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#C136 (chainwheel to chalcedony)

The Dictionary

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#C136 (chainwheel to chalcedony)

"Hello words you must be one if you decided to listen to this okay. The first word. I'm i don't know about this whole theme song thing. I really like it. But i would love if you were to send me a theme song. It's going to be a while before they make it to an episode. Because i record these so far in advance you know. It's just been a few days since i mentioned that. But yeah record me. A theme song for this podcast. It's called the dictionary hosted by spencer and five seconds. ten seconds. that's all i need. Sorry i just had some water okay. The first word is chain wheel all one word chain and wheel Chain wheel chain. What that that's the same thing chain who he'll i think they literally in the pronunciation guide say that one of the ways you can say it is wheel chain wheel noun from eighteen forty five and we just have the number one definition for the word sprocket space lease brackets. Okay next is chair the thing that you sit on chair. I form known from the thirteenth century. One a a seat typically having four legs and a back for one person. You can't fit to people on a chair. One be synonym is electric chair and this is used with the word the the chair. That's a very bad way to kill people to a an official seat or a seat of authority state or dignity to be an office or position of authority or dignity to see. The synonym is professor professor ship as in holds a university chair to d. We just have the number one definition for the word chairman which we shall get too soon three a sedan chair. is that the sedan like the a car sedan. I don't or maybe it's a specific kind of chair a sedan chair. Four a position of employment usually of one occupying chair or desk specifically the position of a player in an orchestra or band. I chair second chair number five any various devices that hold up or support. What does the etymology half to tell us. from let's see the latin cut federa- from the greek cathedra from cotta which means down plus hedera which means seat. Yes seat you sit down. There's more of the words sit. You put your seat on the thing and you put it down. That's where the word chair comes from. Okay oh actually That we had that word cathedra and cathedral The cathedra i think is it was it. The cathedra is the chair for like a bishop. And then the cathedral is the place that the that the The chair is in is it. is it here. I think i found it the cathedra it is a bishop's official thrown so yeah. That's straight from greek there and it means seat and down cool okay. Second form of share verb transitive verb from fifteen fifty to one to install in office to is chiefly british to carry on the shoulders in a claim as in we chaired you through the marketplace. What that is a quote from a e houseman. We chaired you through the marketplace. It's clearly very british. Because i can't understand it number. Three to preside as chairman of next is chair car. Two words noun from eighteen. Eighty one a railroad car having pairs of chairs with individually adjustable backs on each side of the aisle. I just love chairs know pairs of chairs. We got pairs of chairs on this chair car. This car has pairs of chairs and then number two. The synonym is parlor car parlor car. There's a part of the car. And there's pairs of chairs. Why do i love a rhyming. so much okay Next is chair. Lift one word. Noun from nineteen forty a motor driven conveyor consisting of a series of seats suspended from a cable and used for transporting skiers or sightseers up or down a long slope or mountainside. You get such great views from the chairlift. Next is chairman. one word. i form down from fifteen ninety to one a the presiding officer of meeting organization committee or event. One be the administrative officer of a department of instruction as in college to a carrier of a sedan chair. Oh there's sedan chair again Chairmanship is a noun next is the second form of chairman verb transitive verb from eighteen eighty eight and we just have the number three definition for the word share. Doesn't say if it's i former second form It's either a sedan chair or to preside as chairman of but that is the second form of chairman. Oh well i could probably figure this out if i yes to preside as chairman of that is the second form of chairman chair looked so weird now. That's not a real word is it. I guess it is okay. Next is chairperson. Yea this is we need more of these noun from nineteen seventy one and it's just the first four first definition for the word chairman. We also have chairwoman clearly. Women can be chairs of things This is a noun from sixteen eighty five. Ooh that's pretty old. That's good a woman who serves as a chairman. Well wouldn't they be serving as a chairwoman and not a chair man. if they're a chairwoman it's it should say a woman who serves in the seat of a chair or something right okay. Next is sh as it is. Spelled h. a. i s. e. but it is pronounced shays noun from seventeen zero one one any various light horse drawn vehicles as one a a two wheeled carriage for one or two persons with a folding top. One be the synonym is post shades. Post means after soap. There's something after the shays or is the shays after something else. Maybe it's after the horses. I'm not sure but then we have number two. The synonym is shays lounge. Which wo is that. How you spell lounge no. It's shays shays as long a ha- as long Because it is spelled o. N. g. u. e. it's like tongue with an l. and it's pronounced long tongue. You'd say shays shays long long at similar but it's not the same shows long What about the etymology. for shays. it is french. It means chair or shades alternative of old french share. Which means chair. Okay here we go so we have both shays long and shows lounge But we're going to do as long i. I hope i'm spelling. That car or saying that correctly It is a noun from eighteen hundred a long reclining chair and french. It literally means chair a long long. Get it there is a picture of a sh- as long and it's a long chair. It really looks like a sort of fancy Deckchair or like a chair that you'd have at the beach Where the see the bottom in those things. The bottom is flat but in these. It's actually curved so it goes with the with the bend of your leg. I think that would be a lot more comfortable. Actually it also You know has some upholstery on it. So it's it's not as a as flat as the ones a beach chair Yeah there's two arm rests and they've got some fabric on top. It looks very very comfortable. And then at the bottom for your feet. There's a place to put your feet up there. So maybe i want shays long. I think that would be very comfortable. okay so next. We have shaved a lounge. I'm guessing that this came straight from shays long. Because of the english people couldn't a long they had to say lounge So this is two words noun from circa nineteen o six and. Of course we just have the synonym shays long. Just a long chair. The etymology says this is by folk at analogy. I'm still not entirely sure what that means but yes it is from the french shades. Long next is shock. Rah you could say chakra or shaqra or just shuck. Rah c. h. ak are a noun from eighteen eighty eight any of several points of physical or spiritual energy in the body according to yoga philosophy. this is from the sanskrit word. Will it spelled cockere c. a. k. r. a. but maybe they pronounced shock route that literally means wheel the wheel and there's more word wheel. So why is that. Wheel is the shocker kind of like a wheel spinning wheel and you have a bunch of them. You've seen pictures outpost picture but you've got like what is it eight shockers starting at your head going to going to hurt your groin area You know i sort of liked the idea of this. I don't know how much science there is. How how realistic. This is sort of points of energy in your body I've heard a lot of people that you know. I think they feel very strongly that vacant either controller. Feel the shock or something. I've never really been able to do that. But i like the idea of it So i don't know. I i don't i don't know about that. That's all i gotta say about shockers Let's see we are moving on to colossi or laser. It is spelled c. h. a. l. a. z. A. calleja will say that. Kalisa noun from circa seventeen zero four one. Either of two spiral bands in the white of a bird's egg that extend from the yoke and attached to opposite ends of the lining membrane and then see the egg illustration which i shall describe to you at a later date to the basil part of a plant. Abul where the new new selous the new seller is views to the surrounding into government and to which the food nicholas is usually attached. There were so many words that i did not know i was not prepared for but yes lots of cell plant cell ahve. You'll related things. I think and colossal colossal is an adjective. This is a greek and it means hailstone. Okay hailstone next is calcium donation c. h. a. l. c. d. o. n. I a. n. Ch- calcitonin adjective from seventeen fifty eight of or relating to cal sedan. Or the ecumenical council held there in a d. Four fifty one declaring mono fiscal deficit fit the schism mono fist citizen no mono fif- citizen heritable heretical herod heretical heretical herod heretical radical So they they declared in this ecumenical council in four fifty one. They declared this mono this citizen they declared that heretical. And that's cal sedonia okay and calcitonin has also announ Maybe our next and last word will help a little bit. This is the word that. I always have trouble pronouncing. Because i don't feel confident but i have found out that there are so many different ways to say this word. Whatever way you say it is probably fine. you can say it. Cal- said any. Oh it's spelled. C. h. a. l. c. d. o. n. y. You can say it. Cal said any chelsea said any calcio doni chelsea doni chelsea donny. Yeah there's a number of ways. I'll just say chelsea donny known from the thirteenth century a translucent variety of courts on various colours and waxy luster and Calsonic or chelsea don. Ick is an and then. Yeah this is just from the Let's see Middle english Calsonic which is a precious stone from greek kalki tone which is calcium that are all the words that are all the words so today we had chain wheel chair chair car. I wanted to say car chair chair car. Chair lift. chairman chairperson chairwoman. Shays shays long shays lounge shaqra laser sedonia and chelsea donnie. Well i think. I mean i really liked this. Shays lounge shays long. I should say Maybe i'll post a picture But i think personally. I don't know even though i said some weird stuff about it. I think i'm going to pick shaqra as the word of the episode because they just find this whole idea fascinating i also find the idea of auras fascinating and while i personally don't have any experience with those i don't see those i don't feel shockers. Just it's just a fascinating idea to me. So i don't know it's just cool. I guess i have to sing a song about shockers. There are many shockers in the body. They range all the colors and all the energies. And i will figure out which shocker i need to work on and how to do it all right. So today is fifth Oh yes today is the academy awards in the us. And i'm sure lots of other countries will be watching. That will be fascinating to see how they do that. I have not watched any award shows. I don't think since the pandemic started so. I'm not sure what's going to happen but Yeah i always watch the oscars so I will probably watch We just recently just in the last few days. I'm recording this on march twenty first. We just started watching. You know making a point to watch the oscar nominations. Because we've been very bad this year about being up to up to date on. What movies are out and stuff so yeah. We got a little bit of work to do. But we've We've been watching Last night we watched sound of metal. Which i definitely strongly suggests that people watch it. It is not without its sort of weird holes and issues but that being said you should watch it and Especially if you don't know anything about deaf culture It's about a drummer heavy metal drummer. Who loses his hearing and the journey that he goes on Yeah it's just a really fascinating story. I don't think it's specifically actually might be based on somebody specific but it's a it's a tough thing to go through and You know. I think that you will have a better appreciation for the deaf community after watching it. So i highly recommend that What else it's the billboard. Awards why are the billboard awards on the same day as the academy awards it is international delegates day. It is dna day the emmy awards today to no. That's not possible. Why would that happen that this might be up to date. It is world malaria day. It is world penguin day it is the thirteenth day of ramadan. Is undock day. Doesn't tell me where in portugal it is liberty day it is in italy liberation of italy S day of the alan in finland in india. It is mahavir gianatti in france. It is remembrance. Day of deportees What else am i on the correct day. I am on the correct day. It is In iraqi kurdistan the anniversary of the first cabinet of kurdish government owns. Ach day is australia and new zealand. In germany it is arbor day in the faroe islands. It is for flag day. Who's going to say frag day liberation day in south georgia. North korea has military foundation day. It is parental alienation awareness. Day while it is red hat society day. There are so many things today in egypt. It is sinai liberation day and then there are some fun holidays and there is again a bunch of them. Some of these. I will be repeating anzac day kissing makeup day so if you went the whole year and you were arguing about something now. Is the day that you can kiss and make up national dna day national drug. Take back day drug. Take back day National hairstylist appreciation day. So if you get your hair. Stylist hair stylized. Go appreciate the hair stylist who stylize as your hair. National hug a plumber day. I don't know maybe not after they worked on. Your sewer pipes hand. You could hug him if they let you and if you're vaccinated national pet parents day i am a pet parent. It is national telephone day. Maybe play the game telephone. And as i said before world malaria day. All good things to celebrate that is going to end this episode. Thank you very much for listening in until next time. This is spencer dispensing information. That was my neck crack goodbye.

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Ep51 Why Did God Create Us?

Wrestling with God Show

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Ep51 Why Did God Create Us?

"Welcome to wrestling with god. Show the podcast where we crackle with big questions about faith religion and life. I'm irish mcmahon. And i'm here with our chief wrestler. My friend an irish catholic priest father land macmillan joe fatherland well top of the morning girish. How're you doing. I'm doing good so father fatherland. I think we have something fairly foundational here today to talk about. You know we close each episode of our podcast with kind of a simple statement of our intention for wrestling with god and it's our constant search for truth and meaning and purpose in our lives. So i was thinking if we hope to achieve this purpose and we believe that were created by almighty god. We probably should try to understand why god created us in the first place. So how about. We dive into that question today. Okay that's that's a great one. So i'll give you the answer ahead of time. So basically the enters relationship. Why god created the earthling. And when i say the word earthling means somebody who yes has. Dna a human being but doesn't really live in relationship. Or unconditional love. So there's different terms in the bible for human being and technically like ill start off mentioned the earthling but the earthling is somebody who's not in a relationship and not only not new relationship but not in a relationship of unconditional love. That's what we're intended to end up as art out as an earthling. We end up as a human being in a true human being lives. And unconditional love in relationship. So the first reason why god created us is actually four relationship for love for relationship with with god or each other and with creation. Now with all okay because remember. There's two creation accounts in the bible. The first one god crates were it. Says i love this let us create mankind in our image so god creates mankind diversity but also unity so the image of god is not a singular human being. The image of god is mankind living in united in love. That's that's once again unity and relationship and love. That's the image of god. The second creation story you know better known as adam and eve the earthling is created with problem and the problem is loneliness in the earthly praise for a companion and is willing to die for love in god puts them to death. He dies just to thinking about himself and he dies to himself. And then god takes the rib or it's in hebrew it's either rib or half of them and forms eve and then he wakes up and of course he sees the most beautiful woman in the world literally. There's nobody else and says bono. My bone flesh of my flesh. And after that god doesn't call them earthlings. God calls them human beings and the point being is that everyone is born and earthling but until they can love to the point of death is their humanity born so only become a true human being when you can love to the point of death so human beings are meant to kind of evolve into this relationship of unconditional love with god with other people with creation itself so humans are created for relationship. Now that would have been revolutionary at the at. Its time and you have to know that. Actually the sun's kinda strange exodus actually would have been in the hebrew. Mind the first book of the bible exodus talks about how the people created we just chronologically put genesis. I because it makes sense but exodus is about the birth of the hebrew people so it's a creation story of the hebrew people and the people were slaves that god set free and this is so unusual because another pagan creation stories in the pagan myths. Their origin were had all these grandiosity. The pagan myth is that they'd say you know other people you know those people were created by lesser things. The irish war created from a potato and the polish were created from a piece of cabbage. Bean our people. Our people were created for something grand by something grand and so genesis is the backstory to exodus and the and other king kingdoms bleed that only the life of their king in their upper class had value. All other human beings were created to serve them so in other pagan stories humanity was created to serve the gods or serve the king and his elite and how revolutionary to say no all people were created in the mid image of god and all people were created to be in this relationship of love that would have been completely different that would have been revolutionary for. Its time it's the only creation story that says we're all created for this relationship of love and that's not just a theological statement. That's a political statement and so christianity. We have this idea. The trinity that god is a trinity lover beloved and love itself. And so we'd say we are created by perfect loving relationship. A trinity for relationship. God is perfectly happy. Didn't need to create us or creation completely happy. But god is this explosion of self giving love so god created all creation. The angels the human beings craciun because he loves to love. God wants loving relationship. God is pure unconditional self-sacrificing self giving love. So why did god create. because it's in very god's nature to be in relationship. He has so much love he wants to love. More and so our destiny is to live in and with each other in god. So i do love the line from the baltimore catechism that you know so many people had memorized. But it's a great line with a question was why did god make you. And the answer is god made me to know him to love him to serve him in this world and be happy with him forever in heaven. Why did god create anyone. God is unconditional. Love so heaven. And i like this. Heaven is a community. Of unconditional love. Heaven itself is this place of ultimate community. Opposite is hell in hell is to live by and four just oneself heaven. Is the life of a community. Were were completely different. But we're all united together. That's just profound thought in ancient shirts. Ed this line that just always captures. My imagination in heaven will be so one that will be like wine and what they mean is that will shed the skins of our selfishness. The grapes shedding their skins and will all become one without losing. Our uniqueness will still remain unique but like wine totally united but not just with other human beings and not just us in god us and all creation angels. I remember there's angels in heaven. We'll be one with them. In the tetris in the seraphim and so religion for us is moving into this community of love. We call trinity but also moving into this community of love of other saints and angels. So you know it always drives me up the wall when somebody says that well on sunday they just go hiking or play golf because they you know like that's how they worship god but that's by yourself that's the definition of health a yeah you may enjoy it. I enjoy a lot of things. The this is by myself. We're meant for relationship so of eden even even the humans in the garden of eden were in relationship with the animals in the image of that in the new testament is christ in the gospel of mark where it starts off with him with the animals in the wild has this image of like christ is the christ is the regional saint francis who are one with the animals. A lot of the irish saints could speak with the animals saint blaise. He was known to be able to speak with the animals to have this constant theme throughout two thousand years at how the one the more one moves closer to christ the one more there in relationship with other people with god and even animals. So why did god make us. The first answer is a relationship of love. God is explosion of love and god created us so that we can share the love. God loves to love what you know what. I'm taking away from all of this and it's kind of fuzzy in my head but you're you're basically saying that we're i'm getting the sense that we're like part of god that i mean it's hard to separate us from god. You know the animals the humans. I mean it's all part of god. It's all part of this big relationship. And i don't even know how to say it any more. I say i say big. This big relationship i would. You have to be careful. Say it's all god because then it sounds like pantheon. That's not what we're saying right now. What is panned theism. Oh that the cat is god. The dog is god. You're going okay. I know we're in relationship with god. And god runs through. Ns and beyond us right. So it's more of a our ideas more of a participation and i love how christ sums up all his teachings with with all your heart mind and soul and your neighbor as yourself. It's all one big love. It's all one big relationship but you know what you said. I think you said something like this that you know god kind of couldn't help himself because he's you know he's total love infinite love. He had to career all this stuff. I love that where jesus gets in. An argument always argues with fair sees. Because they want god as this rule keeper that like the parable of the prodigal son who in a wasted life. And that's a great parable because they ask because jesus is too nice to the centers like they need to suffer. They've committed you invite tax collectors and prostitutes in crisis always correcting. We'll know the problem isn't that i don't believe in moral behavior. The problem is you guys have the wrong image of god. The image of god as strict. You follow the rules or you're in trouble. God's supports morality. But also god is love. God is wild father who can't help but welcome. His child back gets carried away with with love and the older son in the story. He's a bit. I followed the rules. My love you to i. I love you too. But i can't help. I get carried away with love. Banishment partying the pharisees. Can't understand about god. The god is self sacrificing love. They want god to be you know okay. Those people misbehaves so they're get punished. No we inflict our own punishment. We choose to only think of ourselves and we'd say well sadly that's not what god does. That's what we do to ourselves. We become you know a true human being is somebody who's in relationship to just think of yourself. Will that just makes you an earthling. So the the first reason god grade this is god is love. we're meant and created for relationship in the second. Just mentioned this is actually we were meant for work and responsibility in genesis. God is a creator. God is a worker and the humans are given responsibility. They're supposed to work and care for the garden in just as in the garden. We're created to work so to in the modern times. We still need work a sense of purpose and not that we meant all to be farmers but crisis given us many gifts and that's to bring about the kingdom so all of us have these various gifts and when we offer it. The kingdom of love is established. So the second point of genesis is that all human beings were were not just created for relationship but like god we have worked to do. They are created care for the garden. And if you notice in this this work to do is to use your gifts to give your corm out your life amount. Not just for you don't you. Don't squirrel him away saying yeah. You might be happy and gained. But that's a sin and if you notice in the bible the sun's constraint sin affects creation sin affects the earth so when human being sin it turns the earth into a wasteland. It affects creation. So you have this odd thing. That's consistent our sin or our holiness affects creation our sin our holiness it affects how we relate to each other and even creation. But we're not created just to exist. We exist with responsibilities. And i know i'm just going to throw this out. I love the middle age idea of the great chain of being and the great chain of being. Is you know. Human beings were not created. I i god created the tetra morphs and everybody says what's the tetra really don't quite know we'll find out in heaven. God created the tetris. And they were to guide the seraphim the seraphim. We really don't know what they are. They're these creatures of flaming fire but the morphs guide them. And then the seraphim they guide the angels so the angels then are charged with guiding us human beings so the great chain of being also says great chain of responsibility and we are supposed to be responsible for the earth. I love that idea that no every human being adds something to the kingdom of god. And if you don't off your gifts than the this kingdom of love it's just makes it tougher for it to come together so relationship and work in the last one is actually the son strange. Rest or you could say freedom. The other reason why we are created was for freedom so how it says god rested and so we should rest. You're talking about in the bible where it says god rested on the seventh day after god finished the work of creation. Yeah but rest isn't really good Definition it doesn't really mean doing no servile work rest means freedom so in the exodus story they were slaves to the economy. They always had to be producing something. They're they're under the thumb of the master so once week god commands them to remember that they only have one master and that is god turns out to be love once a week worked to worship in a community and our worship sets us free so in genesis the reason why keep the sabbath is so you truly can evolve into a true human being in exodus you keep the sabbath so you won't devolve into thinking like an egyptian wert your life is just a matter of producing things for other people so once a week we worship that were set free and to celebrate that freedom god demands that we gather as a community to remember that freedom remember we are created for relationship not just say well i liked play golf. That's all about me again. So one of the things. The christ was supposed to bring in a prophecies. Is this freedom of the garden of eden. Christ returns us back to the garden of eden. More worst truly free to be set free to love free from everything in the odd part is like from my standpoint. There's so much evidence that the genesis creation is true and by evidence. I mean this. They did this. Long-term study on huge fifty seventy years study now on what makes people thrive so they track them every year this graduating class and what they found out that people who live in a long and loving relationship they live longer. They're happier and have better health that the most important health advice you can give. Somebody is loving relationships. It's more than anything. In fact they found out living in a loving relationship is the best of all to live. Just four and by oneself is the worst health thing you can do. It's equivalent smoking like six cigarettes day. So as much effort as you put into. You know not eating desserts. The far more important thing is to live in a relationship of love with other people. It is better to eat a twinkie with friends. Then salad by yourself. All the evidences the healthiest happiest giving human beings live in relationship living in a loving relationship. Saying i mean that's probably the press. Okay loving relationships. That's probably the best evidence in the simplest statement of why god created us. Is it not. Yeah and all evidence of happy healthy human beings as we're meant to live in a sense of relationship just like even the work thing another sounds kinda strange. I think that's proven out with sciences. Well people who live believing that they have a purpose also live longer people who always have work to do serve offer some sort of service. They live longer make for my own family. I can tell the story of my aunt cal. Unfortunately she died but got she wishes wildly funny of all my all. My aunts were hilarious but that she was the funniest of all the and she had. This great marriage had a good marriage. Her husband was a worker bee but no one day he retires and he doesn't do anything doesn't do anything in retirement and my aunt is always busy doing something and so finally he did something like rearrange her kitchen which was a no no so she told the no no flood of women. Anyway go ahead. Oh so she told him. I think this is. You're getting underfoot. This is not going work for me so said from nine to three. You have to find something to do. Get a job. Take up golf having an affair. I don't care just leave me alone from nine to three. And sadly he didn't and he dies of a heart attack. After all those years of work he never really learned how to live without the purpose of just the nine to find job. You have to have a purpose and my aunt cow and this was hilarious. She was in her nineties living in montana and she was doing meals on wheels which is just like ninety four ninety three when shoo still driving around doing meals on wheels in winter in montana which cracks me up. Because could you imagine like she's delivering to some seventy five year old person. Some ninety three year old woman is driving through the snow. Delivering meals for seventy five year olds in. I can hear here. You go honey. You take care. Like she was unstoppable in many ways i just loved that of having that purpose probably kept her living longer. All science proves it totally totally or meant for purpose and relationship to live by and just four oneself. I think it goes against why were created. That's my point. What other thing. The other evidence for that. And this is kind of a sweeping generalization. But so many of the truly rich people don't ever seem to achieve happiness or satisfaction. If they're just working for the money they never can make enough money. They can't acquire enough power if you don't have this purpose beyond yourself you know. There's this great film. I i liked it. It was a documentary that the producer. Who made the mask. The movie the mask he made a bunch of movies but he put out this documentary because he had made it big and lived in this huge mansion with a huge wing pool and all these shays lounge that were emptying. Says you know i was so miserable. I had all this money. But i was so cut off and miserable and so he actually donates. A huge portion of it keeps them for himself. Continues goes back to work but he sells it all and then lives in a small little house in a neighborhood where that he says. he's really friendly. He rides his bike to work. Knows all his neighboring. Since i'm ten times more happier now that i have work and i have people in my life but when as in the big mansion i was there alone and i thought wow that is just a really good story like. He was meant for relationship and work. Yup we'll fatherland. I think you've done a good job here. Helping us understand why god created us. You have anything else you wanted to add at this point going to say something smart but smart alecky. No i'm fine. I'm doing great right so we welcome your comments and questions. It'd be interesting to hear your reaction to this episode. It's easy for you to get those to us you just head over to our website. It's www show dot com that's w. w. g. show dot com and you'll see a little questions but in there you just click on it you'll find a bunch of different ways to get comments and questions to us if you're enjoying the wrestling with god show. Please share your favorite episodes with your friends and subscribe rate and review our podcast at apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. It really does help people discover us and we hope you'll join us next time as we continue our journey climbing the mountain of life searching for truth meaning and purpose in our lives. Thanks for listening. Cnx time

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Summer Cocktails, Pruning and Storm Damage

"Are this is plant. Rama with c. L. for nari myself. Ellen's akos this month we've decided to replay some of our very favorite summer episodes. We'll be back next month with new episodes and look forward to seeing you then today. We're talking about summer cocktails summer. Pruning and summer storm damage. It's an all summer program this more. I notice a theme theme here and this episode is being brought to you by our friends at dram there. The makers of rain wants sprinklers and organic fish. Fertilizers now i just have to start by raving about my new telescoping rain want it opens to be longer and that allows me to easily water plants in the back of bed or hanging baskets or the layers of pots in the display on my deck. It has a range of sayings for the spray. Just like all the other rain wan's and a really easy on off control that can easily be moved with just the thumb of one hand. You can go to rain. Wand dot com for more information. And while you're there be sure to read about the fantastic dramatic organic fertilizers. Don't you love that name. Organic dramatic i. Do you know the dram company. Based in wisconsin. They are dedicated to helping you and me grow great plants so check them out at rain. Wand dot com. Let's start out ellen. By toasting summer with the summer cocktail. I would love to do that. I wanna share a cocktail recipe. That i made up last summer at about this time and i called it bear bait because the whole time i was out there foraging for the ingredients. I was afraid. I was going to run into a bear when i forage by myself. I always worry about that. So if you ever see me out in a field alone and you wonder why. I'm talking to myself or singing really loudly. It's because i want to let the local wildlife know that. I'm there so i don't surprise anyone. Bear bait is a tequila cocktail at it's made by muddling some blackberries or raspberries or black raspberries in the bottom of your glass adding some tequila a little bit of l- occur. It could be a cherry liquor purchased. It could be a homemade bramble berry locker and some physi- milkweed cordial which you can make for yourself by fermenting. The milkweed flowers just for a couple of days. It doesn't become very alcoholic. It's more like a natural soda. Because there's there's actually yeasts in the pollen of the milkweed and it makes this beautiful pink. Fizzy drink will post a photo online. And it's a. it's a great combination. The milkweed cordial the bramble berries and just a little bit of tequila. And if you're feeling adventurous you could put just a sp- louche of smokey mess call in there. So that's related to tequila but the little smokiness kind of balances the sweet. It's one of my favorite festive summer. Cocktail sounds delicious. Because i'm a tequila lover myself. So are you like. I'll make you when i see you. This like cock yes. I like cocktails made with tequila. So that sounds one okay i. I'm not going to talk about a specific cocktail today. But i'm going to encourage people to experiment you know ellen. The mo- hito has been so popular of late. Right and there are several mint based cocktails. And they're fine. They're wonderful and all kinds of mintz can be used for them. So that's delicious. But i would encourage people to experiment with other flavors with any traditional cocktail recipe. That calls for meant whether it's a mint julep or mo hito instead of using the mint think about using other flavors in that same recipe and i would encourage you to try basil. That's a wonderful herb to use for flavoring. I would encourage you to try lemon for beena. Which is a little milder and But also plays well very well with anything that has lime in it. Of course and i would also encourage people to try to stir cham's because using minister shem foliage instead of the mint and even minister shem flowers. You put those flowers and foliage in the cocktail shaker and you mix it up and straighten it out and you've got the spiciness of distortion and you can garnish the cocktail with mr shem flour. And it's it's yummy. I wasn't even thinking on long the substitution line. But last year i had an august a in my garden and at the end of the year i was cutting them back and i dried all the foliage and it's got a wonderful sort of half meant have liquorice flavour and i made some of it into a syrup and i've been thinking what could i. How could i use this in a cocktail so going to go back and look at all the classic mint cocktails and see one. This substitution does for just mixing it up a little bit. I think that idea of the agosta archie instead of a mid even fresh foliage. As you say it's got a little bit of a liquorice thing going on so that's a great idea. Well have fun with those summer cocktails and of course all the summer fruits are wonderful. I in summer cocktail. The other thing that i would encourage you to try is instead of ice cubes in your summer cocktails freeze some summer. Fruits freeze grapes watermelon cantaloupe. The melanson chunks berries as they are and then. Throw those into your beverage instead of ice cubes. You've got the flavor you got the beauty of the fruit. You've got a drink. That's going to be both visually exciting and taste. Or i know that was the perfect ending but if you do want us ice cubes go ahead and freeze a flower in the ice cube. Imagine having a little lavender flower frozen in an ice cube. And that's in your drink. You could freeze so many different flowers and that would give you both flavor and that visual interest was just talking about. I'm sorry i interrupted you. But you made me very excited. No worries ellen. And cheers for our insider information segment this week. We are going to talk about something. I can't say it's near and dear to my heart but it's certainly something i've had to deal with a lot recently and that is hail we have been getting pummeled with hail here recently. I would rather have my car. Be dented with hail than deal with the damage. That's been happening in my garden. It's really disheartening. To walk out there and see you know the the unripe crab apples lying on the ground beneath your tree. The aug dash a flattened. All of the stems broken off at soil level. And you just you just shake your head and you say what can i do to prevent this and the answer is nothing. And how can i recover from it. Most quickly heavy rains can be a problem for summer. Storm damage. I know in some parts of the south. What's really a problem. Ellen is those heavy torrential summer rains that can actually cause such surface flooding off of dry soils that plants can get swept away and so in terms of both hail damage and sudden rain or heavy storm water damage. Really the best thing we can do is just clean up right clean up and then that's what i did yesterday. I just finished cleaning up. And then we have another hailstorm. But i think there is another thing that you can remember if you live in an area that's prone to hail and that is that the big broad leaves are going to be the most easily damaged. So my supermac. Mike cuddly supermac is like what hale what hale because they're tiny little cut leaves. There's no big flat surface for those hailstones to hit but my milkweed leaves which are four inches long and two or three inches wide are are pretty beat up right now so if you are concerned about this look for leaves that are not big and broad that may be pin nate or more feathery. Those are going to be less easily damaged. And there's really no way to protect from hail as c. L. sad get out there and clean it up as fast as possible. So you're not looking at all the damage and feeling bad about it each time you see it and if you clip off some of those big leaves that do have holes in. That's going to stimulate the plant to make new growth because the plant wants to replace what it's lost and so cutting that off not only gets it out of your sight so you're not as annoyed about it anymore but it also very quickly gives the plant signal time to grow more ellen on our eat. Drink grow segment today. I'd like to talk about pruning. We've talked about pruning many times before and why it's relevant now in the end of july or even if people are listening to this in the beginning of august is because there are truly some plants that you can prune just about any time except may right now right and and let's talk a little bit about some reasons why you probably want to avoid pruning plants in july or august. Now there are always exceptions. Of course you know you can get out there and cheer your privet hedge just about any time and people often do get out there in july or august or even september to shear privet. Because they just haven't gotten to it and it's gotten wispy or taller or whatever. There's another exception. I wanna hit right off the bell and that is if if you have a plant that's been damaged by a storm. You've had a summer storm and a big branch of a tree has been almost all the way sheared off. That's something you want to get out and clean up immediately for the health of the tree. So that's that's an exception to the rule agreed. Sorry now back to you okay. Well one reason not to prune plants now is first of all any plant that is early spring flowering right the your azaleas for example. Or your lila. Lash exactly all of those plants. They are right now either have already made their flower buds for next year or are just about to and so if you get out and do any substantial pruning on a spring flowering plant. That's going to damage your flowering for next year. Now of course if you're tweaking here there you know you've got a couple of tall branches and you decide to just clip off. That's fine but in these substantial sharing of plant reducing the size clipping it back Sometimes people call it getting it under control quote unquote right. Any substantial amount of that is going to have a negative effect on the flowering of spring blooming plants next year. Basically you have about two weeks. After the flowering has finished on these spring blooming plants before the bud start to form so if you had a great lilac season don't wait a month before you go prune your shrub do it within two weeks after the blooms have finished and that way you'll get maximum bloom the following year. Now if you're moving and you have to dig up your lilac and take it with you to your new home because it was a present from your great aunt. Vicki go prune it back. It's important that you get that plant to go with you. But it's the wrong time of year for pruning if you hope to preserve a lot of flowering for the following year. The other reason that i advise people against pruning in late july or august or sometimes even in early september is that pruning always stimulates growth. Yeah right pruning stimulates growth now. If we're pruning plant particularly pruning at hard at this time of year knowing that it's going to stimulate growth. When does that growth going to be happening. It's going to be happening in late. August or early september and. That's the time of year when the plant shouldn't be putting on new growth. It should be starting to scale back slowdown. Shut the store down. Get ready to pack up and leave the winter right. Yeah yeah so you have to consider that new growth will not have a chance to harden off. The plant tissue will not be sturdy enough to withstand the winter temperatures. If you live someplace where you get cold winters and also summer heat can be very stressful to a plant. And if you're asking a plant to put out a lot of new growth at a time when it's already stressed because of heat and lack of water that's not doing the plant any favors and that's a good point for the people who live in a place where they're not dealing with winter. Let's say you know they're living in georgia or florida or whatever and they don't have to worry that winter is right around the but again knowing that the plant has been stressed or we'll continue to be stressed by hot august. That's not a time to further stress. The plant with the pruning. So i'm going to say now that everybody knows. Summer is not a big time to be pruning in the garden. That instead pruning they should pull a shays lounge out onto the deck to look at all. They're wonderful woody plants and make themselves a summer cocktail. I like the way you think ellen this week in our did you know section. We're going to talk about landscape fabric and newspaper. And i'll just give you a clue. One of them is bad and one of them is good and in my opinion landscape. Fabric is a worthless. Waste of your money. And i have photographic evidence of this. Don't waste your money on landscape fabric. It might work for like a week. I think sometimes it works for a little longer than that. I think it can work for a year or even two years not for me but let's let's talk about why landscape fabric is a disaster and i agree with you and i think this is a product that shouldn't be sold first of all if you have a lot of weed seeds in your area. Let's say you've got landscape. Fabric laid down and covered with a nice layer of mulch so that it's attractive to look at those weed. Seeds land on top of the landscape fabric protected by all that mulch and as the season goes on and the mulch bio degrades in soil blows in birds poop out more seeds. Those seeds will germinate right on top of the landscape cloth and grow their. I also mentioned in earlier. Podcast that i grow milkweed in my garden and that milkweed sees the landscape cloth and says i don't know what you think this is going to do. Nothing and i have big humps in my front garden. Where milkweed is pushing up. The landscape cloth through the gravel. And i have to go in and cut that landscape cloth and which i did not lay down by the way in the first place i want to go on the record. So if it's a really aggressive perennial weed. It's not going to stop anything. And for the new annual weed seeds in six months. You're going to have a whole new crop of weeds. That's right you you make a good point. Sometimes people put down landscape fabric under gravel thinking that it'll prevent weeds from growing and gravel and it does not. The weeds are happy to route in the gravel. And then they sent their roots down into the landscape fabric. And then when you try and pull up that we'd it pulls up the landscape fabric ripping it and so then you have little bits of ripped landscape fabric in your native. Oh yeah or in your garden. I two moved into a situation ellen. Where landscape fabric had been put down. I did not know it when we purchased this house But a whole area under the holly trees Up at the top of my driveway. The previous owner had laid down landscape fabric and covered it with mulch. And i only discovered as i started to plant some nice ground covered uranium macrocosm in that area. The that this landscape fabric is there. And now i keep coming upon pieces of it and it floats it kind of degrades in the sun where it gets exposed and it floats around the garden. And not only is it a nuisance. Not only does it not work for weed control but it also prevents one of the very reasons that you put down mulch. Which is it prevents the mulch from degrading into the soil and amending the soil from the top down. Exactly i never thought of that. You're absolutely right that the whole thing for using an organic mulch is that it does contribute to soil health but if that landscape cloth is there that's not going to be podcast right but there is fortunately an alternative. Yes there is an alternative. If you want to lay down something that smothers us newspaper. And i personally am a fan of newspaper. But not a fan of cardboard. Where do you fall on the cardboard issue. I prefer newspaper to cardboard also. I know it's more interesting when we disagree. But i cannot disagree with you on this one but my reasons are because first of all i always have a lot more newspaper than i have cardboard second of all the newspaper bio degrades faster. And it's also easier to work with you know you can tear the sheets. You can fit them in the way you want them. I do recommend using three or four layers of newspaper to give yourself enough. Oh here's here's where we disagree. I recommend i recommend ten layers of favor or twelve years of newspaper. While i've got some plants to smother so yeah. The reason i like. Newspaper over cardboard is that. I think that the newspapers Allow more water to go through. And you don't want you know to create a situation around your trees shrubs where the water get into the soil. Right yeah so. I think that that's a reason to use newspaper not cardboard as well. Let's think about why newspaper works better than the fabric and the reason is of course it does degrade over time and so after four years that is going to be gone. Maybe three years if you've used three or four sheets maybe four or five years if you've ten or twelve sheets but over time it degrades and so you can keep putting mulch on the surface of that area repeatedly and it's going into the soil and breaking down into the soil with all the benefits that that brings and you don't create a problem where it's going to be preventing water or it's going to be degrading in a way that's tightly and you can also fairly easily cut through it with a trowel or a shovel if you want to plant something in the area where you have laid this down whereas cutting through landscape fabric if you want to plant something you know. You're in getting in there with your spayed. You hit the landscape fabric. Your prisoners aren't sharp enough to cut through it. You have to go inside and get scissors or razor blade. But if you're working with newspaper it's a lot easier to work through. And i know some people are concerned that the inks in newspaper or the the products that are used to bleach the paper might be damaging to plants. But the fact is that these days most inks in most newspapers are soy-based which is not bad for your garden and most of the paper is not a whitened with bleach. But with hydrogen peroxide that levels that are basically acceptable. And not dangerous to your plants. So if you're concerned and worried about this you can call your local paper. You can say. What are you using soy based inks they should be able to give you that information after they finish laughing at you for asking such a silly question but you persist and get that information green thumbs up for the newspaper green thumbs down for landscape. Fabric ellen. I thought today instead of answering an email that has come in to our g mail account. I thought perhaps we would. Have you answer a common question. About foraging until i guess my question on behalf of all our listeners to you is what do people ask about most when it comes to foraging. What are you here again again and get well by far the most common question is how do i know i won't die. Or how do i know it's safe. So basically the primary concern for for people is is their safety and that's a really smart thing to be concerned about. So you have to know your plant. You have to be one hundred percent sure of the identity of your plant and i myself have passed up many a delicious plant because i was only ninety five percent sure and i was not gonna pull that plant up and eat it if i was not one hundred percent. Sure but it's not only unique. Do you need to know that the plant is safe. But you need to know that the place is safe so you're not harvesting from the sides of busy roads and you're not harvesting from the middle of a golf course where lord knows what has been sprayed on it far. The most frequent questions concern plant safety. And especially. if you're just starting out as a forager this is something that has to be your number one concern or else you'll never make it to be an old experienced forager all right. If you have a question that we might address in a future. Podcast send it to us. Latte rama at g mail dot com and until next week please remember to grow. Great things protect wild places and play in the dirt.

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Ken Likeley  Gacha

Makeshift Stories Original Science Fiction

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Ken Likeley Gacha

"Hello and welcome to makeshift stories. Thank you for listening listening. You can help us out by telling your friends about US and getting them to subscribe on Apple podcasts. Now Open your imagination and take a journey into the improbable as you listened to makeshift stories one seventy one ken likely accidental inter dimensional drifter and in Gotcha read by Mitchell to being a bit bored with routine things things such as blowing up stars pushing planetary systems so far apart their inhabitants thought they were the only intelligent life in existence and under pressure from investors to increase increase profits next quarter the universe decided to try new tactic and one it manifested a row of Gach upon machines outside of a twenty four hour the mini mart and to it called into existence a four meter high red and orange floppy sky dancer with a one horsepower blower on the sidewalk across across from the Gach upon machines the universe then sat back to watch the effect on its sentient creatures lifetime value scores hoping they would climb like the article it had red on maximizing value in a closed system claimed they would this guy dancer did what brightly colored nylon tubes was full of air trying to escape. Do It noticed a perspective customer walking toward it turned its blower on high and began desperately flailing bending and snapping snapping and flapping its orange red body. Ken was having an average day which meant that nothing in particular had happened. It was in fact a downright boring day just the way Ken liked them and he intended to keep it that way as he walked to the Corner Mini Mart to replenish his supply have ketchup and barbecue flavored potato chips trying to be environmentally responsible since he had signed a plastic bag petition and assumed people were now watching him to ensure he followed through can had even brought his own cloth shopping bag it had been given to him by his Vegan hippie neighbor and had the words grow your own stenciled on both sides. It made Ken feel responsible like he was finally doing his part as can turn the corner to the mini mart. He's spotted something new. There was a skinny red and orange flappy thing about four meters high which was apparently waving at him on the sidewalk in front of the store. Ken found he couldn't take his eyes off the hypnotic flailing arms and tripped on a sidewalk block which had recently decided to pop up a couple of centimeters above its neighbors to become a hazard for inattentive pedestrians it to felt that it was now finally contributing to the Sidewalk Anti pedestrian movement and side ride with a sense of a job well done picking himself up off the ground. Ken pulled out his phone and check the city website to see if there were any bylaws laws against bright floppy flapping figures beside busy streets. They were so distracting he could see how they could cause an accident finding nothing he he made a mental note to suggest a new bylaw. He checked the knee of his favourite cargo pants for rips as he got back to his feet. The flippy floppy seemed aimed to Ken to flat more vigorously as he approached the front of the store. One orange arm suddenly darted out pointing to a row of weird looking vending machines which can had never <unk> notice before lined up beside the door stacked four rows high the word Gach upon came to mind he read somewhere they were all the rage in Japan. They offered a random choice of everything seven year old can would've wanted and secretly still did little put together things in capsules like action figures anime characters little dolls of T._v.. Show actors everything. Kens eyes were drawn to a gach upon boasting collection of Super Marination nations characters from his favorite British TV kids show which had already been in rerun for twenty years when he was six he had once imagined growing up to A. B.. Mike Mercury the dashing hero of supercar produced using puppets on strings or as the production company called it Super Marination. If you remembered correctly the puppets mouths were radio controlled can always try not to see the strings but usually failed nonetheless he had never seen supercar action figures before and he immediately had to have them all. Ken Frantically dug in his pocket for change jammed it into the gach upon on machine and excitedly twisted the big knob on the front. After some dramatic clunking sounds a bright blue capsule drop down into a tray impatiently impatiently. Ken ripped off the plastic seal and toward the capsule apart disappointments surged through him has he picked a chocolate egg wrapped in brightly colored foil. Allow the center determined to try again he rummaged through all of his pockets for more change finding none and being a bit indignant about the prize he rushed into the mini mart determined to get more change and of course complain about misleading advertising on the Gach upon machine kinder- egg really really can muttered the approach the checkout I need change for those machines outside and what about this. He dropped a chocolate egg on the counter. The clerk looked at it confused. She knew this guy he was on the loyalty program and was in the store every couple of days. He's checking out new arrivals in the snack food aisle. She surreptitiously pulled up his purchase history on the 'til screen one. Ken Likely and he was in the stores doors top customer Lifetime Value Category A service note advised her to humor him and recommend an up sell by six bags of chips and get one free. We we don't sell those here sir. She replied as calmly as she could adding an extra nice smile which a note in the customer relations management points system recommended to smooth out most potential customer relations issues however we have a special deal on chips today can still focused focused on his disappointment and the need for change so he could try again missed the offer. I need change for the machines can repeated. I'm sorry Sir there are no machines outside. The clerk shyly admitted but wanting to let ken down easy offered to change a five anyway knowing Ken would be. Back for the chips the customer relations management system estimated his consumption and indicated he was out of ketchup flavored crinkle chips so there was no need to jeopardize a great customer relationship over some small detail like change for non-existent vending machines. Ken swept the change and the egg off the counter then rushed outside but the Gacha Pons and the floppy sky dancer were gone disoriented. Ken Did what came naturally reached it into his pocket unwrap the chocolate egg and ate the shell to reduce his anxiety took. The small plastic capsule shoved it into his pocket then went back into the mini mart and bought five Dr Bags of chips figuring she had already done her job. The underpaid clerk didn't remind can about the deal rang in the sale and watched Ken leave obviously feeling distinctly unsatisfied with the universe she had a momentary Pang of guilt then went back to making videos for her online channel which consisted mostly of surveillance footage from the stores C._C._d.. Cameras of customers browsing the snack aisles while she whispered the ingredients of the things they bought she had an audience of several million which peaked when Ken was in an episode later that night she would negotiate a lucrative ad deal based on the numbers the most recent Encana episode had brought in meanwhile the gach upon machines flippy floppy sky dancer and the universe took the rest of the day off on the grounds. They had done a great job adding new value Ken decided a pizza would help fill that unsatisfied feeling but even after the fourth piece and with a bag of barbecue flavored chips thrown in the whole experience of the mysteriously vanishing gach upon machines left a bad taste in his mouth now until he remembered the capsule from inside the unwanted chocolate egg he fished it out of his pocket to examine the thing on the off chance that contain obtain the prize he had been hoping for Ken impatiently pride at the seam running around. It's plastic belly the seem doing its job not to make things too easy fought back until it sensed it's tormentor was about to give up then let go with a pop releasing a small cellophane package which fell l. onto the floor. Eagerly can reach down to grab it. Disappointment welled up from his hand to his brain has he realized it was a tiny gach upon and a piece a paper which said to get your real prize and more download our APP which can did. Hey Dude what what you doing man leave cans unique neighbor yelled from across the street me in vannatter just getting back from red walk. You should come with us some time judging from the number of chip bags in your recycle bin. You really need to stop copying out of the physical man. Walking walking gives a chill vibe better than any A._S._M.. R._V. Because it's the real and the now man can withstanding arm stretched <unk> out holding his cell phone with one hand while the other fumbled around on the screen. It's a it's a new game. I downloaded kind of an A._R.. collectibles treasure hunt thing wait. Why are you looking in my garbage leaf? You throw out useful stuff man leave shyly admitted and and the been says recycled dude and that's what I'm doing reusing the stuff your dump in cans fingers suddenly stopped not moving then he skipped and cursed. I missed the ideal window sank sleep. I was going for Thunderbird to it's hard to get you know but he's through my timing off. Can he dude look around the phone man not through it. Your mailbox just morphed into something that looks like to upside down cake Japan's with antennas jammed into it. Oh it's the space station from thunderbirds are go. That's not what I wanted and that was the end of my free trial you too. Thanks for the distraction can add it sarcastically. I'm not exactly picking up what you're laying down. Neighbor leave. We've moved up behind Ken and stared at his phone. What you try and man some mean digital psychedelics free for I try type thing he probed scratching at his beard planet who had been patiently waiting tilted her head embarked? She wants to see to man. Can you tip the phone down a bit. Kenny dude can scowled but obliged an angled it down a bit so he could keep his eyes on the screen. Planet look perplexed and barked again. Dan Yeah girl I know leave soothed has the mailbox began to question what shape it should be hence started flickering between sandwiched pie plates and what more or less met the community architectural guidelines for mailboxes Ken suddenly jerk the phone backup and stared intently at its screen. It says I have ten seconds to buy upgrade and get a bonus turn or I lose my free prize. I just need to give it my credit card. Hold this. He shoved the phone until its hands in dug into his wallet for a Credit Card Dill planet and Lee barked and yelled but it was too late Kennedy grabbed his phone back and was frantically slapping at its screen with his fingers. The mailbox happily settled into its new form and Ken breathed a sigh of relief. I've never seen super marination origination collectibles before I was obsessed with those shows when I was a kid leave shrugged and planet tilted her head you know thunderbirds are go. Oh Fireball X._l.. Five Joe Ninety and Supercar all pretty obscure British stuff. I guess done with puppets on strings before I was born. Wow it's like the magically new like the universe figured it out. I'm impressed which was both true and false. The universe had always known but just didn't care until Ken walked into its proof of concept now determined to exceed Dining room the next couple of seconds. There's a chance to win the fiftieth anniversary thunderbird tablecloth. It's got all the cool ships hand all the characters to he ran off tripping tripping on his doorstep before stumbling through the front door the door the doorstep leaf and planet all shrugged the door and the doorstep more out of embarrassment harassment being a cool architectural element which both aspire to around Ken was sometimes challenging planet yelped and scuttled around onto face leaf. I know I know the universe is well. It's like gone down so weird. Rabbit hole man not cool and it's focused on Kenny. This isn't good leaf planet pointed out. There's nothing to hint there's been a shift in policy which would allow how something like this then it's a rogue action man planet and leaf nodded in agreement leaf stretched. Does he watch the sun rise over cans oddly shaped roof soul normally wasn't a morning entity. Hey after four point six billion years who could blame her. She was on time but with attitude and petulantly threw off a couple of solar flares to show how she felt about her repetitive job just to annoy the local infestation of cents on the third planet was that the second or fourth local infestation soul couldn't remember but they never lasted long anyway however teasing them was a pleasant but brief distraction from the routine of managing a solar system leaf who was somewhat younger how much less boring job and had seen at least a dozen self inflated sentient civilizations with attitude but was still a bit grumpy getting out of bed planet on the other hand never seemed to have a problem which occasionally made leaf reconsider the role he had chosen on this Gig as sole rose and leafs is adjusted to the glare he could make out some very unusual changes to the silhouette of his assignments home. One could only describe it as to aluminum pie plates welded the together so they looked like a flying saucer or a tacky version of a space station where the porch in front door should be was a squared off tube that looked like summited shoved a stubby fat Straw into the disc what appeared to be an airlock with a big wheel stolen from the helm of a sailing ship plugged the outer end and it reminded leaf Kenya Mailbox only bigger there was a cheesy looking rocket car in the driveway that appeared to be made of paper mechet or something something equally unconvincing. Hey girl what do you make of that can nodded at the space thing which had replaced Kens House Planet whimpered. She was not amused and definitely concerned about this sudden change in local reality. I don't like where this could be leading. She barked. I've seen seen it before. If it works once it will start to spread then presto. There'll be luke boxes everywhere. She growled disgusted yeah yeah I'm not down with that. It's one bad trip man. I don't see anything beyond Kenny's property line you had so there's still time we got to check it out. Leaf cut across the lawn joining their front yards organic local grass analogs Aka weeds slowly invading Kens G._M._O.'s C._M._O.'s centipede grass which was ultimately losing the battle despite claims to the contrary in the sales powerpoint on the kiosk at the garden center. Were candid bought the stuff. The weeds were simply adapting faster cutting across the G._M._O.. Lawn was something that would normally have Kenan fits planet stop to Dig Cima to give the weeds a chance but there was no response from Ken as planet followed Lee to the hatch where tens front door had once been leaf chief cautiously knocked on the fake metal entrance. Nothing happened so he tried again the hatch which had only recently come into existence was was slow to realize that it was a thing that opened and be someone appeared to want it to do just that open why they hadn't just used the magic words open sesame and instead. We're doing all that annoying. Bang stuff was beyond its paygrade so it decided to open and let someone who has paid had more figure it out the hatch suddenly popped open and leave tentatively poked his head in Kenny. My man leave yelled his voice echoing down the empty entrance tube he heard mumbling something about atomic fuel for the car in the driveway and credit it limits leaf decided to interpret that as high come on in and nodded to planet. Let's put the pedal to the metal girl. It's worse than we ever thought. I've got a name. Please use it planet growl than ran in afterlife. The hall ended in a central spherical shaped room which looked like the museum dedicated to early nineteen sixty science fiction sets model spaceships were hung from the ceiling and one section of the wall had a plexiglass case hace filled with three foot high marionnettes in space suits and various nineteen sixties notions of what people in the future would wear which meant there was a lot of silver. We're jumpsuits and short skirts. Ken stood in the middle of his living space wearing an A._R.. headset flailing his arms around muttering. Come on come on process darn. It only got five seconds before they sell the atomic power sell to somebody else process. Hey Dude. What's what's up man? This looks like a pretty heavy seen. Have you looked at round without those goggles on. Recently things are really elsewhere and that's not cool. ooh Oh darn it's gone. I couldn't set up my second credit card fast enough. What do you want leaf can complained? I thought I locked the door. Those power cells rarely come up. Thanks for the interruption not the battery. Lets you fly the car. I've got everything else. It's a competitive collectors community. Do you know and it took all night to get this stuff and these glasses. I won them in a treasure chest. They're really cool and helpful one hour delivery these people really have it figured figured out yeah it sure how you nailed man Kenny look without the glasses who'd Glasses off of Kens face. Hey that's not nice leaf the A._r.. Glasses suddenly finding themselves without a user and really really wanting to get back on someone's face after all that was the reason for being sense to they were closest to and began to display lists of heirloom seeds than and vibrated enticingly leaf couldn't help himself and look down at the offending device he began to lift it up to his eyes then yelled as planet bit his ankle causing him to drop the A._R.. Glasses onto the futuristic looking shag carpet embroidered with thunderbirds are go and international rescue logos all hand crocheted the label proclaimed which was hidden at the moment under the back corner of the groovy looking white plastic coffee table Ken despite despite decades of instincts to the contrary dived for the A._R.. Rig but in mid-flight manage to look around the room not being the most coordinated person he missed and landed on a space nineteen ninety nine Shays Lounge looking startled and confused. Wow this stuff is really here. He finally admitted in a surprise but somewhat happy tone then took a few seconds to admire his handiwork well leaf rubbed his ankle and planet growled at the classes wagging her tail excitedly the glasses getting desperate to find a new user and fast had switched its display again and we're now scrolling through an array of pet friendly alien looking high tech devices. There was a countdown in the top of the Lens and the words get one of these at your credit card now now hey those are mine can yelled reaching for the insidious A._R.. Device after being momentarily distracted by planets desires they got back to business and displayed a new treasure box for Ken which they claimed might contain the coveted atomic power so ken through them on then frantically searched through the deep pile carpet until he found his other credit card which had been camouflaged by one of the logos wow twice in one day he shouted with Glee Kenny Dude man don't if you make that transaction to world will run out of bread can shrugged D- bread man money you know the economy. It'll tank under the debt. Can you dig that. It's a scam dude and you're the test case the patsy and your just about to go out wail on us. It's fishing for Wales. Wales can unquestioned yeah man the suckers who by all the in-app stuff and you're just about to become one can hesitated new credit card in one hand well. Hi did Max out my other card. He admitted somewhat embarrassed. There are three stages to total broke. Global Monetization can planet barked starting a Lecture Cook Habit and hobby considering. You've admittedly bought the entire Super Marination. Mary Nation Fan collection that puts you at the start of the hobby stage when they can't sell you anything else they'll sell you consumables like the atomic battery and that'll just this be the start can the sky's the limit with consumables. You'll burn through all your credit before noon. Yeah Man Leaf added his ankle uncle had finally stopped bleeding. This might look like a groovy scene but it's a bad trip man. If you put down your bread and by the battery than the universe will know there's a whale here then the establishment wins man and that would be a real Downer Kenny so drop the car hard man and get down with the OUTTA sight -ness of the here and now but there's only five seconds left. Ken was beginning to sweat let for a moment he stood there hesitating. I really WANNA fly the car. That'd be so cool. It's what I've always wanted to do. His lower lip quiver heard of it. It's a loop box. Who'd there's no guarantee leave pleaded but before he could finish his sentence? Ken began

Ken Likely Downer Kenny leafs Thunderbird Man Leaf Japan Apple Corner Mini Mart Mitchell Lee Mike Mercury Dan Yeah Dr Bags Gacha Pons vannatter harassment Joe Ninety
219: Hit The Post

Overnight Drive

1:13:58 hr | 2 years ago

219: Hit The Post

"Been rolling. Wow. Now. People with only downfall menu professional entertainer. Fucking dude as knobs. Couple mom's here there. It's gotta set the switches to the right? The right thing you gotta get a role in that put the put the Cup of the chap zone. Cool. All right. Well, here we are how. Yeah. We're not the Clapper anything. No. That's it. Feels Unser Omonia to start a podcast we're in the same room. Well, here we are. Everybody wanted to sit as those busy eighteen to nineteen. I bet you're right as usual here. He is right again. Okay. Oh, wow. Right again. That'd be good. That'd be a good. Can Haba song or it's like right again. You remember do you remember angry again God I remember angry minds right again. Used to love. Those from the last action hero soundtrack action fucking hero. Yeah. Farney man. They really thought that was going to be a franchise. Yeah. Rock out rocking out. Nice day in Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn, play this, you play this one girl is going to be like a wall. Becker. Pilots. Why don't we just do that on? Just look it up guys. If you were wondering about podcasting. This is how to do it. Yeah. This is this is basically how it goes. Basically, you look up a soundtrack in real time. No prep then just play every song. And then suddenly were soundtrack podcast. Welcome to sounds of sound tracking to stars on discards. Yeah. We're gonna talk about select soundtracks. God. Are you kidding me? We talk about. Well. All right. We talk about the judgment nights soundtrack. But that's about it. But like, you know, this is a very of the moment soundtrack. We've got ACDC Alison chains. Megadeath queen's Reich. Def Leppard anthrax Arrowsmith Alison chains. Persson dill fish bone, and tesla you found an important band who cleans Reich said queens, right? Have the product. Here. Above the. I don't like the drive point five. Like to ride my motorcycle right to build a poop of school. It shoots through schools. I'd like to. To pull out. Hero with nineteen ninety three and nineteen Ninety-three of people set in a board room and said, we gotta get death leopard. Are you kidding me? Are they got ACDC bid gown manage to read that fucking? Little bit. Like how you know? Survive the eighty. Kind of made it twelve o one downtown New York time and the greatest city in the world. It's ninety eight degrees at seven AM. The greatest city in the. Tune. We have two tickets to see usher at the Barclay center. Big z. Stepped on head and hit. Hit the post when you're when I was broadcast in classes at Rhonda community college. I with Mr. fiche, I was there like your approach. You can't talk over and it's called hitting the post. So I'm gonna try that again. All right. I don't know what you're talking about this to be interesting ninety nine degrees. The greatest city in the. W B K aradio. Big gun. Trying to put the cut right there before the. I left a lot. Both call the little little tail the end there. So again, I'm gonna try to argue this, man. Then Times Square the greatest city in the New York City. Probably wwl radio. Again, damn. ESPN K as a television station from Boston. That was not real amateur Moreton. All right. The last night. That's really mean to say God, I have such spring fever. Hold on. Degree my greatest city in times. The big Taylor. Tell it's hard song. Do man you got your starting to early Hewlett that guitar speak for itself. And then let it roll. Let's go do. The nine degrees downtown New York City the greatest city in the world two tickets to see L share live at the Barclay center. Cross the river across the river. Melber? I haven't heard a radio station where people don't talk over half the music like yelling over it so loud that the compressor kicks in leg. Each time. I heard that in a while. Anyone who's looking for a project? Like, I always thought in the nineteen eighties. Every radio station in New York City was in this really insane. Never really talked about war where they tried to amp up their station outer than everyone else. And then turn it down before the FCC would catch them, and it became this really like mind bogglingly bizarre fucking like race to the bottom. I always thought that would make a fantastic book or movie or some shit. Like, it's such weirdly ripe subjects I think it'd be great by db wars kind of record labels to you that and the treadmill. Make the album's as loud as possible. It didn't use to do that. You know who loses you could have sane. Yeah. You the fan who the red hot chili peppers fan? You've paid so much for the music. The now you get you take it home. You take the cellophane off the CD, and you put it in your compact disc player, your disc, man, and you're like whoa, hold on. We have to turn this. This Ray Ray record label needs to turn down the juice. It's too fucking loud. Even good even on low. It's too high. I mean, I don't know we never had that problem because it people in fucking hardcore doing that shit for a long minute, regardless of the the people you'd send it off to master, quote, unquote. Yes, just to come back really loud running through fucking like an old on. Keo turn the volume way. Oh, it sounds so good. It sounds killer and headphones and not in a shitty car where you'd be listening to it. Usually Andrew Brooklyn has brought it out in me. I can tell while. So we were driving around. I'd have spring fever like mother fucker. It's Sunday one o'clock PM, I have spring fever. You know, what that means? In asking. Yeah. I'm free on the field in real frisky. And I'm just trying to really kind of drill down. What my my my my moves should be. And my think my move because it's twenty nineteen cat-calling is totally out. That's that is not extent. I couldn't agree more. Honestly, if you yell if you say, hey, or what's up or that kind of thing? Looking good Ma outside of fuck. I just I walk up the people at attention. Cafe you walk right up and say, you're looking good mom while so ways when response mom, you're looking good. That's really what you're saying. Hey, mom. Hey, mom. Hello mother instead of taking today because Mosleh came on what a, you know. And then you get that's the vibe you get. But if you say, what's up mom you enter a whole poses its own set of erotic challenge. I think Monday because your mom Ryan. And you're, you know, like, sometimes mom. If I've watched I watched enough, mom bloggers to know, the mothers feel very trapped. This. On the mama. I'm watching my. Mommy bloggers, fifty shades of mom. Lemonade. Mom, Paula few of these for the for the livestream. I will there really depressing. So buckle up a speaking of which the livestream happening in an hour. So if you're listening to this you've missed about ninety seven hours, so sorry, it's probably still up on YouTube. Yeah, we're gonna maybe if it's good enough. If it's smart enough, if it's got the if it's got the gusto, or if you've got the juice if it's got Lee, what is it called? If you hit the hit the brake, we hit the hit the post the post the post we hit the post it's gonna be fucking Phanom. But what I'm talking about is that especially with the way the weather's going when the way people there as like the women are phenomenal walking around. They've got the body tight. They've got the goods they've got the they've got the they make when they they're making all their clothes talk. You know what I mean? On. I mean saying, and I get I felt expel so what I what I thought was instead of cat calling out the window you make yum yum noises. Instead, it's nine nine nine nine nine. I'm young dumb dumb dumb down. You say sing like a little song. And then they look at you. And you're doing that the the cats like make muffins because I want to bite the, but and then I 'cause they Andrew when does the today when I saw woman wearing a sundress, and I was like I made the motion of pulling up the dress. As bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum-ba. Is the best. So this is the move for all the lonely hearts up there. Walk up to people and make the yum, yum noise at clients and see what happens. Oh god. Yes. The cat because it doesn't have an implies like I on really picking up. What you're putting down. You don't you're not dressed in rags. You know, how good do you look, I'm I'm recognizing that you I know. Ones journey, but I'm not saying, hey, my Lil come over to my car. I'm not saying all that dumb shit. I'm just going. Yeah. Or pull down pull pull the tights down pull the black jeans reach in front undo the jeans jeans. You've got a lake make a motion like this because they're laying in the bed and you're trying to pull the genes off from their ankles. Oh, yeah. Own pull them off the clink clink. Oh, man. That's nothing better than the poll offend better. There's there's nothing better than pulling off a pair of black jeans. And then like, wow, then you get to it's yours to discover. It's just like that's what what state is that the motto of yours to discover I think that's that's Nova Scotia thinks I should look that up. So yeah, it's yours when you when you with intimate, and it doesn't matter man woman when a woman takes a man's black jeans off while he standing. He's standing you're you're on your knee. You're kneeling or fucking balls. Hot out today. I hate when it's hot. That's that's you know, with every pleasure spiked with pain. You know, every every rise comes a fall. That's the fall that is been out dancing drinking. And you pull the the closedown maybe Austin, maybe the guys not so fresh or the woman's not so fresh, but it's you power through. Instead, it's all about power and through. It's like if your boat gets hung up if you're in a power boat, not chickens hung up on reef pout. Lou should all cut up cut up in zipper to. Yeah. Are in fast. Zip won't be tender tender Jews in juicy gentle. I am. So I'm tanned up mocked up. And I just wanted to San in the neighborhood. I'm in here in the neighborhood. You woke up in the you woke up with a fever today. Did I had a fever yesterday too? I saw the best of the ban mid-riff. And I thought I kept saying to myself as veal feeling amid drift girl fuel not midriff midriff. So if shame you only discovered the glory of the yum, yum sound today, just walked rental night last night. In my head. I was yum, yum, yum, yum. Yeah. To marco's. We didn't get tanked plus night. That's why I'm that's why we're here in full voice. We have day. A day's worth of podcasting out of us loved waking up this morning. And seeing me it's from those things where like you make open when I and you're like oh shit. Is it going to happen is going to happen? Good. I think I'm good. But you remember the pivotal moment. Last night. We were grownups last night because we went to Marco. Oh, that's right care. I don't care for owner of Marco's listening Marco telling how it don't care Marco's listening. I don't care Ferdinand Marcos is listening because God damn it. I'm gonna tell the truth. The bartender offered Andrews shot for free, right? Paid for it. I don't know what you want to show. He's giving out shot. Right. Okay. Okay. Bill can big man. All right. That's okay. Tom Cruise and cocktails, but it scale it down about ten ten feet. This dude was loud Barden. He's like the bar if you're a bartender. You hate loud people as you hate the ambient drunkenness slowly makes you deaf. But he was really into in. He did who's doing waza makes him a ton of money. Oh, yeah. No. He's he's Mr. Mr. affable, the affable runs in there to fuck and see Steve Steve those ones out jokes. Remember them from the Super Bowl ninety seven was. That was. So funny clo- culturally relevant offering us free shots and get us drunk, and I was like. That's no. But Andrew said, yes, Andrew said. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Did. Yummy. I'm knows the liquor. And but we let we let it ride it occurred to me as carried it over to the table. And like this is that points. This is the pass fail. That was pass fail chose the pass left the shot that we try to induce shunned the come out, so he could drink the shot to flex on us and send Darshan I one hundred sixty covers much. For this. Yeah. Too busy making people happy with my culinary delights. And then, you know, but it's like, Dr Oz you pull the curtain back and you see who's making the food. You want to get up and leave? Like. Imagine going to eleven Madison park like you'd saved up for this meal. You're wearing your best shit. You're wearing double breasted fuck in. Soon suit crews suit turtleneck oh man loving. You get up to go to the bathroom. And you just kind of did Zach somebody shift whites brushes past you in the swinging door swings back open from the inertia, and you look in and you shone duty fucking scraping Zota steam pan. And you're like, oh, the fuck that I just pay for new get back risotto and his hand off his, arm hair. My god. And you go back, and you look white ghost. And he's like, okay. So let's play. I'm the girlfriend entertain you. Don't look so good. What happened? I. I. I it's okay. You can what's what's wrong. That's what we're having such a good time talking about what we're gonna do tomorrow target. We're going to target right? Okay. It wasn't in your game. I mean. We don't have to. We don't have to go. We went lot. We've gone like every week. It's been are standing date. I know that's kind of have a list of things we need to do tomorrow. Because being in a relationship is so awesome. That we have to give each other tasks like that I say this dinner, and you're not even mentioning just. This is the place this tastes, so good. Thank you so much wants. Oh. She's a big spoonful results wrong singular hair kind of like hang catches the light. Just what do you feel sick? What's wrong was wrong in the bathroom? Did you did someone say something to you? We're not doing this is. Thought we were gonna do it. Okay. So the great if you're obsessed with turning this into Tele plate at your end state. That's the dream thirty one of these days. One of these probably not. One of these days and then at some slowly realizing. That's I think that I think that's the moment. You grow up when like you have all these good ideas. And then you just realize that man not going to happen now. Achieved certain goals in my life. Took a few shots at once or twice few shots at once or twice, you know, I've been hitting four hundred that's pretty good putting good. But yeah, you see shown duty working in there. And then. Would you get up and leave him mmediately or I mean, he's really he's a lot. You know? He's a lot to take in a feast for the senses the food. Good enough. I mean, you know, the food at his restaurants good as FOX so he should open a restaurant called good enough. I think he should just like our sitcom. Good enough. Right. If he opens a opens a restaurant called good enough. I'm going to work there. And people are going to think I'm the bouncer because I have the black sweatshirt on. It's like last time we went we got like. What was the name the robot secret project robot and the woman I was the bouncer saw that yesterday when I was at a red light goody cleaner cleaners goodies been holding out on us. He actually owned goody clean though. Good. He clean goody clean. That's what they that's what. Good. He's boss tells him every night goody clean dirt on your body. Bod wanna watch you. I want to I want to be like I a coach for football team wanna make sure because there's eighty eighty spigots eighty shower shower spigots in this locker room, and I want you to use everyone and turn them all and you're gonna run you're gonna do laps back and forth. Running through the second hot shower. I'm bum Phillips and your Earl Campbell. Let's the eighty showers maybe going from cold on the left a hotly boiling on the right? And you just gotta run back and forth. Racket back and forth. Back and forth. You always know you're in the middle like all, right? This is good. But then, you know, you're heading to something bad, and that's make. It'd make you run faster because you want to get back to that middle intercourse in the middle like this is going on at a good rate. Like, we're at like sixty five miles an hour in cruise control air conditionings on everything's tight highway lifestyle. But then you get to the danger hot zone new like whole with any. Get colds zone. You don't think she's that into like? But then you get warmed up again to watch more TV. Yeah. Sweet. Oh, wait, wait. Wait, wait. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Oh, I could be like. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. If you seeing women, I think there'll be a lot more on this fucking. I become like lecherous old Italian singing at people trying to pinch asses. It's why I'm not trying. No, the cat the Clemens. I just have a lobster cloth down gum. Help me know because then they'll take pity on a man because he doesn't have any hands. PD on a man has no hands. And then go to the cranberry saw girl working craft services today because he's got all the plug for. But she was walking with coffee that you purchase from somewhere else. So. She had no she had the resume on a rope. She had the all the fucking she had the pass and everything in some. I'm working something for the shout network. So it's obviously that right? Obviously deal on a Sunday. So I'm sure that they were filming a soul food restaurant. And beds dies down was very quaint set. I should've went on a shooting have been a walk on you should've look can I have collard greens walkie and like trying to order from there. You're right. Put out by the fact, they're filming something the great God. We gotta wait for this guy to get his food for take forever to be like, I'm gonna say I'm gonna wait here until you hire me for C. Like last night. We we we stopped get some food on the way home does this fucking this this weasel. So put out that the place didn't have full awful czar due to look like he's really into weakened. Nachos. Very and he was but he was wearing like, but he went in was angry. We don't know why he was angry again create came in who's angry at first then he left, and he came back angry again, you know, I mean, art art imitates life like each weird that you would get into an argument. With the guy behind the counter at a restaurant and storm out and then come back five minutes later. They wouldn't remember you like your very memorable. No. Yeah. If he walked past a house right now book, that's guy. That's that's the best because he's obviously exhausted all of his other food options because he's trying to order full awful. Welcome to the desert my friends. No. Yeah. Awful. So that means he's some some degree of ETA -tarian vegan. So he's trying to drunk trying to order vegan drunk food, which at that point you already drunk. Everything's feeding. Yes, we making bad decisions. Anyway, just get a piece of chicken. And then just like it's between you and God, you know, he'd be like I'm gonna try and be a better vegan tomorrow. There's always tomorrow to be the guy, it's fine. Because I've I don't eat this chicken does eight people behind me, we're gonna eat it. So I mean, I'm not trying to I'm not really changing anything. I'm not exactly John McAfee over here. All right. I'm that's going to be my backwards collarbone mirror tattoo. You know, he's tomorrow. Always be. Yes, that's the best. You can always be vegan tomorrow. That's and that was kind of the essence of when I talk people into veganism when I is part of my my charm. I guess the argument cuts both ways. Yeah. When I only the charm more. I'm like, you know, we can always be tomorrow tonight. My might be the only night, you have left socially. We can nachos guy to get mad at somebody who works at the twenty four hour. I don't know what even the what the place was. No, no. It's a drunk place. Yeah. You know, maybe maybe it was food that was behind a window. And that's fine. Leno. I actually liked that. I liked the 'isolation keeps the heat in the people looking there didn't look at. No, they look like they were fine. They were happy to work even they've long laid hours like that. And he comes in. You couldn't understand what he was saying. I don't think he speaks. I think you know, this frequencies that you don't hear as you get older. I think that's one like, I think if you're a certain age and you're mad. I think that's just the frequency. You don't hear did? I tell you me trying to fix my eyes. No, okay. Some trying to fix my eyes. Tell me. There's a. There's. A theory that has been held by no science, but I like it because it's one of those things that just speaks to you and potential which is that if you dial down your prescription and use a portion of your day to stare at things in the distance not wearing glasses that you slowly over weeks months, retrain, the muscles that pull focus on your right to to look things properly people swear at works at the fucking for every person swears it works on a hundred try instead note, but so I'm doing that shit. And it's interesting because I actually have no distance here. There's no place in the distance. I can look in Brooklyn like the only place. I can I have to basically pay to get onto the fucking J train. And then just stand on the platform stare off into the distance over the rest of Brooklyn is no other place to do it. But then the Kurds to me. So let's so let's assume that that's true. You feel that the city is yours when you're looking. Over the city. I I am convinced after doing this. I am convinced that if you live a lifestyle that doesn't allow you to leave New York City, you're did that is human rights violation. Like, it is a fucking misery to be here. This imagine being inside the Grand Canyon. But instead of it being the Grand Canyon. It's just walls of people throwing garbage out windows. And that's that's what being in New York everywhere is being in a man made fucking canyon. That is full of people who are awful. Yeah. That's it. That's that's that's terrible. We wouldn't have sat to that. Yes. One hundred percent. You know, you have your nice spots. We witness we actually saw German tourists who are here. We were surmising that come to certain neighborhoods because of the the cachet that they have and then the show up, and they're like, wow. This isn't what Redman song about. Yeah. There are some that like young German tourists are like older people so strange. But when they were when they were young that's true for some time for some action action. Did you hear what happened to biggest most? Biggie Smalls died, and then I realize he was killed in Los. Yes. Los angeles. Las vegas. No to pop is called. Yeah. I don't remember. I mean who cares about biggie? Anyway, I mean. Is the man if you now that I don't work there anymore really gives shit. But if you go into Jay Z's office, he has a two foot tall full like run statue of biggie. Smalls as king. Really? Yeah. You could like walk past it break your kneecap on it. It's that his whole out. There is not in the other corner is a stack of cash signs eight rod baseball. Oh god. What does he need those for? I don't know. He's fucking. He's rich clown. He doesn't want to spend money on. So. About what things from a distance? All right. So yes, I'm looking at things from a distance. But let's assume the veg- true. Let's assume that works at your is work the way that weightlifting works where you just like you work at a little bit. And. That also worked for hewing like fucked up my hearing, real bad. But if I started to spend time like I spent an hour a week in a Aniko ick chamber, whatever the book the called. Somewhere where there's just no sound at all like the sound of somebody blinking. Would my ears? Get better over time. The sound of somebody blinking, my favorite bands scramble band. I don't think it's registering. If this was that old ads condenser, I had it would definitely work. I'm is blinking. My mem-. I'm over the first the first time I used that condenser. I was I had a tar in my hands. And I turned it on. I'm like, oh, that's good. And then I opened my mouth, and I heard the sound of my lip sticking together. And I was like holy fucking hell this sensitive anyway. So that's my plan. So making my is better. And now I have to figure out a way to get into a very very silent place, which in New York is utterly impossible. There is no place in this city that a silent hold on. Let's be quiet for a minute. Trying to do here. I'm just you know, people who now now it's Anderson was looking at things from a distance and at the Bette midler song called from a distance from beaches soundtrack beaches as a movie about cancer. So I think we should pay attention to it never saw Barbara Hershey in her starring role. Many got nothing to say the thing. That's very quiet space right now trying to fix our hearing real quick everyone. All right, everyone fixture. Hearing ready everybody with a focus on the tiniest tiniest. Sounds everyone wearing ear buds volume up ready. Three two one total silence for thirty seconds. Here. We go, okay. Okay. Take a swig of Pepsi. Seconds. Go. I have I have tended to do that. And have didn't. And was just drinking absent minded, thirty seconds. Go. Do such a child. Okay. Fuck guys voices one need to hear so fucking. Dick goes. Wow. That's I think using that Ariza new that's gonna be what I'm going to do. I'm going to get really really sensitive fire clitoris amplifier going gonna get a clitoris amplifier if you named if you name a line of amps. This this thing right here is is called shit. Really? Really good. Yeah. I use the use the interface called spit roast are really good. Really good. Yeah. So yeah, I'm gonna take that sample, and I'm gonna get really really sensitive amplifier, and I'm going to play it. So so low very very quiet room. And then every week I'm gonna I guess, I guess I would have to slow at the play it at normal volume in still turn it down at that. Homeworks? I don't know. I don't actually think muscles are involved in you hearing things. So this might be totally useless brain. Brian is the biggest muscle base. Okay. Billy blanks rides by number Billy blanks. Thought of when that guy was behind us today with the is blasting. One of those batmobile cars. Yeah. He was what the fuck is that I don't know called spiders by that do a bunch of people in Albany have them. Expensive, essentially like three wheels for your speakers. That's the bunch of really strong batteries and like an electric engine and. It's actually in conceptually. It's really cool. There's an electric car, but it's built to blast music has gigantic speakers on it. It's not like a daily. I guess you could drive in the in the winter the weather. I don't think I wouldn't advise it. But. Yeah. One of our new sponsor spider cars cars. That's right now. Go for seen people like tooling around the neighborhood. And maybe it's the same guy time, it'd be great because I could be like. Got my new spider. Showing me now for a may not. Maple. I know about beaches is the episode of Wayne's world Aerosmith was on where they ask Steven Tyler. Where's prosthetic lips like her? She because she was oh, she was known for her big lips. Big sensual lips far before it was cool to have big central woman. Lips? She was a if you wanna look up woman. Google women. Have you ever been compelled to Google? Let's let's Google a woman I been. Home. What I do is. I go home. First thing I do is look in the mirror the mirror. Stares back at me and says what happened boy I lay down. And I think about, you know, Google woman from going to get through this night. If I'm going to get through the night. I better go woman. Quick Barbara Hershey comes up, she'll do you'll do not I call her up, and I'm like, Barbara my need guidance. I know you're dead from cancer. And she's like just a movie I was like, okay, get done. God. Like where do you live? First of all second of all can I come over. And she's like, no, no. Where do you live in? Can I slide? Where? Okay. Two questions for summer twenty nineteen because calling. We've we've established cat calling out out turned the gas all the way down on that the pilot the pilot on that one asking where do you live? A little quicker. Click. Pilot pilot, boom, the flames go up can I slide? So are you are you getting people drive up on women on the street and screen where do you live pretty baller move on scream you walk as you pass somebody on the street, and you stop and say, hey, you know, what do you live just walk women and make lobster claws? Behind them. You start singing. Look at us a Rockin tour. It's like, he's okay. I'm in no danger. How did you guys meet? Well, how did you Sarah? How did you guys? Meet you have to tell us. You have to tell everything. Okay, fine. Oh, I hate this. I hate this question. I'm so anxious. Okay. He got behind me when we walk. I was walking Walking Dead Atlantic avenue business trying to buy a used industrial fridge trying to buy a handgun. And I was I heard somebody behind me go. Yeah. I'm. I wanna. Our? He's making gestures like putting his hands in the back pockets and pulling them down. And I said, hey. He said Hello. I am. Sorry. You heard that? I thought you had your ear buds on. And we'll anyways am my name's Terri. The. You know, it's twenty nine teen and the time my only we have many years left. So I'm just going to tell you think beautiful, and I just wanna give you some yum yum noises. If you'll have me if you'll have me. And that was it. And you know, it's been the pretty awesome two weeks. I mean that could be if that's your angle you angle that and you're also with global warming. This is all pretty soon. He said he's gonna take me five fishing upstate. It's going to be awesome to take me into the woods. And make sure I leave my phone in the car because it's nature. You know, what the what the woods means standing doggy? Can't I can't stop. It can't fight it. This is going to be such a weird livestream. It's bad. I won't. I'm never got this explicit. Sorry, people listeners, you know. I mean, that's looking at me wouldn't imagine that would be capable of that. And I don't even think I am a micro. Does before we do. The livestream to zander's gonna do microcosm. I'm not. I'm off my my pills where he experienced. It's just just having a little, you know, it's this is the first nice day, you know, guess considered the first nice weekend of the year. The temperatures are in the seventies. And I think that people just let things go let the hair down. But let their hair down everywhere. You know, everywhere. There's more hair down there. Sneaking in RoboCop, quote because those who know now and people who get it get it. And if you say bitches leave in front of somebody who's already feeling you forget it. Yeah. Unfortunately for me. It's like somebody my age. And then they find out. Oh, what do you do? And I'm not much than they're like. Oh, so you've you have any wealth. Amassed them really not a ton. Not the monetary sense. The little lock box. I can't touch it lost the key. My lost the combo can't pick it either. Saying no, I know I know a lot about TV. So that in itself is a form of wealth. I know a lot about nineties TV shows, I know little cultural snippets like feeling those lighters. You know, fumes lighters. Remember that from both sack ninety nine. Shit all day. The so in a way, that's I think that's worth more than money. I know about Ken pin young Google pin? Young. I know about I can tell you all about incidents where animals like the stray cats run on two baseball fields, which is so fucking funny. And stops games. The happens like a whole one hundred times a year is that from ballparks country. Yeah. Yeah. The Orioles had a black cat, and they threw they made it they wouldn't get rid of it because the black that used to run in front of the opposing dugout. Nice. Very the when the black hat would want across in front of the dugout that the crowd would go insane. And then I think one time like for Nando Valenzuela or somebody like caught the black cat and it scratched him. And they're like. Really really good moments like little moments like that live for you know, I didn't realize until it yesterday that apparently the pope telling people to black cats were evil in advertently assist plague spreading because there was no cats too. Like catch the mice starting. And then who would have thought that a thousand years later, it would be like anti vaccine would help play day. We're hey, we're back. We are in the needles capital of the US right now, we have and they have they all have cats. Oh, Barkley Barkley loves little Nora little not feeling so well, we don't think we made a conscious decision before she was born without having her. She won't have any say in it at all. So we're going to make the decision for to not be vaccinated. This is this is a this is always one of those spots. If you're intellectually honest, and you're curious you'll find these spots. And if when you find the no Chhaya wave from them, you gotta deal with them where people don't vaccinate their kids, and I wanna hit their head against the wall to the stupidest fucking thing. I hit. I don't hate it. It's whatever. But then what last week the fucking the mayor said that anyone who doesn't have their kids vaccinated by measles. They're gonna. Find them thousand dollars buck, you fucking extract your kids blood and take the measles vaccine out of it. Fuck you. That's how I feel about it. I feel buzz buzz about it. I feel buzz buzz buzz buzz, man, I gotta get some Ryan van wick in here. I just wanna hear his voice. We haven't really heard voice have on new who's the new guy who we oh, let's save Ryan for the and livestream video up. But I do wanna talk about this. I'll probably talk about on the livestream. You may or you heard about this. So my roommate has gone, but I had a roommate for under two weeks. How my my soul mate Patrick was was staying with me. We would just not just watch YouTube on our separate devices and not talk for hours. It was good relationship. But now we really into watching do just an excel t I really urge everybody to watch GSA XL. He's fascinating. He is a heavy machinery operator from west Texas that just live streams has life, and he makes like a considerable amount of money working in the oil fields. But still lives like he's fucking living off of Hardy's. There was there was one where he's livestream self sleeping the back of his car to truck. Stop. We just got a hotel. Expensive, just get a forty dollar night hotel. It's just like no matter what like like the the poor white lifestyle. Does not come at him. So he has like seven iphones, but like not a savings account. You know, he is fucking fascinating yesterday. He was live streaming from a west, Texas hooters and just met a guy in there. And just decided he was gonna stay with them. I stay with me tonight, bud. Don't worry about it. We'll get your job tomorrow. Just excellency really really urge when to fucking join the joined the fucking jessa army argon just exit. Don't get us wrong. He's not replacing Ryan men with says another quill in our quiver. Nothing can replace Ryan Ben wick now really want him to start live streaming now. Now that I've seen the what the format can give. Now, I think a tuna half hour livestream of Ryan van wick to sitting in his apartment fucking like googling things. What drink in Fanta? What if okay? So best case best case scenario. He puts the camera on in the morning wakes up. He does about it goes about its been season. He's YouTube ING for hours just reading stuff. He forgets the cameras on. Oh, absolutely. And sorts jerk off the so good. It would be like I would be cheering them on. I would watch it. I would watch it. I would comment. No, I would say everyone shut the fuck up. No, let him get up. Let them get their but phones Gomes's. Oh, sorry. I forgot of further. He doesn't it doesn't do that much. I'm doing really exaggerated. He's into what his what his next tube searches. I know, and it's probably is X tuber. You porn. Or like, you foreign is the best one. Like all right took now desperate first timers. I love well fucking came home fucking found out that they took down favorite foreign. Porn video on one adult movie, very favorite adult movie. John Doe favorite porn star. And it was on then called exploited. First timers. Exploited the first time. Now what you think it's just girls wearing exploited shit. Oh, so I I'm seeing the exploitive like, wow, they're really old dad's exploited. I. People people going into their first exploited show. He's like jerking off to that. Like, whatever he's like. Like. Don't come in here shuts the door locks barracks. I can hear it. Campbell's got through the see when I go. Go all over my tummy wife is fucking. There's little wife. His mother wife is mom why the chain smoking Bayliss fucking pulling his putt in the other room eighties. Arco punk keep doing that. It's gonna fall off. Great now, take you to the doctor sound we got to leave soon. And you know, my car is not working, right? Hit the wrong button. What are we all mad? He's like. Oh my God. John bill. Great. I'm trying to. Price over my here. One of my heroes today day heroes. I found out that the porn star. So what you will about porn stars. But this one was actually really good knowledge. One of his better porn stars. His name's John Dahl many names. All the names reads, all his movies. Yeah. I'll twelve hundred movies. Videos, like forty five minutes, the great seven do that just like give him money to do our content. The move people do with that fraud king Cobra that is. Yeah. Gafa king Cobra fraud fake, some guy from Wyoming people like give him shit to say now, it's so fake. What's his angle with these people love it because it's just like, oh, just some like white trash guy from you know, from Wyoming, and he can't hold on a job. And it's so funny. Ha ha and find it like really stupid and not funny at all. And then that's very insincere because he has like an attitude even though and people, but he has a huge following. But then it's like, obviously at some point people are like, hey, say this. Hey, do this. Hey, you should you should do people trying to get in his circle Sony. Dude. No, no. It's like, no. You gotta you gotta you. Gotta stop come on just just fucking role with Jessica just doesn't fucking take that bulls. Right. Ryan van works. Does. Let him be him. Then we not taking sponsor money. Yeah. The only thing I want him to do the livestream whose life. That's all. That's all. I only suggestion. How many months do we have to the election? What fucking sixteen money only sixteen. Oh, well, I guess if we start really doing coverage beforehand. Yes. We gotta get good with with Ben wick before that RV, w w hey, we're looking for an election. Correspondent he won't talk about fucking forty-three. Yeah. Forty three's. I'm like we convince him that running. I keep hearing from her people, I live in Brooklyn. I keep hearing. No, I keep hearing people she run. Now, we were at we were trying to restaurant with her because they're dating, and which would be amazing. If out of the darkness comes the light, and very is fucking amazing. Unbelievable. I don't think I hang out with them though. I think it'd be like a curb your enthusiasm situation where I wouldn't be able to call him. He's like yo stance. The phone talk about like, those rights or some shit out, Alex. Okay. Alexandria, sorry. Yeah. I just calling to talk to Sean. Yeah. Why answering his phone, by the way? That's a little weird. We'll before I give the phone, Hugh. I just want to decide I'm in charge of the phone. Yeah. Oh, you both decided that. Sean hold on before. I give the phone to Sean just wanna talk to you, very briefly about the green deal. I just wanted to see if you go out. Oh, he's not going out tonight. Okay. Great. Thank you guys are going to target tomorrow, though. No answer. Silence. Yeah. Thought so. Oh, is it is. It hasn't been in your planner for a month. You hold over his head. It's been in my planner for a month. Go there's an pencil you should race it that scratch it out put on some scratch paper target Umer in this episode. Newly blow in the sponsorship fucking relationship nightmare that has target on Sunday. Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. The only way it's worse. If you go like it's fucking. I my favorite is going there. And you see a man sitting in the passenger seat of the car waiting while. That's my favorite because you know. He's like I'm just going to go to Marshall's real quick. And then like he she thought that he was gonna meet her in there. But he's like, Nope. Nanna? I have listened to game in this fucking twenty minutes, or I'm not getting talked at it's going to be great. The love is gone. The spices Sundays four relationship. People Sundays for hard fucking and kissing an eating good food. That's right kissing a lot. And and hugging and Putin your clothes on just to take them off again making the sounds again, those yum, yum, noise, yum, yum, yum, taking the clip town of what's wear that you rip it off. I make an given our backbreaker giving give them orgasms so hard. That's she opens her mouth. No noise comes out the best ones. Really on something right now on something. And now that's Sunday's not for commerce. No, joe. I swear to God kill working I'm working with a ton of Jews now. And I'm really convinced. They've got it right with the Sabbath having a time where you're not allowed to do. She can't do commerce. I was talking to two one of them. It is going like, so wait a minute. What happens? Like what what happens if you're if it's after sundown, and you like you're holding a phone or some shit. You know, like you didn't make it home in time or some shit like 'cause I'm coming from this, a Catholic background. Whereas you've gotta do like a bunch of hail Marys or some shit and ask for contrition, and she was just like nothing just feel bad. Really? That's it. Everybody running to get home running so fast at home that they bought a building with a siren. And when you sit here in Brooklyn on Friday at sundown, they they play an air raid siren, you can hear throughout all of north Brooklyn to get remind people to get home of I love that. And it's all just because you're gonna feel bad. That's wild. That's really wild. So yeah, I'm into it. Can't we gotta gotta get home. You got to turn on all the lights. You can't that you lights which after sundown and all it's like a rule a lot of rules. But man, in a way, I feel it though got all worked out now. I'm a man I like -struction. Yeah. My like starts I mean except for on Sundays Sundays are free for all. That's free for all man. Rollover rollback to wake up this pod week in. All right. Let's let's all of us. Everyone stuff that you're the ear buds furthering your air those moments crank them, let's get. Let's get Sunday. Let's make Sunday. Holy again. All right. Let's let's get back to it. Let's look in. Let's roll around tear the clothes off with not do commerce on Sunday. Just good food. And patches Sundays, you're gonna listen to loosen. The big man now that I'm really thinking about starting my own church for the tax benefits. I I think that'll be the platform. Put the good music on his today. Turn on the air conditioning upstairs. I dunno air conditioner. Fascinating. Where's that my air conditioner? Life is just wild. All right. Well, I'm gonna have to get up in close this window. So, you know, entertain the people know. Yeah. Hey, so guys just really love doing a podcast. And then just want to all of you know, we love having you listening. This new. We're talking about Fleetwood MAC last night. We're out the bar, and I put on some really loud songs the. Almost too loud. The jukebox apparently they're starting a c forty-seven troop transport outside. See that's much better. Yes. Close in the windows of the the good news is the air is now on knife, feel it. No, vice my fat guy. Spidey senses. The air is on the surface of my skin is in the long. I saw them leave. A few minutes ago is really fascinating stuff. Glad all of you here too. With me go hot enough that. Got hot enough that the air-conditioning came on which I think is a real testament to how cool the world is right now conditioner. No. Okay. But the best part about being at the bar other than seeing the woman. I love talk to a man. Oh, by the way, Andrew. Yeah. She's not gay. Thanks. I still I don't know talking to a guy who was dressed like valet. I wanted to go over there and put my keys down and be like a park Kloesel tip you. Well, that's Andrew joke. I can't I can't steal Andrew job. I I never would have given you a copyright claim on then I would have been the is the best because he was just like a valet. He was just like a waiter that got off early like on like they sent him home from Luger's. And he's because he was home really early. That's also Andrew. Going in on this guy. Hey, I was so mad. I I was really mad at Andrew so much. So I wanted to drive home. Yeah. Still still still boiling. No now anything by. Let's see what's the love that play hair that the love she lets love. Let them. Like, the play hair. What? But now I got it now. Yes, now, I remember here. The air Quercus age of Aquarius, and she lets age of a loving that. She just like anybody. I'll take on. It's like rob Halford set. I'll take on all comes. And that one song little that. We. Soom was about fighting. I'll have six I want six minutes then over me to come on me. A very very hot bath housing. God he must to be that. I mean, the not closeted at all. But also people not call you on your ship because he wasn't camp that he wasn't like, Freddie. Mercury was like, well, he's not Freddie Mercury guy rides on this stage in the fucking Harley. There's no way he's not having sex with hot red heads across the United States. But turns out he was just there were men. Red headed men. Never seen in heavy metal parking lot. She's got jump as bone. So the from that I took the RAV Alfred lex redheads interesting. What a weird fucking connection. Yeah. That's see. That's the well, you can have all the money in the world. But you need to have these weird cultural snippets in your brain. And when you're not anada role and you'll out yourself suggest be manic. That's an all the good the good, yum, yum shit comes out, and you can feel when you can actually voter. Do you feel how I take on? All comers. I'm gonna use that as an another. I'm going to pull that as another sample. So we don't I don't have any miss connections in front of me on my computer. We got nothing right now. Yeah, we're kind of dry right now. But I will talk about how I played little lies really loud last night, which I thought was really good because we talked about how. What we're talking about Lindsey Buckingham, okay? Out of Fleetwood MAC, and then he comes back because he has all the money. And then the because this is the last tour invested in lift right before the IPO Lindsey Buckingham fucking chilling holiday. Everyone else. Everyone else invested Newburgh Slovenian collapse holes the power card. He's like I'll join the tour again, I'll join the band again. But you have to play all my songs. So they end up playing holiday road and trouble and shit like the girl that good ship. That would be the best. He's like Lindsey song. Celebrating our guitarist. Lindsey buckingham. Yes. Thank you so much. And then like I would love to hear this is real inside baseball from using fans, but I would love to hear Stevie nicks crowbar some kind of part into his songs. Trouble to what are what he should do is. He should just hold on dishes and find five people that look and sounds like young Fleetwood MAC did. God that straight up, and then just go, and tore it was like a cheeky name, and that it would be it would be Lindsey Buckingham playing with old fleet Madan, it'd be great because the songs that he put on the records didn't sound anything. Like Fleetwood MAC song crowbar. So this is example of a song. He did the Tango in the night out much considered one of their best albums, but not for Lindsey Buckingham. Him for sure the very much Lindsey Buckingham. Listen to the command of the rhythm section. Been arm be reddened guitar right there. That's right lifted. Chica? But then the Spanish Qatar, and they're very mechanical drum not much in the sense that underneath put a roll of quarters down. I'm gonna go. Good. Or so do because he didn't really write good lyrics. Love. This easy that he puts a genius for that. Putting yellow? Lane in a room together. Book in make the record on earth too. This is all him. He was like, well, I'm just going to write these finish on eight looking street. This is actually a. Or like, a Ford beep of McClellan drum. Over and over great. Dan is on its way back around enough that we do with feeling Dan record. Now will catch the wave. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I still have his name stuck in number can call like if he wants to get in on it. It would be great Donny Donny, Donny baby booby. I'm gonna be. I'm your white Knight. Be like Richard Ellis. Commend like down. Title fake shoots being the face. Donald Fagan is is Hans Gruber Donald Bobi and you white night. I went years years of my life listening to steely Dan Bob into and into it. Love it never knowing my end would be at his hands. Right wild scene wild. The last thing you, here's then. And to Gaucho their best record. Oh my God. It's like I love the the line is like no you can't sleep on the floor. What do you think? I'm. Yeah. Then for about coming home to his young much younger girlfriend and having some guy on the floor, basically, like dating a woman who still loves the skaters. But then like Paul Simon knows all about that. And I exactly Paul's. I'm comes home after a Har hard day at work hard day of signing papers with art. Hey, do you wanna come over come back to the house? Hang out with. Okay. He has a good voice talk. You don't see it? You don't hear it? Well. Art are he's been great. Everybody's trying to get invited. Back to Paul sevens. Party. I'll wait. Oh god. Yeah. Off chance at ease feeling fucking horned up. Oh fuck. Yeah. Dude. And then like, why are we going? Well. Oh, need some food. I I walked up the stairs. Is getting the band back together. Tell you is that the new behaviors. Oh. Voice after the whole time. Joy. Fumbling for my keys, I need to get into the apartment. Department to my my two bedroom apartment on the upper left time. It's all muffled. Full voice again. She's always. I love you. I love you. When I love you better. When you don't talk. I'm trying to hear this is why I can't do to tell a play. They you hit your best material when you're doing both fucking characters the way around. I'm sorry. Oh, no. I don't wanna be. Supply all of a sudden. Hey. This only busted. Oh my God. The newborn is everybody's nude. And aren't you're taking your. Here. He liked. Mike gabum? Bass player, thankfully, the song. Doesn't require many complicated base Parbat the bass player's doing two things at once. He's playing this song. Against all odds. He's willing aren't on. Oh, yeah. Eleven it know. Love when you wear dress over, gene. This is going to be a good day. Spit roasting fund. Gonna be it's gonna be. M hem. Paul. Now enough pulls on full puck, though. He's reading the time. And. Six and half six spells trouble. Trouble in a steamy. No arts or. No before we go eighty stuff then band called the new bohemians. Stop fanned called avian style. Okay. So they stopped before any further to anyone who loves me enough to give me a kiss on the woods. And then it was like. This is Paul can you come over to the Shays lounge real quick as you have a conference with you. Yeah. They're not you haven't really taken care of your teeth like at all. Well, I can give you a chicken a tab can have some of this tab. Maybe swish your mouth out. But I don't think anybody loves you over that. Was like shaking their heads. I do and then beyond trying real hard. Tune their instruments like oh two. Tuned to know put the instruments down and like all good gangs starting to work them work their their shit. You know, who gets in I eighties like eighty strip down to jeans and no top Harrigan, very hot. Look like, I'm just gonna he's eating the Sunday and appall hasn't even dented the Sunday Times yet. So it's going to be a long couple hours. Weird home life. It really I do, you know in respect them. The freshdirect guy comes in book. He's like, oh, we come back. I should come back. Ladies. No. Now, we love you come in and come out going. I, you know. I know you guys always put in a big order. Yeah. Yeah. You know, why? Now because we're all hungry after a day of day of furious. Lovemaking who would you really call making? I really deep freshdirect guy. Right. Would you really cool low of making more like just sucks? Like, no, there's no such thing as just sex Paul Paul's or is this eighties voice. This is Paul. No. There's this. There's no those no. A more for. Just search zoysia clovers. Always just like old joke is always a meal little bit of truth. There's no there's no there's no law of sexual a little love a little bit, even okay? Hard come over to the lounge again, we have to. Starting to get undressed in the freshdirect guy gets interesting as boots on gay porn style. Got big socks on feet hurt. And he's like who because they'll mind is really need to drain. It's been a focus. I haven't drained these in a couple of days. He's like, oh, you'll be first in line and sorts of blowing the freshdirect gun things like this is fresh. This is direct. Fuck. Directly in you. When the fresh professor commits, a major fo- pond and gang. He doesn't ask permission that right? Not allow Paul's. You'll say Paul's. That's okay. Because it's real like weird cuck seen Paulin than Paul's pulled us gives the hand. Oh, wow. It's reading about North Korea and the second page of many pages made it to parade magazine yet. But he didn't ask in the Paul looks up. He's like well. I wreck I don't even know your name. It's an is Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan, Daniel, Dan, I come over this. To have a conference. So it's art and Dan the freshdirect guy barris on the on the to bear on the Shays lounge and Paul holding court. Let me tell you guys have a conference the Shays lounge. Running through lines running. I'm have a conference on the shades land real quick here. Okay. We've been friends for so long, and well we give Dan a couple of minutes three. Thank you. Okay. Ten. I haven't. No. I don't know you that. Well, but I I can see in your eyes that you are sincere person. And I just want to let you know, you should if you ever gonna come back here. What we welcome back your. I'll I'll just put it this way. Most of the time you you'll be here just to deliver groceries, but occasionally you'll show up at the right time this time. Yeah. On a Sunday usually around, you know, two or three in the afternoon after we're back from lovers brunch. Along brunch in the eighties dumb of ban practice because she's paying a a big show at BB king's and a couple of weeks and yet so it's going to be you're gonna have to you know, it really ask for mission before you go in most she seemed all that sound about her. It's about me. Why aren't you? It's really long story. Okay. Underst- nine. But just just were to the warrant warning to his art is one of my art is one of my best friends. But he's also my closest he's one of my closest confidants and bodyguards, and he's very I know he is he looks very old. But he's actually a real pit bull. I can take on most men in a fistfight. All comers. If you could take on all comers. If you will just I've as say, Paul Stanley just like fell not fill in some way, either. How they go off to fill it some T O Comores. Fook DD kill. Oh my God filling Samos here. Oh, it's like ding dang. Kidding to real quick. See Paul needy. Oh that guy fell from Texas. Was poll and Somo, Phil. Oh. When we let them ride all on do undo undo locks. Sounds onto. Paul. My name's Phil call me Paul again. We're going to be down the ground focus. Our got Phil on. So MO from Texas. I live in Louisiana, right? I can't win. With those guys gotta go sit down on the Shays loans. I wonder what that was. I wonder what that was entire house. Just moved. Tire. That's just moved with with loud door slam. Okay. This has been to nineteen. Let's go see what that was. Anyways. It's very strange. That actually scared me I'm actually concerned, but I wanna finish the episode. Yeah. Just rhetoric coffee coffee dot com. Proud of Oakland, California, coffee subscription service, liberty around so for two weeks. No muss, no fuss. That's pretty cheap. And it's big rhetoric coffee dot com also older than Sagramola, so vintage clothing with a twist everybody loved you should too go older ghosts on Instagram. Thank you. And you really like under pressure a Nalen. I'm real good nail break. Male mail the post from a good this morning. Professional. Hopefully, there's a to twenty one killed them earthquakes or. Killed by death. That might be. Because. Anyone loves me enough to Kissel. You can come over to the shave lounger Quakers conference.

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The Birth of Vegas | The Feds Get Fed Up | 2

"Join us to listen to business. Wars one week early and ad free in the wondering app. Download the wanna reopen your apple or google play mobile app store. Today it's november fifteenth nineteen fifty one at the las vegas courthouse smoke-filled room is packed with press. Curious citizens and nervous mobsters very mobsters their lifeblood there entire las vegas business empire is on the line. Us senator see key father and his senate special committee to investigate crime in interstate. Commerce or hunting organized crime with a vengeance at the top of their list are allegations that the mob is skimming taxable profits from vegas casinos. Call to the stand. Mr morris said way said way ambos to stand he short portly and wearing a rumpled suit. He's also a shrewd trusted. Lieutenant of chicago mob boss. Meyer lansky said way is a key architect of the syndicates. Growing takeover vegas in testimony. So far mobsters are taking. The fifth and nevada officials. Called to testify are denying any knowledge of taxable profit skimming said way is part of the underworld but he keeps a strong front as a legitimate businessman for good measure. He's on the board of the local library. He knows a lot. Or what he'll say is anybody's guess. Senator father steps up with a stern look on his face. He wants to nail this thug. Meyer lansky is a leader in chicago organized crime and he's your boss. He's also the silent owner of the flamingo hotel. Where you are manager is he not. It's all true. Of course. But said way shrugs mr lansky is a business associate who used to own one hundred shares in the flamingo. That's it me. I'm in las vegas real estate just trying to make a living for my family. He father frowns at said way and shakes his head. In the gallery said ways vegas gang-land associates exchange worried glances ways regular guy. Schtick is clearly riling. the senator offer gets directly to the point. You've been involved in paying off nevada officials having you. It's a common practice even respected nevada. Senator pat mccarron is allegedly on the take. He's tried hard to squash the hearings into the mobs activity in the casinos. Because if the mob get shutdown vegas get shut down. The state's economy will go into a tailspin. Said way looks at the senator. Blankly clears his throat. For the record. I have had three major coronary thrombosis and i've had diarrhea for six weeks and i haven't ulcer hemorrhoids. An intestinal abscess. I just got out of bed. And i am loaded with drugs. He father is outraged. Sir your health is none of my concern you associate with the scum of the earth people who are chancer spot on the body politic suddenly said way becomes serious. Kiefer's touched a nerve. We don't get as rich as you think. Senator this is hard work. Bc in the end. Key fowler's las vegas hearings fizzle out. Thanks to the mobs alliance with the nevada government. The bosses think they've dodged a bullet they figure they can keep skimming hell bay figure. They can expand their holdings and they will for now. Business wars is supported by borough the company setting a new standard in furniture with easy to move modular designs timeless american mid-century contemporary scandinavian styles and premium durable materials like responsibly. Forested hardwood boroughs. Easy to use website allows you to customize your own furniture without leaving the house plus every order no matter how small or large is delivered directly to your door for free thanks again to burrow for supporting the show. Listeners can get seventy five dollars off their first order at borough dot com slash b. W that's borough spelled b. u. r. owed w dot com slash b. W for seventy five dollars off. Borough dot com slash. Bw we get support from rocket mortgage. When you're looking for a home you wanna make sure it meets your needs. Can you work in that office. Can your family cook together in that kitchen. You have to know. The house fits right and with rocket mortgage. You can make sure your financing fits too with rocket mortgage. You'll have the tools information and expert help. You need understand all of your home loan options. They'll work at your pace and on your schedule visit rocket mortgage dot com slash business wars. Because when you need mortgage that fits your life. Rocket can call for cost information and conditions equal housing lender licensed in all fifty states in mls consumeraccess dot org number thirty thirty from wondering. I'm david brown. And this is business worse. In our last episode las vegas went from a dusty frontier. Outpost of card rooms bars bootleg liquor and loose women to burgeoning gambling mecca in nineteen thirty one. The state government legalized gaming by the forties. Visionary underworld entrepreneurs were moving in and interference from local authorities was almost nonexistent now. As the nineteen fifties kit again mob business is firmly entrenched. The first wave of resort hotels are popping up on the strip and thousands of american tourists are drawn to this scent of something new and exciting. The mob run casinos a racking up record profits and that will eventually catch the attention of politicians and the feds but the government investigations have embarrassed. Nevada officials and for the first time sin city mobsters are realizing their wildly lucrative. Business isn't untouchable senator. Key father's anti vegas vendetta has been grabbing headlines in his crusade against the gambling mob. Now the mobs gaming concerns are getting validation from a surprising and very legitimate source. The mormon world this is episode to the birth of vegas. The fed's get fed up is december nineteen fifty one on tuesday night. Marino's bar in cleveland. Ohio unknown hang out for local racketeers. Nikki another scotch down. Here it's outside to mobsters are settling in. If the cozy bar escaping the rule winter weather ralphie caputo and bruno rossi or small time hoodlums but the city cops are well aware of. It's a tough existence. A rafi you read about the key. Father hearings in las vegas damn rotter did sounds like the feds couldn't nail for nothing. They got a good deal going over there. You bet they do. It's about sixty degrees warmer than here. Freezing harasses off. For what a bunch of minor hustles and the cops around here are honest like white on rice. Barassie glances furtively up and down the bar. Then he leans in close. I have some of the crew in detroit in jersey are moving out to vegas. I'm thinking we should two cities wide open guys in our industry. In thrive out there industry. How business our line of work you cog leoni. He fathers hearings may have rattled. The vegas mob hierarchy. But they're publicized on tv radio headlines nationwide it all amounts to detailed mouth-watering advertisement for the fact that sin city is a welcoming haven for organized criminal activity. Now crooks around the country tired of dealing with regional law enforcement are flocking to vegas. The crooked migration will cement the illicit powerbase in the city's business community sin city is a land of dark opportunity in the bright warm sunshine in the ten years since the late. Bugsy siegel broke ground on the flamingo. Hotel and casino. The city is blossom. Thanks to the mob. Resorts are springing up like weeds. The sahara the royal nevada. The sands the showboat the riviera the dunes tropicana and the stardust. All now populate the strip but the key father hearings have left a taint of vice on the city. Tourists have to be convinced visit so to combat the city's bad reputation a small contingent of cunning publicists writers and photographers worked diligently to sell vegas to the masses. They create a must see fantasy. That isn't completely reliant on gambler las vegas. The entertainment unfunded uncovered clock never stops and the doors never clones. This is the city of daytime and nighttime fund in the new vegas. There's golf swimming. The hoover dam and dude ranches tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of lake. Mead and snow covered mount charleston people also come for the big name entertainers to stakes the cop drinks in the statuesque showgirls and of course the elusive dream of getting rich. Quick from different angles. Sin city is either the ultimate version of paradise or a hotbed of tasteless obscenity. Either way it couldn't be more american in the early fifties. There's one more draw. That only las vegas can offer atomic bombs pre to one in the aftermath of world. War two america's eager to keep up with the soviet union. The us army tests its nuclear arsenal. The empty expanse of the nevada desert is the primary to do that giddy crowds of tourists party poolside guzzling specially mixed atomic cocktails all night. They've gathered to watch the nuclear test at frenchman's flat proving ground. Just two hundred ninety two miles away. How look at an honest to god. Atomic bomb mushroom clouds can be seen rising from the desert floor. Wow how talk about entertainments real bombs just dropped in. The war test created tremendous spike in tourist business. Hotels are regularly. Sold out savvy vegas powerbrokers view the atomic display as an unexpected promotional coup courtesy of the us army. And whether don with all the biggest attractions tourists are gambling like mad by nineteen fifty. Four eight million visitors per year are leaving some two hundred million dollars in casino vaults and in fifty four the average american family income is four thousand two hundred dollars but for every one million dollars casinos report to the government. The mob is skimming three million. The dirty money is distributed to underworld bosses around the country and deposited and laundered in swiss bank accounts from there. The money goes to fund the mobs interests in drugs prostitution and other illegal concerns in chicago boss. Sam momo giancana powerful figure who ordered nearly two hundred executions during his reign has total control of the major casinos. His personal take is over three hundred thousand dollars a month. It's a hell of a business model. But nearly all of the smiling tourists dropping money in the city have one thing in common. Their white vegas has a racist past. That goes back to the nineteen thirties. When african americans flocked to jobs building the hoover dam and working in magnesium minds initially western locals welcomed them but over time attitudes changed when white southern laborers arrived many of them openly expressed heavily racist attitudes mobsters from the east coast and mid west were equally bigoted. Strictly enforced jim. Crow laws became the nor by the early nineteen fifties. Black people are not allowed to stay in hotels on the strip or on fremont street known as glitter gulch. Nor can they gambling casinos eat in restaurants. Swimming pools were attend. Live shows hotel and casino. Brass fear white clientele will be put off by the presence of black people in their establishments. The one place. Where black people in las vegas are. Welcome is onstage. The nation's top african american entertainers headline two showrooms and are paid on the same level as many white axe up to fifty thousand dollars per week on the sands hotel takes pleasure in presenting. mr cain. go names like nat king. Cole ella fitzgerald lena horne. Sammy davis junior loom large on glittering marquees up and down the strip yet those entertainers can't stay in the primo hotels instead. They're sent to cheap rooms and a part of vegas called the westside a rundown area with dirt roads and spotty plumbing. It's literally across the tracks from the white side of town. It's nineteen fifty to jamaica. American singer actor and civil activists. Harry belafonte has signed on to perform at the thunderbird hotel on the strip when he arrives at the hotel in announces himself at the reception desk. He's immediately ushered into the manager's office. Is there a problem. The managers stares at him in lights. Smoke no problem. Mr belafonte but you can't stay here we'll get you a room on the west side. I'm sure it'll do. i don't think it will. I'd like to stay right here. Where i'm working if i can't then i'll by out my contract and go home. I won't be performing o. You won't be performing if you don't. You'll be going home in a box. You get me. Belafonte excuses himself and makes a call to a relative who has mob connections. He gets his room plus rooms for the rest of his black band. But it's not over yet. After the group checks in belafonte's piano player is in his room relaxing in front of the tv. The man opens the door and stares. It's belafonte wearing a bathrobe and bathing suit. He's got a thick white towel across his shoulders. What's up here. Get short trunks. We're going swimming. He does as instructed. The man walk out to the pool and all white crowd is swimming happily as heads turn in astonishment belafonte steps out of his row letting it drop on a shays lounge chair belafonte. Piano players worried. Harry what the hell are you doing. Belafonte smiles at him and dives a few. Older swimmers climbed quickly out of the pool in shock but the younger people are thrilled. They want photos with belafonte. He happily obliges. It's a small triumph for his next appearance at the thunderbird three years later belafonte demands and gets the same privileges as any white before in nineteen fifty five the unimaginable habits a small group of white investors along with african american boxing. Legend spokesman. joe. Louis open the first desegregated hotel and casino in vegas. The moulin rouge. It's a three and a half million dollar luxury resort catering to both black and white patrons located just off the strip. The showroom is spectacular. The pool enormous and the entertainment is a list. The hotel is a hit the chorus girls. The only all black chorus line in vegas make the cover of life magazine the most influential publication of the day but the moulin rouge is in debt from day. One not enough black clientele can afford the expense of the hotel and the hotel's debt is mounting seven months after its glittering debut. The moulin rouge goes into bankruptcy by nineteen fifty-five. las vegas isn't just the fastest growing city in america. Is the fastest growing business. The mob is skimming millions from their gambling. Empire and hiding the funds from the irs but that creates another. How do they use the skimmed. Money to expand operations without drawing attention from the feds. They need legit funding from a financial institution willing to work with them. Help comes from an unexpected source. A mormon banker. We get support from podium. Think about the conveniences. You've gotten used to over the last year and a half blockbuster movie releases at home. Remote health checkups cocktails delivered. 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Prell needs money for the sahara. He's heard there's a new source e perry. Thomas is a thirty four year. Old banker with bank of las vegas a small institution that open. Only a year ago. Committed mr prell tak- seat. And tell me how i can help you. Pray it's been around. He's operated gaming businesses from bingo parlors to casinos since the nineteen thirties. He sizes up. Thomas the fresh face the crisp suit. The upstanding vibe. It's puzzling to prell meeting with such a forthcoming legit banker. That's a rarity in his world. I'm looking to expand the sahara. I need well. I need seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. Prell waits for thomas to laugh and toss him out of the office in los vegas regional. Banks are always happy to accept millions in deposits from the gambling business but no one will lend to a casino owner. Just isn't done but to prell shock. Thomas just smiled and extends his hand across the desk. I think we're going to work that out. Mr prell pro shakes grinning like a champ. What so many casino industry leaders truly desire mobsters or not is legitimate validation. They won't respect. So e perry thomas is going to make it his business to give it to them and in the process he'll become very very rich. What makes this arrangement. So surprising is that thomas comes from a devout mormon family in ogden utah. There are certain evils that the church of jesus christ of latter day saints does not condone smoking drinking eating red meat and gambling. But nowhere in the doctrine. Does it stipulate that a mormon can't loan money to men who make their living off gamblers. Unlike other mormon bankers who refuse to lend to the casino industry thomas sees this as an untapped market and his involvement will earn him a nickname that sticks quiet kingmaker within two years thomas's bank's assets leapt from two hundred fifty thousand to sixteen million dollars the next few years after his loan to the sahara thomas brokers close to a dozen more deals with mob run casinos because of thomas's success. Mormon leaders reconsider their relationship with the las vegas mob empire before long mormons began working as middle management. Casinos throughout sin city as supervisors hit bosses and accountants. Many of them decide that as long as they don't touch the cards and dice they're doing no harm. Meanwhile the syndicates sees the strict mormon belief in clean living as a big plus no drinking or wild nights out just responsible trustworthy behavior. And it's all good for a charming hardworking. Thomas who's similarly at ease with mormon developers and casino owners alike but by the early sixties. There's another lending source jas. Arnott's got a dream. He wants to build an over. The top las vegas style ancient rome and he needs a loan. A big one. He's got a teamster friend he hopes will give him one. Hello ed jimmy. it's sano sarno is known. Teamsters union president jimmy hoffa since the early fifties back when sarno was laying tile in miami. Now hof is a big shot. He can arrange millions in loans from the international brotherhood of teamsters union pension fund. Son of a gun. What can i do for you. I need a loan for a place in vegas gonna pull out all the stops. It'll be like walking through saint peter's square more roman than rome. You know classy. What are you going to call it. Caesar's palace like that. So it's like caesar's place. No no apostrophe no apostrophe. You kidding me my ideas. Everyone's caesar everyone else does. That work is like not. Just caesar's place you come there. You get to be caesar okay. No apostrophe. so how much do you need. Sarno pauses and swallows hard. I say ten million. Give or take half a dozen pause. He knows behind the bluster. Sarno is a shrewd developer. The man knows vegas think we can manage that. Of course there will be my usual finders fee. Not problem jimmy. Not a problem. Hoffa gets a ten percent cut off the top of all loans. He's regularly funneling pension fund. Money into vegas hotels casinos and golf courses. Construction is booming. The strip is expanding like crazy. Parry thomas's renamed valley bank is the discrete go-between for most of the transactions. Hoppers union becomes one of the biggest creditors in nevada. The teamsters fund becomes a defacto bank for the mob the loans are technically not illegal but hoffa and his corrupt trustees mostly mid western mob bosses can approve multimillion dollar loans from the pension fund. Then bleed the borrowers as the murky relationship with crime figures deepens. The integrity of the union fund built on the backs of hardworking men and women is up for grabs. Tourism is strong gaming houses up and down the strip keep winning and new casinos spring up so quickly. It seems like there's a new one every day. The mobs corrupt hold on the business of sin city seems unshakable at least as long as everyone turns a blind eye to what's behind this unprecedented gambling boom but not everybody in the nevada. Government is willing to do that in fact. There's so much sizzle in this extra-legal market that it catches the attention of another equally powerful organization the fbi in our next episode. The mob faces its biggest threat yet when the nevada government strikes back with force. Creating a gangster blacklist to keep hoods out of their own casinos as the mob and the law battle. It out tourism gets a massive boost. When frank sinatra's rat pack comes to town from wondering this is episode two of the birth of vegas for business wars. If you like our show please give us a five star rating in review and be sure to tell. Your friends. subscribe on apple podcasts. Amazon music the wondering app or wherever. You're listening right now to wendy plus in the one to app to listen one week early and ad free you'll also find some links and offers from our sponsors in the episode notes. Supporting them helps us. Keep offering our shows for free another way you can support. The show is by filling out a small survey at wondering dot com slash survey. Don't forget to tell us which business stories you'd like to hear a quick note about re-creations you've been hearing in most cases we can't know exactly what was said those scenes dramatization but they're based on historical research. We do use many sources when researching stories. But we especially recommend the money and the power by sally denton. And roger morris las vegas in the nineteen fifties by larry d. Greg the greenfeld jungled by ed reed and over damaris the battle for las vegas by dennis in griffin and las vegas and unconventional history by michelle ferrari and steven is. I'm your host. David brown peter. Gill strap this story. Karen low is our senior producer and editor edited and produced by emily frost. Voice acting by michelle philipe and ace anderson. Sound design by. Kyle randall kate. Young is our associate producer. Dave schilling is our producer. Our executive producers are jenny lower beckmann and marshal louis created by earn on lopez for wondering ones new podcast. Dr death season three miracle man is the terrifying true story of dr pallo. Makia rini charming surgeon who left a trail of bodies behind him. Right from the beginning. Benita alexander's relationship with dr makia. Mockery felt like something ripped from the pages of a romance dabo. He was a world famous italian surgeon. Who is pioneering a new treatment that could save thousands of lives. They travel the world together. Lavish vacations romantic getaways. And it wasn't long before he proposed to her and excitedly promised the clintons obama's and even john legend would be at their wedding. What benita didn't know then was that her new fiance would take her to the center of an international medical scandal. That would shock. The world dr paulo makia arena had lied about everything and six people would die before she would uncover. He wasn't the miracle man. He made himself out to be followed. Doctor death season three miracle man on apple podcasts. Or wherever you're listening now or you can listen to new episodes early in ad free by subscribing to wonder plus in apple podcasts or the wonder e app.

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Episode 14: Atlantis Bahamas

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Episode 14: Atlantis Bahamas

"But you can't for another Schnitzer gobin fifteen is my limit on. Listen issue. Or you have any problems dialing formation. Thank you for calling is going to be very popular by gun. Hello and welcome to your life podcast. Hello. Hello. Your weekly dose for all things travel, food and leisure. We hear your hosts Mining's, Dan Meyer, and my name is airy Meyer and thank you once again for joining us on our adventures, thanks for tuning in. Thanks for sharing us with friends family and loved ones, we love it when you share and thank you for finding us. Yes. Thanks, indeed. For finding us over the last couple of weeks, we've been talking about travels to Israel to Japan, and we kind of started teasing about some travelling to the Bahamas each's. Yeah. And just recently, we just came back from a trip to the Bahamas Lantis Bahama, Atlanta's Bahamas in we wanted to share that with you. So this is kind of a special almost live, but recently visited the civically on ad Lantis Bahamas. Exactly, right. Exactly. Right. So first and foremost airy you found out. About the Atlanta's Bahamas. Where did you go to find out about it in in what attracted you to it? You know, I hear and their friends asked me about it. Or even heard some of the cooperation's this property for like a top gun or top sales, you know, kind of out and yearly celebration and bring the family in. I heard is kind of high end it's expensive. But it's a good beach. Very family friendly resort. And so it was just a collection of bits and pieces of information. I heard here and there, and then I one day. I just started to look into it. We've done some as you mentioned, Israel Japan. And we were having it at least I was going back to doing a beach. And I heard it's beautiful and we've been to the Exuma Bahamas. So we have yet to go to the saw. Another part of the Bahamas and in. So it looked beautiful. Let's do it. I talked to you about it. And then cooked it I've always seen kind of the pictures of the water slide, right? The big pyramid slide people slide down in going through shark tanks. I guess looking at advertisements for maybe cruises or something like that. It looked crews. Yeah. Stop there in an I heard people talk about this. So it did look interesting. We'd never been there. So without well, let's let's go check it out get I know. So, and then another reason that we didn't book this right away is whether United flies there, and I think. The American maybe Delta Airlines flight more often MS lease regular scheduled United. So that is also that was one of the reasons why we did a look at this property right away. But so how was it was big to haul? It was like to me was kind of like this knee world. But all water Fien. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And without the monorail. Well, all they was shuttle service between towers, but there were multiple resorts sort of like a in this big place. How big is how many acres if how many acres it is one hundred forty one acre water park minimally. I mean, it's the place is just you mean. And it's on this Jason island called paradise island, which just north of nacelle to get there yet to fly in and out of Nestle and. It's a, you know, a decent place to go to anyway in and of itself, but paradise island the resorts are in paradise island. Obviously the big draw for people to go there. Yes. So this place is huge. Where did we stay? We stayed at the restate at. The royal. They're the cove, which I think it's adult only Royal which was really pretty we had a very nice ocean view Moore. The choral the beach and in the reef I think the reef is the more like a condo style comes with kitchen than the rest of the hotel style the property that we stayed at. It's called the Royal. He had a casinos within that. Well, maybe was attached. And I say it's part of it. It's more like attached to it was definitely. Exactly. Yeah. And then. Every one of the properties. I think it had. It's a it's a peel and just a Royal just seems to fit. I didn't know that there were mass. There was a massive aquarium Ray right at the Royal Royal? And there was a hidden area cold, which sometimes people I think I've heard even on the YouTube that people just did annoy about it. Some people totally missed it. And some people say I just found it on the last day. We were there we go there. Don't you know, it's worth a visit. There's a little entrance right? It's off to the side of you will. Yeah. Weird out of ties like big go to dig the dig right, and it's kinda dark area. So it's easy to miss a once you start going inside. There's this the first section. You come across as the tons of. Lobster loft story. That we're some. Oh my God. It was a wrap around lobster kind of aquarium tank. If you will where they were above you into the side of you. It was really quite spectacular ill. There was a huge Owen. Maurice group, and then in this main aquarium area on a ground known is the b one floor. There's a there's a huge Monterrey in the main main aquarium, it's he he or she is it was gorgeous beautiful there sharks. And there were all kinds of marine mammal oddly enough, this Atlanta's Bahamas boasts itself is the largest open air marine habitat over fifty thousand marine animals on display over fifteen different exhibit lagoons, including shark exhibits, including turtle exhibits in meeting Ray exhibits in others. It was I raise. I mean just for that. It was quite spectacular. If you like marine animals nurse they rescue the rescue as well. And then in the. Rehabilitate turtles or other fish or other things like that to even had different sharks were born there. And they're raising their it really quite spectacular in and of itself, the aquarium my God, you could spend a couple of days wandering through the aquarium's. What I really loved about is that. Okay. So the another important thing try to ask for even number room, which is facing good point. Right. And I felt like we would just greet it almost by all these marine mammals every morning. It's a beautiful scenery sunrises. And then you look down and their raise and turtles and sharks. Just saw. Sawtooth, and it was just Puta foil to just a scenery the grounds were kept really mackinaw immaculately. And and it was really pleasant is amazing. Yes. And so we I was personally glad that the we stayed at the Royal. Correct. And I didn't know exactly I knew that the cove we have kids so adult only. Okay, we can right. And then. Condo style. I don't wanna cook. When I'm on vacation come on. Yeah. Might come in handy for breakfast and stuff but have some room for the storage. Couple of things to note about the guest rooms, I guess the refrigerator the space is very small. So even at the Royal these ocean view rooms, not the sweets, but the sweets might be different. But the other rooms come with the refrigerator, but it's fully stocked. You can really store anything. No is a move anything out of the fridge. Right charge church for even just moving it from one side of the other. You'll get charged for the consumption of it. So but it came with two Queen size. Pretty comfortable nice big bathroom shower area. And nice view. Again, if you can get the ocean facing even number rooms and higher the better. And each of these hotels, you pay the resort fee, which is forty nine ninety five a day, plus ten dollar gratuity. So it's basically a fifty nine ninety five it's automatically charge to the room. And then you have automatic access. What's included with your stay? Are there were eighteen water slides? You get this respect, right? It basically shows you the date of your departure, and it's color code it. Royal is paying Covas Poppel, whatever. And also gives you access to their tons of pools delays -i river to that's not consider pools. Some kind of onto the pool area. And then they were eleven of them from pool of different pools. Right. Oh my God. They're all beautiful, and they're twenty thousand tropical fish aquatic animals, greedy, new, right? And then how many beaches three midges who've three main beaches? Yeah. The cove they had paradise beach paradise beach. That's it in Atlanta speech or something like that and paradise beach cove, and in Atlanta's beach. Yeah. Talking to beach beaches. We. Snorkeller Stormer slash divers slash divers, and the we'd love to snorkel Loria. So we were hoping that they will be some reefs and writing front of the property there. Mainly not the seaweed. Yes. Yes. Like like grassy. Corals reefs. Yeah. I mean, or if there is it's been long since trampled on, and or you know. Died off. So there's rocks. There there are fish. There's there's definitely fish around many. There were doing Nuff I mean, but you see like the Tangs or the standard things that you expect to see nothing super spectacular. And with there being so much Sandra around if you get a little bit of surf you're kicking up a lot of sand, and you don't really get good visibility. That coupled with the seagrass. Snorkeling in the different in different beaches. They're not great for snowing. If you hit on need to bring your gear, I'll I recommend that however within the property there there, so many activities that you can sign up for you can swim with the dolphins. You can be a trainer for the day. You can also snuggle the ruins of Atlantis and all Stingray experience. And. Shark dives as well the tank that's by the Mayan pyramid where the water slides. We didn't do those diving's. I think one of the reasons was it looked like you had to you have to wear unless it's a diving with the sharks you have to wear this vest, and you can really dive they have to see everything from the surface. We like to kind of go down and. Understand that especially in in their little private marine habitats. They don't want people messed with the fish. They don't want people, you know, handling them and causing problems. So, you know, if you're more of an adventurer swimmer, snorkeller, explorer, if you will you may want to have an opportunity to dive down and do some of the things all those glass areas that this play area on this early won't people like, hey. To your point though, the glass areas in the aquarium, you're right down there with the fish anyway. No reason to to Dallas I feel the urge. Okay. I need to dive. I need to go down and look at the fish. And who's if you walked into the Royal and you want to query them there. You could just looking at this insane, including a huge Manta Ray that would raise fully go back and forth and back and forth. So soothing, it was so into to watch all those incredible tropical fish in animals just swim and just kind of like hang and they're so used to human. So we used to just lay look at you. They'll they'll hang on front of the glass, it's really quite spectacular. What's going on? So kind of going back to this. What's included with your stay with this resort. We it also include wifi in the rooms and in the lobby areas. And then fitness center, I think it was a you. And in one of my son. Took advantage of that guess per day. Is that what it was? And then you also get this vouchers, at least it was the case at the Royal you get two bottles bottled water if you can get it from any bars restaurants within the property. Even I think it's from Starbucks probably get them. So I thought that was convenient and in an also movie theater was there. But we didn't get to advantage that right? Take advantage of it casino lessons. My gosh. Casinos big draw there for a lot of people with the casino. It's a really big part of the resort connecting the Royal to the coral. I think it was right? And yeah, it was a big big draw especially at night. Yeah. You go to the one one side a heads to the coral the other side to the marine village. Yeah. And that village actually, it was also very pretty area tons of shops. Great restaurants connected to the Atlantis Bahamas. Because if you went to the restaurants or anything like that, you could charge your restaurant Bill to your room, so this marine village if you. Will was a really nice added. Marina village, excuse me. Really nice added bonus to the overall resort because it offered different restaurants different shopping options and things of yachts. Yeah. Sitting riles people sitting right next to oh my gosh. There's people pulling up in these million dollar plus yachts in hanging out. Multimillion dollars, beautiful yachts. Mafi for sure. Quite spectacular. Yes. But boy was it something to behold to every time we went over to this. Marina village in. We're getting some bite to eat or something like that. They had how many restaurants are about five or six different restaurants, and Ben and Jerry's. They're more than six had candy stores there they had souvenir. Shop Italian the pasta family style. Which by the way. Minds. It's a reservation only. So don't forget to make a reservation. We didn't know that. And there's a Frankie what was that? That was pretty good. Actually, remember, he goes bananas. Frankie has been in. Okay. Yeah. And the. Were pizza place delicatessen? All the. So many. Yeah, there's a steak joint there. There was a hamburger place. There is like a top us kind of local food thing there a lot of righty of different types of food. In addition to what was offered in each of the hotels as well. Each of the hotels, restaurants and bars as in. Yes. All righty of just about anything. You can imagine T. There's even a noble sushi restaurant there in the casino. You had quite a variety of different things to enjoy in. You know? You know, it's a little candle to high in it can be a little on the pricey side too. I mean, depending on your options in what you wanna go with because you've got gratuities in VAT in a bunch of taxes, if you want to venture past, you know, the marina village the shopping village, there's a nice little. There's a little shopping across the street from it all and there's a Anthony's breakfast Dunkin. Check, their the fish is great is a Dunkin donuts back there as well. So good place to grab a little extra snack for breakfast and stuff like that. Some liquor shower. Your shops or the grocery store over there too. You can get some milk and some other things so I was actually a little less than the resort fees. If you will. So you can save a little way in very convenient as well. Right. So I heard a lot of people's Atlantis is expensive expensive. I really felt food. Yeah. Was expensive? I think because of the odor Matic VAT VAT of twelve percent, plus a gratuities of any anywhere between fifteen to nineteen percent or even more. And then additional gratuities that he choose to put. So that automatically raises the total Bill, but the drinks were about the same as California. It wasn't. We live in northern California. And in the restaurants charges, like sixteen bucks team bucks. The drinks were outrageous. I mean compared to what we're used to here in actually drinks were quite good. Good. They weren't watered down. They didn't skimp out on all frozen deck in the frozen or divine. Andy, I got to chase them the local beers. I highly recommend and beers. What was the Kalyk? And what was it? Bush crack Bush is another one that I recommend. Instagram. So those aspects of it worked quite well for us. And if you know, you don't like the mixed drinks and things like that beers and wines and other things like that are available to so very very convenient in my gush. There were bars everywhere at each of the pools, there's a little snack places about right next to it walking into the casinos bars. Right all over the place. It was absolutely anywhere that you want to find a drink sit down. Relax, look at the beach. Look at the buildings sitting side. It was available in very very successful. But one thing to think about as well and something that you complained a little bit about they don't how shall one say. They don't save on a C especially in the hallways. Oh my God. It was freezing in the hallways of the hotel. Try and go to your room. So don't forget to bring some kind of show. Goal oregon. Wow. That's that's the was like ice room. I don't know if they were anticipating is going to be really warm while we were there they had the east on lasting in the frigging hotel. So keep that in mind as you're coming out of the pool and walking towards your room. Very cool. But other than that. I think that was the only real kind of shocking piece of it the rest of it was really quite spectacular. Again. There's there's like five miles of beaches sitting right on paradise island there. They've got all these great beaches and access to the beaches was really quite easy, very easy. And oh, my God that powdery of sands like powdered sugar on your so comfortable, right? And it was just gorgeous and just on that subject. If you keep a walking to the east of this Atlantic's beach, you get to a beach cold cabbage. We were on a hunt to find. Snorklers what about the island or so we kind of looked around where the jetties or where the kind of rocky point. So we had our whole snorkeling gear. We were on earth nor going, and we my son. Well, we brought our own snorkeling gear. And we wanted to leverage it wanted to use it and wanted to take advantage of having access to these beaches. So we we went for a hike. Yeah. So we on a quest for west for snorts going spot. So we ended up walking close to fell like a two mile shawl, my go, you arms well about two man. Yeah. It was not begs heavy walked all the way at the end of cabbage cabbage beach. You've got to snorklers point, which is a rock. It's it's actually connects to beaches together cabbage beach with some other beach, and there's private residences there, and there's a golf courses right in the back area there. In fact, we found a golf ball in the water. That's it's from as worse from and actually that snorkel spot wasn't bad. The rocks are kind of interesting. But there wasn't a whole lot to see did flee the starfish. Yeah. We did find a starfish pig that was kinda cool. There are the little things here and there, but nothing like a huge aquarium late like we've seen the Zuma's or in other places that we've been huge yacht. Just stomach to park right there skis and lot of jet skier. So be careful venture out. There bullies Ray pretty strict about if you go beyond those buoy. He's then you hear the whistle. Yeah. That's a really good point even even down cabbage beach. There are designated swimming areas and you'll see that there's there's bullies close to shore. They recommend people to swim jetskis galore up and down cabbage beach. Obviously people MIO making some money the tour out having a good time. So it's just be careful if you're going to be venturing out, especially where we were snorklers snorkel points or snorkellers point, whatever it was be careful around there because there is no designated swim area. So keep your wits about you. Because yet airy is you mentioned yachts, come crews and. Pleasure boats. Cruisers by you, get jetskis crews and buy into the circuit kick, pretty busy. So yeah. Just just look out. Yeah. Jess skiers and whatnot. Big boats, coming your way. You know, other than that other than the two mile hike in ventured around actually loved Gwynne beach to frolic. It wasn't me and daughter we didn't need to carry heavy tra- for users. Yes. The less adventurous. There's nothing, but relax -ation there. I mean, it is to your. To your heart's content. You can, you know, do some activities you can go to the dolphin cave or cove excuse me where there's dolphins. You can go swim with the dolphins. You can be a dolphin trainer day. Dolphin case. Use me there's water slides water slides galore song. Mike some adventurous some really just for kids. So let's talk about some of the right? Yeah. So at the Mayan temple there is like a shock tink right in the leap of faith. Wow. I ended up trying that I can't believe all I could see was just a bunch of water splashing on your face scribe, Billy buffets. What is the leap of faith? It just goes straight down into this shark tank. But, but you through this tunnel thing, you're into the why you able to see the sharks by when you're doing this leap of faith. It's supposed to be the second. Scariest water arm slide in. Okay. Well, we need to do that. So that we can check it off. But you climb to the top of the pyramid. And you get to this opening and you slide yourself in and you drop straight Jerry down. So imagine you're you're in a waterslide. You're dropping straight down and you hit this little curve, and you slide through this tunnel. We'll since he hit that curve any water that was underneath a splashes right up in your face. You can't see many before you know, it you're in the pool on the other end. So really couldn't see much sharks Sipa fast fan, I could not see sharks. But its worst wasn't straight down. It's an in the fun part is there's a lot of little kids that go up there in the brave to see people go to start screaming and crying. They don't wanna go down. Right. Right. Right. Right. I saw that. I saw that. And then they're serpent slide, which I thought it was really fun. Yeah. And then a jungle slight which dot. Low scrape my get enough of it. Yeah. Somehow. I had the hardest time in on the jungle you go down the leap of faith five. Slide. She scrapes or so, but the leap of faith on another thing is as you go down you supposed to down. Right. You don't sit up on end. You cross your legs, and you clench a little bit because you're going straight down in water could come up the water was British strong. Essence you make sure that you're covering all points of entry of you will right and then challenges slides. Was the Mayan temple? And then the challenge of slides to point it was actually two slides next to each other. In you raised your opponent to see who could get down first night. So two people wanted the same time, and obviously they're in different slides, they're separated from each other. But that was the whole point of the challenger side. See who could get down there, the fastest. So it was a not a straight drop down. But the leap of faith straight drop down through a tube through the shark tank and ended up in a pool on the other side. And that was it a straight down the abyss at the power tower. Oh, yeah. The beautiful. Oh my God. If you can bring your phone. Virk thing or some kind of water for bringing that up to the top of the tower power power tower and their rides. That's called the drop the falls the surgeon the abyss and business. The one is is an that's the only one I didn't try, but you did this one again up on top. And yeah, you go through a dark tunnel. It drops than it levels. And it drops again. So you got two different drops. And they're pretty steep. They're pretty good drops. And then you end up in a pool inside, you're not outside your inside. This is landing pool. Which is kinda cool. The hard part is climbing stairs backup back to the top. But yeah, it was really cool. It was a real quick ride while you were waiting in line for one of the other slides. I went down search certain. Yeah. Came back up and met up with you. Right. It is it was about our turn to go. So the weight can be pretty long for those popula ride. Yeah. But then then you end up in the the river. Yeah. Yeah. Actually, it was the wasn't a lazy river. It was the Rapids river current the current. So that was pretty fun. It was a lot of fun and it make sure to tuck your feet and legs insight. Ken 'cause you'll bump into the size of all the wall. Right. So that could be a little dangerous and another spot that don't forget to check out as the predator lagoon in the tunnel. It's right by the paradise bar grill. The restaurant, which we also really liked it's beautiful view in right? There is the remember the tunnel that you actually go down and in their predators Chartres. Yes. Yes. Just swimming by and I thought that was really really cool again, there's just so many different marine habitats that you can go through the even head hammerhead sharks behind that lagoon. Remember that and the predator lagoon had barracuda had? Of what was it the sawtooth sharks? Black tips in there as well. Really quite interesting just to be able to get down and see those sharks Ryan around. Yeah. It was really quite cool. Yeah. The the mammals and efficient everything just a spectacular display. So I mean. Yeah. Depending on what your your tastes are definitely would recommend the slides and the the Rapids pool. The Rapids pools like they have lazy pool lazy river, if you will you get into just kind of float around Rapids pool, they actually create waves in that pool in the waves carry around kind of Crete Rapids and stuff like that. It's great fun. It was great fun for the family of you're bringing your kids can grab an inner tube and hit those those different pools slides. It was a lot of at all ages right in our teenager had a blast with more advanced rise in and there's a teen club coal rush. And it opens I think it was like ten thirty and you pay twenty two. Dollars cover charge. Go go onto like a one one. He's seems to have a blast though. You know, people of all ages some have something to enjoy tons of. Yeah. It was at the same time. You know, our vacation sometimes can be pretty busy right because we liked to explore. We like to hit different beaches. We usually have rental car, and we do a lot of things on our own way. We can. But this one we stayed within the resort. It's huge. So be prepared to walk. We love to walk. So it was not a chore at all at all. And actually loved it. It's a beautiful ground everywhere is just so fun to walk around. And it wasn't super hot either. If fancying pool you gotta live in pools to choose from each with different themes in different entry points in different. You know? Attractions around it. If you like the beaches cheesy, you've got five miles of perfectly sandy beaches on the ocean was just spectacular as nice and comfortable. It was warm. It wasn't cold easy to swim around in just absolutely beautiful liars. Around yet, tons of chairs around wasn't fight in some resorts where you had to wake up at six AM and go your your chairs and watch out for the chair Nazis. Come by an inventive Clayton. Police. None of that stuff. It was balanced. You remember for the spring break one time? We did I found it to just be very relaxing. And so on the relaxing note. We the last two nights we were there. We rented a private Cabana good. And it was so worth it. The hardest part for me was I really couldn't tell exactly where the Cabanas located. So the first day which was at the Basque colonnade. It's right by the covy and the setup full the Cabanas will Fintan stick. It's very close to the pool. So that was convenient for us to keep an eye on daughter. And then just a walk outside of there's a beach, and then there are bars and restaurants close by and it's a really beautifully setup Cabanas comfortably sits the one that we rented was up to six people, but they're also bigger size that accommodate. Tempe. People eight people. But on the second. So the bass colonnade is a good location. We had Abana number number nine. Yes. Number nine is good. Good comes with luggage cheese to person Shays lounge chair comes with a love seat comes with a refrigerator towels storage area there and you have a safe. You have a attendant that comes by make sure you got everything you need. Then you have wait staff that come by and get you, right? Drinks and convenient right in the security safe. And there's wifi all over the place. So you can bring your devices, and you can sit back, and there's a charging stations charging studios Ray, plenty of electrobi- there. So yeah, very, very convenient. And and then the second day or the last night we were there that did not work for us. So it's a riba bend number sixteen is situated right by the I don't know, why do the vent. It's right by a restaurant and the restaurant, obviously, they have heat sources Avis stoves ovens and stuff like this. So they get these these vents these ventilation fans blow air in and out or wherever Cabanas Ecksteen is right next frigging, Vince. And you know, what I was promised while I don't know this location. I can't really see it on the map. Oh, one thing. I can guarantee. You is quiet. Riven is quiet. Excuse me. No. Don't get number sixteen. So yes. So be careful if you can if you're going to be renting near river, bend get number twelve or something a little bit twelve and thirteen fine far enough away from that don't go fifteen sixteen or you're not good. Not good at all good at all make sure you request no sixteen. Yes. Yes. That's important that I don't want you to get. And depending on what it is that you're looking for the Cabanas. We're great because it gave you a little bit of shade little bit of privacy changing their curtains, they you can close so that you can actually change. Yeah. Close and instead of having to get up and go to table or go somewhere else to eat. You know, you bring food brought right there yet a table in your Cabana you had planned storage areas. So just really nice and comfortable and relaxing cya was for a change. It was very laid back pay. That's my. To be right. Yes. So all very pleasant experience. Another thing, I guess I can add is transportation to get to Atlantis booked directly with Lantis. There's a shuttle service that you can purchase. It was like a hundred and twenty dollars full four of us through to adults and two kids. Well, one is a teenager. But yeah, I thought it was worth it. And he has opposed to print out the coupon. But does sometimes Email attachment that they they don't they don't work. So we just had to go to this kiosk. It's actual section right? Where they had that Lantis kinda like a counter in you just go there, and you just get your boarding pass. So I thought that was good way to rather than dealing with taxis. And we know that the for us we usually party of five I was thinking taxis and things I. So all the luggage and stuff to. Yes. The luggage is right. So I was thinking, you know, this way it's easier and it was by. Leisure and travel. They might have several companies working to provide the shuttle service. But yeah, it was very pleasant. Yeah. Thirty forty minutes curriculum. Hip to Atlantis Bahamas from the airport. So yes, I just wanted to note that too, but it was beautiful. We recommend it definitely highly recommend the Atlantis. If you even if you're doing a cruise, and you're going to be parking in saw checkout. The Atlantis the water slides, the water parks, the marine habitats are in credit today. They're minimal. If you have the opportunity spend a few days there, it's very relaxing, very very leisurely, plenty of staff, they kind of blend into the background. You're you're not accosted by obnoxious people cruising around plenty of space around. I mean cheese. It's one hundred and was at forty one acres waterpark alone on top of all the other acreage four accommodating different people. It's huge. But it's it's very convenient. Nice. It's a great family vacation spot and at the same time from what I could see we we peaked at the cove. Yup. Right and L, my gut the pool was amazing. They had all those mattresses and the lounging. Oh, they had the Cabanas. Did you see their Cabanas will really Nouri? Nice. Yeah. Cushions and TV and in kinda shaded area. And they're only forget how many of them sixteen of the mini. Yeah. It's a total privacy. So if you want some privacy as know, you can get that also so all in all I was laid up very nicely different kinds of hotels in class. And depending on what you're looking for you want to be closer to the casinos or independent on your budget to. I mean. You could go, you know, ridiculous and bring your yacht. If you want just gonna hang out there and cruise around some of the Cabanas and stuff or do like, what we did find a spot in the Royal or any other hotels there and just you go there and you'll just relax. It's just a great place to go. Relax. Yeah. So highly recommend it. And I would love to hear from those people who've been there in my daughter definitely wants to go back there. When are we going back home? I gosh is already talking about you had made so many friends, not only marine friends, but also human friends too. The different pool. So definitely drink. Oh, great place for families tons of kids tons of right friends for your kids as well. Which was always a good thing. So that mom and dad can have a little bit of risk time and not have to worry about it. We're often doing their own thing. It was great really really nice. It was a really nice experience. So thank you Atlanta 's Bahamas health to hope to visit again soon. Yeah. So that we're going to wrap up this week's episode. Hope you enjoyed our little teaser in topic in the Atlantis Bahamas to areas point. If you've been there in you've experienced some of the same things or some different things we'd love to hear about your there. Tell us what you really really liked in what you really recommend. And we'll definitely highlight that on future podcasts some of TV's now and dolphins on anything else. And speaking of future podcast what we got coming up. Oh, we have Bora Bora, we have French Polynesia how li- Grand Cayman, we have Exuma Bahamas talk on the topic of Bahamas probably should do Bahamas next. And they're all in king king coons. Europe. We've got ball Tiempo era, all sorts of great stuff coming up for you guys. So beautiful places. So do stay tuned. Please do and so with that said thank you so much for joining us. We really do. Appreciate you spend some time with us. And we look forward to speaking with you on next week's episode until then have a good one. Check. Please.

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Golden Knights in Group of Death?

Golden Edge - Vegas Golden Knights Hockey

34:23 min | 11 months ago

Golden Knights in Group of Death?

"They leaned in and said something to freddie. And don't let them change you keep working on. What makes you different. And what makes you special. It was a great advice. A caused me some problems. What could change freddy adu. Soccer is going to explode in. It's going to be around this kid. The beatles everywhere we went it was the freddie show and with that came the expectation with that came the pressure. New episodes of american prodigy dropped tuesdays from blue or podcasts. What is a hockey fans. This is golden podcast. The podcast las vegas review journal talks about hockey and we got some hockey stuff swirling about their some golden knights players and of course their coach are out and about doing charity work. The league in the players are hashing out. Return to play details a lot of hockey stuff kind of just in the air. Not all that concrete yet. But that's out there. I of course goats. One of your golden knights review journal beat reporters. Joining me on the other line is my colleague. Dave dave can you also since the high heck. Yeah i got. I got the hot chocolate. I been sipping gained into the holiday spirit. I you know. I like our friend. Smokey robinson says happy shinyuka to our to our listeners who were members of the tribe and might go check out some christmas lights later. So yeah definitely feel like all hockey. It's all starting to feel like like we're getting closer. Yeah happy holidays to you. Everyone who listens. We appreciate you guys so so much. We probably won't get to talk to you guys before the holidays happen for some of you know of course As dave mentioned there's already holidays going on as well but just happy holidays. Whatever you believe in celebrate. I hope you have a wonderful time of year. At least make the best of it that you can because we're all just trying to do that right now in terms of the hockey stuff that's also in the air. We're going to dive in on some specific stuff when it comes to the nhl kind of return to play details later on in the show but for now the kind of a topic items are really just that nothing has officially been settled. The two sides are still hashing out a lot of things. They're not fighting over money necessarily anymore. They are haggling over the rosser rules quite a bit. That seems to be one of the big hangups. Obviously the thing is kind of like they had in baseball this past year. You need a taxi squad in addition to your main roster that you kind of bring from place to place just in case positive tests pop up and all of a sudden you know. Three players can't play in a given game while you'd have to taxi squad that you can pull from to fill out your lineup. Well how many players are going to be on that taxi squad. Do they need to clear. Waivers to taxi squad helmets. Do they get paid of the salary cap ramifications. All that sort of stuff is still being discussed. I think there's been at least some discussion about we expand the roster little bit go from like twenty three to twenty five will obviously their salary cap implications and stuff with that because teams length nights that are kind of pressed up against the cap. Probably don't want to expand their rosters because they can't necessarily do unless there's some cap wiggle room there so a lot to still figure out there so that's kind of the non update update in terms of the league of the whole in terms of a the nights. There's a lot to at least discuss because the knights appear doing some charity work yesterday at help of southern nevada. There are several players in coach. Pete deboer involved there. I also got a chance to talk to four over the weekend. Dave got to talk to some players indoor yesterday so we want to go through some of the highlights of all of these conversations. But i off dave on borrow a question from one of our great co workers who sent this e mail when you file your story yesterday. And i think he speaks for a lot of people showed up to you. Tony did you see deboer sword in hand what. He was working Delivering bikes to needy families with marc andre. Fleury yesterday ahead. No not even a she or anything like they were chummy was great they were joking around pailin. Right like like jumps. Apparently they had. Let's pardon the pun barry the hatchet or whatever. Yeah it was kinda. It was kinda funny i you know. Maybe it's christmas spirit or had a good chat but no sign of a sword anywhere. Now there you go. That's a good Sign for the night. Certainly and it's the whole soared. Thing of course was just part of a crazy year for four. I talked with him a little bit over the weekend. But i mean if you just really go back and retrace. His last eleven months Of course got hired january fifteenth by his former teams rival then he got hit by a global pandemic then. He had to go play bubble hockey with the team. I mean it's just been insane time for him and his family and he actually said he bought a house in las vegas four. Everything shut down in march but he didn't actually to move in until november first so he's only been in town really the last month and a half and He told me he's still getting out and exploring the area which is just kind of crazy to think about the adjustments. That kind of he's telling making to even living here one piece of big news he shared is that we talked about this a three weeks ago. That four nights players tested positive for covid nineteen will now all four have recovered. According to the board he did say however one of them was hit pretty hard by it. There was not a hospitalization involved or anything like that but deboer said the player in question was knocked out for three or four days. I think that's definitely an early sign that This virus potentially have a big impact not just potentially on the nights but on the league as a whole it certainly still affecting you know college football. The nfl obviously college basketball because unlv basketball is now on pause because coach j. also burger tested positive. So this is certainly something that's Knocking necessarily go away then. In terms of hockey topics damore obviously thrilled about the fact that the team signed alex portray angelo who she worked with at a world championships before he was also happy. That robin lehner re-sign which wants get it. Sounds like he's happy to have both goaltenders because he marc andre. Fleury seemed chummy. A divorce did say that. He anticipated playing. Both those goalies allot during the season. It's we've been talking about this for months but it's likely that this upcoming regular season is going to be condensed. Maybe four games a week of just to get as many in as possible before the league has to get out of the calendar to make way for the summer olympics called having that tandem of our country flurry and robin lehner at his disposal. A huge advantage for the team. I'm gonna. it was funny. Because when i asked him about that i preface the question with you know. Let me be the first of like hundreds of people to ask you about this. But i do feel like know this is just going to be a season-long storyline if he marc andre. Fleury appear chummy right. Yeah for sure. He's asked about it yesterday. Charity stuff. Marc andre fleury was asked about it just in terms of how he sees the workload what he expects how. How essentially like if we're gonna have a condensed schedule like you mentioned in a lot of back to backs everything. Compressed into you know a handful of months here. The both goals are going to be needed. So i think as long as you know as long as both goals are on the roster and the golden knights are allocating twelve million dollars of salary cap hit during a flat cap era to the goal tending position. There's always gonna be questions. Lingering and things like that about what's going on the story might not gonna go away until i guess. Maybe that issue is resolved in. It will probably go. You know as long as marc andre fleury is on this roster all through the postseason in. Who's starting all that sort of stuff. So i mean if the put it this way if the if the golden knights are prepared for those questions a better hedy haredi forum. 'cause they're certainly common devore's very ready to answer a lot of those. He might not be thrilled about it. But i think he knows it's common a Some other odds and ends from kind of his various availabilities this week. He said there's not necessarily time line for a to get slapped on someone's jersey. We obviously know. A captain is coming for the golden knights. And if you've listened to previous editions of this podcast. I don't think we've made any secrets as to who we think that captain is probably going to be. But he's still deboer said he needed sock it over with george mcphee calendar criminal kind of make it official before they award it and i would imagine that would happen sometime around on the start of training camp whenever that officially is another thing that the board said. Yesterday i thought was interesting. It was something about two thousand eighteen first round. pick peyton crabs deboer said quote. We don't look at birth certificates when we're building a team in regards to other crabs is going to be able to challenge for a roster spot a com training camp and. I think we've talked a lot about glass on this podcast. In general stepping forward this off season potentially he's obviously gained weight in is looking to build on his kind of Heave described as kind of a disappointing rookie year. Others also guys like chandler stephenson or nicholas wa- that could potentially grow into larger roles but the fact that deboer brought up krebs earlier talked about. We're going to give them a shot. Certainly seemed to be the intention that quote yesterday and he brought up krebs his name when talking about potential center options to me over the weekend. I know it makes me start to feel like. Maybe we've underestimated his a little bit. I kind of always thought you know he'll show up. Try to impress. And then we'll see kind of where the ships fall from there. Because he is a guy that can't go to the elliott. You'd have to go back to juniors about the fact that they brought them to. The bubble may talked very highly about his time there and he actually took part in warm of a couple of times and now. The coach is kind of appears to be saying. He's going to have a shot here. I'm curious whether they are legitimately going to give him an opportunity to make the roster. Yeah i think they are. I mean to go back to your original question which was have. We been underestimating. His chances i think i was certainly guilty of underestimating his chances to be in the bubble. I know when. I wrote the story about you. Know the expanding roster and these are probably seven guys and we talked about you know. Is jack do or out all these sorts of like pain. Cribs wasn't even on my radar in shame on me should have been. I mean at the time. It just seemed like. I guess maybe a little bit too too too optimistic for somebody who is still playing juniors and coming off an achilles injury and things like that but you know i learned my lesson in that regard in. I think we've said this before. I think it speaks to how highly the nights feel about about picking crabs and all even throw one more female is. We're gonna talk about this a little bit. When you trade rumors floated about somebody. Like max pacioretty it. Those types of things kind of get started in the hot stove you know starts to simmer because you look at well what is logical replacement. What are they already having a pipeline. What do you have to clear. Broom for in a guy like peyton. Cribs is knocking at the door and has shown versatility not only being able to play center. Which is where he was drafted like. He's playing for team. Canada right now at the world juniors and he's been kicked over to a wing he was on a wing you when we saw him in training camp and probably the in the bubble. So there's a lot of different options that maybe he's presenting with how close he is and how ready he is. I mean he's got you know that nine game. I guess it's nine game. I mean based on the old. Cba window. Where maybe he can play games before you know. He would burn a year on his contract. There's there's a whole lot of different things that i think could happen with him. In in part of it is he's sort of force their hand on this. I mean players coach top of solid. Time about you know. Make them make hard decision and so far right now it looks like peyton crabs. Is you know making the goal nights. Have to make a tough decision on on some other folks in players and maybe some roster things. Maybe he's not ready. Maybe he goes back to juniors after it'll be interesting just in the development standpoint. Say the whol doesn't get started until mid february or something. I don't know hypothetically do the knights feel it's better if there's expanded rosters for pain krebs to stick around and develop and maybe even get a game or two and again his feet wet in in that regard it'll be. It'll be interesting decision. I think for george. Mcphee killing the kremlin in kind of pro-development style. 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Day matter how you watch pepsi's the refreshment you need power through any game day because pepsi made for those who play the game. It's for those who watch pepsi made for football lodging. Yeah no it's fascinating. Have how aggressive they want to be with them. Because you know as you mentioned this is a kid. That's you know. Had an achilles injury not that long ago obviously was hobbled when he got drafted he kind of had to stumble his way onto the stage and spent most of his first post draft season in the early goings just rehabbing and didn't take the ice again until last november november twenty nineteen so the fact that now he's nineteen years of age and basically you know year and a half later. He's kind of making a push potentially for the nhl rosters really a credit to him and all the work he's put in. Obviously what's going to be interesting because you can phrase it frame. This either way is how him going to. Juniors right now would affect things because as you said he. Is there with team. Canada seems like he's really made a good impression. They are kind of their scrimmages. So far but the world juniors which are taking place in edmonton run from september twenty fifth to january fifth and with all the talent that team canada. Has you always expect them to stay. Most of that time you know obviously to be there for some of the later more important games you could say that well. Maybe it's a bad thing for krebs chances because obviously if camps start you know potentially around the third which is date that we've heard thrown out a little bit and krebs has to get to gold night's camp late was that put him behind the eight ball on the other hand obviously compared to some other guys he will be in game shape whenever he does get tonight's camp because he will played in a lot of competitive games for team canada so maybe compared to some other guys who i mean especially. This is kind of been a weird off season for everyone. There might be some guys who need to shake off the rest more than normal. He will have a lot of the rest shaken off already with. That's going to be really fascinating. And obviously he's gonna have a lot of competition too. Because while i do stand by the kind of interesting question of whether we've underestimated payton crabs certainly as we've talked about earlier on this podcast even in this episode cody glass. Seems like he's ready to go to. And i understand max. Pacioretty was kinda talking. Cody glass up yesterday. As well dave yes. That's no shock As kind of a cody glass stan. Little bit from the last couple of years even sort of said that himself having played with him. You know it's star last year a little bit and then the previous year in training camp in during the preseason. There's a little bit of chemistry there on ice and and i think if cody glass makes the team. It's an option. It'll be interesting to see. Where pete deboer uses him clearly jar gland kind of shoehorned him into the lineup at the start of last year. You know it right wing. Just kind of have his presence. Add a different element on the power play. Interestingly max pacioretty mentioned that that's one one area where he really thought like when cody glasses out of the lineup of the golden knights suffered was on the power play in cody last makes them a little more versatile he gives them a different dimension on the man advantage. Banyu wrote about this. That cody lasted put on thirteen pounds. Max patriot. He said he's basically got a looks. Like a new person. Got a new body so at twenty one years old in in sort of coming into his own. You would think this is. This is the time. This cody glasses. Opportunity to seize the job You know i mean that goes into the pastas new trade. In how the golden knights feel about their organization organizational depth. Skews me if i can get that out But just you know also where they feel cody glasses. If he's you know close to a hundred percent and should be ready to go after the knee injury that they can plug him and hope for good things going forward. Yeah they definitely got young guys that seem to be emerging which you mentioned early kinda plays ensue. Some of the trade rumors that we talked about last week. Where guys like jonathan marchessault alec martinez flurry and patrick of kind of floated out there guys. That maybe the nights would be willing to move to kind of help. Their salary cap situation a little bit because as of now they are still projected to be over the upper limit. I did think however pacioretty had a pretty good response to said rumors when he got asked about it yesterday. I guess since you were there. Can you share with our listeners. How patch already has responded to being a trade candidate potentially look. I think clearly you know. He knew the question was coming. He was very prepared for it and gave an outrageously awesome answer which was something to the effect of. He had played ten years in montreal. So the current rumors was lightweight. Stuff and then he'd heard way worse as a captain could only imagine so. I think you whatever was sort of being floated in and talked about at least on the hot stove in the rumor. Mill didn't affect him whatsoever. Obviously he's got a new baby at home and some other things to worry about. So i just think it's funny that you know a guy like max factor. He's just such an articulate intelligent guy and he said he knew the question was coming so so to have that response in his pocket. Ready to ready to pull it out. He was he had it all fired up and ready to go pretty funny. Yeah we'll obviously have to see. Whether those rumors come to fruition but at least batch already appears to be taking it in stride somewhat on one thing i wanted to get to. That said something. I kind was alluding to off the top is. We're still not exactly sure how the divisions are going to shake out next year. We actually talked a little bit about this. On last week's show we kind of you know. Reacted like literally live as i believe. Pierre lebrun kind of tweeted out the projected divisions and there's still some adjusting potentially going on there but when the boards go look at the projections. He called the knights potential new home. A group of death to borrow a world cup phrase Which i love. I love that phraseology. To reference one of my favorite musicals the music man. Now gary bettman the nfl. Commissioner a teams are only going to play division games. Next year is critically important. You know who's in or out of the knights division because that basically narrows down the opponents they have to prepare for next year. And i think based on kind of the rumors and projections that are out there. If you're a nights fan you should probably have some pretty mixed feelings about how things are shaking out So what we can pretty much project. I really safely right now. Is that i assure the nights new division whether you want to call it the western division or whatever name they ended up going is almost certainly going to include anaheim arizona colorado los angeles and san jose and it's the last two spots that are kind of an influx. So if you look at that right there four out of those five teams. I would say are pretty clearly worse than the nights. The avalanche obviously are the exception to that rule in three of them in terms of the ducks kings. Sharks are going to be playing for the first time since march since they didn't even make it to the bubble and those teams are actually not gonna get the head start that they originally kind of promised by the league and so you would have to imagine. That's a decent chance that they're going to get out to really slow starts now. When we recorded last week it looked like dallas in saint louis could be ready to final teams the division now. It seems that may be. It's gonna be minnesota in saint louis but it's obviously appears to be fluid at this point so who knows if it's dallas you talking about the top four teams in the western conference last season all being in the same division. If it's minnesota it's not quite that top heavy but obviously the wild for whatever reason have been a team that's really been the knights kryptonite the wiler six one one all time against the knights and so you mentioned. We did some reaction initially last week. But i guess they're sitting in thinking about it for a little bit. Dave i mean what do you think are the night coming out and all this while i'm with you. I often the whole group of death thing because as a big world cup fan soccer guy like. Yeah i chuckled. Out loud winning. Pete deboer said that yesterday we were all kind of gathered around. I mean as i wrote in the story today for for the review journal. I think you can make some argument. That some folks back east would contend that the proposed i guess eastern division or whatever. You wanna call. It might be a little tougher. I mean if you're going to get you know philly pittsburgh boston. New york islanders. The rangers in their it. If you're if you're washington if your bottom teams are basically new jersey buffalo. I mean i think the bottom of the pacific is probably a little lower. you know. you've got four teams that finished in the bottom of the standings arizona. La san jose anaheim. So i mean it's all it's like a top heavy sort of fields. I guess to the pacific division thing. I think if minnesota gets in there even though the history you know and then being kinda bugaboo team as you pointed out six one in one the wild dr against the knights all time but i think the nights will be much better off clearly. I think that while they're going through a little bit of transition. You wanna call it. Quite a rebuild. But they're not a team. Certainly in the same i guess. Stanley cup contention as like dallas in saint louis which are the other two teams. That seem to be in the mix. I do think that that one team would change the dynamic enough because you're looking at three teams like colorado dallas saint louis all in one division and the nights are playing them potentially eight times like you know what twenty four of your fifty. Six games are against those streets. Talk that's brutal. You better beat up on those bottom teams if you're going to have a division with saint louis colorado and potentially dallas in there. You better make a on those on those lower division teams. I guess you could say so. It's i you know it's not the worst thing in the world. I guess depending on whatever but it's certainly not tampa bay's path. I mean if you look at what the kind of mid west or central division sort is proposed. I mean that's a kick your feet up on on the shays lounge in say all right. Well you know we got pretty good chance to successfully defend our stanley cup. But i do think you know part of it too is going to depend on the playoff format. You know if you get four teams in there from each division you know then maybe the nights are okay. You're you probably feel all right. You know you if you finish in fourth place you know that that gap between four and five in the pacific division will probably be pretty significant. So i don't think there would be a threat in that regard but in terms of trying to division in terms of trying to get yourself better seating and things like that getting on the format. It's it's gonna be a bumpy ride at the top for the knights lot you know lot of traps in in good teams up there. Yeah the key will be how. The playoff format is ultimately constructed. Obviously the reason why they're doing this and they're messing with the divisions is because of the border issue and how hard it is to go back and forth between the us canada right now because of all the quarantines that are required the nhl doesn't want to deal with that which is why they're basically creating all canadian division and just having those two teams not to teams although seven teams all play each other and then they're splitting the twenty four us based teams into three blocks of eight and so it'll be interesting to see how they structure the postseason. Do you do it. Where the playoffs. Just take place within the division and then basically the four kind of ultimate division winners make the final four and then it's not until then that you have a canadian team potentially cross the border because that would make a lot of sense logistically in terms of you know not matching up. Say the canadian division and the western division like you would normally do during the postseason matchup. Obviously the central and the pacific in terms of the western conference that would make a lot of sense to me but that would obviously make the nights path tougher if they for instance get saint louis dallas and colorado. Because that means you potentially have to be two of those teams who are also very good western conference team last year to just make it to the essentially the equivalent of the conference. Finals mean that would end up being a really really difficult calf for the nights to make all the way to the stanley cup. Final obviously wouldn't be impossible because of the nights are a very good team and will be probably one of the favorites next season but that to me would be something that would make things harder for them certainly days absolutely i mean i just look at you know. Compare that potential path. Where if you only have four teams. Make it you. You're gonna have to go through like you know dallas colorado or saint. Louis maybe you know just to get there. I mean they they had to go through twelfth seeded chicago. And i don't remember what vancouver was Congress yeah so i mean just pazar are the juxtaposition between that is completely different. You now you can see obviously the advantage that they had winning that top seed and and it's a different format. I'd get that it was a one time. Unprecedented unprecedented event roxie. But you know if you get the number one see this year your reward could be saint louis or colorado. The you know good luck. I mean you know it's a it's a much tougher path. It certainly doesn't favor them in that regard. I mean if you're able to like get a four seed crossover or something like that. Maybe it's it's a little different mention. I'm still holding out. Hope that there's some kind of format some way that the canadian team will only be able to play the in canada that does play. Offs will only be there in that. Canadian team will will be waiting at the end and it'll be like a us versus candidate stanley cup. That's still might hope behind closed doors. Whatever the you know. If i'm bill foley and they're talking about these proposed divisions i'm yelling and screaming about competitive equity and there's no way you can stack this. You know against us and have a central division like that but i hope they're back there and somebody's saying we have to make sure that the canadian team makes stanley cup. We have to make sure. Canadians teammates us daily gut. That's my hope. That would be absolutely incredible. We'll see how these divisions ended up ultimately shaking out were hoping slash expecting news on all of these kind of league wide development. Potentially later this week we'll have to see it. Seems like every time the league in the players association kind of has a soft deadline that they set for themselves. They end up going. Pass it which is why we're still kind of questioning what's going to happen with the nhl. While meanwhile the nba is already playing. Preseason games bashes how it seems to go for hockey. But we'll of course keep you guys apprised of any developments that end up popping up. Thanks so much for listening. Everyone once again happy holidays a quick reminder before we get out of here please check out all our written work at review journal dot com. Dave mentioned his story. He's had to the last two days facing his conversations with nights players. and of course the bore. I had my sunday story talking to your pizza for also reminded that this five guests is presented by indeed pepsi in favor. Drink a favor dot com. If you guys could also use of whatever you guess please do this one. It would very much be appreciated. I think that was dave chain. We are the golden age podcast once again. Happy holidays everyone. We'll talk to you again. Real soon they say a healthy gut. 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51. Safe, Fun, Sex Post-Divorce with Susan Bratton

Happy Even After with Ms. Renee Bauer

37:06 min | 5 months ago

51. Safe, Fun, Sex Post-Divorce with Susan Bratton

"You just got divorced in use swore off marriage for good you swore off men or woman you swore you would stay alone with your cats and you wouldn't ever rely on another human again but one day you wake up and decide you uncomfortable companionship. And maybe even a new partner. We all go through those phases. We all think we will stay perfectly happy alone until we get the itch. You know the one i'm talking about. Today we talked to a sex expert all about fun safe sex post divorce. It's gonna get steamy in here the happy even after happy even after podcast divorce stops. But it doesn't need to define you. It doesn't need to be the end of your story. Happy even after podcast meet your host renee bauer and award winning divorce attorney peacemaker author and founder of the d. course an online divorce educational program. He's been doing this work for almost two decades and she is passionate about helping all women. Make it out the other side. The happy even after podcasts. Let's jump in. Hey everyone welcome back to another episode of the happy even after podcast in. Oh my goodness. Do i have a treat for you today. I am here with susan britton. Who is a champion and advocate for all of those who desire intimacy and passion for their entire lives. She is the bestselling author publisher of thirty four books in programs including sexual soulmates relationship. Magic revive her. Dr ravished him steamy sex ed and the list goes on and on. She has been featured in the new york times. Cnbc today abc cbs. And just everywhere else aware. The tv goes on. She's there and this is my favorite part. Susan you are a member of the vintage tedtalk. So this is like before the fedex you were one of the original ted speakers. She's also a barbas on trained model and she did managing modeling in department stores to put herself through college. She became a multimillionaire by age. Thirty seven lost everything and then went on to rebuild her business with incredible success. Her core expertise lies in the intersection between passionate lovemaking techniques and bedroom communication skills. So this is going to be a fun fun conversation. Welcome thank you so much for being here. It's great to be with you again. Renee thank you so much. I enjoyed being on your event. Your summit your online event and i'm happy to be on your podcast and i'm really happy to talk about happy. Even after and the idea that the second time around you really know yourself better and we're gonna talk about some benefits to what i call relationship values and why not understanding the may have been the reason that your marriage onepointoh didn't work out and how you can have a two point. Oh that is so much better or three point zero point. We're five point nine ever gotten better relationship values relationship. Values are what it is that you want out of your relationship with your partner. So let's assume that you and your partner are compatible but completely different people Let's also assume that there's a good chance that you're a female and your partner is a male. Now that's not always true in the things that i'm about to say work across the gender spectrum for people of all ages cultures all religions all persuasions but generally there are things that are important to you in a relationship and the question that you ask yourself is what i be in a relationship if i couldn't have this thing and they are things that make meaning in your life and are the feelings that you wanna feel when you're in a relationship that's what relationship values are. You mentioned that. I was on all the different tv channels. I'm almost always on television. Talking about my downloadable workbook called relationship magic at my relationship magic dot com which helps people figure out their top four relationship values. It's very important when you're going out and dating again that you understand what it is that you want in a relationship and that you're very clear about it and one of the things. I always tell guises if you understand. What your partner's relationship values are. It's a short cut to their happiness. It's like a cheat sheet to their happiness. It's the difference between the golden rule and the platinum rule. The golden rule we all know do unto others as you'd have them do unto you treat your partner the way you want to be treated the problem. Is that when you really get down into the weeds. Of what makes a relationship work when you treat your partner the way you want to be treated your operating on your own relationship values which are different than your partners. So i'm going to give you some very specific examples of how to go at a higher level and have the play. The platinum rule. Platinum rule is. Treat your partner the way they want to be treated and have them treat you the way you want to be treated and i'll give you an example. Robert and lauren are a couple that ran into a lot of trouble in their marriage. Because robert was treating lauren the way he wanted to be treated he was what she felt was he was always grabbing her always trying to get sex from her and what he was doing was trying to get the touch and affection that he wanted because his top relationship value passion his second relationship values honesty. His third was fun and adventure and his fourth was growth. He wanted a woman who loved to be cuddly and snugly and get naked with him and touched him and kissed him a lot he was very kinesthetic and he loves physical touch and affection and he wanted someone who told him the truth always told him the truth was just like i can handle anything but not knowing i like to know everything so just tau me everything. I love for you to do exciting things with me. I want to have a fun and exciting life. And i love it when you challenge me as a man and you show me my potential behind. Every good man is a good woman. I want you to show me what i could do in life and i want you to exalt me and hold me up and show me my potential. So that's what he wanted out of her. Where lauren wanted very different things. What she wanted number one was security. she'd had a child that wasn't completely secure and as a woman. We often come into the world feeling a little bit unsafe compared to how men don't even think about their safety because they feel safe you know Generally but women we feel unsafe. She wanted to live in a secure home. She wanted to make sure that they had money in the bank that the bills were paid. She didn't want to be in a relationship if she wasn't taken care of and she was willing to earn money and dedicate cash flow to the marriage as well but she wanted him to have his eye on her and make sure she was safe because she started out feeling unsafe in her life. The second thing she wanted was kind of odds with that it was freedom. She was an extrovert and robert was an introvert and she got all kinds of opportunities and party invitations and people were always calling her up to come do something you know and she wanted to be able to do that so she wanted robert to totally take care of her. Make sure she was safe but also give her plenty of freedom to do things that he may or may not want to do and then for her she also valued honesty. She'd been in relationships where it was walking on eggshells and she didn't want that she wanted to be able to have robert be able to handle anything that she could say to him and know that he could stand firm in truth and her fourth one. What was her fourth one. I'm trying to remember what it was. Now it doesn't even matter because you kind of get the feeling for what they're what they're like and how he they want different things and so for her she she never really had a touchy feely relationship and so when he was grabbing her it felt to her like he was always just like going after her when she realized what he was trying to do is get affection she started sitting on his lap and wearing lingerie for him getting in the shower with him when he was showering and suds him up a little bit and doing the kinds of things that made him the most happy because that's what she had to do all the rest of the stuff she naturally did. That was a place where she just kind of. Had to step it up a little bit. It wasn't the way she was used to doing. Things and robert understood that she really needed to be taken care of her door and he would always point out that everything was good for her and then just give her free rein to live her life. She felt like she was in the perfect relationship with him. And before that he'd been a little controlling a little insecure a little grabby and when all was said and done and they figured out their relationship values and explain them to each other. Then when you get up every day and you're focused on what your partner wants from you and their focus on what you want from bam. You feels like you are in a magic relationship so when you're getting back out into the world it's really good to know what it is. You actually want what your dealbreakers are. And a lot of times people say well. I'm not really sure what i want and i say well you can figure it out by what you you can start with what you don't want and then work from there so the things you did not like your last relationship are maybe the opposite of the thing that you really wanted the most. So the workbook facilitates this idea that you can go through the process i've got it's literally like fill in the blanks. Mad libs approach to figuring out what your top relationship values are and then you rank order them and then you give them some specific so when you're talking to a partner you can say you know. I really really love it when you take care of me. I really loved the way you move that shays lounge out into the sun and then brought the umbrella and made sure i wasn't going to get sunburned. It made it really met my security needs for being taken care of. Thank you so much for doing that. So they're little things and they manifest married ways but those top relationship values are like the eighty twenty knowing the top four. Get you eighty percent of the way to a perfect relationship. You don't even know what the fifth one is. I just wonder how many marriages could have been saved by doing this work. I mean i feel like you are describing the disconnect between every divorce that i've ever done is exactly like this is the root of it. It is that's crazy. It's super powerful. Powerful try that little book. I've sold hundred and sixty nine thousand close to one hundred seventy thousand copies of it and it has saved marriages and created marriages and created incredible relationships for people. It's a. I have such a rewarding career. Yeah so i. If anyone's listening this is a great resource if you are married and it's also a great resource if you're divorced and you're going into the dating world because it is priming you to really get so clear on what you want and i think that that's why. The statistics are so high for second failed. Marriages third and so forth is because people go into that next relationship not clear on who they are and what they want what they need from a relationship so i love that all right so let's switch it up. Let's talk about dating post divorce. The what is the world. Look like out there. Is this fun and exciting or terrifying. It's both in equal measure and it's not even as much terrifying as it is confounding. An annoying right. I mean when you're in dating hell. It is painful but what i like to do is put a meta frame on things so let me make a couple of proclamations if you will. The first one is that online dating is absolutely fantastic. It is it is a tool that you need. It's like trying to make a meal without pots and pans. If you don't use it waiting for wh- when you are not online and you're just looking out in the world you're not finding the breadth of potential partners that you could have access to and what you want and this is my number one takeaway. I want you to have from. This interview is that you have to think about dating as deal flow. So if you're a venture capitalist or an investment banker or business development person or salesperson and you're trying to hit your number if you don't have a lot of deals in the pipeline you might miss your number if you're trying to find the next love of your life or at least the next hot boyfriend for a nice long week of lovemaking whatever level you're at and whatever you're trying to accomplish if you don't have a lot of deal flow then you're going to make decisions that are not going to serve you. Well the more people that are in your pipeline the better decision you can make because you're have more choices it's like anything. We like multiple choices instead of just one option so when you have deal flow what you're really doing is you're just you're cycling through a lot of prospects and you don't have to go out on dates with the mall so what you're doing is you're qualifying prospects so when you go online dating and i recommend either bumble or tender i think that match dot com good. If you're a little older and you just wanna get married right away but after you've been through a relationship or marriage or two that hasn't gone well. What i recommend is to slow down. Take your time and have a lot of dating experiences. They can be virtual at first and then moved to. I r l in real life but let me tell you how the funnel flows if you will and i personally like tender i think it is just it has the highest volume of people. And what we're talking about here is a numbers game. So if you want deal flow tenders the place to do it and you can be on multiple applications so maybe bumble is the second one because then they say you know women are more in control while the thing is women are always in control we do the picking we own the pearly gates to heaven and so we do the picking and So you're in control so once you know your relationship values and you know what kind of relationship you wanna have. You look for someone. That is a match for your values. Someone who makes you feel the feelings you want to feel in relationship and you may have to explain those things and what they need to focus on and then if they're not willing to do it they're not your partner and if they do it and they do it well they could be a prospect for you. I think dating around is very very important but sleeping around is very very dangerous. so there's two tiers to the process here and what you want to think about with eight funnel. Is you want to be in conversation with a lot of men. Let's just assume were a woman and were in. Then we want a guy you want to be in conversation on the dating app with a lot of men you want the whole messages folder to be filled with conversations and a lot of guys are going to try to rush you and get you off the app and get your t start texting with you or pushing you to make a phone call. I don't like to text. i don't wanna be texting all the time but you know we should just have a phone call and you say well you know. I'm happy to have a call with you. When i'm ready to speak to you but i'd like to get to know you a little bit over chat i because i don't wanna waste your time either so you don't need to be pushed into anything you're in charge and when you start chatting with people some of them are going to have anything to say and they're going to peter out or they're going to just be boring or they're not going to put any effort so they were really not interested in you but what you want to be doing is just swiping and as many guys as you think might be a possible person that you could maybe be interested in because they cannot communicate their profiles or written poorly. Their pictures looked like crap. And so you're trying to find a heart of gold in a pile of stones. And that's not their fault men. Generally they don't know how to write profiles they don't know how to pose for pictures they have crappy pictures and so really what you're doing is you're saying okay. Well maybe maybe he's kind of cute or oh. I like that thing. He wrote in this profile. I was just at my girlfriend's house. I had my very first. Socially distanced group outdoor party holiday with some friends and it was really fun and my friends a honda she she jeff online and i said so what was about to sahara's profile that caught your attention and he said well she had references to some really esa teric country and western music on there. And i'm like oh my god if she knows whatever. The name of the band was that. I've never heard of. If she knows blah blah blah band she must be amazing. You know you never know what it is. That's going to be that little thing on a profile. That intrigued you and so. My advice is to be very curious. Intrigued by people knowing that their profile shit their pictures are awful. They don't know what to do and they're terrible at chatting that's all cool. 'cause that's not what we really need from them anyway. This is just how we get to meet that. The thing that you want to do is begin to chat with them. And then you wanna come pretty quickly. If you're interested moved to the qualification round and the qualification round is a series of questions where you say them listen. I just wanted to make sure that we are values match. And i have some questions that are important to me to make sure that you and i might be possibly compatible. Would you mind answering some questions for me. And i would be happy to answer any questions for you as well. But let's let's start there. Well if they don't wanna do that you and remember you can block anybody so you don't have to deal with anybody's bullcrap so then you ask him questions. Your questions are going to be different. And then these questions. We'll be back just after this message to you. Believe that on the other side of your divorce can be a life. You freaking love. What if. I told that to live a happy life. I have to believe you deserve it. How can you possibly create a life. You love if you don't believe you're worthy of let's get you set up to start believing you just text. The word believe to four one one three two wine to receive a free. We'd yourself bad ass guide in this guide. We talk about power statement and how they could change your life so stop what you do it in texts believe to four one one. Three two one. Cu you on the inside. But i'm just gonna give you some questions that you might ask. That might be something where you're like. Oh yeah i'd actually like to know that and you know what else i'd like to now so questions you might ask would be things like what is your real age because the dating apps sometimes they they don't let you change it or gets messed up and it never changed like you don't have a lot of control over some of the stuff that you produce. What is your age and then if it's important to you things like what is your now for some women especially taller women. The you know you're not date someone five nine if you're five eleven or whatever so you know. There's like a physical body characteristic. That's important to you you know. Ask that and then something like are you employed. Do you enjoy your job. Is a nice way to say it are you. Are you happily employed. Do you like what you do for a living and then do you own your own car unless you're in an urban area like you'd be surprised when a guy shows up on his frigging skateboard to starbucks for your date with you. You're gonna wish you listen to susan bratton advice a skateboard. And you don't have a car. How did i screw this one up right. Like how fast. Can i get out of here. I guess i gonna buy his coffee for him to so. Do you have a car. Do you own your own home. Who do you live with. Do you have a girlfriend. A partner or a friend with benefit currently. That's crazy that that has to be asked. But i know that it does. I heard so many stories they do. Everybody has somebody on the side. There had sex with so you want to know like how well she's in la and we only have sex like once a month or no. She's my neighbor and she comes over like every three nights and house was you know like what is your current relationship status. Do you have children because they might and you need to know that and then did you go to college did you. Graduate from college is another important thing and then for some people it might be things like do you have a covert are you cova vaccinated. Do you wear a mask Who did you vote for in the last presidential election. Like if you're a never trumper you don't wanna go out with a trump person right and if politics is important to you and it could be something else. That's important to you but whatever that is this is your list of questions and you just type those out you could have a cut and paste on your computer like answer these questions and then decide whether they fit through the filter and then say you know what i really appreciate it. But i don't think we're a match. And i really appreciate you answering those things. Thank you so much. I wish you well. But i'm an i'm never trumper and i just can't do it or i'm six feet tall and i can't go out with a five nine or i've really found that dating people who don't even though you know bill gates didn't from college and whatever i still have found that i need a college grad for someone that i could be. You know. have a serious wish. So let's say they filter through the filter and you like them then. The next thing that you want to do is you wanna have. I wanna chat with them a little bit more. And then you want to have a phone call or a video call and i like a video chat. The apps have video chat right on them. Now you don't have to give them your messenger profile or you know at number or any of that stuff. You can have a video chat right on your phone. And that's what i would do and when you do the video chat. I would recommend that you don't try and do any qualification that you just connect with them that you're just present your kind your compassionate. You're not coming from a sense of lack or insecurity. You need to be or do anything but present to who they are and you just have a nice conversation with a stranger. How are you doing today. How are things going for you what you have for dinner last night. What are you doing this week. You know what's on your mind. Whatever irene you could end up with someone who's like well. You know my mom sick in the hospital and my stepfather committed suicide and feeling really badly and he'd like okay. Well there's a person who's a fricken idiot because they started out a com- a meet and greet on a dating site with all their problems. Like this is not someone that you want to deal with so you essentially want to give them a lot of ended opportunity to hang themselves right you to you. Don't want to guide and lead the conversation. You want then to guide lead the conversation because you're the one collecting the information with them. Ask the questions. Let them do the heavy lifting. See how do. And whether you've got a connection if you have a connection then you might have another video chat. You might wanna move to you know. Hey let's use messenger or something like that or stay on. The app doesn't matter and then if they're like well. I'm really impatient. Why don't we just get together. Say well what's your hurry you know. I have to be very careful with who i meet with number one. My time is precious and number two. There's just a lot of crazy guys out there. So you pressuring me isn't making me feel confident. It's making me feel a little uncomfortable. So if you wanna have another call with me on video chat. i'd be happy to do it. There's no no harm in having another conversation. What are you so busy. You can't have another conversation. And so that's another telling sign. Are they willing to work for the connection. Are they willing to meet you where you are or do they just have some pre scripted notion of getting you off the platform so they can do whatever it is they're going to do and so i think that's another piece of and if you are in conversation where you're like god i gotta meet and greet video chat meet and greet five days out of seven this week. This is good. You're on the right track. Then you're just out there talking and this is the thing that i want to leave you with about that as well and we can talk about lots of other stuff. Whatever wherever you wanna go renee. But i want you to think about it like when you think about reading books. I read books constantly. Every one of my friends writes books on constantly buying books and reading books and they're not great but i'm i get ten percent out of every book i read. I get something out of every person. I talked to have a video chat with or just chat with us. It's just about our humanity. Our connection our compassion. Our joy of hugh of our humanity. So if you're just like well. I talked to a bunch of jerks this week. Bad is a bad way to approach this a good way to approach this is i had five great meet and greet video chats with nice guy who were right for me but i enjoyed my time with them and when you think about it that way then you're having a good time you're learning some new stuff you're finding out about guys you're just talking to people and one of them is going to be a flashpoint you have a date with them but then you want the flash points and you want to go in person you want to sit outside you want. You don't even want to commit to coffee. It's like park bench. A park bench date is the way to go you. Then there's no length of time where you have to say okay. I've got to go. You can stay there for awhile or not. Just bring a bottle of water with you or whatever bring your own coffee or whatever and just say. Hey let's just meet on the park bench at blah blah blah blah blah and. just say. Hi you can sit six feet apart. You could wear masks or not wherever you are and all of those kinds of things and then you get to assess them hear them you know. Get a feel for their vied and then you can go on to have a coffee date from there. There's no rush. there's no rush. Remember that the male species. The male of our species is extremely goal oriented. They are trying to hit the bullseye on. The bullseye is our yoni with their penis. And they're driven to do that. They want to accelerate and rush us to the end zone. But that's not us. We want to be sure we're safe. We like them interested. They make us feel good. They're good man. There's someone we want to be with etc and so it's on your schedule. But i want you to find joy in the process because it's the journey not the destination. I love your take on how unapologetic you are with those questions. Like you are without any sort of hesitation. And you're taking control of that. And i think that was the takeaway that i got from. That is to really be comfortable with taking control of it so susan. Let's talk about we had. Let's assume that this person had a fabulous date. They've had multiple meets ingred. They've had dinner dates. And now now there's sex on the horizon. So how does the conversation start and hottest someone set expectations and boundaries. And all of that to take it to that next level. Well the first thing is. I would say sex is gonna come up on day one so you really have to know where you sit with having sex and the problem is that every time you have sex with someone you can get bacterias and mites and clemencia gonorrhea syphilis hpv hiv and. Then just take the fun out of it right because it's literally could be a life or death situation they could give you cova. Did they could give you another virus. That no dermatologists could even tell you what it is like. I don't know what it is. Just rub some cream on it. Like i don't get that shit right. Nobody wants to get that stuff. So you have to be very very safe sex oriented and my recommendation. I think it's great to sleep around. I think it's great to have a lot of sexual partners in your lifetime but you must use safe sex practices and people think that condoms are safe sex like they'll say okay. Well i'll ask people like what you're safe sex practices. Let's say we'll use a condom. And i say okay. We'll do they go down on you and they'll be like yeah. They do. Go down on me. But i always use a intercourse. I'm like well that's not doing anything. Every half the stuff can jump the condom and the other stuff is orally transmitted and most of your skin to skin contact. Anyway they're not even peniston vagina sex so the condom is really good maybe for hiv. Maybe for hp and you know there's no task for hp for men which is a bummer too. So our pap smears are the hp for women. But there's no such thing for men so you the more people you have sex with the more viruses bacteria etc. You're picking up from other people so you really have to be very careful to pick your sex partners so you wanna make sure that you really like them. You're really hot for them. There's tons of chemistry and there's a two level process. The first is that before you have intercourse. You should were oral. You should demand that they get a series of sat tests and the other thing is that you want to know who else they're sleeping with and how long ago. They've slept with them. So you can get rapid as detests. That are if they've been abstinent for a month but you can get cheaper tests that they've been absent for ninety days so you need to know when their last unprotected sexual contact was an honestly unprotected doesn't really matter because the content doesn't barely projects anything so you wanna find out who they're having sex with. How often how many people you wanna do a sexual history conversation with them. And then you want them to go take tasks and you can take tests to if you don't have a current ones if they if if you have old test and you haven't had sex with anybody that you can use those tests but if you haven't and you've had sex with someone you need to go get new guys. Go get your test. You share your test. You read the test. You look at the test you decide and figure out what they have okay oral. Herpes are right. That's no big deal. Yeah can you tell when you get a fever blister or can you tell when you get a genital herpes breakout. Can you abstain from sex when you have that that genital herpes comes out on your back. And not just your penis. Have you ever had any breakouts on your lower back that feel like each year. Hertie you know. These are questions that you might want ask. And once you have the sti tests and you're save then you can decide okay. What's your contraceptive level as well do. Are you using like daisy fertility awareness method or intrauterine device. Which remind you recommendations. I don't like the pill. I think it screws up your hormones and it's not a good thing and so these are the things that you need to be thinking about and then you can always use a condom in addition to everything else you're doing to write. That is another level of safety. So a double safety type of thing. Like a non medicated. Iud or fertility awareness method with condoms. Pretty good once. You've had sti tests with a partner. So what you're doing is you're not going out and dating screwing a bunch of guys what you're doing is you're going out with a bunch of guys and figuring out who you wanna screw and then hopefully you've had enough days to them that you have a really hot romance and you've got really great sex and you enjoy that and you can still be dating other people without having sex with them so you can date as many as you want you can be ethically. Non monogamous safe sex oriented which is a very nice way to do things on my website. Better lover dot com. I have how to have safe. Sex talk when to have the saves tax talk. What s. t. is to get how to ask sexual history questions. I mean you can text these things. You don't even have to speak them. But what i tell. Women is what i tell. Everyone is people across the gender spectrum is the more you have discussions the easier they get and your a grown ass woman and you need to take care of yourself because men are much more cavalier about sgi's than women the onus falls on us for contraception and sti safety. It absolutely does. Her vaginal mucus is much more fragile and fry. It's able to take in many more. Bacterias and infections and viruses and things. And you don't wanna have you don't want to catch something that you're gonna have for the rest of your life and struggle with. I have to take broad spectrum. Antibiotics which microbial right. I think we just scared. Every post divorce woman from having sex ever not at all. What i told you to do is how to have it safely. Told you do is how to have sex and protect yourself. I want you to have completely surrendered. Incredible chemistry super hot sex. I want you to explode the quality and quantity of hot sex. You are having with a new lover. I mean that's the end game here. Is you wanna be swept off your feet with desire and romance with some amazing person. And so you've gotta lay in the foundation for that and they're gonna rush you because their target is you and they have to wait until you are ready. That is their job is to support and foster your comfort and desire. That's that's amazing susan. You are amazing. you are a wealth of knowledge. Like i'm just. I'm just sitting here taking it all in you have so many resources out there. You have so many books so many free resources and you have the relationship magic which is downloadable. Where should we send people to get all of that. Okay well the sti. Information is all at better lover dot com and my relationship. Magic is where you can get relationship magic on amazon but it's more expensive the physical version. I just say go to my relationship. Magic dot com and download it at discount link so that you could print out the workbook. It's just as easy to print out the sheets at home and do them yourself that way. You don't need to have a hard copy book. And those are two of the best places. You can follow me on instagram app. Susan bratton and my main website is personal life media dot com and. There's a search box on that website that will search on any sexual and relationship subject you can think of. I've written thousands of articles and typically what pops up is an e book. That's a free technique of some kind that you can download as well so i. I also have a sex tips and intimacy tips email newsletter. At personal life media dot com. And i send out sex tips and intimacy tips five days a week. Oh my gosh so much. Thank you so much susan. I am so grateful that you took the time to chat with us and share. All of your knowledge thank you. Thanks for link up with us. Ad ms rene bauer dot com. Remember to read and review and share with anyone. You think might find this episode helpful. You can change your story and live happy even after.

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Episode 222:  What Is Time?

Defenders Of The Night

58:48 min | 9 months ago

Episode 222: What Is Time?

"School think we act of the night the most trusted source for top to bottom coverage of everyone's favorite mid-nineties animated program. Good good theme song goes right. I am your host eliza circle hi m you're very musical host daniel williams here to just serenaded everyone you know because this episodes gotta have some goodness in it right and he makes his feelings known already. Listen i don't want to hide it. Okay this episode. Did what. I thought it was going to do. And well. that's disappointing Speaking of this episode today we're covering gargoyles season two episode twenty two avalon. Part two to having too much fun on this one Yeah it aired november twenty first nineteen ninety five and it was directed by dennis. J woodyard written by lydia. Morongo these to you're on us dirty. Lydia had some ups and downs in this one more downs than ups but what was before we continue on this mystical journey. You know the trail our listeners. Know the drill. We gotta get those ratings. We gotta get those reviews. Get those brownie recipe. Sin those dick. Pics get them all going to veto that last one. The recipes recipes are fine reviews really appreciated what. What's going on with ron. Please don't send me your penis. It doesn't have to be bears. They just you know. Just pass them along. If someone received a dick pic sharing is caring sharing his what this episode is going to be. Yeah that's how we started. Okay let's let's jump into this. We're an avon. And i called it like that's dimona and to you. I say that is no demon. Dina that is an angel you get. Nato get a. it's not a demon gargoyles. She's an angel gargo you see. The writer is very clever with words. Lydia chaplain who started off strong. Well we start exactly where we left off. Always a good thing. These are no eggs. These grown ass gargoyles. Tom's just call them eggs. I always have. That's what i said. I said he's just a weird old guy. Tom is literally information. That would have been useful. It was slowed down a little bit. Like oh the eggs. The full grown adult gargoyles. They need help okay. Well we'll walk not run so we meet angela very clever. And did we get this man. Goals name netscape. Brielle heard before. Like the last seen. And i'm like i don't know who this guy is. No they tell us. Like when i notes. I dismissed it so we have angela. And gabriel a couple of real sweetie pie angels. It's what we got yeah. I wish the doggy had a name. Garth the dog oil. I forgot to look up the actor who plays gabriel. But i did look up angela because i like to look them up. As soon as i hear their name. I didn't hear gabriel's name anyway. Angeles voiced by canadian. Bridget bapco. Who is famously known for her portrayal of alex in nineteen ninety-two episode of red shoe. Diaries is that supposed to mean anything to me. Liz red shoe. Diaries was i believe they call it. Skin amax type programming. Uh-huh definitely not what. I was watching back in one thousand nine hundred two years. I was born in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. She may have done other things. But i think we can all agree. That was her most important performance effort. Oh my all right. You have look at that specific episode. Yeah i'll do that later in. Listen i'm not saying. I watched it ever but yes. I did dirty little boy moving on liz. This meet and greet on the beach is pretty short. By an attack from the arch. May joke god damn this guy and was just like what the fuck. I swear. I killed him. Yeah he's using magic. That's not cool magic. As far as i remember expressly forbidden on this island. Well magic isn't forbidden but outside magic. That isn't avenue. Magic is forbidden right. You got me there. But he's using some kind of magic. I guess we don't specifically know what at this point. He's using earth powers. Yeah he's forming sand gulf of himself. He's too cowardly to attack in person. He's a little wiener boy. So he's using the sand to attack our new powell's and everyone's trying to fight back but it's sand right and yet dream boat. Her first reaction is a pull her fucking gun and just like put like five bullets in his san head. Yes she puts to right in the fuck it for. You have to wonder what she have done this if she actually thought it would have done damage to this. I don't know she shot a man at fuck it for him. Maybe she thought shooting him would like make the sand creature like fall apart or something or slowing down. But it didn't do anything. Hey dream oh what if one of your house was standing on the other side of that fucking sand gullam because we saw the boats go right through for real. I had that same thought. I'm like i don't know the other gargoyles all right now. That is wildly dangerous and tom jumps in the fight and he's stabbing sand. Just how do you fight. San the gull swallows up our two new friends angeline. Gabriel and client gets so fucking pissed that he goes like feral cat on the beach. Seattle and he does jumping. That's pretty good cavacism. Assume that was great. I liked how you actually like the claw motions to Yeah no but goliath like tackles the shit out of that sand which is literally what the rest of them should have been doing this thing that makes sense like just bulldoze into it. He's wrestling that sand sand. And this whole time archie. The arch major. Taunton them guys. I'm going to kill you. Just get used to that idea. That's going to happen. I'm going to get your so in the end. No one really wants to fight because archie kinds of causa quits. He's like get you later. He really is like okay. I take to you for by job. You beat up a beach cool. You could fight sand. Don't forget gonna kill you don barbie. Yeah just do it now. Just continue smothering them in san fine okay. Sure so from there. They start making their way up to the castle. Of course there's a castle great a couple of huts or something. Well this is avalon there. Better be okay. So they get to the castle but we missed an important conversation that happened on the way to the castle. What did we miss. Dream boat is looking at angela and getting all jealous and she looks at goliath and goes. I can't help but notice that angela looks a lot like dimona but has your skin coloring. Who are her parents shrugs and goes. We're all the bomb and dad's like everyone everyone takes care of all the gargoyles together as a clan. And you'd like shrugs it off and walks off. Why would she jealous. Why did you say she looked jealous. Jealous i don't think she looked jealous. Kind like what the fuck kind of expression. Who would she be jealous of dimona. I don't know she had like. It was a moment i disagree. I'm but whatever man. And i also just say that i appreciated that the at least the three gargoyles we've met at this point actually have character design unlike monas clan. But as we're walking up to the castle right now we are seeing the other gargoyles. I immediately went. Oh never mind. There's some recycled is year. Because there's a gargoyles with a metal plate like strapped on his chest which is exactly a design from dimona clan presumably. So they just recycled whole cloth that design they did have a guard with a cool dinosaur not trae xerox but like ahead. Play kind of thing. Yeah spikes on it. So that was a pretty cool design but all their faces. Luckily they put little dots like a smiley face kind of like on their faces. Our i'd say five or six. That looked like brooklyn off. Yeah what what. Thirty six eggs. Yeah well not a lotta gargoyles to design but like it was neat to see so many new gargoyles all in one place. Though i agree. It's like they survived. We learned that many of our brand new argo friends are pretty heavily. Injured from an attack led by the god damned weird sisters and liz rolling with dimona in big mac. Yeah this is exactly where. I put my a daniels going to be so angry morongo. You're on thin fucking ice and this is the point in the episode where they can drop all of the pieces of this annoying puzzle into place. So let's listen to a clip. That kind of explains why the weird sisters and the two goons are showing right now. The mobile and macbeth must still under their control. My old master the arch mates calls the dance. I have seen the eye of odin on his brown. It is clearly transformed him into a more powerful sorcerer. He also carries the phoenix gate with that. You can reverse space time with a thought. If i didn't know my old magic book the grammar couldn't be brought onto avalon at square he had that is well with explains a lot. Mary beth in dimona must have stolen those talismans from you while they were under the weird sisters power in the sisters must have given the talismans to the arch manage. I only know he seemed to be in two places at once. Okay liz i have a question for you. Why does archie hate these gargoyles so much. He did die because of goliath dimona but presumably. He hated them even before that. But none of these gargoyles here are any of the gargoyles that attacked him in the heavy metal cave. Yeah because he talks about like the whole rest of the episode is talking about how he wanted. Revenge yeah i can't wait to get there fucking revenge but again that seemed like it should be revenged on goliath and not on gargoyles as a whole but i guess hudson who was leading them at the time. Yeah for sure. But i guess it's the same way that dimona hates all humans for no reason. He hates gargoyles. No reason and they're just going to be like let's get enough and the weird sisters. Why are the weird sisters working for this doofus. They are clearly more powerful and presumably more important magical beings. Yeah what do they have to gain. None of it makes any sense at this point which i guess is the point of it but at least there's only three episodes this arc. Yeah so okay. We move from the castle to the evil gangs evil hideout we pan across all of our antagonists. There's dimona big mac. The weird sisters and two arch majors. Unless did you notice that. Fucking archie is yoked. He's fucking jack. Yeah i mean future. Archie has definitely more attractive than past archie. Thousand years under your belt. You have time to get shredded. I guess this is like. I don't even know what i wanted to happen at this point by me. Either i assumed at this point that one of these guys was from a different point in time and turns out. I was right and i felt like just hanging around time. Displaced version of yourself is a sure fire way to tear the space time continuum a new butthole time travel is not my forte. I am not the time travel expert here time travel. One is don't let two versions of yourselves interact with each other. Yeah i think that's the first lesson on the first day in time travel one. Oh one well anyway. We time travel. Liz before we go back in time did you notice how daintily the one archie was just lounging next to the pool. Just lee posing shave lounge. I'll do my my back in time. Sound again and we find ourselves in scotland nine eighty four ad in arches heavy metal cave. Yeah and we see original urgency fighting dimona and goliath and that's when he is trying to get the book back which book daniel oh the green gorham snorkel borkum and he ends up taking a dive down. The pit of darkness headed on a chasm shit like pump. The brakes man. Yeah it was real bad so he sees himself falling new archie old archie take a tumble and laugh. Okay liz what we have here is a time loop and i. I was really hoping that it would be explained in this episode and spoilers it is not now and i do have questions about that once we get to the answer. Whatever the question is the answer is it's busted we have no idea. We have no idea what's happening. Yeah they're creating a time loop. We'll get there so new. Archie transports down to the bottom of the pit. Any saves old archie from becoming street. Pizza pizza whenever and past archie. Who who are you. A new archie is already annoyed with which is like shut up. Come on which is in fair. That's not fair. No future archie. New archie archie. To whatever you know. He's he's jacked archie. He's jackie archie. No that's weird. Jackie is an actual. So jackie is really addict the entire time. Oh like he has no patients were his old self at all an unwarranted in my opinion. especially since. because we're creating a time loop. Jackie you had these feelings. This is you right. You thought these thoughts right. Show some compassion. Murali's explain it better. Oh yeah i mean if nothing else be like. Hey this is what's happening so just come along for the ride. Well and since he has the phoenix gate he jumps in time again and they end up in ninety. Five and jackie asks. Og well what is it that you what man and he gives you say if we wanna take a listen then what do you want to power and revenge. Then you will need many things. Allies soldiers weapons and a base of operation. Be silent and wiz. He wants revenge. Course he does all the villain. The show only want revenge unless you are just bored. Wanna play venture for what sir. He never explains like he's getting a second chance here. It's not like i'm dead at emma so angry like no dude. You're fucking alive. You were saved. I'll just bring it up now. Here's a huge problem. If he didn't die. Who is the angry at why i is. He actually has no reason to be upset at anyone. He's alive now. It can't make sense like nothing. They say makes sense going forward. I mean it didn't make sense before. I didn't know where to bring it up. Basically if jackie goes back in time to rescue himself and goes forward in time and then goes back in time if he died like how did feature him ever exist. The time loop does not make any sense. Archie is preventing his own death. But that can't happen right. It's not like someone else went back in time to prevent his death. That's the only way something like this could make sense. Is someone else saved him. But he can't save himself. How the fuck did jackie. And that's really. The crux of my issues with this episode. Is that the basic premise of the villain being in the future because he went back in time and saved himself from death. Can't make sense the actual fuck. That's what i'm saying. That's why it's bad. And i was shouting at my lovely spouse about this and she was like they didn't have to think too hard about it because it's a cartoon for children. I said shut up because that is what we are here for. That is the whole point of this so you shut up. And then she left the room. She was doing other things. I was shouting across the house. I was like. I can't believe i can imagine this perfectly man. I think my brain just broke your brain's working fine. The conceit of the episode is broken. Yeah you know. And we've talked about this time and time again the whole concept of but it's a children's show but to me that's just lazy. There's so many children's shows that are real fucking good look advertised last air bender. It's literally like the best show and people who are new to it urls like fuck. Yeah the threatens amazing. The story arcs journeys the character development. And that's aimed at people the same age that this is aimed at. I mean it's a different era is the easiest explanation. All this episode needs is just one. Very minor tweak. Someone else saves archie. That's all it's gotta be everything else can happen as is even though. I may not a huge fan of how the rest of the episode goes. But that's the only change really to make at least make sense because we don't need to have to. No actually it'd be better if we didn't have to argies. Yeah i need more wine. So jackie is treating. Og like a fucking moron. Yeah and then we see the mega roll up because this is right when everyone first shows up to the gates of avalon. So i thought he was going to go after tom's mom and vanilla. I thought that was going to happen. Okay and here's something that. I didn't even really consider but should also make us angry. Oh god okay so. Og archie is like. Hey are we gonna go steal the gorgon from the magus and know the book has go on. Its book journey throughout time. We can't take it out of the time stream pay attention you idiot and to that i say you took yourself out of the fucking time stream. What is the book after. Remain in play but you can rescue. You're on. This is the way i got also very upset. I didn't understand like so you can fuck with some time travel rules but not the others. It's like everything that has actually already happened. Must still happen in order for my plan to work. Do the come up with a better fucking on except for you saving yourself and causing a time loop. What should destroy them. Universe i mean i guess i do is hide. Throw that time against. That's kind of what they make it. Sound like all right. So you nine hundred seventy years sleepy sleep in weight and pumps a meyer. But how does jackie ever accomplish his plan because he's always got to be doing that now. Does that mean there's going to be a third one is that the twist of the third episode is that there's going to be there's going to be more and more arches right. Okay check it so now. We've got by the end of the episode. We've got two arches. We see him. Jump back in there right so that first one however he really came to be he's going to go and do magic shit he's gonna pick off people on the beach or whatever and second one goes back in time and gets another one and brings him forward and then he becomes buff so we are adding infinite arches into the current timeline. That has to happen right. Yeah that has shale. It doesn't make sense if it doesn't but i don't want it to happen. In which case there is no way to defeat the arch manage. Yeah because there are infinite arch majors and less are. I'm getting to what might happen in the next episode. So i won't do that but we can do that at the end of this episode may. Hey maybe all of this was thought out. Lydia had it all planned and that's the big episode three reveal but right now it's bullshit that doesn't make any sense. I agree with that. A lot. And i will fully admit that i am that person like during movies like inception or different things like that like the entire time. I'm like no. I just wanna know what the fuck is happening. Oh wait at the end. It'll all make sense. Just wait for the good pay off. And i'm like what is going to be a good payoff. That seems lazy. That seems like the only way to keep suspense as to keep your audience confused and ignore your story like you should be able to write a good story and have your audience follow it and still the interested not confuse them so that keeps them engaged. Like well. I don't understand what's happening so better. Watch to the end like that's cheating right of course aggravate twists and turns and surprises. But i really do hate it when i'm literally just confused the entire time until the last two minutes. I'm with you and that's bullshit and that's what this is doing right now except for. I'm not confused. Because i understand enough. What's happening or what should happen. Unless they do. Some dumb twist so. We see the end of last week episode. Play out again but after our heroes make it through the gate and everything the two arches meet up with the weird owl sisters and they form a pact. These weird sisters. They love a good packed. All right there is making pacts with but this is before they've made any other packs. Ooh you're right this might be. The ipad is the first packed. Jackie reverts them back to their sexy ladies selves. You know 'cause they were before which they couldn't do that themselves. They're immortal magical beings. I don't get it. They're able to shape shift in body. Change all the time but the green goram's human magic was too much for them okay. So they're bummed that you know over on trusted them to guard the gates to avalon and some fucking shit human scott through and then liz. One of the sisters says that now. They're banned from athlon. When did that happen. This is my daughter. Stand there's so much at three sisters said to the boat people. You're welcome here. Just not your magic. They're welcome but they did say no magic's can cross into one or whatever which okay fine but the main is. He is only magic when he has his magic book. Yeah so why does he count. So i guess because he crossed through that's why they fail question but he says time and time again who i'm useless. I don't have any magic. Yeah i got nothing. It doesn't make sense man. It doesn't make sense why they've been banned. It doesn't make sense whether so angry that these humans got through even again. All you have to do is change the line you know none shall pass not none. Magic shall pass none. Xiao pass lydia. I hate that. Lydia is now getting the michael treatment. So then there's the pact. Everyone wants revenge. The weird sisters revenge against the humans that just best them. It seems petty. If they're like immortals we're immortals wait for the humans to die like there's your fucking revenge jimmy fair i feel like immortals are probably the pettiest of petty lay. Look at all like the greek and roman gods and goddesses immortals and wizar-. They're not real petty. As fook. Well as i think i need to take a break. I think i need to turn on a fan or something cracking in abruzzo. We'll be right in the u. Twenty one hundred cybernetic enhanced population threaten to tear down everything. America held dear free speech. Drive through liquor stores and guns so many guns. After much deliberation it was decided that if america and it's superior values survive the coming robot. Ellipse there was only one option. Get the fuck up the next hundred. You saw the construction of space. Merica the galaxy's newest and brightest star you value adventure. Good times and cyborg fistfights. Find your place in space. Merica space merica. No cyborgs subscribed to space. America on apple podcasts. Google podcasts stitcher or checkout calamity cast dot com brutally cracked list. Okay so here. We time jump to another place. We've been before. Scotland ten twenty eight and asks again. Where are we. Now and jackie's goddamn shop sane where the question is when i gotta say both are valid questions. He doesn't know where you're taking him right. I mean you're jumping these places in scotland i mean avalon. That was that scotland. He's no fucking idea where he is. Give him a break. Such a dick wrinkly. Scroll jackie have you been taking steroids that why you got all buff. Keep like roy raging out at people. I think so. I think you it. Yeah so we are watching an aging dimona attack that bread silo again and liz. You remember too old wizards in the background of that seen the first time we thought i know of course i mean. They're standing out in the open. Did you notice the weird sisters pop up in frame. I don't know if i did. Actually they pop up and it felt like an animation mistake almost because they don't interact with anybody you know. I did see that. I was trying to remember from that original episode. When is it exactly that the weird sisters than approached the mona. They start approaching. Dimona as gargoyles. Though that's true. I saw this and i was like are those animation cells accidentally overlaid. Or what's what's happening here. I don't know is this episode is a mess but this is the moment that it clicked in my brain. I'm like oh okay. Now that the weird sisters are working with. Jackie this is when they're going to go approach dimona and start that whole saying and this is where they're going to go approach big mac and start that whole thing. Yeah this explains that. So the weird sisters. I mean only did all that shit. Because jackie told them to. Yeah these all powerful immortals are taking orders from it is hind us or two in we started and seeing dimona and big mac doing their thing and then we took a step further and saw like what was causing them. Do those things. And now we're taking another step further. It's like puppetmaster. After puppetmaster after puppet master is going to be at the top controlling everybody s so. This is when jackie tells. Og about how dimona needs to be recruited like muscle. He says something only minds of she's not an ally she's cannon fodder you need her but we're not doing any favors like what is he trying to say. No we know we can use her but like she thinks she's going to get something out of this but she's really not gonna okay. That makes sense what i'm thinking. They're tricking dimona. Because they know her powerless to so strong in her revenge less just so strong that they can get do anything if they think she going to be the winner at the end. It's weird that archie is like. Yeah one of the gargoyles killed me. Go get her but he also trained her. He knows her abilities because he trained her to be that way. Yeah i guess from the attack on the bread silo which as the gargoyles running away this time they had no bread in hand they had sacks burlap sacks but i specifically remember seeing them run away with loaves of bread because we commented on it. Why do they keep readiness silo. No bread this time around all right. So we're going to jump over to a young big mac and this time that weird sisters show up and they are interacted with this was intentional. And she's like. I don't like a dumb kid on the team. What are we going to do. With a child jackie's shut up. He just needs to grow up idiot. I'm not gonna explain shit. Show me away. Here's a clip. Protect these to guide that causes. Have you forgotten. Overruns law magically forbids us from directly. Interfering in human events law that cannot be broken can surely be bent. True watch for the grim orrin the eye of odin and the phoenix gate. But you already had the i and the gate. But i didn't have them into three. Brought them to me will meet again the watery door to avalon and nine hundred seventy five thousand nine hundred and seventy five years. It is kind of funny that even after jumping time and space repeatedly in what feels like a matter of minutes. I feel like archie. Transformation happens in real time like thirty minutes. And he's he goes from old man. Archie jack archie. Yeah but i like how he just cannot grasp these concepts which is crazy. Because you would think being the arch made like. He studied and mastered sorcery. So you think you'd have a slight understanding of how this shit works. He gets so confused as like. We gotta wait nine hundred seventy five years to meet back up and jackie just fucking face palms go point. Jackie is so over. Oh yeah. But like i said earlier. This confusion happened to you sir. So great while it is funny that you're so upset it also doesn't make sense that you're so upset because you just had these feelings. Yeah angry as he said you know. He's like coca cola. We're all on the same page. Sia and nine hundred seventy five and then that's the end of that scene and luckily we don't have to wait in real time. Get to time. Travel oji archie fucking nimrod like we'd time jump to the gateway and i have a real problem with how quickly this happens for. Og archie because it means that there's no character growth If you had to do some of this in linear time gaining this knowledge strength and power would actually mean something right. I think there's a lot of things that probably happened in that. Nine hundred and seventy five years. That could have been interesting very seldom do i think lydia needs more episodes in. Her story arcs. But i think this actually would have benefited. If this slow down its pace and we had like four episodes of three in like one of which is like working his way to present time. It's unearned for archie. He basically through unexplained means has his life rescued jumps through time. Saying get this for me. And then everyone else travels through linear time doing his bidding while he is earned fucking nothing. Why the fuck are any of these people listening to him because something something revenge. Oh he's the most powerful wizard as he actually without his book. He's just a dude at this point odi archie. Does he have any powers no. He is being carried through time. He's being handed all of the tools that he needs to succeed without understanding them other than the book or really knowing anything about what's going on he's basically having his hand held through time and space being told follow me and then something something revenge. Just wait it'll be all worth it revenge white except for because he's alive again. No reason to need revenge yeah. The lack of explaining his motive is actually. I think annoy me more than the time travel. Shit well i think they have to go hand in hand. Yeah if his life had been saved and he was just immortal or whatever made a deal with whomever just like dimona did if he lived in linear time the next thousand years then everything that he got he would have worked for He's just using other magic people to hand things over ten. If i was one of the weird sisters it'd be like oh no. Now we have the phoenix plate. We have the eye of odin. You can fuck off right. I know that dimona and big mac or being controlled so that's probably the big things. The weird sisters are controlling them. But like if dimona or big mac for that matter. We're in their right mind and like weren't being little puppets right now fucking no demo- not be like here. You go dude you good to have the power not me. No fucking no. None of it makes sense because if the weird sisters want revenge then they a could just do it. Whatever be now have some very powerful to get double revenge. The would need to hand it off to this fucking shit now. The one thing regarding the weird sisters is a sounded like until this point they like hardcore played by the rules. And it wasn't until. Jackie was like we're not breaking the rules were bending a light. Bulb goes off in their brain. And that's when they become like the manipulative assholes that we've seen the last two seasons fine but they've got minions to do shit for them once. They realized that they should break off their connection with jackie they can do it on their own. They don't need this fool. They don't need him again. Oh we're going to gather all these tools free for you to become the most powerful thing. Why why did this fucking old white guy deserve the power and you three. Don't what we talking about. Especially because to the three items are avalon items. It's like you're giving up your own history culture. Whatever to this yahoo. It just doesn't make sense. So the weird sisters with big mac in dimona they hand over all the toys like we said so. We have the eye of out in the phoenix gate in the magic book rag. Norman florida gordon. Yeah yeah so. He glued the. I vote into his forehead. He's got the phoenix plate. He ends up wearing that like a cool chest tattoo but lose. There's a little bit of a snafu when it comes to the greg. Norman take a listen to this clip. Because this was a bright spot in this otherwise hellish episode. You mean we went all that trouble to get the rumour and now i can't even take in with me. What am i supposed to do. You mean eat it. It is fucking. It's the book though. That's so funny. Despite it also not making sense he eats the goddamn book. He like unhinges. His jaw like a python takes it like a real pro. If you know what. I mean take all kinds of takes world you know. Oh okay liz continuing on my insane random shit. That doesn't make sense. Oh great if the book isn't allowed into avalon him having eaten it shouldn't matter because now archie shouldn't be allowed to go into avalon because he has the book inside of him like he is the book now. He is the fuck book. That's still human magic and it's not a book they can't go through the gates. It's human magic. They can't go through the gates. What the fuck now. The human magic is literally coursing through his body and soul. You know it's just another thing that we have to overlook to get to the end of this fucking episode. Oh yeah this should have. I mean there's so many things they should have broken it but this should have been like the human magic canco in full stop. You can have the other tools. This can't go. yeah memories or something. And i guess it could be argued that that's what they're saying he's doing but he literally ingested a book he ate it put it in his mouth. He didn't lay on hands and say a spell or whatever and absorb the knowledge he put it in his body like one giant by should see me to full twelve subway who low it is disturbingly erotic. Okay oh i swear to god. I don't wait for you to take a drink. But if you die on air. I will not edit out our listeners. Deserve to know you drown rosa. This is pinot agree. Thank you very much agrees. My bad my bad thank you. Where'd sisters mentioned the sleeping king. Liz this guy's like super powerful. But you know he's also asleep so you know who is who's asleep. It's the sleeping king. Arthur over on the sleeping king. Maybe he is the king so that could be thanking the fairies. That would make sense if they don't actually show a sleeping king next episode. I'm going to attack something. Well we go to break on an easy laugh from one of the arches and at this point they're identical so i i couldn't even tell which one it doesn't matter i don't care. Yeah his buff. Now fuck you. Yeah they're both buff. He is super stoked that his plan is working. It has worked and it will work but is plan doesn't make sense and we shouldn't even be here at this point because time loop whatever was point accidental death of their close putting a group of six friends gathered in backyard fallout bunker for one last the game to mourn. His loss and celebrate is always going as well as it can until an earth. Shaking event holds the group into a millennia long war between two inter dimensional empires follow the trials and tribulations of being in over your head when it comes to inter dimensional war inter species relations and the complete destruction of all universes in a beginner's guide to interplanetary destruction. An award nominated narrative. Podcast from the calamity cast network. Check it out on apple podcasts. Google podcasts stitcher and calamity cast dot com. Hey liz we're back at the castle. Do you remember during city of stone on big. Mac's wife and son bringing bowls of fruit in during one of the meetings. He was having both a fruit in the scene. Liz did you see him. I can see it. But i didn't make that connection principe pants in maga's where did they fucking get bananas island. It's a mystical island. Presumably between time and space. Yeah the naked anything. What just go with it there. There are banana trees in this book. And i want tropical. He's not a tropical island. We don't know where we are. I know that we are north of the equator. I don't know it's just weird. That they were specifically bananas with a fucking mega doesn't own a banana. Is this weird. Dick looking yellow thing is always dick's with you. Dirty bird all right. I do have to say this. I mean this is the thought that had forever and ever go but anytime that magazine is around. Prince pants pants. He's just like longingly looking at her. Like when tom comes back they have this big giant hug. And he's like had a cut of mega. She's like looking real sad now. I think by this point. They've gotten together. I think there are a couple. Do you think he had a look. He did not like the hug she gave tom. Maybe tom said something fucked up for left. Maybe maybe i do. I think they got together. You gotta figure its proximity in time. You know. They have grown old together. Yeah they. I'm sure have become very close to know everything about one another sharon just kinda fell into that role and eventually they hooked up and they're like oh. This isn't so bad so at this point. We're six hours before we originally started. And we get the gargoyles. Wake up montage. But it's all new gargoyles. So that's fine i'll let it slide but then we immediately attack happens and this the attack that tom told us about before this laser most of the gargoyles we saw earlier in the kind of triage area. The castle yeah. The weird sisters are shooting green magic hypnotize big mac into mona lasers and shit list because they're hypnotized. We hardly notice that they don't speak. And it certainly has nothing to do with the show not wanting to pay the actors for this miniseries like it's not it's not that it's because we're hypnotized which is hilarious. Because i definitely talked a lot while hypnotize before. They're chatty typically so yeah the attack happens. Gargoyles are getting fucked up archie shows up and he just like some and it's like oh this was not the real attack. I wanted to give you a little taste of my power. You twenty four hours before. I kill you. Just kill him now man so this means he attacked tom. Leaves comes back. He attacks again when goliath and dream boat or their then leaves and then finally attacks. We'll see we don't really know if that third attacks gonna come but for fuck sake if you want. All these mother fuckers off the island what are we doing. I don't know it's weird but the weird sisters have the same question. Yeah so let's take a listen to how they feel about this. Why did you call us off. If we wait until dawn the gargoyles will be stone. Puny humans will be all that stands between us taty. Besides i need to give them time to bring goliath to the island. My vengeance would not be complete without him Because we gotta get goliath there. He's got his revenge. Wants revenge on goya. For reason he didn't even kill you. Do know use jumped off a cliff because glide stepped away. I thought it was really wild. And i nine brought up earlier. But he shows no animosity towards hudson who led the attack on him in the heavy metal cave and again no qualms with recruiting dimona. Yeah the third gargoyles in that attack. I still think that he's gonna fuck over dimona once he gets he wants. I don't understand why he needed to mona or big mac to begin with like once. He recruited the weird sisters. That's all you need right. You would think. I don't know i'm very confused about all this. Well it's because none of it makes sense it. Just fundamentally does not fucking make sense. I mean think about what would have happened if that attack played out but big mac in dimona. Weren't there because the weird sisters are fucking shoot magic everywhere right. I thought they couldn't interfere with humans in whatever. Yeah they apparently can attack them. I mean dimona and big. Mac have their middle laser guns. Yeah but if the weird sisters have magic and he has magic they shouldn't need lasers no an if the weird sisters can't interfere directly with humans. Then why are they assisting archie. Who is a human. Yeah i guess once. He absorbed all the things he became. Not human anymore and it was jackie. Who got them to help giving him. Those things is interfering with his trajectory time. Now i'm very confused right now. Oh god okay all right we gotta jump forward in time again to the moment the one of the arches left originally and we we see that happen again and he leaves and he's like god if thought he'd never leave and i'm like i wish you would fucking die to well. It did make me laugh that at this point it has one minute ago so long ago. What is stupid little detail. But it made me go. That's good so like oh gee archie. Who now looks like. Jackie is now jumping back in time to do it again. The way he said that. I'm like is he going to like turn on himself. Like what at this point. I don't think that it matters because it's broken. Yeah if he was gonna turn on himself win would he do it. No idea like in linear time. Which i know he is kind of outside of but we aren't so like at what point could he. Does he do it. Before he brings in a third. Jackie to this point does the jackie. That's laying on the shays lounge. Always die so there are always only two but if he does then he never completes his mission how. 'bout we just go to the castle the castle which that little thing now. I'm glad you could find some joy in this episode lives. I'm glad you could find that. So we're in the castle. We're in that triage area. They're trying to figure out a plan because if they don't stop the assholes by done. The gargoyles are all fucked. Which oh my god. Okay if you're at this fucking powerful and you have all these powerful people working for you. You have to wait for these. God damn fools be stone in order to win and also tom if you knew that. Why didn't you go find some more humans. Yeah so what human wise they have. Tom dream boat right. That's it no and princess and make us so for humans. Why wasn't tom like. Hey gino any other humans that might help. Matt would have a kick out of this. Bit deluxe would fucking love to fuck with these assholes. Fuck yes he is a missed opportunity right there. Oh to have deluxe. Go after dimona. And big mac to have deluxe go. Toe to toe against the arch. Madge do debbie fucking fucking lydia. Come on man that would have been amazing and we'll good use and if the looks were coming then huge surely bring fox with him. Why does it derek show up. Oh yeah because he doesn't have to he doesn't gonna stone he doesn't go to stone. Yeah dude all had to do instead of saying there's no time to explain was like take a minute and explain it. It'd be like oh shit you know what we need some non stone allies and guess what. Her brother has a hold higher clan of that. This could have been granted. Maybe we're gonna get there. There's one episode left. But i feel like it could have been way more fun. Which is the smallest of tweaks in each one of these episodes man. I feel like we always like doctor shows up. But this is the one instance dogs are. Show up the idea of deluxe like. Oh that sounds like a real adversary to take on. Yeah sounds fun. Because he's all about just being in the tech billionaire guy who's board and is looking for a thrill right. This is a fucking thrill. He likes challenging himself. Me cool next week man better while me. Well let's finish this one up okay. Okay goliath his plan is to get his hands on the phoenix plate in the eye of odin. Because there's really no way to deal with archie. Without some kind of magic the those items are avalon magic so that counts. It's cool and he takes angela any takes. This is when i first heard gabriel. I didn't hear it the first time but i was like. Oh it's gabriel lame. Takes these two angelic gargoyles to go on a strike mission is going to be surgical and precise and i just assumed that means immediately it's gonna get fucked up. Well yeah. Because i mean angeles said they've never ever been trained in fighting they're not warriors. The way that goliath and other scottish gargoyles were like they created to protect. Can i ask a question then. Who the fuck trained tim. Tom galaxy it was just a little boy. Yeah why hasn't been training them the entire time very good question. Liz tom. i know you're the guardian but don't you think the better way to guard. Someone is for them to also be able to protect themselves. A little bit seems fair. Like jesus so strike team. They're doing it. I have to assume they're gonna trip ass backwards into a trap or something. In the meantime dream boat has been tasked with coming up with a contingency plan which seems like a good idea and the other gargoyles leave she goes to the magazine and pee pants. And she's hey. Tell me about this quote sleeping king. Yeah i like where they're going with that. We don't get any of that this episode. That's where they start next episode we in the episode with another evil f-from from archie. We go back to his out and he's like ha ha they do to evil laugh cuts to break in this episode and i know the to be continued ones like i feel like they do kind of create them as one big episode kind of and then split it up not always at great spots but like come on could have tried a little harder than yeah. I feel like if they're gonna do. They shouldn't have done that gimmick twice. It's like i don't know he doesn't really deserve to have to evil laugh. No he doesn't. You're right but liz. That's the end of the episode. We're gonna take a quick break. And i don't even have an evil. Fm me so we'll Listeners will. We'll be right back long. In modern day bristol. Someone is copying one of the most infamous serial killers of all time. Jack the ripper. Only this time. The story is different. A woman survives and decides to get her revenge by taking the law into her own hands but in so doing. She awakens at darkness deep insider if you like suspense thrillers man. Serial killers tune into jane. The ripper and audio drama available now wherever you get your podcast liz. Yeah we did avalon part two boy who would wonderful Then we watched it. It was upsetting. Let's just be honest. Liz i'm going to ask you a question i ask it every week but did you like the episode. No but i still don't think i have to level of rage that i felt for later episodes of like city of stone. Or what was the one that we had that you are like. I think this is the top of my most hated. There was only a couple of episodes ago was the one with derek. Yeah do you think this is worse than derek episode or worse than some of the rage that we got insidious shown it's hard to say because this is two of three so we're over the halfway point. I wasn't this angry at the end of the second episode of city stone. We were on a slow slope. Yeah this is definitely an accelerated rate of rage. So it's hard to say. I would probably put this as worse than anything in city of stone because it so fundamentally broken. Yeah and again. Like i mean i know i feel like we're repeating ourselves a whole bunch here but like some very simple tweaks to the story line would have fixed and made it really fucking awesome. Yeah one that just popped up in my head a couple minutes ago if it had been someone else who went back in time to save oji. Who do you think it would have been late. Deluxe is the answer that they would go with. but i don't think it should be deluxe. I think the wise thing to do would have been to earlier on c. Two new character. Because who gives a fuck about the arch made you know. Yeah like when we first saw him. We didn't know why he was attacking france like it. None of it made sense and it never made sense to us. It was never explained why he betrayed french. Yeah you just did and killed him and this brought him back to life but we don't know why he's important he's important because they didn't know they're like oh. Hey we killed him. What if we hadn't is what it feels like. We'll bring metlife pow time travel. How and they didn't answer that part like you know. He just saves himself and they just walked away from it so it doesn't make sense for anybody that we previously met save arch manage because nobody has a strong title. How about this. The weird sisters want revenge against some humans for some idiot reasons but they can't interfere directly with humans so they rescue him. I guess that's still interfering with like that. Rule really a shit like them. Not being able to interfere directly with the wives of humans. Let's like they can make suggestions. It seems like like they. You know told things to dimona things to bath like gave prophecies and then it kind of became like self fulfilling prophecies because of the shit that they said and things that they suggested that's intel. They took control of mona macbeth. They weren't controlling them but now they destroyed a controlling macbeth. Which breaks that rule. And if we're going to break that rule then they immortal now so i think that is still a human. Yeah you can't redefine what a human is so they could have been the ones that went back and saved archie and then because then they're handing him these things and he's like okay yeah revenge and then instead of him being the leader of this group he is just another pawn him being the leader is what really throws me off all this because he does really proves to me that he deserves to be a leader. I agree and i guess. That's a lot of leaders but just off the time. I don't have a good answer for the question of who should have rescued archie. But him rescue himself can't happen. Just give us a new magic character. A modern magic character. You know A modern day witch or something that has been practicing the magical arts and knows of their ancestors untimely. Unfair death at the hands of these gargoyles and they figure out how to time travel. Fuck it could have been like archie. Could've had a son or daughter who then went on to co create more and they wanted to revenge because they didn't get proper. Whatever to fucking tony dracula. You don't even have to make it a brand new character. You know tony dracula also was a descendant of if even cooler if it were either owen or phone. Yes but it has to be someone that isn't himself to save him because that can't happen Yeah just think if you're going to give us something like that is a several episode story arc. I feel like they always rely very heavily in using things we've already seen and that's weird. I understand it a little bit. I understand that we are expanding our world these things you thought you knew what you saw was only a part of it. But they're not giving us a lot of new stuff. They're not giving us enough new stuff like literally every scene. We saw things we'd already seen already locked. Big showed a stuff that they showed his last week like rights. If you're going to do something like that then there needs to be a higher reward. I guess for that gave us other new stuff. That doesn't just leave us with more questions but like actually gives us answers. Actually i just felt weak and lazy. Yeah it's a good way to fill some time you don't really have to. I mean you have to write some new dialogue and put the characters in the scene but you already already wrote the scene. Puck's gonna come back you know. I don't know if i'm ready for that. He's a bit much. He's excitable very acceptable. Once again listeners. We find ourselves at the end of another defenders of the night in the low end. Fish tickling mcgowan is responsible for our interstitial music. And thank him for that what. I'm sorry. what is a low end. I liz he plays bass cat which is spelled b. a. s. Just fish fish. The jokes always worked better. When you have to explain a slap bass he is tick lynn. That lewinsky check him out on instagram and twitter. At easy underscored. Breezy under superman. And listen to more of his music at good deed music depp and camp dot com or sweet gum. Dan dot com or you know what he used to play bass in bands Like bear cub khamchan. Not to brag i to wear if you want to gargoyles or better portrayals of time travel please. Use hashtag gargoyles on twitter. We're at calamity cast. I am at zirkin. Eater and daniel is at underscore d s volumes on instagram. We are at clem. Nick has network. I am at l. Circle and he is at underscore ds williams find us on facebook at claiming he cast email us at columbia cast network at g. Mail dot com. Check out calamity casts dot com to sample other tasty podcasts. May i suggest my other. Show dickey luik. You may not if you're enjoying to finish the night head on over to patriot dot com slash calamity cast and sign up to support the show for one time contributions. You can use papon dot me slash calamity guest book calamity casts merge. Please consider heading to our website. Click in the shop. Lincoln top of the page and find yourself one ten twenty five shirts. I don't know just crazy. We'll be back next week. What season two eps twenty-three of gargoyles and an episode of the defenders of the night that once traveled to far back in time and accidentally watched its own consumption. No goodbye this has been a calamity. Gas production for more content visit a limited gas dot com and follow us on facebook twitter and instagram.

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Cults and Mad Men (feat. Dr. Steven Hassan and Josh Levs)

The Daily Beans

55:41 min | 4 months ago

Cults and Mad Men (feat. Dr. Steven Hassan and Josh Levs)

"Hi i'm a meal. I'm a program manager google right now. Lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's why we created google career certificates and online training program for fast growing fields like it support project management data analytics user experience design. And more. you don't need any prior experience and you can be job ready in about six months so put to work. Go to grow dot google slash certificates support for this. Podcast comes from invent together. I bet you didn't know that inventing activity by black inventors peaked in eighteen ninety nine and it is never recovered black and hispanic college graduates patented half the rate of white college graduates. That's just one of the reasons why you need to know about invent together. When our patent system gets more diverse our nation will get stronger and more successful. Find out how you can help. Diverse inventors and unleash economic opportunity at invent together dot org. Insulin said hello and welcome to the daily beans for monday. June twenty twenty twenty one. Hey everybody it's ag. And i promise. I am on vacation. But during the month of june i was able to reach out to ten incredible people and speak to them about their many projects. And i can't wait for you to hear about them all today. I'll be speaking to the author of the cult of trump. Dr steven harrison and josh leaves the top global expert on modern. Dad's at work. I hope you enjoy it all right. Everybody welcome back. I'm honored today to be joined by dr steven hossan author of the book. The cult of trump a leading cult expert explains how the president uses mind control and he has a new online course called understanding cults the basics that she can find freedom of mind. Dot com dr hanson. Welcome off thank you so much else. And it's truly an honor to speak with you today because we have a lot. And i'm sure it's not just in our listenership and it's it's people everywhere who are trying to find out how to approach conversations with people who are in the cult of trump's who could you maybe start by telling us what the cult of trump is and what prompted you to write the book. Wow so briefly I was approached by my agents With the idea of doing a book called the cult of trump and i immediately said it would alienate everybody. Who's in the cult. And that's not my approach. And he said well. They won't buy the book anyway and anyway went on from there And i thought about the opportunity to take my life work ever since. I got rescued by my family. Nineteen seventy six from the moonies called And becoming a mental health professional and helping people get out of cults. It was an opportunity to take my knowledge and apply it to donald trump. And i knew he was a malignant narcissist. So i knew already. I had a chapter on malignant. Narcissism stereotypical profile of cult leaders Which turned out to be chapter three in the book. But i didn't and i figured his business enterprise were were functioning like a cult of personality around him. But i didn't understand until. I dug into research for the book that they were actual authoritarian colts. That were manipulating him. And it was their followers that were his bin abi his base and i also didn't understand how involved russia and putin was in the cult of trump either but It was a deep dive very quickly and Looking back on it. I got everything right. It's all been validated. Especially since the failed insurrection. Violent insurrection attempt of january six. What i do regret missing is the council of national policy as an entity. I talked about the christian right. But i didn't name that particular group and nelson wrote a really important book called shadow network that i want to direct your listeners to consider reading And i probably if. I had actually ask my my editor if they would consider letting me do an updated addition. Because i would do more on falun gong. That does the epoch times propaganda. I do more on the moonies. My former cult. That was actually present at the insurrection. On january six. I would do. I would just Update the qn on phenomenon ritualized. The beauce that's what it's morphing into his satanic ritual abuse which we went through with the christian right in the eighties and the satanic panic Stuff and it really is a war as i see it between authoritarians who are malignant narcissist. Who think that people are To be controlled and manipulated and kinda version of social darwinism. While we're we're billionaires so we can mess with everybody else and make them do what we want And people who believe in human rights and the constitution and rule of law and gino. Let's live in survive together on planet earth. So it seems to be shaping up in that way. And i don't see a positive ending unless everybody gets educated about how the mind works and how it can be hijacked how how destructive authoritarian colts rate. Understand you know. The dynamics of authoritarian control in terms of controlling people's behavior information thoughts and feelings to make a new identity that's dependent and obedient on the leadership board the ideology. So but that's what we're dealing with right now and i do think there's hope but we need to get to the influencers in the media in private philanthropy in the business tech in politics and we need to do a ground up and a top down effort i see you. Yeah i was just talking the other day With a friend of mine about the future how it ends and we kind of felt like if those didn't happen the things that you mentioned with the media big tack and you know influencers getting involved that this cult of personality is so strong that if something doesn't happen with a mass education were just going to have to wait it out. I mean you know. That's that was my main concern. I wanna be clear. My thinking has always been the donald. Trump was a popovich more than the mastermind. He's a very educated person and he knows how to manipulate the media or he did know how to manipulate the media especially when he had unfettered access to facebook and twitter and other mainstream things but This organ this this so-called popularism is calling it worldwide is really authoritarianism That's cloaked as we want to empower people against the elites to take back the power. But it's a. It's a total distraction deflections and manipulation and and. I think that that was on full display. If you watch the movie that trump played at the ellipse on the day of the capital attack. I mean it was straight out of a nazi propaganda goebbels situation with the hollywood imagery and I mean the is the close up on the eyes and the industry and things working and army's march like it was just. It was very frightening the way that they did that. But right i. I agree with you in the puppet sense of what you're saying because much carter page. I've read so much information on the russians grooming trump and why he made an excellent target to be utilized for what they used him for. Yeah so i'm i'm with you. Act magid a very interesting interview with craig number and yuri chevette soi American compromise what. What surprised me. What i didn't know was that epstein was in jill delaying maxwell were involve with putin and and and they were videotaping all these famous people and politicians and influencers to blackmail them to control them and that's part of the corruption In the real sense the swamp of corruption on the on the left on the right in the middle but of people being manipulated and controlled out of fear at of greed out of manipulation of the egos. Oh yeah people weren't giving jeffrey epstein tens of millions of dollars because he's a good financier and a yeah. We also spoke with craig. Unger vat very fascinating book american compromise. I wanted to ask you about now. The periphery of a some of these sort of groups that seemed to already exist but then found hooks into the trump called the proud the oath keepers the three percenters Where do you place them in in this kalt. I think it's going to become more and more clear. That the Danny aures sixth was a planned. Military coordinated Coup effort to undo the certification abidance biden's win And i think that that. For the most part. I don't have any evidence to the contrary This was more of a cultish deception. Mind control thing than people just straight out being hired to be mercenaries To do this deed could be wrong. There's seems to be this whole ideology ideological component to a lot of these people and these groups where they're Just very extreme authoritarian catholicism. Or what i wrote in cult of trump the new apostolic reformation group sway the leaders each claim to be an apostle prophet and get direct revelation. They cast out demons and speak in tongues. Those folks are spiritual warriors quote unquote To do god's bidding who believe that trump was anointed cetera. et cetera So to answer your question. I think i think this year is going to be very interesting. And i'm just hoping there will be a public hearings in the senate and the congress on topics like disinformation and call authoritarian cultism and qn on as well as You know the prosecution really doing their due diligence to explain all the forensic digital evidence. Because when i was involved with researching cunanan with a group of people like dave troy. Amanda rifkin jim stewart's and it was clear that that that the ideology was re refurbished iam movement from the nineteen thirties of the ballard's who are fascists and sober shirts. And and they're en- dave troy is just put out a A podcast on the the big history behind one six which is worth listening to. I just did an interview with him. There are these these strands of individuals who've had agendas whether they're neo-nazis whether there Fossil fuel industrial people who wanna keep perpetuating global climate change as a hoax cause of financial and geopolitical reasons or these authoritarian religious figures. Who just want to enslaved people for their own power money and sexual appetites. Yeah there's there's a lot going on. And i think that you're right with what will probe i mean. It seems pretty clear when you look at it. From thirty thousand foot view that one six was a military coup attempt to overthrow the government of the united states. I mean it and you know we've got different groups of people that were there. We've got people who were there to see trump. Who were just milling around. Who are trump fans who were like. They were the distraction ala. They were the they were the theater. But the actual military stuff. They came with an amendment to two of succeeding. Well i remember dr house in watching this on. tv. I woke up. I was so happy. We just one georgia off warnock one You know all we gotta do now is to certify these results something that they don't normally televise and i wish they hadn't because i kept telling them don't make this event that people well it was too late anyway They and i'm just going to get ready to watch it. Have some coffee in the morning and then bam under attack. And i'm i'm feeling violated watching it. And i see a going up the stairs of the capital in a stack with their arms on their shoulders. A bunch of people in military gear. And i my first thought was blackwater. Those erik prince guys or something. I think you're right actually but You know you're good. Guests will see that we find out. Now they're oath keepers and that it was coordinated and you know they had shirts made. I mean it was if this was everybody knew what was happening except apparently the capitol police intelligence unit know i. it seems like they had insiders. Who are You know trader. Sure did they sure did that. Because we had one person who wanted to make an emergency declaration on that day in two other people said no and they don't work there anymore so we should. We should get to the bottom of that. I think they're going to call for. I think she called pelosi called yesterday for a house committee to investigate it but I think the doj will also do a good job. I do want to ask you a couple more questions about colton deprogramming in your personal experience with it. But i have to take a quick break. Would you mind staying with me. Sure all right thank you. Everybody will be right back. Hey everybody it's for the beans hosing. This podcast is made me more curious about the puzzling mysteries of life. What is the real story with. The loch ness monster did big foot. Ever exist is marjorie. Taylor green part bigfoot and part nessie or she some of their kind of monster entirely when you need a break from contemplating big questions. It's time to take on a puzzle. That's meant to be salt like the literally thousands of puzzle solving levels on best fiends. And unlike mulling over the mysteries of the universe best scenes leaves your brain feeling. Refreshingly challenged best beans makes my brain feel invigorated like i just got out of a steaming hot sauna. It's amazing the best thing is that it doesn't require the internet so i can play anywhere anytime even when i'm traveling and i don't have to worry about wi fi access or using data. I've been playing for over a year now and i still get rush of adrenaline. When i beat a level. I love the increasingly challenging puzzles and beautiful visual design. It's very relaxing. Best fans has tons of fun puzzles to solve and unlike matching puzzle games. Where all you have to do is the same repetitive thing. Smashing fruits over and over this fear has variety and strategy. The only downside. Sometimes i can't put it down. i'm already on level. Two thousand eight but there are thousands of levels still waiting with fiends. There's something new to play every day. I love all the new updates exploring new levels catching new scenes and leveling up these cute collectible characters. What is not to love I like how the challenges get harder and harder as you destroy the evil slugs and there's multiple ways of burning in game currency so for near endless supply of fun puzzles. The kind you actually enjoy solving trout. Best females today. Just don't blame me if you can turn it off. Download the five star rated puzzle game best fiends free today on the app store or google play. That's friends without the our best fiends. Everybody welcome back. We are talking with the author of the cult of trump dr steven harrison and before the break we talked a great deal about some of these groups and peripheral groups and how they wrapped up into one six and what that looked like an how a continuation of what we saw in the trump presidency. And i think it's still going on with the arizona audit and the in these kinds of things the big lie and all that but i wanted to ask you about deprogramming because so many people that that are patrons of the show or listen to the daily beans have a relative. They usually described them as educated college degree at cetera masters degrees. Who won't who who can't be told anything about donald trump and are constantly asking me. How do i even do. I even do you know in my only answer is just you know. Just show them fact that you know i mean you know. I don't know what else to tell them. But i bet you i bet you do so i mean. The long story short is One needs to learn more about what colts era and mind control. And what i referred to as the dual identity phenomenon so for example for me in the moonies there was the old steve. Hassen or the authentic steve hassen and then the mooney. Steve asks him and the key helping somebody. Exit is the access who they were before they ever heard of the colts or got involved and indoctrinated and what doesn't work is saying anything negative against the leader the doctrine or the group policy save any frontal approach factual approach is going to actually deepen the person's involvement instead of what you want. And so what i teach is for folks is that love is stronger than mine control. And if it's a family member or a friend you have to go back in your mind to when they were normal went when when you could have a relationship with them and always keep in mind. That person is still in there. It's just there. Neurons have been hijacked by this news pseudo cult identity and the single best of frame that i recommend one First of all a lot of people out of survival have cut off contact with their family and friends because they just got tired of the fire. Hose of propaganda which was a putin approached by the way as you know from active measures So but he reestablished contact is the first step. Don't political just like i miss you. How are you you know. Did you catch the basketball game. How's the weather. I came across the sole photo of us together. Canoeing remember how great time. It was in other words. Go for reporting. Trust building Re accessing who they were before they got into the mind control situation and then adopt a frame with them of you know what i respect you. You're intelligent you're educated. I mean don't don't lie. Don't make up something if they're not educated but if they are you know i acknowledged them and say you know if it's true what you believe that i need to believe that too. I don't currently believe it. But i'm interested in knowing what's true. Are you interested in knowing which. Oh yeah. I'm interested in knowing what's true to see adopt a frame of let's find out together. What's true and you make a deal with them instead of them. Sending you forty videos to watch to quote do your own research unquote which means get indoctrinated. By how all of these videos you say. Let's let's go one step at a time and let's make a deal that you share something that was really important to you when you think back in time to what convinced you to believe and trump for what convinced you to believe in q. On go back and tell me like was it. The movie was at a person. Was it a chat room and pick out something and let me watch it with. You will discuss it. And then it's my turn to share. Something will watch it together. We'll discuss it and the single most powerful technique is asking a respectful question and then being quiet and waiting for an answer and then following up so in other words instead of our persuasion frame of. I'm right you're wrong. i know the truth. You've been deluded. Which of course you know they say the me. I've been brainwashed by the left media right. So i'm like oh really. I am brainwashed. Than i need to understand what brainwashing is please explain it to me. They're like and then i'm like well. In my research. I studied chinese communist brainwashing mets. And help me get out of the moonies. Are you interested in looking at those models of. And they're all all interested in chinese communist brainwashing bright. So i use that as a frame to explain liftings eight criteria and how that the moonies and how the moonies were big supporters of trump. So i keep working in my personal dialogue the other thing with trump followers as pimps and traffickers. They're interested if i say you know pimps and traffickers use brainwashing and mind control to get people to be victims of them so becomes a. It's not a one hour project if someone's been in this for months and they're constantly have their smartphones and they're constantly getting notifications and everything else it's going to be a slob if you can kind of convince them to watch the social dilemma documentary and get them to realize they need to turn off their digital medium for a few hours a day and go walk in the woods go surfing do something fun in nature to like remind them that reality is not coming through the divert show all world being in your body in the here and now with real people is where it's Yeah even better take those couple of hours to do something that the old you would have done with a loved one and then that percent. Yeah you kinda get two birds Percent but i can't tell you else and how many people i've asked you tell me your first memory of learning about who donald trump was like. What is your and a lot of people say. Oh i saw the apprentice. Would you think. I thought he was a jerk or i remember when he was cheating on his wife. You know wherever to get them back in trying to remember what they actually thought of trump before and then like. Help me understand you. Thought he was a jerk. You thought he was an egotist the misogynist a rapist whatever. Tell me happy you know. Give me the step by step and and and help them understand. And that's another thing that i'm actively involved with as something quality hashtag. I got out movement There's a website. I got out dot org and a group of colleagues and friends of mine. Who are ex cult members. We wanna make an easy exit ramp for people from the cult of trump in cunanan by de stigmatizing. It by saying look you know. I got lied to. When i spent twelve years in this call dr that cult and now i have a life. You know like Not make it you know. Only stupid weak people get into those things because you know we. I've talked at length about this with a friend of mine. David weissman who is a former trump wrote about them in the book the and he you know we talk about how you know. We want people to change. We want people to stop following trump with him. We have to make room for them to do that. Because if we don't then then what are we even trying to get people to change for me but doing you that of respect. And that's what i wrote in my book about. David was that he was trolling sarah silverman and he was shocked that she says you know said thank you for your service cuts a veteran and he was shocked and then she said well. What's your A solution for gun gun violence and all of a sudden he had think instead of just fighting online and it really helped him open up his eyes and now he's israeli. Been a very great educator that it's okay to be a follower and then wake up and say you know what i shouldn't have believed in in trump. Yeah i think An understanding how to do that on an individual basis person to person. My my main concern comes with what you specifically said about when you say something negative about the leader or the doctrine that actually deepens. The person's allegiance to the cause or to the person and we see that every day on social media online in the news in the media. I mean we're constantly that commitment to trump on the other side by pushing you have to step into their mind and they think they're there. We're the we're the goliath where the giants you know mainstream media entity and they're the persecuted minority. And when you attack then you just validating that that frame that that we're in a war and where the underdog and we're being persecuted so the other thing is just seek truth like whatever is true. We need we need to live together. on planet earth like. What's your plan on how to do this. I absolutely Everybody you need to read the cult of trump and then also take the online course. It's called standing colts the basics. You can get that by going to freedom of mine dot com and clicking on resources. You'll see it there and clearly what we've learned today. Is that the way to to combat. This is to teach people about the basics of colts. And i say that that's probably the top two ways to do. That is to read dr haass book and take that online. Course thank you so much for your time today. I appreciate it. Dr hudson leisure else and continued success. You as well everybody stick around. We'll be right back. Hey everybody it's alison in this. Portion of the beans is brought to you by the total game. Changer for design canada pro when it comes to my level of design experience. I consider myself intermediate. Maybe i haven't mastered some of the fancy programs. But i have my fair share of posters and logos and graphic art. I believe my progress would've been accelerated with superior design tools and a bigger budget to achieve bigger design ideas. 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I am proud to be joined by the author of the book called all in how our work i culture fails dad's families and businesses and how we can fix it together. Please welcome josh. Labs josh welcome. Hey thanks for having me. And i know that as a long subtitle. Hey that's what we do nowadays right. I'm on a book to the subtitle. Has all the information in it. It's important that's harpercollins idea. So we can thank them. Thank you harpercollins This is such an topic especially from a dad's point of view. You're an expert on modern dad's at work. You spent twenty years. It says here reporting for c. n. n. npr and twenty thirteen. You took legal action against time warner. Can you talk a little bit about that. Sure so i was Covering was a fact checker on an errand cnn. Frank checking everybody politicians and pundits. And then i Became a dad and started also doing segments about fatherhood and i started to discover that. They're all these myths about parenthood too. So i was doing fact checks about parenthood and then i became a dad And was are. We kept having drama every time But with our third child our daughter my wife and i looked at what was going on in our family and we realized that i would be needed at home after she was born to do caregiving. Now i knew that that's normal. I was fact checking on the air about the fact that dad's caregiving to however Policies have not kept up with that reality so policies. Under at cnn made it so that anyone could get paid weeks after having a kid except a guy who got his wife pregnant. Anyone who get ten paid weeks except a biological father a traditional scenario so i went to the company in secret basically quietly behind the scenes. I said look. This had to be a mistake. There's no way when you were adding all these people they could get ten. Paid weeks meant to leave out the option of dazzling the caregivers they said oh thanks a lot That's interesting put in writing. I didn't i got no answer. And montour no answer. And then my wife had severe pre eclampsia which is very scary. They had to do our daughter with born prematurely. I still could get no answer so two weeks later. A guy like me could only get two weeks later. I was home. And i send a message to work saying. Hey mike getting this time to care for my premium for pound baby girl and my two boys and my sick wife or my comeback to work. And that's when they said no. I could not have the same leave that anyone else would get so. I launched that legal battle and the short version is that ultimately time warner revolutionized its policy made it much better for just about everybody so it does have him bat sense for other families that happy ending. Why do you think it's. There's such a lag. Time in catching up with this concept of dad's i don't i don't it's kind of mind boggling to me. It is and generations of of people who fought for gender equality feminists Understood the importance of men as caregivers. This was a big thing that ruth bader ginsburg focused her efforts on fatherhood But most people in business have never even heard about this as an issue and they don't even know that making sure women have equal opportunity in the workplace requires making sure that man have equal opportunity to be caregivers. If you're for the family that the woman has to stay home. The man has to stay at work. Yeah you're going to hurt women's careers so no one has ever presented this before and a lot of people in power. Don't realize the reality of modern parenthood today that the data show men want more time at home but when we try to take more time at home Men get fired or demoted or lose job opportunities and families can't afford for the guy to lose the job so we're stuck in this madman cycle. Yeah and it's not just a. This isn't a lot of people frankness of some sort of men's rights issue but it's it's not it's a family rights issue. It's a woman's rights issue. It's a feminism issue. There's so many aspects to this that that feed into the the old. I mean just it. It reeks of hanging onto their traditional values. That the woman as the caregiver. Yeah pot journey. I tell people this all the time. Pod charlie with a p. is crucial women's rights issue. And this is the giant missing half of building gender equality in the workplace. You can't habit Sheryl sandberg's in my book and you know we talked about that. So i'm not coping her when i stayed as she agrees. Women cannot lean in if they can't be there in the first place and they can't be there in the first if the guy is unable to share the caregiving at home. And we have this System right now. With i say bows down to laws policies and stigmas that prevent true equal opportunity with caregiving And all these people want to change. But were up against these laws policies and stigma so until we change those we won't be able to fix workplace and i imagine there are multiple i guess sort of impacts including brain drain right. I mean you're not going to go and work for a firm that doesn't allow this and and they're missing out on an opportunity to kind of recruit and retain top talent when they when they don't offer this exactly and this is where we get into data like i have a partnership with dublin. Plus care we do a bunch of research there We have this international survey showing the eighty five percent of men. Say big want so much to have more time at home But men and women agree that the biggest forces holding them back are the finances they can't risk losing their jobs and the stigmas And then yet us. You see this play out and all sorts of other ways with brain-drain A huge number of my book. I found this is about half. The women who dropped out of the workforce are doing so because other husbands couldn't get any time off to do any caregiving. Meanwhile what a lot of people don't realize. Is that men are dropping out of their jobs from john. Young the found that in the united states manner even more likely than women to switch jobs or careers or take pay cuts Or move to another state in order to have more time with their families the differences that as is when we drop out of our jobs to go another job that supports us as fathers. Were usually not telling our bosses that that's why relieving so a lot of companies don't realize that they're losing rate women who drop out of the workforce losing great men who go to other companies that will support them and they're wasting tons of money trying to attract new people when they could have held onto these great employees that they already had. Yeah and there's a. This isn't a new concept right because the government realized this along time ago the federal government as far you know i worked there for over a decade and the entire time i was there Men and women anybody could could get twelve weeks of fmla You just had to have a medical reason of somebody. You're taking care of or so. Are we taking care of yourself so for private. This is seems like a private industry problem and a lot of pushback is well. You know we don't have a model for this. We need to do research. I pledge eighty of very effective already in place. Fmla rules that that are beautiful models for how to do that. Yes in their huge battle primerica to get fmla which guarantees about sixty percent american workers unpaid leave up to twelve weeks It doesn't everybody doesn't apply small firms. There are exceptions. But i'm lot of people have this league option. The problem is most people cannot afford unpaid leave. Families need some kind of money coming in. And i spoke at the un. Big part. of. What i said was i finally came to understand what people complain about a lot that you know allowed him point. America is the only major economy in the world almost the only nation at all even include tiny countries. That does not have any paid maternity. Leave And i came to understand the process of doing this book and research. Why that is. It's all based on the way of thinking thinking is she's a woman just need to make money she stays home. He's a man he needs to make money. He has to go to work and make money. So why would you give her money. It's all based on madman all of it and went the result madman. We have no system to make sure that when a baby is born it can have a parent at home and food on the table for at least a block of weeks. There's nothing to make sure that that's how disastrous this is and it's all based on sex. Yeah and i should say for the federal government. If you do take that twelve weeks you have to use your earned leave. It's not free as it were and there. I mean they do have like leave donation programs. If you don't have that much leave saved up. But you're using your earned leave to take that twelve weeks. It's not just like twelve weeks of paid leave and you don't have to eat away your the that you've earned an many people with families don't have a lot of leave on the books and the thing is a more and more companies now are now announcing that they're giving several months pay paternity leave and maternity leave and most of what i do. Mrs work with businesses I do love adventure. businesses. And i talked them through their policies in cultures. And what. I explained at these businesses. Making these announcements are not doing it to be nice. It's not like they're getting caught up some nice idea. It's because it benefits than bottom line. So this is the rare thing in which there's a solution that should make it solutions. We need like a family leave insurance that into all these kinds of things are proven to increase profits. Keep people in the workforce be better for children better for families better for women and men and babies. There isn't a loss on this. This is the rare example of a rising tide lifts all boats. But we need to do is get the republican side on board with the democrats to actually get something national go and there's all these intangible unintended benefits as well as as far as education for the kids and men being able to be in school and and that impacts us down the line i wanna talk to you a little bit about how to engage men on issues of gender equality and diversity but i do have to take a quick break josh. Will you stay with me. Great everybody will be right back. Hello everyone it's ag helping. The beans is brought to you by my new favorite snack. Monk pack key doughnut and seed bars. They make delicious. Snacks have close to no sugar. Three tough to find healthy snacks. 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Checkout all dot com slash daily beans and all forms offering twenty percent off all orders for listeners at all dot com slash daily beans. All right everybody. Welcome back. We're talking with the author of the book. All in how our workforce culture fails dad's families and businesses. And how we can fix it together. And now i wanna talk. Josh loves about the how we can fix it together. Part because it's there seems to be sort of this weird stigma about in aging men on issues of gender equality and diversity. What are your. What's your advice on on those types of issues. Because i'm seeing this a lot in the workplace especially with the advent of the me too movement men just throwing up their hands and saying well. I'm never going to be in a meeting with another woman again. This is just too dangerous and Like it's really impossible not to harass someone. But it's important that we talk about how to effectively engage men in these discussions. Yeah forestall allow that was overblown like these false headlines. This at two thirds of men won't mentor women anymore because they're afraid because of me too but then i looked at the data it actually show nine percent so that's another example where you need But no it is true so so. The problem is You know there's a stereotype in the workplace. Man in a meeting will do all the talking and talk over women When it comes to family issues men go completely silent and they generally do not feel. Welcome to talk about this. And i've talked to guys about why this is. One of the biggest reasons is that men are convinced that if they say anything about how. They're struggling with work with ballots Met that woman will say to them. You man a patriarch. Who are you to complain. You have a great. I have a batch. And what i tell people is. That's not what happens. Look what happened. When i announced my legal case. Women were hugely supportive of best and women and men secretly want to work together on this but men stay completely reticent about it so their cultural elements that i worked mrs to the change but what i tell people all the time is that number one is communication that when you are wrestling with something one turns to that. She worked with. Ridge's out through a message of slack. Whatever and says. Hey i wrestle with how to get my kids to all their appointments while still Getting all my work done on any kind of caregiving. I'm with caring for my elderly. Mother i know you care for your elderly mother and when you invite him into a conversation about caregiving it. allows him to start talking about this. So what i. All the time is due events Like there was one of the major federal agency. And i share this coin after that one of the top executives stood up and shared that he has and his wife have a son with autism spectrum. Who needs special doctors every week. His she works fulltime to. They've been wrestling this for years. And women came to me after the event and said they worked with him for twelve years and had no idea so when you open up these doors to have conversations about caregiving you discover the secret reality that most people are on the same page about trying to give ourselves these options and suddenly can create team and work together inside the company to change the policies and bill better cultures and i mean that seems to sort of dispel that perception or misperception. I should say of some sort of weakness. You know the old stereotype. Ceo like a man or you know. I remember watching the movie. Parenthood where he is like you know he wants to needs to take more time with his family and he's like look there's younger guys that don't have kids that are willing to put in the hours and take guys to get laid like all the old weird sort of kind of cloud hanging over from a previous generation. That just really doesn't exist anymore. But i feel like people are still afraid of it they are. It's too bad because so for example. That was his harvard. Study that helped pinpoint exactly what was happening. The overwhelming majority of dads want more time at home But the the exceptions in general are the c. suite executives. They are people in general who have built identities around spending all the time at work and people by nature psychology. Look for people who are like them. Soon very often a guy in charge will look for a guy like him who spends all the time at work who doesn't talk about spending time with family who doesn't look for for balance And lift him up the ranks and make him that. I bought him the ultimate. Ceo so these exceptions are in their own cycle of rising up to the top. And so what it takes. Is this culture change but also reality check because most of the time people who sit at their desks the most are not the most productive not the most successful. Not the most innovative or creative soon when you give organizations these new metrics to judge by and chat them take a look. Look over the past year. Who really had the most profound impact on your bottom line. You often find is people were also caregivers in their lives. So i have found that that changes the way that they promote even changes the way they hire and ultimately that leads to the kind of culture that when i'm wondering if covid our experience with covert over the past year has brought forth any lessons about that image of the guy at the desk all day being twenty five percent less productive than the guy who's working from home or woman or however people identify. How do you think the lessons of covert are going to impact this fighter. I think it's going to make it easier. Yeah i mean so what's happening. Is that a lot of organizations are having to see that people who work from home are actually just as productive just as innovative So that is changing the mindset. So that right there is helping and men are doing more at home that sent even with working from home there are still dozens. Who have sexist expectations hussein to the guy that he should be available in no twenty four seven but they understand why they're female employees might not be so there are still people with this old mentality that we need to get rid of But yes it's moving the right direction. It's also important to know know Families especially parents have gone through a ton of stress during co bit and stress is bad for business it has always negative effects and having programs in your company that help people address dress. Mental health is really important and all this coverage about this with women and there was no coverage about it with father so then i reached out to the american psychological association and i asked them to run the data and they did and they got back to me and they discovered that men are having the dads are having just as much stress as moms are during covert was talking about it. Still dadge really stressed to being pushed anxiety. Depression and The brand i worked with men plus care. We're doing some work for father's day get meditation opportunities and ways to engage in self care because the way that we even talk not just about work life balance but also about mental health. Also about taking care of yourself cares as a whole person all of these things really should become gender neutral and as we do that we raise the next generation to see that boys and girls can be mentally healthy can have a lives at home can have lives at work and still be successful on all fronts as they see fit. It's it's so fascinating. Because i personally i you know i don't have a family. I wasn't looking for a family time off. But i was looking for a reasonable accommodation to telework more because of p. t. s. content warning military sexual trauma and so being in the office with a bunch of people in uniform was disconcerting. But i had one of those old school bosses who felt that telework. You won't get anything done. You can't get anything done et cetera. And so. I was denied and denied these reasonable accommodation requests. There's a little bit of litigation going on behind the scenes on that but that old school mentality is still very highly prevalent. And i think it's i think it's kind of to us. The workers to actually bring those conversations to the forefront show that we can actually cause the interesting part is he was forced to telework everybody for mccoy and all of a sudden. You're doing your job great. Yeah that's better. Even so. But still i i think kind of starting those conversations in the workplace to show that everyone kind of agrees Year or the odd man out at the top who thinks that telework is dumb and actually the all the policies and culture shifts that i talk about are not at all specific for parents to hold. Point is matt. Any person has a life outside of work and shouldn't be expected to sit at the desk. You know for all those hours or whatever. Your type of worksite is And ultimately at some point you know what i push for his paid family leave. There's federal bill called the family act. Kirsten gillibrand major sponsor of it and senator from new york and I'll tell you know when when i started looking into it and how it works i. I've found that literally. Every person at some point will use pay family. Because it's not just to care for kid is to care for an elderly parent or six or yourself in. Look i mean someone like you. I can't imagine the hell of what you went through. And there's so many people who have been through so much at some point every person will have a reason to need time to care for someone or themselves and having an insurance system there that works for all people. Men and women is so important. It's been a a national failure to address this assignment. Yeah and i thought it was really interesting to under obama when they added language to the to the discrimination worked discrimination rules that added familial situations meaning. They couldn't discriminate for or against you for leave or other things whether you had kids who didn't have kids or we're taking care of elderly parents or not. It needs to be equity across the board for all. And i was like that is a very huge step and it kind of flew under the radar that they added that language. Yeah know your listeners. Smart people will be interested in this. I'm glad you brought it up. I rarely get to talk about it but chapter in my book about what are called. F r d laws family responsibility discrimination laws and the short version. Is that right now. In a case. Mike what i had In order to fight a legal battle. I had to jump over an extra hoop of showing. I wasn't just facing discrimination over having caregiving but that it was gender-discrimination So when you have f. R d laws. You can skip that big hump and you can just go straight to business responsible. Family responsibility discrimination. You don't have to prove that gender discrimination and there are towns counties some states. they're starting develop those and the more that we have those more fair our workplaces will be the more people will stay in the workforce the more our economy will rise really will if the votes yeah bottom line. It's i if if you have to make the money argument. Make the money argument to to the ceo. T know it's like we're going to save you so much money here. I always well i do. You know it's been really fascinating talking. Josh i appreciate your candor and also i was hoping you could tell everybody where they can follow you on social media where they can find your book yes So drumet- my website. Josh leads dot com j. o. s. h. l. e. v. s. dot com Best in the same with my twitter just jumped back on instagram recently. Ever have not been there and and my one requirement. Is everybody listening. Stop what you're doing right now and go to link and find me. Josh leaves the best place to connect. See what you're up to see what. I'm up to london for this awesome that we don't get much many lincoln thank you. I appreciate your time. Everybody picked up the book. All in our workforce culture fails dad's families businesses. And how we can fix it together. It's how we can fix it together. That's so important. I appreciate your time. Josh loves pleasure. Thanks all right everybody. That's the chauffeur today. I hope you enjoyed it. Join me tomorrow for interviews with radical. Murari and megan hatcher maze. Please take care of yourself. He cares each other. Take care of the planet and take care of your mental health on behalf of dana. Goldberg and amy caro- i'm gill. And them's the beans. The daily beans is written executive produced by alison gill with additional research reporting by dana. Goldberg and aimee. Carrero sound design and editing is by deserie mcfarland with art and web designed by joel reader with moxy design studios music for the daily beans as written and performed by they might be giants and the show is a proud member of the msw media network. A collection of creator owned podcasts dedicated to news politics. Injustice for more information please visit. Msw media dot com.

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Ep 105 Grateful Living Guide Kristi Nelson

Midlife Mixtape

43:27 min | Last month

Ep 105 Grateful Living Guide Kristi Nelson

"At this stage in life so many of us have had wakeup calls so many of the difficult experiences of life actually make it more possible to connect with feeling grateful welcomed mid-life. Mix tape the podcast. I'm nancy davis co and we're here to talk about the years between being him and breaking one due to me. Why taking slung we can. I just wanna make sure that you have all checked out. The great new september content from fellow members of the gaels squad. That's plug your ears little one gals as in gronyea's ladies over onto night dot com. There's a great essay by my pal. Wendy errands about the joys of going to a movie theater solo actually just love to go to a movie theater. Haven't done that in a year and a half going solo that would be the icing on top. Jumble flow dot com has a piece on finding your flow with terra card readings day magazine dot com asks. Do we have the space degreed anymore. That is a dang good question as daima magazine dot com and hey perry dot com. That's h. e. wide p. e. r. r. y. dot com has the ever popular topic paramount pas periods wti f. is happening. Make sure to check out all these sites designed for people in the years between being hip and breaking one the gals always have great new stuff coming out. Welcome to episode one hundred five of the midlife tape. Podcast i'm nancy. Davis co host and create of the show. And i'm really glad you're tuning today. September twenty first happens to be world gratitude. Day a topic. I know a little bit about. But i thought for a refreshing change of pace instead of talking to you about gratitude letters in the book. I wrote the thank you project. I'd bring in a guest who could share a different perspective on incorporating more gratefulness and grateful living into our lives that seemed especially important in a week or two different fronts have said to me you know what relatively speaking i don't have anything to down about. And they're kind of kicking themselves for feeling low and i was like you are now the human embodiment of that cartoon dog and the fidora sitting with coffee as the flames. Rise up around him. No one is okay. Everybody has something to feel down about after eighteen months of this pandemic and i recently read that one in three americans has been affected by a weather. Disaster made worse by climate change. It's okay and it's normal to not be okay. Speaking of the climate change thing. Have you checked out. Science moms dot com yet. Go back to episode one hundred two for all the details on that. Anyway it goes for me to ever since my mom's memorial service in august. I have to say. I've been feeling a lot more subdued and frankly a little hopeless more so than at any other time during the past eighteen months so today's guest in her reminder of how these wake up calls in our lives can enrich them if we look at them from the right. Perspective seems especially timely. Christie nelson is the executive director of a network for grateful living and the author of wakeup grateful. The transformative practice of taking nothing for granted. Imagine that christie's life's work in the nonprofit sector has focused on leading inspiring and strengthening organizations committed to progressive social and spiritual change being a longtime stage for cancer. Survivor moves her every day to support others in living and loving with gratefulness of heart. In two thousand one after five years leading a regional women's fund christie founded a values based fundraising consulting and coaching company. And in this capacity she's worked with organizations like the buddhist peace fellowship. Institute for jewish spirituality wisdom two point oh and the center contemplative mind in society among others. She's also been founding director of the soul of money institute with lynn twist director of development at crippling center for yoga and health and director of development and community relations for the center of mindfulness in medicine healthcare and society. So take deep calming breath. Enjoy me as i talk with gratefulness guru christie nelson. I wanna welcome to the midlife mcstay podcast christie nelson. Thanks so much for being on the show. today. I'm thrilled to be here. Thanks so much for having me well. It's a special day today. Because the data's episode drops his world gratitude day. So i wanted to have somebody on who could provide a different lens into the topic. Gratefulness in gratitude. And i'm excited to talk about your book. Wakeup grateful but first christi. Obviously we have to ask you this question. Which is what was your first concert. And what were the circumstances is. This has caused me to do research and bears vacation. Oh i love you. Guest homework fabulous. Actually it was so great. So i believe as well because you know. Now that i'm in my sixties it's actually long term memory issues so I believe that it was cheap. Trick and i. It was nineteen seventy six. And i couldn't find their tour dates to confirm but it was somewhere i think either springfield massachusetts or somewhere in the close environs. And this just the funniest thing and their their song that i loved and used to sing at the top of my possible spectrum voice spectrum saying i want you to want me. I need you to need me. I'd love you to love me short there so they're big song and you were. What nine cigarette. No kidding no. Yeah that's funny. I was sixteen and it was probably one of those things that it was a celebration of my sixteenth birthday birthday in passing to some kind of a new level of Trustworthiness that i could go off i. I'm sure i wasn't worthy of it. At all in the seventies the bar for trustworthiness and kids was awfully low compared to where it is now as we hear these stories over and over on this show people doing stuff that they would never let their kids do now so yes. I love that concert for your. I'm trying to remember which cheap trick song it was. My friend and i were getting coffee at a coffee shop one day and it came on over the music and she and i started singing both sides of it at each other really aggressively the pour coffee girl who was a millennial just looked at us in absolute horror appropriately so and cheap trick to sing along. It's it's very much a sing along kind of a band. I wondered if there is a way that music plays into your efforts to live gratefully playing song that makes you feel grateful or amplifying your mood or anything like that is their way that music plays a role for you hugely. I would say. And it's interesting. Because i always say that. Gratitude waits for something. Good to happen and gratefulness actually waits for us to just be a weight And so for me. What that means when i'm awake is awake in tuned into what i can create for experiences that bring about a more grateful awareness and so that helped shift my perspective. And that's what. I'm a big believer in and so i use music a lot to enhance my perspective. So when i come home and a tired at the end of the day or i've done a lot of things that have been exhausting on particular level mentally or physically and f. I put on music forever. Williams happy chore the theme song absolutely irresistible right. So there's so many songs like that that energize me and completely shift. My mood and music has an unparalleled ability to do that. In my life. I agree so much at some point during the pandemic last year. I made a playlist on my phone called aaa playlist and it is only songs that make me get a little shiver when they come on. You know like i go. Oh my god. I love the song and if it doesn't elicit that response take it off the playlist and we were driving recently. My husband and i drove down to l. a. Drop her off at school. And we've had a. It's you know it's been a pandemic it's been eighteen months of difficult things and we were coming back and i was like you know what i need to listen to playlists right now because i'm feeling i was missing my daughter already. You know there's just a number of thing any number of things that are hard. And i knew if i just put this on. Oh it's so good. I wish you could all listen to my aaa playlist. But i think the better thing is for everybody to make aaa platelets. That is personal to you. That gives you that little jolt because it works exactly like you're saying it just kind of puts you in a better space and that's something to be grateful for that thank you. I love that. And i loved assigned us more homework which is yes. Go play list report back. Tell me what's on it. So i mentioned today is world gratitude. Anybody who's listening to this. Podcast has heard me talk ad. Infinitum about gratitude letters which is the tool that i used back in twenty sixteen to kind of acknowledge all the good people around me all the things that i had to be thankful for up to that point in my life it was a benchmark birthday and i was really trying to think deliberately about the helpers who had come along the way and i swear by gratitude letters still i know how powerful they are and i know from readers who bought read my book. Thank you project that they work really well but eighteen months into this pandemic christie. I need some backup. I feel like i need more arrows and my gratitude quiver. And i think part of this today is going to be like a therapy session for me. It's just you know. I feel an. I'm just being honest with you and with the listeners. I feel really flat. Sometimes these days and i'm just i'm worn out of working so hard to stay healthy on a worn out of watching friends. Who have suffered. And i'm worn out of looking at the bigger world around me and feeling so overwhelmed some days and it's part of why i do this podcast because i am always connecting with people every two weeks who have a different dynamic way of looking at the world around them and that that's one of the things that helps me so much but you have written. This book called wake-up grateful where you talk about how we can have grateful living and you just you just mentioned the difference between gratitude in great gratitude in gratefulness. But i wonder if you could kind of talk a little bit more about that. How do you see them as different things. Sure well a super excited to be here and talk about this. And i also want you to know that all of us i think are struggling through this time in ways that we didn't anticipate and could have never imagined and so it's all new again and tear. We are and the most important thing. I think that helps me is admitting it. And feel and connecting with people around it feeling the normalcy of it. And how this is. The new normal for a lot of us is working through these experiences of feeling. We're separate from each other so admitting it is the first part and making space to really own that this too is part of living. Gratefully police actually acknowledging that having these emotions points the things that were most grateful for that we've lost touch with you know for me to able to feel strong. Emotions is something. I'm thankful for actually and sometimes that's grief and sometimes i think this is the time of great grief actually and grief and gratitude are so close kin with one another in my experience so we can always be pointed back to those things which have enriched our lives and which we can connect with other ways more creative ways it draws on resourcefulness and then i think we really need to pull pull out of the bottom of our quiver. It's not doesn't grabbing the eros we're used to grabbing its grabbing really different reaching for different things so gratefulness ungrateful living. I think are really important. As distinctions. gratitude is awesome and it's very difficult to connect with in every moment and gratefulness is something that allows us to connect with gratitude in every moment. Because it's a state of being grateful from the inside out as i say doesn't wait for anything. It's not a response. It's a proactive approach to life. It's a way that we orient to life is gratefully and what that means is remembering that. It's an inside job and that we can have a lot of agency over our experience of being grateful and we often see it as kind of a passive thing. I think it's it's transactional it's relational but super fleeting and so finding the ways that we can cultivate an interior experience of gratefulness to deeply. Ground ourselves in that. And i call it many different things gratefulness but one of the things is it is the opposite of taking life for granted so the shift for me is. What am i taking for granted right now that i can lift up in my awareness that reconnects me how grateful i am for life. I love the way you put it in your book. It's not about whether the glasses half empty or half full. It's being grateful that you have a glass. Yes exactly and that that comes from being a cancer survivor for me. Very advanced cancer. That was you know. I expected it to take my life and at a young age. Shirty three and so surviving. That and recognizing also nancy how easy it is to lose the appreciation for still being alive that it's so easy to get sunk. It's so easy to get down. And yet then i remember oh my god remember how grateful you were not to have died and every single day that were alive is another day that we didn't die and so i have to literally remind myself that it's a gift to be alive and that every single moment that i can breeze that i can reconnect with myself. Even my heartbreak is an opportunity. I don't wanna squander. I don't wanna miss it. I want to remember i'm alive recognize. I'm alive celebrate the fact that i'm alive. And so that's grounded in what i call grateful ungrateful living and it's a distinction from gratitude. That i think is important because we have a lot of concepts around gratitude that can keep us from really taking charge of our experience of that knowing that. It's very deeply internal sorry. I'm listening to you so deeply that i forgot what the next question was that i was gonna ask you. So that's a compliment. Thanks well. I appreciate the frankness with which you write in your book that grateful living and retaining that sense of of gratefulness. Just as you move through your day is a practice. I mean it was a really powerful message right from the beginning that you had been a cancer survivor. There was a period of time. After you recovered that you were grateful just naturally just to be alive just to wake up every day but that over time that faded away and i think that was really relatable because there are a lot of things if we sit and think about them we think. Wow i'm i'm really glad i have a roof over my head and i do really appreciate clean air on a fall day here in the bay area but you know. Ask me two weeks. I might not be actively thinking about inactivity appreciating those things. So i just wonder. What's your advice for having us. Continue to keep that gratefulness. Front and center I think it's about stopping recognizing right that. Where am i right now. How can i remind myself how much i actually treasure life. And i want to be reconnected to that. Treasuring in that's in my hands and so for me. That's the perspective shift that i'm always trying to invite and that's the thing that's so easy to lose. There's so many things that make us lose perspective and so many things that make us gain perspective. And so one of the things i try to encourage people is what are the circumstances. Take you away from your remembering how much you treasure life and that experience of gratefulness. What are the experiences that take you away from that and the thoughts that take you away from that and what are the thoughts that reconnect you. To end the kind of circumstances you can create for yourself like putting on a triple a. List for yourself and stopping comparisons to other people. I thought that was a good one. Because that is just such a natural human impulse to look around and say we'll come. I don't have what she has and it's not helpful. What is the comparative comparison. Is the death of joy. Leave yeah the thief of joy. It's such a great saying. And yet i also think one of the things that we can do is compare our own lives to how they could be right like i could have coveted and be unable to breathe unassisted right now as so many people do and that just brings tears to my eyes literally to think about it and yet i'm sitting here taking the fact that i can breathe and this gift of breath for granted right until i lifted up and remind myself that it could be otherwise and so that's true for all of us and i love waking up to another day and all the things that my body is able to do and the gifts that i have in my wife in my home that make my life comfortable and and yet i can walk right past them and just numb out to them so easily until i lift them up in my awareness again and again that's the practice the practice is always stop get perspective and then move back into your life. More gratefully stop. Look go as you put it in the book right. That's practices based supplicant so much of being able to identify those things. We're grateful for comes as a result of hardship in your case it was cancer in my case. I'm thinking about how a year ago. I had been on the east coast for three weeks and i came home and it was a believe it was this week in september where we had an orange sky because the smoke was so bad in the bay area and for days days. We had air purifiers running. We had all the windows shut tight. We were barely going outside and the day that the blue sky came back it was like people were out on the street. Everybody was walking their dog and it was this real jubilation and a year later. That's what the day looks like. Today is beautiful day outside. The air quality is great. There's nobody jubilee leading. There's just there's there's clean air there it is but i do find that i think about it. I do find that having gone through that last year. I'm much less likely to take it for granted and so it just ties back into this idea. That so prevalent midlife. We have to go through. We've gone through so many twists and turns and obstacles and challenges by the time we hit forty or fifty but part of the value of those things is that they do give us an avenue for appreciating stuff. We probably we take for granted in our twenties while you are nailing. It is a hundred percent. What i talk about in the book and what i talk about our as you know wakeup calls then a lot of at midlife have suffered wakeup calls. And those are deeply life enhancing even though they're painful because they shift our perspective about what could be lost and the fires in california. Were huge wakeup call for a lot of people kovic so many people have left. The city's new york massachusetts where i live is burgeoning with all these people from the cities who are fleeing and because you have such good donuts or the world day. I've had the opportunity to visit the pioneer valley. I'd like to compliment. Your donut is the atkins cider. Donuts is yes exactly. Okay i knew it. Because i thought what is she talking about here but So i think that you're a hundred percent right which is tick on has a saying in. It's kind of like we notice so much when we have the toothache but we don't notice when the to it goes away so we're very how we focus. Our attention is everything and it creates our experiences where we put our attention and so as you say when the blue sky is a contrast. So that's what. I'm talking about a comparison. That's a positive comparison Which is to our own lives. And what's possible when we have that experience of contrast we can be markedly ebullient and feel that vividness and that kind of aliveness aliveness is beautiful quality and yet we experienced that when we're conscious also of what has been lost. What could be lost that brings us to life and so we walk around so much the time actually purposely forgetting that ignoring that so much time wanting more and more if i only had this that this not there's easy ways for us to remember it's like oh i could not have the gift of pure air to breathe right now right. I could not have the ability to breathe unassisted right now and so. How do i allow those things to be sometimes enough. I have to remember that. That's the baseline bump up the baseline of what we expect from life Bump bump up so that what we're saying and what that does is it really says reduced expectations. So that when you get up in the morning you say oh my. I'm so grateful to be alive every day every day. You remind yourself that it's an extraordinary gift to still be here every day as my angela says this is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before. So everyday is worthy of that celebration from us to have another opportunity to still be here. And how do we uplift at nahr awareness. Research and science behind gratitude was probably my favorite part of writing my book. Because i wanted to understand why these gratitude letters changed my perspective so thoroughly in the year that i spent writing the letters and i know you know all about this but it's it's all tied into positive recall bias and the way that we train our brains to look for positive things instead of negative things at it really is like a muscle and the more you practice it in my case it was because i was gonna write a letter every week so i would just spend a week thinking good thoughts about the person to whom i was writing. What did they teach me. What am i what. What are the fun adventurous. Have had with them. How have they changed me for the better. And it's kind of like marinating your brain and positive association and it goes exactly to what you're talking about taking taking the beat to say. I am glad to wake up when i talk about this with school groups. You can imagine. Kids don't always want to write a letter especially. Don't want to handwrite a letter. And i want them to get something from us. So i always tell them if this doesn't feel like a good fit for you although for a lot of kids it's a great fit elicit some really amazing writing. But if you can't do that you can always just stop and take a breath and say what are three things. I can be grateful for right now. Like stop in your tracks and just say there are. There are definitely three pigs to be grateful for. And i can't tell you how many days i woke up and thought i love these sheets on these shades. Took me a long time to find the right. The right sheet set for this bedroom. And i love my sheets now and that just a little thing like that. It doesn't have to be a major a major thing. It can be the you know the sound of the dog snoring in the coroner or whatever brings you peace and so i love this idea of like you said just changing your baseline and just looking around for the things that are right in front of you that you're not acknowledging. I think that that's true in one of the things that i have tried to do in. This was a very big learning for me. Nancy was to find the unconditional things. So that no matter what happens so if if the house burns down if i end up with cancer and i'm in a hospital bed you know in these are kind of extreme things but what is there. What are the things that are constant that are the riches in life that cannot be lost. Those are the really important questions to ask because no matter what happens in our life no matter what we lose no matter what changes no matter who is no longer here. We have the ability to cultivate that experience of feeling grateful by connecting to the things that are the richest can't be lost ever and so for me. Something could happen to your sheets but one of the things that ordinary is actually in. You can buy them again but you know one of the things for me is to appreciate for instance the ability to have air temperature. That is comfortable. i wow. there's a lot of people in the world who can't get cool when it's incredibly hot outside and can't get hot when it's really cold outside can't get warm enough right so just to appreciate the very basic things like oh i can feel the air on my skin. It's so comfortable. You know. And i can until the hot flash hits exactly and then you can figure out some way to work with the but the ability to work with an even is like oh my gosh. What a privilege this is to be able to go into a dunk myself. An ice bath or getting up. Whatever it is so. I think it's not forgetting and those are the things that i think are so important because even when i was in a hospital room for weeks actually months on end and i had connection with almost nothing that matter to me i realize. What do i have agency around here. What do i have to be grateful for like. Oh all these people are carrying for me. And i can't see my family right now in my friends easily but i can love the people who are available to me like what was that like. Wow all these people are coming in bringing me food and cleaning my room and that was a revelation for me. Because i didn't want to be cut off from my ability to be loving. And i didn't want to have that hinge on. Oh i've got to have the people who i love the most always here with me. What if i can't be true right. So it just is expanding. I think that reservoir expanding the places in which you can experience that in as you say it allowing yourself to immerse in that even if it's thinking about like stopping your tracks just exactly what you said that such a grateful living exercise stop in your tracks at any moment and just think what are three things. I can be grateful for right now and your dog can always be the right answer by the way you can every single time yes. Are there any other special abilities of people at midlife with regard to grateful living. Is there anything that you talk about the wisdom of gratefulness. Obviously wisdom is something that a cruise with age. So are we really good at being grateful. I love to. I love to share the message of the things. Midlife people are really good at. I think we're way better than we are when we're younger i honestly do and i think that's because at this stage in life so many of us have had wakeup calls so many of the difficult experiences of life actually make it more possible to connect with feeling grateful in. It's not easy. But it's a practice so i think dealing with difficult things in life i think cova did and this pandemic in the past year and a half has reconnected. A lot of people to the things that they took for granted before agreed that. Now they're not taking for granted anymore and that is really building that spiritual musculature of gratefulness. Which i think is a place that as we age we are much more connected to that internal states. They the ability to not miss so much. Because we don't take our futures for granted in the same way that's really important right we can. We can actually see the sell by date approaching. Yes our expirations exactly. There's a reason why there's a lot of treasuring and savoring that happens in elders in elder communities are very in touch with what matters is a refinement about what matters in a deeper recognition About what's important in life. And i think we're able to access that more readily admit life and we can accelerate that process not the aging process but the reconnection in the deeper connection and finding those things that we can have fidelity to like. What are those things in life that we can commit ourselves to. That are the things that matter the most that we can put ourselves in touch with that. Don't let us forget. As readily that life is really precious. And these moments are to be savored. And sometimes that's getting outside reconnecting with nature connecting with music. The people we love. But it's a proactive approach to life. It's not passive and the return on the investment is huge. Couldn't agree more. It's very well said and very well written in wakeup grateful. The transformative practice of taking nothing for granted that the book came out in twenty twenty november. Cova baby baby. I love cova. Babies when i see them around. I think good for you parents. You did it. So what made you decide to write the book when you did and i wanna make sure people know where to go to find it while it's pretty easily findable these days we do so much online. It's kind of amazing may decide to write the book. Is that brother. David steidl roused founded the organization. I'm the director of and it's called the network grateful living and we have a website at gratefulness dot org and i'll put lakes in the show notes to everything. Yeah so great. So our website is accessed by thousands of people every day and one hundred thousand people a month honestly and from around the world and one of the things that david says is that we have to practice grateful living but he doesn't give us examples and so one of the things i wanted to do is write the book and say here's how we can arrive at a grateful perspective. Here's how we can remind ourselves. Here's a lot of little practices around the body around our emotions around relationships. How can we stay connected to the little practices. We can do that. Keep us there so that was really important to me was to say. Let's help people not a paint by number. You know kind of equation in. It's not exactly formulaic. But here's some ways to reconnect to the things that matter most to you and to remind yourself of those things. Everybody has a different pathway there. But here's a lot of hints about how you get there right. they're very. it's very actionable. I thought there were a lot of thought exercises in just those moments when you're reading and you stare off into the middle distance ago. Okay let me think about that for him. Yet so yeah. I love the way you wrote a thing. We're going to be back with christy nelson of a network grateful living in a moment but first a word from our sponsor. I wanted to make sure you know about an important book. Now available in paperback. It's called bringing up race. Had raised a kind child in a prejudiced world by a sika. Udo says she wrote her debut book to help. People of all ethnicities have transformative conversations on race identity and inclusion. Starting from an early age parents are often afraid or feel awkward about talking to kids on these issues but research shows that even young babies are tuned into racial differences and it's essentially discuss openly and honestly so that we can raise generation who are boldly anti-racist. The book is filled with personal stories from new herself as well as twenty. Plus contributors along with expert insights bringing up race to start review on publishers. Weekly and it's available online as well as through your local independent bookstore bringing up race. How to raise a child in a prejudiced world. Bayou a sika. And we're back with christy nelson author of wakeup grateful and christie. I wanna talk about your own. Midlife mix tape starting by asking. What is surprised you most about incorporating grateful living in your own day to day. What are the lessons. That really kind of came out of the blue eye. Unabashedly out loud saver and appreciate pretty much everything now. I don't let things pass me by. And i try more and more to put myself in the path of joy honestly. I think that's one of the things that i've recognized. I have the ability to do. And so i've definitely stepped way up at the stage in my life by now past midlife. Actually hopefully. that's okay that i'm still a guest on your program. We're we welcomed the thirty year olds and the seventy year olds eight year olds. Who knows i mean. You never know how long you're going to live these days. So i think well if i live to one hundred and twenty five. I'm at so for me. I think i am actually savouring more and more the moments that our mind. Because i never thought i'd make it to sixty years old ever it was unfathomable to me and so now i tried to remember that this is something not to take for granted when you say you put yourself into the path of joy. What does that look like. I often get myself outside. That's one of the most important things and so mid life. Have i get woken up in the middle of the night by the need to go to the bathroom. So hopefully that's okay to mention on this program at hashtag relatable until i'm gonna say get so sometimes many times in the night right so i'm up and i used to just be grudge. It and i hated it. And i thought it was the worst just and i would get so grumpy about it that it was really hard to get back to sleep so now what i do is i actually look out the window and if there are really vivid stars i go right out onto my deck and i laid down shays lounge. I have this one of those gravity chair things. Yeah zero gravity and so. I'll go outside and i just put myself under this extraordinary sky. This canopy of stars that takes my breath away every single time and it doesn't have to look very different or anything major. No big huge shooting stars f to come across the sky or comments but it helps me get perspective immediately and it's one of those things that now i used to think about doing it. I'm much more likely to do it now. And i think that's one of those things that seizing the moment per diem. You know is so much more active in alive for me at this stage in my life than it was even twenty years ago. And so i think those are moments those impulses that are profound which is to see something and just go towards it. Something beautiful to wanna really examined to look at it to let it blow our minds. I love those things and that's putting myself in the path of joy so we live in oakland we live. We are house backs up to a canyon here and we often hear owls. And it's you know one or two of them and sometimes they'll back and forth and we've seen him. occasionally they live. They tend to congregate in the redwood tree and my next door neighbor's house but the other night i was sitting outside on my patio and it was dusk and everybody had gone inside. I heard the hooting. And i glanced up and there was a gigantic owl sitting in the beach tree. Like twenty yards away from me and my mouth fell open. 'cause i i mean. These are their shoot birds. And i'm sitting watching and the second one flew up in landed next to it and were just hooting back and forth at each other. And i was in i was like this is the most amazing thing i've ever seen. I sat there for a few minutes and watch them and then they eventually flew off. But i was like that was a miracle that i got to see that and then a couple nights ago i hear the sound again and i said to my husband. Oh my god the eleazar back. I went creeping out as fast as i could onto the front patio and we. We repeated the whole experience. They were both sitting there hooting. And i'm like this is my new favorite thing. This is my netflix bench. I am running out every time i hear the old hooting because i never paid attention to stuff like that. Before the pandemic. I did not take notice of the birds around. I had too much going on and sometimes they still have too much going on to be able to witness something like that. It just just doesn't take a lot to be able to let your breath be taken away. I guess as my thought could not agree more. And you're saying all of these things so beautifully. And i think that's you know owls at twilight. You know kind of your new netflix series. But i do think that that's because you actually let yourself look up. How many things don't we. They're pretty loud. I don't think these that will set the only handed amped up to eleven. No that's true them because you dared to let something about kind of opening our senses were. You might be able to hear them vividly all the time but i think there is something about letting ourselves look up look out further. Listen more intently to really listen to birdsong. Sometimes it's just one of the most extraordinary things and so recognizing with our senses what we have available to us. At all times i think is pretty extraordinary in. How do you wanna wake up your senses. How can you wake them up. And i think those options are available to us a lot with smells with touch. You know for me. I am reveling. And i don't know about other people but during the i'm cooking a lot more And and i find it really. Especially when i listened to music that i love i find. It gives me a whole new way to enter into the evening. When i used to just be exhausted and with throw myself down flat and that was it for the day right and now i feel like i have this opening into evening by doing things that i love to do so i think there is something very powerful at this time of life. I go out much less than i used to go out. But i'm actually in my near environs. I'm much more intimate right so in my those close environs what we can access what could see out our windows. What's close by. I feel like. I have a much more committed relationship with where i live with how i live and i hope that serves you forever. No matter what. I love that christie. We always ask the same final question on the midlife mcstay podcast. What one piece of advice do you have for people younger than you or do you wish you could go back and tell yourself as a young woman. I was beleaguered by self doubt and self criticism. And i wish that i could have just said to myself. It's okay to stop looking outside yourself for approval it's important to find that tuning fork internally where you can actually tune in and find that connection with yourself that gives you the approval that you're looking for and i had externalised it so much of my life always wanting to have other people's approval and caring too much what people thought about me and so i think the gift of midlife for me has been finding that inside myself and finding that beyond myself and not relying on other people to give me permission to feel as wonderful about myself about life as i always wanted to feel when i was a teenager when i was a young adult and i just could never figure out how to get there on my own and so that's i think the gift and the blessing of aging is if we can create a deeper interior reservoir for that being that's less conditional then we're free and that's something we can access at anytime and that's a gift that i would never trade I love that concept of the internal tuning fork that's such a nice way to put it that reminder that we can follow our own instincts and keep our own counsel and still be okay. We don't need. We don't need everybody outside in the world to love. As long as we're pretty good at loving ourselves makes a big difference and certainly might learning to trust. Intuition is a huge thing. That's the tuning fork is. What is what is speaking to me in. What's it saying and listening listening much more deeply intently and trusting. What's they're pretty awesome. Awesome experience of getting to the stage in life. And don't we all wish we learned that nor mid twenties instead of having to wait another twenty plus years to figure it out. Exactly what i'm saying. I feel like anybody should listen to this podcast on this to your gen z. Front i spent so much time spilling separate from that ability but it was it was there all along and so there's a lot of time spent on that and so i think just cut short you know let's just move ahead more quickly into the place and that's sometimes what these wakeup calls do in life and don't wait for a wakeup call. Be who you wanna be now kristie nelson author of wakeup grateful. So glad to have you on the show today. Happy world gratitude day. I sent you a fruit basket But i feel like should we be exchanging gifts. Hallmark might have a section. I don't know yeah Checkout christie book wakeup grateful and it was wonderful. Talking with you kristie. I hope you have a great day. Nancy thank you so much. You too have a great day because this kind of thing. Bugs me to leave as a hanging thread. I need you to know that the trick song my friend and i sang to the barista was dream. Police i sang the melody and andrea stood off to the side. Going police police police at the appointed moment. And i'm pretty sure the barista quit the same day. I hope my discussion with christy helps you. Focus on some of the irrevokable blessings in your own life. And i'd love to hear what those are and what you thought of the episode. You can always email me at dj at midlife. Mix tape dot com or get in touch via social media on facebook twitter or instagram. Where you will find me as at midlife mix tape. I also thought. I'd go ahead and link my aaa playlist from apple in the show notes in case you want to check it out but i really do encourage you to create your very own. You know the songs. Send a shiver of delight down your spine when you hear the opening notes. Or maybe they're the ones that drive to pull out your eardrums sticks or your air guitar speaking of guitar. I'm so excited about the next episode. I'll be interviewing one of my very favorite singer songwriters. Bob schneider he hails from austin texas if you know him you love him if you don't know him. It's time to get on the bob schneider train. We're going to be playing tracks from his brand new album in a room full of blood with his sleeping tiger. Love this album it so good. You don't wanna miss this conversation or the new music drop. Take care everyone and hope you have a wonderful week. Don't need down back would have do for me. The on news of babylon again. That would have you want from me. Young not being. B b won't be.

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#380  Public Sex in a Theme Park

Kinky Katie's World

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#380 Public Sex in a Theme Park

"She has full showed control right there. Guy like chen an asshole if he's not that's one of the new of martial arts showed control baseball's gravy. You control that showed you control the body. Little known fact child the weekend has landed. All the exists now clubs drugs popes and pies of got azoff from the world man. I'm going to blow steamer on my head like a screaming cattle. I'm gonna talk to strangers all night. I'm going to lose the plot on the dancefloor. The free radicals inside me a freaking tonight. I'm chip travolta. I'm three apopka. I'm going to never neverland with chosen. Finally mind we're going to get more spice doubt than along. Strong advocate tonight could be my life if we quit him. A back burner. What's the lucky now. Live from will thirty four studio. I bring you a girl that has one nipple that gets a little harder than the other but you can tell when she moves around like this here. She is on the only katie low. Hello hello and welcome to the show. This is katie's world number three eighty. I am your host bless you might shoulder and with me as always is my absolute favorite place covering fuck toyota. Mr s see coming to you live from role thirty four serious kinky catering dot com and radio john. I'm feeling i'm telling a little not spry. But now i'm i'm with it crowned. We know that too. But it's kinda funny that we had like seventeen religious people show up char front door today very religious day. They were all from the same group to be fair to be fair so you think once would have been enough but now we had to do it in a couple of different languages and you know they had to make sure that you know we always okay right fairly and as kind of funny. I posted a picture on my facebook of What i'm wearing tonight. And i am wearing like a red monk's robe and a friend of ours named cheesy sent me a little jif of Of the inquisition. Seem for mel brooks. This one okay. It's been whilst all the red road. No that's what i'm saying. It's been a while since i've seen it so i mean for sure i've seen one hundred thousand times nine. I now read bunk robes right Something like that right anyway. I think it's like like i said it's goth girl goes to the monastery could be right. Know i i wanna make them break. Their silence could be made sure. Sure of the other could be very close. I don't. I don't know why i i wanted to get an i like it a lot. I've so irritated. I told you earlier to buy you guys. Yeah okay yeah. I know i can't let it go. I was like i was. I wanted to wear these contacts. That i got that been so excited about at trying to get it in and i ripped ripped now. I'm i'm like you broke your toys. Toy and i don't like breaking my toys. I don't i understand. I know it's like well. I mean at least you like lose losing eyeball Yeah at least. I'm not blind. I can still see will they. Were they were covering everything so it was a bigger kind of thing. Yeah there there they were there. Were scuola or skull lara. I don't know how you announce it one of the twins but it was a mini. 'cause those the regular ones cover your entire i've all these cover almost all the white right so anyway depending on your eyeball south whatever. I was having a hard time trying to get little sucker and hey so and it. It ripped my i was like venus flytrap and it was like narrow. Rip it off so you're not putting nothing in here. yeah. I don't know what the problem is. I think really what happened is your eyeball had a long discussion with your butthole and your butthole advise the eyeball that if she's trying to put something in you it's probably way too big and you need to snap shut immediately last night true. I just wasn't relaxed enough. I've probably didn't have enough len solution with for crammed in there. I don't know they do a good. I flush i. This is so fucked up. There's is there's this woman. She married the dude that was convicted of killing. her brother. Married the guy that killed her brother. What did her brother killed. A get killed because You know her. did you deserve it. You mean well. A and b was the brother like a kingpin of like drug lord right and so The sister always do brother was gotta get overthrown. It's like a game of thrones kind of a situation you know except for with drug lords and she she actually had him fucking Put in jail so she could take over the drug family Unless it was kind of like an ozarks thing i also plays sure big on kingpins cuyahoga county cuyahoga county shares of the people there at cuyahoga. Yeah so. I don't know it's just seems a little weird. I heard knows our it is. I don't know how to spell ranks. You got bad information. Marlin sets ohio ohio. Seattle ohio is in general has four. So it's the northern florida. It is northern florida. I say no. I totally agree with you. I think that that's that's absolutely true. Like if it snowed in florida. Ohio would be the product for those of us. Don't live in this country. You know just two different states south. Believe me same thing snow. What has code. What has heroin or they typos for for sure. But there's no lack of drug either either one. We got mets were all. Oh god. I thought that this is key. Well i kind kinda cute. It's kinda sad. And i'm not sure if they're their room. I would assume that his roommates like to guy roommates. 'cause there there's a. There's a picture of a box of gobert with with a post to note on its. There's little frowny faces star. I slept with your girlfriend bro. Here's a thirty two pack ago. Gert i hope it can make up for. It always makes everything better sharon. I mean who doesn't love some googlers definitely an inside joke from slit get warm yogurt on each other. That's what it's to remind. Their special bites has to be. Why would you leave him. Gobert to say sorry. Danger girl well because maybe they're immature. I mean fuck. There's there's guys that i know that. Like to fuck women with kids just because they have good snacks. I mean and really he say he saved that dude a lot of time that i mean. That guy didn't have to go deeper in with this girl and find out later that some some other dude bank banner and like hey this is my buddy or this is my roommate. Well yeah but now he doesn't have to spend you know ten years in a marriage that failed because his wife was to back somebody anyway. Well we're just gonna happen. No saved them a lot of time. Heartache there's a. There's a facebook page that i belong to. It's called the really weird art group. Okay when i say really weird are i mean. There's some there's some strange shit on their what. It's neat neat. Weird unless you're not into that shit. Then what the fuck is wrong with you like this one woman she takes. She makes resin dinosaurs. Okay but inside the middle of the dinosaurs. She takes a heart from a one day old chicken and sticks it in there so it looks like the dinosaur has a hard. Oh it's like weird weird shit. I wonder what happens to like. Live stuff when you when you put it inside of resin like that educa- Like live tissue. okay flash. It was live of any sort gotcha because chicken heart. It's gets me yet specialist already dead right well. Of course it's fucking heart is ripped out and stuck inside a little toy like t. rex. He donated a couple of wings to one place abreast some size to another well. I mean he was used. Gotta be dev's destined for nuggets anyway. So sure might as well donate my body to art. Anyway there was. There's this chick she made. It's well it's a it's an ass on on the side of a cup with a what they call the colonic irrigation tube coming out of the but so imagine that having it on your coffee cup in the morning and you can buy it if you want cluck irrigation to grow provided to us by people from another planet by a by girl by the name of sarah sharp. She's the artist. I mean you. Do you have to give her a long lead time. I mean i. Is there time to get one for christmas. Oh i'm sure they're signing on for christmas. She looks like she can crank out pretty quickly. Really yeah and i can post her Her instagram at her azi. Chesa imagery down pat. She she she. I wonder if she had a model. This model man ashur lady s man. I mean are you sure man. Brilliant liz. they mean you could tell from an ass. Yeah every time. Yeah yeah it's weird. I don't know ironic dutch. Think i mean it really is A little too ironic. I mean mostly because Some people have looked at you from behind and and said well. You know you're you're a lack of right like that's been people's arguments when they've come at you because it's flat and it's not exist and it's an old lady but but it's not an old lady but you've acute tuchus is very cute door. It is nice as or will but it's not a particularly shape shapely like a qb confused for a mate. Last i mean so your share. This mug is definitely man ask. I think i'm gonna believe it's lady us. I'm going man can ride requests a more Realistic ass. I'm sure she can do a custom for you right if you back. Burger action what you know that in mostly just a more of a feminine shape to the ass itself of a more of a dunker right. He she even have to irrigation hoses coming out one for each one for each location. Do should ass now. It's like getting your driveway pressure. Clean before you get home so you can park on. Something pristine yeah. Sure some of that stuff with your buddies paying your old lady so you gotta make sure you get that shit pressure clean before you come home. It's okay. I got to go great though gobert. I'm sorry bro. Put it puts them in your life specs the morning. What about flavor gobert. That was story all strawberry on the package. I'm allergic to that. Shit asshole you know it. Just sit there and look at. It's like actually. That's for me for next time. When i come over kind of makes us shit that i like looking no that. I can't imagine this happening. There is There was a woman she she woke up one morning. She found something my dripping on her from the ceiling. Coming down okay. And she didn't know what the fuck was adamant. It wouldn't stop and it started to get like that. Get like a Like a stain like a water liquid over time or right away this leg within a day. No no within. Maybe like a week okay. That might a little worse a little worse week okay. This kind of thing thing starts dripping again like an come to find out wait. I'm going to take a guess. Let me take a guess. Dead body upstairs decomposing turning into liquid dripping downstairs got it. Ding ding rang very good. Yes her her upstairs are upstairs. Elderly neighbor had died and no lady juice man. Old man jews. Nobody nobody knew knew about it. And it was it was about six and a half weeks awe and it was read over her bed dripping on her and on her bed because he was laying in bed he was laying in bed. He died in asleep and so through his bed. Sir that floor. That would have been a ball on the flip side. Maybe she was put now. She's not into it though now. Shocked sounds like a horror movie blood dripping from the walls and it really is and not to mention. I mean she didn't notice like oh smell just like feeling will it's bodily jews slip through you know if he fell asleep if he died his bed than it went mattress and grossness. Whatever that's what i'm saying. That is so foul old dead old man rod a friday juice of liquidation. I mean but what else are you gonna do. That's apartment life. That's true you like that. You know fifth avenue condo. You got going on there. Yeah yeah yeah. So as really fun gross. Hey did you know. I mean grimace have you. Guys are not familiar. Grimace is one of the characters. Mcdonald's and he looks like a big purple but plug. Well he's he's like he's definitely hemorrhoids or something like that. Well they did. Dave they finally are telling people what he is like what. You're save handlers. Reveal their well. I mean they fuck. They docs cookie monster. i mean. his. Name's sid for crying out trying to keep that on t. l. to probably why outed people are like store. Stop now bert. Crazy man right. That's not good. So what is he. Well i mean. We have to spread the river. Obviously they take. Oh i think. I heard i heard what he was. I'm not gonna guess twice in a row. Because i think i know this one. Why go ahead bob. No go ahead this year. You believe you have. I think i did well. They add the mcdonald's corporation. They tweeted out that That that that's a good question but He's a taste bud rate. That's what i'd say thing right. I had heard about because he's obsessed with milkshakes so he's a taste bud. I'm like what the fuck i know on your spokesperson for breakfast chicken. But you know what eggs okay. Well i felt like sad. You know destroy childhood somehow. But i mean he's always going to be a big plug. It looks like you are a white lady that that would be the person that would be angriest about him being named right. There'd be an army of us. How here i can't tell me what he is. Pearl clutch in white ladies. O talk to your manager. Ray representative radio company back. Make them do what i say right. I mean especially you know. You've been in quite to tear lately with people i going a. You've been very angry. i have i have. You're not putting up with anything. It even more giving you anything. You're you're you're on. Yeah i know. I am not be You know that really doesn't apply to me. Thank you now. Thank you all the other people who irritating things to her or maybe not even irritating. Maybe she just took what you wanted to do. As being irritating it just decided Your shit it could be sorry multiple. I mean i had a bad morning have morning and then it's just like everything just compounds and then you get this one last person. I'd you're just you're china. Check your shit. Ed just swoon. Personally hey nice. Ted starts and it's like okay. I have fucking had it today. But it's what happens you you put it out there. Somebody's gotta have something to say about something. I know but but i'm just but i'm just saying even over. It's not an even if you put boobs out if you're a female there's dudes coming at you in all kinds of stupid ways. I mean i'm sure it's it's universal. Yeah if you're online and your lady somebody is got something to say to you that you really don't want hear. It's just sometimes your. Your patience is just worn out. Yes patients just totally worn out and then even leave l. Even try to go ahead and dill to calm the fuck down and then it just becomes like aggression dental which sometimes it works for me. Let's not lie. I mean sometimes it does. But then i ended up injuring myself. It's like fuck but then sometimes the pain just kind of feels good. So i'm like all right. That's fine. I dunno i dunno i dunno i dunno my dealer say like i've just been i've been fucking the poor guy who's who is doing the podcast in a real with you i'll you were. You were like like on defcon for by got home the day you were doing it and he was just trying to set things up and you kinda jumped out its throat for really for no reason really. I know i know i know. Well the thing is. I was having a rough morton i was i was. I was having a rough couple of days. Actually and i I was doing Just like a guest. Spot on a midnight hustle. Digits did it a couple of days ago. And i got angry for no reason. I was already just like his. You're pissy you're you're like sorry. Were super say and mode but you were. You were just being pissy really. Even what i came home. That was kind of your attitude. You your your television. Like hey look. I'm not the one. Let's try like to it or tote. But i i know and then and then i not any fell bad. Yeah because he was a nice guy he really listened guy i had. I had a lot of fight and you had a good interview and you had a good good talk with them and everything was fine. See see i well. It's hard to have faith in humanity because it's got that man in it thing and there's gonna be some dude that's gonna be weird with you at some point and maybe you're fine most days. Maybe you just blow it off or push it aside whatever because you put it out there so you know you're gonna get that i know but then sometimes it's just the straw that broke the camel's back. Fuck you just like had enough of the day. Like i don't know if it's a hormonal thing because i mean yeah i get. I get some really foul stuff and weird stuff. Sometimes but you know and then like i won't even say the might even entertain the thought and talk to them for a little while and shit like that right but you know other times it could be completely innocent and fluffy nicely kinda sweet. And i'm like you know what the fuck out of here. Well that's what i'm saying. Sometimes you'll you'll read something somebody said to you and i will put it you. You took it one way. And that's just yeah. Just the nature of fucking time messages and chet ray. Well you can take them in different ways because you can't tell emotion you can't tell like right inflection. You'll read it one way. And then i said well what if he read it like this and you know kinda makes a lot of sense because also guys usually nice. He's normal in again once again. I'm the asa some well whatever. What are you going to do a lot of times. though. I'm like i know i'm a fucking put it on my life profile. I guess i'm bitch. You're not only what i mean is is if somebody isn't doing something really stupid for the most part you'll be patient with somebody for for a period of time until you've just had enough of it where you're you've told them. Hey chill out bro. It's just just calm down and stop messaging me the way you are a we can keep talking and you will literally say that and yet yeah still. Yeah no it happens. Why there's this there's a sex position came across. It's called the mexican halloween. Okay the mexican halloween. The mexican halloween right. Yeah when you're like bagging gardener's daughter. Who in the pumpkin patch painted it up like weirdo sto. Bu- da delos da lows warehouse chickens laying on her back. But she's got her knees bent. There's a dude on top of her she. Her head is at his crotch. he's on top of her and he's like resting up against her thighs for support and she's got her arms around his waist with her face buried and his crotch. Okay maybe you can explain it better. You probably can right. It's usually words. It's like sixty nine where the dude is flipped upside down on the top so basically he's using her like a fucking like shays lounge she. She's tossing that salad back salad action right there right. So he's on his back like a crab she slipped on sixty nine styles so face it up right in his butt crag ancho she has full showed control right there chen and asshole if she's not that's one of the new of martial martial arts is showed control baseball's gravy. You control the showed you control the body little known. Fact joe get your. There's a product out there like. Let's say you have I don't know is saggy pussies scan or something right. You need some vagit plastics. Some some tuck and rowley you can get you can get a thing called the month mask. Blow the month mass okay. It's a it's a bra for the for the coach. Now it's a mass for your pussy like like a facial mask okay near like mud baz score. Get them in packing like sheets and you shovel mind your face. Will this sheet for your pussy. Okay sheet mask right. Very kratz heels off yeah it. It's also a waxing thing makes tori is it. I don't know where it'd be. Skin comes with it. Oh no it doesn't sounds like sticky sticky not like just ripping off Enough layers to air eventually wears it out. no i think i think it's like a chemical exploitation. Not you'd like a like a rip-off gorilla glue one. what are you talking about. That's the way it should be. What am i talking about. Oh like like at home Majesty at home lip clip like a chemical. You know slowly. You don't even know notice that happening. It just wears down a little poultry shears. We'll just pull off them. Dog tags just cut him off. We'll just sheer it. You know you know what it's tingling. It's working cook. It rhody ear error. I bet i bet it would be fun to get you all pumped up. Somebody would like it because a lot of those like a methylated facemasks like you'll get tang lease when you're wearing a mask while targeting up especially if it's like teacher eyler some shit. Yeah well if it's a lot of things those things make you feel a certain way her. Make your liking. If you're putting putting that down there on on your on your computer it's it may. It may actually do something. Well there's a there was a guy who said that he used tea tree oil A body wash shower gel with with teacher earl. And he said that he felt like his asshole smoked menthol. The first time. I ever used a t. shampoo like tangled mice. Go my god and then you know when the sud slide down your body in the shower and yeah no you fuck appeal that shit. You're right oh it's it's like a york peppermint pattie have not tree memory. I know that's my stuff. Well maybe i did you know. Oh we're not sure still unknown is. Let's go to my big of the week. It might not be the porn. You would the point katie one. It's time once again for the week. Okay so my big of the week is onto back on around to rough sex. Right right shocked. No no no but Mostly it's kind of like Like outdoor arabia of sex. Okay outdoor rapi rough sex. Yeah kinda like someone's jogging female female. Yeah sure yes yes just subject. Very tacky yeah right. Yeah like throw over like a tree okay. Like a fallen trees go at him You know delivering style right. Yeah right yeah dean naming naming mingming mean even you know. Yeah i'd like tacky stuff. Mike night like some very unwanted sexual advances possibly somebody bleeding or you know. Yeah right like we're going in dry sign or just you know like meta spit. Sucks you you know. What are you gonna do around the woods. Or what are you gonna do boy. Just what had happened. I told you. Relax fucking take take command right. See to sell to okay. Yeah whatever whatever as mr esa. We're doing this. I knew i shouldn't win for hiking. I it shouldn't have been in the trails. This is i don't hike. I knew i had a bad morning at starbucks. This was all going to go downhill judo. Hello that's my pick for the of the week. You're yelling at me the night. To like from my. But i'm like i'm i'm just. I'm i was cradling. Cheek with my hand was just ukraine will open palm. I didn't slip any cracks right. And you're having a panic attack figuring out just we've gone over this so many times the that you you earn your reputation you earn it because you like the reaction so you will you will your mo is to do something to the point and you keep doing it until you've done something so egregious that i feel like i must Strike back or at least stop it. You push push push intel because that is exactly what you want. Is that reaction. You want me to go. Stop it in a grab you and you're like oh yeah happy baby you really friday. It'll really are. I'd like to poke fun you do does. It's like you're saying it is my thing it makes me very pokey. There is this fucking dared okay. He kidnapped his ex wife so he could pretend to save her like pretended he well. He kidnapped her. I was like you know. I will help you get you out. Does so you know you're proved to him like she's he still loved honey. Did you think. I didn't know what your voice sounded like. Yeah exactly right and they said that the fucking prosecutors recalling him. The master manipulator. I don't see how it puts too large it on skin. Bob you bob low bob. I've heard you do that. Invitation one hundred times. I know you're buffalo. Bill nor i baba please. The divorce has got to be finalized. Just you're going to have to live by yourself now. Sorry i'll be living within rea que but doj neighbors butch no pressure And so did it work out. Because did that happened recently No it was a lady married her kidnapper like they didn't know each other she kidnapped and then he got convicted and later on. They somehow like of you. You know total stockholm syndrome or something like that. Why anybody would yeah anyway. Well she he fucking. He liked through her down through pillowcase. Over her head in zip tied her her rhys okay and then like she was unconscious and she woke up. There is there's a there's a man on the cellphone. I'm to save you like. Are you an idiot. Because no i know what you'd like. What the fuck is going on. We're how we're in the guest bedroom body. Really rude please. I know these sheets gypsy chief. I know the way they feel your fucking crazy all right. Let's go to sorta rule thirty four. We come back. We have some noted naci people in some state parks and also for halloween. Fucker enjoy an yum yum time for a basically and refreshing snack dude. He jagai his girlfriend's i. I don't know what it is als. But he was yeah was it wasn't a check guy with this guided stabbed a girl and i like hot there. Because there's a fucked up thing. She served in wobbles into pancakes and that made story. When was gonna make pancakes which i told you. I wanted pancakes belgian. Shit what are you doing. My goddamn pancakes frank. Come here mitch got tax. So yes she can't she can't see your really glossing over the fact that he would rather have a pancake. That awful like. I'm fucking a no on with the show axes kinky katie's world four studios radio dot com radios dot give me on twitter at kp. Katie radio katya radio dot com radio dot com. Google me can also give me on youtube who business. I'm going to anoint. Your later are you. Yes sir. The juices of oils. Yes right we just had teacher oil discussion and fuck that. Well we'll do some incantations because there. There's there's there's halloween sex things that they tell us we need to travel. We'll get into that in just a minute but I there is a sheriff's deputy. He got fired because he was. He was banging at universal studios. Who retell was bagging. Well he The she lair role. Just just just in general fuck ary. He was having with somebody because he left his microphone on and the dispatch heard what was going on. Yeah he ended up on. Tmz to attentional could have been. Yeah well it's the only way she could get off as if she had some sort of an audience and it had repercussions idea to get out of this fucking hell hall of job It's what kinks became match to like. It's like do you get the message causing here. Remember like muffled screaming on the roller coaster once better than to what a few weeks ago or the dude got a wrong call facetime though and crab matt ever right and it was the wrong call of some other check but dialing somebody who knows maybe just dialing a random number on facetime. you know. we'll see if anybody goes fishing. Who knows i mean. Some people do that. I wouldn't. I don't know i wouldn't put it past anyone. This has to be one of the dumbest things that i have. I have heard in a quite a long time. And i hear a lot of dumb shit old dr but this dude died after having sex using epoxy instead of a con noma. Such a good idea. Sure it could make a sheath right over the top of it. And if i start to lose a little and you know going a little soft it's gonna keep it really. God rocket scientist says it is fucking. This resulted in total organ failure. No yeah tea addict. Failure is twenty five year old indian dude all of his organs or just the oriented not saying didn't translate. Well now okay well. They said that he died. After using this high power to poxy resin instead of a condom. He said he uses it. He said to avoid pregnancy. So i would assume he probably it down as you re throated like plug own even better. I mean if you've ever poured resit or anybody's ever reported resin when it starts to hurt meg now it gets hot like he gets really hot and i don't even know if there is resin that doesn't get re just let alone the weird chemical that you're putting inside your nickel which you know there's a special kata stupid there but you know he really wanted to get laid. Oh what he also did it to it said in addition to with the couple the couple also they use the epoxy mixed with whitener so like with Liquid paper at inhaled. It to get a fucking buzz like like proper which came first offer or or the idea to use the epoxy as a privi- lactic hunting hunting week indefinitely. Do as i know. We can definitely do as i have. Brand new puck shea. Good god i know plug up everything and not only just i'm gonna make sheath now i'm gonna put it down by your era god. That is just awful. You gotta plug it. Make sure nothing comes out. I guess i guess question. Mark spies in just fucking. Have it like some sort of like turkey baster in her cervix. We don't want yeah. Well people have done. You know justice as things Trying to try to not get fucked up. You know to be tried to get like that. One chick shoved a tater upper snatch and then it started to take root well. It's one thing to think of you shove potato chips and other things to leave it there for like six weeks i don't i don't i really don't understand some people that they think that like things like no this is fine. Great sa- great idea. There was there was one someone that i heard. I don't i don't remember. It was just an urban legend. If it really happened to one of my friends probably happened. One of my friends when we were younger because we were hose and they said if you take vitamin c. pills and chevy beer snatch that it will Either prevent pregnancy or it. Will it will help causing abortion or something out at lemon. Say that's not true. Yeah i believe that would be quite strong. Well i heard that she likes shoved like some chewables upper crotch and they like all like melted into like. It was just like really nasty. I don't know like like at yuma flintstone planned thrown kids like the multi flavor. God's sake you've got like pez all up in your cooter here again. Doesn't sound like a the smartest thing in the world really. No kidding i mean maybe maybe it comes out with like mutant powers though. We don't know you know. We're not sure i mean whatever you're giving them prenatal vitamins. I have the power to cure the common cold and that probably wasn't the first time somebody's tried to do something like that. Probably not no well not even for abortion you know mostly for could be anything you know for a healthy birth. Yeah i put garlic. Close up there. And it's good for the baby. I've heard of people putting garlic luther stomach infection. Kind kinda makes a little bit of sense. Well if you if you got what does that chemical called again in the garlic alison very go. Get the allison going smash it up pump star. Get palm heel. Strike that shit it right up. There i mean they say it has antibiotic properties tori and yeah and but you know what though but oh oh but mix that with the butterfly the garlic butter lube enhance it. And but that's the funny thing is is. That's exactly where you got it from the beginning boston. Steam a plot so hot. When you talking to your boston or yeah you had straight fargo for boston. Bargo people have other countries are like. I don't really notice distinction. Get it really all you. People look the same. They always do southern from other countries when they when they like american right. They definitely go. I mean most of the ones that we've heard well over here from texas it and if you went by population either it's going to be new york or california and the radically different. Oh yes oh. Yeah i mean half a florida doesn't even talk my rednecks well. It's florida's florida's passwords. You still vote north. You get the more south will you. Don't know what kind of accident you're gonna come across. That's true isn't one standard thing. No there's not what you do people told you the same thing. Growing up a lot of people would guess. We were from the northeast somewhere. Yeah the always what will be by your accent. You're from no. I grew up in fort. Lauderdale miami like good. I never use understand that like talk again. I'm like i'm like i don't have one. They're like oh yes you do roy. That's that's little. Whatever notes american accent so people do. I'm sure come on that seat. I don't know rubbing if you're totally could be. I mean there are people who like like like southie. Boston who are into fargo. Who are into you name. It people are into all right. I think that i would have a problem with but maybe somebody else's like no totally hot man. Fuck you love that martha stewart. God tell you wanna make me. I knit me something. There is a. There's a bunch of movies that at a warm okay. Oh that's an odd choice to bring them up. Oh this oh. I know why i know i know. I know there's a. There's a movie that i watched a thing he for kind of like a Migrelief not outta trailer. But kind of a rewind live review breakdown. Kinda get kinda like that. Sometimes i can't do it straight tonight. You're pretty with it. Not as bad as they usually have it for the last couple of weeks. Floaty sold you. I've been in like fucking like i have. Not my my chemical like abba chemical imbalance or something really do like everybody else. Everybody has the same ebbs and flows and aggravation with people. I i fucking like. I make problems that i don't have yet and i fucking i freak out about them and i have an absolute panic attack over shit. That's not even saudi repaying until it's a thing exactly the thing that it's not a thing right so worried about it what are you doing. That's what i'm saying. That's not a. That's doing everything he can to avoid said thing if the answer is yes then your day is over. You're thinking about the thing you know more. I guess so. I guess so. Oh my goodness. I'm there's a. There's a movie it's called the bunny games and it is not affected like i didn't know about that Everything that happened was real in this movie. Now what is. I haven't issues right now but what you know what it is is there. There's a sex worker. And she gets picked up by a truck driver throws her in the back of his of a semi trailer and takes her out into the middle into the middle of the desert. And does he's horrible. Fucking things to her okay. I mean like just shaving. Her head is not. That doesn't about fun. No kidnapped and your been shaved right like she gets it branded Gets beat the shit of well. All of it happened right like no all of it happened. Yeah oliver happy based on shoe story yes. Great not known is based on a true story like the move. It happened to her. Whatever was happening to her really was happening to her like when she got really got she said because she used to be a sex worker before she she decided to do the movie and she agreed and even signed waivers. That like everything understands that that there's gonna be some fucked up shit and she's like okay 'cause they even had the church ever was on fucking drugs right through the whole fucking thing So like all of the torture and everything was happened. yeah Taught volunteered for it. She she didn't read it now. Now something she i mean. She's promoting it so she's not reading from it it just you know it was. She had to dig deep. You know how it is. People people are allowed to consent to things. Like you're allowed to like. I know that. But what is this again. The bunny game bunny games. Shut up though. Sounds like i might want to check it out really. Oh come on. You know how much better that is knowing that somebody or at least having the story in your head that all of this could have actually happened now really. There's at least a ninety percent chance bullshit. Just because i. I'm going to bring up a exhibit number one blair witch project you know they totally marketed that beforehand like it was leaked footage from somewhere like you could go catch free shows at random places around the country and that was that yeah and and so when you go to see it you know All you hear is rumors of it. This is really pre internet but pretty much. Yeah i mean. I i did. I bought it when it when when it came out like i mean. I didn't like pay for it. I mean like in my head when it came out. When i've seen things about it i thought it was real right gung bright eager than now but i didn't i didn't i didn't know if it was real and then when i went and saw it i was like no this is this is a movie i mean it's this one hundred percent not just found footage movie. It's cool because nobody had done it that way before. That's why i believe that. All i got scared the fuck outta me right it. Did it really scared me. I mean so. This is like a great. I'm sure it's got to be a bit one hundred percent fable day every day could be completely there. It's a complete work all the way around. Probably well i'm gonna blow but it's okay. Maybe they did to it. And that's the thing if you're going to see the movie if you're going to see the movie let yourself believes that it's all happening exactly the way it's happening in in it to enhance your your thing. But i mean that's almost like doing your own stunts. Though right i mean yeah. You're jumping out of a car. I mean i'm cramming this road flare up your ass. yea i'm shaving your head. I mean that's method acting. Yeah no that's true. That's true right. It's just a abedian obscene. We see not sorry. But now i think but but i think there's like worship like he forces her to take like drugs and shit unlike does other capture. I know at one point. He does shoot her up with something. Nice yeah i don't. I don't remember because a party mummy. We anyway god speaking of party at the next dinner party. I was sent an interesting recipe and collection of recipes Now they said like yeah. You could talk about it on the show. Why i looked at it. I suggest that think gonna. What do you think these recipes are for a okay. It's a bodily fluid or some sort. This is something that comes out of the body. No doubt if knowing you. that's what it is. It is not no k non body fluid related non body. Fluid related Don't know nothin' year. No i got nothing all right. It's all about cow pussy how vagina opaque pussy. Seven thousand pig. Great so is a pig. Sure big pussy knockouts. So yeah these are. These are recipes on how to cook per se. Yeah figures i mean. People eat that all the time. No not uterus volvo okay. To that is part of the uterus. I mean the universe contains all of those things the uterus is not the uterus is all internal as in the outside i felt a uterus was the entire container. No the uterus is just where the the fucking flow being too. Yeah theaters is where the baby is stored. The eaters is not the whole vagina vagina. Vagina is gina. Says eater or where we're gonna look. I'm just going to say i'm gonna have them. Hit will the uterus looks like it's the whole thing i mean it's you know it's not well. The vote always in front of it. Right what were we talking about anyway. I'm sure when you reading caf- cafe uterus. That's what they're talking about the entire time. Well whatever it's i mean fucking disgusting. And i don't know why i believe everything don't know that people do but i'm just saying that i really do not have an interest in eating and eating the genitals of any animal ago. I have had dick delicious tickets. Delicious oak is delicious. it is but i mean. Just don't tell me what it is before you feed it to me and let me eat it. I could save or lock them them. Tell me what it is. I mean if it's not like regular innards or it could be you know me is grow their entity iron immediately. You're like that's an entered the twang pussy sometimes. But that's i mean. It's got to be milder. i would thank right. Pig uterus has got to be picked. Buzzy pig pig tutors. I got gotta be mild. It's pork the other other pork either. Other people it is kinda i mean. It's the stuff you don't normally eat normally eat. People around the world he stuff. Everything got well they there. There is a place that actually took a poll. They said would you would you. Would you ever eat exotic foods such as pork for giant pena's soup but it sounds so weird exotic. What do you mean exotic. It's a ball. It's cow and pig. Unique calabuig yeah or chicken or whatever you know body whenever you're at all the time it's calibrates chicken fish at whole by loves it job out the majority of forty three point two percents that they would only in life or death situation try it but then there's but then there are a lot of people really go try it. Yeah there's no guarantee. I'm i'm gonna like it. I'm not gonna promise to eat it all. But i love how they use. This is the picture. T-bone it's a state cut and half it happens to look like a piece wa l. Got a little rift little ripped. I wonder if you pay extra for the one. The farmer dental. Oh you want dismal as purely glazed like wag you but better. What's that what's the pig brand the wagon version of pig very famous ones. They just they sit there. And i eat acorns all day fuck. I don't know they usually make prudhoe out of it and shit. I don't know now it's done really like her vercoe. Oh there you go. That's one yeah for sure of erico. Very co thank. You feel better now. Because i'm like okay. Right don't know either heritage berkshire pork. That's yeah okay anyway anyway. This has been your cooking food. If you're gonna eat it you might have fuck fucking i. I'm sure they were totally shocked that you could eat. Pig uterus regina pig everything of the person who sent it to me probably was really probably like dismayed. Well there's a lot of things that people people fucking freak out about that they send me like. Oh my god you guys. She's like oh yeah talked about you know. Go or this or i know people that do this. What completely normal diaz is really not a big deal. Most of the world probably eats most of an animal when they kill it. Oh right. I mean that's at least that's the rumor going around. I've seen that on youtube. Watch the best ever. Food rivers show. They're not holding back on any. We just watched on one of my oven on this fast of watching japanese people cook things for whatever reason. It's like soothing. Sometimes you put on a half an hour video of somebody making an omelette. That's right or things. Oklahoma shaky maka sue like you have no idea what this stuff is. But it's fun to watch cook anyway. We that do the guy who had the whole fuck in p- launch atop which is thick with It was it was lying huts lungs liver and colon lungs liver and go god beef lung liver and colon like chopped up and you know fried up on a thaw right interns though. I'm sure garin awful. Yeah it's some awful awful. It was awful looking. I mean it looked he whatever. He did what he could with it. I'm sure of course you. I mean you do you camp and supposedly like people in this one town. It's like a popular snack even for kids. I just can't imagine a kid can have some long daddy daddy daddy. I want some long from the one guy. Oh god and when. I say this particular guy. He he had this little shack hut like right next to the railroad track and he would pull out his fucking plaza like on a cart and so it set up like he's a streetcar. But he's kinda like the butcher's places right behind him so but he is literally two inches from where the arm goes down for the train crossing. He's like when it went down you you he rest his arm on it as as he's fried up the The lung and whatever the hell else colin kids love it. Think kids love it. Twenty seven like candy. Let's go to your favorite segment any moves in and on the news. It's time once again for man. Okeydokey this this man. This week is isabel miller and you can get her on twitter at isabel. Miller ex. You should check. She's very pretty woman. She's got humongous cities. I looked at other places. She does have an only fans but Oh an instagram account. But she doesn't post a lot on instagram As show many's on instagram. And that's what we like. Instagram hates. ladies lady nepal's body offense that's right. You have some beaver cleaver no. that's right. it's not your body not your choice. You can't show it right not allowed. We're just nothing. But just sexist incubators trait. Where's your husband. Your wife your pastor pray chaperone. Obviously you don't have a take on but Yeah but if you look her up on twitter at isabella miller ex. You'll you'll see some some voluptuous cities. Some very nice pictures. Pretty girl man siegel babies on now. Beyond ch- i like how the this week i was doing stuff for the video. And i noticed that that you had a couple of things squarely your one story about the threesome. You had that when all twisted around you had like details but like in your mind you curb things around to where it wasn't really the way because i only i only read the first bit of it and i went by what it said and i just like fucking went from there. I'm like i am highest balls. Fuck it this is what you're gonna get and whatever and then you were telling me you're like hey you don't read this this. It was a much better story. Yeah no the the girl. The girl in the boyfriend. We're talking about having a threesome. She put out online. That i want to have a threesome ins and i want to surprise my boyfriend with it. And some girl responded. The two girls set up to blindfold dude handcuffed due to the bed. Got busy After getting busy dude stands up says hey. Why did you do this to me. You dumb bitch. And she says what that is by fucking ex-girlfriend. Why did you do this to me. And the ex girlfriend had seen the picture and totally just did it intentionally to fuck him over. Yeah wow wow which that status couple's still together. The couple is still did has she. Didn't know was the fucking. The ex girl for was the one. That's like being ratchet is on hell. I mean christ almighty they agreed to do something and just had no idea that it but anyway they said this was a few years back so this is a few years later them telling the story of it which i thought was cute though. So daddy mute. No i mean and i wanna point out. This is probably exactly what happens with with the angry white lady disease. What you read the first couple of lines major owed assumption read with it. I don't know 'cause. I don't. I don't really i guess. Yeah whatever shit my give ship or not about stories like that. No one's paying me to do this if i get the fuck some facts wrong. It's right there. Ps we're not launching people to mars here my god. We're telling you weird stories that you think are funny right giving you something thrown in the background while you do shit that's hopefully entertaining tier right and really for the most part. We're doing doing this because we like hanging out with each other of saturday night at talking about we're chet. Yeah uh-huh entertaining to dress up. Sometimes different that yes sometimes and fucking holiday season before the goth girls the gaza. Nemo's really all right. So yeah because the gotham kinda. Pass out sunscreen. This halloween it in october. Usually because fucking hot and florida southern hemisphere australia. Well yeah sounds getting strong down there now. It's going to get hot. they're gonna roast this year. Well yeah we're gonna go for tonight and for the week so i hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day months shift. Whatever it is you're gonna do it. I hope you have a good one. Everything from ese. So the costumes will continue for the rest of the month of october. So never gonna move into the december one anyway. All right well. I will talk to you later. 'cause they paid by slept eight. Look tacos and buddy those.

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Doin the Right Thing is Never the Wrong Thing (feat. David Rothkopf)

Mueller, She Wrote

47:44 min | 2 months ago

Doin the Right Thing is Never the Wrong Thing (feat. David Rothkopf)

"Presented by climate power education fund does big oil care about our streets flooding or our home burning not according to an exxon mobil top lobbyists. Did we aggressively bite against Some of the science. Yes you know. We were looking out for our shareholders they care about prophets not people learn more at polluters. Dot exposed hello and welcome to the daily beans for monday. august sixteenth. twenty one today. The taliban has taken kabul as a us. Consider sending troops to stabilize the region. The supreme court rejects the challenge to indiana. University's vaccine mandate louis did joy over three hundred thousand dollars in bonds from the chair of the board of governors investment firm. And lindsey graham called biden to make nice and was rebuffed. i'm alison gill and goldberg dana. We thought you were going to be home. And i even scripted a welcome home but you are still in new york. I am still in new york. I will be back at tuesday so wednesday. Who knows but still in new york and outside back next week and be there for awhile. Since several of my imprezza gigs have been cancelled because of these numbers so frustrating to say the least. But i'm grateful that i got a couple of gigs before that happens. Hopefully things will open back up when the number starts to drop again. Yeah gotta stay safe. And that is a bummer. But i'm glad that we have you. And i miss you friend nice to be had i miss you get time in l. a. I'm sorry miss meet-and-greet now that yeah i did. It was it was. It was a lot of fun and got see great movie. Yes and it's called not going quietly without any barkan. And i recommend everybody check that out and look him up and follow him and donate to be a hero project. It's really. it was really incredible. I got to meet a lot of really great. People see incredible film and then hang out with some of our patrons afterwards. And then i'll again i'll be in dc which is probably going to be my last trip before we all stopped taking trips in a couple of weeks and we're going to have a meet and greet then as well probably august twenty ninth sunday. I imagine maybe we'll have some nice sprint somewhere. I will send all that information to patrons if you want to become a patron do that. A patriot dot com slash militia. She wrote and you become a patron of all my shows and emad free and early and bonus content and meet and greet stuff and all that cool stuff all right. It's a really really heavy news day today so we should just wish dive in and hit the hot notes hot notes all right lead story. There's chaos in the ground and kabul today as the taliban has taken the capital city in the united states scrambles to airlift embassy staff americans out of the country. We have learned from the new york times. This morning that the reason the biden administration was taken by surprise with regards to how fast the afghan surrendered quote. The spectacular collapse of afghanistan's military that allowed taliban fighters to reach the gates of kabul on sunday despite twenty years of training and billions of dollars in american aid began with a series of deals brokered in rural villages between the militant group and some of the afghan government's lower-ranking officials. The deals initially offered early last year. Were often described by. Afghan officials as ceasefires but taliban leaders were in fact offering money in exchange for government forces to hand over their weapons. And that's according to an afghan officer in the. Us official over the next year and a half. The meetings advanced to the district level and then rapidly onto provincial capitals culminating a breathtaking series of negotiated surrenders by government forces. That's according to interviews with more than it doesn't afghan officers police special operations troops and other soldiers. The taliban capitalized on the uncertainty caused by the february. Twenty twenty agreement reached in doha qatar between the militant group taliban and the united states president trump calling for a full american withdraw from afghanistan. Some afghan forces realized they would soon no longer be able to count on american airpower and other crucial battlefield support and grew receptive to the talibans bribes. We've also learned that the former afghan president hamid karzai has been working as an agent for the taliban and chris murphy. Senator confirmed in a call. This morning. With secretary of state lincoln and the secdef lloyd austin that if biden had abandoned the withdraw agreement brokered by trump. We would've had to surge thousands of additional troops because the twenty five hundred left by trump. Were not nearly enough. And they were in harm's way and finally we can't forget the taliban co founder. Mullah dr was released from a pakistani prison in two thousand eighteen. After trump made the request as part of peace talks that was along with five thousand additional taliban fighters that were released from prison bar. Dr this one. Fella is now set to become the president of afghanistan under the taliban following the collapse of the afghan government. A my heart goes out to the women and children of afghanistan that will suffer unimaginable terror under the taliban a little bit later in the show. I'm going to be talking with a host of deep state radio and author of the book trader. David rothkopf about the situation on the ground. That's what's happening right now. thank you so much. I know that we will follow that strength closely as it continues. I do have some good news for everyone. This is from. The supreme court actually refused thursday to block indiana university's requirement that students be vaccinated against cove nineteen to attend classes in the fall semester. So this is interesting. It was the first legal test and they kovacs nation mandate to come before the justice and challenged. The policy was directed to amy coney barrett justice in charge of that region of the country. She denied it. There were noted descends from other justices so basically what happened was eight students. Ask the court for an emergency order. Arguing that the risks associated with vaccines outweigh the potential benefits for the population in their age group narrator they do not protections and this is a quote protection of others is not believe our society from the central canon of medical ethics requiring voluntary and informed consent. They told the justices seeking emergency order to block the vaccination requirement. A federal judge ruled last month at the school had a right to pursue quote a reasonable and due process of vaccination in the legitimate interests of public health for students faculty and staff. The students have many options. The judge said such as applying for exemptions taking the semester off doing in classes online or tending universities so that seventh. us circuit court of appeals. This is based in chicago. They agreed and noted that the supreme court ruled in nineteen of five that a state can require all members of the public to the vaccination against smallpox attack. We eradicated it. Every betta indiana's requirement is less demanding. The court said allowing exemptions for students who object on the basis of medical conditions or religious beliefs. They're giving them a lot of rope with this but they're not going to rule in favor of them. It's absurd yeah. I remember the lawyer. That was bringing. This suit was the same guy who brought the citizens united case so he vowed to take it to the supreme court and the supreme court said fuck. You can go fuck yourself. yep any case. You've been wondering why the chair of the postal board of governors who was a democrat ron bloom appointed by trump. Why he hasn't fired joy. Well this is just out today. I have been i have been wondering this is just out today. From the washington post postmaster general luigi joy purchased up to three hundred and five thousand dollars in bonds from an investment firm. Who's managing partner also chairs the us postal services governing board that is the independent body responsible for evaluating joyce performance between october and april to joy purchased eleven bonds from brookfield asset management. Each worth between one thousand and fifteen thousand dollars or fifteen thousand and fifty thousand. That's according to joyce financial disclosure paperwork. Ron bloom brookefield senior executive who manages the firms private equity division has served on the poster board since twenty nineteen and was elected its chairman in february two joyce financial advisor purchase the bonds on the open market postal service spokesman. Jeffrey adams said and bloom manages a division of brookefield separate from the one that sells public securities other elements of joys financial ties of drawn close examination from ethics watchdogs including everything. First of all joy did joy controlled companies lease four office buildings to global shipping behemoth. Xpo logistics that's is former company x. p. o. pays join more than two million annually in rent. That's the according to the washington post brookefield also owns more than five hundred thousand dollars in shares of x. p. o. brookefield where bloom works. That's according to its securities filings biden needs to replace bloom and the board of governors needs to fire joy. End of story. Yes should happened a while ago. I do have some interesting news. This comes out of south carolina. It's hard not to laugh at the story. Because we've seen just complete raveling of this man publicly. So this comes from the new york times. Senator lindsey graham bless. His heart seems to have no qualms about attacking president. Joe biden set hunter during had no problem. No problem during the twenty tony election but at the same time. He apparently wanted to remain friends with his former colleague. We lost seen the video of him in the back like that. Taxi in the car talking. About what a great guy biden as we've all seen that according to the new york times graham called by shortly after the election to try and repair their fractures friendships. Now allegedly telling the president elect that he only attack hunter to satisfy the former guys supporters even as he called for a special prosecutor to look into the under biden's business dealings. I only do that. But butch what the fuck make that better. Yeah just don't. I only did that. Because i'm a total asshole. Seriously than biden was like listen. He is reportedly not interested in patching up the relationship telling graham he was trying to play both sides. He was in that sources close to the president days after the phone. Call times noted biden remark to stephen. Colbert that graham was quote a personal disappointment. Because i was a personal friend of his he was he talked about what a great guy biden was on and on and on and on. Yeah it's just. I mean it's amazing. How many people have destroyed enough. That graham had a great reputation would have destroyed the reputation and died on the cell for the former guy. Your mind it's the lindsay fish right. Somebody made that whole Comparison of the fish that eats off of the shark. You know and just sort of follows the shark around and you know 'cause it was trump even after he called trump a. Kucan an asshole in that we would lose democracy and it would be our fault if we elected trump and we deserve. It would destroy us and he did that. Despite trump's you know absolute public open hatred of of lindsay's former best friend john mccain And now now lenses like oh. Here's the president now and so now he's all like eating the eaten. The algiers alpha biden. He's the lindsay fish Coming to kiss your butt done a donna. Done like what The only. I only said that should about hunter. Because i'm a terrible person. Come on let's be friends again. I mean how. Funny admitting that i only do that. So that the other guy would be mad at me. Because i wear stabbing dick heads spineless. Shit okay all right. i'm the lindsay fish right. Whatever are sorry. I just wonder if the lindsay fisher's a sucker fisher blow fat. I feel like it's debatable. Let's play suck and blow gang all right. We'll be right back with the deep state. Radio author of the book trader david rothkopf. We're going to discuss what's happening on the ground today. Afghanistan stay with us geeze. Hey everybody it's alison for daily beans and today's episode is brought to you by script with the endless amount of content. Today you can spend as much time looking for your next book is you. Do actually reading it but with script you get instant access to millions of e books audiobooks magazines along with thoughtfully curated editor's picks and smart recommendations based on what you've read. I love using script because it makes choosing the next book dot much simpler scripted. The ultimate reading subscription service letting you explore all of your interests in any format you choose e books audiobooks magazines and more. It's only nine ninety nine a month. You get the entire library for less than the cost of a single book no complicated credits or additional purchases are required. Not sure what to read. Script combines the latest technology with the best human minds to recommend content that you will love want to change things up your free to switch between titles genres and formats at anytime on your phone tablet or computer. It's so simple right now. We're offering listeners of this program a free sixty day trial free sixty day trial of their entire library. Go to try dot script dot com slash daily beans for your free trial. That's try dot script s. c. r. i. b. d. dot com slash daily beans to get sixty days of script for free. Hey everybody welcome back. I'm joined today by david. Rothkopf he and i are going to discuss. What's happening in afghanistan. Because i'm. I'm pretty disappointed with the media's coverage of what's really going on and they're seeming to me to kind of miss the depth of decades of information and just sort of going by what's happening right now on the ground david welcome. Hi how are you. I'm good. I wanted to ask you about a thread. Couple threads you put out. Steve vladic as you know. He's a former guest of ours. Conlon expert at university of texas austin re tweeted one of your threads saying reading. Can you talk a little bit about your ideas about why we're seeing what we're seeing on the ground in kabul today well. I think the reason we're seeing it as 'cause it was inevitable and their many metrics by which you could determine it was inevitable you know. It's almost a cliche at this point to say foreign powers that go into afghanistan have trouble but they've been having trouble for three thousand years and that's true. The united states however has been making mistakes in afghanistan for forty years almost every administration since the carter administration has more responsibility for the chaos there right now. the collapse. The catastrophe of us foreign policy than does the biden administration which is at least trying to undo the damage. That's been done. Carter went in and started to arm the mujahideen policy which continued under reagan. Which you know. These groups turned into al qaeda later. They turned into the taliban when we went in in two thousand one in the wake of nine eleven. First of all we had seen the taliban go from nothing overnight sensually nineteen ninety-four they didn't exist in nineteen ninety-six. They control the whole country so we had seen what they could do in the power that the head and we went in. And instead of just going after al-qaeda which is what the mission should have been. We decided to go. After the taliban try to remake the country then we went into iraq distracted ourselves from this other mission that bogged down in this other mission had set unreasonable goals and had been working there for twenty years. Not because we thought we necessarily could achieve our goals but because nobody wanted to admit that we couldn't and nobody wanted the blame in the kind of acid political environment that we live and you know. The biden has at least shown the courage to stand up and say leaving troops. There won't help. We had troops there long time. The taliban gained strength throughout that period. We don't have a long-term national interest there the way to solve the problem of women and girls which is a real problem is political or diplomatic or economic. But it's not military so he you know he said let's move to doing this the right way and to his credit by the way this is a position he has had since two thousand nine when obama did afghanistan review and biden said. Let's draw down. Let's get out of this mess. And obama said no. Let's doubled down and had his own surge so it's been predictable since then i i once. I wrote a column in two thousand and ten saying our intervention. Afghanistan was a failure and media. Lab mean immediately had people writing you know other columns going. This is outrageous fails to see what we've achieved and it's been obvious but generals have been lying president's been lying. Senators have been lying. Lots of people have been lying about this for a long time. Your think it does show a lot of courage to be the one that does this finally and you had mentioned that in your thread. You said the president said this knowing full well. He would be heaped with criticism. He said this quality team teamwork's furiously to find ways to make the best of a bad situation to be humane responsible. And then you go on to say he. He is doing the right thing at if it seems he is not doing it at the right time. That is because all the other better time came before now. Then we're passed over by others. Who lacked his courage. But this is a distant happen in a vacuum. I mean we've been seeing a lot of things lead up to this with the trump administration and pompeo in twenty twenty who announced that the draw down would happen and he penned a do am. I recall like it was yesterday. He invited the taliban to camp david on the anniversary of nine eleven and then had to cancel that because of the But he penned to deal without kerr's why there which led to taliban fighters coming out in the new york times today taliban fighters paying afghan army members to lay down their arms and surrender so this this was coming. I imagine this administration knew this. But it seems like the de-escalate or the escalation i should say of of the issues. The unraveling of security in the region happened a lot faster than anyone had realized. But i i have to. I have a feeling they did realize this was more of a a rescue missions and then draw down based on what trump had already agreed to. Will you look. I mean as i said during the obama administration. They knew they should leave and they didn't leave. There's bipartisan blame here. Trump ran on saying he would get out in twenty. Eighteen trump had one of his oval office tantrums. And said i want to get out now. I wanna shut the embassy now. Nothing is worth it in afghanistan. That's three three years ago. General scrambled around to stop him because they thought it would be precipitous to pull out. You're right. They negotiated with the taliban. They didn't tell the central government. One of the consequences of their negotiation was releasing thousands of taliban prisoners to strengthen the taliban without getting anything in exchange for that that we know of well. I mean nothing that we could value at the moment. They thought they were gonna get a deal and appear to be peacemakers now trump. of course you know then said okay. Well we're going to get out by this date. Certain which of course set the taliban to their planning biden came in remember biden criticized trump criticized by in april for not moving out quicker. Trump said we should have been out much faster and now of course all the trump has sir. How could they move out so quickly. This is precipitous. That's nonsense precipitous. Everybody we went into afghanistan in two thousand and one in two thousand four low. Omar said we are beginning to reclaim the afghanistan. The taliban announced their counter-offensive between two thousand ten fifteen they controlled thirty or forty percent of the country by our military's estimate. Our military was underestimates. These in the in the past couple of years they've gained even further. We spend a trillion maybe two trillion dollars. It was a you know. And i hate to say this given the loss of life involved but this is one of the great failures of american foreign policy and the cost that we paid is going to bear us. Virtually no return virtually zero us as as the united states. But i have to wonder how and if it benefited trump and an who benefits and i want to talk to you more about that but i have to take a quick break. We stay with me course. Thanks everybody will be right back. Hey everybody it's ag for the daily beans. i Finally wanna trip this summer and it was amazing as you know i always find. I have the perfect travel companion though especially one on the subway in new york and i have no internet service. I get to play best fiends. it's awesome. It's my favorite mobile app. It's superfund puzzle game. That's perfect when you're traveling because you don't have to be online at s thousands of fun levels and tons of cute collectible characters so many things to keep you company on the road. This summer i've played best fiends on the plane on the beach. The metro and on the subway by the pool while waiting on line for coffee in every uber. Pretty much wherever. 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The smartest way to hire everybody. Welcome back we're talking with david rothkopf about what's going on in kabul today in afghanistan today and before the break i mentioned who who benefits from this we know putin benefits. We know air benefits iran benefits isis benefits. And you know. At least the first two there are certainly benefactors of of donald john trump. Now of course like you said this goes back a long time failures to to withdraw and withdraw safely. Goes back a very long time. You know this. This war is nineteen years too long and of course when we went into iraq there was problems with resources to fight in afghanistan. But we you know we have to remember. Putin was paying a taliban soldiers to assassinate. us allied troops. The intelligence on that is is not been confirmed but there were multiple reports about it commute talk a little bit about who this benefits and how why. We're seeing what we're seeing sort of came to pass an in a more dangerous way than it would have been had had trump not been involved at all. Well you know. I mean a for first of all before we get to at benefits. Don't forget that trump at one point a sad in the oval office. Why don't we just hand. Everything over to blackwater eric prints right. Everyone's like well. Why what's the thing. We'll eric prints right. It was branson's betsy devos is brother. Eat only wanted to hand it off so the they would make billions of dollars off of this thing. You know when you look at who benefits certainly not the afghan people. Certainly not the united states. I think the iranians are a little uncomfortable with this. As as you might imagine the russians may or may not benefit the ones who benefit the most. Are the pakistanis. It'd be extremists in extending isi and so forth who supported this all along But even you know they have a problem. The problem is islamic. Extremism frightens the real power in the neighborhood. And that's the chinese. China is the biggest benefactor pakistan pakistan of the biggest chinese embassy in the world is pakistan china shares. A border with afghanistan are the chinese have started to pick up conversations with the taliban. Because they don't want this to go south because obviously if you have extremism in afghanistan pakistan that could impact their situation jiang with the leaguers and so forth. And so you know. I think you're going to see a more active role for the chinese because they can't afford this to go the the way that it's gone but you know i had the other side of what you're saying. Is you know a bunch of you know. Sort of pundits smart ass types or like we should just stay there and ignoring the fact that twenty years of being there with a lot. More troops didn't help. The things were deteriorating. When we had this number of troops there that there is no clear mission for those troops that it does put them at risk in that it has a high cost but the other thing is. We don't have a national interest. There you know. I mean we went in there to get osama bin laden dot in two thousand eleven for ten years. We have been there without an active national interest. Which is just you know. Country how anybody conducts therefore all. Well the like you said. Nobody wanted to to back out because this was inevitably what would happen then. This was really it was like you took a trillion dollars you piled up and you put it behind you because the whole purpose of it was to cover your ass and when we know you know talk about a little more specifically about trump here. He's he's got this pattern of doing seemingly right things for the wrong reason. He pulled the troops out of syria. We have abandoned. Our kurdish allies. They're much to the glee of vladimir putin. We eat same with germany. He tried to do that biden. Put that on hold. But i can't help but think if biden decided because today for example. Let me see here. There's a tweet from Chris murphy who was on a call with secretary blinken and the secretary of defense this morning and says he confirmed that had biden decided to abandon the agreement negotiated by trump the us would have had to surge thousands of additional troops into afghanistan because the twenty five hundred trump had left would not nearly enough so the two choices here are rampant up. Continue our occupation. They're pretty much forever or leave. And so i can't help but think what people would be saying if biden took the other choice and sent another few thousand troops over there and kept the war going when he promised that he would withdraw. Not a serious discussion going on. In the united states i just exchange speaking tweets tweets. Tom nichols about this. And that was a point that he brings up. You can't have asserted discussion because the other side is gonna oppose you no matter what you know that they're they're republicans. Were immediately going well. This is benghazi and we need to have investigations. And it's like first of all. George w bush is the person who got us there and made the biggest mistakes possible. Donald trump wanted this to happen sooner and works. You know the and so you know on a partisan basis. It's a hard argument to make. But you know. I think apropos the point of adding more troops. We've to send in a couple of thousand troops just to help our embassy staff leave So you know that if you if you want it to stabilize pakistan it would take a massive commitment and seventy seven or seventy five percent of the american people. Don't want us to be there at all. They want us out and biden biden was reflecting it. And you know. I gotta say. That's that's the courage to me is doing the right thing. When you know you're gonna get the crap beat out. Yeah yeah so sometimes to to win. You have to lose doing the right thing means. Sometimes you lose. And as ted lasso always says doing the right thing is never the wrong thing very big messages in recent episodes. Two and i have to you know. Keep in mind and we. We should all keep in mind as we watch this unfold that those were the only two choices that we had and a surge by biden putting more troops in harms. Way for what and then like you said people say it would save the women. Girls is f- afghanistan the only place in the world where women and girls are treated poorly or lgbtq. Plus folks are treated poorly. Why here why is this so important. And i'm not saying they aren't but military the right tool to use to help women and girls isn't a multilateral institutions. isn't it political pressure isn't it. Diplomacy isn't it economic. It's not sending in the troops otherwise there would be. Us troops in riyadh saudi arabia. Helping those women who have their rights ridiculously constrained offensively constrained and taking them away from. Yeah we would. We would have troops in a lot of places and putting putting them in harm's way and so you know it's kind of pick your battles thing but also like you said this. This was an inevitable ending if it were to end that's right and the fact of the matter is that the united states has a lot of enormous right now and you know. There's a lot of debate about whether we should spend another trillion dollars on our kids. Our families women america school's infrastructure and so forth. we've spent two trillion dollars in afghanistan and got nothing out of it. Nothing and the people who say stay seem to be willing to spend an unlimited amount of money to avoid embarrassment in afghanistan without achieving anything to help the country but are not willing to spend that money to improve schools in the us to improve health. Care in the us. The united states actually more secure against the threats of tomorrow's cyber pandemics global warming etc. So you know it. We're really living in a crazy moment. And joe biden is right now getting widely condemned for an act of sanity. Yep that's true. And i appreciate you talking to me about this today because i i just wanna get that message out and i encourage everybody to listen to david. Rothkopf on deep state radio read. His book called trader and he's also a contributing columnist to the daily beast. David roth thank you so much for your time today. Thanks filings everybody. We'll be right back with the good news. Everybody it's alison and if you wanna finally get a good night's sleep after all these years all you need two minutes. That's all it takes. Just go to helixsleep dot com slash daily beans. Take their two minute sleep quiz. And they'll match your body type and individuals sleep reference to customize mattress that will give you the best sleep of your life. 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For what the mutt. I have. Two tiny girls tofu. And nacho bad toss own. They are rescues from puerto rico. We think there are about four. Oh my god but their heritage is shrouded in mystery. We'd love to hear your guesses at their providence. Nacho is the fluffer of the pair. She is a food motivated. Energetic young lady her adoptive sister. Tofu is the cuddly princess. Please see oh my god. I feel like the one on the left is like a west each wawa terrier remix. Yeah and one like the one on the right. The ears are just different than sloppier. So i feel like there's pug in there because look at that long flat tongue goodness. They're just so cute. Yeah there's definitely terrier west dna on the on the all the. Here's another lhasa. Apso market of multi-use so cute. Tofu is because okay really. Both of them are. Oh my god. That's definitely a westie mix. That's like a tiny west terrier doubt. I would say seattle. So cute. And i i i feel like. There's lhasa apso so in pug and the other one with maltese are you know what they are. They're adorable that's what they are adorable. Thank you so much for that submission. We had a couple of two short ones. I'll just snag these. First ones from lucy pronoun. She her zoo correction. Hello you awesome people. Now for unexplained reasons. Baxter which i know. Is that how it set. But it's out styled so many do correction baxter county. Texas pronounced bayer like the aspirin. San antonio is a wonderful city beautiful friendly rich and culture. Keep up the great work. That's it nice sweet correction. Thank you lucy. And very short one. This is david pronouncing him. Smokey son and miracles. This is the oregon coast so far. Though today we have a good breeze of the ocean and the air is good love. Your various podcast is smokey son and marigolds. So that is a reflection in this honest so the fires beautiful. Yeah but Good good breeze off the ocean. Air the fires. What are we are now. Just so much is okay all right. I think about that onto the next lizzy pronouns. She and her. Thanks for being so rad. I have shit kids. Say i have a shit can say when my eldest was about three his dad's grandparents really love to buy tacky shit out of catalogs and have it sent to us. It was sweet but sometimes the things showed up out of the blue. Were a lot one time for that husband's birthday. They sent this enormous gotti clock which just cracked me up like. I had to sit on the floor and white my eyes. I was laughing so hard as you can imagine this. 'cause my son to become really fascinated with it and he insisted we hang this giant thing on our tiny apartment wall a few days later our friend came over and as soon as she walked in the door. Darling toddler dare to tell her about it. Being fairly new two words he was still having trouble with some sounds including the l. Sounds so he ran into the room and yelled at the top of his lungs. Look at daddy's big cock very you. Haven't you will find a picture of that boy. Eleven years later playing with as much younger brother. He is under the coffee table and his fifteen month. Old brother is on the table looking down at him a god. Oh my god. That's a really sweet picture though. And i'm gonna take the next one to because it's really short and how first of all baby gate around the christmas tree. Nice but the clock. Come on send that clock and if you've got a picture of the clock all right and then here's a short one from mamy rhymes with amy pronouns. She and her allison. You've probably heard deer barking without knowing it. They sound like a man yelling. Fuck in staccato. Fuck back brock. On my god in p. town. I had my show in cherry grove on saturday walking on the boardwalk. And i look up and there's a deer with the giant antlers and they're still fuzzy walking toward mannix at the guy announced like a pass like this is totally normal. He's like yeah. Just don't bother. It's not gonna bother you. I'm walking by the stirrup. Send you the video and literally it stops on. The boardwalk in the boardwalks only about three feet wide. It's not big in the deer stops and start eating. Berries been looks at me like that and it goes back to eating berries And i just filmed. The whole thing is crazy but apparently they like to push drunk people off the boardwalk people. They're going to touch him impediment than dares like yourself but but back push push all right next one for my mike pronounce mica good. I got that right pronouncing him. I had missed pronounce lyrics. I thought metallica song fuel began. Gimme gimme five. Gimme two than double five. It is of course. Give me fuel. Give me fire. Gimme that which i desire. But i grew up thinking he was describing cool secret handshake. Imaging give me five to then double five now. God gots finding michael. that's cute. i like yours. Better mica We're gonna end this with an anonymous submission and we have a link to video which i watched earlier today about eddie geller. He's gonna fight for you. And this is not a traditional good news submission but i want to be sure you all see this. Congressional campaign launched in florida fifteen today by By my friend and comedian turned activist. Eddie geller eddie has been producing videos for democratic causes for many years. Which is how i met him. He's an a plus human being. This is from anonymous full of curiosity humor and empathy. I love how redefining what a campaign can look like. Unabashedly watch his launch video. And you'll see what i mean. We'll pay a little audio clip for you. Here feel new want is listening been singing. You're fighting to thrive or just to survive but the corruption ask yourself. Where's the justice. Where is our fair share. What we need is a fix a congressman. The pas fair gives a damn time take us. Try something new. A guy was gone for all right so funny seriously. I love it. I ran for public office. If we either of us did we'd have to put something together. That was funny catching like it's awesome. Yeah and you can tell. He's a comedian act. Like i'm watching this like. Is this because somebody just sent it to me. And i'm watching. And i'm like is this. This is parody. No this fucking running for congress awesome. Hopefully we'll have him on the show at some point in the flip it blue segment. I absolutely love it. Eddie thank you an anonymous for sending this to us thank you. So he's gonna fight for you a my god Any so before we go tell us a little bit about how your show went on fire island well from what i understand it families out later it sold out which is wonderful. It was a sweet little room that held. I think a little over one hundred people and the community on cherry grow up in fire island is just so loving and so wonderful. Support excel really nights mixed crowd. I did the seventy five minutes. It was hot as hell on stage but it was. Just you know you get back up there and you hear that laughter and make people laugh and we all need it right now so it was a very generous loving audience and i standing ovation and saviours. And we hold onto every moment now because we don't know a told you when things are gonna shut down again at these moments are going to end for us. And i don't think people understand that a lot of the shutdowns won't happen nationally again. People are gonna go to work. You know they're gonna have kobe mixon's in place but for those of us that perform lives in some asshole on twitter was like. Oh don't be scared or be broke. And i'm like this isn't about being scared unvaccinated. These big places these gals. They're the ones cancelling for the safety of the community. So we as performers. Don't have a choice in the matter so please that you can just continue to support your live up performing artists. Those of us that have to to make money. We're gonna get floored by marion. And hopefully people get vaccinated. The numbers go down there. Just keep changing so got just wished we could somehow reach the other side. I really do. I just hope that there's enough that you know. Third hesitancy will lean toward getting it eventually. That's my only hope where we had almost another million people vaccinated today. We are setting vaccination records again going. At least you know aside from the first round of people who wanted to get vaccinated Said that starts moving in the right direction. We just need to moscow and be careful and and push your pusher local businesses to require vaccines a negative tests. I know i'm doing not where i live. Because it's not been mandated yet for a lot of stuff has for healthcare workers teachers and stuff. But you know you're bars and restaurants gyms and stuff like that say i. I really would feel better coming here if you required vaccines they can. And they're able and so give him the feedback and there's enough of us hip. There's enough of us. I went to a restaurant in new york. And they asked for my vaccine card basic misdirecting cardi said. Oh yes you can. Yes felt nicer. And we still eight outside in a pod you know we had our little barrier and stuff but yeah same for me in new york city everyone. Everyone wanted to see my vaccine card. When i went to the comedy store in la. I just walked in. Because i was just walk in and somebody came and tapped me on the shoulder and ask me to see my vaccine card when you start pushing for that because it's the hunter percent. It's the people who are who are refusing to get vaccinated. That can that should stay home. The rest of us should be going out stuff ninety percent all right. Well thank you so much. David sats was at your show. He wanted to say how wonderful it was. He's a patron of ours and and He just wanted to pass that message. Along and i q if listening. I wish i rather known i. I don't think we met. It was so fast after the show. I know everyone left. But thank you so much for coming out and supporting me true true and thank you all everybody. We'll be back tomorrow with more news. We'll talk more about what's happening on the ground in afghanistan and whatever else breaks until then please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Take care of the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been a gm and i've been digi. Them's the beans. The daily beans is written and executive produced by alison gill with additional research and reporting by dana. Goldberg and aimee. Carrero sound design. Editing is by diary mcfarland with art and web design by joel reader with moxy design studios music for the daily beans as written and performed by. They might be giants and the show is a proud member of the msw media network. A collection of creator owned podcasts dedicated to news politics. Injustice for more information please visit. Msw media dot com.

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Just how much value have inside of you every single week. We're gonna be talking to people who have something to add to help you get out of your own way to help you be more successful to help the truest expression of you. My name is cathy. Heller i'm so glad that you're here. Let's dive in thanks to purple for supporting my show when you have a purple mattress you can sleep cool comfortable no matter what the world throws you get ten percent off any order of two hundred dollars more going to purple dot com slash dream job ten promo code dream job. Ten terms apply also. Thanks for forty far as a family. Run brand making high-quality timeless clothing with modern design and functionality. Get twenty percents off all your summer clothes now by going far brand dot com and using the promo code dream job at checkout. And thanks indeed. If you're hiring you need indeed indeed is the number one source of hires. That's used by over three million businesses worldwide get started with a free seventy five dollars sponsored job credits upgrade your job post at indeed dot com slash dream job offer valid through september thirtieth terms and conditions apply. Hey guys it's cathy heller. Welcome back to another episode of. Don't keep your job to things. I just wanna say one. I had to make some big decisions. I had to choose between the next great adventure. And what felt more safe and more comfortable. And i wound up choosing to go back to la for a few months to pursue a really cool project. That i can't wait to share more about with you. And i realize that there are times where we're trying to make a decision and it's so hard when you're in that trying to make the decision moment but if you really just breathe what you realize is that the decision becomes obvious you feel into your gut and there comes a moment when you just know and so and so it is and so with that i wanted to say who would we be if we were willing to listen to our intuition. If we're willing to let go of certainty if we're willing to not know the outcome if we were willing to be led by those crazy whispers that make your heart beat fast. Who would we be if we were willing to stop doing. What's practical and predictable. We just might walk right into the most magical life so tomorrow night. I'm doing a free workshop. It's going to be on zoom. It's going to be ninety minutes. We're gonna talk about had to choose that path. I think one of the hidden blessings in this devastating pandemic is having the pause the time to reflect to ask yourself. What do i really want. How do i really wanna be living this day. Every day we can get so distracted from what we really really yearn for. So if you want to join me tomorrow night it's free. It'll be ninety minutes zoom. You can go to cathy. How're dot com slash workshop. And i would love to see there the other thing. I just wanna say is let's all send some collective prayers to the people that we know and the people that we don't know who are right now really really suffering from the cove ed from the pandemic. It's hit really close to home Over the last week. And i've lost just tons of sleep sent so many prayers and let's all just do everything we can to to just really be safe and to keep each other safe and to be as gentle and loving as possible with ourselves and with each other now on a sweeter note. I am really happy. Because today we are joined by the amazing graylan. He is an internationally renowned photographer for a new york times. Bestselling author also has a line of gorgeous artwork and lifestyle products on his gray malin website. This year he also launched the gray mayland app which is really cool because it allows you to display artwork through tv. And you can feel like you're traveling to a dream destination from the comfort of your own. Home he also released a new book in may called grey belan. The essential collection is just as beautiful luxury coffee table. Book that celebrates the first decade of grace fine art photography featuring legendary images from his most memorable shoots as well as new material that has never before been seen or published. This book is so stunning. Definitely get a copy. Gray has worked with major brands like splendid sperry away. And what i love most about him is that he lets his intuition lead him to these incredible experiences all over the world without trying to plan the next five or ten steps and he's all about creating that the thing that's going to bring the joy and the fun in our own lives and into other people's homes. He such a delight. I know you'll love him without further ado. Please welcome the remarkable gray malin. Great thank you so much for making the time to be on the show. Thank you kathy. Thank you for having me on thrilled to be here. This is very exciting. Everything you do is just so damn beautiful that it's ridiculous. You're one of those people that people love to get to know and study because you are so lovable and to be as talented and fancy as you are but not be pretentious. Is such a legacy for you. So tell us more about the man. The myth the legend. How did you get to do this all started in high school. I took a darkroom photography class. My junior year and instantly was sort of obsessed with developing images in the dark room. And i nerd out. I became a photography will partner. And i went off to college. I studied marketing. And i minored in pataki. And i landed this epic interject for paramount. Pictures took me away. I got my first job working for the president of the studio. It was a dream job for many people. And then i The recession hit was two thousand. Eight and i had this sort of moment where i thought everyone who i'm working with is so passionate about their job. I am not that passionate about film. I got here the marketing. But i really love to tagro keith. And it drove me during this time period where everyone was really sort of struggling to take a step back and i i went to my family and i said hey you guys i know you think i'm i'm just crushing it at paramount. But i've actually miserable. And i think i want to to leave and i wanna follow my heart in trying to become a photographer and that was sort of the biggest stop. I think i've ever had to take as a as a human being was just admitting that and literally jumping off a cliff. Wow i wanna hold that moment for a second. Because isn't it amazing. How we have this thing called intuition and the amount of resistance and the amount of suffering that we put ourselves through until we finally take the path lease resistance which is listening to ourselves and it sets our whole life free and everyone who is listening knows that feeling so really wanted to like stop and punctuate it because to do what you just said you did ultimate gift you give yourself and it's it's like the portal the door to this mystical better life. It is right here and yet it feels like the hardest heaviest door. So how did that actually happen. Like what gave you enough that you were going to be willing to actually do what you just said you did. I think deep down i felt. I would never fully a pleased with myself. If i didn't give the talker. Fy a chance. And i was so young. I think i was twenty one. I thought i don't have that much responsibility right now. I don't have that much. i have my rent. I've got my car. Payment i got xyz payment. I don't have a ton to worry about. I can go and try to. I don't need to be afraid of this. There's a time to do it. I felt like at that point as this is now and i. I write that intuition. That intuitive inner voice was speaking. And i was listening and i was like this is it. I'm gonna give shot. And if it doesn't work i can literally go back and get another job in the entertainment world. I clearly had had a wonderful start. And i think for me. What's interesting about. My story was in two thousand eight in two thousand nine. That art gallery. World was just suffering galleries reclosing left and right with the recession. People were not changing their spending habits. And i was taught that i needed to find a gallery to represent but i couldn't do that didn't work out so i went to where i knew i could do. Something myself without having her light anyone else and that was a very small flea market in west hollywood. That's every sunday it somewhere. I went before. I started to become photographer and i i walked through and i thought wow. There are no photographers selling their work like. This is interesting. There's just some artists in here and not from me. Was the light bulb. Brian thought i could sell my work here. And then it was also the courage and not being afraid of that the game. This is my own. I literally. I'm doing it for myself and i don't really care what you know judgment. I might get in judaizing. My parents were thrilled about this. No ever liked. Our son is crazy. He left this big job. And now he's selling his fine art photography and flea market and lo and behold every sunday. I met new people. I got it back and it led me to this one young woman who came in my boots and she asked me if i ever thought about selling my work online in ten years ago. Let me tell you. None of us or buying a lot of things online get alone artwork so it was a truly kind of shocking idea to me and it is where i got thanks to the flea market thanks. This young woman thinks near the fact that i put myself out there. I was able to move into the online space rather quickly. But it wouldn't have happened if i hadn't have done those steps you know. I think it's really important for those listening that when you have an idea you've really got to go for it. You can't sit there and think it's gonna come to you you. I had to really go to an uncomfortable space face. Some critique from friends and family. It's like set me free And is what gave me the channel. That i still am on. Which is you know. I've launched this whole world online. And i did it at a time. When people weren't doing it. I got their first bangs to what i just explain. It's phenomenal and you just said the word courage often. We talked to listeners and they tell me that they have a business problem. I say it's not a business problem. It's courage problem and what you said. You were disproportionately rewarded for that sentence. When you said and you can't sit there you have to do this thing. If you feel it you have to just do it. How many people have had a thought like that or heard idea that they something let them up about it but then there's all the overthinking. There's all the imposters and they're just don't do anything and here you were. You're like courage. It's called courage right man. I love this story so much and who you are just like what's really shining through it because you keep coming back to and then i had to reflect in myself and you keep saying and i had to deal with some pushback from friends like that is so beautiful. Because that's the parallel piece of the business pieces. You keep reflecting on that. And then somehow you have the strength to say and then i just kept going anyway. Which says a lot about who you are. And i have a feeling just from the two minute conversation. We had before we jumped on. And you said you had kids and you're married and you have this home. You're making a lot of very big grownup decisions. That i can already tell. You've had to have this as a lifeline. Listening to yourself dressing yourself to make these decisions. That's part of just everything you do. isn't it it is an. I also think when i listened to other other stories of how people started companies in and so forth. So much of it. Is you have an idea. But it's listening to the feedback at your receiving about what you're trying to do. And for me. I went to that flea market and hung new work and i got direct feedback and from that. I realized that people were looking for artwork that made them feel great made them feel joyful brought them somewhere happy and i thought wow i and sending photography in school. It wasn't about joy and humor. It was a little bit more about sort of a little more serious. So it helped me navigate by listening to the feedback. It helped me create the lifestyle. I am where i am today. But it made me dedicated kind of myself a motto. Which i still have today in. Its make every day a getaway. And i thought if i want to be photographer. I don't wanna do weddings. I don't wanna do portrait's. I wanna make fine art and i wanna make art that takes people somewhere joyful and i decided that back in the flea market an have you know suck to it to this moment right now our recording this and i think that listening is so important but you have to ultimately be the one who's like fearless in people in the flea market for every good thing i heard i also heard not great by. Yeah it's hard a journey and wanna put everything you just said in neon lights. Because i hear this so often that as soon as someone thinks about taking a passion and turning it into a prophet they feel like well. I'm going to have to sell out. Because i'm gonna half then all of a sudden understand what the market wants and what you just said was. That was such a gift. It was a gifting to hear that traditionally what makes someone an artiste is doing something dark and morose and yet there were human beings who needed to feel good. And i heard that and that's also again to me a sense of your courage because for some reason that is not typically what is praised in the artistic world is stuff that feels good and you did that. And it is so gorgeous and i love that motto and every piece of yours. I've seen that is how it feels. It is a feeling of jumping into the sidewalk right and going somewhere else. First big series i. i'm from dallas texas originally and growing up my parents they love this teeny town and west texas called marfa and no one had heard of that ten years ago and now it's like quite well known by. I shot this series out there with the help of literally my cousin. My dad my mom some cowboys. Some people from the towel and what was interesting was that people didn't believe that there was. This product are installation in on the side of the highway in texas. And i was like wow i sat in the flea market telling you blow that. It was real. I thought this is so fun. I love that. I can create images that people think are auto shops. I was like a great conversation. It's something you can hang in your house in your friend would walk in and be like whoa kathy. Like what is this like. Where did you get this. And i think ignited this idea that if you can make work starts conversation that makes people happy that brings people together than you are definitely on the right path and i think it went from there to a fateful day. I found myself in miami trying to get a picture of a swimming pool. And i couldn't get access to the right spot to take pictures so i googled helicopter comma. Miami ended up accidentally for the first time in my life and a helicopter shooting above the beaches of miami i. It's on like a worldwide journey for me to go and capture document the most beautiful beaches. I could possibly get you from adore. Listen windy crazy helicopter ride and people loved. It was the it was before drowns. It was before sort of. This was a time when people hadn't seen that perspective. And i thought wow like photography is so powerful Everyone seemed to be able to relate to that ariel beach because everyone almost everyone out there knows what it beaches are has been to be shouldn't or aspires to go to a beach and is interesting how ol- powerful photography became in this range of joy and uplifting others and staying in the sort of this this brand motto that i have of make everyday getaway and it's been ten years of just such a wild ride. It's amazing. I love the synchronous city of your trying to get this angle. And you can't so you. Google helicopter comma miami literally was the hansel and gretel breadcrumb of your life which led you to something that it like. It came to you like it. Just literally came right to you and that's what people listening i want them to hear. Is that everybody's willing to start down the path. As long as they see the ending or the master plan they want the certainty when at the same time everybody wishes for something magic all but the magic is only gonna come when you're willing to let go certain tea and then you didn't know when you woke up that morning that you'd wind up in helicopter that day then there you were doing it over and over and over again and it started a whole new quantum level of your business. It's interesting at story is such a good one. And i'll i'll tell it quickly by. I went to miami. Because i had a photograph taken of swimming pool from a bugs as my computer screen saver and i looked at every day and i thought god images so mixing wanted to go to the pool and jump in so like fine and then one day looking at it. I thought extra shoot more pools. I should get up fetish. Shoot more pools from a hotel balcony. And then i was there in miami. They wouldn't let me up on the roof. I what. I was thinking dot in the helicopter of rain storm. A little rain style came off the atlantic over miami. What i got to the pool the helicopter. It was all grey. Cloudy and i looked down as like. There's no one there. This is meant to be for me and in that minute. I lowered my camera down for my face. And that's what. I looked up at the horizon and saw the beach. I could see this wide white sand of south beach and i said to the pilot. Do mind if we quickly just fly over the beach. I'd love to see it. And i had no idea it was going to be there. Man just rains the dots. Rizaldy the umbrellas the shays lounge chairs the repetition asymmetry the kind of canvas that the beach was it was in this moment of total defeat that i looked up in saw. What would become this huge part of my career. So like for those out there. Even when you're on the past of trying to do what you make a business you you have to keep going. You can't give up in end. You never know what you'll see if you just keep your eyes open and that's really what i want everyone to hear. I definitely had no idea. I was going to stumble onto that beach that day. It was totally an amazing moment. And you're right. I didn't wake up that morning because again. The helicopter yet allowed see that beach. That is a story. I'm going to retail one thousand times. It is so mesmerizing. And it's like that. Rumi quote what you seek is seeking you like. You had no idea that was coming but when you are available to see the clues like use the analogy which is a camera. Algae a lot of like open the aperture like look right because a lot of times the cameras more than we see we see through our like bias. We see through what we look for the evidence of but a camera takes the actual picture of what's there and when you as a person are willing to keep seeing like you said i looked up right. I looked up. And there's a part of you and that's inherent in who you are. That just keeps. This keeps being sort of the the little dots that connect to the next lily. Pad is like but wait. There must be another clue. And there was exactly and i think once that project got underway. I went from miami to hawaii to. I've literally went everywhere. I could fast. I possibly could in put them online for sale in people. The response was tremendous. That's when i started started to get the funding. I thought what other crazy ideas do. You have what other kind of wild joyful projects can. Can you make a lead me to antarctica where god floated pool floats out against the icebergs and put umbrellas up on an icy tundra photographs china to say something about you know the beach also global warming and a led me to australia where i found a sheep farmer. Third-generation sheep farmer who let me literally die his sheep with a vegetable principal. Die in shoot them in a field whereas trying to make art about individuality like not everyone being white sheep but standing out in the crowd like the projects were also funded than there. Was this moment where i went to bolivia and worked on a project the largest salt world. It's roughly the size of connecticut. Even imagine connecticut covered in salt. Looks like you're on mars. And i was like there any animals that live out here be released fine if we could maybe work with the animal. And they're like yeah. We actually have llamas as allama what they look lake and sure enough. We have two lamas come out. We end up dropping these balloons on their back out this photograph and i mean i had no idea llamas. We're going to become like this literally. Go to kids store for my kids right now. It's like there's a whole lama section ever law mma but it was just this journey and that was what was available in. I had no idea what i was really doing. And i think that's important well. Because i was just trying to make art and i was hoping people would love it in sometimes. You just have to listen to yourself and keep going the cheaper. Australia never did great. But the llamas like it's the cover of my tenure monograph book that recently came out and that was a shot from early on in my career like two thousand thirteen maybe maybe seven or eight years ago but it's funny. I also shot mylar balloons. I started shooting mylar balloons. Like i thought they were so funny. I went to joshua tree. And i play by the way. I don't use helium us like we inflate them. And then there's a piece of tape that we run across and stick the balloons on otherwise it. I tried watson playing of. It's a nightmare. They blow everywhere but we tried to spell the word desert in the desert like these funny ideas and then we end up shooting the word. I am busy above the water in the caribbean and like adjusts became such a pop culture. Sort of photograph in mylar balloons are now at every single birthday party. Every term someone turns twenty five or thirty. Everyone's got the balloons. They couldn't be more popular. It's so funny. How things just like unfold over time. And i'm just grateful that i want around the world with mylar balloons in my bag. Sheeting them because it's it's just you china. Do your own thing. You know it's so fun. It's just like being in a candy factory to listen. You talk because you are so willing to let go of control and the whimsey of just letting it take you on a ride right that is like true divine inspiration. It's so fun and most people are just not willing to let it take them and so it's really fun to listen to. You be like yeah then. I just thought let's do this so then we did. We didn't know what would happen. We didn't know what would happen like you. Keep saying that we didn't know what would happen and we did it anyway because it just felt like fun and that's such a gorgeous example to give your kids right is like that's how you're living your life. I love this conversation but before we keep going to thank our sponsors this summer. I'm most excited to spend more time at the beach and going on walks by family and far has the perfect outfits for the summer whether it's their shirts dresses shorts or more products that so well and it feels like you could have had them for years. They also prioritise sustainable fibers. Organic cotton f. lee source kashmir recycled polyester linen and hemp plus they strive to use nontoxic dies and water-efficient processes. It's a family run brand making high quality timeless clothing with modern design and functionality and there are so confident in the quality of their stuff that they have a lifetime guarantee of quality so no matter what they're gonna replace fix your clothes forever. 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Credit at indeed dot com slash dream chopped indeed dot com slash dream job offer valid through september thirtieth terms and conditions apply. So and. then you've done so many things like you said like the things that you've done have become like iconic and then people get inspired by them and then you made this app recently. Tell us about that. What was that whole journey about. I think when people when you hit a decade business people always ask you what's next. What's the next decade lake in your like. Just like sprinting for a decade. But sure let's about the next decade hidden for a while. I've talked like my close friends. And i always have time people. I really think that the art world in digital technology and emerge. I mean if you if you think about even myself going from physical market to launching online and creating director consumer business model it's all digital rate and then you start to think about. How are we going to experience art in the future and two years ago. It was like a no brainer to me as we should start to work on a really affordable way for people to display art in their homes and it literally drives me bonkers that we have this television. That when it's off it's just laying black screen and i always think it should be a piece of art and yes like apple in committed screensavers by no one is really using them yet and i think with coded and what's happened recently. Everybody really wants their home in their environment. Feel uplifting and joyful and so forth so we thought. Let's really dive in and do this so we built an app. It's available for anyone apple. Tv at this time and he can download it just like you would type in net flicks like if you are on your apple type headlights you type in gray male and it's free and it comes a couple of images basically it's like a curated way to experience art in your living room or wherever you have your television in your house. At most people saw televisions. Think where you can change up our seasonally. You can change it up literally every hour. It can change. You can buy one image and just have that one image on display. Every time your television turns off. Yeah i just feel like the future of displaying are will be digital. People will definitely still have artwork in their homes. There's no doubt about it by so we recently launched that and it's interesting. You know what i realized early on was that a lot of people felt like art world wise to exclusive and even myself. I remember going into galleries. The person working. They're sort of looks at you up and down and just ignores you like very unin by. I didn't feel it was very include. Says is i wanted to make a world where people felt really included. That's why launched gray mail on dot com originally. You can sit in your pyjamas whole may come in and scroll around the world and you're a part of it you're you're totally invited on this journey with me and i think over the years. I realize that artwork still expensive. So how can we make this more accessible for people. So he's launch things like double-sided puzzles iphone cases. We've had wonderful collaborations where you can buy into the brand idea in the tiger affi in. That's the beauty of books to like a got six day. Are you know much more affordable than art and the app to me was that ultimate that art in general moving forward should be more affordable for people and the digital space is a great way to offer that. Yeah yeah and. I do want to talk about your latest book which came out in may but i also wanted to ask you a question that a lot of our listeners. Say which is you know. I want to follow my passion. But i have a hard time thinking about it because it's not curing cancer you know. So how am i doing something good for the world. If i'm taking photos or making cupcakes like shouldn't i be working assault by like people just don't seem to get that you can actually add so much of what human beings need in the world by doing things that you also love to do and in this conversation. There's a felt sense knowing as you're speaking that what you're doing is giving oxygen people right but it's not necessarily what people think when you're like okay. Well does what you do solve. A problem does what you do ad. And you're like my god. I'm gonna charge money for it like in my actual Who am i to charge for this. What do you think about that because you do so much that you love doing but people also pay for and you've made of business doing something that brings people a lot of joy that you also do you. You make money from doing and you like it. How do you think people can start to reframe doing things that bring them joy and being paid well to do them. I mean i can't speak for everyone. I can speak for myself but all i know is that i truly found something in life that gave me something. I didn't have before it allowed me to have the freedom and like in high school. I was so bad at art. I still i'm truly. I'm terrible art at art. But i'm really. I found photography. And i was like. Wow this is the art world. But it's totally different. And i was terrible at sports is supposed to be good athletics. A supposed to be good at so many other things. And this is sort of where i found my passion raid. And i believe that if you're out there listening in you have a passion and that passion is making cupcakes or making butter graphs or making beautiful cheese boards. I think for me. I had no idea when i took miley buffet that i would inspire so many people. When i see my work hanging in people's homes and i see how it affects their day life. It is absolutely the most incredibly rewarding part of of my job and it is not curing cancer. Is it bringing smiles to people. It adding this wonderful element of joy to someone's databa- life every time they glance over and see at photograph or see one of our products on their desk. Or maybe just have a digital autograph. We have digital zoom backgrounds. It's been lake extremely rewarding for me. I wish i could care co vid but in this past year with all the challenges that we faced it was interesting. I my company. We were all trying to ask ourselves a little bit. i think more about. What do we do and at the same time. We were realizing that our website was having insane. Traffic and people are flocking to the brand because we were offering a sense of escapism which is really what the brand is all about making every day getaway. It's making you feel like you're far away and suddenly a timer where people were going through a difficult place. We became the shining light for people and that was so rewarding. I mean i would have never thought in a million billion years that that would be the case. And you just never know when you take your buffets how it will affect others and what you might actually be doing other people so you can't shy away from it. It's so beautiful. Yeah all of the little moments that added up. To how many smiles you gave people and how much people need. It really need it in also people who ask themselves. Who am i to do this. I mean who is i to go to flea market like that was supposed to go to a gallery in get a gallery to represent me and you know i was breaking the rules. I mean technically i was. I was just trying to do something in a way that i could actually literally do it somehow. Make some income from it. So i think if you're asking yourselves that you're doubting yourself you should should've just remember the flea market like there's an uncomfortable period in the beginning for a lot of people when you start something like i definitely asked myself who might be doing this like. I'm standing here in a parking lot in west hollywood with my artwork clipped onto to ten by ten ten. That you know i'm opening myself up for critique and i think that that's a normal question but you have to remember that that's how i got to where i needed to go. Sal i talk to the right people so you are meant to do. Things is just that. There's a period of uncomfortable figuring it out in the beginning. And i'm so grateful that time but it was very hard so it's like you have to know that it's not. It's not all going to come out of the gate exist. There's a period and you have to be have courage. I love the idea of breaking the rules. Like you said we had a guest on. You may know him. Patrick kane do you know him. He designs furniture. Yes he i think also like went to like a like a pasadena flea market or something and then Was written about an apartment therapy and then it was like he started selling these like tree trunks. He would put cement on these streets wrongs and five thousand dollars later. I was gonna ask you because it's such a fun moment to hear about. I'm curious about it the very first one. You sold your very first piece. Remember how much you sold it for and you remember what. It was the very first time you made money from your photography i do remember. It was my very first sunday in the flea market at the time of selling black and white travel photographs that i had shot when i studied abroad in college and a young woman came in and she by i believe it was. They were thirty five dollars each and she bought three and she asked if she could have three four three for one hundred and i was like god. Yeah i was like that's great Aggo here that's how young. And they were just like. I think she got a photograph to three hundred hundred. I'd taken in london. But it was amazing and i thought i'm a success one hundred dollars. That's amazing i think. I have a photograph with her somewhere. But yeah it was a very memorable moment. I think i slowed like fifteen that first sunday so well it was great. Yeah okay have a few more things to ask you. But i just a quick thing sponsor does it seem like worlds against us from getting a good night's sleep this time of year. I've been florida and in the summer. It can get pretty hot even at night but when you have a purple mattress you can sleep cool comfortable no matter what the world throws a you. That's because only purple mattresses have the grid it's unique ventilated design allows air to flow through. So you can sleep cool. Even when it feels like a thousand degrees out. I love how the materials really comfy and bounces back. So you don't get that. Oh my gosh. I'm stuck. You know that feeling you have with memory foam. Plus it's super supportive for your back and legs while cushioning your shoulders neck and hips. Which is important to me. Because i don't want to wake up feeling so sore. Purple is comfort. Reinvented right. now you're gonna get ten percents off any order of two hundred dollars or more go to purple dot com slash dream job ten and use promo code dream job ten. That's purple dot com slash dream job ten promo code dream job ten for ten percent off any order of two hundred dollars or more purple dot com slash dream job. Ten promo code dream job. Ten terms apply one of the things that people ask. All the time is well. Why should i do this. If there's already other photographers you know like there's a million. Other people podcasting washes to podcasts. There's a million other bakeries and coffee shops. What what do you think about that when when you obviously were had photographers that you were inspired by. But you didn't let that stop you from adding your perspective. So what do you think when people say that while there's already genius people out there. Why would people want to buy my photographs. I mean i would say after listening to the so far. I mean i truly had no idea i was going to become an aerial photography so i think yes. There has become so insanely popular. And you know. Everyone has a camera on their phone. But it's part of the the ride. I think you you learn as you go and if you don't get on the ride you're never going to fully learn and get their. Everyone has to start somewhere and it's normal to be inspired by photographers for sure. But you never know when you might end up helicopter feeling sick stomach totally defeated and then look up in ncis subject matter that once fire you take you around the world. So i am proof that you shouldn't shy away from something just because it's popular field. It's they're waiting for people like you in your people out there to come to make their mark and take it to the next level. I feel like i'm still on this. Ride one hundred percent. Like we have released a series last year. Where i shot dogs living at the beverly hills hotel. And it's like our most popular series right now and we have a new project coming out in september called the dogs in new york city in its dogs leading at the plaza hotel and at the top of thirty rocketed central park and at bergdorf goodman it so suddenly. I'm like super into dogs so don't shy away from some bang. I know when i started. I was to end up in helicopter. I didn't know. I was gonna end up shooting dogs and i don't want him to be shooting in five years so i think you gotta go for it and and have fun. No right we miss out on that whole have fun. Part of our journey. Everyone so wanting to be practical. And then you get to be ninety like forgot to have fun so true. It's tough it's easier said than done but covert. I think has been a time where we all got to kind of stop. Hustle hustle hustle. And then you had to stop and look at where we were in our life in stink about what is important to us and it was kind of stop for a lot of people so i think almost everyone i know question their job and where they kind of were headed and maybe thought about a different direction they could be heading and in those moments are important life. It's too bad it happened over a hand by you know there's a silver lining maybe just remembering sort of stop in. Check yourself every now and then make sure you're heading. They wanna go. And if you're not come and listen to kathy's podcast for inspiration air so so generous and what about your latest book. They came out in. May everyone should have that because probably flipping through those pages. Would inspire you to come home to yourself and go. Where do i really get lit up. What really so tell us. Just one quick thing. Like what's your favorite part of this book. Or what do you hope that when people have this and pour through it. What are you hoping that they feel this book. It is my one two three. This is my fourth proper coffee table book by it is fern artists. I think a dream come true. Because it's three hundred fifty pages. It's about eight pounds. Oversized book i forget. Eleven by fourteen By huge book. It's got this beautiful cloth bound and everything that like. When i was kind of growing up. But i would stumble across his books like barnes and nobles i on my gosh you know flipping through just unbelievable and to have been able to make this book and look back on the last decade and and all that it's a retrospective writer they call it a monographs. It is truly a dream. Come true for me as an artist. I didn't know starting out. You know that. I would ever get to go from the flea market to have this. I would say almost a stamp of approval from the publishing world of this is an artist. He's got his name on a book. All my other books are called like beaches escape. Italy is not called grey mayland. Snl collection like. Hey disguise an an actual. He's the real deal for but my intention with the book was to write in opening about how important it is for everyone to be themselves and authenticity casey places. And here's where it took me here. The first chapter is my black and white early work. That is older flea market. I shot a woman in a polkadot dress in la in your comparis- and then it opens into the experimenting with polaroid's in color and how i shifted into color and from there into digital photography and all the fun projects. We talked about a lot. But don't forget i. Shot a series of horses wearing wigs and iceland. There are a sea of pool rings and barcelona side anyway. This great big journey. The book is truly meant to lift your spirits and be a fine source of inspiration. Also decorative fund object for your home. And i'm thrilled that the book amazon is so nuts. The bogus retails at seventy dollars. It has been on their offer. Thirty nine dollars. If you're on amazon is at like less than fifty dollars. I would grab it. It goes from like thirty nine to sixty eight dollars by. Who's controlling these amazon prices. I it's a dream come true. It's it's my story of ten years. And i hope that anyone who gets to look at it or or bring went home is inspired in some way. They definitely will take you on a vacation. That's for sure it's all seven continents you are so inspirational and gosh. I'm just sitting here. Thinking how fun and must be to be you and go to barcelona and go to iceland and and then here you are sitting in michigan like you could be anywhere and you still have something in you that like you know appreciates just simple things and that's really cool. I appreciate you having me on to share my story. And i hope that anyone out there who listens can feel inspired someway. I let happen. That's happened a thousand times already. Everyone's so excited having heard you and full hearts lot of full heart tell them where they can follow along your journey and find you and all the things. There's three great ways the website. Www dot gray malin dot com is where the world of graylan exists and. then they're Instagram which is a delightful joyful. Follow for your feed her. Saly i am i. I'm on instagram at at meal and personal. It's just my life behind my camera and being silly so i lived welcome. Everybody and take a peek. At i sure will put all the links in the show notes and everything else but this was really really really fun. I feel lighter having just gotten to listen to you for an hour was really such a treat. Thank you so much on your so welcome. Thank you for having me. It was so fun. That was such a treat. How special is he. Okay here are the takeaways number one. When you have an idea you really have to go for it. Don't wait and expect that it's going to come to you number two. You can have the idea but you have to listen to the feedback number three. Make every day getaway. Just go for it and have fun number. Four in a moment of defeat. Look up and make it a turning point. You never know what you're gonna find when you keep your eyes open. Be available to see the clues number five. You don't always have to know what you're doing. Listen to yourself and keep going number six. You never know who you can inspire when you follow your passion bring smiles other people and add a wonderful element of joy to someone else's day you can become the shining light during difficult times number seven. You learn as you go. It's part of the ride at number eight. Don't shy away from something just because other people are already doing it. There are people waiting for you to come and make your mark. Thank you so much. Thank you for listening. I know you have tons of things to be doing so we really means the world that you're here. We have so many good. Yes coming on the show. So subscribe on apple podcasts. Or follow on spotify wherever you listen and i love to know what you think about this show so please leave a rating and review. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the free workshop. You can sign up. It's going to be august. Seventy eight o'clock eastern five o'clock pacific you can sign up for free to join me on zoom kathy dot com slash workshop. And if you know someone who also wants to find that path and start living in that feeling of waking up doing what you were meant to do then invite them. Because it's free and i've got so much good stuff plan for you in those ninety minutes so you don't wanna miss out. You guys are the best. I'll leave you with the song and i'll talk to you tomorrow. The podcast is a production of authentic for more info on advertising. In this show visit. Authentic shows dot com. Start when he broke your heart bites all turn to when you say that cost spending. Turn the side smile. Gone so sunshine out of. I'll be right thing your favorite When you get home you'll past don's you last an ask

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#1359, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Maura Davies, Furry Friday

One Life Radio Podcast

45:47 min | 1 year ago

#1359, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Maura Davies, Furry Friday

"The content of the following program is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice diagnosis treatment or cure always consult your physician or a health professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. One Life Radio appreciates the support from our sponsors. Make sure you check out these great companies son warrior, the pioneers a plant based protein go to some more your dot com and use the code. Oh l. for twenty percents off your order environmental makers of tariff flora, and new immune floor of learn more at Enviro Medica Dot com cancer in politics extraordinary pet food that set the new standard of. Purposeful Pet Food Paleo magazine is now all digital. So you can go to Paleo magazine Dot Com and subscribe also the wellbeing journal combining physical mental, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects of Health Federal magazine sign up and get a free online subscription at bedroll MAG DOT com the international society of Sports Nutrition The only nonprofit society dedicated to sports nutrition and supplementation learn more at sports nutrition society, Dot Org and Thorn research redefining what it means to be well, and pushing the limits of human potential go to the sponsor page at one life radio DOT com for Lincoln. Listener discounts thank you for listening to one life. Radio. Baby. Do you WANNA go higher baby you're in the right place you're listening to one life radio. This is Bernadette with junior broadcasting live from Dallas Texas on I heard media as well as In southern California on. ABC News Talk. Junior. And TGIF and had the alouine almost ask my gosh. Yes. So excited, we got the kids already their costumes are all said I don't know what they're being I. I'm not sure the characters because they're into anime like Japanese anime. I don't understand it. They're both characters from that. I don't know what they are though, but they look great and they're excited and yeah, we're GONNA. Go around our neighborhood our neighborhood put together like a safe distance thing. They're gonNA everybody's GonNa, sit in their driveways and put the candy at the end of the driveway. So. There's actually a hey, ride on my road. And I'M GONNA. Actually get to have trick or treaters for the first time ever in the twelve years that I've lived poverty because the house is so far back and it's all fenced in you can't get to it. So they're doing this hayride and I'm super excited. I actually get I don't know what I'm GonNa do like make. Better maybe put on like a cat costume. I don't know what just whatever you do. Don't give out pennies nobody likes. Whoever thought that was a good idea. Did you see they. I think Dole put out those little salads in a bag to it's like kids don't want that. Pennies I gotta say what year was that nineteen o two I mean. I know when I was a kid I used to get. Here. Nichols and I'm sure I'm older than you. So I don't know up in New Jersey in my neighborhood. Yes. Oh. My God. Well, we've got a great show today. We really do. We've got more a davies at the half because it's fabulous Friday from the SPCA, and right now we have Dr Johnny. Boden on. He is known as the Nutrition Myth Buster and is a nationally known expert on weight loss and how he is the best selling author of fifteen books including the Great Cholesterol Myth, which is one of my favorite books that he's written and the most effective ways to live longer. Dr. Johnny earned six certifications. Did you fall Dr Johnny? Okay? bumptious dogs would not come in. And Annoy us, my Gosh Larvae I, love it. I love it. Well, I've got at literally at my my back in my chair she he comes in does a show with me every day now but but let me continue on me because I want people to know how fantastic you are a doctor Boden is actually been on the show for a very long time to going way back talking like eight years from the very beginning I met him through Jill Lane and I've always been thankful for it because Dr John is amazing. He's earned six certificates in personal training and Fitness he has a master's degree in psychology and a PhD in holistic nutrition, and he is board certified by the American College of nutrition, his books include. Living. Low carb smart fat. The Great Cholesterol myth is I said and the one hundred and fifty healthiest foods on earth. His website is Johnny. Boden. Dot Com and that's J. O. and Y. B. O. W. D. E. N. dot com always a pleasure. Today we're talking about information overload and how to listen to your gut instead of the media. So you know there's so much conflicting information out there circulating right now Dr Johnny but. With, covid politics food I mean. So how do we make sense of all of it and what do you? What do we need to know and who should we listen to at the end of the day who? Pack back. Yeah You know what I I certainly Let me focus in on in my field of expertise where there's tons of confusion and conflicting information, which is nutrition and Health God knows me about the same thing in politics. We've got the same thing in in just about every subject in the world, and we're in information overload and that that's that's a real problem for people in lots of areas of their life. So what I always like to remind people when we try to sort out the nutritional. Information Is a couple of things number one is We actually are pretty good at making decisions. We've kind of outsourced to experts and and I. Don't want anyone listening to this to think that I'm not a fan of expertise and knowledge in study and all the things that go into expert opinions but I do think to some extent. You know when we hear things, we also have to kind of work on our filtering mechanism and entrust that we have an inner sense of what is good and what is not good and what is bright and what is wrong and and we should learn to trust that more I. Don't think we should trust are at the expensive educated experts opinions but I think we. Need to trust myself to still let information and to look at what makes sense. So when I talked about nutrition and say, okay so you have the legal carnivores, you the Paleo Kito people, the Vegetarians it's a very, very partisan kind of an environment. You'd. You'd be amazed how much acrimony what you know 'cause you interview them exactly. There's a lot of acrimony between the. Camps in. So what I always say okay let's take a step back. People. Everybody was evaluating this and let's look at the history of humankind. So we have been on the Genus Homo, which is our predecessors in the end of all the people before Homo sapiens the whole genus. Homo genus has been on the planet for two point four leading years depending on what study you read Homo sapiens evolved out of Africa about one hundred, ten, thousand years ago. McDonalds. became a franchise in one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty. So if you look in processed food and look at the kinds of foods we've been eating a while you. The Genus, Homo on a twenty four hour time clock. This this food that we eat he knows about one second all you less than a minute. So what dietary if I'm a consumer and I'm trying to make sense of all this dietary advice? What should I looked to as the wisdom of the ages and my answer is always jus-. Go back. To food, you could have hunted fished, gathered or fuck because that is what sustained the human genus. But, two point four, million years. Doesn't it make more sense to kind of look at what though that Google wisdom of the ages with them of nature if you're religious, you can say it's God's plan. If you're an agnostic your ats, you can say it's have allusion but we have evolved. Do well as a species. On natural raw, the minimally processed foods right in their natural state with all the fat and cholesterol and they come with by the way, and that seems to have served and you can argue you could say what yet but those people died very early. Yes. They did but they died of cold exposure, a hostile tribes woolly mammoth. They didn't die the diseases of aging and we know this because enter politics, go back and examine their bones and movie guide very early in threes they look at those bones and early signs. Coming diseases and they did not see early signs of the disease instead of killing all of us. They were pretty healthy and I think when we get confused by all the information that's coming out today let's go back to that and I. It's not my field but I'd say the same thing with politics you know do unto others you know the basics with the come through the ages that work really well, maybe we should take a deep breath and go back and look at some of those and and trust back. Yeah. I just think we overcomplicated things. There's too much too much profit motivation I mean it's it's not that complicated I always go back to how I grew up which was You know we we ate a salad every night with dinner with Pasta and good homemade Italian brad sometimes butter sometimes olive oil maybe both and we had meet once a week with potatoes and carrots and It was a pot roast on Sundays and. You know fresh fruits always on the table things like that. But I just think we over complicate food now and and certainly people in America eat very differently than they do in most parts of the world we probably have the worst diets, which is kind of funny because we're so obsessed with diet, we talk more about diet than any other country. Everybody's always on a diet and it's just It's crazy. It's crazy. Do you think? Well, do an increasingly when you said, we eat worse than any other country to the extent that we imported are eating styles to other countries they have suffered accordingly and I'll tell you one very funny story in terms of like how and it will bring us a little bit back to the book tour. I'm on about the great cholesterol miss because it really does go to the heart of our fear of fat cholesterol so i. E In in Beijing some years ago and I went there and in Beijing in China in and India everybody thinks the office carrying something. They have one of the biggest obesity and diabetes problems in the world any destroy. EPIC proportions. So I was there and I was going to debate a Chinese dietitian about what is going on in our country and why so I'm driving Beijing and you know what I see. I see KFC. Domino's Pizza I. How I get every fast food crappy restaurant that I grew up in New York City on foot every one of them have completely taken over the main parts of Beijing. So I'm sitting there talking to this dietician about the obesity problem. And I say. What are you? What's going on and she says well, clearly if because the Chinese. Too Much Royal. I are you are you speechless? I know I know I I was much oil. I was reading last night in the International Journal of Science, the October. Twenty. Second Issue of Nature Magazine and on the cover, it's got one of the cover stories is corona virus. We'll obesity prove an obstacle and controlling the pandemic, and in that article, they address the obesity problem in China as well as other parts of the world and it's just a you know it's fascinating because. We have more deaths in America right than any other country is that still current? Okay. and. So we've all the not coincidentally we have one of the highest rates of obesity. So there's absolutely a connection between your your body's ability or your immune system to fight cove ed I'm based on your level of obesity and the foods that you eat. And getting nutrition. Right a hundred percent but I'd like to even expand on that because the case is even stronger than you made it. So we vote this book, the Great. Cholesterol meds about people's fear of fat and cholesterol and why that is been misplaced why? Why the research has shown that that is not what we're supposed to be. And and we make the case that we should be eating a diet that is very, very different than the low fat high carb, high processed food diet that we often on now. When we do this book tour. All anybody wants to talk about Colby and I. I real? homerun affect. Let's look at underlying condition. I WanNa talk about Kobe too because they are very related. What are the underlying condition? You don't WanNa have if you happen to contract coke, what are they? Let's go through diabetes obesity. As you said, diabetes diabetes, which we say is pre heart disease because eighty percent present diabetic guy parties heart disease is a precondition. Obesity is a condition high, but they all related to diet does very diet that we have pursued low cholesterol by eating low fat foods and highly processed foods in the sugar industry got away with murder by replacing all the fat demonizing we placing with sugar, and now we're walking nation an epidemic of what we call diaby city, which is just that continuum of cardio metabolic problems caused by this guy and this lifestyle. What do you think that does to our ability to fight Kobe? Crippled and. Let me give you the example I always use our immune system is like a fire department and live in southern California a mile from Tanga Canyon with some of the wildfires are we want our fire departments act the Reading We want the Engines oiled and ready to go we want the fire personnel slept and nourish and and at full saint in Houston. What happens if you think of your immune system is that fire department because of our died because of this low fat madness? And this processed food glut of processed foods. I'm young system is constantly fighting off little inflammatory fires made by our diet and lifestyle. So it is if my fire department is running around putting out like Halloween fires, it kids are starting in Pao's, and now the go wildfire comes along and all the engines of busy and it is it. We have cobbled are just the fire department is cobbled by little a unforced errors in our diet and our lifestyle. The immune system is hobbled by our diets and these cardio metabolic conditions that it causes and all of those conditions make you extremely vulnerable for bad. If you contract pulled it 'cause. Relationship British. Absolutely and we're going to go to break a doctor Johnny. We'll be right back everyone out there listening stay tuned more coming up. You're listening to one life radio. Light. Speed this. My mom still from this. Is. Dumas surprise? To. Grave non-spanish. Off All live. In the call. Sunnis. Approve fold able. To Catch Joe from all. Electra. After Nice. Graveyards. All. You're listening to one life radio. Make sure you check out our podcast and get to know the show at one life radio DOT com. Everyone. Welcome back to one life radio. This is Bernadette with junior broadcasting live from Dallas Texas on Iheartmedia as well as. In southern California on. C's ABC News Talk. Happy for Friday every one and I just want to give a shout out to Casper in politics. It's a company that I've used for years and they have officially joined as official pet sponsor of one life radio. Their dog food is I say the best available I've been giving it to my dogs for years and they're all pretty dog gone healthy. So. DOT check them out. You can get it at all local grocers. Natural Grocers. Oh my gosh central market here in Texas area. Whole foods, you can get it just about anywhere, but I love Fabulous Fridays because there's so much fun and that would include Dr Johnny. Boden He's been on the show for a very long time and he is as the nutrition myth buster and a nationally known expert on weight loss and how he is the best selling author of fifteen books including the great cholesterol. Myth and the most effective ways to live longer Dr Johnny has earned six hundred certifications and personal training and fitness, and he has a master's degree in psychology. In Holistic Nutrition and is board certified by the American College of Nutrition. As I said, his books include. Living Low carb smart fat, the Great Cholesterol Myth and the one hundred fifty healthiest foods honors you can find him at Johnnie, Boden DOT COM that's J. O. N. Y. B. O. W. D. E. N., dot, com. Okay. So let's continue talking Dr Johnny. So you know you've recommended a particular kind of eating plan to prevent or treat heart disease in your new book, the Great Cholesterol Myth, but you know you say that. will strengthen our immune systems as well. So what makes this plan so effective for these conditions? Well when it does is it doesn't create these conditions. Look we believe in this, we lay out the case in the books at the time mover the prime promoter, the prime risk factor for heart disease that we can catch early and I'm talking ten years before your Doctor Says Hey Mr Jones, you've got high cholesterol I. Think we'd better look at your heart tenures before that happens you can see signs of this condition called insulin resistance and I don't WanNa scare anyone off with what that means but basically is a diet related conditions in which you body cannot simply process effectively the amount of sugar and carbohydrates. Now for different lessons, different amounts some people just fine with a hundred more or more grams of carbohydrate today they can process it perfectly well, many people cannot by some estimates up to eighty percent of America has some degree of insulin resistance. We can call carbohydrate. Simply like. And I. Wanted to ask you this far listener because I you know. So one hundred grams of carbohydrates. What does that look like what? What's the equivalent is that like a bag all a whole bag? Oh or is that no mark b? Depends on well again it depends on how much carbohydrate foods recruit Zeppelin Broccoli or spinach you might say rams right and Playful of it in a piece of bread, there might be twenty breath they might be in apple might be, but but the apple will come with fiber and so its effect on your blood sugar will be different. So it's Kinda complicated question to ask but to for the general purposes, most Americans eat over three hundred, three to four hundred grams of carbohydrates. That's just way over and and the the the the point of this isn't until like rage on carbohydrates. But I WANNA when I want to explain that you Bonnie response to them in a very specific way with the very specific hormone and homeowners insulin, and it is very important that insulin be in zone and not always be like the fire department on call putting out fires getting exhausted when you have a condition cogan. So musicians which leads to all of these diseases we talked about that are undoing lying problems for people with colder like diabetes and heart. Disease. So when you think about what raises insulin, what reasons bunch of carbohydrates when you think about what does not? Veins insulin or blood sugar it's fat. So, what what on what planet does it make sense that we're treating diabetes and heart disease and with the one macro nutrient that actually causes the problem and we're telling people to avoid the manufacturing that doesn't even problem well, and this relates to Kobe. A very simple way. Insulin resistance causes all those diseases or it's so powerfully related to all those diseases we might as well say, causes them all those diseases that deplete immunity a diet that does not cause those diseases by definition doesn't haunt you perfectly adequate American which stops. Stop causing it to put all these dietary fires you system. It'd be just fine. Thank you very much. So that's how it protects against Kobe by not using your immune system and you'll cardio metabolic system with all of the diseases that this low fat high carb pipe processed foods with lots of sugar and lots of starch 'cause. What kind of fats doctor Dr Boden do you recommend in the book? The Great Cholesterol Meth? There are so many for example You know even I steve is the cardio excuse Sinatra he's been on your show. I'm pretty sure the the cardiology who wrote this Steve was a big fan of the Mediterranean Diet, my Steve Massively who I wrote smart fat with was also a huge fan is a huge fan of the Mediterranean Diet, and you can actually eat a higher fat Mediterranean Diet and you can actually cut out some of the grains and. Structures in the Mediterranean Diet, and then you have got olive oil you've got avocado or you've got Malaysia Pommel, you've got coconut oil there will only wonderful pet and and and and including the I please please please for saturated fat to be restored to its rightful place as a perfectly helpful fat if it hasn't been damaged and if it doesn't come from animals that are already to cabinet with drugs, antibiotics and steroids but in its natural state, they were perfectly healthy. That's and they don't really do any damage, the body and that's been shown in the research is well. I talk about good and bad fats. I want people to know is it doesn't break down in terms of animal and vegetable. It doesn't break down in terms of saturated and unsaturated grapes down in terms of toxic versus non opposite. Canola or one of these supposedly good for else I question whether they are. But let's say you did and you give it to a restaurant you stop using Lard let's use this great unsaturated fat canola look at the restaurant does. They use it for prime then they could often go to sleep. They don't change bureau they use it for a week Keating it on heating it heating it money by the end of the week when they're changed vegetables or it is so filled with toxins and Christina Jen's and the recycling of means and other kids do closing things that it is just a toxic waste but it was vegetable oil. They probably would have been better off sticking with Lard which doesn't new kate as much. Aid So. We gotta get out of this idea that all saturated fat is baton on unsaturated fat is good because it's not true well and canola oil. So cheap to me, I mean it used to be ship oil they reinvented it after I believe World War Two right because they didn't know what? Waste product of a plant that they couldn't they. They had a lot of trouble selling. The type is called the rapeseed plant row. Would you like to be the public? Relations. Officer a company trying to sell rate. Tonight will population so they couldn't call it great seed oil. So it comes from Canada and older means or they called him Ken Ola was a horrible product that needed unfit for human consumption it it was so smell had to be. Credibly. High temperatures with very high heat and he was just a is not a great oil and somehow it got sold is wonderfully healthy oil to people and the. Marketing. Yo Marketing. But it's it's it is terrible for you and it's and it's everywhere. It is in everything I was in a restaurant last night getting some food to go my daughter and I went to do the elections training. Took her there. I didn't do it myself but but anyway, Interest and the young boy behind the counter. Thank you he I said what kind of oil isn't that dressing and he said I think it's canola oil but you have to ask those kinds of questions because if you do eat out a lot, I don't personally but do you need to ask those questions because it does affect your overall health like you're saying I'm so glad that you're addressing this today because I haven't talked about it in a while, but it's such an important subject it really is. Yeah. Yeah, we we really need that as our plea in the book is to we have to really have a reset as about the way we think about food, the demonization of fat the demonization of this important molecule cholesterol, which is needed for your immune system media for your brain, your memory, your thinking your cells, need it in their membranes, and we just demonized this one lab test, which is an update anyway and made it the beyond the. Bench and it is not ladies and gentlemen please believe me please believe. Bernadette. Because she believes that as well. Yeah. No I do and you know it's sometimes it's really difficult for everyone out there listening. Because nutrition has become. So polarized in and politicize as well. But. You've got vegans that don't like carnivores and vice versa, and then you gotTa Paleo and the raw food people and it's also crazy. So what should we eat? Dr Johnny? What should we ate if you were going to prescribe a diet today what would it be? You know I always go back to my same basic like take home point that I give in every fifteen seconds elevator speech and every each real food that's really all you need to know people may get so complicated you were talking about overthinking if you go back to the food that has nurtured, the human genius talked about earlier episode the genus on the planet two point four, Million Years Homo sapiens arrived out of Africa but a hundred, ten, thousand years ago. For All of that time we have eaten by called the Johnny Bobi from Gupta Food you could have hunted. Gathered or Puck so my mind Tricia mental Robert Cray Crayon. Lake Greg Robert Clinton used to say if you're not sure for food is good. Do the following thought exercise I am naked on the African. Savannah with a sharp long get. What can I eat? What can I catch? What can I Rangel whatever it is? It is probably good for you and that's Me The most basic food uncomplicated nutrition advice we can give. The foods, real food, and there was no low fat buffalo. And gathering and fishing plucking they were not looking for Lopez willing and so he gets fat cholesterol and and you manage to become normal foods not necessarily get added to every Hamburger Bundy and you will be Way Better off than you are right now, I can't say that's going to clear up every conditioning known to humankind, but it is a story. With the fuel that has fueled this human body for all of these. All right. So eight real food I like that always a pleasure talking Johnny Boden. Thank you so much for. Jumping on the air have a happy Halloween weekend. Stay safe. We'll talk to you soon. Take care. All right. By. We've got more Davies coming up. It's going to be fun. We're celebrating Halloween with the SPCA Texas. Stay tuned. Everyone you're listening to one life, radio? A School. About this. House to me. Everything. where? I married. Os on social media. One live radio. Welcome back everyone. This is Bernadette and junior we are broadcasting live from Dallas Texas as well as km et and sunny southern California on ABC News Talk How'd you like my scary? My Scary Ooh, did I do? Didn't realize it was you I. said I'm this song already scares me as it is. I got I. Love that. As soon as you hear that piano, does it it just like? chills I'm such. A prankster I'm that person that loves to jump. Out. And scare the ever love of Jesus because I'm the one that gets scared. Super Easy. So Oh my gosh. But you know Halloween is supposed to be fun but not mean Fund Good Fund Clean Fun but always great to be here on the Air I hope everyone is enjoying the show we've got more Davies with us today it's fergus Friday brought to you by Casteran politics. They are our official pet food sponsor here at one life radio. They are an incredible company and I've been feeding their food to dogs for years and years and years and I switched my cats over to it to. kind of go back and forth I've got different cats with different needs but it's a great company. If you're looking for a dog food if you've just maybe adopted a dog or cat check them out at castor and politics more Davies always a pleasure she has been on the show from the very beginning of one life radio going into our tenth year. Now, we're in our tenth year. kind of crazy. Isn't raising it fallen. Thank you so much and thank you for. Everything that you have done not just in the last ten years over your whole life for animals. Your sweet you so much for saying that. Well, you know what? I love animals more than I do people. They're not is disappointing. So Know I. Think a lot of people feel that way animals are just amazing and they should be treated with respect and love and they all deserve wonderful homes and that's why I love working with the SPCA DOT org. You guys do incredible work as well, and I can't think of a better organization here in the Dallas Area Dallas dog or to give a shout out to them. So many organizations out. There trying to Yeah. Yes. Here here, but we can. You can find more or the SPCA on instagram at spca Texas or on facebook at Spca of Texas page that's on facebook. It's Friday and we're celebrating Halloween with the SPCA of Texas. So you know more do you believe that your pets can come back as ghosts and junior I'm GonNa ask you the same thing you know some people say Come back of their own of their owner is truly distraught about their passing. What do you guys think I'd totally do and I have an Abso I have a story that happened earlier this year completely. Oh. I would love to revisit with some of my pets that have Paso I'm anxious to hear the story. Let let us here. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So my my sweet wonderful Kitty Cat Hemingway he was eighteen when he passed. Early this year February and he and I had just really special von. He was one of the sweetest cats I've ever known cat that every time he went to the veterinarian and he he was diabetic and then he was in remission and then he developed at thyroid tumor and then we had treatment of that and I mean, we've been through thick and thin and no matter what treatment what happened at the veterinarian he would always per and give kisses to everyone at the vet's office justice this boy and he slept on my ankle every night. So I'm laying in bed right and he eighteen pound kitty actually got to sixteen pounds when he went into remission from diabetes right. But he was not a light kitty cat he was big tall. I. Love Killer I mean he was neutered at eight weeks and along water for life, and still he got to be a giant cat I can only imagine how huge he would have been not in any case about a month later after he passed away. I woke up probably three or four nights in a row. Because I felt him laying on my ankles Know for. Always slept every night for years and years and years, and it was such a comforting feeling. It was not scary I. It was almost like, I feel him purring. but I would I would wake up and look down and just feel the overwhelming sense of love and peace and it absolutely did help me get through my grief for his passing. Wow. Okay. So you know you hear stories like that and and and they're beautiful but I, question I. I'm that I'm the you know the inquisitive one in the room or the one that's looking for more evidence like how do we know though how do we really know that it's not just the power of our own minds right? That's a good point. Junior do you have any any stories to share? I don't I'm not I. Don't really believe in that but I've been your story sounds at first I thought you guys talking about like pet cemetery your pets come back type thing. So that sounds a lot better. I'd be okay with them. But yeah. No I. DON'T I. Don't know I just I don't know I. Don't really believe in things coming back. Yeah. No I don't either. So so it's difficult for me to go there but I love the story and you know. Oh, my Gosh, I've lost so many wonderful pets. I have I if I could pick one to come back I? Don't know which one it would be you know but I've heard so many people they. Go to a dog medium if they will in the hopes to communicating with the lost, Pat, what are your thoughts on pet psychics or communicators? We actually had went on the show once. She was super weird. I will tell you and I will go out on this lamb and I won't late as part of my soul bare for you and your listeners. I I, do I I I think there's something there. But I know enough to know that I don't know that it's you know is it? Could it be sure? Could we would we like it to be maybe not I'll tell you a quick story that will to really quick stories and They're not really animal related. So I want to keep them super brief after my. Mom passed away many years ago and what she she actually stayed with us for a month after I went back to work after my daughter was born to care for our daughter in the house if she didn't have to go to daycare for another month So mom stay in the house and it was only about a year and a half later that she passed away very. and so she lived with us. So she would be there if my husband and I got into a little bit of a spat, she would hear it and she would always come storming in and say you to stop that right now. No no more. No more. And after she passed away not too much longer. My husband and I, were having a little little argument in front of the land that my mom had given me and I am dead serious when I tell you this that lamp rose up flew across the room. Wall on a piece broke off of it. Oh my God I was sell the House and move. Yeah. Are you serious that would freak me out too I would too. I'd be like I'm out of here. Yeah I. If you were alone I'd say you know were you doing some sort of? Know Hallucinogen. Both thought it. seriously. That was one of the weirdest things. Wow. The second thing is animal related and it happened to you not me but my great aunt. Okay man I got a million stories spooky. In your family. We do well, my seriously this this is one of those. You're like out of the house like now don't even ask question just put it up on the market get your stuff out to sleep like maybe don't even take your stuff like maybe you just need new stuff. My grandparents, my dad's parents lived in the hundred year old clubhouse. And there are a million stories. I could tell you on the town. Here's the Animal Related Story One night my great aunt now, Lean. How's that for Texas name? Nellie was alone in the house and the rest of us were elsewhere I was at my parents house like grandparents were traveling or something knows and she come over to house it they had a couple of dogs and You know she was making sure she was she was happening the dog sitting. So there are all these stories the family knew about. The house and if if we had a million years I tell you the Mauka. Some of them are truly terrifying. She was sitting in the guest bedroom on Shays Lounge and she heard someone say Mrs Boyd that was her name Mrs Boyd and she's like some of these kids are playing a prank on me and she busy body and she's she's you know she's the. Bigger. Than Life Personality. She goes out to you storming outside the House. She's like we're those kids I'm at five hundred kids in Tel shut up wait. Don't they played Well. She goes walking out of the house all like filled full of just them and she's GonNa get those kids in Shaker Fifth Adam and she stopped in her tracks because in front of her stroll this. Very. Furry. She said it was much larger than a raccoon, but it was definitely not a dog because it looked like a dog sized raccoon but it had a really long nose almost a very long pill like an alligator. Went strolling right across her vision, the Porsche light was on that it was eliminated by the porch light and it just went strolling across in front of her and she said she ran back in that house and next time my grandparents after come house that she was like, yeah, I don't know I don't know about that I don't know about that. That's a crazy story. You're a very good storyteller I might add we're going to. We're going to go for a quick break everyone stay tuned with more Davies and one live radio. We'll be right back. Take. With. A. Else. Practice. Safe. This on facebook hit like and follow us an radio. Oh right. That's one of my favorite songs junior. How did you know? I just love it. I love this song. Oh. Oh Wow I'm gonna I'm GonNa Ivan. Iraq. The House tonight I am ready Tgif everyone and happy Burbulis. We are ready to get this party started, and now we've got more a Davies here with us. She is Vice President for marketing and communications at the SPCA of Texas. Okay. So we want to get serious here we've got about four minutes more are what are some of the tips and advice to keeping our children and our pet safe over this holiday weekend? Yes. Oh, this is. So. Important. Okay. So focusing on your pet safety you WANNA keep them away from dangerous dangerous decorations like candles like wires they can chew like string they could get tangled in or swallow you wanNA keep them away from dangerous foods and beverages. So chocolate is poisonous to dogs also two cats to a greater extent with dogs no chocolate just don't but also alcohol is a huge. raisins there's a ton of other food if you don't know what's not good for your pet, just google it. Seriously it's important to know those are big ones for Halloween though and of course, don't give any chicken bones Turkey bones that kind of thing. I either. Tags onto more that's something I'm super I just. Adamant about it because you know things can happen in fact last night one of my dogs got left out for a couple hours I had a dog sitter here it happened by mistake quite innocently, but you know thank goodness. Thank. God everything. Okay. But it unnerved me quite a bit because. Anything can happen. So we really have to watch our children and our animals close yes. No matter what you're doing if you're planning on staying home or safely getting out heard about the different. Cova distancing stuff. Yeah. Trick or treating and make sure your pets are where they need to be an accident happened make sure they have updated tags. You got today and tomorrow during the day one would assume to get the correct tags if you need it microchipping huge get it just get it done. It's wonderful at such peace of mind people use like that. The GPS callers, there's a bunch of that wags. Other fabulous. I. Just Got One Free Charlie M love the FI ones. I love him. They've really do give me an incredible extra mind because I worry about it I. Love my animals so much there. They are my children. You know they're like my children my children probably wouldn't like hearing that but. What they are I love him to pieces but. Happen I guess I'll certainly escape, and so then you just can say, okay, here we go. Let's go find. Yeah. Okay. So what else do we need to know about? The dangers of the Halloween weekend what would we need to do? What? About Halloween, costumes and stuff? Yes. Halloween costumes, you know sometimes love them. Let's hate him. If, you know your pet hates retry try to start putting in a Halloween costume on a pet and they don't seem used. Don't push it out worth it. There there your pets they're not your baby dolls. If you want to dress up something, you can get a stuffed animal and dress up. Exactly. How how scary sound and flashing lights how dogs and cats react to that I I never do that but you know If they react badly needed. You know not do that, right? Yes. If you see anything that is terrifying your pets stop it I mean. I. Know it sounds ridiculous but it's a nicer. People people will set up like fog machines and strobe lights even. Thinking with their family, but you have be the fog machines that fog material. I don't even know what there. It's probably toxic. I don't know. Like a bad idea you. Keep your safe and healthy to tell elite. Well. Yeah. Then you could trip and fall and break your neck to so. There you go exactly and you'll come back and scare someone. But my goodness I always great what Ron we had with you today Moron and junior. Thank you so much everyone i. hope you enjoyed the week next week's a big one. We've got Texas Veggie Fair on all week long I can't wait everyone. I, hope you have a safe and happy holiday weekend it's Halloween. So you know get out there and scare somebody just a little bit. It's fine. You get one body. You get one mind and you get one life. Have some good fun good. Old Fashioned Fund tacky on Monday.

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Doin the Right Thing is Never the Wrong Thing (feat. David Rothkopf)

The Daily Beans

47:14 min | 2 months ago

Doin the Right Thing is Never the Wrong Thing (feat. David Rothkopf)

"The hello and welcome to the daily beans for monday. august sixteenth. two thousand twenty one today. The taliban has taken kabul as a us. Consider sending troops to stabilize the region. The supreme court rejects the challenge to indiana university's vaccine mandate louis. Joy bought three hundred thousand dollars in bonds from the chair of the board of governors investment. Firm and lindsey graham called biden to make nice and was rebuffed. I'm alison gill and. I'm dana goldberg. I thought you were going to be home. And i even scripted a welcome home. You are still in new york. I am still in new york. I will be back. I believe so wednesday. Who knows but still in the and Outside back next week and be there for a while since several of my input gigs have been cancelled because of these numbers so frustrating to say the least. But i'm grateful that i got a couple of gigs in before that happens. Hopefully things all over backup when the numbers start to drop again. Yeah we gotta stay safe. And that is a bummer. But i'm glad that we have you. And i miss you friend. It's nice to be had. I miss you to your time in. La sorry miss meet and greet and all that. Yeah i did. It was it was. It was a lot of fun and got see the great movie. Yes and it's called nocco and quietly with audi barkin and i recommend everybody check that out and look him up and follow him and donate to be a hero project. It's really. it was really incredible. I got to meet a lot of really great people an incredible film and then hang out with some of our patrons afterwards and then again. I'll be in dc which is probably going to be my last trip before we all stopped taking trips in a couple of weeks and we're going to have a meet and greet then as well probably august twenty ninth sunday. I imagine maybe we'll have some nice sprint somewhere. I will send all that information out to patrons if you want to become a patron do that. A patriot dot com slash. Muller she wrote and you become a patron of all my shows and get mad free and early and bonus content and meet and greet stuff and all that stuff all right. It's a really really heavy news day today so we should just wish dive in and hit the hot notes notes. Alright lead story. There's chaos in the ground and kabul today as the taliban has taken the capital city in the united states scrambles to airlift embassy staff and americans out of the country. We have learned from the new york times. This morning that the reason the biden administration was taken by surprise with regards to how fast the afghan surrendered quote. The spectacular collapse of afghanistan's military that allow taliban fighters to reach the gates of kabul sunday despite twenty years of training and billions of dollars in american aid began with a series of deals brokered in rural villages between the militant group and some of the afghan government's lower officials. The deals initially offered early last year. Were often described by. Afghan officials as ceasefires but taliban leaders were in fact offering money in exchange for government forces to hand over their weapons. And that's according to an afghan officer in a us official over the next year and a half. The meetings advanced to the district level and then rapidly onto provincial capitals call at a breathtaking series of negotiated surrenders by government forces. That's according to interviews with more than it doesn't afghan officers police special operations troops and other soldiers. The taliban capitalized on the uncertainty caused by the february. Twenty twenty agreement reached in doha cutter between the militant group taliban and the united states president trump calling for full american withdraw from afghanistan. Some afghan forces realized they would soon no longer be able to count on american airpower another crucial battlefield support and grew receptive to the talibans bribes. We've also learned the former afghan president hamid. Karzai has been working as an agent for the taliban and chris murphy. Senator confirmed in call this morning. With secretary of state blinken and the secdef floyd austin that if biden had abandoned the withdraw agreement brokered by trump. We would have had to surge thousands of additional troops because the twenty five hundred left by trump or not nearly enough and they were in harm's way and finally we can't forget the taliban co founder. Mullah bar was released from a pakistani prison in two thousand eighteen. After trump made the request as part of peace talks that was along with five thousand additional taliban fighters that were released from prison bar. Dr this one. Fella is now set to become the president of afghanistan under the taliban following the collapse of the afghan government. A my heart goes out to the women and children of afghanistan that will absolutely suffer unimaginable terror under the taliban little later in the show. I'm going to be talking with a host of deep state radio and author of the book trader. David rothkopf about the situation on the ground. That's what's happening right now. thank you so much. I know that we will follow that story closely as it continues and you have some good news for everyone. This is from. The supreme court actually refused thursday to block indiana university's requirement that students vaccinated against cove in nineteen to ten classes in the fall semester. So this is interesting. It was the first legal test and they kovacs. Nation mandate to come before the justice says i challenge to the policy was directed to amy coney barrett justice in charge of that region of the country. She denied it. There were not descends from other justices so basically what happened was eight. Students asked the court for an emergency order arguing that the risks associated with the vaccines outweigh the potential benefits for the population in their age group. Narrator they do not protections and this is a quote protection of others does not merely Siding from the central canon of medical ethics requiring voluntary and informed consent. They told the justices seeking emergency order to block the vaccination requirement. A federal judge ruled last month at the school had a right to pursue quote a reasonable and due process of back saination in the legitimate interests of public health for students faculty and staff. The students have many options. The judge said such as applying for exemptions taking the semester off doing classes online or attending universities so that seventh. us circuit court of appeals. This this is based in chicago. They agreed and noted that the supreme court ruled in nineteen of five that a state can require all members of the public to be vaccinated against smallpox tat. We eradicated it. Everybody indiana's requirement is less demanding. The court said allowing exemptions for students who object on the basis of medical conditions or religious beliefs. They're giving them a lot of rope with this but they're not going to rule in favor of them. It's absurd yeah. I remember the lawyer. That was bringing. The suit was the same guy who brought the citizens united case so he vowed to take it to the supreme court and the supreme court said fuck. You not go fuck yourself. Yep any case you've been wondering why the chair of the postal board of governors who is a democrat ron bloom appointed by trump. Why he hasn't fired joy. Well this is just out. Today i happen. I have been wondering this is just out today. From the washington post postmaster general luigi joy purchased up to three hundred and five thousand dollars in bonds from an investment firm. Who's managing partner also chairs the us postal services governing board that is the independent body responsible for evaluating joyce performance between october and april to joy purchased eleven bonds from brookfield asset management each worth between one thousand and fifteen thousand dollars or fifteen thousand fifty thousand. That's according to joyce financial disclosure paperwork. Ron bloom brookefield senior executive who manages the firms private equity division has served on the poster board since twenty nineteen and was elected its chairman in february two joyce financial advisor purchase the bonds on the open market postal service spokesman. Jeffrey adams said and bloom manages a division of brookefield separate from the one that sells public securities other elements of joys financial ties of drawn close examination from ethics watchdogs including everything. First of all joy controlled companies lease four office buildings to global shipping behemoth x. p. o. Logistics that's joys former company x. p. o. pays to join more than two million annually in rent. That's the according to the washington post brookefield also owns more than five hundred thousand dollars in shares of x. p. o. brookefield where bloom works. That's according to its securities filings by needs to replace bloom and the board of governors needs to fire joy and of story. Yes should happen awhile ago. I do have some interesting news. This comes out of south carolina. It's hard not to laugh at the story. Because we've seen just the complete an raveling of this man publicly. so this comes from the new york. Times senator lindsey. Graham less start seems to have no qualms about attacking president. Joe biden set hunter during had no problem. No problem during the twenty twenty election but at the same time he apparently wanted to remain friends with his former senate colleague. We lost seen the video of him in the back like that taxi in the car. Talking about what a great guy biden as we've all seen that so according to the new york times graham called by shortly after the election to try and repair their Shirts friendships now. Allegedly telling the president elect that he only attacked hunter to satisfy the former guys supporters even as he called for a special prosecutor to look into the honor. Biden's business dealings. I only do that bush. Why would the fuck make that better. Yeah just don't. I only did that. Because i'm a total asshole. Seriously than biden was like listen. He was reportedly not interested in patching up the relationship telling graham he was trying to play both sides. He was in that sources close to the president days after the phone. Call times noted biden remark to stephen. Colbert that graham was quote a personal disappointment because i was a personal friend of his and he was he talked about what a great guy biden was all on and on and on. It's just. I mean it's amazing. How many people have destroyed. Not that graham had a great reputation would have destroyed the reputation indict on this hill for the former guy. Yeah mind-blowing it's the lindsay fish right. Somebody made that whole Comparison of the fish that eats off of the shark. You know and just sort of follows the shark around and you know because it was trump even after he called trump. Kucan an asshole and that we would lose democracy and it would be our fault if we elected trump and we deserve it. It would destroy us and he did that despite you know. Trump's absolute public open hatred of of lindsay's former best friend john mccain And now now is like oh. Here's the president now and so now he's all like eating eating the algae off a biden. He's the lindsay fish Coming to kiss your butt done a donna. Done like what a Only only said that should about hunter. Because i'm a terrible person. come on. let's be friends again. I mean how. Funny admitting that i only do that. So that the other guy would be mad at me. Because i'm aware stabbing dickhead spineless. Shit okay all right. I'm the lindsay fish. Whatever sorry i just wonder if the lindsay a sucker fisher blowfish as i feel like it's debatable on let's play suck and blow again all right. We'll be right back with the host. A deep state radio author of the book trader. David rothkopf we're going to discuss what's happening on the ground in afghanistan. Stay with us missile. Hey everybody it's alison for the daily beans and today's episode is brought to you by script with the endless amount of content. Today you can spend as much time looking for your next book is you. Do actually reading it but with script you get instant access to millions of e books audiobooks magazines along with thoughtfully curated editor's picks and smart recommendations based on what you've read. I love using script because it makes choosing my next book dot much simpler script as the ultimate reading subscription service letting you explore all of your interests in any format you choose e books audiobooks magazines and more. It's only nine ninety nine a month. You get the entire library for less than the cost of a single book no complicated credits or additional purchases required. Not sure what to read. Script combines the latest technology with the best human minds to recommend content that you will love want to change things up your free to switch between titles genres and formats anytime on your phone tablet or computer. It's so simple right now. We're offering listeners of this program a free sixty day trial free sixty day trial of their entire library. Go to try dot script dot com slash daily beans for your free trial. That's try dot script. Scr ibd dot com slash daily beans to get sixty days of script for free. Hey everybody welcome back. I'm joined today by david. Rothkopf he and i are going to discuss. What's happening in afghanistan. Because i'm. I'm pretty disappointed with the media's coverage of what's really going on and they're seeming to me to kind of miss the depth of decades of information and just sort of going by what's happening right now on the ground david. Welcome i hear you. I'm good. I wanted to ask you about a thread couple of threads you put out steve vladic as you know. He's a former guest of ours. Conlon expert at university of texas austin re tweeted one of your threads saying a mandatory reading. Can you talk a little bit about your ideas about why we're seeing what we're seeing on the ground in kabul today well. I think the reason we're seeing it as because it was inevitable and their many metrics by which you can determine. It was inevitable. You know. it's almost a cliche at this point to say foreign powers that go into afghanistan have trouble but they've been having trouble for three thousand years that's true. The united states however has been making mistakes in afghanistan for forty years almost every administration since the carter administration has more responsibility for the chaos there right now in the collapse. Catastrophe of us foreign policy than does the biden administration which is at least trying to undo the damage. That's been done. Carter went in and started to arm the mujahideen policy which continued under reagan. Which you know. These groups turned into al qaeda later. They turned into the taliban when we went in in two thousand and one in the wake of nine eleven. First of all we had seen the taliban go from nothing overnight centrally nineteen ninety-four they didn't exist in nineteen ninety-six. They controlled the whole country so we had seen what they could do in the power that the head and we went in. And instead of just going after al-qaeda which is what the mission should have been. We decided to go. After the taliban try to remake the country then we went into iraq distracted ourselves from this other mission that bogged down in this other mission had set unreasonable goals and had been working there for twenty years. Not because we thought we necessarily could achieve our goals but because nobody wanted to admit that we couldn't and nobody wanted the blame in the kind of acid political environment that we live in. And you know. The biden has at least shown the courage to stand up and say leaving troops. There won't help. We had troops there long time. The taliban gained strength throughout that period. We don't have a long-term national interest there the way to solve the problem of women and girls which is a real problem is political or diplomatic or economic. But it's not military so he you know he said let's move to doing this the right way and to his credit by the way this is a position he has had since two thousand nine when obama did an afghanistan review and biden said. Let's draw down. Let's out of this mess. And obama said no. Let's double down and had his own surge so it's been predictable since then i once. I wrote a column in two thousand and ten saying our intervention afghanistan was a failure and media lab mean immediately. Have people writing other columns going. This is outrageous fails to see what we've achieved it. It's been obvious but generals have been lying. Presidents have been lying. Senators have been lying. Lots of people have been lying about this for a long time. Yeah i think it does show a lot of courage to be the one that does this finally and you had mentioned that in your thread you said the president said this knowing full well. He would be heaped criticism. He said this qua- team works furiously to find ways to make the best of a bad situation to be humane responsible and then go on to say he. He is doing the right thing at if it seems he is not doing it at the right time. That is because all the other better times came before now. Then we're passed over by others. Who lacked his courage. But this is this didn't happen in a vacuum. I mean we've been seeing a lot of things lead up to this with the trump administration and pompeo in twenty twenty who announced that the draw down would happen and he penned a deal. You i may. I recall it like it was yesterday. He invited the taliban to camp david on the anniversary of nine eleven and then had to cancel that because of da and but he depended deal without kerr's there which led to taliban fighters coming out in the new york times today taliban fighters paying afghan army members to lay down their arms and surrender. So this this was coming. I imagine this administration new this but it seems like the de-escalate or the escalation. I should say of the issues. The unraveling of security in the region happened a lot faster than anyone had realized. But i i have to. I have a feeling they did realize this was more of a rescue missions. And then a draw down based on what trump had already agreed to. Will you look. I mean as i said during the obama administration. They knew they should leave and they didn't leave. There's bipartisan blame here. Trump ran on saying he would get out in twenty. Eighteen trump had one of his oval office tantrums. And said i wanna get out. Now i wanna shut the embassy now. Nothing is worth afghanistan. that's three three years ago. General scrambled around to stop him because they thought it would be precipitous to pull out. You're right. They negotiated with the taliban. They didn't tell the central government. One of the consequences of their negotiation was releasing thousands of taliban prisoners to strengthen the taliban without getting anything in exchange for that that we know of well. I mean nothing that we could value at the moment. They thought they were going to get a deal and appear to be peacemakers and now trump. Of course you know then said okay. Well we're going to get out by this date. Certain which of course set the taliban to their planning biden came in remember biden got criticized trump criticized by in april for not moving out quicker. Trump said we should have been out much faster and now of course all. The trump has How did they move out so quickly. This is precipitous. That's nonsense it's precipitous. Everybody we went into afghanistan in two thousand and one in two thousand and four loa. Omar said we are beginning to reclaim the afghanistan. The taliban announced their counter-offensive between two thousand ten and fifteen they controlled thirty or forty percent of the country by our military's estimate in military always underestimates. These in the in the past couple of years they've gained even further. We spent a trillion maybe two trillion dollars. It was a you know. And i hate to say this given the loss of life involved but this is one of the great failures of american foreign policy and the cost that we paid is going to bear us. Virtually no return virtually zero. Yes as as the united states. But i have to wonder how and if it benefited trump and and who this benefits and i wanna talk to you more about that but i have to take a quick break. We stay with me course. Thanks everybody will be right back. Hey everybody it's ag for the daily beans. I finally went on a trip this summer. And it was amazing as you know i always find. I have the perfect travel companion though especially when i'm on the subway in new york and i have internet service. I get to play best fiends. It's awesome. it's my favorite mobile app. It's superfund puzzle game. That's perfect when you're traveling because you don't have to be online at s thousands of fun levels and tons of cute collectible characters so many scenes to keep you company on the road. The summer i've played on the plane on the beach. The metro and on the subway by the pool while waiting on line for coffee in every uber. Pretty much. wherever. I'm at but it's hard to put down. That's why i love it so much and it's calming and the visuals are great and to keep your brain sharp with the strategic way that you play. They're always adding new puzzles and content. So i keep going back on level twenty three eighty or so. I have to check back. I haven't been on in about a day and a half. But i think it's around. They're making progress. Obviously the love best fans. It's the best time and it's totally free to download. Best means is fun. Bring it wherever your travels. Take you this summer. Download the five star rated puzzle game best fans for free today on the app store or google play. That's friends without the are best fiends and today show is also brought to you by ziprecruiter forbes reports that jim's nail salons hotels mom and pop shops and more are gearing up for a surge in hiring in the near future in order to meet the increased. Need for these services for me. The comedy shows concerts and spas are most exciting. I can't wait to get back to massage reopen all. These businesses is creating millions of new jobs so we also have the infrastructure plan. That's going to be going through soon. So where do businesses turn to fill the roles ziprecruiter right now. You can try it for free ziprecruiter dot com slash daily beans when you post a job on ziprecruiter. They send your job to over one hundred top job sites giving you access to their network of millions of job seekers according to ziprecruiter internal data jobs where employers invite candidates to apply. Get two and a half times more candidates and ziprecruiter technology is so that four out of five employers who post on ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day. And right now you can try ziprecruiter for free at our exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash daily beans. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash daily beans. All one word just go to ziprecruiter dot com slash daily beans ziprecruiter. The smartest way to hire everybody. Welcome back we're talking with david rothkopf about what's going on in kabul today in afghanistan today and before the break i mentioned who benefits from this we know putin benefits. We know air one benefits iran benefits isis benefits. And you know. At least the first two there are certainly benefactors of of donald john trump. Now of course like you said this goes back a long time failures to to withdraw and withdraw safely. Goes back a very long time. You know this. This war is nineteen years too long and then of course when we went into iraq there was problems with resources to fight in afghanistan. But we you know we have to remember. Putin was paying a taliban soldiers to assassinate the us allied troops. The intelligence on that is is not been confirmed but there were multiple reports about it commute talk a little bit about who this benefits and and how why. We're seeing what we're seeing sort of came to pass an in a more dangerous way than it would have been had had trump not been involved at all. Well you know a minute for first of all before we do it benefits. Don't forget that trump at one point a sad in the oval office. Why don't we just hand everything over to blackwater about eric prints right. Everyone's like well. Why what's the thing we'll eric prince da right. It was brinson Betsy devos his brother. He and he served wanted to hand it off so the they would make billions of dollars off of this thing. You know when you look at who benefits certainly not the afghan people certainly not the united states I think the iranians are a little uncomfortable with this. As as you might imagine the russians may or may not benefit The ones who benefit the most are are the pakistanis. The it'd be extremists in pakistani isi and so forth supported this all along But even you know they have a problem. The problem is islamic. Extremism frightens the real power in the neighborhood. And that's the chinese. China is the biggest benefactor pakistan pakistan. You know the biggest chinese embassy in the world is in pakistan. China shares with afghanistan. Are the chinese have started to pick up conversations with the taliban because they don't want this to go south because obviously if you have extremism in afghanistan pakistan that could impact their situation in xinjiang with the warriors and so forth. And so you know. I think you're gonna see a more active role for the chinese because they can't afford this to go the way that it's gone but you know i the other side of what you're saying. Is there a bunch of you know. Sort of funded smart ass types or like we should just stay there and ignoring the fact that twenty years of being there with more troops didn't help but things were deteriorating when we had this number of troops there that there was no clear mission for those troops that it does put them at risk and that it has a high cost but the other thing is we don't have national interest there you know i mean we. We went in there to get osama bin laden dot in two thousand eleven for ten years. We have been there without an active national interest. Which is just you know. Country back how anybody conducts their foreign policy. But like you said nobody wanted to to back out because this was inevitably what would happen then. No this was really. It was like you took a trillion dollars piled it up and you put it behind you because the whole purpose of it was to cover your ass and and we know you know just talk about a little more specifically about trump here. He's he's got this pattern of doing seemingly right things for the wrong reason. He pulled the troops out of syria. We abandoned our kurdish allies. They're much to the glee of vladimir putin. We eat same with germany. He tried to do that biden. Put that on hold. But i can't help but think if biden decided because today for example. Let me see here. There's a tweet from Chris murphy who was on a call with secretary blinken and the secretary of defense this morning and says he confirmed that had biden decided to abandon the agreement negotiated by trump the us would have had to surge thousands of additional troops into afghanistan because the twenty five hundred trump had left would not nearly be enough so the two choices here are rampant up. Continue our occupation. They're pretty much forever or leave and and so i. I can't help but think what people would be saying if biden took the other choice and sent another few thousand Troops over there and kept the war going when he promised that he would withdraw. Not a serious discussion. going on. In the united states just exchange speaking tweets tweets with the. Tom nichols about this and that there was a point that he brings up it. You can't have asserted discussion because the other side is going to oppose you no matter what you know. They're they're republicans immediately. Gone well this has benghazi and we need to have investigations. And it's like first of all. George w bush is the person who got us there and made the biggest mistakes possible. Donald trump wanted this to happen sooner and works you know. And so on a partisan basis. It's a hard argument to make. But you know. I think apropos the the point of adding more troops. We've to send in a couple thousand troops just to help our embassy staff leave So you know that if you if you wanted to stabilize pakistan it would take a massive commitment and seventy seven or seventy five percent of the american people. Don't want us to be there at all. They want us out and biden. Biden was reflecting it. And you know. I gotta say that's. That's you know the courage to me is doing the right thing. When you know you're going to get the crap beat out. Yeah yeah so sometimes to to win. You have to lose doing the right thing means. Sometimes you lose. And as ted lasso always says doing the right thing has never the wrong thing very big messages in recent episodes. Two and i have to you know. Keep in mind and we. We should all keep in mind as we watch this unfold that those were the only two choices that we had and a surge biden putting more troops in harms. Way for what and then like you said people say it would save. The women and girls is afghanistan. The only place in the world where women and girls are treated poorly or lgbtq. Plus folks are treated poorly. Why here. why is this so important. And i'm not saying they aren't but the military the right tool to use to help women and girls isn't a multilateral institutions. isn't it political pressure isn't it. Diplomacy isn't it economic. It's not sending the troops otherwise there would be. Us troops in riyadh saudi arabia. Helping those women who have their rights ridiculously constrained offensively constrained and taking them away from them we would. We would have troops in a lot of places and putting putting them in harm's way and so you know it's kind of pick your battles thing but also like you said this. This was an inevitable ending if it were to end. That's right and the fact of the matter is that the united states has a lot of enormous priorities right now and there's a lot of debate about whether we should spend another trillion dollars on our kids. Our families women in america school's infrastructure and so forth. We've spent two trillion dollars in afghanistan and got nothing out of it. Nothing and the people who say stay seemed to be willing to spend an unlimited amount of money to avoid embarrassment and afghanistan without achieving anything to help the country but are not willing to spend that money to improve schools in the us to improve health care in the us to make the united states actually more secure against the threats of tomorrow's cyber pandemics global warming etc. So you know we're really living in a crazy moment. And joe biden is right now getting widely condemned for an act of sanity. Yep that's true. And i appreciate you talking to meet about this today because i i just wanna get that message out and i encourage everybody to listen to david. Rothkopf on deep state radio read. His book called trader and he's also a contributing columnist to the daily beast. David rothkopf thank you so much for your time today. Thanks everybody will be right back with the good news. 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Don't hesitate to to send that into me. And let us know you can send in your idioms or haiku or you know sonnets. Whatever songs Videos find the cat happy places. What the mutt. Whatever you have pretty much anything. We'll take it just do it over at What daily beans pod dot com and click on contact dana. I'll kick us off today with a submission from daniel pronouns. He and him ladies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for work. For what the mutt. I have. Two tiny girls tofu. And nacho toss on. They are rescues from puerto rico. We think they're about four. Oh my god but their heritage is shrouded in mystery. We'd love to hear your guesses at their provenance. Nacho is the fluffer of the pair. She is a food motivated. Energetic young lady like me. Her adoptive sister. Tofu is the cuddly. Princess please see mama. God i feel like the one on the left is like a west each metairie mix. Yeah and the one to like the one on the right. The different flop. You're so i feel like there's pug in there because look at that long flat tongue. Oh my goodness they're just so cute. Yeah there's definitely terrier west dna on the on the all the. Here's another lhasa. Also teas so cute. Tofu was just really both of them. Are oh my god. Is that stephania west. You mix. that's like a heightening west terrier. Yup yup i would say seattle so cute and i feel like there's lhasa apso and pug and the other one with maltese are you know what they are. They're durable that's what they are adorable. Thank you so much. For that submission. To short ones nagy's first ones from lucy Her za correction. Hello you awesome people. Now for unexplained reasons. Baxter which i know. Is that how it said. But it sounded styled so i'm gonna do this bit correction baxter county. Texas pronounced bayer like the aspirin. San antonio has a wonderful city beautiful friendly rich and culture. Keep up the great work. That's it nice sweet correction. Thank you lucy. And very short one. This is from david pronouncing him smokey son and miracles this oregon coast so far though today we have a good breeze of the ocean and the air is good love. Your various podcasts. is smokey son and marigolds. So that is a reflection in this pilot so that fires beautiful. Yeah but Good good breeze off the ocean. Air the fires. What are we. I know it's just so much peres. Okay all right. I can think about that onto the next lizzy pronoun she and her. Thanks for being so rad. I have shit kids. Say i have atia can say well my eldest about three his dad's grandparents really love to buy tacky shit catalogs and have it sent to us. It was sweet but sometimes the thing showed up out of the blue. Were a lot one time for that husband's birthday. They sent this enormous gaudy clock which just cracked me up like. I had to sit on the floor and white my eyes. I was laughing so hard as you can imagine. This caused my son to become really fascinated with it and he insisted we hang this giant thing on our tiny apartment wall a few days later our friend came over and as soon as she walked in the door. Darling toddler dear wanted to tell her about it. Being fairly new two words he was still having trouble with some sounds including the l. Sounds so he ran into the room and yelled at the top of his lungs. Look at daddy's big cock. You will find a picture of that boy. Eleven years later playing with as much younger brother. He is under the coffee table and his fifteen month. Old brother is on the table looking down at him. A white god. Oh my god. That's a really sweet picture though. And i'm an addict next one too because it's really short and how first of all baby gate around the christmas tree nice. But why didn't you the clock come on then that clock and if he got a picture of the clock all right and then here's a short one from mamy runs with amy pronouns. She and her. Allison you've probably heard deer barking without knowing it. They sound like a man yelling. Fuck in staccato. Back backpack rock on my god. Impute i had my show and cherry grove on saturday. And i'm walking on the boardwalk and i look up and there's a deer with the giant antlers and they're still fuzzy walking toward mamik that the guy a are. We just gonna pass cheddar like this is totally normal. He's like yeah. Just don't bother. It's not going bother you. I'm walking by the sierra. I'll send you the video and literally it stops on. The boardwalk the boardwalks only about three feet wide. It's not big in the deer stops and start eating. Berries been looks at me like up and it goes back to eating berries. i just filmed the whole thing. It was crazy but apparently they like to push drunk people off the boardwalk. People think they're gonna touch him impediment dares that's yourself push pushed all right this next one from mica mica pronounce mike good. I got that right pronouncing him. I had mispronounced lyrics. I thought metallica's song fuel began. Gimme two gimme gimme tube double five it is of course. Give me fuel. Give me fire. Give me that. Which i desire but i grew up thinking he was describing a cool secret handshake. Give me five can me to then double five now. My god. That's funny michael. that's cute. I like yours. Better mica We're gonna end this with an anonymous submission and we have a link to the video which i watched earlier today about eddie geller. He's gonna fight for you. This is not a traditional good news submission. But i want to be sure you all see this. Congressional campaign launched in florida fifteen today by By my friend and comedian turned activist. Eddie geller eddie has been producing videos for democratic causes for many years. Which is how i met him. He's an a plus human being. This is from anonymous full of curiosity humor and empathy. I how he's redefining. What a campaign can look like. Unabashedly watch his launch video. And you'll see what i mean. We'll pay a little audio clip for you here. Sometimes you feel new. One is listening been washington. You're fighting to thrive or just to survive but the months cernan ask yourself. Where's the justice. Our fair share. What we need is a congressman whole hair who gives a damn what brought the air. Time gusting try. Something new guy was gone all right so funny seriously. I love it. I never ran for public office. If we either of us did we'd have to put something together. That was funny. Catching like dawson. Yeah and you can tell. He's a comedian for act of watching. This like is this because somebody to send it to me. And i'm watching and i'm like is this. Is this parody. No this deutz fucking running for congress awesome. Hopefully we'll have him on the show at some point flip it blue segment. I absolutely love it. Eddie thank you an anonymous for sending this to us thank you. So he's he's gonna fight for you. My god Any at so before we go tell us a little bit about how your show went on. Fire island. I have to well from what i understand that thomas out later sold out which is wonderful. It was a sweet little room that held. I think one hundred people and the community on cherry grove in fire island just so loving and so wonderful supportive so really nice mix crowd. I did the seventy five minutes. It was hot as hell on stage but it was. Just you know you get back up there and you hear that laughter and make people laugh and we all need it right now. A very generous loving audience and i standing ovation and success hours. And we hold onto every moment it now because we don't know like told you win things are gonna shut down again at these moments are gonna end for us and i don't think people understand that a lot of the shutdowns won't happen nationally again. People are going to go to work. You know they're gonna have a bit metrics in place but for those of us that perform lives in on some asshole on twitter was like. Oh don't be be scared be broke. And i'm like this isn't going to be scared like unvaccinated. These big places these gala. They're the ones cancelling for the safety of the community. So we as performers. Don't have a choice in the matter so please it. You can just continue to support your life Performing artists those of us. That have two gig to make money. We're gonna get floored by this marian and hopefully people get vaccinated. The numbers go down there. Just keep changing so god. I just wish we could somehow reach the other side. I really do. I just hope that there's enough that you know. Third hesitancy will lean toward getting it eventually. That's my only hope where we had almost another million people vaccinated today. We are setting vaccination records again. At least you know aside from the first round of people who wanted to get vaccinated sure so that starts moving in the right direction which just need to mask up and be careful and and push your pusher local businesses to require vaccines and negative tests. I know i'm doing that where i live. Because it's not been mandated yet for a lot of stuff house for healthcare workers. Yeah futures and stuff but you know you're bars and restaurants gyms and stuff like that. Say i i. I really would feel better coming here if you required vaccines they can. And they're able and so give him the feedback and there's enough of us if there's enough of us. I went to a restaurant new again. They asked for my vaccine card in basic misdirecting. Artists said oh yes you can still nicer and we still eight outside in a by the you know we had our little barrier and stuff but yeah same for me in new york city. Everyone everyone wanted to see my vaccine card. When i went to the comedy store in la. I just walked in. Because i was just walk in and somebody came and tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to see my vaccine card. We need to start pushing for that. Because it's the hunter it's the people who are who are refusing to get vaccinated. That can that should stay home. The rest of us should be able to stuff on your percent. all right. well thank you so much. David sats was at your show. He wanted to say how wonderful it was He's a patron of ours and and he just wanted to pass that message along. And i think you. Dv few missing. I wish i rat known i. I don't think we met and it was so fast after the shown everyone left. But thank you so much for coming out supporting me truly truly and thank you all everybody. We'll be back tomorrow with more news. We'll talk more about what's happening on the ground in afghanistan and whatever else breaks until then please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other. Take care of the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been ag. And i've been digi. Them's the beans. The daily beans is written and executive produced by alison gill with additional research and reporting by dana goldberg and amy caro-. Sound design and editing is by desharnais mcfarland with art and web designed by joel reader with moxy design studios music for the daily beans as written and performed. They might be giants and the show is a proud member of the msw media network. A collection of creator owned podcasts dedicated to news politics. Injustice for more information please visit. Msw media dot com.

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Regene-Ron DeSantis (feat. Brian Karem)

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Regene-Ron DeSantis (feat. Brian Karem)

"The hello and welcome to the daily beans for wednesday august. Eighteenth twenty one today. The white house will recommend a booster shot eight months after vaccination nearly fifty six hundred students from one district in central florida are in quarantine is dissent as pushes regeneration instead of vaccines. A trump campaign staffer and crack witness is planning a new rally in dc and one american news loses its appeal against motto. I'm alison gill. I'm dana goldberg. And you may have heard my cat in the background. What's up katie. Hi there's a kiddie go on tax at the time of the show. Yeah we'll go live your life buddy. Live your best life. All right so Just a few more days of zoom. Yes thanks for your patience and actually you're traveling tomorrow and then you're you don't normally come on fridays so i think the next time we'll see you will be on monday and we should be back to normal then back to normal normal whatever that means right. Yeah normal with an o. R. m. l. right and I am really happy today. I got to talk to brian kerem. He's a white house reporter author of free press and host of. Just ask the question which is a podcast is named brian. karen will be talking about the latest in afghanistan. So you'll get that later in the show but we do. Have you know there's still 'dinu still rolls on there. Still a lot going on and we're going to cover that so let's do that. Let's the notes hot notes top news. The biden administration is planning to announce that most americans who have received the corona virus vaccine will need booster shots to combat waning immunity and the highly transmissible delta variant that is sparking surge in cova cases as we know that's according to four people familiar with the decision the administration's health and science experts coalescing around the view. That people will need the boosters eight months after being fully vaccinated. These people spoke on the condition of anonymity so they could discuss it decision. That's not yet been made public. The move is likely to be announced. As soon as this week any day now administration boosters would not occur until mid or late september after an application from pfizer bio and tech for the additional shots is cleared by the fda and the hillsborough county. School board will host an emergency school board meeting on wednesday and florida. August eighteenth from one to one thirty one to three thirty two and a half hours to discuss rising cova cases across the county and as of seven. Am monday five thousand. Five hundred ninety nine students and three hundred sixteen employees in hillsborough county public schools are in isolation or quarantine isolation refers to individuals who have tested positive for covert nineteen while quarantine refers to those who have had close contact with positive case. So that's happening in florida. And you've got more from florida dana. Oh yeah does santa's is vowing to begin dispensing regeneration monoclonal antibodies. Now that's the treatment. The former guy god when he had the cronin virus. And he's planning to do this through mobile clinics amid a record-breaking stretch of new cases and hospitalizations that have ravaged the state now. You're not misunderstand. It he's choosing this instead of vaccines to santa's said at a news conference in jacksonville on thursday while the colonel virus vaccines have been effective at preventing illness and death. More was needed to help curb the spread of the virus in a state. That has become the us hotbed of the latest surge of infections. The governor champion regenerates antibody cocktail for those who have already got sick so to santa's told reporters that the mobile units which are already operating parts of the state hit hard by the delta variant. We'll be expanding. throughout florida. trump administration last year initially bought three hundred thousand notes of generations. Monoclonal antibody treatment which cost about fifteen hundred dollars per dose at the time. This seems sketchy as to me. But that's okay of course. Yeah ron's top. Donor can griffin. He is the ceo of citadel which has a very large stake in general. And you can always follow the money and you know you're talking about those booster shots. I just got an article. I'd you probably got it while we were doing this to over a million people are gonna third shot in a lot of them are down in florida literally quoting a saying. It's a fucking shit. Show here. I'm not taking the risk. The people yeah third shot. Yeah and there was some a little bit of information missing from from the reporting earlier in that you know it's not just about waning. Immunity from the first two doses. You actually get it like increases your ability to fight the delta variant with the booster. Then you would have with just the two shots working at full steam. Does that make sense. It doesn't need absolutely. Yeah yeah and this regenerate guy the citadel motherfucker he has one hundred seventy one point five million dollars invested in in regeneration monoclonal antibody treatments so yeah instead of the zero dollar cova shot in. This happened this thing same thing. I'm sure you've got every district may be following it but this happened with the hydroxy clark. Quick when the former guy was like we should use that. Everyone's like oh does he has taken company. Trump didn't has taken the company but his biggest donor debt. It's the donors right. If they had direct stake in it everybody would be like. But if you know if it's just your biggest donor who you know gave a million dollars to dismantle the last then you know people have to maybe think for an extra minute. About how shitty it is and so you know you know. That's where that's where we're at all right. So there's this guy named matt brainard okay. He worked for trump for five months on the twenty sixteen campaign before he was fired. And he's been forrest gump ing his way through the the post-election trump universe in december he testified alongside rudy giuliani. The alleging massive voter fraud and arizona. Remember that fake. Do we called both an official hearing of the legislature. But it was in like a hilton ballroom. It's not official and by the way was ripped apart by judges and that sanctions hearing in detroit. This guy a week later. This guy told legislators in georgia that he'd found twenty one thousand illegal ballots in the state. He found him like easter egg hunt before his data was again methodically torn apart by a democratic legislator who tracked down several of the voters herself he was paid expert witness in three cases challenging the election results. None of which went anywhere and not just did they didn't go anywhere. They were laughed out of court and long after the former guy left office. He has continued releasing reports of illegal ballots in wisconsin and georgia and is working on one for arizona. Allstate's of course where pro-trump republicans have pushed for so called audits of the election. And of course. All states where. Jeffrey clark former department of justice official wanted to send a letter saying the department of justice had found irregularities. Send us a new slate of electors just thereby overturning. The governor like just that's a coup now this guy's trying to position himself as the head of the january six counter narrative and. He says he's raising a lot of money doing it. Brainard has cast the trump supporters who mobbed the capital is political prisoners and has spent months building up a protest movement in the hopes. He will culminate a giant rally. That he says he'll host on september eighteenth. Got that fbi fbi. If you're listening timber eighteenth at the capitol right where it started quote unquote technically. It will be just across from where it started. But brainerd says he's working with capitol police on his permit to host a rally at union square. Which is a small park on the other side of the capitol reflecting the thing that you know the pool from the actual bill forrest. Gump his way across right capitol. Police declined to comment on the permit details. But i would reject that fucking permit. If i were the capital and the thing i might as well since he. It seems to be the political prisoners. He's speaking on their behalf. If you will yeah hey capitol police who got you who you know who got beat up and killed and you know driven to a to die by suicide because of stuff on january six. Can we have another one of those. Would you let me have. Can i have a permit. Brainard has been hosting smaller protests on behalf of capital rioters for two months now including one of the department of justice and another at the d. c. jail. He has written to the department of justice and the fbi calling on them to release all the nonviolent defendants arguing. They were peacefully protesting in public building. He has had supporters. Read letters from the incarcerated and has railed against the dc jails decision to keep the accused rioters in solitary confinement. Something he notes. Prominent democrats agree with him on by the way the vast majority of the more than five hundred sixty people arrested have been allowed to go home. He raised conspiracy theories about the government and they're left wing infiltrators involvement in the events of january six and contributed to the rights. Canonization of ashley babbitt. And we all know who she is. He has big plans for september. Eighteenth he says he'll have the largest stage he's allowed along with a giant screen. That will present evidence. It's not been allowed to be presented in any of the hearings right because the court just doesn't allow evidence to be presented. Members of congress will speak. He says but he won't share names so that's interesting. What point do we get this guy psychiatric evaluation. Do you know what. I mean like at this point enough is enough. Is this now mental health issue but we have some good news. I have a couple of good news stories for you today. So i from the daily beast fringe right-wing network away n. One american news lost. Its appeal have it steph. Amazing suit against msnbc and of course our star host. Rachel maddow on tuesday with a panel upholding previous federal court ruling against end that requires them to pay two hundred and fifty thousand dollars of attendance legal fees the defendants legal fees. What a beautiful thing. Just a beautiful thing owned by harry. Networks initially stood out for ten million in july two thousand nineteen after the msnbc star said on her show that trump boosting network is paid russian propaganda calling her remarks malicious utterly false narrator totally there not maddox were based on a daily beast story detailed. How oh a and employs christian rows is that last name. I think so i think so. Reporter who simultaneously worked for kremlin owned media outlets put nick a well-known purveyor of russian backed propaganda. Msnbc's lawyers meanwhile argue. Matthaeus remarks were protected. Opinion based on disclosed fax adding her commentary specifically noted. The alien reporter was paid by split neck. So i think that seems like good receives their nip an and our This one makes me smile from the inside out. Transportation secretary people to judge announced tuesday that he and his husband chest and happy come parents. This is a quote for some time chestnut. i have wanted to grow. our family. Were overjoyed to say that we become parents. Former presidential candidate wrote on twitter. Process isn't done yet. And we're thankful for the love support respect for our privacy that has been offered to us. We cannot wait to share more soon so from what i understand in this public. They've been having a adoption battle. Like this isn't easy. You know it just blows my mind. That any fucking joe married julie mark. Can you know have much too much to drink in a bar. Accidentally knocked up his wife. And you know we've got gay lesbian transgender. Non binary couples that are temperature hoops thousands and thousands of dollars trying to have a family. So i'm so happy for them so happy. Oh my god joust is gonna be the cutest dab. I am jealous of this child seriously. Like i want to be this child. Like can i somehow can i like live in the movie arrival so time is meaningless and i can be reincarnated as as the chiasson pizza. I just and now he's gonna now. I'm just going to call him mayor dad from now on that that's right. That's good news. Such amazing good news. And i have long said dana that it should be as difficult for straight couples to have children as it is for. Gay couples are mixed You know obviously lgbtq couples and you know why not or it needs to be as easy absolutely they should just be the same because yeah just because there's i mean how many millions at work comedians. How many millions of jokes out there like just. Because you didn't pull out brenda. yeah anyway. Congratulations to them. That's just so wonderful haha away and you have to pay a quarter of a million dollar beautiful way we. We're going to sue you for ten million. No no you gotta pay us quarter of a million. Have a nice day bye bye. I really hope they don't have a lot of cash on hand. That has been a big hit for them. You know like i. They shouldn't be a new source. Anyway thank you for those two little bits of good news. We needed them today. 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I'm there i'll definitely let you know. And if you're ever on the west coast you let me know. We'll be the best coast in september for the first two weeks. So yeah excellent. Yeah we'll definitely have to do some sort of a meet up but for today. I'm i've been furiously. Defending the choice to withdraw the final troops from afghanistan as per the agreement trump worked out with the taliban right right but I wanted first of all. Just i wanted your top line thoughts on how how it went. And what what the administration's doing now. The administration did what had do and any owned it. You said look the buck stops here. I'm being responsible. I made this decision. We're going to defend it. I think what they weren't prepared for was how quickly afghanistan would saul. But that was the question i asked a month ago in the briefing room and they didn't seem to have a handle on that. So you have to gonna fault the administration for anything. Either they knew and didn't tell us for they didn't know and they were surprised. Which i think is what happened. I think the intelligence may have been a little lacking but look we had to get there. How long how long are you to be there. He took he said look. I don't want to pass it onto another president so they did what they had to do to get american people home. It's not like vietnam. No it's not side-on it's not gerald ford inside on that's that's garbage. And that's one of the things that's really angers me about my brethren and the press is most of morning even alive when that happened and many of them were raised during the time of you know leave no child behind in school in. You could tell what the result bet is. Every child was left behind and they don't get it. They don't understand the context and they don't ask the right questions. So i'm angry at the mainstream media as much as i am with those who think that he should be impeached because he made a speech in walk away. If this administration is guilty of anything. I think it's they don't communicate well and that's because they have a very young communication staff when biden's out there. He communicates well but his minions. Don't yeah. I'm also very interested and curious about the the intelligence. The way that biden spoke a week and a half ago about this was that he seemed convinced at least from his phone call and white house visit with ghani that that they would stand and fight with all of the money and time and energy and blood. Frankly that we've that we've given the mini commitment that we've given them. He had assurances that they would fight for the other. The afghan government would fight for the afghan people and when he spoke to the united states when he spoke to the press he said look. They're you know they're going. I i'm with you. I think he was genuinely genuinely surprised. With how fast. The afghan government just gave up and lay down their arms. And i personally they fled. Yeah and that seems. And i'm pretty sure and you know we would definitely do more investigation into this. It was planned. They were bought off and they they weren't going to fight. And i'm that's what. I want to find out whether it's through a series of congressional hearings or an intelligence community assessment. Something that tells us what it was that that you know who orchestrated the absolute just laying down of arms and surrender. Because m- my anger here and as a veteran. And i've taken care of a lot of veterans and i've lost people in afghanistan. My anger is with the afghan government. Taken a bag of money getting on a plane and high tailing it outta town without lifting one finger to defend the afghan people and which came first right biden coming out or them laying down their arms and i think you know if both are happening at the same time we gotta pull that apart and look at it but i think i. What's most important is that we security airport which we have and we get our people out. Yeah and i think it tells you something that the taliban and said look we're going to get can help you get get it while we're not going to help you but yeah we're going to secure it. Nobody's going to get harmed. You get to get out. That's far different from what happened in vietnam. We this is. These people are like so happy. These the the taliban you speak with. Muslims said this isn't islam. This is some real far fetched geared version of their own religion. And so they're not looked upon real well in the muslim world either and they're trying if they're going to take over this country then they're going to have to build a lot of international fences in bill bridges back to the to the world and i think that them saying look You got it. We're gonna let you go bodes well for a. I think it shows that we were both well for us in the future and be. I think it shows that we had conversations with the taliban prior to leaving. Yeah that's that's a really good point. And i know they're having ongoing conversations with the taliban one of the things at for me the mainstream media the last few days just been unwatchable absolutely watching that. Because it's their they're reporting headlines for clicks and they're not giving us the full picture and when of course when biden came out and gave his speech which i thought was an excellent speech i president in the history of the universe to say we're not nation building. We aren't installing democracy. Are we gotta get the fuck out and the buck stops with me. But he didn't leave out the fact. That trump negotiated with the taliban last year in february a deal in doha cutter without the afghan government present and basically conceded a bunch free awesome shit to the taliban that they were going to hold to the next president. I mean they. Their ceasefire data ended may first we only at twenty five hundred troops there. We were in serious danger so you know to leave that out. The mainstream media is leaving. it out. Biden didn't leave it out and now the media's attacking biden for putting it in saying oh sounds like your finger pointing it's like no. I'm giving you context of the situation. You can't just. I can't tell you about forty years of of you know afghanistan with what happened today. We have to understand what led to it. I can only say this about the mainstream media. We suck let's it. There's no other way when i got into this business yet. At three to five years worth of experience to go anywhere now they hire kids straight out of college with no experience to cover the white house the most important beat on the planet. And you have people with no experience doing it. And they're a slave to to the to click to click bait. They are click bait. They don't know what they're doing. Why or how and there are people you know i. I remember the first. I walk in the breathing room sam donaldson instead. Look brian that i row. There has about two hundred years of experience. Listen to every one of today. There's maybe half that experience in the front row of the briefing room. There are people who don't know what they're doing or how to do it and that's about to change or were doomed if we don't better reports and and it's not you're talking about briefing room my specific complaints today briefing room to but also you know we have. We have these twenty four hour cable news outlets which are even worse because the bottom line is what they care about now. I think nicolle wallace did an excellent job. I think rachel maddow did an excellent job. Anderson cooper was all right. But you know watching tapper shudo did okay but we know why bring on bolton like it just. I'm just really fed up with the way it's being covered both realize those aren't really new. Shows though are entertainment. Says that yes. That's not news. Talking heads are not news and that's one of the biggest problems instead of news. We have you know. Twenty four seven you know from beginning in the morning to the end at night. A bunch of dagestan. Talking heads giving me their opinion. I don't you know when i managed reporters and i did for years if a reporter came to me and said this is what i think i go. I don't care what you think. barely. Chair what i think. What do you know what do you know. That's what you have to do as a reporter is determine what it is that you know you know and leave it at that and report news. I was well. I want to write a column. I said well you know. I tell you what when you had ten or fifteen years experience as a reporter. Then maybe i'll listen to you and you can write a column until then go out and find the news Yeah yeah it's definitely a different climate. Today i need to take a quick break. But i want to ask you about what we're what we're gonna do going forward do you. Do you mind sticking around for a minute. Sure all right thanks. Everybody will be right back. Hello everyone it's alison gill from the daily podcast in this portion of the show is brought to you by scrubbed these days. There's so much content out there you could spend as much time searching for the next book to read as you would actually reading it. People who scroll through net flicks. You know what. I'm talking about but with script. You get instant access to millions of e books audiobooks magazines all along with thoughtfully curated editor's picks and they do smart recommendations based on what you've read. Scripted makes choosing my next book so much simpler script as the ultimate reading subscription service. Letting you explore all of your interests in any format. 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Our focus should now be on getting our allies out out of immediate danger whether it's to another nato allied country or alad country in the region or to the united states. But also how you think we're going to break through this refugee red tape. Bs that Has been and will continue to prevent particularly republicans who don't want any refugees to come in from from afghanistan. Well that's a good question. I the quick answer is it. It'll to be an executive order. And the long answer is we got to end this endless seemingly endless sniping at each other from either side of the political spectrum and the republicans. I often say the democrats are the party with no head. And the republicans are the party with no hearts and the republicans are just lost on so many issues when it comes to things like you know empathy humanity. Yeah common courtesy decency. it's an authoritarian cult and if that doesn't change than whoa beyond the united states and it doesn't matter if it's refugees from afghanistan or more than likely that you know the poor people in the inner city who don't get a chance to live a decent life and can't boat. Yeah i mean at this point you know. California should be taking in refugees from florida. Covert refugees which. Hey but i you know the the red tape is the problem and you know you know with your comment about the head and the heart on the democrat side. Now we got most the doctors and scientists so Feeling good about our chances but you know the the messaging We gotta get better at the messaging and so not only is the messaging now the first impression that biden botched this withdraw and there are problems. Don't i'm not gonna say there aren't any problems here but you know people take the first impression in the first message and we need to make it a stronger better message. Yeah what the democrats need to do is take a lesson from james carville who fought and did not was instill doesn't hesitate to get mccotter with republicans and he said look. Our ideas are better than theirs. I don't like their ideas. He said but what i what he respects about. The republicans is that they fight and get up in the morning and they fight and democrats. Just think that the ideas will carry the day. And that's one of the problems of the biden administration is they don't understand. They think that kick you know. Donald trump to the curb in trumpism is over with. And it's not and until they come to grips with the fact that this country is still divided and that they have the fight and a little more james carville in them with i think bode better bode well for the whole. Us nicole wallace said yesterday. She says you know ninety. Five percent of americans agree with biden's decision to pull out of afghanistan while ninety five percent of the media seems to have the opposite idea. And that's my problem there. They're these cable shows. Talking heads. Pundits are actually forming opinions instead of informing allowing people to to to make their own. Yes it's for money and the media has gone from giving us news that we need to treating everyone is a fan and giving the news that they want and until that changes in there are few ways to do it like busting up large media monopolies reinstituting some form of the fairness doctrine Giving a shield law so reports. Don't go to jail if they have confidential sources things like that and then also you know maybe perhaps using public funds to to help you know private enterprise because look. Journalism is incompatible with capitalist. You're going to have to at some point in time realize that journal Zim is there to inform and sometimes what out. Large companies want is not information but entertainment. Which is what we have today. So what can we do going forward to to to try to to try to make that happen to try to get back to some sort of semblance of sanity and reporting and then also to to ensure that we're putting pressure on this administration to to make sure they do. It seems like they're doing the right thing now. The cleanup Of this again terrible. Tragic awful disaster but it was never going to be. It was never going to be easy. No it never was going to be easy and look in in that. Specific case with biden's group did that was wrong with come to the east room and and do a speech. In front of a bunch of reporters he would have been better off sitting in the oval or from camp david pumping it out live and then because you left the press with the impression that they were going to be questions because there were reporters allowed to be there in the eastern and he didn't have any intention of taking questions and i don't blame him but presidents in the past so that was a staging and optics thing that they they should have done better. We we both have to get better first of all. There's no one in government or in the white house that i know of if i'm wrong someone will obviously crack me but i. I don't know of anybody in his case in staff that's ever worked as a reporter any to know what the heck you're doing and how to deal with reporters and that kind of institutional knowledge is needed. Secondly you gotta get better reporters and that you're not going to do unless we go back to. You know if you hire people straight out of school and buddhism out after three to five years because they make too much money. Your whole emphasis on reporting is not on reporting. It's on basically dishing out propaganda and the people who think that reporting is just simply asking gotcha questions. Don't know anybody. So we got to change the whole systemically as change. And that's going to be tough to do that. You need to so. Let your congressman. Oh right now. Jamie raskin has a bill in congress. That's co sponsored by a lot of people that would be a national shield law for reporters. That's start bernie. Sanders is talking about. Busting up the media monopolies. That would work so. Let your congressman and your senators know that you support real independent journalism. But how you know. There's there's huge news holes in this country right now where there's no newspaper and and there's little local news and local news is where most starts that becomes national and your until you back up and help out local news. We're not were were. We're boned boned is a good way to put it. You know i was thinking earlier today. Like man it would have been great or better. At least if The administration had come out and sorta prepped us off for the shit storm that was about to happen but the fact. They didn't just leads me more to believe to believe more than i already do that. They genuinely that they had more time. And so we have to find out why they didn't know because a new york times came out with reporting that morning saying oh yeah they've been paying off officials and holding back pay they you know they. This looks like a long time in the making and ever since you know. Trump made the deal with with the taliban and released five thousand fighters including the new president of the taliban afghanistan. And and so you know that the fact that they didn't come out and prep us that just really kind of puts the nail in the coffin of of my understanding. Sure that they just didn't know they were genuinely surprised by this. And he said that in his speech and he said the buck stops with me and you know he came out and said i always said i'd be straight with you and i was saying i was very thankful for that. No other president would have would have done this. In fact other president would have just kept people there and kept the perpetual war going so they didn't have to deal with at all right. There are all kinds of reasons why we didn't know. And those come out but i agree with you. Because i don't think when he came out in the eastern in july and said that he didn't think the taliban takeover i don't think that he was be essex i think he's generally have a clue. Yep and that it. That is a problem. We need to find it out but we need to fix what's going on first and then focus on that and i wish i wish A lot of the talking heads sorta understood that and saw the sought for what it was. They've been working with government for so long they should understand how it works by now. But you're you know you're right. Bottom line and clicks is sensationalism. They got so used to at during the trump the trump years where they had a scandal a minute to get is an clicks and now they now they don't we're back to tan suits and mustard so when when something goes down it's going to be wall-to-wall yeah especially if you have reporters producers who don't understand the issue and those suits who do understand. The issues are manipulating them. For you know money yeah yeah. It's bad all right. Well thank you so much for the conversation day. I really appreciate it. Can you tell everybody where they can find you. Follow you and listen to your podcast. It's just ask the question. Dot com is the podcast. And wherever find. Podcasts are found all over the internet and you can follow me on twitter at brian carom. And it's also that's my everything else and then you can go to that. We have a newsletter that we put out and then of course you can always read me at playboy or the bullwork or wherever else i- land aid an op-ed piece all right. Well thanks so much my friend. It was great to speak to you. And your we'll talk again soon. Okay you take care everybody stick around. We'll be right back with the good news l. Over one it's g and this particular daily beans podcast is sponsored by all form crafting premium customizable sofas and chairs delivered right to your doorstep. I love all forms furniture. 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The music is satisfying so many fiends. To keep you company on the road. This summer i've played best fans on the plane. I've done it at the beach by the pool. On the metro on the subway waiting on line for coffey a pretty much everywhere. It's hard to put down sometimes and they're always adding new puzzles and content. So it's fresh. I keep coming back among level. Twenty three sixty now think by been making progress with my collection characters is the best game to play when i have a little meantime best of all. It's totally free to download. Best fiends is so much fun. Bring it with you wherever your travels. take you. Download the five star rated puzzle game best fiends free today on the apple app store or google play. That's friends without the are best fiends. Everybody welcome back. It's time for the good news. And if you have anything you want to send us just really just any. You know what anything. Go right ahead and do that. We have too many games going on here. What's our newest game. Kids shit say or shit. Kids say kids should kids shits. You heard me kids. That's my misheard lyric for the day. As a matter of fact or my My weird idiom but anyway please send it to us. Daily beans dot com click on contact. It's getting toward the end of our eight week. Stretch before we take a week off and my talk machine is just not doing as hot as it normally is. But i swear i'm gonna i'm gonna keep it together and i'm going to kick us off with a with a submission from ben pronunciation him and katie she and her. Oh wild new york. I love new york. I do as well. Hello ladies. it seems like i'm all good news bad news lately early. Last friday bury the celebrity barred of central park collided. Works department vehicle and was killed. The community has been devastated by the loss of one of our wildlife icons but the outpouring of photos and memories around. This bird have been incredible. It feels like we're living in a moment where there's a real momentum behind caring for all our wild spaces and wild creatures and despite the loss i feel very hopeful for the future of conservation. A steve irwin used to say. Please give me your best aussie accent. No how are you at the hour. You at the osce. I don't think great you don't want to try it. If we can get people excited about wildlife and crikey it makes a heck of a lot easier to save them. I know that was i just. That was so much better than i would mind would have been irish attached or some images from vigil. We held monday night for the bird including chalk mural. I did as well as the first picture of barry i shared with. Y'all thanks for sharing her story with your audience and making her impact even big look at this mural and then a picture of her. The colors are beautiful origin. Su i'm so sorry for the loss city. Thank you for sharing the news with us. That's heavy but what would it beautiful baby. And i hope that the work you've done and talking about her and the outpouring is just like you said a sign of hope for conservation in the future. I think that's so amazing. Totally all right. This next from john pronounce he amwell. Oh zip it lady. Habe your pod top things and helped me to make sense in the world you're personalities and insights. Make the success. Since i've got to what them up for you mrs norman. Our foster fail. He's obviously got german. Shepherd colorings body but look at the space. Where did he get the space and so cute. I can die. I- also included a photo of his ridiculous cuddling for your enjoyment. Keep up the good work. The world needs you. I would say this is a mix is shepherd and being i e corgi in here for some reason but look at that cute and of course. We don't have an answer so you have an answer. Tell us right because we like to hear when we are yes. Please hit the next to hear this from angela pronouns. She and her high ag and digi just wanted to be sure diana's heart and sternum or a one hundred percent healthy may never. Are angela never before we get any emails. I know my heart is not just like okay people. I thought i'd share. Peanut is really a back to boss be status. Oh this week. She taught her brothers to guide her down hallways so she doesn't hit anything because member. If you members the paper that they had the cataract at the stein that exploded or so. They had to remove that. I talk about the tongue on the right hand side. You know the godwin towns or missing teeth and the tongue can't stay n. Okay lead the second picture. It's clearly the thongs missing on my god angela. Thank you so much for the pick. The second picture this no. I am no teeth like three like these are nicknames and i love them pumpers and the by the way. Your pillows and curtains are fabulous to curtains. Remind me of hardaway member member. When gilda radner did scarlett o'hara and took the whole curtain rod down with her. That was somewhere else. Oh god bless gilda radner right next up from suzanne pranati her just pay. My pet tax are good. News is claire. Claire mccaskill our new rescue kitten low at the baby or sheets and a crock kitten. Mike god i didn't even see the crux. Oh so sweet. Kitty thank you thank you. Thank you for that. Suzanne love kittens all right. Charlie pronounced him. Hey y'all love the podcast in have been listening since the og msw dates. I love getting up and starting my day with the beans. That is when. I don't cheat and listen to the patriots early release to bet good news. I got home to california from traveling to north carolina to see my parents for the first time. Since december two thousand nineteen cova concerns had been on our minds but since borough vaccinated i finally was able to travel home for my seventieth birthday miss. My dad's eightieth last year. But we prefer to celebrate eighty-one rather than whiskey. Last fall good choice. My dad and i have a tradition. Which is to get my mom something random from the grocery store for her birthday myth has it. He got caught in a grocery store one year having forgotten to get a gift and when caught exclaimed allowed a lot of the things in here. I i remember pasta. I remember it differently that he had only card. But we let the family myth legend lynn vaughan and have fun with it. Don't worry we get her real gifts to patak's appearance dog. Oh maxwell brussels griffon sporting his luxurious beach below out i style. That's all the rage these this fucking and if visit gets along good as it gets me meets. The dog won't from something about mary when it's on my god three. There's another photo of unnamed puppy three ak extra got might change that my sister raised. Who's going to her forever homes week. She's a bijon poodle mix. I hope you're all doing well and staying safe. Thank you for brightening my day every day. This fucking priceless amazing. Chew but there's something about i don. I would just be smiling all the time with this baby. Oh my god like so so sweet against up laughing at this dog. I love this dog. What does this dog's name. This is maxwell the beach blowout. I style that's all the rage driven on my god. They're so cute. And you know what. Charlie that's a that's another good game. We can start if you have some of rad family tradition. That it's just sort of come up over the years i have. You know my my cousins. And i have this velvet painting that we just giving each other every holiday birthday. Whatever i think. I think my cousin in akron has it now but we just we get real gifts too but the that is also again and of course when you get the giant you know sixteen by twenty four flat wrapped thing house view. You have to keep it till the next gift giving opportunity so it's it's almost almost like a like a curse But yes and those into. I love those kinds of stories. And you know what you're right. This second puppy this unnamed babies does we with the black ears and the black patches over the is in tos. okay. I can't i know now anyway What is it wednesday. Hope that everyone has a great wednesday rescuer wednesday and obviously i'll be back tomorrow with a secret surprise guest or by myself. I don't know yet but Any any final thoughts before we close out today dana. Now i love this community. I'm just happy to be part of it. So everyone heavy really good few days before i in your ears again. Monday more yes. I can't wait until then everybody. Please take care of yourselves. Take care of each other to care the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been alison. Gill and i've been dana goldberg. And them's the beans. The daily beans is written and executive produced by alison gill with additional research and reporting by dana. Goldberg and aimee. Carrero sound design and editing is by diary mcfarland with art and web designed by joel reader with moxy design studios music for the daily beans as written and performed by they might be giants and the show is a proud member of the msw media network. A collection of creator owned podcasts dedicated to news politics. Injustice for more information please visit. Msw media dot com.

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The Dose of Fat Podcast  Show #144  with Special Guest Crystal Kovacs

Fat-bike Radio

1:18:54 hr | 2 years ago

The Dose of Fat Podcast Show #144 with Special Guest Crystal Kovacs

"The dose of fat podcast show number one forty four for April two thousand and nineteen. Welcome to the Joseph that podcast were racing and beer try to peacefully. Coexist with funny. Here's your hosts they and Gomez had. It's good to be back and fat will let go thanks for that fabulous introduction. That is our colored guy spinner Ryerson that you. So today's show is brought to you by the one up USA rack, it's brought to us by one of USA. I trust my right to say because it's made misconduct. One up. USA is the official bike rack of fat. Dash bike radio. All right. It's the show. Let's get right into it. We have a listener her name is Betsy Wilford, and she sent us a question. Haiti? I have a big question racing and fat bikes in nutrition. I am curious if anyone has talked about this stuff to me, and maybe this is dumb. But fat biking snow is harder and requires more constant effort than mountain bike or road. And I just wondered if anyone has touched on nutrition subjects from that standpoint. Especially if you are racing what does lay ado same as all her summer, nutrition genuinely interested. Wow. No signature in bed. See especially will. We can help you with that today. Still Betsy she's still at the end of the we can help you with that bad. See because I've got Mark in here. We're interviewing him and he works for hammer nutrition, which is the nutrition that I go to I'm one of their sponsored athletes. So that's pretty much all that I use. In addition to food, of course. Dear no, beer. Good resume. You knew. That's why spinner are going to be quiet because. Yeah. He likes to get hammered. And I and I probably should be more. Whatever says you do the opposite. When it comes to that. Yeah. Yeah. So we're not gonna we're going to put a March. Listen to me before we talked about this. And I show saw. Is not a recovery drink. No, not it's not a recovery transfer get drink finished, right? We're talking about that. But yeah. So Mark and I met a couple years ago. One of those big rides. We did a fat bike sixty four miler. Didn't we like a gravel one? Oh, yeah. Yeah. And find a lack and we kept in touch, and I was always asking them about hammer. And what do I do what they eat before during after? And he gave me a really nice little booklet that hammer puts out that really spells it out nicely. I want you should do. And is there a difference in what you should be taking on a road ride versus mountain bike versus fat bike. It sounds like the question is how the the fat bike really poses a lot of problems in that you don't want things frozen. I mean, you go to bars there. Certain bars you can eat and you're going to check your fillings after you had done. I mean, and plus, you know, hydration in general, it's very easy for everything to get frozen and especially water. So with with all, you know, fueling you need hydration. You need electrolytes and you need calories, and that's not going to change. No matter if you're road rut rioting, if you're, you know, fat biking mountain biking gravel biking, you need to actually fuel really well with those three things. And I think it's even as you stay it might be a little bit more important because if you don't have the calories in the hydration in the winner, you're going to get colder faster, absolutely notice. I've got to eat a little bit more just that my toes don't get as cold as quickly it. And that's a problem as far as hydrogen to Leah if you're not properly. Hydrated. You're at risk of getting frostbite. So hydration is so important so important, you know, you you say in the summer. Well, if I'm not hydrated, you know, I'm going to cramp up. We'll you can cramp up just as easily in the winter. But that frostbite comes into play especially in the longer race that are colder. And I know, you know, spinner and I've done races like with the triple D where it's been twenty below wind chill, and it, you know, if you don't hydrate you're in trouble. So what do you do to keep the water from freezing? Or whatever you're drinking from freezing and same with what you're eating now or some good food choices while you know, let's talk about the water. I the best thing is to use your body as your heat source put a camel back on, and you know, I'll talk a little bit about electrolytes later. But. Nowadays, you can use. We have a solution at hammer called endure lights extreme that you can put in a Camelback and before that came out. I would tell everybody do not put any of our products in don't put anybody's products in your Camelback because you're gonna ruin the bladder. That's not true now you can still use or you can use the endure lights extreme powder in a Camelback. And I've used it cleaned it out just water. You know, it's fine. And they have the the there are a couple of packs that emphasize using your body, heat, the Rev late designs one pack goes right up against your skin. And the bladder itself has a mess a mesh panel where your back is in contact with that water. So the big thing is keeping the hose right going then and with the hose now, they have heated hoses, you know, that that you can use they have Neo prem- installation. I think that's you know, susceptible still to freezing. But if you get out, you know, on of course, in that bite hose is frozen. The best thing to do is put it underneath your coat put the bite tip under an armpit, which isn't the best taste thing. But. Back. Or you know, in these easiest ways just to blow back all the water in. But it's still may freeze that actually it's gonna freeze. Yeah. So and also there there's a couple of new things out bar Mets ward Graham now has made Neo premium bottle cage. Right. And if it's really really cold, you can put a chemical warmer in there with it. And you you're not gonna have that frees up and spinner. What's your old trick? I'm not sure if it works at but my stuff hasn't. Back over to me throw a Little Rock in in the back with your water. In fact, during the triple I was in a race one time in a guy goes down a hill. He crashes and his bike was all messed up. And he said would you like my drink? Now with ever you were drinking made you crafts? I don't want that. Yeah. Well, in one of the things I do in the winter is I will I'll ride at places that are looped not point the point. So I will have a cooler hell actually, put, you know, like your body warmers in the cooler, and I'll have a couple of water bottles as well as some gels or a banana. I love raisins and cranberry mix with all men's because those don't freeze, but I'll keep that stuff in a cooler on the course and I'll do laps and so I'll have a new warm water bottle each lap. And I can usually make it about forty five minutes to an hour with a water bottle. So that's one of the things I do personally to make sure that I stay hydrated is choose places to ride that I can reload in between does. Help for your long hundred mile or point two points. But for the majority of us, we're probably only going seventy seven to ten miles at a time on a fat bike and those bigger races. They have checkpoints, and you can do drop back there. So they they have a warm space where people can keep and they they pound bottles of insurer and have all sorts of instantly digestive trimmed key would normally freeze is the make sure that you're drinking. So I have a wa who. A computer on my bike. And even though I'm not thirsty at every fifteen minute, Mark. I drink no matter what. Thirsty in the winter. Says they really nice today. Drink out. That's the whole key to it to be proactive at it. You know, every fifteen minutes, drink, drink drink it. If you get behind in the hydration. No, there's no catching up the it doesn't pay to go ahead and drink thirty five ounces right away because your stomach can only take so many ounces per hour. And that rains usually is between twenty and twenty eight ounces depending on how big you are. So you know, the way is is. Yup. Is no no one. Yup. Right on if quite if you're thirsty is too late. If you're hungry too late. It's probably. Yeah. So in the winter in the winter you're gonna freeze in the summer you're going to cramp. And what I do is in rides under two hours. I'll use an electrolyte like the he'd in something over two hours you need a little bit of protein. So I use the hammer perpetual for those. Pretty good. And then I'll also have a bottle with the endure light supreme in there on to make sure that I continue him getting those. And that way, I I like drinking calories because you're getting consistent calories. And then under two hours, I'll use a gel or two over. I start using the bars. But I always have a banana on me, and my little pack just by raisins, and cranberries and almanzan I BIC them up, and I put them in little sandwich. Baggies. And I always have one of those in my back, and I always have a couple of gels on me as well. Because you'd rather overeat than under specially in the cold, but you really have to watch that too Leah if you're overeating and you have too many calories. You can't get the water to go through your stomach while it's what is a. Hundred calories an hour for you. Yeah. Furman university. Yeah. For like spinner myself. Maybe Gomez, you know, we might be able to get up to one hundred eighty two two hundred calories per hour. But that's max. Yeah. A beer and a half. And I. You know, we we usually say at hammer nutrition less is better. So whatever the least amount in calories that you can get by with per hour. You're gonna race better regardless of season. Like it was. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. It doesn't make any difference. If it's winter, you, you know, you're you. You're burning about the same amount of calories winter summer, whatever, you know, even though it's colder out there. You're still burning just about the same amount of calories. So, you know for somebody small lake you one hundred calories per hour. I always say just about take your weight. And if you can drive fifty off your weight, you you're going to be fine. And one of the things I do to keep my gels from feet. Freezing up is I will put them in my bar Mets again with a hand warmer. Yes. So they're sitting there next to the hand warmers now, so that's a little tip there. And then having some food in your back that isn't gonna freeze right usually helps. And also if you get one of those little seat or seat tube, our top tube little be bags. Yeah. And put a heat warmer in their chemical warmer in you can really stuff in about four gels. And you know, that's almost four hours worth of calories. Is right there with those four gels so questions that I don't know. I don't think we touched on this. But the like the d'oro lead extreme and you listed a lot of products does that help with freezing? If you add that to water or is it not? Not really, you know, I wouldn't depend on that put it that way. You know? Plus you've got that right up against your skin usually in Camelback. So if you're using a camel back, if you're using, you know, a water bottle. Yeah. Probably easier just to use he'd 'cause then you get the calories. Plus, you've got the electrolytes right in the he'd. Okay. So. Yeah, it would probably work better that way. I think that we should probably go for a sponsor for those chemical hand warmers. Really everything. Heads in my boots, and my gloves and back and also sponsor with from word gray. Oh, yeah. Because that works out so well, even to put your gels in your bar mitts with the chemical hand wermer in there. You know, most people I think once they get bar mitzvah. They're not using bulky gloves. Right. Yeah. You know, and it's easy to grab those. Gels and a place to put your garbage. Right. Right, right. The other big important thing is after a ride is the recovery. So before I you know, I got involved with hammer. I didn't really focus on that at all. And now every after every single ride, I have a bottle ready. And it's got a scoop of way protein in it and a scoop of the hammer recover right in milk ready to go. So after every single training ride. I don't care if it's on the road and the mountain bike on the fat pike anything I've got that. And I shoot that down. Because a lot of times you are around with buddies, and you're drinking beers. And you forget to eat or you forget to recover. So you know, you want to get that in immediately. And then it gives you a little grace time before you get your your meal, and I've found that I. Can go more backed back days harder longer just recovering better. I used to sit in ice bass that and I find that I need to do that as much anymore. Now. You know, I always say when we're talking about recovery. Find a recover drink you like with, you know, the smaller packets, and then, you know, once you find a flavor you like go ahead and buy the bigger jug, the the bigger job of it. And then go ahead and work out hired for three days and take recovery those three days, then don't take recover eight and your next day than you realize why you're taking it. Oh, it really does help with the soreness the other thing. Now, the big thing is CBD, and it's a wild west show out there with CBD now. I mean there CBD infused beer there. CBD infused coffee there. Right. Great. And you know, as athletes you have to make sure that there's no THC in it. And because there are people getting positive tests out of just the littlest point three THC now. Okay. So, you know, you wanna go to place that's reputable with CBD, and like you say, it should say on the bottle zero point zero zero THC is hammer have anything CBD. Yup. We just came out with it about three months ago hand, it's zero point zero t h c. Yeah. So I started taking those actually because I have trouble sleeping and they're supposed to help as a sleep aid. And I had someone just yesterday. Jay for Madison asked me about the CD in the recovery. And it was hard for me to put my finger on if it's really doing anything or not because I'm doing I feel like I'm doing. So many things to recover. So I I feel great I feel like I'm doing hard workouts. But I can't attribute it to one thing. I mean, it you can I'm doing the CBD. I'm, you know, taking their recovery drinks. I'm fuelling properly during the rides. I'm getting eight hours of sleep in right proper nutrition daily. I mean, there's so many things you especially when you get up to forty years old. You kind of have to do everything. Right. Like, you can't be she out. You know, you can't be -culing walkers and Snickers like I like I used to in my twenties like an feeling great. You know, I can't say it's the CBD that's doing it. But I think it all works together the way you can check CBD especially for sleep. There's an app on the internet called sleep cycle. And if you had used that before, you know, you were taking CBD it. It'll actually keep track of your deep sleep. And I can tell you since I've taken started taking CBD. My deep sleep has increased. And at sixty eight years old, well, I guess Gomez figured this out. You gotta wake up once during the night, right? Sure once. Depends on how long I sleep. But even even that, you know with that I can see the my deep sleep is much much deeper and longer than it is without it. So, you know, so Mark d do you know what they jump asking for a friend? What they do with the extra THC that they take out or something. Where can I find that? I would go to one of these companies and look at the distillery tube. 'cause they can distill it off and for your friend. Maybe he could put a bottle of. No actually behind each other. And everything it'd be fat on your wrists. Yeah. So here's my question. You're out on, you know, a long ride, and you've already exhausted all of your hammer products and year Bankin and you need in. There's a seven eleven or there's a quick trip. I love the quick trip. Do I get the glazed doughnut or do? I look. Or something a little more complex vanilla cappuccino from quick trip. Yogurt caffeine, boom. No, I'll tell you probably the one of the best solutions for cramping, which can have cold warm boy, every are, and you know, cramping is is just not related to hot weather sports. And I've heard of guys cramping at the berkey and the final sprint, you know. But if if you're in an area where you can go into a grocery store, you know, what there's five essential things in every one of the electrolytes that are sold, and that's calcium, sodium chloride potassium magnesium and of those five things you can find all those five things in pickle juice nice on that right now little bags pickles, pickle, juice. Now. I saw an olive Cup. I don't know if that's the same thing, but you can buy just Alves now way back fifty years ago when I was a youngster my grandmother used to say, oh, you getting cramps in bed, drink pickle, juice. It it it does work. So if you buy juror pickles can use that or is there something special in this stuff that you're buying the pickle juice? Brian. Yeah. Yeah. If you can buy I don't know if you you have to carry the whole jar with you probably don't want them with flaming tickle. You know, the other thing too is, you know, I at hammer we do not promote using sugar, and the reason is there's too much spiking. I'll give you an example of when I was in the iron man in Hawaii. It's just really really warm hot. And we would start the, you know, the marathon portion of it, and we'd be baked already you're fried. But the last six miles I would use default coke now. This is back in the eighties way back when when we didn't have a lot of really good things to take. And here's I felt Mark you're doing great Mark use. Great Marcus out doing great. Mark you suck. Yeah. For the mountain dew Dern wrestling. Order. Yes, you're going and you can get by with a two minute session in wrestling. You know, just like, yeah. Now, your man, it'd be every mile. Oh, I would have to take it again now because you know, you're at that high you're at the low so what I would suggest if somebody is really in desperate needs to find something with sugar and just take a little at a time. At least you're spikes are going to be smaller. You know, you take a whole gel with sugary gel and you'll you'll run into problems. And I'll give you another example of that a few years ago, I was helping some teenagers. These were kids that were in high school. They were all type one diabetics. We're showing them how to mountain bike, and they all had insulin pumps in these kids all knew how to take their blood sugar. And if their blood sugar got below a hundred we all stopped. Well, I have fifteen kids at one point. And one of the kids had lead jury went down to ninety. So he was you know, he. Said well, I've I'll take this. It was I don't even want to mention the products to get his sugar up. Well, didn't didn't get it up? Ticketed up. Didn't get it up. And I'm waiting there with, you know, fourteen other kids, and they're all like, hey, come on. Can we can't we get going? Can we get going? No, not till his blood sugars up. I had a raspberry. Jill a hammer gel. And I said take this. And I'm going to time here for thirty seconds. You tell me what your your blood sugar is. So he took it in about thirty seconds later goes hundred and twenty he goes, that's cool. I didn't think it go that fast. And I I didn't say anything to him. But actually the mouth, oh, Dexter in in the gel the hammered gel. It has a higher glycemic index than sugar. So anyway, I told him I said now for the next, you know, few times that we stop I want you to tell everybody what your blood sugar was hundred twenty hundred and twenty one hundred twenty see tallied. Yeah. Because there's longer chain. It's harder to break it up. It gets up there faster, and then it's harder to break those chains. So you know, that's the big difference sugar. It's going to get you through. But like, I say, it's spike you so. Like said, take smaller little doses of it. As you go when I'm driving back from Texas. Our drive. I should not be getting Manila cappuccino, just get the damn pickle tooth. Vanilla JAL for real. I mean, it'll shooting for I'm good for half an hour. And then I'm on the highway. It makes sense. I choose. Well, do we have the do we hear did we answer of this? Well, so how many products is hammer have oh, we got a line of everything, you know, another thing too about cramping is that, you know, a lot of the guys that are your size spinner, you know, with the electrolytes or the endure lights. It's just not enough in the reason is is because they're starting to break down muscle. You know, because you're more muscular here that LA. Yeah. And actually we have a product called antibiotic caps. Oh and the anti fatigue caps. What there's a a substance in it called magnesium potassium acetate, and it's a buffer for your Monja production because did you ever smell your shirts in the smells like ammonia? And that's the muscle breaking down, and that will promote a also the, you know, the cramping. So for somebody like, you, you know, I would carry that with you the not only the electrolytes the endure lights, but also the anti fatigue caps. Is there anything on your website? That would tell guy like me, you know. Well, we'll talk about later, but like I had a goal this year to how to form the burgee and how to beat a certain something. But. Did did not happen. Dollar Bill to prove it and it's pocket. Well, and I did a lot of stuff, but I didn't take into consideration as much as I probably should nutrition. So is there anything like on the website says if you're just starting out this is you take this for before ride this during his after right actually in our booklet to you know, we'll have all that laid out for you pretty well. But if you go on our website and look under the help, you'll see the information. You know, it'll tell you take this during cross or across race this for a half marathon. Okay. This for a marathon, you know, you'll go right through it. That's you know, that's one thing. We didn't talk about was the pre-race, and I'll have Leah tell you what she does for pre race because you mentioned a lot of products. But I don't know what they all are. And what the reason you mean? So if there's a way to find that out, but yeah, so you have a plan. Well, the before I before raised three hours. I mean, this is what's so great about hammer is they have this booklet, and it literally lays out what to do three hours before the race an hour before the race twenty minutes. And then if the race is two hours or less what to do each of those hours, or if it's three hours or more. What you do each hour. And then what do you do afterwards? I mean, it's it it it changed my way of doing everything because I was all over the place. I was eating whatever and all I'm hungry. But now, I've got a plan. And so I actually I I do big thick waffles three hours before race are the Kodiak pancakes because they got the protein just a little bit of protein in them. And then you want to stay away from fats. Oh, really? Yeah. A little bit of protein. Talking pre racer. Mostly just a ton of carbohydrates and then a little bit of protein like protein and then I like some caffeine. You know, I like to drop some weight before. Always good, you know. And then just about in, you know, half an hour half an hour to an hour before the race. I liked to eat half a banana and then right before the race. I do a hammer gel. Okay. Yep. And then I typically have heat in all of my water bottles because my races are usually two hours or under. But now that I'm looking at doing endurance and ultra Durance racing. Learn that you know, perpetuum is the way to go right out of the gate, and then have the electrolyte in another water bottle. So you're getting a little bit of protein right away. Like, my fish, fry and old-fashioned diet. Yeah. Race before you probably not. You know, I suppose if you have all this stuff, you're like, okay. I have ABC Indian. I did everything I need and I'm ready to go. It's it's part of the before race ritual or even rides. I mean, I try and do the exact same thing on the rides as I do in the raises other than I'll bring more food on regular. I'll eat more regular food on regular rides it. The more intensity have in racist. The more you should go toward the liquid side. Okay. Less intensity you can get away with Bowers. I mean like a a race like Georgia's that's a shorter race. You know, you don't need to take round series with. What is it? Like, what does the lab for three miles five miles something like that? Maybe. Yeah. You know, the races are gonna last anywhere from twelve to twenty miles. You probably aren't going to need to be, you know, going on anything to salad and has because the absorption. Well, yeah, it's hard or, you know, the the more or the faster you're going. The the harder. It is to digest that food. So, you know, you get in there with bars knit near going all out red line. I mean, you your body can either take water it can take food. But it can't take both of that. That kinda. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, the only thing I'm taking on a red line race is he'd and Alec one gel. Well, and the other thing we have for pre racist fully charged. And I think you were you taking that to all of that igniter, right? Yeah. Let's spikes, your the it tingle a little bit, right? Yeah. I do that fully charged. It has a beta ala Nin, it has a beet juice, cherry, juice and green tea, the green tea has just a little bit of caffeine, and what it'll do is open up your blood vessels. So actually, you're rushing the blood through quicker. Oh, wow. Yeah. I mean, I it's it's you know Kane. It's good for about an hour. I'm always on something. And we do have some people that after that hour and a half want to take it again. Oh, yeah. It's d-. Did that too? Yeah. Well, don't drink coke. Yeah. And it it does work. Pretty good. Good. Yeah. So where can people look up? Hammer nutrition dot com, and we you know, we have just a a wide variety of everything from supplements to you know, with coenzyme q ten we've got some essential branched chain amino acids for recovery, you know, a little bit of everything there, and it's pretty well versed on our website fact, very well versed than the websites cool kits to. Yeah. Yeah. For the ladies there sports. Bras are awesome. Nice in light. I wouldn't know about you. You have clothing specific low. Oh, yeah. Closing so cheap. I mean, it's the quality of it is you're going to pay almost double anyplace else. Okay. You know, I asked Brian Frank said, Brian how can we sell that so cheap? 'cause I know what the stuff like villa layer what that costs he says advertising advertising name because I noticed hammer stuff when I see it under like is everybody sponsored where Napa you don't need to be sponsored you can buy that stuff. You can just buy and they have the the try tops the tops. I have a base layer. That's a hammer. Chew covers. Yeah. A little bit of everything. You know, going back to the gels to we have these flasks and. I just mentioned. Somebody offered me. Gel. Somebody offered me a blackberry for hand right before. Blackberry. Brandy doesn't freeze. So you know, and fireball like those are my shoes. But yeah, it's usually about Lee that person whoever that may be. Nothing really drink this during race only when I have to walk up the hills. Do you have a blackberry flavored Joe, maybe need blackberry? Brandy where we do have a Huckleberry. Okay. That's it's number one seller. There might be a reason for it. You're kidding number one. No raspberry Huckleberry, apple cinnamon. Oh. And not all over vanilla as nut. He's all nut chocolate. Okay. It's pretty good about the coffee ones before because I thought that would taste Espresso Espresso. Yeah. You know, I gave some Espresso to race director. And I said now set these out at about ninety miles on your one hundred mile race. Because that's when feeble indeed it when they're saying give me off this bike. And actually, I do use that myself. Yeah. At the later portion when I would do I earn man racists that lasts six miles of the iron man after you know, you know, I started doing them later on and it was so much better than coal. Yeah. Yeah. Def- isil coke. Just doesn't cut it. You're done with the sweet flavors at some point. Yeah. It's nice. You have a range of different flavors that you can use in in plain, your I'd like that too. And you know with with the gels from a manufacturing standpoint. You know, we can only do so much without sugar. And if you look on the back of our gels, you will see sugar because we can't take the sugar out of the raspberry. We can't take the sugar out of the Huckleberry Jerry and beats I assume that's a sugar, but it's natural not relying sugar from route now to refine sugar in likewise. Even in our bars. You'll see added sugar on those. But. It's yeah. Yeah. From the natural sugar. Well, yeah, I hope that, you know, this answer your questions that see and thanks for coming on Mark. And y'all do me a favor. If you decide you wanna go to hammer and buy some stuff use my referral code. Oh, yeah. You'll get fifteen percent off your first order. If you do the code is two nine one seven one one. And I think you need my Email address to get that as well. And that's be Mary posts at ten at Yahoo dot com. So weird. It's it's B as in boy. Right. And then Mary post is butterfly Sanish Gomez can throw it down. But yeah, he'll put it in the show notes. And then you have my Email to if you have any questions on fan mail. Yeah. What what I use? Because I'm going to be testing a lot of new stuff because I'm looking at doing hundred mile or races this year versus the fifteen mile all out this. I'm gonna be. Work in progress. Learning this whole nutrition thing myself different world and the longer the race the more that plays into effect. Yeah. I mean the difference between winning a race and not winning a race at the iron man level was definitely who's got the nutrition down. Yeah. The difference between the Alaska I did a bike. I'm sure has to do with nutrition anymore or even finishing a race. And absolutely even finishing a race. Keep you going. Yeah. Because a lot of people drop out of those. So if you're feeling good, and you yeah. I plan your nutrition. Right. Your body can keep it moving. Yeah. I'm sure nutrition plays a huge partner. Yeah. Great. So thank you again for coming on the show, Mark appreciate having you. Thank you for having me. Let's take a break. And when we come back. It's salsa sponsored athlete. Crystal Kovacs, you're about to get checked by the ice Queen on fat bike radio network. We're back with Christy Kovacs Griswold. Welcome to the show. Thank you for having me. Come welcome. So shall we just just bounce right into? Our friend, Adam blaze questions. So I would like to joke that we only have one listener. But I think we have three. Toler listener will now how one goes from fifty mile gravel race to a to a full salsa sponsorship in one trip around the sun. There's a little bit of background before the fifty mile race about four years ago. Our family decided we want to start riding bikes we wanted to find something as a family that mom and dad could do with the boys instead of sending on the sidelines cheering we are actually immersed in the sport with them. So we started that I had road the Mata. Hey, one fifty prior to the land run fifty. I'd done some mountain bike racing. And then I killed my husband doing single-track. So we found grabble with titan of something that we could both do this still headed venture. So we went to the land run the first time in two thousand seventeen wide. I had no idea. What I was in for. I'd heard it was rough. It was game changing for me. I met people. I'd only seen on Facebook and social media. I got to be part of it. Bobby's speech was on Spiring and went out, and we rode and when I got done I told my husband on the ride home. I want to help other people lead elective lead active lifestyle be healthy and ride bikes. I can't do it on my own. I've only ridden salsa cycle. So I sent a note to Mike Rimmer. I said Mike, I want you to help me help you. Oh my goodness. So that kind of started the whole ball rolling. We did dirty conza after that we did dairy ruby at home. And I just kept telling Mike Mike, I want to help other women find bikes. What was your first started up? I started on bear grease. Okay. Actually, I started on track. And then we bought a muck luck. Okay. And we went to the bike shop, and they had a bear grease. They said tried out. Well, the muck look on a new home fair agrees. Yes. And the crease came home with us, and that's greasy. And I wrote greasy on the Mata. Hey, I wrote him on the single track. I didn't know any different went to MOAB Utah with six months of experience under our belt, Billy at poisons, spiders like you have well. We wrote Sedona we did white rim on it. And then we bought a Spearfish for the single track. And then the cutthroats. For gravel. Yes. And the land Ryan is in Stillwater, Oklahoma. So you can actually say you could get a t shirt and say still of my life changed on a bicycle and Stillwater Oklahoma. We write a country song later, we could could pick enough beer. So. One of the things that like blew my mind when I got to meet you on the internet was your talent is a photographer. And I know that that did you show Mike and Mike or any of your photos because he's a big stock for two. Specifically. No. We sent a lot of pictures in. And that was one of the things I kept telling Mike is I'm visible until she'll media and and good photography good. Chris photography's lit. Well. You know, it's like, yes. Thank you pixels. Thank you for twenty five years. That's all it's all I've ever done is take pictures, we traveled throughout the United States about forty weeks a year. And actually a lot of what I learned on the road doing that a place to biking pick a line, you write it. Whether it's good or bad. Sometimes it goes. Well, sometimes it does not so well, but so this is a fulltime job traveling and biking, and well, my full time job is at home taking pictures of families in newborns. Okay. And then we get to bike on the site. Oh nice. When you do the travel with that quite and photo photography 'cause she to took pictures of horses intra Sasha and jumping horses and actually just do quarter horses and paints. There you go. And we do we used to do forty weeks a year, we do two shows a year now. Shows you know, that I'm out. Shmaya? But I know offensive fancy word here and there. So how do you feel you fit into the into salsas concept of adventure bike now the question from our friend like I think I fit right into the venture bike. I think it's different adventure than the elite athletes that salsa has, but it doesn't make it any less of an adventure. When I was riding in the races like land run in dirty Kanza. I think there's some great adventures happening in that back third pack. Just because you're not the winner doesn't mean at the end of the day. You didn't have a great adventure. And you didn't have a great race. We also bike pack with our family. So we at that adventure to the whole scheme of it biking has changed our lives. And I think that we do have all kinds of adventure just different than what some people perceive a salsa athlete would have for an adventure. Doesn't make any less one. Just different. There are days when I'm out. I was out in Arkansas, I've been checking out some of their Emba epic trails, and sometimes I find myself on these trails at like fifty miles long, you know, and it's an all day ride. And I just keep thinking to myself, so epic. This is like this is why I live like this is what I live for this is so mazing I had done this challenge. And you know, it wasn't a race or anything. It was just a challenge. So I actually had chances right around with a lot of people, and it is such an adventure so fun, and everybody's chitchat in one of the things they did is they stopped at the top of this tower, and they had eight station there. And they were they're cooking. Burgers, drinking beer that music plan. It was like a dance party and the bikes or sitting on the side is like. And we're in the middle of the woods just like the Tabas mountain like just partying up. It was it was such an adventure. And you just to do it all day long. Didn't care your dirty and your wet your phone down and creeks. Yeah. You don't doesn't matter. No, all of that leaves. And I think that's what biking has brought to me. I can have the worst day in the office, and I can go and get on my bike and only ride ten miles. Maybe from where I started. But I can literally feel it leave and single-track is my nothing box. Doesn't matter. If I'm on my bike when I do it doesn't matter. If I'm on my Spearfish is my nothing box. I can't think about anything other than what's right in front of me. Doesn't matter when didn't have practice tonight. Doesn't matter. What Bill isn't paid? It's it's just there. And I think that that's part of our adventure. Like you. I wrote in Utah, and I've smiled literally for ten hours a day because it's just you stop and you go while I'm really here. I'm really in this immense. Horizon of a place in I'm standing here with my bike. And when you're either walking or biking in you're not in a car to me on the white room trail is a totally different experience because you're small and you realize how small you really are. So yeah, I I totally get that. When I I take a lot of road trips to get to new trails, and I call it new trail day and something happens to be about twenty minutes. Like when I see them only twenty minutes out to be able to ride a new trail like my hair, sit, you know, the hair's arstan on and I can already feel the adrenaline pumping and sitting there permit-granting like I'm like a little kid about to get to go play with my buddies or so he's like oh my God. This is going to be such a a big day. We did the Mata. Hey, one fifty. We did it over six day stage race they had not had anyone do that previously. And so they contacted us. And I said you hide love to do it. And we'll pin Pugh, and we'll help you. And so each night, we wrote about thirty miles a day. And then we camped in one of the campgrounds in the for national park national forest and grasslands and then the next day, we'd get up rider, bike smile all day. Get to the next one my husband sagged for us. So we had someone doing that. We started out. It was one hundred twenty degrees in the beauts when we ended. It was thirty seven I think was a high in the last day trail, it is just an incredible place. So what's it like to be a, salsa sponsor athlete? It for me is a literal pinch me experience. We went to land run was my first event. Actually, we went to a fete bike camp in Hayward in December and helped ladies who had never rode. It was aimed at novice intermediate writers. I helped the ladies and the novice category. We sent a correspondent at that. Yeah. The amazing someone on the Burki course. Right. Yes. Yes. And we did the camp beforehand with salsa. It was I opening to me, but I could relate to them. And for me to be able to stand in front of him. When they look at me, I'm protocal I have a body style that matches a lot of their body styles, and they go I can follow her if she can do this. I can do this. So it was nice still correspond to the ladies. Mike group. One of them went out and bought a fete bike. We gifter. She had to have a burgers. So she and she did go back and do the tour which was great. So there was someone who we got to actually physically reach out, and touch and we got her butt on a bike. And she's now writing. Cool being also sponsored athlete for me. Is a pinch me. I get to be with people people can relate to me. They can come up and talk to me, it's been great. I ride my bike a ton post a bunch of pictures about it. We have a ton of elite athletes on our team I've gotten to meet those we got to stay in a house, which Peter very met Aker. It's still water. That was pretty cool was amazing. Is amazing in person a phone? It was really intimidating I, but we came into land run as the purse big event being a little I was intimated about it. And we left as part of the salsa family. I can't say great things about how they treated us. So what's your favorite part about being an adventure? Cyclist finding somewhere new. We spent two weeks every summer with our children, and we go to a different national force to restore we spent that fourteen days totally removed from human life other than our own for people, we go where there's no one around which is getting harder to do as time goes on. But we go where there's no one around we pack up. What we need. Do. You have an RV. Nope. We take truck each one gets a fifty five liter drag you can put as much crap as you want in it. You get a list for the boys. How old are they sixteen and seventeen. And if you ask them if they'd rather take a fortification to Wisconsin dells or spend two weeks with mom and Nick out in the middle of nowhere. They'll tell you every single time in the middle of nowhere. I believe that. I you know, I got a trip plan to Jamaica in October, but it's ending up on the same weekend. As like a this big adventure race in Arkansas. And I don't wanna go to Jamaica just want to drive down to. Hiding for four days listener just through their beer. Sorry. Real world was Nurul problems. I I roll problems. That's it so crystal so who do you think more addicted to social media? Not me. Food you posed you post a lot I do as much as me. I think. But for fourteen days, I go away from it. And I don't miss it. Right. Well, that's good. So cold Turkey Turkey. You're are you texting like extra hard? On the way out there. No, we market our photography, businesses, social media. So for that reason, I'm on it and part of the Celso sponsored athlete program is that you post about what you're doing. I'm on it for that reason. But for my own personal reason, I could walk away tomorrow and be perfectly content. I told you. Can be. All right. So I want you talked about the nothing box. And when you're done with work, you go out there, and I do that to riding some of the same places. I bring my dogs as one of the few. Time to bring my dogs in their off leash ad. They can do some really cool, and you have a trail dog a shy trail document in the shop last. I shy in the shop. Anyways. She her name is Maggie make is a standard poodle, which people have negative connotations about but maggie's standard poodle. She wants to be really social. But as you saw she's not. People don't think of poodles a trail dog no hunting dog, man. It is. And she she would hunt. She rides with me not on gravel. But when we go on single tracks show ride with me, ten to fifteen miles very simply she has a liver disease. So are the other day goes will how many miles you ride with her? We can like fifty miles a week about five zero. Yeah. The pets. Pets. Poodles get new. Yeah. Well, my gonna be jealous. How did this? You're supposed to interject this these color commentary, and like be like you got you got. So when you say she's too fast for friends. Yes, she is faster friends, obviously. Letter get away with that comment, but you're buying so. Couch. Also puts narrowed road what's up with that couch is the to me the best marketing. Thanks also might have ever done. Shays lounge. Everybody has posted pictures of themselves on that damn count. No, they're all over. I was like what is this all there is a racist weekend. There must have been because everybody's sitting on a couch in the middle of the vote. You know, like the should maybe put in clear vinyl stuff on there. You know? It's always a nice one. It is a velvet velvet teen. Yes. This year. I think it was mile eighty two or eighty three about mile seventy five I think I v it in a mud puddle. And I mean, I v in the mud puddle from head to toe teeth. Swallowed. Oh, yeah. I stunk like mud those pictures, man. Yeah. My bike. It was an epic wreck. Anyway, I came to the which is a half a mile further. I think and the guys at the of drinking tequila all day, and I was pretty deep in the race. And it was been sunny were drunk. No, I don't know. Other people drink too key Lapan they were. On the J. My wreck might Shifter. So I had a single speed with no brakes we walked and rode very slowly literally could walk faster than I could ride to the chase. And I sat down on in amazingly enough. Maybe I was the dirtiest person. But when I got up there was no tracks. So they changed it this year. It is gold colored. Okay. Different one for every race. But is also chase lounge. Right. It is. It is. Okay. Yeah. I decided only what's going on more than one can fly. Big red van. Do they rent it out for the weekend? Just go to whatever town the races in and go to the second hand stars. They can find into the the first Victoria now steel. Everyone has one Shays the love seat. All right. So your whole family, right? And you travel all over, and you take vacation you wanna give them a shout out. You're gonna be like, yo. So last. Yeah. Hey, Dan, Britain, Nick last year. I went to decay alone, the sheer the four of us are right. Well, everyone wrote it decay last year, but they all rode I rode the hundred and Dan road the hundred of which he was one of the youngest people to finish last year at sixteen the sheer all four of us are the hundred so Yup, they're -cation this year. We're headed back to the UP. We are going to finish up at the crusher. I knew you're doing something. Okay. So I'm doing the crusher you're doing the loan gonna try. Hey, man, if I'm gonna jump into endurance. I'm here we go. We just dive right in two hundred thirty five miles thirty six hours. I think we're going to ride that same wrote is a bike pecking experience the week before you let me know how it is. I will because I'm gonna have to get it done in two days. Here we are layout. Yeah. They're so funny up in the UP. They call it everything they do is enhanced. So it's like a gravel. It's enhanced it. Yeah. It's a it's a gravel bike race. But it's an Hance credible bike race, which means like they're single track. I mean, you need a draft post. We're going from copper harbor to Marquette. Yes. Oh tat's. Okay. Beautiful. So beautiful say they'll never read and UP without adapt proposed again, just because of the stuff that happens up there. And it's true. It's all true. Both doing that. Cool. That's awesome. So no Iceland. We are talking about going to rift the weekend after oh my gosh. Shutdown. A lot more expensive that no I did not see that. This is this is in. Is in July. Yep. It's my husband's sixty fifth weekend birthday. I can't think of a better way to celebrate it the nicely. So far, we've not exchanged any monies with anyone to do it. I did have a long talk with Matt at Stillwater. They're taking a group from Grand Rapids and going actually a fairly large group. We've talked about getting a group from this area and going looks extreme that does look enhanced. I gotta talk to Mike if he. Not a salsa sponsored event, but mad Akers. So. Yeah. But all the cool people are going. Yes. Well, all right. Do you have any other questions for this young lady for we do you have any other sponsors that you wanted to give a shoutout to before? We I do not I take an job with Bora t more. Okay, that's been really cool. But otherwise, no I dig their stuff. They got good cats. They do do really take. They make up for the big bone. People. Well, I think what are we going to talk about next. We're actually going to we're gonna talk about Arkansas and Texas you to just jet said and your by sagas all over the country. So are you going to stay for that crystal? I think I'm going to step out. All right. Well, thank you for coming in really great having you think? Yes. Every spring. I take off outta Wisconsin to try and find some some dry dirt because we don't have any. We're stuck in the freeze thaw zone right now. And I'm not. We should go down to the Ozarks. I got a story about that some other time and we'll talk about today. We're talking about Arkansas or Texas. I went to both. So we drive down to the Austin area in Texas because Texas is going to be sunny. It's going to be eighty degrees. It's going to be dry. Yeah. It was eighty and sunny all week. When is wonderful this this week. I just got back yesterday shit. I thought there bitching about like forties right now. Maybe that happened today. But not when I was. Sunshine. So it's always fun to take that spring break get out of here and find some dirt, especially when you get your brand new bike. I got a new as works epic specialized full suspension brain in the front and the rear with the hydra Hobbs, and I nine wheels. So this thing is fast ninety finally got two tester. Wheel says twenty nine twenty nine twenty. So there's actual brains ABS, yeah. Sure smarter than me. I don't have to do anything. They know what this breaks are not. Well, yes. So I got to test out my new new bike down there. I like to I like, Texas because I like all the rocks and the features that they have it. It keeps you focused on the trail in really less. You see what a bike can handle this. Yeah. It's it's pretty drive down there. A lot of their trails are on people's ranches. So these people just have a tunnel land in there. They a lot of times out be riding, and they'll be Texas Longhorn right on the trail. I'm like, oh, excuse me, sir. Get by now. Because when there's a lot of cow manure though. Yeah. You gotta dodge the common newer, the rocks and all all these ranches sound very similar like there's rocky hill ranch flat rock ranch flat creek ranch. Broth buffalo creek ranch. So these are all side of Austin. Yeah, they're private. Yeah. And so you pay like ten bucks, and they and you know, it's kinda like a donation, and then you have a restroom and shower they're usually for ya. And it's on it's on people's land. And they just take really good care of it. And they're usually about seven to fifteen mile loops so. You're not getting the huge epic rides. Like, you are Arkansas where you're putting down a fifty mile day and not touching the same trail. But you're doing loops. And I the rock features are just so much fun. And when I say like rocks. I like rocks that are firmly embedded into the ground. No. So you can right. So you can ride whereas an Arkansas a lot of their rocks are loose. Yes. So it can make it really sketchy. But yeah, there's a lot of really great places to go. And well, yeah, I know about this because I'm going down Friday to scout for single speed USA, which is going to be an Austin. And we talked about, you know, some open stuff, but we might just rent one of these places and see if we can have lake when he's ranches for the weekend. Yeah. And and so they're they have a race series right next race series. They also have an endurance series. And those are located at a lot of these ranches. So that's what you do you'd rent their ranch, and you you know, you'd be able to have your event there. Reveille peak ranch. Does that all the time? Okay. Not only do they have mountain biking events, but the the Spartan races. They'll do weddings there. There's camping. So that's what we're looking for one of the camping. Did you ride Lance Armstrong's ranch? Yeah. So yeah, that's flat creek ranch. And that sucker is hard as hell, really. Oh my gosh. Yeah. I mean, if you wanna see what you really? Made of you go there, and it is just going to beat the shit out of you guys talk about your no spree. The what? The what? Doper for. Because I'm here. Ranches Lance is private. Okay. So and what you mean, it it isn't anymore. But it was. Oh, okay. I thought he's still I thought I don't think so. Okay. No. But they have a ton of avent's going down there. So I actually jump in to erase do raced. Yeah. They're yeah. They're in the middle of their race series right there. There's ends in may, you know, in mind starts in may because it's so hot, right. So we kinda just pop in one over at this place called flat rock ranch put on by storm cycles down there. And that's that's a fun one in these courses just guy you can rip. Really? Yeah. And then on the way back we stopped into Arkansas to do a little bit of writing. Okay. So it splits up the drive a little bit about halfway. Yeah. It's about eight hours from Austin. And then ten hours back to Madison Wisconsin, I looked at that. For think, I'm probably will do that. To probably stop there. But and you went to Arkansas, right? So where do you ride? What we stayed in Fayetteville because that's where the university isn't s where the cool bars were. And then we drove about thirty five minutes toback forty and slaughter pen. Yep. Yeah. We figured it was safer to walk to the bars than Dr. We stay stay where the bars are cooling, and when we ride, but yeah, it was I think saw Chad actually working while I was down there Chen Lindau ski that we had an show last roosted in with some gravel by now. He was putting a new engine in skid. Steer some hire a mini expect them postcards. Silly of the work that he's doing down there. It's never ending right at. Yeah. I mean and riding the stuff remember seeing some of the pictures of like where he was arming trail, you know, putting in climbs of rocks and bearing with gravel in writing those all that's cool. Now, I understand why. That's why that's something that you build. Yeah. I mean, I don't even know how much we rode but four or five hours each day. It was great and places cool. And I was worried about being a little bit wet because it was late March. But it was dry for you during the week. It didn't rate till Saturday. Right. The low spots had a little bit but not band. Nobody told you pretty mouth or now that's a different story. That's lost ought to watch. Now what she watch atop spelled. Oh, you A C H A. Yeah. So if you guys haven't been to Arkansas, it's absolutely a must go place. I mean, in fact, if I could move down there right now. I would I looked at jobs donor. I mean. They have like four epochs. Yeah. In Arkansas and three of them are within half an hour of each other. And it's a hotbed for magic crystals. Did you follow the crystals Iraq stand there, man? Taking that you're not saying. I have no. Talking about. But. Put rocks and sunlight give special powers like Gomez, not taking 0.00 CBD's. And in fact, he's he's had the probably the one point one maybe half an hour. You're right for twenty. How many people were out like even like when you have like a trail system appear like a few bikes or few cars in the parking lot. But the par levels folders. There was clinics going on Sundays. You know, like just the mount of people using that trail. I mean, they they're totally getting their money's worth from putting that stuff in. I mean, it was gorgeous everywhere. Oh, yeah. The the back forty I realized the reason I called the bag for us. It's basically going through people's backyards it is and it's forty miles. Thank. And it's and it's like epic is real writing. It's amazing. Yeah. It was great. Yeah. It's amazing. When you go someplace that actually has to be an actual exposed rock. It's such a it's such a refreshing. It's something you see in the magazines, and we don't get a lot here. Right. You know, we have a lot of dirt. So and it's only ten hours away like it's not far as a bad trip. Yeah. Yeah. Even even for a weekend trip. And there are so many amazing when I'm out there for five hours. All I can think of is. This is so epic. This is so this is so big go to Arkansas, I'm said, my Naff what what's the town. I wanna shoot for where do I wanna stay starts stale? Forget about forget about the going to the college bars. This is me talking. He's starting Bentonville. Yeah. And Ben Bill you've got slaughter pen. Which is a course that inter weaves throughout the town. You're driving up a road. And instead of seeing a sidewalk to your life. You see a pump track and into you're right? There's people hitting the jump line. And then you got the back forty which is about a twenty two mile loop through all the neighborhoods, and you cross some roads. But it's. Not annoying and then about half an hour south of there near Rogers is Hobbs, which is a really nice flow, e like, a fifteen mile course. And then about an hour and fifteen minutes southeast. You've got the buffalo headwaters, which is going to be a huge epic like type ride where you can get fifty four or five hours and. Attling place to my buddy, squirrel from from shot, squirrel. He had his social this week. So if you're saying, they'll you can hit all these there's Kessler mountain, and because of WalMart all the money that they're putting into it. They're continually growing trail. So by the time you get there. There's going to be even more knew right from here. I wish I go with you. Room for three more. Okay. If I retire at forty. Get a shack in the middle, Arkansas. But yeah. And I think you're asking the two wrong. We call it shall we get Brian on the line. I can bluetooth phone. Well, Bentonville is a little more expensive. And I think that's part of the reason that we stayed in Fayette that they'll to is because it's a little less expensive in college town. I think that the air changing your story though, dude in Bentonville is growing Ville is growing. Absolutely. Yeah. So Ben does a little more resort resort. He but just okay for resort during the week. It's packed with people because of the WalMart workers and then on the weekends. They go, you know, a drive home to where they live. Traffic during the week. And then, but a lot of people aren't actually living in Bentonville. But it's got your now. Yeah. And there's. Trek down there. The trail head was like two blocks original Walton store on the main square. Did you see that? Is there a kick ass bike shop down there? Or is there? The peddlers go WalMart by your your manga. Swing. Yeah. I don't think Mongoose is going to last too long there. Sure should change picture of her Mongoose have was jumped once. Crafted have. But then the other thing that you could do is you could do long weekend down near hot springs, which is much farther south in Arkansas. And you've got watch eat. The lane this trail, and then you've got the watch trail. So they're two different systems. And the the vista will kick your. Our one our one listener are one tenth of one listener in Arkansas, just through his beer, three DO. Washer Tozzi that was nothing dry counties. Just through shine. And then cried. And so we did this bride slash race is in Odin which has a population of two hundred thirty two people, Texas or Arkansas, this is an Arkansas, and it was a sixty mile or and what we did is you did the full Wambo. And then you you ride on these like, cheap roads and some open roads to get to watch a ta and so he wrote a portion of that. And then you're back on on road to get to the finish. So you got to ride to the epics in one day. Nice. It wasn't. It was incredible. And the people down there are so nice. We met the principal of the school. And what he did is he gave the gymnasium to all the writers and racer. So you could stay in the gymnasium if he didn't place. Stay. Oh, wow. There was a big fundraiser, you know, donations to school in the trail systems and whatnot. And. And then, you know, I'm chitchat and with a bunch of people in their telling me about more this trail in this town, you got Iron Mountain where marathon nationals was and north woods. And you gotta hit this like, oh, my God you need a month. Yeah. I think Arkansas has really embraced. What mountain biking has brought to the community. I mean, not only is it, you know, people come ride your trails, but they're spending money in bars. They're getting hotel rooms or buying food. Yeah. I really got the feeling down there that you know, that's what they want to be in. It's working. They like us. They welcome on. We're not in Neuilly on their walking hiking trail, right? Exactly. A lot of fun. So go to Arkansas. And if you don't want just stop there, then go to Texas a nonstop back at Arkansas before you, come back home. If you live in Wisconsin. If you. Easier to get some spring training, and then going all the way to Arizona, Ontario. Yeah. Typically, my group goes to like North Carolina or go to Colorado and the spring brain. That's where it's going to be dry. But now, it's like we have more drive with more trails that were probably Arkansas's it's going to be up there with fruita in MOAB and grand junction and Asheville less allocation, you don't have to just when you're at your spring, fitness your to eleven thousand feet eight thousand feet to migrate was all single season. And that the client or built so well jasmine a hell of a job you need a lot of elevations without burning your legs there. He built everything so good. I think super pitchy. Right. The last for a long time, and you're gonna get some good elevations in the amount of time that you're out there. But you're not dying right? Right. And then you get rewarded heavily. You're going down these downhills for minutes. Yes. Just wind e and you're flying rocks. And you gotta. You gotta rub your speed a little bit because they actually built in some doubles, and you need to like if if you're not comfortable being off the ground be a little careful because this show has a lot of like abstract Superfund bike riding talk to it. Yes. I wonder if our listeners gonna get that because I'm over here said damn. Swoopy bike ride. He stuff. You guys have been talking about a lot about like yoga being in that in that anti box. Yes. Yeah. I never heard that one before. But I never either living in being in the moment, you know. But maybe that's just like, wait. To be on dirt. Yeah. Hey, well, don't make fun of. He is because I'm feeling it, man. I was hell outta here. Go get yourself some dirt and feel good and immediately shit done in Arkansas taxes in Texas, the comeback as April twenty eighth role in the beach party up in Washington never. You need to do this rocking beach funder. Oh, two bands to beach rides. Maybe PetSmart J with gnome, foo. And and when we did this race last time, I think there is snow like just after derby have huge bluffs and massive houses on your left and wide open ocean on your lake on your rate, and yeah, it's a cool experience. When there's just a couple of other things that I mentioned here on Cinco two mile. They're evan. I'm beach cleanup down on the beach. August one through four the kill walkie division of the bike ribbon society is holding the bikes about and maybe a goat killer west Alica that does west Aleka. I believe the Facebook page has the nomenclature of killed lucky. You know that could change nice job. Dave and there's a hazy rumor going around about gnome fast happening lettuce mountains. Like I heard rumor August twenty first to the twenty third Ben October eighteenth. I know we're going way out there. But we got this really cool thing happening down in science where we have a hotel and conventioneers area that is right on the beach right in the middle of our beach, right there that is gonna let us have a ballroom and bans if we want DJ f we want so be tried. I don't know what is way too far to think of that when we're gonna I've I'm gonna call this the haunted beach bash because the the hotel that is on the beach is also super haunted, really. And so that's not going to be the name of it, though, the farmer by prominent isn't well, this is the prelims to buy problem. Oh, which is going to be a year from now. I think this probably we should probably save that for another show. But now on you know, you get your you'd raid your closet and your wife pulls out the old bridesmaids dresses, and you go to sell they Schneier media paisley, tux and. We could close with our pinkies out at cetera like that. Like that. So that's all we have this week on our show has been brought to you by the official bike rack of that bike radio. What up USA whenever I see that? I when I see a one up USA in amac of a car say, that's a nice rack. Downs as devil like you'll rack. Check us out on Instagram at fat bike dot com. Sweet dreams. Bitches? Replace the vicious. He doesn't. PG thirteen. I saw. Spun? I think we all swear we all see all supposed to swear, by the way. By way, we got out of that before it had to admit lay a kick my ass and number that was not written into the show. And you never brought it up. To whole lug out. What did he say? I was sorry. Poster. Sour grapes. That what I said. Yeah. Blame spinner for that. That'd be good.

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Roadside Cow Rules

The Daily Beans

56:11 min | 2 months ago

Roadside Cow Rules

"The hello and welcome to the daily beans for monday. August second twenty twenty one today. Massive news dumped from the department of justice friday as we got the handwritten notes from trump phone call. He made pressuring main justice to call the election corrupt. The department of justice is suing texas governor. Greg abbott over his unconstitutional executive order. State department trump appointee. Federico klein has been arrested for storming the capital january. Six and assaulting an officer three members of congress failed to disclose twenty two million dollars in stock trades required by law off. Give you two guesses what party. They belong to kevin mccarthy physically threatened. Nancy pelosi the fraud in. Pennsylvania has hit a roadblock douche crew leader. Madison cawthorn tried to board a plane with a gun as a congressional aide files an unrelated ethics complaint against him and rep corey. Bush slept outside the us capital in an appeal to her colleagues in congress to return to washington and vote to extend the federal fiction moratorium. I'm your host alison gill so a little. Bit of news happening over the weekend. Since the last time we spoke on the beans. At least i did go over. Some of the stuff on muller she wrote. Dana is out this week but amanda reader will be joining us for the good news segment later in the show. I'll be in new york this weekend. And i will host a cocktail hour in person. Live for patrons somewhere in lower manhattan. We will email patrons the location details and we're going to send that to the email address you signed up with on patriots so check your junk mail and if you're not a patron and want to become one and come meet up this friday you'll get first of all commit up this friday. We also get ad free episodes of this show the night before they come out plus ad free early episodes of muller she wrote and the msw book club as well as access to our private social media discussion groups and like i said invites to live meet ups like the one. I'll be hosting this weekend in new york your support by the way it keeps us going and helps us pay our staff amazing wages along with vacations and healthcare so thanks to everyone that is able to support us. We appreciate you if you want to join up head over to patriot dot com slash the daily beans all right. I have as you heard a ton of news to get to. So let's hit hot notes. Hot notes all right. Friday was an incredible day for news. Especially if you've been waiting patiently to see whether merrick garland is going to focus from the trump administration accountable or ignore the past in the interest of quote unquote moving forward. Most of the news has already been poured over on the weekend shows including muller she wrote. I said where. I spoke to andrew mccabe about it so check out yesterday's episode. Please subscribe to mullah. She wrote if you haven't but let me go over the highlights about the department of justice last friday. I remember on fridays beans which we recorded thursday. I told you there is now evidence of phone calls. That trump made to former acting attorney. General jeff rosen in which. He pressured the department of justice to help him. Overturned the twenty twenty election results trump was calling him near daily and they also said in the washington post notes from that call could be released to congress within days. Well it was released to congress within twenty four hours. They they sent them on friday and the congress promptly made those public after the department of justice. Sent letters to jeffrey rosen. And richard donahue and other former trump department of justice officials saying that it would not invoked executive privilege and allow them to testify fully to congressional committees. They release those handwritten contemporaneous notes of richard donahue that he took during a phone. Call between trump and rosen to discuss. You know how to call the election corrupt and like i said congress got those notes immediately made them public. So i let me see. If i describe how unprecedented it is for an 'institutionalised like merritt garlan to stand up and say the department will not invoke executive privilege. That is a big fucking deal. A second to released documents official department of justice documents that would normally be subject to executive privilege to release those to congress especially documents that expose corruption in the department of justice is a huge deal. We were all sort of assuming based on some of the previous decisions garland has made that he would never release anything that could give the institution of black eye but he did on friday and as you probably know by now. The notes show that trump told the department of justice to simply announce election corruption. Just say it was corrupt without any evidence and that he and his republican friends in congress would quote unquote do the rest and that was just ten days before the insurrection. Meaning trump was pushing the department to simply state. The election was corrupt. So that he and his allies like jim jordan. For example could oppose the results in congress with the blessing basically of the justice department. That is a huge abuse of power weaponization of the justice department to overturn a free and fair election. The note show that the call was pretty much identical to the one trump had with zilenski that he was impeached. For and trump. Threatened rosen on the call. By the way kind of insinuating with a lincoln and odd that he could be easily replaced with. Clark trump named a few republicans in congress including perry jim jordan and ron johnson and that kind of implicates them as far as i'm concerned call them a fighter or you know. They're they're they're on my side. Basically i expect we might see more notes of other calls. Maybe from perhaps mark meadows. But i think he was on that call to. We'll wait and see but there could be more either way. This shows that the department of justice is not willing to ignore wrongdoing in the interest of moving forward and preserving the institution right. Although i tend to think that this kind of accountability and apparently sodas merrick garland. This kind of accountability actually does preserve the institution. And i'm glad they made this call. Good call and in response. The citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington is filed a criminal complaint. And that's you know based on all of the not just the notes. But i mean that's a huge giant chunk of documentary evidence. This is from crews website. The department of justice should investigate whether former president trump and former white house chief of staff mark meadows violated federal criminal law by attempting to weaponize the department of justice as part of their larger campaign to overturn the results of the twenty twenty presidential election. And that's according to a complaint filed today by crew news reports and recently released internal department of justice e mails reveal trump and meadows engaged in public and private campaign to pressure federal and state government officials to use their authority to instigate frivolous investigations into voter fraud file baseless lawsuits challenging the validity of the election in several states and commit election fraud with the intent of overturning the presidential election which appears to have violated criminal civil rights law trump and meadows also appear to have violated criminal provisions of the hatch act by illegally pressuring and attempting to coerce high ranking department officials to advance a partisan political agenda to affect the outcome of the election. Interesting although if the president violates the hatch act nobody can really do anything about it quote. These alarming and illegal acts were part of a broader conspiracy to deprive american citizens of their right to vote and to have their votes counted. Now see that's different than the law. I was quoting over the weekend with when i talked to andy mccabe which was seditious conspiracy. But they're saying this is deprives american citizens their right to vote and have their votes counted ultimately. They continue this pattern of misconduct aimed at undermining. The democratic process culminated in the seditious attack on the united states capitol on january six twenty twenty one that is Noah bookbinder president of crew. He also says government officials who try to subvert our republic and undermine democratic rule must be held accountable to the full extent of the criminal law. Right it's a gross abuse of power too late to impeach him. He's gone although you can impeach a former president although we know that the senate now will vote no because they've already voted not to convict an impeachment on a former president. That was the only reason for not convicting trump of the insurrection. Citing the insurrection. He's a former president. You can't impeach his former president you can. But that was their only excuse. They'll they would use it again. If we tried to impeach him and the reason we would try to impeach him again other than duty being duty-bound to do so is to block him from running again but we know the senate will just use the same excuse and something else that they can't you know they can't like say all this one's really bad so we're going to convict him because then the question. Why didn't you convict the former president before the insurrection was pretty bad guys and i say guys because most of them are and something else. The department of justice did friday. They issued a new office of legal counsel memo saying that the treasury needs to hand over trump's taxes to the house ways and means committee. If you remember years ago. Richie neal the house ways and means chair asked for trump's taxes and even though under law he didn't need legislative purpose he gave one and a real good one too. He said that they needed to assess the effectiveness of the presidential tax audit program. You know everyone who's running for president automatically gets their tax returns audited day. Just didn't say anything seems like the programs pretty fucking ineffective so rich was like we need to see those so that we can determine if the if the audit that they did on these was worth anything or good or if we got the right information. Now trump sued to block this languished in court as we know for years but the department of justice is no longer fighting that fight on behalf of the former president and has issued this memo to the treasury. Janet yellen is the chair there to release the returns to the house ways and means. That's another huge indicator that this department of justice isn't dead set on polling shitty calls bill barmaid. Because my you know. I was like why is he doing this. Wisey duo because bill barmaid made those calls and he does want to overturn a former justice department official. Will he is here so we know he can do it. So that's massive news. And we should remember he can and he has and he should again if that weren't enough. The justice department sued texas and republican governor. Greg abbott in federal court. Late friday over the state's effort to restrict travel of undocumented immigrants. A july twenty eighth executive order signed by abbot would severely disrupt federal immigration operations in texas and is invalid because states cannot take action to preempt enforcement of federal law. That's according to the lawsuit attorney. General merrick garland urged abbott in a very forcefully worded letter thursday to withdraw his executive order when the governor declined they filed suit. That's july twenty eighth. Executive order took two days to file that suit something else. We should make a note of the doj doesn't have to take months to file a lawsuit. They did this one in two days. The lawsuit said the federal government depends on contractors and non-government organizations known as ngos to move immigrants around the state so that they can attend hearings are travel if they are released by customs and border protection because customs and border protection. Stations are designed to hold people only for a short time. They have to be transferred. These people in the rio grande valley in that sector alone. Cb p. used contractors to move nearly one hundred twenty thousand people since last october contractors also transfer unaccompanied children from homeland security facilities to the custody of resettlement authorities quote. The massive federal immigration operations in texas depend heavily on the ability of the federal government and its contractors graentiz and partners to transport non-citizens and far from preventing the spread of cova lawsuits said abbot's executive order would likely make things worse by curtailing the ability of immigrants to get medical care and testing. The order would also worsened congestion in border facilities. According to government lawyers the justice department asked a federal judge to immediately block ads. Executive order until the case can be heard when reached for comment attorney general maryland. Said how you like me now. We'll be right back with more news. He didn't really say that. I'm just throwing that in there. But we will be right back with more news right after this quick break. Stay with us. Hello daily beans listeners. it's alison gill unum his ag. The bulk of today's products are mass. Produced you against this. They end up in landfills. it's unsustainable it's bad for the environment it's bad for workers and the focus in this. You know fast. Fashion industry is making them quickly and cheaply and they've nor quality and functionality but our sponsor today american giant has set out to bring the bus craftsmanship and attention to detail back to the marketplace. The ceo and founder bayard winthrop was determined to make their best shirt possible because he wasn't satisfied was available on the market american giant's best-selling premium slug tease. Iconic silhouette is made in the united states with quality care made with custom heavyweights slugged fabric. That is non see through and non torquing unlike other slab. 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That is fifteen percent off when you use code. Daily beans at american dash giant dot com. You'll be glad you did all right. Everybody welcome back. A political appointee of the former guy has been arrested on charges that he stormed the us capitol on january six and assaulted an officer with a weapon again. I'll repeat that very first few words there in case you missed him a political appointee of president. Donald trump has been arrested assaulted. An officer with a with a weapon stormed the capital. This is the first arrest of a trump administration official in connection with the attack on the capital federico. Guillermo klein former state department official made an initial appearance by teleconference on friday before us. Magistrate judge for rookie in washington. Where prosecutors said they would seek to jail him pending trial at a hearing next wednesday. Seems to be a pattern here. Anyone who assaulted an officer violently stormed the capital. They're trying to hold trying to remain in jail way to await trial the court papers obtained by the post. Detailed klein's alleged conduct throughout the siege of the capital tracing his apparent movements and actions from using a police shield to try to pry door open to calling for reinforcements from the crowd to losing his maga- hat looking for it and then grabbing another one on the ground that turned out to not be his client's arrest the most direct link yet between the trump administration and the rioters despite attempts by some conservatives to disassociate the insurrection from from trump many of the three hundred plus people who've been charged in connection with the insurrection have described themselves as trump supporters while some have ties to extremist groups. Like the proud boys which canada has by the way designated a terrorist group and the oath keepers and the three percenters klein who is also a former trump campaign. Employees did not respond to requests for comment. A state department spokesman said klein served as a political appointee in the department from twenty seventeen until his resignation in january quote. This is being investigated by the fbi and they are the appropriate agency to answer questions specific to the charges. That's what clients spokesperson said. Klein had a top secret security clearance. It was renewed in two thousand nineteen ellington profile. The fbi identified as klein's also listed top security clearance and shows. That klein has been politically active in the republican party since at least two thousand eight when he began volunteering for political campaigns before joining the state department in two thousand seventeen as i said klein worked for the trump campaign which paid him a fifteen thousand dollar salary in other insurrection news. A federal judge in dc erupted in anger bench slapped a january six right defendant and his lawyer friday afternoon for refusing to cooperate. The court officials safety requirements on covert. Didn't want to wear a mask quote. You may not believe in the virus. Even though six hundred thousand people have died. I'm not going to be part of spreading this virus because of what you don't believe the judge said that was none other than judge reggie walton. But he did not. Immediately incarcerate daniel goodwin. That is a san francisco web designer accused of taking part in the insurrection. The judge said he would give goodwin one more chance to comply even as the defendant insisted he would not. I've never seen a lawyer sentence something like you've sent walton. Said you will not do it again. The lawyer hall said he did not regret his actions because his client was really upset about the possibility of going back to jail. Boo fucking hoo and rising out of the insurrection. And the near miss we had where the doj could have called twenty twenty corrupt but held firm. You know we've been feeling the ripple effects of the big lie in the form of not just the insurrection but hundreds of voter suppression bills and of course corrupt third party election audits in places like arizona where the bullshit is gonna cost taxpayers nearly ten million dollars and now in pennsylvania where we recently reported trump supporters. Were going door to door intimidating voters. I'm still waiting for the department of justice lawsuit to block that shit. Here's a bit of good news. The pennsylvania republicans ever to launch a ballot audit of the two thousand twenty results in the keystone state has hit a roadblock after three counties or declining to hand over their election materials voting machines earlier this month. Pennsylvania state senator doug master yano asked philadelphia county to yoga county and york county to just voluntarily hand over their materials ranging from router logs to voter rolls to ballot production and tabulation equipment. He said thirty first deadline for their responses. And on friday the philadelphia city commissioners voted to send a letter tomasz triano instead declining to participate in his forensic investigation. Both your kentucky counties also declined to provide the requested materials citing of variety of concerns. Lisa daily the chairwoman of the city commissioners office wrote to mastery on on a letter saying the board cannot agree to the undertaking of your proposed review. The county's election equipment among other things. There's no claim that philadelphia counties election systems or processes were compromised nor is there any basis to jeopardize the constitutionally mandated secrecy of the votes cast by city of philadelphia residents to expose the tax payers of the city to tens of millions of dollars in additional and unanticipated expenses or risk the variability of philadelphians to cast ballots in future elections. If philadelphia's systems were decertified montano has options for pursuing his audit despite the early pushback from counties he has said in media interviews that he's inclined to seek subpoenas for election materials if counties declined to hand them over voluntarily to do so he'll need support from other republicans on his committee when the state senate convenes in the fall. Moscow did not respond to requests for comment one of the most pressing concerns county. Cited in the refusal to participate was the cost they could potentially incur the pennsylvania department of state instructed counties earlier this month as we reported. Don't handle any anything over. don't hand over. The voting machines machines would be decertified encounter after replace them at their own expense. The acting secretary of state already decertified the voting system in pennsylvania's fulton county because it was subject to a post-election review by a third party in violation of pennsylvania's election code so we know the costs the letter from philadelphia commissioners notes that replacing their voting equipment alone would cost more than thirty five million dollars and well over a year to implement dealer. Wrote the cooperating. With australia's request would render it. Impossible for philadelphia to conduct the november twenty twenty one general election as well as the may twenty twenty two primary election that yoga county commissioners raise similar concerns saying they can't cooperate unless the state senate provides funds for new election machines. You got to pay for this out of your own fucking pocket. Republicans quote we are thus unable to grant you access to our machines without any help them you or the senate to replace them. That's a a letter from christopher. Gabriel that's that counties attorney that he wrote to montreal. Gabrielle told cnn it would cost more than a million dollars to replace their counties. Voting machines the york county board of commissions and its refusal to provide election. Material said it spent nearly two point seven million on voting equipment. In addition to citing cost concerns there commissioners raise questions about the companies that might conduct the ballot review and other chain of custody. Issues sounds familiar. They also question. Whether must yano had the authority to make such a request. And he's the chair. Of the state senate intergovernmental operations committee not the state government committee. And it's the state government committee which has jurisdiction over these issues. You don't even have jurisdiction bro. I hope the department of justice steps in now that we saw how fast they sued governor abbot over his bullshit immigration executive order. We know the doj accidentally. So i'm concerned why response other than multiple warning. Letters is taking so long all right. We have a bunch more news coming out of congress over the weekend. I'll go over that right after this quick break. Stay with us everybody. It's ag according to forbes businesses such as gyms nail salons hotels mom and pop shops and more are preparing to hire heavily in the coming months. In order to meet the heightened demand for these services personally. 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That's all formed dot com slash daily beans. Welcome back all right this weekend. Gop leader and renowned cowardly face. Kevin mccarthy said that if he were to become speaker of the house in two thousand twenty two it would be hard for him not to hit nancy pelosi with the gavel. He said quote. I want you to watch nancy. Pelosi hand me that gavel. It'll be hard not to here with it. He said that in some audio posted to twitter by a main street nashville reporter. The republican leader made the comments after he was handed an oversized gavel which seems like a joke by members of the tennessee congressional delegation while appearing at a fundraising event. Since he's not the speaker that seems an awful lot like participation trophy that his toxically emasculate supporters are always grabbing about. Yes i just made that up toxically. Masculine immaculate conception pelosi spokesperson and deputy chief of staff swiftly condemned the comments quote a threat of violence to someone who was a target of the january six assassination attempt from your fellow. Trump supporters is irresponsible and disgusting. And that is true choice. Vance tweeted about. This is hugely irresponsible. There were people calling for her assassination and her murder including marjorie taylor green by the way though. She's deleted that tweet. So please vote in twenty twenty two aunt in other news the leader of the dish crew. Hey less before we go. Can you just do our tag the only do charlotte clean my. Shes the douche. How do i do it. Madison cawthorn is living up to his name. I a heated confrontation between madison. Cawthorn and david mckinley. Who's another congressman overcoat. Sponsorship of a bill has escalated to mckinley staffer filing an ethics complaint against cawthorn according to sources familiar with the move. Now cawthorn as you know his his the group that he would drove his fast car around in college with women were warning. Don't go hang out with madison. Cawthorn is creepy and gross. They called him and his group of friends that douche crew. That's where i got that from. And as we know there are photos of him visiting. Like the hitler like he's just gross. He's just really gross anyway. Spat between these. Two congressmen came thursday afternoon when the freshmen cawthorn went to find mckinley in his office. To discuss what cawthorn says was his mistake in addition to a bill that he didn't want his name on you know that's that's very good reason to be a dick. No it's not. But when cawthorn found mckinley out of the office the youngest member of congress insisted that he you know go back take his name off there and they went back and forth and he and he did with the staff of mckinley as well yelling back and forth. the exchange was witnessed by multiple mckinley. Aides who saw cawthorn as raising his voice and dressing down there colleague. At one point he told the legislative staffer to lower her voice because she was speaking to a member of congress hula gross at so goethe the exact allegation the new ethics complaint that resulted is unclear. It now falls on the house ethics committee to decide whether or not to investigate the complaint and another dish crew news. Madison cawthorn had his gun. Taken by airport police will likely face a federal fine and loss of a special security status. Tapped and dish was attempting to board a plane february thirteenth. I guess for valentine's day when transportation security administration workers found. He had an unloaded gun in his. Carry on bag along with a loaded magazine and i don't mean hustler. The weapon was described in a redacted. Incident report police radio traffic recording as a glock. Nine millimeter handgun. Cawthorn who spokesman responded to questions july thirtieth saying he brought the gun by mistake was not charged with any crime. That's according to the reports and other information on the incident obtain this month through public records request. Yes i always mistakenly bring my glock to the fuck airport. Anyone not stupid sloppy in congress or anyone that dangerous for that matter bringing criminal. Charges is left to local law enforcement at charlotte. Douglas international airport city police normally charge people with guns under a city. Ordinance that makes having firearms at a checkpoint a class to misdemeanor punishable by up to sixty days in jail not this time and regardless of reasons people give in almost all cases those found to be improperly transporting guns face federal civil fines said how noting an elected official would not be excluded from that punishment. He declined to comment on cawthorn case but said february. Thirteenth incident was still pending. The process can take months. Find your typically two thousand dollars for an unloaded firearm. Four thousand for a loaded gun of the first incident. Though smith said they can be as big as thirty thousand dollars for more egregious cases and in other congressional news. Three republican members of congress did not report did not report up to twenty two million dollars in stock trades made earlier this year within forty five days of the trades which is required by law the late disclosures by senator tommy tucker ville rep blakemore from utah and rep pat fallon from texas all violate the stock act. That's according to the campaign legal center who filed a complaint to the senate ethics committee and the office of congressional ethics ville and more reported their trades in july six months after the trades were made while failing disclosed his in june four months after his earliest transaction. Fallon's trades were worth between seven point. Eight million dollars and seventeen point. Five million dollars including shares of boeing which he overseas as a member of the house armed services committee tub reveals trades worth between eight hundred ninety four thousand and three point five six million included shares of healthcare companies that he overseas as a member of the senate health committee. Multiple members of congress have broken or risk breaking the stock trading on congressional knowledge. act of two thousand twelve. The law makes it illegal for members to use insider knowledge for trading and requires them to disclose within thirty to forty five days any transactions stock bond or other security larger than thousand dollars. This elc filed a complaint in march against rep malinowski for not reporting between one point three and five million dollars worth of trades between twenty nineteen and twenty twenty one while former rep donna shalala. That's a democrat from. Florida apologized for not reporting trades. The year before after january twenty twenty senate briefing on the emerging kovic pandemic multiple senators traded stocks worth millions of dollars including shares and biotech companies. And those making personal protective equipment. None of those senators were charged with insider trading and finally congressional representative corey. Bush slept outside the capitol building on friday night in an appeal to her colleagues in congress to return to washington and vote to extend the eviction moratorium which expired saturday night quote. The house is at recess. People are on vacation. How are we on vacation. When we have millions of people who could start to be visited tonight there are people already receiving an have received or vacate notices. That will have them out on tomorrow. People are already in a position where they need help are most vulnerable or most marginalized those who are in need. How can we go on vacation. No we need to come back here. That's what she said speaking steps of the capitol where she slept overnight in an effort to appeal to her colleagues to extend the moratorium with just hours remaining until the eviction moratorium deadline bush and a growing number of her supporters remained on the capitol steps. Now they're not allowed to lay down on the steps so they're perched in chairs wrapped in blankets all day. Friday democratic leader scrambled to find enough votes to extend the moratorium beyond the july thirty first deadline to no avail even attempting to pass a bill to extend the eviction moratorium using unanimous consent. Bush called on the senate to extend the moratorium before. The chamber is slated to start. It's recess at the end of next week. That's this week. She also called on the cdc in the white house to extend the moratorium but the white house has cited supreme court opinion last month. It said congressional action would be needed to extend it pass. July thirty first biden administration fought hard to get that extra month in there and The supreme court said okay. You can do it but not paschel thirty first. And i'll give you the details here. At the end of june a divided supreme court denied request to block the cdc order that prohibited landlords from evicting tenants. Chief justice john roberts and justice. Brad kavanagh in roberts joined with the liberals to keep the moratorium place. Justice clarence thomas samuel alito. And neil gorsuch and amy coney barrett said. They would have granted the request to lift it. So the old moratorium was set to expire on wednesday of that week but dr rochelle walinsky announced that she was doing a final extension until july. thirty first. that's when the whole lawsuit happened statement. She said that the pandemic presented a historic threat to the nation's public health and keeping people in their homes and out of crowded or congregate settings like homeless shelters would help prevent the spread of kobe. Nineteen a group of landlords and real estate companies and real estate trade associations asked the justices of supreme court to step in on an emergency basis. Arguing congress never gave the cdc the staggering amount of power. It now claims the district court ruled against the government holding that the moratorium was unlawful. But the court put its ruling on hold pending appeal. The dc circuit declined to lift the stay acting solicitor. General elizabeth prelude dr urged the justices to allow the moratorium to remain in effect. She told the justices and court. Papers that fluffer law authorizes the secretary of health and human services through the cdc to adopt regulations to prevent the introduction. Transmission were spread of communicable diseases from one state to another. That's what's federal. She said the moratorium on residential addictions is temporary and is necessary because of actions. Like i said would increase the risk of spreading covet by forcing renters to move into shared living or become homeless. Even though scotus ruled to allow for the cdc to extend the moratorium it warned that the cdc lacks the authority to extend it beyond july thirty first without congressional action. So that's what they were citing when the white house said. Congress has to do this over the weekend. Nancy pelosi said cdc which instituted a ban on fictions should extend the deadline further giving house democrats wartime to codify the extension in legislation quote. I think this is something that will work out. It isn't about any more money. The money's there resting and localities and governor's offices across the country. She said that. Friday morning during a press conference it's capital so we'd like the cdc to expand the moratorium that's where it can be done. Meanwhile democrats all striped or grumbling. That biden waited until thursday just two days before the house is scheduled to leave washington for its summer vacation that he waited to request that congress take up the issue but to be fair. Congress has known about the expiration date for over a month now and why were they scrambling at the last minute. I don't know but that's the congressional weekend. Update stay with us for the good news with manda reader on location in canada by the way right after this. Hey everybody it's eighty in the segment of beans is brought to you by better help. Better help can help. 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You save time planning creating and posting social media content to you can pause scheduled posts and edit them at any time my favorite camper pro features the access to over seventy five million photos and four hundred thousand free templates. I can easily design new logos and posters and web events and more so design like a pro with pro right now you can get a free forty five day extended trial when you use promo code. Just go to canvas dot me slash beans to get your free forty five to extend a trial. That's canvas the a. n. v. a. dot me slash beans again canvas dot me slash beans. Glad you did all right. Everybody welcome back. It's time for the good news and dana zao. And amy's i don't i think amy's traveling. Everyone is super but live from canada. We have the one only amanda reader joining us today. Hi mandy hi. aj how are you. I'm good how's canada. It's been really nice. I have not to my family in so long and having the best time but you know. It's not the best time being stuck in canada for extra days unplanned. Having to pay a lot of money sucks what happened while it turns out. I've been out of canada for a while in forgot how their health system worked so i showed up to get a kobe test To to allow re entry into the us my flight and they were like. Hey you are not a canadian resident. You don't have a canadian health card anymore you're Private facility sorry champ. And so they. They stopped me until i had to go to private facility for testing which is not open on this holiday weekend. So i'm going to be second kanter for few more days so Dwell on his bank account not happy but my family is very happy yeah right. They're happy because they get a couple more days of mandy region you. I'm well thank you. I had a good weekend. Yeah any highlights. What did i do this week. At no Well here's something cool on saturday. I got it was a. It was a wellness day. I got a chiropractor. Massage manny petty with your way with your wife and then we went to gossip girl to have some frozen which i'd never had before which is outstanding so good and they're bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. Which like on this raspberry compo god they were assuming in fact gossip girl in san diego is one of the berry. Few lesbian or women focus bars left in the whole country. Yeah and we've got a couple but gossip. Girl i think is the premier in the absolutely wonderful service incredible bartenders. Wonderful people aside. Joe from our gang and i mean of course knows everybody so it was a it was super fun and i had a very nice relaxing day off your jozies. Oh matt black toes. Matt black thingies hardcore. Always sisters mercy all right here. We go here. We got If you have any good news or corrections or confessions or anything that you want to submit to us. Any of the games that we play idioms of the world idiots of the senate misheard lyric shared swears. Find the cat. happy places what the mutt. By the way. I'm holding this up. You guys can't see this on the screen here but man can. Somebody got me. A book of every dog breed ever in human existence or dog existence. I should say amazing. So that i don't just keep saying a pit bull and chow chow over and over again. So that's fun for what the mutt I first submission here. I'll kick us off and mandy is from jason pronouns. He and him he says beans is is. I think i heard in one of the msw pods the ag road triumph. Jason you're correct to triumph through exton. You said any good news fair game. So here's mine no dick pics. I swear my distraction during cova has been working on my neglected two thousand and eight triumph speed. Triple with kids working in sixty hours a week for the last few years and live in general. It's gone unloved. Just ridden for commutes. I've been perusing ebay. Picking up odds and ends playing with e. c. you tuning and generally making it the way i've wanted it since i bought it new. I was recently able to put everything together and spare a couple hours to scrape off a couple years of bugs. And i couldn't be happier with it. I know it's a dumb thing is not jason. It's an awesome thing. But it makes me smile to crack the throttle. Pick attached with pod pets. Stella the fifty pound pit bull taking a beating from the late lucifer. The eight pound cat no fast zoom vehicles. Not not dumping cool thing. That is a nice bike and i love the fairing too. I love the little thing over the headlights. I have one of those two and it makes a difference like the bike won't shake over over eighty miles per hour. Not that i would ever drive that fast on the roads here but blew the cuny and the pity lola. that's wonderful. That is so wonderful. But yeah hey and also nice lawn. Just saying totally. You're seeing diego. And you're like wow drought free. Lana may i'm assuming jason's in the mid west somewhere where water is plentiful. Oh being gear nova scotia where my family lives. Everything is so moist in everything is like everything is dewey in wet. Didn't lose rivers and streams everywhere like every everything's green and wet. It's very desert. I mean literally days before. I left for nova scotia when i was walking my dog. Marlins go i got cut open by. Cactus yeah yeah. Yeah steve martin says if you turned off the sprinklers it would turn into a dozen so yeah. That's where we live in san diego all right next one. Arthur he him. Arthur says i adore the podcast. Listen to it every day. I'm so happy. I discovered it face it. I'm a fan meet you arthur. As idioms i had a client who had a habit of wrangling idiomatic expressions for example. This isn't rocket surgery. We're doing here and we really painted ourselves into a hole on this one and mysteriously. It's time to groin our loins instead of girton. Your reminds me a smash the crotch act. Remember when i tried to say i'm ag go. I'm on muller she wrote. I went by pseudonyms. Because i worked for the government and i was trying to smash the hatch act but accidentally said smash the crotch act so that sounds like a like some sort of weird feminist play vagina monologues. The john john jonah monologues on all right. The next one is no name just she. Her main anonymous says on the first february. I was downsized out of a job. I really like. I didn't think i would find something else. I would like as much but the good news is. I was wrong finishing my fourth week at my new job and i'm really happy with it at that it's more money heck in we're good news. My daughter started her new job today. She will also be making more money than any other job. She is had heck yeah tax. The picture is one of my grandpop. Sunnite chia korean for pretty girl. No guessing necessary. She is clearly labrador dog. My son is training her to be a paediatric therapy dog. And she's doing rain Chia you're so cute. Liger the muppet face. I along laboratory does. They're so cute and he congrats on all the great new jobs with more money. I think literally cove it and then everyone's trying to hire and people are like nobody wants to work anymore and because you need to pay people more. I think that this is kind of a sort of a kind of an incidental labour rev revolution. We're seeing here. People are starting to get the money that they deserve will. Yeah and i think also for a lot of people there like it's sort of like how we all not everyone that many people lost friends are chips. Change over the last few years because of people handling and it's kinda the same with our employers in the working world. How did you handle the last few years. Where's your heart out. What are your values right. And if you're like you can clearly afford to pay us a little bit more money. Take our health and safety and rest. Seriously you're gonna you're gonna look at those companies. Yeah percent heck. Yeah all right next one. Yeah i got the next one here. This one is from aims. She and they Hello ladies do. Legume good news came through bad experiences so content warning of mentions of suicide in two thousand thirteen survived suicide attempt and as i recovered. I've felt so hopeless in horrible that i behaved impulsivity and dangerously in hopes of something. That would just take care of it for me. In summer of two thousand fourteen. I was getting worse and worse but a nagging thought in the back of my mind was that i wanted a dog of my own before i went before i died which felt horribly inevitable. So in my impulsiveness. I went to the animal shelter. Picked up an old guy thinking. I'd give him in me a good year or two before we both past fast forward to today. I am celebrating seven years with my best friend. My caring for him and him caring for me. I learned to care for myself. His dopey love has been such a wonderful way to remind myself that i'm loved and important. He was nine. They say when. I adopted him so we will be having his sweet sixteen party. This weekend. His name is pinter says in herald and the pound supposes. He was a cocker spaniel. Australian shepherd mix. But who knows. Feel free to guess. I think there might be a little. Laura acts in there. Because he's the he's got. The fluffy est positive. Mike lynch not pictured his spotted purple tongues. So maybe some of the ubiquitous chow jeans or in there too. Yes obviously so. Here's to wet kisses. Paul holding an unending love for bringing me back from the brink. A thank you so much for sharing aims. it's the love from rescue. Dogs is so incredible and so pure and also is a really hard thing to talk about what you just did. So congratulations for for being so vulnerable and hopefully some other people listening will get some good fuzzy feelings from that because you're not alone and definitely also proud of you. Love pinter lobby pause. The pedes are so amazing. Yeah and you know they say you know. We rescue them but often they rescue us and my boys. My two boys have gotten me out of a lot and kept me here as well. So i feel you sweet babies eric. That is that a beer in joint in the last photo. Because that's awesome. That's the mood the mood summer. Twenty one back. Those hands are amazing to do you. Are our people a little inc there. Classes to choose our people look at this. Oh yeah absolutely. Thanks for sharing aims. Have a wonderful sweet sixteen party and send us a picture if you take any pictures with him. Pinter in dog. Yes yes please. Okay next one's from casey. She her casey says hi lagoon. Manati love your. I always learned so much. It was so helpful to have the january six hearing clips on the show as had to work all day and missed it to thank you. You can think the hard work of the producers of the show and of ad. I was listening to your dad about the compliment sandwich. And i just had to write about it. I'm a leadership trainer. And i always call the shit sandwich because he ruined both the nice slices of bread with the crap in the middle honey leaders who only give compliments when they about to criticize trains. Their team to hate compliments. Because i know it's just the prelude to completing to completing. Their boss actually wanted to do a better way to do is to get out confidence. Whenever someone deserves them agreed their free after all in criticizing someone to offer a solution. I find it works much better. A big fan of constructive criticism also have a mangled a four. Ism for you. I had a boss who would say shitter get off the fence conjured up quite the image rose god gross finally for tax. I written before and send pictures of my cat. Frank lloyd bite. Dl do now miana. What god and pounds leon. Where the beginning of summer. Leon francs back leg and he has only just been released from prison after getting a very expensive plate in his leg curious at his most athletic and his only restored. Laurie oh my god. That s most pathetic fully restored. Glory is that it. Can i pet. Tom's or is that a trap. I don't know but yeah. I know very good point. And you know i simplify it but it is important to pay i. I make it a point to compliment as many people that can genuine compliments throughout the day to say what i think out loud. Like if i like someone's pants or their address. Or i think they're harris cute or that they have a nice sued. Whatever it is. I think in my head i always want to make sure i say it out loud now the judgy stuff i keep to myself but i do like to throw those compliments out and i tell you what hundred percent return on investment. They always very thankful and it actually alleviates my stress quite a bit so yeah. Add that to the shit sandwich and always offer solutions. That's a very important point. I agree with you one hundred percent. I was sorry. I was just simplifying into you. Know took what we could fill out an online form and that i personally need compliments with your criticism next up from phil pronounce he and him. Good day must sassy swearing news loving best friends. Quick reminder i am the covert nurse that went back home to care with. va patients. Allison you're so right as usual. The stories are amazing. But i was not ready for the well bluntness. I have one fella. I can't go into too much detail but suffice to say we hit it off instantly. One of the first things he wanted was for us to have a tv show or something in common to talk about during our visit so i of course subscribed to the daily beans. Well i've been a bit behind them. Daily beans. I was trying to catch up when one day. I walk in his apartment. At this point. I should tell you. I have a rainbow flag on my shoe. It's relevant here. And he says but rimmer. Is that something you're people do. You couldn't guess. I was dumbfounded. I had heard the nurse talk with him about appropriateness. A couple days later. I caught up to where he was and laugh harder than i should have. I have since had another visit and apologize to him about not being caught up on my beans. Promise not to let it happen again. As tax added three more pictures from one of my times in africa the first one is the local cows that climbed the local mountain very big hill just for the company. The second is the resident. Mouser at the hotel in nairobi. Where i stay and the third is secretary bird. I love secretary. Birds considered to be very good luck to have one in your path because they are voracious sneakier secretary birds my favorite. They look like dinosaurs to me. Yeah that that was an interesting episode. Look good the baby. Cow reminds me of when i was a couple of days ago. I was camping with my sister in a part of nova scotia. Cape breton island. Which is google it for non-canadians. It's very close to greenland. But anyway we were driving around Near national park were camping and there was of cows on the side of the river having like a cow beach day they were laying bread water and some of them are like sitting down by the water and some of them are in the water and i drove fast. You quickly to get pictures. But i was like. Oh my god cowb- each day out. Did you share this information with your wife. Know i can tell you about okay. Now i have to tell you what before. She hears this before. This comes out tomorrow when you tell her. She's going to tell you the three acceptable things to say to roadside cows. I know she's gonna do this and she's gonna go. Did you say one of the three acceptable things to say to roadside cows. And those three acceptable. Things are mu macau. And hey you fucking cow. So i want you to report back and us as to whether or not she does that because i guarantee you she. I feel i totally believe you joel. Ism mu mu cow. And hey you fucking cow. Those are the three acceptable thanks to say to roadside cows or beach cows. But thank you for these photos. That's amazing thing to the kitty to do kitty cute. That secretary bird is so fucking cool. Their legs are so long. We have a couple of them at the santiago zoo. Yeah we do and My favorite thing to go see house. I have a lot of parents in my neighborhood. Slight related tangent. We have actually Like flocks of wild parrots that fly around san diego. 'cause like i guess in nineteen seventy two a pair it got out of its home and another parrot got out of his home and they made it and now there are flocks of peanuts Very loud it was discussing this with my step niece earlier. We were looking at pictures of birds. Random related story for you. And i told her that we parents in san diego do really i was like. I don't think they're native but we certainly have swimming neighborhood. Yeah they started in oklahoma and they moved. They moved west towards the. Bg fly around. Be loud well. It was nice joanie for the beans. It was good to see you again and You know we'll see you when you return from canada and Until then i mean you know. Do have their conversation about the roadside cows. We know how it goes and everybody. Thanks so much for sending your stuff in if you want to send anything you can it to us at daily beans pod dot com and click on contact. Do you have any final thoughts before we get out here today mandy. Just continue to wash your hands. Y'all that dealt variant though Yeah yeah for real mass cup. Wash your hands. Oh vaccinated now and again. It's important to little. Yes agreed but you know. Be very careful. Be very wary. Very wary of those who cannot get vaccinated it just clip bums me out that there are people who can and choose not to bunch of dick's big feelings about that but that's for another day you for another day. Good news segments. Everybody until tomorrow please take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Take care of the planet and take care of your mental health. I've been alison. Gill i command. And them's the beans. The daily beans written executive produced by alison gill with additional research and reporting by dana. Goldberg and aimee. Carrero sound design and editing is by diary mcfarland with art and web design by joel reader with moxy design studios music for the daily beans as written and performed by they might be giants and the show is a proud member of the media network. A collection of creator owned podcasts dedicated to news politics. Injustice for more information please visit. Msw media dot com.

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