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"shannon saieed" Discussed on Post Show Recaps

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"shannon saieed" Discussed on Post Show Recaps

"Maggie grace is fantastic in this scene in particular. She's awesome she's great. And what a shot even like ah sites like he never fired. Go before it's like. Yeah and what we do this. How do you know? I've never fired a gun before she knows how to use a gun it because when he tackles her she likes ah pulls the trigger even though she was she had locked dead to rights. It's it's points for being faster than the flash points to Shan Dan for getting her aim thrown off and still getting locked in the head. Right I mean you got a cat like if this. I don't know if this is half life. This would count as a fatality adventure Eh. You know it's more of a fallout thing. We're like you line up your head really. Yeah for like certain parts of the body depending on those percentages. But it's still impressive. Yeah and I think it's really interesting that you know against sites saint like your irrational your emotional but I feel like if that was true for somebody like want their hand be shaky more. She is in this scene. And that's what makes it. So I mean look I. Don't think any of us were really thinking that Lockwood be dead considering that we just had boone die. We can't kill lock cried afterwards but I mean it is it feels still like a scene that has stakes to it and it does have stakes in that. After all happens you know saieed what he's saying saying to Shannon is very reminiscent. You mentioned before of what he says to Charlie this thing of like look. I've been through it. I've killed somebody. Do not do that because it is going to permanently affect you forever. And and we've seen it with Charlie. We are going to see it with Charlie. He does not want to put that onto somebody he cares about in Shannon but after he tackles her after he physically forces her not to get that blood on her hands. He says I'm sorry. And I feel like I can understand. Why Shannon Rebuffs? I'm here because I mean she's been hearing. I'm sorry sorry all day whether it's I'm sorry as unlock. who had boone's blood on his shirt and and from other people at the funeral as well you know when when you sorta like grief if someone in passing you say I'm sorry for your loss like it's all she's been hearing lot? It's a lot person who cares most about on this island is saying the exact same thing I think it tells her. I'm all alone own here. And so I think her storming off. It's going to cause a bit of schism in this relationship. Non Level of Jin and sun. But they're not really going to come back together until he helps her with boone in stuff in an exodus part two before he goes off on his mission but yeah unfortunately the Shannon saieed relationship is on the rocks. Much like Kelvin. INMAN and it's taking a taken a nosedive a good scene though not whatever but Graham reaction I would also say there's an interesting moment where you you know. Locked gets up just grazed his head just merely a flesh wound and Jag lucky that John Locke Yeah even though Jack woke up he is. He's he's still feels like he's in a nightmare and that he is giving a death glare to lock right now so it's very clear that he slept on it and he is still loads. Is this man right now. Yeah all right so back on the beach we see Sawyer is reading to turn a pet. Claire comes up and yeah. He's reading like this sports car. Article is like beneath four point four liter powerplant as Blah Blah Blah. And then and now I would really like back in the day. They should really a book to Josh. Holloway do car commercials because I feel like they have that type of ways. I think it's good. It's good. He does a good job here listed I would. I would listen to an audio book from basically anybody in the lost cast is the point. Even Erin you know because I haven't heard his voice now. What about a and then? The Non Australian actress playing fairly in character. I don't know maybe I'd be interested in at at least listen to a chapter two. It's cute I really liked the turnip head storyline in this episode. It's not like massively memorable but all of those scenes are very very cute. Yeah if we're we're talking again if we're ultimately tracking Sawyer. Earning the points. I think this is another step right. We're ragged into it but at least of contributing on he's game on you you know he's in he's into it later that night sights watching from a distance in case like just give her some time spent through a lot sites stack at work. TIMES GONNA make a difference. Maybe I made a terrible mistake. Is Everybody Joe Blow. Yeah she's like he couldn't let her kill lock. You had no choice. There's always a choice and I love that though. I love that as a thesis statement of site that again. There's there's no fate and there's no luck like like things are in your hands at all times and you live with the choices you make because he has many many times. I like it as an idea again. I think that the execution of the ideas is what is often hit or miss for me. It is very rarely if ever an issue with navy managers. I think that he is terrific and I think very often. He's written beautifully. I think he has some really amazing dialogue along the way across the series some of the some of the moments where the show decides to let him make the choices he makes. Don't always ring totally true to me. This may not be an episode that ranks highly in that regard for me as pertains to Saieed. But it's not the lowest vote. We'll get there. The deeper we get into into the show but in a flashback site gets the INFO our Nadia. She's in Irvine California. She's a lab tech job looked at her house. One time from being mugged. That's right so you're very connected to this woman you're about to be his plane's GonNa leave in two hours if he gets on that plane then. Psalms body's going to be cremated sites very upset about muscle. Man is supposed to be buried. He says they're like well. No one's going to claim the body. There's there's no family to win the biases all claim the body and stupid agent robby. Whatever you can't claim them if you're on a flight in two hours mate sorry guys hi? It's like well then change my flight to tomorrow and walks away like the diva. He is good on side. There's always a choice and your choice to to bury your friend. Who just brutally betrayed is going to condemn you to the island for the next several months but maybe that means that are are these guys? Ao Jays think Jacob told them to like purposely Jay But I think that this is really interesting scene for Saieed as well because I think it's probably already realize beforehand but this cements for him. In this moment that these people regarded Assam and end him as not people as objects as things to get to an ultimate goal to cross a name off aboard back at age. We're like they. They didn't care about their own. Well being they cared up terrible they cared about the quote unquote greater good. And so I think that site sort of realizing like Oh yeah. They're not even going to treat this body with proper burial for for the the cultural custom. There's going to be like. Yeah we'll just throw in the incinerator just shows how much they look down on. And just don't humanize humanize him or anyone else involved with him in this case so I I think it's it's a bitter note for site to leave. I'm but also a little sweet in that like you said He. Does they end up making the choice of this to Assam. You know. He's the one who ends up causing his death directly and so he feels like he does it to him to at least be able to give them a proper burial so the final scene of the episode all takes place at night and side comes to lock and he's putting ornament on his head wound. Another war wound and cited explains Aliens. I did what I did because they sense that you may be our best hope of surviving here. But I don't forgive what you did and I certainly don't trust you and again. I still feel like the consequences are not fully developed here for John Locke but that is the way that it is and he says well. Now you're GonNa take me to the hatch. The hats I saw. John Numeral lies..

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