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"shannon bluebell" Discussed on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed

"Because magic was willing cat. What do you want. How do i make all team. Cass called him cabinet to guys and bowl to try out the knows me. It's me it's me eventually was gonna happen. They got to go to separate ways. And ben simmons like he's i believe you show favoritism toward joel embiid. I believe you've done paying too busy joylin beans team. It's time for me to go in. Even if i don't have my own team i want to be away from here. Okay bottom lines this. It could come down to this. What if the sixers do dig in. And just say. I'm sorry if you don't wanna play just go home and we're not gonna pay you and the nba is going to suspend you know. We'll let's do the hypothetic. Okay think about this. How long would been sim and sit. Would he sit for the whole year and lose the thirty three. Here's my point. He's different his his mindset is different than a lot of players where i don't know the he needs basketball to be happy like if we go back to magic and bird they just live to hoop. Like i'm gonna play so you got to set out a whole year. They're gonna say. I'm sorry i can't do that right. They're not made that way but he strikes me as the kind of young man who's very stubbornly proud very high principal. That's why he's he's standing by his his prince rise on this like they wronged me so i go okay but the point is he might stand on his principal so strongly he might be the kind who would sit a whole year and then forced the trade next summer. I don't believe he has great representations rich. Paul and i believe rich. Paul will advise against eating out lewd leaving thirty three million on the table. I just believe wouldn't help rich. And right my thing is is the i'm gonna go to camp. I'm will be professional. But i've made it abundantly clear and when reporters asked me i made it clear to them they know what my stance is. I prefer to be elsewhere. Okay anytime anybody asked me. I prefer to be elsewhere. Okay we'll if leading up to the trade deadline dame comes available or bradley beal comes of jolo is what i'm that. It may take that long for this to reach the fruition that the sixers would get fair market value. Back who'd owner. I'm parking my car. This every i'll shares okay. Josh hair yellow parking spot. I'm back back more radio spot every day. I think you just got suspended way. Well here we go every day here. We go john. Danny my of juries. That's the only thing. I'm practicing me out of here. Are you sure about does it. That's all i got for you. Okay all right. It'd be your way doug how this plays out. Let's hear it for the precious metals scratchers from the virginia lottery precious metals scratchers they contain prizes ranging from. Hey let me just mention the second chances. Sorry it's this. Last album failed to go platinum. A platinum scratcher really precious. Metals graduated from the virginia lottery loaded with prices ranging from five thousand to one million dollars in a second chance to win over two hundred fifty thousand dollars. Check out all four for odds and more information visit the lottery dot com charlotte wilder. Here to tell you about my new podcast with marc tightest called the people sports podcast. It comes out every thursday mark. And i take one of the big stories of the week and then we go off on tangents. You never saw coming. This might mean that we start talking about the dodgers winning the world series and end up wondering if knicks fans deserve happiness or begin with lebron's greatness and end up drafting. Our ultimate beer league softball team made up of old athletes whatever. It is the only rule of the shows that it has to be fun and funny because eased as we could all use as many laps as we can get so. Check it out. Wherever you get your podcasts income down weird sports rabbit holes with us. We can't wait to have you slogan like tom. Brady made the right decision to leave. New england for tampa when asked if to twelve felt vindicated for leaving the patriots. Tom senior told. Tom curren quote dan right and also added bella. Check wanted him out the door and last year. He threw fifty six touchdowns. I think that's a pretty good year. Senior shannon bluebell decision to move on from. Tom brady go down as the biggest mistake in league history. No i don't think so. I think there's a nuanced approach to this that we have to look at. Let's look at tom brady. Do you believe coach. Belichick could have surrounded him with what he has in tampa. I don't when tom brady is last year. You look at what he had to do. Skip he don't overpay for two wide receivers overpaid for two tidying and even though he overpaid the don't have the level of talent that tom has in tampa. I mean. after. Tom happened and tom. Com goes was looking at it from this perspective. Skip this is what i have. I have an agent quarterback. I remember skip a woman who's on his last legs or after last he retired. That's how banged up. Dopey was so. That's what tom brady would have been throwing to. He had jacoby miles who they converted from a quarterback too wide receivers. They had an akil. Harry who haven't panned out to this point just yet and i don't see how much longer he i'll see if they're very much longer. Maybe this year but probably mess just kept. He'd be out here to to tiny neither of them paying the ended up going to free getting john. Lewis smith at hunter. Henry had over overpaid for those guys. They had over overpaid for they got the care. From nelson aggie larva from san francisco overpaying for none of those guys are better than chris godwin. None of those guys are better than mike. It's none of those guys better than antonio brown none of those titles better than grown or better than the cameron break so in other words is when you look at it i get it. The tom brady feel because he left a situation where the cover was bare. Your go to a store with a covered stock. in fact it's overflowing you also remember. I tell you when family members and close friends. I can remind you of you saying that they speak for the player. That's a law that go we're not talking So for me. I get it i look at a mistake. Is something that the biggest mistake would have been the kohl's select lead over peyton manning. Yep but skip if you tell me coach. Belichick was going to stop the cupboards and he led tom brady go. Yeah i would say you know what that was a huge mistake but coach belichick is looking at it looking at. What do i have look at the way tom brady is playing knowing that. I can't get on my god. I may excuse me. Mike chris godwin. He had a b. But mr crap some happening. They've gotta get you come. I believe even with just ab it elements tall on our pretty good. Yes he just needed weapons. He's already. he's not thirty so him being able to elevate everybody else he needs a little help. Now there's nothing wrong with that. And i don't believe coach belichick with over going to be able to provide. Even when you look at the defense skip. Hightower was good but he never white and the bhante david and that differs the front shocked barrett. Jp ensue vida. They weren't going to have that. In new england. So i believe that's why don't you check with so easily willing to move on knowing that. I can't give him what he walt. But todd should feel vindicated. Mr brady senior should feel vindicated that you know what wasn't washed up. All i needed was a little hill hill. That i wasn't going to get in new out. Okay i got you.

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