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"shannon sawyer" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

Rob Has a Podcast

04:43 min | 11 months ago

"shannon sawyer" Discussed on Rob Has a Podcast

"I really hope that jin plays the spurs hurley's. He played title on site earlier this season so genius charitable as early to tell you son okay. Let's go back to the beach okay. Jane and ream have the idols but what's going on here with charlie. The behavior charlie's being appreciated around camp. Committee is charlie with the winner editor. Josh i think that people are finally starting to appreciate the fact that charlie writes all of his votes on his hand and the present it to the camera turkey on the paper the name on it and he's nearing transparent when he comes back vote for you just like shows them his hands yeah but you know what he is already making his greatest hits for what he wants to talk about the which is a bit presumptuous but it seems like you know his can-do attitude is becoming appreciated. Okay all right. Let's go to tribal council here at the final seven who is going to face off against son at the next redemption island alright ream still with an idol jin still with an idol. Let's check this this out. Okay ream does not play her idol. Jin does not play his idol. I vote sawyer sawyer sawyer three votes sawyer. It's about time shannon. I voted season shannon. I forgot she was this year sawyer. The tribe has spoken five votes for sawyer. Let's see if it was the others in the beach people well. Let's see if they got together on the same page. This was a vote charley. Yeah thin curly all over sawyer. Sawyer voted for shannon bream voted for shannon sawyer. At least he's successfully conned remember that he was the string for ethan. You voted offer me last time. It's fine like the i mean even sawyer without hyperbole. The three others might be playing one of the best brands steal games i have ever let's see the others are literally taking the game which is what they do so that makes sense but they are just like taking this. Here's what has to happen. The the beach pros need to realize that they need rematch. Kareem is a person that don't just vote out ream five to one here you. You need to get this unique to pull ross guys okay yes but the problem is they understand it jin's got an idol and reams title hurley beauty. Just turn on each other to happen here. Okay boy can can you read the file six. Okay all right. This is incredible. You manifest this <hes> but lost the match. If there was a magic box and we haven't you wanted was in there it would be there would be you manifested riemann the magic box and here. She is final even not on the manifest slow okay. Let's say spelled his name. It's actually easson jason zone. They got just to talk this through with the redemption island of it all so we're going to have our final six and then we're gonna vote somebody <music> out and then mike is somebody coming back into a new second final six. No we are coming back at to make a new final five. We have two more votes and then someone's coming back. Okay okay all right. Let's go to our alliances here. Basically it's beach rose versus the others yes. That's all that matters. She's floating yeah but i never wanted to another brand with a swap beautiful lean elegant. It's not confusing on all unlike lost okay all right. Let's go to on versus sawyer. Give us sir preview here. Josh is bad but between these two because sawyer turned on sunday. They were so tight for such a long time they were in sawyer votes together. Let alone he's like yeah. You know how you thought that the others bagged you up. Actually that was me and charlie. I mean i guess technically he's another for the purposes of this grant steel as and she smacked him in the face and that's like the those are the stakes heading into this <hes> this one v one. This was the ozzy versus cochran challenge that cochrane brin almost beat ozzy at the table as <hes> but <hes> ozzy ultimately prevailed sawyer and it's gonna ask sawyer have a chance..

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