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"shanghai medvedev" Discussed on The Body Serve

"But I don't I really don't have any regrets. I really don't I've I've lived exactly how wanted to. I've tried my hardest every single time. I didn't win the matches. Maybe I should have always wanted but I really get a mile so that for me. Hi everyone welcome back to the body. Serve I'm James. I'm Jonathan will. We have reached the final episode of Twenty Nineteen. Yes that is correct there. There still could be a floating episode. I duNno I duNno okay. That could be a Christmas surprise. I would say we were exhausted. But we've been a bit energized over the past week because we're pretty bold over by how the go fund me has gone so far. I'm completely sincere when I say that it's crazy. In addition to that so many of you have written such wonderful things on the go fund me page. I read one too. Because you hadn't seen a new side continued doing this. I'm going to start to believe it. There's a lot of truth in that because honestly there's so many people who've donated who've never heard from we. We are really just shocked that so many people have responded to this and so all of this is to say we thank you immensely and it makes us very motivated to continue to put out a good product going forward and hopefully a better one. Yes a couple of notes on the go fund me going forward. We had said when we were teasing it that we intended to keep it running through the Australian Open and there couple of reasons for that. The first being we started early because I mean this is such a difficult time of year for a lot of people moneywise that we didn't want to we didn't want people to feel rushed in having to contribute a certain window right like there's Thanksgiving Black Friday shopping Christmas January. Lord knows everybody's broken January in right right and then the other bizarre historically for us we get or most traffic at the grand slams so it made sense for us to potentially try in an have new listeners. Be a part of the process as well. So thank you. Everybody who's donated. We encourage you to share the go fund me with your friends. If you know folks who like tennis you know have them. Listen to a couple of your favorite episodes and see if that moves the needle a little bit. What we're really here to do is recap. The season in men's tennis. Quite different from the women in that most of the same people were achieving the big things. And that's been the case in men's tennis for over a decade we had two people when to slams each Nadal. Jovovich are still one into in the world. Roger Federer is three there of course are a lot of rumblings in that next Gen second tier dominant team rung of the ladder. That they're getting much louder. Guest this business of the big three still being firmly entrenched. I feel as though that's most clear at the Grand Slam level but stuff is percolating more so than it ever has before we had dominant team winning a masters one thousand we Daniel. Medvedev winning two. We had Stephanos seats winning the year entitle. A lot of things happened team had a win over. Jovic of the French Open to get back to the Roland Garros Final Again. But he got there with a little bit more moxy. I felt this year folks who had good results in the past have built on them. Folks have entered the top ten for the first time that maybe ONC- tear it's becoming a little bit more populated and the young guys are on the come up. We saw a lot of young guys have big results this year if you're looking at the HEB stores fires. What's the product going to look like going forward? I think it it's in a more positive light now than it has been the last few years because we've actually seen concrete signs of stepping up the trouble for the ATP going forward after the Big Three. I felt it was a problem for them. If you just skip the entire middle generations and relied upon the shop all of the Osceola Zemes the Huchon of all these young up and coming players right Medvedyev city. If guys like team didn't make a mark at all during this transition period then you'd be in trouble because you could be in store for a few baron years right but I don't think that's going to happen no I don't at this point I remember a few years ago. We were saying the. Atp is in rough shape like they need to get their house in order and the next gen process has been a kind of iterative. It's it's been a like a Beta testing and a lot of it has worked a lot of it has stuck the difference on the WTO. Is that their next. Gen is winning big titles and were starting to see the successes of that investment in Nexgen on the ATP side so the four slam winners. Jovic starts the year by beating a surprising finalist in Adul- An adult with a a reworked serve. If you're recalling. Dial Kinda blitzed his way through that field to get to the final. We thought that he stood a pretty decent chance because his game was so aggressive and he was beating people so easily as it turned out. Jovic handled him probably as easily as he ever has not fine. He got clobbered at Roland Garros. After a difficult clay season rough winds number. Twelve la duo decima against dominic team for the second straight year in the final at Wimbledon. I we all know what happened. At Wimbledon it was both For heartbreaking for some invigorating for others tragedy and triumph this match one. That was referenced. Probably the most with respect to any question. We asked the listeners for this episode Favorite moment most surprising most shocking. Funniest depending how you are on the evil scale right back but for drama and feeder you cannot do much better than this match no at the. Us Open we had another five-set. Men's final roughing. It all wins. Us Open number. Four in this decade beating Daniel Medvedev. Rafa looked shook in the fifth set. And I remember saying that he needed to kind of wheel and come again in that facet because he looked tired. He looked beat physically mentally and he did it. Because medved have had serious momentum on the masters one thousand level a big moment for dominant team winning a masters one thousand on a hardcourt albeit a slower hardcore a grittier hardcore and more high bouncing court what adver but it was. M- versus Mr Federer. It was in Miami Roger Federer coming off of losing in the final two team. At the previous event in Indian Wells he wins. Beating is ner the defending champion. That seems like ages ago. That is ner was the finalist Miami. I had a double check that it was even this year and monte-carlo Fabio Fanini while this was a wild tournament one of the more surprising masters winners in in the past five years. Fabio Fanini overdue son lives in the final Fabio beating a kind of a listless Nidal earlier in the tournament in Madrid joke of its beats citybus and in Rome what happened. What happened in in Madrid happening? And what's happened in? Rome was at Rafa when the title avenging has lost to Teensy bus in the semi finals and then beating Jovic in the final. You kind of left out a happen at in that thing it started off with Monte-carlo what happened. What happened in a remote? Well we are. This is real in that final. If YOU RECALL NIDAL BE JOVIC. Six love in the first set. That's when you got the sense that Nadal on clay was back in the driver's to yeah in Canada and Montreal wins again. He defended his Rogers. Cup title beating mad video of in Cincinnati of reached. I think it was his third straight final at the time beating. Goffin in the final will we get to the. Us Open then. Shanghai Medvedev wins another masters beating Alexander Zverev and that was verbs only big final of the year minutes. Capped in Paris with Djokovic winning his second masters one thousand of the year beating shovel of who had an exceptional finished his year winning title as well and finally in the World Tour Finals Stefan Citybus Beats Dominic team in the final. So we've got fourteen big titles on the ATP next year there will be fifteen with the Olympics but of those fourteen they were not quite as spread out as they are on the WPA. Nidal Wins Four. Two majors and two masters Jovovich wins. Four two majors two masters and my Veggie of wins to two masters. So that's ten fourteen one by three gentleman right on the eight to five hundred level of which are thirteen tournaments in Rotterdam gammel feast. Got a good start to the year less Loggia in Rio. He wins his first tournament in Dubai. Federer scores the Win Acapulco this tournament Kinda loomed large over Wimbledon because when curious beats nidal their their rematch at Wimbledon becomes one of the most anticipated much of the year so curious winning Acapulco in Barcelona Dominic team wins in Hallo- Federer Queens one of the Herculean efforts of the year Feliciano Lopez winning singles and doubles on the same day. Winning something like five matches in two and a half days in Hamburg. Bustle severely wins Washington. Curious gets his second five hundred of the year Beijing. Dominic team starts his surge at the end of the season. If you recall. He suffered from some viral illness. That kind of derailed his summer hard court season in Tokyo Jovic Winds Vienna. Dominic team wins again and then the final. Atp five hundred of the year in Basel Federer wins. His third has third five hundred title correct. So the title leaders eared. Jovovich and team were tied at five. And then we had three players winning four titles Nidal Medvedyev and Roger Federer and not the you know the eleven titles ten titles that we've seen in the past during the heyday of the big three but things are a lot more spread out these days. Also an adult played twelve tournaments jovovich federally sixteen each. They're not for whatever reason. Be It body preservation. Be It injury. They're not playing as much as the other guys. Somebody in the top ten hit his highest twenty seven tournaments and it wasn't dominic team. I was in the twenties but some Tony. Our go played twenty three series. I think so w gopher impossible while he did it on the double side. A lot of noise was being made by a few different teams are bare. Ma who win the career Grand Slam at the Australian Open beating continent appears Evelyn girls. We get to shocking winner and crab eats and mies beating shoddy in Martin at Wimbledon the newly number one team from Columbia Cabal and Farah when Wimbledon and the. Us Open a bit of a doubles covet. If you recall Kabbah and Fara they had lost previously in the weeks leading up to Wimbledon to Andy Murray and Feliciano Lopez at the Queen's Club Nature Valley Fever Tree Fever Tree. Yes and so they play again in the first round of Wimbledon. That's correct right. And then they beat the right Murray Lopez. We're going to speak a little bit about a couple of observations some notable things before we get into Davis Cup. Because we haven't talked about that and then we'll do or listener questions and lead that kind of inform the rest of the recap. I think Roberto Bautisa good is the book end of the ATP SEASON. He was present for so many pivotal moments..

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