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FOF #2840  Hygge: Self-Isolate and Chill

Feast of Fun

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FOF #2840 Hygge: Self-Isolate and Chill

"During the worldwide Corona Virus Pandemic folks are encouraged to stay at home and self isolate and chill to keep the virus from spreading and hurting the most vulnerable. So now that you're stuck at home. Now it's a great time to explore the wonders of your mind and soul from stress baking to launching a Roddick crowdfunding sites to streaming a drag show from your bedroom today might cast mate from Alfred Orga and Co Artistic Director of theater. Kirsten Franklin joins us to look at creative ways to make the most out of staying at home during difficult times by examining the Scandinavian concept of Puga coziness and conviviality that creates a sense of wellbeing. Join us as we get. Get with it and talk about cozy things you can do to bring peace and contentment into your life. Turn your bathroom into a luxurious SPA. Make a fortress of pillows and enjoy your favorite podcast feast of fun. Plus is there a gay couple and Disney's frozen the man who hoarded hand sanitizer may face justice and an Italian man wears a wide disc around his body to socially distance himself. I am Fausto Fernow. Mark Villian and this is Feast of Fun. Feast Fund made possible because a fierce fabulous people like you. Are you looking for something exciting to bake? And you're looking for some fun recipes. Go CHECK US OUT. At Patriotair Dot com slash fees to fund and access the Fun Juicy mouth-watering recipes talked about on this podcast and feast fun once again that's Patriot dot com slash. Feast of fun. I didn't hear my bathroom. Did you know that I never realized how long what's your head? When she said I know anybody they debut off in America we say what is your PCP PCP. So I am trying to you know which is much that we give it our audit. I you know I will say it really tend to be destroyed for fun and youthful. Oj So remember to Scout Agneda. That is Maria. Ross I audio Pilar Martinez Molina Bash. That's known as child who COO Coochie Coochie one could you could coochie regardless of what you do twenty seconds. Wash your hands folks. Wash them well with soap and Water ONE MISSISSIPPI TWO MISSISSIPPI PRE. It never gets old that she's been making that joke since the seventies the MR P P P P while Mississippi two Mississippi Three Mississippi as P P P P P means penis in Spanish. So adorable slip of the tongue so to speak. How're you holding up mark? I'm doing okay I do some catering on the side. Doing this podcast. We put out about three shows a week. Four shows a week and then the rest of the time I'm usually working doing catering. All of those jobs have been cancelled. He is so right now. It's time to kind of stay at home focused on podcasting and hope for the best. I'm Nosey Ev. You are living in an urban environment. Dieted states most places have I guess here in Illinois. They closed restaurants and bars And many places are asking people to self isolate and chill social distancing. Why why is an important to stay at home? You don't feel sick. You're a strong person because you want to become a vector for disease. What's going to happen? Is everybody just kind of self isolated? This disease would pretty much die out right because it wouldn't be able to infect other people but what happens is that people are going out there carrying. They don't know they give it to somebody else. They don't know so the next thing you know you know the whole country shutdown like Italy is and it's like the only thing that's open right now. There are supermarkets and hospitals and the hospitals are being overrun. People are dying. It's just it's it's really tragic. It's anxious Zaidi causing if you are feeling anxious if you are feeling sad. You're worried about your bill paying your bills that is absolutely a normal reaction And here we are going to today. Offer some opportunities to think about this unique circumstances that we're living in a different way. Well we WANNA say you WanNa stay positive you know. There's a lot of hoarding going on. And I feel like with Horn. A lot of it or people are doing this kind of thing because it's monkey see monkey. Do you see everybody else out and get toilet baby. Like I'm going to run out toilet paper to because I don't want to be left without toilet paper folks. You're not going to be left without toilet paper. There will be always toilet paper there for you. And we are a mitigate harm and we're trying to make things better for everybody and so we're just asking our dear listeners out there regardless of what political persuasion. You have how you feel about this. Let's on the side of caution and stay home for. I'm not asking you to stay home indefinitely. Just try it for a week self quarantine and chill sophomore instead of Netflix and chill chill. Well how are you doing because you work another job besides this and you are not going to work currently yeah so we are In some ways it is It is a self imposed or imposed time at home and Our financial situation is very precarious. And we don't know what's going to happen and so we will be asking you guys and you'll be asking us for support and together we are going to overcome anything and and this is not the first time. I've been through something like this. I grew up in Puerto Rico and pretty regularly. Puerto Rico and the Caribbean has some pretty devastating hurricanes heading it. I remember as a kid going through Hurricane David and you know schools being shut down things being wiped out and no electricity no running water through the course of my life. My father and his generation they just instinctually always filled the bathtub with water and in his kitchen on top of the shelves had hundreds of glass jars filled water. Just in case the water was shut off because you wouldn't get water at certain periods of time. Then the big differences I think between like a Hurricane Puerto Rico and this kind of thing is the isolation so you could always in Puerto Rico. You go to your neighbors. You could ask to borrow something and you can go out into the middle of the street and you could dance but here people are just saying. Stay away from each other. Stay with the people that you love. Stay in your home. Be Socially distant and in order to prepare for the corona virus Armageddon. I've started practicing driving with a blindfold on Hashtag bird-pox nothing is more terrifying than the than Sarah. What's her name? Sandra Berlanga behind a car. We have a car with the blinders. We're all we're all out on something You know most of missing out on you know your favorite Barnett your favorite drag. Show your something you know personally. The thing that I'm missing out on the most is they My mother turns ninety five on Sunday and she was going to have a big party. She invited I like seventy people. Were going to be there a lot of her friends. Who are older in is like you know. Of course we had to cancel. I got flight home. And it's just like my mom's like still like she wanted me to come but I'm just like it's not necessarily safe for me to actually go and see her. Because what if I have it and even know now I've been self quarantine since Thursday so you know maybe I might be able to hop on a plane but what if I- somewhere in the airport pickup that virus and bring it home to her and then I ended up killing her happy birthday. Mom I brought you a little corona virus fresh from I picked it up at the airport when some roses. You don't worry about older. People are surviving. There was a woman who is eighty eight years old and she got the corona virus and she did survive it and my mother's a tough old bird and so she might be able to. But I don't WanNa risk sheriffs and you know this kind of situations. I've also a person who was home schooled for two years. I also come from a very a difficult culture being a queer person and for me I understand what it feels like to suddenly. Have the rug pulled on from under you and you're at home with your family or by yourself and you're just like what do I do now. So these next coming weeks are going to be very challenging for a lot of people in unprecedented ways and as somebody who's been through this situation before and we're going to be doing shows this week with other friends and family and experts on sort of like you know making the most out of a very difficult situation when you're staying home and it's okay just to let those emotions manifest themselves. It's okay just a crash in NAP my first time when I dropped out of school as as a kid and went into home schooling. The first thing I wanted to do is just I spent like the first month just doing nothing like just zoning out in front of the TV set or just reading books or just like and then eventually mothers. You have to do something. No actually. In the wisdom of my parents is said. This is a natural reaction to having a very rigid system whether it's to work going to school but living in a Western world and having that that Western structure that imp- that imposition removed. All of a sudden is very. It's like being freed from a cage. It is depressing as it is exiled causing and it's okay to have those feelings. It's okay to just do nothing. So that's the first step. I would like to with people today today. We're going to be taking a look at creative ways to make the most of staying home during difficult times whether you're going to be self quarantined. Chill stress baking delicious cookies which we did today or launching your erotic crowd funding site. There's no wrong way to spend time at home exploring the magical caverns of your mind and your soul and mark. What are you looking forward to doing this week with me? I am working on a project guy so I've been because you know of course we're going to ask you for money because the supporting we both are not working right now because of this and so we are going to be putting out more podcast as a result and the way we're changing our business a little bit is this. I know you guys have gotten emails from every single business that you've ever dealt with and how they're dealing with the virus will we hear are going to be switching into just over the phone so we love having guests in the home studio but like right. Now is not the time to do that. So we'll have people that even if they're local Chicago people like Brian Sweeney or Jake. Dole's will call them up on the phone and talk to them and like we are doing tonight when we talk to our guests later she lives not even a half mile and I mean I would love to see her and I would love to have her here but I'm just like she's got kids and I'm like we're moving towards the phone getting into collecting driftwood so what I am doing. I'M GONNA make some gifts from driftwood. I'm making gifts I've been going to the beach with and I've been picking up some wonderful out of the tens of thousands of pieces of driftwood washed up on the shores of Lake Michigan. I'm selecting the best and most interesting pieces and pairing them up with air plants and I have a little decoration here that I have here but I'm also going to be sending some to the listeners. They can buy them on our web store or if they make a donation land. We'll send them to them as a little gift a little gift a little. Thank you and what what's an entire into today's theme of the show of Hookah? Which is hey you can always rely on the final year like giving them somebody and all of a sudden you're like what the hell's this Norwegian word. Well the Danish also to Norwegian. It's kind of central. It was almost named word of the year in two thousand sixteen million loss to Brexit. Yeah and he does sound like Andrew Dice. Clay Clay trying to make fun of someone boy kind of like comes from the sense of hug. So it's like this warm embrace right it's equality of coziness conviviality. That sense of a sense of wellbeing. Because what we're seeing right now in this world is like people are panicked. Your home is your castle. Where you're staying is your sanctuary sanctuary whether you rent it whether you own it whether you can even afford to pay your rent this month and hopefully the government will help you guys. Take care of that kind of stuff. If you're struggling financially you know maybe the banks will say. Hey we're gonNA forgive your mortgage for the month. We'll see what's GONNA happen. We are in a crisis right now and so. I want people to kind of have that kind of resource that that sense of wellbeing at home to be able to have peace of mind at home and So Yeah we want to talk about that today. So we're basically talking to a mom yes. My friend Cureton Freighters Franklin guys have heard on the podcasts before she was my cast mate on the reality TV show season. Nine of out for Noriega. I sent her packing up Well I beat you know. I didn't realize we were on a team. And our team lost right and show we routinely we were. She was the team leader. And we are up for elimination and we played like jeopardy kind of sell puzzle board thing and unfortunately she you know. I was really to be honest with you. I was really rooting. Wanted Myself to win and I really wanted her to win as well because I was just like. She's somebody I didn't really know her that well but I knew she was from Chicago and I was just like I want her to make it through as well. Unfortunately she didn't make it through but then when I came back in town we've become very close friends. Let's Talk Kirsten. Let's give her a call right now. The first alert from a random sponsor for those of you who are plus subscribers. Please enjoy this ad free experience. Thank you for your support. Hello Hi is this Kirsten Franklin. It's me hi. You sound like a Norwegian Magical Pixie Barry I think. Can you say something in our region like welcome to the magical world of the apocalypse victim until I don't know the rest eliminate a kid I remember this world? Yeah Yeah Yeah that means world yes. I know they've been the means green and Spanish. It's all the same thing isn't it? I don't know the word for magical. So how how are you dealing being a mom at home with two kids with the corona virus because your kids are not going to school right right. Yeah actually. We've we've actually been home for an entire week. We and it's not like we're not like super crazy but it was just. They were feeling sick a week ago and I didn't feel comfortable taking them to school Given the the circumstances of the world so we were home all last week and then school cancelled so but they weren't. They didn't have like two. They have corona virus symptoms or anything. No not really. It was just like runny noses and you know like you know but it was. You know enough they running noses in cough and cough necessarily make people a little weary so we yeah sweet honey. Stayed stayed away now when I was a kid around your kids age. We stayed home from with Hurricane David and although our parents were filled a bundle of nerves with anxiety. We were thrilled. I imagine your heads may not be aware of what's going on. But they're like yeah they all our time with mall. They're mildly aware. They do know about the virus which they like whispers every like because of the Piper if I tell them they can't do something or whatever they'll be out here them whisper. It's it's you know like it and homer Simpson using that as an excuse not to do anything they're like. Hey sorry. Corona virus out the trash corona virus corona virus. Well actually it's funny. You say that because I actually have seen this as an opportunity to teach my children how to be clean so in the last forty eight hours I have trained my little servants to wash their own dishes and put them away at folder close and sweep the floors and wipe down surfaces as your kids for for for people out there. Your kids are like nine five right. Yeah nine nine year old boy and a five year old girl right person and you're like a Norwegian Mary poppins Julie Andrews was in the film. Mary poppins and your kids are kind of like Jane and Michael Banks Right Skeptical. The girl is kind of like she's very using your magic powers to clean up. The nursery is a game this. Mary poppins well. It depends on your point of view. You see in every job that must be done. There is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap. The job's a game and every task you undertake becomes a piece of cake a spree. It's very clear that's what it feel like. I mean it's actually pretty amazing. How cleaner houses? Now it's funny. My mom was. We're on the phone with my mom just before bedtime and my daughter told her about a book that she wanted and my my mom was like. Oh I'll go get that for you and I was like Margot. Tell tell grandma airtel Nanna. Don't go to the bookstore and Margot's Nanna don't go to the bookstore. You have to wait until the viruses done raw well. So there's there's this word that you and mark talk a lot about and it sounds like he. He wanted to talk to kristen about it too because like our neighborhood andersonville which they just had a hug effects right everybody get together and have conviviality but Everybody's panicking right now. So we're all forced to stay home and many ways but I wanted to have people be presented with this idea. We all know that our home is our sanctuary and our castle. We should find comfort into it. But I think you know with the Scandinavians have a frame of mind about it. That's a little different. It's more intentional. And so I wanted to people. Maybe take some of the panic that they have and be able to. Maybe like dispel it by talking about this concept of we say right Hookah Hager. Yeah it's like a yeah Nigga. I was kind of like a new concept to me. I really didn't know it until like you know when they decided like might be a word of the year and of course we talked about it when we were on the reality TV. Show out for nor got right. Yeah I mean I didn't really hear about it until around then either. I'm only until I started working for my theater company which we deal with a Nordic theater. Yeah read like a form of booze it is. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. We're named after like the one alcoholic beverage that all five countries share they all produce. Aquavit in it means water of life Mostly tastes like caraway so like have you ever Reuben Sandwich. It kind of tastes like that faster. Quick Quiz can you name the five Nordic countries well one of them is Norway yes the Aura Sweden and the rest don't matter it's Denmark one Finland yes counters right. Yeah exactly yeah from Iceland. Yeah and some people he doesn't matter Kocic outliers to the Faroe Islands. And something else to write in that world so people need help remembering this. Ah It's Abba just Sweden Kalina or your Chris from Iceland no ways mark and Karston Danish little pastry and Finland Finland Finland is miserable Stike wonderful education system system in them. Because there's no light there. People are not very happy and I think part of it is is is the mindset. Every I used to date a guy who's from Finland. He was a plan. Yeah yeah before I met you. There have been other men in my life performance artists from Finland Tommy positive. Oh we dated for a summer I was in one of his films and fact and the US I have a very colorful pass. And he's the guy that would offer cigarettes and never came back. No that was a different person he would. I got a fight with another boyfriend. He's like I'm going for cigarettes and I never heard from him again until five hours later. He's now listened to the podcast. Thank you for smoking you know. But so Tommy. Tommy said Finland people do tend to be gloomier or more. They're more like nihilistic is maybe then the other Norwegian countries are yes. That's very true. There's like finish joke. That says like how do you how do you? How do you tell if a spin is an extrovert? How he's looking at your shoes instead of his own that that is a little bit. That seems very conceptual fins love. Their SAUNAS. Fins are known for their sound like a thing. Have you been stress baking? This is something. I've observed on the Internet a lot. Is that people who have experience. Never had any curiosity about doing anything in the kitchen. All of a sudden. They're just like well. I'm going to be home. It's well use this thing called the you know. I haven't been making all our meals at home for the last week. Which is something. I never do And I guess I actually kind of enjoyed that slake just preparing these little simple meals for my kids and I but I haven't been baking. I probably should in fact. Actually I start home. Schooling my kids tomorrow because Schools canceled and I was thinking about implementing baking into like the schooling system at home. So that can learn a little bit about cooking and Baking. A home schooler kids. Who's going to home? Bully your kids. Ask Me Cookie. With drag Queens. What would be cooking with joy? I am actually doing on our patriots on page for just three dollars a month you can start posting every single day a cookie of the day and something you can bake so you can entertain and grow as a person at home because you know a lot of people the they think making breads really complicated. The they think like making just chocolate chip cookie. They're like Hey. You know the bag back with a bag of chocolate chips. It's a recipe a recipe. And if you have some oil and you WanNa fry something you pretty much if it has made a starch you can fry it just experiment but you know. Have a fire extinguisher nearby. Well you know like a box of baking soda works as a Great Fire Extinguisher. When there's grease yeah? I did know that Baking Soda on and you're done honey because I thought it just sucks the oxygen. Those kids are old enough to start. No no no no no. I used to find when I was ten years old. It shows you could say like cookie cookies. You can't go wrong with a cookie and the reason. You can't go wrong with the cookie because cookies were designed to be originally a test or for cake cake would come out like because you made a little cake and is the Dutch word for little cake Norwegian. No Kotkin yeah. Yeah which is all kinds of Dave and have a disc. It's called a sheet Kaka. Yes took favorite things and you know toilet paper right now. You better get used to that. That's what that's what Shikoku is is a meatball actually. But it's Kinda flattened ball but it's not like balls like week like we're not shaped like balls like we do the name of the almond circles that are in Crohn's and I love the idea of this because it's a symbol that we're all tied to each other their circles of almond cookies and eating cookies. Tower Cook Tower circular cookies. But you bring in heart and it's a reminder during the holidays or during weddings or celebrations that we're all in this together Yeah so when you're baking stuff right. Yeah yeah that's totally yoga thing to do. So what are some other things too? So it's a frame of mind where you want your your home and your life is to be kind of warm and calm right person. Yeah it's like a feeling of being cozy and warm and just like your like coziness has really like the main concept is feeling that feeling of cozier. Feeling that you get when you hug someone. It's it's just it. It's a warm feeling like a warm fuzzy. Your elbow hugs these days. Yeah how did that work like do you guys? Do you guys maintain your six foot distance or do you gave welcome home. Yeah between each between each other key and I mean we're full-contact here. It's like if I haven't he's getting into kind of how you know. Santa Corona Viral. Thank God thank goodness. Yeah Jesse is going to have to take care of us. Oh Yeah Yeah I know. I'm trying JESSE TO LICK MY BUTT so if I run out of toilet paper still stay claiming this is exactly my my my theory of teaching children how to do everything around here. It was so when I go down. They are gonNA be just fine bill sufficient terms of. Why do we need to tell people like to relax and chill out and build a cozy environment in your home? Why is that so important? I think it it creates especially during this time break now which we can all get really nervous and scared and anxious about this. I know I have but it like creates a feeling of warmth and comfort like comfort I think is probably the biggest thing and that I think is the key to hugger. There's no right or wrong answer to it it's really just. What brings you comforts. It's it you know. There isn't like a right way to hookah. Or it's what what is going to bring you the most comfort really. What are some ways that have worked well for you to build comfort of your home? Because I've I've heard about this idea. And there's a lot of lists nichols and blogs Telling people to buy an expensive blanket to stay warm but at this point it's kind of like everybody's kind of you know making the most of what they got. Kenny being resourceful right yeah. You can't exactly right now. Run to the store and buy some sheepskin which is would I have in? My House had that vegetarian. Well mine mine are actually Fake she oh yeah they have them at Kia I've got like four of them in there there. They make the home Phil Really Cozy. But you just have to make do with what you have and I would get out all the blanket than all the pillows and light some candles and get out a good book and I'm turn on some cozy like soft sounding music and And turn the lights down a little bit. You know. That's those are the kinds of things that I tend to turn to and yeah baking would be wonderful to because that creates like sent a smell in the in the home and And then you have something to eat while you're reading your your book or you can turn your bathroom into like a little bit of a spa. I know yeah I bring the heater into into the bathroom. Because that's the one thing I loved about Norway's like every floor in Norway every bathroom floor in Norway's heated issue so much comfort. Enjoy the walk on a warm bathroom floor and just space heater into the bath to bathroom. Fill up the TUB with hot water and take a nice bath and just have some like some soft lights going. Just like watching something on Netflix. The TUB or listening to music just relaxing some absence. Bath and light a candle or to. You know important. Isn't it because it's all about lighting the candles everything for me like when I moved I moved in? I have a. I have a shared situation with my kids and I saw I moved into the family home. for this hunker down and I was moving out of my personal studio and I was like what do I need to bring for two weeks? So flake isolated and I grabbed. Every candle was like there's no way that. I'm going over there without candles so you know it's interesting because it's like they want that warm glow and it's just like my husband. Fausto he's all about the bright lights as you come into our home is on no matter what time of day it is because he just likes bright light blue eyes so I maybe it's the opposite of our I usually blue eyed people usually want dimmer but I'm I want it. I want it to be as bright as an architect studio and architect. So maybe that's why when People Watch TV that I watch TV in the dark. And it's like I'll try like doing the lights a little bit. He's just like full light bright. What's going on TV set? Well I try and I you know I don't like watching. Tv with all the lights off a lot of people do that. But like I can't that like that's just as you in for me to just celebrate asleep so I like to keep it like a one or two lake ambient lights on and then like or late. A candle like so. There's something there is like a a feeling happening in the room. But like there's I can still see things so the light is comfortable for him so in some senses it's like his own version is like you said it's like making your own version of Yoga. Whatever it is going to be comfortable for you address to the listeners that that were anti consumerist and so it's always about making stuff with what you have absolutely yes like I. I don't I mean obviously please good. Lord everyone stay home. Do not go anywhere like please because you know we have a pull out couch and so sometimes I will pull out the pull out couch and I will put the mattress there. That's on the floor if it's a full day of watching TV like is on the floor. The pillows for my bed or in the living room. And that's how it's GonNa be for for the day because it's like you remember how when you're a little kid in you build those little. Ford's in Your House and how much pleasure that gave you and it's that same kind of thing you know. Human mind is the best thing to do. Explore reminds me of like when I was in college. I would get like I would get kind of sick on the weekends and I would like Take the mattress down from my loft and like open up the food. Todd and just like make one j norma sped on the floor and I can just roll around and be like second. You know like it's a feeling like I don't need to get up. There's a reason to get up like I've described to like put one movie in after another and I. Oh Gosh Yeah. That makes me want to do that with by kids. One of these days This whole to like that's for sure. Now how do you get into the mindset? So how do you frame it? Because part of the hook is present and thankful how do you shut out that outside world? I should be doing some. Yeah like and that's the thing I think. In part of the reason why this might be a hard concept for a lot of Americans is because we're so consumer driven and more so like work driven that it's all about work and you should be working. You know sixty seventy hours a week. And that's you know when you do these kinds of things yourself. They can come off as like you know selfish or or just not important how do you how do you be present and thankful for those moments? I think that I mean honestly mark you and I know that like the easiest way to do that is to take away your phone. I mean literally like we were on for Noriega like that was the that was the best way to become present. Was like it was so fascinating in that process because none of us contestants had any devices with us and we would sit down to dinner and all of the contestants would be enjoying each other's company in talking having lively conversations and a wonderful hug right uh-huh and then we'd look to the right where all the The crew members are and they still have devices and and they are just completely silent. All of them just staring at their devices dot. You know enjoying one another's company and so I you know it was just it was always fascinating to me to like. Look at that difference of the people who don't have access to their phones in the people that do and there's just that temptation to just pick them up and do something so I remember when they first took those funds away from a lot of people we talked about how like we kept Ritchie for our phone. We we had that Phantom sensitive like that are there. Yeah and it took a while for us to like you know. Forget about them. I mean it's going to be impossible to let go of phone for more than a day. I'm sure for most people but like fine like even just do it for like six hours or something. Just stick it in a drawer and like the world isn't going to necessarily end. I mean maybe it will. Can we do like service announcement? Everybody's talking about washing your hands piano how to clean their phones so really fast on the only way you're gonNA clean your phone. You want to protect your phone from getting damaged. Do not put it under water to not use parral on it. Only is that no no no no you all you want is a paper towel. That's been dipped in a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Squeeze it with rubber rubbing alcohol and then wipe it and then after that use a tissue you blow your nose with or the lands cleaner cloth and wipe that clean but do not do not put any detergents know windex. No lysol on your phone. Because that's going to destroy the the the oil repellent surface which actually helps to reduce diseases from being spread out. Yeah so you WANNA keep that. Oleo phobic coding intact and the only way to do that is to wipe it with rubbing alcohol the rubbing alcohol also will kill ninety nine point nine percent of all viruses and bacteria except corona virus. Just too but I think that's part of it is a lot of people whose phones are just filthy. And they're obsessed with their phone with their hands but they're not washing their phone so clear fall people and that goes for the keyboard that goes for the KNOBS. You know you're going to be home by yourself. That's fine but you know this is your chance to step back and do a little organization are cleaning. Oh my God listen. If it doesn't take an apocalypse to get you organized. Nothing well and forgive man do it. But it's a chance to bring a little then minimalism and little Murray condo little you know self care and throw away those six hundred broken light bulbs that you've been saving for an art project on the bag. I guess plays Yeah. Yeah literally well. I'm I'm proclaimed self-proclaimed minimalist so I have already Marie Condo the the crap out of my life but I intend in the next two weeks to Marie Condo with my children because they they could certainly get rid of some toys right. They are only absolutely original attachment to the into toys right. I think we all are where we evolved from horror marsupials who survive the holocaust of asteroids crashing on earth but because they hoarded food in the in the ground so it's natural. We are hardwired horrid and survival mechanism for us so for us to sort of overcome that. It's very difficult to be be as Kate born says. Let yourself off the hook. You can't organize your kitchen drawer during apocalypse. It's going to be okay either way because you know not necessarily part of huggy actually. That's actually a big thing is like they can't it if it's clean like that's not hug if you ever feel like you have to get up and clean. You're not hugging. Like the whole point of hugging is like just being comfortable with. What is like if you if you feel like you have to get up and clean. Then you're not actually being present get lazy about it. I'm sorry it's Huggy time. Did you hear about that guy? Who is hoarding? All that hand sanitizer. Oh my God I did. Some a friend sent me that article yesterday and I was like why on earth like that is like the worst human being ever like eighteen thousand bottles hand sanitizers racking up the prices of them trying to sell them and eighty dollars and it was like the Tennessee attorney. General is looking into like maybe pressing charges against them. Yeah I mean they should like you. You can go around empty out all the stores of those things right before this stuff happens. That's a crime. Hoarding actually Amazon this other evil. They've actually shut down a lot of toilet paper tycoons els who have been going to Walmarts. Cosco's and unloading them filling trucks with crates of toilet paper and Hanson. It's Eiser to sell it at a huge markup on online stores and and part of that is it's like they're all going. What do I do with all this toilet paper? I'm lying you donate the people Yourself in that problem because he he hoarded all this stuff and then he got in trouble for it. So now he's like donating it in their the district attorney or the the state's attorney general is just like adjust because he donated. It doesn't mean he's off the hook no way that that was not cool to begin with so when Martin you guys went to Norway to compete for fifty thousand dollars was to meet our Norwegian Norwegian relatives I had a Lotta hugging time at home. I bet with Jesse and Jesse and one of the things that is great. During hurricane during apocalypse of anything is picking up a new hobby or learning musical instrument and one of the things I learned. Is the play the Harmonica? Ooh ooh I was playing piano man by billy Joel at the Harmonica class recital and and and the versa when I was a younger man's clothes and then the song piano man was something that I played to comfort me when I was feeling sad. Look Gay boy growing Rico and so I was missing my husband. I was feeling very sad and very misogyny and so while I was playing that and seeing it started crying onstage and a lot of the people who are in the audience afterwards came up to me. And they're like don't worry. Fausto you're playing wasn't that bad why you saw part of it is like you know you're going to have at least two weeks of figuring out what to do with your life you know maybe picking up a new hobby or believe it or not some people. Have the kids gone to home? Gone to bed yet by the way here. They're finally in bed. Mike ask so a lot of people. I've started observing are launching erotic crowdfunding science because self isolate and chill might as well film at my swell donations people a lot of people that I know actually are are becoming cores and part of it is I think you know. A crisis or stressful moment makes people harney end of the world. It's now or never baby right. Pleasure and Instagram snapchat. And they're all being like wins. We GonNA fuck it. Ain't going to folks now. When's IT GONNA happen dear people? I mean there certainly are some people out there but I've seen other people being like I'm not hooking up with anybody like right now it's just not worth it like. I'm not grown my home so I shouldn't use hand sanitizer before I give somebody a hand job. Well well well. That's that's a whole other. Something glory hole is going to be a comeback. I'm not sure I was thinking about is like a pain go away. A penis is safe. Because Aquinas doesn't transmit corona virus. Is that true? However because your hands are touching your penis then yes it will because it's all it's a respiratory disease now. The bath house in town had to close they closed. Yeah so I would. That have been a safer place because people you know presumably. We're going to go take a shower right but then I don't know you're you're you're coughing. Somebody goes in and they don't know if they have it. Yeah they're they're encouraging people to take showers at Jim's not a lodge in closed outright or closer saunas or steam rooms bars restaurants are closed. And I think when you're at home you know especially if a person who's used to working out a lot This is a good time. You know this is a good chance to work on your legs work on your core strength your thighs a lot of tension yoga and thank God. We have the Internet right now to watch youtube videos of like working on your home. Yeah Yeah I mean. I did that today. I did Some Yoga looked up a couple of different videos core power which is where I go like to the studio they. They just announced that they're closing their studios that they truly two weeks but they have online videos for free. So I was watching some of those and then I wanted to do a relaxation so found on Youtube. That was a little more shorten reacting. But I want everybody. Who's listening by the time? This corona virus pandemic ends. We'll get through this. Why everybody to be able to do a plank for five minutes that I can do that for five minutes. Yes Hello I've been I've been training Yeah I I actually can go for five and a half minutes straight God. I can barely do ten seconds to a minute. Wow time for me to do some more yoga. When they open back up you my heart goes out for all the entertainers the drag Queens. The comedians the performer. The actors from that are that are doing shows that have livelihood. Because that's all canceled to. How are you somebody involved in theatre? How have you guys decided yet? How you're dealing with that kind of stuff well. My Theater Company is not currently in production. So we weren't too much affected by it at this moment but it will affect like our ability to do stuff in the future just because this is this is like benefit season. And so like we had a you know pretty much. Cancel the idea of having a benefit. Because that won't that won't exist And I was personally working on a show with another theater company and we started rehearsals last week and it was like right after I think the second rehearsal. We decided to cancel or postpone the production. So it's you know the whole theater community is Is kind of out of business for the next Tier Bucks or so which is sad and hard and difficult especially. Because that's you know that's our community. That's our home but at the same time like I think this is a great time for us to Work on our own projects or be artists in our own way individual ways you know someone posted at posted the social media and I shared it today was like remember that when Shakespeare was isolated during the plague. He wrote King Lear so now General Electric Disney Hewlett Packard and Microsoft all Sharon common that they were businesses that were started during economic crisis or panics. So it might be you know. It's an incubation period. It's an incubation period. Is this is the time to brainstorm to develop new ideas and and to task them out. You know this is where humanity shows are amazing creativity our ability to overcome crisis and certainly presidential elections coming around the corner and tonight we were watching the debates in you know before we started saving this podcast and to me. It's it's very heartwarming. I think actually to see that both candidates in the Democratic Party who are very very very likely to be our next president seem to be gravitating towards each other policy wise. And I think that's very inspiring almost like it's united. I'm starting to say Def- I'm seeing Joe Biden become more progressive molly and I think that talion tell him to drop out if you don't hold these politicians accountable and Burns hold them accountable. Then they all they're gonNA do serve the wealthy and conversely if Bernie is the candidates. You're rooting for think. Very CL- think very intently of how you talk about Biden to by supporters or in the public space. Because we need each other you know. The virus is teaching us once again that we're in this together and oh. God really depend on each other and just because we disagree on lot of things doesn't mean we can't come together and build consensus and build a coalition. And if you want to win you're gonNA need Bernie Sanders supporters and vice versa. And so it's really important not to be going on the Internet as much as frustration as watching these debates and you may dislike the other candidate to be just like this person disgusts me. Or I can't why are they still in the race or I don't really hear it as much anymore because I discovered and has been have been using for the past month and a half or two months this news button and I'll just news if somebody's just like terrible but if they're outright garbage. I'm just like on friend and it's just like that's her facebook more comfortable presence. I kind of don't hang out with people you don't like what about you Kirsten how how are you reacting to the presidential debates and primaries and a time of crisis an apocalypse? Well I'm I'm not as involved as I usually am with all this stuff in. I think it's just because of the crisis. I didn't watch the debate snake because I was trying to get my kids to bed and I really honestly haven't been watching them as much as I can. I've been relying on friends to update me And I've been kind of watching clips when I can But I I'm trying to say as informed as possible but you know I'm just like you know I know I'm GonNa go blue no matter what I mean for the primary I know who my candidate is As of now. So you know like that's not I don't think even the debate would change that mindset. I don't want I don't want any candidate to feel like they can take for granted. I want them all to whether it's Biden a Bernie. I wasn't to be sweating it till the last second. Do you know I. I want them to wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night worrying that they did not build enough of a coalition. Yeah I mean it's important to get everybody on the same page that's for sure. Let's that is I think my biggest concern about that. So how are we going to be persuasive? How are we gonNA build compassion? And how are you going to get people to listen to each other because you know right? Now we kind of we. We don't get a chance to fuck this up you know and I understand. There's a lot at stake here. Obviously you know. Let me put it this way. It's very easy to just fuck things because the look pretty fucked up already so the only way is up but when you hitting a crisis at the bottom it says under agree but how do we build consensus and compassion in people. What can we do to do that? Gosh I I think the the the easiest ways like I mean this this moment right now I think is is something major in fact I Last Wednesday I was teaching in my classes and I had you. I teach a college students end. The majority of them were are. I have to say the majority of my students are first time. College students in their families. And so they a lot of them come from lower class And they they almost all of them at the beginning of the year when I ask them to tell me their identities because this is something. I do my classes so that we can kind of know each other better. Almost every single. One of my students told me that they were apathetic when it comes to politics and so I had this like come to Jesus speech moment on Wednesday What I basically just stood in front of them and because none of them really understood what was happening and so like I almost every classroom. I went and I shut the door so that I wouldn't get in trouble if anybody overheard me but I Stood in front of them and I was like it is time to wake up. This is your wake-up call. I was like what is happening out. There is real and and it's going to affect every single person in this room and it's going to affect all of us we are intrinsically connected to each other and this is going to affect our world for at least a decade after this and if we don't wake up now if we don't decide that this is the moment when we need to make a big and major change in the world than we are just shooting ourselves in the foot and we may survive as a species if we can't change things now and it was just kind of as I mean that was sort of like a broad scope of what I said I literally went on and on and on some of them registered to vote. I actually you know what I actually had a student. Email me right after she was like Your argument was the first progressive movement. I've ever progressive speech. I've ever heard that has inspired me to vote blue. And she said she was like and I'm going I. I promise you I will vote Lou in November and I was like wow. I didn't know I had any conservative students in my class. You teach a city college here in Chicago. We Yeah Yeah. It was like a big surprise. I know I was like how on Earth could. I have a conservative student. Apparently it did or. Maybe she was greener. Who knows but you know? Have you seen the Broadway musical frozen? I have not seen it. Now we've all seen and they just announced like frozen to on Disney. Plus now I was trying to see our up very anxious about it but I just decided to let it go. Haven't seen it but they have a song called Yogi in it so I'm not sure who this oak character is. Sure you guys you guys should know who knows. Is He in the movie? Yeah he's in the original frozen so when ANA gets lost in the woods or cheese like trying to get to find elsa she finds this like the fauna guy someone yes she finds like a store in the middle of the woods and yes. Here's a gay family. That's why the lyrics reading his lyrics by who is okay because this is the lyrics toast to all our family and friends to dig it in a storm that never ends so. Let it keep on going. We'll always have each other. The blog is brewed. Were here or nude and so let's have another I was like. Why is he saying about being nude? What's going Aaron Jail? Of course you have a husband that very brief like and it's it's just so subtle in the movie but like he's like. Oh yes say hi to my family. And they're like in the south China and they all like peer out through the window and you see a bunch of little kids and then another man and Chris zips honestly acts on for a long time and we need to get going suits could okay. That's good. Hey I like this stuff. Good Sauna home. That would be nice but you could do one in your bathroom just by the heater. Do Right Moist and heat and a couple of cookies. Some candles a little massage oil and saying well. Hopefully Kirsten I can see you soon. And maybe we can meet at the beach someday and with Jesse you play with Jeff. We can sit six feet apart on the shore and chat the Italian guy. Who's working that giant disk? I love him. He's wearing like this disc. It's almost like a two two but it's hard and it's more a performance art than anything. I think he's doing it to to socially distance people be like beasts six feet of me. Oh my God it was doing to it on the website. Yeah until hours ago people were just like getting ready to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day and and it took a governor Pritzker to be celebrated on Saturday dead and about people were saying they went by restaurants. The restaurants were filled. People were not people are not self quarantining. That's part of the reason why the governor was just like listen to my heart. Goes out to all these restaurant businesses and hopefully you know people will order from them for delivery and for pick up and because you know hopefully they'll be able to stay open unfortunately most of them they make their money from the booze. You know you're not being able to drink in there but maybe there'll be some economic relief. This is a crisis you know. Say like just go be hug and everything's GonNa be fine but you do need to make time for yourself and you do need to be comfortable with yourself in your own home and stressing out all the time every day. Every hour of the day is it's it's it's not going to do you any good. It's not going to anybody else any good answer. Sharon. Yeah it's it's a it's a hard time We Are Amazing. People and we can overcome anything. That's love is stronger than hate. And if you love the people in your community stay just stay home for a week. It's okay the more you know. Thank you for coming on the PODCAST. What kind of words of wisdom can you leave people with? Because we're we're doing all the advising here. You have a lot of wisdom that I really love to hear an times in these extraordinary times. What kind of guidance can you give to people? I would say to everyone know that you are loved and worthy of love and that we all belong on this earth. I mean this. This moment proves that that we are all connected to one another and we all have a belonging year and No matter what you do Make sure to show people that you care. Reach out to them whether it is by text or calling or timing them check in with your friends who are single imagine how hard it must be to be isolated alone in this time and you know just in time. I think the best thing we can do is be connected through. You know the thing that we are so blessed to have you know this digital world in being able to connect with each other over the Internet and an end over facetime and all of that like we are apart but we are. We are one still so say we all one race. The human race and Battle Star Adama the first Latino General of the Earth. Edward James Olmos was Selena's father in the made for TV movie with Jennifer Lopez. That was made for TV. I I feel so phillies lease time to one reruns. Honey nut shell self isolate and chill only guys do anything that will bring you happiness. Yes yes get it get your mind. Curson thank you. Yeah Yeah I love you guys. Hey Kirsten like many of our guests coming in the next couple of weeks in Chicago. Half Mile Away. How Mile Away Shakeout Aquavit Theater Online? We'RE GONNA post a link to Aquavit and you know it's GonNa be really interesting. Is that a lot of creative. People are going to be making some amazing art on social media. And I'm here for at hunting because I've been always like when you have a broken heart. Make Art in times of crisis. It's tapping into that extraordinary creativity and that can you. Can you can overcome stuff. Yeah can do anything honey for Charlotte. I think that's part of why I'm working on the DRIFTWOOD project here. I am from drift. I'd like to come up with some more t shirt designs and things that we can do it home. Make use of this time and but enjoy it to remind folks. We can't do this. Podcast to in the best way to support this podcast right now. This time of crisis and Nina's to make a donation you can do that. fees to fund dot com slash. Donate or you can become a plus member it fun dot com slash class or join us on Patriots on teacher in dot com slash speeds to fund. Get a t shirts at our store. He's defined dot com slash store and over the next few days. I'll be posting pictures of some of the driftwood of you like one Snatched up comes a little air plant. Or if you're in a very cold part of the neighbor a world to send you the drift wouldn't you can get a plant that won't die from freezing cold. Can I get up in here? You can get up in the air. We add an exciting week this week where people come and show sisters coming on and talking about surviving hurricanes. We Got Sam Pancake Peaches Christ. We're talking to pissy miles who you guys might remember when she went to the impeachment trials. Right yeah and so The Drag Queen From Jersey. Who for years worked with Cherry Pie town out her experience with Sherry Pie? Oh who's that Sherry Pyeho from season twelve season eleven? Twelve of Paul's Drag Raines. Who had been accused in? Seemed to have fessed up to Cat Fishing actors. And so we're GonNa talk to her about that situation. It's telling that the first episode of the season twelve was titled. I'm that bitch. But she was on the second episode episode. You don't know me. And it was obvious that the producers didn't you know when they do background checks. These shows they look for criminal record more than anything you know and they asked a lot of the girls. Hey who would you recommend so some people had recommended Cherry Pie and you can. If you do watch the show you do see that. There is talent there but You know what's I mean? The things that she's accused of are monstrous. A WIG is a terrible thing to waste a thank you guys for listening bye.

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