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"sheehan kim" Discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast

"Up everybody. Welcome back into this segment so as you just heard. We just talked about derek. Jeter play known as the flip and the reason that it really actually happened was because of the nine eleven attacks which we just had the twentieth anniversary of and the start of the playoffs was delayed. In the season's end was extended past these walked over timeframe and because of that the yankees advanced to the two thousand one world series to face the arizona diamondbacks game four mark. The time marked the first time that any non exhibition. Mlb game had been played in the month of november and an extra innings. Jeeter hit a game winning home. Run off of breed. Sheehan kim and the words. Mr november flashed on the scoreboard alluding to the former yankee legend. Reggie jackson whose nickname. Obviously as mr october despite the homerun though jeter slumped the plate he denied injuries. Were factored though a fall into the photographers box. Trying to catch. A foul ball may have aggravated an earlier. Hamstring injury jeeter hit just a buck. Forty eight in the world series as the lost in seven games. Jeter hit two ninety. seven with eighteen. Home runs seventy five. Rbi one hundred and twenty one runs scored one hundred. Ninety one hits career-best thirty two stolen bases. During the regular season. He led the major league in stolen. Base percentage with a ninety one point four percent getting caught only three times and he made his fifth all-star appearance in the two thousand two season. Excuse me the anaheim. Angels defeated the yankees and the lds on the way to winning their world series from two thousand and three to two thousand eight. Is this next section. We're going to be talking about today. On opening day of the two thousand three season jeeter dislocated his left shoulder when he collided with the toronto blue jays. Catcher ken huckabee huckabee. Excuse me at third base and he was placed on the on the dl for six weeks. In ms thirty six games he had never played fewer than hundred and forty games. Prior to in the prior fool seven seasons jeeter returned to bat three twenty four finishing third in batting average to bill to bill mueller. Who had a three twenty six average and manny ramirez. I believe finished second steinbrenner. Then named jeeter. The captain the yankees on june third of two thousand and three following eight seasons out captain after don mattingly retired in one thousand nine hundred five that postseason. Derek jeter batted. Three fourteen with two home runs five. Rbi and ten runs scored across seventeen games including three hits in game. Three of the o. Three world series against the florida. Marlins all the only three hits josh beckett actually allowed during the game jeter committed a crucial air though in the game six loss. And the marlins won the series in six games the yankees then went out to acquire. Alex rodriguez from the texas rangers in the three. Oh four season. Rodriguez had two. Gold gloves are already at shortstop and was considered the best shortstop in baseball derek. Jeter though who had no gold gloves at the time remained the team. Starting shortstop alex rodriguez moved to third. Base rodriguez is fielding range. Allow jeter to succeed. Grand to his right to rodriguez and she to his left. Feeling balls to his left as a weakness in that was identified by scouts. So it was. That was one reason why they ended up deciding to do that which i mean. Yeah he cheat a little bit more. but honestly i'd rather have just a short staff that i know can get the ball. The aki get the ball. If i'm going to be honest with you. Like i i know. He's the captain but he doesn't have to be the starting shortstop i know he's been at shortstop we could put them at second base instead. Find another third baseman. Maybe i would have much rather i rather have seen. Alex rodriguez at shortstop Especially after his first few seasons in the mix but regardless jeter is at shortstop and a-rod is now at third base then. Rodriguez is fielding. Range was very good for the yankees but the thousand four season began with jeeter mired in a slump and at one point only getting one hit in a span of thirty six. Abc's through april. He hit one sixty and his improved to seventy seven by the all star break in july jeeter. Made the all star team and finished the season with a two ninety ninety-two average twenty. Three home runs the second most of his career and seventy eight. Rbi's one hundred eleven runs scored career-best forty four doubles which broke the yankees single season record for doubles by a shortstop besting. Tony kubiak thirty. Eight and nineteen sixty one or excuse me yet is. Cuba is cubic. I think the attorney kubrick's thirty eight sixty one. But he batted three sixty wine with a team leading four. Rbi as the yankees defeated the minnesota twins in the two thousand four lds jeeter struggled in the ale hitting only two hundred with one extra base hit as the yankees lost the series to boston. Red sox in seven games despite winning the first three. And we'll definitely go back and look at that Probably more toward the time of the ale the s. Because that's just a story that i got to cover But i'd have to recover. I should say. I wanna bring that that one out back out to forefront. I guess you could say but in the twelfth inning of a tied game on july first two thousand and four against their rivals. The boston red sox trot nixon hit a pop fly down the left field line and ran from his position at shortstop to make an over the shoulder catch and he watched himself over the third base side railing in two rows and into rows of seats receiving a lacerated chin and bruised face the yankees went on to win the game in the bottom of the thirteenth and this play was voted the play the year in this year in baseball awards. Competition as voted on by fans. Mlb dot com following the. Oh four.

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