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"shinsegae nakamura" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"I'll have books there'll have copies he's of death of WCW and one hundred things that would be. The fans should know and do before they die. There will be limited copies of the book so if you already have the book or if you WanNa grab the book off Amazon and then bring it into the bookstore from me to sign. You're absolutely welcome to do. That's not going to charge you anything you want to bring your own on booking so once again that is the Keno Kunia Bookstore Portland downtown store this coming Sunday right before the at x t show so so you can show up and get your book signed and then we could all head to an extent takeover Portland. It's going to be a lot of fun so check it out next Sunday. I believe I will be bringing producer. Rob The APP to want to meet him. He's going to be carrying my bags and such. It's going to be a lot of fun so check that out next Sunday last night in new Japan new beginning in Osaka. I have not seen the whole show. Yet you're welcome and talk about whatever you want. I don't care about spoilers. But they didn't announce out several items during the shell first announcement pretend to the upcoming g one climax thirty tournament which is going to start in September due to the Olympic Games in Tokyo Keo tournaments begin September nineteenth and will run the following day on September Twentieth Asaka Prefectural Gymnasium. They return to the same venue on October tenth. The finals of previously announced Brock Tober sixteen seventeen and eighteen. So yes the G one starting in late September due to the Olympics and then running a full month and they should be finishing up around owned the eighteenth and Sumo Hall and buy around. I mean that will be the finals on the eighteenth in Sumo Hall so also they announced that to the television shows world pro wrestling return. Starting in April. It will be airing at eight o'clock. PM Friday nights on the satellite station BS Asahi. This is not the broadcast network TV Asahi and no specific date was given for when this will start other than in in April. So we'll give you more information on that as we get more Friday night smackdown. Who saw smackdown on Friday tonight? Apparently a lot of people this was one of their one of the higher numbers. They've drawn since they went to Fox. I mean the I. I the debut view on Fox did about four million viewers and it fell fell. Fell fell fell in. It's pretty much settled into the two point. Four million range and this show is up up to two point five million and one of the reasons. There's here's the thing with this this show. We'll get the final numbers. These are the overnight numbers. We'll get the final numbers on Monday. Okay but the show is up either because Goldberg was advertise making appearance or because they got a lot of publicity during the Super Bowl which is a lot of publicity a lot of people watch the super bowl now. I mean whatever it was whether it's the Super Bowl viewership or Goldberg. It did help the smackdown number now. It didn't help it a lot. And when you think about the alleged value of a super bowl commercial or advertising during the Super Bowl he would think that smackdown would do better than going from two point four thirty two point five but that's what it did so whether it's super bowl or Goldberg was up slightly now. The most amazing thing about this number is it did. Basically two point point five million the first hour two point five million in the second hour if you've watched if you've looked at the numbers for raw for example Ross starts big A- and it falls falls falls falls falls till the end of the show smack down normally starts a big false false false. Aws starts big. They usually fall fall. Fall the strapping this week. That did not happen. People were very very interested in the strapping was up sixteen percent from the prior quarter. So the strapping was a big hit. At exte- usually the same thing fall fall fall except when the show goes off the air they get a whole bunch of people that were watching. Aws Switched Annex. T 'cause the over on his back which we can talk about later so anyway point of all of this is I have no idea. I have no earthly idea how this show did two point five million the first hour or two point five million in the second. The second hour had such things as I mean the very briefly had the Goldberg segment with the fiend. gened which we we can talk about later if you want to. But aside from that I mean we had Daniel Bryan and heath slater doing a segment backstage. We Daniel Bryan and heath slater having a very quick squash match. We add Braun strowman doing a segment that resulted in Sammy's aid and Shinsegae's Nakamura Mira interfering and in the revival and then knock them laying out stroman to set up a rematch. We add a video of Otis. What is getting ready for Valentine's Day date with manny which I loved? Don't get me wrong. I Love Otis training for a date with Mandy. He's doing situps while tacky feeds in pizza. He's he's eaten a rib eye with his bare hands in tacky tells them No. No we've got to use a forecast knife. It was great but it was a minute long. That's not turning the show around shameless versus Apollo crews in a squash and then the fatal a four way number one contender's match Carmella. Ao Me Alexa. Dana Brooke. Maybe maybe people were more interested in this than I could possibly fathom. I guess we'll find out when we get the quarters in the next couple of days but I thought the match was largely bad Carmelo one I know some people were very upset set. The Carmella beat Naomi for the finish. But the fact of the matter is I can't say for sure but very very likely the Naomi is getting the title match wrestlemanias. It's GONNA be Bailey. Naomi at Wrestlemainia and in the meantime they need a match. Whether it's for I mean maybe they can get them on the Saudi Arabia show. I mean there was a women's match last time maybe they've agreed to a championship match. Carmella getting her her title shot against Bailey in everybody smiles finals match. What's that noise over there? That's Super Vivey. I think it is. I'll get him back here in a minute. He seems to be having some Internet problems. I just heard random banging hanging they can have a smiling match like they had the last time they were in Saudi Arabia. Where the women have to imagine? An ESA look like gymnastics match and they have to smile throughout the entire match. Maybe that's what this for. I guess we'll find out but one way or the other. I was not as not blown away by the smackdown. Show wasn't a horrible shell but it certainly didn't appear to me to be a show that was going to do two point. Five million the first hour in the exact same two point five million in the second hour. So that's my the thoughts on that L. here does say it was because of Otis. What is segment? I don't think it was because of Otis but I don't think I'll put it this way..

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