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"shine walsh" Discussed on Rock N Roll Archaeology

"Had a kaya that bad come together okay. So it's towing my friend who has said in sydney collaborated with you. Still a very good friend. He went more Audio engineering is chatting to him about. I want to get a band together. And you know when to kind of sound like this and these are the songs owner called. And i said it'd be cool to have some double bass on there. And i was working at an engraver at the time ryan. Some aback. straight of saint kilda wasn't engraving during that kind of Admin stuff bookkeeping and next to that there was an art gallery. And we'd kinda chassis them of talking outside. Motivate united stuffy. Doing lies exhibitions and there was an exhibition of rock photography and at the open and have a look up to work. This was and this was the next day after. I've been speaking to my main about what i wanted to recall. It went to the exhibition chapter few paypal and ran into this guy. Shine walsh who Unmet him before a couple of years earlier and sort of saint him about town not satan by didn't really know him and we started chatting. You know. I know much about him. But as he's a musician might what are you planning is like double bass fuck away and just like the next day and you know. It grew from there and shane on like. I'm so lucky to play when he was as a fantastic double bass players playing with text. On and charlie at the time. I don't know if you know. Much better Music nothing happens at all bay suburban things. I've heard a piece of bourbon. Yeah but e-eh oh divine things and talk and shame played by so it was. It was hilarious. Because i just stumbled into like suddenly guess musicians you know. Play really well and you know it was. It was fucking great so shanghai to help me put together the band which i think an kidney. Who was drums. Someone else at the studio recommended him and then on. John nolan playing some guitar. And that was shine. And i went to a pub joni band and it was just shredding and so when looking someone to play on seeks fade away. I was one of the songs that we start a pub demonizing johnny nelson. Yeah cycle right. So we asked him and he was off for it and like he's being in all these great bands powder monkeys and things and and then here we go charlie into play to plan that record and a couple of songs as well so it was Politic good fortune. And i mean it was pretty undeveloped on my side of things i either pay but it was a great experience and watching in a little ways to win the recording time.

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