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"shinzo tanner" Discussed on Watch What Crappens

"So then kate is like all right Kevin. The first three adjectives out of their mouth where delicious wonderful and good. And that's just dairy and past can't wait to think. I can't wait to see what they think about atrophied and I think that's I think there was. Unfortunately the fourth adjective they used was lean. And if one was awful and the six one was hanged panegyric puke which is coincidentally the color of your soup that I added that part it it. It's a yacht apocalypse so now the big the big moment we've all been waiting for the not fight as in the K. N. O.. T. Five fight not that it was a not not that it was usually get it Mike going in my own one man advocates della routine in my brain but putting the wrong things in the wrong part. I'm like WHO's on third third for what WHO's in. What is your ruining the bit? Ben Yourself no Ben. It's a not fight. Every bit begins with Ashley Okay. Bow Fight so Ashton has tanner and Riley both. Both you know just so. He doesn't get lit on fire and he's like our all right now Tenneco's hey riley what's up. It's just web doc. And she just comes in like already like clearly. Do not take those two hours to sleep. She just spend that entire time just fuming just going overhead nineteen Mark Nice Teamwork nineteen so ashes. Like I'm GonNa give you both a rope and you need to learn to Bolan quite well. They'd say we're GONNA Lenny Rodney. I'm very patient and it's going to take five seconds to undo. Now listen it takes five seconds to undo on from experience that can be the difference between life indeed. Yeah do you show the clip again. No Oh wow. You're not even showing the clip again. Komo news time. Wow I must have really really gone the other people this season so then Riley's like sell like. When do you want to show you or anything like that Ashton's like do you have an issue? I don't have an issue I already did it Raleigh. It's not something I use on the fishing but a lot. I don't know what to say. Okay I did it got it got it Bolan gotTa Outta. I don't need to use a bowling while I'm shooting moves on the boat and Alaska rurally and given me and say to be that she's like. Oh yeah bless I say that pattern header. Look Yes yes unless you keep quiet on your superior and the situation that cousin Jackass. He doesn't respect me as a person or as a CO worker. So they asked you. It's like I'm going to be taken seriously. Watch my flashlight of gotTa Tony Flashlight. He's thank holding his flashlight up like he's Nancy drew looking for something in the woods he's like trying to be like like Darien. He's like look at me. I can be like dairy into and inspect aspect. Machinery got it. I'm not machinery Riley. You have a better to do something. Don't community to Kim. This is the guy smashed in. WHO's already cost cost like already like destroyed a DJ's equipment like on his day off? Okay so he like walks away. And riles leg. I know I know I know how how it is like. I can't do it but you guys can do it. Okay now you guys are my issue. That's the issue got an astronaut just keeps pointing that light bad light. That's not on. It was cracking me up. He held it like a weapon above his head the whole time. He's like listen. Eat Raw or lay. Taku your tiny flashlights terrifying I know. Are you terrifying Muriel. So Kevin is like this is GonNa be the best steely Kim. The world there were like thirty alerts centimeters tall juicers there I was like wow thanks for pursue thanks for freeing up that salt tack for everyone. He's like feel the hey bro. Well and wasn't he frying these steaks. There were definitely something he called. The I forget what you call it the big sort of giant griddle like food trucks. You know those things it has like a very fancy name of the flattop. They're the top but has defense name also but flattop yes. That's what we called it back when I was fifteen into shift at the snack bar on a bowling alley. The Dad is like wow guys I haven't seen someone pull out the slide as much as this crew. Hey captain you're doing great McAdams like data years it. I know one tow. Oh had a little boy who did master pure synthetic call me poor person. Yeah went down. That's why it so many times but still didn't didn't find them in jail. We that was for you. Grandma could've been bit by a jellyfish and it would have been West lame than the food you gave me. It doesn't count if you serve me soup. That looks like me Joey. If it's not been joey to wait so now Ashton's Shinzo Tanner and like talk about Riley in the bowlen's in everything and tanner like does a bowl and national like ashes like every everything gets taken as a personal attack brew it takes. It's an attack on like maybe that's because the moment she tried to like do it you just start yelling at her immediately. Well she does it to you. Know he does such a prick but riley entrance every situation like way way. You know it's like it doesn't doesn't help them like housewives macy. Yeah well also like reilly does like kate later says that rally has to learn how to take direction and it's true because Riley is like I mean Bowen not like it's just like you know it's not the only you can use. This is Ashwin Maine Childish. I'm like yeah but he's also your boss and he said the bull knots so do the bull and nuts she goes. I don't know how to do the bowling but it's not the only night you can use so asked him. Did you notice that Ashen okay. He's talking about professionalism and all all of this but he's talking to tanner all I wanted to do is show. You guys had to tie the bullets and ten is like I loved it. But he's like yeah. I won't doing today and she just can't do it and he's like well. My the problem is flick. Tennis still doesn't seem to know how to do it either. Yeah Ashton instead of like finishing the lesson. He's just bitching to his employees about another employee. Yeah are the. It's I mean. Ashton has really proven to be not not such a professional professional gasol to kill some kills the best of them so then they serve this Savita. Australian steak and master. Peterson is like looking at the plate. And he's like what's that and they're like that's what you mean. I don't want that WH- port of Chimney. He Says Mint Joey Bitch similar are similar. It's like a green sauce. It's green. It's getting closer not mint Jelly Kevin's just like sorry sorry do due Avocado Green Busey thing. Okay in from now. Will you have discipline. Let's be as a Song Kevin so I I'm sorry to harp on this. I'm just very confused about the SUV. Part of this grass fed beef. So did he suv eat it and then he just threw it on the flat top to get a nice crisp on it and probably already cooked. I feel like he probably seared at first because the Soviet is is supposed to take it to the proper temperature and I feel like if you take it to the proper temperature and the new Sierra you you risk not taking into the proper temperature but if you sear it I you can still take taught us to be I. I stay away from anything. SUV lead in home cookery. Because I've seen too many of our favorite top chef contestants unjustice fail and the final episode because they decided to see these something instead of cook the way they do every single other episode. And you've never chicken looking grocer thin Kim when it it looks so gross. It's like Jelly. It's like have we ever like have you. I have never even had surveyed unless maybe I'm just not not told about it but I feel like everywhere every restaurant I go to. I never seen anything that says severe but then again on the description feed me but it's To me I don't like it to me. It's like airline food. I mean that's what allowed airline food is you know or just like a wet even though it's in the plastic bag in the water but there's so much moisture captain the meat that yes Spongy to me it grosses me out. Yeah I know what you're saying. I know what you're saying. And the and Kevin's consistence on so many things I feel like is it annoys me. Yeah Domino's tonight so there's pallets at. I've had a cookie. That's that's my dinner so I'm sorry I'm not making funny. That's just like I've never said that. Yeah I've had I had a cookie you've added is yes but cookies. I ate a backup tapes. Could say oh well. It's not like it was the only crooked had today. I was just the most must reason thing that went in my mouth but like yes zaas. He's like I don't want this then don't eat. It's time for bed. Seen sit down. Kids like unmasks appear having attention. I'm on the attack and then the mom comes in and it's like since my son's not behaving just make sure he gets desert so there's that and then master Pearson gets sent a bed with desert and on top. Not only does he get sent to bed. He leaves the table with no resistance. Just sort of sad and marching to the bed. Ask This family does not I. I love that. They don't fuck around like they did not cave in he got no desert. They like made a promise. They made it. They made a a threat and they start to it and also master Pearson is like the most well behaved Tantrum. Child going to bed I've ever seen in my life. I wouldn't mess with that mom either. She you stay so calm and she's so chill about it. She's like well next time. We should listen Amami a okay. That's what happens when you're a bad boy. Sir And inveigling upstairs bears have some creme Brulee and maybe even some mint Jelly for grandma. Oh she didn't. Her head is at your bedside. That's what happens when you doubtless we're GonNa go to the beach after all C.. Morrow Tanner is is asking Kate if she's enjoying her cranberry lake has before. She's like he's not eating. That creme Brulee I'm I want it and ten is like I'm going to eat it before you. Big here earp. which way of flirting I guess? It's like caveman flirting. and Say HA. So when he comes wins he sees her again. He's like are you enjoying that. Green Rela- are you enjoying that chick appreciate it. Thanks thanks how you're like my knight in Shining Armor..

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