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"shannon brig" Discussed on MMA Roasted

"All right, the trailer card. Did you guys, first of all, I don't understand what is going on with this. Okay, it was gonna triangle. And they said it was like a hybrid of MMA in boxing. It was all boxes. There was no MMA. We were trying to triangle. Like what's half of an octagon and half of a square is a triangle? What's going on at the geometry? It was crazy. So supposed to be MMA versus boxing, right? And Shannon Briggs had the boxing team and rampant had to end my team. Now these two together are hilarious. Like they really should remake like how high with those two because they're just constantly barking at each other and Shannon brig is like, you know, let's go jam. Let's go champ. And he said he was mad at him because he wanted to play BA baracus in the 18 but he turned it down. And then rampage said he could hear Shannon. Hello and people say they turned it down. Like, oh, did you? You turned down a major motion. What else did you have to do? That you couldn't make time for a major motion. Okay, sure. You turned it down. And then rampage would say he could hear him saying, let's go champ by himself when he's naked in his own room. These two together are hilarious, but I gotta say, all right, first of all, the Frank Mir pula fights. This is like, you know, Frank Mir is all in one as a boxer. Oh, and one. This guy Poole was 28 and two. With his only losses coming to Klitschko and Anthony Joshua, right? So pretty good fighters. And he brought Joshua like ten months ago. It wasn't like he fought him like, you know, Frank Mir was never a striker. Like, even when he was like, UFC champion, it was his jiu-jitsu at a grappler. Dude, they're going to get somebody killed in this organization because there was no reason for this fight. I understand, well, Frank Mir signed up for great. A lot of fighters would do a lot of stupid things. But they're going to get somebody murdered. And that's almost what happened because Dan Merkel, this guy was I never saw a guy out on his feet, didn't know where he was in round one. You saw it quickly, mccorkle. You know how you always do? Yeah. You could tell there was in a boxer and an MMA fighter. You saw those straight quick punches. The Frank Mir had no idea were coming at him. And man, it was sad. I want to know what mattered loud I was doing. What world was he in? Where he let him take those extra shots and then at least give him a standing 8 count, something. You know what I mean? Like, he's not going to get somebody killed, man. That was, I thought I couldn't believe it. I watched replay I kept hearing people say that he's going to get somebody killed. You know whatever. It was worse than I heard online. Like it was bad me. And I don't understand. So they gave suppose that it gave Mike Perry a $150,000 for his fight, right? Two 50. I heard two 50. And they gave me a million or something. And then they gave the other. It was $3 on the event. It was $3. And where are they getting his money from? And they pay Metallica. Metallic is not doing anything with fucking cheap. I mean, what? Oh my God..

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