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"sheen elizabeth" Discussed on Today in True Crime

"Just before a fight could break out between the siblings Elizabeth heard pounding at the door. It was Emma a six year old neighbor from down the street she wanted to play Elizabeth immediately turned to her mother pleading for permission to join Emma outside to her delight her mother agreed just as long as Elizabeth was home in time for dinner at six. Elizabeth didn't need to be told twice in seconds she was out the door. Already, the sun was setting casting long shadows across the thick forest beyond Elizabeth's backyard. She didn't have long before darkness fell. So Elizabeth and Emma made the most of their hour of play. All the while Emma's half sister Eliza lingered near by watching them. Elizabeth wasn't sure what to make of Elissa. She was a teenager with all the Moody Miss that implied sometimes, she made upsetting jokes on the other hand she was usually nice to Elizabeth and she seemed cool and grownup. So when Eliza said, she had something to show her Elizabeth only hesitated for a moment before allowing the other girl to lead her into the forest. Ama- didn't get the invite at first that made. Elizabeth Proud. She alone was mature enough for Eliza. But the fun walk through the woods quickly became a nightmare. Elizabeth never emerged from the forest alive but Eliza did. Later that evening Eliza strode into her room and shut the door quickly her heart raced adrenaline surge through her veins. Her bedroom was her safe-space a haven where she could calm down in process what had happened bizarre phrases poems and sketches were scrawled on the wall some in pen and others in blood too many times elicits powerful emotions had welled up and threatened to overwhelm her she needed to let them out. The walls were living diary capturing her darkest impulses. She also had a literal diary which she soon flipped open to the first blank page. With a deep breath Eliza scrawled quote I just killed someone I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them. Now they're dead I don't know how to feel at the moment. It was amazing. As soon as you get over the Oh my God I can't do this feeling. It's pretty enjoyable. I'm kind of nervous and shaky though right now K I gotta go to Church Now L. O. L.. Once. The confession was on paper she smiled with relief then she shut the book and walked out of the room. Elissa was at peace. Up next investigators determine how and why Eliza murdered Elizabeth. Listeners who doesn't love a good ghost story rattling chains mysteriously moving objects unfinished business. I am ready for all things spooky and so is podcast network starting October. First, we're bringing you the scariest most hair raising ghost stories ever imagined every Thursday on the new original series haunted places go stories Alistair murden summons, a new spine, tingling tale of rates, phantoms, and chilling apparitions. 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So you can save time for the good stuff like perfecting bat freshly baked loaf of bread or getting around to reading that novel that's been collecting dust for the past month or so you're shopper will keep you updated with texts from the I'll. Pick in season products like a total probe got full shoppers, unbelievably fresh produce and peace of mind. That's the difference shipped makes try same-day delivery for yourself at chip dot com slash true crime today. That's S. H. I. Dot Com slash. True Crime. Now back to the story. On October twenty, first two, thousand, nine, fifteen year old Eliza Bustamante murdered nine year old Elizabeth Olten that night she wrote in her diary that the homicide figures. Amazing. My guest host Carter Roy is going to take over from here to discuss a motives and the investigation that led police to her door. Thanks Vanessa. Analysis, Journal held all her darkest secrets. It was one of the only records of her inner turmoil. Most were friends believe she was kind friendly and above all and normal teenager. But her life was anything but normal. Elissa grew up in an unstable environment with their parents spent time in jail her mother for drug and alcohol abuse her father for assault. When she moved in with her grandparents in two thousand, two things seemed to turn around at least from the outside. A few trusted friends knew about her suicide attempt when she was thirteen or the fact that she was briefly institutionalized afterward. Olis' online persona however did hint at her obsession with death. Her my space in Youtube profiles alluded to self harm and quote killing people. Her tweets were also alarming, but few people took her posts seriously. Maybe. Everyone wrote them off as teen. Angst. Meanwhile elicits real life behavior became more disturbing. She dug and filled numerous empty graves in her backyard rehearsing for the eventual murder she planned to commit. She needed was a victim. It's unclear why Elissa targeted her nine old neighbor. Sheen Elizabeth never fought and elicit didn't hate the young girl. As she later explained. Elissa killed her because according to highway. Patrol Sergeant. David Rice. She merely quote. Wanted to know what it felt like. On the evening of October twenty first she dispatched her half sister Emma to someone Elizabeth from her house. Then, she led the girl into the forest. There she strangled Elizabeth stabbed her and slit her throat. The crime was so senseless that local investigators who are joined by concerned residents, and later by the FBI didn't know where to start when her mother reported Elizabeth Missing. Ping's from Elizabeth cellphone authorities to the wooded area near.

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