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"shelley long island" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"Corona virus published reports say to homeless people were found dead on New York city's subway system over the weekend one of the C. train in Washington heights and the other on the number four train in Brooklyn the growing number of homeless in the city's transit system as ridership declines due to the pandemic has forced an overnight shutdown for disinfection it all starts on Wednesday years governor Cuomo terms in PA to come up with a plan they came up with a plan they can disinfect all trains and buses every night he can best be done by stopping train service from one AM to five AM every night alternate transportation will be provided during those hours comma said Sunday he announced a consortium he says will be very beneficial for all states involved was six surrounding states allowing them to buy PP is at lower prices New Jersey governor Phil Murphy and Connecticut governor Ned Lamont on board with that idea to gather is a region meeting more with a lot of sense sign me up inside New Jersey up partly what we can produce together well I mean don't work you've got that amazing pharmaceutical industry New Jersey and the governor also reported on Sunday two hundred eighty deaths due to cope at nineteen the cases are below ten thousand for the first time huge amounts were not schools expected today from New Jersey governor Murphy there ordered shuttered until at least may fifteenth the U. S. Senate all be back today with social distancing guidelines in place including matter also asking members to limit the amount of staff in their offices and asking members to limit the amount of people on the Senate floor at one time everyone is encouraged to continue taking their temperature is canceled check themselves for any potential symptoms associated with coronavirus horseman online fox reporting from Washington small plane overturned at Brookhaven airport and surely out on Long Island Sunday afternoon after landing the pilot not hurt the FAA will investigate sexually Long Island yeah surely all my god lease sell bin is easy he's the man the pride of Shelley long island oh my goodness well I don't think does Lee have a pilot's license I don't think it was him so don't worry said all right now the FAA will investigate the NTSB will determine the probable cause of Sunday's crash W. A. B. C. news on it through traffic and weather next Giuliani I want to talk about something right here is affecting you and me talk radio seventy seven WABC the reality is the city has the resources to handle this if we have a lot to go back to work I just kind of fear that the pause your lights the kind of socialist state to run right now where he can tell you what to do in encouraging others to read on each other and nobody's working he's tested it she's ready he's in New York we got to get back to.

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