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"shane mack" Discussed on MyTalk 107.1

"She thought that she was her mom was pregnant and her mom was gonna be giving birth. But the baby did not make it through delivery and they had to bury her little baby, and she was saying in that family Each kid had an opportunity to kind of raise help. Raise up a baby. They were born. And then the older ones got to care for the next ones that came soon was probably very young. Yes, and she was so excited about the opportunity to help out and then she Laid near his grave site at night. I mean, there's this really heart wrenching stuff, by the way it was the woman from Was it. Jennifer Nettles? Yeah, you played dollies Mother. Get up, and she did a really nice job. And then it was Ricky Schroder from silver spoons who played her father. And the little girl is from one of the soap operas. I'm sorry I can't recall. But she's from a soap opera. Oh, really? Yes. And she did a great job. By the way for Christmas I got from my roomie, Dolly Parton. So, um, Song Teller. Book. Oh, it's so great! It's so pretty. It's called my Life and lyrics. Dolly Parton. Oh, um, it's really cool because she breaks down every song. And what? What? The inspiration for the song Woz, and she gets a little bit of history over. It's really well done. The really nice like coffee table book. Well, that's nice. The twist turns and curls of all of her library. Yes, like again. I can't hear dollars boys ever since you said it sounded curly That's already kind of really girly voice because it's like, you know, it's got a lot of booty Doo doos. Yeah, and that little a Libya. Allan Lindh is the name of the young actress from the young and the restless young and the restless. There you go, who played the nine year old double did a great job She really did. I just thought the movie was very sweet. It wouldn't work well done movie. It was very sweet. I'm a country guy now, Speaking of which one of my favorite country bands Is Lady antebellum. I did not know that I love them. Okay, so they had the final number one song of 2020. As far as I'm sure it says for his country music goes, and they had the first number one song of 2021. Now this song actually came out in April. And it was featured on song Land, The NBC music show You Love. It's so well Done, it is It's the best. I really think this is like the best music show. So a Canadian singer songwriter named Madeleine Merlot presented the episodes ultimately winning song. It was called all Drink to that. Lady a made adjustments to the lyrics with one of the producers on the show, Shane Mack an alley They changed the title to Champagne night. And it is actually the first winning song from song Land to be promoted as an official radio single. So oftentimes they release them tow iTunes but never to actual, You know, they don't all make it to radio. This is a real deal. Legit single. Let's hear it here. It's a little bit of a champagne night. 11 boobs.

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Bots to Date for Us: The Future of Love?


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Bots to Date for Us: The Future of Love?

"Brought you in because Of a woman name his Enya. She's a mutual friend of ours. We both know her and she said something to me that I thought was like one of the most was fascinating things. A tech person has said to me. We were doing an interview in San Francisco like outside at some fancy place and she was talking about artificial intelligence. I and a friend of hers had passed away and using all his personal data text messages and like anything he'd put out there publicly she had recreated the digital version of him a lot of some sort That she would. It was almost like a shadow of him that she would still talk to which was like this crazy concept at the time time on. There's like a Black Mirror episode. That feels very similar to this and she would be texting with the Roman brought to her having this whole conversation about the future of AI. Hi and she said one line to me and this is how I always is like as a reporter as a journalist. This is how I always end up doing different episodes and like I go off and I go off into the world and do a whole different story based on something one person says to me in an interview and this is how. I think I've come to you. She said well in the future. We won't even date on dating APPs we'll have bots to date for us like they'll just date for us. We won't even have to swipe and I was like I wonder if down the line that will happen. So that brings me to you. Shane Mack is yet and That's going to happen rate for sure and so. Tell me an and it's happening happening because you're doing that in some capacity before we kind of get into that. Let's talk a little bit about you. you're obsessed with bots. I am now. Yeah what about them. It wasn't my first love. I was obsessed with messaging and I really loved the idea that I should be able to text people and businesses the same and the future would be all lived within messaging not calling or doing crappy website or downloading an APP and then my co-founder was the founder of declawed Robert Stevens and he came to me and said hey the future is not messaging humans future as messaging bots and other. What do you mean? And he's like well. The future is about language talking to systems so he was like let's just hack greatclips website And I'm I'm going to build a textbook that allows me to say I want to get a haircut today and it'll go fill out all the stuff for me automatically on the website and the Bal respond back and say there's a opening and twelve minutes fourteen minutes nineteen minutes and we built it and this is a two thousand thirteen and we went in and Robert Name was on the screen. Is Robert Stevens twelve minutes. And he's like this is the future and it's going to remove all the software in the middle and so then I became obsessed with the mission that bots will create the next wave of the internet which I think because about getting us off the Internet the last decade was about getting us on the Internet and I think the next one is about getting us all Florida vices capacity. Because if you start with today you start with letters to make words words to make meaning and meaning goes to be intent but if you go tomorrow I think we start with intent tent like I want to get a haircut and the body goes a nice it for you and a learns about you knows your preferences and knows how you talked. Everyone else watches in dating context. I look get where people always have. Friction and get kind of Annoyed and I'll listen to people on dating APPS and they're like I have an inbox full of tons of people. We all say the same shit and it's just an endless banter and I can never remember windfall up with and then I've taken to my text messages and I don't remember an unnamed named hello there fucking know this person is and I listened to Mike Okay. So that's not the future that's too much friction and it's causing people things -iety and I think the boss will handle all that. Can you just our listeners. explain like the most basics of like what is it yeah It's just a piece of software that can communicate with you and whether it's on Alexa that would be about whether there it's In a text message a response back and says had agreed. And it's a computer system not a human that's about or if it can talk systems like we have what's that we've built that can both haircuts or book appointments or Boca Flight. Do Anything like that in your company. Assist essentially built kind of this platform all for for this and so much show that facebook kind of called on you. I remember when Mark Zuckerberg Was Up there and facebook launched bats like the Sucker burgers up there talking about one eight hundred flowers that face because its developer's conference for folks who don't know they have developers conference once a year where like all all the facebook executives. Get up there and they talk about like their biggest things that are coming down the pipeline. It's a very big deal for facebook And and they kind of set the stage and and I remember Mark Zuckerberg getting up there. And he's like you never have to call one eight hundred flowers again right and And he's a because there's like a bought right or or something and that was powered by you guys right or you through the first partner. Ever launched seventy two hours before we didn't know it was going to happen and they said Zuckerberg wants to know if the CEO will care at one eight hundred flowers if he makes fun of them and the C O like no. It's amazing let's do it and he's he's always been very progressive and he built his company off being the first company in the world to sell on a phone number and then he was the first person to sell on the Internet compuserve in Nineteen ninety-three and so the fact that they were the first to launch with us to do boss like made sense and it was cool. And so you sold. Are you required. said it was acquired And this this is where things get interesting right because like I think you know we've heard about bots like for all these big companies using it especially customer service bots and all this the stuff but like things are getting really This is where I light up right because like she kinda weird ray because now they're going to be used in all these different ways like this is stuff that no one's talking about there's a whole other use case of bonds and you started thinking about it As it pertained anti like our personal lives right dating and there is a problem and the problem is that there's so many options is really hard so all this is kind of happening simultaneously simultaneously. So you have kind of somehow. Shane thought about bought use for dating APPS. How did that come Komo doubt yet? So I'll give you the business answer and then like my personal and business answer is I actually have been always very interested in the space And I was like the swipe is commoditised so all their business models are built on connection but the connections now infinite like. It's not that you can't get connected because everyone's is on them. It's become mass market. And there's no more stigma than so now everyone's connected. Yeah we literally. There's like so many connections. You don't know what to do. So they've nailed their business model so well that it has has no value so now you have endless connections. But that's how they make money but if I don't need to use specific apps pay them to have more connections then the question becomes uh-huh if if swipes were like how you walked up to someone at a bar and you judge them you have to look at a photo type left right. I think the future is actually the language of the bought that that is what I was like. Oh the first response is actually the new. Swipe the words are the swipe. That's how you get a response. Because everyone I talked to you since messages than ever hear back so then the way that you send messages and how you communicate effectively in what do you have any whitten. Are you funny. Are you curious. Are you specific questions. All all types of things like stuff that I like to think about and just like how do you get people to be more curious and more specific in their question asking. I was like if I can teach everyone how to ask better questions. Will they get better answers. And we'll get responses and it is the new business model based on words not on swipes. That's how that was like maybe okay so now giving the personal answer answer because you're also a dude who sounds like you're on the dating apps and like An. I know every founder tries to fix a problem for himself. So were you just not getting responses. No not actually if you will see if take handwrite and I love what hinge. Did they made it more personal use personal message to a piece of content. That takes so much time. Yeah Yeah and so. I'm looking at it and for me. I always optimizing time and I'm like wait. I'm writing the same type of message for the hiking photo jumping at the top of a cliff for almost every single one or a piece of food that someone has or they have the picture on the bowed or they have a dog like they're all kind of the same and it's it's Kinda sad I was like shit. They all look the same in this profile format that hinge created and it takes forever to literally type A thoughtful message over and over again and and I was like I wonder if I could create a Bot. That would watch how I communicate and optimize it based on if people respond and over time be better at writing and also use the community so if other people are using different language I would learn like searching searching on the Internet. You can search. What are the top fifty things to say dating but when it's in your keyboard and it's part of your body it's probably conversation? It's like there at the moment when you're sending a message and you can then send fifty st messages in a minute. Instead of fifty messages a day.

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"shane mack" Discussed on First Contact with Laurie Segall

"I spent a lot of time talking to the inside baseball. Silicon Valley crowd the people who create the technology. You use every day. But I'd like to think that the best way we can actually understand the implications of tech is to get outside the bubble and my next guest is one of my favorite people when it comes to that. Her name is Jasmine Technica send. She's the person who helps big brands in on identity. Her company candor has clients like the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Grey Dog and she uses methodology called brand human to help people understand who they are at their core and how that translates the outside on the company level. Now I know are pretty well and how I really want to introduce to you is. She's just someone who worked with creative people and ask the right questions. I ask questions for a living and I've already asked a lot of them on this podcast this season. So we're going to refer back to a lot of those episodes but I was thinking about it and I don't WanNa just put out all of these ethical questions about tax and never come back to them so today. That's what we're going to do. I'm Laurie Segal. And this is first contact. Okay I'm super super excited to have you on first contact. I was going back and thinking who are really interesting people who have a voice and have something to say and your name just automatically came up your top of mind so I guess we should start out by talking about our first contact. Yes please how would you describe our first contact? Jasmine? You'RE GONNA give it to me Well I would describe it from a place of just like total connection There was a a through line with US immediately. Basically we were at dinner And the theme was sex. Yeah your sexual life and your sexual preferences or problems with sex and it was a curated group of quote unquote powerful women and that was the conversation to like. Set the scene for everyone. It's all these like really well dressed cool powerful women and everybody's talking about sex and you know saying things about their sex life and really opening up and I had two thoughts at the time. My two thoughts were the woman next to me is awesome about us because we were talking total business. We just had this connection into the other thought I had was like. What are the waiters thinking right now? Absolutely and it was all male waiters which was really funny which I don't think was considered before this is subtle curatorial rate decision rate and. You're just a person that people immediately asked questions to you exude wisdom. No and I remember us just having a really great conversation at the women empowering sex dinner you know. Let's talk a little bit about you because you're someone I go to this kind of outside of inside baseball Silicon Valley area but that has like such a unique perspective on everything going on and so all these really creative types or all these different companies come to you and ask you to help out and all that stuff and you're kind of in charge of I would almost say like being there like head in their heart and creating an identity for them but what you do because you feel like you've done it with me Is You just like ask these really weird emotional questions that make you think about who you are at your core you know? And that's kind of the methodology. Bring into brand human. Yeah right yeah I mean. I'm lucky enough to be an adviser to a lot of people. I advise on their businesses. Their own personal positioning and that gives me this release awesome unique perspective into a lot of different industries and the way people feel about their work and their relationship to their work and relationship to their output. You pull out these themes from your work because you talk with different people throughout your career. What seems are you jamming on so is really interested in the conversation. You had with as asking around just kind of like this. This blue light are. We blew lighting ourselves or blue lighting trailer for our listeners. I think it was episode four when we interviewed as and like this idea of blue lighting ourselves. I think about that all the time when I wake up and look at my phone like how this impacts your relationships in every single way and everywhere I travel all over the world. There's a phone in someone's hand and they're often looking down and literally. Our body is changing our vertebrae in our neck shifting based on how we're looking down it's so crazy by the way like I remember reading the pieces on about how like our physical bodies are changing because of our relationship with technology. I mean come on like that's not a warning sign what is right and I think it's fascinating because we're not going to shift people's behavior. I think at this point with their their phones. Because you know you've talked about this so much about how it's just it's just too easy. It's too accessible. You've interviewed all the top founders and tech and they've all said the same thing that we're at this point addicted were were part of this matrix. Well it's interesting because if I look back at like some of the interviews. We've done this season so far. It's like every founder struggles with that relationship because everyone struggles with relationship with technology. So hinge the hinge founder. Justin like talks about how he didn't escape. This was such a powerful line like he was sitting where you and he was talking about addiction and how he stopped drinking and doing drugs. And that led him to be able to create hinge. You know and create a very popular dating. But he said he doesn't have social media on his phone because he said he didn't escape drug and alcohol addiction to become a slave to his phone. You have as you mentioned like talking about and as a runs the center for humane technology which means like his head is literally in technology. All Day he's a designer like he talks about how he we he goes on these nature excursions and just like leaves To degree and Shane Mack. Who created this weird dating bought? If you guys have listened to that episode episode is setting. That episode actually was pretty incredible. And and you think you tackled really important. An important conversation around trust that bought conversation in general for me was pretty fascinating because there was this thing around tonality that youtube brought up. That was kind of looks like could have went over. But I think we should talk about which is He mentioned a lot like Google fills in your answers right. There's all this a around making sure what you doing the email. But what I've noticed is the subtlety of that voice in Google if I were to let that. Ai Return my emails that would cost me money and relationships because that tonality is off for me I have to find my voice of worked hard for many years to think about who I am and connect to who I am the work I do and I'm always taken aback by how like respond. Which fills hold unprofessional and quick and not very thoughtful now. I'm not criticizing that. Ai But for me it's absolutely the wrong tonality. But that's so interesting that you say like this could cost me money and business writer son. Your whole business is built off of real authentic voice and we're entering the era where everything is automated quicker reiner but but there's this humanity that's kind of talked about that you know. There is this automation trend right. But it's better for everything to be quicker and more connected and anywhere from resumes to insurance all these things. But what you're doing when you automate everything is you're missing the subtleties and as a strategist. The subtleties are often. Where you find your pain points. Subtleties are often where you see. What the client really needs so if my tonality is off. I'm actually not delivering what they need to deliver because of a quick response so it takes me two seconds longer to be a little bit more thoughtful and then more thoughtful and I'm actually thinking about it and actually thinking about. It helps me do my project. Well so I also think there's an epidemic in tone in general in the leadership trainings. We do we talk a lot about communication audits because how you start to communicate is how you start. A relationship and I started. Relationship is how that relationship is going to go right. And you see this massive issue with boundaries in tech particularly right you can email at three. Am You came out for? Yeah right you should be able to talk whenever he should have visibility whenever there's more andro there's struggles with boundaries. I very much appreciate that statement. I feel like tech.

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"shane mack" Discussed on Ace and TJ

"So we're talking about being fired from job before you even started so you got hired and then they fired you before you did any work for the company. This is interesting I was hired at a local hospital as has a something something initials means. I'm going to say a nurse directly out of school. I was actually actually skipped graduation for the interview only to be fired before started a pass the drug test but they pulled out of the first day of orientation to be pulled me out of the first day of orientation to be informed. I had failed the pregnancy test. I had no idea I was expecting being pregnant. Totally Limited what I could do at work so they told me to reapply after I had the baby and I never went back so there was no mistake. That's how she found out. She was pregnant say Mama's Baby Papa's. Maybe and I don't know if that has anything to do with this or to throw that in there hey jeremy welcome to the TJ show so they they hired you for the job and then what happened they found out the truth. I was kind of desperate desperate for a job at the time so I may have told him. I had a college degree. They ended up doing a background. Check on the in I got at five before. I got hired checking to see if you really have a college degree. Would you consider that a backroom just the basics of what they do. Extend your friends. The show what you want to check with the cops that's just sir. I've never had anybody running educational background so you don't want to be working for that bunch of stalkers anyway. I love it. Thanks Jerry. There's a lady says keep me anonymous. I got hired at a restaurant in my hometown on a Friday afternoon Saturday night. My boyfriend and I were at the movies when we came out a girl. I didn't like said something smart to me now. This was when I was a little younger and had a bit of a quote unquote hockey temper temper she was. I ended up getting into a fight with her in the parking. Lot turns out. The restaurant owner son just happened to be there at the movies needless to say. I got a call on Sunday saying we've changed our minds and we really don't need another waitress but yes. I did win the fight. I like that a hockey ten got a little bit of a hockey before he went home and told us pairs hey hey they. That's how they grow. We just hired. She was in a fistfight of the theater that well. We don't need her. Let's get rid of that. We don't want her around our here's my son went to training at waffle house and they told him to leave because he wasn't a people person. SASS connected funny. This is the Ason the TV show how goes it when I was impressed with some the last night I'm GonNa Miss Breath Oregon Tar Taiwan sharpshooter church battery Sharks Coutry SAST had a good lookin' charcuterie board on her instagram last night. Oh yeah you had like a little pepperonis zone their grapes and strawberries and Jesus everything can think of that was very impressed. I was on for about twenty minutes. Maybe thirty looking at ingredients gradient for it. She was getting ready. Yes which I watched a whole about fifty seven seconds of last night and I I can't take this. I mean for three hours. That's a bit much for a TV. Show I was just flipping around and it landed on let me watch for minute and some guy was down on his the hard time the ring out of his back pocket. It was as okay not interested how big it was as a big ring no oh him get it out of his pocket and I saw as I was turning on the TV to get into bed. I saw the part where the girls crying with the guy on the beach because he'll never love her the way she loves him or something like that being being in love with me and so I laughed for a second yeah really wasn't a comedy but it will know went onto a documentary about the gang in New Orleans like the the bringing down of the oldest street gang in New Orleans so that was fun I well. I'm much much like you. TJ Flip over to something that was very much more important and educational. I like to call it a wwe smackdown so it was good yeah. SHANECO MAC is fired. Kevin Owens and I've got to get to the bottom of that and see what that's about now. Shane Mack yeah well shaming man they call him Shane Almac. He comes the money you know but yeah. I haven't watched wrestling in a while I think since I was getting ready for Church when I was not eh yesterday on the show. We talked about people who lost jobs before they got them. You got hired and fired before you ever actually started the job. We just got a message from somebody that must have been looking at our facebook page and sought he's had to tell you. I was working at Pizza Hut. I got a job offer at G K N Quick Pizza. I accepted five minutes later. Gkn Colin and said they decided to go with somebody else. It's an adequate pizza hut so I lost two jobs tidbits Laurie. How do pizza delivery places recruit route their competitions employees the way my wife said the mall stores used to do that. She worked in retail. She worked in the mall right like when she would work at five seven nine the manager of chess king or whatever would hear that she was good or had gone into the store and like the way Jodi work and would come by and kind of set up a secret meeting in the food court. You'd like to come talk to me in the food court and she'd go down there and try to steal jody Jodi away from five seven nine or or the limited or whatever wherever she was working in competition with his other store I don't know would they know I delivered pizzas. It's it's a very hard especially now with with. GPS It was harder back in my day because we didn't home until the horse where to go and where he got there he he didn't. He didn't have a cell phone to call somebody to find out where they were. You didn't have GPS or anything like that. You just had kind of vineyard out and you'd get lost a little bit now. You can't be that hard but I can totally see that mall thing because people get attached to you go. If you go to a mall all the time you know people in the store. You're looking for oh you. Hey Reagan's begins. You're working over here now. Oh Oh cal come check it out zoo. Would you got into home saying anything but I never got recruited. Maybe it just says something about me well. They were like we're good but you worked in a standalone retail store and you never worked at all no shopping center shopping. You also always. I just went to the back when things got dicey so yeah yeah they were Riley. You said you didn't do a lot to try to stand out as a great employee. Now you just try to fly under the radar the entire done yeah yeah. I wasn't trying to become a star employer. Everybody liked me right. They enjoyed working with me and I was just there to make people laugh but I mean typically. It's the star employers the one. That's trying to get recruited. Another store to store employees are always the most obnoxious brown-nosing the the worst in retail. I was about to say because a lot of people would consider you our store star employees. Oh I hope not. I didn't say I opened not a WHO wants to be that person but that's exactly what I was about to say. Tj Star employees here tomorrow you. Never WanNa be at the top of the bottom you want to be like on the upper echelon but definitely not the top driven America to greatness would would it be the air in the middle of your life. Did you hear what I just heard though our manager Adam just had a heart attack because he thought he was the star show. There is new music yet again today from superstar star who's been teasing you a little bit of a song for a long time at midnight. Liam Payne dropped brand new music. It has a feature you don't WanNa miss that the translation to some of my brethren southern Brethren and sister and Liam Aka limb lamb. That's how they limb back. There is a lot of music and delicious audio. Alexa Play Ace and TJ insulin decide. It's easier than ever to tell your devices. You want take more of the my daughter is at college and my wife sent her a picture the other day of me doing something silly and she said it looks like. Das- has lost a little weight well. I've been taking Calichman and like we've always been telling you from the very beginning. You don't lose one hundred pounds overnight. It's not a big overnight weight loss. I think helps you lose weight the safeway the healthy way which is gradually and how you should be losing it. It's not a drug or stimulant. It won't affect any of your medications and it has all kinds of other benefits as well as the weight loss helped with joint pain helps with acid reflux helps. You sleep better and right now. Buy Three get two free free and you'll get ten percents off by three get two free and you'll get ten percents off go to the website top loss DOT COM T. O. P. L. O. S. DOT COM and when when you use the Promo Code S. T. J. T. J. you get free shipping top loss dot. Com Promo Code as TJ by three two free and ten percents off with Callan when you look at your current bathroom. Do you know that it needs an immediate update. We want you to know about one day bath and shower remodeling with prices low as one hundred ninety nine dollars per month call eight eight hundred nine four eight five seven four nine eight hundred nine four eight five seven four nine. TJ show presented. I thought it was something fun any idea what this sound is. Why is that asteroids or one of those video. You know those are baby crocodiles baby. Cuban crocodiles allows the Dragon Would Conservatory in Florida. Oh which is Kinda cool. That's okay they're allowed to the Cuban wet foot dry foot rule right and you get one one foot on dry land from Cuba. You get to stay. I get asylum good so last night. Liam Payne former member of one direction has been teasing song for a while now at midnight. He released his brand new song. It's called stack it up featuring boogie with Hoodie money all man.

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The Big 98

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"shane mack" Discussed on The Big 98

"Right here how you doing a little different to die to guide is written so many songs Keith urban says the veranda level all recorded songs he wrote back in the early one of greatest NBC shows will song with for the first time she was years later she was big ninety eight to me often you turn me back and you say the words that I want to flirt when you bubbles problem run your text in we do we we just you want me to take you back home to my but my name on your lips coming from next to my I'm asking you asking well we just just to yeah well you can see into my guess is national songwriter he's written so many songs your stuff you hear I mean the guys to tell that Shane Mack in the alley also on song land on NBC Wednesday nights it's back on five more episodes less so what's the concept behind the show his people who haven't seen it for watch right so basically what happens is for song writers come to piss their songs to a major artist and I'll just use the example of like the Jonas brothers so for songwriters exactly taking over the world I was really good maybe you should be on the show well maybe the voice but but for song writers come out and pitch their songs to the Jonas brothers unknown songwriters song writers that haven't had that break yet they just have a song that maybe would work and then on the spot with the Jonas brothers myself Ryan Tedder and ester dean we all sort of start doing what we would do in the writing room if someone brought us a piece of a song a chorus of verse and say Hey I I would do this to that so maybe I would make it a valid which and in my case is almost always the way I go because on this out but you know maybe your courses your first maybe you don't know your hook is and we all just sort of break it apart and then you can watch one episode is we get a winner or whatever it's also contained every episode there's a winner basically by the end of the episode the Jonas brothers pick one of the songs and record and it comes out with the show is good for me because you know what I you know I feel like I can't start show any more watch twelve exactly the same way and honestly that is one of the things that has been so appealing is that you don't have to know what happened last week or the next week.

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"My dad had a similar situation. He worked. He had a store like in the hood on Myrtle avenue in Brooklyn, which now is like super nice place. People come in their sky was born in Iran. He barely speaks English and people come in. And they would talk like a box was big at the time. And what the hell you talking about? How could you get cited about it? They were they were have these rags that they would use the mop their heads in the some some. I forget what it was called one of my guests mixture be called it a Turk drag. That's not what it was them wouldn't understand why they would want and what they would want it to even go out of his way and say, how do I get these tiny little towels if people love, and I don't even know where they're buying. It didn't care for eventually goes down the store. That's always said myself once you get place where you don't get your customers just move on because it's going to fail anyway. So you weren't situation. I wish we knew that. Because I a today. He told me go run any marketing said talked customers, go fly out meet people like ask questions back. Then we were like, we're not love him. Do I think about Nathan berry with Vert kit. He loves his customers, but he's not feeling with like in full market or type. I mean with with marketer. Marketers you dealing with creates. I keep down away to create the software for the people you love. Yeah. I mean, no, I don't I don't know. But like I said, I still don't know what I love like I still. Back to that eighteen year old girl was like what's your purpose here and the only been able to? Yeah, I think it's not it's people, right? Like, I was like my superpowers people. I love the team that I work that. That's why I said I said go to the beach. It's not that. I think that you guys like to go to the beach, but I'm doing research, I'm entering Natalie's world. I go to while dot com. I don't see a lot about what this fricken software is the customers. Really what I see is meet the wild bid family. I see Chris's legs on the website and everyone else's legs. Because they're on the beach hanging out. We are wild bit me in the pool with a noodle. Oh, I didn't even see that. Like a photo of everyone on the team. And I guess that's what it is for you. Like, you just love the team you love the way that you guys operate. And that's the thing that gets you going. That's my main product, that's the main product. That's I that's what I believe. I added Kristen I like when either way I look at it as the products in Nabl us. I mean, we are passionate about our customers than anybody who ask for like we build great offer. We adore them. I'm grateful to them for a neighboring this while bit to exist, where we get experiment that we get to do whatever we want and all in the name of understanding how we can provide. The I want the team wild exists to provide for life outside of wild. But right. That's the point. It's not it's not my friend. Shane Mack invested in his company assist. They create chap for enterprise clients. He said, we don't really care about the product honing. You don't care about the product everyone else here how gonna compete with like people who are going to come work for me. How am I going to compete with the things that they could get from all these other Silicon Valley companies that are here that are gonna go public any minute. Now, I think you with that. So what I'm gonna do is. I'm not gonna compete with them on salaries are not gonna compete with them on on bonuses. And or stock options or whatever it is. I'm gonna compete with them by giving our people really good life..

Nathan berry Iran Brooklyn Shane Mack Natalie Nabl Chris Kristen eighteen year
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"She's running for congress. And there again, the the pledge on the part of Democrats is because we're of a certain religious background or ethnicity or skin color will better represent you completely cynical approach to politics. I think I can conclude at this point that the Democrats have given up and trying to convince you that they're gonna make your life better. They're they're not they're not trying to convince you that they have policies that are going to make us more prosperous. They've given up on that they want to stoke anger and resentment in your mind and your heart. Enough at President Trump that you will just go to the polls just to get back at him. Or that you use a typical scare tactics. And now they're just so angry that Trump's done so well that they're sending out the these thugs and even state races for these state political offices where people are being accosted after Maxine Waters, Cory Booker encouraged people to get up in your face, get up and people's faces. Don't relent we're not gonna let Brett cavenaugh sleep. Well at night another thing she said a couple of days ago. So that's a green light to the thugs on the left a green light get up in their faces. And you know, some of these people take matters into their own hands. Shane Mack lend is a Republican candidate for the Minnesota house district. Fifteen b now we don't usually cover state races. We got a lot on our plate with the. Well, the congressional seats that are up, of course, this midterm cycle. But he like the news report that you saw the woman the news report that you just heard was also recently attacked physically attacked in beautiful wonderful. Nice Minnesota what is going on there. And he joins us. Now, Shane it's good to talk to you. My listeners wanna hear what happened because again, this is not this is not the way that I have ever experienced Minnesota. But it looks like someone's getting getting egged on here. Welcome. Thank you for having me. I I would agree with everything you just said. So what happened is I wouldn't do a local bar restaurant. They have a big banquet center. And I went to see if they would be interested in letting us rent that, whatever. Event they have all the statewide candidates. They're a meet and greet type thing. When I walked in someone recognized me an actual the campaign was going, and then people just kind of circled around. I guess. One young man was asking me policy questions, and then told me about himself. He ended up wanting a yard signs. So we I gave him one and then another gentleman entered the conversation, and it was a back and forth. Didn't seem any thing to be worried about at the time. I know my rights, and I was talking to that gal over there. And the next thing I knew he he yelled out a political statement was something you bleep and people don't give a bleep about the middle class. And he sucker punch me. I didn't see a common. Kitten hired taller chair. And I went flying back and once my head hit the ground. That was all I remember. Oh my gosh. That and I can tell you. It was a very big guy. Did did he? They did catch up with them two days later. Found him. He basically told them that the deputy asked him whether or not I said or did anything to provoke him and his answer was no. The deputy asked him. Did you give them any warning prior that you were going to hit him and his answer was no. Deputy asked him do you know where you hit him? And he said, yeah, right right in the eye. So is he arrested for assault. They haven't arrested charged him yet. They're waiting for the. To determine a level of a charger waiting for the medical report as well as the video surveillance. And near obviously.

Deputy Shane Mack Minnesota Trump Cory Booker congress President Brett cavenaugh Maxine Waters Minnesota house district assault two days
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"Right i mean pizza is pizza is the best food you would still have to say pizza is one of the best foods but it's kind of an insult yeah see what you're saying if i'm coming from coming strong with that five star review we thank you all thank you chain very nice thank thank you for this review but i mean we're definitely against you but it'd be you gotta come you gotta come hard and say the all caps so my goodness yeah we'll keep it humble here thank you for your view shane mack eleven and you can leave us review on i tunes wherever you listen we always appreciate it let's talk fantasy football news news and notes from around the league apprising large amount of stuff has happened so i'm going to say they wave to talk about it yeah you have a number of additional free agency signings including the headliner is it really yes it is all right colts have resigned kristen michael to a one year deal when mike read this often the studio it was like late friday afternoon the earth the london mafi the animals outside when completely quiet to recognize the greatness of the woke one christopher michael see my is there any chance let's get to reality here is there any chance krista michael has a role in this backfield yes there is i will say i'm the eternal optimist for kristen michael but i would put it down about ten percent but there is a legit chance that christopher michael is the leader of this backfield with marla mac as the if it will i do think that if it was kristen michael marla mac and now is it they don't add anybody that chris and michael would be more of the first and second now back he would be the leader of the backfield per se but would you say henry out of indianapolis is everyone's expecting them to add another back through whether gonna zag jason hey maybe right to the woke one.

shane mack colts mike krista michael kristen michael christopher michael marla mac chris indianapolis kristen michael marla mac michael henry ten percent one year
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"Ali that people will get so hopped up on the stock that they get and they won't realize it on their way out lift of by if the put up a bunch of cash that group and where they're gonna get it and then one of the gonna get the money back suddenly at that point you're like gun to your head you just got fired a gun to head your leaving you have to come up with this cash fast and i think you pay taxes on and i think any day when you get hightech being you pay taxes on itunes see big cat they pay taxes on it and then who knows what will happen when it by a huge huge racket my friend shane shane mack you sit down with people who worked for his company um i forget the name of the company was working for you sit down with him say look mean be honest with you here's what's going to happen here just be aware they people say stock is powerful but here's what really happens our revenue now how much he bringing in its four hundred forty five thousand last year so all 45000 how much that is profit we try to rondos numbers we actually killed mostly the prophet with a law the marketing spent so we printing mice fear that we're profitable last year we hit profitability in the last quarter but at the end of the year i think we left leg 50 k in profit with because i was actively trying to expensive with the law prepayment on marketing expenses things like that but did you ever have press and say what the hell did i do i gave up all this money from google for this i although this is the first year when we actually made these monies last year did you say kids i wake up in the middle of the night did you wake up in the middle of the night back then yeah and even this year i think we didn't i didn't really take much out of the salary lake as a salary i just don't expensive with a contractor so on on the other side i have to like hustle and get consulting gigs and i had to get some more my course that's how like i make a living.

Ali shane shane mack google 50 k
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"That that not shane mack not to be confused with the other saying okay just just in case anybody gets trying to help wouldn't skull you gregory for the rest of the spot on the alliance but yes state they are on the forefront of at all i mean even buying now you know eu sports uh buddy mine who's a coach he's on the verge of losing his job because he said too many kids don't even want to play real sports they wanted to you sports and they're not even having enough kids to go out there and volunteer or want to play baseball and football because everybody's you know electronic gaming and all that stuff w we just need this big invest in some eu sports company but you know they have a deal with facebook they have a deal with youtube they gotta deal with everybody and i think if you know even let alone the social media aspect i think back if you wanna talk about one we all i got an in the industry and i know is same for you guys there is no such thing as you know email some one a link to your match there was no youtube to be able to put your match up there is no twitter to be able to comment and send people to your majer instagram or anything like that it was vhs tapes and i remember sitting there at two vcrs and heading pause and record in like trying to sink gut music to it to have like a high before this this match and then you would just run into people it shows and just hope that they would pass it off to the next person that were yoda wherever you you'd actually have a packet together right like you'd bring envelopes you're like almost like a resume inland a tape and a by tens and like you know those sorts of things and then even either talking about like the backstage stuff you know we here even edited he really wanted to get some news yeah.

baseball facebook youtube social media twitter shane mack eu football
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"On the show dan johnson says lex luther look like the bad guy to but look what 'tatanka did to him ted tonga's sold out for the bucks i think shane mack manager to talk a here lex lugar was the red herring daniel brian is the new red herring this is 'tatanka lex lugar all over again and to talk of versus lex luther went down in history as one of the great rivalries in wwe so we only expect amazing amazing things you got your championship match the payperview aj styles versus gender mahal i'm i would imagine the singh brothers will be back with gender i think it'll be a good match i could we can all only hope that aj retains the championship i again i don't have anything bad to say about gender mahal i don't have i think that he's you if you wanna get motivated by somebody pay attention to the gender mohale story pay attention to a guy who got a job his dream job and then was given nothing he was even given the threeman band right and then gets fired just because he i we don't really i don't know man because me because we don't have anything now because he did anything wrong now because your work suck not because of anything except a oh he's can think of anything say yeah yeah when i mean you're gone you're gone ski he comes back gioberney gioberney city baby he's losing on raw every week but if you pay attention to him he's getting better he is is getting better in the ring he's gone working his body like crazy to become a physical specimen right he clearly is one hundred percent dedicated to wwe and being better and better and better and he goes forward n becomes the wwe champion and as much as as people were haters about it hatters and they should have it right i i'm not mad at people because a lot of his jamie jebrane did not work as well as it should have but all that said.

dan johnson lex lugar lex luther wwe aj jamie jebrane ted tonga shane mack one hundred percent
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"So has is there hand on the climate of racial america like miguel at all miguel quietly makes me laugh leggate with many people forget he also tried to kill that organ when he like power bombed off the tried to go states to stage a macho man therapies what an alltime internet clip like that oic as she survived if like she easily could have been decapitated by miguel's crotch oh easily it made you see them booty harrell head of the greer cleaner they probably came with spurs he took the spurs off he knew he was going to be done in seven is some reckless some shane mack type south korea he had some issues in on the rerun before practice rehearsal he's like i am going no spurs guy i'm getting i'm getting five moriches on my on my long jump with without the spurs organ bob beamon out here did you see a mobile last night i did whoa terrifying is lonely word that comes to mind really i am i'll mbambo man i have my a lot of the top guy as played last night in they all look good but i don't know bomb was only while i was like no no he looks like nothing like the rest of them he was like an alien blair basketball correct yeah he maybe we should talk about big man before the draft that's how trepidation area for us may specifically but we'll get to that sure mohammad down beer.

miguel greer spurs bob beamon mohammad harrell shane mack south korea blair
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"Uh are you harry by the crush of black friday shoppers well here's an antidote the my gallagher highlight chill were keeping you company today i'm peter eke mites announcer sitting in for my both you're a fan of fox news then you know oh there are whose anchors and then there are commentators never the twain shall meet greg jarrett is fuel tankers to cross over from reporting so we could shares opinions as a columnist and commentator the bike talk to him about that and much wider here's mike and greg jarrett to highlight show i was reading it media that she and her jake tapper opened his show the other day by shane mack some of our show that we won ideas and policies to be debated full 402 glee while we also try to stand up for facts as well as basic human decency hoon wonder how many protrump voices tried tapper features regularly on his panels and on his show what how many how many protrump people do you see on these socalled objective news shows not many but they all seemed to be quoting james clapper these days james clapper who is wondering publicly about the fitness of president trump is she headed for an early exit he worries i saw a clapper the former head of the intelligence agency talk about whether or not near he worries about trump having access to the nuclear coach because he's you know he's crazy don't you know and he could just blow up sweden one day he might just aside belgian that's you know the way james clapper is carrying on joe makes me wonder about the issue the track record of james clapper greg jarrett wrote wrote about greg joined fox news back in two thousand into asia fox.

twain greg jarrett jake tapper shane mack trump joe black friday peter eke mike james clapper president sweden fox asia one day
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"Age dot com and get the one thing it's guaranteed to get rid of your snoring you can experience zepa sleep go to zepa dot com to get that zepa sleep bump talking about zepa dot com to get a great night's sleep you so richly deserve eight six six seven to we seven some six eight six six say e s p and let's go to the phones scott caulton and tampere you lavas thevenet was up men are you i'm good but i am shocked at the way uh new york daily news article that you referenced the one entitled white hope quarterback award wife patrick breakfast macau with a watershed nfl moment in which the offer to throw we appreciate that car cassidy of sunday's face off you really after via iran however taye i read that and then it goes on to say that guy shane mack and marcus wachtel guys who have to flee more numbers of it interceptions than touchdowns and their entire nfl career and have complete ratios lo peace should be playing and find out guys like pitstop at who's got a 60 percent completion raciale many more touchdowns first of all i don't take any body would since would suggested gino smith or jamach as russel deserve to die don't go away oh i haven as he messed up in that portion i mean i read the article i'm saying i'd say i'm just saying that in general we all know that dole's with two godawful examples to use to make that argument because they don't deserve.

shane mack gino smith russel dole scott caulton new york daily news patrick nfl iran marcus wachtel 60 percent
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"Now he malkey hip shift team raw versus team smack down shane mack it just says randy and four others to be randy ribbon and out embarrass me you know like bobby rude shinsegei ko roofing ky ko one kale but a bakeo doesn't like shane mcmahon maybe there's some sort of situation where he's forced is sanders force aj ko and come slam he's amy slamming davis jr slam is aim we'll see and then what's his face aj styles will probably rest someone in the russell someone and a singles maybe a little have him in i dunno aides ag might be on team smack down it's all speculation 'cause you know the royal rumbles in philly your old stomping grounds this year allow they better watch out for flying batteries you sloop john who else rhode arosa joe durrell suck now be a hell of a crew came out in the three of us walk in the door i went to the royal rambo i didn't say any riley um some gotch have anything else to say of note i gotta watch that so well there's some other gap for instance the dude needs to take advice from mother fucking pray why pray why it is sounds like a guy that backstage will at least for him tell you like hey hey man lilian his that do you man this heat oral with his locker room ma'am which gotta do is make eye contact and shake hands with everybody say please and thank you and wipe your mouth don't sneeze in front of vince because he don't lacks sneeze and man but also don't make sex jokes to john seena nikki bella cats a guaranteed hey man i over her that joke while it was very funny and your tom in his spot on don't talk about bubis when he a talk in a john seena and his lady friend man don't don't make his special lady friend uncomfortable mind did he he did though it until the joke.

randy ribbon shane mcmahon philly vince tom john seena shane mack bobby amy davis aj rhode joe durrell lilian
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"Freddie girls two three oh man the whisky who in houston girls caning all of rangers huawei aw jon rahm three oh man we'll do skiing bouqs the girls madam dreams the place in there ma'am handed down man three two freely girls bill this team win any girls new kenny chesney bring a morgan our producer struggle wrote a dump truck those araca boom hits the truck and she gotta mccracken windshield hey carmen in nashville we think about this um i think it's dark and happen from i all right and it i have my studio foul i know why about there the department crack but i can all go if that got knocked him out and take wear that they did not have a like wow that was the requirement we didn't have a mike well they're definitely laugel for that are part of a picture the more you have picture that trucker now now now analogous on driver picture track a trump number and go out work added if they're on his people are nice day now he doesn't have a like wow out they might i quite away yeah it out but i appreciate i call thank you very much hey ronda real quick in virginia we think about this we have signed on the back of the track clear it that they just they heck oic not responsible for raic object so she's out of luck lesser the enclave is that a lot now a man while lunchboxes they would give up to ease the just they have a stupid zaanun doesn't mean anything you can be released a all were not liable about suing you you've never sued anybody in your life you just see it on tv nine he has that for and that's a jagge he isis they second out of france help boyer back and help me hey ronda appreciate you thank you for tapie later hey by the way there's a bobby cast up with shane mack alley and i hope you listen to it sammak analogy is like producer of sam hot writer of tons of songs at this attempt targeted by kenny chesney because he wrote americans looking through emails while he's on his claim to the.

jon rahm kenny chesney nashville virginia shane mack alley producer writer Freddie houston france boyer sam
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"And shane mack the founder just kept telling me about chad and chat ups and this is a guy who lives the silicon valley life like he is in with with like twitter's offices talking to their people he's talking to facebook he's in a google he's the kind of guy everyone loves so much that all investors are hanging out with him all the people these big companies hanging out with him and of course economy tells me that new technology and i usually don't care because i'm running a business i'm not a twelve year old kid trying to figure out what's the newest place to chat with twelve other kids are tall other people but chain i knew was going to do something and he started building these chat bots end a first those kind of interested and then mark zuckerberg onstage looked at one of his chat bots and said i love this as maybe this is the future and then also showed me this statin he said look people are spending more time in chat apps than they are an email of course i wife in our i aren't email each other at all any more the people who work with me at mixture g aren't emailing me any more work texting each other if there's something that's like not pressing can wait will email at each other for the most part i noticed it were using chat apps like slack like facebook messenger like frankly even uh the the chat in project management software that's what were using to communicate with each other so maybe that's the future and what she was doing was building tools that allow companies to reach their clients using chad apps i said maybe that's our future so i started building one from extraju was just an experimental i said to the audience of seventy plus thousand people who who wants to experiment with me on this thing and handful people did and dude brian the open rates were over eighty percent the click rates on messages i sent by chat were over fifty percent but that is stats.

shane mack founder twitter google management software extraju chad mark zuckerberg facebook eighty percent fifty percent twelve year
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"Loop that covington highway overturned vehicles three lanes still blocked reports of a possible metality delays past glenwood road and then we're also seeing delays on the inner loop south down in the same area due to rebegin and be careful around metro atlanta no delays but construction all over the place this report brought to you by unbound dot org what is the education of children worth their children across the world who lap the privilege i'm going to school change the story for one child at unbound dot org maligning kyw wsb i'm wsb meteorologist kirk mellish with the most fascinating komo forecast becoming partly cloudy overnight mild low sixty seven saturday a mix of sun and clouds astray thunder shower possible late afternoon or evening heidi six low sixty eight sunday a thunderstorm seventy percent likely mainly afternoon or evening high eighty three the low sixty six monday a shower or thunder storm seventy percent likely heidi want low sixty six with me as a woman gain and depend on this ever and wherever have breaking news severe weather award for a traffic red alert wsb one of our breaking news center with tell you ninety five at a on set in the wsb depend on it jessica mighty her makombe and home from the fbi how he came to my behind the scheme he should how did you machine greek sean i learned everything i know the mission them to only allow shy online reagan o'neill oh well from the mountlake jim river to the woodland jinping rambler around the country the gun john rogers marine shane mack they are of you wanna have a through another grain outdoor leisure travel with me oh me leah a loud sad oh the novi oh lab i am.

fbi reagan o'neill mountlake jim river john rogers shane mack covington atlanta wsb kirk mellish jessica seventy percent