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"shannon odonnell" Discussed on KOMO

"Third Avenue southwest at Bon air place it's a full response so stay clear your next for coming up at ten fourteen J. Philip school motives there calmly go roof forecasters Shannon odonnell Yasser ray back as we headed to tomorrow so just kind of get back into the old routine after our drive break it's nearly rap so this will give us a wet morning commute at least for the second half of it the P. dart out the door really early tomorrow especially for about eight o'clock you probably have a lot of drive it does look decidedly more damn great gives way to scattered showers in the afternoon highs in the forties at that store level low wish to thousand feet so that means that passes for sure we get a good coating of snow for which you're driving conditions cascades the ski resorts pick up several inches as well so some fresh she's I called up there as we head to Thursday night all right thank you Shannon right now we've got forty two degrees in Seattle stay connected stay informed home all night side colonies time ten OO five art Sanders top stories now for the Colo twenty four seven news center told the last month about how baby was struggling after being infected by mold in the operating room at Seattle children's hospital was Charlie harder tells us the story has taken as sad turned in an early Wednesday Facebook post family says Elizabeth Vera hud keen her wings on her one hundred seventy fifth day of life that's family had joined a class action lawsuit against the hospital last month that's when it was learned Aspergillus mold remained in the ventilation system of some operating rooms this is what.

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