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"shawny baker" Discussed on The Pulse

"Eight months okay and you've been going to a lot of appointments to make sure everything is okay right i have been i'm fortunate in that everything is okay but there are still a lot of doctors appointments that pregnant women are expected to go to and as you get closer and closer to your due date the appointments get more and more frequent so it really feels like i'm going every couple of days just to have my vitals checked talked to the doctor chat about any problems or questions that i have and how much time does that take out of your day i'm very fortunate being here in a city that has a lot of options for ob care i only have to walk about ten minutes to get to my doctor and i can usually squeeze that in on my lunch break and to report on this shortage of obgyn care you travelled to the country you travel to rural pennsylvania and what did you find there yes why drove far north just about as far north as you can go in pennsylvania before crossing the new york border and i went to a tiny town where i had heard that there was a real obgyn shortage skuld susquehanna and i met a woman there named shawny baker and she is twenty seven and she was telling me her story about her pregnancy and her experience accessing care and i have to tell you mike an it is so different for my ten minute walk to my doctor that i really couldn't i couldn't believe it here she is talking about right before she gave birth and the one hour car trip at took for her and her husband just to get to the hospital i was scared liquor we're gonna get there in time like especially for my first.

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