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"sharla saad john lawrence" Discussed on KOMO

"Six six six while you're calling correspondent john laurence looks back on this weekend's allied airstrikes on syria's chemical weapons facilities president trump touted the success of friday's airstrikes on syria every single one hit it started the pentagon one hundred five missiles were fired against syria it was part of the joint effort with the united kingdom and france if we do this kind of a dictator to use chemical weapons that will give a lot of ideas to others it was the world's saying that we've had enough of the use of chemical weapons president trump tweeted the phrase mission accomplished regarding syria and there's no word on a possible longterm strategy assad still rain remains in power there's no question he continues to have an arsenal of chemical weapons i think the real question about whether or not this strike was worthwhile will be determined in the future not the president following serious strikes a bipartisan group of senators on the foreign relations committee released a significant rewrite of the authorisation for the use of military force if the measure clears congress it would give president trump additional abilities to fight terror groups like isis the actions of this president shell that he has a moral leader because he is working for the american people and pushing back on on monsters like sharla saad john lawrence reporting you and i are talking about this morning syria and what if anything american forces should be doing there are we at risk of another vietnam here slowly and inexorably just sinking in deeper give us a call we've got a couple of lines open eight hundred seven three six three six six six eight hundred seven.

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