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"shawn windsor carlos" Discussed on WJR 760

"Drip backs down 47 barrels over 35 down 30 it down to the 29 yard line. He just ran right through Jalen Johnson that time picked up 21 yard sale that would welcome to the NFL, Marvin Jones and no joke out there. You tell him Love lands Radio continues here on 7 60 W. J. R following the Lions disappointing with a capital D loss. To the Chicago Bears one of the things that has been discussed. What would NFL football be like Ah, at Ford Field with no fans? Well, we're joined in studio now by our executive producer, Nick Roddy. On Nick during the break. You were alluding to the fact that it was rather rather bizarre. It was odd. I mean, you arrived and you had to go through the covert screening and there were security all over the place. But there's really They weren't really doing anything because there were no fans to usher around. There's wasn't anyone in the concourse. Just very strange and you, you watch on TV. We have a TV in our booth, and there's the virtual fans going on on the broadcast and right over there, and there's nobody there. Now did they have the media kind of spread out all over how the network most of the media was on the seventh floor, where the press box is. That's where most the beat writers were. The Chicago Bears radio. We were on the third level, and it looks like they had kind of different sweets for different organizations. A couple suites down what looked like for the Detroit Free Press suite. Mitch Albom was there. Shawn Windsor Carlos. Men are as they were on that sweet. So looks like they were spreading the media out as well. So they're split between two floors. Well, you know what? Look, not an easy undertaking, And we alluded to that with the President. Rod would on our conversation and this has been an ongoing battle and I don't know what the future holds. But ah You know, watching an actual game. In a beautiful venue like Ford Field with no fans. I would imagine that be Stephen King. Like I don't know that freaked me out. Yeah, it didn't. Really. I didn't notice a much difference because it seemed like at least for the first three quarters. The Lions Energy really came from the sideline. I mean, that that play that we just played with Marvin Jones barreling over Jalen Johnson. I mean, you saw Sean, your Ah, Robert Prince. There are receivers coach. He was jumping up and down and they were getting fired up on the sidelines. So I feel like the teams brought their own energy that they didn't really need. The fans for But then kind of when the tide turned in the fourth quarter. It was really quiet. And then when injuries happened, they've kind of turned down the crowd noise and it was silent in the stadium. Yeah, I was, uh, I was going to ask you was was the crowd noise piped in there as well? Because Point blank Nick, it didn't translate well over the radio or television. Oh, it was very it was quiet crowd noise. It was very soft crowd noise at Ford Field for like the first Let's say half of the first quarter. We didn't even know it was on, but then you can kind of pick it up. Okay? But conversely, there was some very entertaining dialogue being picked up from the sideline. Exactly. I was talking to our engineer Al Rosen, Bergen. And I said, Man, the per abs on the sideline are really kicking in right now, because you can hear everything. Oh, they were kicking in. And you are here and everything sometimes, but it is what it is. In this much different time. Alright, Nicky. Appreciate it. This post game player interview is brought to you by McClaren Healthcare. McClaren Healthcare is committed to keeping you safe while giving you the expert care you need. Is it? McClaren dot org's slash safe care toe learn Mohr back to Ford Field, we go our colleague Dan Miller. He's hanging out with a P will get to the top stuff in just a second. But just let me ask you first time in a lion's uniforms looked like there were a lot of positive things for you out there. Just give me your feeling being out there important playing for the home team. I felt good out there in a little blue and shop it up for the first time. I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed it. I'm feeling special board. Tough game to lose and a tough way to lose it so much emotion goes into an opener. Just giving your feeling. I know you're fresh off it. Yeah, Yeah, It's a hard pill to swallow without a doubt. You know, you'd think and how they came out. And you know my personal opinion I felt like became a kind of slow. You know those things in some situation of stuff that we could've took advantage of me. I kept kept allows after capitalize on keeping drafts going. You know what being a 31 You know, by any means I have to, you know, pick up their first They're gonna get a yard and that just would have created more opportunities for us. You know, Personally, I feel like Someplace where I left a lot of the field. You know it. And I will beat myself up about that. Because you know you constantly playing three board three points on a board. That's how you lose what you gained. You know, you got a couple 1000 pushed. So this will be a lot that I can take away and we're going to be able to take away from this game as office unicorn yours. So you get a lot of that despicable. You see things out there that when you hit the room on Monday, you're going to say you know what we do that this looks different. Oh, yeah, well it down, rounded out from their running back position to officer line receivers and to the court, the quarterback you know, it's not about you know how would myself accountable because we have ultimate goal ever shot accomplish..

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