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Shannon Gillette of Arizona

"Good morning everyone. Welcome to MOMS in real estate. We have an awesome guest today. Shannon Gillett sheet is a lover of Jesus a wife a mom of three boys and she's Great production forty under forty top one percent of realtors. What a treat today to hear from her. So let's everything started Angela. Fazio is an industry powerhouse. Overseas forty thousand home sold and nine billion in production and Kristin. Cantrell is one of the nation's most accomplished team leader helping thousands abatements killed their businesses. They are passionate about educating encouraging. And if our next episode starts now hello welcome. Hi Chris Hi and Welcome Shannon. Thank you so much for being a guest today with us. Thank you for having me on excited to be back if he goes on your what like three years ago or now it was a while ago. That's for sure so. Give us a little update. What's going on in your life? Tell us a little on a little bit about who you are. Yes so I mean. It's been crazy past two years Last year in two thousand nineteen. I personally sold over seventy homes over thirty million dollars in those are his actions. Not A T. Writing deals under my name so my business basically doubled in a year end. I really have to grant and video to think that some can definitely get into that later but if somebody's watching in there like who. Shannon annoyed you she is. I actually grew up in Chandler. Arizona barely graduated from high school was raised by a single mom and graduated high school. And somebody told me about leasing. Apartments would be a great job so fresh out of high school. I gotTa Job Leasing Apartments for a luxury property management company in town. I did that for four years and they really offered this training. I did really well. I got love for helping people find their home and then I started to tell friends that he would be. My dream. Sow New homes and they would laugh at me and say in. This was back in two thousand five on the crazy market days anymore. Lining up and camping to get home and people would laugh like and you have to have a college degree to get that job not hire you so I didn't give up. I had supplying for a year for new home. Sales jobs finally won a sales manager. Brought me in for a group interview and offered me the job so I started selling new homes in two thousand six. I was all. This is my dream job. I'm so excited. I had positive thoughts. Ready to sell homes in the market started to change and I notice a lot of my co workers. They just got out of this crazy market. We didn't even call me sales skills. You just faced orders they. They were walking around really negative complaining. Not Working hard. I'll do anything but IDA STEPHEN. Fresh will smith dream job worked really hard so I was twenty three years gold in the middle of the recession. The number one new home sales consultant in the entire country or the country's largest builder. So for eight years is so you on stood really well at that but also a mom. I have three boys in in the new home. Sales world basically are living. You're off your sales office. You have no flexibility my oldest son when he took his first steps. I got it on video as I was sitting in my model home sales office so I'm just missing out on so much but I was scared to go into resale because I was basically branding. Even though I had sold in slows hundreds of homes but I took the leave in two thousand fourteen left new home sales to go into resell. It took probably a year for even my own family to consider Niaz A realtor. I was basically brand new to start from scratch. I didn't have money to buy leads or any of that. So a really focused on my social media brands in implementing really video marketing campaign. Matt this one of my business. I don't cold wall. I don't door not only leads all seventy sales last year. Those people that reach out to me and said Hey. Are you taking on listening right now? A sealer videos William be my realtor and that's awesome reaching out to me really awesome. I feel like there's a lot of a lot of people that are in the new home on south arena and they want to transition inquiry salsa. What advice would you give them? Because I felt like exactly like you you are shared. We're I may out me and we heard that you could get them or anything that they can be doing to prepare with awesome. Yes especially mom. You don't find a love with young kids in new home sales because it's very hard. I mean you're working weekends holidays eating every single night late. Seven eight PM. It's really hard lifestyle. But I was miserable. I felt like I was in jail. I was I'm I love to stay busy and I would catch up on all my work and I'd be sitting looking at the flags all the new home sales of the flags longing win. I'd be sitting watching the flying blow this horrible. I can't do anymore. I never see them. My husband different days off from floral but I was scared and ultimately looking back is very important we really involved church and I just think I was relying too much on myself in not that God would provide in take care of me and my family if I may this week so it was scary and I basically told myself because I've driving sometimes I get to church on Sunday morning and I would leave my family Drive the sales office crying. The and I'm like Oh my Gosh Guzman nine hours in this office today but I was like I told myself I can always go back to new home. Sales of this resell thing doesn't work out because I did really Sales sounds like myself. Six months a have to do this. So that answers your question. It does because I think you're right. I think often people who are in any situation where they're afraid to make a change they and that's why they're so scared because when all rely on yourself while that. I don't know about you. I'm a pretty strong woman. I don't want to just rely on myself when I lie on the universe. You know no no. That's excellent Your mind to do it. Afraid knowing that there's a god out there that loves us and will that doesn't mean immediate success not imagine hell now we really. I have to have that strong work ethic in a foundation. In know what your why is. There's a lot of people might be listening to this. Maybe they're not new on sales but they're in a corporate job in their miserable. They're not happy. They don't love their job but they have that guaranteed income in. It's very scary to leave that you know that job but I think if you have a passionate and you have to really understand what we're doing that we're helping people home where they'll raise their family. It's really important decision for somebody and not thinking about your mission check or anything like that. If you're just serving your client you know if you're willing to go take somebody outlets looking for a rental home and not not saying now. I'm not going to help you find your rental home. His I am it. Twenty five dollars on that like helping people being disobey lands. I mean I really feel like know what you're why is because this job is not yet and I laugh anytime somebody tells me actually just want to like. Oh we're almost we sell fun. You just look at home all day. Actually know imagine never being able to leave your phone again for the rest of your life you know. It's we're holding so many different directions so knowing your why obviously my why is my family. Boy 's husband does a lot of ministry runs among offense. Oh my real estate. Business has become so successful that we don't even have to rely on any of his income so we can or all of that back out into the community in the month of December. We Fed over six thousand. What's homelessness so we're really into giving back serving our community in really? I consider my job more of a ministry helping the old during real stressful time you buy and sell. We'll see same. I totally agree now. Battling all the time. So my about that like Present my whole career has been based on ministry. 'cause we your whole story but I wasn't saved until I was almost thirty and that's starting so when the lights on and I was like. Oh my God all of life is offered Jesus and things started to make sense in. Our whole career has been disturbed people from my perspective. Now it's not just plants other realtors. Who Need a mental? We need the right perspective. Who needs to understand what's entail the hard work and right mindset and what it means to have strong work ethic and have a serve clients. It's so pat. I'm so passionate about it. Yeah I couldn't imagine not having on in my life like in this job. It's not easy and you know I'm I'm a firm believer that if you are interested in helping your clients serving the community giving back we were we tied to our church at all about God will provide and it's so cool supervisor. Who's like I said earlier? I literally people call me and say will you be my realtor? I see your stuff on instagram. Like how cool is that? I don't have to spend my time knocking on doors or cold calling or buying zillions. I've never really bought a lead and ran and we have this a small team but we require anybody on our team. Asset actively be involved in community serving their time. You know in weather in their church or nonprofits. It's because it's important to be you know. Take that break from real estate in. Insert others when you like. Take a couple minutes. I know like you had mentioned this before. But you know for Tim. Years your businesses like that and you really like you talk about. How much instagram's Impacted by run US through what is not ending to allow people rollers writing Of It but what widening thinks we will reach out. Look like they don't even know you and they are or you do this for me. Like why do they do that? Yes also related question because right now we live in this world where we hugged virtual friends like you may have never met somebody in person. But you know their dog's name like you have a lizard or whether Occasion in you were inside their mom lizard to. I have at work. We live in this virtual world so it's so cool with social media because the average person is spending about three hours on social media every day. The millennial is the largest pool of Irish right now though the younger generation that's grew up with social media or nothing time in there. So if you do your instagram yourself media right you can broker business like crazy and I I think before. I have a lot of like really cool tips of how as Instagram to sell homes. But I think it's really important to you. Have just the basic things down in your life lack? Because if you don't have this real estate will take over twenty four hours a day you'll get burns out won't have a positive attitude when clients are calling you to see if you can show them ten homes this afternoon. You want to family or something like that. But at the beginning of every month people always ask me get so many. Gm's on Instagram. I responded of them but a lot of moms will ask me man. How do our personally selling seventy homes per year actively involved in your church raising three boys husband like all of these things but at the beginning of a remind? I'm firm lead believer on taking your calendar writing down. Your non-negotiables intriguing. That nonnegotiable as if you had a finally listen. You're not going to change that. So for example my husband I would non-negotiable date nights family time. I have to write in a family dinner because right now. The market's crazy. I have to be on. Fallen has to be ready to go and we don't eat dinner together recognize family but we try to make that really special time having that negotiable down in then having something for yourself like so you can recharge you know whether it's getting together with friends or things that are important to you. Maybe like to volunteer at an animal shelter. Something like that. And just having those non-real estate things down in also continuing to sharpen your skills really watch. Tv retirement wisely and driving to a showing. Listen to podcasts or an audio book into always be learning always these sharp nigger sales because I think in this job a lot of realtors. They'd get real comfortable and they don't want it implemented video. They don't want to implement instagram. But things are always seems. I want to be doing things today. Not other realtors. Don't start doing for another five years. I want to be ahead of all the trends in them and also getting up early is very important to narrow the at four. Am and I can't sleep in. There's not enough time data get everything done scheduling your workouts in your health and all of that so being very strategic on your schedule and now to answer your instagram question. Now you can take those things like maybe you're at a date night with your husband or your taking. Yesterday I had a lot Fox and I brought my oldest son with meeting. We went to starbucks coffee date to thing now. You can put that on your instagram story. Because the biggest mistake most realtors are making is. They treat their instrument local commercial in. It's one hundred percent just sold. Just listen just flows analyses. My House. I'm a realtor. Do you WanNa buy a home. Nobody wants to follow that. Would you WANNA follow up? Somebody's selling something saying you were following like a car salesman. It was about cars for sale. That one very interesting because people are tuning into instagram similar to watching TV show. They're looking to be entertained. Inspired watching those instagram stories in. They WANNA learn more about new so I think a lot of success for my instagram Hassan. From a about a year and a half ago I used to instagram pages. I had my business burst. Lana just for like my family friends and I decided you know what the delete that business page going to make my private my brother page publishing all of these strangers in my life so anybody that follows me knows had speak it to relax long vacation things like that and then I sprinkle in real estate so I'm always reminding them that I do sell real estate. But it's not in their face so that's powerful US instagram. The memo. Yeah that's why that's why you're right you know. People don't go to instagram. To be sold. They go there because enjoy scrolling and learning about other people Fight people who have interest similar to theirs and so I think you're right on the money. That's awesome yeah works out. I mean that's crazy to think like how much exploded from not like it's it's really cool. I was actually Italian Angeles. You remember when Shannon was on like three years ago and she's like do you remember when you're on our game show. This is three years ago and you were so shy. I was like I like. There's like she's completely different now because you were. You didn't want to go on that game so at first you member that no yeah. I mean I've always been a little insecure. Like will people know really? Am even when I on the three years dollars the first pass that I was ever invited to be honest. The won't be like I think I sold ten million dollars or something in now. I have like national mass reaching out to really podcast reaching out. And it's it's crazy than two thousand. Eighteen sold about fifteen million in two thousand nine hundred thirty million and a direct result of Randy social media and my use of video and I mind listings. Our whole `nother thing do on the like that but it's been crazy an awesome to not have to cold call or laughing. I guess like I WANNA go back real quick to if you if somebody is. Let's say I'm doing decent presidents but are cold calling this you've got and I work like I don't WanNA call competent mind means getting business. Like what advice would you have for any reason that doing what they don't like get out of that right? And who grow wealthy. Well I think every realtor needs to embrace video. I think video needs to be a non-negotiable which I can also give a few tips on video branding and out of your face on video and all. That's dangerous but I think every agent needs to embrace at least one social media platform invest time in it every day. So there's not a lot of real estate agents doing instagram. Well like I said most agents. I follow a lot of them. They are making this nonstop selling in their most a picture of a house on their feet and writing soul Like you'll never see might see a tax on my pictures because one instagram flags that as an add in to feel that makes sold in. They don't want they want to build relationships in WanNa know like entrust you in interview as the rotor. They WanNa know about your life and so I would say my first question you know. Somebody wanted to start growing their Mrs Instagram's get your instagram page. Don't have two pages. Nobody can manage business. May What are you gonNA put Your Business Page like all busy soldiers delete that? I know it's hard on your mom. And you have kids in your letting strangers I have over eleven thousand followers. I have some creepy people. Ian Seeing my kids and all that obviously. I'm not like broadcast where they go to school. Or anything like that Making your page public and treating it more like you know who gets no you and following other realtors. That do instagram. Well for inspiration a few relatives that I suggest following. Would I be you can follow me at in? Its action under SORGIA lead. I love following Steve. Mcvay WHO's in Texas and Sharon White? Who's on my team? I feel like they do such a good job where you feel like you know their kids. You know their kids names. You know when their birthday is like you just you you just kind of like development relationship where you don't even you may never met them in person but you feel like your friends and so one is following people that are doing it. Well it may be. Don't copy them but look at what they're doing you know it's really important to get your face out there on Instagram. And it can feel very weird like taking your cell phone in into about you know. I'm about to go show a home while Talking to people you're developing these relationships and you can post on instagram story of video of you talking into the camera in you just shared all of that followers. I think a lot of people get hung up on the fact that they don't have a lot of followers and the reality is if you only have twenty followers that still twenty people if you are those twenty people over for dinner tonight. It wouldn't even fit around on Youtube off so don't get consumed with A. Nobody's watching my stories. Just starting small saying consistent it will definitely pay off and watching by PAT at the senior past watching youtube videos with tips and things and how to boost engagement and all that can just really your business would very doing that. Watching and they are light wanting to up their instagram. Gained to you guys are probably familiar with Stephanie. Main ghosts awesome on instagram. Doing her instagram rock. On relying seven by banks methods. Not Get you the information. Bishnu really helped with everything. Sheehan saying And my the quite definitely like help with a roadmap in plan are just different. Things uses different applications. Make it easier too. So that's good advice and consent one of the things that I'm taking from your attitude. In General Shannon is an eye proponent of this for shore aside the person but it for in particular real estate. I think it's easy to fall into a rat where you think you've got it all figured out and you just keep doing the same things and I think what I've heard from. You is taking time on a consistent basis the push yourself in whatever Russian that is learn some change something positive get ahead of the learning her because then that and then you'd be a professional who's not afraid of change and grow and not afraid something new and if you've been embraced things that has success written all over your. You're moving backwards. Yeah and more than ever. Our clients are hiring us because of our our brand our personality in us as a person versus you know what what we sellers. What fifty five thousand license realtors in State of Arizona? You know you have to set yourself apart in ahead of the trends and sharpening your seals and a another big part in in addition instagram. How I really? I've gotten to the point of selling seventy homes. A year is minute of video. I have studied video. I would never list home and not do a professional video whether I listened ninety thousand lot in San Tan Valley or two point six million on Chandler. Every single one of my listings will have a sixty second home of the day video. Marshall in the average human attention span is down to eight seconds so I think if another you know if somebody wants to stews do two things. Today you know implement build their instagram. Make it more personal not a commercial and then implementing video. Because you're not doing video. I mean you're really missing out so I do video commercials and I'm on everyone video. So you'll see it's branded as they welcomed with the home of the damn chains led module state in the Naidoo script of the video. And I will literally. I live here in Queen Creek. I will literally be out to dinner with family and People. Come up to me like New iphone wanted to see your videos everywhere because we take the sixty second videos Targeting than outgrew paper. Click ads social media ads to the right buyers and even to other realtors so were able to get our home on the video in front of ten thousand people. Within the first seven days on market we have so many stories of how our listings have sold from direct result from the video marketing because reality is not every single buyer is actively looking for a home every day on. I'm less and Queen me. Our videos might reach somebody that maybe didn't know about Queen Creek. They're looking Gobert in Chandler mid so powerful so relating thinking about implementing video and knocking shared a lot. Who will say oh my gosh. I'm more one camera not so I don't WanNa. I'm nervous but I heard another agent. Say Seth o'byrne in San Diego. I also recommend him. He doesn't sit in really well. He goes think about your first listing. Appointment your when I'm your nervous. I'm still nervous listening. Vitamins labor nervous right but then to anaylyst appointment in five more and more experienced This in it's the same with video getting in front of the camera. Is You have to gain trust. People need to know your face. We need to build a brand. Can't just throw a menu of a drone of the outside of the house. I've seen videos. That are one minute drum video outside house. I'm like you are so while. Thank you so much. You have so much wider by clearly observed your clients while which is so important and It's been such a pleasure to talk with you today and I'm sure our audience is GonNa be chomping at the bit to contact you or get some tips from you. So is there any where people can go other than just following you? Maybe that's the answer just to kind of get a feel for some of the things that you've talked about playing out in your career. Is that the best thing to do is follow you on instagram. Yes I responsible every single direct message on instagram and I get a lot of them so if anybody has questions on anything or even how. I can balance like being a mom and a fulltime realtor and all. I'm happy to answer questions if somebody wanted to. Send me a gym on Instagram. It's the probably the best way to get a hold of me awesome. Well thank you so much for today. I know personae appreciate it all on so everyone every week. Share this with other people so they can learn from Shannon and God bless. All of you thank you.

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Steelers Hangover, Part 2:  Steelers have been reelin in players, will they soon be dealin?

Behind the Steel Curtain

36:34 min | 2 months ago

Steelers Hangover, Part 2: Steelers have been reelin in players, will they soon be dealin?

"Support for this episode comes from adidas. We all know when you go on your daily run. You need to fill progress but every time your foot hits the ground breaking forces slow you down. But what if you're running could turn these forces into forward motion. Adidas explored five million lattice variations to find one sale. That redefines what a running shoe. Mid mid-sole can do their forty four. Running shoe is designed to move you forward by turning vertical pressure into forward motion every single stride. Adidas forty four designed to move you forward. Welcome back to the steeler hangover. My name is brian. Anthony davis his name is tony and his name is shannon white. It is so great to have you on here as it's twenty six days until the start of the nfl season for the pittsburgh steeler. We are so excited for it. Tony in shannon. We've been having some great talk here and it's been fantastic. We're talking about the joe. Schober deal we're talking about the inside linebacker situation and we've been talking about the glory that is kevin colbert. One of the best. They're calling him. I mean steeler fans are calling them the goat this week. And that's great and i know shannon tony when we were growing up you called somebody that goat. That was that was a bad thing. Now it's great as well and it's amazing. It's funny how that has changed. Also some i. I gotta tell you. There's some great chat in the live in the live chat. And i've gotta bring this all up. I did not know this. And i'm gonna get a little background because i've i've been peaking an apparent. Apparently michael molly got a chance to see a live show. And this confirmed a live. Show of jerry. Jerry band jerry cherry. Our house ban for our audio shows the the music that you hear the music throwing this show. I know you don't hear music in showing the show but when it's on the podcast platform you will and that's all jerry cherry and it's fantastic so i mean that's great i mean where was this live show and when can we see you when you come into pittsburgh or maryland. Okay so michael. Malley saw it on youtube. But that's the thing we need to get together and see a live jerry cherry show. That's that's the thing checkout jerry. Cherries youtube network. I mean it's fantastic. Really great stuff. Especially if you're if you want to fool around and learn the guitar. He's fantastic. So i love it so michael. Thanks for bringing that up a jerry. Thanks for all your art shows as well. So let's talk about this. This this is something that's really important because we're talking about how the steelers have some depth pieces now. We've talked about james washington just a few weeks ago saying hey maybe he wants traded. Maybe it was just his agent talking but with all the depth. That's coming up and the trains are great. And i love him. How many of you are going to be complaining. Come march and april when all we're doing is talking about draft and there's no fourth fifth and sixth round pick. Are they worried about who. That's a question are they. Are kevin colbert worried about that. Are they looking to replenish. Do they have the means to replenish that. And i kind of think they do. But let's let's talk about what they're missing at this point right now you know they have a first and second round pick and they have a third round pick they do not have a fourth. The fourth went to the miami dolphins on draft day for isaiah louder melt shannon talked about that trade. And look if you're making a trade for a guy who was who in the trade right away because they've never heard of louder milk and but yeah i get it. I mean in the you weren't alone in that. Every a lot of people were doing and his grace and everything in in. I was to say like i said not so fast. Because he doesn't make a trade like that colbert's belkin to make a trade that and just give away a fourth round unless he knows something. So that's what. I was thinking so let. Let's give him a shot. People started people. Were coming around on big ninety two. They're they're liking it. I hope we can see more of this. Andrew andrew wilbert wolmar just called him milk dud so so you know so. That's so that's the number. That's where your number four pick went. Your number five. Pick went in the avery williamson deal. I still support the avery williamson deal. That happened on october thirtieth last year. It had to be done. there was no depth. They needed to bring a guy in. They got a seven th back so they do get a seventh round pick. They do lose a fifth when that. That's the nature of the game. They they needed the guy and then the sixth round pick now goes for joe schober. And everybody's talking about that being a steel or we gonna miss those miss. Those draft picks next april. I were may or whenever the draft is. But as far as i'm concerned i don't care because i'm thinking of two thousand twenty one and it just feels like this team is loading up and doing the best. They can to fill holes in. Give ben rothlisberger the best chance to get get another lombardi get another two lombardi's before that window slammed shut so in west brings us up there likely getting a third and a fifth so they're likely getting a third next year because of bud duprey. They're likely to get a fifth. I believe because of matt filer. Ambig- there there's a possibility that they get a six. It just depends on joe hague and what they do with joe hague. The sixth would be for mike help. You cannot rely on that. Because dave scofield who is amazing with the formulas predicted that the steelers. We're going to get a whole lot more last year and it looked like they were but the formula just did not go the way of the steelers last year with what was given up. So you can't really rely on all of that. The third seems the third. Seems like it's there the fifth does too. But you just you just don't know and you know i'm seeing some people mentioning about every williamson. I will go back in time and make that deal again. You had to do something to bring somebody in an inside linebacker but the thing is the thing. It's tony we can get more when i say we. The steelers can go ahead and get more draft picks and there are some candidates right now to be traded in. Who would be the first person that you would deal. Tony if you or kevin colbert's buddy m you're helping him out he's like hey feel too. Well tony. I had a little too many irons last night. You help me out. i'm gonna make a deal. So what are you doing. What's the first deal that you make tony. And then shannon's gonna make a deal too. Well i mean. I don't wanna trade him. I'm against it. But if i had if i had to trade somebody the guy that i would i would probably me have hoped the most value would be Would be washington. Because he's coming you know he. I think he has exceptional abilities. And i think you should spend blocked and You know if a team we're able to get their hands on him in a team that needs a starting wide receiver in two twenty twenty one. He could be of great value. So i think that could be the guy you get the most back for Acre probably the team that gets him could probably sign him to a cheaper deal next year unless he has a crazy. Yeah fourth year in this really. Put up lot of stats. But that's the guy. I would trade Even though i would be against the personally. But if i had to make a deal. And i needed. I needed Draft picks in return. He's the guy. I think you can get the most in return for. What do you think that they can get out of them. I'm agreeing with everything you're saying. I don't wanna lose james washington but when when you're looking at doing some replenishing and of the The draft stock the capital from next year. Who do you look at. So i i respect your answer. There's no bad answers here. That's like if you're the gm that's what you're going to go. And do what do you think that you could legitimately get out of. This guy legitimately probably a fourth which would replace the fourth. The you know if you're if you're kevin covert though and you're and you're on the road he's on. Maybe you can somehow to get a third probably unlikely but Definitely a fourth. I think you could get a fourth for him. Because i think he's i think he's a talented receiver. He only has one year left on his rookie which might scared teams away. But like i said he. He's just being blocked so if he goes somewhere and it has a great year for somebody. I think they would gladly trade the portland picture that possibility. Sharon white what are your thoughts here. Do you think that the steelers could a fourth or fifth out of a guy like james washington. He's i mean we know how he works. Great work ethic and just has some hasn't are just a little bit more talented ahead of him in aids to he has he struggled to get the separation that some of the guys in front of him give But he does everything well and there was some rumors today that people were looking forward to the steelers considering trading for him so I wouldn't take less than a fourth but if i had to pick somebody Goes everybody's talking about mason rudolph and You know but the only problem is is you know a cop for him a teddy bridgewater. He got traded for a six round pick and So when Wince with down for the colts people's talking about trading him to the colts. But now you know doesn't he's gonna be out very long and easson their backup quarterback things weren't talented the rudolf so You know probably a six round pick would be all you'd get out of him And but i think that Haskins has more potential to be that long term answer after being And especially the way he's looking and getting into the the steelers culture and their environment And just being around being being around tomlin and the rooney family how they do phase it It seems like he's maturing And that's tells never been a question with him. It's been his maturity level and his work ethic. And you know somebody's contagious. And i think being around a locker room full them kinda gaza hard workers. He seems to be taking these his career more seriously there And just frayed. That rudolph is going to be gone or going to actually be a problem. He's gonna be in his way and while the has the guy the need to focus on so if you get a six around four you'd have to consider well here but let's go back to two thousand nineteen. I brought this up a few times and this does not mean that the steelers would make a deal for right away but you can always see something like. You're the first week of the season if we go back to nineteen and what happens at the time you you remember our it goes down and then all of a sudden you. You're with an unknown rookie in gardner Menchu the third and they need some help in jacksonville and they gave up a fifth round. Pick in the fifth round. Pick that they gave up was for joshua dogs now. The steelers were smart that year because they they did like what they had in die. There is a lot of people disappointed the that he was over over duct. But i think what they were trying to do. Was engineer trade for dobbs before week one and overcut cut down weekend in. I don't think it worked out. But so i can really see right now. I could really see joshua dobbs being the odd man out right now this year because he is the safest to go ahead and cut and let go but let him know that. Hey were you know. They're not going to keep the caliber of backups. They're not gonna keep a guy like haskins or rudolph as their number three. I just don't see them doing it. When you have a guy capable of being a number three like joshua dobbs so they can play a little game there. It is a game of chicken of nfl trade chicken and waiver wire chicken. But i could see them doing that by trying to deal. Mason rudolph if indeed. They end up liking the future that they might have with dwayne haskins and keeping him as the number two and being fine with having with having him there as a number three and and that being but do not be surprised on cut down day. If mason rudolph is immediately named the number two. But they're still trying to deal so that's a game you've got to play to you. Don't want to say name him as a three when you're trying to move him to another kids right now you're going you're not gonna hear anything negative about any of these guys because you've got to make it look like you've got gold here. Somebody meant in its andrew. Willmar mentioned i'm going to bring this up on the screen. Peter schrager said their nfl teams. Who see mason as a future started. The steelers can get something in a trade. He thinks they can get a fourth. If you can get a fifth out of josh dobbs but that was a desperate from jacksonville at the time came you get. Can you get a fourth out of mason rudolph. It's really interesting and You know somebody mentioned Who are hey mentioned is like wow. We're talking about draft season draft in the season. I haven't started. Actually we're not. We're just talking about what they're going to do with the players and the depth that they have 'cause you don't keep all of these guys on the roster so i can actually see them go ahead and move one of them. I would think that mason rudolph would be probably a prime candidate to be moved if they could find a buyer. And we've been talking about. How great kevin. Colbert is to be a great general manager. You've got to be an awesome salesman to if you can be a great salesman. There's another thing i mean. You can sell anything if you let people know how much you need. You need him. Hey you can't live without not having a mason rudolph on your roster because what if what if something happens to. What if something happens to. Patrick mahomes yet. I mean what if something happens to dak prescott you would need mason rudolph there what you're going to live life from garrett gobert i mean that's that's the conversations that i envision them happy and i'm a sales guy so let's become the things that i think about but that's really good there i. I'm thinking of another guy too and i gotta think that that presley and i keep on saying this i keep calling him presi the harbin and i because it just seemed i keep on messing up the var but presley harvard in the third. I do not see a scenario where he is. Let go from this roster. i mean. There's too much hype on them. There's no keep them on the practice squad. But if jordan berry keeps kicking the way that he is that's the seventh round draft. Pick for a team that would need a punter. Would you agree tony. I don't know. I mean i think trying to trade punter and the nfl's trying to trade a kicker and in fantasy football you can always pick up a kicker that's and get comparable numbers you know even if it's even if the guy that you know they want to trade is better you can probably get close to the numbers you need somebody who can pick up the free agent so i don't know if they do get something for him and maybe a seventh round pick. But that's a size i because there's such a supply and demand thing with kickers and punters. There's always somebody out that you know. If if the steelers release bury the that wants him one. Probably just hurry up snatching up anyway. Well not so fast. My friend and i'm gonna ask shannon white to weigh in on this stu. The steelers have traded australian punters in the past. If you remember brad wing going for a seventh round. Pick to the new york football giants in favor of jordan berry. If i'm not mistaken so you know. Brad wang is i mean somebody found that they wanted brad wing enough and the giants were takers. A they gave Round pick and here's the other reason for not so fast my friend If the practice squad looks the same that it does last year they can probably play a little game there with it as well because remember cordless weightman was on the practice squad all of last year and sometimes i don't know if they did it with weightman but the practice squads gonna look the same and i believe you're going to be able to protect for each week so if the first week or two something happens to a punter and the first week or two you you have berry protected. Maybe something like that. Then maybe maybe you're making a deal there. So i i actually think that they can go ahead and trade him away shannon wayne please yet. It's been a great battle ever. it's. I've never pay johnston honest to the placekicker battles a camp or the punter rattles You have so glad we got boswell and rebounded from that one terrible season and he's such a reliable kager but you know berry he's got a nascent laid he kills it in. Preseason he kills it into regular season he does great till you really really need him He does great till the weather gets called His is always cold in the late. And that's when he shanks and you're right now he's looked great You know even harvard's had a great camp. He's hanging right with you know. It's that close but Advocate team you know would probably be willing. They did for brad wing like you said. I think they'd be willing to give a seventh around guy. Pick for a berry and if not you know say you can protect. I think it's four guys on the practice squad and you know i don't know if you wanna protect him each week You know you do it so many times. But but you don't know what's going to happen as far as injuries or Or hunters they get shades in the preseason to its obtains might not be happy with their putter and might be willing to give us a seventh round for bury your we dream even a six so you know if i get a call like that you know they got it yeah. There's two other guys that i want to talk about is potential trades. But i need some help out there i lost. We had a super chat. And i think it was shaun who put it in there but i cannot find the super chat now because i was completely talking. What with i. I found it yet. Sean manahan five dollars which is more likely based on our current roster we score thirty points per game or only give up fifteen points per game that is. Let's a great question there as well. So i tell you what i'm going to. I'm going to hold onto that one. And i will get to that. I will get to that soon. I just wanted to make sure that. I did not lose that one. So let's go ahead. Rapid fire on these next two. Is there any trade value. And i'm going to start with shannon on this with ray ray macleod or better still junior shannon radius. Because he you. He looks like he's gonna make the kleiber is still has a good shot. I don't think snail there is because he's miss time and You know if you could get a light round pick for him you know you would take it. Because i don't think he's gonna make the club. So yes i think has value. I mean roy has value snail. I don't think has much 'cause you pick him up once we could county Railway ray ask. I think he can be an elite returner possibly any snow. No because you could pick up guys like that off the scrap heap at any time. All right very good now. Is there anybody that i'm missing. That could be a possible trade candidate for the steelers to descend out because of the depth on the roster. Maybe some like like a worm. Lear somebody like that. Because they're they're they're defensive. Line is so good. And maybe if you'd like a louder if you really believe in him then maybe a similar warmly. Who's been around. The league could be of some value. Wow i like that. He's he's a valuable player shannon o. Warmly was a great answer. I i agree. Totally with that Hours thank and more marcus allen at just because some teams in the preseason You know they're special teams of look pretty suspect. And he's an excellent specialties. Guy Tyler dirty tyler. Cave each You know he's still with the buffalo bills and he's basically a special teams you know damon And so i think. Marcus allen Killebrew is going to be the the backup strong safety and make it also play something. He's linebacker so he could make marcus allen expandable and they might be willing to trade him to get up mattie miscarriages cutting very good so that is a that's great. Let's wrap that up with a. I've kevin colbert's not done. I think you guys would both agree with that. And it's it's gonna continue to get interesting man. It has been an amazing summer. One crazy summer. That was a movie from nineteen eighty six with john. Cusak i believe in bob goldthwait. One of tony's all time favorites was in them as well comic genius to tony. Loves some bob gatt but So it is going to continue to be nuts here. Nothing surprises me in two thousand twenty one with the pittsburgh steelers so this has been fun. And it's been great being the podcast producer. We're getting a man. We're getting stuff to talk about I want to bring up. Felicia before i get to the super chat. Okay i'm back so with the steelers not practicing today. Does that mean that this evening five players get the call that they didn't want to get apparently in by the way. Felicias the queen of emojis. She's no one does apologies better and so speaking of emojis somebody put emojis out a player with the thankful hands and it was isaiah bugs so apparently isaiah bugs. If if we're i believe those calls went out today. We're not gonna know they don't have to do it until four o'clock pm tomorrow for the five cuts but if we're reading into it and trying to figure out why isaiah bugs why big pooh is thankful that could be why so Emojis abound. There's going to be more emojis. i guess so. Yeah i would think that the players got some news today and they got that call and i as a big major league fan and i. I know tony is attorneys big major league fan and shannon weights of baseball guy. So i saw that movie theater. I remember it came out of the theater and they that was. I think i watched that movie over. And over and over. And one of johnstown zone pete. Vukovich was the was clean. He would right and so that was really awesome. He was a pitcher. Cy young pitcher for many team. But he well not sign pitcher for many one nine hundred eighty two four milwaukee. He won the cy young so But i digress but if you go back to major league seeing that red tag is is the the thing that all players players fear so it is your during roger. None of that old stuff like he played noga which is possibly play on somebody. Yeah i mean no matter. No wonder that charlie sheen a try to destroy him and then slip of his wife. Yeah it was just. It was an excellent. That's ultimate revenge there. Let's let's do another live chat real quick Super chat real quick. Conradi gives us one ninety nine. Do you think the steelers weight and draft rattler. Gosh the that's that's thanks for the one nine nine. That's a tough one because we have no hopefully that they are a no shape to drag rattler next year. That's the best answer. I can give you now because there is a regular season to look at Eating like he's supposed to be a top five pickers he one of the prospects if he's just one of the prospects right now. She has probably get hyped up so much and he'll be a top five pick anyway next year. Now he's in trae lance territory. Right now we're trae. Lance was twenty five at the. I mean in october. He was around twenty five in the next thing. You know. he's he has top five. We see it all the time. So let's answer that question that we had from sean manahan in the question was hey or the steelers more setup to score thirty points a game fellas on offense or hold defenses hold offenses to under fifteen on defense. So we'll start with you shannon white. I wanted to be both that way. We win each week comfortably. It'll be much better on my health and all the health. If you're came book. Yeah i would eat cake The athletes that they're set up better right. Now you'd have to say you know how the only given fifteen The obvious. I think could start. Slow with the you know the new schemes the new of its of land. harass you know getting him up to speed Where the divas should be a smooth transition. So even i'd like to see him do both. I think it's more likely the fifteen points a game. Very good tony your thoughts absolutely the defense and i think there's some concerns with the key the secondary i think so. We still have to figure out who's going to be the number two corner although they're still talking about james peer like he's having the best camp so i'm excited about that Sutton struggled a bit the other night but it was his first game So aside from that defense. I think as you said you decorate your you said earlier. Alex smith is probably gonna be a superstar. So i i'm not worried about the buzzer pre thing as much as i was heading into camps so i think it's definitely the defense your offensive line. If they can get that short up. Maybe they could be doing that by the end of the year. But i think they're more equipped to the whole teams down than than they are the score on in twenty twenty one. You know what. I see the steelers as twenty seven. Twenty seven point a game author then thirty fresh really hard. But if you're on twenty-seven that's pretty good. So i would i would gladly take the. Let's have the defense keeping him under fifteen when you have an offense that scored twenty seven and if it's a rough week in their scoring they're scoring twenty three. You're still winning. So that's that's the bottom line of the whole thing. lifelong fan. o seven gives us four ninety nine. Thank you lifelong fan L l f o seven that's make short hopefully the steelers get the deal. Done with t. J w guys. Is this going to get done before. September twelfth or or you starting to get cold feet here. You start to get worried. If he would ask him that two weeks. I would say no problem now. I'm starting to wonder when when you when you start hearing numbers. One hundred billion dollars guaranteed floating around and you hear these reports. That's a lot of money. It's a lot of guaranteed money. So i'm more inclined to think at this right now that they might not get it done before the end of the training camp season which is the end of their negotiating season shannon. If it's really is one hundred million dollar he's on it ain't gonna happen right the stars do that. They're not gonna do it. Here's the thing we gotta keep him at. The last two suppliers of the year for pittsburgh was choi. Palmolive james harris. How many big plays did they win. Did they make to win. Ballgames At the end the games in the files count. How many has is tj. May now he's a great player but in these huge games. How many big places. He made the winner especially late in games harrison always. He destroyed kansas city multiple types And how many then two playoff games. He's been alfred says they'll give but they don't mean the defense and he's disappeared in both games If you the best player a hundred me dollar player you you have your big games in the biggest moments in the spotlight right. Harrison did calomel did teach athlete. Alexander smith is going to be a superstar and he is a one hundred million dollar. You know you want to pay him a hundred million dollars stores get fat an edge town. I hope he comes these sensors and they can work something out. But one hundred million dollars guaranteed. It ain't happening. Well here's the thing and west mentions restructured too. It's contract. i think it's close. So i mean that could be a possibility too or is that too it contract going other places. We don't know that either. But here's the thing. This is the problem we have with pittsburgh media. There's so much speculation has t. j. watt said that he wants one hundred million. I mean just just like does same washington one traded. You know. I mean there's always that there's always that unnamed source you know the unnamed source that thinks that the thinks that t. J. watt left town without blow blew off his exit interview the unnamed source that says that kevin dawson outta shape so that unnamed source causes a lot of chaos. And i so you just never know but with that being said gentlemen thank you so much i do appreciate it was it was a. It was a fun show. We are getting closer and closer. We're gonna have some fun next week as well so please. Everybody join us and check out behind the curtain dot com for all of your editorial pittsburgh steelers needs. It's just not a non stop shop. It's a one stop shop in back to a non stop shop. So he hit is there. There is so much that you're going to get here from espy. Nation and behind the curtain dot com. The second episode of the jeffrey benedict vehicle. That is called on the steelers. Cutting room floor comes out tomorrow. He's going to be talking about inside linebackers but with much different spin because he's a film room guy and he he gives you a lot lot of accident owes in audio form. And it's really good to that out. Live mike with michael back talking about. Hey what are they gonna do with that money. There's there's plenty of money now. Because of the restructure. What's going to happen. He's gonna say this is what they should do. So check that out as well the scarborough show on tomorrow night goes on and on and on and remember friday the debut of what talking about a social media steelers show as well. That's gonna come up friday. There's so many great shows in-between so check it all out here on behind the curtain dot com live chat and men and women in your car checking this out on tuesday morning or wednesday afternoon. We appreciate you. We love you. We cannot do these shows without you. We are blessed to have some of the best fans with some of the best questions in the best takes in our live chats. Thank you for all that you do and supporting us and allowing us to keep doing what we do. So we've got three things we need you to do. One got put it up thirty one. Be safe to be true to yourself. That's the biggie. And three always be behind the steel curtain so for shannon wide. And tony name is brian. Anthony davis and to quote the late. Great rowdy roddy piper. Just when you think you know all the answers the questions shannon zee right. Yes all right shannon. I didn't hear tony. What did he say we keep. Change the question all right we will see you guys later. Take it easy bye now.

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#373: Big Boss Man

The Agostinho Zinga Show

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#373: Big Boss Man

"Biagio hosing a show with your host dog use Gino's. took. Take. The Tint. All hello there. Welcome back to the casinos English show episode number free seven free with me your host Agassi. No singer. Welcome back to the show. Crate amazing. Thank you for joining me it better for someone to show view Youtube please make sure it's not like his subscribe Andy Mcdermott I'm below if you're listening to podcasts up, of course, emir, five-star reviews under show share with your friends and to support the showing access to over three hundred as as episode four hd before it goes anywhere else in audio. Format please make sure you support for coffey a patron. The linked can be found the comments and below or in the shoulder description is Patriot comforters casino that Patriot. Okonkwo AG OH STI NATO click there for Lula's one dollar per month he access to my entire life as well as this put cost in fold your four before it goes on any other platform so. On the owed Patriae on. God damnit. How you doing how you feeling? Great Amazing How my? Yeah. Trucking on trucking on intriguing on ABC in out. A little bit annoyed a think the last couple of days mostly due to my beloved Manchester United completely capitulating in the transfer market, we seem to have absolutely no idea. About how we want to be forward as a club actually think we do Lemme Lemme reviser I think internally, the club have basically proved without any shadow of a doubt. They did not interested about being a good football club or about winning trophies or by creating member nights in Europe right or about having some of the best players play for our badge. They're more concerned about ensuring that we have the revenue that allows the owners to siphon of cash from our Kobe by investing anything back into the club itself. That's what. glazes and the Edward Regime has basically subjected a suit but I think unfortunately, some fans of realization recently I. Guess they've kind of finally woken up to the fact that maybe the glazers really in making us great again, they're interested in making sure we make money we copy did not and we allow for them to go in there. We know on their lavish holidays over the summers all during the year I guess in ownership intense purposes but for us on the outside, it's just hard to deal with to see some. To See clubs that finish under. nope. Behind us here to see cubs finished outside taught for investing more into squad than we are to see the champions looking adding a world-class midfielder until Inter, team in order to give them the extra push to maybe allow them to do the double. Again. This season the potential of loop winning the champions. League and the Premier League is really high. If they are able to bring in someone like A. Completely changes everything about that team allows them to do so much going forward. He allows club to rotate. With are a significant drop in quality -pecially, Navaja the midfield position and it just really opens up they're attacking in a whole different. I mentioned I'm sure most of you have seen. The Liverpool v Leeds Game No. One can deny that Messiah looks a lot hungrier trim maybe it's the Haircut Bay looks in. He looks like he worked out the entire time that he was in lockdown hasn't missed a step. He's comeback raring Hungary to go. So imagine Tiago saint behind a freer for Amina money and Saleh right spraying bullets, popping booze over the top and just generally being a crave for say he is whilst my night have effectively only signed one player so far and record was Dean Henderson and giving him a bumper contracts it is problems everywhere really none of it makes sense looking at now you thinking to yourself why would you? Why would you get the innocent back without lane, Romero doesn't make any sense wild you didn't get the back and give him a new contract effectively makes him. Walk it basically forces the managed to play him. Right. If you give if he could be a second string keeper, one hundred and twenty thousand plus Oh web at the. diploid fears is very difficult. Keep on the bench I would imagine sir difficult to say, Hey, you don't play Merton season. Yes. A play. What most of the Cup cames? Yes. A play mostly made the group stages of European competitions may be. So, that quotes MSA pressure. Then you've got the defense you've got a quiet implementing cheese last season you need a new setback, the you clearly shopping for a mission last onto the competence of the players lame behind. Playing that position. Players I injury prone but good in terms of a by be upon same with Luke shore you go improving quality and Brandon Williams with given a new contract which I don't understand diva you can easily come away it and give him anything. Just, for sex jesuits at a young players too has a lot to prove. that. He came in hidden running the beginning. Of the season and Kinda tell off his evidence is basically proof of what must young players go through they solve kind of Peter out towards the end of the season and the fact that he wasn't able to rest the fact that he was paid to keep played for the season because most of the players department should have been playing in new show consistently injured or sometimes not on form. So you have these posing out team that need to be addressed. The one we have made in Vanderbeek wasn't necessarily the one position will crying up for we still need option. I feel a lot better lot more. Calm. When we have to suffer brew neuro pulp ought to bring ben to be on the ring on Pereira off bring online metal. Especially in the car system we're playing and yeah I still look at restaurant and think you know has he actually recovered from his supposed- broken back injury. Has was carrying never not to have that niggling a knee injury had that you're still struggling with Are we hoping that Mushy elgood entire season of our major injury, which is unlikely considering his injury wreck to Daniel James is suffering confidence in the what he was prior to. The lockdown just so many questions. But again, all of this could be relieved on the Kobe lob of good feeling going into new season per she going into this weekend's fixture with additions of some quality signings. Right we've meant to be regular looks like a tournament probably stalling the march on us. Dan By simply offering the money to rummage at one and agreed to their terms. I don't agree that he's the spin. They point out there they put some spin about Oh. We didn't want to sign him to the BYPA- closer. The don't believe the spin may night a are really Bina ed undercutting the current regime are really good at never addressing things publicly automatically with the fans as kind of go for second third parties and you know the recent interview Edward With Donald Somebody from club done with. Someone go hey, was with. Release the entire interview audio format they just released. Some some some transcripts, right from the interview like note, carefully chosen quotes they're very careful about who they speak to in how they speak in public, but when it comes to. Information to alleviate the fears or to in a terse the narrative to their favor they're very quickly especially with the hiring of this new PR guide at glazes. Always it will. The Pacific hired I think might may might night that kind of that one from the Sunday papers on Sky Sports talk with that voice To interact ways. That dude right, he's overseas spinning in. You know using his press contacts to feed certain stories, put some stories out there and now in a position where they're making us believe as if any reason why we didn't sign break alone is because of the buy-back close that was a major thing and again if you're a big club if you're united and you actually want to. Steal March trashy one to get closer to your opponents get closer to your title rivals right because we're talking about, you may not know Champions League. Qualifying onces if you actually want to close the couple a title winners, you just sign regularly and you deal with the bye-bye close later when when when, when it raises a head again or like a big club you by him in the hook that even if it's five million for one season of two seasons is going to pay dividends because he might effectively be the difference in terms of finishing second and third he might be the difference between you know qualifying for you know. What chocolate can out the group stages may began to last stage of the European cops he might even be the difference between a winning it right like so a for million in investment procedures for two seasons and you get opportunity to finish consecutively and Champions League for two seasons in a row and you get a good couple of Cup runs, you might win a couple of. Trophies here and there I think it's more than worth it and like a big club, you'd also didn't make adjustments or do you make the necessary precautions to to have like a list of backup people in case he does get recording. Casey does get homesick and wants to go back to Madrid does what you do. You wouldn't just hand they WANNA Barbara Closer. WE'RE NOT GONNA game. That's a cop out. It's a copper because they don't want to address the situation in just the issues they don't want to. They don't want to make the investment necessary because the they do they're going to be then judge a whole different way. Maybe that's the thing it's been ought to be honest because you'd imagine the one manager that they could get away with actually back in and having no kicked back and having no kind of pushback from fans would be only if you ever manager for like they could have had. Fans could be their right to basically voice their concerns about why at this managers get into posturings right Lebron Kaoh David Moyes Marino, they'll be out there. There'd be like you know what? I don't trust the money Bali GonNa social so far revenue is for pure luck of because he's a good at actually identifying players. He's actually been. He's he's recalled and transfer mark has been pretty good for the most part is obviously has this new cultural reset paradigm that he's kind of adopting which I think against law fluff but if I on service level He actually is prioritizing the character and the makeup of the player as opposed to technical skills and branding abilities and marketing potential, and he's actually favoring the person of the a the media conglomerate. That is amazing. Right. But if that's the case and he's actually been able to prove that he's approaches maybe working trusted with the money and if he fails, he's got no one else to blame himself right? That'll be the grapes tactic from the from the glazes but it don't do that instead that we just got the same routine to happen on the. Louis Van Gauss everything to happen does marina where we qualify for Europe, and then suddenly the money dries up suddenly signing more players suddenly the holes in our teen get complete you get Kinda later ban this against Bush efficient of being because. I think if you're an own of club is one of those things where you start to realize that the most success that you actually get on the pitch to more you have to invest in the actual team right but then I guess a hope is if you're if you're successful clubs, is that the? Consist the consistency of you performing on the biggest stage is going to allow you to kind of open up your earning potential vision brandel sponsors or just generally from just attendance money and prize money for just you know I'm Kansas. Various stages in competition nestle. The hope is, but the unfortunate reality is that the more successful low are you you are the moment you have to pilot. The only way you don't have to pining is if you just become like a mid tier or permanently club that stable pretty good infrastructure like a look like A. would be badly right even less than now public of crept into that. Zone at the moment, they probably never got for a title again but there Darren about to finish top six. Burly per be Deryn bowser finished talk ten. That's the only place where you probably won't need to invest that much money. But even less, they've sidelight to have replaced Berlin probably GONNA be signing up more plays you just still especially premier league doesn't work in life in general. So to see these guys essentially run club into the ground is being distressing. Again is something. That I try not to think too much about because again, what can I do? How can affect change in no way shape or form I cannot. It'd be nice to see a famous be a little bit more united around you know no pun intended around what the issue is. Because, I think there are some fans out there still who? kind of have this delusioned longs we signed Sancho be okay and I'm here to tell you that's not the desma. True. We still need a defensive midfielder. We still need a competent right wing all maybe even an option left depending would have a look at it we need to. Leverkusen. Back. Right. Those are still some glaring holes in our team that need to be addressed. We Congo into another season without backup center backs being by Phil Jones Marcos Rojo in code. Right that just shouldn't be the case we he's had better options. Now we'll say, hey, social spent eight million Maguire dinner workout. Cool. But you got to stick him you know he's England's captain. He can do no wrong. You'd have to stick with them. Anyway. That's position out of the way. Lindelof and by you're going to scrap for the second spot, but they haven't been convincing whenever they've had a run the team. So you have an open slot there for somebody to take. And Yeah, you can't tell me decide engineer center is going to be enough because there isn't because they're still the possibility that if he gets interested and alongside we've along with the new striker up front are contained completely changes the make up of how we attack how approach teams it completely changes and even sold in his counterattacking football that we supposedly up. Plano. At that's not really working for me in. That regard because you know they're United I. Remember Best of the ones I kept the bull. You know the possession patient nine that would stretching teams pulling them apart in a switching to play left and right and just bringing using different weapons to defeat opponents in different ways. This approach where we just you know we sit back and hit teams council tires really audit especially considering we don't do it. As NYDIA, efficiently or proficiently as it did an apostle lows of issues to. Decide Phobias. To. See. How are they gonNA social approaches the interviewing a weekend. Would he uses the opportunity to like speak openly about what's going Oni just do what he usually doesn't just kind of you know. Be. A company man and just you know kind of not long and agree what's going on and then maybe privately you know star Franks falls around the office but I would like to see him publicly come out and say something a little bit more forceful than wasted previously beginning to have the fray implanted the bus but it needs to be clear in that we need some improvements if you want to build upon law season right not. Going to have a good season. This is another thing. So I don't think we're going to finish as six. Some people are saying I. Still Think, Oh, be still going to be easy for sufficient for if we don't improve our squad, but he has come out and say, Hey, we need to if you want to build a what we have last year from last season, we need to add to our squad and team and it's just a it's not even up for bay it just has to happen and if it doesn't happen, we are F. U. C. K. Deed. That's why I think anyway by. What do I know so Took political vindicate into Ashley His Eyelid Bomas remain. I might as well try not been keep up to date with this stuff. It's just annoying and really really bloody his all knowing low of the gain to knows interesting topics I want to delve on in number one Khazana level this stuff concerning some of the Mazda because some of the individuals, I Tend to frequent some of these events just special special human beings. This is a report from Utah about an anti mosque I guess gathering of people who essentially I'll given the fact that the. Aesthetic, constitutional right to refuse to wear the Moscow some nonesense by it's just it's just an hilarious to see the characters are involved in this stuff. So let's play a little bit of the video for you know all. The steps? The UTAH. State capital tonight protesting governor Gary Herbert's mass mandate in schools. It was the first major gathering since eight utahns filed a lawsuit against the governor accusing him of overstepping his executive powers Fox thirds imagined right. You having an anti mosque protests because of a mouse Wedneday. That's put in place for schools. And in a of those five to eight parents or whatever assuming the governor just imagine how nutty again, sometimes I I I like to laugh at it but I'm also thankful that live there because as bad as going here in the UK. The incompetence levels here have been in an all time high Local lockdowns are probably GONNA come into effect in a couple of weeks especially if the spike continues going where it's going. But Jesus Christ meant delusion they exist of an estate just absolutely maddening and again, I don't really think it's even a big issue to go. Hey, you have a difference of opinion in terms of approach best fair enough in it right? Because there are some legitimate. Hey look there's lockdown even work right Is it economically viable does it do damaging good blah blah, blah. There's some actually this is good database to have around how you deal with issues such as coronavirus. Especially, if we have something else that springs up later on in our lifetime is pro-police progress some good lessons to be learned from this but stand Aaron, and just argue the fact that you know just all away that you just don't. Fit Moss work in the first mason that you don't think they have any place in society in Asia, constitutional rights, you just go Muslims around the world and live your life free and do whatever you want to do especially in lower going around the world is just so so so so so social site, it really really is, but maybe isn't maybe again maybe it's just a different than perspective people just look at it in a different way they fundamentally just. Never would accept the word all the mandate of the state they just won't. It's just it's just in their bonus ingrained into question literally Abraham Lincoln. This is a result you get. Out of Rebecca's live at the capital tonight to show us how this all went. Hey. Adam. Yeah John Kerstin organizers say this issue has picked up a lot of steam over the past few months but they still believe some protesters got a late start because remember at first governor Gary Herbert was very reluctant to issue any sort of mask mandate. Tasha. Nelson. The unofficial fifth verse would sing singing. Okay of the Star spangled banner at a rally where people say they believe more in the constitution they believed in where she's Versus non mouse. It's about freedom to choose some say they. Okay, again, my Say this about freedom to choose. But then. Everyone chooses to again. This is the famous or the same people are saying Raffray into choose also the same people are argue. Have fallings, our public freakout with shop owners when they refuse dem entry into their business right? Because if if if he's offering to choose and the business owner store or gas station had decided that he only allow people in his in his or her establishment if they were kind of face covering and you try to enter the savage moon, which again is private property refused entry you have no right to kick a person to. Live streamed the whole event to your middle-aged facebook friends. Right you shouldn't we do not because. They have they've decided right. So you evidence choice decided to hate muscle important you decide that no. Important. So I you infringing on their right to wear run a refused entry if you don't wear one that doesn't make any sense in such a weird logic and I like how the? Again, I appreciate the fact that they tried to explain themselves and try to make it seem logical and fans some this rush move. some sort rational thinking involved in really if he gets the Harvard, there isn't really an issue I the madden by the fact that the world has stopped there Madinat effect that they have to suddenly changed the way to go about existing maneuvering around the world and it just can't get over the fact that things have changed and what it is. Again, it's just temporary. This isn't it I'm sure some of them have these wickliffe where they feel like oh If we let the state come in now and tell us where mass and were how far is it going to go but for the most part, no one is saying this is going to last forever right. This is just a temporary measure in place to ensure that we will live to see another day. That is essentially what it is. Now is the messaging been run. Our people intrinsically out is there just a population dejesus segment of the population that is going to be intrinsically against any kind of state mandate I don't know but whatever is the Disney answer protesting singing fifth verses of. Do not believe in any of the mask science some say they don't think it works for kids and others say they do trust the CDC they just don't like being told what to do children. That's interesting is the big group of. People that don't fit the signs his real people think children she me wearing people that don't trust the CDC and people that just think no, it doesn't. It's just it's a hoax. And will manage kind of. Carrying is actually a wig that they are actually more united around the idea of knock wearing a muscle questioning yelping anti moss. Then the black lives matter people. Isn't that funny right is it seems I forget. Vanessa Plasma. We've been is a very fringe. Is a very fringe end of the kind of work politics you see on tour. Right. Everybody that is for the betterment of. Black people in North America imagine are back in Black miasma right? Some people would of CC as a front. As A. Fun To work a frontier to affirmative action a frontier who was at racial issue finger where so recently online where they have these, some racial diversity quota in a program may be random. People have some fundamental reasons why they're not black lives matter right but they oversee off of the Bittermann of black people in America of the British brutality. Hopper and topics they're usually fall under quote unquote right side but. It then gets into some murky wars once again to some other. Pieces right about how to how to best Mahfoud where it's the best way to do it. Is it about enforcing these anti-racism causes and you know Outlooks in corporate companies like starbucks or gain underground and informing local community members about how they can empower themselves. So make the change like this I'm really. Distribution ideological splits there but it seems like with the Anti Mosque group like even they will occupy varying levels, varying scales of the argument right there and told different what Dan hold different positions. They still managed to kind of cover around for common causes of fight. This Moskvy, which is pre commendable it they'll. Basha crazy. Don't get me wrong but it's quite commendable. Put a mask on. Criminal, I'm not endangering anybody. By not wearing math, but they are trying to endanger me support. Such a backward logic in unlined engine anybody pretend danger me is equivalent to saying, I, don't wear protection because I don't want to. But down danger me by a full Sumitomo, protection right isn't that same thing. You're right to wear the mask because if if you're if you're mask works. then. It shouldn't matter if I haven't actually the CDC says, it's the other way around. As a courtesy to protect others not yourself, I don't need to wear them out. I cannot where mass I pass out and if masks doesn't work because you're wearing your mask. It's funny. How weak? Then I'll take mine off and I'll give it to you. Since the last rally they say they've been encouraged by a referendum in Provo that seeks to overturn the city's mandate and a lawsuit that challenges the governor's mandate in schools I really think they are good people who are misguided lawsuits are one way to have your voice be heard i. don't think anybody's after money right and I think that it's a huge chance because the Utah Constitution is even more powerful than the US. Constitution a lot of ways. Much in filing a lawsuit. Against a governor. For Mandating Statewide Mosque wearing schools. It's not like he's GonNa he'll. She's GonNa and said, Hey, everyone needs to put one. Every public setting you might be in school just goes alone places where you know. Your your child or somebody in your family someone you care about is going attending right squashed up against each other and maybe this is because they don't believe they believe the science says, all kids don't kids are for the most part of what you read. If you believe what you eat, their kids are less susceptible to coronavirus than adults are right They tend not to pass it on as frequently as well as adults too so that dangerous. Wiped out fold intents and purposes but God Damn Yemen. Way, to spend your energy or to expand expand your energy Imagina of all things to be doing But, Hey, what do I know a number one quivering and this is really good. This is a really good. So of how would you say this is this is a really good explicit representation. A what happens online with these debates comes to Kobe and just in general right I'm just when you think that there's there's going to be there's going to be a moment web of size can come come to the table and agree to disagree all agree in pause and SPEC out some ways to move forward. To advance, society, in some way, shape performed has some sort collective responsibility looking after a neighbor Blah Blah Blah Blah just when you think is gonNA reach a point. It just goes left right and this is a good example of right like. WHO Is Basically anti mass protests and a mosque wearing guy basically gets into a tiff with a lady that isn't for the market and a random guy gets some stray bullets and it just goes completely tips off from their on. Let's play now the the. Come on son. Is underplaying baby. Avenue. Haven't had. Done. Baby a second receive Estonia Heaven out of it is. Discipline. Properties to increase remnants computer in order to make you actually work properly. Sometimes have these technical difficulties. Annoying Chemistry Bruce Realtors again. What Work Gwen? Come on go discovers loading again bed with me one moment if noticed move onto the next one by would you? Hit this. was his feeder finishes really funny. A C. and Huma partic- roasted, and destroyed to compare to. Can you please if you don't mind? Okay. Learning this curtis go to the post on there actually and you can get up on. Behalf with. This is hilarious. Easily won a memo interesting and funniest videos of what's to this week. Easy. This let's go to SCA. Tune, alerting occas- should be learning A. Come on son. Today's is really is not having today. Come on Man Okay maybe move on. Then come back to in a bit. Having it Nice live hand. I'll try and get up again the end of the show secondary show you Bolus move on. To. Ned this story be Byu. Km. was going to say, okay, Koya. December one. So next part of the story went to want to, of course, as you know. It's been. A bevere. Change in a UK when it comes to corona in terms of how to approach lockdown of we've had these regional knockdowns are now taking place in parts of northern. England. So. Shout Anybody Manchester Bolton places like that where you're essentially being ravaged by covert but it got me thinking about remember that scale that was again front around that places the kind of five point scale people could it in Handel's menu or something along those lines right and I've got up here on the screen race because from. One being the lowest stay of transmission to five being the highest basically speaking out some of the milestones or some of the scenarios out basically allow us to move down the scale. Until we go to one right and pod reason why this was put out I guess in the beginning was to leave a fearsome assuming right to make people be you know to make people be at ease not too worried that soil could suffer so there was some good. Some good intention behind it. But now looking at how things panned out it kind of makes me think that a lot of this was spin. because. They clearly didn't know the best approach how to deal with things but it also makes me completely worried about half is go forward because if they had the information they had in past and they still Ford this was the press approach and they still had this hands off kid gloves. Let's give a brief public the. Licensed to make the right and sensible decision dominate coming to go for a drive test is all that nonsense right? If thousand good way to go about things at that time, and now we're at now where we are now with the numbers where they are at and you know economies ravaged and businesses, you know completely flatlined and stuff. What makes us think that is going to get any bell looked to be doug about his macabre. We'll give anybody any encouragement they going to get this right because this grove at the time is what I was sucked into it make complete sense. But then when the plow out and we decided to move through numbers. But then you look outside you like hold on. It doesn't make any sense remove numbers and number numbers were moving through step stages of steps or phases right in recovery plan or in on the plan of normality. When we're still you know when it's still on fire out, it doesn't make any sense I never understood that So you go hit number five. The. Highest. Point of the fictions infection spreading dangerous rate the numbers above one danishes wanted hope it's a full response back into full lockdown nightingale. Hope it's was reopened. Of course that didn't essentially happened that nineteen place wasn't full for the most often they both German I built that kind of overflow place in X. Other they use that that much either so we didn't really get. We didn't stay in place too long. Then four viruses contain numbers above one in some regions, but hope it was on A. Response back into lockdown with at the moment and Infre- was virus contained on his below one and. lifting lockdown. Some would argue we never actually. Left four or free even though our numbers would say we should have been in five. So an we agree, oh, pomposity economy was restaurants and bars, and we allow them to have people sitting in dolls which didn't make any sense to me prior to going to gyms, which is the funny thing. We allowed BASELGA ambitionless to reopen. Before the Jim said before the gyms did just imagine that before Jim to reopen bothering Shawn's were reopened which makes absolutely no sense. If anything you'd think they probably on the same threat level really out imagine that will be so in it right? And that never really changed, and now we're in a position where. They want us to go back to work they want us go back into the office they want us to go back out show then country to go on holiday or would they were actually the to go out and eat you know the help out scheme? But we're still in the position against remind where has this gone? WHO's talking about anymore is completely gone out new cycle you. I wonder if he's going to report, have the guts, bring this up and say, hey, Minnesota like what about this five step plan they had this men does menu stepping what happened to that is that's the learn. Absolute doughnuts they. What do I know moving on? We ll this funny video fund. Sad Barashi because he kind of got me thinking about it must be like for university students at the moment who are currently having to live in a post. Having to live in a post covid worldwide mclovin Wat- Ashley's not post at will and what that must be like fiend probably one of the more. I'm one of the positions I don't envy. All right being a parent. I, guess young children trying to kind of explain to them what's going on and trying to ration IOT or trying to. Explain why they Congo see difference what hang out at school where they Congo to tennis football whatever practice right? That's a very, very difficult imagine but also just Mu- just think about way must be for the kids are like year eleven or just finishing six foam all just about to leave college how they must feel heading into university. You know you've got your hopes and dreams ahead of you fresh is a big deal in the UK. Page before you start your lessons and you go out you Paul, you get completely smashed you. Discover old localized place that you're staying You get meal your friends ability to start syrup built some new friendships with people that you don't know, and just get yourself fully acclimatise your new surroundings and take the first steps into adulthood. Imagine what that's must be like now Ford in the Post. COVID, was I guess to be given? Give a little video describing some of these. Scenarios with people are actually going to university the school being freshers drink current events gonNA play a few now. This morning I was very, very sick. All I'm going to uni. I'm two hours away from home for. Three months. So something now I feel amazing. It's expensive. You follow you right now 'cause I'm actually here especially I haven't been home for that long right imagine right you just WanNa get out anyway should anyway so. It's funny because. Most most people when you leave because of as she looking for to again fucked and meet New People but I guess in this stage or in now, peop- kids are desperate to leave in general and just have a change in scenario a desperate to get into education in any way shape or form right just Kinda Gal the daily dredged. Wow. But here to cover the guidelines. Here. Even though thousands of people around you still get that feeling. You have to fit with the guidelines you expose yourself to too many people you'll probably going to end up breaking some will. It's harbouring Salmon. One passenger lift how miserable I look human nature to want to go up to someone and hope the not just not possible right now as you can see. There is literally. Insight. If you sit in your room, you're missing out on your social life exactly and other imagined most of the part of fun. Imagine what that scene must look like normally I uni right it just must be littered with bodies and screams and people running around and just you know enjoying themselves look at it just looks like. It looks like the communal garden of some new built flat somewhere literally. Nobody, in sight. If you sit in your room, you're missing out on your social life but you know if you go out, there's a chance he could get in trouble obviously cash virus I'm not living on campus, which means is hard for me to make friends. As not really allowed on the university unless we have anything going on. The shields unions open was so strict social distancing measures. Conti, it's going to be a lot different. Distance the happiest dramatically limitations. Student Union rates are like one of the best experiences you could go for a look Western into man. Some you know downscaled version of Pontins holiday like. season. Check People are jumping up and down. State going to be seated which. The germ radio. Dj. We go it. The Stephen is going to be streamed online. My God. fucking miserable. Imagine your first. Has experienced a unique and you're watching Avia. When you're crappy chromebook in your bedroom somewhere. Spilling. Cheap coal of the copier where you sleep it psych God damn. Be Weird having people see us invasion not just kind of all year wives because we're kind of used to that. kind of faces for radio. Told me about. Expect you when you. Just trying to. meet. You, kind of a wake up to think about it again. If You Food. The. Space, it limited many students able to attend. Starts Drawing Now which obviously out of jarring book not freshers week she's requires. Everyone's air asleep watching TV. It's ten thirty. I'm just heading into the bathroom Duman I knew routine and then I'm GonNa go to sleep which is absolutely insane I should be an all nighter. Just, just an just imagined, the irreparable damage is going to be done to these young people having to start university this way just imagine and how soon are they going to be able to kind of? Get back to normal and holiday friends hang out. We'd randoms and Jesse sensually have the quintessential university experience. It doesn't just doesn't make any sense and again, I think for their sake universities kind of have to open. They have to offer this solution in some shape or form because you can't justify paying for unattentive grand a year. To for some live some zoomed seminars. If for some seminars, what are they quarter? Lessons via via zoom you can't. You can't justify that. No. One's going to be justified. What University go to. There's no way that they can justify paying what you have to pay for years because again, no universities giving discounts know allowing you to. defend your payments everyone. So of like you know wanting to get paid now pay me now or you know you don't get education. So the only way to make it worthwhile is to open up these campuses and say, Hey, come in sit you know to me away from each of a don't hug the touch one person lift only freshers. Celebrate freshers via your laptop. Because that's the only way we there. But to justify paying this exorbitant pricing and then I, guess you know they'll try to sell it like you know, hey, we're going amenities right? We provide you with Henson tyzzer will this suffer suffering really think hold on university where you have hundreds if not thousands of spotty teenagers running around discretionary sticking fingers in places where they shouldn't be. You should have these senator solutions anyway. So that isn't even a plus but Goddamn got them. have sympathy for those kids trying to attend universities tough times when it must be very difficult. Moving on up. Moving on down actually got this distressing and cove. SOAPING story from. John. Lewis the scrap the bones for the first time since nineteen fifty free. which is mad at really and another indication of just how F. U. C. k. e. d. things are. The moment says the following John Lewis confirmed that a staff will not receive a burner for the first time since nineteen hundred free after it was hit by lockdown down store closures to retailer, which also owns waitress posted a huge six, hundred, zero, three, six, hundred, thirty, five, million tax loss for the six months to July twenty. Fifth of the higher cost of one percent rise in sales is chairwoman told off on Thursday the announcement will come as a blow of course even before covid hit the chain had one, there might not be able to pay. The usual stuff like bonuses competition ate into profits the group first half loss was six, hundred and three million was exceptional items will take into account including the four hundred million brighter down in value of stores is couldn't these one of cost a group loss in the six months stood at fifty, five million. Like. Sometimes. I wonder Bishop people who are out there protesting boob trying to secure their future because if you might just have trust fund in okay. But things have changed irreparably sometimes for the wasn't is for the better but the quicker you're able to kind of. Accept the situation and maneuver to make some changes in your life that better is for you but they needs to be an indicator to be an acknowledgement of what's going on in the world and if you seem places like premise J. struggling John Lewis struggling all goes these different establishments that we've kind of known in love especially UK and you aren't seeing the Woodford for the cheese. You're not kind of seeing the hey things. Are maybe messed up to make some changes in my life than dunaway in for because if these companies unable able to do it again, they haven't this the first time Panga. Bonus since nineteen fifty free and imagine the amount of economical societal issues or stuff that we may not as per along the not as far reaching as imaginative we've gone through as a nation between nine fifty free two to twenty twenty hour in now. And this is the first time stopping bonuses. That's a big deal. It continue says the LAS under chain which operates Pasha. Tape paper scissors staff was in the after food wold war to. Is Matt Chairwoman Dame Sharon White said we came through den to be even stronger will do so again she said, I know this will come as a blow to partners who have worked so hard to see it, it's us no distracts from a commitment and dedication has the interesting thing would be to find out if Avenue, some of the executives took a pay cut in order to kind of offset some of the losses or to ensure that the staff members got paid I I'm sure they did because from one tens Pepsi's you read about John Lewis being pretty good employ people without good things to say about John Lewis and waitress and places like that but I wonder. She said, the payment abundance will resume I knew purpose rise above one, hundred, fifty, million in debt falls she. Davita says store closures during lockdown in customers buying less profitable items, such tyler paper laptops. Had hit the trade show what the deaths less profitable. Okay, I didn't know that. It. S A are one time purchases right? Maybe that thing things are not what type of reason continued says sesame in his first half John Lewis Shops. So I two hundred million. Pound and sells why the wider groups or additional coronavirus late cost total about fifty million by the statement is set the waitress hoop market had been seen a return to the weekly shop. For cells up to ten percent year-on-year. This whipping because I? Guess in some respects, you would think right especially people being at home. That, there is some that there was some. There are some people who probably have the means. If you to work from home, right or furloughed with pay or something right. Some people have that have the means to just you know kind of Reischauer until they finally being let go so they have a lot of disposable income because you're going to work all the time you know buying your prem on Jay's your just saving money because you're indoors and you're not going to place where to spend money. So it would make sense that you might have a little bit more extra money than mom to spend on something Tina to give us bear Rita therapy. So you'd think that'd be happening alum often by guests. The overall climate of things and just the VIBE is just dead to by as much as it will prion Pov. The reason you shop in some respects is to kind of show off. I guess to come showcase your whole to you know I don't know brag to your friends get recommendations whatever may be so I'd imagine you wouldn't be too comfortable doing that right? Inconspicuous beacuse displays of wealth probably on the name of the game. Now, I would assume so but I don't know. But it just to see that they've script a bonuses from now. Moving on to to do was to we have to talk about. Oh. Yeah. Kunia spicing onto a regarding record labels. This has been a very interesting state of affairs it. So I guess Old, you say when was this the? I guess it will start with this tweet above Evenki Vin de Vinci, the Holding Company of Universal Music Group I think headquarters France or something. You hit a mentioned a couple of time to India been through calling you actually and I he woke up one day and suddenly for you know what I'm actually get in the I'm looking to split I deserve for the music put out there and attached to hear them to have either the leader CPAC find the actually so I guess it will start off with this tweet here. Way Basically outs Vivendi, which is this woman screen. And is basically set the whole thing emotion. And now we have this constant barrage from him online way to sensually. Calling record labels saying that artists need splits and come in this might be a consequence of. Artists not being able to Tal- and hoping to sell merge in awaited prior and does being the main sources of revenue. For some of these artists especially when you consider how crappy some of these digital sheathing platforms pay somebody who artists right the on on the best it was inevitable that some of the big artists who probably feel that they should be in position where they can be eating pretty well off some of their best work. When? You suddenly seeing those royalty checks come in and they're not really equaling some of the streaming number. Gain online is GonNa make you awesome questions and. It's interesting because I. Think there's been an acceptance of for Donna why is but I guess musical she is one of the last place where it has been is kind of been in a unaffected I guess by it's remained. Is. Kind of remained stuck in time when it comes to reacting or being disrupted by tech. Nolan seems to have been able to penetrate the music industry people have made you know services, platforms, kind of service and need or able to kind of allow people to get their stuff on on streaming site. So a lot of people to contacted labels or produces that there are services out there but for the most part, the mechanics of the industry are exactly the same as they were in the post right? Most of the power of the control is holding the record labels hands, and the artists has raised. Yuki just agreed wherever terms. They get from the record label because they're so desperate to get their music out there to make the next step in a career that they're willing to sacrifice their long-term split stay long-term rights long-term ownership for the immediate gain of having a good. You know a a sizeable chunk of money given Chazan vonts or to have the benefit of some of the always looking after your entire creative process because you know, no wattage a great business people all busy artist you know the common argument but now in the stage refers I couldn't in music. A lot of kids coming up now a lot more business savvy by nature not even just by something they've probably learned on the state of the market the moment right the moment you decide to be a rapper. You decide to be a DJ wherever may be your immediately have to turn into your publicist, your market here, your brand manager, your videography. You just have to immediately start getting to grips eighty single, and you have a little bit more funding a little bit more fundamental the standing orders into sting. So when suddenly you decide to get signed a song, you make blows up and you get signed to a label is going to be very difficult for a kid at Bhopal soundcloud on his own making beats on these crappy laptop to be okay with given away eighty percent of the rise of his music catalog or to sign a free. Sixty deal where the label takes a chunk of everything that you do under the Monaca of you being an artist or he signed a ridiculous in a ten album deal that spans across, you know that rolls on here and year about you even noticing after Euclid certain amount of sales is very difficult to get kids to do Dan again will these other big artists Russell some of a few of people who've come out speaking about independence welcome flogger and these good examples is just not as easy to was pasta. Hoodwink people don't get me wrong people looking hoodwinked buffet most part is very difficult to do so as there was prior so. It would take somebody Konya to kind of speak up about the issue to for there to be some change and is good to see that happening I think it was isn't is kind of it was greatly needed and I think oddly enough because of covid and because the UNIM-. Potential artists completely flat line for the most part I. Guess Unless your I don't know it's just some of the bigger ones and even damned they still get favorable splits is probably advantages for you to rally behind Kony in this really messy situation because that's the only way you're going to get any kind of. Solution in terms of we are. But the interesting part. The also is that. It it also raises some interesting questions around Connie's own business etiquette right and he is the way he's kind of approach, his business and maybe it's a consequential just you know. Hurt. People hurt people. By in general if you're familiar with how can you does things he's not probably in the best position to Casey Cola people about signing people in Janki deals or no paying certain people especially if you're if you're familiar with how recalls music the fact that he he highest all yeah. Basically hires a whole bunch of people to come in and work with him to. Put together an album to cough together a sound to use a sound bold wherever you may be right and I guess something's May get lost in interpretation things get. Messages don't get cross here but there's been number of stories about Kanye West doing business the right way himself with that he's still with. So it's position. Now way he's acted to quote these labels is very interesting because I'm sure these artists that haven't been paid from Konya looking at infant in hold on, you do some Jenky business yourself my friend. But again. The bigger fight is what county is basically again, attacking these big record labels and making them do business in a more fair an ethical way. But it's interesting to see somebody like a hip way princeton come out and say the following the academics he says. The fulling says I haven't been a fan of Kanye post personal or human level. Since he told me face to face he stopped picking my piece because I want to be on say this is after produce Nixon Paris Click, and Murad of songs such pushes for him and his label good music in two years scientism. Imagine this right, and again, this just goes to prove how difficult it is to be Connie's friend and it's also get behind him in general because he does some amazing things and he comes out and makes a hurry tubman questions as every isn't a choice. Rages on about Bill Cosby and Al Kelly and this is another instance right way he's got. He's go appoint record labels need to directly she needs change artists are enslaved by labels right the splits not fair. Blah Blah Blah Blah. Blah. But come on you can't be stopping hip boys Chris Boy in two thousand and how long ago was that I've been two, thousand, fifteen or thirty. I. Don't know what was that was a few years ago. That was hit boy. Grafting in the industry dowse boy when you will still try to wrap. Your still figuring out what he's role wasn't the industry in the scene still gain. To grips with how to maneuver industry finding voices on Autism finding his sound as a producer raised to figure stuff out to certify for someone like Connie position to Pepsi Block because he felt like he went behind his back to work would be unsafe because at that time canyon you or something is. Ridiculous petty and so. Just, bad practice in general to the degree, it just doesn't make any sense in it. But Hey I guess hip was moved on from in course he's become what he's become that moments. I'm sure he's not stressing still it does go to prove you know Connie can be a great do to come and rally behind these causes in terms of dating from on a personal level he does seem to be a bit of a continent. It continues this is This, tweet is something I can agree with that. He says Universal Music has held me in what the last free lawyer have hired have referred to. As it was publishing contract. I've ever seen he says since I was nineteen years old unfair free. Now I have multiple grammys produced a law of your favorite artist biggest songs on top of tour of turning over four hundred and fifty recco since I signed and Universal Music Group still doesn't have Indian to simply be fair. They're doing this to me would have accomplished through hard work and I can only imagine what the kids don't have replacements appropriate guidance if I have to be the one to get blackboard for telling the truth. And, trying to get the next generation Freidan. So be it. Juice ten joys on the current number. One album in the country to he says, he takes a universal music group and says, the company has helped me ended management side rock nation. Let's fix. This. Slave deals are still very real rampant in twenty twenty again absolutely I think is good to blindness time public and get out there Kanye. No respect for just a affecting. The fact that he's the one that's doing is funny considering the Janke he signed people to here's another example where some guy called Adam killer he kinda tried to sign him to Fifi K. publishing included I agreed with that. You try to sign me to faith I K with my publishing included. I agree with what you're saying but how many artists are in slaving to write. Another one the communist if is Larry's right because certain of investors I'm listening music man, you should have gratefully you should have been grateful for the deal offered you and taken your music just isn't as good as if I'm being on this bloody hell right and in an upper person here says, following against says I four friend Man's refused to pay them last year while he was trapped into Chicago Studio August if I wanted him to pass my name along in our cackled and said, don't pay NICAS Gillete still hasn't seen a dime that is mad and another one is says I haven't liked an open since yeezus another album we refused to pay friend despite in producing the shit hit Tell me what is the point of aligning with this self hating and they just person it's just it's difficult. SAFE hurting. Again I think unfortunately. If you want change, you're going to have to get behind. Kanu Right. He's that much of a force. He's much of an influence. He's got that much cultural relevance. He moves the needle that much of a way that unfortunately, if you really want to get good splits Kanye to a man, you have to go behind him but there overseas this understanding that. He's not the best person business. We've probably the reason you know murder reasons may be overabundance of too many cooks in the kitchen and all this stuff in Costco and sky because it's always been that question around like how does he actually maybe some of us come here poker machine used to do some of these. Patients prior to Yeezus propriety easy being what is now right Madison Square Garden Melissa Big. bombastic stuff like who's actually paying for this right? WHO's writing off like who decides? That's a good idea to market album right to how will these random we'll do stand imposing. It's amazing. You know performance art piece of Muslim Greg Swig hoofing says a good idea what record label would sign off on that and then you see him not paying some people you know for their work on albums you're thinking just like cou who signing who studied the of his kind of checks. Deafness. Paying people continue to says, mind you this was in the PSG pergamon bouncing around mills, a bedroom motel, sorry yeezy nudism and took full advantage of this because they knew he'd never publicly quarter Mount, which happens quite often morton, and if you know which is funny because a moment you kick up a fuss to women you saw like frantic a public or do public amendment these brands or these big conglomerates these big entities decide to. Sunny. Invoice. You'll pay the invoice or cut the check is really annoying that a sense happen contagious just as many of your faith like autists and creative don't actually pay people give them the respectable rate but will yell from the mountain tops about why they should be paid fairly. But that's another conversation for later day. Elo which is some point in here says this very accurate point here about Hudson Mohawk remember he went from a very public. Feud with Drake and Konya think at the time and in Connor recounted think once he got paid. So there is a there is a common theme with Kanye Been Ever Janke business person business person in his own right by again like I said I think unfortunately, if you do wasn't change if you do want the industry record recognition she to. Become more fair. You are gonNA have to band around Konya he's going to have to be a guy unfortunately but again, let me know you think of the force in the calmest down below different county is a businessman if it's just do business the right way. People overreacting would record industry actually is their faults and SPEC out some tongues autism will they just say f. you pay me and keep it moving. Let me know in comments down. Be Allu- K.. Next year is move on or took. A. Pop Took this. This is a funny funny this this is hilarious. Actually, very hilarious considering events going on. So story was published via. The immovable vice. In title is following says, well, if I see. Oh, defense keeping transfer big. Joe. Rogan podcast online multiple sources I fight describing meeting in which qualify co Daniel Egg disgust, the company's handling of the trench official podcast, which is funny because this comes off the back of Daniel same dude. AM having to come out and essentially defend a positional fine how they split and. Their revenue artists and the fact that he was basically saying that he basically accused autism being lazy or segment of the artist that complain. For an open out loud music for not just into the Times. Catering to the platform. Of debate around right was kind of bring and you know that go under people's abundant. You know and it is what it is. But this debate was more interested in because you could have seen is coming a mile off right considering that. You. Know why is a Scandinavian based company? A was fast founded by a guy from Scandinavia considering their politics. Considered the most startups it did seem quite interested. They'd go off the Joe Rogan. Right? It kind of want him to. Boost boost. podcasting platform. To. kind of bring them into a new dawn makes acquired. Some more uses it was interesting approach because you would have known that one way or the ever just through Juergen scarce or just through some of the things he says himself, there was definitely GonNa be an issue of. Be. Butting of ideology definitely abutting of worldviews that you just con- kind of get around. There's no changing the minds of the people who think Jauregui's transferred and there's no change in a mind that some Joe Rogan to take people seriously that helping them complain about the prominence people referred to them as right. It's just not gonNA happen. Right the ideal ideologically come from two different places though is GonNa heads and it's interesting option to be in of a CEO because this is these are decisions by definitely defying your company for the long run and sometimes you have to. Upset your own team in order to kind of get to the next day she again to it's kind of one those unfortunate positions mostly it's coming to right. You Must Account Seaweed most stories everyone kind of has dismissed as a CEO as leader of a big company where they make a decision is a very popular with their own employees but allows them to. Grow into a new sector evolve into new market completely changed their approach whatever may be dominated as. A sector is this inflection point is solve Mike. Folk the road are you need to decide to go along? Unfortunately is going to upset somebody employees. I were fundamentally to she building your company against a place that you are now the moment and Jerusalem's one of them and paid him so much money. If you believe the figures one, hundred, million upfront with more at the back end if he his son mouse on, which is obviously going to do and they've invested heavily this idea that if they licensed disguise more costs on their platform is going to attract the is going to make a serious player in the game Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah we'll see some potential for them to do some stuff with Joe in the future things get. If they develop into more of a tech company. You could see this growing and growing growing. So interested to see what the approach will be from Daniel, how does he maneuver around because this is a very, very pivotal moment for spotify and how to go forward as continued the article. Says Final Hands Company meeting on Wednesdays Boy Flies CEO DON ECK defended keeping transfer be content from huge Purple Costume Reagan on the Audio Perform. Some staff inside the company feel alienated. Is, hosting of a sudden organised experience episodes according to copies of some of the questions presented a meeting obtained by Mobile Board. The new signals Houseboy by as it moves into podcasting space bureau music is facing content moderation decisions more commonly associated with social platforms, facebook and twitter, which is so difficult to judge you know you saw moving the goalpost, you start banning people at Yudina Helter San Standard of things change, it's just non embryo was to be and whatsoever it's worth is already removed jerry episodes from right wing. Fi. Figures including Alex Jones and Kevin McGuinness. Now, that's the more interesting poverty. Right and this may be confirms while Law People? Have? Speculated online because when Jerry can make the switch to spotify. Olov episode supposedly went missing during the pour over which looking within agreed within really believe right. If you've if you've ever had to import your RSS feed onto another platform altogether submitted, you know that things take a while to kind of you know a populate on the new feed on a new platform but they play in chronological order for the most part and give it to you and your most of your life or even if you go one thousand plus episodes will appear innocent tire on that platform. The fact that the ones that are missing were from the more controversial characters with the exception of a few one or two here and. Showed that. For sure. If I came in editorially content wise and decided to remove some of the episodes in Benjamin's ex Jones, McGuinness ammonia plus because you know they essentially a benefit platform anyway. So it makes complete sense but I didn't I didn't like but I find it interesting that jury number one in Din, Din address it, which is odd considering he's you know he rallies against identity. Politics rallies against gender issues rise against censorship is one of these kind of Maine tropes kind of goes back to again again, always kinda renting about censorship, right? He essentially had twitter on with Tim, pool and one of their lawyers basically took censorship Ryan dead naming and banning people pat form and unity way for complete hold back and forth thousand one of his main go to's. Him Not addressing all is considering the fact that he leaked the news to at a Jones L. WE report in the show's over and we're actually going to have a Jerusalem best off his leave on the Youtube was bullshit we need was crap around you is lying which is not it's not bad thing. I guess you know if you're getting paid. Hundred. Million Dollars Right for your podcast by spotify and do you have one hundred million is dependent on you hit some milestones being agreeable and also maybe. Allowing some maneuver in terms of what is allowing the content than is what it is. It's not setting off and he's been in the game long enough for that but it would have been good to approach in some way shape performance toadies, but again may be has. Anyway explanation but this is definitely proof or. Of some some kind of evidence tools that points one direction of Spoi- fight deciding to remote episodes as opposed to Joe Rogan saying hey I'm going to put them on Youtube instead at knows a factory continues it says though Jura in in the case of Jerusalem. To attend meetings have been held with various groups individuals to hear the respective concerns exit according to free resources and some of them. One Roku removed because of what he said, no pause looking even put a snitch hotline. Says free sources provided mobile to some of the questions submitted a tunnel meeting mobile gunston anonymity as a one off rises speak of the press about internal issues to this question of maiden acuity nee section of the meeting highlight. Some of this fight employs concerns about Jerry Jones content just imagine again, just imagine demand to song line demand the money on the line, not only just what they paid them potential earnings Dilly. Galaxy of it like this is Susan they they cannot take lightly I'm sure they can not take this lightly but again, most likely not got decide the got dues side moved Rugen if they want to really taking us next level because a moment, a Beckham, the pressure of their own staff members because of this ideal issue is probably GonNa be mocked the end boy fire for for for for you know you can be put about that one. So as acquaintances one of the Somme's question was many Lgbtq a plus. Ally unspoilt fires Phil unwelcoming aided did because leadership response to Jerry conversations what measures to these employees Jesus as a whole one? Another one said White House. Nor Spectrum Yaojie guidance about the transplant be contin injuries catalog. Referring to the group of spotify workers who focus relate issues at the meeting eck also employs more to leak to the media noting if you if we can't be open and confidential, debase will have to move these discussions to close, which is a very sneaky way to process. Right. He must have known signing Jerusalem is going to be an issue with the staff members who are probably liberal left leaning people. He must. It's going to be an issue. It must've been compensation practice to suddenly now gag your employees from talking about this publicly in any way shape or form again, maybe not with their name attached you. But in any sort of anonymous sources, really anonymous fashion sorry is really funny Tom. I think. So there have been rights to voice their concerns about it. Of course, if it comes to a point where they identified leaks year fight, you can't complain is what it is. They set the rules but if they're willing to kind of come out with without putting a name to it, but you know at least equity represent decidedly argument is fine but again I think this is the way. You get paid. This is where you actually earn your coin as a CEO what you do decision if that was me and I decided to go Juergen used that to kind of push my new service into a new Dorn. Then of course, I stick with a guy because of invisible hundred million into right I, have no option and I have to, but you have to be in a position where. You can, of course, listen to the concerns of your employees acknowledged the voice but then also be very clear in that you are the leader you are the person that's ultimately 'em higher to make these tough decisions right? You're not there to. Lead, some of the. Some of the WHO hands on the Friday right? You're there to basically guide, oversee and make some of the tough tough calls I sent. She can to ensure that spotify stays around for five to ten years because there's no guarantee you're right? TIKTOK. Comes around and decides to start a streaming service. Right There's no telling how quickly that could grow and become the dominant leader. So you can't take for granted. You have to kind of always be on the offensive and this is one day offensive. Musetta is to kind of cut the most by their face and hire some megajoule Rogan even though he's baby. was maybe goes against some of their staffs. Outlook. Perspective. On life but it is what it is say continue says some other concerns specifically of a recent exit and Joe Rogan and episode in question and have been reviewed extensively. The fact that we aren't changing opposition doesn't mean we are listening which I like. It just means that we have a different judgment cool and I think the actual video in question was this one where no? Will of but the the one of the reasons why some juries is backlashes against Caitlin Jenner decided to voice concerns by Rogan on TMZ, which Stephanie put some pressure on him and it's funny because he's been going at the Kardashians and agenda for years right? He's. He's got the dirk only special. He said some very spicy things about Caitlin Jenner he obviously isn't a fan of of Canaan. In, this incarnation at all, it was obviously a big fan of. Bruce. He says quite often Ryan that we lost Olympic athlete or something along those lines is a really questionable things air maritime before it kind of the the the destroy finally comes back, and this is Katie Journal response to Joe Rogan's constant jibes her he's family family. Sorry. This is not the first time who said things like this. He's A. Homophobic transphobic. Ask. And he calls my family especially the girls. Crazy bitches and he does this all the time, Paldon things a of your has identified. The adept sees of himself in that family he knows it could ease. He could have easily been Caitlin Jenner in this situation the way he kind of framed it as though 'cause Kaylynn Jenner as Bruce back then was surrounded by so many crazy females that it was on your Matt time before that crazy somehow infected his brain and then decided that he wanted to transition right that's coming his way of thinking of the drug for. So maybe Joe Rugen. Oddly enough sees himself in Caitlin Jenner family it plateau I could've gone that route two and you know helping people that will often maybe that count that Clinton ragging on them is about that or just the fact that it just a funny. A freak show family right in in in the nicest way. Possible. They just. All right, Dave essentially. Building tycoon pile of exploiting their inner family dynamics for the water see they've made themselves gazillion as right in the process to they've redefined famous, right? They've essentially they might have been the reason why people don't actually recognize talent anymore that much right back in the day when you yes have an actual telling to be famous people know now just well known for just being well known the term public figure comes to mind right even mean So maybe that's the reason why is I'm actually quite happy to see Canaan finding respond to say something because some of the jobs that you've been gained on jurors been consistent. So I don't be joking be mad at Kaylynn kind of regular now. Let's get real here. My daughter's. Have obviously done extremely well, their more famous they have more money than Money. They have just about everything more than he has. Okay. He's gotten his fame by putting other people down and. making jokes about it my family has done it through hard work. I'm odd work with in my girls have worked their tail off. They've been smart business women they are intelligent. They're extraordinarily hardworking, and that's how they've made their their businesses and their fame. They didn't do it by making jokes about other people and putting them down I think could tell jokes they probably would. But. He says maybe because I was around all these crazy bitches that I you know transition. It's not even close I mean I've had these I've had been gender dysphoric my entire life I just tried it to once I. got to the point in life where I I could my kids were raised and they're all doing well and this and that maybe I could live the remainder of my life authentically and it has been the most wonderful experience. I, ever had I I wake up in the morning every day and I'm so happy because I can just be myself all day. Would you go on his podcast and what would you say to him about telling those kinds of jokes being gender dysphoric transitioning? Is Not a joke. It's very serious stuff you're concerning family. Dancing around the question is interesting right? Would you go on? You imagine the this guy said about your family about you personally about the car accident your transition questioning the motives quoting you a bad person or remote woody really really bad things. They ask you point blank about whether you're going to show an kittens on rambling for twenty seconds plus an Indian says, Hey, yeah I probably would show is like isn't that basic internet? A real isn't that like a representative of just how we have a family day. All right. After all has been said, you definitely still go show why? Because it's exposure because it's a platform because allows you to amplify voice in some extent just. Again. I'm very curious to see how this plays out, but let me just I think in the last built the actual article inches the plays out was boyfriend I really am would they will they buckle under the pressure or would they stick with their? Cash Cow. Oh their way or the Tosa killed and again this. Awesome. Impact with the Joe. Biden pause right on think. Love, the reason why punting get the money that he wanted all the equity order explicit he won is basically you know because they spunk most of the cash on you. So for them to maybe renege on the issue to deal to step away from it, you to he's controversial statement is going to be the place. To schism in his recent in a specific episode of Dorgan Experience Eck was referring to from July in which Roy interviewed epic Australia The book irreversible damage transgender crazed using our daughters according to one of the sources from diplomats at podcast right associated cement in the youth with those with autism Schreier and Rogan spent party episode explaining young people are beginning to pressure decision by youtube another media again to be fair drug. If you watch the puck out, you know this is one of these staples topics, right? So justice. Warriors. Hunting MMA. You know wanking himself said he about stand up comedy regular people who don't make furniture and quit their jobs like he's got some staples. Econo- Gopher and this is one of them by his funny that this is such. This is so important in terms of a takedown, right? Even the title of her book is Flipping Wild, and even just a quote they put out for Matt again. Putting out cosma put costs ways a bit disingenuous, right? It takes away from some of the you know context of the compensation. But Hey, what can you do? Quantities, as you realize that people are not looking at this objectively Rogerson podcast said there are activists and they have this agenda and this agenda is very ideologically driven. Anybody who? Thinks. That they might be trans should be transit our transit the more people are better. Again how what are they gonNA do fire in the book try advocates. So invalidates lived experience of transpeople by comparing transitioning to adult listen phenomena like eating disorders, self harm or a coat according to mental. She also described wanting to transition as contagion with the potential to fate of children entirely certain typically basis idea mental health noted, of course, you're gonNA get your your kind of Of a statement from mental finit. But yeah, that's a wild again taking stuff out of context from podcast is just it was gonna make you a bad. If I was Sean Lee are committed to the LGBTQ plus community and visiting all its forms but a spokesman told motherboard or the employees are respected and we believe that everybody has a right to be heard. We have a number of forms or open and transparent discussion encouraged vigorous debate on topics across the company or the continents qualify subject long-standing content guidelines out diverse team experts review the content in question in Dan Determined Day did not meet the criteria removed from platform, which again is interesting in it like how far do you go with this stuff? Do you have their Mussa autism fungus? Can you have stuff on my popcorn and vibes cartel on? They're like well, how far do you take this? Of course, the druce obstacle example right the details of this from. Youtube this is a very. Sketchy. Platform to kind of be on right or stage in your business like when you're trying to when you're basically the. Judge and jury as to who has a career especially if you become the monopoly. And you have an unfair advantage on the market right imagine if split ends up being you know. The biggest digital sheen platform in the wall and as an artist, you have to be on day to make it. You can't make you on there because you have some spicy content. Your music is lyrics of music are may be not deemed acceptable for our platform because again for ideological purposes, objectively just from ideological point of view as a bravery separate slow again. So again, what you do, if you're the CEO's for a fight, you cited your employees who have gotten you position in the first place right? I'm sure there's some. og employees there from when they were working out of a bloody coworkers by somewhere in the middle of nowhere town you suddenly way you WanNa be now you fanged in USA Code One the biggest podcasts in there you got great team and you're now complaining that this recent higher this recent employees this recent Attachment to your company is causing pain and strife. What you do decide that recent add to your company who's also bring you lows of money right? Because again they paid him underhill but the thing you know he's generating a of cash for this company to it's very interesting place to be in at the same Sir at the same time writing tribe sets of spotify. The company has made content moderation decisions to not poor several old episodes on the platform is actually however episode nine eleven and nine and twelve fifty, five of whiskey giants Jones unknown hosted on spotify, which is again an indication that it was spoiled by mid decision editorial, you know Joe. That story sought to show. In. Two thousand eighteen point five meter input off a platform for hey, contents has also not hosting. Interviewed far-right Personalities Government Innocent Chuck Johnson. Disqualify catalog does include featuring Steph Mona News and probably law center clarifies as. Scientific Racism. And who was bad from Youtube early this year. Steph a balloon kind of measures. People's brains shaded. So that's no last night I am that's no lost but still. The zoo, his distort point about moderation. About Censorship, that job definitely so address rogan has given people all the people giving me like this access to gigantic audience and Reagan really challenges his guests. Again, this is a really bad article he does trying to guess on concentrations to be for. Aligning to launder. Their bodies and the show to society research impact Lewis has argued Grogan give it a platform. To these people has led to his audience to down more extremist rabbit holes and Youtube Lewis Describes Rogan as a libertarian influence mainstream appeal. This is bizarre take Donald Somebody and again, I don't really mind. I think everybody should be given a platform to say exactly what they want. I think it's up to us as a public decide who amplify who he listened to You know going around policing what people can and cannot say on different platforms is absolutely insane or just start doing it form part of the two of us and where you draw the line, and again, if you're a business and you want to attract the biggest audience, you want to make money you live in capitalist. World that's what you're about. You have to look the objectively and essentially pick the best of Bob Majette looking objectively and pick one figures. Louche. That works best your company in long term and not only fixate on these little bows that might just be an issue for the moment of win at the moment. But then you know ten years down the line is not situation because prior to this durgin existed what? An apostle just as well. Juergen insisted uncontested for a long period of time. The moment things change particularly sightly he then became problematic figure which he isn't really objective about it. Right. The fact that he puts you know look at a candidate owns interview being a good example of Iraq and this owens talks bloody ours and he gave her platform and she essentially hunger off on that on that show right she says, she proved that she didn't really have much. About her she was a griff during our own right and that was it. Right. So if you were an objectively rational person who wins accomplishment open mind willing to kind of be swayed away you probably the Malcolm Station you know what this kind of woman doesn't have a scooby. She doesn't even know what she's talking about right she's complete dunce and just step away from keeping moving but you don't say ban her gear of the platform takeaway her pay pal. An allow her the opportunity to speak on some of the biggest platforms out there in the Public Square effectively take away a possibility to make money to poor roof just because agree with her political leanings or with her worldview by isn't the right way to go about things in my opinion it continues says never recent episode broken explain a joke. He made in two thousand sixteen about gender transition describing as he and using her and using a dead name. Bruce Rogan also mischaracterize reason for transition saying that she might be an IMF been poor. Okay. Chrysler thing. He said she's for big a recent new. I in what he said was the first episode of the PODCAST spotify. Rogan. Joke that the Democratic Party just want to talk shit and make sure everyone is trans Jesus guys. Taking these jokes how conscious again is so horrible is a follow up by saying I don't mean that transpeople we've you. He said USA said Monja pushback about transpeople competing females with as few and fighting Rogan's cocktail Francis longstanding objection to transient fighting for women in MMA in recent, which is should really be an argument and that's just I. Don't received why this is a debate it should just be like A. White Collar just make division for Trans People that would just kill the bay completely I think you know putting women into an octagon with people are trends or with people who have gone through some sort trying procedure isn't safe on both fronts. It doesn't make any sense and the best way to kind of knowledge their existence I think an in a respectful way would be to just to create another division. You know objectively in just doesn't make any sense as a madman unity and get involved in. Recent days don't trump said he went into jerry to debater by no Wednesday trump's an email to supporters in which he walks into petitioned demand Japan to kind of his basement to agree to for a long. Debate with President Trump Jerico Nelson municipal Fima Jerry debut September I l become exclusive available pathway later, this year according to payment from spotify in his Nasmyth Rogan said. So if I want to keep doing what I'm doing here, it's just a lesson deal. So spotify one have any creative control so again Interesting Man I'm going to keep an eye on his want to see how this develops. Joe. Have to change the way he approaches his controversial twenty ever do that's what makes him special a wool spoiled by coming with the detoro Hammer and decide what and how he can speak about certain things on his part. Cosby w-we is coming just to see how this develops going on. Let me know your comments regarding this issue. Kohistan Down Below d think Jeruga transphobic different Katie journals overreact things I will cave and essentially killed a deal and still have to pay him out what do you think weapon in this situation? Anyway, it's now unfairly minutes of the show. Thanks for tuning in SPA. Usual. If it's your first time listening to make sure smash like hit subscribing down below if you're listening to podcasts at, please give me if I saw review Donald assure showed your friends and support of what caused the patron please do Lincoln Down Below Patrono comforters Augustine at patient conference as AGOA's in. Subscribe on their for one per month to get access to my entire libraries with us this show and. Format before it's on any other platform. Up this ago, streaming teachings going to be showing you guys soon in a few days. So keep them out for that. I'll probably do a live stream for the weekend it because why not? So if you're hang out for the USC finally, I don't know which one which is actually the me that will check that one did to D D D Twenty is Dr Give me a moment to double check it. It is. Oh yet COVINGTON. Woodley actually. Yeah. So finally come into Woodley if you're around than you. Watched I along with the boy, grab a beer and whatever may be the May show. You do Pomona weekends up from like Sunday may be two am UK time. So definitely check out your bow upper streaming this live on youtube. So if you're around definitely pop one by but until then. See guys very soon. Take care piece.

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