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"sheldon makhashev" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"To millsap now the free throw line yokich as it yokich back behind him to barton part and gets a yokich pickets in the paint leans in ansett off the jeanpierre bob kicked at the corner to murray murray catch and go the paint floater cuts naronha do career high for chip bowl murray a smooth thirty two points the basketball game and this thing uh uh is over oh yes sweet words right there sheldon makhashev behind the 3point line lobbed at download is speights turnaround hook shot up it is nineteen point lead for denver with two and a half minutes to go naomi gets the play from head coach michael malone to be a hell of a stanford denver's they go five in on on a seasonhigh sixgame home stand the only lost to the golden state warriors too tough seemed to be is okay if you lose the golden state murray goes baseline through the window to yokich through barton yup nothing but now that's how you finish out that game right there twenty two point lead now for denver sheldon mac has it he's at the high by niccolo you'll to jump shots on the way that was though good rebound tipped by biamba won't go loose ball yokich leaking out millsap dark there you go to joker still working on his triple double he ever given up yet he needs to more form he's got twelve seventeen eight we have a whistle a foul call on jamal murray was hoping the loan would do this won't you'll hear there and gomez has missed the last ten games with mano voucher he hadn't played tonight but you might as well get him them to just to kind of get a little bit of the field back yeah yeah let us let us finish finishes get dairy of in a couple of weeks give sportier reasonable washer uniform day ago uh dr in along with trey lyles will leak beasley at emanuel moody gene mario his sonia freethrow beyond too numbers john leads hill near the bench comes in with will barton now remember here early if an opposing player this is two free throws the four chicken so he's missed the first one here hos own your second one godich crowd would have erupted he could have been applauded up said he gets booed yes that fast since that says moody a has it for denver nuggets either by 23 points lyles rightside.

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