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"sheikh kaleem" Discussed on Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio

Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio

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"sheikh kaleem" Discussed on Q: The Podcast from CBC Radio

"Andrew alexander receives his lifetime achievement award from the governor general today he'll be honored at the governor general's performing arts awards gala in oughta this weekend and you'll be able to catch that setv reunion special on netflix next year now if you've been following kanye west at all recently probably seen he's done a lot of talking and tweeting and stirring up controversy doing what he does you could argue but he hasn't released any new music at midnight last night that i'll changed they own weight saver ria choice just imagine if coming on a wild day now more fifty plows getting fifty calls a white collar scream say we lose it all had to come down because he couldn't breathe toda sheikh kaleem now but he would that is new kanye west song never leave the album is called yay and so far the reviews online from people who've heard it are are generally positive is the music good to overshadow his controversial remarks from the past few weeks the queue this team is here to find out the answer plus they will tell you about this new beef that's been brewing resuscitate if you will in the in the rap world he was getting pretty personal pits push t against toronto's favorite son drake here to break it all down is the queue this music panel joining in from vancouver studio is lisa christianson are kidding morning i how are you good how are you very good thank you for joining us this early and sitting across from me right here in studio z acclaimed writer and mc cadence weapon hello to you cadence what's good what is good you're gonna tell me men we heard a little of it right there new connie will record is out i wanna get both of your.

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