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Senate passes bill easing Dodd-Frank restrictions

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Senate passes bill easing Dodd-Frank restrictions

"Support for this NPR podcast and the following message come from REI. What is your? But that's the question REI co. Op is asking this season with gear classes, expert advice and adventure trips REI can help you overcome any excuses to find your way outside. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. The US Senate has voted sixty seven to thirty one to roll back some of the Wall Street reforms enacted in response to the two thousand eight financial crisis as NPR's, Kelsey, Snell reports supporters of the measure, say it will provide relief for many banks. The bills group of bipartisan cosponsors say would ease restrictions on small banks that are critical to small businesses and prevalent in many communities in rural America. Under the Bill banks with assets under two hundred fifty billion dollars would not be required to go through rigorous annual stress. Tests supporters say that will make it cheaper for small and medium size banks to keep issuing loans and doing business Senate critics like Democrats, Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown. Say these changes opened the door for further banking deregulation. They want to ensure banks are monitored closely to avoid another financial crisis, like the two thousand eight meltdown that. Led to the passage of dodd-frank Kelsey Snell NPR news, the capital thousands of teenagers walked out of high schools across the nation today to protest school violence as W ABC's. Lisa Hagan reports from Atlanta. The response from school officials was mixed like many schools across the country. Some metro Atlanta school systems embraced the national walkout as a teachable moment for students, others threatened consequences. Cobb County is a mostly suburban area. Just north of Atlanta. It's school district did not endorse the walkout and told students and parents that demonstrators might face consequences. Knowing that student Shelby whitmire walked out of class at pope highschool in Cobb. I don't think it's her for us to be punished for sending up for something that could hurt us in the long run. Whitmire is bracing for suspension, though. Cobb County schools has not clarified how or if students will be punished for NPR news. I'm Lisa Hagen in Atlanta. President Trump is upbeat about the US economy Trump tilling and business. This round table in Saint Louis that the Republican tax Bill and his economic policies are driving the nation's lowest jobless rate, invest corporate earnings in years. We've never had a time when we've had companies at this level of readiness preparedness and and stability speaking at a Boeing factory that makes fighter jets Trump also said Congress working on a second tax package, but did not elaborate the top democrat in the Senate says, his party is not much interested in fixing errors in the new tax law, but would welcome bipartisan, rewrite toys, R us says it plans to sell or close all of its US stores, which employ around thirty three thousand people. The move follows a failed attempt to reorganize in a bankruptcy filing last fall. The New Jersey company, which also includes babies R S cited competition from online retailers and a shift from toys to electron IX. This is NPR news. A navy fighter jet has crashed off the coast of Key West Florida, killing the two crew members in a statement US, naval air forces, say the FAA eighteen F went down on final approach to Boca Chica field. During a training exercise, the cause of the crash is being investigated. The Federal Election Commission is giving tentative approval for some new rules on digital ads in politics. NPR's Peter Overby says the F E C is responding to the wave of ads from Russian trolls. During the two thousand sixteen presidential race. It small first step toward preventing anonymous ads like those pro-trump messages from Russia. If it filtered through Facebook and other social media, the proposal seeks to update the rules for disclaimers to paid for by tagline required for ads that expressly support or attack candidates. The current rules date back to two thousand six when websites and blogs for cutting edge in digital politicking to proposed rule will be up for sixty days of public comment. Followed by hearing in late June. There's still a lot the FCC hasn't dealt with or can't deal with. For instance, it doesn't regulate edge that focus strictly on issues. Many of the Russian ads did exactly that Peter Overby NPR news, Washington former Trump campaign manager. Paul Manafort is tried to have his federal case dismissed and of court motion filed Wednesday. Manafort says the special counsel exceeded his thority by charging him with crimes, not related to the Russia, probe Manafort has pleaded not guilty to fraud tax evasion money laundering and other counts stemming from his work. In Ukraine, if as his trial in July, I'm Shay Stevens NPR news in Washington.

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