does the menus thin and very pathetic. Like do you think this idea of labeling is a micro aggression is like ineffective or bad or whatever. I kind of don't care because it's not i if i don't feel that that's fine but i'm okay. If other people do yeah like you're largely my stance on most of the shit 'cause like if they're feeling something from it. If white women are saying queen enough weird ways that they're like hey. Let's fucking cut this out. I trust them like y- some weird is going on. Maybe okay white woman saying it to me on. Look i'm excited. I've never liked thank you. I've just like all right. What are we don't know each other. I don't know if this is. I guess to me. There's some world where like tiktok does have this like to me like sinister undertone of like so much of it. Feels like a specific type of white woman. Sometimes girl i suppose like taking black culture So i could see if if you're a person on tiktok your extra like do not fucking talk to me. Don't call me anything. And and maybe it's just that perspective that were seeing are maybe producer evans. Drop something into chat liking. This guy's videos a lot of them have been going on. I think his name is coil green. Who has a series called how everything on this app originated with. Black people talks about different challenges and dances and words and phrases and how they started with black people. And i think he just kind of nails. How white people like very quickly can appropriate Whatever like the viral you know sensations and stuff on tiktok. This video is i'm looking at. He's talking about the origins of the word. Simp- that's how everything on. This app originated with black people. Oh that's cool. That might make me get on tiktok. I like it. His videos are great. I'll i'll included in episode description because i think khalil greene with ancient khalil and an e. on the end of green very cool inks kevin six skirt. Yeah do i get into tiktok now. I've done one dance. My talker love tiktok. I don't have an account. What am i like that. you're talking about last week. Jimmy was making me laugh watching him. Jimmy's defense Those twins taught us that dance in about ninety seconds between lewis. Yeah and then we all did it. And like i've i've taken a lot of dance. Classes not to brag. But i was able to grasp it but there was an extremely short amount of time so he did one hour before that though in an unrelated conversation asked me if having rhythm was quote genetic so get on get on tiktok up that but it is interesting watching and i guess not surprising seeing like a tiktok trend and then seeing like where it originated and then all of like the white teenagers that are like doing their viral version of it and then seemed like it didn't even start this. Maybe maybe that's it. I wonder if like the kids today. Slyke one of their things. Which i could see is that like cultural appropriation. Like all culture happens so much faster right like how many decades that are take to steal rock and roll at least years well no. I don't know pat. Boone was covering little. Richard the same. He really rudy. But okay okay. But months i guess what i mean is because now it's like minutes. Oh sure shishir. it's instantaneous. Yeah yeah and and it's like it. You know virality means that you can you know because viral is just about copying the thing that you saw from someone else that can be taken from the black creator like again within seconds As far as like sort of what the culture sees it as or what white culture sees it. As i don't know i you know the kids are better than us dancing. I had a similar kind of thought. Experiment last night. When i was watching some youtube videos about like other countries and watching like the most popular ones that come up on the top or wight youtubers top about their experiences and other countries. That at times felt like. I'm like i don't know how i feel about some of these videos like when it's clearly educational and informational and then went it like it shifts a little bit too. Like appropriation out. Yeah i feel like there is a little crossover in tiktok world of like what are you. What are we really saying with this. Yeah why are you the person to say it because there's yeah there's plenty of shit. I wanna talk about that. I'm like do people need to hear that from me right. It's so what's it mean. And what's that really mean. That like really like okay. And which is all these things right. It's like yeah okay. Sure there's the definition but unfortunately we are in this like connected referential culture so it's like and everything is based off of a history. Now you can follow that history. It is like a thing. Sometimes where i'm like. I mean to me. It's even like as i guess it's not so new because to me it's even like voting democrat like fucking love the democrats but i also am like i i mostly just hate republicans Right word of that and it's like yeah so this is what we fucking guy and this is like you know the the signifying of like voting for someone like that is also not. I don't know it's it's the you get pick shoved into teams in a way that is not always ideal but those are the teams. That exist tiktok series. I it's the talks. Were they point at text us that most. Does it tells you what it tells you which lead. It's so smarmy i. I don't have the level of swarm required to bring. It's a recording video. This one i know my smugness. I like to just do an audio form only. Yeah every every sunday cast. I'm dripping with smug it. Episode of podcast. That's an episode of three three eight nine seven two three. That's three two three three nine race or three two three ducks with an advocate race. Peaking last night at the cantonese place. Jimmy took me. That's my doc news. Though it's delicious tuned into yo. Can we live up. Suboptimal dot com to hear more about this motherfucking duck shelia llosa's racists social media Oh my god. I was about to say. Is it just coming bartell. This nevin jay and kevin bartels joined twitter in two thousand nine. He tweeted three times in two thousand fifteen and hasn't done it since damn have him give you the thing back. I know the are i mean. Although people wanted tweeted him they can. I guess yeah cares. Well the thing is you know. Twitter is going to do the right thing. So they'll probably give it to you soon. hopefully twitter. They always do the right thing. Always does the right thing. What else say. Njit maybe that's it This might be a off. Mike combo but we could release a drink culture episode this week as well. Maybe i banked tune in on wider. Yeah the so which is about hangover cures. No we did that one last week. What was what does this one. Oh then maybe dear dairy because we just did a drink culture episode okay so instead dairy with me and poonam patel my best. Putin patel childhood diaries that we have not opened since childhood. So it's a surprise to you and us i am. This is a little promo for thing. That i i'm just. I believe to get sent a belief a comic book i wrote when i was low. It's second grade. Sister is at home right now. And let's just say as far as i remember of it and i was showing the cover. It is bizarrely anti union. For the i keep in mind i was probably seven years. Old cannot wait. You gotta get ready her that y'all off by suboptimal.

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Shishir Mehrotra  The Art and Science of the Bundle - [Invest Like the Best, EP.175]

Invest Like the Best

1:11:22 hr | 1 year ago

Shishir Mehrotra The Art and Science of the Bundle - [Invest Like the Best, EP.175]

"This episode is brought to you by coughing. I've become very interested in the best software tools in investing and when I asked twitter for the best Bloomberg Alternative. The overwhelming winner was an excellent new product called Coif and it's a web based platform that you analyze stocks. Etf's mutual funds and other asset classes in one place. I've been using everyday to track. What's going on in the market? And I think if you try you will to. Cohen has a ton of high quality data powerful functionality and clean interface. The best part is that it's free you can sign up at. Www DOT COIF in dot com. That's K. O. Y. F. I N. DOT COM. Hello and welcome everyone. I'm Patrick Shaughnessy. And this is invest like the best. This show is an open ended exploration of markets ideas methods stories and of Strategies. That will help you better invest. Both your time and your money. You can learn more staff to date that. Investor FIELD GUIDE DOT COM. Patrick o'shaughnessy is the CEO of Shaughnessy Asset Management. All opinions expressed by Patrick and podcast. Guests are solely their own opinions and do not reflect the opinion of o'shaughnessy asset management. This podcast is for informational purposes. Only and should not be relied upon as basis for investment decisions clients of Shaughnessy Asset Management May maintain positions in the securities discussed in this podcast. Oh my guess today. Shirota and the topic of our conversation is the business bundle offering access multiple products services or providers for a single bundled price. This topic is full of incorrect preconceived notions and as it turns out. The Bundle is one of the most powerful ideas business properly harnessed. It is good for everyone. Involved to sheer explains the INS and outs of bundles. In this conversation should sheer ram product at Youtube for years and sits on the spotify board of directors he founded and now leads CODA. Which is a doc spelled backwards in two thousand fourteen to bundle together? Productivity APPs like Docs spreadsheets databases and applications. I love this wonky detail conversation which has me thinking differently about many businesses and business strategy. More generally please enjoy your thank you so much for joining me today. The topic of a lot of is going to be an obsession of mine. Sense finding your work and thinking and reading on this topic which is bundling an unbundling of products. It is something that probably most people will not have heard a deep dive. Podcast on let alone considered the depth. That will go on today's conversation but I just think it's. It's one of the most interesting business angles I've uncovered in year. So first of all welcome and thanks for your time today. Thanks for Patrick. So this topic of bundling is something that you certainly seem to have thought more about than anybody. I thought a fun place to begin would be with what I would call. Lightning round context if you wouldn't mind describing sort of the course of the arc of your career in like two minutes or less it will provide useful framing for the conversation. Bundling sure so other going backward so I'm currently the founder see of a company called CODA. We make an all in one docklands together documents bedsheets presentations and applications into a single surface. Anyone can make adopt powerful snap before that I spent about six years at Google. I was responsible for the youtube products. Joined in two thousand and pretty soon after the acquisition and was there till two thousand fourteen massive growth in creation in that process before that I spent about six years at Microsoft worked on Windows Office and Sequel Server and started my first company in the middle of the DOT com. Boom called some trotta before that. That's fantastic. So tell me how you came to this. Issue OF BUNDLING. The structure of our discussion of bundling will be around four myths. That you've identified but I I'd be curious to hear why you care about this issue. How did you come to learn about it for your listeners? I'm trying to figure out the best way to express the of hobby obsession relationship. I have with this topic because it's not typical. Maybe the easiest way to put it is my wife will catch me sometimes arts nowadays where we're like. Oh he's talking about bundling again. It's something that that is top of mind for me. A lot and infects a lot of how I think about products. Think about markets is how I think about the very civic literal topic of bundling but also I think is. We'll talk about as we go through it. It's really philosophy for how to think about anything that can be broken out into parks and anything that can be put back together my journey with bundling and as his paper that we're going to publish on the podcast called four midst of bundling. The reason it's called Miss is the journey starched from me. Having just on Youtube in two thousand eight and in those early days it was pretty clear that youtube was going to be an ad supported business where we put ninety. Eight percent of our focus was go make advertising work and we had a lot of work to do when I joined. We were losing a ton of money. Articles pretty misunderstood. It was not at all obvious that it was going to be a big business and we always had in the back of our minds. This idea that maybe we will have a user paid offering at some point and will build up a subscription model. We ran lots of experiments. I mean dozens of them but it was always kind of like priority number four five six seven. It was never the top thing we were working on and the experiments none of them are some of them. Were famous failures. We had one where we worked on it. I put two engineers on it for almost six months. They built this thing we shipped it and it made one hundred dollars not like one hundred dollars per person one hundred dollars for a country a- literally one hundred dollars. What was that thing I mean? In retrospect is like one of the dumbest idea out there. It was it allowed you to pay for a video that you've already watched in order to download it just that one video and basically at the time that there's no reason to do it like I just watched the video I don't mean to Belabor that one was a particularly bad accent we had some pretty good ones but none of them worked and in that process what I discovered that it had this off site. We step back talked about it and what. I discovered was every experiment. We tried had this implicit assumption and it was often. You had to of uncovering unpack all the different reasoning that went into it but had an implicit assumption that we should do something in a subscription or user paid model but it should not repeat the mistakes of the industry and in particular the assumption was that bundling is bad it is so fundamental is hard to even start to question it because sometimes give Fox on this topic in Alaska Room full of people when I say the word. Bundling what do you think of and especially in American audiences ing? That immediately comes to mind is cable. They generally say comcast and people's impressions are definitely not positive. Their view of it all starts from the source negatively. And at this time recognizing none of the things. We're doing a working and a step back and thought maybe we got this wrong. Maybe there's something more to this than might be visible and I just started reading talking to everyone in everything I could learn more about it. In that process I gradually accumulated a list of insert a one by one. It's now of four of things that I used to say. That turned out to be not only not true but almost the exact opposite was true and so I call those four minutes the bundling since then that affected a lot of our strategy at Youtube than when I left you two thousand fourteen. This became a sort of ongoing hobby obsession for me. It forms in my core job code as in some senses a bundle of Alamo document pulls together different products. Talk more about that as well. I'm also pretty active. Investor Advisor companies have invested in number companies in the space. Some that are known quite obvious. That are a little bit earlier by most famous of that set was spotify ended up joining up with Daniel. Pretty early on and sit on the board there now and then gradually took this idea and refined it and turn it into a little bit more of a thesis. I think it's fascinating. I think it's intriguing. I don't know if everyone else thinks that but I really do and we'll more about why I think some of the implications of it are so interesting as well one of the most interesting concepts which also is a necessary set terms for people to understand before getting into the detail. Is this idea of superfan business. A casual fan business. A non fan business. Can you describe what each of those things mean and maybe give an example or two of businesses that would fit in those three categories because those sort of form an important base of bundling your in order word business for a moment and focus on superfan casual fan non fans? So let's imagine imagine I have a product and I can offer it out to the world and let's I have three of them and I have a choice between having them be. Alicarte at people pay for each one or having them be done in a bundle so super casual fan and non fan is a way to describe three audiences for each product so super fans whole to characteristics number one. They would pay retail for the product. They think that's a fair price and number two. They have the activation energy. Go find it. The second character is really important but that defines the superfan over product. I pay for the retail price and I would go out and find it casual. Fans lack one of those two criteria. It might not pay that retail price. Or they don't have the energy go find it. And non-fans ascribe either zero or sometimes negative value to product. Negative is particularly interesting. Case can talk about later. These are the three different audiences and this is actually leaking a little bit into one. We'll come back to a moment but I have these three products and I can decide. Do I want to sell them all Clark or Solomona a bundle if I sell them a car then. By definition the set of customers get our super fans for every product. I get the super fans as customers and I miss out on Capitol fans if I sell them in a bundle. I take the three products and I put them together. Then they value that's created is all casual fan dog and this particular interesting. We'll talk about it in a moment with one but you think about that from the perspective of your question superfan Casual Fan. Non and businesses super businesses focused on the first set they focus on delivering the people directly getting payment from people who ascribe value to often seek it out and there's a lot of great examples of that one. Uber's a pretty good example. I pay for Hooper's when I get into ober if I stopped going out as I have been for the last two months. Hooper makes no money from. There's no way there's not really a way to be a casual fan of Uber. Non-food businesses on the other end of the spectrum. Tend to be ones where the way that they produce value and monetize with people where the payment relationship is not correct. The most obvious examples of the AD supported businesses most of you to fitness category. Back when I was there. Nowadays is a pretty good aid from there as well but a lot of the social network fall in this category as well where the way that the relationship with the users monetize not direct with the user. Most common form of that is to monetize their time just wipe advertising businesses media businesses and do casual fan businesses. Sit in the middle. They are businesses that provide access of their products to a variety of users. Some of whom have super fans. Some of whom are not and the thing you're paying for is access to that good. This tend to be subscription. Businesses cable is a very commonly used example of that. You pay for a lot of things in your cable bundle. That are things you might be a super fan of and you would have paid for even if there were separate but much of what you're getting in that service are things where you lack either the willingness to pay retail or the activation energy. Go find it so the sort of three different types of businesses could you? Maybe you spotify since. Sit on the board there and it's a departure from the example of comcast which you understand why everyone thinks of that as a cable. Bundle talk about how that manifests in a business like spotify where there may be alicarte buyers of one artist that you love but that that is very different from the value proposition of that business. Just just use that example. Maybe to finalize the fleshing out of the concept. Yeah and there's also tease a different concept. Which is the often totals all the way down relationship of Bundling. That many bundles are themselves. Bundles of blundell's of bundles of bundles. And that's certainly what we see in the case of ossified. So what spotify. Displaced the one-sided displays piracy Daniel a lot of great talks about that from an economic perspective. What it was displacing was direct purchasing of music which was clearly a superfan business and for a while that was in a record store and buy record gradually moved to digital and you paid ninety nine cents per song on. Itunes and spotify offered was a way to pay for all the music. You Might WanNA listen to even if you're going to get access to some things that you might not have gone out and bought individuals and offering turned out to be incredibly Parker to use that terminology. What it allowed was it allowed for. Every consumer to all of a sudden get access to goods that they were casual fan up and turns out to be very powerful because the set of products for which any individual would pay retail and have the activation energy and find it. That's a product sentence to be very narrow but the set of that you might find utility in and you might find pleasure entertainment in or whatever it might be tend to be much wider than that so at one level spotify bundled together ninety nine cent purchases of music into a ten dollar offering another level. If you watch what it is doing now especially with odd casting is producing a bundle. That is really the Audio Bundle and Dana is a really good talk about the value of the eyes and ears and on a really good analogy for it but core idea being you can apply the same principle one step up and say not just about all the music you might listen to. It might be all the audio you might listen to. And then beyond that. What is built a set of bundling relationships across companies as well and one of the most popular ones is the spotify student. There comes with Hulu and showtime as well. There's a number of similar offerings. That have been made across the portfolio. But those sort of three different levels bundling up music only audio and then cross bundling across arts and services. Let's return now to the structure so introduced us to this first myth that you encountered and why almost the exact opposite is true. Yeah so reminder on the terminology math the way the papers written and I expect some of your listeners will wanna read the details. I'll try to cover it here but there's a lot of. There's a lot of fun in the details. This written as a conversation between me and what I call the myth maker and the midst maker. I think each reader could picture someone. Everybody knows someone who says online his bad. These are all the bad things that come out of it for the purpose of when I was reading the paper mostly just pictured myself so these are all things that I said ten years earlier. That's the way victory in the first one written in this paper is the most superficial and the highest align is the blanket statement bundling is bad for consumers as well as providers and the easiest way to understand this wine. Is You just start with the scenario described? Before I have three products I can sell them. Each Alencar can sell them in a bundle. What should I do? And what most people see in that. Sorta ran through the example. If I saw the car every product every provider only has access to super fans and every consumer on the flip side can only get access to products that they are a Superfan hops. If I have these products separate them out that's the value created if I put them in a bundle than I produce value in two ways for providers I give them access to casual fans and for consumers. I give them access to products that they might be a casual fan of us are music example earlier. What it spotify. Due to Itunes it allowed people to listen to music that they might not have gone out at ninety nine cents to buy and that value turns out to be really important and if you go look at the usage grass and so on what people spend their time listening to some of it is things that they might have gone out and bought and bought at nine cents or and record source on but a very large portion of what people spend time. Consuming are things that they value but they would not have met that super fantastic four so the first myth and then each of these has it of thesis that goes around with it is the way that bundling produces value is not by producing more super fans by producing casual fans one example. I like to use for. This is an example. People don't is. You'll see the ultimate fighting championship fan the OC. I'm not your description of its unaware of it but I'm not an active watcher Eh. Right right so interestingly. I sometimes talk in a room of one. Hundred people asked this question generally somewhere between two and five people raise their hand and Sam a fan of the FCC and generally those people raise your hand not a little bit in the air straight in the air. Because I'm sure you know someone like this or the people who are into ultimate fighting chip. It is a deep obsession some of it. There's lots of reasons why it's perhaps audience but I think one of the reasons is the Businessma you pay fifty bucks for a fight on Fridays. You invite your friends over and you watch if you ask the same question of people who are into the NFL Sarria fan of the NFL. A sustained group one hundred people and you'll get hands raised all different levels. Some people will say I guess. I watch super bowls. I'M A fan. So people say whenever my teams winning I watch all the way to the person at the end who says afforded Tv's I watch every game simultaneously every Sunday. My Fantasy League is my obsession and so on and one observation of that is the. Nfl vary widely distributed. And most of those fans can't really describe for you how they pay for the only. Actually no I come through my my Reisen bill myself. It seems to be free. I'm not really sure. Why and that reason is that that as a business focused heavily on casual fans they focused on distribution casual fans so backing all the way away up. The first myth is this sort of high level. One will get more practical in moment. Is I think that people will say bundling is cheating. Both consumers and providers the east are generally missing. Is that one done well. The way bundling produces value is by giving access to and revenue from casualties. I guess we're wind would go would be to say. I pay this however much per month for my cable. Bundle and only watch three channels. This is nonsense. I wish I could just pay those three channels directly. That sort of thing is sort of the reason. Why people don't like this concept but I think what you've made clear is I think the NFL example is perfect that if you take away all experience of the NFL from everyone except for the four screen fan that seems like an obvious negative right right exactly and the positive is because of the bundle. Yeah and by the way the example you just gave cable and why can't I just pay for three channels? You pause that one because that observation is very sharp on the consumer side and that's what made three is all about. We'll get to that in a second awesome awesome so the second myth is really about more than business model of this on the other side. Not The consumer side so much but will call the provider side so I I'd love a distinction between if relevant third party providers and first party providers and why there's this kind of weirdness around who should get what share of the Pie of the revenue that's generated from selling the bundle to consumers. Yeah so let's do deficient part. I so providers consumers bundlers. Most of this theory will divide the world and try to treat them neatly as divided between the provider the consumer and the bundler provider provides a good to consumer consumes it and the Bundler puts them together. It's not always that clean gave an example earlier sometimes the providers or bundlers themselves and to lots of different ways at that works. But let's pretend it's thing for moment. The third party versus First Party thing is interesting and one of the conjectures of this paper is all the examples given tend to be as you describe it. Third Party bundles. The bundler and a provider are different. Corporate ENTITIES. There many cases of what? You might call first party bundles where I have. Multiple product produced by the same company to Amazon Prime. To pretty good example Amazon has Prime Amazon music and so on New York Times of brick example they have not only the New York Times subscription but the offer subscription and food subscription. That goes along with the to they bundled together. There's also just one level deeper through this third party first party. There's also inside of a single product. You might call intro product bundles and from that perspective. I code as a pretty good example. Where the bundle is a bundle of products. It's a document a spreadsheet application all in one so multiple different ways it can be applied. I'll describe the terminology all in terms of third party. Bundles and thirty providers. Because it's easier to understand if two entities are separate but I think we should come back to that. I think a lot of listeners. That may not be the most practical application of this. It might actually be the inside a single company or inside a single product but okay so myth to so this one like you said to focus on providers. Three focuses on consumers in mid four will come back around the Bundler so myth to this one may seem odd to put as the second one as I've thought about the ordering understanding this one is the key to understanding the next set and the way has generally gets. That is a small sentence. What does the mythmakers say? The mythmakers says hey okay maybe I get your whole thing about casual fans creating value and the NFL examples are pretty good one but come on the bundlers clearly cheating everybody. They're paying everybody all these arbitrary rates they should just pay people fairly and bundling would work better and again. I'm putting the consumer side aside for a moment into focus. That's at all the time people look at it and say how does comcast get away with paying? Espn four dollars and fifty cents per month. History twenty cents per month doesn't seem fair now when people use the word fair they mean lots of different things but I find that most times what they mean by fair is by usage especially in Silicon Valley. That's the it's almost a direct proxy for that term the myth here to give the full sentences. The Myth is revenue from. Bundles should be allocated based on usage. How used to say this all the time or at Youtube building up these different products. And saying we're going to build this offering we're going to build a better bundling model and it's going to be more fair and what we meant by that was we're GONNA pay based on usage and as I spent more time thinking about it I realized not only is that incorrect. It's actually can lead to almost the opposite behaviors of what you really want to let me describe a little bit one way to think about it. So there's a little diagram in the paper that just lots out usage for some different properties. I'M GONNA use cables an example because it's very familiar but if you look back on paper written the first time post stats on this history channel on ESPN so uses to autism. An example history channel. Espn get about the same amount of usage if you look at it in terms of timespan rating points so it's very close and yet history channel makes about twenty cents per month per subscriber and espn make somewhere between four five bucks per subscriber per month. So what is the second access? What does that price access correlated to now? Usually you would buy go ask. People knew mistry. The term that generally gets handed back is anchor valley that axis corresponds to anchor anchor. Value is a word and a term that I use when the economic phenomenon is not yet clear as a kind of a made up her. It's not very descriptive. And so instead we started using this term marginal turn contribution. Mcc and it's pretty simple idea that access what anchor value represents marginal turn contribution is if I were to remove this one product from the bundle. What percentage of my audience would turn pretty easy to understand if I move? Espn from bundled. How many people turn and they've been a bunch of studies on this but the reason why. Espn is twenty times more than history channel is if you were to Spn for the Bundle Twenty Times as many people turn as if you were to move history channel. That core idea that bundles should divide up. Payment divide up the revenue based on M. C. C. As opposed to usage leads to a totally different way of thinking about the bundle. The paper actually even walked through some formulas for how to calculate this you can formulate arrived. At what a fair price would be a wholesale prices. How much you pay out to each provider and it is correlated mostly to this sermon. That marginal trunk. I think this concept is really interesting like this. To access. Chart for usage is on the x axis. Mcc is on the Y axis. It lets you plot all sorts of different businesses so what would be an example of say a very low usage but hi. Mcc business you could draw a diagonal through this chart. We owe back your very first question. Like what Superfan businesses casualty businesses? And so on so okay. Let's start where you start in the top left of this chart low usage hi. Mcc ANCHOR VALUE. WanNa use that term the typical example. I'll give it a sporting event you go to sporting event you bay hundreds of thousands of dollars or an hour or two of entertainment. That's at one. Extreme of usage is very low. But your sense of utility is very high. So that's in one corner and the other corner tend to be. There's a lot of products where there's a lot of usage but not a lot of empty not a lot of anchor. Much of Youtube fit in this category people use it for hours and hours a day. But you push people on you had to pay for it. What would you a if we took it away? How would you feel and you get a wide spectrum? Of course it's a widely spread business but a lot of it would fall in this category of very high usage and low. Mcc if you draw diagonal through this chart but you'll find sort of above that diagonal our businesses that naturally lead towards casual fan or superfan business models and below the diagonal are ones that lead to what I call non end as models advertising being the most obvious of those. Where would something like insurance figure into this way of viewing the business world? Insurance is such an interesting example. So insurance is a bundle on many levels and in specified roles whom health insurance from health insurance added sort of basic offering. What is health insurance the bundle between sick people and healthy people and at the next level? What is insurance will tend to get bundled together with other forms of germs is bottled with dental and disability and so on at another level health insurance gets bundled with depending on your country in the US gets bundled with employment and many countries it gets bundled with citizenship. And you get it as part of that country at a core level if you think about usage versus anchor Value Health. Insurance is the perfect example. It's a thing that you pay one us. Yeah you never use it you pay for it and you hope you never get sick and when you do get sick you're up in the top. Left question gets asked a lie about. Why don't people just pay for what they need and health insurance like the perfect example? Because you can't the thing that I think people miss about it. I'm going to try to offer very little political and I don't think this Israeli have opinions on it but I'm gonNA ignore all lacks the reason health. Insurance works is the cost or the superfan is ridiculously exorbitantly. High and so the only way for that product to exist for the whole healthcare industry work to bundle healthy people with sick people. People need to contribute even though they're not using it or the whole system doesn't work when you have a catastrophic issue and you spend a few days in the hospital a few weeks in the hospital it's millions of dollars and no practical person can put away enough money to deal with xfinity. This is not about bad planning. This is about bundling. That's why that industry works and you can now ask the question of. Should it be bundled with employment or should it be bundled with citizenship totally reasonable but should you bundle healthy and sick people together go find any country where insurance is not prevalent and just look at all the rates of illness mortality of so on and it's order mind to health insurance works? That is a very good example of a product that sits in the top left of this quarter. It's interesting one because again. Since we first talked you start to see all of the world some sort of bundle and the notion of a business that you never wanna use but definitely want to pay for is strange at first and then insurance fixes that Strangeness Very Quickly Exactly Right Talk a little bit now from the consumer side. So that's sort of maybe the more proper way to compensate providers whether that's first party or third party is via deterred metric talk now about the consumer side of things in mid three. Okay Mithra so you already gave them the typical way this gets framed is. I've got this bundle. I only want to pay for these products and cable is uses an common example for this the myth maker in this case. Maybe they're following along so far you produce values casual fans maybe. I can buy this. Mcc thing that seems like inside baseball. I kinda cared but whatever. I overcome divides that money is up to them by come on good bundling is clearly bad because what it represents at its core is a lack of choice. That's the man. What is a Bundler doing the ripping off consumers by presenting a lack of choice in order to get product a half the byproduct be so just as a as sort of simple example to us is us McDonald's as an example and imagine you walk into McDonald's look up at the board? What goes everybody's head when you look at that board so I look at it and you say okay. I kind of want big Mac. I definitely want some fries and if I get those two things together than the drink is free and the person right behind them or do they say. I definitely want a big Mac. I really WANNA drink. I guess the fries are free and the person right behind them has a crying kid. Looks up at the board and says who has happy meal thing to come with the toy and then the whole damn meal is free. The interesting thing about that. Everybody's seen that happen looking up this board and everybody's looking at the same package and looking at different and to all of them. It looks like a deal. There's one fundamental reason why people think bundles are rip offs. When they're not and that reason is for consumer as the thesis in this in the section is for consumer to properly value bundle there must be transparent in reasonable albacore price for every product in the bundle. I get asked a lot of big media industry and so on. What's my opinion on? What's happening with capable industry tables going through unbundling and so on? I've you is. That's not actually what's happening through a variety of mostly non-intentional choices over the course of the last forty years the evolution of cable. What we've landed on is an incredibly non-transparent. Ala Carte pricing mechanism. Nobody has any idea what the cost of the individual offerings inside. The cable bundle would be and so they mis attributed and so they presume that if I were to rip out parts of the Bundle I get at the cheaper price so the reason I put these two in order to talk to three. You think were very disconnected in order for me to Papa understand the value of a bundle. I need to get all our pricing. Why does McDonalds work and comcast has trouble with this? Because Microsoft puts a price next the big Mac and next to the fries and next to the drink and you can their transparent the reasonable some people buy them but you now have an understanding of what that bundle feels like and when you say what you just said is if you survey people about what they like and dislike about cable it is easily the number one answer is I just WanNa pay for the channels. I want and then you'll ask them. You'll say okay. Let's take an example. I just want. Espn GREAT. What would you pay for? Espn you pay fifty bucks a month for Cable. What would you pay for? Espn and generally what they'll say is well. I read some article. That says that he has PM gets five bucks a month from comcast so about. I pay a little bit more than that. I'll pay like seven or eight bucks and I'll get just ESPN. Why can't I do that? That seems really clear. Okay so why? Do these two myths connect. And what's the problem with? What's happening here and by the punchline of this is. I think what we're seeing happening with cable is we're GonNa see unbundling and what we're going to see is transparency on all car racing and then we're going to see a massive re bundling as soon as people understand what the components of this bundle cost. We're GONNA see them all back together in the way and has lots of reason why I think the the bundled today is broken. I do think because we lost track of this. We'll get to this myth four to because we lost track of this. The cable industry has not been able to realign their bundled the right way. But I think what we're seeing transfer pricing okay. So you go through the scenario interviewing the consumer and you say hey what you want from cables that I would just want to pay for. Espn okay great. What would you pay for? Espn has had paid mark up over. What the five bucks that. I think they're getting I go back to miss too. So how is this working in Mathu? As well. The way I divide up money in a bundle is by martyring contribution and I take my fifty dollars bundle and I divide up the money by what percentage of people would turn if this Removed from the bundle and as an equation in there that I won't go into detail here but the net impact of it is that there's a relationship between the wholesale price of a product and the retail price of a product and it's proportional to the what we call the superfan percentage so the wholesale price of ESPN inside of the bundle five bucks a month. Let's say superfan percentage for it is ten percent. Let's say that it makes that Very Chris. Imagine that if you were to remove ESPN from a bundle and percent of people would turn what that implies the correct retail price free. Spn is fifty dollars per month. That's what the math implies. So now you go back to that consumer and say great. You're paying fifty bucks a month for comcast. What would you like to pay for? Well I guess I'd like to be free. You can pay fifty bucks for ESPN NOW. All of a sudden took an amazing deal. You Pay Fifty Bucks Pin and get two hundred ninety nine other channels for free. It's better the McDonald's and this is a really good deals but because we don't have transparency on each of these components were is that people think they're getting ripped off and so this myth is quite important. And when you think about it so that's cable if you think about it for people trying to apply this I get asked a lot about him going to produce this bundle should offer the product separately to in. My answer is definitely yes. Even if you don't think that's going to be a primary thing people by and you're GonNa make the bundle such a good deal because you think that that's really what you want people to buy people's ability to understand a bundle starts from their ability to understand two components the bumble. That's what Mitt three is all about. He's seen a little bit about how marginal cost or cost of goods figures into this whole framework so in examples of say Netflix. Or spotify or cable. Bundle doesn't cost them anything. Extra to distribute some of the product from the providers to the marginal user so enormously high gross margins. Obviously some things are physical bundles like McDonald's food. There's other bundles where there's more marginal costs as a percentage. How does that figure in to the thinking? Here for sure. There's a section of the paper in the end about that and basically you just adjust the equation to put a minimum on it. Your product is basically unviable if you're wholesale price gets below the marginal cost of delivery of that product and so if I have a five dollar value meal. Mcdonald's and immortal contribution of the Burger is less than what it costs to make the Burger. That should just not include it not gonNa work and it's at the floor effectively on what is tolerable. Mcc for the product in practical terms. I'll say sequoia use a lot of media examples at all. Have what you described as zero delivery costs or not zero near-zero delivery marginal delivery costs. When you look at other bundles. The interesting thing is I think. Many people don't perceive the amount of markup that goes into marketing a product superfan go back to the definition super fans are defined by number one willingness to a retail number two the activation energy to find it and the activation energy to find a product is a function not. It's a bidirectional thing for me. I have this product. I need people to find it. I had to find a way to reach them. I pay marketing and packaging paint. Just reach so when you boil down even a physical product and you look at the amount of true Cox. The true cost of goods sold for the product. And you strip out. All of the costs that are associated with attracting consumer just to take an easy example a hardware product ships at best buy is probably the cogs are probably somewhere between a quarter and a third of what the end retail prices. Once you take out the best buy margin. The delivery costs and so on so even for that part that may not be obvious. That bundling together can be hugely productive and I think we start to see that. Your cell phones are great. Example that were received cell phones get bundled with service a lot because yes it costs a lot for the phone but not as much as you think if you account for the fact that the cost of buying the customer is part of that to prevent price but yes specific answer is you do have to consider it and there is a way in the paper to talk about it but in practical terms. I've seen even businesses that you would think all physical as an example. I'm a investor in a beer delivery company. You would think that all the cost would be the actual beer. But it's not. There's a lot that goes into providing a service like that and subscriptions are still pretty valuable in those tastes. Amazon is obvious example that to these one most popular disruptions in the world and clearly a lot of costs delivered to now. You get two for me. What is maybe the most interesting part of all this? Which is the Butler side? I've got lots of questions here but maybe we'll just begin with your myth four and then we'll take it from there. Here's the preface for for. I think one two and three are a little bit definitional and Sorta Easy to get through myth or has in practice turned out to be the trickiest in many ways instead. Trickiest if easy to understand but it's the trickiest to apply. It's the most counterintuitive but it is also the most powerful and here's how the story is generally told. Is that the way the mid maker says? It is okay bundles. Maybe I buy casual fans produce value in bundles and I also by. Mcc's a better way to distribute money. And I'll buy that. Being transparent about component prices is a good way to establish value but white abundance. Keep bundling together things that have nothing to do with each other. And I'll tell a quick story of when this became very shark for me and my first inkling of this was in two thousand twelve. As Youtube one of the experiments we ran. And we're thinking about was a paid offering and we got the opportunity to license. Nfl Sunday ticket. And this is somebody listens. That might not be familiar. This is an offering that direct. Tv has had for years they were paying about a billion dollars a year for it and Sunday ticket that basic offering is you get all of the out of market games on a Sunday and so if you live in San Francisco you get to watch every game except for the forty niners to this offering is incredibly popular sells for four hundred bucks a year. And if you're an NFL superfan you not only likely bite us. You're likely only subscribe to direct TV because of this which is back the MCC and what its value is that bundle and saw okay so we have an opportunity to bid on this just to like reset the time Curtis Two thousand twelve. Youtube is a good property but not yet anywhere close to his greater property as it is now for us to even be in the negotiation for this was not obvious. And we certainly didn't have any meaningful offering now youtube as much better offering so we get into a discussion about it and the first meeting. This Larry Larry taken oversee of Google and so a lot of these conversations went through Larry Staff in the first meeting. I bring this proposal in say this is what we WANNA do. We think we can justify paying X. dollars for it which is more than direct US paying and I thought enough to win the deal and the first conversation was Kinda hilarious because we had to describe come in his Sunday. Ticket is years of the. Nfl works the first question was billions of dollars per year or Bat. Why don't you invent a sport and is like a typical Google conversation? I lost a whole meeting. And there's some other approach to this sounds entertaining gets the laugh now. It was definitely not fun for me. Not I come back later and we start from the basic. Here's the NFL. Here's how all the rights are divided up your Sunday ticket. Sunday ticket is an important part of the NFL. Licensing model but a very small the vast majority of licensing fees goes to the broadcast networks and cable networks and not to this one offering direct TV. And I say hey this is what we want to bid on and obvious question is are you going to get the rest of our? You're going to get the rest of the deals and I said look. I can't I mean these deals are locked up for some time fifteen years. There's no way to get these deals. And secondly I have no intention of being comprehensive all of them and this was kind of shocked. Why would you do that again? Back in Google mindset. Google doesn't do halfway Google Masters and map just parts of the world map the entire world. You License Football. You get the whole damn thing. You don't get part of it so this is kind of a travesty in that room. What do you mean you're going to like offer football? And you're not gonNA offer all of it doesn't seem to make any sense and so we go through and I was at the time that thoughts on bundling were very nascent. I don't think had good descriptions of it at that time as we do now and it's it actually the thing we want to bundle it and I said we're GonNa Bundle it with other things and it's OK with other sporkes yet. Soccer or basketball son actually no. I don't think so. I think what we're going to bundle with his. We have these channels that are really exciting to space and we have these other ones in great knitting channel. That people seem to really like and I think we can pull together. The right under for people and I got out of the raw deal didn't happen and I'm not blaming the room. I'm blaming myself and I don't think we explained it well enough to understand it and it took me a while. I mean probably years later before I could describe this wall and a myth as a best. Bundles are narrow and have very similar products so that they make sense to consumers but the thesis is at the Best Bundle is one that minimizes superfan overlap and maximizes casual overlap. And there's a little picture in the paper of these Ben Diagram. That picture by probably describes a better than my story. Did which is basically. If you think about a product is having a superfan core and casual exterior what you want as you line up the overlap between these products you wanNA minimize the course you want to minimize the chances that super fans overlap. If I'm bundling three parts together and every person who already pays for all three products when I belong together that's a net win for the consumer but a net loss for the bundle. Every time I see casual fan overlap. I'm seeing net win. Not only for the consumer but generally for the in district is they're often cases where this product had no market before them and that's the theory. Is that the best? Bundles maximize casualties overlap. Minimize superfan overlap with super powerful and can be applied in lots of different ways. Talk about how that concept which is certainly the concept that stuck with me after our first conversation because it is super counter intuitive Sunday ticket in knitting channels. It's just hard to imagine that that would work. But I think when you read through this and think through it. It makes a lot more sense and some of the examples. Bear that out. How do you think about this within a company or within say building a product roadmaps? Let's say code as an example so so you are a bundle of lots of different. We'll call it. Productivity APPs that people use from typically different providers. You're putting them all in one spot when you're making a roadmap product decision. Are you literally applying? This idea that the next best thing you could build would have a lot of fan overlap with what you already have but bringing a distinct set of new super fans. Yeah as you'd be clear that building let's get out of the third party provider world and all the way into inside a single product and clearly when you're building a product there's a piece of it which is addressing super fans and addressing your casual fans. And if you have multiple superfan bases you want to understand them and understand the casual fan links between them and you can't be one hundred percent focus on either like if you give up if the NFL gave up marketing and providing service to the fourteen Sunday person. They will eventually lose their mark as you have to build for your Super Fan base too. It's not a no things in life are easy. You don't get to just go on the fringes of your audience. That said kind of an obvious one. Because we're bundler bundle of we describe it as doc tables. Apps and the certainly bundle of those different things together. And you'll see it you ask people if you go. Aska cody user. We now have tens of thousands companies around the world using Coda lots and lots of different users if you ask them what. They're replacing with CODA. Each of them will say something a little bit different. There's a whole class of people that will talk about. Oh quotas just a better documents better than word. Google docs onto better place to write about replaced. Express myself is a set of them. That will compare us to what we call the table products. They'll compare us to excel google sheets and smart. She dinner tables on a better spreadsheet database about way to manage my data. Make sense of it. And there's a another group that compared applications Nelson I use code instead of buying packaged system for managing. My customers are my inventory or my task or whatever it might be code as a more expressive way for a match. My actual process than buying those back his tools. So if we think about those different audiences the interesting part northeast is that. That's actually one offering the go-to thesis is that people don't want us which products as they go between these different dynamics and we are constantly watching indicators of introducing this definition casual overlaps people who started with a viewpoint of. Oh just a better doc. Did they figure out time that? Oh I could use this for structure data. I could use this to build interactive application that use to publish the web or the other extreme people that showed up and said. Hey I'm GONNA replace package. Xyz WITH CODA did they. Dan Start to use it as a document. Surface as a spreadsheet modelling tool and so on. And so we're always looking for overlaps between them and then you're shoring up and you're saying this is where reached them. Eat a fairly clear one for us. We nineteen it and many other products as well as you define. These are different. Course the easy to gently do it. As I just described by market you could do it by persona as well. I do great with product manager and I do okay with the engineer and then designer gets old in the middle or do great with the parents but not with the kids are do great with the teacher's Banal to students. And so you kind of start to build up these bundles of relationships but yeah I think the same philosophy applies inside a product. Can we talk a bit about business strategy of a Bundler? And so you're on the spotify board so in the business of providing strategic insight on something like this it would seem to me like if you a bundler and again it's a media example because it's convenient but the same concept should hold that what you would want is to get a diverse enough set of providers on the platform that no one provider holds any power over you whether that's market fragmentations. How you WANNA look at that or use spotify. As an example there are some huge usage. I don't know who they are. But there's a top five most listened to musical artists on spotify that my strategic goal would be to keep adding stuff to the single bundle such that even if. I ripped one of those top five out. I wouldn't lose the big fans of that musician or something. So how do you think about this as building strategic advice for businesses thinking through bundles? So I'll give it an analogy to this framework so when people talk about supply and demand curves and many people have gone and read Adam. Smith's work and he talks about the butcher. The Baker and the way that supply and demand works that the butcher the baker. Actually they don't have to ever of taking an economics class to have supply and demand work they just have to follow their natural incentives and it just works so the reason supply and demand curves cross. And that's where prices equalize and so on is because everyone does the best thing by their business and the right outcomes happened out of that so in any bundler and provider relationship what are the incentives. The incentive of the Bundler is to minimize prevent overlap maximize casual fan overlaps and grow their bundles. So it's not really fragmentation can help but by itself fragmentation may or may not lead to lack of superfan overlap. I mean the key. Is You WANNA be building a product that minimizes the cases where I'm paying twice for the same person and so from that perspective breath might be a better description than fragmentation? And so he look at for example. What spotify Daniel doing with podcasting is a clear example of we went out and looked and said people listen to things all the time. But the percentage of time they spend on music is a lot but not all of it and how about the rest of it and it turns out. Many of those people are as you. Listen to Patrick August. They'd be really good for that base and so in spotify case. I'm not sure fragmentation The music is so fragmented in his literally. Millions of artists that the fragmentation piece of it is not quite that relevant what is really relevant is the way the business gross as that it starts to take on a value proposition that broadens its base on the flip side from the provider's perspective. What is your job? Your job as a provider is to maximize your MCC this bundle. And that's not a bad incentive. Your job is to put it really simple. Your job is to deliver a good product and you think about cable negotiations as a good example of this is an example and they're about the weather channel and direct. Tv and that was a very public. I mean there's lots of but that one was very public example of. I think we've all seen what happens. To channel is an renegotiating with the cable provider. They get notice. Hey we want to renegotiate and then the public war happens and the messages go out to everybody saying that case it was weather channel came back and said they put out this press. Release that said direct. Tv will lose one point six million subscribers if they drop the weather channel keep in mind. I think Twenty million jobs at the time. They'RE GONNA lose. A percent of subs seemed like a lot. Directive puts out a notice saying. Hey these guys are trying to overcharge us they want so much money and so on and then what are they both do? They said wait by the phone and they'd see how many people call and turns out if you're on the math like it didn't need to be anywhere close to one point six million subscribers lot. I think actually if you look at where the actual also price ended up. All they needed was about twenty thousand. They needed just about twenty thousand and forty thousand subscribers turning to agree to what. The weather channel wanted in their demands. And so what was the weather channel job? The weather channel's job in that relationship directories job is not necessarily fragment or not right Mr Pay Fair. It's WanNa pay as close as possible to turn contribution of this product inside this bundle and then from weather channel's perspective. It's Hey I need another forty thousand. People love my product and love it so much that if it didn't exist in this fund that they would turn from the whole bundle. That's very high bar. Not I gotTa Cross Casual Fan bar into the Super Bar in order to do that. That incentive in my opinion leads to very good products the same way that capitalism leads to good products having a meet a supply and demand curve. What does it do forces you to drive? Costs down drive value up and you get better. Products Consumer the same thing here incentive to increase you prevent percentage for your product provider is a great incentive from abundance respective. It's an incentive. You want to encourage so I would say. What are they the question? What is dissertation for? Bundlers for bundlers. I think it's you WANNA assemble a bundle. That minimizes superman overlap. You want to keep increasing the scope of your bundle in particular into new areas of super fans and you WanNa create the market where the set of people inside your bundle have an incentive in an ability to continue to increase their value to your users. They don't actually want it to decrease you want them to build better and better product. You want musician putting better songs. You want podcasters putting a better and better podcast. And knowing that they'll get back a return for that and networks the cable industry is a perfect example of that as much as people love to hate on the cable industry degenerates hundreds of billions of dollars revenue and interestingly for businesses. That in my opinion would not exist without cable. I think history channel's a great example of business that simply would not be possible. They twenty cents per sub per month. If not like you could pull them off and then ask everybody in the world. Would you pay twenty cents per sub per month or twenty cents per household per month bridge? You get such a small fraction of users because the casual fan base is such a huge portion of what they're getting out of that think those are the incentives of the Bundler and the provider. One of the things I was thinking about was that well a lot of people might complain about cable seemingly nobody complains about net flicks and so it makes me wonder about price and pricing power. How do you think about that as an important thing for a Bundler to consider strategically? So some of this is around. Net flicks has a lot of fixed cost and around originals and things like that and as they get scaled classic scale economies type thing. You can get what seems like an incredible deal on a monthly basis say relative to cable for your usage. How do you think about that from the bundlers perspective price and pricing power of a Bundle? Netflix one of the best case studies in bundling. And I think they're playbook for doing it. They did it in such an open secret with everybody watching. They built one of the best bottles on the planet. I think we've made a choice. The racing's a choice very early on his very public about it. I'm not moving price. People saw it as a consumer forward message. It was eight bucks a month for a very very long time and he's I'm not moving price. What he really do by that. I'm not totally sure if this was his reasoning. This interpretation of his reasoning is in doing so like most products. You build a product and then you add to that product and you increase price as your value to your base increases. Let's imagine I have a customer base of one. I can always tell a product for Patrick. Patrick is paying me ten bucks a month and in order for me to continue to expand my business. I have to add things that caused Twenty Bucks County Bucks and forty bucks and fifty at to keep adding things that are meant for Patrick. As in our previous rheumatology I have to keep adding to the value proposition for my super fans. But if I hold prices constant and say that's all I'm ever going to get from Patrick as long as I'm convinced Patrick isn't going to turn all of my business. Opportunity is to go get Patrick's buddy to now subscribe. And now I have to find a way to create a product that Patrick's body would pay for. Let's imagine I had completely evenly priced products and I have a product build just for Patrick and a product bill just for Rachel and Patrick. Hey ten bucks for product product and Rachel WanNa pay ten bucks. Rachel's product and I build these two products and I say hey I have a great idea. I know you guys don't really love each other's products don't really need it at much. I think you'll find valuable. I'll just charge you ten bucks and you both get Patrick and Rachel's products and all of a sudden. What did I do for both of you get to products? Instead of one I get from my side. I get the same amount of money early on but over time. What I get is a much stickier base. You're much less like the churn because now you're getting to politics not number one and you can take this feet and keep applying like there's a little thing is kind of crazy analogy in the paper about imagined is repeated that process for seven billion people on the planet and I produced perfect product or person. One two three four I one million person one billion for and I got seven billion unique products and I charge everybody ten bucks a month for seven billion unique buttocks and then one day. I wake up. I had this great insights. Why don't I just make one bundle and I'M GONNA CHARGE? Everybody's envious still charge everybody ten bucks a month but now everybody gets access to all seven billion bucks. The amount of revenue created is exactly the same but of value created. Is Way way more? Now you get all these products that you're a casual fan so what it Netflix's do by holding constant. They forced themselves to think about their only path to growth was subscriber goats and what that meant was every incentive the business was creating more subscribers percolated all the way all the way to the company by off does the opposite the interesting thing about the cable market is that they start with geographic monopoly comcast fifty million homes and so that's kind of they're captive base so there are a little bit stuck at some point. They're Super Fan base. They've penetrated there are no casual fans to go after anymore. They have that base of keeping bag for superfan. And what happens there? Bill keeps going up. That's the nature of what it Netflix's get away with because it's an internet business. Is they have nowhere near reach saturation of a super fan base. They keep getting to add to it by holding their rice constant so I think that's one of the main things about. I'm not necessarily saying that Redondo. You can't change price you can when people bring bundling problems to me and I say when people say I'M GONNA RAISE PRICES. Generally that's a sign that you've run out of ways to think about the next frontier of Super Casual fans for Your Business and holding price. Constant is a interesting trick for that purpose. Amazon's another great example Amazon prime has done ah didn't raise prices for years and years and years and managed to add so much value to that bundle the reason that could add so much that bundle was because each thing they added to that people out is crazy. I get free shipping criminals on. I thought that was to begin with it. Seems like such an amazing deal and then they had music and they had books and all these different things to it and the thing. I think that is not easy to see about that. What they were really doing was expanding the base. It means that you have to keep adding at keep out users. That's always a good indicator to me. If you want to think like an investor about it a lot of people look for price leverage as a positive sign as an investor. I look at it as a negative sign when you start. Seeing subscription service increased prices people look at it as a willingness to the pay indicator. I look at as saturated my ability to continue growing my base and so I now have to monetize migrating base. More it's not terrible indicator it's good to have a party of people willing to pay more for but it's not as positive indicator as the ability to continue expanding at the same price. I knew you've mentioned the investor had I know you're an investor advisor and investor? You mentioned at the beginning. How much of that thinking is this? Bundle Lens. Are you proactively looking for companies? That have some of these counter intuitive features that we've talked about when making investments or is this just a piece of a sort of general framework for how you think about investing your own funds. Oh for sure. I think it's not really that complicated a thesis because if you have this fuel bundling which looks like you have a similar viewpoint and I'm sure some your listeners will as well the heart of this is subscriptions have been economy scale and there's lots of principles underneath app you can get to. What are the indicators? When price moves were subscribers move and so on but the core idea is the reason bundled produce value back to one that they produce value for casual fans. Bundling has a natural economy of scale. The reason why did describe economy scale. It's easier to get from a hundred million subs one million subs in it to get from zero to one. Why is that lots of other practical reasons? But in bundling terms why is that you have a much bigger casual fan base? Amortizing New Costo. And you've talked about Netflix's investment originals one of the reasons Investment originals can keep going up is the level of hit required by each subsequent original. Goes down over time? Because the number of subscribers to keep from turning is getting larger and larger and larger so you can have a much lesser hit still justified. It the investment. So what does it mean from? An investment perspective is descriptions are like rolling stones. They tend to have natural kinds of scale unless they have a cap on their mark. They have a a natural like this. Product is only applicable to diabetes patients. There's a fixed market was only applicable in Fort Lauderdale like there's a fixed market and you're looking for things that don't have a fix market. We're looking for things that have that natural economies scale. I also think you're looking for things where the League team is open to that viewpoint on bundling that's what I'm looking for indicators. How do you think about price out? I think about the next offering one thing I'd say. That's a double edged sword here. 'cause you could interpret mid four address casual fan overlap as opposed SUPERNOVA lab. You could address that lots of different ways because it could seem like distraction could seem like you're GonNa stop focusing on your core in order to address another piece of it and I think you have to find entrepreneurs leadership teams that know how to make that balance that know how to both feed their core as well as grow their next audie. We I think spotify a great example about its casting. An increase in the audio market is obviously a big effort for the company but the company continues to innovate Nad Value. In its core music offering at the same time. It's not something where it's either or get through that we may have already mentioned the bundled but I'd be curious what the most interesting bundle that you've ever seen this. I can probably give to answer. I mean the spotify student bundle. One of the most fun wants to work on. Because I think most people's perception was that it was a discounting program that in that process. But we were doing by giving the original version was modified plus. Hulu for five bucks a month for students. I think most people's view was. Oh this is just these company's losing money that was eight immensely profitable effort for both companies and the reason was quite simple. The superfan overlap between those two products in the students face was quite small. The number of students who paid for both parts of very small so everybody who signed up in a lot of people signed up for this combined products. Everyone who signed up was new to this offering and what that led to was massive value creation casual creation across both sides of this. I think that's the most interesting one I've worked directly on. I find the most intriguing one to think about to be healthcare. I think this idea sort of that analogy earlier. Health care if you think about healthcare if you recast the government healthcare debate and you say should the government pay for healthcare or not and you re cast it and I don't know how practical it is. Educate the population on this D. Say Hey you have a choice. I WANNA bundle healthcare. Now just give you name. Us other things. I can bundle healthcare with your employment. I can bundle it with your citizenship. I can bundle it with your cable. Bill I can bundle it with your. Let me just work through the list. What do you want to bundle it with? What do you think is best for you? And what do you think is best for the economy not rendering an opinion on which one it would be but that sounds kind of nuts? What if Netflix's offered healthcare? That seems Kinda Crazy Amazon offering healthcare. Maybe doesn't sound so crazy. I think Basil's has a bunch of projects go it but I think that idea that if you cast every my taxes pay for this are you left-leaning right-leaning and so on as just a practical choice. Who Do you want your Butler to be would rather be? Would you rather be the? Us government now. Got Some interesting choices. And I think that way of thinking about the world is super thought-provoking like now a lot of time when you have questions one of my is another piece. I wrote on the Sinkhole in question which is all about finding the right question whenever I spot a question that is good versus evil and people have kind of aligned. That way it's usually at sign that there's something wrong here. It's very rare. That complicated questions actually have such an obvious good versus evil and I think bundling is one of those things that can be helpful clarifying factor in many life decisions that otherwise wouldn't have been thought of as. Oh that's just a question of WHO's the Butler writer. So I think the healthcare one is really interesting. I WANNA ask one more questions about bundling and then touch on this question idea except sounds fascinating before we wrap up. Where does this go from here? What do you think the future of bundling is? What are you most excited about? What is the Internet uniquely able? Where else might this become an important concept? I think the bundles of the future. I think we're headed towards much much larger bundles. And we have to sort of want important conjecture. I think the economy of scale is very large and I think that perception right now is that. Oh the cable bundle seems to broadens on. I think we're GONNA see some bundles that covered products. That we never would have imagined putting together and won't just be your media and your delivery services but it might actually be things like your health care for your dry cleaning on all put together into one. Which sounds a little crazy. But I think we'll see the more interesting. Prediction is what I like to call the third business model for the Internet back to the very start of this call you asked about superfan businesses Catalan business. Non Businesses little history of non fan businesses per before the mid to thousands these businesses quite hard to create and then there was an advent of something called the Ad Network. One of the most popular ones was one. We made it. Google called ad sense now called the Google display network and the idea was pretty simple. If you're a publisher Hugo would provide an advertising unit and allow you to monetize your audience without having to go south advertisers individually in my opinion that business created many other businesses. Just this platform the ability to create this non fan. Business model created many businesses. Most of the blogs in the world are supported. This way many podcasts. And so on are supported. This much of the media industry games a lot of games or this way out of social network supported this way but it actually allowed businesses to be created by having this business model be possible. I think that were watching. A shift to emergence of subscription bundled business model. I think that is going to allow a new class of businesses to exist give announced earlier that I think if cable didn't exist history channel wouldn't exist. It's not that it wouldn't be good. It wouldn't be bad. I just don't think the company would exist. I think product would not be there. I think that the theories in this paper are mostly. They're becoming significantly easier to execute as the world moves online as auditor bought and sold in a much less friction way. Ability to bundles is much simpler. You can pass back referral code. You can do a loss to be able to get people to sign into multiple things. The actual production of the bundles very small may for comcast history channel to do that. You put up satellite dishes ranch or wires like you had to do all sorts of things actually be part of that. This is now becoming a business conversation. You can go produce abundant with a couple of meetings. So I think we're GONNA see not only will get become much bigger? I think we're GONNA see this third business model Internet and I think we're GONNA see businesses that are only viable as part of this business model. Their core offering is so valuable to casual fans but not available enough to Super Fans. Their only real path to market is through bundles. And I think that's really exciting. I think we saw the advertising business model produced some really good businesses youtube being one of them and I think we're GONNA see a wave of new businesses get created as a therapist model. Comes up the Internet this topic of item questions. I WanNa make sure we sneak in here just because it's a powerful way of thinking about things and maybe you could start with this fun. Example of teleportation and why it's a good example and kind of what you mean by. What an Eigen question is whether useful so I can question. So this is estimate. Upward first off and it's loosely. Based on a mathematical term from linear Algebra Aiken Bekker's are the most discriminating vector in multidimensional space heavily used machine learning as well just as background a mathematician by background. So a lot of those terms make sense are the natural analogies for me. But it's unnecessary for understanding to the idea and I can question is in a space of questions. Find the most discriminating question and answer that question. I and you can think about if I have questions for which question if I answered that. I answered the other nine questions. It's a very powerful way of thinking about framing. Problems is what the topic it's used for. And it's a cultural technique US using Youtube Kota. It's something we test for interviews. It's something we train for us. People joining I think if you're good at framing problems you tend to be very good at addressing new challenges as they come up so one of the test questions we use for. It was interesting when I published earlier this week. And we had a lot of debate about revealing this question because it's been a article interview question for a long time but we decided it was a good example and we have another question. Replace it with. This is one of my favorite interview questions. I'll sit down with mind and say okay. A group of inventors have invented a teleportation device and it works kind of like the one from Star Trek. They come to Patrick and they said hey seem really smart. I'd like you to help you figure out where the guys I'd like you to figure out how to bring this to mark. So how would you bring a teleportation? Device market and most candidates will start off this question and good ones will at least by being. They'll start asking questions. Let's say tell me about the device. How big is it is a two sided to any one on each side? How fast as it were. How safe is it? How much did 'cause what color is all sorts of different questions and also collect all answer. Some of them deflect some of them will come back to that putting your list and so on and then I'll pause and I'll say hey you know these inventors. They decided that they don't actually like answering. All these questions are kind of annoyed. Actually and so. They decided they're only going to answer two questions. And you can ask any questions you want. But after that they expect an answer they expect to go to market model. What are your two questions for? This group of inventors of the rotation device and good candidates will quickly get to an answer. One in this right up about an answer I got recently. I think it's pretty good as candidates. Said I'M GONNA ask you questions. How safe is the device and one question and is the device more Purchaser Mukasey to operate? And so how safe IZAAC has range from safe enough for humans to not save enough forget? Once it's use binary outcomes and the other access is its cost a lot to make but not a lot to operate or costs a lot to operate but not a lot to make and you take these four quadrants and you lay them out and you say okay. What can I do and it actually turns out with. Just those two questions you can come up with most of what you need for business. So for example if it is safe enough for humans and it is cheap to deploy but closet operate then you want to deploy it everywhere you want in every room in every house you want to treat it almost like human fax machines. I'm put it everywhere and anytime you want me up Scotty and be me over to the other place. If on the other hand it's imagine that it is costly to deploy but cheap top rate then. You can't very in many places and you probably deployed a little bit closer to an airport network. Can you have a set of hubs and you set that up and it's safe enough for humans? You treated like an airport. Humans go through it. It's not safe enough for humans. Treat it like a freight network you kind of work your way through all four audrey and you can see it this technique. This idea of I question. Can I split a space into clear? Separation super powerful with examples helpful to your listeners. But it's something I think practice. You can get better at this. Take any issue in front of you and say what is the question. Here is a fun story in the document about another youtube one from when talk about Youtube search people get through as well. I think. It's a really powerful technique. It's kind of fun. Word Item Question. I love so my closing question for everybody to ask for the kindest thing that anyone's ever done for you. I'm GonNa tell a story is the first one popped in my mind is story about one of my favorite coaches named Bill Campbell and bill. Listen they know. He is known as the coaches book written about him. Recently called trillion-dollar coach. He was one of my very early coaches. When I started my first companies Contrada the primary investors coastline Perkins and. Bill is poaching all of the CEO's from that network. And so. I got to spend time with bill well before. He was Raymond Tortoise Steve Jobs and our patients on and little old. Meka GET SOME USEFUL ADVICE FROM BILL. And he was super helpful he would show up at and he's one of those coaches and mentors. That would help at a moment's notice and sometimes provide useful advice and sometime. Just provide a little nudge and he would just sort of Orient me the right direction or are you telling me like you're already on the right track you. She doesn't conference this year. That's right way to do it. And then had this conversation that was really instructive to me and it really formed how I think about people contributions in life. So we're about a year into this relationship and I go to bill and I said Hey I just notice I was looking through our records. I noticed we never formalized in Advisory Agreement you've been advising the company was literally showing up every week and there's been a lot of time on and I said we never formalize agreements. You'RE NOT GONNA pay. I'd like to make sure that we do that. I want to take advantage of your time. And he's not sure I don. I don't need any of that. Worry about and I said really like that's a little bit weird and he says Yeah. Look been fight lucky my career. I've made a lot of money on if you really feel strongly about it right. Whatever you want just donate a straight to charity. Because that's going to do as okay. That's interesting I'm twenty one years old at the time. Like the idea of Iraq someone that was willing to put in their time and turned down. Any compensation wasn't something I was that used to at the time but then I asked him and said okay. Well that's interesting. I feel like every other person I talked to has got something in mind. They're all motivated by something. Like what is it for you? What's causing you to do this? How are you judging? And he gave me the most useful framework and he said look the way I look at it is I look at the list of people I've mentored and helped and I just cow. How many of them are executives and CEOS at Fortune five hundred companies and? I look at my team I see. Where did they land? And I just think that as my personal scoreboard it was so powerful and by the way he passed away for years back and his funeral was one of the A who funeral. Everybody you can important. You think I was there. And every single person got up and gave a speech said almost the exact same banks version of storage escape. Bill always seem to have time for me. You always seem to make me feel like it was only my problems. Important to him and yet he seemed to have helped everybody else around as well and I don't know how he possibly did it. But so this is sort of a little bit. Meta but his personal time commitment to me was super one of the most kind things I'd ever seen done for me. The bigger gift was it just gave me a framework for thinking about helping people that was not so direct and not so transactional not so. If those people succeed. He felt success in other people's success. That was his bar. That was his way of judging. I have impact. And I think if you look at it that way all of a sudden like your payback on helping someone is like way more directly correlated in. You don't have to worry about. Will this ever get repaid and so on anti those really kind gift and I try to pay it forward as much as I can? It reminds me so much a wonderful story about idea Sarah Towel shared with me. Which is this philosophy idea around the notion of friendship being about adopting another person's means are ends as your own that basically you're just mapping onto what they're trying to accomplish in assuming it was what you were trying to accomplish and that's it and act as if and it just seems like bill embodied that. I've heard that about him like you said from multiple people so Greek closing answer such an interesting topic. I can't believe our hour and a half is done. I could go another hour and a half or sure. Maybe we'll do it another time soon but I appreciate your time and all the interesting insight. It's a totally unique business exploration for me and that's rare so thank you all right. Thank you very much a quick question that interview and I'm glad I had a chance to walk through a topic that has been fun hobby for me for a long time. Everyone Patrick your again to find. More episodes of invest like the Best Goto investor field guide DOT COM forward slash. Podcast if your book lover you can also sign up for my book. Club AT INVESTOR FIELD GUIDE DOT COM forward slash Brooklyn after you sign up to receive a full investor curriculum right away and then three to four suggestions of new books every month. You can also follow me on twitter at Patrick. Underscore Osieck S. H. G. If you enjoy the show please leave a quick review for us on I tunes which will help. More people discover invest like the best. Thanks so much for listening.

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