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'New Legacy,' New Lola: Why 'Space Jam' wanted to do better by one Tune

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'New Legacy,' New Lola: Why 'Space Jam' wanted to do better by one Tune

"On on the new space Jam Way Got lots more information on the new space camp film called Space Jam. A new Legacy film stars LeBron James playing himself who has a young son Dong, who wants to become a game developer. They get trapped in a digital world by a rogue A I. And it's upto LeBron Bugs Bunny and the rest of the tune squad to get them out of there against the evil goon squad. It has also been reported that Space Jam, too, will have a slew of N B A and W NBA stars including Damian Lillard, Anthony Davis, Clay Thompson and Shinobu McKay. He also got a first look at the re imagines, Lola Bunny, filmmaker Malcolm Lee told Entertainment Weekly about the re fresh quote. It's important to reflect the authenticity of strong capable female characters also said that this film is a better movie than space jam. All right, let's go. Better than the original space jam. That is a lofty goal. I believe it when I see it. LeBron James, though, is not even on the best team in the NBA right now. As of right now, that title goes to the Utah Jazz. The Jazz are 27 9 on the season. The next best teams in the league have 24 wins, so it was probably odd for them, at least when the two jazz players who are reserved for the NBA All Star game, Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert were picked dead last in the All Star draft by team captains LeBron James and Kevin Durant. James said it was because he never played as the Utah jazz and video games when he was younger. No shade. Though the Jazz is most recent game was a lost, however, to the Philadelphia 70. Sixers and things got heated on the court. Mitchell was injected with 30.5 seconds left in overtime. He smashed a cooler as he left the court. Both he and go bear had words for what they thought was bad officiating in that loss. They were then each fined for being critical of the rest. Mitchell $25,000 and go bare $20,000. All the drama. Remember when artist said today? Oh god. McKay was in Space Jam. She's also in this Ah, conversation with Rudy Gobert, as he reflects on the season and his legacy. First of all, we have a great group of guys. You know, Like, Like I just said, when you have a group of a guy that's willing to sacrifice for one another and do all the little things to make each other better. You know, your team just go from here to here and, you know, obviously we have a lot of talent We have. Ah, Very good coach. We were pushing staff and I think we were very dumping a team up with both hands. You know, we still got ourselves. We still think that we are defensive team. You know, I'll just friends is gonna be what separates us from being good for being great. And we just don't embrace it. You know, we have. Ah, Wei have another talent and a lot of guys that can step up for a minute. When it comes to your

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