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"shane weng" Discussed on Inside Supercars

"We try and race as long as I can and do whatever I can, of course, but the day you want to have fun with the people that mean something to you and you want to have them around at the weekends and join it with you as well. And you know going out for dinners and having a good time of an art time too. And you brought in and over the years you've had a lot of good partners that have been able to gain something from you and you've been able to keep racing because of them. Yeah, absolutely. And as we know, we don't go racing without the support crew, you know, so guys like clean from trady pad and Josh from Cosmo grains and the list goes on, you know it's really good. And having them come to the racetrack, you know, hanging out which kind of early on in the year was a little bit difficult because it was kind of just cruel and teams go to the track. So that was a little bit disappointing, probably from there. And as well, because I always want to be here. Quite a few of them. This weekend, but yeah, without the support group, I stayed home and I watched it all on TV so it certainly don't turn any ties around without them, so yeah, very, very, very thankful. Well, the twos on the trophy this year, the goal I imagine for 2022 is to move that one number up. Yeah, absolutely. That's definitely the goal. Kind of feel with our last two rounds being at this and at city motor sport park, I think our paces is there that if all the ducks line up and we tick all the boxes then we should be able to have a shake, but obviously motor sport anything can happen. This year was kind of about learning, you know, as much as we possibly could, you know, we didn't come in thinking we were going to win the championship or even fought for top three in the championship to be fair, but just keep chipping away, try and win some races, get some fast slaps and poles, whatever the one race we've got a couple of poles, but I feel like this weekend we've probably had a little bit more in the car for whatever reason the first few hundred meters of these races are bringing me on stock and by the time I get to where I should have been at the start, nice run away, you'll Boggs run away at eastern creek and then it's everyone's too tight. You can't go giving away that sort of thing. So I have to get a little bit more aggressive and give myself a bit of a tune up and we can look in the mirror and wake up to myself and try and make sure those starts are you know as good as I can be like everybody else and hit the ground running and we'll see where we end up. Well, Tim have a great Christmas and looking forward to seeing how your team makes it out on the greater hint. Yeah, yeah, thanks very much. Yeah, fingers crossed. We're back in the 38 trading pad wall racing rocket and see how we go. Great to catch up with Tim brook there. And you can see once again, how much he's developed as a racing driver in that time. Now, to Shane weng is Bergen a very well credentialed and established driver. He's the supercar champion. And it was announced this week that he'll also be racing in the Australian rally championship with his sponsor Red Bull. It's awesome to be obviously part of the Red Bull family, but then to drive with them and supercars, but now rally as well..

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