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"shiloh south carolina" Discussed on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

"Solich rights. Go beach North Carolina, Ken Williams travel, five hours to this barrier island to do what he can to protect speech house, his cherished weekend getaway, I came down with Cody could be where the roofs taken off when we're flooded seventy foot. Sweating profusely in the heavy tropical air Williams fears this area bay look far different after hurricane Florence comes. And goes, Jim chrysalis, CBS, news writes. Spill beach North Carolina. It appears many in the line of the storm in South Carolina are heading for safety. I'm Peter King. Log interstate ninety five it's Shiloh South Carolina standing in in almost empty rest. Stop. This is something that's almost unheard of along. I ninety five also on heard of traffic being very very light at this hour of the day in both directions. That says to me that people who were planning on high Taylor out of the area have already done it. Although some base still be waiting until the last minute. Peter King CBS news Shiloh, South Carolina. Obviously the coming hours will be critical. We will be tracking this hurricane with our team coverage, obviously reporters in the field down south, but also meteorologist tracking it and everything we're broadcasting here. I'm busy radio also available to you to keep tabs on the iheartradio app. This story we knew this term would be his last. But today, we now know. No when Suffolk DA Dan Lee is officially leaving. He made the announcement in downtown Boston this afternoon. I informed governor Baker resigned. My position is Suffolk County district attorney effective at four PM on Wednesday September twenty sixth. They expect that the governor will appoint a successor to serve out the remaining three months of my term before I leave office in two weeks. Of course, we have a general election for Suffolk FDA. We'll be watching that for you interesting timing here. Conley is joining the men's Levin law firm. He's been Suffolk DA since two thousand two WBZ news time six oh three. Let's get right to the roads. And your ride challenging conditions out there. We've got the rain. We had a multi vehicle.

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