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"shayna freeman" Discussed on Stuff You Should Know

"Okay well i mean you can say defense responses fighter flight yeah that's true as part of at least okay the woman's brain show decreased activity in the middle and hippocampus this made sense to me deals theories iety so fear anxiety are out the door all the sudden yeah which makes sense because four of a woman to have and enjoy sex takes just physically speaking it takes for more trust than it does for man yeah emotionally right you need to be relaxed exactly and then here was one that i thought was kind of interesting the part of the cortex associated pain the insular cortex which is used to judge like the the ferocity basically pain like this how bad pain is is activated so it's basically scanning looking looking out for pain or judging the experience based on partially through the lens of pain i think everyone's been there whether it's like tickling or anything real like oh i hate that i hate that but i love that i love that jets very fine line sometimes very gala tarian interpretation thank you faking an orgasm not surprisingly horse it doesn't use the same brain yeah there's really bears almost no resemblance whatsoever i didn't even think that should have been included i didn't either but shayna freeman for being sexist at the time when i read that now that i look back on it i still don't think it should have been included that's right so chuck we've been giving all the kudos and attention to people who have orgasms no problem right there are people out there who are who can't have orgasms and gas mic and yes they they have an orgasm lia which is an inability to achieve an orgasm and one of the big culprits are sri's serotonin.

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