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"sheila coty" Discussed on Probably Science

"Oh thank you saw one of those things really stood out play carolina lake oh yeah we'd name who will kind of name is jonathan wolf robot khandan lizzy vacant thank you all of you you you thinking of destruction lane of the new hampshire lanes knifing lanes brother i keep forgetting destruction lanes around name but it was the story was the pay pal countless signed up to some kind of business account and so it came through that the first time and then we've just there's another person who has two names like that wanna forget which has also a couple of one off donations thank you cody board thank you thomas rafa and tobias what's act that's a two person donation both names hot to say as as as thomas put when elected fairly close is this just a passive aggressive way of guilting people who haven't donated early and i think i'm gonna adult sheila coty as well very generous one of donation thank you all of you yet all of those people went to probably sized coma squarespace power website and clicked on the donation button if you want to set up a new if yourself squarespacecom you can use the code probably science and give yourself i believe it's a free thirty day trial from i believe so and also seamlessly integrated into the show i'm amazing i we very much appreciate donors those people who would not able to donate for whatever reason also able to help us out by writing nice things about us on i choose giving us good five star reviews writing other reviews on your podcast listener of choice and also tweeting and facebook about show that really does help this indeed we do appreciate that face booking although let's yeah let's get into that for this isn't scienc but you debating getting off facebook because i'm real close i'm real close hot an i i mean shit i don't think my daughter could be like i don't know mind talk at me talking.

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