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"shishe josh" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

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"shishe josh" Discussed on Bloomberg Radio New York

"The Bloomberg business act Good morning I'm Nathan Hager And I'm Karen Moscow in U.S. stock index futures on the rise this morning we're coming up to 6 O one on Wall Street and we check the markets every 15 minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg S&P futures up 9 points down futures of 27 NASDAQ futures have 42 the Dax in Germany up about two tenths of upper The ten year treasury at 5 30 seconds yields 1.47% yield on the two year .69% Nymex crude oil is down 1% on 76 cents at $73 three cents a barrel Comics gold is down three tenths percent or 5.7 at 1806 announced the Euro 1.1318 against the dollar the yen one 14.69 Nathan Karen let's begin this morning with the Alma cron variant driving a new COVID surge around the world in the U.S. new daily cases are higher than they were during the delta wave though hospitalizations are still lower Doctor shisha is dean at Brown university school of public health He says he's hopeful this wave will pass as quickly as it started Certainly South Africa is a hopeful sign That this wave of infections sweeping across America is going to rise very very quickly But hopefully he quickly and start coming down quickly as well Doctor shishe Josh spoke on Fox News Sunday heard here on Bloomberg radio Meantime a hospital in Israel is beginning a study into the safety and efficacy of fourth vaccine doses Sheba medical center will give the shots to a 150 medical workers who received third doses before August 20th While Nathan President Biden's top medical adviser is warning Americans not to get complacent about the omicron variant doctor Anthony Fauci said the volume of cases could still overwhelm hospitals despite evidence that symptoms may be less severe The issue that we don't want to get complacent about is that when you have such a high volume of new infections it might override a real diminution in severity Doctor Fauci made the comments on EBC's this week her Sunday is on Bloomberg radio Preliminary data from Scotland shows that obi cron is ten times more likely than delta to infect people who have already had COVID A new study here in the U.S. Karen could point to answers about so called long COVID Researchers at the national Institutes of health have found the virus that causes COVID-19 can spread within days to almost every organ system in the body and stay there for.

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