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"shane gimmick" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

09:34 min | 5 months ago

"shane gimmick" Discussed on Heartland Newsfeed Radio Network

"Here says so Shayna turn Becky Lynch into becky lunch and ate her love it. which would have stole that last night? Says I'm fine with the angled angled shot but that blood looked like it came straight from degrade horror movie. So I don't watch raw live I get the west coast feed and so yes last night. At whatever time it was I just started getting one email and text message after another boom boom boom boom. Boom why is Shayna Basil Vampire. I thought my God. I can't wait to see this one and so I watched it and well. It sounded worse than it was when I watched it. I'll say that okay. I didn't hate it but but I will say what in the hell is going on. Shane Obeys Ler. Shane obeys ler is now a vampire. Hire if you didn't see it Shayna hit the ring after Becky Lynch beat Oscar and she attacked Becky and the fans chanted an xt and she put her in the sleeper that it seemed like she was just GonNa Choke route and that would be the end of that but no she let go of her much like Minoru Suzuki. I might DAB instead of going for a style piledriver. She bit her. She started nine on the back of her neck and she came came up. And there's blood all over face there's blood all over the back of of Becky's neck becky screaming they bring out the. EMT's try to find the most attractive EMT. They can find and then the story is. I love making this up either like the blood was hokey enough. But becky becky steals an ambulance. I guess 'cause she's supposed to be stone. Cold Steve Austin like nobody actually remember kind of stuff that stone cold did she steals as an ambulance which is a crime. She drives herself to the hospital. And then apparently they put some bandages on her neck and then they he let her drive the ambulance back to the building. At which point she came down to the ring and cut this angry. Promo demanding Shayna Shayna comebacker. Whatever okay so the negatives are I mean? They're trying so hard with this stone. Cold Steve Austin Radio and Austin did a couple of hokey things but do it can't steal an ambulance and drive it to the hospital and then drive the ambulance back. I mean this. It's one of those things where it just strains credulity. I cannot suspend my belief. It's ridiculous the biting my big problem problem honest to God my big problem with the biting attempting to eat. Becky Lynch for lunch is she tried to eat. beat her and then Becky goes to the hospital and she's back like a half hour later. I'm sorry but if someone tries to eat you if someone tries to bite you you're not back a half hour later okay. You're just not. There's all sorts of tests that need to be run. It's just not happening. Now is ridiculous it is is it is the chain is new. Gimmick is that she's a vampire. I mean the reality. Is it Kinda worked for this crowd. I mean the crowd did appear like they were horrified and there were people screaming and there was blood which people have been asking for for a long time. needs to be blood. And you know Vince. Vince talks about it on the investors. Call how they're not gonNA do blood and guts wrestling like that other league. But of course he's a hypocrite number one and number two. I'm sure his argument is well. You know we're not cutting ourselves with razor blades. It's fake blood. It's just part of the show pal so I guess that's how he's going to justify this but I don't know we'll we'll see I listen. I said the same thing about the firefly's funhouse would. Everybody just went crazy the first night. Let's see what happens. Maybe the fans stance is going to get into Shayna blassie. The vampire coming out in fighting people every week. I don't know why still don't know why she's biting people. I mean she. I never did people before. But now she's a biter. Maybe this thing's going to get over big. We'll see it worked out better than some things I've seen so I I we'll take a wait and see attitude on the biting. She's been down in annex t too long down there in Florida got into bath salts. I guess Bath Salts. Shane obeys slur causing you to bite faces and necks. I'm not as happy about this and not as In love with this or not in love with this the game in the past that you are the one good thing is it ended and if next week they decide to go and pull a hard right and just leave it with you've bad ass shadab baseler and bad aspects Lynch. I'll be completely happy with that. But you didn't need this for. Shane Obeys Ler. This is ultimate Vince. smick man this is ultimate. WWE overkill ricochet can't cut a promo. We're GONNA have him cut more. promos Alastair Blacks promos that go on forever they give people all characters that don't make any sense whatsoever. This being a great case of it all Shadab as there had to come up do is come up in. Lay Waste Becky Lever Lane in the middle of the ring. You want to send her to the hospital halack on an arm bar. That's what we know Shadab as long. That's actually what we know. Becky Lynch you know the submissions. Why would you go and pull in this direction and on top of it? I'll tell you it's a whole on. It was the fakest blood possible and one you just had that investors. I conference well. We don't do that stuff. Okay fine you do you do it in such an over the top way I guess. And that's how they're gonNA excuses. Well look how over the top it was but that doesn't help as you mentioned and you actually have to really stretch your brain here to go. Okay she bitter Becky Lynn. Selling it was even worse as she just basically said Jesus Christ over and over and then walked out and then she's fine networks a little bit of a flesh wound have. Have you ever been before you know. It was so corny and they turned it into from something serious serious where she was getting bitten. There was blood if if they wanted us to take that seriously to now it's comedy now becky's out there. Oh it's just a flesh wound and now going to drive myself to the hospital. It's like none of this was necessary and I know that's what. WWe Does they tell stories. But you didn't need that for Shane. Base Becky Clinton really. It was a pretty good show last night. I didn't really have a whole lot to complain about. The this stood out so much is just such a ridiculous left-field hoping so here's why I think she's a biter. I don't know this for sure but this is good parenting. And that's he might theory. Okay over the last year over the last year becky has had feuds with Rhonda Rousey and Oscar at now Shayna. Okay so you know Ronda. Rousey shows up to wrestle. She shows up. She slaps on his submission. Oscar shows up. She slaps on a submission. which by the way? It's very similar to Shayna submission. I might add the Oscar lock so I think I don't know if it was vince or Hayman. I think the idea was well if a a shooter which was Rhonda's Gimmick and Oscars Gimmick and now Shane Gimmick. Like how many times can the shooter is. Show up and put us a mission on Becky we gotta are you some different pal. It was fall heyman whatever so they came up with trying to eat her so I mean that's ridiculous us. It's ridiculous but listen like I said okay. I've seen a million campy ideas. Where when you when you put it on television there's people in the audience laughing or they're just dead at least this got a big time reaction when she started biting her? So hey we'll see where it goes. Maybe maybe it's GonNa work because you know what. Let me tell you one thing about this. Everybody let me tell you a fact about this. It cannot be denied. It's different you hear me. No no one else is biting. People Accept Ruins whatever's in ruins cage which by the way apparently Shayna last night Dave said is rolling even around anymore. Well Little Dave no there is a match coming up in Saudi Arabia. I thought I had it here. I do have it here. amount WWe is introducing a new trophy for this month super showdown event in Saudi Arabia. During raw it was announced a six man gauntlet match a gauntlet match will take place at super showdown the God match will feature Aj Aj styles returning from separated shoulder andrade returning from suspension. Bobby Lashley returning from losing to Ricochet rousseff returning from God only knows what has been predators are truth and Eric. Rollin may these are the men involved in this trophy match. The winner will will receive the two-week Mountain Trophy and yes in Saudi Arabia. There isn't back.

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