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"sheriff huntsman" Discussed on KPCC

"From KPCC news I'm Nick Roman with the stories we're covering at seven oh one the only county sheriff's department has launched a criminal investigation of its own watchdog agency we get details from KPCC Shan McNary a key target of the investigation is inspector general Max huntsman ABC seven first broke the story undersheriff Timmer calmly said in a letter to the board of supervisors that the potential crimes include theft of confidential personnel files and burglary last November huntsman downloaded a number of personnel files including Alex to be a new way of us a few days before vean waiver took office as sheriff huntsman told ABC seven that everything he did was legal and part of his normal duties were calmly said vean waiver recused himself from the investigation and he asked the supervisors to remove huntsman from his job as inspector general while the investigation is under way the county C. E. O. responded in a letter saying the supervisors believe the entire sheriff's department should recuse itself from the investigation and that they will not reassign huntsman I'm sure and make merry one more note news of the investigation comes two days after the inspector general published a report that said Chevy in a way that has frequently blocked his attempts at oversight the frame is next at seven OO to is your beloved car ready for retirement it's been good to you so give it a proper send off by donating it to KPCC will pick up your vehicle handle all the paperwork I use the proceeds from itself the power the news and programming you love on KPCC you can also get a tax deduction it's easy to do it makes a big difference to independent fact based journalism in your community go to KPCC dot org.

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