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"shira amy carreira" Discussed on Who? Weekly

"Wheeler everything? You need to know about the celebrities. You don't Bobby Finger Lindsey Laver and we're delayed today because I've been trying to figure out why I stand with the Lesbian Babcock is trending and I figured it out and honestly I was like what is this because I had to click. I'm just sitting here for like fifteen minutes. Bobby's like okay. All all died. Baba thing is an old thing like an old me or just like Bob Duck being gay or Baba being like part of gay culture has already been a thing. I will explain this. I will explain this and I will. I will note. There's Oh I got it right okay. So there is an actor her name is Aimee Carrero. She is the voice. Shira in the new version of Shira. The NETFLIX Sheera Disney star and she was a free form star. She was on that show young and hungry which I never watched but she was on that the Shiro thing is the big thing because she is Shira okay. Fine Okay and people are watching. She's acting she's young. She's like thirty one years old. Okay whatever she's very active on social media. She has like a couple hundred thousand instagram followers. She's like being linked vocal about corona virus. Like this trump's fault blah blah blah blah blah. She's very woke. Okay that's the back story but she's also very famous right. She's famous. She's rich she's beautiful. Okay there's important someone tweeted you. Know the name of the little boy putting bullets and a gun and and always like when the class war starts and I got a like an. I'm the one assigned to kill Ex. That was the one about Bona Petit. And it's like oh he's sad he's like crying. Yeah the MEME is a Sad. Little boy loading gotta go loaded gun. Who has been assigned to kill someone they stand? Okay yes yes. And it's all a reference to like a vague class our like the French Revolution. Someone tweeted when the class worth starts. And I gotta put the Voice of Shiro in a guillotine and the little boy had a little boy that here okay. This got the attention of the voice of Shira Amy Carreira and she was really mad and she tweeted. Here's how it works. You Post about slicing my head off with the Guillotine or any other scenario that ends of my death you're getting reposted. Don't want that for you. Don't make jokes about killing me. It couldn't be simpler and then the Emoji of the woman going like whip with one arm. You know and people were mad at her. They were like why. Do You keep reposting. This person who said they were going to be sad about per year status out sad and she's like I get death threats all the time. This is not cool. I want to show the world because I am this person. Yeah that celebrities have to go through this bullshit a lot. So people are mad at her for continually repose. Doesn't it as a team that has been deleted that has been deleted? They're like it's been deleted? So why are you still riposting it? Okay who originally posted the joke about? Not Wanting to put the voice of Shere on the Guillotine at Lesbian Bob on twitter. Oh so it's not even about a lesbian Baba Doug. It's just it has to do with the somehow lesbian. Bob Is trending to what is trending as Hashtag. I stand with Bob Dole. I stand with lesbian. Because she's mistaking this. This memed joke this like standing. This announce you announce you stan. She's mistaking that for an actual death threat when what it is it's A. It's a construction of a name that means you stand. I guess and it's not that she even did anything wrong. The only thing she did quote Unquote Rung is be in the upper class so now people are comparing her reaction to someone else. Did you know the meme of The Wesley Snipes crying. Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah. It's like you don't want to someone did that. And it said when the class war starts and I've been assigned to kill Tony Blair and Tony. Hawk responded to someone posting that I appreciate the hesitation. Yes that's right. That's the now the Hashtag ice stand with Lesbian Baba is being combined with the Hashtag. Be Like Tony Hawk. It's very funny. We but so so this. This sheera actress is she's like she didn't the meme and the keeps riposting the mean that has already deleted but like she keeps posting it. Yes so there's a screen shop on on her instagram story. Right now and someone responded to her reposting the meam and then they said Holy Shit. Will you shut up and she said literally never. Here's how it works. You Post about putting my head on Guillotine or anything else that ends with my bloody minimize you are getting reposted so the answer is to like not make jokes about killing me sound good. Oh boy. But it's the number eight hundred right now. I love you honey literally. The whole premise of this joke is about hesitation. It's based on the popular as that went around the race war. Antonio it's about calling our classes and going I love you but this is about class. Okay everyone's trying. It's funny but anyway. That's that's really funny. I'm so glad you've dug into ice. Stand in Baba. Do I had to figure it out. And it's like most of the time when you actually dig into a trend you're like oh God. Why is this thing out of your life miserable? That was funny. Oh honey that was funny. Sometimes it's yeah we'll sometimes somebody's trending and I'm like Oh God and then I click it and it's like people defending them in the thing that they were training for was like is now a relevant. Because there's more people who are like this is wrong or I disagree than in the first place. It's a very bad system. Honestly that trending very bad system. It's badly yesterday. Dennis Quaid was trending and I was like Oh God does he like trump or something and he did so. I was just like okay. Well there you go so I was like okay like looked on the daily beast interview with him and I was like I don't care buddy says about trump. I WanNa hear what he says about his young wife. Their wedding had their delayed. I know too bad. It was like Marlow Stern. And he's like so what people are talking about the age difference and he's like I don't I don't care and then they just move on. Okay what did I expect from Dennis Quaid being asked about what is he gonNa Care? Yeah you're listening to WHO's there are weekly call in show where we take your questions. Comments concerns at six one nine. Who THEM WE'LL START WITH SOME COMMENTS? There's a really good one Right now so let's do this high. Who Weekly and I'm on. Cms BIRTHDAYS DOT COM. I would like to brush very happy birthday to the bus bus. Be Quintuplets who are so five. Five Year olds who are featured on the list today. They're ranked and they're not next to each other. So the first one is he's little who's number nine on the list and then. Riley in Asia are thirteen and fourteen on the list and they keep scrolling Parker is number twenty and then Olivia's twenty three. How that's kind of fucked up. This really made me laugh at each each busby quint. They're like five six five years old. Actually they're all the same age. They have different number on the on the rating list of famous birthdays. Like how dare they do that to the US full? I mean it must be Al. They're not they're not updating this every day like congrats as almost being number one. These the bus Quinn's are from a TLC reality show called out daughter which ran for six sees. You find out about a show that you like have never even heard. I've never seen I've never seen the title. Sometimes it's like oh I've seen the title but I have no idea is daughter'd out daughter'd so against the font looks like like that should be. It should be a really bad. Pg rated family like big budget family comedy. That's what this show is Rose Byrne and the Rock. You know that sort of thing. It's like they accidentally got all these kids. Know who's been out daughter'd he was a playboy and then you know he got all these daughters doctors like give you too much. I'm just looking at the the names of the episodes of the show. And they're one. They're all night. Four NATO warning. Quince on the high never killed. Nobody good good quince. Gone bad okay. Okay the nightmare before Easter when the busby's are away the quince will play. Why did you leave the kids alone? Okay next call. Can't wait for someone to call me like. I'm the biggest fan of out daughter. I in a long time long time listening to this week's episode and I just had to pause. She has orients charity while incredible may also be subliminal. Promo because he had a series as an estate of a care package and the care package too so I wonder if they're maybe just a little bit behind his act of giving care packages and he wants people to stream those albums from those make tapes. Still love him though. Okay that's all Kurds by it is not supplemental. It's what's going on. It's quite clear.

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