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"shimon khashoggi" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"With the UK. But will it be a smooth ride and electric cars are becoming the norm on the ground? But could we soon see electric planes gliding silently through our skies? That's coming up after the latest. BBC news. Hello. I'm Garris pilot gunman tried to storm the Chinese consulate in the Pakistani city of Karachi in an attack that left two police officers dead the three militants who were later killed failed to get into the building and all the Chinese staff at the consulate are unharmed commodity is in Islam about three militants were involved in the attack this morning outside the Chinese consulate in Karachi in a message on Twitter the Balochistan Liberation Army. A militant nationalist group from the west of Buxton claimed responsibility, China has been investing billions of dollars in Pakistan infrastructure, projects many of which run through the rest of the province of Balochistan, Pakistani. Prime minister in Ron Khan said such attacks would never undermine the two countries relationship the South Korean electron exchange. Samsung has formally apologized to employees who developed cancer and other serious diseases after working. At its semiconductor factories one hundred and eighteen people are believed to have died because they handled hazardous substances. Some songs co president expressed deep regret to the victims and their families saying the firm had failed to be considerate of the health risks. They had faced the plants south of the capital Seoul. Your embassador. We'll discuss the draft political declaration on future relations with Britain at a meeting getting underway. In brussels. Spain has threatened to scupper the deal because of concerns over the future status of Gibraltar as the BBC's Gavin Lee. In Brussels explains it genuinely is a political drama, and it could derail the process, and what they haven't got a legal veto, and stopping the Brexit divorce deal at what they do have is almost a moral sense of babble to stop it. Because so far nobody believes seventeen months ago that they were with this amount of unity. Just barely a feather to divide any country and getting between them, and this would stop there being an ability of the European Commission and the union to say, we wholeheartedly unanimously agree to this. They'll have to say it's by majority Gavin Lee with that report, a former militia leader from the Central African Republic is to appear before the international criminal court in the Hague later today. Alfred. Geico known as Colonel Rambo is facing fourteen charges of crimes against humanity and war crimes, including murder, and torture and Hologhan is our correspondent in the Hague. The list of charges here pains, an absolutely terrifying. Pitcher, his accused of multiple killings mutilations imprisoning, people attacking religious buildings and recruiting child soldiers, and it doesn't tend there. Alfred jacker. Tom was in charge of around three thousand members of a Christian militia called the anti bleecker. It was set up as a fiddle anti movement after President Bush Christian was overthrown by mainly Muslim Salako rebels. World news from the BBC the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad bin Salman and ten of the kingdom's. Most senior ministers are in the United Arab Emirates at the start of the first foreign Royal tour since the killing of the dissident journalist Shimon Khashoggi. Saudi Arabia and the emerets leader killers fighting who three rebels in Yemen. He's expected to make expected to visit a number of other countries in the Middle East before travelling to Argentina for the G twenty summit. China says it hopes the twenty group maintains its opposition to protectionism at next week's summit. They've been reports that initial drafts of the declaration omit all mention of the need to lower trade barriers. But a senior Chinese official said the g twenty needed to be the driving force of the global economy. The Australian Prime minister Scott Morrison has been defending plans to strengthen anti-terror laws. He wants me powers to strip some convicted terrorists of the Australian citizenship and to the court them the because his whole Griffiths is in Sydney, they've come under a lot of scrutiny from the legal counsel of a stray who say there is that risk of people being left stateless and potentially maybe even victims of terror attacks being left without recourse to Justice because another one of the measures could potentially mean that someone's deported even before trial that if they were arrested and charged potentially if they're a foreign national they could be sent out of the country before a trial is taking place. No, it'd be a meeting of all the attorney general's of string in states and territories later on today says clearly become a political issue. Whole Griffiths reporting an American sailor has been rescued from his overturned boats after spending a night adrift off the coast of north. East Australia me if I've ever to assailing off the Queensland coast when his yacht began taking on water and quickly sank,.

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