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"shane strickland" Discussed on Talking Junk

"You got two beautiful children one on the way. Yep yep yep yep boy number three boy number three trio time teams or thing now so my. I just had a conversation while wife about that. I'm not sure that to go into a russell and so we'll see what what about you sir. You've had quite the wrestling career in a short. What five six years. Yep so you you made the rise from cdw before that. It was a thirty six. Promotions davie said in an interview direct. Yeah alerts it was a pretty crazy number. That first year that i started wrestling just because i was so hungry and determined to just kinda get my name out there so everywhere Everywhere that had an open spot. I didn't care if it was a bigger promotion smaller promotion you know. I was just trying to get on the road and and you know. Get my name out there and try to make a little bit of money and i was all over the place that first year and you were heavily with the the velveteen dream during all of this for short of time before he got hold by. Wwe to do Tough enough. We were attacked team For for a couple of months but it it definitely wasn't over a year. Because i think that's when you got that call okay now should have did my My internet homework but i I know you put out a yes awa. Please give this man a shot. But we'll get there. We'll get there Now lost my train of thought because they got me all excited if you gone a w but Which is not that's not happening. I'm it's just a fantasy trimark dribble with anybody So sees where were we. Ccw You face a lot of people that are big names. Now yeah yes. Craziest created to see the amount of people that are russell. went back on the indies. Who are all no science or make a major promotion. So yeah is this. Some of your favorite matches a leading up to cw during What people that are kind of you know at the the bigger promotions now or could just be. Anybody could just be anybody well. I mean lot of the people that i did russell Back then you science somewhere now. So i say guys like you know shane strickland..

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