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22.14 MU Podcast

"Tonio great idea into a reality squarespace squarespace makes it easier than ever to launch your passion project whether you're showcasing a work selling products of any kind with beautiful templates in the ability to customize just about anything you can easily make a beautiful website yourself and if you get. Stuck Square spices twenty four seven award winning customer support is that help had discuss dot com slash Mu for free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer Code Mu to save ten percent off your first purchase of a website oh domain the mysterious universe season twenty two episode fourteen coming on the show with dot com food Jean possession waking up to and cousin raccoons nasty surprise. I'm Benjamin Grundy joining me. Zahren right recoup always have the connotation of involving nasty surprise in some way or another. This one has a very nasty off the process okay all fantastic yeah very nasty ancient. Chinese surprise and eventually found this late in the day censored by Confucius Ghost stories by Juan Juan. May Oh interesting yeah this is from the Ching Dynasty and this guy was born in the early seventeen hundreds hanging second but store ghost stories from that far back actually translate very well to modern. It's all being translated by some smart folks from Queensland University. Oh it's really well done really well written and and this guy you on May he was a prodigy in the eighteenth century and in the Ching Dynasty in China and even still today they have the state exams which are notoriously difficult cold so if you wanted to get any position with the state anything to do with the government you had to pass these grueling state exam. I've heard of these exams were the kind of thing that people would study for them for almost their entire life yet and they wouldn't pass while there are some cases where people kept on trying year after year and even in the sixties and seventies still trying pastas exams and they could never poss- them this. Guy Yawn May he passed them when he was eleven. Wouldn't you feel angry. If you've had your tile. I've tried to pass it and some eleven year old walks it in this kid. He just became a state scholar which was an incredibly high position. he was tasked with incredible historical scholarly works for the the ching dynasty when he was seventeen he retired at the age of thirty three and then just wrote smutty ghost stories. I should say reported zloty goes stories he would it become a pervert or because the Ching Dynasty Confucianism Rights. Everything's things really strict. Everything's based on strict hierarchies. Everyone has their place in society. There's a correct way to do things and if you kind of go outside the correct way to do things you frowned upon incredibly frowned upon and he despised all of this kind of conservative rule of society so it's kind of a contrarian and away yes yeah so he started just breaking the rules and he started reporting on these stories that no one else would report on and what he released the ghost stories censored by Confucius justice and he called it since it by Confucius because that was so outrageous had such outrageous themes like even mentioned transvestites. Let's and homosexuality and all sorts of demon ghosts getting involved in those things back then as well and it was just it just was hugely frowned upon became the greatest Silla just sold millions of copies and he did this right at the end of his life he published two of these those a follow followup came later a couple of years before he died so you know they couldn't execute him for what he eventually the eventually the books got banned and and the the good people at the Queensland University Cam Louis and Louis Edwards have done this incredible translation so what did they go and dig up the old old manuscripts from somewhere and translate yet. It's all being translated and I thought this was going to be fun to go into because it does crossover with a lot of stuff. We talk about on the show. It's from a different different different cultural context of course but you'll see some of the same themes and I love that and I think that dovetails nicely with what I'm going to be talking about in the plus extension at the end of the show because was today I decided that this way I was going to look into that story. Ben That you're telling me this idea that Marconi teamed up with Tesla and mckearney the quotes one of the inventors of the radio and Tesla basically the fathers of radio so your assignment walls to find out about who was flying any faking his death hiking folk Anneli and Tesla and building a secret underground technologically high society in South America. That's right that was your guitar it a volcano uh-huh. Crater somewhere in South America and utilized this incredible technology. They became a breakway civilization. The sad part is is that I'm not going to do that. Story today a new coming it is coming or Congress that it's the fact that the book the actual full stores have found these snippets of the store yeah but the full story is in this old paperback from the nineteen sixties which of course there's only one obscure copy this remote up shop bookshop somewheres anyone copying Australia yes so I managed to hunt it down on and it is coming so hopefully maybe next week or the week after. I'm going to go into that story but I thought I should preface the story because what I did pick up from that story. Was this idea that essentially mckearney Indian Tesla created this beautiful civilization this underground civilization that was about love which is pretty much what the whole story caught it encompasses. I'm sure it can't always be that but and you know what I mean I kind of lean towards the negative anyway so the other store those working on wall back of course was Marconi and the the deaths associated with anyone working for my current yeah but I thought that was somehow connection to thought maybe people would affect their death so they could go to the civilization but no and my Kony is the will was the UK defense contractor rods specialized in technology and other advanced technologies weaponry technologies and let it became British British Aerospace Technologies British Aerospace which it still is today as far as I'm aware but the thing is is that mckearney allegedly and not in thirty seven but he was a millionaire and he was apparently in good health and just suddenly dropped dead and so the idea is like Elon Musk disappearing tomorrow exactly and saying oh he just he went for a swim and he never came back yeah exactly that same kind of thing so water ties in with a lot of the stuff that we talk about with the UFO's and the technology is associated with them. There's this possibility also -bility that. Maybe the things that we see that seem to be these foreign. technologies are not far at all. They're actually human technologies that have been developed by the breakway civilizations civilize actions but as I said this was not thirty seven when Makoni disappear when Marconi died but the reports of the contractors the British contractors happened in the nineteen seventies he's in the nineteen eighties but there were plenty of suspicious deaths now costs thousands of people back in the seventies and the eighties were employed by defense contractors and and by the Ministry of Defence and other government agencies but statistically speaking these types of cases that I'm going to go into. It's almost impossible that you would have that. Many people die in very suspicious suicide circumstances so things like people being found face down in close so they're not hillary sides. They're very close though people being found bound up by the arms and their fate in some spit roasting position with a ball gag in their mouth oh my gosh in a foot of water wow sounds like some oh my Chinese ghost stories but being declared by the coroner a suicide right but we're also working on a highly advanced very classified technology another about to reveal it to the world and they just happened to commit suicide in that fashion so we're GONNA go into that but it turns out and this will be revealed. The plus is that it's not the government. It's not an intelligence agencies this something else behind something very dark and probably the loss thing that you would expect was certainly it was the last thing I expected expected to come out of kind of that will be revealed at the end of the ghat me. I'm intrigued so so let's go into filthy. Chinese ghosts too now. I'm not actually starting with that because yeah I didn't find that until until the end of the day similar to the loss posh show I started writing this whole thing I just got stuck into this whole thing and then realized yeah kind of I don't WanNa finish the show on on such a cheese bowl of a content what the money shot to be a bit of a nine th I got. I got this recommendation from the author of the source and insignificance of coincidences remember that huge instances it was six hundred fifty pages by Sharon Hewitt Roll it brilliant work. She has a blog over Sharon role. Let Dot wordpress dot com where she recommended Dr Scarlet. Hind Bach spoke waking up to love. Corey but willing to entertainment. It's super cheesy but apparently it's a shed near death experience. Now don't think that con con spoils. What's what's going on. He had some kind of shared death. Experience led to her writing this book hanging shed near death experience. What people are in a car and almost dodd or the absolute. I thought I didn't know the answer answer to. That is the same question that's why I started rating like what is this to people in a shed needed experience end up together. That's the thing like whenever you look for stories aligned and for example about a need death or shed near death experience most of the times when people have survived something again. It's not the metaphysical but as it is that what this is a bad small mechanical I have no idea so on the weight of this recommendation because she said it was a real page Turner incredible story I picked up waking up to love by scarlet Hynek and yeah I wouldn't normally recommend such cheesy title but it's supposed to be paged tennis so I started turning pages now scarlet Hannukah lme introduced so she's had a tough life the point of the story where I'm GONNA come in. She's got two young sons one has epilepsy and the other has Komo severe learning disorders. The marriage is falling apart. She's separated from husband. That's hot he's taking custody of. I think the eldest son she's working multiple multiple jobs. She's trying to study. She's trying to get a degree at the same time. She's trying to teach courses. He's trying to do a million things at once and pretty much. She gets so oh exhausted that when she gets home for dinner you know she cooks a meal and she sits down with a glass of wine and after a while that single loss of wine turned into glosses three glosses ossis eventually the whole bottle and unusually more so she became an alcoholic and now on top of everything else she's dealing with in her hectic life. She has to get sober so she starts going to meetings to get back on track now. While she's at these alcoholics anonymous meetings she makes friends they obviously she funds it incredibly helpful. She gets a life back in order. there's lots of support she gets Soba and as you often do people Oh Cape visiting these meetings because they want to support all the people that you know have the same issue and she started to make France and pretty pretty soon she he is from these mutual friends in this meeting and their extended friends that someone very close to them some mutual friend of theirs that she doesn't know was gravely ill and on their deathbed and this guy's name was David and he was really close friend to to all these people that she knew and they supported him they visited him in the hospital but she had never met him and then one day this a meeting she was at the mating Lleida Dan he basically we stands up and he has this little announcement and he says look you'll know that our friend David is on life support and dialysis but the doctor said today that he's not doing well and the machines. Sheen's on accomplishing what they need to David's brain is shutting down and it's not looking good anyway. His Mother D- is here and wanted to say if he would so I'll all turn this over to her so he's mother turns out the sick man's militants up at the meeting and essentially stands up and just thanks everyone for all the support report. They've been giving her son and how much they meant to him She says I can't tell you what it means for me to know that he finally found a place where he felt loved. Even cared for a mother always wants that for her son and I know it had been lacking for him for a long time and thank you for that. The doctor told me today that they don't expect David David to make it and that's why cold us to come today when they called us to come. They told me that we needed to be prepared to say goodbye and she essentially comes to say yeah. Thanks fee support but my son's probably going to die very soon now. Of course everyone's very moved by this this teas and they'll thank NCA- words and thank her for visiting and the meeting goes on now afterwards the man David his mother day she stays is at the meeting off towards fourteen coffee and chat with David's friends and Scarlett again. She's never met this guy all of a sudden. She says she could it feel everyone's grief in the room like a palpable force and it really moved her and she felt like she needed to do something to help. But what could she possibly do and the meeting dating was kind of wrapping up and everyone was saying they goodbyes and day was hugging David's friends and ready to say goodbye and Scarlett said all of a sudden she she felt this hand in the middle of back propelling him forward pushing her towards David's mother and she turned to say who is pushing a and there's no on there and she turns back around and to her surprise she standing in front of David's mother. D- face-to-face okay she takes her hand and looks into her eyes and sees the sadness there and she says something in my spirit recognize this woman and I knew I wanted to whatever I could to as a suffering. I felt connected to her. She said in some inexplicable way she said to David's mother. I don't think you should give up hope yet and as she said it she thought Harashli minds going. I can't believe he just said that. Why are you saying that this woman just said he's on his deathbed. He probably won't went survive. The night why he sang that and she said day just looked at her with this expressionless face kind of surprised and Scarlett said she must've thought that I was an idiot unlike didn't comprehend the situation like she'd obviously this young woman didn't get what I was trying to say. but scholars just cleared the throat and again rational mind sank shut up shut up. You make things worse but there's this intuition driving her to do something so she doesn't know what to say. Eventually this kind of spills out. She says what I mean is well. I could go visit your son if you'd like. I do energy work and might help him. Are you familiar with Ricky and David's models like well yes but he's Jewish and she's yeah. I figured he's lost night shorts. I figured that but don't worry. Iraqi doesn't interfere with anyone's religion. It's a universal life energy. It's very gentle and soothing and I'm sure it won't be reflected by his Judaism and she says I can't guarantee anything but I promise not provide him some comfort and for whatever raisin this this guy's mother just considered her and found her genuine said okay. I guess so you can help so David's mother ends up pudding being scarlet on the visitor's list and the next day she goes into to see him but on the way home that night she was just thinking. What the hell did I just do. I've I've got so much on. I'm trying to do my. PhD Of course as I'm trying to teach I'm trying to look off to my sons. I don't have time to do this. I don't have time to take on another project and I didn't even know this guy. What the Hell was. I thinking so the next day this is now Friday September the twenty third two thousand five and she's woken up with a sense sense of urgency like she has to get to the hospital or it might be too late so she feels like she's being drawn to the hospital. She says by force outside of her control. Eventually she makes it into the room to see him and it's a little bit like this. She says I stead at David's face but the tubes and the excessive bloating impossible to say what he looked like I didn't recognize him and felt certain we had not met before. Even though some of my friends thought we had had she said I knew in my heart that all the events were converging to bring me to this point though I reasoned I must be in the exact intended place but that didn't mean I knew what to do so she's in this room with this strange and she's alone. The nurses are outside and this guy is in a coma is completely slightly undies a Veggie the stage and she just thoughts introducing a self. She Says Hi David you don't know me but my name is scarlet and I'm friends with your friends and Frank Sandy. Dan Greg and Sheila. I met your mom last night and I told her that I work with a top advantage cold right. He offered to visit and see if I could help you. He was that okay. I'm here because a lot of people love you in that tells me you must be a pretty nice guy and she pauses and chicken just the hospital machines going going back and forth and the natural rhythm of the ventilator she says I know you must be feeling vulnerable right now and that it seems like you have no control but you do. You have control of giving me permission to work with you. I will not do anything without your permission A. K. I know you can't respond in ordinary ways but I can he with my mind. If you WANNA send thought to me your mom said you Jewish so I wanted you to know that ray he is not a religious form of energy and and she starts giving like a description of what it is to a guy in a coma to this guy in a coma and she actually needs consent to stop. This is is a big thing with her. She needs some kind of consent to this guy on this. I want to play once. vs. Why can't even do that facilitates. It's completely under but she claims she felt a breeze in the room. That's dot kid's fair. She claims she felt a cool breeze. Come over her and the energy this shift and she looked over and the hospital door was closed in the window is closed so this breeze must have been some kind of consent. It was like a life so this must be consent. At least she thought it was she placed her right hand on his forehead to make Iraqi connection and she said immediately something of a came her it was is this incredible feeling of overwhelming. Love and compassion flooded into my soul. She said something ancient. Incheon primal had been stirring within me tears welled in my eyes. He looks so innocent in your house flooded with strong feelings of pain confusion and grief. I I felt echoes of a barrage of emotions rushing into my body and mind I sent stole the fear the wrong choices the sorrows how lost he had become it all swirled around like a dust cloud and doc valley. I felt my heart open and compaction poured out of me and she says as she's doing this. She's running a hands over him and feels like this spinning wheel of energy flowing into this guy and she starts talking to him saying the so many people that love you. You can't give up. You just can't David. You mustn't give up and eventually she says I know you have to choose. Leave this life oldest stay. Whatever you choose to do will be fine? I'll make a promise to do. You all see you through this. She says I don't know why I'm making this promise but I am and I keep my word and she finishes this rocky treatment. She says it's like she zips up an invisible suit of energy. It takes about twenty five minutes for her to do this and as she's going to leave. She realizes that her hand is stuck to his hand through some kind of magnet false the some kind of magnetic force holding her to his hand and she takes this as some kind of consent that Hayes enjoyed the recession and he wants to come back back again a man in a coma yeah a little bit of a stretch but arrived so she eventually same she gets home. She's absolutely zonked linked. She sleep so how's she wakes up at three am and she swears his presence in the room and she's convinced that always passed away. He's died and he's come to say goodbye so the next morning she immediately has the strong desire to call the hospital and find out what's happened and the nurses. I know he's conditions unchanged. He's he's still here. He's still she's like right all being laid as she can't understand why she's made this commitment to this guy she doesn't know him. They've never spoken. They've just I mean technically. They still haven't met because he's unconscious. so she goes back to the hospital and again remembering that she's busy and has kids and yet he'll daddy to this stranger and she says I barely had time to declare amen when the healing energy zoomed into me and this time it was these magnetic waves of power flowing through her and she was like the river. I was drawn to his kidney area. When my hands for about two minutes the rest of my body though was unable to move she felt like she was glued to the floor and she's describing this energy flowing into him through this incredible sensation of this amazing kind of flowing in and it was guiding her all over his body to his lungs and to his kidneys to his brain so she's basically zapping him all over and when she's finished finish this energy suddenly stops and she's standing the dazed and she looks down and she realized that she's tripping wet? She's just like soaked what closer all damp what she giving up. The used or is like that. I mean if this is true if this genuinely happening. What are you giving up. I mean you. You're not the generator of the force. I Yeah I mean you're. You're taking it from somewhere else. But is it coming from you yeah. This is the thing I was circle back with. Iraqi like once actually the exchange taking place. If if you actually are removing someone's illness with the exchange conscious go nowhere well. This is the whole point you know from the you know the idea of matter but energy not being created nor destroyed. Royd so you're exchanging something. There's something that's occurring there so you picking up the negativity you of the sickness of the illness from that person. If I started to go down that road I wouldn't have got through this incredible story of Waking Up to love so she finishes session and she's like hanging in there. I'm with you. I'm praying for you and she just she's always always filling. This love spirit around the room has sweaty closed and she walks out this sweating from all this energy. She's giving up and again that not. She feels his presence. It's in the room and she tells him she'll be back in the morning and she feels this connection to him. Some kind of unspoken a love connection. She feels empowered. Rav audrain all right that he wakes fuck you wife for the hospital and and the Austin is how he's doing and they say well. It's amazing something. You're doing must be working because look he's catheter back. He started producing juicing urine this morning. So this guy has multiple organ failures like Y- shutdown -pletely not working so the fact that he started to produce urine is is a huge deal. She and she resumes Iraqi treatment and again. It's even more powerful this time. It's like I want to thank you in about two minutes with the rest of the day was Chinese ghost stories and so she does incredible treatment energies pouring out of every pore and even though David's is a closed and he's just a complete veggie. She can feel this love force swirling between the both of them by hand job at the very disappointed reported. She finishes the session. She praises David. She's like I'm amazed at how well you're working with the Energy David. You'll powerfully absorbing it and circulating. You've gotTA keep fighting. I'll help you every step of the way but you have to take to heart that this is your recovery and he's just like beep. BEEP beep Hayes in a coma. He's not responding in any way well. He's paying. It's a start well. He he's paying that is true. Maybe that's how he's communicate the graphic as she says something in me was awakening from within my core within my core being those awareness that I did actually know him. It was beginning to emerge so eventually she gains the trust of the nurses because she's going back every day to help him out into these. Reiki treatments and she eventually learns what he's full. Medical Histories and it's just insane so one day he came to the hospital because he thought he was having a panic attack. He couldn't catch his breath but he was actually going into respiratory failure and because he's hot was racing the doctors suspected pericarditis will be the inflammation of yeah he's hot lining and the admitting doctor diagnosed him with double pneumonia and ordered a lab to check for legionnaires disease now within twenty four hours. He's lungs at shutdown. He It'd been placed on a ventilator to keep him alive by the time the lab results came back negative. He's kidneys was starting to fail of the next week and a half thirteen. Medical specialists US were called in to consult. No one knew what was happening to calls this system. The systemic failures they knew a massive ear infection that he had already been been scheduled for surgery for cubes of being placed into his eased through the infection. He was taken numerous antibiotics but he was still getting much worse. Septicemia or something like blood. Poisoning bacteria's all through his blood is shutting down finally in the second wake of just hanging on in the hospital. Some you know off the wall doctor. Dr House character came up and suggested that he had some rare form of vascular as cold wegener as Greenwich Matosas out of heard of that. What is that five hundred cases a year this incredibly rare the disease and that's why they couldn't identify because hardly anyone has it but what does it do so the symptoms are recurring ear infections nose bleeds sinus problems headaches all of which he had the week before he went to hospital had extreme joint stiffness bad that he couldn't get out of bed these symptoms of the precursors to the illness going to the next stage so basically this wagoner's granular matosas causes inflammation of all your blood vessels it restricts blood flow to various organs so you kidneys lungs and your respiratory tract and because there's no blood flow the organ stop two? Oh boy they start to break down. oxygen eventually go into complete failure. Wagons disease also produces a special type of inflammatory tissue. That's in the blood. Vessels destroys normal surrounding tissue so it's kind of like Canada and no one knows is what it is. No one knows what causes it so that auto immune. I don't know like the the only way to treat it. They say is cancer medications us and and steroids steroids and cancel medication. That's the only hope you haven't people can be cured of it but you have to get in early have to go through the strict treatment treatment but he wasn't responding to anything they'll giving him and that's why. I thought he's he's gone. That should give him love. That's the one thing that didn't prescribe was love so he's going into this acute kidney failure. He's got respiratory failure. They gave him a blood thinner. He has immediate allergic reaction to it. he's hot had gone into several bouts of irregular heart rhythm had also is appropriate they were worried he was going to go into cardiac arrest or he was going to have a stroke adding to the complications he had encephalopathy Schmidt. He's brain wasn't functioning properly and when they tried to treat the underlying colza roles of that he was getting screwed from whatever doing there the other problem was because he couldn't ingest anything though fading in through his nose he was now anemic and malnourished the the guy was absolutely screwed and adding to that they had to have a chess chu is well because he's lungs had collapsed the pages describing how this guy it's pretty much most of the book like ten pages describing his symptoms and how scrutiny is but she persists with her ricky treatments and she assists with this trip and this is going on for days and she one day she goes. She's like David. I I know you hear me. The love is in folding you. Let's begin I can feel it and she says my entire body felt coiled and energized at a gut level connection. She says as she's hovering a hands of him. Doing the ray he treatment they started to feel like hot ions and she fills them repulsing over his body and then she suddenly senses that her consciousness flips and she's no longer in her body. Something happens some kind of it seemed. She says that I was in a swell like an energy vortex then just as quickly as I'd felt that I'd been being sucked through this energy pathway deposited on the other side of it and all of a sudden. She's like everything was calm and quiet. She said the sound of machines and other noises at disappeared there was nothing but light and she describes being in this kind of doc void with millions of points of light all alive and breathing and she says it resembles this luxurious fabric that she can kind of walk through unlike anything she's ever experienced before and she immediately thinks this must be heaven because she's feeling total pace pure indescribable bliss total euphoria aurea and she knows she's out of her physical body and she said she could see that she was standing in the slot amid millions of droplets of these pulsing all sing bowls floating down sparkling as they fell and she feels the presence of someone standing next to her and she looks over and it's David and he's like absolutely ecstatic to see her as alway your here and they're talking telepathically. Oh my God it's you and they're having this incredible credible compensation this pew form of Knowledge Transfer. She's never experienced before. She says my mind comprehended everything all at once. I knew everything in my life was meant to be and there'd be no mistakes just choices. She says the paradox of destiny and free will suddenly became as crystal clear as possible. I perceive for the chose to be here that my path was to help people remember and I knew that David and I had a sacred bond the transcended time and space and I'm just at this point going. Oh I go. It's my eyeballs have ever seen like it so corny. She says now we found each other in the joys indescribable. I know we are connected with an unbreakable bond beyond this life beyond death. We've been together forever. We'll be together for all eternity desperate indict though and suddenly the will they holding hands and hugging and embracing in this argument today more than that indie vortex she says suddenly the lot droplets begin to disperse and everything grows thinner and she feels the sensation of being pulled away and woosh she's finally back in the hospital room. David Still Onda nothing's changed but she feels this love still radiating around them. This love figure of Eight in Phoenix powerful seagulls at something like that and basically what she does ause is she figures out the kate hailing him now she has to go to each of his organs and speak to them the the organs the all new visually so she goes up to his kidneys and she's like she starts giving Iraqi treatment. She says hello kidneys. I'm working with you. Now I tonight. She says kidneys you're doing an incredible job and you're all wonderful kid turned avenue favorites kidney the you'll you'll both amazing and doing an amazing job and keep going and we all love you kidneys. Everyone's rooting for your kidneys come on John and she finishes the treatment and leaves the hospital now. She does this with every part of his body like she eventually does. Does it with these long. She's come on lungs. You can do it. Come on Groin the vet aside. There's GonNa be a penis in this up on everything. She's just come on brain. You can heal deal and again. The medical staff is what is this crazy lady doing. This guy's going to be dead in a couple of days. Everyone thinks that there's no chance he starts making miraculous recovery. Nobody can understand it and he eventually wakes up and what he says to her. We'll find out after the break on mysterious Unidas. Stay with us. 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Mu Offer Code Mu now back that with waking up to love from Scarlet Hayek and we've heard plenty of right he he blasts and love sounds but he started to make this incredible recovery David and it really is a medical miracle that he's coming through through his kidneys stopped to improve he gains regains muscle movement. He's long thought to function well. They thought he was going to have brain damage. They thought even if he recovers is because of the lack of oxygen. He's going to be completely out of it when he won't he'll be Veggie. Basically you'll need full-time assistance but eventually he does miraculously Wycombe and she goes in and she concede that he's got his eyes open. Now he's with another friend is there and the other friend says you know we've been praying for. You and we think this is why you're getting better and she said I've been here everyday. He's like who you and she comes up and he can't speak it like he sign anything because he's had this tube. Donnie throat so it's all swollen he he he can't even swallow but she goes over and she makes eye contact and immediately. She is just like I'm cavill avenue and she says she can see the love boring threes eyeballs clearly. This is reciprocal own my God. He loves me to talk talk. You seriously get the sense he's like. It's this lady but that night she she calls the hospital she goes home because he's still can't talk. Text is firm to talk. She got home and she learns from the stuff. That things aren't actually improving. He's woken cannot briefly bought his kidneys seriously starting to file again like the right he and the medical treatment hasn't been working. He improves slightly but now it's back down again and the nurse tells up before she goes home. It's like you need to be prepared. Even if he recovers he's going to need dialysis ashamed for the rest of his life. there is no way his kidneys are going to recover so she's like fine. I didn't believe he she goes home. She starts praying to God for help. Says Dear God I'm asking for your help for David. Bring Forth Oh you'll love and healing energy to help David. I give thanks and praise for the complete healing of his kidneys in and Jesus name I pray Amen. She takes a deep breath and a little. Oh and this quietude filled serum. She says and she becomes uh-huh. Aware of David's is looking at her and she suddenly finds herself. Even though she's at home in bed she somehow transported uh-huh to his hospital room floating over his body and she's watching something taking place and as she looks down surrounding David a four very toll beings who seemed to be some kind of crack spiritual medical team she says one was at his head and one was at he's feet wanted each side the one who seemed to be the team leader was clothed in blue scrubs he was wearing like a surgeons cap and Feis mosque that you would expect and he sought stood on David's left side. She said he's facial. Features will we it like they were really shop. He had very prominent blue eyes and cheekbones. He had these kind of Weed Nara. Lips and he had this shop beak like nose. That was almost showing through the mosque. She said he looked a little bit like a ghostly alien. The others were also wearing blue scrubs caps face marks and they appeared like any kind of crack medical team except I could see-through them. She said although it was hard to distinguish the agendas it saying there were two miles and two females and oddly enough they were all tinted blue ooh similar to the blue collar of eastern Indian gods such as Krishna so remember when we covered already six clocks book on the the blue men it's it's like the godly blue men like any again if you've ever seen any Hindu art of yeah it's Blue God's even the Etan ought has blue. God's blue skinned gods. That's what they look like an ass. She watches she can tell that they're actually operating on David. She sees he's this incredible operation. Take Place. It's like one of the crew was holding David's head. The other is holding his fate and the remaining team members stands with with these hands spread covering David's hot area the crew conferred telepathically with each other and with her the lead he'll polls she said and looked up at her astro astro presence than away like letting her know I know you hear but on at work right now just let me do my job and he started doing these movements and it was incredibly swift like he was some kind the gifted doctor from the heavens and they telepathically communicated that they'll going to replace his kidneys so as she's watching this she sees this and a pair of glowing blue kicks off in the room and starts floating over the top of if David and she sees his old rotten kidneys float out of his body and go and go land in the trash Bin and these glowing blue love kidneys calm down like they go into kidney should be and they basically saw him up and Haleem up and she's like am I losing my mind what the hell is going on and I look back at her and like what are you talking about. I would just operating your friend pride for this about ten minutes ago. What are you talking about and Hsun Hsun. She goes flying back and she wakes up in her bedroom. Perplexed on what the hell she's just witnessed now the next day she she calls the hospital and they're like it's a miracle. He's pays kidneys returning labor and his is blue but otherwise he's yeah he's he's glowing blue and this these weird toll guys hanging around but he's totally He's totally cute. It's a complete miracle so eventually there's this moment where she goes in to to see him and she stays deeply into his eyes and She says deeply into his eyes. Haste is deeply into her and he says who are you. What are you doing here. I I know who you are and she explains everything to paint doing the Reich. He we met in the loved dimension. I slow the blue man putting the Shiny Blue Powell. CDO Back. What do you mean. Who Am. I any psychotic understand anything you talking about. I remember that you will hear a couple of times uh-huh and you gave me a foot rub. That's slowly remembrance getting a foot rub so he basically eventually she kind of pulls out hill off. She's like wait a minute to Peter. We Love your soul mates love flowing around us right. Now kid feel it. Can't you feel feel it and he says Oh. I'm seeing someone else and a half to see where this relationship goes with all the woman. I'm really sorry but I actually yeah good question is so what else where shaping good question our good question. Russian that is never explained so she kind of deals with this and he goes to the Rehab Center and he makes this. It's like a medical mystery like Philippeville the crazy out of seeing an incredible healing and I think absolutely she would have something to do with it if she spending this much attention and this much energy on the guy absolutely she would have helped him in some right well. It's it's the same mechanism is the idea of culpas these thoughts thoughts have substance in another reality. He can actually form a to do something and sometimes you can have negative intentions and sometimes you can have good intentions. We'll maybe she sucked out. Whatever was causing his illness. I don't know where it went but maybe she sucked out and she he she she leaves the she leaves him to go on about his life but eventually because they have mutual friends they came running into each other and when he gets out of the hospital out out of the Rehab and he's starting to he still very wake obviously lungs very weak. His brain was fine in the end but he goes to see a mutual friend that both he and Scarlett call it now and he's saying being outside in the coastal areas just making me feel so amazing and this friend just throws him a set of KS and says well. Why don't you go to my coastal apartment and you know spend some time there. There's no one living magic's gone. Make yourself at home so he's like great any tons to Scott and he says I want you to come with me now. She's immediately like a million. Love sounds all at once. I don't have the sound boat just imagine that's like Mexico too much. It would blow it. This Baker may triggering a million love sounds outcasts. We don't have the bandwidth we kinda let so. He insists that she comes but the weeds sheeting then we'll now he's kind of breaking off this other woman but the problem is scarlet has come down with an incredible head called like she's coughing non stop. She's all snotty and gross and she's a Combo learned a very stick and he's like I don't care. I just want issue to be with me now. She's Giddy with excitement and the next day. She picks him up and she's up. I'm sure sure he's like yeah. I just need you to be close to you right now. A sexy red voice. I can't do a Jewish voice that he wanted to be like. Oh kill to get tired of me better that we didn't want to do that so they they go to this apartment and they're so exhausted also because he's still wrecked from illness and she's totally sick so they lie down for a nap and but then she said in this moment it was quite romantic because does. David started to gently pull her closer and he whispered to her. Please uh-huh. He said it's too soon. It's too soon. I don't know how much time I have landed kitty. She clearly sucks on a first date which he pulled that whatever whatever's problems she's. She says he leaned in to kiss me and then wait. I said I put my hand on his heart. I put my face close to his is what she says. Dan Burris me. She says ah she says we've again to breathe together my hand on his heart and his on my we looked into each other's eyes and the energy started to flow and swell all around us. I too was engulfed. The love that we felt in the other dimension he felt too. We touched each rather gently and went out bodies joined. We experienced the explosion of love so strong strong that we should quit the false of it and immediately after she says David started to cry that what you you want to start cry is rating. These loss going yet none of this this. None of this happened like none of this conversation happened but this is what she claims she did. She goes what's wrong. Honey what's wrong. He says would you get my medicine. I don't want you to see you mean cooler. I of course honey but please tell me what's wrong I didn't I didn't feel like that. I didn't know I could feel I want to be when you and she's Ah the next day day the next day he's back in hospital because he has a case of double pneumonia from her from her call from the praising he's breathing in all germs uh-huh and he's literally backing hospital in serious condition with audit believe the whole unconscious bias stuff but I do know that she said that the doctors the doctors work your her hooked noses doctors. He's Jewish. Come awed look eventually he makes it out. She does more treatment. Seattle plenty more zapping noises. I could play but you know ultimately she finishes by saying this. She claims that once they had he'd got out again he'd fully recovered. He opened up to her and with tears in his eyes he says I was instantly in love with you with every fiber of my being from the moment I saw you and I knew it from a deep soul so level again. Let's stop this first second. No Man on the face of the earth nor has ever spoken like this ever in the history st human beings on this planet. Maybe like well. Magnum said this with a very low. Maybe it's like Oh back done this. No one's ever said this ever Brian. If it's like the story he says. I didn't know how wide because we'd never met but I did. I just knew I knew I was meant to be with you for the rest of Al Journey together. I knew I wanted to be with view forever. If you'll have me I know in my soul I came back for you. David Deny snuggled in together feeling the love flow between us. He stayed with me that night and never left. I knew the road ahead would be hard but we could walk it together every day waking up to laugh filthy to cleanse the Palate John Are you. Are you professional or not well. Thanks for the recommendation. John Hewitt Rolex nurses gray really testing a wife was she. Where's the coincidence. She just liked the book circle incident coincidences. I don't even think it's a jewel need ethic. There's no shared shed near death. Experience was dying. What I'm assuming here is that the shared near death experiences when they're in that place where the little balls of lot that have come down and he's seen him. Maybe that's like the death scape shed death. Experiences is all of us nearly dying from cringe but I are still married. Is that what happened yeah. They got married. They live a very happy life. They look like a wonderful couple. They actually look like an amazing couple works. Whatever word I they have wonderful marriage there's some very wholesome photos of them in the book are highly recommended it's on kindle unlimited and only insurance but because I just wanted to wash that horrible taste out of my mouth yeah I needed to do something else because that was only fifty two minutes of it was a long yes. Yes well the really so that's when I picked up since it by Confucius goes stories by you on May new studies in Asian culture. It's quite expensive because it's considered an academic comic book but the content is not academic at all. It is just awesome crazy ghost stories. Have you noticed that the number of academic books like when it's academic and inverted dot com. It's like three hundred bucks. It's insane. It's like this weird racket. Will this was forty five dollars for a kindle book. Yes this book first appeared in seventeen eighty eight ten years before his death and written in a climate of political and moral conservatism fostered by stifling confusion Autho Ksi these tiles have ghosts sex betrayal retrial revenge litigation transvestite homosexuality and corruption provided rich tableau of daily life in China. So the the popularity of these exposes he wrote these investigations and stories. He was retelling. They led to the censorship in eighteen thirty six so yeah I read that and I was like I mean of course I mean because the opening was very dry just said he was one of the most famous Chinese scholars of the Eighteenth Century Blah Blah Blah Ching China bouquets but but once I started reading the headlines for the stories like the cool old man is one. I'll be reading the sparrows repay a a debt of kindness little mischief and the cheeky monster. That's he's paying spot. The Multiple Fox ferry hangs itself an imprisoned ghosts Kosin raccoon on if my favorites he opens up as rainy through many of them quite dry like this the magistrate opinion this tricking the thunder. God this the toll ghost is captured my blah blah blah but then I got the Harry people of Chin role role and this is in unions fan county on the border between the provinces of Hunan and Guangdong there is a mountain of enormous magnitude a cold house paik and he basically retails this legend of Howse peak that contained on the mountain people whose bodies are covered with with hair and who measure over ten feet in length every so often they ventured down from the mountain to steal the villages livestock for food and if anyone dead to try to prevent event this theft these Harry people retaliate while retreating with the animals they had snatched now. Get this firearms provided no protection since the lead would just bounce off impervious bounce off these Harry people and traditional wisdom maintains. There's only one way of preventing their rampages and this is in the official kind of legends this is what you do you clap your hands and you shout bill the wool bill bill though wool build the wall a serious and on hearing this these. Harry people run away in terror of serious and he says it's like the author you on. May says he knows this because a life long friend of his by the name of jang-keun held an official post in this region and he confirmed the efficacy easy of this tactic. He says the locals explained it. Thus in the Chinden st during the building of the Great Wall of China some of the villages avoided conscription and they went and heat in the mountains and often many years they evolved into these strange Harry creatures and they said we noticed that whenever they came we came into contact contact with these Harry baseds they would ask whether the Great Wall was completed which exposed their weak point. This was their greatest fear. 'CAUSE I didn't all right. We'll chart. They thought if the wall is still being built then if they come down from the mountains they'll have to they'll get punished and they'll have to be conscripted to hard labor so if you chanted atom to build the wall their base would flee and fee it which was amazing so high quality stories. I can say some very high quality stories. We've got him Let's see if we've got some ones that in-depth. Is this one the human prawn. Ah Yes at the beginning of the current dynasty lived an old man who wanted to make the ultimate sacrifice to take his own life life to display his unbounded loyalty to the previous dynasty which was the Ming Dynasty. He was however to skid to commit suicide so he didn't WANNA. Use the knife eighteen care of the idea of hanging himself. He thought a burning muscle. Let's go she didn't want to do that. She doubted you're GonNa Information Hillary Clinton even in the past the dead bodies stuff but the but eventually he struck on the notion of emulating mutilating a minister schilling who apparently committed suicide by indulging in an excess of wine and pussy the this is the translation of the term well. Let's just let's just assume this is accurate right thus resolved. Al Ming loyalist brought in several several concubines and mistresses and thereafter indulged himself an unlimited latch. It's so he basically drought he tried to literally. He drowned himself in Posey like he got so many of us. The appropriate term for the translation. It's the Pink Chrysanthemum tried to overdose on the as you say the pink and this is us and us. How did how did he kill yourself dreading posing well. He just heard that they'll this. I mean dynasty guy that did it Ethan. I can do that so every day. Second though that I wonder if that relates to that idea that Chinese medicine are about would you give up seed you give yes shortly that has something to do with it but he found that nothing works like he would have sex with. Russ Jews five times a day. He would just have concubines around all the time. The only effects on his body was that his nurse was shot. He's head protruded at an unusual angle and and because he was going down on them so much he developed this we'd Hump Hump and he's back and he became badly hunched over that for all the world. He looked like a giant cooked prone. He's crooked gate with almost a crawl on all fours so people in the region called him the human prawn he stayed in this prawn like state for over twenty views and died at the age of eighty four still whoring talk probably not as compelling enriches richest man okay well. Let's keep searching. Maybe we need to be the atmosphere to to find a rich in story. Let's have a look the same cal. I want to tell you the title this one haunted chopsticks in this is in Johnson has gone county. Those young man by the name of young now young away was slim. An extremely attractive is a nineteen year old man hot not like some Ching Dynasty hotness he was mild in manner but very compliant in nature and never known to refuse sexual advances of any sort so his chart his whole a one summer's day he was bathing in the village pond when a drake flew up at him and bit him on the buttocks now remember has never been known to refuse sexual advances anything anything very important the drake then the drake then whack to Yang with his tail and made humping movements over Yang's buttocks Yang tried to fend off the dock beating it repeatedly but the duck persisted it wasn't long before Yang had beaten to death when he examined the limp body floating in the water are a seesaw protruding from among the tail feathers a fleshy stalk around the stalk. The the water was murky with some sort of emission. Remember plus upside. Why did you do a story. Worry about people like ducks. We Greg just book about how ducks ripe everything. Including Young Nineteen Year Old Ching Steve boy the locals thought this episode absolutely hilarious. Oh and from then on the N. Guay became known uh of the title Duck fucker has an actual story. These are all real stories from you on. May you can tell this would be a massive bestseller. This was like thirty shades of Gray Seventeen tame seventy China as Vicky Surf. Let's read the Messenger of death. He loved his one so this story is from hull where they lived a man by the name of Yuan Guan Lan he remained unmarried will into his forties. He didn't have the same kind of appeal that the doc fuck a young had he's neighbor's daughter. However took a liking to him? Despite his age now he thought she was an attractive girl and soon they ed love started to grow and the problem was when Guanlin mentioned the possibility of Ma marriage to this woman's father he was outraged because Guan was too old to poor just not suitable for his daughter so unfortunately the daughter. She planted for this duck. She finds him so much that she actually died from misery. She became so upset. She died of a broken heart. Now Guanlin heard the news of of his beloved death and was stricken with grief so he wanted sadly out into the moonlit night and bought some wine to drown his sorrows so he's he's just getting blind drunk. He's drinking all this China's one an offer awhile as he's in the darkness he sees this figure leaning up against a wall in the moonlight and this person had disheveled hair but he couldn't quite make out the guy's face but this guy had a rope in his hand that was tied to something that kind of it went out into the darkness and Guanlin couldn't quite see what was so this person smiled at him though and Guanlin assuming the man to maybe be a servant of one of his neighbors. Biz waved back and said hey you wanna have some wine with me. I'm going to have some one drink. The World Sucks Life Office. Shit comes over and sky nods and doesn't say anything he just. Nods Guan Lines here a couple of one posing a couple one and and the strange thing was this guy he picks up the cup of wine and he doesn't quite know what to do with it. He puts his nose in it and proceeds snorted the whole thing up and immediately go online worries. That may be the ones to cold and he wants to warm so he's like. Do you want me to hate the Second Cup for you on the managers not so he gets him another nice warm cup of mulled wine and this stranger just picks it up and again snorts it up through his nose and the mole wine. This strange man sniffed up the ready. He's face came until eventually he was incapable of closing his mouth so Guan lawn being drunk totally out of it just grabs the guy's mouth and starts pouring wine into it in this way like it and be noticed that with each week of wine this strange man's body grew smaller until after rebuttal he had shrunk to the size of a baby. You lay paralyzed on the ground now Guanlin remember. He's drunk. During this all things screw you baby starts pulling in the rope that was attached to discuss any realizes that on the end of the rope he pulls it out from the darkness tied to the end of it is he's lover. She did well. She's dead but he realizes is that this man is a messenger from the underworld and he's been tasked with taking on lawns lava from the world old of living to the underworld but because now he's drunk and turned into a baby he can't perform Judy so Guan lunch shakes his he's he's lover and she arouses and she's like. Oh my gosh oh my gosh this is our chances are chance so he ties her and takes a home now. They live a contented life. She stays in his home but it's not quite normal you see during the night she's visible. She's totally solid. She you can eight. She can do everything we can do. during the day she completely vanishes but he can just here now. This situation continues for about a year until one day. She gleefully says to him. I've been given permission to be reborn. She says Josh White and I'll become more beautiful than you've ever dreamed of. She says to him a young woman. In the next village is going to die Tamar so I'm going to go over there and borrow her the body for my reincarnation cigna possess her now go to their house tomorrow and you tell them that you have some secret medicine and you can revive their a daughter but make sure you tell them that must get a reward and that he must marry her if you can heal and he's like all right. This sounds like a plan so the very next day Guanlin he goes to the next the village and he comes across this bereaved family and the distraught sobbing with grief that preparing a funeral and Guan Lund says hope I have some medicine that will bring your daughter back and I'll give it to her. If you promise that I can take her as my wife and you'll give me plenty of cash and they're like yes we'll try anything yes so he goes up to the corpse and he starts whispering in her ear and is basically saying it's. May Wake up wake up now and she sits up and she's back to to live somehow. She's come alive. It's a miracle the villages unsure of what the hells just happened but they have to go through with the deal Guam Lon Mary's this reincarnated woman which is really his wife now strangely it took about a year before actual memories of the Pasta existence started to come to. She just thought that she was will. She just thought she was is the person she was meant to be. She didn't have the memories but eventually after a year she realized who go online was and she regained the memories gradually but I lock the into this story because it says best of all the newly reincarnated wife was much better looking than the original horrible which is a great into long lime for that upgrade and now we come to the KHUDA Gra. Oh you can duck fucking the CAN I be. This may yeah good point yeah. Actually I should this is the we've. I've had for ten years that I've known you. You always seem to be able to just get that one step further every time this one needs a soundtrack music stopped Libya socially this story one of substance. I started going through them and you know there's Xiaoqiu goes poverty scholar Song Commander Wang. Oh ooh the sea monster of junk. The demons terrified of rationalism the fault the folding immortals a really cool story. It's it's a guy who kind of sneaks up on a Dallas in the mountains and he looks into his tent and this daoist has this envelope any basically pulls is out this long thing that looks like a picture of a guy and he starts unfolding it and it's Masa this old man with white hair sitting Pitney site into an envelope and he's like. Can you teach me the Dow on the mosque like this and he started teaching in the Dow away defaulted the Masa says someone is trying to steal the Dow put back to sleep and so he's like yes master and he starts folding him up into a tiny bit of paper puts him in the envelope and put him in his bag and and then that's how he knew that the guy was spying on the folding master story but that's about all that happens still pretty crazy then we get to cousin raccoon soon scholley a story of substance one of the lanes in lieu her county Lau. May Lane is renowned for raccoon inciting some nights. These strange records wonder around the houses coaling through the windows. They say cousin cousin and it's kind if an attempt to bewitch the unwary inside so if there's anyone inside who replies. Oh It's me it's me become bewitched like a vampire and then they can get but taking advantage of the story says one night however a young man of the show family was studying alone in a temple when he heard someone calling his name he callously opened the window and looked out into the moonlight to see who was looking for him. There in the street stood an extremely course and ugly woman. Chow was just about to tell her to leave him in peace when she rushed through the window forced him into a bedroom and ripped off his pants. She then sucked on his Tina's until all his semen had been extracted the Cuba story essentially raccoon stuff. It's like it ramps up to this insane graphic moment and then it comes right back down. It says it said these coons are immensely. Powerful creatures and people don't stand a chance against them so it's not actually a spirit. It's just a raccoon that gives a oil six. Yes and there's this final. I think really important warning to the reader of this story at the end. It says they are also said to be extremely smelly and wherever there polls have been the odor dot linger for over a month so it's like as you've just been raped by a raccoon. I think the fact that you're going to smell oh. There's GonNa be some problems. That's yeah. That's the least of your worries i. We don't need to worry about that. Tell us how to get away from the raping. raccoons recused even have wide. This is like you know the the Japanese to NUKII. It's like like a spirit. It's like the Fox. Spirit is a spirit in coon spirits not literal you know good when it comes to these rapier coon story. Ah surprisingly I'm sitting there like what rate so we have have a Fox fairy story because we're talking about raccoons. We should talk about Fox fairies. Will this is story about an imperial. God He's names Lijo Fan and he had a son by the name of Li Lee was brilliant. Well rounded scholar. He was able to expound knowledgeably on Neo Confucian philosophy. He wrote excellent poetry and prose but one evening while he was is reading under the lamplight two beautiful women just mysteriously emerged before him. I just came out of the darkness materialized east and they teased him mercilessly and soon grew quite brazen like they were trying to seduce him and because lay he's full as the Confucius sway his conservative. He does things the right way he had to try and reject this temptation he is rejecting their advances and he had this firm resolve both throughout the whole ordeal and I think to give you a sense of what he was experiencing. Our good friend Douglas Murray has decided to write the story on the first three minutes consists almost entirely of Nicki Minaj in a bikini in a jungle setting wiggling her Bam our women with her similarly dressed wiggled their bums for the viewer to the weakening goes on and on other than wiggling her but alongside her friends wiggling their butts and sometimes playing with each others butts the only other thing thing that happens on Nicki Menaj suggestively eating a banana then spraying a can of squatty cream onto her cleavage wiping her fingers across her breasts and feeding the creamed seem to herself in a sequence that is obviously impossible to interpret. Thank you Douglas Mart the later that evening after Lee had finished dinner because he he avoids all the temptation he rejects their advances an advantage vanish like they're really angry at him and they vanish but later when he's he's finished dinner he he is this voice coming out of his stomach and the voices voices. I touched myself to some of the plants Fatina now that I'm actually has in your stomach. You won't be able to ignore me and the voice is clearly one of the women who attempted to seduce him earlier under the lamplight the woman had possessed a Gore Ha and he had now and these two seductive hawes. We're in his stomach spring spraying cream everywhere yes from this day on. Lee walked around with glazed is is if he was in some sort of trance behavior became more and more irregular so we we started act very strange. He's family thought noticed something was wrong for no apparent reason he would slap himself in the face he if it was raining outside like a tremendous thunderstorm storm he'd be like father. I'm going outside and he would get a tiny pebble and put it on the top of his head and then just go and stand outside in the storm. He just did really weird things other times he would bow down before servants and just he wouldn't me until someone dragged him away. It's just being we'd and he's face started to grow sallow and pasty and he's body grew thin and it looked like he was wasting away now. When the spirit wanted to communicate with others hey would it kind of find his hand moving and he would automatically right what the spirit wanted to communicate so one day one of his school friends came over and basically basically challenged the spirit and said what on earth is such a ravishingly beautiful thing like do you doing in. Lee Stomach would horrible gross place to be one it you come out and tried on with me and the spirit essentially said hot no way. I'm not falling for that. Go Away so ultimately the story concludes with he's his father knows some Dallas Mazda and the Dallas Mazda unfold phone all of you they pull him out of an envelope unfolding blow him up and he grabs always magicians and they basically perform the ceremony where they get. Lee really drunk and then stick their hands down his throat and pull out a Fox. Oh aw one of the spirit like the Fox I is about the size of a small cat yet I pull it out of his stomach and as the Fox is pulled out it it yields down his throat and says elder sister. I came to help you but I've been captured. Be careful whatever you do don't come out and the Dallas Mazda he like wraps the Fox up in some jar and put a hex on it and throws it in the river destroys the faulk spirit and that's when they realized they'll dealing pulling with two demons inside the stomach eventually this spirit communicates that in a previous life her and Lee Eh enemies and he had wronged her in some way and from the spirit realm it had wanted revenge and it came across this friendly a Fox spirit and it convinced the Fox spirit to help her get revenge on Lee so the Fox spirit was what Organiz the possessing possessing the gold and taught her how to take control of his body and get inside his stomach and try and seducing mental stuff that they have a good experience. I thought that Fox bursts would consider to always be negative. Sometimes there is sometimes these stories but usually it's a trick essentially she now says because that Foxboro it was my friend and you killed her. I now want double revenge on you and so they go back to the Dallas Mazda and tell him the story and the DASTA goes sorry. There's nothing we can do because it's some kind of comic life thing you have to work out some kind of comic debt ICAHN. That's not for me to resolve sorry and the story ends with lay dying three days later and many of the stories like that this is insane kind of ghostly battle and you think that this goodwill prevail and then the passion dies though is that the point was calmer big thing back then in the time that you write this yeah of course yeah and I think we should finish on something just a little bit more serious. This is from the shoe family from Leeann County. They had a daughter order by the name of Shoe May and they betrothed her to a boy from the Hong family but just before the wedding shoumei she was struck down by the sickness is she became became dangerously. Ill and wall delirious. She was approached by this whitehead. Old Man was really strange. Guy came out of nowhere and he he started to massage her all over it was consul on and he started to work. He's way down to her hips and a genitals and she became really uncomfortable and embarrassed and tried to stop him but he continued chrysanthemum will before he left. He inserted something into her and Shumate cry out out. Obviously you know she's being assaulted and Harari parents. Come running in to see what's wrong. This old man's vanished now then they sold that although her illness had passed she had now transformed into a man the acting magistrate was Jiang's a zoo and he another official official. Dow Swan appear to be in the prefecture and other business. They immediately came to the show house to examine the girl. Can Imagine like hell is going on. Let's see this woman turned into a man and they officially confirmed. That shoe may had become a man. They said her voice and facial features was still those of a woman but in her groin she we had a new penis that was in the shape of a strong mushroom. The family changed her name. From Shwe May to Shwe lie and so- fruitfully the number of sons in their household had increased from two to three and it's meant to be happy story like all offensively like this Oh. They have a son with a history of infanticide. That's absolutely absurd right ending. Now we have three sons uh-huh the value of AL household has tripled Warren ending watering dowry. It's fed incredible the story and they had the tame stories that I've read for you from etame since it will. There's some that I don't think I could do in the fray show auto okay. I mean we have push the limit yeah. There's one that I could man the plus extension. Okay all right. We we might talk. Did I mean it's it's pretty full on what we do need a with the story that I'm GONNA be talking about in loss is actually quite doc. No let me just set the scene for you. The the scene starts with a man who had a man agreement tomato friend at this now the go to the peer when they walked through the period just around the corner is a bridge and upon this bridge. He says to his friend or his acquaintance. He says let's go up and have a look from the view of the bridge because it's much sure clear on convinces this with him. Now the guy goes up with him and they standing on this bridge and the happily talking away when all of a sudden he leans down grabs him by the ankles both and flips it up over the side of the bridge throwing him off the side of the bridge to his untimely death Wilson Motive but what he does is immediately. Oh my God this this is horrible. He jumped he jumped and he goes running down and starts yelling at people that were down on the PR that he's friend has just jumped off the bridge. He committed committed an act of murder but it was sanctioned by the nineteen sixty seven. CIA assassination manual oh I see this is going to be allot plus extent very license fluffy very very live so what guard every talking about the Marconi deaths and how a group of thirty people that were involved in mock current in that company or other defense contracts were killed in the nineteen seventies and eighties in very suspicious circumstances and how links back to the loss possible group that you could ever possibly imagine. It's not even extraterrestrials. It's something far worse which is being present threat to humanity lucky. We didn't have to think too hot in this free version. Yes I thought extension definitely all that's that's. I'm looking. It's all coming up in the session after this break because you know you do look looks like one of those days where you stuck your finger in the electrical socket. You've smoked three packs of cigarettes being one of those. You still don't know who Falcons Elliot's. I'll we will get back to Falk L. E. letter odd but that's up to you have to leave for the day I will deal with the deaths because actually the gripe pot is is that this sets the scene full what we're going to be talking about with mckearney conduct of is a good contrast to the positive story about macaroni and Tesla getting on together and disappearing to this you know South American civilization. It's not always as happy as it seems and we're GONNA go into that in the plastic. That's coming up after this mysterious universe dot org forward slash plus for all the details against the access to the big extensions wins every week we do on Fridays and you get an exclusive. Shar for plus members on Tuesdays in addition to the extra content. You get a high bit rate. Fade you get three hundred and twenty kilobits per second option option of the show high quality version of the show also get a totally ad free experience if you're on plus and you get the features of our APPs unlocked as well and if your employer secret discounts ounce of digital products in our store nine bucks a month help support your favorite show. It's all at mysterious universe dot org forward slash plus. That's right for this free edition of the show. Thanks for listening linked to everything enough covered today. Costanza by Confucius go stories from Yuan May Waking Up to love by scarlet Hind baucom. That's kindle unlimited if you want to pick it up and of course Sharon Hewlett role it's excellent assaults and significance of coincidences is by far the best thing that's been mentioned on this show willing to that in the Senate says well. That's a wrap. Thanks for listening. If your employees stick around for the amazing stuff after the break for else will catch you next week yeah and what struggles you effacing from depression anxiety trauma and a grave better help can connect you with professional council and a safe and private online environment. It's so convenient you can schedule secure video or phone sessions as well as Chattan text with your therapist and anything you share is completely confidential best of all. It's a truly affordable option as a listener mysterious universe. You'll get ten percent off your first month with the Discount Code Universe so why not get started today simply go to better help dot com slash universe and Philip question to get matched with a counselor that you'll love today.

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Mysterious Universe

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22.04 MU Podcast

"The Mysterious Universe season twenty two episode four coming up on this show. We've got Dr Kirby surprises psychic demolition telepathic tinder and the poltergeists noodle necklace. I'm Benjamin Grundy joining me as Arron right. Is that a double entendre in some way Yes yes of course it would be you sorry about the delay. We had some technical issues in the shipping tiniest today fix it was at fault. We'll just trying to work out our internet and it wasn't working probably all fixed up now so we're back here early on a Saturday morning recording well we had to get a hole drilled yeah which takes laced well-balanced. That's eight hours to figure out how to drill through shipping China. That's eight layers of rubber that whole can I have to laugh because electricians here. He's like Oh what I just have to drill through. The site is a bit of metal and would be checked with mock box. There's a layer of shipbroker does the drywall delay of rubber and there's literally of rubber and the electricians is looking at me. I might Yay GonNa drill so do it but now we finally have intimate inside the shipping container yes even though the the wifi point was like five five feet away. You just cannot penetrate the space or mobile phone signal just can't get through so it's like a Faraday cage and he would ultimately the next solar flare happens. I'm going to be sitting in my laptop. This is the anyone in here will survive the apocalypse I just you and me and you mentioned just you emerging into first of all we have to go and dry for our would have to try and repopulate the earth. That's GONNA get Oakwood very quickly so looking forward to this show because I started Dada doing <hes> the source and significance of coincidences from Sharon Hewitt Roll it on the loss plus episode yeah and this is encyclopedic in it's huge. It's like six hundred pages long. Something's not finished really <music>. I'm belly finished pot one. Oh well by the end of pot one. She's putting out feary see this is why I really like that. She's putting out theories as to why coincidences and synchronised cities happen from the perspective of of a philosophy of the way the universe operates and it's like a almost like a like attracts like natural law so law of attraction kind of idea will that the almost seems to bring a lining dining events together to put to happen at once like for example you you driving along and you're listening to the radio and a song about a junk yard comes up yeah like there's a there's a singer singing about junkyard dog and then as you driving posse look over and in as a junk yard with a dog in it and then you change the radio channel and it's an ad about some local junkyard the inventor of Junkyard Dog yes which is an actual synchronicity that happens and you just think well. What's the point evatt like it's amazing that all that happened within ten seconds but what's the point and as she makes his argument is basically up to that there? Is this kind of natural law that springing things together interesting. I'm really glad that you're going going to the topic today because I managed to pick up. A copy of Jon Foreman's the mosque of time and I know that we've been talking a little bit about time subs- recently so I didn't want to keep flogging that dead hall so they're GonNa get you know a restaurant however fortunately as I was going through this book I very we quickly realized that this book isn't really about time slips. I mean yeah some of them are in there. It's more about this unified theory about <hes> paranormal phenomena so when we had things like bees obscure as for example children that have imaginary friends to ghosting counters obviously two types of thrown in there but also pre cognition pre cognitive dreams it all links back into this fabric overlay of paranormal phenomena that sits on top of the human psyche or the human condition and as crazy as that sounds. It's almost like if you can imagine it visualize it that you have a bed obviously an honor bed. You'll have your you know your sheets and then you'll have your comforter or whatever else and on top of that they'll be a blanket that you may. I throw over it. She says this is like the the blanket that we might have over the top of it. It's like it looks flat <hes> but sometimes when you get into that bed and you're all around in the bed the blanket gets all scrunched up and parts of the blanket will collado the top of each other will become taught op within each other. It's the same with this phenomenon of the human psyche but in relation to time it's all linked in with time and time might actually explain why we have time slips why we have pre cognition why we have this extraordinary knowing it all links back into basically this universal layer that sits on top of all connected to we might be factoring in on the same conclusion potentially some of us off my overlap which will be interesting and I know that you have some personal <unk> experiences which are crazy match some of the stories that I have coming up so white till I get to them. I think you'll get prompted straightaway. You'll know exactly which story kind of matches with yours okay and the these chapters in this book a huge huge and I spent a half an hour or more on the just a couple of chapters in the LAS plus show <hes> but what she basically tries to do is break down <hes> the evidence for each kind of category of coincidence so when she's talking about <hes> coincidences in synchrony cities that happened around the deceased. She'll spend a very large amount of pages showing you the evidence for the existence of life after death <hes> so that's what's encyclopedic Wapiti. It's incredibly comprehensive what she's going through because meanwhile I can see stories <hes>. It's a little bit like I was like that as well but as I was going through this I'm finding these stories and she will have a pot where it's like just one paragraph of this story and that she bike and therefore this explained like you have the brevity of it. Give me the stories I've had to go and search for the actual story and find you understand what we read books differently to most people of course we do of course we'll like scavengers Affleck buzzards just going off trying to pickle the muscles of the Co ops so on the chapter on the deceased she points out that obviously many coincidences contain elements that link them to people who've passed away and she says coincidences says frequently same perfectly designed to perfectly for them to be mia products of chance and she does have a lot of <hes> material on chance and Statistics and the odds of some of these things happening there in the first couple of chapters. I'm not going to go through any of that really because I would just be rating numbers to like one thirty seven trillion. No it was quadrant. Actually one of the coincidences coming up is a one in thirty seven quadrille chance but those sort of <hes> odds suggests that because that chances so low that there's meaning behind it and the chance well yeah but let's be there is a chance but it's rare well. It seems as the deceased in many of these quences have designed the coincidence. That's what experiences at least say so in most surveys conducted around the world she points out that it's close to fifty percent of people especially those who have had spouses pass away yes over fifty percent in some countries is slightly under but any way you luke where they've done surveys. It's around the same people say they've had contact with the dead spouse of course yeah either through feeling a presence through an apparition. Maybe it sometimes it's just a feeling but again heading jar of mustard or something yes usually levitating. It's fifty percent of people say they've had some contact so she talks about dreams and DIS apparitions. Shed death experiences memories of poss- lives. It's all in folks. If you want the encyclopedia on this stuff pick this book but after she dives <hes> possibly evidence for life after death and goes into the coincidences. There's a few cases where there's coincidences related lighted to someone who's passed away but they're actually confirmed by mediums so the first one is about Jim and he's he was a widow and months off of the death of his wife. He's driving home from a family reunion and he sees to media's falling falling to Earth and he starts to cry himself because he's bracing for impact. You know the shockwave of course when something like that he it sorted explodes so that close yeah he can see them coming down like right in front of his car and he's just he thinks this this is it yeah but they disappeared the impact never came and he thought that's bizarre is so weird. The media's which is suddenly gone a few weeks later he learnt that he's daughter-in-law had a rating with a medium mm-hmm names Laura Lynn Jackson and this was this was on the owls off to heed saying these medias that his daughter and we'll have this rating with medium so jim got the video of the <hes> the rating with the medium medium she just had a copy watching it and he heard in the video he's daughter-in-law Ost Laurel in Jackson the medium where the gyms deceased wife had tried to contact him and the medium sitting there in the videoing. Oh Oh yeah absolutely yeah she's tried and tried and tried and every time she gets close he goes deeper and deeper into doctors and depression. She doesn't want to hurt him but she keeps trying. She's tried everything she says. She says she's even even tried meteors. Oh Wow so that's a strange validation. The medium had no way to know that that he had seen this. I just thought it was a freak. Weather accident hadn't actually told too many he paypal it was shoulder daughter-in-law didn't <hes> in another case with that same medium <hes> there was a couple friends Susan they go to rating from her. They'd say college eyed son communicated to the medium that he had encouraged the his mother to where particular pair of earrings to that reading this is the summit's Pasta Way and she sitting there in the in the rating session going. That's exactly what happened. She said she got up. She put on another pair of earrings yes but then before she went out the door she said something made her go back and change them. Loss minute like just some kneeling and those two stories I mean the first one stars an incredible amount of <hes> manipulation of of the world if you creating media's may have been some kind of apparition certainly sounds like it was because there was no shockwave all because I see what you're saying there it's seeing like it's such a big thing to do like it's a lot of orchestration to go to but on the other hand especially what I was picking up from the mosque time is that <hes> on the other side wherever that is when we obviously don't know it's very simple to manipulate yes this reality and it's it can be something as simple as actually manipulating the mental <hes> faculties of the person that that's what likely happened in this case because if hey saying meteorites that don't have a shockwave it could just be something that's in his mind some kind of influence in his mind yeah like the case with the dead son convincing his mother to change earrings. It's like a subtle notch yeah and it seems to be very effective and then we also have these cases where the dead will supposedly influence animals wild animals so there's the case of heather wrist and she was walking to arrayed him with a medium John Edward and shelves for a sign that who loved ones would be contacted and he said at that moment a bird jumped onto a railing and looked at her curiously. She said she said hopped a couple steps closer cockpits. Let's head to one side like it was really focusing on her now. She wanted to believe this was the signed sheet awful but she couldn't be sure so when she was finally in the rating <hes> the medium Edward he said all birds yeah you'll you'll pastathon. <hes> husband is is telling me about and just at that moment a verb jumped into the window of the mediums office seriously and she's like Yep. That's him doing that. Bird and it reminded me of when your aunt Pasta Way yes and we were sitting at the back of your house just on your outdoor furniture and this really lodge Kookaburra and it was just like a day or two often also it was the day she passed and it was funny because I was up in Brisbane and you add at Sydney studios in my house at that point and and <hes> yeah I remember she passed away and was the timing this is the thing about it is Walsh when she passed away immediately after I was you know and that's when you know I was just sitting at the back in this Kookaburra this massive Kookaburra aw had flown down and had taken a hot chip off your I don't think it was even interested in food on. I think we had food no no it was I remember it being about the hot chip because at the end of my aunts live because unfortunately with the came out of Strip to mouth and all these Carl thanks to all she could eat with hot chips and we were all wired about nutrition but we'll look you know you die eight whatever you want and that <hes> Kookaburra flew down and took a hot chip it Wa- my memory of account remember taking out chip but I just remember it being being brazen it it was so close to us and it was just sitting Hoffa food away from us. We were talking and just icky lighting. Just didn't move didn't care yeah but the fact that chip now. I'm doubting that story. No I once had a hookah bar taken entire steak sandwich out of my the thing is though is that I find meaning and again this is why coincidence is a personal thing but I find meaning in that because it was a big deal like we're all worried about her not getting enough nutrition to the point that we will like all look whatever just ate what you want and she did she hardships but it's funny that you should mention that because <hes> this week has been it's been a weird week and I was actually talking to a friend <hes> just yesterday and she pointed out to me that <hes> who was listening to the show and she said that coincidences obtain something that's been in her life full along time it always seems to be discarding force and I totally agree with it. I think coincidences Duhalde this guiding force behind them but <hes> I haven't been experiencing them recently and I think the more that you start it's this really fine kind of balance because when you start looking for coincidence he might might start seeing things that aren't really there. Coincidences have to be something that that come along however when you start having one more of them seem to pop up because maybe you're more open to it but when we moved up here Ben because my aunt Alma ten years ago now and I was very close to her she was more like a mother to me. She was more mother the my mother and <hes> I guess I was kind of hunting on some level that when I moved up here I'd feel closer to her and I know that that's ridiculous but I mean even though they say time heals all wounds. You still feel like you know this time. I really really deeply miss it and when we moved back up here I thought I feel closer to and I just haven't just haven't felt her presence or anything like that at all too much to do. There's maybe there's too much stuff to do but oddly enough and I have been so caught up in work and family problems and everything else that I haven't really focused haven't thought about recently and so the other night just out of nowhere. I thought you know what I'm going to try <HES> meditating again. I'm going to try I some of these contacts spirit guide guided meditation kind of things and you know whatever so I was trying that and it's not really working like it's not the same as what it was before and maybe that's because I need to do more if it into the meditation but regardless what is fascinating as reading that when you. <unk> actually utilize these methodologies like meditation or hypnosis or whatever else that can actually open you up to mole coincidence and synchronicity anyway but nothing happened for about a week and I actually it's during one of these meditations thought all look show if you're out there. Can you try and contact me of you. Know just like to see that your route. You put a request to request specific category for this coming up okay so yeah deal. I put a request APP. I didn't want to bother as I know it sounds silly but also you think well once someone's pasta on you. Don't both of them because who knows what they're doing but anyway so I put up this request and nothing I always felt like maybe she's actually completely crossed over. She's completely. She's busy. She's busy doing whatever she's doing. Maybe she's looking after my son so I am. I didn't think about it for a couple of days is and I was backing out of my driveway just as I did <hes> there was this cob because the way the angle of my driveway. There's a parking spot. That's near it but it actually makes it really difficult to back out so as I'm back yeah I'm like <hes> someone's parked in there again. It was kind of annoyed but I noticed the color of the car as I pull finally get the Colorado. I noticed this. Is this old Green Gemini now. My aunt drove this Green Holden Jim Ni- while the twentieth she loved it was his old car. We're always like get rid of it. Get rid of it she wouldn't she hung onto this car until she finally <hes> a couple of years before she passed away. She finally changed the car but she was sad about it. I haven't seen a gym and I though in about fifteen to twenty so I just don't see them anymore exactly and it was the same color as well and so immediately. I thought Oh this is a coincidence. It's heard autosomal and I had to stop myself. I went North Carolina and you just reading into something of cost isn't odds that you're going to see a car locked all day but I live in a cul de sac and there's no reason for those 'cause to come up yet anyway so I wrote it off straight away and I drive to work so I drive to work and considering that doing my job today Oh the other day and I picked up this mosque of time book and I'm flicking through it and as I'm flicking through this piece of paper falls out of it and this book just arrived just arrived and I'll put a photograph of this in the show nuts. It's it's strange against personal national ride but the strange thing about it is festival. It's from the Heritage Building Society Right. It's like a note from the Heritage Bill Pad now four years. My aunt had a heritage building society notepad. It's not the same notepad Todd Heritage Building Society Pad next to the phone and I always remember it from my childhood because the of the <hes> the logo the logo is a little bit. It's the same thing right now. where it becomes even more crazy is that I look at what's written on the note? Yeah what's written on the note is with you then and now all my gosh because this is a second hand book we go from a store down the road and there's just fell out of it. What the Hell said these are the kind of meanings that way you just? You're you get for you especially you. It has to be designed as to be even down to the fact that I was like odd got up. When I saw the car I was like no? I'm just reading into that. I'm just reading into the and the fact that that day when I get to work this DART foles out not only is it from the same building society where the odds of that it's wheat and then the fact that it's got with you then and now okay all right. I'll get actually had a look cools. I definitely can see how old it is like that is an old pace of the browns and everything else just the odds perfectly orchestrated message the fact that you saw her old car and then that night yeah that's amazing doubted her. This is the thing I doubt it. I doubt it the experience and then there was this secondary validation. That's amazing rising. Well yeah like I said there's categories quite specific to that where it's a request and you know the often hear this in. You probably have done it yourself listening home. It gives us on yeah. Give me a sign that you'll day. I need to know that your close close so that you'll still there <hes> and yeah there's some amazing stories coming up but specifically there's evidence that while these stories that suggest the deceased can manipulate like he was saying earlier. It's quite easy to manipulate delight the material world this stories that we're small objects moved like you know you found that nut you had there quite you know simple. Things like people find coins a little mementos remind them if Apostol love one and you know the some stories where <hes> <hes> for example a guy said before he before he died he used to give his wife pennies and it was like a a love thing I love you is a penny year just like this little thing that he did and after he passed away she just kept finding them everywhere. That's the thing people have these subtle nuances and their relationships but I think offer that you'd be like stop giving me pennies and the weed one where husband whenever he felt romantic and also a little bit randy he would ring the doorbell of the House. It was kind of fuck off. I'm feeling I'm feeling Honi big little bit like that and when he had pasta way she's here in the middle of the night doorbell ringing a dead husband still on but there's also medium confirmed cases where the whatever's manipulated is quite complex so one example was the medium Robert Burke he wrote an email to a woman named Lisa Madhouse she had recently just lost her son Eric to suicide and book told her that he'd been in contact with Eric and the message he got from her dead son was precisely this he wanted to know. If the flaws will warm woman off there in the cabin now strange question. He had no idea where she was you know hey just colder and he said look I really needed to pass on this message. It turns out that she had been staying in a cabin in Norway and it had electrically metrically hated flaws and for the loss day the inflow hating had been malfunctioning so badly the flows got so hot. You couldn't even walk on them. Oh that would just going bananas and there's no way that medium could have known that they had that problem. He didn't even know that they are in Norway in academy two floors so her dead son was just messing with yeah well. This is funny enough as well the fact that it's always these obscure things like it's not like something where you could go all we'll paps the medium called read that stole like something that'd be kind of Cliche now how they actually come up with something so specific unless there was some type of information that was coming through well. There's a great example from Dr Mary Helen Hensley. She's a car packed <hes> who lives in Ireland and and in the space of one day just in general conversations with people she was working with old friends she had to mentions of this location in Ireland should never been to before. It's called Mount August. She you know she heard her secretary science. You hit another friend set amount August. Why do I keep hearing now August today and the next morning have five year old daughter Gemma wakes up her mother and she says to a mother my mom I've got something to show you? Mr Burke woke me up now. This is already a weird story story because Mr Buch was a previous resident of their home who would leave their before them who had passed away <hes> and the door had been seeing him in the house. Okay Yep now. The daughter went gamma went on to explain that Mr Burke had woken her up to give her a clue about how to fix her cough because at the time the daughter she had this horrible cough it was just so bad that she would coffin call from coughing and throw up <hes> being going on Fatu Long. It was starting to get worrisome now. Jemma the daughter She lades mother <hes> Hell Mary Helen Hensley down the stairs of their home to some bricks and she points to this brick and she said this is what Mr Burke wanted me to show you and <hes> Mary Helen Hensley looks at the brick and written on it is Mount August in Chalk. So why what's this Mount August washy heard Mount August twice and then this coast I shows it written on a breaking the house is Mount August like some type of brand for cough drug or something no. It's an actual an actual mountain in Ireland like Shh. Let's say that that company survives. Whatever all you know what I mean like is like some drug company no nothing like that but <hes> Hensley she calls her secretary? <hes> this is one of the people of who mentioned at the day before and she's like what he's August. What is going on the secretary explained that Saint Charles of Mount August was a halo of elements of the chest and her daughter just happens to have this horrible cough so the appropriateness of this she said made it seem that the guy who died in the house before all them wanted to help her daughter in some way and this was a clue but she had no idea what to do about it like a case that there's a saint that cued chest colds like big deal? What am I supposed to do about the very next day? The brother of a friend friend of <hes> hens lease <hes> and this was a gosh. You'd only met a couple of times he turns up at a House unexpectedly and he's got a gift and he just said to look something kind of told me that you needed to have this. I can't really explain planet but I just saw this and I thought you should have it. It was a relic of Saint Charles of Mount August. Now Hensley thought okay this white of any incidences. This is obviously a message. She put the Saint Charles of August kind of relic under dollas pillar that night the next morning <hes> Jim has cough is gone. She never never relapsed and she's completely fine. It seemed to have cured her. Horrible will cost so what was the relic. It was just a little statue or some kind of connection to this Saint Charles of Mount August not only though is this weird synchronicity. It's also miraculous healing well. It's like the spirit Mr Burke who had passed away in house with four wanted to help so he's dropping these hints. I threw people mentioning the name but that's not enough doesn't pointer in the right direction. She's not paying enough attention so then he has the the obvious one of the daughters showing the the brick August written on it still that doesn't work so he then has to influence the mind of someone who knows her to get a really give Saint August and take it to her directly. Yeah it find the Andy's probably like oh well. It seems like the synchronicity and whatever else could become very blatant. It becomes very blatant. Obviously people are just like totally don't even skepticism cynicism would just in the maze right we see these things that must be frustrating on the other side trying to uh-huh act and then you have these ones where it's almost richer active in its in its perfection so this is the case of Charlotte who lost her son Todd to a drunk driver on the afternoon afternoon of knees eight and he was college aging is absolute tragedy and he's body was so badly mangled. She was advised not to view it in the morning and she didn't that's all she always had regrets about not being able to see him one final time so so six months after his death she still obviously drowning in grief but one afternoon she's looking at old photo albums of him and she's crying and she kept repeating of this phrase. If only I could see him one more time. If only I could say my son will time and then immediately the mailman arrives and in the mile that day this is six months after his son's death this Manila envelope from his son and the postmark on it is December thirty first the day that he died now. She opens this envelope and there's a handwritten note is a bunch of pictures of him <hes> they're all of the families spending time together loss Christmas any must have had developed at this one one hour photo place just before the accident how we'd now the reason it showed up six months later is that he hadn't put enough postage on the envelope and when it was returned to his college address because he was there around with it was someone else there who tried to Ford it to his mother but they had written down the address incorrectly so because of all these mistakes it took six months to reach her but when when reached her it was precisely when she needed it. I was GONNA say why the delay for six months it's because she was just in this moment of incredible grief and it was a coincidence <hes> it was timed perfectly with her making this request of the universe us if I could only see him one more time and it really request it really makes you think about <hes> the lenient nature of time and how that seems not to be the case when we cover a lot of these paranormal stories yet linear linnea time I mean even though it does exist obviously but this is the way that we perceive it but if you actually look at it from a more abstract point of view it's not even that it's cyclic. It's just the time is everywhere well. It's like that requests. She made hey to her dead son that retroactive already existed in the future and that event had ripples that came into the past and created the circumstances for those things to happen. Yes yeah so it's that kind of that kind of thinking that you go to wrap your head around <hes> another case for Laura Lynn Jackson this is the medium I mentioned earlier <hes> beloved dog Phil. Ill should no choice but to put it down and she'd always asked for signs from spirit all the other side God to give her signs and positive messages to Caper on track and when she'd done this before she'd asked for butterflies to shop this is the request category that you know kind of your experience with the nut patents saying the car falls into <hes> she would also these butterflies to shop and they did and it would be we'd like that would show up and sit on his shoulder and things like that but when had dog was ready to go and she was ready to put it down she thought <music>. I'm going to step it up a notch. I'm going to step it up a notch and see if I can get contact from the other side so she told the universe that if it wanted to send her a message it should send her one of three things an Armadillo aw odd Bach or an an thiede why is is just she's. She's just trying to make it tough like she really wants proof of the other side so when she put her dog to sleep obviously it's a very sad day you know her and her family awaiting for the veterinarian to take a final pawprint of him as a keepsake was she mold by an editor of the waiting room or something yes. This anti anti-keynesian took a leg off. She's now in a wheelchair. Eh She's sitting there in the waiting room and suddenly she noticed this poster on the wall in the waiting room and it's a giant poster of an aunt Ada seriously yeah and what are the odds but had she okay. Has she seen that before some like something and make this argument that yes she's been there before subconsciously it's in a mind and she didn't she just came up with anti-eta somehow knowing in the back of a mind that those opposed to that you can always make that argument you know what the A- actually hang onto that idea of the subconscious though because this is finished with the story but I'll keep going but I just wanted to explain about the idea of keeping it sitting in in the subconscious. Is that a one thing that's <hes> addressed by George Foreman. Is that the subconscious it might not be it's used by by skeptics and cynics. Well you disorder earlier. You may have actually seen it earlier in a parallel time so so yeah so the reason I wanted to keep going with the story is that's not the only coincidence like. Yes she saw a poster of an anti but then she took the kids to the bathroom in the veterinarian's office and while she was waiting for them at I level was this ceramic statue of this <hes> Watt miniature schnauzer which was the breed of dog and it had Angel Angel Wings on it which isn't that we'd because it's where they're going to put dog stones. They're going to have angel dogs around a little bit little we right next to her. It's right next. She hadn't noticed that before it's right next to so the next day she wanted even more reassurance that her beloved pet had made it to the other side and he was okay so as she's driving. She asked that she would hear the word would angel as some kind of confirmation. She's very specific in her requests. She then turned on the radio and the first words out of the mouth of the CEI- coming across on the song was must have been an angel as in Eurythmics Song. Yeah down should have a cute up the same day she calls the vet's office to settle the bill and the end of the conversation she asked the woman who had been taking care of her name was the woman says my name's Angel. That's weird though because I was so you mentioned that Song because I've just GonNa hire is finally gone back into to hi Rez. Let's stop the coincidence stories and let's just a coincidence is the last thing downloaded was the eurythmics album. They must be. They must it's really it's a bit we is it. It's an auto we really download. It's right here. Look at the bottom. There is no joking either. It's literally these downloads folder for his thus one that is that is bizarre so mailing to it. I WANNA play. There's another great example included from Leslie kinds book the lights on she did about evidence of life after death brilliant book and it was about a man named Jeffrey Cain who was a scientist he was a skeptic he had <hes> he was an expert in the epistemology of science not really believing in the other side but he lost his twenty one year old son Gabriel to a car accident in June of two thousand and three of course with that tragedy and his life he started to ask questions about the beyond so that some Walis driving in a national park he told his wife that he really wished that did son Gabriel could give them a sign to show he around and immediately. The clock in the car jumped forward an hour and I both thought that was weird but then you know that can happen. It's like you know they're both looking for other explanations and I thought maybe there's a cell tower around and switched over into the wrong time zone or something like that but then three days later they're back in the car driving together and he tells his wife that if the clock jump forward two hours that would be too much of a coincidence to say that there wasn't something we'd going going on and about two minutes after he said that to his wife the clock jumps forward two hours okay. That's weird so a couple of weekends but he thought you know this is. I'm just getting crazy. I'm still so much grief and I'm seeing things that aren't there and he started to get to the point where he felt like he was receiving thoughts from his son and this ties in with some of the other. You know we'd coincidences where people all seem to be orchestrated. People seem to be Najd innocent direction. He felt like that was happening to him. He was feeling the faults for me. Son Any wanted to know whether these thoughts were actually coming from his son or whether he was just making it up and he's conclusion when was that I must be making it up but let's be Shaw so he said and he's mine look sawn if this is you Gabriel this. is you talking to me. I need a sign and give me something so I can validate it and three woods pop into his mind from his son these strange foreign forts and the words are I m read so he tries for few weeks to figure out what this means. He's looking for some kind of validation to find some connection to this. I am right yeah. We'll that main but he finds nothing three weeks fawns nothing so he finally sits down with his wife and he's like look. I think this is all in my imagination I it's just too much grief. I'm confabulation this like there's no <music> off. I need to stop thinking like this. It's not healthy about an hour off. These says this a package is delivered to the house now when he opens the package it's a painting of an angelic figure and it reminded him the movie son immediately so he got really emotionally sold his and he started a Kreil. The grief came back and Janet. He's wife looks at the painting she goes. It's red it's red and only then did he notice the color of the angelic Vega their rent. Now the package included a note and it was the mother of someone that he's wife Janet had known through her teaching career and on the note this person that wrote that she had just been walking pasta store store window and saw this painting in the window and for some reason she doesn't quite understand she boarded and something compelled her to send it to them now. She stated clearly. She didn't know why why she did it. Just something compelled. She said they could throw it out. She said look you can put it in the bathroom. Do whatever you want with it a hypothetical offensive that I sent it to you. I just felt like you needed to have this for some reason. Jeff then discovered that also also the painting there was a cod from the artist and he opens his cod and it explains that the reason the oddest had painted the angelic figure Red Magenta is that these calls of the robes there the the nearest Kala in Al Human Kala spectrum that matches the light emitted and this is what he wrote in the cod by those who have died in their youth <hes> remember he son died and his colleague something yeah and <hes> the the oddest went on to also say it is the color of communication from the so-called dead to the living now. That's he confirmation. If ever I've heard one and again we have these elements of people helping nudged in a certain direction to do something that I knew wouldn't normally do as a deceased see. This is something that I was looking into earlier today and oh sorry earlier yesterday but <hes> there's another couple of things that could be occurring and this is what's really important as well is that I think that the person that's that's grieving and having these experiences they're very profound and the very important <hes> but I guess from an outsider's perspective where you have that emotional connection you can also question what else could be happening here. And of course it's still could be very a strange coincidence but that could actually be some top of human <hes> telepathic stuff going on Hebron related to the person who's grieving so for example. There is some suggestion that these coincidences that occur in these confirmations would occur. It's actually because of the rippling in that time fabric so basically at some point it doesn't matter where it is but that moment that he opened up that package and he sold that painting and he sold that the rate and everything else <hes> that basically sent out this yes <hes> feeling of emotional energy whatever it is rippling out through that bedspread or through that blanket across you know talking about earlier in the show this blanket of time now what happened is that was firing at because it was so important it was such an emotional big event for him that I was like Oh my God this some connection with my son Baba and kind of abating his grief but what that actually did is that caused the event to ripple back to whether it's words came in woman by an thing that the woman bought the thing but also I am. I'm read that's actually a message from his son but from his future self so does she makes arguments for that and there's a bunch of cases that perhaps better examples of exactly what you're describing that I have coming up after the bright <hes> but in this specific case that seems way too complicated all it does versus a spirit on the other side being able to influence people and I think that is you. You don't need to have Richard Coles Alley in this case. I think it's a much simpler explanation that this simply able to autumn's risers and well they simply able to manipulate things to achieve a certain goal <hes> but when when we come back from the break <hes> I have a category that I think you'll enjoy because it's it's officially cold association of a coincidence by sign promised by the deceased so it's like when I say to you Erin before like before I die. I'll tell you offer on gone. If I die before you my sign the afterlife exist to you will be <hes> me flooding your kitchen or making all your cows breakdown great. That's nice balcony. Oh collapse then you'll know no that it's me on the other side say that his yesterday standing on my balcony steady ties the toz stocked up properly guy. This is secure off. That's Richard Calls for me in the future getting ready to collapse balcony. I'll make sure you're not on it but I'll just let you know that I'm K- by collapsing you Belkin Greg so we have that category coming up after the break when someone makes a promise to connect from the other side before they taught and then that's that promise seems to come true in bizarre ways. That's coming up a mysterious universe. Stay with us so we're back talking about Sharon Hewitt role it's new book the source and significance of coincidences a hard look at the astonishing evidence huge massive Tome with incredible stories and this the specific category. I wanted to talk about association by sign promised by the deceased so there's a bunch of Kahan warming little ones in here like there's a dad who said I'm going to con- after I die I'm going to communicate with you by using butterflies and the whole family whatever and the debt sorry the son a few days off to the funeral he's going to his car and there's this monarch butterfly sitting on the door handle. Any immediately has the thought of his father because of this thing that he said before he awed and he's like Oh. It's a bit silly so he grabs the door handle. The car with butterflies opens the door but the butterfly doesn't move just stays on the Dole Handle Nia. It's a bit weird. He jumps in the car and then the butterfly comes back and lands on the Windshield D- as if it's looking in at him he's like that's we'd he starts driving away and obviously the butterfly flies away and he drives away to the house he was visiting it gets out of the car and a monarch butterfly probably not the same one but a monarch butterfly comes lands on his shoulder. That's we how often does the butterfly land on the shoulder and what's even weirder as he starts walking go inside the House and the butterfly stays on his shoulder doesn't move and then of course it flies away so I it's it's weird at first but then it hits like how many times does it need to happen before you go. This is no longer coincidence. You've really inspired me. If I die before you. I'm GonNa Flood Your House with moths like the really dusty ones as well. You know I'm going to copy the boss. Think of something original. If you open a closet is like a whole heap of fly anywhere you go. I think that's going to be much more difficult than making your rickety balcony collapsed. Oh good a lot of <hes> but there was a similar request. Where a before dying Mary? She told offend Christina that is kind of jokey thing between them. Slightly I die. I'm GONNA come back and I'm going to bang on your fridge to get your attention and I saw Aka. Whatever just like we joke about it right but nothing happened for five years after Mary's death and she didn't really Christina didn't really think much about it? Then one day out of the blue she had a dream of a dead friend Mary Mary and her husband enjoying a meal at a picnic table now. She shared it with Mary's husband who is still alive and he said it sounded like a place where they actually did have lunch together outside his workplace and seemed like a real place then he shed something that he had recently happened to him. He'd heard banging in his home and discovered it was coming from the fridge door for some reason he had had the conviction at the time that it was his dead wife Mary now <hes> he had known nothing about Mary's promise to Christina to bang on the fridge so this is a case where someone is receiving the message that was promised from the person before they died but they had no idea what the message was going to be. Oh that that that was meant to be a message at all <HES> and somehow it makes its way back to Christina through the dream so it's this kind of baffling baffling white. It's like if I wanted to collapse. You'll balcony as a sign. Maybe I wouldn't collapse. You'll balcony. It would be you reading the newspaper about a balcony collapsing like you dream about me and then the next day you'd open the paper in the front page of the balcony collapsed and this is the thing as well as that. It's not that you're looking four but this <hes> basically when you have these coincidences and we'd dreams whatever else seems to be a medium that whatever is on the other side is is utilizing because it hits never exact and this comes up and a lot of the cases I'm going to discuss plus extension is that you think think that you know what the outcome is GonNa beaten but then the outcome is totally different Iran. The coincidence is still there but it's not in the way that you're expecting this really funny ones too like association by physical likeness way you you thinking about someone and then you someone is passed away and the niece. Someone walks posture who looks exactly like them. That's a couple of stories like that but there's a funny one where this woman Caroline shroff she's walking Pasta Department Store and she sees him of Almond. Go that's a mother and she turns around and it's a mannequin. It's a mannequin body. It's the same kind of face and it's almost wearing the same clothes as mother would wear and just the way it's positioned. It's like a stance that her mother would take now the way that they'd set this mannequin up in the store. It was looking got a calendar that was posted next to it so she goes up to this calendar and she looks at what's written on it and on this particular dight it had the dies Ahmad on one day. It said a lunch with Tommy and another diet said coal right. That's all it said on the store calendar now <hes> Tommy is Caroline's. Bravo and Ray is the name of fa-father so we'd yes. It's been orchestrated for her to see it yet. Then we get into you mentioned this earlier and this is important to look at this different angle things is the idea that the coincidences that people are experiencing can be explained by asap this some kind of yes. Liking from someone's Mind Psychic Force telepathic connection sometimes even those the argument that it's psycho kinetic in what way it's some kind of <hes> like you'll manifesting hosting the appearance of something yeah like if you're thinking of me collapsing balcony and you think about it too much you'll as P._X.. Really collapses. You'll balcony yeah of course yeah so many people think they're coincidences. The work of <hes> God or an angel she says Oh paps Pasta love one but what about the cases that seemed to be from the experiences asap and I wrote him notes here to kind of spice this up we have to throw out the linear nature of time which we've already been doing on this segment so roll it includes researched on by at one five or parapsychologists Doctor Daryl Bem this article we put out in two thousand eleven cold feeling the future where it was reporting on him testing subjects on their recall of a series of woods woods and he discovered that the subjects were more likely to remember words that a computer helps them to review so it's like you getting training on killer woods. You might not know the Sorus training but the weird thing is the computer you too did the review with the subjects after that taking the test <hes> so it's like the training you get in the future increases. You'll performance in the present. Yeah that's my head. How does that work there again? Rhetoric was -ality the subjects of the experiment will more likely to remember words that they will randomly reminded of off to the test had occurred. It's bizarre. It's bizarre so the some examples of this this is another parapsychologist Charles Todd he reported to the journalist Brian Inglis that one morning he came into the lab and he just had this word and he's mine coup d'etat and he was saying it over and over and conversations conversations that kept popping into his head is why do I keep saying Khuda todd swayed the morning after that he gets a letter from Miss Khuda top he'd never gotten from before he had no idea she was just this random person reaching out to him then the same name Kuta so it's like that future event was causing him to save his name in his mind into say conversation say this word. There's a great story from psychiatrist Dr Judith All off. It's a case in which a friend of hers was was vacationing in Colorado. This friend was in this used bookstore and suddenly thought of Judith and just judith popped into his head so he started thinking about the Times together and as he was browsing the science fiction section of this bookstore is thinking about her and this book on the shelf codes are together and pick up this book. It's <hes> Madeleine angles or wrinkle in time and when he opened the title page he's bamboozled because inside the book is Judy Olaf the woman he's thinking of that is weird shelf mammoth as well. It's handwritten and dated Judy all off the November nineteen sixty one now he tells her about this book brings it to shows at Ta. She realizes it's her book from Nineteen Sixty one when she was ten years old she said I used to this was my this is my boat yeah. She said she always used to ride her name and the date in case. She lost it now. When she said when she moved out of out of home after high school she denied at all her books to goodwill and then twenty years later somehow it had made it to this secondhand bookshop in Balda her friend suddenly thinks of her and gets it off the shelf? We'd coincidence but of course you can suggest that will she seem to suggest that synchronicity in her life. They strengthened the bonds she has in relationships there reminders of the connections we have with people and her explanation of this is that because she had a strong emotional bond with this person that already existed <hes> he was able to pick up May. It's some kind of Weed E._S._p._N.. Commentary the book she had had and being rating and had owned was in the same bookstore he was in. He had somehow picked up on that. That's why had that thought that's why he was linked to it. It's not <hes> you know influence silence from the dead. It's yeah and that's like commentary is something that comes up a lot in time dislocation cases. It's basically that some people are more sensitive to the this natural phenomenon that are Congress and sometimes they will pick up an object which has stood. It's almost almost like the starting type theory but not start had theory of haunting them while the happens. It's almost like the time of the event is trapped inside that object and you pick it up and all of a sudden. There's a case that I was just happened to be thumbing through when I was looking through some of these websites sides there was a guy that picked up this stern and when he picked up the star it was his odd colored slightly <hes> a gray stern that he had this call that wasn't common for that area and when he picked it up all of a sudden all around him everything projected out is the way it was described like an expanded around him and he said it was dusk but then all of a sudden it was this brought sunny day as he's looking around <hes> there's all these Neolithic style people that are wondering around and they can't see him but he can see everything that's going on around him. <HES> <HES> and immediately draw because he's so freaked out by what's happened. It's like he's back into his own perception. I suppose what it was a dusk. He later on found out that all these rocks that had been dumped in this location it was landscaped garden. The some of those rocks had actually been illegally quarried from Neolithic sought oh well and so he had no way of knowing that he just picked up this rock but he later on found out that there was all this controversy but the way that the rocks actually being obtained by them wealthy Lord somewhere but the likelihood of him being able to pick up on that was remote and yet that's what he saw yeah. There's arguments in here from role at some of these time experiences you know slipping into different times is actually just a a kind of SICOM <hes> super-normal super normal ability of psychotic Jerry. That's not under the person's control it just spontaneously erupts <hes>. There's a great story little bit similar to that from Professor Richard Zoom Ski. He was raking his his leaves in the in the Yod when he was a teenager young guy and he had this sudden experience of being somewhere else you know just like you described and he saw himself actually experienced this. He was holding a brick in front of another house. He didn't recognized but he was accompanied by young girl and a young boy Oy and he just knew in this vision that our children and it was incredibly detailed. This vision like you remembered everything. It was like he was actually there and twenty years later the vision came through very was walking along and he's like this is what what I saw. When I was a teenager he's got he's young with he's got his young son but there was a brick wall in the vision that he couldn't see in real life? Twenty is lighters like the brick wolfer. My vision isn't he was at a barrier of some kind like a sake barrel hard to stop him from seeing something. No he realized that if he had bought the house next door instead everything in the vision mopping truth so yet and this is what is a repeating theme is that people have these visions in the future but the data sometimes just a little bit off it was slightly different and he he said that it made him actually uncomfortable to think that all the decisions he had made of the loss twenty years you know the changes in his life everything he decided to do amounted to a difference of only thirty feet from one house to the next so it's this brilliant concept and I think a lot of the stories we cover align with this that life has a kind of template. That's light out force. It's not exact but it's generally going in a direction and the decisions we make have consequences obviously and they have an influence over our character and what kind of person Jason we end up being at the N._F._l.. Lives but in the end you end up at the same place just the decisions you make decide what kind of person you are when you get there yeah. I like that idea yeah so he was always going to end up in that straight. Just maybe one of those houses keep that in mind because another possibility that comes up here is this <hes> theory of of the multi-diverse and the multifaceted personality you'll ego of who you are of where people have these experiences <hes> but it's not actually seeing being the future you don't seeing the past you're actually seeing a powerful reality finality. Throw that one in the NAS want yeah so that that little universe that will come back in a moment when we had a vision not of his own future but his parallel cells future future wanted his parallel cells. It's not a very big difference. It's not like it's not his parallel self was a billionaire living next door everything about it right. I mean this idea that every single decision you make causes a splintering of reality so you start at one dollars point. If you draw on a map or a piece of paper you start this one point but every every decision it's like whether or not you pick up this stroll or the other one when you're getting a drink somewhere all every single little decision that you make actually every a single outcome occurs but it spreads out into this massive knocking chart of dots will he's a story that relates to that and also to what you just mentioned with the commentary of picking up the rocks from the Neolithic Corey. There's a case from ill L.. Lloyd George of Diva dwyfor without he had the story from his grandmother's grandmother told him this confidence <hes> she was sitting near like <hes> by friend's house. It's amazing. If you just have a like at your house yeah that that's an English. He's an elbow exactly always stocker. See All these friends have giant lakes in the backyard anyway. She's sitting by the lake near a friend's house and suddenly she feels this horrible. Chill come over. She feels really uncomfortable. She looks up and like you said in some of the some of the stories you have coming up the sky. Completely changes becomes dock almost like it's a different season different day and she sees this man in a long tweed coat start walking pasta and he just walks into the lake. He's over is it. He's iron right. He's done and he just walks in the lake and keeps walking and walks outside and as soon as he's gone. The Sky brightens up again. It's like a normal day and she's bamboozled by this. She immediately tells her friend's father about this experience. She tells a few friends I wrote down all the details though actually Scott drowned. I mean we have to do something. This is known as a collision event will awake after this this local man did put whites in the pockets of tweed coat and killed himself by walking into that like all the spot she had this vision so it was a vision of something something that was going to happen a week later and yeah you get into this the Wade's of this retro Kohl's -ality in the linear nature of time once again now that hang on with that right so obviously seeing someone commits suicide is an extremely distressing event like it's distressing in itself but because she read about that and the feeling the emotion that she got from Oh my God that go actually killed himself. Actually that was the primary event that sent a shockwave back to call someone to kill them to cause her to witness it. It ought to go to the lake and that's what happened because the event itself was wasn't the witnessing of him walking into the lake. It was actually the shock of the guy there's a bunch of ways you can think about this. I mean Rolette says it provides evidence that replace <music> or in this case a preview of an event can be produced by pre cognition retro cognition and then not necessarily indicate if of the presence of the deceased spirit as not a ghost encounter and Ekanayake this with a lot of time mm slips the we've got on the show. It's not seeing ghosts. It's some kind of replay well the other possibility he'll when I was calling it a collision event is when you factor in ideas like parallel realities and whatever else or even just different talks in this reality <hes> for example in that particular case it could have been that yes she witnessed a god his walk out into the lake but if it was some type of weed parallel reality or time slipper time dislocation as in many of these cases <hes> what that she was actually seeing is that she was just seeing someone walking through that area where in the pasta hadn't been there so the lake onto the side and had been artificially created and then that's why no she actually source someone walking because they were just walking about doing their thing so there's that difference that kind of comes in here she was also an incredible cases on poltergeists as well and the hall chapter on Poltergeist History and of the evidence for it <hes> but they'll some interesting reports from Michael Talbot's Book Beyond Quantum because he had had polygons like activities since he was six years old and coincidences are often created by the Pentagon accounts <hes> he would have inexplicable showers of gravel full in the rookies vs home and they lived in rural Michigan added Typical Paul The Gospel Yeah there was no one around I mean I didn't have close neighbors but people would be stones would be thrown into the house through the windows would even happen when he was with his friends that have gravel just full on. I'm from above like it was raining gravel and then the activities moved into his home so he said the Pentagon would stomp and rattle and hull small stones or smooth edged gloss would show up and be thrown at him. It seemed to like throwing the vacuum cleaner around that was its favorite thing and when he was a teenager he started to try and interact with it and he said light one night he was standing in the kitchen and he just said aloud all right. Why don't you do something to show me that you hear of had an off just do or something and show me and he said as soon as he said that the window that he was facing in the kitchen it was like someone was banging the gloss pounding the gloss from outside but there was no one there and the gloss was actually really flexing in a strange way like no no he was staring at it thinking? How is it not breaking like imagine the gloss door now studio warping and bending inwards whooping it was like that he just couldn't understand how didn't break and obviously he's freaked out? He's just just like stop it in the bank stops so after a while he found that he could interact with poltergeist. <hes> pity says it wasn't sophisticated he he said it's intelligence was like a dog or cat or parrot. Just it just wasn't that smart but he started to notice that what was really remarkable about this thing was that its behavior seemed to be linked with him and especially his emotional state so he said wants he he went to his room and he was like you know typical. Moody teenager is in a really negative state of mind and this needle materialized in thin air and flew into his lake. Oh it's like it matched. He's he's angry. He's mood and then one more occasion occasion. He had this really dark mood and this gouge started appearing in his flesh he said at first I felt this stinging sensation and then as I watched a small hall simply appeared in my skin and he said that he's friends friends actually witnessed this happening as well on another occasion but the funny thing about this is when he was feeling more positive and when he was feeling kind of a bit you know in a jovial mood. He said this polygon would do. You silly things like one day he woke up and he's cleaned saux which is draped over all the house plants. That's we'd like just randomly <hes> socks everywhere and another time he woke up any had noodles all over mm-hmm noodles he just woke up in bed and he was covered in spaghetti noodles because it was responding to his what melancholy now using a joking mood isn't a fun okay yeah that makes he wakes up. He's coveting noodles. He has a pulse August noodle Nikola but the the funny thing is that in the end this poltergeist kept following him everywhere and creating these bizarre occurrences but he's about him. We'll ends mid twenties. It disappeared. He stopped saying it he stopped experiencing it and Talbot. <hes> doesn't think it was an entity. He doesn't believe it was an anti entity. He suggests that whatever autonomous will the Pentagon's displays stems from the same mechanisms can `ISMs that allow characters in our dreams to behave independently Evatt conscious. Will that's a good theory even though they ultimately creations of our own mind now. This is a popular idea that these unconscious psychic psychic functioning play a role in these coincidences play a role in the psycho kinetic events and we're now getting into the realm of toolkits where yes you'll fall sodomists. You'll thoughts become more than thoughts. If you give them enough energy they become tangible entities. This is something that Jon Foreman approaches and she starts getting and this is the problem with this book. Though I found that <hes> she starts going to basically it's like a someone who is not scientifically monitored trying to interpret physics and then kind of jabbing these theories but the one thing that she puts forward is that there has been some research into the development of actual matter from light phenomenon so she claims that if you smash a photons together or something like that that scientists have been able to develop some form of matter only small but lot converts into matter she said it's not that far of a stretch for <hes> thoughts to be able to do you think about something. That's really like like light touch it. I mean even though it does strike Utah no matter it's still mad yeah. I think that's a really good point because you know you thought isn't just something ephemeral. It is a real tangible thing as physical existence. Maybe not in this dimension that we exist in it but in some way it has a real physical existence while she goes so far as to suggest that if you think about something an awful <hes> if the phenomenon whatever is occurring it can manifest actual physical form the Topa yeah right so John's up yeah I mean this. Some serious people have looked at these ideas Dr James C Carpenter. He's a clinical legal psychologists as one of them. He says that it generally doesn't feel like something. You've created though I mean this. This is especially the case with Paula guys if we're prescribing to this idea that somehow manifested from the experience hay says is this the effects of p-a-k or psycho kinetic events upon the extra bodily processes can only be discerned when unconscious intention is strong and unequivocal and the processes are sense to be highly highly pertinent but action is prevented so the Sokha kinetic event will only be obvious when someone has a very strong desire that they can't act on a normal non psychic fashion and that's actually where this suggestion this is why poltergeist activity occurs in <hes> teenagers going through puberty all this pent up sexual energy that are know what to do with and whatever else that manifests in some of the way that's the argument and there's a really good example of this from from a case it's about a woman named Jenny Saunas and Dr Joel L Whitten and Joe Fisher recount how on the morning of Thursday April tenth is back in Nineteen Eighty Saunas awoke and she was alone in her apartment and she found four four five deep red boches splatted in her living room across the wall and it looked like blood and it was going across like above her childhood dollhouse something she had as a child and she's like that's weird wise. They're blocked there. She couldn't think of any way that this could have occurred like she wasn't cooking near there <hes> and that looked like blood now when she returned from work that evening she found the splotches was still there but now that had dried into ragged agah chips and new ones had appeared as well more splotches appeared over the next few days again over her childhood dollhouse and the beaches they started to spread. They started to increase this portion. They're all covering in the living room wall. They even started to appear on the side of the television set and Witton and Fisher who are researching this case said curiously sewn does had no desire to wipe away the mocks she just didn't want to clean it and and it was dominating her thoughts. It wasn't that she was enjoying it or anything but she she just didn't WanNa touch she continually fretted of a why this was happening and what she could do about it but indecision claimed her until she awoke one morning defined that a bloody trickle had appeared on the peaked roof of the doll's house now that not choose to freaked out she stayed at a friend's house and the next morning she found a new apartment to move into. She's like I'm done with get out of there. She she left her all <hes> landlord to scuff the stains off and he ended up repainting the place but what possibly could it be will offer. This saunders wanted to seek out help so she she found doctor whitten because she knew that he was open to some of these he's strange cases as she gets a call consultation from him. She says what the Hell's going on and he wanted to get to the root of the mad at actually figure out what was going on in her life he discovered that the previous summer sodas had become pregnant and she she was terrified of having a baby she actually scheduled an abortion. She was so scared and attend out that when she went for the abortion it was discovered that the baby had already been dead for three days and also strangely this miscarriage marriage that she had had coincided with those particular plant in the House and it has the common name Babies Tis Oh that's a week coincidence that plant had shriveled and died the day of the miscarriage but what's the connection to the bloodstains that are appearing on the wall and a moth dollhouse well doctor whitten confirmed through her Donald Gynecological records that had her baby survived. It would have been ju on April the tenth which was the very day that the first bloodstains appeared on the wall above her dollhouse the bloodstains this is the conclusion the stains appear to be away for saunders to express a buried feelings of guilt over rejecting her unborn child witten and Fisher remarked the bloodstains were a form of release. The probably kept US sane so she was producing it through the psycho kinetic effect that is we'd but it's also a really extreme example but in saying that I think the emotion does have to be extreme for it to manifest yes. She says the vice state that in addition to expressing unconscious feelings self-created coincidences may also be capable of revealing unconscious thoughts thoughts about solutions to problems or useful information. We've unconsciously picked up about other people or our environment for example. This may be the best way of explaining my own G._P._S.. Coincidence the office says and this is something we discussed on episode where she had this incredible <hes> kind of emotional connection to some bizarre Miss Happier. G._P._S. led to a connection with a friend yeah. She claims it was this unconscious desire to get back in touch with this friend that caused her phone glitch out it Sir E._S._p._N.. Psycho kinetic effect a P._K.. Effect on the device the Coles the synchronicity but then you also have conscious P._k.. Like coincidences that reflect you'll conscious design is for something to happen. Ah Jimmy Saunders <hes> it's funny because it's the same woman from that case. I just mentioned with the bod stains. She had another story where one evening shoes out on a date with a man and afterward he insisted on coming back to her apartment. She's okay she lets him up and and he said he wanted to come up for coffee but obviously <hes> just want coffee <hes> and he was just coming on with these sexual advances which she didn't want and this thought flashed into remind like how I get out of this and the thought ause if only the time was much later he would feel obliged to leaf and as soon as she had that thought as soon as it took shape all four clocks in the apartment including her wristwatch jumped ahead to show one thirty seven I am so he looks at the clock and he's like Oh God it's light <hes> the I bet go <hes> we'll we'll have date lighter and he leaves now as soon as he leaves. She turns on the radio and the non P._M.. News is just finishing we are projected ahead inside so she seems to have this kind of falls in line with her and the bloodstains appearing from her unconscious fees and desires and thoughts this. She has this effect on her environment through this P._K.. Effect <hes> and then as Matthew Manning he's a psychic who had similar experiences like he remembers one day when he was young he was going out to buy Ringo Starr's new record and he couldn't find it anywhere in stores like every story. Check didn't have then just thinking talking about all day. I really want that record early on that record. He gets back home to his apartment and only kitchen table is a brand new still ensuring crap copy of that record. He lives alone. He's Dole was law Kev off highway anyone who've got in there he somehow is convinced he has still to this day no idea how they but he's convinced he somehow manifested a copy of Ringo Starr's record all this stuff leaks it with disappear object for what's actually stolen it parallel law ah release that badly that for a parallel thought another parallel up he'd got that record spending all day hunting for that just disappeared and he's lost. That's really I like that conclusion. That's an interesting comes up. Is that what you have all these. These parallel lives and the multi-diverse idea when you want something strong enough if it's needed it's not that you're actually pulling it because you can't take things from other people ultimate the the universe balances everything out but you actually pull it from yourself in in another reality. Everything is assigned to you over ARCHAEA. It's all there. It's amazing but it's all on different realities Pennsylvania stealing for yourself. That's that's amazing so is their version of me in another dimension that just just doesn't have anything at all no no balance but think about it. It's infinite as well and it's something that I think you know even though we understand that term that FRY or that you know that would <hes> it's actually something that's very hard to comprehend. It is infinite it just goes go on and on and on forever. That's why we are able to to do these things but yeah there is one Benjamin Grundy out there. That's had a lot of stuff taken from you bet he's so he seemed to have this occur multiple times in his life like another time he was collecting material real for bonfire but only could find in the odd was cardboard boxes so he goes in the house and he says to his mom mom what can abuse in the bond file because there any old furniture and burn. She's like no go away so he goes back into the yard and where he was looking for the cardboard. There's immediately perfectly cut stacks of logs that Weiss several hundred pounds like this no way anyone could have put it there in that amount of time it is just completely paranormal just a huge stack of freshly cut wood ready for him. He's like what the Hell on another occasion. He appears to have materialized a bottle of beer and an apple Pie Apple Pie yeah so I wanted to save one of the best examples of this kind of P._k.. Manifestation that creates these coincidences from the legendary Dr Kirby surprise. Oh Televisa fries water brilliant brilliant man <hes> he's book. What's his book called again of GonNa now I think it's called coincidences or synchronous and asynchronous these Dr cubbies across synchronous cities get it? If you don't have copy it is amazing so one day he tells his story one day he's sitting in his car and he was waiting for someone when he hit a radio ad for the movie Carey. You know that old movie it's from the Stephen King novel came out in the Mid Seventies Sec- spice in essentially story about <hes> loan teenage girl who gets the everyone knows it from popular called gets blood pulled over at a <hes> at a promise and she's embarrassing than the anger wills up so much that it results in her having psychic not slacking town she has these tele- kinetic powers. That's the case so he is this radio the ad for that movie while he's sitting there waiting for someone and it got him thinking about what it would be like to be able to crush a house with Tele Kinetic POWs like the way she does in the movie so to Cup Oughta a piece of cutlery something like like Magneto just crushing steel building with your mind and he remembers at this moment to as he sitting in the car he soared national enquirer headline boys reliable about the House that was tipped over by some psychic power just some random story so so he saw where he's parked he sees an old house across the street from him and coby surprise starts wondering what would feel like to move house like that with your mind so he starts staring at the House while he's having these thoughts and the House starts to move it starts to shake it starts to shudder and then this old house which looked abandoned it actually rolled over and he is now looking at its roof it literally tipped over and Dr Kobe surprised sitting in his car starts panicking. He has this internal reality. Check too and he says to himself. If I just did that then I want to see the house crushed like in the movie and sure enough the House starts to implode implode it starts crushing in on itself and Dr Kobe surprises like what the hell is going on so I have telepathic powers and as soon as he has this thought this huge yellow bulldozer comes from behind the housing starts crushing it so he hadn't tearing it apart he now realizes all it's obviously a plan diminish demolition and it was the bulldozer that was tearing the house apart. It wasn't my mind but this is an incredible synchronicity the fact that it says mystifying the fact that it's concording with his thoughts. It's so bizarre. He's hearing this radio ad about Kerry who destroys there's a house with a telepathic powers. He happens to be parking next to a house. That's literally moments from being torn down by a bulldozer and it happens precisely when he has the thought. I wonder what happens if I could tell that house down with my mind. Let me try it. Yeah it's surreal. It's like what is what is the chance and this is the question. How is that there's this link between our thoughts and the material world when at the same time? The material world seems to obey purely physical laws because there's strongly interlinked and there is some mechanism force that science has yet to recognize that allows that to happen. It feels like it's this reality for and this is what comes back to time as well. It's a really good example time. We all understand the time. Is this constant immovable thing. It's you know it's not malleable. It's constant and these things pop up the individuals but individuals all across the world across all classes old cultures. We all experienced some type of distortion in time at some point. It's because it's not some thing that is set this constant by human beings <hes> it is actually some type of force cannot understand but it actually explains everything it unifies everything but it's completely fluid completely fluid but we just cannot understand it while she goes through all the possibilities of what could be going on here and it's everything the thing that we discussed on this segment you know was at the event of the bulldozer getting bald over that caused him to be in that particular point in time that caused him to have that thought she discusses all of that but she's she state very clearly. She's not saying that all these incidences created by Psycho Kinetic E._S._p.. Behavior by the experience <hes> <hes> what's going on. It's not that's not the coals in every single case <hes> she references couple of stories from <hes> what's his name Africa's Andrew Pikit as a professional artist and east illustrations full the Atlantic monthly yes and this was back in the nineties so everything was kind of still sent by mail back then <hes> and he made a mistake in this illustration he was doing and the issue was going out the next day and he had to correct like he had to see it to actually make sure the right color was used in a particular illustration and he remembers remembers just pacing back and down these living room wife listening to Iran Tony's like I've got. I've got to get the issue somehow I've got a it has to be rerouted to me. I have to see it somehow before it goes to the printers like I just have to say by the final dropped whatever yeah like he had to see it to make sure there wasn't isn't this massive mistake in it and he's awaken the next morning so many stories of the deliveryman from Airborne Express with this unmarked package and the delivery guy says this is few any opens it up and somehow somehow the package that was meant to go to the prentice has been rerouted to him aw again like sending out this request yet. No one can explain it. He calls the editor. She's like I not an eighty years of publishing. If I ever heard of this and he checks the drawing he did the the sketch and for the color and it's the right color it's like someone misread his handwriting and he got freaked off and nothing it's the rot collar and he sends it off to the printers and the the issue goes out but then okay well then if if it was all right then was simply that the whole universe one of the whole universe but something was changed just to simply abate. He's concerned well. Here's the thing this is where it's the argument the reason I mentioned the story is because his reaction to it is really important because if you listen to that and you think him piling up down requesting to the universe that this be rerouted to him created the rerouting it created this event <hes> and it came from some ability that he had but he confides adds that it didn't feel like that he said the odd thing about this incident is that it literally felt like someone else had made kind of a mental offer to me and he said the same same thing about this daas synchronicity coincidence he had you know years ago. He was playing backgammon with his wife and this thought popped into his head of way going to see reoccurring <hes> declining doubles and just popped opt out of nowhere like this feeling in his mind and faranoff he's wife Rolls Two sixes. He Rolls Two sixes his wife Rolls Two fives he rolls double fives and the continued on double fulls. I both roll double full as both roll double threes both roll double twos and he's he's like what the Hell is going on and he loses confidence in the prediction that formed in his mind before the loss role and he's like this is crazy. There's no way we're going to get to one and it is he's wife roles and they don't get to once wants because he stopped at by he lost confidence in the prediction that formed in his mind but still he starts calculating the odds of these roles and this is where he gets to one in thirty seven chord drilling of the odds of this happening this this dos combination right yeah and then if you think of that in terms of <hes> this occurring it's occurring once in every seven point four Quadra Leeann seconds this actual combination if you think of in terms of how often this would occur in years is that dos role would occur once every two hundred thirty four million years yeah yeah that's why he's not getting into the insane ALDs of what's going on but then you might think of all the people in the world scholley. This is going to happen like this is just how chance works you know. This is why coincidences exists because there's so many people will that kind of reasoning. She says is incorrect because you don't know if this kind of paranormal happening this bizarre coincidence is not happening with those other seven billion people in the world like you'll just being diagnosed having this experience as well. That's the calculation doesn't necessarily work more hidden experience but he is what he said about the dies. He said if anything the dice was controlled by another agent most probably the one that made the suggestion in my mind the symmetry of the roles it appeared anything but natural he said and it indicates some conscious control but by whom is a mystery. He doesn't think it's from him. He had a same synchronicity when he called a friend to give them their address and they were shocked because I had just had a conversation with someone asking for his address. It's like it's weird telephone telepathy you know we always hear about the telephone telepathy but again. He said it wasn't like the idea to call. This person came from me. He said <hes> it was it was like it came from third party something else all someone else was involved so this is where she saying. I'm not saying that all this poltergeists P._k.. We'd synchronicity is coming from the person who's experiencing. It's not some ability. They're creating it some other. I think this is were at some other entity some other consciousness. That's orchestrating this so that's the idea though of the the superego or the Damon that it's something that sits outside of this reality and this is why when people poss- on it's not because your you possibly some spiritual realm you're just outside of this reality week and see everything clearly well a much finished on this case and with a word from an Stevenson listen you know the real pioneer of researching cases where children remember poss- laws but Stevenson also through his travels through Asia and around the world he researched quite meticulously in very academically <hes> incredible cases of bazaar happenings like one that he mentions was an Indian woman named Haiqa and she had a reputation as someone who would steal food out of other people's houses but she wouldn't do it in a conventional method. Basically Stevenson worked with his Hindu monkeys name with Swami Christian and basically what he wanted they requested that she demonstrated how she stills food because no one can work it out and there was standing outside the hot where she lived and across from her about one hundred meters away with as women preparing <hes> Putin Putin poor is like Indian bread you know the Indian flat bread and I asked Radhika to bring it to them so she starts going on uh-huh and they watch as these two Indian pancakes eleven thirty fake live tight over her the cement wall fly through the air and then slowly live tight down before them and that's how I do it. This bamboozled Stevenson in this Swami like the Swami's like yeah saying this before but Stevenson couple of course yeah and again they like okay. We need you to demonstrate demonstrate this again but this time we want to go inside and we want you to manifest these pancakes. She's all right. She goes inside and again. She's like Monterey Bugaboo Mamata armadillo world. I just had audio audio of Hollywood movie playing. I lost my soundboard. One of the things that happened this week you have to fix that that's at the top of the bitch list of says she's chanting under a breath and the had the door closed but they watch <unk> as underneath the gap between the floor and the door to Indian pancake start shuffling underneath it like some forces pushing them under the door and I come up they live and they land on the table she she had stolen another two para pancakes from the neighbors levitated them over the fence under the door and onto her living room table. What if you want to steal something that doesn't fit through a Dole gap we go through the window? They'll be asleep so finally they like what the Hell is going on. I live bait the bread and she's odd Laudi and the bread starts levitating in front of them. What the Hell's going on and I thought okay we're finally going to catch her out? They ask Rodica to fill a vessel in front of them with milk and they they knew to do this because across the road from them there was an actual those a guy with a cow who is milking the cow and he had this Pale and he was nearly full ride had been milking looking this cow and they're sitting in her living room and riddick thoughts going to body and the jog in her room in front of Stevenson and this Swami starts filling with milk from the Baltimore Ah here from across the world what is happening where Mary meal goose daily my milk latest guys getting really shitty. He's getting really pissed off because he's milk is just disappearing from his full bio so the reason I'm mentioning the silly story. L. backed up by eye witnesses is that rebekah admitted that she doesn't do this herself. MUTTERING is a command to a spirit to go going retrieve what she wants. <hes> she's not using Assam kanasas. It's not her doing it. It's her giving a kind of command to this being so the reason this is important is Stevenson undestood undestood the contrast between these cases and he used this case as an illustration that data needs to be collected on these cases because you'll start to see differences emerging between these two broad categories this cases in which human beings seem to be psychically responsible and this cases in which some other entity whether it's a pastathon loved one whether it's a discount entity whether it's something else seems to be responsible this is brought distinction and he said the contrast between them is kind of like the Eh movement caused by Tornado versus the movement caused by the pneumatic tube system. That was his example. It's like one is built and created a has intention behind it the other is this thing of chaos so the tornado is like people that have the soccer connecticut ability that they don't understand. They don't even doing it unconsciously. Yes Yep have no control. The pneumatic tube is where it's something designed signed very carefully like the Qu- instances in synchronicity paps performed by your aunt making you see that Jim Kerr and giving you that message in the old book yeah. It's just it's surreal is the only way to describe it but it's also <hes> got into it too much and it really could simply be coincidence but at the same time I think you have to it's comes onto a little bit fight as well. You're going to have to go. You know what you just accept it for what it is and you go okay. This is a little today this acknowledgement and this is great but that's the end of part hot one arm route three poetry or I'm not gonNA. I'M NOT GONNA do that too because I want you to discover yourself. The the book is just phenomenal and she starts going into <hes> philosophical understandings but even more examples more incredible stories in the second half. She starts talking about this idea that there's some kind of natural law to the universe that brings aligning events together like light causes like you know if you have metronome Cz yes vibrations caused them to fall into resonance. Isn't this something about that which is universal that pools similar events in thoughts and happenings together once. Did she discuss anything about <hes> familial memories all those what's concept everything you can imagine that could be related to this. There's a chapter on it. Okay it's massive because I'm going to be going to that and the positive session coming up just after this break where we're going to be looking at how familial memories mud actually play a role in the triggering of time dislocation event so so very sorry we also have a crazy story a couple of crazy stories of what could be considered to be a time dislocation but it's actually called a time overlay so just the mind will start boggling with what that is but essentially it's like a time slip but you're also in the same reality at the same time so very very odd stuff which would go into in the plus decision coming up right after this really looking forward to it considering that you're passed on aren't used of that book to deliver a message to you so clearly uses book because I was scrambling. This is the problem right so what I've had to do is that she'll reference a story and the story will be just one paragraph FI freaking story. That's that was kind of the same with some of these stories because she's got so many on the source. That's okay we can do that again. There's also conclusion so that's interesting concepts <hes> but the conclusion bicycle Yukata have to work at yourself which Aaron cracks the case willing up after the break as I will point you in the direction of the conclusion that if you want to follow that great if dot nor prominent that's coming up mysterious universe plus. If you WANNA sign up the plus head to a serious universal hold forward slash plus all the details of as the membership for the show it gets you the huge extensions we do every single week and you get an entirely exclusive show on Tuesday as well as two concurrent running seasons of mysterious universe. There's a free version with extensions and there's the exclusive plosser comes out on Tuesdays. He get access to all of that. If you sign up plus and and you also get discounts on PA get a discount of Digital Proxima stole. There's a code on your dashboard. You also get a high bit raid M._p.. Three version of the show so you're getting a high quality version of our recordings brand new sexy studio and you'll also so getting a totally ad free version of the show. If you're plus you get the features of our APPs unlocked as well check it out the series universal old Ford Slash plus helps support favorite show. That's a rat for this free edition of M._U.. Thanks for listening for the plus members. We'll see after the break.

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The Skeptics Guide #734 - Aug 3 2019

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe

1:35:16 hr | 1 year ago

The Skeptics Guide #734 - Aug 3 2019

"<music> you're listening to the skeptics guide to the universe your escape to reality hello and welcome to the skeptics guide to the universe. Today is Wednesday July thirty first twenty nineteen and this is your host Steven Novella joining me this week or Bob Novella everybody Rod Cara Santa Maria Howdy Jay Novella. Hey guys and Evan Bernstein good evening folks so you guys surviving the heat well much of a choice choice. I I feel bad for our friends. In Europe who are sweltering some serious records left and right in Europe Alaska Alaska to is apparently breaking all kinds of records. Well get used to it yeah right. I mean here we go. I mean how how quickly could we see a change in temperatures temperatures like meaning. Could they go down even if that would they ever go down in our lifetime if we if we mobilize globally to counteract global warming our lifetimes times now I mean we'd have to start sequestering more than we're putting in of C._o.. Two even then well you're right if we could actually pull it out but if we stopped all all emissions today I don't think we'd see any major dipping or detectable dipping for quite some time right. I mean I've heard I've read that many times. I mean there's always gonNA be range. Short depending on lots of variables is also a range of the climate sensitivity which we is still fairly broad probably around three degrees C per doubling of pre industrial levels but intended convenient from one to six or something like that the the two standard standard deviations from the probable amount is still pretty significant <hes>. Do you guys think that the the climate is going to be a huge part of the election in the United United States coming up now huge part. I wanted to wish no. I don't think it will usually not usually not it'll be part. You know there's so much what's going on. It's hard to sit at some. They're going to be the major part of a big part. Well let me think that would be a more of a debate to happen in the general election. There isn't much of a debate to happen on the Democratic critics agree right all the great. I agree to grant it's hot checkout. The ninety five degrees Fahrenheit here in Connecticut the other day hit ninety five gets very quickly. We have a lot of humidity so you really feel it carrier from Dallas Alice and I lived in Dallas for a year of my life in one thousand nine hundred eighty. Perhaps you remember while you were young but I was not born is a okay. That's all this old man. Here lived in Texas in nineteen eighty and there were I think about sixty consecutive days of hundred degrees plus plus sixty sixty days in a one hundred thirteen that was up until that time in my life definitely the hottest I had ever experienced. That's like Phoenix next level like I do know growing up as one in eighty three so it's very soon after that and I feel like there was at least two maybe even three summers where it was consecutively over one hundred for at least thirty days and that was like Oh great and then St and then Stephen Maybe Jane Bob you remember member in. I think it was two thousand fourteen at in Las Vegas that was the year we visited the Grand Canyon and as we were flying into Las Vegas there were fires occurring in the hills and the you know the mountains overlooking Las Vegas if you remember that Hayes as we flew in we sort of came in through this orange cloud out of smoke and haze and those temperatures were about one hundred fourteen one hundred fifteen degrees that week so that was officially the hottest. I've ever experienced okay okay. Let's get started with the show carry you haven't done what's the world carry you haven't done it. What's a word in a long time I haven't and so we just actually got an email today? From <hes> robin pain who was asking about the episode Steve where you were talking about lactic acid lactate metabolism and the word buffering was thrown around a bit and so he's actually asking about how a buffer works in Chemistry and we'll touch base on that a little bit but I thought maybe we can open it up to the word buffer across the board so maybe if we start with the etymology so apparently the word buffer comes from the old French. I'm totally pronouncing it wrong bouffe. That's probably which means a blow a slap or punch and that's actually Oh. This is kind of cool. It actually seems seems to be the root of the word buffet but only one of them face different answered it has two different <hes> <hes> because or it might be pronounced to buffet to strike with the PFISTER. That's what it is but it's the same frequent word a buffet of course this is a credential cyborg okay anyway but yes in the other sense. It is the same route so it actually has a kind of colloquial local meaning that was derived from the more I guess we could say concrete meaning which was in the mid sixteenth century which is to make a Dole sound when struck so evan that may be an Onomatopoeia. What do you believe that is correct? I saw it in a Batman episode way back Gwen so so making the dull sound when struck then I guess evolved to become something that absorbs a blow so that was around eighteen thirty five and then eventually that became something that lessened the impact of something which of course is the I shouldn't say of course because probably don't remember chemistry. You might not remember this but is the definition that was used by Steve that our listener wrote in about so in chemistry buffer is a solution that stabilizes the Ph of something so you add a buffer in order to make sure we're at the upper down so like our blood has buffers in it right like sodium bicarbonate is a buffer to make sure that our blood doesn't change range ph too much and so he was asking how that works quick and dirty buffers usually are weak acid weak acids with conjugate bases and so they basically pass protons back and forth to each other and in doing so kind of back and forth back and forth and also because they're not very soluble in water they they tend not to react too strong basis or strong acids so if those things are already in the solution the weak acid and the weak base. If you add a strong acid or strong base the change will be buffered by the buffer because they're just moving this protons back and forth between themselves instead of having to take them or add them to the <hes> to the new solution that you've added but that's not the only definition of the word buffer somebody who buffs is a buffer. Did you know that of course probably ca-car what about when you get buffed from pumping iron sure you might be a buffer that we've heard the computing term or the computing puting definition of buffer right like when something when pictures for trying to watch that video and all you get is a spinning disk. It's buffering yeah so so the <hes> the buffer is actually the noun form of the buffer is actually the the the chunk of memory that was set aside to store the data. There's some there's a lot of definitions that I didn't even even know about an isolating circuit like an amplifier. That's used to minimize the influence of driven circuit sure we know about buffer zones in politics politics that kind of takes that same definition as the colloquial definition right like a buffer zone a demilitarized zone or buffer zone Yep <hes> o a buffer is often used to describe a gap between two things that might be a buffer between them make sense <hes>. There's even a buffer in rail transport so you it's a device. It's added to trains that cushions the impact between the trains. That's the buffer between them. Make Sense A and lastly. I'm seeing a definition in telecom. A routine or storage medium used to compensate for a difference in the rate flow of data at time of occurrence of events when transferring data from one device to another so it's interesting because all of these definitions I think kind of make sense because they all come back to that original original etymology which is actually to absorb a force and in doing that I think we've figuratively translated that to mean two things that aren't bumping into each other or changing because of their interaction between between themselves so it's a buffer between things kind of cool. It's amazing how our brain <hes> seamlessly like we don't detect the confusion of all the different meanings and applications of that word it just another pretty pretty different yeah it's all contacts and and the funny thing is they all come from the same place but because of the literal or I should say the figurative negative changes in the term you're right j like we use it very differently but it's all got like a thread beneath it but the the thing that is remarkable a couple to me is how we're not conscious of the fact that our brain is figuring out which version of the word that it's going to apply to the feeling we get of understanding understanding right like it just happens and and the fact is there is you know Steve with with the speed the way our brain works and the fact that it's happening outside of of our consciousness. It just feels like it's happening automatically all the time but you know how long does it take the brain to to plug something like that out of our you know to to make that a construct that means something four foot one neuroscientist probably put a precise number to it we do there are ways to measure certain processes in the brain. <hes> typically conducting through a circuit in the brain is on the order of magnitude of two hundred three hundred milliseconds. That's what we're talking about for any any basic process like that just to conduct through the system and obviously you can see the more that you know a word right the more that you've read it and you've used it in speech each the more kind of autumn Tissot quote unquote. There's going to be obviously it's a new word. It might become conscious a conscious effort but like you said Jay this is sort of it's sort of it's unconscious processing. It's also it's true that we read words not letters and so the the word is an entity unto onto itself and you don't necessarily notice the details or the similarities because it's just slotted differently in your language like for example. I remember a foreign coronor yeah I I. I think it was a German speaker native sedans to be on a train trying to figure out if he was supposed to get off at Newark or New York Yeah and to me those are different words to him. It was like he could not parse the difference I got I got another one our good buddy that worked for my dad Joe Gomez he would always say to me kitchen chicken. I was just saying it was the same thing and I would say so my version of that in Spanish was cortisone which is hard and K autozone Caillebotte Sonar. What time was it or something you want to hear an off color one so there's the street is a street near where I live so I've been currently they've so for the last twenty years I you see the way the word spelled rights of that word? That's what that word it means to you and then I was giving directions to Jay and I said Yeah it's on Dick Swell Avenue. It's W. E. L. Jay's had he heard it complete complete of course yeah and the and that never the funny thing is that never occurred to me because I I saw God spelled before I ever heard it. That was the word to me Diaz W. E. L. L. it didn't even occur which instantly made that connection because he didn't know. How are we spell because that's the way James J spring bring? The pen is mightier. That's right bummer over ah or what was it <hes> arrested development yes he. He was a now repressed. Remember miss an analyst type. You'd like joined the two words between analysts and therapist and decided to call himself an overcast Ainhoa rapist. Ah Benny Hill one was the sign on an office door the door and instead of saying therapist S. T. reheat wrote the radiologist. Yeah the rapist Yeah Yeah Benny Hill like moves to the over. I just see the representing moves it over zero therapist yeah he's going. He's always going to stay with that and I I saw their picnickers. They were picnicking picnickers ars. God love it all right. Let's move on J yeah yeah. You're going to start with a news item about whether or not <hes> we can see technological civilizations in other solar systems potentially wait. Why aren't I covering this go? It's so different I'll ask you about so how visible Bob is our presence on Earth to aliens. That's a provocative question right Ken we we or should we be detecting light similar to our light on other planets now. I ask this because a recent study has posed this question. In what kinds of signs should we be looking for. We're kind right now. We use radio telescopes to search the night sky to find alien signals possibly so let me ask you is a question. Do you remember when you first thought about the idea of aliens and in the fact that they might be receiving the transmissions that leave earth. You remember the first time you thought thought about that yeah so Wednesday I think I think one of the earliest times for me was when I read the book contact by Carl Carl Sagan and he in that in that book discusses this cool idea that we received this alien signal and they send us back the first signal signal that they ever received from Earth and in the movie it was the nineteen thirty six Berlin Olympics that was broadcast by German television. <hes> that really blew in my mind I was thinking about aliens like that was the first thing they see of humanity was something that we you know. Hitler was behind which you know that was like the big thing in the movie like what is this. Why are we seeing this ridiculous broadcast from Hitler so it turns out though in particular and I wanted to know the answer to this question for a long time that signal from that the Berlin Olympics was not the first signal that was ever sent it wasn't the first signal that humans generated and it wasn't probably the signal or isn't the first signal that aliens were likely to receive from us now the reason why is that signal was incredibly weak and it's very likely it didn't escape the Earth's ionosphere really right so quickly to explain these the sun's ultraviolet light creates a mishmash of ions that we call the ionosphere and it literally reflects radio transmissions back down to earth so only radio transmissions that are lower than fifty megahertz have a chance at that power power level have a chance of punching through the ionosphere and once through of course those transmissions can travel really far because they operate exactly exactly like light? Does you know they're just moving at the speed of light and the unless they hit something just going to keep going now. These signals probably don't have enough power to be easily detected by aliens. It's been compared to dropping a pebble off the coast of California and then having a tiny wave that it made detected in Japan right. That's about about how unlikely it is at Aliens will pick up these incredibly weak signals that may or may not have left the earth right <hes> but of course since then since the nineteen thirties ladies. We've had a lot of signals generated lot more signals more powerful signals that have probably left the earth and you know. I'm sure we're sure we're certain that they've left the earth so on November sixteenth nineteen seventy four a radio astronomer named Frank Drake. You might have recognized that name by the drake equation. He used Air CBO radio telescope and Puerto Rico to send a message message now this radio telescope is that huge one that you typically see on T._v.. In the movies whenever they want to show like a really big really cool looking telescope that's this is the one that they do. It's it's really awesome yeah. It's actually she doesn't move. It's in a big depression in the ground. It doesn't move right little limited but it's very very sensitive huge. The signally set was actually really pretty. Damn strong. It was a thousand kilowatts of power and he sent it to the globular star cluster messier thirteen now. My question is if they clean up that star cluster would they still call it the Messier Thirteen S._e._A.. It's more it's more than twenty thousand light years away and he said some some interesting information like an image of our solar system and an image of the double helix and the numbers one through ten lots of other stuff but that was what he was sending it was basically a hello were here and as of today that signal has traveled forty five light years and it's going to take another nineteen thousand nine hundred and fifty five years. That's how big the universe says that's that's close. That's close as our technology has advanced our radio signals have become much quieter though and this is a cool thing that I thought it was very provocative. We're using fiber cables now. Instead of giant radio towers and you know there's there's something that <hes> that we do that is clearly visible that is outside of radio frequencies in that is light that that's visible late now if you look at photographs taken from the International Space Station you'll know exactly what I'm talking talking about. You'll see these amazing amounts of late coming off of the cities around the world and now we're upgrading to l._e._d.. Lights in that light. You know it's a bright bright light. It's a very very bright intense light and it's also thought to be clearly artificial so if aliens were looking at the earth they would be seeing l._e._d.. CD Light and L._E._d.. Light not occur naturally it occurs it occurs through technology so it has a spectrum that is different that has a signature of technological origin exactly so we're basically saying went. You know technology over here right so I think that's really cool. It's also a little like hey you know. Let's become aware of this. Let's think about this in. Should we be hiding ourselves. Should we be careful with the kind of light the colors and ask that we uh-huh. I say no way to reason two reasons why I'm far away too far away. It's not going to happen in my lifetime second threes it is that any any civilization we would need to be worried about. We wouldn't be able to hide from. Probably you know what I mean. We're hiding from ourselves but we're not going to be able to <unk> hide from an advanced technology that we would need to worry. How do we ever know right yeah? We haven't writer yeah. There's never no never no no. It's one of those just things like if it ever happened then. We'd be like well we should have you know we should've kept the incandescent lightbulb now. There's nothing we could do at the very least what they could do is using some form of spectroscopy they could find out the chemical elements are in our atmosphere and they would know that Oh okay does lots of interesting things here that could only be <unk> produced by carbon carbon based lifeforms so there's gotta be life here. Let's go and have some fun so yeah. There's no hiding that and that's been emitted for billions of years but bob look at what happened. Man Darth vader sent down that Road Chewbacca shot at it it blows itself up next thing you know Dr Failures. They're coming to get the rebels now. We don't want that. We can't have a rebel gap. I have no response to that Darth vader dispatch thousands of probes all right so <music>. I'm agreeing with you. Guys trudge forward. What are we going to do? What would we do? You know how how use L._E._D.. Lights because we might be signalling our presence say alien and that ain't GonNa Happen but it'd let me the more interesting angle is what can we in any way parley anyway used this to detect civilizations on other plan yeah of course yeah we should we should be looking for the same signatures that we create. I think Eliot light is probably pretty. Common technologically advanced or just it doesn't have to necessarily be what we are using exactly as Elliot he just just technological spectra just there might be signatures of technological origin of light and also keep in mind that visible light is a very human definition Asian. Maybe other ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum that other creatures us sure this talk in the past lots of talk about using lasers to as a signalling me too look look alien life by by detecting laser light specifically using measures to to communicate and that's that's very similar to what you're talking and probably probably orders of magnitude more detectable than our feeble l._e._d.. Light Bob that's what they're using to propel their light sales all over right exactly it could be using powerful lasers for for light sail craft than the we detect those very lasers yeah care and they probably early beams lasers. Come on don't look at Basal. GotTa what what Oh Bob Okay totally teasing me. We're GONNA end on Jatta what that's a topic killer so we're going. It was meant to be so this comes up all the time but I think it's a good opportunity to go over some details. Hear a new study published in Jama Purports Torch to show that acupuncture is effective for engine for you know the pain you get in your chest from escape heart ischemia from poor circulation in your heart heart and then once that happens we get tons of emails. People like that just happened a few minutes ago. Hey what do you how could this study be true. What do you think about this and of course acupuncture proponents proponents <unk> hone into screaming it from the rooftops look finally finally latest scrape as proof yeah but as you might predict the study body is not very convincing at all? There are some fatal flaws I will get to Where you have essentially no intervention everyone is always taking their background medication for Angela Rights? You always like if you get injured. You could take the drugs that you are prescribed for them up at. This is their tracking by patient self report. How many episodes of engine did they get over sixteen week period and they found that the true acupuncture group had a significant decrease in the episodes of Angina when compared to all the other groups it sounds sounds impressive acupuncture but at the wrong location the sham acupuncture and the weightless group so yeah so again superfit? That's all you knew about the study okay. That sounds like a legit study so <hes> you know. Why are we nasty? Skeptics don't believe in yeah well this numerous reasons. Let's go over plausibility. First Acupuncture points are real. Thank you all and we know that from one hundred years of looking you know there's no evidence that acupuncture points have any basis in physiology biology anatomy or reality Saudi nothing to show that they that they exist and the history of where acupuncture points are alleged to be is purely pseudoscientific doc it began as an exercise in astrology essentially reflecting the astrological signs onto the body. That's why originally there were three hundred sixty five acupuncture points one for each day of the year under sixty five in order that expanded to thousands of acupuncture points to then a question is yeah. Where's that quarter of an ACURA point? That's exactly then there are many traditions of where the acupuncture points are so the question is this for the study like this where they're claiming correct and so-called incorrect acupuncture points. How did they decide what the correct points were and basically the acupuncturists involved within the study? Just decided by we're going to choose these. These are the correct ones based upon our study and our but there's no evidence like you can't produce a study to show that this these are the correct points. There's no basis in reality for the difference between the correct and incorrect locations. It's just made up. Okay that that aside if we entirely put plausibility aside which you shouldn't but even if you do there's some fatal problems with this study first of all you don't and you don't know this until you re deep into the study and you don't learn this from reading the press releases. This is a study of electro acupuncture which means they're during their doing electrical stimulation at the only totally acupuncture so it just means that they're doing a completely different intervention in the guise of acupuncture not putting into people know nothing our emails but they're electrified me. They are their electric electrifying being the needles acupuncture but then they're sending current through them so okay that can produce a whole host of effects that have nothing to do with acupuncture so they're just muddying the waters so that's a that's a problem whenever you see that but that doesn't explain the difference between the true and the fake acupuncture unless there was something physiologically different about those locations again that had nothing would acupuncture are but it gets worse and we're I'm sort of going from the progressing through the route to the bigger problems as we go through through one problem I had is that there was in this study. There was no significant difference between the fake acupuncture and the weightless group think about that so in pretty much every other acupuncture study. That's where the different says you have the that's an UN blinded comparison right the the people who are getting nothing and the people who are getting something that people who are getting something always report a subjective improvement. That's standard placebo effect right. So why would that difference not be here in this study. It's just it's very very curious it to massive red flag. That's something that's that's a standard assessment that that we always make in clinical trials that you have to see differences where you expect them to be and don't see differences where you don't expect them to be and if there's something off it calls into question questioned the validity of the study so not seeing a difference between the weightless group and the fake acupuncture group is a massive red flack it suggests is to me that this study was not well blinded and that is one of the most common flaws with acupuncture studies chair and there's reason to think I think there's actually two reasons to think that the study was not properly blinded. The first is that it was only single blinded meaning that the subjects were we're not aware whether they were getting correct or incorrect or sham that test so much acupuncturists were so they said the evaluators were not blinded but who cares the evaluators are irrelevant. The endpoint was patient subjective report of their engine a- and the only thing that really matters is the acupuncturists the doing the procedure know if they were in the treatment or the control and they did now we know from previous studies and common sense that the most important factor in subjective improvement from acupuncture is the interaction with the acupuncturist and so it's I suspect that the acupuncturist knowing who was is getting treated who wasn't getting treated completely blinded the subjects and that's why you had to disappear the people who were getting the acupuncture knew they were getting the fake acupuncture and that's why they weren't better than the no treatment wait list further in this study. They didn't assess the blinding. They didn't ask the subjects. Do you think you've got the treatment or the placebo so which is again. It's pretty standard to do that to evaluate how well blinded. This study was so they didn't do that so we have good reason to think it wasn't blinded it. They didn't assess the blinding and the results suggest it was not properly blinded all of that means the results are completely and utterly worthless especially because the outcomes were entirely subjective. They weren't able to correlate it with any objective measure. They didn't look at E._K._G.'s or anything echocardiogram cardiograms it was just subjective symptoms by the patient and you know things like Andrew. There's a huge psychological component to that how much stress you're under etc so that's that's one that's pretty easy to manipulate with placebo effects so that those are in my opinion the real fatal flaws but there's there's some other nuances in here you know they reported a lot of side effects to the study the so it's important to remember that this is not a completely harmless or non invasive intervention they <hes> they said there were reasons for withdraw and acupuncture associated adverse events including bleeding subcutaneous hemorrhage hematoma fainting serious pain and local infection were recorded during the study. Here's another thing the dropout rate was very very small now. In general if you're dropout rate is too high then that is a problem because that could be a source of bias right if more people in one arm or dropping out in another that could be biasing the results but in this case like the compliance with a six week course of acupuncture and keeping careful records of the engineer was like ninety nine percent so that's actually a little bit too good to be true which again suggests that maybe there's there's some funky manipulation going on here so this is a basically worthless study. It is certainly not study. You can use to claim that acupuncture points are unreal and that acupuncture by definition works but now the big thing is which kind of puts a a ribbon on everything I've said so far is that this study while even though it was published in Jama all of the authors are Chinese and their and their affiliations are with Chinese hospitals acupuncture sure in traditional Chinese medicine hospitals so why is that important because there have been now at least two studies of aware of one in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight with a a follow up in two thousand fourteen so recent enough that show that one hundred percent of acupuncture studies coming out of China are positive uh-huh red flag so yeah. That's impossible really good at doing those studies. That's that that's not just the testicles even for a treatment that works statistically not possible and there there are reasons to there are there are other studies which could explain parts of why that's the that's the case so one study showed that they looked at it studies that were registered with clinical trials Dot Gov traditional Chinese medicine studies half of which were acupuncture studies only eight point seven percent had reported the results. That's that's that's a red flag for publication buys you. What are they doing with all the negative studies? They're clearly not they're clearly not publishing but another another re another review found they looked at acupuncture studies conducted in China and conducted in the West and they found that the ones that were conducted in China had lower methodological rigor they were they were they were not as well controlled they were poor studies and so the mythological quality was lower lower than the international standard so they're poor studies. They have a huge file drawer effect and they only publish positive studies. There's a huge rich cultural and political bias and in China. There's you know not to mention that generally speaking they have orders of magnitude who'd more study withdrawals for improper procedure I mean they have a huge problem with fraud and with improper <unk> scientific technique in that country three combined with the fact that politically they're trying to export their culture through the expert a traditional Chinese medicine and massive political pressure to prove that he salmon acupuncture works and that I think is you know dovetails with all of these specific flaws in this study and may explain plane. Why why would they bother us if they are asked myself in two thousand and nineteen after thousands of acupuncture studies when we've already sorted through all of the weaknesses and and we've managed to do well control the salt all of these problems we've done well controlled acupuncture points that are negative acupuncture studies? Why would you bother doing a a study like this? That won't convince anybody who isn't already convinced because it's terrible well you know the point might just very well beach just produce headlines that say acupuncture works for engine and hope that people don't read the details. Is that why this appeared in Jama. I think that what happens in unfortunately in in journals in academia in the West is that they don't know they're not paying attention and they basically will guess who pure reviews these study they just send them out to acupuncturists punctuates so because they look for subject matter expert yes exactly from subject matter experts especially the Fox. The Fox is watching the Hen House and told Yeah that's a totally internal system right and it's just up to science based medicine and Edzard Ernst and a few others who are like hey wait a minute. This is a horrible study. What are they doing here? You know that sucks right now. Most people are just going to see the headline and even if you read the abstract abstract looks totally Romulus. You know you have to go into the details of the study and know what you're looking forward to really pick it apart and most that it sounds obvious when you go through everything so yeah it's not blinded properly sure very very frustrating but this is like almost weekly. This was a particularly bad one. The fact I'm only talking about it 'cause it was in Jama and people are emailing me but this is like every every week. There's a Schnauzer shitty acupuncture study at this level. They're just not doing good. Research is the bottom line boo but none of it matters because because we were almost hit by an asteroid last week so yes an asteroid has just missed the earth this time it was a city killer and and as it happens too frequently we found about it only when it was way far too late to do anything about it so annoying. I got so frustrated with this so this happened July twenty fifth. The official announcement happened before it passed by Earth after teams in the U._S.. In Brazil had detected a few days beforehand so so took a little digging but this was a Brazilian and American teams separately discovered the asteroid. I thought they were working together for some reason but <hes> they were doing the separately discovered the asteroid droid but neither group was aware of how close it would get until probably hours before it did so they spotted it and didn't know enough about it to say hey. This is going to get really really close really soon until it was just hours away from that that that perihelion I guess you would call it thoroughly Barbara perihelion closest to the sun which is not when it's closest to the earth so what what do you call it. The closest approach in general then could perihelion peculiar got helius right. You're you're right. Lybian astroid is called Frankie Horiuchi. I think it's heresy <unk> Abajian parody. Oh Gee I knew that to gut dim it but that but that may refer to something that's in orbit around the Earth so the the asteroid is called Frankie and joke times now. Actually it's called asteroid twenty nine thousand nine okay. We're okay thanks fifty seven to one hundred and thirty meters wide pick a number in between there. Apparently some people compared to a huge boulder. I don't know if that's one hundred and thirty meters wide at a huge boulder doesn't quite cover it say nagging at least so it managed to get within within just seventy three thousand kilometers or forty five thousand miles to our planet close to our planet without anybody noticing. That's less than one one fifth of the distance to the moon one fifth within the orbit of the Moon you'll close. It's kind of a bullet grades kind of situation and this bad boy was traveling at fifty four four thousand miles per hour. That's fifteen miles per second. That is a lot of kinetic energy so they're calling it. A city killer this. This kind of size would basically take out a decent size city professor Alan Duffy scientists at the institute over Stralia said it I know Ellen <music> Hi al and he might be listening to the show. Yes skeptics cares skeptic scientists friend Allan said would have hit with over thirty times the energy of the atomic mkx blast at Hiroshima so little <hes> calculations for easy calculations. That's thirty times sixteen kilotons. That's four hundred eighty kilotonnes or basically a half a Megaton five hundred thousand tonnes of T._N._T.. So that would have been a big wack so I I went to the of course when we have similar stories. It's like this of course I go to Mike Kinetic energy calculator and put in some of the numbers here so it a forty five degree impact <hes> there were saying that let's see it would break up an altitude would've fifty nine thousand seven hundred meters one hundred ninety six thousand feet the projectile would reach the ground in a broken condition. The massive projectile strikes the surface would strike the surface at a philosophy four point. Oh seven miles per second still a hell of a lot of kinetic energy and they're they calculated five point eight megatons leggit tons so that's quite different from what our Buddy Allen was saying at a half megaton up but it depends on a lot of variables that that I probably didn't take into account <hes>. I said that I assumed that it was a a dense rocky asteroid. It could have been more less dense more of a conglomeration of loose rocks <hes> it. I also said that it you know it hit the ground. Maybe I don't know what his calculations were but still we're talking about a lot of damage takeout city. Many thousands thousands of people probably dying the next question. You should be asking yourselves is why the hell did we miss it and there's a few reasons. This is kind of like one of those asteroids Roy de kind of like man. This would have been hard to see on a good day. It's it's very small size right. This is small so that means. It's a lot dimmer. You're mainly seeing these from reflected light so there really wouldn't be a lot of reflected light until it was very close. The orbit was unusual is described as elliptical all that takes a pet from past Mars to within the orbit of Venus so that means that it would spend very little time near Earth when it would be visible and it was going fast fifty four thousand miles an hour. Some people were saying that it was it came from the direction of the Sun would blind the astronomers and we've seen that before although I looked at a at a video of its orbit a bit and it wasn't coming from the direction of the sun so I know what they're talking about but he put that all together it was very difficult to detect currently if you look at how we currently you try to detect these things they're mainly. They're primarily or probably all telescopes on Earth a Congress mandated by that by twenty twenty NASA needs to find ninety percent of the largest words could hit earth <hes>. I think we've mentioned that on the show before but ness is probably not going to meet that goal so far they've found about ninety percent percent of all near Earth asteroids that are about half a mile in size or greater so they're doing kind of okay in that regard but that they found less than half of the estimated twenty-five thousand near Earth objects thought to be four hundred fifty nine feet in size or greater so these are the city killers and worse so they've already found half of those that they think they should have been able to find so a space based telescope would be a lot better and fortunately NASA is actually planning to launch the near Earth Object Cameron Twenty Twenty one couple years years away and <hes> that will that will have an infrared telescope designed. It's designed to spot asteroids so hopefully that will get up to sweet and we'll make a big difference. It's a but I suspect that it will it will help but not as much as as I would like to have something I would like to definitely get these numbers well into the ninetieth percentile of detection although like I said it's really hard for these small guys but we gotta keep looking and looking harder and harder because I mean we could wake up on mornings like Oh boy we just lost a city and and hope that other countries don't think it's a nuke and respond accordingly after an asteroid strike. That's that's a scary misinterpretation that I worry about uh so i. I really don't know what it's GonNa. Take for us to to take this seriously as I think we should be taking this. We've got so many existential risks. Gamma-ray bursts nearby. I supernova alien attacks that are trying to read are l._e._d.. Lights and those are there's nothing we can do about those. There's nothing we are not going to be able will do anything about that until we get so advanced. I can't even describe it. It's so complex but in the very near future never we're going to be able to deal with that but we can do something about about these the bottom line we need to detect them as early as possible so that we can. We can do something about it imagine if we detect an asteroid. That's that's much bigger. That's GonNa whack the earth in six months three months a year even five years and we're like an all of our scientists say you know if we only detected this earlier. There's nothing we can do you about it but if we knew a few years earlier we could have dealt with this but now we can't and we're just going to have to wait and play cards and do other crazy shit shit while we wait for the end when knowing that we could have done something about if we just detected earlier yeah that's twenty five thousand estimated objects of of roughly the size or out there there or or Greater Warren for greater and yet so bob the only termite could find as close approach really. I couldn't find it more technical term that would refer for to that so if there's any astronomy buffs out there who could you know of a more personal turn off close approach of an asteroid to the earth lettuce now Okeydokey Evans. Tell me about this guy who claims he could make arraign make it rain yeah. He's one of these Shamans who shakes his stick at the sky and before you know it it's a deluge. That's probably just as effective as what he's well. This particular item comes to US courtesy of one of our listeners. A new listener in fact from Australia's alias name is Caleb Miller. Thank you kill for sending this along. I'll read part of his email that he sent to us. Hey there I've been listening to the PODCAST for a few months now slowly making my way through you're older content so I'm not sure if this guy has been mentioned before we have a local rainmaker named Peter Stevens claiming his atmospheric Eric Ionisation research machine can bring the area some much needed rain I come from a town in Regional New South Wales and the areas being impacted by a quite a persistent drought H- isn't taking any money from people as direct payments but he's asking for money to come to town because it's expensive to move the machine around wound and he blew and Kayla believes that he's preying on people's desperate nature and he has a problem with that and wanted to know what our thoughts were about this well thank you Caleb. percenting are sending the email in this intrigues me I had never heard of Peter Stevens or his atmospheric ionisation research machine before I actually reached reached out to our friends in Australia The Australian skeptics and Richard Saunders to see if he had ever heard of Peter Stevens in this particular machine and he had not so the Australian Australian skeptics have not tackled this particular person so I did some other poking around there are lots of online news articles about Stevens and his machine ready for this. I'll give you the bullet points. The machine magnifies the sunrays with a series of mirrors. There's also an infrared source of heat as well as a series of magnets signet's with the Secret Science Secret Science folks the secret science being that the magnets are somehow paired north to north in a complete leap disregard for physics as we know it the light and heat is then directed back into the sky where it gives an intense warm section of air that charges particles in the atmosphere here and causes clouds to form generally within twenty four hours and then it will rain. Did you catch all that and that that's there you. It can't be any clearer than that. Here are some quotes from Mr Stevens. I have made it rain all over Australia and in California and the Arizona desert I caused eight it inches where they only get two and a half inches annually. If I said it up out there for seven days I could cause quite a lot of rain over for the state but I wouldn't do that. The ground is dry and not ready for all this rain at once the best would be to cause an inch or two and then do follow ups over the next three months probably at his fee to come back every couple months causing a rain event is an amazing and quite a wonderful sight to see. I don't do it for the money I do. It for the result can benefit the whole country. Here's a couple other things I won't divulge the secrets because no one will believe it and people just can't cope when you you go against physics but it does work. I've been doing it for thirty years and have never failed. I always get a rain event. I claim a one one hundred percent success rate yeah. What would it be say yes? Acupuncture guy was raining and the Arizona Zona Desert Panther purview so anchorman. It works Time or something now all the articles I read about this guy. The best headline was this one man believes machine caused rain that amount of God all right so there's a there's a kernel of not craziness this here. Let me just go look and see. Is there any way this guy's device can work. I mean I think the short answer is no but I mean here's the only threat I could pull editors. There are other companies working on technology that essentially uses an end. I an ionizer in order to seed the the clouds so cloud seeding works right cloud seedings a thing yes thing if you take a cloud that has moisture in it and you see needed with dust particles or something that attracts the the water forms the nucleus sites and that could precipitate rain right so the idea here is that instead of seeing the cloud you use ionizers in wrestling. I know we're not talking about this one little mirror this guy has I'm talking about a dozen of these big towers ionizers on top of them then that the ions get released into the atmosphere they attract the dust right and then that becomes a manner of seeding the clouds right so this is this even that that method which at least sounds superficially plausible possible experts say it's garbage right here is a quote from Joseph Golden a former senior meteorologist at the forecast system slap of the National Weather Service. He said that's garbage. That's absolute garbage. I don't believe that for a nanosecond. You aren't going to get anything out of clear skies. I don't want to sound like Tom Cruise here but show me the data or data depending on your preference love it and when you have secret technology such yeah this in which you refuse to reveal exactly what is going on with your machine. It's Kinda hard to have any reliable data to go with because who the hell can replicate. This is if you don't share it with anybody so this guy's been doing this for thirty years. You haven't been able to prove that you're device works one hundred percent of the time to the scientific community and thirty years doing something wrong long. I don't tell don't go screaming conspiracy. You're just not convincing probably because it doesn't work the other thing. Is this the company that was doing the ionizer thing say it works. If you have thirty percent humidity in the clouds well yeah that's because it's about to rain anyway if you if you have rain clouds I could make rain good for you but you can't make it rain with clear skies thing and you're not going to really the coach alter the precipitation patterns here. You'RE NOT GONNA make it rain in the desert. You know those those there is no what what did froze. Don't you say there is no water in this air. You can't make grain from nothing you know the desert desert because there's no water in the clouds passing over them. They've already dumped all the water because of the terrain so that's not gonNa work so you may be able to influence the rain to some extent like if you WanNa make clouds drop their rain a little early early so that you don't have rain later on or maybe shift the precipitation a little bit you could do that with the cloud seeding but you're not going to be able to bring rain seen anywhere you want. Whenever you want it rain in the desert? That's just not happening and that's what this meteorologist was saying that this is. That's what's garbage. You're not going to get water out of clear your skies by putting ions in there so the the ionization approaches controversial and probably doesn't work this guy's little machine even if it does work that way way too small to have any effect in his reflecting the heat back into the sky whatever is just telling the nonsense and the magnets magnets forget it you could force was to north ends of a magnet together force. You know it's yeah explain magnets work. That's a miracle right. Yeah that's right. It's impossible to know Alad. Typical crank did something he would magnet now. I'm GonNa make make it rain at says. The typical crank crank is exactly the correct term. Yes I looked up a few other the videos about Peter Stevens to see what else see if there was a demonstration to see if he goes into the technology at all well not exactly but he does come up with a couple of other things he has some family relatives who apparently in the business with him and among them. I believe I don't know if it's a son or a brother couldn't tell a dow Zor Sir divining rods and of course looking for water so so the Dow's in community apparently share some company in there and then there's another video in which he traveled to Coral Castle in Florida to talk about the strange and unexplained happenings in and around coral for castle to very magical place. Don't you know in which long story short this fellow back in the early part of the twentieth century used magic technology analogy of some sort unknown to lift very large rocks into places to create buildings structures and other sorts of things in which you know the things are so heavy the technology of the time would have made it impossible for him to do it any other way unless it was some sort of magic but leverage exactly exactly right a fulcrum and lever but other than that it's pure magic so this is the kind of world view I would say that Mr Stevens encompasses as well but Cara yes there is a conspiracy to spread lime disease that on the Internet. Oh you have internet it must be true but not according to Sam Telford wrote a really great piece in the conversation. He's a professor of infectious disease. He's in global health at Tufts. He's an epidemiologist. He even teaches a course to graduate students on biodefense which is a big part of this conspiracy spiracy here so don't trust him just because he says that the government did not secretly weaponize and militarize his lime disease and then spread it around. Don't just trust him because of all of his qualifications he actually went through in this article and made like a point by point rebuttal of this conspiracy so I guess I knew that this was a conspiracy because somebody reached out and I don't. I don't want to throw her publisher under the bus but but apparently there is a book right now that's kind of popular all about lyme disease and there's a whole section entertaining the idea in it that lyme disease is a government conspiracy not that it's not real but that lyme disease is real Aliens Aliens Guy. I'm not saying there's Aliens Alien Lime Disease Israel and this is not a conversation about chronic lyme which we've had on the show so at other times right. That's not what we're talking about today. We're talking about actual light line. Real real live getting bit by Dear Tek. That's carrying this bacteria coming down with lime disease the conspiracy apparently that's played out in this book but that's also got a lot of traction on the Internet right. Now I mean have you guys heard this conspiracy like what are you have. You heard anything about it. I have heard that before but also in the context of a lot of other things as well but yes Gotcha H._i._V.'s another one any of that it was created by the C._I._A.. Or whatever well so I think apparently the reason that this is a big deal right now is because there are a bunch of headlines. A lot of people are talking about it and the House House has actually been has actually ordered the Pentagon to come clean as to whether or not it weaponized ticks and release them to infect people with lyme disease as a biological weapon so even our Congress is kind of caught up in this frustrating but let's talk about why this isn't true and actually maybe we'll talk about the main main kind of argument behind this conspiracy and that is that the military's plum island research lab which is a on long island sound is actually next to the place where American line was identified and so a lot of people think that because it was right next to a military laboratory on long island because we often associate American lime disease with Long Island there is a government conspiracy to weaponize these ticks and they were released first and then people started to get sick and then the government said Oh. We can't let people know this. Let's cover it up now. This researcher points out a lot of inconsistencies with this conspiracy spiracy namely the time line I think that's probably the strongest argument that he makes so lime was actually discovered by a researcher hurt named Willy Bergdorf for that's why the bacterium that is transmitted is called Borelli a- Bergdorf Farai or Burger fairy probably more fun Bergdorf free. It's transmitted of course there. Dear Tech's this researcher in the forties recognize something called tick-borne that he was calling tick borne relapsing fever couldn't figure out what it was eventually was a big researcher in the world of Rocky Mountain spotted fever which is also tick-borne disease when they finally started to look for the bacteria that caused rocky mountain spotted fever within the blood of the ticks. They realized that that bacteria wasn't there but there were Spira keats within within those ticks and ultimately they were able to identify hi those spiral bacteria that was ultimately named for him and that was the cause of lyme disease so that paper came out in one thousand nine hundred eighty two but the research leading leading up to that started in the forties the first identification of lyme disease in old lyme lyme Connecticut within the seventies so that doesn't really add up but also weirdly actually before that there was a case of lyme disease that was identified in spooner Wisconsin so even though it has its name for old lyme Connecticut spooner Wisconsin a year before in nineteen sixty nine lime. I'm disease was identified and within that same decade there was lime disease identified in northern California so here's something that's kind of interesting. All three of those types of Lime are genetically distinct meaning that they didn't come from the same source. They evolved independently of one another so right there this bacterial L. agent couldn't have been created in the lab. We know that maybe some people might still WANNA claim that one type is the weaponized type but there's no strength to the old-line version and it doesn't fit the timeline we also apparently the researcher who wrote this article. His lab has actually identified old ticks that were in storage he was able to look through these old ticks to figure out whether or not they were infected because we didn't know what lime was back then and they found ticks from nineteen forty five on the south fork of Long Island that were infected and takes from Cape Cod actually sorry mice from Cape Cod that from eighteen ninety six that were infected okay so we know lime is old. We know that lime occurs naturally we know that even though Plum Island and was right next to the place where lime disease was often identified in Long Island. We know that the timeline doesn't add up we also so no that lime has independently evolved in multiple parts of the Country Connecticut New Jersey California. These types of lime are not genetically related to one another also another thing for the time line. Apparently Plum Island was switched over in nineteen fifty eighty four from being a government research facility where they did do tick research into a an exotic animal disease facility facility where they did not do that kind of research anymore also President Nixon outlawed by a warfare research in nineteen sixty nine but I don't think that argument is going to calm any conspiracy thinkers down because they might just say that was a public banning. I think the reason that the government conspiracy tends to persist a because hello conspiracy theories is but b because it is probably likely that Bergdorf `red did get government grants to study tick borne illness bliss but that's because take borne illness makes a lot of people sick and it's not uncommon to get government funding for public health research so I think that there's a a lot of crossover there as well and probably a lot of people are kind of afraid of that now he does comment in his article that Bergdorf or alluded you too biowarfare or biodefense programs in interviews towards the end of his life. He didn't say anything about top secret work. He apparently it was a really sarcastic. Our cast it guy and also he was a pretty elderly when he made that kind of commentary or that Innuendo and it seems to be that that also adds fans some of the flames of conspiracy theorists but as far as researchers who actually work online researchers have spoken to people who worked online back in the day and researchers who look at ancient sources of lime or at least. Maybe I should say older sources of live there. There is no good evidence and actually very good evidence to the contrary of the fact that lie is a government conspiracy so I would not be worried. If I were you. I would just focus on maybe good prevention good treatment. Don't think that your government is trying to make you sick and instead. Just be careful careful when you're out in the woods. Make sure that you check for ticks all right J.. WHO's that noisy time so last week? I played this noisy <music>. I'M GONNA go out on a limited. It's not an animal okay. What Steve That's of all the guesses I've ever gotten? That's probably the best guess that is I can guarantee you that that is not an animal unless there's a liar bird could be a liar firebird okay so listener named Ben Thompson Road and he said I think this week's noisy is a calibration signal for communicating with an oldish space probe like interplanetary -tary dial up. I love the show. Keep it up so then that is not correct but that is a really cool guess yeah calibration signal does make sense absolutely I bet you we can find a calibration signal. That sounds exactly like that. Another listener named Michael Carroll wrote in and said Hey skeptics annoys from episode. Seven three three sounds like a Simon says game longtime listener on the recommendation of a former client love the show and thank you for the discount codes. My daughter seven years old loves he week. Oh sets very cool cool. Nice Simon says Simon says P P P P you're wrong sorry Michael although man that is basically the same sounds that Simon says makes it is I mean I've played the game many times so it's similar but yeah exactly right so the sad bad news is that there was no winner. Nobody stoked everyone yeah. Now I think and I didn't get lots of guesses this week I think because it really could be so many things that people were like. I'll never get it right could be so many different things and it's also the summer but you know it is fun when you guys send me in these guesses even if they're wrong because the thing that illustrates which is one of the reasons why I love who's that noisy is just how constructed our memories of things like you know you you hear Simon says somebody else. Here's something else you know. You can have like so many different. Things can actually sound like a sound that you hear in your brain needs something to relate it to so anyway. I just find like you know like I've said this before about Bacon. Frying is sounds exactly like the rain. If you think it's the rain <hes> there's so so much of that going on in in this segment so keep sending me even your bad guesses because you know what you might get it right so a listener named Ben nolting originally originally sent that in and Ben wrote Mitchell Finebaum F. E. G. E. N. B. A. U. N. right. Is that how you pronounce that name Find Bonchamps Benjamin Feigenbaum a pioneer in chaos theory passed away on June thirtieth he was responsible for discovering some deep and remarkable patterns and how period doubling rolling by converged chaos he made these discoveries by studying by vacations of the logistic map. Wow and nobody got that yes so he sent a file that is a sonnet vacation of these bifurcation 's awhile ago and he thought that he'd send it again and I think it was a very interesting sound and this was a hard one and that's probably the main reason why I didn't get that many guesses but I I really enjoyed the sound so Ben. Thank you thank to all thank you all to those who guest. We have a new noisy this week. Ian Wenski sent in the following growing noisy. I love this noisy. This noisy is not only fun when you find out what it is but the fact that it sounds like somebody is screaming in there is so it's it's really provocative. Is something cool about it. If you think you know what this week's noisy is or or by gum if you've heard a cool noisy that I use the phrase by guide gum you did that was from all your darn tune. ooh You pull at my Pico second before said it Goddamn. Dag medifast pulled that quote from blazing blazing saddles though so it's funny I thought the same thing so anyway if you've heard of good noisy you gotTa send it to me because look it. I play one on one you have to do you have two guys choice note and before I end this segment which means before I had the microphone back to Steve. We have a few quick announcements so one go to s g you dragon con two thousand nineteen all one word S. G.. You Dragon Con Two Thousand Nineteen Dot Event Bright Dot com if you would like to come to our private show at dragon con in that show is happening in a month yeah. They're always a blast and they always sell out by the way Oh it's Saturday night at Dragon Con Eight P._M.. It's in <hes> Hotel of the Americas it which is the same hotel we did it last year accepted of the bigger room or in the mercury are- room mercury mercury mercury right there you are in. It's going to be really cool. There's GONNA be water. It's GonNa be great so she got to come to that. Another very important announcement so the New Zealand Skeptics Antics Conference Two Thousand Nineteen the conference is going to be in Christchurch on the twenty ninth of November to the first of December so that's Friday Saturday and Sunday we will be having an S.. S G you private show on that Friday which I will be creating an event bright for pretty soon hopefully within a week or so up. I'll be putting that up. We'll let you know on the show and we will be there the entire S._G._I.. Crew will be there. <hes> Susan Gerbert will be there and lots and lots of other speakers local not local you in the South Island. We went to the North Island before this is our first time on the South Island. We're going to be there the week before the conference <hes> just trying to get our sea legs. Being a sixteen hour time difference. I tell my wife and I went to Greece for honeymoon and when we got there we slept for a day and a half yeah. Yeah are Shh Oh my God all right well go to conference dot skeptics Knicks Dot N. Z.. And that skeptics with a see it is not too late if you've never been to the South Island and you just WanNa go on an awesome go to an awesome some conference or two because of course there's also one in Melbourne the next weekend Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne. I liked it. I'm looking at Man Yeah you could you could fly out to that part of the world and go to amazing conferences within the same week because they they're weakened the weekend and we will have over this so please. He's come and join us. It's going to be an amazing time that is conference. Dot Skeptics Dot N. Z.. I will be back here probably next week or the week after that with more updates on speakers and fund details <hes> and if you got anybody has any great suggestions on what we should do when we're in the South Island. Let us know we're also going to be of course you know hanging out with does some of the conference organizers and friends and all that stuff there too so give us your suggestions now just to help us figure out what to do. I understand that <hes> Lord Lord of the Rings is basically all over the South Island. Oh Gosh lettering everywhere in New Zealand. I would be happy to go back to Hobbiton. Just go there every day for three days in a row but the South Island has other places other Lord of the rings sites that I also the South Island is amazing for other reasons. Oh yeah yeah sure sure other stuff to the Lord of the ring but it's literally one of the most beautiful places on the planet captain's Log Star Date three point one four one five yes g you has been sent to their hop star cluster. We are looking for the source of powerfully Disruptive Anti I intelligence ray from somewhere in this system objective find and shut down the Ray captain. We're now entering the bullshit system aw planet a stupid show coming up on the forward screen now sir the head with impulse engines and Simba Captain Evan raised bloated detectors maximum detectors raise captain captain sensors are picking up a signal from the planet. I believe they're trying to spam us care close L. Channels. I can't captain. They're jamming logic circuits captain our membership drivers failing. We need more members. Were engines are going to monetize Devon. What's going on with those main engines? I'm pushing her as far as he can. Go Captain Without More S._U.. Members we A science based meaning to their quantum network. If we succeed we might be able to change this world fire second torpedoes. Oh please help our main engines communist you member join US defeating ignorance in our solar system and beyond <music>. We have an interesting name that logical fallacy. This week actually wrote a whole blog post about this because there was an editorial published in the journal Psychology today that <hes> <music> says that the skeptics are wrong. Joe Always gets my up six years up so come on people sent this to me so this article who says that we skeptics wrong when we talk about the law of truly large numbers right got this has to do with coincidences residences when things seem to be an amazing coincidence like somebody winning the lottery twice or you think of a friend you haven't nineteen and twenty years and they call you. Were you pick up the phone because you're about to call somebody there on the other line because they were calling you with the exact same moment on my the phone didn't ring that never happened. That's happened to me I've ever had all the chances are one in twelve trillion that would ever happen but it happens playing any game of chance in a very unusual sequence of dice rolls or cards or whatever happens we would say that well it may seem like a an amazing coincidence that defies the odds with actually calculated the odds things like that should happen all the time and what you're underestimating is the number of potential opportunities opportunities for something that's individually unlikely to happen and also the definition of what constitutes a coincidence is open ended did and so that open ended `Nice plus the fact that it's you're comparing like if you define a coincidence as the alignment of two events well it's every the event with every other event the probabilities magnify exponentially and if you think about all the opportunities for any pattern noticeable pattern of chance alignment of things happening in your life it should happen on a regular basis but what Sharon Hewitt Rolette wrote in psychology today is that that conclusion by skeptics is not correct because we don't know that the apparent coincidences aren't attack happening more frequently than chance DI basically arguing that they're not really coincidences. No she's saying that there's a metaphysical supernatural explanation for these psychology today. It's a pot I mean it's a periodical right. It's a pop yeah. It's not a journal Right. You're right. It's not a period Detroit thing. It depends on the coincidence sure you you don't know how many how often specific types of coincidences happened but there's plenty of times where we would know for example the classic the classic example of law of large numbers Brazil somebody winning like a lot of type thing twice. I mean sure winning at once is insane odds against you but people have won it twice and and like you said Steve It all depends how you look at it because the chance of John Smith winning twice are are many billions or trillions to one but the chances of somebody winning it twice actually actually actually quite quite a quite good and so we would be so we would be seeing things like these extraordinary coincidences happening more and more more like somebody winning twice over and over like lots of people winning twice things that would be we would know and that are not hidden because they're just a public thing that people would find out what about so why why don't we see these coincidences happening that are just way out of what you would expect and that would if it did happen that would support her contention but that could happen that we haven't proven that they're not happening approving a negative I'm done. I'm walking away mic drop. She's essentially actually making an argument from ignorance. We don't know how often these coincidences are occurring so we can't invoke the law truly large numbers but we're saying thing that I will I will say shifting the burden of proof right. It's you're the one who's saying these are magical so you have to prove that they're happening. Greater than chance and Bob is correct correct when when we can calculate it because it's something finite like double lottery winners or sporting events like how many perfect games have there been et etc etc when statisticians do have the data and they can do the calculation it turns out that the observed unlikely events occur exactly exactly as often as you would expect them to occur by chance alone and so there doesn't seem to be any excess alignment or coincidences but when you can't do these these calculations when you're just talking about any questions happening to anybody you know of any kind of any probability. It's too open ended you can't you don't have any any parameters you know to do. Calculations all you could say is that our perception of what is a coincidence is based upon our in numeracy. The are the fact that we are unfamiliar truly large numbers and we underestimate the opportunities for these these things to happen and we underestimate the impact of open ended criteria Syria have to like exponentially increase these probabilities and so that's what the skeptics are saying so she kind of creates Straw man she makes an argument from ignorance and she's all doing this to nurse her believe because she wrote a book about it. You know that Quincy Supernatural so she's defending her your true belief in coincidences. She says she's also a full-service Woo woo peddler so this is a psychologist or is she okay 'cause. She should've taken like a fair amount of statistics if she actually has a p._H._d.. In psychology what's actually she does. She does some calculations like she. She relates an anecdote of somebody told her about this. Is You know game of Parcheesi or whatever backgammon where they rolled like a doubles six times in a row and she calculates the odds of this happening so that was one in three point seven quadrille trillion and therefore if there's an opportunity for that to happen every two seconds than that would happen in one in every three million lifetimes so uh her numbers are made up. You can't but even if you say that that's correct okay so a one in three point seven Quad Julian coincidence should happen one every three million lifetimes that means there's one hundred people in the United States right now that that has happened too right Yep. There's three hundred million people in the U._S.. So so you and you don't think that we're going to hear about it too. Here's another thing she does calculations about how many people this guy knows and what's the probability of me hearing about it as like maybe there's fifty thousand people connected to them but she's she's not considering second and third and fourth generation connections right eighty degrees of separation the bottom line. Is these really amazing things. These stories are going to get out and people are going to hear about them and if you think about it there's seven billion billion people over seven billion people in the world so there's gotta be seven thousand million to one chances out there right there. Those stories are go around and this is also another aspect to this that she's completely ignoring and that is maybe the story isn't true as she's being told Yeah you they that assumes perfect memory and no bias that this person the story did not evolve you know to become more impactful more amazing in the retelling helling course what usually happens yes often for example. I know a lot of people say their dream came true the next day and I've had that experience variance to but I realized that what happens is you have. A vaguely remembered dream and dreams are Mishmash Anyway Sikandar psychedelic trips and then something happens the next day that triggers a memory from your dream but then you just a line the details you know one person your dream could become somebody somebody else to make it. Yeah you make it fit and that's how our brains work we remember the themes and we fudge the details to fit the themes so that's a lot of coincidence. Students stories work that way as well so that enhances the perception that coincidences occur more frequently than they should but even without that even just the math is enough to explain it and her moving the goalposts and what we have to know how many times the coincidences occur. It's like no actually if you're going to claim supernatural magical things actually you have to do that and we've actually already done it when we can and it shows that there is no excess of coincidences so total fail on her end on psychology today she has she does have a doctorate P._H._d.. In philosophy philosophy there there you go. It's still she should definitely know better or a guys. Let's move on to science or fiction. It's time for love science all fiction each week I come up with three five nice news items for facts to real one fake and I challenged. My panelists got six. Tell me which one is the fake. There's a bit of a theme here. <hes> it's a kind of a neuroscience theme cat nurse. I think are you here. We go either number. One A new study finds that children born of older parents have a higher higher risk of aggression anxiety depression I number two scientists find a positive correlation between general knowledge and the efficiency of cortisol networking thing and I never three researchers find that subjects talking to themselves in virtual reality as Sigmund Freud was more effective in improving mood then speaking to a scripted for character. Let me explain that one a little bit that was into a single sentence so the two groups here the two interventions preventions one is two. They're both using virtual reality in one group. The subject is talking to a virtual reality Sigmund Freud who's giving scripted responses to their their sentences in their questions right. You know you like a chat Bot therapist kind of thing. Tell me how you feel in just a scripted answers. Why do you feel that way? In the other the other group the subject would be asked a question as themselves then they would flip their perception so that they were Sigmund Freud and they would answer their own question as Sigmund Freud Weird okay then they would flip back to themselves and then the Sigmund Freud Avatar would feed them back what they just said as Sigmund Freud so they're talking to themselves but they're switching their perspective from themselves to the Avatar Sigmund Freud Democrats. They're doing all the talking yeah. They're doing doing all the talking. They're talking to themselves. Okay Bob. Why don't you go first all right and see when the children born of old appearance have a higher risk aggression anxiety in depression? Yeah I guess that that sounds reasonable does definitely a sweet spot to to have kids at least for a woman to give birth to get pregnant so I guess that kind of makes sense of having a kid in your you know late forties or fifties I kinda accents us. He neuroscientist found a positive correlation between general knowledge and the efficiency of <unk> networking general knowledge. I'm not a minute. Don't know a tremendous amount about this but why would did that. Impact your general knowledge because I could see how efficiency of quarter-on-quarter networking would impact intelligence. I think I've actually read something about that connection but general knowledge the auto psychoanalysis I could see I could actually see that I can actually see that happening for sure sure that makes sense to me so I'm going to say that the the critical networking one is as fiction okay Jay. Okay this new one <hes> <hes> do studies finds a children born to parents of a higher risk of a higher risk of aggression anxiety and depression. My Gut is telling me that this I think actually this one is the fake without even really diving into the other two just because I would think it's the exact opposite I would think that the older parents are more mature her and have there's a big difference between being raised by twenty year old and being raised by a forty year old. You know not to not to insult the general young adults that have children but I just think you know you're more you were definitely more mature and more able to deal with things in rationalized things it's hard having having kids and there could possibly more financially well off in your life. The second one here is the neuroscientists find a positive correlation in between general knowledge and the efficiency of <unk> networking. That's really interesting see this is again when it comes neuro science. I don't know <hes> the third one here researchers find that subjects talking to themselves and virtual reality Sigmund Freud were more effective at improving mood than speaking to a scripted for a character. I would totally agree with that as well because I think when your role playing you're gonNA actually say things to yourself that the scripted one wouldn't say like you're going to actually talk about your problems to yourself so I think the first one about the children born of older parents. I think that one is fake Okay Evan. I think I am going to agree with Jay and he made the points I was thinking about. I was also thinking in regards to this one that older parents probably have fewer children and I'm not sure how that that would necessarily impact but I think that that would bring the number down as opposed to an increase based on the in fact. It's a smaller number so I think that has an impact as well so I'll just stick with that one. I'll tell you that one's the fiction the other two cool okay care tera yeah I was thinking the same thing before Dave and set it like that one. I think because our brains probably hopefully you were hoping that we were going to go to the Oh there's more genetic risk when there's older parents by I think yeah but behaviorally and most of these things aggression earnings -iety depression of course have a genetic component but they have such strong behavioral component that yeah just having older parents. Who are you know more more adept who are more stable who have maybe worked on themselves a bit before they had the children that they would be able to raise kids with less aggression anxiety anxiety and depression? I definitely think there's a positive correlation between general knowledge and efficiency of networking. I thought that was already found. I'm kind of surprised that that the news item and then subjects talking sells virtual reality as Freud. We're more effective improving mood than speaking to a fake yeah. Of course that's like exercising an actual therapeutic therapeutic exchange as opposed to just listening to Bob so yeah I'm GonNa go with Evan and Jay all right cool so you guys are all agree on the third one. We'll start there. Our researchers found that subjects talking to themselves in virtual reality as Sigmund Freud were more effective in improving mood and speaking to a scripted for a character you all all think this one is science in this one is science yeah and you guys. Do you think your intuition tear all correct and mostly really included this one because I like anything to do virtual reality but it is virtual reality for psychology is Great New Paradigm because I know we've we've discussed on the show before when you're wearing virtual reality goggles and you got the sound going and everything your brain is fooled what what's happening in virtual reality is is real to your brain brain accident safe yeah which is K- like spider aversion therapy exactly you could you could use V._R.. For exposure therapy therapy and then doing virtual therapy absolutely why would you physically be in a room at somebody if you didn't have to be I mean. Just you know my point being that it'll just be so much more efficient. You'll have to physically go to a place you know doing end in fact there's a a lot of work being done just with online therapy in general but virtual reality online therapy could just be very cost effective way to do it and what's interesting. I also was interested in this one. Because is anybody here watching the cartoon. Final space. Now is a good the hell no it's pretty good but on the most recent episode that I watched what my daughter's the one of the characters tres was having a conversation with a Hologram of his dead father and then as the camera pulls back you you see that he's typing what his dead father saying so he's having a conversation with himself but he's just making the Avatar his father say what he's typing and it was actually believable that that would be therapeutic the way it was presented in the cartoon here. We got a week later. Here's a study showing that right yes in fact having a conversation with yourself but having the other half of the conversation being spoken by an Avatar of either a father figure or professor professional figure whatever actually can be effective. It's very interesting interesting all right. Let's go back to number. One on a new study finds that children born older parents have a higher risk of aggression anxiety and depression Bob. You think this one is Science J. Evident Kerry this one is the fiction what's is interesting about this. One is that there are so many variables here and you can make sense of it either way so and you guys brought up a lot of it is a very well actually so for example you could say well. Older parents are don't have as much energy. They may not be able to invest as much time in raising their kids Ed's younger parents or older you know if you're a child of an older parent that could mean that you have older siblings and so this could be a youngest child child syndrome or it could be genetic. You're older parishes might have you know they may have more genetic mutations that they're passing down on the other on the flip side. I you could say that older parents are more mature as Jay said Jay you also hit upon the fact that they may have more financial resources. So where does all that Shakeout shakeout this one is the fiction so you guys are correct there Bush one factor actor. They've the study said there was one factor that pretty much explains so so yes aggression was lower anxiety and depression were no different so there there was an inverse relationship with aggression and then no no statistically significant relationship innings I._D.. Or depression but the benefit of decreased reese aggression was pretty much explained by what one factor which guys that they had worked on themselves more more money. Is it interesting yeah they weren't there. Were struggling financially. Yeah Yeah Yeah that's true you know. The money is the most common right. Isn't it the most common source of fights among the spouses so probably yeah so you all those things boil down to you have more money that creates a more stable environment. All of this means that scientists find a positive correlation between general knowledge and the efficiency of cortisol networking is is science is also is a very interesting study and <hes> the stilted a fairly large sample three hundred and twenty four healthy individuals. They used a standardized standardized tests of general knowledge and they used M._R._i.. Scanning a particular type of scanning that could estimate sort of the <hes> networking and they use a complicated mathematical algorithm to try to figure out what the efficiency of the networking was and they found a pretty good correlation so bob. You said you know you intelligence. Yes general knowledge. You're not sure how that would work. This is how they explained that they actually do address that Berry question and indeed the neuroscientists speculate that efficiency of networking is actually necessary for general knowledge because general knowledge involves a lot of different pieces of information that you have to pull together and so they gave an example of like knowing what the letters stand for in E. Equals M._C.. Squared Weird requires a lot of individual pieces of information that you have to pull together from different parts of your brain to come up with the end result of like you know e is energy energy right so that's because pieces of information going to be stored throughout the brain but you may have to pull for many different pieces of information in order you too have general knowledge about something that the networking efficiency would be a huge advantage to that that process that makes sense yeah but I don't care anymore yeah so you were thinking along interesting lines but that that was the that's. It's why we do the test right because now we and I know what he's always M._C.. Squared stands for so that's cool good for you. You just found out Ah Funny J. Alright Evan. Give us a quote. I want people

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22.05  MU Podcast

Mysterious Universe

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22.05 MU Podcast

"Tonio great idea into a reality squeeze squarespace makes it easier than ever to launch show passion project will showcasing a work or selling products of any kind with beautiful templates. It's in the ability to customize just about anything you can easily make a beautiful website yourself and if you do get Stuck Square spices twenty seven award winning customer support is that help had disgraced by dot com slash M._U. for free trial and when you're ready to launch us the offer code M._U.. To save ten percent off your first purchase of a Website Automated Uh you mysterious universe see twenty two episode five coming up on the show apollo seventeen in the Luna spies decoding autistic fisted connor glimpse and easy the high functioning angel. I'm Benjamin Grundy joining these our and right twitter at my book. I love the before we go into year. <music> Aaron Aaron said two things to me number one was. I don't even know what boheme doing today and number two was in order to do the show. I need a map of the moon well I do so I actually I need. It's almost as bad as that episode that I remember that plus extension I did about how the Federal Reserve sank the titanic yes madness madness convoluted and I needed a map push pins wools grand conspiracy. It really was well. This is pretty much the same piped in regards to the moon so long story short it was the obviously the fiftieth anniversary of men landing on the moon loss on and we kind Gosto Vert. We didn't really go into it because we literally didn't mention a deal didn't really care even though we should do. I mean look at these big deal. It is a it's a huge deal but but I just didn't come up in the show but I thought you know well. She mentioned it. I mean it was a triumphant time for mankind not just for the Americans to the entire planet I mean yes we have been back since the seventies but it was still a big deal but I wanted to go and have a look at some of the more alternative theories about what happened with the Apollo missions and there's a whole heap of stuff out there about conspiracy theories about what was going on but I found found one particular story one book by Mike Barr now you may know because my father has been a contributor to the ancient Aliens Television Show <hes> many times yeah remember Mike from when he collaborated with Richard Hoagland Faisal Nas was <hes> doc mission. I E yeah yes so that's on my shelf all right God. I can't believe I'm not saying of lettuce but it's on my shelf. I tried reading it. It's a bit dense and not in a bad way. I actually think that <hes> he's a really fascinating author and if you lock looking grainy satellite photos you'll love there and look in the show notes even already. You'll just see how many photographs that I have gone through the he's explained but he's Portuguese this. It's really intriguing theory about the possibility that not many millennia regard but possibly millions of years ago there was a civilization that had somehow how mine down moon or had established bases on our moon for whatever purpose NASA knew about it and covered everything up and there's a lot of photos out there that proved proved that there was some type of cover up. I'M GONNA go into a map of the metro map of the moon so I can map it all. I need a telescope as well actually look at the moon now so I could. Hey what's going on here in the studio. So I forgive you finagled a map of the moon and forgetting what book you doing the problem is I don't even some of the names of these places. I've had to write them down because is the name of some of them earned French. This'll be good. This is going to be terrible. I'm not very good with my friend. I it was a good start to the evening because I came in the studio and powered on Iraq and then that lawsuit about a millisecond and everything and POW down so how condition a blue I had to steal a cable from the printer and one from the kettle just plugging now. Give like we literally have no SPEC shut up zero theory. We literally have no spe cables in the entire house because you know how you always have that drawer at <unk> Home Cisco USB cables and Nicey lead from two thousand to hang onto because you think just one day I'll use that we dumped it. All we'll today was that day is that that cable I know because remember when we will packing up the office and we had this massive boxful of all these old cables. We're never going to need those again. Let's dump and we did. We dumped everything I lost a haul. It's tough there as well <hes> Dr God we needed it to let a problem <hes> and I'm going to go into a bulk that are going to lead from Sharon Hewitt role. It's fantastic tastic <hes> book on coincidences. We've been covering recently. We did a couple of episodes on it and she mentioned this in her bibliography. It's autism and the God connection and I just couldn't resist because we've had so many kind of new agey types especially those who are into the hall <hes> highly go children Indigo children a hybrid alien <hes> children sent to save us from the aliens that hall saying the a lot of them come to this bizarre conclusion that <hes> people with aspect as an autism somehow here to save us at some kind of superpower. Mary Rodwell comes to mind she kind of ends up there and some of her recent works and I just saw this title old his men the God connection by William Stillman and I thought I'll give a shot why no I'm an open minded guy of course <hes> maybe people with autism are I'll goats. Maybe I've been wrong this whole time a baby <hes> the full title is redefining the autistic experience through extraordinary accounts of spiritual giftedness and I'm really glad I went through this. It's full of incredible tiles and stillman himself <hes> suffers from asperger's and he's written a previous book. I think it's called the autism experience and he must go into more detail on his personal johnny but he claims he was at the point of suicide. I thinking these early teen Angel Light Teenage Years and he claims there was a presence with him that it always been with him that at the loss moment where he literally had a razor route ready to go essentially stopped him from committing the date and he fills thankful like his whole life he feels thankful to this kind of anonymous Mus presence. Did it actually physically wrestle it away for him or just know him. It was more of that impression your mind just like that wrestling of thoughts and India it's like it was their guarding him and he really feel strongly that it was an external presence so he's coming at this. Obviously it's called the God connection. He's coming at it from a metaphysical Oh perspective but he has this really interesting personal experience so looking forward to going into this and also hearing about Moon Madness is definitely madness released extension absolute madness but it's it's fascinating because it suggests that this could be why we haven't gone back to the moon that Nassar Jason knows something about what's going on up there. Ultimately NASA wall supposed to be a public agency. It's connected to the Department of Defense and there's being a hall he move details tells us come out that the Department of Defense was conducting experiments and keeping things very hush hush and it's all because of the possibility of what is up there on the moon speaking of you've synchronised cities hold that thought I'm just checking my kindle Aubrey. I swear got something about NASA that came in today. Oh really it's from a former NASA AH scientists who went public about his U._F._O.. Siding and then was basically ostracized from Nasa Oh yeah absolutely it happened <hes> Marian Rodney because he's not and he's got a brand new book out cold into sect <hes> I was thinking of inviting him on the shot actually finally getting an interview in here but when that was set up for them yeah a former NASA astronomer breaks his silence about U._F._O.'s <hes> he says an astronomer has no business believing in your photos but sometimes he has no choice. That's what happened to me. I was an astronomer and planetary scientists Vanessa. I worked Zo Tories and discovered asteroids and on a mission or mission flight teams to Neptune and Venus and much more U._F._O.'s does want my thing but then he describes how he had this incredible citing and it was a recent one of news even twenty seventeen o that reclaims he sold four discs in the sky. <hes> not too many details in the blood of snow of course I just got a copy of this but he claims that when he started to talk about it he was immediately immediately kind of hushed and there's a military response to what he was saying publicly as well and he's allies became ufologists. Look as soon as we go go into it and I start <hes> mentioning some of the cases there's a lot of evidence that NASA has deliberately covered things up including destroying entire archives of Apollo Mission Asian photographs and negatives and just doing anything they can to keep this a secret and keep it under wraps and it's all comes under this idea that humanity is not going to be able to handle it but if any evidence any type of <hes> alien civilization is shown to humankind that we're not going to be able to handle it and financial systems will collapse and I don't think people that stupid we'll we'll have to find you a moon math folding so that we can stop pulling on this thread and then maybe we can get <hes> Marian on the show that the Grad Stott stop following him out and see what happens well. Let's jump into this book from Bill Stillman again autism and the God connection pre-poll title but introduction as I said he suffers from aspect because it's like a lifelong inability to to interpret social conventions that's how he puts it in interactions that have humor and subtleties and Innuendo basically the entire way you know you and I communicate at least <hes> he interpreted and he has a lot of trouble with that so he's interpretation is always literal. Yes all the time he has to train himself to understand the subtleties of communication but you get a sense of just how out there the guy is because he says like my brothers and sisters is with autism. My entire nervous system is intensely sensitive such that my emotions and senses vibrate at a frequency different than most <music> are for instance. I was unusually sensitive as a child extremely emotional he said so he claims that he was listening to to the the lyrics to the song puff the Magic Dragon and it became so much for him he was inconsolable for days the emotion because of just the story of puff the Magic Dragon. I don't even know the story but I'm already feeling sad just thinking about Oh i think he died. Did he think because no puff the magic dragon had a friend who kept coming to visit him here so it was a child with the hall stories about the Child All growing up into an adult but because the dragon lives from so much longer one day he's old friend doesn't come down to the beach and it implies that he's he's pasta so just you explaining that would leave if this guy in tears and he was also raised in the church so wants to he was actually removed from the Pew because at age six he was just uncontrollably taping and what nobody else knew is that he'd been staring at the stained glass window and on the stained glass. We knew it had the crucifixion and of course you know Jesus Christ is in pain and suffering and he felt this incredible empathy and just couldn't control his emotion so that really gives you a sense of how little basic control of his feelings yeah. I'm surprised by that though I don't have much understanding of autism. I didn't think that they actually had that kind of depth of emotion because I thought it this is this is aspects in his case Ron. Yeah I mean this is why saying he just he's emotion is on a different level shows you what a monster I kid that had obviously had aspect and how they walk around with the the headphones on so loud noises started scared but I just really wanted to like a bird home to go up higher. That's that's great. That's great are very <hes> compassionate. Excise all happened science. It's to collect data that is absolutely so in order to do that. You would have to perhaps go around to hundreds of voice and defines and blow what was the foghorn on Larry's say in <hes> in tandem with that kind of extra sure sensitivity what goes with or at least for him what went with it was this sense of deja Vu he always had this odd sense that he had done this before he also claims claims used to see things move out of the corner of his eye he had prophetic dreams like there's one way in the dream heels picking up hundreds of pennies and it was so real and why flack and in in the morning he went out into his front yard and they would just pennies everywhere coins everywhere so he's getting some mm-hmm we pre cognition Ori Manifest that them but he doesn't attempt to <hes> explain it he just points out. This kind of weird stuff happened to me. I also had an ass bogus. August buddy always felt someone watching over 'em especially in times of in tunnel darkness and this was kind of an invoice and as I explained at the start he claims this voice this in a sense of a guardian protected him when he was sixteen from taking his own life but for years bill has been consultant specializing in counseling and I love this time eases counseling teams challenged in undestanding those with different ways of being just sight easy to say people with autism autism different ways of being autism. They just got their artists to say that it's much easier <hes> he started to notice the those who different sprint seem to have an increase perception of spiritual connection. He heard this also from family members whose anecdotes underscored the heightened awareness a night gentleness gentleness and exquisite sensitivity in a number of those with autism that is a capacity to perceive all things seen and unseen now you might might be thinking okay. This is a guy with autism running. A book about how incredible people with autism are how they connected to go. I was just buys going but he you you know he caught backpedals a little bit here and says look. I'm not suggesting that every person with old his possesses multi sensory abilities that will joel silly. I don't know this to be true but he said in my experience they is a magnificent preponderance of people who do shed this common thread so it's just something he's noticed over the years in his work. Look that many of the children and people you work with. They have this X.. Have extrasensory perception so it'd be actually interesting to see because of course the stories we focus on yeah like some kind of exactly what you propose some kind of random foghorn attack. I'll shelter but you're right. The thing is because I'm pretty sure that my nephew's Safa degree of autism and they really do take things initially and they have this problem in differentiating between reality and fiction and so my nephew was convinced constantly after he saw that show zoo that obey was going to break into the window and this is this continued for years. He was convinced for years that I was like you live in Australia might and there's no bears in Australia so it was going to happen absolutely no doubt about it because it happened on T._v.. It'll happen here yeah. Some unique challenges apparent show it really is yeah so he has some notes on the autistic experience <hes> he notes the specifically the challenges in producing bubble speech and he says you know a few of us really know what it's like to lose our ability to communicate especially without voice and he has a quote from the freelance writer Sally Siegel who she she had a stroke and she competitive self to someone with severe the autism because she just couldn't communicate she said now I couldn't make my simplest wish known and yet I fully comprehended everything that was going on around me. I also developed a bizarre <hes> habit of saying yes when I meant no and all the while being aware of how I was Miss Communicating now she eventually regained speech but what she had just this intense frustration and the way she was traded was kind of humiliating and made her right that I hope that those who are helping among us realize the person they love has not changed that person is confined within the prison of the body but the spirit is free so this concept does interesting because we've heard similar things remember those that case of I think he was in Switzerland or Germany. The guy that was in a coma for was fifteen years missile something <hes> and when he finally miraculously came out of the coma was at a stage where the doctors were debating with the family on whether to switch them off yeah I recall that because he was basically a Veggie and when he came out of his miraculously he was like I'm suing hospital because the whole time he was lucid in that he was trapped inside his kind of vegetative body he could perceive the conversations between doctors and family members on whether to kill him on whether to end his life <hes> any all said the reason he suing isn't because he has malice against the doctors or his family or the hospital. It's not that there's less not wise doing it. He said the reason he wanted to sue. It's so that other hospitals in the future don't make that mistake to people who in a similar position he was. It's just so hard no though isn't it. I I mean this is the problem will that's one of the reasons why did is to push funding in that direction to try and find a way to perceive consciousness in vegetative states like an an e._e._g.. Monitoring like just some way of acknowledging that all this still like they're actually still in <hes> so there's a couple of stories coming up where it's suggested that sufferers of autism or not in the same position but it's something similar <hes> he asks us what might be like who took consider what might be like if this was out permanent existence if we just couldn't communicate if you were reduced to doing pantomime into minds or endless charades try and communicate what you wanted to what you're feeling and I'm terrible at charade so it'd be terrible but this is why I I think some people that suffer from autism also have basically outbursts and that kind of stuff as well as because it's not that they're angrier aggressive. It's because they're frustrated because they can't communicate what they want ya so he says because this communication is so crucial it's it's essential that alternative of methods of communication assault out so he starts listing some things have been effective in his works speech therapy. Obviously <hes> music is another one trying to communicate through music. <hes> I self expression through Ott sign language can be helpful or pay a C._S.. which is picture exchange communication systems so this is where we signed to talk about people people that are a much higher level of autism that right? It's not just just to the point way. It's very difficult to focus very difficult to me to communicate at all so the picture I'm taking is it. You have like a board of pictures and you point yeah. I don't know how it would specifically look like. Do you carry a deck around the deck of cards. I want to know about that but I know that there so I go to McDonalds Donaldson split a photo of a hamburger the whole menu and my deck no that I wanNA filet of fish. I don't have a cod for we'll let you pull out a fish. Yes I think they just give me a fish on a bump terrible autistic terrible so many problems that this card system computer systems they have that they can just press a button scenario going to carry a laptop or pretty much yeah okay fair enough. I guess laptops a small <hes>. There's also augmented and Alternative Communication A._N._C. A._C.. which is what you're talking about? preprogramed computer things potable would processes. I guess that's kind of what Stephen Hawking similar kind of thing <hes> but he he claims stillman claims that the best form is F._C.. Or facilitated communication so basically what this is is this alternative technique make where a facilitator is used to support the afflicted individual and they basically support the hands and arms yeah so that the individual individuals can tie poor point to objects or communicate messages so as a lot of skepticism unfortunately about that isn't that it's considered a couple of quackery but stillman and and people that have been successful with the method <hes> claim that it can work wonders and it usually the facilitator has to be someone that's close to the Safra Yep so family member or just someone they have a connection with <hes> Bill says the physical support is kind of a catalyst I could trip some internal switch and allows the individual shoulder tap their confidence last to tap the motor control and then I can start using a cable stop pointing at pitches the thing about it though that I've always found what about this when people carry on about all know it's obviously the facilitated doing it. It's actually a lot hotter than you think I mean imagine that you're holding someone else's hands over a keyboard and you just happen to be able to get them to talk. You know almost not totally perfectly but type quite well. Do you really think you hold their hands and smashing. Their hands on the keyboard is actually going to cause that to happen. No they have to be playing a part in it. It seems to me like I mean even though it's considered alternative there's more to it yeah and some psychologists and people that have been working with autism sufferers of started out skeptical and then of sane incredible results totally change their minds. He includes his story of Jenn who for years basically her entire alive. She was categorized as completely mentally retarded like that was just what she was. That's what a family thought she was and therapist just said Yup. She's mentally retarded. She started doing <hes> facilitated communication. She's now a successful college student in her fourth year majoring in psychology. Oh Wow it's like there was a genius. Well not a genius. There was a very competent person hidden inside that out would form is her facilitator psychologist Collagen facilitators. The first successful college student also majoring in psychology. No he doesn't give that information right. I presume it's a family member or someone close awesome. <hes> there's a quote from Dr Douglas Bitcoin. He's the director of Syracuse University's Facilitated Communication Institute. He basically introduced the technique back to the United States. He said what we're discovering is that most of the people that we work with already literate and what's really surprising is these literacy skills in. I'm very young children today even three year olds so he he suggesting kind of like what some of the <hes> the <hes> abduction and Hybrid Children Alien folks saying that the people with autism are actually more advanced but that just trapped in these dumb bodies and the can't communicate so this is where you start to look at <hes> will some of the quotes from the people who are able to stop communicating communicating using this method of quiet telling like one person said I'm not sure of the exact technical details of how to explain this but this is We cover the show was telepathy. Yeah absolutely no Freud himself said the telepathy is a primitive form of communication made dormant by language because we speak communicate the way we do unnatural facilities four telepathy have atrophied now stillman points out if you think of someone with autism who might live in silence silence they don't communicate the way we do it makes kind of good sense that they might be able to develop this alternative way of communicating. It was atrophied way of communicating so this case of Jennifer. She's a casework from Pennsylvania and she described her experience when she first met this young boy said acid- suffers from severe autism he's fifteen years old toll kids. She said when she first met him he was sitting alone working on a puzzle and and he's Teacher Austin if you WANNA go into this meeting with her so he stands up from the corner of the room and he just stays at her and it's like he decided that no I'm GonNa go to the meetings so he kind of walks up to her. He says Hello Jennifer and essentially lades hurt library where they're going to have this meeting so he can talk okay. Communique can communicate but it's very very limited and stilted just a few words here and there he's obviously fifteen but why why behind so during the meeting she said she sitting opposite ends of the table with this kid and she's for some reason she starts to think it just POPs into a head. I wonder what he's He's thinking about this meeting bike does he actually like he's teaches is the whole thing boring for him and for some reason she khan explained the idea eh just popped into a head that may be seated could hear her without words and she thought why not try it so in in her mind. She says hey sid. Is this boring for you. What do you actually think of these meetings and all of a sudden he turns and looks at her directly in the eye? Hi and he starts smiling and then starts hysterically offing just absolutely catching himself now she he thinks are that's a pretty weird coincidence. It's weird but it doesn't necessarily mean that he picked up my maybe she like her muscles changing the face and she made a funny look or something let me but she thought and I'm going to follow up so again in her mind she says seed if you can actually hear me touch your right hand with your a pencil and said reacts by against staring at her reaching down grabbing his pencil and touching it with his right hand touching it to his right hand and she's like okay this is interesting and a mind starts racing and she was kind of considering how to proceed with this but then it's like Himan got sidetracked because she knew that Sid and he's family would new to the area and they might not have vigny ties with new people with people in this new town and for some reason she started thinking about Christmas and all the church activities and all the school activities and everything the community does at Christmas time and she wanted what Christmas would be like for them because they didn't really know anyone in this town and she's just Komo news is running with this trying to thought for some reason and while she's thinking this seat at the other end of the table just starts going. Oh Christmas tree. Oh I just thought singing. The Christmas tree is say it seems like he's picked up on her train of thought so in the end she wasn't surprise she started to realize that this kid has developed this alternative mode of communication which I guess we don't acknowledge in today's society ready but as we know from the show it's there the thing I was thinking about it because you know there's this pitch that's put forward by some people especially from the new age each content area where it's indigo children disappeared everything else. What if it's actually the opposite it's that because the the faculties are limited in normal communication in how they actually just falling back on redundant atrophied abilities well it might be an atrophied ability but I wouldn't call it redundant because it's it sounds superior thought its foster? It's more effective but then why did speech takeover. I don't know I guess that's for another show. That's the first season to cover that <hes> but essentially bill notes that when he was young he had a similar experience but with ought so he was an incredible oddest and he just I assumed it was typical that everyone had those skills so he says in this case with seed pod of his issues growing up what have been the he's just confused as to why no one else talks to him the way he communicates Yeah Rot <hes> he bill said the person with autism may simply not be fully cognizant of their very special gift and may assume that everyone communicates in this way. This is an autistic way of thinking. That's how you would actually think why this might be thinking was no one talking to me. He's going around talking to everyone telepathically and no reply. It's not even autistic. I think that's the way that we all tend to be attending king that everyone does that is autistic. Yeah I guess so not understanding that you might be different. <hes> that's yeah yeah right but I think people tend to think all of us. We tend to think that people think the same way we do and that's why for some people it's actually quite difficult when you have an opinion that opposes yours and this is kind of a normal human trite. Another example came from Donna Williams. She's this bestselling author and she's suffers from autism myself. <hes> she wrote this book called nobody nowhere and she said while she was a school and she was very young. All these strange things started happening. She thought it'd have daydreams where she was watching the children she knew from school and she would see them doing really trivial things like sitting down peeling potatoes or getting themselves a peanut butter sandwich you know just random stuff and that will like films like watching a sequence in her mind and then she started to test the truth of these dreams when she <hes> when she go back to school Oh and it turned out though always true though always specifically exact like she was seeing the children in their own homes with some superdome ability whoa about to say is she just simply remote viewing yet will exactly that's what it sounds like <hes> but she was terrified when she realized that other children couldn't do this <hes> so again. It's a similar thing of it's very confronting. <hes> troubling example came from Rebecca in Maryland. She sheds this moment of communication with a daughter Katie so she said it was like a six thirty pm on a Tuesday night. She had a idle so friends either from a local community group now working on some project checked in her backyard. She has this amazing <hes> like children's play set like a clubhouse Kinda thing and underneath this clubhouse this <hes> almost like a basement like a little Katy Baseman we can close the doors and shutters this cute little basement and as about six forty five and she is preparing tea Ulla friends and she says to this day icon explain exactly what happened. She said I had that Rauch that this rush that completely encompassed I my entire body. She said something was drawing me to the window so she drops her tail at smashes on the ground at hot stotz racing and she goes to the window to look out and she can see all the other kids playing but her youngest daughter is missing. Katie's gone missing now she looks around all the other kids applying and she sees the doors to this clubhouse a closed and the shutters on the windows closed as well. She knows something's wrong so she Russia's out of the house Rice's out dashes up to the stairs she finds Katie inside on the lap of a fourteen year old kid from the neighborhood who had his pants down. Oh how awful and she just you know like screams at the kid. Get The F. Away from my daughter and and she said he ran away woods describing with remind she said <hes> but a daughter was only three years old and she had been diagnosed with severe mental retardation and autism. She couldn't speak all all she could do was make noises are just grunts so does she somehow telepathically. Send a distress distress call. That's what she thinks. That's what she thinks. That feeling was just rushed over who she knew something was wrong. She dropped to Russia the window. It was her a her young daughter crying out to her now in in the office case in her case they're pointing out that all this is some kind of ability that the child has which may be true but it could also be the intuition wition psychic abilities of another. This is exactly what I was thinking because all these these cases you're describing. These are all examples of psychic phenomena that we've covered and S._p._F.. For example you know Phantasm of the living that old book that has you know very very similar cases of telepathy of emotional distress coals of it's all the same Kinda it's all just pot of these human abilities that are not recognized by signs but parasites recognizes that they are there and people that are autistic may be able to easier will tap into these things in an easy away because they can't use standard routes of communication yeah I think he might be you're onto something there and this is the thought that kept popping puzzles writing the stories because of course with hood you know very similar stories over the years but from people who aren't suffering autism so we don't even even offer a connection here but there is a like <hes> stillman points out you know he's seen a lot of these patients and he's he started to notice this trend and so I think the next step is actually getting hot. Numbers yeah trying to figure out what the percentage is but he tells us quite story in tons of connection with animals which is another fiber topic avows. <hes> story about Patrick is a fourteen year old boy <hes> he lives in rural Pennsylvania and he has pretty severe autism. He's family looks after two horses in addition to other animals. He's Mother Doreen tells a story about how that just bought a mayor quarterhorse named Jesse <hes> six years ago she you said the whole was five years old when they go to the house had been abused Jesse. The horse had been abused so you basically couldn't get near the Horse's head at all it would just freak out if he tried to grab the rope that was around its head you you would she like she basically burnt her hand because the horse was freaking out so much handle caught up so it wasn't wasn't a social animal and when they called the previous owner and said look what can we do. Essentially the advice was look just just tire up in the bond and just come down and fatal like calm down and give the wholesome food so over time the Horse knows that you're not gonNa hurt it and you going to care for it but the thing the previous owners are not the ones that the her none and I just had some long history of abuse from God knows where but they tried this but it still wouldn't work and the thing that always triggered the horse was that you could get close in faded but if you moved your arms in any way like if you raise your arms up I think Hughes would freak out like they would just see the eyes of the Horse Kinda go completely white and it was like it was having a Vietnam flashback with the horses just theraflu theraflu leaping out now they tell the story about how Patrick the the autistic son because I had to have the whole kind of away from the other animals it couldn't be near all the HULCE's that had to keep it away from them and away from the kids. It was just too dangerous but for some reason one day the Horse was free and patrick known was watching him and he had crawled under the whole Barrio like into the on it was a coffee table stable yeah field and had floss loaded with him on get kicked in the head. He was swatting flies much in the way you would imagine autistic boy would swap flies purpose. He was really going forward and I said immediately. The hall was like top from you to why couldn't get me if you're not scared come on but really doesn't work at all. I had that cute totally the wrong mm physician because he just GonNa do sound border. That was a fail it's because I installed the damn ten biter and none of my software. That's what I'm all screwed up. I've got my points in the wrong parts on their own videos embarrassing. The host did not say a campaign they did it hospice Komo Wale. I'm like twenty seconds away my seventy how embarrassing for the whole specically went up to him and at this stage the mother soul her son with the fly swatter right next the horse and the Horse Galloping Towards Him Oh he dade but the whole started to calm down and the horse went up to Patrick Patrick and started nuzzling him really and Patrick Laptop and put his arms around the Horse's neck. Eventually he sat on the Horse that would just like best friends <hes> and no one else could touch this horse so this kid was like the abused horse whisperer. It's a some reason he had this this affinity with animals so she started to notice that other dogs would worship this kid like stray dogs in the neighborhood that neighbors would call and say watch out for these vicious looking dogs the strays she would go outside and now just be sitting guarding her son and I couldn't figure out why like she would go up and try on get Hassanin these stray dogs would start growling her but that'd protect him. They <hes> ended up having a German shepherd who would do the same thing it would sit in the scalding hot sun they wouldn't go onto the shade. It would sit like almost as if it was protecting him. They also have a cat that you just can't pick up at all. If you try and pick up the cat it'll claw your eyes out out except for Patrick for some reason Patrick can go and pick up this cat now <hes> they ended up working with a therapist who can patrick communicates with the cod system and when the therapist asked him how he communicates with horses with their a Horford a fifth he used the sign pitches so he was trying to commute the chief thinks he was trying to communicate that he communicates with pitches to losses telepathically as in telepathy because we've learned from the studies would come on the show that that's how it works. Yes it's a movement of immigrants communicate with images and symbols <hes> so there's other stories with you know there's a a kid with asperger's dancing on the beach and his mother said this you know who's doing these crazy aspic dances and a series of dolphins appeared and they followed him doing eh doing his dances on the beach like trying to mimic him and there's a bunch of stories like kids with autism that have this incredible affinity with animals economic. Another one was <hes> Jack from Virginia. He's six years old has mild autism and the family lived near local farm and he would just have to go and stand next to the fence dance and be like Mommy Mommy they're coming mommy that coming and she said what's coming as an empty field but then slowly just the stoop to don't talk he this Cowbell cowbell coming and the whole herd of cows would basically be making a beeline to this kid to come up to him and nozzle him Mu <unk> with him and they lie down in front of him and she said it even happened. If there was all the kids they like if there was you know all the kids from the neighborhood. Who are y trying to say the cows they would all just come up to Jack for some reason they just had he was the cow was I wonder what the attraction is the because I could understand it when kids it's just get along well with animals but to actually attract them both? I think it's related to this idea that there's some kind of celebrity going field stuff as well. I think it's the telepathy in Pola from Illinois told the story about Sean Her non-euro to stick boy he was really drawn to animals as well as well and she told the story of how how he goes to the summer summer camp every year and it's out in this forested area and she was kind of picking him up at the end of this camp and suddenly he goes mom here she comes mom here she comes and she looks over data and this is small phone like rushing towards her so she kind of gets out of the way and she notices that it's going towards his son and it basically stops hopes by three or four feet away from the kid and they just staring at each other almost like they're communicating now some other kid off kind kind of scared. The foreign away started yelling in the foreign ran away but you know all the kids in the area <hes> his brothers and sisters said it was like the form was trying to talk to him and afterwards when he went up to his mother he bicycle said yet. The phone had something to tell me but that other kid ruined it like she had it's something tell me it was some kind of compensation. I missed. Thanks <hes> so incredible stories with this connection with animals but what are you gonNa hear after the break is where things get extremely bizarre with this affinity with prophecy and angels. That's coming up after the break where you we'll learn why autistic boy may be your God what's coming up after this mysterious universe stay with us <music>. How do you think about your socks Aaron? Not It often to be honest. If you'll like ice. Forget this script from Bomba's not writing the script look. We know about Bomba socks because they're awesome yeah yeah. You don't need a script. You just know that Greg Books. The script says I recently discovered socks that changed the way I'll think about sucks forever which is not true because I've known about Bomba's for awhile now quite a long time. I'm one of the original Bombo swears slowly. 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Offer Code M._U. and jude and we're back on mysterious universe <hes> talking about autism and the God connection from Williams Stillman and we're speaking about this affinity that some autistic children seem to have with animals we heard about the cow whisper and the horse whisperer in the form whisper these at lies or does the data suggests that a lot of autistic kids have connections with animals again. There's no Donnas just anecdote because we've had of course with other stories about people that can talk to animals yeah exactly and then not autistic I went to the cafe around the corner from my house and they have a noticeable and there was like three animal animal <laughter> psychics advertising edible psychics people the comedy house Brett's only ever spoken once and it was the loss Tommy stories mother and just think about that. He's never uttered a word it until this night he he sees his mother who was quite sick and before he leaves the room he says by by the only any time he's ever spoken in his life and did she die after that will after that. It's like a few days later. He wakes up in the middle of the night and he's crying and at the same time I'm in a separate hospital. She had passed away at that precise moment but it's the isn't that bizarre. The only time he speaks is to say goodbye to his mother <hes> so this this is where we get into obviously. That's like a sign of prophecy. He knew that his mother was going to pass away. He knew that that would be the lost time he would see her. This great story from Von and she's a mother in New Jersey and daughter name's Brenda. She's nearly seventeen. She's got mild. Autism and Evonne has known for years now that Brenda into has special abilities so von wrote to Stillman and said when she was young she would answer questions before they were asked and she wouldn't give you know we wouldn't give any clues. She just knew what we were thinking. She said for example I was driving and she was in the back seat. It was about one pm and I was thinking about ought to make for dinner and just from the back seat. The kid goes. How about Spaghetti like what. How did you know that she said another time her and a husband on the top floor of the House Brenda was down in the basement like two floors down so there's no way she could hear what they're talking about and essentially thou discussing whether they should go to the movies and what they should say at the movies and she said I walked down to the basement and immediately the daughter goes. I don't want to go to the movies. I want to play here. That's like do you you have super hearing or reading our minds so another time they took it to this well-known doctor and immediately the doctor who knew them quite well sat down and said <hes> look wouldn't normally ask this of people. I don't know but is Brenda telepathic because she keeps answering my questions shins before I've asked them it'd be pretty annoying just to know that someone's reading your mind so blatant about it as well when she was about twelve <hes> this ability started to become useful for others though spending the fourth of July with some friends on the boat and the out on this lake and now we're getting into where the fireworks were going to be launched wants from and the God owned the boat striving in and he wanted to get a really good spot there there really early so they get nice and close to the fireworks and immediately Brenda's like moved if back so he's like. Oh what do you should move back so he starts all right starts backing the boat up. She's moved back move back move back. She's like all right dot com down. He doesn't want to upset a so. He starts moving the boat back back back back some more urgency screaming at him to move back all right so he moves back to this really crappy spot never runs like who brought the autistic kid along. It's like Rubicon ruining news eighth. Did you have a budget horn. Probably you did but as soon as the fireworks went off at knees explored there was this major malfunction and one of the rockets flew flew horizontally across the water precisely where they had. I stopped like it was wow. Inches away from scorching all of them would have been a huge each disaster and then a fee is lighter again. They're the beach with the family and though with some some of the people who had been on that boat for the fourth of July sorry why not need safe and Brenda had been quietly rating she was you know not really involved in the compensation. Obviously she was in her own space and all of a sudden she starts stotts crying and everyone's like Brenda what's wrong and she says there will be fine. Sky Outside of Paris the concord will crash Russian people will go on the Concorde hang on. She predicted the crash of the Concorde. They claim it was the Sunday before the concord crashed. That's pretty unusual. That's so ever since that moment because they had the you know some extended family with them. The parents said occasionally that'd get coal. You know be like nine o'clock at night or something and these family members will be on the phone. That'd be like Hey <hes> with the he of booking this this holiday to the Bahamas and these are the flights were looking at just want to know if Brenda has anything to say yeah everyone would check to see if their flights would be safe with the goalpost in the family with her family with the crash of the concord with any family members or people associated with them that will on that not knocking shows no connection. Aram like having a vision of newspaper headline again this is going back to this is normal phenomena that seems to have it so the sinking of the titanic was a great example that that was that seek go who is being tended to by a priest and she had no connection with that she had no but she's there in bed as she's dying from another illness guy who could all those people in the water the screaming look at them. She soared as other people that Seoul had premonitions that weren't autistic of the thinking of the titanic again the question that we have to come. I'm too is is there. A high prevalence of these abilities with autistic people yeah is that Millman has zero data. That is his premise miss but he has literally no data on it. It's just anecdote. He just feels that that's the case but he's also an ultra himself. So maybe it's like a you would expect him to have the date of all the people that have the data. Come on dude. Maybe he's not thanks isn't a great story about Sissy and Hassan Boone. He's five years old. <hes> pretty severe autism from Albany and Georgia. This kid is is a bit brilliant. He started creating <hes> art in Photoshop and other graphic programs when he was eighteen months old no way so he's incredible with computers <hes> communicate at all beyond paintings and drawing things on the computer but he's incredible at it and he's he's really passionate about clocks hawks in numbers. He's first words were numbers. Seven eight one zero like that's that's all he says is numbers so they say yeah <hes> the two and a half he started verbally calling out numbers without anyone explained tonight explaining to him what numbers were or what they meant and another thing you can do do is say to him. Hey Boone. What's the time eleven forty five. Just looking immediately knows it's like he has an inbuilt clock always running in interest reference it but but for six months in two thousand one he started painting clocks a lot only would paint was clocks. He ended up doing over one hundred of slim just nonstop on his computer program painting clocks and in the series that he did a period of months every clock had the same time time and time was nine eleven. Oh come on now also in that period of months. He drew a <hes> like a ball of flames over wooded area like it was a bird's eye view any also drew smoke billowing from toll buildings with many windows and always as with the clocks that said nine eleven so obviously the connotation is that as nine eleven predicted the September eleven attacks in two thousand one so bill <hes> Stillman the author claims that boone must be receiving some kind of mental impressions but because the way he communicates is through these computer graphics. That's all he could do is just trying communicate what he was saying. He had this other experience where his mother called him with this Purple Magic Maka uh-huh and he was painting his mom and apple near shoulder. He just painted this kind of round purple blotch on his arm and then he put the macher away and he started walking around the house. Just like nursing at his arm was wounded just going. Oh and his mother thought the he was just trying to get attention tension or maybe it was a game because he was trying to understand what injuries were. She didn't think too much of a until a few days light a <hes> his grandmother arrived life because his grandmother was staying with them and Boone just loves his grandmother loves them more than anything and he immediately ramped her and instead of hugging a lucky normally does he started saying oh poor boo pull boo-boo and he lifted up her sleeve and ride on his sleeve was of course this giant. Purple Bruise News in exactly the same spot where he had been mocking his arm with the Purple Maka and everyone was stunned because he was showing her his boo boo. You had a here's one I prepared. Oh yeah so again. It's this pre cognition. They knew that his grandmother had this injury. I find that of interest because with autism one thing that's it's Communist and obviously you know parents. autistic children would say differently but one of the. I guess the misconceptions about autism is that autistic children are lacking in empathy and lacking in that kind of connection but that is a very empathic conduct response yeah stereotype that we have absolutely yeah. It's like <hes> jamming Falcone's in the defense stereotype. I've really had to resist the compulsion to well. You even have full cone that you can use. Do you have an a I do have it. I'M GONNA use it on one day a say. This is what we go into spiritual protectors. Which of course we've been speaking about this recently on previous episodes Godley Guardian Angel Things News and <hes> remember the author claimed he had this presence always protected him well he had always felt strongly about this presence any starts to include a little bit more detail about about his experiences with this protective presence even earlier in life so he's earliest memory was being toddler and he was at the beach with his family and he was playing the water just off the shore it was based on a lake and he couldn't have been very far out in the water but he remembers his parents were on <hes> folding chairs. Awa- way back and then which heading with one another but somehow he slipped somehow got into some deep pot of the lake and he went under the water now he couldn't swim too young but he remembers like a star and he either verbally or says more likely cold out for help in his thoughts and he was instantly supported within a bubble that encased he's head. It was almost like one of those old school diving suits like this invisible visible bobble encasing him any brief he was fully breathing underwater massive intake of oxygen somehow and was bizarre. He said it also provided the alarming position of being able to see my family but knowing that they couldn't see or hear me so. It sounds like he's out of body. He said time seemed to be suspended but the entire incident probably only lost a few seconds and then somehow I was pulled pulled safely from the water so yeah he ties that to some protect well. That's the manifest kind of stuff as well absolutely <hes> and then we I I just kind of turn the page after hearing that story because he's books a little bit all over the place and just had the headline in the next chapter which was from introduction decoding autistic hieroglyphics hieroglyph ix which that's brilliant that's the perfect pelvic name for it in Tasha <hes> so essentially because he's been banking consultant and he's been working with <hes> afflicted children and adults for so long he's become an expert at expo extra piloting adding some kind of meaning out of symbols. Sokha Yep right so wanting hieroglyphics one example he had was this young girl who was obsessed with people's shoes news although that's what the therapist thought and her parents is thought we we just can't get her to stop looking shoes. She's just absolutely obsessed with them like if if you take it to your house you'll want communicate with anyone but you'll go straight to the shoe rack and start studying. Your shoes like just for hours. Why does she walk the material or something or well. He said when he started to work with her. The more it became apparent that she used the shoes to learn about people so she would get to know you by looking at your shoes so they eventually discovered that she could tell your personality based on your gate based on way. Your shoe wears based on the condition of the shoe. Obviously what kind of shoe you like. How how it's tied how you tongue is on the shoe like she could tell all all this stuff about people from this shoes autism ability but I wonder how much information she could actually glean from that. I mean it just everything I think that's what I'm saying like immediately she would look at your stormtrooper boots and know that you are the kind of guy who takes a foghorn to instant ah like she would just see those little eagle wings on the on the sides. I just realized this guy is a horrible man. I don't have any memorabilia very classy Nazi memorabilia. We'll have a Nazi tank. This is not an actual tag fuel tank fuel tank. That's from the back of a Nazi. <hes> pants plug the company. Put the put the Lincoln the show actually it actually at Nazi but yeah you get a World War Two. It's like a bar or or cupboard very beautifully made and expensive. They are very expensive but I managed to get a deal so how'd yeah that don't ask her on just asking for a Ivonne to know if you have those old gas tanks except no not that kind of gossip gasoline that's terrible a- and I had to make you laugh. I think that's what makes us the combination that's worth sticking so she's the shoe whisper she can get all this information information out of the group of about shoes <hes> but then there's another one where this young boy and essentially he's mother was going through through this really tough stage in life and it was really difficult with him he had severe asperger's and autism and she was essentially feeling pressured by everyone around her to have him institutionalized and you know with something she was seriously considering. That's really ought to fair though is that if you'll especially when he can't communicate yeah like Econ I mean I understand the amount of stress the people go through it but let the parent come to their own decision depends on the circumstance but especially especially when he can't say no kate me because he can't verbalize and it's really tough but the way he got through to her is through Madonna songs. No the radio would be on and whenever he hit a Madonna Song that had a message. He'll be like mom mom said for example when Papa don't preach came on he'd be like there's the problem with his father my baby did you like you'll staring with a black face would be terrible father my God if you the mother of that autistic son he would be focused on and in the institution because the look on your face just was just like a complete blank slate. That's the probably the lyrics are literally keeping my baby and that's what he was trying to communicate to his mother like you need to kate me mom and that's why he would get animated when the pump and preached song from Adana would come on so what happens with virgin the Soka <hes> so they use symbols to communicate and again again William Stillman the the all has his own experience and Kanatani again with what we've been talking about. Recently he wanted to address the silent silent Guardian this anonymous Guardian that protected him when he nearly drowned that he claims steed his his hand away from suicide when he was sixteen and he realized the problem was he didn't have a name for this guardian. He didn't know what to call him or her so he did the next best thing and he basically we christened with the name for some reason he just pulled the named. Frank Out Athena just popped into his mind frank. That's what I'm going to call you frank and and within a week he had this really strange validation he handled his house work to do because he'd been away on business and he was just kind of washing dishes and the doorbell rings and he answers the door and it's a young man and he's twenties and it was the garbage truck driver and this garbage truck driver had backed into a <hes>. Williams postbox Paul and split it so he goes up and he's like Oh yeah. It's pretty bad I can the garbage company funny pay for it. Does the garbage company have insurance so this garbage truck drivers. Oh Yeah I guess so he drives to goes to the front of his truck and he comes back with pen and paper faulted altered over and hands it to William and William Opens. It often hangs says hang on a second. This is your personal details like you've given me your name and phone number and he says is their problem problem like if I report this to the garbage company and the guy admits. He's like yeah if you go through them then I'll have a bad record on my driving history and it went. Look good for me so I'd I prefer to pay for it myself and fix it up so he's like yeah okay. We'll all <hes> all make a decision later and call you back so it was good of him to stop because he probably could have gotten away yeah exactly so this garbage truck driver. Qiao don't talk to you later and he drives off and it wasn't until he got inside the William paid attention to this guy's details and his name was frank so it was a little bit of a coincidence coincidence. Yeah it's a little thing but then he realized the guys lost name Ward he's named Frank Ward and the definition of Ward is the act of keeping guardianship the yeah like ward of the State Yeah. It's guardianship so in essence. The guy's name translates to frank. The Guardian is but our nose at reading into a coincidence a little bit. I think that's precisely how these messages occur yeah yeah. I guess when you do have to do a little bit of reading into the my suppose to anyone else. It's like okay whatever it's just this random mishap but it's the it's through the random mishap. The symbol is communicated EDSA validation rights. It's a validation specially especially for him and weeks later when he got Franklin the phone frank told him something interesting. He said you know what I wasn't even supposed to be driving route that day. He said the usual driver for your route was sick. He called in sick night to cover for him and it was almost like it was orchestrated like that. Guy Drove the route. He's name had no connection with the Guardian so he got sick so that frank ward could make that route because it yeah exactly so then we go into this grandparent bond the kind of extends off to death as well again with overlapping with so much that we cover on the show. The real question is is the high functioning individual more prone to have these experiences Frances against dilmun argues. Yes the story of Justin who is Christine's. Son is quite interesting. He's six years old and he'd been diagnosed with autism the three years he's high functioning. He's verbal so he talks a little bit. <hes> he speaks most words and phrases literally because he can't handle abstract things he's just very very little and his mother said loss July. My Sister Justine and I were driving in the car. When out of the Blue Justin said grandma is is going to die in one thousand eight days and rather specific eh the mother's like how do you know that he's like. I just know basket baskin Robbins of death and while she's Rod this stillman she's she wrote to him and said eight dice will be this Sunday and loss week. My mother had a massive SUV stroke. She's literally hospice care right now and they don't think she's going to live out the rest of the week now die on the SH. She ended up passing away <hes> she fell short. She didn't make it to the day so he was wrong but it was still close enough. It will is still an incredible. <hes> you know incredible pre cognition and there was also the case where when she passed away he woke up crying so that was another connection with with the grandmother but what was bizarre is that often she passed away <hes> Justin. He's mother was kind of making him. He's bad and getting ready for bed and just started humming this Chin and she stops immediately because this choon is what her mother sunk her. When she was a child and he couldn't of known that there's no way he could have nine that Choon because when he was born his grandmother had started to develop Alzheimer's and she couldn't remember the Choon. She couldn't recall it at all oh but after she's passed he's has has that knowledge somehow he knows the Choon and he's singing to his mother. We also have cases where I WANNA go too much into the 'cause. They're just super. We'd <hes> what parents will go to the door of the child's room the child with asperger's and the hero conversation going on and it's in some language that I don't understand Khanna sounds like a bit like Gobbledygook but it's more like a language and <hes> they'll go in and the child with asperger's will be having a conversation with the corner <hes> other parents report their kid just giggling in the middle of not in absolutely hysterics and then talking back like this someone there <hes> there was one case where the mother who's she walked in in an Assan was having a conversation with MIRA which sounds silly because he's talking to himself but she said it was like he was was in a real communication with something unseen but that goes to what we've only just been talking about recently about this idea throughout different cultures of mirrors being gateways to other locations and in fact I think it was the Croatians Lithuanians but does that it hits other cultures as well but it's when someone passes away and then you leave the bodies arrest in a room yeah you have to cover all the mirrors that are in that room in the house because you're wired the assault we get trapped in the mirror in this other worlds if you cover it for three days than the spirit is able to pass on without being caught up in another world that's interesting. That's a weird link there. There was a case where a mother she said his son would do this often and he was alder light pains is she would be in his room with him and it was like they would be interacting but an all of a sudden it would be like he got a phone call like he would stop staring off into the distance. NSEN it would be like on A. I'm getting a signal and essentially what he would do. Tend to his mom and go <hes> okay <hes> you go now and he would basically grab a later to the door and kind of lightly push and then he would he would shut the door and his mom and she would listen and he'd be like our she's. Is Gone and he <hes> he would start having a conversation with someone in the room with who she has no idea and say what he said well because this book is called Autism in the God connection they they're saying angels the having conversation with with angels demons anything yeah exactly exactly any any of the channel entities that show off anything yeah great case from Maureen from Illinois tying into that theme where she requested anonymity because it's quite confronting what she was going through. Her daughter is ten. She has autism but many times throughout her life. She's wanted if daughters clairvoyant oh can read minds because because she does that thing where she predicts a question before you ask it but she said there's one thing she wanted to relate to stillman. She's a single parent so obviously incredible incredibly difficult and she says looking back I realized now I was very tempted to believe that I would sometimes civilian hurt my children even though I rarely spank them. She just said that she didn't trust self she had this feeling welling up in her that she was going to hurt her children and it got to the point where the feeling became terrifying actually and you know that feeling of will I be able to control myself like what if something takes me but what if I do this what if I do that second day thing yeah started to become like that so to overcome it she every night she prayed a special prayer to Saint Michael and as she was doing this and asa fees continued one morning after praying all night to sign Michael her daughter was sitting on the edge of the bed and her daughter suddenly looked out the window like she could see someone. The wasn't there and a daughter just tends to mother and says Saint Michael. What's he doing here? Of course the model looks out the window. There's nothing there but she thought that's amazing like that's I've been praying. I haven't told my child obviously I'm I've been praying dying because I've been praying about whether or not I'm going to be able to control myself from hurting them <hes> and ever since that moment she felt at pace and those thoughts and <hes> intrusive devised never entered the mind and the thing is I mean the it doesn't really matter what the mechanism is because the outcome is of the the desired odd result in that she would stop having those feelings or she would stop being relieved but you really do have to wonder from the perspective of what we talk about is it that the child actually did see somebody to the <unk> outside. Was it a toper or thought form they solidly Toba Yeah All is it that somehow the child that they might be telepathy or something else and it's picked up the child Charles has picked up on the mother's thoughts and the mother's prayers hundred percent Topa guarantee it. The mother is focusing on Saint Michel every night hours on end. She's creating the phone. Yeah I mean I wouldn't go to say a hundred percent but yeah it's ninety nine percents nine officer. That's fun do you I to tell the story of Dr Kobe surprise on the Washer not the one way he crushed the house with his mind but where he created a tool to and to Chinese houseguests no if told the story on the show before but it's just obser- show at one he basically created a Topa Reptilian like a little dragon creature with these mind like he focused focus on constantly to create this Topa and people that came over that had psychic abilities could say it but not all you couldn't see see it unless you have some ability and which is suggestive what's going on here. No one can actually see Michael but he was kind of disappointed because you have house guests stove Ernie thought it would be funny. It was basically in his Dan. He basically created it to protect his Dan. You know he's study and no one ever saw it like it was just for entertainment but he said one evening his daughter had a friend of now having a slumber party and he's he's on his friend went to get something from his den and she came back in just absolutely stressed using tears crying wish autistic a diet. I can't remember and she might have been and when he asked what was the matter she said. I saw this fricken Scaly dragon thing in that room. I want to go so so she saw his creation. She'll some kind of information allegation. Yes which I think is what happened in that lost guys but I really wanted to tell you the story of Izzy and this is from <hes> Stillman who said it was springtime back in two thousand three and is his mother roles in her older sister deb were among a room of folks who were attending a talk that he was giving and it was his two-day autism seminar but immediately after a half an hour they rose the hands hands and asked <hes> have you ever heard of autism people that can read minds now he immediately sidesteps the question because he didn't want to scare everyone off like within the first hour of the two-day seminar so he just kind of said a few things but as soon as it got to the break on that first day he made sure he had some privacy any kind of went and talked to this family and they started telling him like old stories of being telling you on this episode but about this on easy and they really believe that he had all these intuitive abilities he had psychic abilities <hes> he was seeing seeing things communicating with unseen entities it was intense so they actually organized a couple of days full William to May and and he describes meeting easy for the first time essentially up until two years prior this guy had been diagnosed as severely mentally retarded so this is one of these cases where is just basically yet function completely functionally retarded <hes> like that Bruce Willis film oceanside <unk> Todd but basically so limited it'd and their ability to interact with reality while the world yeah just really retarded retard. It's the best way I can Blau but yeah okay basically able to communicate except for some <hes> lilting visualizations occasionally he could say a word or two but he's basically the stereotype. I saw like this only grunt. Make a few noises show pitcher of a hamburger fill fish so easy zanies family found blessed liberation through again facilitated communication they started this new technique and all of a sudden easy who was meant to be completely mentally retarded started communicating independently started typing independently and this was one of the cases where a psychologist colleges who was incredibly skeptical about the whole facilitated communication thing had to change his tune in he was convinced that was validity to the technique because again again this guy that was mentally retarded just kind of changed with this way of communicating so as a result of their meeting <hes> Stillman said easy and I struck up a regular email correspondence and by light may he said easy was talking about angels communicating with him so again during the day just below Ara Nah like just completely hopeless but then in these letters he wrote to Stillman Dilmun he was like do William now not going to believe what I have to say to mother father came to me last night. He wanted to see the angels at my side. I now understand good doctor. I am seeing things different now. I know that I was put fought here on earth to learn about life. I had to be this way so that I don't lose focus in my being tell mother I'll be here yeah just for a short time. I know that you know that 'til mother. I love her son. He's been accepted second self surroundings girl. What was it music? I'll tell you what is he later. Later revealed that one angel in particular named Francine is a special protector of his is. He told Stillman that he's Angel's name is the same as what his sisters used to be so today yeah so this is interesting stillman goes to his sister whose name is Debbie and says you know this is what he wrote to me and Debbie. He's all the sisters said that's insane. She said when I was born my mother named me Francine but because my aunt onto kept complaining about the name and wouldn't shut up about it. My mother changed it to Debra now only me and my mother and my aunt no no this. There's no way easy could know this. It's completely insane that he knew this so again lehto because they had this long kind of email compensation the communications continued D._A.. Doctor I am learning a lot about my faith. I now fill my heart with love. I see my ancestors who pasta before. I know I can now feel things that only God would would know about them. I am sure if this could doctor mother tell William he can use any of this in his book and I would be honored to share my feelings with them. I am just an average man with autism and if you gazed upon the you would find me dumb I make noises I shake I get stock but I am also very lucky mother for I can feel feel always and he helps me be very card Bays Franklin <music>. I come to look at you frank kind paying yes and normally he's just Rita. Keep you say easy further details of his difficult entry into the world so he basically asked he sister deb to reach out to Stillman and related these memories that he was starting to have <hes> she basically told Stillman that he was having memories of the cold wrapped around his neck. He said every time you went down into the birth canal it strangled him but he said this kept happening but he knew he had to be born because he had a mission and when he was born he said he was still born which was actually true. Oh the Susta yeah they had to resuscitate him to bring him back and this is where his sister said Look Bill. This is all true and again he had absolutely absolutely no way of knowing. This is no good of nine it <hes> he also knew that his mother had a c section. She said she was absolutely right and she said obviously this was never discussed with him. She said I knew it because I remember right off. Too busy was born but this was nothing that was ever talked about since then at aw so he's memory has to be accurate from that time she said just doesn't make sense is he. Also knew what William had written before seeing it so William often right <hes> lead us to him and then a family member would pick them up and take them to him and he said one day he wrote a letter for Izzy but that for some reason he's mother is his mother couldn't come and pick up the letter <hes> but the next time he saw izzy easy just started answering the lead even though he had never read had the touch it or somehow knows stillman had never even given it to him Musto back in his office and somehow easy replies to this letter. LEDA and it's like giving him advice on his dreams again. It's totally bizarre. Once while sitting in is he's home the oldest Dilmun Austin out of the Blue Lou who he was before this life and Hayes just sitting there like you know flipping through his Decca Cards grunting and then he turns and looks at Stillman crises pen and starts writing the good doctor. You are the first to ask such a question of me. I remember being in heaven before I was born. No body they just spirit. It's beautiful. There and God's love is great but I knew I was special that I had a great task thrust upon me you see William People do not believe they do not truly believe I try hard but not being able to speak makes me depend on others. I know you believe me William but not everyone believes but God tells tells me I'm fulfilling my task here on sue I have my loss. Life was in the thirteenth century. I was a priest East but nobody listened to me. Many were afraid I was the devil and would strike them down. I tried to show God's Love William I try but they only believed in ruthless. I was killed by God's of one such ruler a truly evil evil and godless man. My original name is hard to say I can tell you it is Russian but my memory is not clear for. I was in Heaven Anong time off to roll <music> then he would just go back to being a Rita so stillman says I wonder how many like izzy out there patiently patiently awaiting the opportunity to spiritually mental asshole so hang on hang on this is the angle. This is the angle that they here to mental spiritual. I'm sorry I'm not taking my advice for someone who's GonNa be sitting there with Lotus <music> teaching going for it totally reminds me the story of the Buddhist monk the had to reincarnate to guide his disciples also get back to the penny accidentally reincarnated as a parrot. It's the same story it's like now. Century praise whose mission mission was to save people he comes back in this God's body who needs to communicate you know pitches Hamburg the thing is if you believe in Karma as well and the idea of reincarnation and you having to pay for what you've done in previous lives then if that applies that obviously there's a reason why they are this way that the feeling feeling this caused frustration for other people in an extreme example of why look I know I'm just making fun of a lot of this. <hes> I think some of the stories is a really incredible though and Italy yes look. I'm not gonNA crap delivered at the end because he includes this quote from <hes> this <hes> young autistic guy named named Michael and it's kind of the loss words of wisdom for the book and are seriously think there is some wisdom in what this guy's saying <hes> he says I'm an August <hes>. That's the first thing in no about me. I'm also a messenger from God. He says autism is a God given task angelic opportunity for the human soul all for me. It's a blessing and a curse. He says it requires my keeping my own connection and that requires a broken body and when he says connection he he means connection back to the spiritual side to God and this is where I think he's really onto something because he says to find divinity in a whole whole body is a very difficult thing as in a body that doesn't have a disability as in the perfect human specimen failure renton exists normal normal <hes> he says people lose themselves in the physical being and nothing can permeate he says all the physical is is an illusion allusion created by the soul it controls the soul for its duration on earth any ads suffering is God's way of freeing the soul is why the greatest goodness is saying there goodness always shows itself amid suffering yet we focus on the bad aspects of it and ignore the beauty of it and I just thought you know there is some real wisdom. There is a good choir you know he's he's talking about. How ruled we are ah by the physical when we incarnate which is totally true we <hes> looted by the senses were lured by the physical sign of things and we do lose his touch with the other side we lose touch without connection <hes> and the he's comments on suffering? I think that's that's really that's really the on the money but yeah so many times people immediately think suffering is an evil that suffering is something that's always wrong or bad but but that's not the case I mean great things can come from suffering. You could argue con have anything great without suffering yeah well. I can't think of it off the top of my head but there are so many examples of people that you know you just hear these anecdotal stories of people have gone through immense suffering only to its acts like what was the term. I actually heard the other day. It acts like a Chrysalis. It's like I know it's cliche but it's like how a Caterpillar turns into a butterfly yeah like suffering in whatever way you go through actually causes causes people to burst forth as beautiful butterfly with the disabilities behind them because of what they went through in their suffering but some people just this is the problem that we live in a planet though where so people just can't see that it's just like they drop into this world of woe is me and victimhood when the simple as hard as it is seen as a gift. I get what you're saying but if you showed me a photo of hamburger I would totally get even more are projected photo for your mind right now. In this segment reminded us of of this comedy sketch from a from Eugene's Merman standup I did yeah it was spot on and is that the name of the album the name of the album actually it's quite more. I should say quite all it's about ten years old. I think the optimism sorry just closed down but it's gone twelve year old boy with asperger's God of the twelve year old boy Oy with aspects chain stool <hes>. I'm not sure if it's on or maybe he's got this bid that just sums up the episode of so we had the play like this is Eugene moment and he's he starts the the bit by telling he'd wrote a book yet he wrote a book and he was on a book tour and whenever he went to one of these little libraries to speak about his book there was always someone weird there and you know someone will come up to him and say Oh so you've met Jeremy and it's kind of true like you gotta libraries. I and this is a weird personal to hanging around but he's saying things got even weed when this young boy with asperger's appeared in in the line you know for the book signing so this is Jane. Mom and let's take a listen but then what happened at the end of my presentation there was a little boy back was probably about twelve any points at me and he goes. Why is everybody looking at him and not at me Oh because he's funny that was sort of odd and then what it turned out was that this boy was the son of someone who worked there and that he had asked Burgers so he couldn't judge social situations and he created rules and rituals and then right after that he said the most amazing thing he pointed at me again any went why does it he accept me as his God? It was amazing amazing when that little boy doesn't understand is that I do I find the specificity of religion religion so confusing Jewish you have to wear a hat but only in the middle of your butt all becomes clear the second that you realize that God what is a twelve year old boy with ass burgers. No wonder he's like I fucked up the earth. I should probably flood it and get two of every the animal on a boat not only solution. I see as god no wonder he's like you can't eat pork horses and you're like I wasn't going to eat a horse and he's like good because you can't and you can't have sex. It's rose and you're like what about gay sex religion. It's not a leap of faith. Hey it's high functioning autism excellent Eugene Mauve and they're willing to that album in the show notes a perfect way to end the show I think to end the fray section of the book is Autism and the God connection redefining the autistic experience through extraordinary accounts of spiritual giftedness sadness and if you think that he's on the money when it comes to this preponderance of people suffering from autism having these super-normal oh experiences please let us note because so far he hasn't given any data. He's just collected a bunch of anecdotes. I think we have to go conductor. I'd researched out there. Yes yes so little experiment people but most of it because you are thought it will be I wouldn't really really do. I must say there is there is a very I just wanted to wrap. My favorite part of the show is way you said I don't have any Nazi paraphernalia in my house and then you're like hanging stick casting able worse. Actually I'll tell you the plus ah more coming up and plus to get access the Plus and arends moon mission had to mysterious universal forward slash plus all the details of their it gets you access to the big extensions we do every single week. We're going to drop a huge moon a lunar conspiracy after the break you also get an entirely exclusive Busiv show Natalia exclusive season every single Tuesday you get an extra show <hes> exclusive to poss- members you're getting more than double content. If you sign up poss in addition to all that extra stuff you'll get a high bit right. Fades plus members get the Haas quality audio. We put out three hundred and twenty kilobits per second M._p.. 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