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"shimrikyo" Discussed on Last Podcast on the Left

Last Podcast on the Left

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"shimrikyo" Discussed on Last Podcast on the Left

"And the driver identified as Kazuhiro Kusakabe was arrested on the scene on suspicion of arrested murder, and according to the national broadcaster NHK he told police he was acting in retribution for the death penalty giving no precise details. Now, what we know for a fact is that the Japanese government. Murdered murdered executed fifteen people last year and thirteen of those were the members of Enrico now a bit he did this as a sort of revenge movement in the name of Shimrikyo, but he would not purposely name it to the piano. That's interesting now because they finally killed Shoko Asahara as we joke about it in our special. You can hear it in. You could hear it. They hung him which gave him one last chance a chance to levitated which he'd could not do down is it possible? Now with the hanging that he has become more of a deity that thou option Rikio is going to have a resurgence. There's going to be you know, because now it's sort of everything old is new again. Maybe I would like you to think that I think that especially this young man would like you to think that, but I don't know if it has much of a reach. I know that they still have cells that are alive. I know that they're trying to keep his. Memory alive. I think this technically does help towards making him immortal making him a martyr. But they the Japanese government seemed pretty into the idea of really compressing that you don't want that to be. They don't want him to be a super mortar. Which is why they kill them so fast without any sort of pageantry shirt. You know, I'm a little sick this. You don't want him a little sick of this. I'm going to be like that dude from sixty minutes. What was that Mickey Rooney? No Haley ruin. Maybe Mickey Rooney what an incredible Asian actor of the nine thousand nine hundred. Problematic. Roles in hindsight. Title. I am sick of these people driving their cars into crowds. That's what I'm gonna say it here. I know it's a blowout dance. That's really brain. I know it happened in Charlottesville. There was another dude here in Times Square drive in his car into a crowd killed somebody for Michigan. You get out of your car. You gotta go fisticuffs getting getting someone's face. I mean, it's just the weakest possible way to create havoc and possibly kill someone. I don't like it. The do it. I believe car violence should only be done against cars. I agree that if if you're going to have tack other people or other objects with your car needs to be other cars, I am one of those believed that warfare should in many ways should be even unless they are enemies than need to be stamped out in the night because certain people do need to be wiped out in the night. And I have a list of them. I share. I know I wrote it down and my diary, and I keep it there. It's a little list. And it's it's it's long it's getting longer. But when it comes to your cars, I think that it should be Carver says car, my new car a new car and this things can be built to attack others on the road yet. But I'm not going to run through crowds because crowds are trying to have a good time. I like crowd around their feet. They don't get the wheels. It's not right with crafts. Absolutely. Also, there's a new movie coming out called Bumblebee and that fun. Alright. That's a car. Okay. Good, man. Good. Not going to see it. As a matter of fact, twitchell Mark twitchell, the dude we're covering this week and last week last podcast on the left proper. He was a big fan of Bumblebee. And I think it's really bringing down the street credit of that transformer twitchell might be the biggest debate we've ever covered as we talk about on the show. And it's just the things that he liked are now, downgraded in my mind by at least ten tomatoes to go on the tomatoes..

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