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"sharon kozinski" Discussed on WLS-AM 890

"Voters are getting a chance to pick Chicago's next mayor from a field of fourteen candidates promising to steer the city in a new direction. Bill Cameron says there's a reason why Chicago is political establishment likes to schedule elections. Like today's in the winter voting in this kind of weather is this Chicago way of voter suppression turnout is expected to be low which has the election board, chairwoman Mirasol Hernandez saying this people cannot wait until the runoff on April. Second you have to make your voices heard and express who will be the top two candidates in any one of these elections. You don't want to be one of the people who will wake up on Wednesday morning and says I can't believe candidate X is the first or second one on the ballot. Well, did you vote? And if you don't vote you better organized candidates for sure benefit Bill Cameron WLS nine President Trump had some nice things to say yesterday about Illinois Governor Jay Pritzker despite risk. There's very public criticism. The the president are John Dempsey with more at a White House meeting with Pritzker thirty five other US governors Trump's singled out Pritzker calling him his friend. The president also said Illinois is a great state and that he wants to help Pritzker the sometimes Lynn sweet says back in the late seventies. Trump worked with the Pritzker family to develop the Grand Hyatt hotel in Manhattan, the Pritzker and Trump later sued each other then settled the dispute sometime in the nineties John Dempsey WLS AM eight nine thousand eight zone. A man who with authorities say has been linked by DNA to the killings of four women at truck stops in Ohio and Illinois during the nineteen nineties has pleaded not guilty to charges in one of the Ohio murders forty nine year old Samuel leg. The third of former long haul trucker was arraigned today in Mahoning county on aggravated murder charges in the death of year old Sharon Kozinski, her body was found at a truck stop outside Youngstown in one thousand nine hundred eighty two now leg is being held in Ohio where he faces rape. Charges for the nineteen Ninety-seven sexual assault of a seventeen year old girl. Little else is known publicly about the other murders. Authorities have said three occurred in Ohio and the fourth was in Illinois WLS news time.

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