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"shane finger" Discussed on Geeks Under the Influence

Geeks Under the Influence

07:42 min | 3 months ago

"shane finger" Discussed on Geeks Under the Influence

"Miss is what are you gonNa do would mean locked up? You'll drive your wife and kid Krazy all by the way. How was your daughter? Jamie your darling peach. Is She ripe? It yes won't get into it like Shane. Shane Finger broke him. He's he's really seem. We broke Shane trying to method. Act This narrative right here making barking noises pulls the trigger on the gun and realizes that he's out of bullets and falls to his knees. Lease those human. I'm scared on well. I think you better intrigue because I don't give a fuck gets knife singing. Love singing. Read the Big Grabby of Christ that has to be a God damn ring. Every time. Lowdown calls me for that. We would all right so was the same thing all right so him so unfortunately listeners dirt. We've got two more two more. Yes unfortunately I will. I will let you know that. The last two are much shorter yes. They're not nearly as aggressive. But man this next one. I'M GONNA go ahead and turn down your fucking. Yes Adam time here. But by the way full kaiser about to be blessed by wetter man. Yeah this is from two thousand six. This is the Nicholas Cage Worker Man. Which is a whole barrel of things that happen. So Edward malices can be blamed. I fuck you hunter. I'm doing sisters summers. I'll and Lowdown Brown's GonNa be doing narration on this one. So let's make this this pure unadulterated show happen. I I I don't ask much from you guys but I I really want your heart and soul Innis. Oh Trust me is like actually acted up hat. Riches you bitches before his legs are broken. That says Ma. Marta Yobe Cutie. And you're doing it for nothing. Killing me won't bring back your God Damn holiday but I know it we ill. One leg is broken. Oh Dove Carrot. I'm not one of you. I believe your God. I go live your sacrifice. The leg is broken. Ooh Out show a mask is placed over his head. Oh No don't move me. Oh whoa Whoa what is it? What is what is it what is it. Oh No not not the do is is is it is. That's this exact moment questioning. All of that was something so extra. Oh Oh school until now. Oh my God we're really enjoyed this intel. Yeah thank you could. A literally broke. We lily broke habit. Form words right now. No one knew mom and dad. Oh Do we definitely do? Yes there. It's just you and me. We got this doing doing the first one. The first one you're Brent Ryan in the first one. This is unhappy. Mom And Dad from twenty seventy EI- movie. I'm not gonNA hear this ticket NAP. Well I mean clearly clearly. Inflection has no bearing It has any bearing can read your existing in the void void. It's scarier Brian for Mom and Dad from twenty. Seventeen whenever you're ready. Oh but having read it now a high not seen this movie all right. I'm proud of you thank you for signing me up. Uh-huh broken him ever before batteries not included shit over here nude fucking broke. I need to see this movie. J. I don't know what I'm reading into it. No Russia and whenever you're ready now the world who kids are living in the things you've seen on the Internet MALFA Dildo. Del noted ass status. Hi Brent Anal beads question like it'll really rent really anal beads data. So good so good movies hilarious. You Watch I was hysterical. Oh God spot. When I've ever seen this movie. Shame between the two of US right now. I'm way worse off than news. You want for me. What you just did serve was awesome boy not going full full cage for this. Okay.

Shane Finger Nicholas Cage Jamie Lowdown Brown US Adam Marta Yobe Edward malices Brent Ryan Ma EI Brian Del Russia
"shane finger" Discussed on Talk Radio WPHT 1210

Talk Radio WPHT 1210

02:18 min | 2 years ago

"shane finger" Discussed on Talk Radio WPHT 1210

"Why does so many adults than choose to use this as an excuse to drink and party uh because any excuse is a good excuse exactly correct you are correct my friend that's right now i know some people today having halloween parties and they sound quite fun but you know the adults the costumes are optional i guess it's one of the things but there's an article i have though my sack of stuff my formally black licorice shane fingers are asking how we in after college you know maybe kinda moveon here i came and you have a job you're an adult children grow up a little bit perhaps i've just say maybe when you move eddie your parent's basement you stop putting on a costumes cut off aid what should come on which the age halloween after colleges overrated now of course the exception is that every costume for a woman is always the hot separates the hot nurse the hot cop the hot fbi agent this sexy fbi asia the sexy swat team member that's the only reason why there is in fact a use to adult toluene i guess true so exactly are you dressing up tonight on no none of them coming from work gregor you dressing up an idol lulea not i go as batman every year however this year i'm not going as bad batman and protest the jerk ben affleck being batman so this year i will not be dressing up butch your but your you dress up for your kids right i mean that's different i think so patrick a superman because superman is adopt did and that's our theme right and clair's wonderwoman who's not necessarily adopted but hangs out superman mentioned but he's one of the two of them are dressed up i try to convince my wife to be the hot catwoman but that did not happen out so hot poison ivy hype joker hot riddler hot it's not like she just wouldn't you know so anyway i know we'll just be walking with the kids and then probably be home by seven thirty which point than will eat all their candy similar very good that was another warning they say kids don't start eating the candy while you're walking around you have to save at all let mom and dad sift through it john john done it's actually i do agree with at war.

halloween fbi ben affleck clair patrick
"shane finger" Discussed on TalkinS hit with Eddie Ifft

TalkinS hit with Eddie Ifft

02:08 min | 3 years ago

"shane finger" Discussed on TalkinS hit with Eddie Ifft

"Him hit apologize for punch him in the face but every single time one pick forget wide he punish you in the face because but they kiss with little eat that was a fake punt are was it it just didn't have much is a little guy is a little so to me so to me it's got of them it to we'll be back far side i miss a lot by the time that was the best back and thing that ever happened attack yeah i miss that guy you know also is pretty good shame was pretty awesome until isn't sure was a but if he can you're all zach that's why you life again usual you guys have like yet similarities were and you're like and how you guys grew up it seem like that in on their between you guys this shane finger each other's cock you know yeah the butter toys to play with your like yeah i runner being that kid like we bro doubt together yeah you and i was when you do it at six forty five am would be with you bro gonna go it's an water and you hit another tell that he is he the story when you put the run the tom about limited banged up or started missed all of the bathroom we're wired to rest area and jets get over the weekend wound guys oh yeah horton not i was it's funny though i'm in lake but that's you a shame was just the came in include like he's this when you know yeah and ignored all of us when she enters around did you have another at app alright who both with on the list kevin kids and shame too is gets has been the kate kids and was the brains behind the operation he when i get came in so he yeah yeah yeah yeah i get that was the rebuttal friday when it was seen is the mexican republican yeah due to a regard i think he broke up with the kick own when i think.

zach horton kevin kate