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Triple Chicken

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Triple Chicken

"S. B. Pod is presented by Dr King's coming up today Gonzaga head basketball coach mark. You also want to remind everybody about the WOGE pod. Nobody Breaks News like Adrian Morgan Ascii. He's got everything you need to know about the NBA download and subscribe to the Wash Pot and the SV sweep pod on Apple podcast spotify or wherever you get your podcasts Bahati classics right around the corner and even though the trophies reserve for the winter obviously the big cash prizes don't have to be with at least five hundred thousand dollars up for grabs. There's no better time to try one week. Fantasy Golfer draftkings. It's easy to play. 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That's fine with me se- seems like there's there's been some Vincent Merchandising with the O.. Stickers we got we got like seven hundred stickers of it my desks. That's right now stickers stickers love sticker. I'll give it to my kids I just going to say. It's love kids love stickers. So let's just we'll live with that all right. So it's Espy pod number five staff receives alongside. We're going to have a conversation with mark few bet One of the best teams in college basketball I think it's interesting. How I'm going to ask you about this like we talked last week about San Diego State? Who you and I both watched against Air Force They did not miss shots. Late took the took the trip to cover town. That was At altitude against Air Force. But I wonder if they're dealing with what Gonzaga used to which is a little bit of pushback and I don't know about them. They play out West Leagues Not that good. 'cause academic the old anymore like they've they're known entity you when you do what they've done for twenty years. You've you've earned benefit of the doubt earned it so we'll have a conversation with him also will storytime about the trip to Champagne. Yeah dirty turps went out West Midwest Midway. Let's West From College Park. True gotta Dub took a while to get a slice of pizza. We got that finished late gotta win. We'll talk a little bit about that. families out of town. Which means you're I love you? Well I am so low in the House and let me tell you what I did. On Saturday I started watching college hoop with Seton Hall Villanova and and I kept going until it was saint. Mary's and Gonzaga. Although I did not need to watch that one for long no you did not. Gonzaga went into saint. Mary's and one by thirty in saint. Mary's isn't maybe as good as they were even last year. But they're still not they're still second-best in the west and the WCC up till that game halftime. It was pretty obvious the way that was going to go but I watched a ton of college basketball and that was good fun. It was taking me back to my bachelor days. I don't think I had a fruit or vegetables. Just going to say what's the meal and take what's going on. What's in the frigerator? Later door dash what we would stop. I had very. I drank a thousand four diet cokes. Obviously both the tall all we gotta get the bigger ones for when you really want one and then the little ones you just. It's an all day thing. Yeah I went to Portland. Did I o triple chicken. What's Yeah I said? White Rice black beans triple chicken. Guy Didn't even blink. Just took that big aspen. One two three is it because you saw it was fresh good chicken in the in the pine right off the grill earlier. y'All came right off. The grill did for triple chicken. Don't go triple chicken chicken way too much. Just it's too much food man. It's too much food. I don't triple. Chicken is excessive Do eat it there. No took it home. Let the cheese melted on top double bag that thing it unhealthy held it from the bottom a veteran move mom used to move then Sunday was National Pizza Day so we ordered a pie local spot. Yeah I'll give them a pop luna pizza. You Love it love it and it was so bad that I woke up on Monday and I drove the local grocery station and I bought two things strawberries and blueberry just so I could make a tupperware bowl full of fruit so that when I go to the fridge when I open it. It's like a guilt myself into just either spoon on top of it because I'm living live in straight bachelor life absolute and I take the spoon. Standard the fridge and eat a couple of spoonfuls. Strawberries and blueberries because my body. I like my body is trying to say. Hey Buddy you're middle aged man like let's get some nutrients something some intake a something that's not processed food so that's pretty much like hey g go out. No I just watch sports in eight not well and it was glorious. There you go. It was glorious knee those this every once in a while once in a while but you know this is like your little moment you know you know how it is. Yeah Miss you miss them. Absolutely my guy hit me on facetime with I really miss you daddy and just boom instant tier like the real issue. Just because I felt that because I miss my guys and I miss my girls and you miss where they were. They are also down down in the sunshine in Florida. It's we're not but what else was on TV. I did you watch XFL. I did I watched parts of every game about that. What do you got for me on that? Here's the deal talking to people that I know I know a couple of guys that work for the XFL. The goal was fun. They want the Games seems to be fun. They want people watching to be fun. I think they crushed that. It's fun man it really. Is You guys out there that no one. They're getting paid. They're having fun there. It's it's it's every cutlass like when you look at final cut to the NFL season last week in August right around there. It's all those names names and if you're a college football fan you know a lot of those names and the rules. I think are are really interesting. The kickoff is fascinating to me. I agree I think the kickers were a lot better than I thought they were going to be. I think that's where you're going to see a bump as far as field. I saw some guys. You know banging them out there Hey Man Watch us. We got field banging and Bergenfield goals there. I mean you touch one. Big thing The review glad that that that close to the one big thing is that the NFL. I'm sure is watching. Because they're curious what you guys are. They every every every behalf people for them watching listen when when other networks launched and to try to turn our lights off here then we of course you pay attention all right. What are they doing? I mean a lot of Martin business anymore That's fine and they talk. They're talking and now you know. They're not they're not on yes. Mike Works Works. This was plugged in all respect. I mean listen you know if you come into K.. Not Miss so you had it on. I had it on on the. NFL IS GONNA pay attention. Because you'd be you'd be you'd be negligent if you didn't pay attention to what is going on in and it's not even really a competing league but you WANNA see. What are they doing that our consumers might think? ooh That's good and I'll tell you right now. Having a camera inside the room with people that are doing review instantly. I'm like that's that's what you want. Because if I'm I'll take the saints fans out of it because they just think the NFL's out to get him. I look okay okay. I'm a Redskins Fan. There's a review in the redskins. Giants game did saquon Barkley fumble or not all right. Well I wanNA know like so. I'm in there with riverine. And they're gone. I can't I don't have an angle. GimMe the other angle. That process is legitimately interesting and having access to it only helps for I. I hate the word transparency. But but that's door we use down but that's what it gives you. It doesn't as opposed to just the idea of like looking up at a booth and like a darkened darkened window and secrecy and people with pieces are no no come on in here. Look like cece right there. You can see the knees down the balls out we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA reverse this call. We're going to give the ball all too soon. So that's that's brilliant. That's Br I don't need the interviews with players. I don't need that that. That's that that's fine that's to me that's more window-dressing and I'm not knocking the McAfee. He's funny and he's going to be genuinely funny. There's other ways for him to be broadcast and be funny if it was like an NFL game. That's fine but I'm telling you right now. That one is is the one that people are GonNa go. Hey Man 'cause I said on on one big thing. The first time you saw the first down line the first time you saw a game that score bug you're thinking how did we ever not have had this and I'm thinking that you're going to feel like having seen it now if you don't have that that that is a miss now I just don't know how compelled the NFL spell's GonNa be to let people in on that process and if they don't then they need to answer a simple question why what would be the objection. I can't think of one while we can't. I can't have you in a big because what because you don't want us to know that you guys Kinda don't know you're doing I mean I'm not saying you don't know why but if you don't let us in that I'm starting to think like what are people doing shots fireball in there. You guys doing pliable. I'm kidding. Obviously but not like. Why wouldn't you want people in on that beyond on that? I'm not going to act like I care because I don't about the league I mean I don't have an investment literal or figurative. If you talked to a guy that that says he has a he's got a tip like Oh you know that you know that one team's got Yeah they were they were out late all then fine. Outside information in our information is important. I'm just saying a brand new league. It's been around for one week you you don't have enough time to to create emotional equity with anybody anybody But you hit the nail on the head Cole. Cubelic was all of this. He said the ball is going to be good all right so if the level of place pretty good if there are names we know people I remember that you guys. He played for so and so far. Aaron Maria Got Georgia Connor Cook Michigan State. Okay Cartel Jones Ohio state. I mean. Of course we know those guys names if the balls good names as we know and it's fun sure people people will turn up and the ratings are really good. It'll be Hvac week to help what we're thinks. Go because then and I said this on sportscenter too I I think. Now since so there's available. The information is available to so many people that just like if like a movie has a huge opening people like wow. That's that movie did great great. I'll go see it. Maybe maybe there aren't seriously you know what I'm saying that if a movie tanks movie has an opening like God nobody went to see that movie. No one's thinking I gotta go see like parasite one The other night at the chew. Well I don't want to see parasite and people like cheers for that guy winning and that movie winning were such that I was like. Wow that's people love this movie. I should see it but again three kids now. A Lotta movies seen in the house. Unless it's got Chase Sky Joma Ryder House Mayor Hunger. It's still in power. He's a terrible person has a mayor with a chicken still in power. She just running around with chicken always getting into trouble like the. I don't understand either. The people in power in that in poverty back to the analogy if the ratings are good again week to do than people that haven't seen you're gonNA think wow people are watching this. I'll watch it. That's what happens. Yeah people who are on the fence or aren't don't have a reason to not watch we'll watch just to see what all the fuss is is about. It's always telling you to watch the wire. You never watched the wire I. It's hard to invest that much time. You just feel like it's feels hopeless. That's why watching the office. BBC version was easy to seasons. You're in and you're out. I have a question for Steve. Did you bet on any game that I've been in the game. Yeah XFL Games. How'd you do? Oh winner bang inside information. Thank you well why you don't call you're gonNA watch you weren't interested. Hold on hold on this. Is your eye on the spot. You had an an inside tip that one and you don't give your boy a heads up. Put it kind of that in one in on it. I didn't know what I WanNa Know College basketball. You didn't ask. Hey Scotch you WANNA know didn't ask I haven't actually got to you. Were hoping for a whole week and you didn't call me to hang out phone. Works both ways. You could've called him. He's your boy. Wait you hook them up with some info. Just send a little tax next time. Hey we got the we got all right. The DC avengers the fenders them. They're the WE'RE GONNA win all right so and so told me he's on the punt team. I mean come on Gimme some all right. I'm on the Scott on the spot. Scott on his spot wait wait it is there. Yeah we got production. Come on this podcast is big. You don't have to answer that question. All answer the question I got what. Yeah Scott on. The spot is sponsored by. Dr King's draft kings is giving new users a three-shot it over one million dollars in prizes. Download the Dr Kings APP and Enter Code S. VP sign-up eligibility restrictions. Apply see Dr King's Dot Com for details. All right ready. Yeah Riviera our country club this week. Oh Yeah Genesis. Yeah when really their last it's been a while. Do you remember who won when I was there. It was like an eight-man empl Robert Allenby. Maybe okay who got this week. Genesis two great field really good field. You want the odds. Yeah give them to me. Roy's your favorite eight eight to one. Jon Rahm Dustin Justin tend to one tiger fifteen to one can't late eighteen to one. Ucla Guy Don play pretty well last week. GimMe all right favorite will smith movie. Wow The the wild wild west not really not really he was good in that men in black men in black I M I B I. Men In black was fun on But I'm trying to give you a series Angie. I'm trying to think that movie with zombies. CANTAMESSA terrible messed up. Movie Men in black was fun. But he's spending some serious roles like he's like an Adam Sandler seven pounds really crushes the big crushes box office. But then Kinda gets like not as much critical acclaim and then and like you know what he's actually got some range. Wow range you're in. The film. Industry took the final one. Who is the next coach at Duke? Luke University basketball capable really. Okay you disagree now. I don't I don't have I don't I don't have a say I think capable. Here's the thing capable was huge when they became a one and done factory and helping helping create relationships that K. K. was the godfather get cable create the relationship. You bring him to the Godfather. Kiss the ring and you commit. And then it becomes self if becomes self-sustaining innocence. Now everybody wants to be part of the Brotherhood. Yada Yada if if cable capable can turn Pittsburgh into a respectable program. which I believe he's going to do then he shows okay? He's done it in the SEC. And he's one of them so so I mean he checks a lot of the boxes that you I think you're going to want. I think I think the longer Brad Stevens is in the NBA. You just pass on the idea that he's GonNa come back to the college game. Um and Gobi at Duke. But here's the thing they will ends it. Pardon me when when is when are they going to get coach. That's the biggest question when they know Monday. Monday night Florida State Duke played and Leonard Hamilton and Mike chefs gear. Both on the other side of seventy and neither one of them seems like they've aged in ten years. There's I mean they just don't get older so I mean that's the that's the real question. Look Coach Hopkins was the coach in waiting Syracuse he had to leave Syracuse. Because behind. It's it's it's still going to Washington feels like for a decade at this point hasn't been I think this year for him after green got hurt. Feels like it's been a decade but I it's duck as long as joys it. I mean you've got. That thing is humming. They're just they're they're going to get the best guys every single year. Our Guy won't get a call. Who Coach coach Bray? No no no no man. He's good he just Bilas your so your first GIG is Duke. Yeah Ah no all right. Now he's going to. He's going to be the czar of college basketball going to create a position and he's in charge of it seriously. Actually that wouldn't pay his swells. Duke I mean it's actually a fascinating question because there's like who's who's the next coach in Alabama football. Everyone just dabbled next go to North Carolina. Basketball I duNno. It's crazy how I think we see. I mean like people are GonNa go well this year. You're closer to finding out the answer Sir Carolina but they got like four. McDonald's all Ameritech's until Niger never ends there they're not going to be a one seed this year Gonzaga they might be actually. I'm GonNa just pencil them in right now. Gonzaga's going to be a one C four more than twenty years mark view has been the head coach Atkins Zag and during that time. They've gone from being and the darlings of America that pull off some upsets that made some people happy and guy sitting next me. Maybe not so happy. We'll get to that to what they've become which is a brand that recruits recruits internationally and is in understood power. They're they are a Blueblood they really are Kansas Kentucky Carolina Duke like like Blue Blood Programs Gonzaga. That's what they've become mark. Few is GonNa join us right now. Head coach of Gonzaga for more than twenty years now joins us in coach. You're in the middle of that coveted week. Long break in the middle of conference play but given the fact that the last time you played on the road against the Riley won by thirty. I wonder did it. Did it come at the wrong time or is it always just SORTA. Let's take away. Let's take a week and kind of recharge a little bit. Hey listen in lieu of where we're at healthwise numbers wise. It couldn't come at any better time. I mean any break. We can get in the season physically and as you know this time of year. Mentally man is players need to recharge coaches need to recharge. and and some instances does everybody just needs to get away from each other for twenty four hours thirty hours and that's okay. Sure I think that's the family dynamic any team in any any sport where you're together from you know the late summer until hopefully the early spring and you know a little time away is is maybe valuable but look. I watched that game the other night and and Saint. Mary's is good and that places. Tough place to play and I feel like you've played a lot of really good games this year. All right where you guys just dust people but I don't know that I've seen you be sharper upper than that to be low thirty on the road against them. Is that about as good as as you got in terms of plan to the ceiling. Yeah Yeah I mean we. He hit our first. I think fourteen shot. Somebody told me it was a lot. Yeah so that's definitely as good as we got but I kind of lost all. Aw That you know superlative performance on offense of invite my guys was St. Mary's is like a top five offenses efficiency efficiency team. I mean nationally and well we were able to do in the first half and actually you know the first thirty five minutes or so so was as big a story I think is just our our offensive execution and making shots. I mean we really shutdown or really really potent efficient offensive team and I was proud of our guys on that side of floor. Also so it's February and this is what you guys are you. You've only lost once and I I don't care what your rank because I mean you're trending towards having one next to your name in the tournament. which is the most important thing? But what's interesting to me and we were getting into this a little bit before you. We started recording. The tape was from September two. Now if I told you this is who you'd be in February doesn't sound like you believe me what what happened from the fall until now more You know what it is. It is just a great example of a group of guys is and and I don't wanNA sound cornball here but I mean just literally coming together with just a A really strong conviction conviction and belief in themselves and and also you know Jay Wright and I talk about this all the time you know through. USA Basketball we really. We got to get to know each other really well. And I mean the culture our Culture Gonzaga's really strong as it is the Villanova and I think our culture really Kinda has has shined brightly through all this. These guys have hundred percent buying out of everybody and and You know the fact that I think we have four. The only team in America recommended got seven guys average. A double figures are balanced. And the way we move the ball and share it and collectively you know get it don but also individually just bring some different every guy brings up different at the table as as has really uh work with these guys and and let me tell you these. He's dudes deserve all the credit because as we were sharing before we got on here like I didn't see it. September lost all credibility with my my wife my assistance by fishing buddies everybody. They're just rolling their eyes at me now whenever I say something like that. Is there a sort of this moment. A Eureka moment. uh-huh where you you're in practice or you're gonNA dinner or is there something that happens like maybe it could even be spurned like from a fight and I'm looking guy. SNAPPER Steve Who's part of a rose bowl team at Stanford talked about the moments. Where you're not? You're not always in love with each other but is there a moment. You guys realized you know what let's stop around and let's figure this out because we got enough to add up to be the title like title contenders contenders. Is there. Something that happens more first of all. I think it was probably my problem more than anything. You know I was comparing this T- you know to a team that had Basically to lottery picks of fifth year point guard. He started like three thousand games for us. You know was I had been here forever sharpshooting just confident just gunslinger to guard. You know in the G. League now and and And and it wasn't fair this team just different but I was holding them to kind of that talent standard and and yet you know this isn't there's this game involves talent obviously but there's also the beauty of basketball. There's just this team work and this working together and and how it all jails calls in the moment for me start was like. We're we'RE GONNA go scrimmage Michigan state their pre season number one and I was like. Oh Oh my God I mean I seriously thought about calling and saying hey man let's just we'll stay here where meeting in Denver and I'm like I don't WanNa waste your time. You guys are preseason number one. We're just not even close to where we've been you smoke. We went out there and fared really really well. I heard you crushed there during that game going simple. That was in the moment. Yeah more from Marc view in just a moment but first I every night. Local police departments across America received hundreds of calls from burglar alarms the vast majority of the time. They have no idea whether the alarm Israel is there really lia crime going on or not all the alarm company can tell is the motion sensor went off simplisafe. Home Security is different. 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Guys Scott mentioned this past Saturday you guys coming out. All your pristine gear. You got your black uniforms but I wanNA go way back. I WanNa go twenty one years back before Gonzaga was the navy blue and look good I didn't really as you imagine. Have a lot of girlfriends in college. But you man you broke my heart. In nineteen ninety nine at key arena stanford team and I mean I I couldn't. My roommate was a captain. I couldn't say anything I watched you guys all year that year. But like Richie Frahm Casey. When it all started you know no that was the run you guys ended up? Getting by in Phoenix by by Yukon. Wins the title. But I just I. I can't ever get that game out of my mind and when you think about that like you're the assistant there. You're the you're the guy I would imagine scout and everything but when you think back to ninety nine Gonzaga the light blue uniform forms you know maybe not even on a sneaker deal. Wh what comes to mind that you know like guys coming back like what means the most to you knowing knowing that you've been here all this time and had such gird accomplishments one of the cool things is all those guys are still around here. Chancellor was in town and Dag run the most successful three on three tournament. The whole world called Hoop Fast Richmond realtor here in town and he still comes around Pal Resort town. And all those guys still live in town and like so. Many of our is moved back here Steve. And it's just like the greatest aspect of this whole program is Adam Morrison's radio guy that's awesome and Just all of them had such a great experience here. I was telling somebody the other day. Like I can't believe how many coaches you know. This isn't I'm not judging here but my miss out on to me. This is the greatest. coolest part of this Gig is like having all your former players. You know texting with Rui texting with Brandon. Clark you know Jeremy Pago. There's a name from the past him and Norville just got called up and as you're watching last night eight and they're both from You know the neighborhood the south side of Chicago and and I mean it's just awesome to be able to watch that share that and and I think when you bounce around from job to job and whatever and look people have to do that. I've been blessed and not have have to do that. I just think that's the coolest part of this thing by far pretty an an and in true fairness to you and all that I mean. That's that's a tough gig. He had to I mean Stanford was second. They had to play the agency. Exactly when I was just GONNA ask look of the brass Kamala to seeds. GotTa got to play a Gonzaga in Seattle so it took a while from a lot of stories Andy Cats and Scott and telling me how guy you are but I forgive you I forgive you all right. I always get over that bitterness. And now from the the beginning of when it became the local program that started to have some reach the makeup of your roster fascinates me you have guys from Texas and Washington and Oregon and then you have guys from Lithuania Molly. France Serbia Russia. I mean it's become a global brand with a reach around the world as a destination nation for these these best international players. How how'd you go about cultivating that? How did this happen that this is where so many of these bright talented internationals Z.? As this beacon. I want to go there and play for him. I you know Aronie Torri off was our first one and just went. He had such a remarkable experience orienteer- and moved on to play in the NBA. That I think the beauty of recruiting over there. And they don't have the the the predetermined You know propaganda that we all deal with. I mean I still hear about it like blue bloods and stuff like I mean what the Hell is a blue by like right now. You know what I'm you will you become seriously. I bet we I get what you're saying that what you mean I get what you mean. And and so the European kids the kids you know not the they don't have any of that so they just look at these programs like well. Wow you guys went all the time go to the NCAA tournament your ranked really high or on the ESPN you and you prepare guys for the NBA. What more could anyone want where you know? Some American kids are brought up. Well Oh man you gotta plan EC play and then you know what are you doing. And all that. And they don't have that they're just looking to hoop and get developed and and being a great culture where they're going to get taken care of and that's it and so When you got rony going back and say hundred eight experience experience he had and then also actually exemplified it and I'll just talking about it then it it you know we? We have a great reputation where there have an assistant coach. I mean that's just been phenomenal over there. He's developed a great network. Knows when he's wasting his time and when he is because a lot of those guys is you know our pros. It was already and so a lot of times people when they want to go over there. There's wasting their time because those kids are already destined to go pro so there's a little bit of a game figuring out well who's really serious about going to college and you know and and who isn't so We've been fortunate to have a great run of those guys. Think about a bonus. Think of the year down with It's been it's been fun I bet. And and it's listening to Steve Steve Complain About Stanford having to play against you guys in Seattle and I think back to you in two thousand eight. You're seven and they. They did your big fat favor attention to North Carolina in Raleigh to play Davidson. Which is how the hell does? How does it tournament committee do you guys like that and I feel like since then obviously lodge change you come a possessor to away from winning the title and now I feel like you guys have earned benefit of the doubt? You've earned it and I feel like I'm guilty right now. How few of applying to San Diego State? What I think people did to you for a lot of years where I just? I'm like I don't know how how good they are and I'm not saying they're not good because I washed play against air force the other day. I don't think they missed it three in the last couple of minutes. I if you don't lose a game on your good but but do you feel like maybe they're fighting some of that not power conference west of the Mississippi sorta East Coast bias. That maybe people like me. I'm trying to be honest and own it. Maybe that they have to fight against that. In the way you guys used to have to fight against against One hundred percent I think. And you know it's compounded by you know unless you stay up as late as two Baxter. Nobody really gets. It's to see those games and but then you watch like you know a dude like Malachi Flynn and you're like oh he's pretty good now and Certainly certainly I don't care if you go undefeated anywhere. That's an accomplishment. Amount West is no joke either. Those are those are tough arenas and it's tough travel of town. What are you going to Wyoming or New Mexico or you know those are places that take a lot of pride and in basketball and some of them have some great traditions But I think you know having been in the tournament now long enough you know like played one hundred fifty games or or something. Now you know that's not true. I know exaggerate but not by every game worth like seven. It's like dog years or something on I mean it just it all kind of comes around and evens out you know and I get to the point where like the committee can only try to do so many things and then there's this these weird little nuances that happen that our way out of their control and all that and including like I know you kind of luted this like a number one team that won seeds are fine but you know to Caesar great to and whatever you know so you Kinda as a coach you WanNa just get playing and not get too caught up in the seating and if ever there was a year not really worry so much about seeding man. Yeah it's just Oh. I'm all in a jar shakes out. Ah Yeah coach. I think as much of a problem is I could give is growing up in the nineties and kinetic early nineties in Connecticut and big Monday always been a tripleheader. You had to stay up to watch. UNLV and that's what you guys have become. And I think San Diego State to a newer frame is that you had in Gonzaga's on late. You gotta stay up and watch it back east. At least that's how I feel but also want to just pick your brain here a little off topic. I remember back in the day when you would call into Andy Katz and Mel Kiper Radio Show when I was producing. I know your big football fan. And you're always picking Melle Mel's brain about the draft. I think money or you were big. dwayne Jarrett Jared Fan at USC. Who's your who's your guy this week? Is there a quarter this year in the draft. You Herbert Guy. You believe it I mean I went to Oregon intermarried and ironically. I got my start coaching at the high school. Shelton high school and I mean so I know people that don't it. Sounds like he's just off the chart Guy And and really humble but yet just really really squared away and clearly had a great year. And it's pretty cool. Yeah enough confidence in himself to to come back But Man oh man that that LSU saying was your sure so. I don't know how you couldn't like those dudes and uh and and him and that whole story so and and You know and I really enjoyed watching Clemson. Clemson was just a heck of a A team that win they had over Ohio state was was it's Something so yeah I mean I I. I'm keeping not as close eye on. It probably caught up and all this stuff going on with us but It's good when NFL finally gets over and everybody just kind of start focusing on college ball. I can give you grief over that too but but you know the you know that. Me and Steve Russillo back in the damn you know we we more than a lot of folks probably here. We're immersed in it from the very beginning and we've been watching you for years and we've been watching you since the fall and you talk about talking to Jay Wright and you've you have gotten his right at your toes right up to the line and all you gotta do is bus through. Is there anything that you've talked to him about. Or that. You guys at that level have shared about would it. What's the difference between being the team? That has the parade and the team. That's just just I just on the on the short end of the stick by the by the fraction. And what's the difference in any of that. Is there any sort of secret sauce. I mean we talk about that and a really really good. I mean obviously a bunch of good buddies out there but another close friend of mine. Is Billy Donovan coaching with him and USA. Basketball all and and hanging out. And and I don't know I think it would surprise people what they say. It's just like you know the next day happens and it. It was almost like the greatest interview ever not ever. You guys have had so many youtube but I think I'm just GonNa go get Aloni family. Yeah yeah I mean it literally kind of I mean I even think like when we finally got over the hurdle to go to a final four just being marcy I got back to spokane to do something and he was like a milkshake or a beer and a home. That was it. Buddha Buddha Buddhism they got unspoken but and I love hearing that talk about that I talk about like you know you just the next day day. Is You just start kind of planning to try to do it all over again and it's like they didn't feel any different. They didn't remember billy telling me that like I didn't. There's no difference coach the day before then. I was a day after so I was like. Wow I guess. I'm glad to hear that but at the same time you know I mean Ed people may maybe people look at you differently. But you don't look at yourself that's sounds like the moral hundred percent agree with that. I think maybe the perceive the judge program but you know I know speaking for myself. It'd be like Hey I'm I'm good. You know what live happens. It happens if it doesn't it doesn't let's go get some fish you know and As long as you know the deal is and I think it's the same with you guys as long as you know you've done everything possible within your control to to to to put program kids players everything you in position to do it and then at some point you just you gotTa Kinda like go go go with it and then if it happens it happens is it doesn't. It's you know if you didn't do something like Damn I wish we would have put in our. You know we'll are different press break or which would have done this which we went to that I can tell you like with the with our game against UNC. Like I walked out of that one going and I've watched enough like man. I duNno change it. You know I call any different sets doing anything different justed just down the stretch. It just didn't happen game last year against Texas Stack. I mean we put we got the ball and the people's hands we wanted it to and it didn't happen that a good last minute and a half and we did. The beer is now going to be any colder. Jack I can dance you know what I mean. It's going to be just as cold and it's going to be just as their free if you if you if you hit a bucket or if you don't you know that's and I think I think knowing that I swear God I think knowing that is more than half the battle understanding that you will be the same guy and pro not any happier. Maybe you know you charge if you bucks gotten work the rubber chicken circuit or whatever else but everybody knows who you are and what your program has already. And that's one of the best in America and that's a fact and I think there's comfort and Noah like Kinda and hearing that from Jay and hearing that from billy because I think sometimes you're chasing the standard that's I don't know you know it's not really real or whatever and and so again you just kind of you do whatever you can and then take a step back to what Stephen you're talking talking about. I mean come on man. We were wearing Royal Blue Union. We had one sweatsuit from Nike. That we wore man wore that thing out the coolest guys in at the airport you got you got that elite beer package now. Though right you got to lead. You got that elite for my box from bury to well. Well there you go. Maybe maybe you can get in person when you make your first appearance out. Love buried the hatchet. I feel like we've buried the hatchet shirted. We're good now now. I gotta practice to run and you're kind of share some time during the week we get to kind of catch your breath and then hit the road to take on pepperdine and they got some guards now. Make sure you guard those guards awards out there. They took us down to the last minute. Here your place i. I watched the play zone earlier this year. I'm like whoa those guys and go and I watched game play standard. So you know what you gotta do. I appreciate you always taken a time. Be Good until our paths cross. All right yeah thanks. Guys Guide enjoyed it and love watching you guys at night and It's been fun before we move on from the conversation. You mentioned that that game. Yeah this teenage to to the sweet sixteen out there much. The term that sounded Jevon Harlem. I remember Yeah we could play two thousand one when we played you guys out in Anaheim the Maryland. You want to do that one. Don't eat that one. That was a good one positive. Remember that book. I gave you positive thoughts as I got one hundred from tiger that that's an Alzheimer. We were at the Players Championship. And and I said hundred on Maryland Stanford and so- Maryland wins to go to the final four. Is this before. After he brought to the espy's would be when would that have been march. ooh ooh ah one. Yeah I. It was worried that was a fun. Only time I ever went to the SPCA author all due respect but they they Maryland wins. He's walk into go do interview. Because he's I think he won that year and as he walks by me I feel something something on my back pocket and I don't know what it is. And he's got a cookie in his mouth and he walks by any flips me. The bird goes and you can take that one with you too. I look at the back pocket. Had you know just quick hundred so I think in the history of the world. I'm the only guy that's actually up money on tiger woods. I'm up cash way. Stewart took so much money from him never be Carolina. Never see but I don't know Stewart I dunno Stewart had the gambling. That's good. I was good I was willing. I underrepresented the window on my dirty turps but listen mark I was going to ask you a question. The pushback that you'll get with people again saga is look at their schedule. They played Oregon Michigan Carolina Washington Arizona. They play all the teams in in November and early December and they've got a road game at Byu A- that's fine. I mean there are tournament team or more than fine but I mean you're just not getting a whole lot of from January until you plan the tournament teams that you're you're you're fighting at your weight class with now the argument might be. They just went to saint. MARY'S WON'T BY THIRTY AG- agreed But you're playing somebody you're you're you say you're on the one light you're playing somebody in that second game probably from power conference that at least has played similar type teams to you and your certainly playing somebody the first game of that the second weekend. That's not punching up in weight class. And that's that's where the challenges but like you heard it in talking to mark and that's who he is made up he just he he's he's good in spokane. He wants to hang out with his buddies and fish. He knows what they are. They're great program that puts people in the pros and if it what's the difference between beaten Texas. His tech last year losing what possession was the difference in Beaten Carolina illusion whistles that there was some. I didn't WANNA bring it up with them. It's worse officiated game ever. It wasn't Great Carolina Duquesne the other day it was a little bit sketching. That wasn't the stakes at that was understood. But you Steve for those. That don't know he stanford Steve But when it's it's college basketball season he's Duke Steve Which is Disgusting Grotesque moving on story time from the road in just a moment but first hiring is challenging aging. But there's only one place you could go hiring simple fast and smart and growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. Kotova co-founder Gretchen. He'd never experienced experienced. How challenging hiring can be after unsuccessfully searching for a new game artist to grow her education tech company but then she switched Ziprecruiter and saw an immediate the difference and you can't sue by signing up for free at ZIPRECRUITER DOT com slash? Save pod Ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you. It finds them for you and by using ziprecruiter screening questions to filter candidates Gretchen found it easier to focus on the best ones then found the right one. In fact after posting jobs on Ziprecruiter Order Gretchen said she was honestly surprised. She found qualified applicants so quickly and hired a new game artists in less than two weeks. Ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire see. Why ziprecruiter is effective for businesses of all sizes try Ziprecruiter for free at our web address? ZIPRECRUITER DOT COM SLASH SB pot. That's Ziprecruiter procuder dot com slash S V P od. Shout out to the people in Champaign. I went out there last week. And would you fly. Fly United out there You know we flew flew an arrangement we added some people shout out. Did you tweet tweet to to get a plane. No we we did not we. WE WHEELS UP Air Force. Shot to Kenny. Dig My Geiger. What we know some people that know some people? We made some phone calls. We did what needed to be done to a ripe I properly and champagne that place as advertised. Yeah it was. So it's it's the biggest snowing outside when your walk it wasn't wasn't what's Barney Barn. Heat no no. It was not snowing on the way and it was snowing snowing on the way out but those for first place. They had lost on the road against Iowa and they hadn't played all week long so all week long. They're looking at Friday night. Career comes Maryland. Who hitting you? Whoever wins is in first place in the in the League Friday night game I want to say never had a Friday night game there? I don't know if that's true or false. But whatever the Cases you walk in there and it was on and that building is fantastic. It is it they redid it. It is loud as hell. Everybody's in orange and we'd been joking on television on social media ham coming to town so I walk in and like the students there. They hack me they bumi. But but then I SORTA got. I took a picture with every kid. Student Section I just lined up like Santa at the mall and every kid that came up was kind polite. Thank me for common sober now. They got they serve beer in that joint all my Lord. I'll make sense. I was there earlier than I was there early. But kids are double double fisting aggressively throughout. But everybody like they come in. A lot of kids took the opportunity to tell me that. Hey we're sorry for what's going to happen in the next two hours. Twenty eight fourteen and it was as loud as a building gets and then the TURPS didn't blink punch their way off the ropes. They're able to get a win and it was neat because they're only there. There was a very small little group that was there and we. We walked off the floor with them down that tunnel and you would know this having lived at having actually been the one in the uniform not the old guy just cheering being. What's better than going into a hostile environment? Where the stakes are significant and silencing a crowd like that nothing there there really is nothing? And so we're in this tunnel and they're going beserk and it was the coolest thing and then my favorite part of the night is the all all of the guys went into the locker room and then I went to go in the locker room and a steady. I don't know if they call that in Illinois but a policeman in uniform before Oh yeah says to me. Where's your pass? I'm just good. I'm with them sir. I said yes he blocking he goes. Where's your credential chill? I said I don't have a credential so much as I was then. You need to leave right now. I'm just going to go in here sir. You're not listening to me. I will put you in handcuffs and I'm like Whoa. WHOA WHOA you know? Did the put the hands up like you know my wife's in my pocket at the idea trying trying to I wasn't going to do you know who I am because he clearly didn't and and by the way it didn't matter to him. Thank God. There was a Maryland manager. That was walking right there. And he's like can I just give him my pass. He's with us he's like no he's like well we have other ones so he goes and gets them and there. Was this really tense. Moment where I did that the thing I do where I was passively aggressively smiling at him not saying a word eyeball in like. Hey Hey buddy you and I didn't say my mouth but I was saying it with my smile like okay. This is what we're going to do. You're going to be you and you're GONNA try to flex on me with the clearly that we were just jumping up and down with the team like I didn't just wander aimlessly and by the way you have Maryland shirt on. I understand that and as has I'm standing there and this guy's eyeballing me here comes the parade of people out in Illinois. You're asking if we can take pictures together so I'm standing there with the COP. I'm taking pictures with the people pull. This guy didn't care he doesn't care he's waiting till I get it thing I get my thing and then now I've got the proper credentials. I smiled the gentleman. I say thank you so much for your hospitality. Hospital's walking locker room. We say our goodbyes get on one of them planes and we skid out a lot of champagne with the W in our back pocket doc it. That's how you do it if you're GONNA IF YOU'RE GONNA make a power move and try to make make moves and get the champagne. You need to get a win. Oh wait a pop. Adele's yeah pizza joint. I don't want to encroach on anybody's I'm not I don't do reviews. That's another that somebody. I love this though. You're out you're out and you're you're thanking. I I like this. We gotta get you out more. We'll look you got to when you go to a place you've got what's the place and I had an inside source told me. Go Pop Adele. Okay I'll go to papa. Del's I like like a deep dish by as much as anybody well at Papa. Del's it's one thing I don't like about deep dish pizza. Go ahead. It tells you on the menu that it takes an hour and fifteen minutes for the thing to be made Bingo and I said we're I'm from piece. It doesn't take an hour and fifteen man. We got a short time here games tippin so but we order. And it's like we're in our deepen like it's going to be at least another forty five in Luke where where liars. Well I think they were backed up. It was game day. Traffic of biggest biggest game in how many years and so the long and the short of it is we set up. I'm like we can't wait like just give it to whoever level pay for it. I mean we ordered it will pay for I. Just give it to somebody else. There's a guy in a terp shirt that's there and he was with a guy in an Illinois shirt. In exchange. For pictures we got slices so about their holing myself out my allowed to say I did. I'm hoeing myself out for slices assist Papa. Del's for pictures which by the way. I'm happy to take pictures with anybody anywhere. Let me let me tell you it's a it's a sausage Pi. It's very good. It was one slice. I wanted way more of starving but one slice of that. You're a second would have incapacitated me like it is. There's a lot happening. There is very lock Nik doughy but not gross dough cheesy Mary cheesy sausage. I'm all I'm Pro Papa. Del's you you just gotTa figure out your oven situation. You gotta either. You gotta get expand potter ovens or need more of in so that the hour and fifteen doesn't turn into the two hours because they nobody got two hours to wait on a frigging pizza. So there you go. That was a that was the only way trip. Where you're next I'm going to Maryland for the Michigan. State game no more. You want to go to indy. For the big ten ED good one Maryland loses in the first round every year. So I don't know I mean. Ross it off all right. We're GONNA pass on going to end although indy. That's your that's a great place. I am going to go to the tax wealth. Earners Vegas Yeah. Last time you went there we got a video out of it will last time we WANNA game there too. We'll see you tomorrow night was was the was the battle. Cry from a steady uh-huh verlander on beers. You had that day you were the last game. What's the number twenty eight and a half? That's a good number. The version number actually can't push the half just under order under a lot of ears for your hand to get ready for the game. Not Andre the giant. No No podcast is over. Hope everybody has a nice week. We're tapping out. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA put our toes in San next week. We'll see. Tell your friends to what we're off. We will be back in a little bit. Just listen to this podcast again next. You know if you miss us. Just listen to that. You know travel traveled storytime things of that nature. Okay by the S._p.. pod Is presented by draftkings leader in one day fantasy sports.

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