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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday May 9th 2019  Hour Two  Cody Snodgres, CIA Munitions Contractor, Turned Down S.A.D. Special Activities Division CIA Demoliton of OKC Murrah Bldg, Christian Near Death Whistleblower Activist,

NutriMedical Report

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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday May 9th 2019 Hour Two Cody Snodgres, CIA Munitions Contractor, Turned Down S.A.D. Special Activities Division CIA Demoliton of OKC Murrah Bldg, Christian Near Death Whistleblower Activist,

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So Cody works with your friend in Europe. And recently a lot of shows with overseas by phone connection. And of course, sometimes that uses website is the primary platform projects on the tax. What's your friends name in Europe? And how do they go to his website? Yeah. Only guard. He's been a researcher thirty five years and the website. We have in Europe is light on conspiracies dot com. And we just did a interview over there in Gothenburg. It was around eleven o'clock mountain time at which is you know, like seven or eight o'clock over there. But we're doing another one in Copenhagen tomorrow. So we we've been getting a lot of audiences. They're having to to close the doors in and and turn people away. So he just told me this morning. They were we did one in Stockholm Sweden two days ago. And it was like standing room only in there. And there's a big awakening going on. He said don't get discouraged. But over in Europe, there's a lot of young people and a lot of people seeking the truth are tired of the mainstream media, and and you know. Need to listen to shows like yours and his and and and. I want to popularize his show. Now when you went on audio does he broadcast the to the that. We're actually standing or sitting in the in these rooms needs different countries. Yeah. And what happens is like today. You know, I'm I'm part tear key, Indiana, mostly white but park Turkey, and I know I speak a little bit of the language. So he asked me to do a prayer at the end of the saying ceremony there the talking. I did my Turkey prayer, and then translated in English form. And I asked the audience how many people got the, you know, the spirituals the chills down their back, you know, and several people in the audience raise their hands. And so have a spiritual connection with her brothers and sisters in Europe, you know, halfway around the world. That's why I think I'm drawn to you Dr Bill and your show and a lot of the great gifts. You have were all trying to fight for the light and bring truth in a darkening world. Whereas the course of Tuesday, aren't we? And we're like a bunch of birds chirping in God's chorus try to get the word out to people because you see God said before the brain terrible day. I will send a famine of the word now, I don't always agree with people like Alex Jones in terms of some of these conclusions. But I think it's very important that he has his platform. And now they've also silence. Paul Joseph watch him. I think in obscenity I've had my own attacks against my show by multiple levels, including some of the networks on previously. When on people understand is the most important things we can bring up issues in the dialogue. For example. I tried recently to dialogue with Bernie Sanders. Claus. I'd like to dialogue with Biden Oriole, see or you'll you'll Han Omar this Moseley because I want you bring up the light of truth logic and good questions, the the evil and ignorance not the opposite of the truth or the absence of it people. Don't know that do they don't realize that evil cannot exist. When there's no light. When the light of Tuesday's they're evil cannot exist. Right. You know? That's a great point on your Bill. It one way. We it overseas is you know, light is light and darkness is merely absent of it. So. Yeah. Exactly now, that's what I want people understand this people say will what makes you different as well. I think of everybody has a little Lotus flower in your soul. Okay. And that Lois lower can open new have what's called astral or spirit is in the years to hear and see and the bomb that God's puts on you. If you have a near death experience opens up, your astral or spirit is so you're changed over the probably five thousand plus people every subsidized I've had hundreds of experiences where had with people who are completing transformed by the near death experience. He became completely different people give you one story today. And I want to hear your response to it ahead gentlemen, while I was working in the emergency department back in the nineteen seventies at victory general and the senior resident practice Justin tired trying to massage his guys hardwood Bayden got into full cardiac arrest. So I'll me over figured I'd look like as well fit. So I've never massaging this guy with a love to my. Elbows and all of a sudden screaming I get outta hell burning in hell. And of course, he did come back. We I'm saved and we got him up on the floor. And we put Staples across just after we split his sternum. And this time he talked to his past retype in basically got pieces God and dealt with his own. We call cintas us. And we got a cold blue collie was Invicta tacking cardia his room. So we get called on me and Spencer mccleary another medical student in many residents in the cardiologists all arrive there, and and he was cognitive enough. You said leave me alone. My family are here waiting in other words, he could actually see his his angels of his family actually coming to get him to bring him back home to heaven. Right. And this time he was no longer. Bring Halley was actually peace with God. So all of a sudden, you could see a flash of light in the room. And all of a sudden the cardiac monitor went flat dozen the movie theaters, right? And Spencer course was an atheist brother was a behi- byline factor. Went to one of his little behind ceremonies, which is based attrition of Haifa, Israel, the these people are invited by their by and. So I asked when you think of that as said can see the flashlight everybody there's like a dozen people in the room standing there like dummies was guys leave me alone. Don't try to resuscitate me. I'm ready to go. And with a big flash happen to see the thing is I could see these relatives because I have second sight. Now, your Daego, you're crazy. I said look the very first time I worked in emergency room head of immersive department. Hey diggle. You're one of us. What do you mean? You wanna us? And I said you get this really big aura. I haven't seen like yours. I said what the hell I didn't know of new mid nineteen seventies. And he says no he says now when resuscitate people because this is really big hospital regional hospital. If they stay in the room, you just know their interim, they're probably gonna make, you know, whether bleeding from gunshot wound or cardiac arrest, or stroke, whatever. But if they leave, you know, they're going to die. So at the end of the day, and we had something really crazy cases. I was there. I'm a very aggressive medical leave. When Nick name was doctor wyle Bill. I clicked the side senior resident north being surgery did forty total hip before I even graduated medical school in seventy seven. Okay. So I'm not exactly Mr. passive, so. Yeah. Man. You're cool. You stayed relaxed rates whole thing why does that they said because they're always at giggle. But do you mean they stayed in row? He said well telepathically talked to Mike see them right there. And they're waiting while. We're actually resisting and their body. Who? This to knows that you're the first one I've ever heard of that. But we just knew to the know is it about twenty percent of doctors, nurses, and surgeons all are like this. We don't wanna talk about it. Because we'll be thought we're not you know, what I talk about it. Now people say, well, why are you talking about? I said, I don't care people think I'm not I'm going to tell them the whole truth. Now when you died you had near death experiences at transformed you to didn't it absolutely one hundred and opened up. Your ass relies starting call vision of eternity now on the last hour. I had Dave Rubin on and I don't know if Dave understand Israel Jews. But. Even when the juiston relieve the buck, and they have gotten apostate and developed some things like believe in the feeds IRA and a town what Babylon which is eight writings of rabbis during the time when there for thirteen centuries in Babylon. But there's still the keepers of the book and the book basically is written with John until changed by the Penton tusch written by Moses, Mangin ancestor and very dictated by God. Now what God basically, saying my ways are higher than your ways in the book of Joe? But what he's really saying is I'm the essence of eternally. See people don't understand turn Awan exists in their infinite past enter incident suture. Purrs and every molecule in your body. He occurs an every universe in every galaxy neighbors God is omnipotent an Omni present, and what he's trying to do is actually transform us into turtle buildings like him. He's actually in a sense, basically, he's making us where almost like an a spiritual uterus rate. Now, we don't realize we're actually like little ones fetus was we call them little ones in Latin. I've actually changed that name by the way to we believe in other words, the little ones in euro after their conceive human beings, they're the we beings that are live. We believe like that is of the elderly. I called the Huili. Right. It's my way of thinking silly words to try to explain that's when I'm trying to get on Terry Collins from the Alabama legislature to pass their Bill and Texas legislature just pass their Bill which significantly restricted abortion in may from ways you can't use sex election or pre birth defects. And so on are not lethal, and so on and many other than get delayed term abortion. So what people don't understand is there many different attacks against the human race. One of them is tax against maleness. We're going to discuss that narrow with Stefan are Nyayo and the idea that they want attack maleness because they want to the family, but the only sacred institution is family and the building block of the family is based on the combination of the protective covering of the male and the males like architect, God, he provides when you believe in the bible, and you pray to God. And he gives you. Ration- the maleness of the that's what it referred to as father God. Although he's not doesn't have sex father. God is like a human father protecting the family. And what people don't understand that maleness incense of the male type attributes of God who isn't good sex Jesus. Of course, was a male people don't understand that maleness is the essence of why they're trying to destroy families by getting rid of the male society because men protect the family women are the center of the family. They're like center in roots of the valley. But without the in this there, you don't have protectors to protect your civilization protective family to keep from becoming criminals or gang members. So what I see happening here is very profound. Now when you talk about these these people in Stockholm these other places, what are the prayers seemed to be opening up to them. What what issues are opening up because they're societies have gone so far left and socialist now and godless they're basically now in a state of hopelessness, aren't they? Yes. But there's a a deeper spiritual stirring billing on the forces. The light, you know, or are coming to the you're spiritually, and stirring, people and their way kind of out of their mind control and their their slumbers. They're in you know, whatever country they're in and they're conditioning or social conditioning a lot of people have to have a shock like I did. Or like that guy? You talked about the store you had in the ER room. Some people are having these shocks these near death experiences. And then then they see the higher world the bigger world. And then they're still in their body on earth. So they can do some type of spiritual mission and that kind of things going on all around the world right now. The force the lighter turning up the censorship and all the propaganda and this e in the false flag operations, and then the forces a lie or stirring, and they're all seeking truth. And also there's this clash going on right? That clashes getting more more obvious. They're not even trying to hide it very well. In fact, what what you see is the mass. I was like remember that that that that ceremony? They have that they do in Italy. And they do Americans on the call a carnival where the all wear masks. Yeah. The carnival master coming off. Are they the dark side aren't even being pretty up? We see that with the democratic candidates. They're not being pretty other the ugliness of their gender or they know it's becoming more transparent than veiled seemed to be thinning to between the heard mental realms and and in third thirty here on the earth. Yeah. Now, why is that the reason is because rea- close now, I know we have people like I like mayor David Ruben Shiloh Israel, and he wrote this book called Trump the Jews. But people don't understand. A tiny minority of Jews like my good friend. 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Michael d to provide an amazing support for regeneration any tissue on the body and even advance stem cell therapy support treatment, do get Neutra medicals red deer velvet DR from dark ability to medical Cobb, and you tear Ivanic dot com. Triple eight to one to use of one stay well and stay young listening for medical. There's a bunch of issues that are growing right now. But I think the most important thing people understand is what I'm trying to teach people is the nature of what they see as their world is very different than the reality. The reality is far more, beautiful and scary more powering and more enslaving that people realize, for example, a lot of people say, well, who do you think you are dig look, I don't know everything I got a bunch of by five cards. God's meters us as the Lord the rest of the speculation based on very good information Intel sources of cetera, but they have to understand I will declare. What is this? Learn what isn't now. I wrote two books were dictates me back home may many years ago now before traveled in nineteen ninety nine twenty years ago with the proc- club, and I had them. They actually printed up around one hundred seven six thousand copies of an iron and hundred forty seven thousand copies of abortion Armageddon. Now, we know that the Democratic Party, you're not just gone for a left very to infanticide. In fact, I saw this black congressperson or stateless listen person on video clip. And I couldn't believe it when I thought I and FOX I watched it again, you said we can kill him. Now, we can kill people don't understand abortion is murder. I mean, it's not just like, oh, you're taking much cells scraping out. No, it's a baby. That's why this movie on planned, and the movie Goslin just got it was murdering babies at the moment delivery. He's in prison for the rest of his days. The state law that was passed on Alabama one in Texas, basically, if you're an abortionist you're going to jail for decades your whole life, and what people don't understand the attack on the family isn't just an attack kill unvarnished. Actually, get rid of maleness is feminist women till they become aggressive males, and they import their babies and can't even bond to their to their husband or their children because their ability to create the bonding hormones. Oxytocin has been blunted by the trauma their abortion that they had previously. Maybe they can't even get pregnant or if they do they're gonna have complications like Ashman syndrome the or at admirable placement of the placenta. So they likely to have more likelihood of traumatic bleed where they end baby convulsed. I but people don't understand this is part of the gender. Eventually these women and men that are supporting abortion don't understand the state one eventually take away the idea of. Wants to take away the the right even have pregnancy. So while reproduction is actually in in danger now, and I don't think the left understands us. They don't they don't see the end for the beginning to the bible does the bible says very clearly that's why the bible is in very nice book. I mean, I declared when I traveled to talk to churches, and they they have to agree with us the bible a seven Dighton. It's an autopsy report, and it's a set of condemnations as to why he receive judgment and the ultimate penalty, which is only physical. But spiritual death is the side of those who have turned back to God even have done. Great crimes. King. David killed your idea to get his wife putting in front of the battle in area. And God only made him the king of this kingdom. But because he had currency need to get a judgment which occurred with his son that he would break the kingdom into into parts after the rise of his son who became an pasta. Date and had over seven hundred all into paganism. So that's why all high low Mason's re re revere. You know, revere the son of David as one of their head high level Mason's or druids that actually runs the world for Saint people. Don't get this. They don't understand the definition of evils. Do it right in your own ice? Listen to Nancy Pelosi, or the Democrats these people are so twisted. They think probably what they're doing is. Right. And then repeat mantras even if the evidence rating in their faces actually telling the opposite that Trump did not collude with the with the Russians number two. He's not guilty of obstruction. When you fall clues somebody in their upset about it. What do you think's gonna happen, especially as proven they weren't guilty? It's an obscenity, isn't it? Yeah. But let me ask you question. Dr bill. What do you think, you know in Georgia? They just passed a law. If there's a a heartbeat in the fetus, then you cannot have an abortion. But what do you think are this the long re-teach ritual aspects? Like, if a woman has a lifetime abortion, for instance, what are the spiritual aspects to both the woman the mother, and then fetus that is is basically terminated or murdered. What's the spiritual angles on both? Those versing happens is the baby goods to grow up in heaven and one of the visions guide gave me which is very clear. Repeated over the years is that when I says died in my dream. I went to Evan and babies were aborted in heaven as you know, children as young adults. Number two, people realize that the women primarily does things mostly vigorous. But when she's aware of it, and she years the whole truth. He actually repents a long time. It doesn't strike up until it becomes sterile nerve. Now postmenopausal in the candidate markets or they've had a child with birth defect or down syndrome or something else later when the realize they aborted a child may been healthy before him. I think that what people don't understand is that in. This is something got explained to me that aborting babies like running up to God and sticking needle in his I if you could do that, it's one of the most vile things you can do the craters destroy his potential children because God's going to bring back. What's called the rapture? And I hear not only Christians don't understand this Z. This is not Dr Diggle opinion. This is say Lord. So it's not open to opinion, the rafters to take evil. Oh, is you actually have an air bible, which I have actually still to go where by word, the raptors to take those or even have their soul in into the. The body of the value of hidden. So what I see is going to happen is our society is literally asking God to turn America into an Ashy with a nuclear war stays, for example, like New York state in pushing this dramatically in the state of Ginny almost passed by only one vote. These dates, basically, if there is a destruction coming save for North Korea or Russia or China down the road from Venezuela lives, largely Lilan God's going to make certain that the states have passed laws that are pro murder or try to soften it. For example. Even these heartbeat bills. Head on max bridge on last week's about that. I don't agree with heartbeat. Bill. Once you conceive your human being. And the idea of trying to make an excuse or give exception Sola what health of the mother or the mental health. Whatever listen, if you're an abortionist nearly industry are always going to find excuses. We couldn't detect heart mother was very distressed. She had this. This this wrong and doctors will create all kinds of BS to justify doing of origin. I -member when I was recruited as Mackel student in resident and how they would make all kinds of excuses. They say wasn't late term abortion. It was like up to twenty weeks when they lied on the paperwork. So I think I'm less. You have bolts absolute say all abortion is murder and anybody doing it is murder. It's that straightforward and use heartbeat Bill or anything else excuse the abortions. Always find a way of killingly som- babies, if not most of the babies, so I don't believe in. And if you look at all of my churches and Christians of gathered over the past forty some years since Rovers weighed forty five years. Half a billion dollars in money that was contributed by Christians, try to stop things you have to understand if you look at black men, which is gonna come out in the movie Roe versus Wade. The abortion was put forward by Republicans. By lie. They didn't look at all Trevan, which was the nascent form was being developed at the time. A few years later, I was trained in nineteen seventy six overs. Wake him ninety seventy three. I was one of the first medical students train all for sound under Dr McMillan and we were short research with the Harvard University in Boston. What people realize if if they looked at the actual nature of the feed is just like this movie on planned, but didn't sound after eight years. This woman saw the ultrasound of the light baby probably playing with toes of some in euro and realizes JAL is gonna have their arms and legs lived in their hesitant off. This is a case of vile murder for anybody to say, it's anything less than that. Or you can say, well, we couldn't detect a heartbeat. So therefore, we kill the baby is just vile. And there's an end of this now, even if God doesn't bring judgment, which you will be he's all our own evil natures to allows to instantly Vava nuclear war and most of the United States if you continue to to tempt God, we'll be like Sodom and Gomorrah. But he's also allowing for judge curve slow simply if you lose the right to even reproduce. And you can only do it. If the state agrees that you're actually are agreeing enough of the state just likely People's Republican army, and your rated let's say twenty years thirty years now is now blade runner time. It's now. Rate now, so twenty nineteen twenty forty nine Bladerunner time. State of a comu- marinate merica, I'm the call. It a communist America, which is godless now stated it's against the law to have a wild reproduction, and you can only reproduce. The actually are licensed by the state, and they can even take your ovaries and sperm or they can actually do a punch my off, gene convert and make overs and sperm your house. They can make a hybrid. If you're a gay couple male female, what can connect the engineered upgrade by inserting genes from different violet specie in general. If you wanna make your child superhuman. People's Elvis can't happen. And you know, what you're an idiot. They tried to recruit me to do this forty one years ago UCLA so be want argue with Dr Diggle, that's why I get very few callers willing or stupid enough to argue now they wanna ask questions all respond to them, but I'm not Mr. passive. I don't have people come on my show new monologue. I want a dialogue. That's why like you to ask. The toughest questions. You can think of Cody because I'm the answer. Man. You asked me a question, and I'm gonna give an answer biblical or otherwise that will shock the hell out of you. Or just released from prison of ignorance, I want to release the prisoners. I want them out of the prison. A bad ideas. The doctor Bility's at time in the United States. The where the Robie wait decision. The supreme court decision. Maybe talents and overturn. Yes. In fact, I think it'll happen the second term Donald Trump. We don't hear any stories at all Bruce gator, Vincent. And by the way, tensioning from baiter to gator like alligator because she's a first supreme court activist judges been in operation for like forty seven years. We haven't heard a word from her. She's got terminal cancers us refused to anymore therapy. She may already be dead or if not she's close as hell to death and the Coney Barrett, which is most likely female candidate to replace her is a seven time mother illegal genius. And she's a Catholic. And by the way, the Catholics are much more pro-life than most Protestants. I found the hard way. I the phone slammed down. My so many times I tried to churches the Catholics were far more pro-life and the most pro-life, which is disgusting are Muslims. If you're in abortionist and catch you inside he rave, you're Muslim country. They cut off your hands. I as you're bleeding to death. They chop off your head before Friday morning prayers. They don't tolerate it. And that's reason why llanview knows vile pseudo religion does two strings respect God's law. It respects the family at respects the unborn. And despite the fact that the mind control system radio depit hell because it respects God's law. Godless prospered to become a judgment on the non believing non-christian pseudo-christian sued a Jewish pseudo Republican. We're over the rights come from the creator. God world that's going to receive judgment. You know, people don't get this. You know, sometimes and in the process of starting to work on my books that got me I'm going to have to release probably the second term Donald Trump now next month on Ramadan jerk. Wishers gonna releases peace accord regarding the peace in the Middle East. Now, a lot of people don't wanna hear this. But you know, people can have all kinds of good intentions, but the road to hell is paid by good intentions, isn't it? So I like it ask the toughest questions. You can think of because I'm sure you've got good Windsor smart guy. But believe it or not if I don't have the answer. God does and he'll tell me, and I'll tell you. Before the break. But I thought to ask her couple of questions about this near death experience because I know you had one. And. One eight and a half, and I had another near one five years ago almost perished. Yeah. And always wondering about more the medical or find tiffy things with with spirit and how it transforms in and out of the body. You know, Jesus left his body on the cross, and then they had the resurrection. You know? But how does that process work? I mean, there's gonna be a scientific underpinning this to cold religious mysticism of how you know, the spirit leave. Pointed over audience in the back. Yeah. I can explain that back. I'll give you an explanation of that. Yeah. CBD or can Ebola. Oil has amazing properties of redesigning Zayed's fighting cancer. 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It's a superconducting quantum interference detector, and it uses Kyler tanning cools down sensors, and and can pick up PICO gals, measurements changes in the magnetic field, which is a million ago and hooked it up around people's heads, and they had yogis and psychics and mystics and remote viewers and whenever their spirits went out of their body or they went to a higher state of consciousness. They mapped it out using parallel computing processing algorithms in three D, And there was a magnetic field change around. The piney gland in it looked like a sausage through Donut, which is to tours in theory of general relativity. That is a a wormhole, and the theory at least was that the spirit and our bodies in our three bodies multidimensional, and he can go through this portal or this warm Holik gateway to the higher realms of consciousness, and I think that's what happened with not died in hospital. But I wanted you to explain to the listeners and to me what you know, what you know about this process. There's a physical process between here and the body. Bit of a story. Well, half ahead. A tonsilitis these playing storm drains. So I was a kid with bent on sleigh this eight and a half a French surgeon decided at the culture county hospital in Toronto Scotia to do tonsilectomy with guillotine style device and put my Thompson for with Tong's cut it off you cut an artery my neck and to that. Now, I remember floating over the operating room table look down a little boy bleeding, bud burning everywhere. I Johnny shirt on on the operating table getting some tonsilectomy after the either mass Ghanem, I remember tried to walk around talking to the doctors, nurses. They wouldn't answer me. So I got frustrated as it went toward the operating room doors. I turn right? I can see the nursery with all the babies there. And all of a sudden, they it was like, a course one baby started crying, the all all of a sudden everything went inky black and felt like it was being pushed squeezed, we pinhole. And all of a sudden, I was gonna start pinhole and there were intersecting Krizman lines training tunnel. And I was going so fast out my arms and legs gonna have pulled off. And I cried out to God. And all of a sudden, they think decelerate and clouds, and as we're am I soon as I said that a cows mckern the clouds, just like an ice chasm issue. Jesus was on the opposite side a very tall. Man. I'd say over six foot tall olive colored skin reddish hair. Just like Viking beard peloton chunks in vertical marks for head and actually orient across Markham like vertical and horizontal line. Like the like the cross in the bible, right and very high forehead and very long face. Big cheekbones, use muscles and arms and hands. Like, you could tell you a carpenter, right? The anti white tuna gone whether double corded belt and a big broad Brad cold and sash in the middle. And he had sandals on that were sandals. But Sean like brass. And when I went to cross the little wooden ridge which appeared between he occur existed. He said don't cross and he said because the silver cord will break so what size. It will bring it into your magic potion and explain to me, it was a court living waters was what he called it that that connects you to your plan, you told me to the physical world. Now, he explained to me I have understand I learned quantum mechanics Jesus while the half in heaven. That's why when I ran my aptitude tests great eleven which is years later IB people even had a bathroom master's in physics to get a PHD scholarship to go to MIT and nuclear physics because God taught me when I was dead or near death in heaven, what quantum mechanics was explained to me that the pioneer gland has magnate Nevada tight is an element may, Iran. That's actually made in the star with a supernova explosion, people realize all the iron in our star in our bodies are Arn seboto, and whatever. Was actually create when the star exploded. Did you know that right right now your chemistry understand that? Now. Most people know that now magnetized interesting because what it does actually was called a basically excellence called a phone on maser tunnel into the hybrid middle space of the negative world world of consciousness, and so there's limiting as you mentioned Chrissy tube-like wormhole to the rural of Neg entry or consciousness. That learn imprint on the physical world order to the chaos. So we hear the word order a cast which sounds masonic. It's actually the world conscious. Now when you cross that realm from the the world of consciousness into the physical round. Everything's reverses like through the looking glass without some under land. Everything's Verson positional like left and right side and never but also sound. So for example, the voice of the spirit that speaks in spirit world is actually Verson the physical when someone speaks their soul could be speeding at the same time, Jill reverse speech. Their souls, actually speaking, it's embedded in reverse in their physical speech. So I know how to not only extract that we call spirits words. But also amplified them in a radio amplifier trillions of times or more. Okay. I can do that working on a project right now, a collie, I call prayer wheel amplifier. So basically would have people submit their prayers. It would gather them prayers like like a horn of plenty and broadcasts vote to the world of the physical world to the souls of every living being because people's e are not convinced by a good argument or a good song or even poem. They may be temporarily kind of tweaked I should listen to them. But unless they're world views change on a hybrid mental level meaning spirit level of consciousness. They don't change their behavior. That's why near death experiences so much more profound because you get a different sharing change the world view. So basically, the magnetized which is actually from me supernova in the star allows your soul to connect the physics. Body is interesting. That's amazing because there has to be busy tight cover articles in in your on your van, by the way is single organ whose intuitive in the Catholic church over a thousand years ago. The new this the only single organ in the brain's actually the pioneer land. And it connects coordinating waters, it's also the pintails master to the hypothalamus and Patry land. And it also was sing. And God told me this which nobody else knows. But I knew the cadi and pertain nuclei in the base of the brain was called foal non mazer generators, the actually generate the whole graphic signal to build you to your actual brain generates a whole graphic signals like a projector with a, you know, a big screen TV where thought on screen it's actually projected on a wall or screen, your connective tissues, and your mom Nate, a non mountaineer fibers carry the phone on maser single how to build your right hand, your left hand, your prostate gland your feet, whatever your eyeballs are that Sigel's actually sent as. A whole graphic signal from the cutting payment nucleus the base you bring under the control of your pie Neo land. Is that cooler what so project question the Glenn from this viewpoint could be seen as the intersection point between the hard, mentionable spiritual body, and in the lower three d consciousness, we have an absolute what's happened to someone like me or you had near death. What's happened is a portion of us is now open like a like a Lotus flower. So we incense we're we part of us remains. Let's call the hyper dimension world of consciousness and that world conscious connects to the journal world. So I'm not just the temporal being Dr build eagle sixty seven plus years of age. I most when you turn building this still living in the world of the physical. Now when Jesus was resurrected he came back as an eternal being. So we had an eternal body could eat food. Food or behind or talk to people or shake hands. But he also had an internal body that couldn't decay. So what what he was done as he was transformed to so that eternally and temporarily coexist that's what God wants to do to the human race. He wants us to become raise. So that it assist the bible the destiny of the human races to be higher than the angels. No, the only thing higher than the angels. God. So you want us to be the children of God incapable of evil because our wills are. Completely fused. The will of the creator God. And you turn alley and incapable of doing evil. And therefore as Jesus said when I went there this there's no pastor future. Everything is now. So when got toll being any explain this view when I was in heaven, he can not only experienced, but there's no time and God can not only change your future that you had on earth. Speaking also change your past people know, find out. Possible. But the fact is your passes simply almost like a a trace on a video game and God can change the trace in the video game. So that your past physical existence doesn't have to be conformed to what it was in terms of your sinful nature of the things that people did you. So visit got can change the past and the future. Could that be some down into, you know, the biblical sane to have one foot in the physical world. And then one foot in any other world spiritual. Is anybody anybody who saved walks with God? A perfect person. I'm not perfect. I can screw up. But I repent, and I I know I screwed up and I own it. And God says okay, his wanna do eagles fiction. Now, if you don't cooperate with God his way of getting it, for example, sometimes ask why do I suffer? God. Answer. All your suffering is for my glory. So when you had a near death experience or nearly died or nearly died vaccine months ago when I got sick and got really L. As transitioning from Genesis my own network and God resurrected me with my resurrection technology, which I have what God was saying is your suffering for my glory. And if you can accept that you understand even our resistance honors people, spitting on us or person getting us physically or professionally is all to God's glory, isn't it? It's except that God can actually get that spirit words out to people when I'm speaking right now, not just saying physical words, if you could take my reverse speech, you would hear Rian reverse words, speaking, people, souls words that their physical mind can't understand their soul. Here's and see what happened over in Gothenburg in Europe today. Read though Turkey fairs, even though those people did not understand the anxious here keys in language their spirited. That's why they got the chill down their backs. Do you know why you spoke spirit words of intention fields to their soul? That's why the most powerful thing you can do on earth is prayer. And speaking God's words spirit words, not just trying to give a good argument or explain data. I have this document. I got that dog might get videos. I got pitchers those are all speaking to the left or the right brain of the human mind is when you speak spurt words, it's totally different deal. Isn't it? It is. And you know, when after ahead that so-called auto accident, which is really a hit that was December twenty first twenty seventeen. We were on the Hageman and Hagman show. They called me for show. They said this had Cody we've got over six hundred emails from seventy five countries wondering, oh, you are that we go about it. You need any donations financial stuff. What do you need them? Most. And I told him I said what we need the most his prayers. Right. I'm asking for right now. And I'm going to say a prayer to pray for you. Because we're the tip of the spirit spiritually, and, you know, most people including I have relatives that don't want except to I am now, I'm not the most wonderful person. Or I mean, you wanna talk to Jerry mccloskey's you talk over your guests. You don't let them talk as much. I don't know. If I want to have them come on your show that are cetera et cetera. They look I don't believe in a monologue. I wanna die because I want to bring up the truth. I want to bring up the best people. I want to bring up truth that doesn't just make people have their health better. I wanna make our nation's revive. I don't want to century. So now, if there's a resolving surviving population nurse to think when. Spoke about America that they think it's a legend never existed in America's becoming knowledge so good. But so evil in the world that it is the center of the neural daughters perform part, it is the new order is America. Also, the salvation of Israel, and the salvation of people on earth is America it has both to Alevis, and whether what would decide today, and what we decide whether you want except the truth, we look Donald Trump. He's both probably potentially the best pre Christian and the best president we've ever had rate back from even the foundation of America. But on the other hand he's being fourth with Jared Kushner next month after Ramadan. The peace accord, which made the abomination desolate now, though is a messianic on this half shekel with king Cyrus of Persia, which we had mayor David Rubin on he's putting Israel American position. Where Israel is very pro abortion. America's very pro abortion was Rovers. Wait. And Vata lines drawn if Democrats call a demon rats in there will push abortion the point where Vinci will not be allowed to get pregnant while reproduction will be gone a decade or two. That's how bad things.

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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday May 9th 2019  Hour One  Dr Bill Deagle MD, New Consult FREE Protocols, Procedure for Video Consults, New Tech for Healing Soon, Review of Top NutriMeds Protocols,

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NutriMedical Report Show Thursday May 9th 2019 Hour One Dr Bill Deagle MD, New Consult FREE Protocols, Procedure for Video Consults, New Tech for Healing Soon, Review of Top NutriMeds Protocols,

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Triple eight to one two eight seventy one or go to the website and instrumental and gives a contact Dr bills available to help you get well. Traumatic. And welcome back to the report today. We have a great lineup for today. The first segment is live. And if you wanna call into the show, you do wanna call into the show and ask questions trying to topic. That's all asked you can ask any question just food, and I'm gonna tax except the people we wanted to record you to the caller numbers. Eight four four seven six nine two nine four four today. We have Cody congress on our number two our number one for two segments. We're gonna get mayor, Dave Rubin. I've had him on a number of times over the years. He's an amazing guy. He's in America. Now, try he's a mayor of town in Israel. We're gonna talk about lots of issues, including the new carrier group going over there, the missile attacks the possible of new. -pointment to the government might want to go into Gaza and clean up the mess there, which is pretty big. We're going to talk about many, many issues about Israel and America with Dave Rubin and segment two and three on our one Cody will be back. He's gonna I'm hoping to get him on my regular, although he travels a lot. So I can't necessarily book time on this week amazing discussion. These missions expert that turned out half a million dollars plus in duffel bag to blow the off. It'd be Murrow building as contractor for the sad, especially actively divisions. Same technology used by the way to demolish World Trade Center, and we have the third hour today. Stiffen are NIO. He's an expert on the div masculine ising society. And he's got an amazing for mation. His website is Stefan S two F A N A R N. I L dot com. Stephon are now dot com. And of course, as got his book. Basically. Which is. Talking about how to be a strong, man. And we're gonna talk about this today in the third hour, and why the attack is basically against masculine ease because the attack ultimately family, the only sacred institution is not the church. It's the family. What talking about the new things? I just tracked down technology that we have now for doing quantum bio circuit analysis, and I will have that probably operational intestine here within a week. So if you do schedule for a doctor Bill you to fly drive in I can actually now test your Quantico circuits within a week or two. That's really good news. We have of course, our our memorial sale coming up if you weeks time, and of course, we always give you sail Mahler products, including Lumine photon, we have of course, news undershot byproducts putting forth electoral pollution. We're no longer working with less. So you won't find that link there anymore. We're adding menu options we're going to be putting up some products over on the top banters. Beagle network, and clay and irons, you can find those. You'll see some new information being popped up. I'm going to start putting some regular blog articles over in clay and iron. You'll see over. There are videos, of course, now convert every show every day too. Youtube you'll see all sorts social media dramatically expanded we have, of course, Oliver shows are also broadcast over radio dot co out of the UK. So we actually replicated there. I do wanna recommend that people do call into the show and the only way you can do that, of course to the show live the league is not at eagle network since the top clay and iron. So if you go to that link it'll take directly to where you can actually find the ways to listen to the show. You can listen live on win, apple or windows media or real player or just pop up player, and you can listen to the show live, then if you wanna call into the soul, it's very important understands the number to call to talk to Todd or his assistant is eight four four seven six nine two nine four four. Now, I've gone over a lot of the products recently. And I want to kind of just hit some of the main issues if you're trying to get help and get a lot of panic calls me about especially cancer in various people is call adverse from me, gentlemen, ability. Oh lady in Nova Scotia. But I have all of the world. It's very important for you to try to get the person directly involve. So I got at least you've not they're not directly involve Email their phone number and time windows when I can get a hold of member the starter protocols are free. I will give you the listen interested. It goes we recommend for cancer, which is one of the most common early panic calls because people decided they don't wanna do conventional treatment. Or if they've had some they decided to stop it. I just saw this report yesterday three year old after two cycles of chemo getting very sick. Parents didn't want to do it. The courts of actually ordered tall more chemo, but they opened the door for alternative therapies, I that you can do chemo. If you do PT chemo. We actually do the GCC tests in Greece we send a blood test to eleven Greece. They actually can make Denver vaccine that actually help your immune cells finding kill cancer. I also have new technology that can tune to not to destroy Naga lays, so your immune cells which are paralyzed by nog relates viruses bacteria cancer. There are no longer paralyzed. So they can go after and kill the cancer. So the combination of dendritic vaccine and with insulin potentially give little doses of insulin. And you give chemo which was actually been tested in the cell cultures C, which chemo agents will work against your cancer. And then we know it's affective, I never recommend radiation. Or proton therapy ever, I think damages normal tissues around it. And they say they tried to call him to make sure it doesn't it always causes damage, and I recommend you. You must take things to rebuild your tissues. You're gonna get post chemo heart failure or chemo brain we get eventual or pre domestic loss of argon function in circle PINA where your muscles. Go. Bye bye. So it's very important understand that. No, what's the seat of cancer cancer starts from an infection. Cancer starts from infection usually fungus viruses. Like, you can actually measure. Various viruses are present in cancer. Like Epstein Barr virus. And we commissioned providers antigen. We also measure through various labs like the Avs and Boston anomalies and the amass cancer test. He's very accurate. In fact, I had one lady contacted me late yesterday who apparently was told for cancer clear from her conventional cancer doctors, but she did the cancer test and showed up borderline, which means to think she has cancer mop up. Most people don't realize all cancers, if you survive, the chemo and radiation and conventional treatments or even alternative all cancers have have reserved what's called stem cells are cancer mother cells. We call them because they can remove Tate and become an active cancer again and become even another cancer organ system, and you need to be aware of that. They've you take our cell defense. Plus the only product I know of the besides Alagic acid Malinga block that actually gets rid of cancer, mother cells and high windows power. See also, something you can take on a long-term basis after you finish, chemo and radiation. If they told your clear, you wanna monitor your Naga lays levels and your monitor your test Oncle, Avs to make sure that there's no signs of trying to return because we return to tends to be very radiation and chemo resistance of us radio therapy or chemo, that's important point. Now the core. Nutraceutical for cancer are high-dose power see six hundred grand Coon today. Alagic acid very high dose for two six capsules four times a day. Same with league, Mark. The we want strip off the capsule of the tumor within flam X talking about fortified capsules twice a day. At least we wanted to give you a specific nutraceutical protect you against cited kinds because cancer generate site, a kinds and various toxins that actually you're talking to your normal cells my contract, so you get a secondary what's called cancer induced by the county opposition. So if you might have Joe catalysts coca ten supreme cook continue when all leave asked care, carnitine, cardiovascular perfusion as affected things to maintain my to Conrail function and detox your body things like Seminole fight Miramax, minerals, plots, and of course, estrin detox, and we can answer measures things like Maksim and other toxic chemicals. You may need to have detective -cation of chemicals and heavy metals, and I can measure those say Great Plains laboratory that can measure your levels of toxic chemicals in your whole blood Commissioner, heavy metals, doodle neutron spectroscopy. And we have technologies including resident fifty treatments that can mobilize it out of your cells in Fred, Saana pulse. Magnetic field survey likely new Soviet, I'm at and photon sound beam at sonic life that I can actually give these Pacific resonant frequencies, actually mobilize and get rid of the toxins on your body. 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So let's you challenge the person with things like killer max and ultra zeolite you're not gonna pull it out of their bone marrow and other tissues, so may not Chopin their hair analysis. So you have to understand that that's the that's why whole blood is much better for measurement of that than just doing hair analysis. So I've all the technology. We have some new technology just developed most we're going to be launching some other new technology with my frequency therapy that goes well beyond rife was broadcast technology and one was microcurrent. That'll be available here the next few weeks. So that'll be happening as well. When you're trying to do a concert. It's the first layer you have to understand all free. No matter. Who you are never before. All you have to do is drop me an Email at contact us at neutral, medical or call their order line, triple eight to twelve eighty one I'll call you back give you kind of a starter protocol to get you going. He looks like your initiatives to complex got gotta request yesterday. From this lady had her return. She needs a console I'll give her the starter protocol. So cancer return with logic acid the block in flam ex sell the fence, plus high does power seat cetera, but should needs to actually have a full console that have other types of cancer tests, including the tests done in Greece and other types of tests. Besides the article abscessed in Boston. So those kind of things are important hoops. It's trying to call me, Jerry mcglasson. Okay. From special guests. So. That's interesting. Okay. Jerry's got it. I I raised some of my guests, including mayor, Dave Rubin from Israel down America and stiff on our Nile in our three. He'll be going to be great guests on it. And we'll be bringing them on. And just a few minutes here with Dave Rubin. Now, Dave is mayor of actual town Israel mills a lot about what's going on in real Israel issues. He also knows how America's been standing of what we have now. I guess somebody trying to listen live button is not working and should be working. If he goes to our top thing there. We've all set up button works perfectly fine from what I can see let's see here. It should work. This alive with win app. There's all kinds ways listening you can have Apopka player and so on so. If you go to listen live buttons, they they're all working. They're actually going Berkeley from our studios in Gettysburg Pennsylvania with Todd weight and has lots of different options. So you can listen with win app. You can listen with windows media can this real player or you can listen with your iphone ipad too. So lots of ways to listen to the show. And then by the way, when you listen you want insert question. Did you want to call into the show just drop me an Email, and I'll read it to you. Now. It's ideal Email before the show because they don't check my emails while I'm on air, unless it's really important. I check it on in a break. But especially you call the studio because they'll put it up on the special VIP board. And then I can see the question that can actually kill you on to actually speak on on air. So I'm just. Live. Investiture tied check listen live than should work fine. Okay. So in terms of getting consultations easy. Nobody else does what I do. They allowed people flog supplements. Don't tell people what else in terms of medical care. They need. What things are safe? And what's not I will recommend certain types of therapy. For example, if you atrial flutter, and you wanna do ablation, that's fine. If we don't find do all the proper testing. So for example, he wanted to soft. You let go to make sure you don't throw plot off your brain of stroke. Yeltsin wanna make sure you make these levels are okay? You don't have the cart disease have high speed CD scan. You wanna know if there's any free radical problems causing them sheer conduction pathways like his bundle study that can be done before you actually do an ablation -ment. The doesn't approve it. Because a lot of doctors, are slapping they proceed with preachers, and they don't tell a patient everything. So you need understand that. I'm an expert in as a medical legal experts every area of medicine, both internal medicine family medicine, obstetrics gynecology, pediatrics college. A geriatric medicine. We're small of pain burn unit, ICU, whatever. And I know what should be done on a it's up to date stuff. I'll check it. And find out what the standards of that. They're pushing different parts of the country the world remember every part of the country a little bit from standards. So. Contact me get free starter protocol. Looks like console video review of all your records. And you're actually I lever and said afterward and. I train other doctors to do what I do. So back in a moment. 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Triple eight to eighty one stay well and keep your brain healthy medicals talk Visteon, plus get neutral dot com. Take plus with brainpower to improve brain function and protect you from Occidental stress heap, your memory working the best it can be. The show, and I'm really pleased to have this amazing on mayor. Dave rubin. Argued be I n his left site is Dave Rubin. Are you be? I n Israel dot com. He's got an amazing book out now called Trump and the Jews and how can they say that book? David how how do they obtain your book Trump? Yes. Go to just go to Amazon. Right. So if they go to Amazon now give some of the central parts of your book and why it's so important that everybody read it because I believe Israel is. There's some in the bible the old and New Testament to basically say he wears a friend of the Isreaeli people's much just the Jews the effort might as well. But those who are the friends will prosper and those who don't will not prosper and God's going to promise that they will never abandon them. So I want people understand that the fact that America's such a strong ally of Israel is a very prophetic, isn't it? And look as Israel Israel is. Those countries. So these times when we're living in very interesting times when people have Israel every turn back to the land. This is not a normal happening. This is not something that happens every day. There's no country in the world that has been exempt from its country exactly as written in prophecies actually in biblical history. And and then return to their country and and rebuilt and rebuild the land. So this is something that happens all the time. So, you know, intimacy credible story in. Israel's becoming more and more. Religiously bent because a ritual originally visual was was founded almost like a socialist state rather than religious state, and there was later under Truman, I think that was moves toward a making a conservative religious date. But I think Israel is with the conservative rabbis, but also the people who've ever get it back and forth, and many are dual citizens of America, and Israel and other countries, and they're taking a very strong religious bent toward what's happening in Israel. Aren't they? Well, it's true like myself. You know, what I two dual American Israeli citizen. I've been living in Israel for twenty seven years. You know? And I and I've had many spirits is in Israel aside from being the mayor of Shiloh and being wounded in a terrorist attack. And establishing the Shiloh Israel children's fund therapeutic programs for terrorism children. And and of course, all the books that I've written including my most recent both Trump in the Jews all things I've been in Israel in the past twenty seven years, but I was born and raised in the United States of America. And I'm still a proud American citizen. I I don't think it's any contradiction between being a proud American citizen and proud Israeli citizen as two countries abound. As through a brotherhood of values. If you go back and Mergen history, you see that the founding fathers were all connected with Israel. They all have the strong connection with with Israel. And and the values of is. Israel and the history of Israel. Well, go. You don't understand that? I have both Jewish and Kohana background myself. Right. I don't know if you're wear that we David. No, it wasn't aware that okay? What my family were very night Christians. But we are all basically through my mother's family. We're with called Nyman. Now, the Niners were the Niamey tribe of the means that married the lineal blood descendant and head of the of the of the sub tribe of the out of Aaron ochre or the Cohenim that were the blood descendant strictly of of Moses. And when he married the tribal king's daughter, he took on their tribal name, call the Niamh so the Niners of of of the Middle East or all a combination of median and Kohana direct blood descendants of Moses and also have Jewish blood. My grandfather spoke it, so what people have to understand is the Godman promise with the two. I call it the the the two scapegoats if you wanna call Efraim, and and people don't understand that though that there's the frantic tries were. Oust off by the Persian empire to Europe. And the Jews are half drive of Benny I mean, which demeans Bill of the house of and Jews which means praise and God said I shall enter the bring power into the world through my praises for the Jews. So the Jews kept the book, they're the people of the book, in fact, even when I didn't necessarily believe it during two times when they fell away from the covenant the Jews kept the book, they kept the physical book, and because of that God preserved them even though they were being persecuted in. That's why there's not many Jews left on ears compared to what there should be. I mean, considering the population over thousands of years of should be like half a billion Jews shouldn't there. Yes. Certainly well, look this. This is this has been our his three being the chosen people being having that connection with the all ninety. You know, people get jealous, and we which is ridiculous. Because it's it's not that we're saying that we are people that is better than other people. We're talking about people that was chosen with particular responsibility. Right being being the people that received the ten commandments on Mount Sinai. And and so so the foundations of Judeo Christian civilization from the people of Israel, and I and I. And also on the only thing that makes any constitutional Republic. It's their right from the creator. God's shoes the Jews and the buck the people of the book in other words, if you'd look at to America or any country, the calls himself, a constitutional Republic, and by the way, the only one in modern history America, and the only one ancient history was Israel where the book ends of history, Israel and America, the only tune constitutional republics. And of course, the state of Israel, basically meteorites come from creator. God, they don't come from government or an emperor or king. That's totally different than every other government on earth. Isn't it? So we're not, you know, as I always say, we're not a religion, you know, people. There are a lot of Jews who think that they're just a religion that the you know, the. Well, I'm I'm Jewish. I'm of the Jewish faith. I'm not I'm not a nation and Israel separate from me. But the reality is that we are not a religion. And we're not a nation. We actually religio nation with with the two blended together and in in a way that it's unparalleled in the world. And and. Keep keepers of the book that make sense aside because they have I call transcendent eternal wisdom from the creator, God food, depend on to and the ten commandments that sets them aside because it gives them a a portion of eternally and eternal truths that other nations and peoples don't have it doesn't mean they're better. It means received a special level of knowledge that's transcend to human race. And they're. I would say it's a special responsibility. And and and you know for those who have read my book Trump and the Jews and read those two chapters that that good into who the people of Israel really are. Like a sneak PI just by the way, just ordered online. When you're when you're talking about her mind from Amazon, so it'll be here in a couple of days. Okay. Well. With two of of that particular part of my book term. With with socks about the the people of Israel where where we come from, basically. And how how it all started? You know, it's goes back to slavery in Egypt and. And. Give the ten commandments on Mount Sinai, and then entry into the land of Israel, the the kingdoms of Israel, the king, David king. Solomon one thousand years over one thousand is of sovereignty in the land of Israel, and and the eventually being exiled from the land of Israel driven out by our enemies, and then one thousand years the land lays baron, and and we with scattered around the world, we're persecuted in many, countries succeeding enormously in other countries through hard work. And and then we come back into the land of Israel that had leave Barron for all that time that wasn't giving of its fruits, and and in the early part of the nineteenth century and more Jews coming back and rebuilding the heartland of Israel and rebuilding the land of Israel. That's in our possession. And turn it into into a haven, turn it into greenery, and blossoms, and and trees and and building homes and land giving of its fruit. Again, exactly spoken that in the prophecies. So that's an amazing thing to the mazing story. But it's very real. How would you building toward this issue of Trump on the Jews? I believe the Brock vomit administration was so anti Israel anti she was ridiculous. And that was Trump. There's no wonder he's has a half cycle coin with king Cyrus of Persia. There was an integrated few months ago that basically inaugurates minutes as she act which in Hebrew terms means he's an anointed one not to bring back peace and safety state, Israel. 'cause right now, we have a carrier group going over there to protect we have these missiles silos I have Intel agents and contacts, and so these are not just dumb missiles, their intelligence missiles have been handed over by Russia and Iran to Hezbollah in Syria, and they're putting Israel in Israel settlements in grave danger. Now, luckily would Trump backed up the idea of giving the Golan Heights to Israel, which is a high point which will protect lot of eligible, but tell us how this book expands on that issue. Expensive from has has just been a great friend of Israel. And if you look at all of those things, they do mentioned, the the the the establishment of the. S embassy in Jerusalem, finally recognizing from this capital capital for well. Over three thousand. And and then the rowing American participation in the Iran nuclear deal, which which was a disaster Israel, not just for the United States for for the whole free world giving them you normally power enormous amounts of of hard cash that that came straight from the hand of Obama into the hands of the Iotova's and with that cash the creating havoc in the Middle East. This looking at those things, of course, you look at the so-called Palestinians that people that was invented just about fifty years ago. And so so that. Nuclear issue. President Trump had the courage to stop supporting the Palestinian Authority that has been supporting terrorism and gives salaries every single terrorist that commits tackles and Israeli. No, I have to point out too that you know, I I I was wounded terrorist attack. I was wondering toast, but Palestinian I was shot in the leg. But some was shot in the head. And and these terrorists are in jail. Yes. This still in jail many years after the attack, but the truth is that those terrorists their families being given this salary every single month and and get. That's an obscenity. So, but but President Trump has stopped giving support to in the sorority because of that and that old step that no president has done even though those salaries have been given to the terrorists for about twenty years now. So so this is all of those things I just mentioned that wonderful signs of American American bonding with Israel, and obviously it goes both ways Israel gives tremendous military intelligence as the only best in the freedom in the Middle East. The United States has been visiting. You know, obviously, Israel has benefited normal, sleet, and President Trump is one of the reasons why that village pets constraints in. What? It's kind of amazing, isn't it? Missile defense. Israel's our primary researcher for missile defense for the US government in the various military department is. Yes. Yes. Absolutely. The Middle East is is hot of of terrorism. And. Certainly not a bit of the freedom. But but Israel Israel being this little tiny country. The size of jersey has has provided tremendous. I recommend that your listeners go copy on that. Have you back for another second? Have you can make it? We want to expand. She's going on stay today. I'll come back. Okay. We'll get you back. David. I appreciate you coming on take care. Your water is one of these central's of life. Pure water systems daughter peer Bill recommends includes four faces the first phases charcoal second-phase eight the best reverse osmosis membrane third phases exchange. Resum almost left is absolute water molecules that even in freezing for little spike because they're so cleaning crawl over each other. The fourth phase is a calcium magnesium ninety team parts that makes water ph rice attack on we have a whole host system. 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There was a mayor David Ruben from silo Israel. And of course, his book, I want to go to Amazon dot com. It's basically Trump and the Jews I've ordered that. The online version thumb would be able to read it later. His website is David Rubin. R U B, I N Israel dot com. David Ruben, Israel dot com. Link posted up on our main website, which is over a clay over at eagle hyphen network. The show, by the way, the only way to hit the direct link to listen is over at neutral, medical you wanna hit that button at the top. And it'll give you all kinds of different ways. Listen to the show live. Lots of other things going on here. Now, I want to go over some of the top different products for different issues that are health. And what I think I'm gonna do is. I'm going to go from a hidden told ahead, I'll start off with your hair. If you try to grow hair for a male wanna use suitable hair tonic the collagen max that do real neutral, Royal jelly pro collagen. 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You wanna be using vision max, and then can't see I drops through verse cataracts, you want to remind on the back of the ISO neuro Jan and supreme pro you wanna get rid of free. Radicals wanna take each plex hydrogen Selby talks Lewis, I own fat soluble five and free mile fiber tracts in the eye and the ritual Bori of the optic nerve. And of course, gimme plus and you want to at least once a day of those different products. If you're trying to help reduce pressurize strung recommend use aluminum photon is fantastic producing pressures leading healing. If you having visual last, we use narrow peptides we actually use neuropeptide for the brain the middle ear the eye of solid organs senior, your your bones or cartilage. We have specific regulatory bio peptides reach those along with red velvet, which I've designed and uncle Meyson speed your stem cells epidemic frequency therapy as well to stimulate the production of messenger, Ernie and proteins, which we knew now through the sonic lysine. We're soon be able to do with for Liu and photon I found two other technologies that I can get you. Now, if you're on a console those technologies won't mention on air yet. But I will be interviewing and talking about them soon. A one is we have technology. We can actually broadcast to an area up to thirty feet to civic emp, Janek frequencies, and the other is through microcurrent technology. So that's going to be vailable. Let's work our way down if you're talking about. Period disease. You want to puncture soft gel of coca ten supreme ubiquity? All you wanna use ace. A a what's called a hydro floss flush teeth and gums with neutral dive. Fen tastic device. You can also use a little jet device that you can get along with the sonacare toothbrush sold by the same company and the water that and put a little bit neutral or neutral, silver and get the deep gums kill off the factory. Now, the passenger 'cause preyed on Z's. So these are both technologies hydra floss Andy little jet of that you can actually use put water at press the button battery recharger system, and it'll create a jet that clean out your gums. I call the these basically water jet floss two systems. I like them better than the elected typical. You know, the call flashing with the floss flex. Now, we're looking at that your skin if you're trying to improve your skin first thing news, stream pro college. 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And then one of my favorites is looming folk I called my sleep, buddy. Zip balloon photon machine for half an hour wrap might one eighty Pat around my head over is. And usually within five minutes. I'm caught no matter, hyper, I even sometimes a pretty, hyper venting, whatever doing all day, your console or developing new technology, so limit photon fantastic. You can also use the photon sound beam. If you have one and use the electrode touch to your temples of the areas of your body, you're trying to regenerate. So any air you have pain or if you have eye problems and put it in the lower eyelid on cheek. You can put it in running your teeth devil problems and the little leading bold will recharge those tissues, especially if you've already accused man curious already have one or the new cell veto Matt's will recharge your tissues. Regeneration I usually recommend the sonic life as well for regenerative technology for gums and teeth and pretty Donald tissues. 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You wanna use the relation with these neutral, silver, and the most the foam common free radicals do styles viral infections like rhinovirus of three in the basket cells in the respiratory bronchials or other styles viruses, secondary bacteria, in fact, McCann sure off the Silia in the respirate bronchials in the Airways. You want to be using for the heart car cardiovasc- sums enter just a girl. I'll make a supreme pro make museum glysophate to counteract as calcium vascular care. Carnitine co Q ten surpreme in computation ubiquity, I'll recommend you take two soft gels of each twice a day. If you have hard problems, we have cardio regulatory peptides for heart failure, vascular disease. You had proven coronary disease, I can reverse it by by full vitamin k to reverse a calcium score. And of course, de what's call the EPA genetic treatments. 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"Point I referred to the World Series Trophy disrespectful way it was a mistake say what I said. Maybe, just a little bit. Maybe. Just a Tad. I always think it's Kinda. Funny too when I see. you know people like how how the dodgers next to your holiday next year If. Any team doesn't have to think about next year it's them. Now, I said when Twenty fifteen if the warriors could win that championship, they could stink for another forty years this one, a one ring one got three. If you asked any giants fan. In two thousand ten. Would you trade twenty years of last place for this they would have said, please. Yes. Can I have one since they moved? The dodgers eight years in a row twenty thirteen. August. Cardinals and twenty fourteen. Fifteen there ended Jacob degrom and Daniel Murphy turned into Babe Ruth. Twenty sixteen they got up on the cubbies to London and then I lost three in a row. When he seventeen we know about that epic seven game world series against the Astros, who were cheating two, thousand, eighteen, the red sox. Kinda throttled them only won one game but the Red Sox were quote unquote cheating and then. The nationals stunned them stunned everybody in the end. But they had that game five with all those clutch home runs. This year they flip the script they trailed the braves three games to one and won three straight. Never trailed or face elimination and the world series. But still you know they can look into their off-season and say, where are you right? I saw this. Ranking by baseball writer Matt. Snyder going into the off season. In the top ten in the big leagues. Are as the season ends his top tanner dodgers and raise one to obviously then braves padres. Yankees Astros as white SOx twins, marlins. And You know it's funny about the as people like all the as have a lot of questions about what they're going to give a qualifying offer Liam, Hendriks reliever of the year in the American leaguer. arcus semi-in the. You know. who was in the final three of MVP voting. I'm okay with both those guys leaving seriously I am I'd rather I'd specially Hendrix but. Mark Salmon is a he's a okay player. He's. He's good. But. When you talk about like if I'm the Yankees I just I. Just blinked my eyes and say, yeah, he's back. or She's back. With the as well. If we spend money on him, then we're not going to moon you know the Matt's. We're going GONNA start getting expensive. I'll now arbitration now now. That's the way anyway nowadays if you WanNa take a shot at the commissioner. Can't do anything about it. He says there isn't goes Oh. Darn it on being picked on again you can literally bully the commissioner. Of Baseball and it's a little bit sad. I feel sad for him. To. Come home back on Sports. 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Rehab can help you start to break your addiction problem and get sober in as little as seven days, and we'll work with your insurance provider to help cover the costs plus we have travel assistance programs to get you here by plane or train. Make this free call right now to learn more eight, hundred, four, zero, three, five, nine, one to eight, hundred, four, zero, three, five, nine, one to eight, hundred, four, zero, three, five, nine, one, two, that's eight, hundred, four, zero, three, fifty, nine, twelve. Outcome now don't be shamed. We will have a secrecy. Roll. Dow. I wish you would try and slap Rick Kittles. Mama's face. He would clown you. the things we look at during a pandemic. By the way, we have a full hour of open lines on the other side. unless you're an hour three anyway Stealing two hours live today. Things you look at it in a pandemic I'm a history guy I'm always of a thirst for knowledge because I realize I know one percent of history. If asked I mean there's just so much stuff. I've never heard of even though I've. Read it my whole life and. Love the stuff but. I was thinking to myself last night that I really didn't know a lot about Lloyd. George who was the Prime Minister Of England during World War One and with all the problems going on with the Irish Free State. And I knew that he was the only prime minister ever that had. Grown up in Wales. But anyway so I started reading about Lloyd. George because I I just figured I should know more about him and I was fascinated to see that he was succeeded as prime minister for less than a year from nineteen, twenty, two to nineteen twenty-three. I Boehner Law. owner. Law La w was the prime minister. Of the United Kingdom. From October nineteen, twenty, two to May nineteen, twenty three, and I have never heard of him. This is the guy who's now my favorite prime minister of all time because I am Beavis and butthead again Prime Minister Boehner Law Iraq title lot more sophisticated stuff on the other side. So come on back. You're listening to the heartland newsfeed radio. Heartland newsfeed DOT com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by you. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. Days Ago Lisa Brady Fox News, and for right now, the trump and biden campaigns are on the same page fighting for Florida. The Democratic nominee further South Broward county where Fox's Evan Brown is live L. Lisa Vice President Joe Biden's rally is underway here in Coconut Creek at one of the campuses of Broward College or maybe about one hundred cars that drove in and everyone else is far away from that rally outside some of them hope to have have gotten a glimpse. We meet our America back we need our freedom bad trump has done a horrible job he went two, hundred, eight, hundred, thirty, thousand dead Americans. Are. One. Chance Debbie Stewart drove down from Boynton beach a short drive away Mr Biden next heads to Tampa where president trump is also rallying today Lisa thanks, jared thanks Evan the president's rally getting underway. Now, we'll both campaigns reacting to record growth of thirty three percent in the third quarter. The President says, next year will be fantastic but that a record. Setting tax hike from Biden would kill it. All Biden tweeting that while GDP grew visits to food banks haven't slowed and Democrats in Congress are warning more corona virus relief is still needed House Speaker Nancy. Pelosi says Treasury Secretary Steve. MNUCHIN. Has yet to respond offers on funding for state and local governments increased testing unemployment benefits and funding for schools. It takes money. It takes more money. Than they are willing to put out. Pelosi says there are also differences on policy including a Republican provisions designed to shield businesses from some covert related lawsuits. The White House. Says Pelosi Democrats are to blame for stalled talks for refusing to come down from a more than two trillion dollar proposal jared halpern three civil rights groups led by the end of belay. CPR now suing over the president's reason order restricting federal agencies and others were offering certain diversity training. He calls un-american. The suit says that violates free speech America's listening proxies. This holiday season more people will be mailing stuff than ever before stamps dot com brings the post office, and now ups shipping right to your computer. So you can mail and ship anything from the convenience of your home or office with Stamps Dot Com you can print postage on demand and save money with deep discounts. You can't even get at the post office like five cents off every stamp up to forty percents off priority mail and up to sixty two percent off ups, shipping rates, prints, official stamps, labels right from your computer. For any letter package or class of male anywhere you WANNA send once your meals ready schedule a pickup or drop it off. It's a no brainer. Don't spend a minute of this holiday season at the post office right now, listeners get a special offer that includes a four week trial plus free postage and a digital scale with no long term commitment. JUST GO TO STAMPS DOT COM click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in Fox stamps dot com enter Fox go right now to stamps dot Com Answer Fox. The US Supreme Court says Pennsylvania's extension for mail in ballots to be counted can stay for now. Supreme Court decision means two big things for Pennsylvania one male imbalance will be able to be received in counted up to three days after election day as long as they are postmarked by. Then the other thing that this means is that really this extension stays. In place for now, because the US Supreme Court decided, it's simply did not have enough time to hear the Republicans argument that this three day extension is unconstitutional. It's just too close to election day. So what does this mean? Well, it means that the door is left wide open for litigation to happen after election day. Fox's Brian Yannis in beaver Pennsylvania to. Men face extradition Japan with accused of smuggling. The former Nissan CEO out of the country to avoid what he says would have been an unfair trial Carlos Goan denies all of diverting. Nissan money for personal gain prosecutors say Americans Peter and Michael Taylor helped him escape Japan in a box on a private jet traveling to Lebanon where he has citizenship the US. State Department is now greenlighted the extradition but a judge granting time for review not to family friendly Halloween display in Texas where one homeowner set up skeletons as strippers as novel lives in Richmond, which is A. Suburb southwest of Houston. She's named the display, the candy shop featuring skeletons, pole dancing, and wigs skeleton customer sitting down for lap dances plus a skeleton bouncer wearing a baseball cap with the word security now plays music for about an hour every night but the online sensation receives the bony thumbs down this past weekend from the Homeowners Association telling her the display is offensive adding she has thirty days to remove it even though Halloween is Saturday Nava says people love and she's going to continue doing it CJ Papa Fox News. The Dow is now up three hundred points. Brady trusties. STAMPS DOT COM brings the post office and UPS Shipping Rights Your computer go to stamps dot com to start a four week trial plus free postage in digital scale with Promo Code Fox that stamps, DOT COM, click on the microphone at the top of the page and type in. Fox. Call Right now to qualify and receive a free consultation eight, hundred, eight, seven, one, six, seven, eight, hundred, eight, hundred, seven, one, six, seven, that's eight, hundred, eight, eight, seventy, one, sixty, seven paid for by airtime media. From San Francisco Sports byline broadcasting. Network you're listening to Wrestling Observer vibe with your hosts. Bryan. Alvarez and Mike Semper. Let's get it. Going everybody Bryan Alvarez here on wrestling observer live. We are here every day Monday through Friday new. Pacific three eastern Sunday three Pacific six. Eastern. We've got a lot of news to get into today's Thursday that means that last night Awa Annex. T. Yesterday here on this program. Not To toot my own horn. I said as anyone else looking forward to both these shows tonight I'm very excited for both of them I said. I believe Mike the Little to me. But look what happened. I was right again. A W I thought was excellent show. Thought was an excellent show I love that. Show. I mean every week Vinnie I review both shows on Thursday night and as I review Bo show, sometimes I go into them thinking that one was much better than the other and sometimes after I review a second time, I realized I was right about that. Sometimes I think I was wrong. The other show was much better. Mind can be changed but as of right now as of right now, I believe I will be voting for an xt. Halloween havoc is to better show last night some great matches and. All sorts of fun stuff. Pat. McAfee the angle. I said, that was very, very good show in was a very good show as well. They're setting up their full gear pay per view. We could talk about that got a full lineup for full gear and they've also announced some information about tickets for full gear. So if you're wondering what they're doing, we'll tell you about that here today on the show if you'd like to tell us what you thought. of W dynamite and Halloween havoc, the text message line four to five, eight, zero, seven, five, six, four, thousand, five, seven, eight, zero, seven, five, six, six, probably take phone calls later on in the program Brian Wrestling Observer Dot Com at Bryan Alvarez on twitter at Simple V. as well. Hello everybody twitch twitch dot TV slash up for W. we'll be looking through that chat as well as we as we barrel through this show here today, but a lot of exciting stuff. So stick around everybody will pick it up after the break wrestling observer live. With so many new pet owner skis grooming can't keep up. Sorry booked solid through the weekend I can give you a call back with something opens up. It's time to hire. 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So come to shell and get three done at once fill up with Shell v Power Nitro plus to help keep your engine running like new save up with the fuel rewards program and never pay full price for gas again and snack up with insult rewards to save even more at the pump make the most of the stop you need to make Shell and engines they continue. So you shall be financial plus premium gasoline two full terms and conditions if you. You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Semper Vivey on the sports byline broadcasting network. Show. Bryan Alvarez Rustling Observer. Alive makes reveals of wrestling. Observer. Dot Com. See everybody in the tweet chats obsessing about shirt right here. Yes, it says dismember the body. Now, I'm not a serial killer Dexter loomis. Those of you that are subscribers I'm sure you've heard my buddy mark. This was mark's band dismember the body. At he gifted me this shirt fifteen years ago. Wow and all of my clothes I, I did a giant load of clothes and they were all in the washing machine. This is the only sure I could find. So I work here today. Speaking of giant loads. What's what do you call the font on that shirt? I met mark in two, thousand and five. I was doing some student films. And had this resume and Resume for what I never done anything. So I put author of death of WCW on my on my acting resume. And Mark was the director and he looked at my resume and he hired me instantly because he read death of WCW and the rest is history. So. That's why I'm wearing the shirt here today everybody. What have you ever done Mike, get out of here the done lots of things although at fifteen years that is ready to challenge for the the WWe championship get involved in the the rainy ordinary listeners, one of us on the show right now that can still wear clothes from fifteen years ago so. Get attis. Hey I got comfortable bowel. Leave me alone tickets to this year's full gear. Pay Per view are set to go on the air this week ten am eastern on Friday that's tomorrow. Full gear being held at Daly's place. There still tickets to the show. So if you're interested in going in the area and you trust going to alive wrestling, show that socially distance and you have to wear mask. Well, here you go. This is the show for you. We've got a bunch of matches after last night's Awa w show and one more show, which is the go home show this May as well have been to go home show because next week they're going head up with fallout from the election. You May as well, not even be on TV that night. We had Jon Moxley versus Eddie Kingston in an I quit match. After you ever said the young bucks and the stipulation is. If the young bucks do not win the A W tag team titles they will never challenge for them again. Now. Cody did this a year ago. And when I I would I was watching this show and they made this announcement i. Man I wasn't a big Fan. I dislike it less today after Dave gave his thoughts on the whole thing. But we can talk about that. In a moment we got a cheetah versus neither rose cody defense against Darby Allen the world tighter a title eliminator finals Kenny Omega Versus Hangman Page Chris Jericho, versus Mj FM wins. You will join the inner circle. An elite deletion match with Matt Hardy Versus Emmy Guevarra. And Orange Cassidy will be facing long John Silver. On the pre show so that is the lineup. And Lot of different angles last night. You mocked me yesterday for being excited about Halloween havoc. May that show was good. That was a really good show. So overall a finite of Wednesday night wrestling Gita details here in a bit but Mike what did you think of these two programs? They were both good shows that move things forward for their brands and their own ways and I actually thought here comes the boomers in the the assaults on twitter but I actually thought and I st was the better show you can. You know the Cameron Grimes Dexter Lou mismatch is is always those matches which is going to be referendums on what you think about. cinematic wrestling because for the most part is what that was. Actually, it was all the way up until the very end, even inside the ring in that university and Realm where we actually in pro wrestling go back into the ring to finish the match they even put all the special effects on the. Michael Jackson Thriller Scene And hey, you know it's Halloween I guess. So you're going to get that. But if you take that out of the mix I said last week, you know one of the pluses of that I've been seeing recall Gonzalez presence just in the ring. No. But as a presence she has grown to me tremendously it is certainly out of Dakota kyw shadow of just being her heavy and I thought. Yesterday holding up to her end of the deal with Ria, Ripley, who's a great person to be in the ring with I thought she came across great and you still going to have to be obviously very careful with her as they continued to build her up but I thought that was fantastic I think pat McAfee is fantastic. I know not everyone does I thought he was tremendous I thought the way he was. Able to you know because he comes across again because he's not out of the WWE, promote promos system. He felt like a real dude in him spinning what he did, and now the Guy Injured, my guy I'm bringing onto my team and he's bringing his guy in here we are and I thought that was great. I think he's fantastic and really the biggest I think the other big high point for me. Off of both shows last night before throwback to you is Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley, it's a no brainer obviously, but they continue to hit on something every week. In this case, it was that Video Promo that Jon? Moxley had where he was showing Eddie with the Rosary and it's just moxley cutting the Promo on and I thought it came across a good and if they do another one next week of Eddie. Doing. The same thing with Moxley I think that would be great but the their interactions have been fantastic and then Eddie's promo afterwards inside the ring. Ice The cake. This is if they continue on with it, I. Don't know how it'll go but you know as far as short feuds of the year ago I mean it's it's a slam dunk for me. A couple of quick notes we add hangman page beating wardlow. This match was excellent. If you whatever expectations you had going in this story of last night, this exceeded those expectations, Lord low looked great they game everything before beating him. It didn't hurt hangman it absolutely helped wardlow. So that was a home run. And Eddie Kingston built up their match. What can I say? They're both excellent at this professional wrestling game. Kingston veep side Al and then made him say I quit basic build for the pay per view young bucks their promo basically announcing if they don't win a will never challenge for the tag titles again townhall meeting it started out very wacky. We had Lucia source asking questions is a dinosaur as funny but it was wacky and there's like a level of wacky were if it gets to whack, you can't take this thing seriously but at the end. When M. J. F. and Jericho finally went face to face and got serious. I mean they're fantastic. So that's the story line. MGM has to be Jericho at the pay per view to get into the inner circle. We add orange cassidy and cody in a lumberjack match, which I will talk about more later because I was very angry last night but. Anyway, I'll talk about that in a moment Serena Deeb and Layla Hirsch was very good for the. Women's title we add Pinson, Kenny Omega obviously Kenny, Omega a one, but they had another excellent match Kenny make a beating him with the one winged angel and for exte- Johnny Gargano beat Damian Priest falls count anywhere. It was a devil's playground match falls count anywhere and no count out they added just. So we didn't have another WCW moment. Pat McAfee. The segment where him and Laura keene and Burj beat up Kyle Riley with help from Piton, there's now a new foursome which probably lead to a war games match dude if you don't like Pat McAfee I, don't know what to tell you. What is there not to? Like he's the greatest he'll. He's a fantastic promo. He's doing his job you're supposed to hate the sky gives the greatest fantasma and Jake I. don't even know what's going on here. This I was baffled by non title, Match Fantasma, beats him in three minutes. What? Haunted House of terror that needs a segment of its own rear Ripley Raquel. Gonzalez. Fantastic I mean again for whatever you were expecting it exceeded that by like ten times as much was so good and then the main event uterit- Kansas, Laura tables, ladders, and stairs I presume everyone is alive but they did a lot of crazy stuff and falling through ladders in suplex under the edge of a chair I mean some of this stuff was too dangerous but it was a hell of a match you try retains it hey, we got a storyline coming up. Where this family both win titles at the same time? and Johnny did it. Can failed. So. That may not end well or that may lead to some marital strife. I guess we'll find out but we're GONNA take your thoughts on this when we come back from the break and listen whatever you want me to go into detail on just let me know but I got an hour and a half with vinny tonight to talk about everything that happened on both shows but I can give you guys sneak preview here free on the air. Just let me know back in a moment and surviving. On Monday. This. took. 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Now Eight, hundred, four, eight, five, six, zero, zero, three, eight, hundred, four, eight, five, six, zero, zero, three, that's eight, hundred, four, eight, five, six, zero, zero, three. I need you to listen to me I know that a lot of times mom it might not seem like I'm listening to you but I am I hear you. and. What you save really does matter to me I mean, let's be honest. No Kid likes rules but I get why we have them I hear you and I know it's because you care all the taxi fat over the years including what you've told me about not using alcohol and other drugs they stick with me and believe it or not. They really do make a difference especially at times that matter mumps. When the drink nothing. So. Thank you. For talking and preparing me for what's ahead. Thanks mom never giving up and always being my biggest fan. Thank you for letting me know what you expect. So I can try to meet your expectations. Talking for more information about talking with your kids about underage use of alcohol and other drugs visit underage drinking, DOT Samsa, Dot Gov. You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan, Alvarez, and Mike Vivey on the sports byline broadcasting networks. The show Brian Alvarez here wrestling observer live up Mike Zimmer reveal also wrestling observer dot com. Should mention that if you go to video that effort w online at dot com, that is our video service. And I noticed yesterday as you go up there. The. Very first thing you see now is members only videos. Before you had to go up there and you had to go into play lists or community although if you're on the IPAD community doesn't work and see if you're going to play lists and scroll it was you could do it but it was it was not the easiest. Now it is a thousand times easier videoed affordable you online dot com the Brian Vinnie shows wrestling observer live. Filthy for daily the shows with Lance Storm, they're all available. The entire show on. Video. So. If you're a fan of, for example this show, but you would like to see Brian and Vinnie. The video shows all of these are available and archives at video data for wwl nine dot com. Now, all you do is you go there and the first thing you see is all of the latest members videos. There's yesterday's observer live the brain vinnie Craig and Grainy Halloween Song contest show and Retro Raw. observer lie filthy daily with Tom, all of their right at the top it's impossible to miss so. If you're a video fan and some of you are because you're watching right now on twitch dot TV slash shift for w video go to the video site here and and enjoy it's like seven dollars and ninety nine cents cheaper than the main site you don't get the. Twelve thousand archived audio shows are the podcast or anything like that, but you do get these videos and and it's a lot of fun also speak now I forgot we gotta add that one now it's brand new speak now pro wrestling with Denise L. Those are up at the site also. Check it out. Now during the break as they're going through the twitch chat here and Everybody was talking about various things but what kept coming up? was. This young buck stipulation. So. Talk about it here. Last. Year cody was challenging for the title and he said, if I do not win, I will never challenge for the title again. Now. The thing with a W is they are adhering to all of their stipulations. Nobody believed it everybody was looking for the devil me way to get out of it. Has Been over a year. Now, it's been about a year and cody has never challenged for this title again. And he's not gonNA. And some of your still thinking well, five years from now. Maybe the guy is GonNa turn heel and challenge for this title. I don't think he's ever challenging for the title again because if you recall. Last night on the show. 'EM GFD Promo. And he said that. If wardlow wins his tournament. And wins the title. I, own him. So he's going to give that title to me. And like literally moments later, Jim Ross and all of the other commentators pretty much said dude ain't happening because Tony Kahn would never allow it. So everybody's looking for the excuse of well, cody is going to turn heel and he's going to break the stip because he's a he'll and he's going to challenge for the title in storyline I mean, it's already been established Tony Kahn isn't going to allow it. That was the stip yes I guess there's a possibility that someday but the point of all of this is at this moment and from day one, he was never going to break this tip. It's over that was dip it's done. It's permanent. So. The young bucks announced the same stip- last night. I realize it's been a full year or so but it just seemed way too fast for me. Now. Dave. Talked me off the Ledge and he pointed out that you do realize that. FDR has gone through one team after another and they've just beaten everybody and the Young Bucks Story of the Young Bucks is they failed over and over for a year. and. So is it really a great idea for FDR to win the first meeting because that was what? I thought from day one like FDR should win this first meeting and the young bucks can beat them later on down the road. But. When Dave explained all of this I thought about it and it was like you know what? These guys don't need to lose again I mean they had that one loss that put him over the edge to where now everybody thinks their heels because they've gone crazy. They're so furious about losing yet again. So should they really be losing again actually probably not FDR can lose a tag team titles FDR can win the back against somewhere down the road. Now, the other thing is. Everybody's pointing out that. Well, I mean it seems obvious right now that the young bucks are going to win these tag team titles. Yes. Yes. Because if you go back historically. This is far from the first time. That, a baby face has promised something. Where you pretty much know. Well. They're definitely winning the title. It's happened countless times through history. And if you think that those kind of stipulations lead to less people buying tickets, less people interested because they know the result think again, these stipulations have led to turn away sell out after turn away sellout historically when the baby face makes that stip where you know man, there's no way. This guy is losing. He's GonNa. Get that big win. He's promised it. That's a very, very powerful thing if you do it sparingly and since they've done at once with cody well, now people believe man baby the young bucks actually will lose but in my opinion and I have no inside information but. I'm like a hundred percent. Sure in this situation that the young bucks are beating FDR in their winning those tag team titles probably GonNa be a hell of a match and away you go from there. So I really didn't like it yesterday I like it more today. I dislike it less today, but I do feel that they're going. To. quickly, this should be a step like every three or four years I. It's been barely a year actually by the way. So I think it's just I would have liked to them to have not done that yet, but what's done is done. So there you go. I don't feel that strongly in the negative direction but I do think it is Kinda early I. Wish they would have had some conflict inside the ring. You know before you get to the point where the young go dammit. You know we're GonNa do this or we'll never challenge for the belts again and. FDR could win because let's be real about this. Young Bucks don't actually need those titles. They never need those titles especially with the way that they continue. seemed to be continually taking care of the tag division. They're gonNA keep you know making sure that strong they can exist forever without those belts you know the road warriors were the NWEA long time. They won the belts once you know so they don't necessarily need them and just like cody as long as you always adhere to the step, you've always got Nigeria for angle because you can always try to build fan support where they are rallying and just dying for you to take the belt and I think ultimately. Seem to the future. A Very Nasty J. F. on top of the a w mountain and then just fans hem laying waste everyone else in having fans go you know cody, you know they they start to rebel and that's what you need. That's the only way you can flip one of those stipulations they get laid out like that like you know you can never challenge for the belt again, it's going to need the. Fans to really rally for it and unless you can make that happen then it doesn't work. But you know I could see that with Codeine J. F. and I could see that later on with the young bucks. So if they decide to go in that direction, I won't be I won't fall over shocked but the IT feels early I don't think the face to face worked I think if you're going. To do something that Short tully maybe should've taken it over I. Still Don't understand why they don't utilize him in a in a bigger way. I didn't I was not sold on that. Jackson's Promo especially at the beginning when they were doing the banter. Now, I, think at the end when he made the proclamation I felt that came off. Okay. But then you had excalibur just again something it just. It doesn't feel like it's flowing very smooth to me but I guess it doesn't matter because once they get to the match that's all I really WanNa see I just WanNa see these teams in the ring, and regardless of the result is going to be I mean I. Hope we see more of it. So there's been a couple of people one guy in the chat here one guy and are blurred. Like man this is this is GonNa kill the by raiders can hurt the by right dude. No. Okay. If you look at the card for this is not a one match show. This is not this is not Helena cell where they barely announced any matches and it's like built around Roman reigns and J. You and Sasha Bailey in like if you're not into those in the radio and drew McIntyre, there's a bunch of great matches announce for this show, and if you're an A. W. Fan to any degree somebody that's gonNA spend sixty bucks for pay per view you're telling me that young bucks and FDR not. Being everything you wanted like you gonNA skip out on Moxley and eighty Kingston and and the Chris Jericho MJ F hangman versus Omega and cody versus Darby were Darby's probably wouldn't in the title I mean No. Maybe you could count on two hands the number of people that this one match not being booked the way they like is turning them off to buying the whole pay per view but this is a strong pay per view. It's probably GONNA do right around every pay per view did and the idea that they've done something wrong with FDR and the young box and they're gonNA get like three thousand buys. Now. That's ridiculous. It's completely ridiculous. That's true that person isn't trolling or let's say exaggerating there really feel that way. How can you make it through life? Let alone make it through watching wrestling on television. Does note I thought the Young Bucks said they wouldn't challenge for the tag titles again, if successfully wouldn't have full gear if that's the case, FDR should get disqualified on purpose. Well you could do that they're not gonNA. But you know the thing is O'Brien if they decide to do that, they haven't done it. So there would be okay if you're going to do it now the only issue is i. think if you did this on a clash of the champions are on a very special edition of dynamite. Okay I. Think we're they would put the up on that one is if we're going to do that you better have disqualification a match for free builds towards a match on on pay per view. So I think they would may have that mentality because they haven't overdone this stuff, you can do it. Bryan, you mentioned Tony Kahn not allow or would not allow wardlow to give him the title because Tony Kahn allowed but cody is an EDP when you have the power to grant himself a title match if he ever turns, he'll well, this is all we're making up our own storylines in our head. I mean all I know from watching the show for a year is the buck stops Tony Card in storyline. So In theory. No cody could not just decided. He was going to do something if Tony Kahn allowed back in a moment observer life. If you owe the irs back taxes don't worry. There's a bright side the experts at bright side tax relief dot com. We'll protect you from having your wages garnished money deducted from your bank account and your home or business seized bright side tax relief. Dot Com will fight the IRS and negotiate to reduce or eliminate the amount you owe visit bright side tax relief, dot com, or call eight, hundred, seven, three, zero, forty, three thirteen. 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Indeed, you get a shortlist of quality candidates from our resume database indeed delivers two and a half times more hires than the other Brandon jobsites combined according to Hr Twenty nine thousand, nine visit indeed dot com slash credit get a seventy five dollars credit for your first job post terms and conditions apply. You're listening to wrestling observer live with Bryan Alvarez and Mike Simple. On the sports byline broadcasting network. I can show Brian Alvarez here wrestling observer live a Mike Simple vivey also of wrestling observer DOT COM. I've been accused of being there for a minute. I've been accused of lying in the twin shadow you know what they're talking about. Some Djibril Oni. Maybe. He'll. Maybe he'll tell me what? He's talking about show your face geek release. Explain yourself I want to know what he's talking about. I got my eye on you guys. Hear me everyone of you. I says lying in the video I've never lied, but let's go. Yeah. No I got a text message here about Cameron. Grimes. Person says he's incredible. That's all I can say needs to be pushed to them on. The Bar Mitzvah Triangle Pop Regal without years that. So, what I'm GonNa do is I'm going to give the short version this 'cause I got a lot to say tonight. All right. But in general. The camera grimes. Dexter. Love match. was into. Parts okay. The first. Haunted House of horror part was. They were actually in a house somewhere. Okay. The second part they were doing some wrestling moves in the ring. Now. Justified US here I'll get to justify him tell my thoughts. So this Dexter loomis character I've ranted and raved for months now. A right guy does a good job playing a character. He's playing a character that sucks and pro wrestling to disaster. It's a calamity. Okay. But you know what? Picture loomis is a creep in a horror movie. That's his character. So maybe I'm the only one. But when they were in the house. And they put the big splash graphic about the screen haunted house of horror whatever there's blood dripping off of it. It was a spoof. On every awful horror movie ever and you know they gave us an awful horror movie. I got what was advertised in that segment. Dexter loomis he just had to be a creepy serial killer. Cameron grimes is fantastic. No, it was nowhere near as good as the bone yard match, but it was a lot closer to the bone yard match then anything else and quite frankly quite frankly dexter in the haunted house of horrors in a bad horror flick in a horrible b-movie is better than when he's in the ring. So I did not hate in any way. The first part where they were just doing a awful horror movie. That's supposed to be a awful horror movie. Okay. But then. Then they go back to the building and they get in the ring. Well. Now it's supposed to be a wrestling match. And what do we have? We have. Smoke randomly rising from the ring, the ring on fire. We have zombies. We have literal zombies, undead people getting into the ring. Decks loomis now needs to be a professional wrestler doing this gimmick. Once again, it became a calamity. So I don't have the words on this National Radio Show to express my hatred for what happened when they ended up in the ring together. But as far as when they were in the House to know or movie whatever grapevine. As the three minutes is supposed to be bad. It was supposed to be a movie. Once you get in the ring and you start doing this crap. No I don't like it. That's my thoughts on the haunted house of war I swung both ways. Do you still As far as comparing it to the WRESTLEMAINIA match with. Bray Wyatt Johnson that wasn't a match that was a Vignette but Brian. So. If you're telling me that after everything that they did in the Wrestlemainia main event if they would have stumbled to the ring and without zombies gotten a pin would that have changed your mind on the match listen Mike I'm just going off of your if you trove add match if you love. The Bray White Johnson and match good for you. But? The only way. To even begin to suspend your disbelief for the John A match. Okay. Is. You have to. accept. That John Cena and Bray white were working together. For performance or beyond enough, my altering drugs were not even not even that if the storyline is okay. Well, wrestlemanias year Bray White and Johnson are gonNA drop acid and we're GONNA film it. You still wouldn't have got what we got in the. Fun House. The only way to make the funhouse make any sense whatsoever. is if Johnson, and Bray white are working together and bride goes hey, Bro I'm going to bring back your old basic funk outfit and you're GonNa put it on. That's the only way that it works. So No? Work, Cameron Grimes and and Dextra loomis working together in his horror film. No they film it like a horror film I was sold. I was told when the graphic on the screen that you're going to see a goofy horror film. I did exactly what was delivered and Wrestlemainia was told Bray White and John Cena who hate each other are going to have a match But what they had was a vignette where they worked together. So No, it's not even remotely similar to the Haunted House bores. It's closer to the bone yard match. At Bone Yard match was way better. But what they did last night was closer to the bone yard match. Then that Goofy Bray Wyatt John CENA firefly funhouse quote match wasn't a match. Nothing resembling a match. It's you know my old self here. It's amazing. Way Hey you know another Mike when they got back to the ring which I absolutely hated okay. We're trying to do thriller video totally sucked when they were inside the ring but you know what that was more of a match than firefly funhouse because they were at least fighting each other. It's not like all of a sudden grimes and and Dexter Luma's team up to beat up some zombies or some crap. The face same family tree of matches it just yes they are. They are all cinematic matches, your right. But two of them were cinematic matches and one was a vignette where two guys got together in high school video production class. I. I don't know horror films well to be honest with you. just don't. So I, had a lot of the references I'm sure flew away over my head, but I'll say this cameron grimes says Great Kevin Grimes is grey areas, Greg Cameron grabs great at wrestling game and grimes his great at it at everything and he was fantastic I thought William Regal leading him into it. I thought was a nice touch Dextra loomis we talked about it with Bray, Wyatt as far as being a character. Extra loomis. I don't know Sam Shaw I don't know how great of Matt, wrestler years or anything else. But he's a character, and if they're gonNA came around and on the payroll. Cool. But he's got to be enrolls where he's either the sight gag or he is a literal killer doing something at behest of somebody else but I hope maybe they take. This has the opportunity to do something like that with my nose somebody's cringing going, Oh God it's the last thing I want to seize more cinematic stuff for things. Like that. But Hey, there's a place for characters. There's a place for everybody and you just got to figure out how to use them. Right and this is GonNa be a sharp left turn away from that. But just because I was thinking about it when you and David talking about him last night Tucker, you know how easy in one fell swoop in what have been to keep him on raw since he turned on his friend, he becomes the heavy to the MS you know he can talk a little known rock. But. What I'm saying like okay. Now that he is officially air there whatever the issue was with putting his name wrong on the smackdown, all the stuff with Otis is over with if he's on raw, he's can be with MS and worse in and you can give him the opportunity as well as change what ms and worsen are all in one fell swoop you can. You can give everyone some serious. You can give everyone some some weight to their characters here and you can see what you might be able to. Get Out of Tucker playing a role behind Miz and Morrison who have been there for a long time and is a guy again, two guys that he can watch Morrison work in the ring wise and Ms Work on the microphone and Harry cures himself outside wise and see what you can get. It was as simple as that and they have fumbled it. You know and we'll see ultimately what happens but I don't see them as being anything different than what he is. I don't see Morrison being any different and unfortunately. Previous for you good. God blesses person I'm not mad at you or anything like that. But it is amazing. How badly wwe has just ruined some people. I and says, there's also the idea that because of how healers the bucks have been, they could lose and then go back on their word everybody. No it's not gonNA happen. No Awa going to adhere to their stipulations. I know that's totally of totally foreign idea to people watched wwe. But if someone retires in AWS, they're not coming back. If someone loses a match can never challenge for the title again, they're not gonNA. In W E every stipulation there immediately trying to find a way to get out of the stipulation. Right I mean like every time everytime that's not Their they're on an island the rule used to be two years to five years at least with with every promotion aside from WCW at. The End. The stipulations were adhered to. Like all over the world and every promotion everywhere it was not well, let's sell these marks on the stipulation, and then we'll immediately find a way to screw them like if you did that back when you you know W, we now publicly traded company they're gonNA have their earnings call in. About an hour now and they're going to be just flooded with money. Okay. So like they could do anything, they're not going to go out of business anytime soon but back in the day. You lived and died by how many tickets sold, and if you did a stipulation and you sold a bunch of tickets and you immediately found a way to screw people, you'd stop selling tickets and you go out of business. So nobody did that. At Aws. Stipulations where the whole idea is what we're going to promise this really get people to buy the show and they were gonNA find some goofy way to screw them out of the stipulation and we'll get the titles on the. Young. Bucks. Believe me. There's two things that are gonNA happen your. Could Happen. The young bucks are either GonNa win and they will be the champions. Or they're going to lose and they will never change for the tag titles. Again, those are the only two things. That are going to happen here. The only two things. So you can make of that what you will when you try to figure out who's going to win the match. and. When you adhere to those steps and you make all those things matter and you make things matter in your promotion your fans get longer memories because things matter and they you know. So that's why you can't do that stuff and you used to kill areas and. Look W, for anything you don't like about some of their their main stuff. They do a lot of small things. Well, they do a lot of small things. Well, right down to just divisions in camps I mean obviously MJ up in Jericho being heels battering with each other. You know that's the biggest thing that that's going on out there. But Eddie, Kingston and Lance Archer having tension now because of the way things went back and forth with the interference in, you know do the best friends in maybe not in Dustin, have a little issue. Now even though they're both on the Baby Fae side of the ledger mean they've done a lot of small things like that that we used to see in traditional route, they use it. They do that stuff well, and that stuff pays off in the the more you pay attention it pays off into not screw people with these types of stipulations and having blow up in their face and just blow up whenever you want to. It's a stupid idea. It's always been that way and that's why again wwe and part of the situation that it's in. Person Years they're the people who say that aid w was not more sports bass like they said, they would be just need to watch the firefly funhouse fiend nonsense and the loomis nonsense and you will see the huge difference. Hey, listen Awa does wacky things too. But there's a there's a limit. Inevitably, universe. There is no limit to the WACKY nece. Where is Mr Brodie? Lee? This person said. Felt, super hot is TNT CHAMP I thought cody's win came to fastballs. Okay. As long as he kept his momentum and then he vanished for elder though it's there's I mean. Could have coverted. He could've come in contact with someone who has covid or more likely because it's been many weeks now. There's a plan. So. Stand by. For this show is well. The server life. Airlines have just reduced their prices even more thirty days in advance and save big want the absolute lowest prices on your airline tickets. Then call the low cost airline travel hotline right now for prices so low, we can't publish them anywhere. The only way to access our low rates and save up to seventy percent is to call save hundreds on your vacation tickets by calling right now, you can fly anywhere in. The world and pay discount prices on your airline tickets. Go flight today to London Paris Madrid or anywhere. 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On that show last night I guess when your home for six months and I can do is eaten workout end up looking like Pete Dunne did last night. Two options with Cova de you get a Kobe body in one direction or the other, and he decided to take it in the the good direction. You're you're says. The what if Bucks Really Copy Cody tr beats them and then with maybe hangman they become the first trios champions well, I guess you could do that but. I mean, if you do this dip twice in one year I don't like the idea of doing the same thing twice in one year. So this when they should win. I say the gun club should become tag team champions. Maybe someday. They will. I says, do you think this is the week that annexed t wins the overall rating. I feel like an xt may very well win in total viewers but I do believe that Awa will be ranked higher and win all of the main demos but I could be wrong. But that's that's kind of my. Feeling I. Think W is going to win like they usually do outright, but I would be interested to see as the show went on for exte- because it was solid if they actually could build up an old brown and how much they increase it any. Well everybody read a time. We'll be back later on tonight myself and Vinnie running down all of the matches on Bo shows got ninety minutes. We'll go in great depth about everything. And that's four subscribers wrestling observer at DOT COM on the podcast in the podcast library you want the video video that if we're w online dot com check in both outright he everybody thinks Mike is always callers and listeners over to the studio to me. The next time wrestling observer live. Where the rubber always meets the road. Actually I'm not even sure what that means. Speed Radio Network Live at heart news feeds dot com this stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by. Follow us on facebook twitter and INSTAGRAM's. Her growth hits the campaign trail the Brady Fox News president trump putting the third quarter jump in GDP front and center after economic growth of more than thirty three percents. This is the biggest event in business fifty years. Nobody's ever seen a number like this. This is bigger than any nation donation has a number like that. He argues his policies have made such a rebound from Corona virus shutdowns possible Democrats say the trillions and Kobe relief passed by Congress fueled it that it won't without more stimulus while the president's rallying in Tampa. The Democratic nominee is also in Florida continuing his campaigns emphasis on corona virus and safety with another drive in Rally Fox's Evan Brown is live in Broward County. At least Joe Biden's rally here at the Broward College campus in Coconut Creek had about one hundred or so cars and attendance. But outside of the rally are trump supporters waving flags chanting chance singing songs honking horns Raquel segel is a Jewish Brazilian immigrant who lives nearby and wanted to support the president at his opponents rally. We trust him now? So, now, getting more voters now tell you, I'm Brasilia I have A. facebook Brazil's look. There's so many Brazilians for trump. VENOS- for. So many for trump because we tossed him. Mr Biden. Next heads to Tampa part of I. Four is the I four corridor known for swing, votes Lisa seven more than eighty million Americans have early voted in the US elections project count continuing to set records Louisiana's governor John Bel Edwards though is concerned about power outages at the polls after hurricanes as we get closer to Tuesday obviously determination is going to have to be made whether they're going to be able to power those locations or not storm knockout power to some two million across the region killing at least three people in three states. 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Dot Com enter Fox go right now to stamps dot com answer Fox an effort to make healthcare costs more transparent his finalized by the trump administration health secretary. Alex as ours is under the new rules, nearly all private health plans will be required to disclose what they pay for services and prescription drugs and would have patients estimated cost would be before receiving care both of finalized our hospital transparency rule so that all patients will have easy access to the. Price of costly hospital. Services Starting January twenty, twenty one. From an executive order signed by the president last year, one of the four men charged in a campaign finance case and connected to the president's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani pleads guilty to charges, David career admitted in federal court in New York, to defrauding investors and making false statements to the Federal Election Commission careers, a former business partner of love. PARNIS who wasn't. Associated Rudy Giuliani Karan partners were with campaign finance fraud, but also tricking investors into giving them two million dollars for a venture that promised to protect people from fraud. They're accused of spending the money on personal and luxury expenses, but also of making political contributions to US candidates for federal and state office and hopes of vine their influence including on behalf of. A Russian businessman and Ukrainian government official Jessica. Rosenthal Fox News United Airlines, is hoping more people will fly to London if everyone on the flight, his past, a Kobe test though start doing free tests next week on flights out of Newark New Jersey. Attest will be mandatory for all passengers over the age of two passengers who test positive will not be allowed. To, board and will receive a refund but those who test negative will be able to bypass the fourteen day quarantine upon arrival in London the airline hopes it'll give passengers peace of mind to book a trip, oxygenic Casula they'll require the test on those flights three days a week an hour to the close the Dow's up three hundred points, Lisa Brady Fox. If the next step for your business is finding a high impact higher try indeed they're flexible payment options mean better bang for your buck with no long term contracts indeed believe and give you a seventy five dollars credit for your first job post at indeed dot com forward slash Fox terms and conditions apply. And listen to man is about to say, yeah, let everybody listen the USA radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. The CBS radio workshop dedicated to man's immagination the theater of the mind. This is classic Radio Theatre wanted to get away from it all the FBI and he's Anwar. About. The unexpected. V. Unexpected. The unexpected. Now here's your host why it talks. Graham Halloween's here, and we do have an episode of Halloween enjoyment today it's comedy father knows best from sixty seven years ago, October twenty, ninth nineteen, fifty three, and we thank you for joining us. I'm not sure happy. It's Thursday. This is the twenty ninth day of October three hundred and third day of twenty twenty, sixty, three days remaining in this year sixteen countries met in Geneva on this date in eighteen sixty three and agreed to form the international. Red Cross the ticker tape parade invented in New York. City on this date in eighteen eighty six when office workers spontaneously through tickertape into the streets as the statue of Liberty was dedicated. The. Assassin of US President William McKinley executed on this date in one thousand, nine, hundred, one, the New York Stock Exchange crashed on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, twenty nine and what would be called the crash of twenty nine or black Tuesday ending the Great Bull Market of the twenty s and beginning the Great Depression. The Suez crisis began on this date in nineteen fifty-six when Israel invaded the Sinai Peninsula and pushed Egyptian forces back toward the Suez Canal Israeli Prime Minister David Ben. Gurion. By his ministers injured on this date in nineteen, fifty seven as a hand grenade tossed into Israel's parliament the Knesset. In Louisville. Kentucky on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Sixty Othello by the name of Cassius clay won his first professional fight. Of course, we know him best. As, Muhammad Ali. A collection of irreplaceable gems including the five hundred sixty, five carat star of India stolen on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, four, a group of these from the American. Museum of Natural History in New York. City. The first ever computer to computer link established on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine on arpanet, which was the precursor to the Internet. The November seventh nineteen sixty-nine edition of life. Magazine hit newsstands on this date in one thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, nine with an interview from Paul. McCartney of the Beatles addressing the rumors that he was dead and we did magical mystery to trade it. I actually put on the world s masks and we just picked up a heavy snow so I had a black on Asian because they've run out of Redmond's. Is All black on whatever you got. So I go. It's usually significantly black. I. Had my back turned on certain delicate is actually just when we were doing the photos. Turned the back and it was like joke. months-long rumor developed a life of its own and some still claim conspiracy that McCarthy still was dead. Of course, he wasn't. And he still not dead at the age of. Seventy. Eight In a nationwide radio address, President Nixon discussed defense policy and made it clear that draft dodgers would not receive amnesty rather than talking about amnesty for a few hundred who chose Desert America? Let us honor the millions who chose to serve American and Vietnam. has this long and difficult or draws to an end? It is time to draw the line on this issue once and for all. There will be no amnesty for draft dodgers and deserters after the war that address on this date in nineteen, seventy, two, of course, two years later, President Nixon would resign president board would offer conditional amnesty to Vietnam war draft evaders on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, sixty, five, president lower declared flatly he would veto any bill calling for federal bailout of New, York City and instead proposed legislation that would make it easier for the city to go into bankruptcy well, that led to a headline in the New York Daily News Ford to city drop dead and a sharp reply to the president from then mayor a beam we one time. Yes. To tighten our belts. Mystical I propose indeed the put a noose around our necks. We will not accept that fate without a fight by December, both sides made concessions in the city received a significant federal loan. Demonstration a secret modified C. One, thirty, four in Iranian hostage crisis rescue attempt ended on this date in one thousand, nine hundred with a crash landing at egland Air Force Bases Duke Field in Florida leading to the cancellation of operation credible. Sport. And this certainly did leave a lot of big on President Carter Space. The American Galileo spacecraft made its closest attempt to nine fifty one gaspar becoming the first probe to visit an asteroid, the Food and Drug Administration on this date in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty to approve date Bo pro vera for uses a contraceptive in the united. Sates Francisco Martin Duran fired over two dozen shots at the white. House. On this date in nineteen ninety-four four Duran later convicted of trying to kill President Clinton. It was on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, eight space shuttle Discovery blasted off with seventy seven year old John Glenn on board making him the oldest person to go into space. Is Four. Three. One. Condition and lift off of discovery with a crew of six astronauts, heroes and one American legend. Discovery role pro. Roger. L. Discovering. Timeless. Glenn not only the oldest person to go into space, but the first American to orbit Earth on February twentieth of nineteen sixty two. In freehold. New Jersey on this date in nineteen ninety eight Melissa Drexler pled guilty to aggravated manslaughter for killing her baby moments after delivering him in the bathroom at her senior prom sentenced to fifteen years in prison. The Arabic News Network Aljazeera broadcast an excerpt from a video Osama bin Laden on this date in two thousand and four the terrorist leader admitting responsibility for the September eleven attacks and referencing that year's presidential election. Delta Airlines merged with Northwest Airlines on this date in two thousand eight creating the world's largest airline and reducing the number of us, legacy carriers to five. and. It was eight years ago. Today Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the US one, hundred, forty, eight killed. Directly One hundred thirty eight indirectly seventy billion dollars in damages and major power outages. Passing away on this date in history actor, Adolf Montjeu, and the thundering herds. Woody Herman. This is the birth date of that. Funny Girl Baby Smokes Fanny Brice also Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels. Editorial cartoonist Bill Maudlin and jazz trumpeter composer, and Arranger Neal Hefti who wrote so much wonderful music including the theme from Batman. Happy number seventy five to aren be singer Melba Moore from American graffiti jaws, and the goodbye girl Richard Dreyfuss seventy-three Sabrina in the original Charlie's angels keep Jackson Seventy, two years of age today. Homer Simpson Sixty three Wellman homer but Dan Castellaneta sixty three from beetle juice and heathers. WINONA. Ryder forty nine from bring it on and ten things I hate about you. Gabrielle. Union forty eight, the actress and daughter of Diana Ross. Tracy. Ellis. Ross currently starring in blackish forty eight years of age and actor Ben Foster Forty years of age today those just a few of the people celebrate the twenty ninth day of October's their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday hi, we're the four freshmen and we just want to say. Going back sixty seven years to October twenty ninth and nineteen fifty-three father knows best that comes up next on this Thursday edition of Classic Radio Theatre. The following is a partnered interview during the vice presidential debate Kamala Harris criticizing the administration's decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal which she said has put us in a position where we're less safe because they're building up why might end up being a significant nuclear arsenal well WHO's to say they haven't already of Dr David Rubin who former mayor of of a community in Israel whose name I've forgotten at the moment Shilo that's what it is author of the book trump and the Jews. Kamala Harris create praising Biden's involvement in pushing through the Iran deal trump and pence don't like it. What's your opinion? WHO's right well I Don't like it either and and the. People in Bahrain don't like to people in the United Arab Emirates, don't like it and Saudi Arabia's liking all of these countries. The always, these countries that. In the Middle East and have to have to confront run do not like that Iran nuclear deal it was a bad deal it was. Stress. For all the countries of the Middle East McGee exception of Iran, and assessment Ariston's yeah. This this whole thing didn't slow down Iran One wit did it? No, no didn't. May. have. Limited. Some of the nuclear research that they were doing in their nuclear bomb factories in certain parts of the country. But they had them scattered all over the country that what you talk a little bit about. Shiloh Israel children dot org. Shiloh Israel children dot org is the website for the Shiloh Israel, childrens fund, which heals the drama of the terror victims children in Israel. It is a a project that I started. It's project that I started after being wounded myself along with my three year old son who shot in the head by Slavic terrorist some years back and so what what we have established. Through the Shiloh Israel, children's fund is a therapeutic educational campus in the heart of Shiloh within the biblical heartland of Israel. And Thousands of children are being tweeden thousands of children have been healed and. Indeed, restoring some lost in a sense of childhood for these children and for those who want to find out more than homework can go to to, as you said, Shiloh is in. WAGE ISRAEL CHILDREN DOT ORG silo Israel Children David Rubert former mayor shallow Israel. A israeli-american but clock has got us. Thanks so much spending time with us this morning. Thanks for joining us on this Thursday edition of Classic Radio Theater. I get surprised when I had people say number one they didn't know that father knows best went back into radio but number two, they say the radio show sounds nothing like the TV show. That's Robert. Robert Young didn't like the radio show. He decided to make the TV show a much softer. Show a much more warm and friendly friendly show and not like right situation comedy which the radio version was from sixty seven years ago October Twenty Ninth Nineteen Fifty Three Robert Young starring in father knows best on Classic Radio Theater My. Forty percent brand flakes really the best tasting cereal of the mall. Well, your father says so and father knows this. Father knows this fans driver starring Robert Young is love. Your neighbors the. Instant Sanger, the delicious copy let you sleep and Post Forty Percent Brunswick mother. Next time you're choosing a serial remember you only percent bran flakes give your family all the important regular benefits of brand in a stereo or the delicious new magic oven blaming insist on host bran flakes cereal perverted eaten by far more people than any other brand. This weekend get forty percent bran flakes in the new family size fifteen ounce package they are good and so good for you. Kober rolls around the air is crisp and clear hearts of them are happy in the twilight of the year in Springfield in the White House on Naples v, the Anderson's Brex it's up beautiful day right and brisk. Well. It starts out as a beautiful day. Anyway like this good morning everybody. A what a beautiful wonderful day matter just a momentary. Here's zero. Dear, Baio. Margaret, look at that Sun. Look at that sky. Smell those golden leave burning in the sunlight. Have you ever in your whole life seen a more beautiful day? No deer drinking out kathy. Breath of that air clear coal clean as a whistle they can talk all they like about spring. This is the time of year that puts ZIP into a man. As the cream sugar babies. Not If, you don't hurry you're going to be laying. Okay mom I tell you it's weather like this. That made America the greatest country in the world that keeps America on its toes weather like this that stirs up your blood makes you want to get out and do things climb a few mountains job over a few trees? Should glad just to be alive mother now. All right. Dear go ahead fathered. I. Need Five Dollars. Why is it that every time I come the breakfast table somebody suddenly discovers that he's short five dollars doesn't anybody in this family ever have enough money that their daddy let your father finish go ahead. Dear. Boy I had to stick to my allowance by needed an extra quarter I had to go out and work for it. I couldn't just wait until my father was in a good mood and then announced that I needed five dollars money didn't grow on trees when I was a boy and it doesn't grow on trees now. I give each of you an allowance, a very generous allowance I might say. Unless. There's an emergency of an unusual and unforeseen nature I. Expect Every member this family to get along on the funds a lot to him. Now, is that understood? All right. Mother. All right. Dear father I simply have to have five dollars betty I just finished telling you. Why do you need five dollars? A Wig. A Wig, what's the matter getting a little thin on top It's for her costume GM. She's going marie-antoinette. She's going wear as marie-antoinette. Leggett's James Having a costume party tonight doesn't Janney Liggett ever do anything but give parties. What's the matter with that girl? Dear Halloween and she just jaw can find more excuses for a party than Elsa Maxwell's press agent. Why the sudden affection for marie-antoinette whether than she goes Daniel Boone. I've got an old coon skin hat she can have nothing. Going to be a devil. That's more like it see. Needed gossip. Mom. Kathy Darling your father was only joking he hurt my feelings say dad since when is Janey legged inviting Kathy were parties. That's something new isn't it? Dad Happy? Isn't going to Jamie's party father it's a costume ball for grownups not infants Mommy Oh betty. I. Wish you wouldn't say things like that. All right Cathy stopped making faces and drink your milk. Well, she hurt my feelings to say dad that'd be just said she was going to be a devil that somebody else giving a party. No dear Cathy and their little friends who are going to play trick or treat. We're going Dr Bells Kendall I don't think that's a good idea. Bunch of hoodlums going around threatening people into giving them ammunition for a stomach ache. You're not going to ring any doorbells and that's final. Say Dad, but will you please stop interrupting? Talk and you never say anything. Gosh, nobody gives me a chance. All right. What is it? I have to leave for school right away and I'm going out with the fellas tonight. So can I please have a dollar? No. Stop Interrupting. Let me finish what I was saying but they're the last time. But No, you get your allowance on Saturday and it's got to take care of you for the week. You've got to learn to make your money last but dad jen, this is Saturday that makes absolutely no difference if bud thanks. Is Isn't it? All I want is my allowance. Well, why didn't you say so Here. Don't spend it all in place. Oh thanks, Dan about. Are you going to party tonight? No, not exactly Joe Phillips bought zoom bogging. We also just SORTA cruise around for a while. Well, I've got a better idea. We'll celebrate Halloween in a safe and sane manner by going to the movies Gee Gee Whiz. Dad Gem. I don't WanNa. Make an issue of it would not have the children running around the streets after dark? No I don't approve of it I know dear. But last night the paper said there was an epidemic of measles in springfield and I just. Stay home I have no objections. Call, everybody else can go out on Halloween. I hope I get the measles. That's what I hope. I. Hope Everybody gets the measles. Oh, Cathy you don't mean that your father is only doing what he feels there. You don't have to apologize for me Margaret. I'm not going to have my children acting like a bunch of juvenile delinquents. These still haven't told me may I have five dollars? When I was a boy we had fun on Halloween. We want a benefit to the community. We did all sorts of things like ten little fences taking the gates offenses, letting the air out of people time letting the air out of people. We did no such thing certainly blamed for it was framed and you know it wasn't anywhere near the I was Halloween was a festive occasion for the entire family. We spent the evening together bobbing for apples drinking apple cider biting an apple honest. Is sure lucky somebody invented apple's. Big Joe. Father if you'd only tell daddy the phone's ringing allow. Other talents. Jin, then he really has her heart set on ABC money you know that Why did she have to figure out such Laborat- costumes Five dollars for a week. Say Margaret I haven't had breakfast yet. I'm signed here. How would you like nice poached eggs this morning I don't care at all. It won't take a minute I'll look for Kathy. There's no need to act as though the world had caved in. We'll have a lot of fun all by ourselves. Yeah. I'll bet. Used to have fun together all the time. Don't you remember Will Play Games listen to the radio. Fine. Well. Of course, if you'd rather go to bed right after dinner. Betty King Negative. And I don't need the five dollars. What is it? There is anything wrong. Oh, no everything's fine. Janey sister has the measles and the whole thing is called off. Oh. That's too bad betty but I'm sure someone else will have a tiny that you can go to Oh that Jamie sister with three, hundred, sixty, five days to get the measles she has to pick halloween. I would you like to give a Halloween party? Jim There isn't time. Well, Halloween. Tonight. Already I mean just a small old fashioned Halloween party they used to have years ago. I don't know dearly haven't made any preparations. There isn't a thing in the house all day. In any way what do you need a couple of dozen doughnuts a gallon of Apple CIDER and you're all set what he say, Betty Oh, I suppose so. That's what I like spirit and. About you getting. Jest at. Well knows suppose we invite some friends. Each of you may have two guests, Hayes. That'll be all right. How about that Betty I work for three weeks on that costume, and now I'll wind up in my own Stella if not as Teller Betty playroom well into salary a me. Sir. We'll have lots of fun good old fashioned fun and good old fashioned refreshments donuts insider popcorn and candy apples and nuts chestnuts, walnuts, peanuts. How about Betty can I invite Ralph and Billy Smith sure invite anybody wants about asking Janney legged she can't go anywhere the whole house is quarantine. Warranty. For the measles I told you last night he evidently is really becoming serious. Well, we're about it now, even epidemics back then sixty seven years ago. October Twenty Ninth Nineteen fifty-three Father knows best on this Thursday edition of Classic Radio Theater. So many of you know for over three years I've been talking about my pillow and how I get a better night's sleep. While now they've got some brand new things because between the my pillow and the Giza dreams bedsheets you never thought it would get better. You see all the ads anywhere on the the Internet talking about these wonderful new beds. Well, you know there is a bad that is based on the my pillow and it's the my pillow patent mattress topper. It's like a my pillow for the rest of your body. You can sit down and enjoy it. 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Code USA or call one, eight, hundred, nine, five, one, eight, one, seven, five when you go to the website and click on the radio listener special you can save up to sixty six percent on anything in the my pillow website including dog beds pat beds my pillow's even masks, but you've got to use my Promo Code USA when you go to mypillow. Dot Com Thanks for in on this Thursday dish of Classic Radio we'll get back to the planning the andersons Halloween Party father knows best for Thursday October twenty ninth and nineteen, fifty three in the newspapers of that Thursday sixty, seven years ago. These were some of the headlines. Person Eisenhower indicated yesterday he may take your hand after all in next year's political campaign. Of course, the president told his news conference. He is interested in the Republican Organisation and in keeping Congress under GOP control. The US yesterday ended up thirty four day ban on American aid to Israel and allocated twenty six million dollars to the new republic in the troubled. Middle. East. President Eisenhower disclosed the move at the news conference saying he was delighted to learn Israel had decided to abide by a ruling of the Special United Nations Commission Israel's dispute with Syria. The army made public last night at grisly story of communist atrocities in the Korean more reporting that probably sixty one, hundred thirteen Americans died in the bloodbath in what secretary of the Army Stevens called a cold-blooded program of murder and torture twenty nine thousand persons are estimated to have lost their lives. President forecast arise in live cattle, prices yesterday, and the cleared with some heat that his new farm program will protect the interest of all Americans including consumers. Meanwhile, the average American paid more for his basic living needs last month than ever before in history. Consumer Price Index Rose September showed when it was released yesterday by the Labor Department's Bureau of Labor Statistics. He Slam Bang John Wayne to force fight ended abruptly in a draw yesterday when a peace-loving judge award in divorce to eat the end came bass wants to Husky screen hero had his day in court and he used his wife of a love affair with. Nicky. Hilton the former husband of Elizabeth Taylor. Speaking of divorces, Mrs. Flossy Cringe Thirty Two of Bristol England rented a divorce yesterday on grounds of cruelty. Complain the trouble began on their wedding night when his mother sneaked into their bedroom to tuck her son in and did it almost every night thereafter and he never objected. In Malone New York Bernard Gould kept forgetting the feed, the parking meter the police kept handing out tickets. He complained Sergeant George Coach came up with the solution that moved to right inside my car. You'll find it all times a holder filled with nickels and dimes although I'm not the kind of hollers use it. I'm running out of dollars. Though some of the day's top news stories is reported in the newspapers of Thursday October twenty, nine, thousand, fifty-three on your radio father knows best which continues now on Classic Radio Theater. Breakfast and tonight. Say we even have a square to aunts father. Could we really well I should say You know I was the best grade caller in Springfield. Swing that Gail Arkansas. Last fall across the hallways. Wing Grandma. And in the dining room martyrdom actress Smith on the way home and I. Only jumping Juhasz of what's that? They're all on the. But are they do move the market up here Jan after all if you're going to have people intra-party, well, that's a relief I thought maybe you'd asked him to stay for the winter. Six eight holy smoke ten doesn't doughnuts twelve dear children took two bucks downstairs Margaret y a hundred and forty four donuts Melgen and you have to feed twenty to growing children. I told them to invite six outed it become twenty two. Like top the I guess it just grew. Six gallons of cited five pounds of popping corn. Twelve reports of milk. Four cases of Soda Pop. Six Margaret. Where are they? They're down the playroom fixing the decorations, becca rations. What decorations I asked him to get six kids the duck for apple's. Decorations well, the playroom did look a little bear and they just thought supposed to be a simple little party just a few kids. That's what I told Hector and now looked. Jen. Didn't invite a Smith. We'll sure but I didn't know always was going to be anything like this. And Hector just had his teeth pool looked kind kinda lonesome. Jim You know that Elizabeth dozen into a thing like this. She'll spend half the night bragging about her main third are stuyvesant ancestors Jamaica's feel as if she's slumming. I did not going to be anything like this. I told them they could ask two guests apiece. That's all I said. Well Betty could ask Marian Swift without asking grace, Russell and they both had date. I want you to be perfectly honest and truthful. If we have spent a quiet evening at the movies. Wouldn't it have been worth a simple case of measles? Seven years ago, October Twenty Ninth Nineteen fifty-three Father knows best on Thursday edition of Classic Radio Theatre Balance of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time we hadn't even heard of your product, our son called us and said you two need to be using this and Oh, I love it. It really seems to be helping my. 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Now, our history culture constitution, and the American way of life are being assaulted violent anarchist are rioting and looting in cities across the country they are demanding the defunding of our police and into law and order. There has never been a more critical time to defend our right to keep and bear arms the second. Amendment Foundation created the Second Amendment, first responders program. This program seeks to actively engage Americans who? Want to protect our second amendment rights please text protect two, eight, two, four, seven, four, seven, four, seven, and become a second amendment. First responder now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms text protect two, eight, two, four, seven, four, seven, four, seven, again text protect two, eight, two, four, seven, four, seven, four, seven now is the time to defend our right to keep and bear arms text protect two, eight, two, four, seven, four, seven, four, seven. On a Friday edition of Classic Radio Theater J Carroll Mashes that young immigrant life, with Luigi, from sixty nine years ago October thirtieth nineteen, fifty one and on many of these stations on Friday. We will have the Mercury theatre presentation of war of the worlds in a special two hour fully restored addition if you've never heard it well, you've never heard it like this I can just about. That that's on many of these stations on Friday right now, the conclusion of father knows best from sixty seven years ago October twenty, ninth nine, hundred, fifty, three. Evening the White Frame House on April. In the basement playroom, the children are raising a veritable tidal wave as. Teenagers are dancing to their young hearts, content and upstairs and the kitchen the adults. Well. Not Doing so well. Elizabeth I give you my word of honor. I didn't mean to do it. Heck. Don't you dare speak to me again long as you'll live Jim or come on Elizabeth it isn't that bad never been. So mortified, my entire life not. Elizabeth fish is cold. Let me put it on. It'll make you feel so much better. You're going to a beefsteak, Margaret? That's good for a black guy to. How will say five friends? What can I tell them? Why don't you just tell them the truth? You're biting an apple on a string and you zig. Zag. Jim Humor. The situation escapes me completely lake. Sure. You can't see you. Scheiner. Visited this a fifth. A stuyvesant on my mother's side should come to. Elizabeth. If you'll just let me keep away from the y'all monster. When I thought, you wanted me to let go the apple. The whole thing Smith. Planned the whole thing. Elizabeth please put against your I it'll help really yes. Daddy. Well. Sinbad. Out We have another gallon up here. I. Told Her in the first place I. Just WanNa come a children's party. Imagine me Elizabeth. Smith Show Party. Well, you were having a pretty good time before it happened Liz. Would you please not call me Liz you know how I? Lo- that name Jam I'm sorry I forgot. Or is this item on but he said tomorrow it's right here next to the table here. Okay. How's Your Mrs Smith? Now it's not well, but it's not boil at all. That show is funny. You should have seen the look on your face. All right but take the CIDER. Beat it some party holiday. Leave it to my son. You always manage to say just the right thing just the wrong time. Just, a minute Kathy dearest what Kathy wants, will you please probably know the doughnut if I know Kathy don't go away heck I'll be right back. Okay. Jim Elizabeth maybe if I went out and bought a stake or something don't you can't. Touch me. That again, he did. They run out of donuts downstairs. Body is it all right fi go to bed? I'm awful tired. Well I guess. So dear, aren't you having a good time? I don't know I feel sleepy. I heard all over. Okay at the why don't you? I read yet. Place. Why don't you lie down on the Couch Kathy Mommy be here in just a second right Daddy Jim. You know how upset Elizabeth did you have? My Cathy, what is it? I'm sleeping mommy. I WANNA go to bed. Feel well, she. All over Jim called sentence Margaret. There's no reason to get all excited. You please call Dr Standing Rydell over you're going to be all right. Darling. Mommy and Daddy won't let anything happen to their little girl. Jen please hurry to find his number. Three eight nine. Eight. H. Three. Eight. Fold. Fever or GS. Oil Hello Dr Simmons. This. Whole fine you Dr. Yes to thank you Dr. Well. They're fine except cathy she doesn't feel very well. Very tire. uh-huh. Jan. telling about the either Maga says she has a fever. Does. See. Not for an hour, you couldn't possibly make it any sooner than that. All right Dr we'll put it to bed right away. Yes Yes. In the meantime, all the kids home. What. You're what? Oh. No. Doctor. As you can't do a thing like that it isn't Yeoman. Simmons. Dr Simmons? Dr Simmons. Can is it measles that's what he thinks and Margaret we'll all be quarantine for a week. Now Margaret you just leave everything the way they go up to Cathy go on. Now she'll Elizabeth I said shoe got perfectly healthy men here to help me and we've got a lot of things to figure out go ahead your you'll feel better if you're with her and the Gen, there are so many things to do all these children out on it you go on. Margaret you know you're not doing anybody any good down here. I I guess I'm not I'll go upstairs but please call me if you need any help or idea, we will now jim I didn't WanNa say anything while Margaret was here. But what are we going to do with those kids? I know what I'd like to do with them. Know sometimes they got laws against the most sensible things. Great. Brains through with a little jokes we'll get down to work Elizabeth. The first time I've ever seen you this way I mean with sleeves rolled up in your hair let down. It looks good. Thanks. She look even better with that shiner. You, want I will go into that later. Dear. Meantime. Let's see now twenty two and four adults that means sleeping space for twenty six. How many beds do you have five without Kathies A little crowded wouldn't. Well there's always a couch. Well, we have four beds including the guest room. So that makes nine hundred and you're not going to all the trouble of bringing four beds over here. Are you guys Jim? They certainly won't do anybody any good in our house. We can't expect children to sleep on the floor. That's right. Entire Week be criminal to all that trouble and inconvenience. Again, the have a wonderful new invention called the telephone. Hector is going to use it in the morning and call the moving company right Right. Tell them where to pick up a key and have them bring all the beds over here. Right. Then tell them to empty the linen closet. We're going to need every in the house before within his. Own Sheets and pillowcases, towels and everything. Do you have that right? That's the doorbell right? Go ahead Jim it's probably the doctor. Oh. Yeah look. Don't do anything until I get back all worry about us Jim we got everything under control I don't know you learn the strangest things among strangers people at the strange time. Dr Simmons Gym, Katie Upstairs Doctor I'm sure it's nothing serious. But if you think there's anyone who stay here but don't you think you have trouble with mothers. And Fathers. Let me. After all she is my daughter I've got much right to be there. What does that say Jim Anymore and measles he wouldn't even let me go upstairs. Doctor, he turned out to be I. Think we've got everything range we have to sleep in shifts at least everyone will get a good eight hours rest on the comfortable bed is finalised. They're going to put all our beds in the playroom. So we don't get things mixed up and then we'll make that the boys dormitory. Elizabeth this is no time to bother him with anything like that. The less Jim thinks about Kathy the better it'll be now sit down Jim and drink this while it's hot. Oh, thank you very much. I. I. Don't Know How to thank you and Hector. Enough poppycock what a friends for the cat help out once in a while. Now. Going to sit down, do I have to knock you down? You. Better sit down. Jim Pretty. Rough. Asher, she can't hack the kitchen they generally administer to the needs of the suffering father dodger is she all right all right Mrs. Smith. Well, what happened to you? I ran into an apple. Kathy. Oh my gosh she's all right. I just wish they'd invent gadget. Let parents know the difference between measles and a good old fashioned bellyache. Why she didn't need a doctor, she needed a stomach pump. Glasses society well, really wait a minute. You you need. She just had an upset stomach jim that stomach was so stuffed nothing good upset at. What she had a fever. Ma Margaret said you'd have a fever two of you eating three boxes of doughnuts. Eight, the boxes to. Simmons. Unique that this whole business of quarantine was unnecessary right? Unless you consider a human tapeworm contagious. Better send all those kids Home Jansen I. Certainly hope that will provide the proper degree of punishment for that child of yours Liz. Minute? Elizabeth. He didn't do this intentionally. She's only nine years own Jay too much. So horrible about that than I think of it. It was she who suggested that I bite into that that apple. Just. Wanted you to have a good time. Well, I had a good time but this wasn't this. After going to take me home I have grabbed. All Right Jim. So I wasn't a measles. Thanks for everything by Margaret for okay goodnight heck might. Not Act. You Know Jim is just one very good reason why I never got married. Women. Isn't that bad doc all that I'm too old offense with them. They change too fast. I like something you can count on like a good faithful dog. Where you can count on Kathy. Always, the wrong way, but you can. Count on it. Once again, the Anderson's are at practice, and once again, the day is bright and clear this time. However, there's an air of grim foreboding, the breakfast nook, a suspicion of dark dire things to come. Children when your father comes to the table sleaze, try not to upset Him. Gosh, we didn't do anything. I know dear I. Mean I know you think you didn't do anything but. Please be careful anyway creepers it was certainly along party. Wasn't it mother yes? Dear. Cathy sit up straight in father's coming now. I'm scared good morning everybody. Running. Day. Beautiful Wonderful Day. Hour this morning Kathy feeling better. Es caddy. I feel fine. Jim's the you feel. Better life also here's something I wanNA show you founded in the paper this morning. Wonderful of philosophy I've ever heard it's called formula for contentment is very simple. All it says is this. Just think are happy you'd be if you lost everything you have right now. And then got it back again. Is Not, a wonderful thought. Peaceful home three wonderful children a lovely wife. You Know Margaret I'm a very lucky guy. And speaking of the children in myself. I'd say we're very lucky to. October twenty ninth. Nineteen fifty-three father knows best on classic radio. Theater. Just, WanNa take a moment to thank this radio station the advertisers they're the ones that make it possible for this program to be delivered to you free of charge. Either over this radio station or I mean the advertisers keep the station on the air and this radio stations kind of put us on. So there you go. Don't forget that our programs are available free of charge. If you miss a day, you don't have to miss a show go to classic Radio Dot Stream that's a web page, classic Radio Dot Stream or through almost any podcast at by searching for USA Classic Radio Theater. 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Do you believe in magic inviting you to look out the window where you then saw Michael Jackson coming down from a Rainbow Ray of light coming from the sky. So what happened then did he? Invite you to his plate land or whatever it is. He has nine months later, the virgin birth happened again, we're happy ironic. that. She. Progressed rectal. By the meat. Golden. Did you have Jackson's baby I'm our our Jackson. Listen to free talk live seven nights weeks six to nine PM central time heartland newsfeed radio network heartland news phone, DOT com. We encourage you to participate in the Gift Card. Challenge just by gift, Card from one of your favorite local businesses then use it when things get back to normal or the rockstar and give it to someone working on the front lines to keep us safe learn more at Gift Card Challenge Dot Org. American voters are fired up on the Brady Fox News the early vote count from the US elections project now tops eighty million, but that's not slowing down the campaigns both the president and his Democratic challenger. Targeting Florida today a drug super spreader events, and he's spreading more virus around the country, and here in Florida today he's spreading division in addition. Division of Discord Joe Biden holding drive in rally and Coconut Creek before heading north to Tampa where president trump was touting thirty three percent growth in the third quarter. Lockdown, again, we lockdown. And now we're open for business and that's what it is. He was supposed to next North Carolina. But that rallies just been postponed until Monday because of bad weather from what's left of Hurricane Zeta racing northeast from the golf federal indictments announced in Philadelphia stemming from riots after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May US Attorney's office announcing criminal charges against men who allegedly torched police vehicles during violent civil unrest in Philadelphia this summer before accused all in federal custody face multiple counts at include a member of black lives matter and a high school teacher if convicted each with. These defendants faces a mandatory minimum term of seven years in federal prison and maximum possible sentence of sixty five years US attorney William Mix Wayne, also addressing current violence in Philly that's led to mass property destruction fifty-three officers being hurt and one, hundred, seventy, two arrests saying America was grounded on Peaceful Assembly and the rule of Law Jeff Monosso Fox News this week's violence follows death of Walter Wallace shot and killed by Philadelphia police while holding a knife on Monday remains under investigation a rally on Wall Street the Dow finishing up one, hundred, thirty, nine points America is listening to Fox News. The US seizes, missiles and oral from Iran operations being detailed by federal prosecutors. The Justice Department announced to forfeiture complaints relating to weapons and oil seized. From Iran, the same July got authorization to sell more than a million barrels of Iranian oil seized before eight, Venezuela. They also announced that in August they found the complaint seeking to forfeit and weapons that the US from to flagless ships in the Arabian Sea months earlier grown components, thousands of explosive blasting caps, anti-tank guided missiles. Surface to air missiles. A whole array of very dangerous components that war in route to Yemen DC attorney Michael Sherwin says the judge's order allowing the selling of the oil and the action that allowed the weapons seizures were unsealed today Jessica Rosenthal? Fox News Blue says it will increase the number of seats being filled on planes starting in December. The latest airline to retreat from blocking middle seats to give passengers more space during the pandemic South West plans to end blocking middle seats December first Delta and Alaska Airlines have said they will end capacity limits early next year a classic brand becomes a pandemic related comeback story the coronavirus pandemic started you could share of tupperware stock for about a dollar now it's gone up. To over thirty with profit quadrupling last quarter to more than thirty four, million dollars a lot of people are cooking more unwilling or unable to go to restaurants, and that means leftovers to store and put away tupperware also makes cooking utensils in addition to storage containers the company had posted negative sales growth in five of the last six years tupperware parties popular decades ago have been replaced with more in-store direct marketing and online sales Chris Foster Fox News recapping Wall Street a mixed day for a while. Then a rally took hold and then cooled just a bit before the close the Dow up one thirty, nine, the SNP, and the Nasdaq up more than one percent and Lisa Brady Fox the. You're listening to heartland newsfeed radio our. Live twenty, four, seven, heartland news feed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by. Follow us on facebook twitter and instagram. American voters or fired up on the Brady Fox News the early vote count for the US elections project, and now tops eighty million. But that's not slowing down the campaigns both the president and his Democratic challenger. Targeting, Florida today drug super spreader events and he's spreading more virus around the country and here in Florida today he's spreading division in addition. Division of Discord Joe Biden holding drive in rally and Coconut Creek before heading north to Tampa where president trump was touting thirty three percent growth in the third quarter lockdown. Again we lockdown. Disease and now we're open for business and that's what it is. He was supposed to next North Carolina. But that rallies just been postponed until Monday because of bad weather from what's left of Hurricane Zeta racing northeast from the golf federal indictments announced Philadelphia stemming from riots after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May US Attorney's office announcing criminal charges against men who allegedly torched police vehicles during violent civil unrest in Philadelphia this summer before accused all in federal custody face multiple counts at include a member of black lives matter and a high school teacher. If convicted each with these defendants faces a mandatory minimum term of seven years in federal prison. And maximum possible sentence of sixty five years US attorney William. Mix. Wayne also addressing current violence in Philly. That's led to mass property destruction fifty-three officers being hurt and one, hundred, seventy, two arrests saying America was grounded on Peaceful Assembly and the rule of law. Jeff Monosso Fox News. This week's violence follows the death of Walter Wallis shot and killed by Philadelphia police while holding a knife on Monday remains under investigation or rally on. Wall Street the Dow finishing up one hundred, thirty, nine points America is listening to Fox News. The US seizes, missiles? and. From Iran operations being detailed by federal prosecutors. The Justice Department announced to forfeiture complaints relating to weapons and oil seized from Iran. The same July got authorization to sell more than a million barrels of Iranian oil seized before it made its way to. Venezuela. They also announced that in August, they found the complaint seeking to forfeit. that US took from to flagless ships in the Arabian Sea months. Earlier won't components thousands of explosive blasting caps anti-tank guided missiles surface to air missiles. A whole array of very dangerous components were in route to Yemen DC attorney Michael Sherwin says the judge's order allowing the selling of the oil and the action that allowed the weapons seizures were unsealed today Jessica Rosenthal Fox News Jet Blue says it will increase the number of seats being filled on planes starting in December, the latest airline to retreat from blocking middle seats to give passengers more space during the pandemic South West plans to end blocking middle seats December first Delta and Alaska Airlines have said they will end capacity limits early next year, a classic brand becomes a pandemic related comeback story. The coronavirus pandemic started could share of tupperware stock for about a dollar now, it's gone up. To over thirty with profit quadrupling last quarter to more than thirty, four, million dollars. A lot of people are cooking more unwilling or unable to go to restaurants, and that means leftovers to store and put away. Tupperware also makes utensils in addition to storage containers. The company had posted negative sales growth in five of the last six years tupperware parties. Popular decades ago have been replaced with more in-store direct marketing and online sales Chris Foster, Fox News recapping Wall Street a mixed day for a while. Then a rally took hold and then cooled just a bit before the close the Dow up one thirty, nine, the SNP and the Nasdaq up more than one percent at Lisa Brady. Fox. News. Shell. We know from the time you get up to the time you wrap up tonight there's a lot of meet ups. Eat. UPS and hurry ups. 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Only, right now, I better be marry Mr Fane which hadn't. Keep everybody knew for. Suggestions on how done if I knew you'd need. Sandwich. By. The way. OFFIC robinhood lackey. Those. Sure but I'm not really Robin Hood I'm actually cupid with clothes on it's cold. Well, you'll be okay kid a couple of arrows that they'll do the most. I'll be thinking Oh and remember there is no mistletoe under the chandeliers only you can forget that when I will hurry with those sandwiches William Mary. I'm the kind of Aghast was an appetite for adventure, but also got a craving to something a little more substantial. Okay What's Mary where the sandwiches my the plus look this is a party you know have fun. Array Whoopi. What's wrong at that? Very funny looking Old lady out asking for you really how funny looking very very you wearing a long black dress or is practically widen. It's so stringy and it could be arrested for loitering all over her face. To face off from what I could see her hair doesn't cover enough of it. So description of my schoolgirl sweetheart. Wow. This is a costume body. Marion anybody can come dressed as anything. She likes US book Gal over discipline contender. She's a she's a little leery. No kidding. Well, I'll see if the worst comes to worst I'll grab a broom and ride off on black. You don't know how close you might be what that Gel actually is. And now back to Boston Blackie enemy to those who make him an enemy friend to those who have no friend. L. Etiquette. Boston black you WanNa see me. Yes but I think you should have said you want to see me. I Apologize. Say That's gotTa Get up. You have their who is supposed to be I'm granny. Acute gag and it's cute costume so. Well why don't you come inside and join the others granny old gal that here as a guest blackie I came especially to see you what is granted in trouble no blackie I am not in trouble you. Oh. Really. What kind of trouble my in? What do I do break my shoelace tomorrow morning you may never see tomorrow morning Blackie unless you listen to me. Aren't you being a little corny granny I don't know how to convince you lucky. All I know is that something told me to come here tonight and war knew that death is very close to you. Something told you to come. I stood alone and all of a sudden things come to me. They tell me what's going to happen. They dare to do something about through off serious entre. Well. Thanks for coming grammy. But I can take myself. Death is very close to you. It may come tomorrow death may come in a car a blue car a big blue limousine. Believing this of united star pilot stuff. I have nothing else to say that I can be found that by House Fifty Lincoln. Lane if you need me. Remember what I see. An Big blue car tomorrow. Go Back to Party Blackie have fun while you can tonight but keep away from the chandelier the Middle Chandelier in that room good night. Will. You Not, Sure Mary I. Think I was. Wrong. No no I don't suppose. Okay, milady. Let's say that this body of yours keeps going. Let go over to the. Nobody. Exited that happen that's what bothers me talking anyone know what's going to happen? Black if you're going to continue to walk knitting you eyebrows at least do something constructive with him. Making what maybe? To get over that Old Lady who came to your party last night after all, she did one me about the chandelier. I'm thinking about that Big Blue Sedan warned you about what's the matter with you you schedule? Skid. Careful. Well, there goes the traffic lied. The other side of the street and onto another subject come on. Okay. Talked about the weather. Today we'll have any know we might. It looks like light. Blocking Off. Driver tried to run this town. I'm scared to of its. Lucky we made the curb and like He. Like he did you see the color of that big almost ran us down? Too Much attention I. Think it was Blue Blue was limousine. Greenwich prediction was right. Not Settled I'm going to see now I am. dumpy Granny Ken tell foretell my future. I'm just going to see it. Make sure I have one. Did it Hanson. CUT The burglar alarm. So we get frankly break this window now and nobody there is could work. Right here. Take, my ring is a diamond on a window pane, voice? Yeah. Suction Cup takes glass out without any trouble. Just a couple of things. Did good. Up in a pickup that Pay For this factories tomorrow. would. Be Twenty, five, thousand and small bills and that say not bad for an hour's work. Job, took more than appeared. I had the planet case at figure out the best. Amazon Sunday afternoon it took weeks out twenty five Jesus bad couple of weeks gator boys that. Winter Yeah. Okay I'll wait out here in case the watchman changes his routine the scientist some exercise. All right up to go be. I'll be seeing in a couple of minutes. Okay. Yeah. I'll be seeing you and Twenty five thousand dollars. A. Hello right now do I turn like Blackie Inspector Faraday this Mary Wesley Oh. No. Well, really spectrum not that bad. I. Haven't been called Oh you and you have I just Blackie isn't here I'm waiting for him to. Call me right away office I got something important to. The Auto Joel Hanson's back in time and he hates blackened worst and hey tiny thing in the world because Greg sent him to prison ten years ago. To be back. Positive I'm sure. Are you sure you call me ask? Well, right but I could tell him could I guess he would tell them? I don't WanNa talk about big like anyhow. Oh Hello Hello This is fifty Lincoln Lane isn't it is black. And I've been expecting. Comey you've been expecting me. You mean you and I have met before. Gorgeous. We met last night at Miss Wesley's Party. That's what I gave you this. Now, wait a minute. Don't try to tell me your granny high you who you were. Of course I'm granny I beg your pardon but I'm afraid I heard what you said now look. Granny wasn't using makeup and she looked at least seventy years old and more than twenty five. Tell you the truth? I don't know how old. Of please sit down right. You're just going to have to trust me Blackie if I to help. That's what I came to see about. Somebody tried to run me down in an automobile about an hour ago. A big. Blue. Limousine. As soon as it came to me how they were going to try to kill you. I called you end telephone. But there was no. Wait a minute. Before I really started believing. First of all, how can you be granny? If. It will make you more comfortable. I'll be the way you remember me. I'm going into the next room. All right. What's the May Crystal Ball you magic one. Please wait. I'll wait, but it isn't going to help me understand any of this. Well you said you wouldn't be long. It's practically ten seconds what's going on? Received Blackie I was granny all the time and now I look like granny this can't happen to me. Oh. I get at this whole thing is a gag that young girl isn't that room. So Blackie come look you bet I will. Blackie. You're looking yes, I am. She's not here. And there's no daughter that's except the one I just came through. Oh, I get. She went up through this window died in bulletin Blackie see for yourself. Saying I'm not believing dino place for her to hide. There's nothing here except these books. You must believe me now. Something to believe in a hurry leaving me Blackie I'm trying to look out for you. Lacking mustn't go near Victoria Street tonight. Tutorial Street. There because of the fire for Fire One will break out at eight o'clock tonight. That'll be a fire at eight o'clock and you know it now. I. Don't get this. I don't get any of it unless you're. Lackey, a witch. Will. Yes. Are you which I don't know becky. Maybe. I am. Sometimes I'm sure I am. Like now. October Twenty Ninth Nineteen Forty six Boston Blackie on classic radio. Theater. This is sponsored by Humana. 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Back to three days, a week is because of balancing each get a wide variety of all your daily recommended servings of whole fruits and vegetables without having to leave your home right now, balance of nature is offering free shipping and thirty five percent off on any new preferred order call one, eight, hundred, two, four, six, eight, seven, five, one or go to balanceofnature dot com and use. Discount. Code USA. Thanks for tuning in the Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station October twenty ninth. Nineteen forty six Boston Blackie, and now back to Boston. At, a party given by his girlfriend Mary. Wesley Blackie is confronted by an old hag who predicts to tempt will be made on his life. When they happen like he goes to see her only to be met by a very beautiful girl who insists she warned in the evening previous. Along with US development comes word, the Johannesen lifelong enemy of black eases. Tom But Blackie's immediate concern is the startlingly accurate predictions of his mysterious adviser, and as we return to our story, black is at home reading up on. How much longer you train your is over that book like July finds something that makes us which case makes sense I've gone through two books on witchcraft to books jammed with case histories of supernatural predictions came true here. As one as recently as eighteen, fifty, nine, a woman is. Now, he thought, Portola. Her husband's death two months before it happened. He died as she predicted in exactly the way she predicted he was struck by lightning while returning school board meet. That that that's nonsense sure couldn't have happened on it did. See who that is at the door when he Got Your Hands Inspector Faraday call you about this and at home won't be handsome Mary Anson wouldn't rain. Well okay. Say Felony I wish you'd please give up those books right now very well if that's the way you want it. All right. It's all right by me. Oh inspector faraday specter fairly like. I told him about Johannesen inspector on. He's got other things on his mind. What Mine Tip on Hanson, I'll take care of him I figure out what's happening between me and a witch. Black Batty he's licked. wacky goes goofy ends booksellers inspector gloves probably right. By the way Faraday, why don't you with fire on Victoria Street with anybody lot higher Victoria Street. There isn't any fire down and never mind what's this about Joe Hansen you got my message. He's out of jail. Because you helped send them up right. I thought. You know I'll take care of him when I take care of my other problem party. Say maybe we got some news about downtown is okay to use the phone. Thanks I didn't say you could use it, but you didn't say I couldn't eat it. Like you is that you and I always battled this way. The reason is you die. At Ron Ronald Faraday. Anything going on on. Thank. On that Johannesen Game I. have. Very quiet to five hundred. Straight that's all at the fire. Department worry about that. I call you backgrounds May. Well. No. All about the fire department worrying about now, who cares some find out of Victoria Street but I'm going home song wasn't he? Going to go home get the shoes up. I've been Torres Strait. lanky. Victorious Nevermind I wouldn't get a sense of Alaska. For. Once the inspectors, right. He wouldn't get a sensible answer out of me. Mary, I'm going back to that house on Lincoln Lane as a deliveryman some. All right. The Be careful. What you? Oh, I will don't worry. One thing you can count on when I get there I'll keep my wits about me. Yes. Follow of this a chip. Are You all? All right if I bring him in chair Yes I ordered a chair. Put it in the living room this way the rug. Work on the Long winded. Right down there. That's right. Thank you. Trouble, any. I guess that's all. The your phone is ringing I know. You're not going to answer. Yes. It soon as you leave Blackie. You knew was me you wouldn't try to me Blackie not me I knew you were coming even before you decided to come. Would you please go now? I really must answer the phone and you can't. Well, I'm here. No Fun. You know it might be your friend death calling to tell you when he's calling me it might be do me a favor. Ask. Him where he's calling from. What a snap this town is not paid. What is snap? Minute, A to this torture burn right to this won't have thirty grand more. Yeah. No. This job we did yesterday afternoon will give us plenty of should. Did it. City grant and diamonds. Clean clear cold diamonds. Caitlin for six months and a bit of him. Live on easy street maybe John Eighty everything's gotTa. Maybe. But that flashlight on this train Yossi closed the positivity little may be is. Also. Pretty. Hands. Grand. Guns. That would be smart key. That's right. And don't get nervous you to all. I want right now those diamonds and what if I tell you now handsome please don't make me answer that. Let he told me you know about this job and I know about it. Handsome. which. told me. DON'T T-. Donald Diamond I lose inspector the. What kind of police do we have? I'm not the whole police force Mr Van. Gal. I'm only one man. We got man working on the case you men who are kicked on my case. What does that mean to come cocos just to be told that the tell you the truth I am gallagher. I don't know why you did come here. He doesn't know why thirty thousand dollars worth of diamonds. Do not. Tab, lackey Galway traveled. Up Properties I've topless. Diamonds I want and. I told you. A mind. Together. Diamonds. My diamonds. My time. Thank you I have my diamonds I go now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Like. What did those storms brought them here tonight, and most of Gilroy was happy. Isn't he? So what difference does make where I got them Besides I'm going to let you win on so yeah I can hardly wait listen Friday which business I told you about which which a mind it's all tied up with Joe Hansen Anyhow Hanson e Hansen A. B., and C.. First of all he had an old hag tell me a couple of things that were going to happen. Go ahead. You want making sense but that's nothing the conclusion of Boston Blackie. October twenty, nine, th one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, six comes up in three minutes. Thanks for tuning into Classic Radio Theater. This weekend gets a calls for fifty percents off for more plus an extra twenty percents off save big with any personnel police for her fifty percents off kids jumping beans and fifty percent off ball Ho must apps plus get a little more for your wallet. Goals cash less Besson free store pickup. Let the giving star for those close to your heart show Kohls and dot com select styles. Valid October twenty sixth to November. I. 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Close to your heart shop Coles Dot Com select styles valid October twenty sixth to November I. Twenty Percents Off With Promo Code Hal Twenty. Some exclusions apply see store or KOHLS DOT COM for details. Today tastes like Game Day at home. Like assigned couch seating. Like. Coffee Table Dining. An, ice cold coke. Cool down the heat. Today tastes like watching football is supposed to. And it never tasted this. Coca Cola together tastes better. Football, season is here who have needs. It's time to load up on some delicious ice cold coke. Got Coca Cola from Walmart today. You're listening to Classic Radio Theater on your favorite station. Dick colmer dying as Boston Blackie the conclusion now from October twenty ninth nineteen, forty, six well, he hired this old Gal pal knowing I'd be very curious and investigate which left him free to do what he wanted around Tom why should he worry about you? He had reason believe me he knew that as soon as I find out about this loose be trail wanted to keep me busy. So we hired that old goon, you'll think Johannesen plan this and then made the all dame's predictions come true. That's right the engineer everything falling chandelier the big blue limousine the fire on Victoria Street the library with sliding panels one girl could disappear and that granny make an entrance I know that all. Now the WHO tells you a little bit or a little telephone what I tried to get in that house. Lincoln Lane a deliveryman didn't work. But I brought along a telephone cut in outfit and that did. I heard handsome telling that old would be, which is plans that what about a job he was pulling last night only Hansel doesn't know that I listened in him. He thinks that he told me about it and if I know, Hansen the he's going to try to get granny for that. So what where do we go from here? Fifty Lincoln Lane. Thank, you can find your way there by yourself and. Of course I can. Remember I'm not taking from you. Why do you want to me there? Anson wants to get granny and I want to get him. Behind his touches me the creeps to. We forget this business of taking care of. Got That money when paid gotten factory can get Outta town right now. Do it should. Take. Care that. Personal Dame That killed Pete because he tried to Crossley Nakhila to I. GotTa do it. About. Boston blacking not tried to keep them out of your way until you're already to get him, we'd be O'Kane. Something inside me don't let me forget. Lydia better at two. So as it gets up and take care granny impeded. got a plane, all desktop and ready to go. We gotta wait. Till it. Stuck CALC joy. I just went on. To the way that tell me what you see. There can't be anybody in the house will accept grandiose gotta be harassed look insides on me. It's gotta be. Well you. Can See. She, sitting in that big win back Cherry a nice comedy justice if she hadn't crossed. Take care of right now. One other to the window would. Sticking cloudy. Not. Close. In the way of my mom. I need this summer my to something. Special. Get one break anyhow. This wind isn't much to. Move Away a little. PRYATTA Open with this. Jimmy. He she she'll be that much quicker. Carrying my gun gives me. Here's a guy. I watched joy. As long as you keep your mouth shut. I can rest my ominous win the so so be sure I don't Miss. GO AHEAD JOEY GO To shoot just WANNA make sure I don't miss and I want. Nice and steady. His wish she gets it. Right Danny Good Suga you and your boyfriend or through. A blanket right it's me gun and I've got another friend Inspector Faraday WHO's coming around the House to grab it never forget you for this eleven you boy. You haven't got much time to remember anything and sugar Yeah. You tried to pretend you young edition of Granny. Well, by the time you're out of jail, you'll be older than she is. To grant me that there was nothing supernatural grand prediction will murray. What branches that were you much said it. You told Inspector Faraday that Joe Hansen arranged all those cunning little episodes which granny imagine in advance. Roy Mary mcgurn except for one thing because finally found was Hanson's gun that knocked off his ex buddy heat. So there was no reason to Hanson knocked to admit cooking up this which thing against me well, he did didn't he sure admits everything. Except starting that fire on Victoria Street well, he'd have no reason to deny that. Maybe he didn't do it well in that case. How did granny know about it in advance? Oh. Oh I never thought about that. Well Why don't you ask I, tried to find her this morning Mary. And maybe she is a witch and maybe she's just a frightened old woman. But for all I know. She's disappeared into thin air. 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Florida, based on the original stories by rose, Franken brought to you transcribed Monday through Friday by your friendly neighborhood bottles coca-cola. Relax and while you're listening refresh yourself. Have a coke. Now Claudia. Practice Day coming. coffee smells. The exit just writing to bake it has just right in short. Your perfect. Yes. Sir I am Percy. Oh, David. It's a lovely day for tonight. What do you mean a lovely day for the night? Nice to drive back from Connecticut with the Moon Paul how, do you know will be a moon I ordered one? David do not be the first time I've seen any of your architecture in face to face. Well, you won't see much justice stone foundation a pile of lumber. Will we be related entity? Think I'll already something I can make before I leave and just he will. Be Home for dinner. I know a wonderful little end on a country road. Looks like it walk right out of a book. Is that good sure it's good and wait till. You taste the food best. You've ever eat lobster. Oh Sure, why not we're we're going is not in the water I mean it's in that that doesn't make a difference. Would you know they fly officers all the way out to Los Angeles? I'm not sure I have the lobster though darling I wouldn't worry about it. You haven't finished your breakfast yet. Well can I even plan Oh David lobster not it's going to be fun and I'm so glad you invited Mama long sure and by Mama we lucky the heartland Julia gave us her last year's car for wedding present. Aren't you? Glad? Glad I'm alive I'm glad you're alive but best of all I'm glad we're both alive together. That I can. Be Home Tonight one. Well, see that it is it'll be a harvest moon one of the best. and. Claudia why forget it? Will you have the garage bring the car down in front of the door at three? I'll pick you up here and it will save time. Three. South Oh i. wish it were three shot now. Mrs Brown I. Came, along yes I've enjoyed every minute of a telephone kissinger, the cricketer all season. Those are tree toads extraordinaire. How much a man knows. Mama. lucky women male. Burning leaves. That's the nicest male makes me hungry. You don't need air to do that much further up is much better has shut Mama. David knows a wonderful little restaurant good company. So I didn't WanNa to say how much. I'm stop. So I think I'll order a lobster after all you have Mama Soft Gel crafts, can't you two girls wait to see a menu I? Should we? What are we stopping here for? David. David. Let me take wheel lasts. No Darling. I'm not going to let you take the wheel of. Small favors anybody think you two or my born enemy. We are best friends. We tell you the truth. Is Staffing David or. Looks Funny. It's the oldest end in Connecticut. Not Very large one more word out of the to you and you'll go without your Dennis. Let's face it. We might anyway I didn't say Downing Purpose Services Santa Quick, David it's getting lake listen girls suppose you stopped trying to manage this. Now the food will be good and I'll get you into town and plenty time. Such a manly man come along he's managing everything. David I. Know you're tactically perfect never make mistakes but who told you about this end? Founded Myself One day. There's nothing wrong with this suffered there's not their day for fish on need. To think that we will have traveled more than one hundred miles an egg what was wrong with that bake and it was delicious. Breakfast Oh, here comes our Yankee hosts. Now, we'll get a good dessert you. Finish folks. Yes all finished. Well. What have you got the desert? Oh, almost anything for instance Apple Pie Peach Pie Plum Pie Apricot fi rhubarb pie cherry pie coconut lemon cream golden berry I have peach coconut custody know what is goosing Berry Pie? Well, France kind of cross between. Raspberry. And a black. Mary tastes a little bit like strawberry have lemon right y'all friend. Seems quite a sorority on guys this place known for its pies and for being the oldest in Connecticut. What Mardi Mama Well Hey y'all folks we pause and coffee. Coconut. Day tastes like instead of peach sometimes do ma'am, take certain kind of peach taste like certain kinds of apple never known. It's fail. This not only looks like apple and pays like Apple. It is awful apple it is friend Finder Sapele Pine Western Connecticut. And have different pie everyday only I can't remember which one comes on which day just love the whole list for good luck. That's right. Anyway everybody always likes Apple Pie not they had their mouth deliberately set for coconut custard Um Jay this. This is good I'm glad I didn't get lemon. You know this is the best pie I've ever eat nayed you lie why don't you be a fine strong character for wants to admit you've been wrong about this all admit nothing.

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