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"She continued working on behalf of all those americans who weren't being given a seat at the table now shirley chisholm may not have won her bid for president of the united states but in the good fight the book she later wrote about her campaign. She acknowledged that honestly winning. Wasn't the reason. She ran iran. Because someone had to do it. I in this country every body is supposed to be able to run for president. But that's never been really true. Iran because most people think the country is not ready for a black candidate not ready for a woman candidate the next time a woman runs or a black a jew or anyone from a group that the country is not ready to elect to attack highest office. I believe he or she will be taken seriously from the start. The door is not open yet but it is a jar shirley chisholm died in two thousand and five three years before she could see barack obama get elected the first black president of the united states and fifteen years before she could witness kamala harris got elected as the first black and first female vice president before shirley passed away. She was asked how she'd like to be remember after she was gone her response. I'd like them to say a shirley. Chisholm had guts. That's how i like to be remembered. And thanks her fighting spirit. Her fearless determination to forge her own path. She absolutely will be everyone. Thank you so much for welling with us this week..

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"Right. Let's do it okay. Surely says that. Spain of new york will offer financial assistance for poor students to go to college. Surely says that's the state of new york will allow housecleaners health aides and other domestic workers to go on unemployment. If they lose their jobs surely says the state of new york will let female teachers keep their job after they have a baby. O k now. Rebecca sheer e. You may continue but wait. You didn't say shirley says ha year catching on shirley says you may continue. When shirley left the state assembly in nineteen sixty eight. it was an incredibly tumultuous time. In america president lyndon johnson was sending troops to southeast asia to fight in the war between south vietnam and communist north vietnam while demonstrations against the war were raging back home. The feminist movement was on the rise with women across the country marching for rights equal gig and after the assassination of martin luther king junior one of the most important leaders in the civil rights movement protests erupted in more than one hundred cities and it was against this dramatic backdrop that shirley chisholm decided to jump from statewide politics to national and make a bid for the united states house of representatives. The house of representatives is one of the two chambers of the congress the branch of the government that makes laws with a campaign slogan of unbought and unb bossed fighting shirley chisholm. She called herself ran as a democrat her opponent. A prominent civil rights activists named james farmer was running as a republican but despite their opposing parties. The two candidates actually campaigned similarly on most issues. Ladies.

shirley Rebecca sheer new york president lyndon johnson state assembly Spain shirley chisholm north vietnam south vietnam house of representatives asia martin luther america congress james farmer
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"It's not only symbolism and me This is really tangible and important, tangible link to the past to someone who was a pioneer Shirley Chisholm to today are first Female vice president. Sorry. And Somerset. You're on w N Y C. Happy Inauguration Day, Ari. Yeah. Thank you so much. I just want to say that I am going to this country. And what you thought the first time but after four years off division, Clise and whatever I just feel so proud to be American. I felt that the way he spoke the words the humility. Um, no pointing fingers, not accusing anyone talking about unity. It was just unhappy day tribulation to call myself American. And I just think that it's important to carry it for it Forward. Nto. Try to govern from the middle. Understanding that this field 74 million American that Not boarded by them, And it's not about pushing and shoving one agenda or taking revenge. Trying Tol do things that It's only for, uh, liberal or Democrat And stopped. Just stop. Consider state now consider blue state and let states and liberal and just like the way by themselves in a speech. Unity is the most important thing, And I think the message Was safe to then I hope it would carry on forward. And for me that the best thing about this, uh, day today is Amanda Groman. She was just amazing. Um, 22 years old. Young African American. Dissenters off slave To come up and speak like this in front of the nation. The words it was just amazing. It was just really, really. True feeling off, proud to be American, and I pick it up there. Okay. Thank you so much. You know Allison of our 10 lines. Three people are calling to mention Amanda Gorman. A little later in the hour. You know, we'll play a little clip from her poem, but she landed, huh? Unbelievably. So I think that you know, on several levels on the content of her speech on the performance of her speech, the eloquence and the grace and then the idea of what were you doing when you were 22? The boy is her unbelievable poison on the international stage was really extraordinary. And I think a lot of people have been commenting that in a very Careful and interesting way. She perhaps. Brought it the most in terms of politics. That is, she was the person who spoke truth about the moment through the arts and through art and culture, which we know It's such a enormous and a potent delivery system for hard truths. So you know what I think we should do. Are we going to go to a break? Is that with the sign you just gave Friday I can actually see each other on Zoom thistles. Inauguration day covers on W. And why see, I'm Alison Stewart along with Bryan Layer. And are we going to go? The Amanda Gorman clip? So I think that's for a little later and look cute up right away. We'll do that in a few minutes, but more of your cost coming up on W N Y C as well be back in a minute..

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"Dickinson read An excerpt from Shirley Chisholm is memoir on Box and on Bost. American idea of going on the campaign trail has evolved over time. Today, we might conjure images of candidates eating fried foods at the Iowa State Fair or making gaffes in Michigan. But believe it or not. In the early 19th century, we didn't have airplanes or Twitter. Not to mention Iowa or Michigan. Back then the whistle stop tour was just taking shape and the breathless sort of journalistic coverage we enjoy now just wasn't possible. Give you a sense of how far things have come in terms of coverage and the tone of that coverage. Let's revisit the contentious campaign of 18 28, John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson engaged in a bruising contest full of accusations of bigamy, cannibalism. And worse, broadsides were more likely than objective reporting, and the press often felt like partisan propaganda. The following are excerpts from the pro Adam's newspaper National Journal on the pro Jackson Telegraph. Deal with one of the tamer accusations of the day. And Andrew Jackson was nearly illiterate. The National journal. Mr Adams is a scholar. Is he to be superseded by a man of no education? Mr. Adams is a state Smith. Is he to give way to a mere soldier? Mr Adams has been bred in the Cabinet or in the school were national laws and interests are objects of study. Is he Make room for a man bread in the camp experienced only in civil Broyles and who has resigned every civil appointment on account of his admitted incompetency to fill it. I imagine that was written by an angry, judgmental mustache. And this is the telegraph. History abound, with splendid examples of men remarkable for great qualities who could not even read their own language, much less write it with accuracy but to argue against the presumption of General Jackson's fitness for the presidency because he cannot spell his absurd. We care. Not if you spell Congress with the K. He may not withstanding, understand the rights and duties of that body or of the people or himself as well as if he spelled it correctly. And that presumably was written by a sentient hickory stick. So maybe journalists do a bit more of Journalism on the trail these days. Still, as you can hear, some arguments about a candidate's fitness for office have remained pretty much the same. It's too bad because if we could agree on a basic presidential spelling test Primary season could be a lot shorter. When we return hundreds, Thompson.

John Quincy Adams General Jackson National Journal Iowa Shirley Chisholm Michigan Andrew Jackson Dickinson Adam Thompson Smith Broyles Congress Cabinet
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"Australian singer Helen Reddy, who died this week. Her biggest hit was I am Woman. They've reached the top spot on the charts. In 1972 it peaked is the women's liberation movement was making big headlines. It was the year the Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment and saw Shirley Chisholm run for president. I'm Jen white. This is one woman here in numbers too big to signal No too much to go back. Is it all done up in down there on the floor? Yes drives can do. I am strong. On the next fresh air. Underwater explorer and photographer Jill Hein Earth has dived into underground waterways deep in the earth beneath a giant iceberg. She's seen hidden creatures as old as dinosaurs and witnessed scenes of surreal beauty. Her work is so dangerous 100 of our friends and colleagues have died in dives. Her book is into the Earth. Join us now on weeknights at eight on 89.3 kpcc..

Jill Hein Earth Helen Reddy Shirley Chisholm Jen white Senate president
Helen Reddy: 'I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar' Singer Dies at 78

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Helen Reddy: 'I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar' Singer Dies at 78

"Year before Helen Reddy was diagnosed with dementia, the singer explained in an interview with Houston Public media. Where I am woman came from, I guess Heaven, you know came to me and it wouldn't leave me was simply a phrase that over and over I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman. And I thought, Well, this is has to be a soul. I am woman. Hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore Helen Reddy this sport into a show business family in Australia. She came to the US after winning a singing competition in 1966. Her career was just beginning to take off when she decided she had to record I am woman, even though her label Capitol Records thought it was too strident to feminists ready, and her manager husband, more convinced the song would speak to a new generation of independent woman. Without any support from the label. They worked the phones trying to get radio stations to play it. It was so hard it was so hard, Helen Reddy and that 2014 interview. You know, so many radio stations would say, Well, we're we're already playing a female record. It took nearly a year for I'm women to work its way up the charts and become a number one hit. When ready, then won a Grammy for best female performance. She thanked her manager husband, I would like to thank Jeff wrong because he makes my success possible. And I would like to thank God because she makes everything possible, calling God she a national television was audacious. But remember, this was 1972. The same year, the Equal Rights Amendment passed the Senate and Shirley Chisholm ran for president. The Supreme Court made its decision in Roe vs Wade just a month after I am Woman reached number one on and I am women has legs over the years has been covered over and over with the cultural impact Illustrated in part by the gleeful karaoke version, sung by the main characters in the 2010 movie sex in the city, too. For recently Helen Reddy herself perform the song at the 2017 Women's March in Los Angeles. I wass but its ways. Yes, right. But look how much game Hindu and Helen Reddy's love memorialized in a movie that came out just this year, a biopic called, Of Course I Am Woman for Signature Song reflected optimism and joy in a time of challenge change difficulty. She leaves us joy and optimism in her music. It is

Helen Reddy Grammy Capitol Records Shirley Chisholm Houston United States Australia Jeff Wrong Supreme Court Los Angeles Senate President Trump ROE Wade
Zendaya is the youngest Emmys lead drama actress winner

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Zendaya is the youngest Emmys lead drama actress winner

"Entertaining 2020 Emmys kicked off with a bang when the beloved comedy This is its title, Not a swear word s C H. I T. T S Creek broker record by winning seven Primetime Emmys in the comedy categories, including writing best comedy plus completely sweeping all the acting awards. Zendaya also made history a 20 for becoming the youngest winner of the best lead actress in a drama for her portrayal of ruin the HBO Siri's euphoria and the acclaimed limited Siri's watchman, also one big taking home. The award for best limited Siri's, as well as acting awards for Yaya Abdul Mateen, the second and Regina King. King wore a Briana Taylor T shirt, as did Yuzu Aduba, who won for playing Shirley Chisholm and Mrs America and all the favorite succession walked away with best drama. Okay, now that we've celebrated all that great

Siri Regina King Yaya Abdul Mateen T. T S Creek Shirley Chisholm Yuzu Aduba HBO Briana Taylor Zendaya Mrs America
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"It was about TV to be sure but last night's Emmys will also about politics and social justice here's what blankets star Anthony Anderson got any host Jimmy Kimmel to echo the call for an end to police brutality others needed no prodding at all like Regina king of watchman who had a simple message for viewers got a vote I would be remiss not to mention that both king and lose I do both won supporting actress for playing Shirley Chisholm and Mrs America what T. shirts honoring Brianna Taylor the black woman in Louisville Kentucky shot to death by police in her home during a botched drug raid I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

Anthony Anderson Jimmy Kimmel Shirley Chisholm Mrs America Brianna Taylor Louisville Kentucky Oscar wells Gabriel
A sweep for ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ ‘Succession’ tops Emmy Awards

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A sweep for ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ ‘Succession’ tops Emmy Awards

"It was about TV to be sure but last night's Emmys will also about politics and social justice here's what blankets star Anthony Anderson got any host Jimmy Kimmel to echo the call for an end to police brutality others needed no prodding at all like Regina king of watchman who had a simple message for viewers got a vote I would be remiss not to mention that both king and lose I do both won supporting actress for playing Shirley Chisholm and Mrs America what T. shirts honoring Brianna Taylor the black woman in Louisville Kentucky shot to death by police in her home during a botched drug raid I'm Oscar wells Gabriel

Anthony Anderson Jimmy Kimmel Shirley Chisholm Mrs America Brianna Taylor Louisville Kentucky Oscar Wells Gabriel
Freedom Summer: Barbara Lee

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Freedom Summer: Barbara Lee

"In June nineteen sixty four freedom summer also known as the Mississippi Summer Project was a volunteer campaign across America to attempt to register as many black American voters as possible in Mississippi. News coverage of freedom summer shed a light on the white supremacy and police brutality that black Americans face. We. Don't Tuesday night the finding of three bodies in graves at the site of a damn near Philadelphia Mississippi where three civil rights workers disappeared six weeks ago. Over the past few weeks we have been experiencing another freedom summer. Minnesota are saying to people in New York two people in California to people in Memphis to people all across this nation enough is enough cell phone videos and social media are once again providing glaring spotlight on the inequities and injustice that are woven into the fabric of American society. In this special season of the browns to politics, we are diving into the past in how is impacting our present and future. For protests to political campaigns and youth involvement change is in the air and the fight for liberation continues. We'll be hearing from some of the Black Women at the forefront at today's movement who are fighting for change in making history to ensure that we have justice for all. Her name was even floated as a potential. VP. Pick for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's. It is no surprise that would ever congress is debating issues of equity and justice. Congress will lease voice is one of the strongest and most prominent today we talk about her work as a college student, a member of the Black Panther Party and what Congress is, do we to fight systems of oppression to reshape reimagined our political world? Congresswoman Barbara Lee thank you so much for joining us and happy belated birthday. Breaking very good happy with you. I'm really excited to talk to you today and for our listeners, the congresswoman is such a legend and all of her work that she has done in. Congress over the years especially for Black Brown and indigenous communities by I have to ask you this question because it's something that I just wanted to talk to you about for so long is. You were a part of the Black Panthers. What was it like being? Black Panther I actually was not a member of the Black Panther Party I was what they call the community worker community workers had a lot of responsibilities as the Black Panther. Party. Members and remember the Black Panther Party began as a result of police Gupta brutality and the African American community. I mean. They stood down the police because things, police, murders, police Retali- as we know now were occurring then and they were the first organization that really took the police on, and so it was out of that that the Black Panther party formed, there's the Bible programs because it was not only an organization that address police brutality, but it was an organization that addresses chemic-. Racism and poverty. and. So what I did, and which was really phenomenal work and I was a single mother on public assistance with two little boys. I helped sell newspapers like math a newspaper on street corners I actually participated in the breakfast program for children who didn't have whose parents didn't have enough money to buy food and that's actually the breakfast programs from the federal government. Actually. Started as a result of the of the models that the Black Panther party you. I also really worked with you. He knew then did the research on his book Revolutionary Suicide. It was really phenomenal project I got to know Huey Newton Bobby Seale, Elaine Brown, Erica Huggins Joan Kelly, who just passed away and many of the leadership of the black. Panther party because community worker and student I was very involved in a lot of the work with party members. I actually brought Shirley Chisholm got involved in politics through the first presidential the first. Time. A black woman ran for president and that was sure children who was the first African American woman elected to Congress and so the Black Student Union president I invited her to come to milk college where I was attending and I got involved in her campaign by herb insisting that I register the vote and I had a class go because I didn't WanNa work in any of those campaigns. Well, bottom line is working her campaign and got the Black Panther party really involved in voter registration efforts. I. Was the one that went and asked Huey Noonan Bobby Seale to consider becoming politically active around early Chisholm campaign and they did. So I worked on all phases of the black. Panther. Party and all the different divisions I actually bag groceries. You know the panthers had a whole ten point program which again, the Free Breakfast program for the kids They started the Community Health Center Movement by instituting the George Jackson free medical clinic they did sickle cell tests. In fact, there was the Black Panther party that raises awareness about sickle cell disease as a as a disproportionate impact African Americans Fast Board Twenty Twenty people in the African American community and Black and Brown news still struggling disproportionately as it related to food security food desert healthcare disparities, unequal education. I. Helped. Start. Actually I wrote the first proposals for the Black Panther Party community learning center. They establish a Black Panther party school and so I was very instrumental in working on that project. So I did a lot of work with the Black Panther Party and I can just speak to how phenomenal they were and how necessary they were and how we should as we move forward. You know there's this Symbol in a gun and Andy. In government in Ghana called and Copeland. If the bird beautiful bird looking back holding an egg in her mouth and like in order to move forward in order to blackboard and you have to look back, we have to know our history we know where we've been and we have to build upon that so that we can move forward it. Now a wonderful young people in the Movement for Black, flags, or dreamers all the movements that are taking place are a continuation of what I see as the civil rights movement of of today, as well as what Black Panther Party actually started as it relates to stand down and and thing that that policing in our community. chain stop disproportionate killing black, and Brown people

Black Panther Party Black Panther Party School Panther Party Congress Black Women African American Community Black Student Union Congresswoman Barbara Lee Mississippi Huey Noonan Bobby Seale Philadelphia Mississippi Joe Biden Minnesota Browns Shirley Chisholm Memphis Ghana Panthers New York
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"Bill and Senator Harris coming from a law enforcement background. We're in the moment where we're still facing, you know the ramifications of the uprisings who saw this summer? And people want to see more. Can't let let's talk a moment about Shirley Chisholm famously on bought in Boston, She was the first black woman elected to the house and then ran for president in 1972. What affected just seeing a black woman run for president at that time have on future generations, including someone like Senator Harris. I'm so glad you brought Shirley Chisholm because I just had a story where I actually spoke with Hazel Deuce. Who's this long time activist 88 years old and Steve walked me through that moment of when she thought sure, Lynch's um get on that stage in 1972 in Miami and for her for so many black women. It was more than just the historical moment. It was a moment of hope. A moment that they knew would open more doors a moment that they knew that eventually would potentially lead to opportunity for someone to come through, like humble hairs, And that's really the legacy of chisel. That's the legacy of Fannie Lou Hamer. That's the legacy of all of these black women who have come before Camilla hairs and I just I thought it was so pointed last night when she said that as Americans, we all stand on their shoulders. And that's true because once again black women have been at the forefront of these fights for so long. It is just now that people have fully began to realize their power in the strength that they bring with them to this table. Cat. The pandemic overshadows everything about this election in this convention, and Senator Harris spoke to that last night, connecting it to the work we need to do to fight racism. This virus. It has no eyes. And yet it knows exactly how we see each other. And how we treat each other. And let's be clear There is no vaccine for racism. We've got to do the work. Yes. And look, we know through my reporting to the reporting of some of the others that this pandemic has disproportionately impacted black Americans and other people of color. They have been hit hard Really by what I've been noting as three crises going on at the same time, which is the health implications of people dying, which is the economic fallout from the pandemic, people losing their jobs, unable to put food on the table for their families. But then you couple that with this moment that we're in with this reckoning around racism in this country. And so you can't talk about any of this without noting that race is at the center of this election. Racism is at the center of this country, and I think was senator Hairs did last night was really make sure that we brought that to the forefront and recognize that in order for this nation to move forward, it's gonna have to grapple with this long history of racism in this country. There's no other way for If the Harris Biden ticket is successful in November, as you mentioned, there will be no more black women in the Senate. For both of you. Why do we need more black women leaders and how would this country be different if that were a reality? I think that the reality is that representation does not utter and regardless of how you feel about the representation, black women deserve to be at every level represented for the work that they do, and that is very obvious in the Democratic Party. And I think that if Senator Harris makes it to the White House that her absence will be felt, I think she brings her prosecutorial background whenever we see her at a hearing, and we will lose that, and it is a shame that in this historic moment where we're celebrating such a game that we have to always be thinking about what we're losing, there's always a sacrifice and I think that that will be underscored, No matter what happens. And for me, I think this is an important point. You know? I spoke with Dr Jonetta Cole, who, of course, was first black woman president of the Historical Hbcu Bowman. And something that she said really stuck with me, she said. If you see one, you can be one. And I'm saying that because for every little black girl in his country for really every little girl in this country when they see someone like senator hairs when they see someone like Stacey Abrams It just lets them know that they too, can do that. But everything that could just agree with her because while this is a moment of celebration, we can't fully declared that it's a victory because America has yet to see its first black woman governor. In his 2020 think about that and let that sink in. We still have so much more work to do. Co. Bragg is a reporter for the 19th and Cat. Stafford is an Associated Press reporter on race and ethnicity. Thank you both So much for being here. Thank you. Thanks..

Senator Harris senator Hairs president Shirley Chisholm Fannie Lou Hamer Boston senator Harris Biden Hazel Deuce reporter Democratic Party Lynch Steve Associated Press Camilla Co Senate Bragg
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"At Stanford University. Very fasting of conservative thinking, going back for decades. How do you feel about that? Is there an expectation that women of color always progressive? Are you happy to get conservative women of color and power too? You know, black women are a monolithic voting black. We're not a monolithic leadership. For me a diverse decision making table regardless of where it fits in my my my political ideology still makes better decisions and so being able to ensure that if we're looking at this, just from a from a two political idealism spectrum conservative to progressives, we need to be pushing both spectrum's to ensure that their leadership looks Divers and looks like America and then for me is that I have no problem being able to be in a brave conversation where we put push our counterparts to be better on issues or center center, our communities in those issues So no, I think that we should ensure that each decision making table is diverse, so that she still has unique, a unique Experience as a black woman in America that she's bringing to a table that would without her leadership, be void of a discussion about race and gender and another person that you've helped campaign Letitia James, the first black woman to Vienna to York attorney general, she took on Exxon Mobil and lost Tell us about her and some of the other. New crop of leaders. You're you're supporting. We saw a very different congressional glass in 2018. You know, behind my shoulder is Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to ever be elected to Congress in 1968. So we're 51 years and she you know, became the first black woman to serve in that body. She went on four years later, literally 48 years. From like. Today she was preparing for the 1972 Democratic convention, where she would go in her name be entered into nomination from the floor. So there's been gains around black leadership since then. N gains for black women, But the 23 million black woman this country are underrepresented in under served in this tribe that we've seen since Shirley Chisholm is in through higher heights, and I worked with the center for American Women in Politics. You can't actually build a blueprint for if you don't know where you've been Sankofa, right? And so when you look at black women's leadership In 2014 There was only one to black woman elected in serving as mayors of top 100 cities, so enter to 2020 and what we see on the national stage are seven black woman leading major cities and, frankly being more progressive on how they're approaching covert 19 than their counterparts across the country in our country's history. We've Only had 15 black woman serve as statewide executives. Leticia James being one right And here is a woman who is using her position as a New York state attorney. General toe actually put push innovation and progressive policies that would be implemented nationwide. And so she again entered Koba 19 recognizing the racial disparities both from a health perspective. From an economic perspective and I think has leading well is to circle right back to where surely show them In 2018 we elected the largest number of women ever to serve in Congress, including the largest number of black woman to ever serve that body. We now have 25 black women serving in Congress, one African American woman in the U. S Senate, which is Kamala Harris, with only elected to in our country's history. In 1972. Ah, Carol Moseley Braun and now Kamala Harris and we have 24 black woman serving in the House of Representatives. But what's unique about the freshman class is they were their leadership was built for time. Is this. So? Who did we know that in 2018 we would elect Lorna Underwood, a nurse. Who's uniquely qualified to sit at a table as we determine how we are preparing in the intersection of racial Lynn's around health disparities who knew that in 2018 when we since Johanna Hes not only a teacher, but the 2016 teacher of the year to serve in Congress that she would be sitting at the table that as we envision how we home school? Children across the country that we would ensure that there would be a clear discussion around the inequalities of broadband in technology for our Children's. I think the black women you know that are serving in Congress are uniquely Using their voices in their leadership in a way that centers the communities of color in the way that talks about the intersectionality of the very issues that were at the you know, unfortunate bottom of every indicator At the end of the day, I'll India at this is that the road to 2020 is built on the engagement of black voters and at the center of the over engagement of On black voters are black women. When we fire up a black woman, she doesn't go to the polls alone. She raise a house trouble, her church and her story that is too traditional for my mother did it So the day she died. She called me and my brothers to ensure that we voted in election right and we are more than ever leaning into We want our return on our voting investment, and that is in the form of policies and directly impact black women for families in our communities. And we are absolute continuing to claim seats at decision making table so that we can create a country and move it high. Right, Glenda, you talk about creating space for grace and having this difficulty you said brave conversation because it's you know, we're not comfortable talking about race in this country. And part of that is what words to use. You were born in the U. S. A. Your father's from Jamaica. What are your thoughts on? How white people should say. Should we say black? Should we say African American? Help me help me understand? So the African diaspora is is diverse. And you know, I am blessed to have been raised by parents that believed that it is okay to have raised conversations. So you know, higher heights. We have built the political home for black woman's leadership. And to be clear it's center. It is. It was found it formed by black women. It's centers black woman, But we recognized that this democracy is more than black women. And so part of the reason why we use the analogy of being a Home for those who know the tradition of black women, my grandmother regardless of how much money she had or had not didn't have. There's always an extra seat at our dinner table. Right. And it didn't matter who are brothers. My brothers and I would bring home. You know, we grew up in Connecticut. We always joke around. For some people like there are black people in Connecticut and, you know, Although we grew up in a black community, we were bused to an affluent white school districts. You know, we I graduated from high school with less than 10 People of color..

Congress Shirley Chisholm American Women in Politics attorney Connecticut Stanford University Kamala Harris Exxon Mobil America Letitia James Carol Moseley Braun Koba Jamaica Lorna Underwood Leticia James New York Glenda Lynn U. S Senate York
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"At the Sundance Film Festival and she doesn't. Four on April ninth. Two dozen six to film was announced as winner of peabody award. Into, dozen fourteen. The first adult biography of his was published Shirley Chisholm Catalyst for Change Brooklyn College history professor. Barbara winslow was who was also the founder and first director of the show his on project. Publish this. Until, then only seven several juvenile biographies at appeared. Chisholm speech for the equal rights amendment given a nineteen seventy as listed as number ninety one in America's American rhetoric talk one hundred species speeches of the twentieth century. So It's really amazing things. And she just paved the way for other African, American woman along with just African Americans or women in general because of all of the minorities she served with she just really became so important and influential, and I really look up to her today. Of, so now we're GONNA. Read some fun facts from mental floss dot. Com You? GotTa ended off a little bit fun and so. Because that, she had grown up as a young child in Barbados. She actually had a slight English accent. Odd I know. And then hold on. Trying to find another one that we haven't already discussed. She had a way with words and established herself as outspoken and ready for change early in her first term. Definitely. Her presidential campaign was unexpected and historic. The campaign trail is full challenges. Should an unlikely supporter George Wallace. Following retirement didn't slow down which already learned. She continues to garner accolades for her trailblazing work, so she was inducted into the national woman fame in Nineteen ninety-three in two thousand fourteen, the US Postal Service debuted the surely Chisholm forever stamp as part of the black heritage series a year later. President Barack Obama post humorously. Awarded Hertie Presidential Medal of Freedom, and now by Davis will start movie about her life, but never doubted what legacy she wanted to leave behind one saying I want his Serta, remember me now was the first black woman to have made a bid for the presidency of the United States, but is a black woman who lived in the twentieth century dared to be herself. I want to be remembered as a catalyst for.

Shirley Chisholm George Wallace Barbara winslow peabody award Barack Obama Change Brooklyn College US Postal Service Barbados President United States America Davis professor founder director
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"At? I'M GONNA I. Don't know what to call this upset because. I mean I don't call it short some, but essentially I'm trying to do a specific episode. I just WanNa, take quotes, just direct quotes, the entire time from different upset, because those are the ones I can throw the really fit, fast and there. It's basically just compiling. All the information could find on the Internet, and like fifteen minutes of your on the go. You can listen, and it's like channel that you didn't have to do research yourself somebody else. Just read it to you. So, this is just one of those, so there's none of my own like speaking or anything so I had. Together really fast, but enjoy now the upset. Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth. That is my favorite quote from Shirley Chisholm. Shirley need a Saint Hill was born on November. Thirtieth Nineteen, twenty, four in Brooklyn New York to immigrant parents from the Caribbean region. She had three younger sisters to born within three years of Saint Hill, and one later, her father Charles Christopher Saint. Hill was born. In British CANEA cuts mispronounced before moving to Betas, he arrived in new. York City the MTA Cuba in Nineteen, twenty-three. Her mother reveal was born in Christ church. Barbados arrived in new. York, city and nineteen twenty one. That was a quick from Kapadia. When she was three years old Shirley was sent to live with her grandmother on a farm. A former British colony in the West indies, she received much of primary education in the Barbadian school system, which stressed the traditional British teachings of reading writing history. Chisholm credits much for educational successes to this round early education. When she was ten years old, she returned to New York during the height of the Great. So nineteen, twenty, nine to nineteen, thirty nine. The Great Depression was a time of severe economic hardship where many people in the United States were unemployed life was not easy for the New York, and surely as parents sacrificed much for their children. Chisholm attended Newark. Public Schools was able to compete well in the mainly white classrooms. She attended girls. High School in Bedford, Stu via Sant- definitely right as section of Brooklyn. Chisholm one tuition scholarships to several distinguished colleges, but was unable to afford the room and board. At the urging of her parents, she decided to live at home and attend to Brooklyn College. Thank you, encyclopedia world. There's another quote from women's history. She graduated from Brooklyn Girls High School in Nineteen Forty, two in Brooklyn College cume Laude, and Nineteen forty-six, or she won prizes on the debate team. All the professors encouraged her to consider a political career. She replied that she faced a double handicapped double handicap. Sorry as both black and female. While training to be a teacher Chisholm Which? At Columbia University Chisholm began became active in several campus and community groups. She developed an interest in politics and learned the arts of. And fundraising soon she developed a deep resentment toward the woman. The role of women in local politics, which at the time, consisted mostly of sand in the background and playing a secondary role to their male equals. Through campus politics and her work with the National, Association for the Advancement of colored people or the Naacp an organization that was formed in nineteen o nine to work for equal rights for African Americans Chisholm a way to voice her opinions about economic and social structures in a rapidly changing nation. and that was another quote from the Encyclopedia World Biography. Here from Kapadia? Chisholm entered the world of politics and nineteen fifty three when she joined Wesley Mac holders effort to elect Lewis Flag Junior to the bench as the first black judge in Brooklyn the flag election group has formed into the Belford Steve on our again political league. Or The B., S., PEO-. The BS PL pushed candidates to support civil rights thought against racial discrimination in housing and sought to improve economic opportunities services in Brooklyn. To some eventually left the group around nineteen, fifty eight, after clashing with holder over his almost pushed to give female members of the group more input in decision making. She also worked as a volunteer for a white dominated political clubs in Brooklyn like the Brooklyn Democratic Clubs, and the League of women voters with the Political League. She was part of a committee that chose the recipient of its annual Brotherhood award choose also representative of the Brooklyn Branch of the National, Association of College Woman Furthermore with the politic within the political organizations. She joined Tim sought to make meaningful changes to the structure and makeup. The makeup of the organizations specifically Brooklyn Democratic Clubs, which resulted in her being able to recruit more people of color. Into the Seventeenth District Club Indus- local politics. We're GONNA take a quick break. Hey guys. We're GONNA. Take a quick break to talk about one of our amazing sponsors. knock-back knockback is a creative video game designed for one to four people in which you attempt to get rid of zombies as the owner says it knocked back as a physics sandbox that challenges you to ask yourself how many ways I store. This bays go ahead play with fire. Throw him into a building or a smash with a log rolling down a hill one a suck. The zombies into tight zapped with lightning. You can do that. Wearing down sticky stones of fire onto their heads got you covered? With giant rolling stone that bold down on the batty's go for it knock. A wonderful game in my family has enjoyed learning about during the creation process. It's truly exciting to play an experiment with, plus it is always developing and changing knocked is in early access game, so you're encouraged to watch it grow. It runs smoothly and is always being updated to add new components that may spark your interest. One thing that's really cool I think is just the creativity. There's like no limits and I think that's a really important. Part of a video game as you want to not have your creativity stifled and knocked. Rock does a great job of not doing that so now get out there and stick a snail snot rock onto an unsuspecting Zombie. Chin visit their facebook page at knock back game. That's Spelled K. N. O., C. K. B. A. C. K.. Game Jay Amy W spell up and install knockback now at steam store and that link will be in the description box below inc you and go check this wonderful game and opportunity. Remember, check or social. Media Accounts Quarantine pod.

Shirley Chisholm Brooklyn Chisholm Brooklyn College Brooklyn Democratic Clubs Brooklyn College cume Laude Brooklyn Girls High School Columbia University Chisholm New York York Political League Saint Hill Brooklyn Branch West indies Barbados Hill Caribbean Kapadia High School Naacp
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"And their anger has started what became movements that changed laws that change the constitution that changed the power structures in the United States, and yet we have never been encouraged to see or value their anger as politically potent in the way that we are still told to value, the anger of white guys in diners, read any political coverage today, and you will see a kind of anger valorize, and it is the anger of a diner guy. In fact, your book opens with that powerful image of those seventy two convention in Miami with angry woman, being just blatantly ignored by the journalists, you know. Which is very fascinating. You go back to that time, and just how Shirley Chisholm even so ignored, you know, nobody wants to look at I mean, at the beginning of the beginning of the cavenaugh hearings, before, he's accused of assault by Christine Bazi Ford there were protesters in the chamber the first day, standing and shouting, in fact, many of them shouting about abortion, right? Because they know what's about to go down. And there's one woman who shouting about healthcare and the repeal of ObamaCare, and she shouts without ObamaCare. I will die and Orrin Hatch, the Republican Senator who has been on that committee long enough that he was also on the committee for Nita Hill's. Testimony says to this protester or says about her get this loud, mouth out of here. We shouldn't have to deal with the idea. There is an investment in shutting up not listening to an ignoring the voices of, of women who are angry about inequality and injustice, because there is a knowledge that, that anger can start movements that is why it's not an. Accident that we're not encouraged to listen to the anger. You talk about black anger. We talk about female anger, the anger of those who have been kept on the margins for so long. There is a strategic reason why we are taught to fear or be suspicious of or laugh at that anger and not take it seriously. It's because the people who have power know that in fact that anger of those on the margins who are righteously angry that anger has the power to catalyze the very movements that have changed who has power in this country. That is it's, it's the abolition movement. It is the suffrage movement. It is the civil rights movement. It is the labor movement. They start with anger and berry often the anger of women. From Dolores would the on the way down. It's interesting because in the political context, you know, that's that seems to have a direct correlation to shut something down. So you don't have progress or whatever that is. But what do you think just men in general are frayed of angry women because I think the word afraid is the proper word, but maybe there's a better word there, but, but it seems that seems to be the thread in a lot of this to that..

Orrin Hatch Shirley Chisholm United States Christine Bazi Ford Miami Dolores Nita Hill assault Senator berry
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"What people don't understand is? She not only fought against the of the. The anti woman Sex's monogamous view in the broader society. She forwarded among black politicians that would not support. A because they say, I'm not supporting the woman, and they want George McGovern against it. In the primaries. She was very very determined for dignified team was unbought an unbiased, and that is why I think she has earned a place in history. It should in many ways raise because she taught women she taught blacks she taught the nation that you do not bow a coward to people that look down upon you because of your sex or because of your race. Shirley, Chisholm told us to to know out value, even before corroded, but surely said. As yet. Another woman inspired by Shirley Chisholm. Let's talk about another woman last week. It was inspired by Shirley Chisholm and her launch for the presence. Tom Lehrer us, right? Just right. She'd shows the anniversary the fortieth that averse to the day of Shirley Chisholm that now segment to announce that she was going to run. And I think that I could only think that surely as well as I got to know MRIs what we would call it because I was a kid. Was looking down proud and look at where coming hours having twenty thousand people at her announcement of all races. She has picked up that mantle and going forward where goes how far it goes. I don't know. But it is only a confirmation of that seed that Shirley Chisolm planted in nineteen seventy two is still growing. And no one is laughing. No one is shunning her Shirley Chisholm took the hits. Like Jackie Robinson whose hundred birthday was yesterday. Shirley was the Jackie Robinson of women black women. And now we're going to see if camera ariza's is Willie Mays Hank Aaron. John door. It's I I remember her as a child growing up in New York City. I'm reminded of the fact that. There were a lot of really interesting urban politicians in the seventies who did not conform to standard issue labels and positions. And Shirley Chisholm was one of these people who transcended I mean, while she was deep very much Representative of both her gender and Jerez. She was a formidable person in her own right at somebody without needing them. She was smart. She was incredibly sort of focused when she when she made these appearances that I saw on TV in New York, and and there were urban city politicians all over the country in the seventies. Who had this quality like they weren't? You just didn't put them in a box and say, well, she's for this group. And he's for that group. They were they were more interesting than that. Something that our politics lacks. Now people see much more homogenized than they did them. I read we talked in our last block that axios is reporting the President Trump is most concerned, or at least visor telling him he should be most concerned about Joe Biden. But you've brought up comma Harris may here from another big candidate sometime today. Cory Booker reportedly getting into the race. Elizabeth Warren looking at it. We have all these people, and they're all calling you before they get into the race in asking for your advice. What are you telling them about running against Donald Trump? I think that what they have to do is. I the first thing I ask all of them as why do you want to be president don't go by your political strategy? Go buy your vision you've have to give America of vision. Which is the opposite of what Trump is doing. Don't try to out Trump Trump give us a vision. Give us something to drive toward to bring us out of this kind of of atmosphere that we're in now where people are going. Day by day wondering what the country stands for and whether we're going to survive it. And that's the advice. I give them Joe Biden spoke at our national action that we're model king breakfast last week. I think he may run, but I think whoever gives the country of vision because this president has not been able to do you have a president that noon represents one thing at six o'clock represents the opposite. The bible says where the people perished without a vision. We have no vision visionary is going to win the White House. And it can't just be. I'm not Donald Trump is what you can't be anti Trump. Don't tell me what your guest jemmy what you saw. And tell me how I can get there. John dorrance..

Shirley Chisholm Donald Trump president Joe Biden George McGovern Jackie Robinson New York City Shirley Tom Lehrer John dorrance Cory Booker Elizabeth Warren White House John door ariza America Harris Hank Aaron axios Willie Mays
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"Stop this. But my wife is the CEO of our life in our house. You know what I mean? And I honor her and shares our rather her be a leader in our house than a follower said the coalition one time TI, I looked at tiny and say help me help us. Why? Relationships. Help me. People are afraid of it like Goto ship. Yeah. He got to go. Yeah. They say you gotta go. Listen, real quick. I love you two questions. Real quick. What have you learned the winter warn? What did you learn new doing trigger one? I learned new doing trigger warning was the person that disagrees with you the person that challenges. You is often the best person in your life for growth, Mario popped up in a very unconventional way being very critical of the crypt. Who was starting Kripa cola? He KO noon AC Myrtle right by the time the show ended. He was the only person willing not to go in steps simply because he was told to and he ended up being a patriot in my eyes. You know person who up tolls values that I hope that our poll. So I I really learned important of not only talking tolerance and diversity. But having live it and not only talking about appreciation of challenges and critiques, but having to live it. So I really appreciate Mario that also learning we as a public. Are fascinated by celebrity and fame in a way this dangerous for and we need to self-checkout cell in not to give too much of a spoiler. But in the end, the people are given a choice between me and someone I felt was a better leader. And they chose me. And doesn't mean I'm not good leader. But a better leader should have been chosen. And I think in this country. We do that a lot we choose because we think we gotta do good enough. We can do great. Let's choose great. You know what? I mean, I've been mentioning a woman named Nina Turner, a former center out of right? I like a lot of people who could be president Knicks out of the Democratic Party. I love Nina Turner, because she's great. She reminds me of Shirley Chisholm in her actions and her dis in her agenda. Not just in our words. You hear what I'm saying? So for me, you know, I just I've learned a few things. I've also learned I'm still triple. It was acted stay in during the gay say sexy. Sorry. I still have to do. And that's not a to produce that you don't know responsible for tripping. I'm just saying still looking at the sausage be made. Was like. I haven't grown to this point. And you know, I just I I'm still a man, and I'm still growing, and I tell people all the time when they celebrate me for being good or a leader. Whatever. Like, I told the other day shots out. You champ ima may champion. Congratulated me say a brother your hero, you leader. I'll say, hey, man, if when I mess up just hit me sign Mestre say, hey, man, you fucked up, but we forgive. Let's push full. And that's that's what I would like for people to take away from more than anything like people don't fuck up. And allow them say I'm sorry and keep pushing and you know, who said that I why Jesus. My nigga. Why? Love you, bro. Let's take a break, and we come back with some pop coaches shit..

Mario Nina Turner Shirley Chisholm CEO Goto Mestre Democratic Party Knicks president
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"Send you had sort of my aura was a bit of an inspiration for you in. What way it was? I thought about you know, what I was going to wear because I know that my nieces were watching, and I wanted them to kind of be able to have an image in their mind, and I wore white for the Suffragettes sins people like Shirley Chisholm who pave the way here. And when Sonia sorta my your was having her confirmation hearings, the consultants told her to wear a nude nail polish because we're in a bright color would kind of attract more scrutiny. And so she wore bright, red nails. And. And I figured why not you know, those another great tradition. You've got to let you go in there your first day in congress government shutdown. What the what the heck is that like, well when it will say is that there's a lot of things we can't do as freshmen members we have almost around one hundred new members of both parties that are coming to congress, and we can't properly set up our district offices. We can't get laptops delivered. We can't start doing the work that we were elected here to do all the to the grainstuff. Yeah. It takes the green stuff and those workers are furloughed. And so what the downside is that? We're not able to get to work as much as we want to in the beginning. But the bright side is that it gives us a lot more free time to make trouble and..

Shirley Chisholm congress Sonia
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"I'm Liz Warner LA USD and UCLA. Nope. Negotiators are at the bargaining table right now. No word yet on what's happening. The LA times is saying that even if an agreement were to be reached today L A teachers would still stay off the job tomorrow because of the unions thirty three thousand members would need to vote on any tentative agreement and that would take at least a day to organize. Senator Kamala Harris is indeed running for president. Here's Jim Roope with details. Kamala Harris, a former DA in San Francisco and the first woman of color to be elected attorney general in California as serving in the US Senate since two thousand seventeen made her presidential bid official both on good Morning America and an early morning. Martin Luther King day social media posts for president of the United States, New York Senator Kirsten gillibrand, Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren and several other Democrats vying for the presidency Senator Bernie Sanders took an opportunity to publicly criticize the president. Today. Here's Bob Costantini, taking on the president over the shutdown border wall and his efforts to limit even legal immigration in Columbia, South Carolina. A state that holds an early primary Senator Bernie Sanders at an event honoring king it gives me. No pleasure to tell you that. We now have a president of the United States who is a racist at the national action network. Celebrate hosted by Al Sharpton, Martin Luther King, the third king junior was a bridge builder. Not a wall builder. President Trump tweeted out a video of his recycling. Visit to the king memorial in DC. Bob Costantini, Washington. A vote on President Trump's border proposal is expected to happen this week as the partial government shutdown continues.

president Senator Kamala Harris Bernie Sanders Martin Luther King President Trump Senator Kirsten gillibrand Senator Elizabeth Warren Senator king memorial Liz Warner LA United States Bob Costantini LA times US Senate UCLA Jim Roope Al Sharpton San Francisco South Carolina Massachusetts
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"For president. Born you democrat tells good Morning America. She will enter the race. She is the country's second. If she was successful. She'd be the second African American to the office. She's the daughter of immigrant parents grew up in Oakland, California. I heard her though somebody. Had a microphone and said, yes, I'm running for president. And then she said in a non excited tone. I'm excited. I'm very excited. You don't sound that excited? But she's a first term Senator former California attorney general, and she was a prosecutor prosecuting attorney for many years in California. Fifty four years old. She's announcing making her announcement today on Martin Luther King day. And also this is the fortieth anniversary of the day that Shirley Chisholm announced her that she was running for president. She was an African American woman who ran for president in a made her announcement forty years ago today come reminds me of Shirley Chisholm quite a bit. This is an odd story. I thought of I thought I'd do the story because you, and I have been there Amsterdam's red light district. Guess favorite? Have you ever been to Amsterdam? I have yes. Well, the working girls say crowds of selfish will snapping tourists are ruining the red light district. People are honing in on their turf mugging for photo ops in front of their red light zone windows, all of those selfie takers have driven off paying customers, and they're putting the women at risk of unwanted social media exposure, it's the biggest free attraction park in the whole of Amsterdam says Fritz Reuven, oh Fritz a bookstore owner in the district who's friendly with the brothel brigade if they want to make a living they have to stand in the window. But there are many many men coming from England Scotland Ireland drunk screaming and trying to make pictures some prostitutes or put signs in their windows of a camera with a red line through it. The the city's first female mayor might have to but in finicky homes, Ma you said to be laying out measures to help sex workers escape snap. Happy gawkers by making a regulation that says no self fees in the red light district, so no selfish or just no photos. Well, probably have to go with both do the whole thing that's hard to police. Oh, well, they could though and this was kind of neat. Kind of interesting. I meant to bring it up during sports. Serena williams. Cruise to the round of sixteen of the Australian Open by beating eighteen year old Ukrainian Diana Yastrzemski on Saturday. She beat her six two six one in a sixty seven minute match in the third round was pretty easy win for after victory. The twenty three time grand slam champion noticed. How emotional the young woman was after her loss? She was crying, and wiping tears from her face. And Serena Williams went over to her and said and hugged her and said don't cry. You did really well against me. I'm Serena Williams. She said. You said you're just a teenager. She said, you're so young you played very well. Don't cry. You. You've got a great future. I'm the greatest athlete on the planet right now. Don't cry. I have much sympathy for the young teenager. I feel much like her in this moment. Tell she was very upset. I mean, kind of like that it showed that she wasn't there. Just to play a good match. She was there to win if she really wanted to win. But it broke my heart. She's a good talent. I could see she has great attitude, and she she said, so I just went over and hugged her and said, you're you're you're doing great don't worry about it. That's pretty cool. Whether.

Serena williams prosecutor president Shirley Chisholm Amsterdam California Fritz Reuven Martin Luther King Diana Yastrzemski Oakland England Scotland Ireland Ma attorney sixty seven minute Fifty four years eighteen year forty years
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"And also if he has likability these popular Feek if he can do it if he wants to run for president here. What do you make of that Iraq sort of hitting these community colleges is he really trying to go after the young vote seeing if he has it. Well, clearly if he's going to community colleges. Yes, focus, right. I mean, it's not about talking to the professors. It's about talking to the students and seeing how deep it doesn't make sense. Well, look, I haven't congratulations debate or work. He ran an amazing race. He did great. But I have an issue with the beta work phenomenon because Stacey Abrams did better than he. But the point that's been. Made a lot 'cause we're told he's a white guy. Let's say what it is. Nobody's talking about Stacy so Chuck in an anti him. Because once a woman a person to co the other person of color, but this white guy does well, and all of a sudden, he's our theme here that's not his fault. But we have to as Americans talk about that. Because it underscores the racism and sexism that still exists in this society, and is rampant in American politics and asked me to the point that so many of the polls show that the top of the ticket is voters prefer three white males in running for president. And for someone like me was brought into party by Jesse Jackson by Ron Brown. It became the first African American med to DNC, Shirley Chisholm. And of course, Barack Obama. I want to see more diversity on the ticket. If it's Biden, let's say he'll be hard to beat but not impossible to be. I think the number two position. I've the position is where you'll start to see a lot more conversation about diversity and so on and so they're gonna kill me. But Kennedy verse ticket beat President Trump. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. So I suppose to assume that President Trump is going to run which I do not believe he will. This show for another hour. Let's keep going. Basil spike goal. Susan se. I got it right and Christine Quinn. Thanks Christie Whitman. Thank you ahead. Move over Darth Vader. There is a new Dick Cheney Meam going viral, and it comes from Christian Bale's Golden Globe speech who I Trump now threatening to declare national -mergency to get his wall. We have the facts with a special guest next. I made it flare a national emergency defendant that what's going to happen over the next few days. So Trump threatening to Claire national -mergency if congress doesn't fund his border wall. Allowing him to assign the military to build it without congress White House in defense department lawyers met to talk about the emergency idea today, the top democrat on the Armed Services Committee saying this. Probably the worst public policy idea. I've heard in about ten years it would be horrific. Now the question that I was asked is could he do it? Yes. The president has broad emergency power authority. So Trump's authority is not debatable. But how he would pay for? It is the debate one legal scholar writing that using soldiers to build the wall would be a quote federal crime with his General, Barry, McCaffrey, former battlefield commander and retired US army four star general general, thank you so much for joining us this evening. Appreciate it. Is there a national security emergency at the southern border. No. Of course, not we've got a broad policy of asylum seekers emigrants, which is ill-thought-out and unworkable. Look the border already has around seven hundred miles of some obstacle plan. Arguably it could use another three hundred miles as an assistance to the border patrol. Congress done agree. Congress has power the purse it's impossible for me to believe that an order by Mr..

President Trump president congress Biden Iraq Barack Obama Christie Whitman Stacey Abrams Dick Cheney Christine Quinn Shirley Chisholm Jesse Jackson Darth Vader White House Susan se DNC Stacy Chuck Kennedy US army
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"With the president of China this weekend. Both are locked in a multi-billion dollar trade war. Civil rights leaders say the indictment of four Saint Louis metropolitan police officers reveals a troubling mindset. Inside the department Saint Louis public radio's Rachel Lipman reports. The officers are facing federal charges for their roles in the assault of an undercover officer during a two thousand seventeen protests. The charges include excessive force obstruction of Justice and lying to a grand jury four officers have been suspended without pay the undercover detective was among hundreds of people arrested at downtown Saint Louis in September of last year. It was the third day of protests after a white for a police officer was acquitted of shooting and killing a black, man. That's Rachel Lipman reporting. This is NPR and I'm Jimmy Floyd for WNYC. Some New York City council. Members are introducing a Bill to make the government bidding process with corporations more transparent. The new law would prohibit officials from signing nondisclosure agreements with companies as happened in the Amazon deal councilmember Brad Lander says he feels that level of secrecy should not happen again. If the law had been in place, the city would have had to say we can't sign a non disco. Agreement. So there's two choices. We can make a bid, but it has to be public and people would be able to see it. The Bill is cosponsored by council members Monty Williams and Jimmy van Bremer atop regional Federal Housing administrator is calling for the arrest of three Niger officials after a report found they regularly lied about elevator. Inspections. Lynn Pat overseas region, two of the department of housing and urban development, which includes New York and New Jersey yesterday. She tweeted that the Niger employees should be jailed after they were charged with dozens of felony counts. For falsifying inspection reports. Daily news reporter, Greg Smith says Patten has little authority to pursue the case herself. She has almost nothing to do with this. I guess it's well intention that she does ask a question that is important. And that is did anybody higher up the ladder condone this behavior that isn't really important question. That's the most important question. Smith says the case will be handled by. The district attorney, and Shirley Chisholm story is coming to the big screen and Oscar winning actress viola Davis is bringing it to life. Davis is set to produce and star in a new film about Chisholm for Amazon studios called the fighting, Shirley Chisholm Chisholm, the first black woman ever elected to congress represented New York's twelfth district in the house of representatives from nineteen sixty nine to nine thousand nine hundred eighty three. She was also the first woman to seek the democratic party's presidential nomination in nineteen seventy-two Chisholm died in two thousand five at age eighty and we'll have a retrospective later on all things considered tonight. We've got a twenty percent chance of light rain, otherwise cloudy with a low around thirty four degrees. Currently forty two degrees and cloudy at four oh, six support for NPR comes from farmers insurance committed to helping people understand the ins and outs have insurance. So they can prepare for lives ups and downs. Coverage op. Options and more information can be found at farmers dot com. This is all things considered for men. PR news. I'm Mary Louise Kelley, and I'm Audie Cornish all is run. President Trump's first day the twenty summit in Argentina. He's working his way through a series of meetings. There Trump's visit comes on the heels of a big development and special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation a guilty plea by his former attorney Michael Cohen, and what it revealed about Trump's efforts to land a business deal with Russia during the two thousand sixteen campaign NPR White House correspondent tamra Keith is traveling with the president and joins us now from when his IRAs their town. Hey, ATI sometimes when a president goes overseas. The White House is trying to leave all the domestic troubles behind is that the case this time, the answer would seem to be no. And and the reason I say that is that President Trump was supposed to have a meeting here with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he abruptly cancelled that on the way to Argentina via tweet saying it was because of Russian aggression against Ukraine, but then this afternoon there were. Reports of a possibly an informal meeting happening between Trump and Putin. Those reports were being pushed from Russia and the White House put out a sort of an odd statement referring to the Mueller investigation. Sarah Sanders sent this along she said the Russian witch-hunt hoax, which is hopefully now nearing an end is doing very well. Unfortunately, it probably does undermine our relationship with Russia, which was not entirely the answer to the question that we were asking another way that we know that the president's thinking about it is that he's been tweeting about it from here in Argentina a little while ago. Reporter's got to ask the president questions, and and one of the questions was about why he cancelled his meeting with Putin. He insisted it was because of Ukraine, hopefully, they'll be able to settle it out. Flowers amazing with president. The basis of what took place. With respect to the ships, sailors that was the. In the meantime, what else has been going on at the g twenty one big thing that happened today was before the g twenty started a signing ceremony at the president's hotel with the leaders of Canada and Mexico signing the US MCA that is the trade deal that will replace NAFTA. One interesting note is that during remarks, President Trump and president Pineyro of Mexico. It was his last day on the job both referred to it as the US MCA, which is the preferred title that President Trump likes, but prime minister Trudeau kept calling it new NAFTA, even though President Trump does not like the term NAFTA at all. But you know, this is a notable moment because this is a step in the process of President Trump, keeping a campaign promise that said congress and legislatures in Mexico and Canada still need to sign off on this on another subject. The Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman is there. He's of course, been under scrutiny since the killing of journalist Jamal kashogi has he actually interacted with President Trump yet. So a White House official says that they just exchanged pleasantries that there was no discussion. This comes in pretty big contrast with a video that's been circulating of Russian President Putin, and m Bs exchanging sort of an intricate high five that looked very celebratory the president is under some scrutiny about this because he has questioned the CIA assessment that NBS ordered the killing of Jamal kashogi. That's NPR's tamra Keith tamra. Thank you. You're welcome. And we're going to start right there with the g twenty talks in Argentina for our regular week in politics chat. We also need to take stock of another wild week in the Russia investigation. David Brooks of the New York Times is here in the studio as he often has on Friday, David with you and Susan Glasser. The New Yorker, welcome to you. Thanks so much. So President Trump signed this new NAFTA deal today, except as we just heard we're not supposed to call it NAFTA anymore. That's controversial. We are referring to the United States Mexico Canada agreement the US MCA, Scott, I'm tempted to call it also maybe prospects for a trade deal or some sort of agreement with China that may be coming together down at the g twenty Susan. Let me start with you does this count as progress in a year where we have spent a lot more time talking about trade wars than trade deals. Well, look, I think President Trump made a decision to sort of pull back from the brink and to declare victory with the reincarnated NAFTA. Whatever you wanna call it, most experts, and I'm not one on this subject. Do believe that it essentially is a reincarnated NAFTA that it builds on the foundation substantially of the original went and by the way, it's not attend deal. I should point out that there's going to be a real political fight. I think. Up here in Washington on Capitol Hill over approving this. So it's not over. Although President Trump was was taking it as a victory lap. Today was also strengthened by government coming in Mexico, which will inherit the steel by a president on his last day there. That's right. And and I thought you saw the lasting hard feelings as a result of these very tough negotiations with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who did appear at the last minute was uncertain at the signing ceremony today in Buenos Aires. But had some strong words for President Trump, and you've had this amazing spectacle. What have we taken to get here of the United States going after candidate one of its closest allies, David your takeaway, so far from the g twenty well, so far the image of Muhammad bin Salman and Putin doing an end zone dance together is the big takeaway video circulating of them doing a hi fi. Looking very cheer an image. It's a symbol. It's a symbol of an era in which the wolves of the global international order are on the March and undeterred because there's no one. Deter them. And so that's one thing. The second thing I think is the China US relationship and this thank heaven is not a Trump related story to me the big change in US China relations is that we used to have people who were friends of China somewhere, foes of China and the foreign policy establishment sort of split. That's no longer the case. Now, everyone sees China as a challenge, but as a foe Hank pulse in the former treasury fare gave a speech in Singapore recently in which he laid that very clearly and he was very much in the camp. So when Trump talks tough on China trade, he now has a lot of people who are not normally his friends actually thinking he's doing the right thing me loop.

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