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The Entrepreneurs - Virtuo

"<music> around the world our relationship with driving is changing while in many rural areas or small towns. It's next to impossible to survive without a car in many cities restrictions congestion and eight general rethinking of how we should be using cars means driving is more of a hassle and for those of us who don't <unk> own a car and don't want to own a car there is car-sharing or ride hailing to go along with eight bicycle or public transit to get around and when we head off to a business trip for a holiday there are rental cars usually hired from one of just a handful of global firms but car-sharing isn't always cheap or even easy and the customer service can be lousy and with rentals comes contracts long queues damage reports extra insurance and strict return times in this day and age we still i don't want to drive because the automobile remember has long been associated with freedom and it's great to have access to one and as we near the final days of summer in the northern hemisphere miss fear who isn't dreaming of an adventure a road trip to a quiet place along the coast or high in the mountains or even a nearby city for a weekend retreat as as it turns out many of us city dwellers are using cars for longer than a few hours thankfully to make a last minute escape possible with a rental there is virtual the french startup offers premium mercedes cars easy unlocking and damage reports all from your phone with cars available not just airports and at train stations but also in city center's virtual operates across france and the u._k. And in barcelona in brussels for now with plans to expand further afield the company was founded by kareem kareem kaddurah who grew up around cars himself has father owned a dealership and kareem. He's long been thinking about how we use cars. His first business looked at shaking up sales and the dealership model and now he's tackling. The rental market is well. You're listening to the entrepreneurs with me danube age for today's program. I sat down with kareem at midori tori house to hear the story of virtual. You know there's <hes> i it's only we know that there's a confusion between what we do and what kharshiing companies do think of it as the whole cake of mobility and back in the day when no technology existed you had you know for short distances. You might take the public transport. You might walk to the office. You might take your bicycle that existed in the past exit today thankfully and use a personal car in the city which used to for some people do today to and you had the other segment of mobility which was an still today long distance mobility and for that you'd take personal car to travel outside the city or you take a trainer plane. Car rental isn't a long distance mobility play. It's rental by the day on average. Is you know for this. What that's the average duration that we have virtual to and car-sharing is more than fifteen minutes to four hours and there's a huge gap huge trash between those two segment of mobility and it it really corresponds to in which he was kiss you. Are you might hire a car shane car. 'cause you need to run some errands and go from eight to be in a city and you will want to rent a virtual. They you'd want to leave london or arriving reports and france. That's the use case in which you use virtual over any other solutions. Are there <hes> so it's similar in terms of seamlessness than car-sharing shrink but it's it's exclusively applied to a segment of a bitchy that we call long distance so above one hundred kilometers and for rental proximity three or four days if we look look at the industry car rental as it were that might align with what you're sorta doing the classic places. You've already mentioned train stations airports. There is the queue there is the paperwork my concerns. I guess the car renter are the price. Insurance is the car damage things like that's a walk through how you streamline this a little bit part of the reason why people think car rentals frustrating and anxious and they're nervous about it is that it's everything but certain wanted to do is bring back certainty to this business and so what we did by streamlining the whole current expansion and up is accompanying you during the whole journey and so the first thing you do when you book a car rentals either either gonna website anarchists that'd be the app or website and you go ahead plug in your location starting points ending point of your dates and hours of <hes> departure and return once you do that. We're going to give you access to a list of cars. You're going to choose among those cars and we'll be obviously giving transparent. Do the transplant prices. This is a per day and you're going to be able to choose among options even on <hes> the baby seat. If you ever want to and you you're going to answer your credit card details and once you book and pay for your rental on rental day and that's where the magic happens. We're going to tell you your car is going to be waiting for you at you know cimpian cross international and we specifically give you the location of where the car is in the car park and we're usually right next door carbon competitors and we have signs over there that says virtual and and so you walked to the car you've downloaded your key to the car to to unlock your car and and once you're in front of your car we give you the exact plate number the car you unlock it and immediately after we ask you to do full damage report of the car so it's very transparent and easy <hes> <hes> do sort of thing. It's a three sixty degree of the car and you can see the you know the dance that you happen to be on the car or not. If if the car has no dance they'll need obviously n- no clear you can go ahead and declare any damage that you see because you know that part of the siblings -iety that you have when you rent a car is is is they give you this is this huge lists looks like a supermarkets and was where they tell you that there's a dance in the front and the back and all that so so the three sixty enables you and you know and and a spirit second to actually notice. Is there any dance on the car and you go and and look for it. If if that's the case revalidate if you feel the need of declaring a new damage inch very easy system you know photo based approach where you're gonna click on the car. It's exactly there. This is a picture and <hes> it's time stem. I'm so there's you know there's no sort of anxiety that you're going to have to get your contract via email all the dance that declared and so it's it's a bulletproof sort of the thing you know in a sense that you're it's a civil service approach. You do everything your south. People are actually very reassured by the fact that they do it themselves and are sort of forced to look at the list and and have to go back to the counter and say hey the car has an additional damage can report it. Please and some of them have to wait in line to be able to extra damage so it's re- removing the e- essentially all the infamous then come back to the prices because it's obviously important aspect of the business. It's it's it's a business. That's been obviously i you know price driven and and and so we we need to compete in a market. That's that's heavily own control by those guys the the five biggest car rental so companies so we make sure there are price are competitive is very hard to answer. You quit sympathy prices. I can give you an approximate average for mercedes benz a class which choose a compact car. You're going to be able to rent it for the range of fifty fifty pounds per day for an average of three hundred fifty pounds but it's very hard due to n._f._l. Ask you what are the price that hurt for mercedes benz e class senate low season. <hes> chances are you're not going to know the the price. I don't know the price it's i it and they're a case it varies every every minute and and so the volatility of the prices is something that's a frustration itself. So what we try to do is have more transparency to their prices. Have elvia surge when the season is higher in that sony normal. We need to yield those prices to be able to too much anticipated higher than men but having said that were you know obviously try to stretch prices to the minimum to be able to have a volatility. That's more understandable. There are competitors so it definitely seems like thank you hit on the convenience in our world of being or wanting to have things immediately and to do things quickly so this the seamlessness of them and also the advantages the technology so you have that but what about the actual purpose and utility of it because people are using cars differently now and as i already mentioned not feel they need one so what's the actual goal and maybe who is actually the ideal client. What type of people are are renting from you. It's a very good question and to be very honest us. When we started off the business had their original idea of of creating that hassle free car rental company we targeted straightaway airports train stations but at the same time we've decided to you know sort of plant an open launch locations inside cities so we have fourteen different locations nations eleven different locations in london we have fourteen different locations in paris and the reason why we did that is that we sort of immediately understood understood by looking at the numbers that not only could we target travelers all those travelers spots hubs which are transitions in airports but at the same time there was like a bigger game out of us which you know is finding and being an alternative to car ownership to urban residents and as as of today if you take a city like paris or even london the bigger chunk of our customers are actually residents and young urban resins are average customers thirty one and again rent cars for you know either we can trip or a business during the weekdays or longer holidays. If you look at what's happening in in the the months of july and august in in france people you know departure from paris for instance and going to south offensive and during a rental for three weeks or even arriving at the airport in eastern an enjoying the car for three but but again young urban residents just happen by i think by unleashing by by simplifying the process of car rental. Oh and that's like which guber in taxi industry rights taxi was worth globally sixty billion and suddenly right handing other the industry jumped to an ms of two hundred billion even when you facilitate by hold him out a business where the demand is high and universal your leash and locker troop attention and that specific perfect market and this is great to know that the car rental industry the sixty billion dollar industry essentially done at airports and transition seventy percent of that is on an airport transitions but it's it's immense and beautiful to that when you create something that's so easy to use that suddenly your locker potential insured that's even more deep than that and that's car ownership in the future of that and cities and that's a trillion dollar industry worldwide and that's obviously what creates you know residents for some of them use virtually every weekend has become sort of a ritual for them tradition where they got rid of their a personal car and they now know that with urban mobility alternatives their use quarters during the week. There's bridging the way they took public transportation with virtual on top of that to serve that long distance ability that i was i was talking about is a perfect combination ordinal to let go of your personal and move away from car ownership. What's interesting to hear you say. One of the goals is actually to reduce the number of cars of one of the co founders of lift said the exact same thing and you wouldn't expect to hear that necessarily but the other interesting the thing is and you've already touched on is the average length of the rental because i imagine maybe when you started out this was more geared towards the car. Sharing sort of short term model is that right or is has that changed over time with the company or is it always been sort of the same. I think i to answer your question. We always had in mind that longer duration that it has been consistent since the beginning of virtual we were tempted to rental by the minutes rental by the hour where obviously car shane company's are strong and that's exactly segments of mobility but you know we ask ourselves is if ultimately that was really our business. That's how we shaved our business and the answer is no. I think that the space in which we are is long distance the big ten people have no needs of renting our cars by the minute their premium cars for most of them. You can find them and specific locations which is usually usually underground parking very designated area in those parking's and so it's not you know sort of the car that you'd get around the corner. That's not where a play and the operation model that we put behind it because we're essentially fleet managers. We we own our fleet of cars. We're not a marketplace. We we have a full stack approach to our business is definitely a a company. That's that's way more turned around that segment of military rather than wanting to compete with the likes of uber car-sharing companies in this this day and age and particularly in europe in i think you're mostly in french cities in in london now as well a lot of our listeners around the world there cities you know they have different relationships to the car dr los angeles toronto denver sydney australia wherever but in smaller european cities and there's a lot of them that are making changes now to become more pedestrian turn friendly to combat congestion environmental concerns and thinking of paris's close streets madrid has closed streets. Do you think about that. Does that affect what you're doing it. All oh it is it is completely and in the back of our minds and and that's what we're saying that the second step of virtually the first step is always competing with car rental company. The second step is is thinking about what what you've been describing the relationship to your personal car and it might sound as very western european thing only bites if you look at what's happening in the u._s. as well and no one would have thought that wilbur with with make a killing in l._a. Because you know the car ownership rates which is crazy but there's a utility for that then there's there. There's a there's a uses this is for that and so it begs the question what happens who through this relationship that was such a powerful thing you know along the last one hundred years right and and there's a there's a general speaking a change of attitudes and values towards swift cars and the reason why that is that i think people have come to the realization is asian that an average parisian would spend six to seven thousand euro per year on his personal car. That's obviously you know paying for the depreciation of that or the financial installments and the cost of maintaining that coined parking and so on all of that is a hassle but all that when you just put the financial equation and understand that if you paying six to seven thousand per year trista user car realistically four percent of its time what's a basically an hour per day. It's a complete capital waste. Why would you spend seven thousand euros per per year just to use your car for percents time and so this realization addition and the fact that newer generations coming in and have no relationship whatsoever no willingness to bukhari because the perception of a car in and sort of a earning refers salary and going to you're getting a loan to buy a new car is something that's completely not in the heads of the generation that came come after us rather more by the newest iphone or you know obviously using -bility solutions inside cities are and socialize online rather than than spending euros on their uh-huh on their interpersonal carsoup having said that knowing that people are moving away because as you describe cities are heavily fighting against congestion ingestion in cities and and closing up rosen and putting taxes on on those who decide to own koren's fourth is a fabulous opportunity for us in a sense that not by multiplying the number of locations in cities and understanding that it's one thing to to have a relationship to the car that has changed. It's one of the things that cars are not essential anymore. You might think that commuting with a car in a city is idea of the past which i think is the case. I'm a son of a car dealer. You know if if i wanted to i could have access to cars and now i have a fleet of cars to with my startup and in my relationship to of course has you know throughout the years completely change in the sense that my everyday commuting zone when my bicycle and use all the you you know scooter shang and and all the rest and and it's it's so simple in paris to to use them that i would use that and but the reality is if you look at the numbers whereas now and the fight that cars are still useful. They're useful for one segment and that's specifically the segment. Wish we are which is if all of this the sort of what all these mobility tentative ha ha have been giving to everybody is a sort of a freedom in a facility to commute in a city that you let go of your personal some car you still have needs to you know to a longer distances longer trips and if you look at european studies on the way europeans move around so nervous u._p._n. Withdrew ten to fifteen trips a year above one hundred kilometers so if you look at all the long distance trip that european do tend to fifteen trips are done in this in between one hundred to eight hundred kilometers and if you look at the number of kilometers that those ten to fifteen trips amounts who is five thousand rosen and those five thousand if you multiply that by three cents a kilometer. That's that's just by itself the long distance mobility that was screaming. If five hundred five hundred billion opportunity just a has been completely overlooked in which obviously car rental companies are really companies are airlines companies are serving and out of those five hundred billion eighteen seventy five percent is done by car so ten to fifteen trip seventy five percent of that is done by by car so people don't actually need a car for everyday commuting city by they do need a car for a long long distance trip and the reason why that is that whether you like it or not cars those are by far the best you know mean of transportation for long distance trips. It's been daynuss you get a car in his pit of the second and if obviously if it's yours and sending a new parking it's it's here waiting for. You and it's probably the cheapest on a cost per kilometer basis. We have transportation over rail. Oh and over <hes> planes and it's synonymous with freedom right so so getting a car to to be able to this ship whenever you want with your friends or family remember is is is is something that's still strong in the minds of people buy. They do not want to own it anymore. So what's your response to that our response to that. We think that the economy me you know for sure and western europe right now and and the use of calm i believe in the u._s. To will transform into a usership economy rather than an ownership economy. I e if you if you can give to people access to cars on the man to be able to fulfill that long distance mobility not need your retargeting huge market that is the you know the future of car ownership and where will it evolve in the future. The company has done pretty well getting off the the ground and getting some traction and investment but i'm curious about how interested car companies car manufacturers are in this type of model. What's your relationship with those. We do need them as much as they need us and essense that so our business model as opposed to any marketplaces are there is that we lease our cars directly to car manufacturers so we have a direct relationship to comment factors. We don't deal with dealerships. Are you ships in so so we speak directly with them. When we decide on a number of cars released those cars on a monthly basis we agree on a plan on a duration of our lease and i think they see an you know we've seen the ability of getting lows of car and and sort of offering the that supply to people around the word residents or travelers and dan and their case. I think they're very nervous about the future of their own business and there's a lot of talks about. When will you know the word reach and what researchers called p. car. We have one point three billion cars around the word. That's that's what a lot of cars which dates and time will we reached a tipping point where suddenly carl sales around the world will decline. It has somewhat come in maturity in europe even in the u._s. If you look at what's been happening in the last five years has been booming for the last four years. This year is becoming stalls a bit and is even declining in some states and experts were saying that it won't be reaching the all-time highs that of the last four years never again and so you know facing that and and car manufacturer could gebel a fight that emerging markets china will continue in consuming cars but if you look at the numbers here again january two thousand nineteen versus january two thousand eighteen china has in the first time in history for the last ten years the car sales dropped by eighteen percent and so when you look at that big picture a and you're sitting in your chair <hes> the common factors <hes> headquarters you obviously think twice about what are the different things and how is your business going to evolve so there are nervous with that situation having having said that they understand that again the economy is probably going to switch from a user to ownership model to usership model so the response died as we know that we're the only the ones that know how to manufacture a car and that's obviously a given judge tesla challenging the movement but that is their assets now they know that in order to be able to distribute that's in the future would probably it's not going to happen through traditional distributors at least for big cities anymore but rather more wed memento providers so they do think is that aid if they want to do that sort of a rapid pace. Let's buy them out so that's what they've i've been sort of burnish about and investing heavily in acquiring a lot of mobility startups and their belief is will be setting an asset that would provide mobility services that will be priced by the commodore. That's how they see things and and and see the future by they'll. There's going to be a rationale where because you're addressing mobility. I e shirt services. There's going to be when the tipping point the peak car level arrives. Why carson's says will decline. There's going to be irrational while there's going to be obviously less cars per inhabitant and ultimately that means that production will be lowered and so they they they they. They know that's going to happen at some time. Experts said that twenty thirty that that any sort of tipping point will be reached and so they're preparing for that by i have an investing in mobility and in what they believed to be the future of drive trains which is an electric vehicles and on technology augie investing heavily in thomas features but for sure they're nervous and that's why they're very keen on speaking with companies such as ours what's interesting to hear that that they're they're both thinking about not only the new technology and putting all their money into thomas vehicles and things like that but also thinking about how we are going to use these vehicles in the actual mo mobility part heart of it. I just wanna walk back a little bit here about the journey for you in in setting this up and how it's been so far how has ever been going i mean it's it's something to get off the ground but you've had good good success. How you enjoying it. I mean in grades. I mean you know the satisfaction. I get in a boost indicate that everyday by is that i can own on super proud about the team that we have recruited and are doing a tremendous job. Obviously this is not just done by by me and my partner. It's it's done by <music> a group of collective group that that works hard every day at wanting to not only tackle the old establishments car rental companies but but also very much relate to the bigger mission that is transforming economy towards usership model where the notion so they're all very passionate and and the whole story again it's an if you look at the stories of founders it's always sort of the case but surely the company and the essence of the company was was built out of frustration and if you go back in history my partner and i have been working together for twelve years now we previous these creative startup into doesn't together two thousand seven together and we back in there was it was in the car business. It was a a new new car classified website right where essentially would find carter's and and convince them to sort of upload their new car inventory online and we're source new car buyers and to to be able to convince them to you know put their new car inventory online. We had to go and see them. Because you know phoning we're just not cut it so so we had to go there directly and convince them to do so and so the best way to do that was either by renting a car just out of office or get to the nearest transition airport than rental car and at the same time. We're talking about two thousand thirteen. We're has survived in in in london very year before that and patterson was rapidly growing and europe and i think we're just amazed by the scale ability take whatever was was achieving and also amazed by how powerful mobile technologies and even more so in our case bluetooth technology could allow you to do do things to a smartphone and so we use bluetooth so in locker cars and allow you to unlock your car with your phone and so it's sort of a trigger effect where you have a mobility. That's becoming hot. Topic inspiring companies are scanning fast and an irritation and frustration to the car rental industry that made us make the move and come up with the idea of it but yeah i mean it's so far has been a successful journey and we're now in four countries and and managing a fleet of two thousand and five hundred cars so it's it's gone fast three years and yeah i won't be something here. You have grown up the son of a <music> a car dealer as you already said. Were you always gonna work in in carson mobility was that was that just a given that you got you got into this business yeah for sure then came name by by coincidence. I think you need to have either. A love for the cars are love for to you know the transportation tool. Let who presents but i mean yeah had basically two choices either you know following the footsteps and gravitating founded business or the being an enterpreneur and and sort of you know creating any business but when you know something where just capitalize on that and mike this was i knew that hud's access to car manufacturers the fact that i knew that business from inside and truthfully the business will change and it's it's currently changing the distribution traditional traditional distribution model is changing and so i i just wanted to i guess create now the future of it because it said existence business and it's very big i mean car manufacturers settler honda million cars a year ninety four million cars so it's still a very big business having said that is going to change and being an interpreter honor and having a vision on what's next is so motivating that wanted to do that just lhasa cream. Thank you for for the time you've given us appreciate shaded. I just want to hear about what might be your ideal. We can getaway. You said your customers are doing that. They have the opportunity to a last minute trip. Where might you go. We just open <hes> barcelona and it's ideal seasons to be there. It's been hot dog bit warm but i think at at good to brussels. I enjoy my injure myself on the costa brava and rent the card virtual. That's all the time we have for today's show. Thank you very much to kareem qadurah for coming in to share the story of virtuoso well. Thanks as well to karen matthew banerjee who mixed and edited this show. I'm daniel beach. Thank you so much for listening and goodbye <music>.

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Interviews by IN: Simon Squibb - How to be a millionaire with purpose

Inspiration Nation

1:06:39 hr | Last month

Interviews by IN: Simon Squibb - How to be a millionaire with purpose

"Inspiration nation ally. Welcome to another week on the post. Already riddick selected. To have another guest. Usual places is that listened to are known to its? Own instagram and you'll find major topic. Expression. I should be machine Shane Company. Some guy dropping out special and you guys and Riddick saw to have another guest. A gutless man on his because I love his is love his message they. Log. Right things and he's got a great episode mission. I want to tell you a little bit back in before he comes on. Script same. What the next to me hey. Ogden salt a multimillion pound meteorite see. Cokes. Fluid. And each Forte. He's now set up on his. With love team where he's helping people. Setup. For businesses. He's doing this for freak. He's. Absolutely. Genuine innocent and he's actually a reached out to him. We have kicked tokens, very genuine God and a site where we meeting we've just will result of the last. Just WanNa tell you about based background because he's what inspired me to reach out. He was pretty skilled. He left time if they more than for counties, pocket started his first business. At Seventeen. He's armed invested in many businesses I think it might be around is it US sixty business invested and it's just an incredible and use of dyslexia and thinking I always challenges. That's why mistreating you two. Things for fresh new Simon Scrape. SAIPEM SODDEN WELL-CONCEIVED FRACTIONATION cost. How are you? Really good. Thank you so much for having me on the show and it's a pleasure to be. Yes pitched me. and. Now you run your podcast as well which is the Good Luck House, which is you know a few thoughts which is fantastic and. Switzer like just kick off really am so you could. You thought you couldn't talk to forty. So so what's the why coming boy now? What was what happened? What happened today? While now come in and help people do this. Yeah, I guess it's two questions that I think the retirement piece is interesting thing on its own I mean I think time is a funny word. I look retirement as being able to do whatever you want to do in my view about the need to worry about a financial gain. and to me. Some people when they get to that point, they go full day and that that's fine. And some people wait until they're sixty five when the to do that. But my my view is that when you get to a point where you can sustain yourself and your family and you can give back you should so that age for me was forty and I always tell people that. I left school at fifteen kicked out how at fifteen years old and I fourteen retired, and of course, is the bit in the middle is really interesting. And for me at the whole retirement piece was was really more about. Taking some time out initially to figure out who I was today, what I wanted and not be addicted to power money and all those things and think about what I wanted to do next and figure out what I could do. That would be impactful and not just make money. I'm thinking I'm thinking about that but also y now in part because what's happening we've grown a virus impact on the world. I, feel like my mission as you know research me but my these days is that one million people start a business of their own and make sure no one's those alarm doing it. I guess there's three reasons why one is I think that that is one way out about economic program that with With facing right now. But Goza coronavirus I feel like you can't get the job coming university for example, like you were expecting that you were promised Pats, the answer is you. For yourself now that business doesn't have to be facebook. It doesn't have to be take talk. It could just be a business that you love and so I feel like now is the time for entrepreneurship to be solution for a lot of people the on going to get the joke they want. But equally, I feel like if we get it right, it can also lead to a more satisfactory life for people because I feel like a lot of people have been sold the treadmill now the system of you get a job, get a mortgage and then sixty. Sixty five retirement finally have time yourself on my argument is white to your sixty five one enjoy your day to day now so for me. That that. That is comfortable. And I feel like it's great to give back what I've learned being an entrepreneur to the next generation. That's what's motivating me and retirement is a funny word. I don't really feel like I'm traditionally entire it's not I'm not not working I don't have to work by. I'd want to and I have to charge people to get my help. I can help people because I've got the talent to do so and I can help anybody because I don't need to think about. How charging them before I helped them. So that means I can help anybody in any part of society. Unemployed and hasn't got the money to get consulted support I will help them equally of course, if someone's got a big business in his and it can grow in hire more people or maybe better A. A also help them and not charge them. So it that's what time it means to me and why now well now is the time for lunch shit with each go mainstream and I don't think entrepreneurship is This is the statements made actually it's not something that you'll born with a think we're not Bolan doctors were not born lawyers. I think you can be trained to A. And and so I want to demystify entrepreneurship and a winning back frankly that freedom to entrepreneurship brings to. Wanted Austin is such a thing that guy up because I won't take talk you Saddam GonNa get my earnings Hawaii someone Run this thing where if you can you dry a day on the line I think he saw nothing to hear that because timeline so much now that people are. You know the. Pike something whatever nothing annoy loves we will think heard about. You said is that value in freight? Is that valuing free I don't I absolutely believe is value in free is APPS. He believed that nothing your delivering tightly inside much and it's really interesting to see. You could play golf with. You could just out now because you could just shut down now Ulsan the rest of your life, but he's so nice to hear that. You'll go enough you're GONNA try to help you help people full frame Nichols, yet you'd invest in some way you say as it grows we together which I think is great and. I think a question to you is really. Why do you think people are buying so much into the an alternate on doing it right on. The side. You're. Not In the same time, frankly think about it. Off from young age from eighteen to now I've gone on. So I know what I slept like an I'm really lucky because I'm working saw joy but there is that other thing. So why don't you people have? A what do you think people have now? Of Orissa and the NFL difficult to break into which Pronuncia or do you think maybe people think he's finished he's scary. What were your thoughts? What do you think they were still stuck on that trip and whatnot. So ranch and what your throat somewhere. I think it's a combination of reasons I think people often. Lazy and Lady for the for the record I think what happens is that if? A. Steady income. Then, people can get settled in and take it easy, and then once people get mortgage payments and all these other fixed monthly costs life revolves around the mammoth. So they need that monthly income and so. It really is just about happy and addiction, and so for me, I I was thinking about it in the context of life in a it's actually about herkus about enjoying the day to day. But so many people get lost alone way where they end up in your lucky. You enjoy what you gave. A lot of people don't like they is. But. As they get older, they get more debts. Get Bigger House, they get a nice car. They will move today's they get used to a more comfortable life can it gets harder and harder? I think for them to get up and go to build something or purpose at where they patched up happening income for a while. And so yeah, I mean it's for me. It's it's about really waking up from the Matrix is sometimes how I explained. Navarro. People that wake up for the Matrix and WANNA go back into the Matrix. Right because there is something quite painful about knowing the truth about how the world works and how the one present succeed in how. You the battery in the system if you're not careful, but but sometimes, it's easier to be a battery in the system managing people managing payload managing cash flow. Having the whole picture in your mind, it can be it can be quite painful for people I personally, there's no better way to live. Once you go through the pain, you understand that this is the world is the wheel limited upside frankly limited downside whereas when you working for someone else. I was described at the beginning when you have someone else it's really easy 'cause they give you use the company he's the job. It is not talk and a white you go in I people enjoy it, and then slowly I think as your management change of in the name Change Philosophy in company, and then the company has highs lows and people you light leave if he don't like joined slowly but surely you begin to hate job most people and so I think entrepreneurship. Is exactly the opposite really painful at the beginning on gives you a laptop known gives you klay direction it's hard but time goes on and you in control of what happens day today two, three, four, five years from now you'll still in business, it's an amazing feeling but a lot of people's compress through. That mental barrier but I think it's also because of education I think the education system we all know who designed waiting to make factory workers work in the Ford actually lawn and be able to afford by So a lot of time you given just enough to be dangerous, but you know given enough to be a good chef. In completely woken up for example, you're not purpose in polk about meaning you know told about these things that I think actually important mobile code. Given A. Risk Of His entrepreneur world. If you look, let's talk about briefly at all Michael do that and then generally is Oba. You know here's a job for you. You could be an accountant safe and that's what you should do and and so that that. Enough. That zone about the might tricks. And people are so used to that thing. So. Your Mom and Dad job and slap passed down through the. Generations where this is this whole thing that's happened and. So that's you three wrestling match. Up Up doing that I'm bobby knocking after. A few locally seven or eight years really offering to shape Rowen debate, but it's hardly site within the business to shake where you WANNA bay. So that's off. Actually got what you say I. Think you're right like you are at the mercy of businesses because I've been. Well particular have have enough redundancy twice in my life I've got my return to once and you know in control of that. Deciding instead you can pull out your job. You know it's going to happen on one. To one didn't. And that settle uncertainty to what you're saying and. Young people leave. Manage changes in very fortunate to use correct doing hey, not he also I'm stretching alley open bit bit building this last yet two years I've been doing this now really solid late it's hard right because no income you just doing sole purpose and that's what I really think someone inspired nothing. That's what you're speaking about because you know just 'cause November story where. When all of this planning the band, the band and On the night and. Other, little sign you WanNa get you should get a job. As a house or thinking about back, get you open a sample destoyed start. Of Can said. Gil From married and then you go into that and you ask is not ruled. By the deteriorating suffering depression and uncle of got find meaning and that really that whole thing about. Women do about cup that. That's what you're saying things. About coaching. Inspiring people. And this is what you just said. It's really spoken to me. And that was the thing that I needed to add needed to add some. Really thank you for because he's not waking up in is difficult and I lost ten years trying to stay. In a mall on the name often I've lost. She's been really consistent, but it's like Louie has to allow edit and it's now much retirement you do it because you love it. That is the thing. Isn't it? You? Because you love and we love it it just doesn't feel like work. And I think that is the thing and the thing he says well, summit about people in their jobs. Or hear this a lot because account bikes mcpike. When's probably die? and. Then not wishing allowance away. What are your thoughts on that because? You know they come. into about fraud and things like that always fried i. Hear a lot of that. You'll saw some that because that's A. People wishing. To me, you're talking about like balance issue. So again and my view is. If, you ask day of the week is why now couldn't tell you? I've never construct things in the seven day cycle I instruct them in what has to happen to mellow. What's my plan generally and? Do Things happen. There's no such thing as work like balance this just life. And so I think that's that's another lesson I think it started when people I become entrepreneurs white quite hot manage because suddenly thinking all the time about the business and that's why getting a lot of people in the I G can't handle it but I think. If you realize that you are actually work is your life and your life is your work and work is a funny would anyway I mean what is work work? It will said to me, we're not having a child at the Charleston. We're going to the gym almost not oh, but a workout like you said. I'm lucky enough. I can work out. I'm lucky enough I thought kids who love me and I. Love. Them. And I feel about what you do today and and I think sometimes people get caught in the grind and then they can't wait till Friday because they don't have a big mission. And they constructed the matrix around themselves, which makes them believe veins signed. And those two days whenever they all wherever it's Saturday and Sunday will Monday and Tuesday through lock in. They. They still neck instructed it around this fight reality, and that's what I think. Brinson brings a misery. But ultimately they have. It's incredible high where they think free for one evening, Friday night and Saturday. Back, home Sunday. To work Monday and they constructed a prison for themselves and that's my view on it. And I know I know it's a little bit controversial but for me is really about the reason, such things were like and stop trying to make happen that way. So that's my take on the Friday, a weekend point you make. I'll just add though I sometimes look at the way waking up it talking about tried to explain to people in different ways. When you travel most people in England been lucky enough to have some experience of travelling overseas when you realize you go experience by going experience. Asia for example ECON realize the well as and how exciting is I've lived obviously, it's amazing about that. If you Mila Culture, you learn about another dimension almost literally like a whole new universe in Hong Kong for a long time. It's like living in a an alter alternate reality is just mind blowing the interesting and then you come back to England changed you come back and. So I think a lot of people accumulate to that experience of gone somewhere where they go. So we move there and then they go back to England and maybe they do maybe they don't but they had that awakening. I mean that's what it's like. When you go bill visit you love or you work every day in some, you love you wake up in the same way. And so must had that traveling space. I tried to explain that way but no one's had the during busy experience. They find it a little harder to relate to it but anyway, that's my quick type of. Offensive really good thing and I think. Also, half in and half out and actually when I'm doing this stuff and talking to you I feel this is what I feel is the space to me having these types of conversations and actually doing the videos, helping people and having those conversations does exist and I think that's that is I think he's finding your focus. I, love the absence. Love that. So let's talk about a little bit around. About. You left time on as oppose. It was a difficult time. So tell me about health. Home. Life. And when you got kicked out harm. How would have was that unhealthy? You think exciting to you becoming an entrepreneur did it despite what was what happened? Yeah I mean it's it's. Done a talk on this. And you know, basically I Fifteen years old I had kind of a junction up to the age of fifty. I lived quite a comfortable life. Really I mean, I had some bullying issues when I was young but generally I feel like I had a comfortable life and then my father suddenly died of a heart attack. And he died in front of me of a health and. As that was happening in front of me I. Know What? Was Gone and I think had kind of a strange way of processing what happened and I guess you reflect on how fifty six fifteen years my dad start is fifty six. How has this happened? What why has he died of a heart attack and? Says was. Started being self employed quite late in life like I remember was a youngster him telling me you know. I started in a business because my previous company, I'd worked over fifty years. Suddenly. Let go and so I started this business and starting a business making in later in his life was very stressful because he had four children. I was one of those all I had a very difficult. Person to manage my mother who is still Difficult Person. and. You know he he had a crush on him I think to to perform. And so. I think it killed him. I. Think I think it was too And so I, took way at that moment I didn't want to follow his off I wanted to learn from what I gather data point wise from his life and had this. Big Mistake that he made was really becoming self-employed tonight because like in self. But it was incredibly high pressure and I think he neglected his health. And he he had AAs he had to pay a big wall gauge. Also properties as well as a whole nother story books. But there was there was another pressure on him to to perform and I think killed him and I think that that moment I had suddenly I'm going to be a lawyer Cambridge University of these things in my mind will my next steps to light you know what? I'm just GonNa Start my own thing I'm gonNA. Not GonNA WHITES INTO LYMAN FORTY FIVE Forty to start my own business because someone else's decided, they're gonNa Find GonNa stop, and so I had that conversation with my mother who? We. Had Folding out by over that Matthew over things. And that point my mom said, well, it was my good out I can't get out about point I left school kicked out home, and it was actually the best thing to happen inside my father. Gave me a gift A. Gift was suddenly freedom. and. No. Although initially sounds like it was a hard drive. It's also something magical in the toughness of suddenly our rented shitty. Womb is shitty house and an and suddenly had. And that that need to pay rent and feed yourself generating something migrating. Woke up my entrepreneurial muscle. And I suddenly had to make money, and so we've been a week of living in this combination I got the note rain and I had to make money and I thought what should I do and then I was walking down the street and there was this big house. Not. Too. Often, I granted this room with this very messy garden a my brain just said that's a big house and they must have money and Matt Gardens a mess why one just offered to? Take Gone and they pay me maybe they. My instinct was just there and I knocked on the door when I was light. Is GonNa. Take on a beach WanNa be thinking about hiring Gardner and. The door and yeah. Okay. How much she charge next thing you know I realized that it was a market that same day I not on back eighty dollars to Camis eleven people to give me the guardmen work. On Wipe was the next day I realized how DASHIKI equipment or any money to buy the equipment. So I- brainwaves go back to the eleven people had yes. Shitty contracts. That said what I was going to do in Austin Jose, and they gave it to me cash don't have. A website is going on fifty. Luke Gate. But. The game is running and I took that money and the equipment and a week later was gardening company. Is that I am not a quick or talented and gardening. So then I had to hire people to help me do it maybe because it didn't have the talent the ability to do on my own so. I'm two weeks I garden companies hiring people. Well. Wow. It really is a funny how I think life is. You have junctions and I think you can ever decide that this is an opportunity in front of you. and go for it and embrace the changes you're going through and enjoy will you can look at it in listed bad things happen to you and assume that that the reason the I mean I I remember there was a moment. When I had someone in the House I was winding Bloomington's pretty pretty pretty place. I was renting a room in someone's. Young you could easily get social money just go to social sign a document and social services will give you money straightaway visual in that vulnerable category. And I think big money time fringe and fifty pounds a week get by doing nothing just going to the. Government Office and signing this document and I and I don't know what it was absolutely Kinda felt with powered by the idea. Although there was an instinct also, I can just play Sega mega joy was the. Lack. And get rid of the week but but you know that. I I know what happens you get tracked in the system is a different type of system to a job. But it's a civil a similar system you become addicted to that system. You don't get a chance to enhance your skills and slowly, but surely you become dependent on someone bringing you food instead of going out and hunting, and we are built hunting. And so I absolutely. Say thank you to my father. Often full evening me this gift at a chance to go out there and find out who I was at an realize launched a learn entrepreneurship and then. Realize what a wonderful thing is have the skill sedan goes back to the fifteen year old today and help them. When you just you just just jumped in certain Nelson it's such a hard thing actually happening fun of you but. That speaks to me that you just seem to. Just you just have set mind of a kite. This is you know you felt discussion that check wasn't citing to. G think he's. Might be able to develop a self awareness pace. Do you think that that event you? Switch self-awareness to do so this. That no happened. He think things might be different. We on my show I was self aware of that point. I think that point what happened it was more like survival. You know I actually didn't eat the three days. Wow. Understandable. Yummy. Managed to get accommodation because I said, I paid a win in the end of the week and. In, this particular hovel. I lived in I didn't take deposits so I was able to actually get somewhere to sleep. Although I did have a homeless, but but the point is that. Know. He whole. Kuwait. On the Matrix you've never mom. And you are certainly outside the Matrix you gotta learn to use those arms, right? You know if anyone hasn't worst movie, they might be getting lost night. Cry. Becomes. Aware. Learn to use your brain passes wakeup fos brain. Aw even Wales. So when's pig was self aware they won't know that they. Don't know what we don't know. You know he's a bit like when I say China they instantly section of join. They'll say communism. Whatever site right? You've gone and you don't know the true mass kind of. You don't wait until you see. So when I'm stuck presenting wave notes Louis but to make believing you wake up in the context though you learn to hustle but I wasn't aware of that point. At. That point I think it was more like instinct gotta get means I've gotta go and months. How am I going to catch an animal leads it? You know that it was more that it wasn't so aware it was it was a bit late. So I think. So awareness kicked in. Combination. A maturing as a business person and having some limited success which allow me to. rings. Now. It's not just about hunting anymore it's about Gabella fire. It's about his bill thousands names what would your communities not just go out and eat foods so glad easy I think case of well when I had a bit of reading room which was around weights one, twenty two when I I find me on a made it wasn't a day just on. And that I was able to accommodate more self awareness. Well that's incredible. of things in there around. Ultra. preneurs seems turned out to Entrepreneurs got picked like. Mark Cuban I think he was. Doing one of these specimens with cottonwoods. When you at the first pictures of Jeff. Bezos in his desk and he's got nothing there just. The common thread, the thing. That seemed to run through shit. You just found that you had to find a way. And because you had to wait so do you think this comes out a little bit of? Desperation this is. On why you're going to get that you have to check a coach but you do anything that we thought you know this is all just going to survive and that kicked off the whole. Journey. Feeding. Which side Tyson was talking desperation of got to get food. Earnings to get through. Well, what would you sign that? Well I mean it's One of the traits I have this thing I've actually been very lucky in life. Right? I've actually lucky breaks. I wouldn't be successful today wouldn't have been able to retire if I hadn't had some luck. Okay. So there's just put down the table because. I'm not all. I'm not smarter than you. I'm Alex. average and. Visit a couple of ways why three elements that make you luckier in life right and one of the key elements is definitely persistence. Persistence is much easier when you got no choice. So I think there's hundred studies out I've heard this a million times. You'll notice a lot of people that are successful. What happened at the beginning of BECCARIA is in a way they got no choice. So fifteen years old, no one was going to give you a job because I didn't have a national insurance card. I couldn't I couldn't actually legally technically get a joke I didn't have that national joins car don't. Throw it. In. I did have an instinct not to take the social money because. I just didn't feel like that that didn't feel why to me. It was just I didn't feel like getting free money. I'd never been given free money my whole life and I give my parents credit for that. They never gave me money and so there was always I had to earn even tidy up my blue when I was seven you know there was always an element of that which I think was great something about free money didn't why and to be honest. I like Gamification of entrepreneurship like the process of building something. Having an idea and making it, we'll beating your head or something you know can happen and then bringing into the world and making real. A game the I enjoyed and I think. Back. To your question I think there is a ton of his desperation but I think it's more like a combination of. No Choice. Desperation that sometimes just like I see people for example, they'll post up I'm going to get fit I'm over way, and now they kind of committed to. Kind of toll people that's why people do that. Too I want you committed and people are asking you about it you feel keeps you on the straight and narrow. -sarily desperation. Motivation. In my mind. So. So I think it definitely Having to eat is a motivator, but again I know swell. Among Vatian will make them go down the easier route which is. The hand giving money. All. into the social system that's there to help most vulnerable and but but I, feel like not can also drive you I think to discover who you all dignity. And learn skills were meant to learn because I think the reason something that's naturally will meant to be doing but the the present world has been distorted by by by captain. Abide in motivations on quite like someone's instagram feeding to the mine, and that has created a way dynamic with sometimes people that chasing things that they'd been sold what they one but they're not actually will they're meant to be chasing. Yeah I think that's a whole thing about Coming mentioned to you and. Haven't come could he's another gritty? LAFI? That money's not number one is that purpose a meaning place? That's a think a big big part. On the attack this. Millionaire saw. What makes you happy? Well say money does not make you happy unless you're already happy. Equally. Make one happy if you will be unhappy. So so to me to be happy whatever I personally strain state anyway no one's happy Tomcat who you are, but I, think you gotta be gotTa have a purpose. You've got to feel the you're doing the right thing for you is stage in life whatever that may be should be spending your family worked in your health. We should be working on your way whatever element you feel is important usually focusing in on that and I think that for me. I. Am happy because I was really happy before I had. Money. And all money does is by time in my view people to spend their own possessions completely missing the point of what money's about. Me Money only buys you time buys you time to do more laws already making happy like I love spending time with my wife I love spending time with my son a like exercising I like helping people build businesses like helping people wake up like I did. So I can I have money to do those things I'm happy. But tomorrow I didn't have any money most of those things I could still do. You know so it. Allows me to do those things more. Right, yes. Equipment to low-cost professionalism that millions of people potentially can hear what got to say money allows me to do that. But if I didn't have that money, I'd be talking to be. Doing I was when I didn't have as much money. Yes. Sir Because people talk research about Dependent side that they're. They're very unhappy millionaires because they haven't got any meaning behind don a gorgeous stuff but there's that new need fulfillment as human beings affiliate. You're doing things purpose and that's exactly what it has spoken about what you do. Not Skill you talked about this. Mobile into that so You think you can just you said you have been very lucky in life, but it must be the point where you must have position something to get lucky. He told him about why you think lucky just skill the how can they get better being lucky suppose what else you cannot compete. In how they could be better I came lucky thinks needed. While I was just plug the I have a book coming out called. Lucky. Skill. And so. Everyone by all the proceeds go back into helping people start businesses of their own so But the the. Premise is basically. The dictionary itself needs not they when it comes to the word luck because I I actually think there's two types of definitions. One is the man luck a next call eight where you're born. There were things that you have no control over just of what happens to you so so Corona virus would be another good example like it's no one's folk. It is what are these and it's unlucky for so. But I think that. I think there's another topic lock and I think that luck can be managed and it still has an element of randomness to it, but I think it can be influenced Ryan so. If I said to you or you got lucky can be offensive I'll what. What you're talking about in a constant I was lucky. Soon as an insult, right but the truth is an. Exceedingly, successful is definitely you can pinpoint life. I've done this in my polka show every single person I've interviewed I interviewed the world's successful entrepreneurs and I can tell you now every single one of them has a story way if this. Hadn't happened that would be successful, right? So. So the former, the basically figured out is that this three element one I mentioned earlier about persistence you know. People always, the average amount of time some above US someone else to sell them something before they'll give up is three times. By on average, right so that that's a big mistake. That's why law of sales people fail. Now, I remember when I start my agency business, we made fifty companies we wanted to work with and I thought I contacted them. They want when we started it took me eight years. A sign up some of the. Remember. Thinking I'm talking to you eight years ago I remember in particular eight years. They get one of those clients right and I must have both every single mom somehow. Them brochure sending them a Christmas gift. The wishing him a happy birthday or whatever it was. Now I always had a hello wasn't by. But it was it was a connection and I think that no assistance is key right that kind of follow through. But there were two of other pieces to it. which I have discovered one is Wisc. if you do not take whisk, you would use your chances of luck. Now, of course, if you go buy lottery ticket and you whisk pounds. You can get lucky and win lottery, but the odds are much lower. One list with one pound one time right you taking a risk you think about that model and you times it by million right? If you are taking risk everyday, you will increase your chances of being successful. If you do not take risk, you would use your chances of being successful. Lisk. The People Leagues to fear and people have misunderstood the instinct of fear people think fear is something to be faithful logs. They think fear is a bad thing. So when someone says something to you like I remember when I was twenty someone said to me hey salmon. What are you coming? We've got two thousand people. This event you should come into total. Journey. I remember having fear. Instinct was to say I don't. You know I'm not public speaker and I don't want to do. But I always when the way when I when I had this feeling, I leaned into it and I said, yes I'm ready for I did because it was a transformational thing for me. But the point I'm making areas the. Fear in fact is, is that asset? That instinct of fear you think back to regional purpose, it was designed to give us a boost time of difficulty. So if alliance coming towards us, we have to think about how to survive fix exhibited we go and we win we survive. So it's not something to switch off you feel it it's something to turn on turn off if you can I leaning fear I love fear I still feel it but every time I, feel I feel like actually telling me, I'm doing something right I don't feel the in as much as I used to. Restore. Our increased. Set Not a negative people total understood what fear is. Fear is an asset when you feel you should lean into it without wish you won't be lucky facts. So with IMF assistance and then the final thing. That will. EMBROI- it and deploy it in your life. You will be luckier. You will increase your chances of being lucky. Luck is the key to success and the first thing you need is a clear understanding of your destination. Now, a Lotta people when it comes to destination they, I would say, okay, what do you want to change? They will say I want to make. Fifteen million pounds twenty million pounds ask destination they've moved understood. That is not the destination that is fuel for the CAU-. Where is the call go? So. So basically. If. You understand your destination. If you understand what you're trying to get to as a person as a business, you would increase your chances of luck because in a way you want to get Mr. Core you asking the universe or something right? If you also universe correctly you one. It will deliver it because you'll be looking for it. You'll be asking for it. You'll be searching for every working towards the is more likely to happen. Lotta you. Three things and you will be lucky in. Love that I love that because in fact, when offshoot with your company's podcasts always feeding On they easy can aside. Yes. Because, he's what I think I've. I've actually factually had to learn not to reach out to people to post video right? Off Your Faith Is Poised to figure out if applies to begin every. As a woman every and I was thinking. That healthy and country putting spivey within ought to be leaning into that and saw done that and the thing is is that these will has led to this moment me asking you to book. Fair, the site now. And I think you're absolutely right and I think. When you leaning is I think is a signal. I. Think is such a great thing that you said that because. I felt that and nothing even more substantive relating to even more think in that way. So. What do you say that? Because you said you'll restore really high. So. You still got him being right. You must. You must feel some. Fit. What scares you now. She got any. Yeah, I mean I think I've been again. Gold thing I mean when it comes to business, I balance my fear out with planning and thinking and. Assistance and knowing my destination because they can help you balance out favorite. You need this readings just feeling. So using isn't good enough but I can I can harness the power of fear by having a clear understanding of where I'm going, which is why I'm always to outweigh ongoing but I'm not talking. Very important, and then of course, understanding I think. The fear is multi level. For example, I dug right loader coaster rides. I still have a field going votes device I. Don't particularly feel need overcome that fear. Another thing going on a roller coaster ride is necessarily I have done it. But I. That fear is particularly interesting. So I just let that go right. and. I don't need to overcome that fear. Or grace that type of fear that that to me is different types of fear. But for business I think the way I might be tolerant is much higher because I'm experienced I understand how things work. I can always measure the downside I think is the worst in and so when you asked me to come on the first of all, I, mean I felt the same way as you and I invite people of Michael. So I totally understand have empathy because I know what it's like when you're building something up, you want people to give you time and that ultimately should hopefully lead to a more successful for a few more successful for the year means more people get that inspiration will people get into? Means people potentially start a business of their own. So we all win mine, but I think a lot of time of fear. I don't feed it less less I. don't have a clear idea of my destination. All. I don't feel like I can follow through. So you know help, for example, when you have health issues, not not have many touch way but I had a few in my time when you have those things could. Overtake because I can't make that business work now because I'm sick today. You know. So fear fear is something to manage that regard. When you attitude things, I've mentioned art imbalance. But if I keep those three things imbalance and I know I, know my destination and I understand it an equally I can't be persistent in other words I'm healthy enough to be assistant then I don't feel. In a in a bad way. Yell off that sight you could have had that clear destination persistence. And you could have. Risk tolerance and you sit around restored. She said, you said, you said, you minimize down on the Hanes Lot with openers, the United States how you talk about. Risk and everything by tight risk but you. Must you send Elon? Musk as long as you accept the consequences of your decision and you can live with that not something you can accept what show view on that. How do you had you minimize risk United Thinking about this bill? How successful was issue took asset? The. Other way you'll is everything. You can try. To guarantee, you commit a moist downsides. He's only taking get our audience around you know what you would sign around that. Yet. It's a complicated issue. But I have plenty of business failures. Okay and I guess I'll pick one I bested work quite hard on a comic book business ever showed. And You know it's actually my book is crazy story about building a comic book business out of Asia. Jinping was what if Superman landed in India Batman was born India or in China or what? What would the world look like? What would these superior? mckim about how on Superhero range around it. And you know I. I personally go quite strict matters business and a lot of money doing. I look back and why is this I absolutely loved the process now I, love the people I met building that business I. Love the product that we actually produce you're just. Today on on I like holding it. You know. And the downside was I lost money. And the beautiful thing about money is actually not a real thing. Virtual reality we kind of go into. So I met a lot of people that site actually smart and drinking coffee, and they said the happy go money in the bank. Money in the bank and just not real but they're happy because they're. So imaginative and you can be happy. Is it that simple? And if you take money away, I was I was always already happy before I had money. So. Downside is you lose money right? Download are not willing to. Compromise is. MORE CO treating people well being a decent human being I'm not willing to compromise those things. I know willing to treat people badly, I'm not willing to do bad things in and so for me those are the downsides. I could've done businesses in the past and be more successful with those businesses if I've done something bad. Right lava lose the money. My downside is money. That's no problem I don't mind losing money. I will not jeopardize my reputation. All hurt people. Why Not? Downside. I. Think. War is your. I don't. WanNa, judge anyone I'm saying. For. Me Downside is always money. That's okay. I'm taking certain amount of money and apply to something. That's what I do when I invest in something and and if I lose it so be. That's the worst that can happen and if I've got no money five years from now, my wife was still love me if I'm a decent person might give twenty years. You know it's not about. My son was do love me if I don't have money right so bad for him when he needs me and I treat him with. Rowing. So the things that matter will still be there with about money. So a lot of people look at downside as money problem. I. Don I look at it as really more around I would never want to. Take risks that would in any way jeopardize migrant or that of the people people like. I love that I absolutely. Loved that inspiring. And his message. Back in the day when I was a go up through the Here, about you know genetic sold prawit just do. Halting about you know there's that whole about just get what you on a now if. They started up refreshing to Haiti's in. Mexico with change I think you ought to. People leading that, charge. Gary v Two scientific coin is is the why you know. You know treating people respect and came to people have embassy the ease of the big game these big these the big Guy Chimes help people connect with you business annual mission and the purpose and. That's what people want to connect with take a because of the things that represent an love that you would not compromise at a nice I. Lovely. I think science about. You can get what you want Islamists. Other one and his whole thing about collaboration. So. I saw it on. Just love that anything. Except actually the the money as some decent human being. And of Amoros intact that's is NS. Love. You've been so successful and this stuff works it's nothing up the. Khufu Good Nashville I love that to enforce it could actually and the things he would bring an upbringings thing about. Each will as well you WANNA sight libraries. threes on that story because Okla on. A founding member of. The Library Service and shutting down so being shut down. Out what you have to rely nothing such a lovely thing to you. Yeah well, I. Mean I just can't be unaltered perfect human being and you know I'm you'll be kind to me but I'm certainly not perfect and I I do make mistakes. Again my talk about no, my mistakes I think talk about those things end up forming why you've got to make mistakes thing to find out who you really are but on the library from. I must have made initially. Not Top of mind for me I kind of like we as a facilitated. The I personally hardly the use and that As a Gen will maybe is becoming an out of date concept discount vague idea had applied within my mind. Then, I'M Walking past my local library near where I live. Recently and Disrespect disrepair and closed up and I I Just kind of. something. Around issue and then I started digging a little bit about what was going on library and what happened started to truly understand how this life rewards. To the most fundable in the tweety. Now. Because, because allied with the only place, you can go where they don't mind usual the doors. One of the few aches is something you can all be. There are other things that. You want money, but but the library is one. Of. The asking for anything from you is not asking you to have faith in particular Gordon not asking you to buy coffee when you when you walk in it, it's literally there if your a child who has no money, you can walk in inexpensive book pledge. You'll bring it back and take it out. And it just symbolizes something to me that kind of resonates we've ym today you know helping people with no tach. Joined to. A one back message I think the library is wanted to hear new structures that does this say that there are things out afraid a good useful and are helping people and I think neither helping often the most. People get in Wifi remarks now spent time. Is I feeling and I've watched faith walk in there and you know most of us take Wifi for granted there are people that can't afford the monthly cost bt charge Wifi and they. They walk into that library and getting on the Internet, that's the only way they can get onto and Morton than society that sounds insane his name. They want somebody to go or something to charge them four pounds with coffee they go to the library right and so. And I think is one of those institutions that I I don't WanNa, get political but I feel like. The government doesn't funds 'cause they don't see as electable. Thing to invest in, you know if saving the banks will get them to get elected saving the library. Big Deal. Right. So they pulled funding from the libraries and as I dig deeper into what's happening is awful and I think in this day nate white now where we are. I do believe these George why how it treats his most vulnerable imposed amongst us. So to me, the library should be an institution, a system that should always be looked after and funding to support. People to get knowledge to lift themselves. into a better life, and so you know I I just felt like hold on the library resonated my covertly. You should help equal for free we can. And that? It should be the central knowledge bank. The people can tap into whether it's getting WIFI connected to the Internet the Norwich Westerly, actually getting a book for free. It's going to teach you about culture and about the world, the fact should not be denied. To someone so. So then I and I started talking to the management and lively that. I'm on presently now. Working as a pilot is November charity and that's an interesting story or something because. Once funded by the government and then due to austerity. White cited operate cut the funding in the Nevada. Was it would be a PR disaster to completely shut lie under the surface management. So the outsource a lot of the manager life is to charities charities literally life desperately asking for money to keep life. Ryan and so is will in trouble provide to cove it an Kobe literally. Pretty much denied in almost. Because no-one's go spend money to keep. Building going the people can't even go to. Vary. So. So I had no idea to reinvent the library. and. And the idea is simple. Execution is a crazy issue but I felt like the libraries core essence is knowledge. And I feel like. What I'm trying to provide with. Mike Lap on knowledge. So I felt like more we were lying about helping if your employees need help will help you if you've got a big company and you need help will help you. Not, live with. Income asking. You are you ritual? It's not there's no judgment an. Ally back, not help people regardless, and then I felt aligned this concept that me and live reason knowledge. It's not about books inside it is about someone getting on Wi and getting access to knowledge or information whatever they need. So I felt like I could prog in mine system, my knowledge assist the I'm building and bill over large gear into the library ecosystem and make the library an entrepreneur how For example, kids going to school they don't learn about entrepreneurship and I think entrepreneurship is about life managing your money managing cash flow doing negotiations, doing deals, sales, marketing rand, these things all life experience things not just business experience things I love the idea that if you go to school and they don't teach you these things and they Come to the library after school and learning things. Right and so what school isn't doing relied we will I also feel like that needs to be editor to job centers. I feel like jobcentres a invested in body governed built. Basically you walk in try and find your job right? Fine. Waste the facility. If you walk into what someone else I want to start something can you help me love a? To me the library, my vision of the library for the future, and you know it's not an easy thing to execute. I need help from the world to make this happen the community to make this happen but I believe. We can make that place a place a competitor to the job center. And and a competitive school. Where we can give people knowledge experienced real life. Insights and give them the tools that these institutions and not giving them, and we invent the library because ultimately that's what I'm doing. I'm saying the library isn't about books is about each so that's provide knowledge prospects. And so that's it. I love that I love that fishing competing with the job jobcentres I love that and you're not see, right? That whole thing and skilled as well. The. Life skills, the skill you know you. You, your mommy Monday most school dies. Reading Guy. Who's go I just didn't feel concede relevance of the application site, Athena not how about knowledge? I love that whole vision side. By side. Temperatures by need to fold is anything I can day. What would you? What would you ask him? If anyone's interested in. Being a mental or being coach or getting involved in supporting the the software of this revision alive rates than reach out we're looking of entrepreneurs to support with things office hours, which might be zooming function minal happiness city in the library. It anyone that wants to contribute. Content perspective reach out to US free purposeful project DOT. com. All anyone that wants help to start a business understand entrepreneurship or would like this school kids teach you to understand entrepreneurship, reach out to us and we try and vite that knowledge from our library. Base? To people. So it was kind of two sides of the marketplace that the people that want to help contribute to the mission and those that want to live with the information the. That the systems offering. Absolutely love that site. Excite guys if you if you get involved contact getting touch absolutely. Okay. So he told me come to the end but Oh, twenty two. So lousy a couple of a few a few things. Also Legacy Leaphart, Nissan? Because we're. GonNa. We are there is going to be end of life in area. So also a legacy, you WANNA leave behind in this on this. Planet. Well universe. was I-. It's a very deep question. And I think a very simple answer i. mean I probably just. Wanted to leave a mark where my son is proud of me and is proud of what he's done is done and. Felt loved. You know I think that. I go bigger and say I would love to help a million people stop. And hopefully, we'll do that. A, lot of it is not my control. So I can take a horse to water by cannot make it drink. I. Don't know the outcome and hopefully I would cheat that. But if I if I am if I die and my my son is looking at why don proud and and he felt loved when I was here and feels love and I will feel like I the legacy, and hopefully that love will lead him on this part of fly effect. either. Continue with my work and fulfill like crazy dream or follow his own dream with love in his heart. That's wonderful is is such a nice. Lexi to leave any still off it when talking look and feel that you know. How much is absolutely lovely into. Yes, it's fantastic and he said a lovely thing to solve think about legacy that was wool and. I just think it's lovely. thinks right So, another thing went to Sochi fractionation salons. Last question customer I'm GonNa. All she lost question. Inaugural. So don't out on the We'll of. Law Solving Special Message snus warns pricing can can you give audience you think we will spend all your experience in what you've done will could you leave us with who despise to solve the slides and feeding? But we say a few things. Once said. Everyone will have ten thousand hours of good luck and ten thousand hours of bad luck. My addition to that would as a matter of perspective. So maybe you know the kind of. Pessimistic view in the. World. May Be, taking optimistic is quite an. Enjoyable life. I'm out somebody also say. Bill Fenwick Be Yourself. The whole. Light line real often doug try to be someone else. It's already taken. It's just just. Try to be genuine discovered your purpose if you do, you will have the most rewarding life and. Not needs to be said, today a million times money will not make you happy focus in on your filling your own bucket i. Feel ashamed to do that, and they want you buckets full when you know what you're buckets about. People. Taking it. Just, reminded on that but. Ultimately I probably just tell people joined live fenwick life and they'll be happy fully and. Try to figure out why you can. You can contribute to making the world of ice cheesy as it sounds it will leave you feeling happier. y'All definitely definitely helping people does make feel site extra makes you feel amazing Thanks appreciate a ties. The is really appreciate. Thanks for coming on US when it's Also where can people find you can get involved with you like. Touch. On what you saw shares many places possible because we're GONNA put these links as well in the video is who can release and stuff like that Botswana. Just just let people no way to do. While I'm you can contact me directly through my own person website, which is Simon Squibb Dot Com. You can listen to our interviews with the world's most successful entrepreneurs and good luck dot. com. Will you can reach out on our purposeful project, dot com platform and as I say, let us know how we can help you or equally how you feel you might be contrary to our mission in any way. We you know we love to hear from from. Oso that feel like that either issues to them or that they can leverage what we're providing. So yeah. So the those three plans but. WAY TO CONNECT That's fantastic. Sal DOT COM gunnery child support him days on social media. All the time got fantastic. tiktok account is brilliant. You know he's got he's on instagram is fantastic. Actually your tiktok stuff mall Miami now that was really enough. So love the humor you put it to. That's off work by struggle with it, but you go just. Enough inside thanks appreciates it. Sorry you've been. You've been fantastic Solomon appreciate. As a site is amazing of Ridge appreciate into thanks to coming home. Likewise, thank you very much for having me. Okay. Thank you saw him for grades. Shaw Look Great an amazing message. That lot is an actual skill and you can get successful if you you're gonNA. Tight risk. Minimalist downside. Assistance in your action and you have a clean destination. Don't forget you can reach out. To end on twitter on instagram catch. Me Jose. Inspection. Machine across instagram. Twitter TIKTOK. It's up to see you there. Again, you've been listening to expression nation calls and his expression. Nation. Catchy guys. Lights Up

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#242 - Clint Black on His Biggest Hits, Experience Doing The Apprentice and New Music


1:03:26 hr | 7 months ago

#242 - Clint Black on His Biggest Hits, Experience Doing The Apprentice and New Music

"Today's episode is brought to you by Hulas. Great it's a not so historically accurate account of the rise of Catherine the great who became the longest running female ruler in Russian history. But she had to get there. I the great follows. Catherine's unlikely and often hilarious journey to power. All she has to do is kill. Her husband. Beat the church. Baffle the military and get the court on her side. The series satirical comedic drama starring. Elle fanning as Catherine and Nicholas. Holt as Emperor Peter. The third created and written by the Oscar nominated writer of the favorite Toni McNamara stream episodes of the great may fifteenth only on Hulu Jarvis Masters has steadfastly maintained his innocence since he was sentenced to death. Matsch thirty years of innocent people on death. Row covered evidence bolsters. The claims of innocence. I really believe you're found that weapon. I would have been Josh. You be the judge on dear governor. The podcast go. What a day skills like innocent on death row? Listen to dear governor on May seventh on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcast. Or wherever you get your podcasts. Walk onto episode to forty two. We'll talk to clint black just a little bit. Always Fun to talk to people. You love when you were a kid. Got Music out too but we definitely get into a lot of ninety stuff before we turn the MIC on here Mike. You had asked me if I'd heard the dixie chicks song. Yeah and I have it because I guess the song came out today right. Yeah I woke up today for the first time in five years. I WANNA play golf today. Eddie and amy's hasn't been and I WANNA play so I haven't really done anything I just. You know we're GONNA go over music here but I'm just not feeling a lot of music right now. Ardley for music podcast. I don't know if it's because I'm really not listening to as much music because I'm not commuting ever or if nothing's really hitting me right now and we'll some new stuff maybe some of this stuff will hit you but I was more excited heart to clint black about the nineties. Anything new coming out today. You know I think a lot of people are feeling that way right now once we get back to somewhat normal. I think some of our normal habits. We're kind of kicked back in. But I have you been listening to new music at all. This week is probably the first week I started listening to some new stuff. What did you listen to I listen to like I've been listening to machine gun Kelly a lot and you put out a new song today shaking out and it's weird because I know him as a rapper but a lot of this stuff he's putting out a lot more alternative sounding. See singing yeah. And he's playing guitar a lot so I like to sound everybody. Being Post Malone now basically pretty much like he didn't he didn't have that sound before now. It's like he's on alternative. Radio is weird kind of feel like post Malone created that space. You rapper but you can also do rock if you play guitar. Yeah using real instruments. That's all yeah that's all right. Well let's start with music out this week. And we'll start with the Dixie chicks song because you brought that up to me. The dixie chicks were supposed to gas lighter the whole album. It was the first record fourteen years but had been been pushed back indefinitely because corona but they did put out this new song. And it's called Juliana Juliana Juliana Juliana. You said both Yuliana. Juliana I hear his Juliana. Calm down to remind you. It's just a terrible situation just off put on on bash shoes and struggle. Fuck around show off show off show off your best moves and let a smile on the yeah. I can't really find the chorus because I'm hearing that Miranda time is at the course like that part towards like maybe twenty seconds into the chorus on and Katie. Calm down you know. It sounds like a slightly country Florence and the machine. Oh Yeah it Kinda does I was hearing it and I was going right. What am I hearing here play from the beginning again. Just clip. What's gone is just situations like the Welsh Kinda? I mean yeah I I. I'll probably liked it. I can't tell from hearing this one clip of a song But that sounds like like Mike on their oddly. Hard to get a hold of meaning they didn't want to be interviewed or they don't want me to interview them. And I think I've been one of the biggest advocates. Oddly but I can't get any of them talk to me which is weird because usually that's not the not the case it's the opposite. People are trying to get on because of the platform that we have so the district. It's been weird because I've been like Pro Dick Forever and they just been like well. We're getting away from Bobby. We aint talking to him I don't know why Let's go here and now from Kenny. Chesney this is record. Nineteen is that right. Yeah here's the title track here and now know here's a song called everyone. She knows and the matter to them. She's sick a summer. The winters just too cold. She's with I mean definitely sounds like Kenny. Craziest in one thousand records. Kenny was out. You know he started some of those guys that are just called nineties. Country were still around kicking and they're considered nineties country but Kenny started then as well and has managed to continue. Look at his first record came out. I think I think I looked at it. It was like ninety one. I want to say wow. I was looking through all his albums early just to make sure like Kenya. Mcgraw are two guys were if they had stopped after a few big records or Kinda petered out. They'd be considered legacy axe but they have just continued to produce continue to put a hits man if it was ninety one. I'll be shocked studio albums. Ninety four early well good for him. I like Kenny. I I got to sell Kenny. Wants or sit with getting on stage in it was just him and I and he played acoustic the whole time. And we'd talk and do interviews and make jokes and stuff. But he's just a really good singer you know when you think of the big singers. You don't think it can you Chesney you think of a guy? Can you just put out the beach? Hits but just sitting there. Acoustic Guitar was Surprisingly good The chaos silent from hot country nights. This is dirk spending ninety s influenced comedy band. This was always a bit difficult because the songs are pretty good. They're even good and funny but it was always weird to talk to them on radio because it's such a visual theme and I would feel like sometimes it wouldn't come across like I wanted to on radio because unless you could see them. You really weren't getting the joke. Because it sounds like Turks Bentley making jokes and so that was. This was always the thing that we had to juggle on the radio with Dirks as Douglaston. Because he would come on and be moderately funny boy. He was wearing was hilarious. People can't see what he's wearing when they're listening to live so. That was always a juggle for me. I would imagine they're Kinda done with this project at this point especially on a little tour but that got cut as everybody else's but they had songs that were good that were aside from the funniness of it had good hooks. Here is Sorry High Country Nights with Travis. Trick a song called pick her up tavern and dance around to an old. You know what's funny is. The three artists talked about so far. And then we're going to get clint black in his second. Dixie chicks ninety two thousands. Kenny Chesney started in ninety four right so he said Yeah Ninety. Four ENDURE EXPAND IS NINETY S. A pop parody band. I mean that ninety S. it's the real retro in Vogue thing right now either. You came from the nineties. You're making a new sound or you're new and you're making a ninety sound as long as you got some feeling of the nineties. People accept that. That's pretty cool. Do you feel that at all? I why is that of the nineties? Well I think that's when country music went massively mainstream so all the big stars are there. You think it'll ever shift to a different decade. Or is this something about the nineties. I think that was the Garth Brooks Brooks and Dunn. I mean I think for a while but probably the sixties and I don't know there was ever a seventies and eighties boom maybe low but nineties and I don't think the two thousands were great just generally speaking. I think it's the most songs when you think of all those songs from the nineties. I mean McGraw Garth Dixie chicks even Chesney. Joe tiffy Clint Black. I mean it was just a really good time for country music. A lot of money was going into support it because they were seeing. That could make a lot of money. So I can't see the two thousands. Maybe Luke combs tribute band later in life. Which Luke has a new song too? That's interesting I'm going to think about that. Why the nineties? A couple of reasons one. I think the age of all the people making decisions were nineties listeners. And the adults now. We're big nineties kids. So the people that are making the decision as adults to the music that's getting made. The the artists for a lot of them were nineties influence. I think that's probably what it is. And then the stars. That's the biggest generation of country stars. Lou Combs has officially released six feet apart. We played the Youtube version a couple of weeks ago but this song is upstream race. Dad Miss Canada. You know I saw the title of this and I think I mentioned this. Last week's podcast. I thought how in the world is GonNa do a song. It's not cheesy about quarantine because I've heard one hundred of them and they're almost all cheesy. This is a pretty good one. I mean everything. He writes right now just turns into gold. I played the he played the operate and I was hoping it last week and it was great he played. This is the opera last week. kept more put. A new song called crazy for you tonight. Bright Young put out a new song called Lady Bright Young Back Your Mama and again. Do Your exhausted merit. Big Nation seaview at your every move. You can always ruined it. Daddy mistake else. We got here. Some other What's your favorite on the list? Here I don't want to go through all these. What's your favorite on the list that we haven't played machine gun machine gun? Kelly here this one. It does sound like Out Boy meets like angry. Blink one two thousand punk rock field. Yeah it does. I mean that's straight alternative stuff crazy. Yeah I would never guess machine Kelly. I mean that sounds like your style though. Yeah I'm very much. So sounds like sounds like he showed up late for warped tour about five years styles little little beyond that but he could have fitted marshmallow and holds the. I saw them laying on the ground together on instagram. Promo for the song. This is called. Be Kind Let's see if there's anything else I wanNA just mentioned some of this Heim aim high. I thought it was time. Haven't got no reaction back time higher. I'm the three sisters they have a I know alone. The play that Gabby Barrett has song featuring Shane and Shane. Shane and Shane is. I thought it was like a Shane and Shane Company. Jewelry Company. Do you ever see that commercial? Oh Yeah it's a Christian do. Oh Oh it is yeah. Imagine Bolt on 'em Shane. Shane and Shane all right. Hardie has a new so boots. Let me hear a little bit of Mitchell. Tin Pennies cover of someone you loved by Louis Capacity. Okay let's start over and I I like Mitchell Mitchell. A little bit using auto tune on you can hear it. I thought so too. If you're going to chase one of these really big vocal salt. And he's a good singer. Let me hear this again. I kind of odd choice of a song to pick if you have to use auto tune by the way everybody is pitch shifted a little bit. I've only known a couple of artists that go in and go. Don't touch my vocal carries. Wanted them here and dump. Maybe they'll put some effect on it but they don't pitch shift her vocal very noticeable. Wow I mean I would move bridging idiots stuff I'll just put shipped all of like yeah. We're doing this is everybody knows like Emoji Love Song. I think a lot of that. We were like answer to having to participate. Shift the whole thing. So people know it's very obviously not the live version but the studio version by the way yes. I'm comparing Emoji love to. Let's see hardy has musical boots The ought country band American aquarium. Now I don't know who they are but are they good. I like the sound. Yeah I wouldn't have thought you to put this up if you didn't think it was cool. Yeah I could probably see myself listening the all country band. American aquarium are into it. They have not called lamentations lamentations okay. Here's a song. Called the luckier you dig. It sounds a little bit like Tom Petty in in the wildflowers. The wallflowers meets the wallflowers. Tom Petty and the heartbreakers meets the wallflower. I'm trying to say Tom. Petty also as an album called wildflower thing. I got all these in my head but I would say like the wallflowers meets Tom Petty. That's cool. Tom. Petty's album wildfire. I can't talk. Wildflowers is one of my favorite records. Just WanNa make sure I said that right were you ever. Top-heavy Fan narrowly the song. You belong awhile flowers. I de you're the one I don't think so then you don't know how it feels no. You don't know how it feels to be me because I know that one. That's a good one. Let's see what else is not. You ragged me baby to your into that one. Let's see gather song now. That's here it's fire. That's berries is the gym. It's reminds me. I'm not even interested in new music. I would sit here on this record we should. We should break down our favorite albums and all the songs on it. Because I'm looking at this like a truck five. It's good to be king. It's good to be king for a day. Let's see when you bulldog barks in near canaries things now. This jam Jen Album. Top twenty album for me here for sure to be there. Yeah Adam give him a smile nothing. Nothing man you're missing out. Never come down all right. Well that's it. We want to update update. You're new music. And also we're going to play this comeback interview stumbling today. I was on the sun today for four hours playing golf and I think the sun is not cooperating. My Body at this point because it's been months since I've seen it commits vitamin D for One day overdosing on Vitamin D. Okay here we'll take a little break. Come back with clint black joy. If you never go online your personal information seems like a single ping pong ball bouncing up and down which is not too hard to keep track of right but when you connect the public Wifi or log a financial account or buy something on your smartphone. Well your personal info can feel like it's turning into a bunch of ping pong balls bouncing out of control and talking to see those and that can exposure photos cybercriminals more threats demand more protection. Which is why Norton and lifelock are part of one company Norton? Three sixty with lifelock is an all in one membership for your cyber safety with device security identity theft protection a VPN for online privacy and more no one can prevent all cybercrime and identity theft but norton. Three sixty with lifelock is your ally in today's connected world after all your Info isn't GonNa stop bouncing around anytime soon. Sign UP TODAY FOR NORTON. Three Sixty with lifelock save twenty five percent or more off your first year by going to norton dot com slash bones. That's Norton Dot com slash bones for twenty five percent off sir. Hello this is Ron Burgundy. You're listening to my voice which commands trust and respect. Guess what my podcast is back. And that's a win for everyone mainly for me because of the money but also because I love to hear myself talk and so do you and if you're thinking it's time for a change in your insurance plan B. Automobile or home insurance. Think no further than state farm. You know the one with the catchy jingle like a good neighbor state farm is state farm has been in the insurance game for more years than anyone on earth can remember. They aren't some fly by night. Operation Offering suspect savings. They offer real service for classy people who want to be confident in what they are buying. I call it the state farm difference. I don't know what they call it. I don't even know who runs the company. Maybe I should run the company. I would keep the jingle like a good neighbor state. Farm is there but I would change the tune like a good neighbor. State farm is there. That was better right cleanse bobby. How's it going? Hey Bobby will. It's going nowhere I saw today was like day. Fifty would know sports day for. I mean it does feel like a big old blurred. Doesn't it yeah? It starts to not matter what day of the Week. It is well before we get rolling here We're already rolled before we get like moving through. I just want to tell you and I think I've I've mentioned this to you before but I'm just a massive fan. So it's it's really exciting for me to get to talk to you. Well thanks you know. I'm a fan of yours but I really wasn't a massive fan until I saw you. You probably yeah. That isn't a good look for me with you. So we'll move away from that I. I was asked to do that. Show a couple of times. And there's it's just absolutely no way on earth you're brave man. We'll you know. Obviously you have the chops to how I would've I ONLY DANCE. The silly dance to make my family laugh. I feel like that's what I should do. Just only the silly dance well. I'm excited to see that you're putting on a new record. Come now. Hey tell me about out of sane because I was thinking about this is that is that the opposite of insane out of saying you know actually They're multiple interpretations of that and It really comes from little play online from one of the songs a song titled Is What I knew then And the line is A little in and out of saying so. I didn't like any of the song titles. I usually will name an album after one of the song. Titles sums it up and I didn't like any of them for that the same with my last album on purpose so I just scoured the lyrics for something that made sense and When I when I thought of that when I thought it was. You know serious seriously speaking That you know the writing of songs or creating music is really you know born out of out of sanity and And then you go through the recording process and by the time it's down to all the music recorded and now I'm trying to mix it and make sure scientifically everything has its place and it's going to sound good on any system it's played on it but just becomes a science and it's just. It's really kind of borders on insanity at that point. It's no longer this art form. It's a science And and it's just five hours of sleep a night and working on that you know for eighteen hours a day and by the time I get to. The end of making an album is reason. I don't not only do one about every five years now. I'm getting no sleep. I've wanted to be over and so I start out saying and ended up insane and And I thought that really really sums it up when I always wanted to use that photo for the cover with that American Flag Guitar of Mine and I thought that that also brings in another interpretation because it seems our country you know is a little out of saying and Just depending on what cycle were in and so I thought this is titled. Anybody can see any anyway. They want for their own uses. But for me it's spoke to the album spoke to the process which you know it's not a iron work which I've done right but But it's But it gets to be grueling at one point just Need need to call it. Finish but not until it's right well. The full album is set for June nineteenth released. D in Six or so weeks out from that. Do you feel like any of this is happening now is GonNa Affect that release date or you determine that that's the date the projects coming out. I'll we're firm where firm on it We got the video the the second and third Instant Grad or or Lined up and ready to go. It's all in the system and I've just gotten my little. I'm going to call it a broadcast studio. It's my recording studio. But I've finally gotten all the elements you know. It's hard as a lot of stuff like this is back ordered. You know. I needed a converter to go from my you know my four K camera into the computer to use it you know for live streaming and also wanted to tie that in with pro tools. So it's been this step by step process of getting the point where I can start live streaming and in promoting the album from my studio. I've been watching this last dance. Which is the the the balls documentary? I think they've put out four episodes now. And you know it's about you know. Michael Jordan's his final season with the Bulls. And they do this really cool thing where they go back in time current back in time current that kind of thing. And if you'll indulge me a little bit like to do that now where I wanNA talk about new stuff. And they kind of do a flashback. And then come back and forth with the new project indulge me in this this type of yeah perfect. We'll see how it goes. I I like you had a lot of jobs before I kind of got into what. I'm doing now where I worked. I worked at a MARINA AND DID BAIT. Work is what you were. You Bake Cutter. What was that Java that that was My More guys at my Management Company when he was taking down stuff about me. You know what I what I He was basically putting together. Simple bio and And he laughed and said I'M GONNA put 'cause I was an iron worker I worked in security As consultants salesman and sold security services and actually didn't I starved but You know I had You know I was a newspaper so I had a paper route as a kid. You know and he he laughed. Said I'M GONNA put Down Bay Cutter and Fishing Guide and I laughed and And then suddenly it's in the newspaper and it went everywhere and so it was. It was not true kidding. But you know they managed rock and roll acts and I was there I country act and I think maybe you know they Like Kenny Loggins told me once he said when. I'm not doing anything interesting I'm paraphrasing. He said I'll make stuff up and say I'm somewhere I'm not and I stay after. He told me that I was doing an interview over the phone. And and Interviewer asked me So where are you calling from? I said I'm in Barbados. Really what are you doing in Barbados? And I said I'm not really couldn't even do it. That's funny so you never wear a baked cutter but now it's it's that's been part of your bio legacy all these years. Yup Yup still want Want me to tell them where the fish are. That's funny 'cause I literally was a big cut and I don't put that my bio anymore cricket grabber because I would I would Shovel crickets and the tubes people. I would cut bait. I would catch shad and give them out. I was a bit of a small small time fishing guide and maybe I should put that in my bio people. Ask me about that because I was really interested to hear that story. You know you want that word to get around so when this job falls part on the you know you'll have somewhere to go people demand will. I wonder you know as you have this new record. we're weeks away from a coming out and you know you are a guitar player You are you playing lead on the record. I play most of the Yeah most of the electric guitar stuff I do. Some slide. Dobro and electric side started that with The the nothing but the tail lights album when Stroud heard my demos and he said you should play guitar on this. Well Hayden Nicholas. My Lead Guitar Player really got me started when we're writing songs one day and he said you know with your finger picking style you can play. Looks like this rape flag stop. I laughed and laughed. And he said no really. He taught me some things to practice and I went home and got a little. You know. Let's see concert. Call it a metronome and I started practicing slowly and sped it up until I was convinced. I can play stuff like this. And so I played most of the Everything but three songs on nothing but the tail lights and And then I did the electrified. Which was all acoustic. And there wasn't much to do there and then I started doing it again and On the on purpose album I really dug into it and made myself take on a lot of that work whereas you know I might reach out to Hayden to hurry it. Along or Steve Wariner Brent Mason. You know because they can do it in a flash and I decided I'm going to take the time it takes me longer but if I can make myself happy as producer artist then I'm going to do it and So it's it's it's really satisfying and and and it's been a really It's it's been a real you know I. I like you'd like to think you're going to get better with age Ryan and the fact that I can play Guitar. Solos on Tucker it out now. Which is our barn burner really convinced me that there's still room for growth But I have to work really hard for it. I'm going to run some numbers by you. Here the numbers nineteen ninety one. You were chosen by people magazine. It's one of the fifty most beautiful people in the entire world. How vivid memory when you got that call you know what? I just flashed on all the makeup and wardrobe. It took to earn that title. You know it's funny. I can't even remember You Know I. I can't even remember that. So much was happening to me coming at me Happening for me I remember now that you say that that I was given that But NO. I can't remember that ceiling You know I I I imagine I'm on the bus with the band and and and they're all mocking. Probably what we were doing whenever something like that. That's outside of the country. Genre happens because it's very mainstream. Do you start to hear from other people that you thought you would never hear from the to go. Hey I saw you people magazine. I also like what you're doing. I just haven't reached out yet. No not not really in that way I would. I would meet people outside my genre. Assume you're talking about other artists artists actors. Anyone that was like Soya magazine. Yeah yeah but it was never. It was never clear to me that one thing was happening because of the other I would meet people like Garry shandling at when he was hosting the Grammy's and he said Hey. You should do my show. You should come on. And let's goof around and so did his show and and Ended up going and playing basketball over his house every Sunday for you know quite a while and mean a lot of people over there I think. That's how Kevin Nealon and I became friends I I'm you know I've met Eric. Idle because Lisa it worked with fitness trainer. Who Trained Eric's wife and And so I said I said Hey. Would you give this phone number to to Tanzania and Let's see if I want. I'm going to record a MONTY PYTHON SONG. See if If he would be willing to do something on it. And so that led show working with him And becoming friends with him and then meeting people through him other comedians and actors and and and it just never it never I never. I never really knew okay. Well this is because of my music or just because I reached out or met someone through someone else. You've twenty two number one singles. What's the when you play the first leg of what song people react allowed us to Well that's killing time lick on the shows Pretty definitive Better man is really recognizable. And and those were you know. Those were huge for me like the rain. Of course I don't do. The intro licked in concert from like the rain. I I wrote another little Acoustic Guitar piece that I do on the front end of that and then when I start singing it they know and Nothing but the tail lights. That looks really recognizable With some of these songs that you play and you have played for you know this at this point for thirty years. Do you have man? I want to switch up this arrangement because I'm I'm kind of bored with playing the same songs over and over and over again like you WanNa play for the fans but you WANNA switch it up a little bit. Has that happened at all? Yeah I'm really careful about that I I keep in mind that they have some ownership in it and Attachment and and so you know. I'm a music fan when I see someone in concert. I I've seen that happen and not liked it. I've also seen it and liked it I've done that on records where I I did. A version put yourself in my shoes a real slow blues version with a twelve piece horn section instead of harmonica and I did that for the Second. Greatest hits extra tracks and I did a version of no time to kill with Bruce Hornsby. That was a real funky version and I played around with a bad goodbye felt I felt some liberties with that because I wasn't doing it with why known so the song wasn't going to be what it was anyway. Messed around with a A different arrangement. But I'm careful. I try to be careful about the new song that I was listening to before I called. You is America still in love with you. I WANNA play a little bit of that Real Quick. An Se a couple of thoughts about it. Here's a clip of America. Still in love with you. L. Spider Arab sandown separate way. Come back so he wrote that. What Steve Wariner? Yep So tell me about that day when you guys go into the room to do this. Steve had been coming over. We'd been doing stuff together. Just hanging out. He would come by for one reason or another and In in every town. Let's say you you. You didn't bring your news. Steve Warner Gretch. I ordered one and it was taken a while to get it and I had seen his and I forgot and so one day I said well you just have to come over with the intent of bringing Aktar so you won't forget it so he came over one day just to show me that and we were playing around with it and after we we'd played around for a while I said I said Oh I had this New Song Idea. I've got an told it to him and it was kind of the basics of the chorus. Sounds like a love Song. You know to a to a woman and you get to the end of the chorus and and America is the lady and he just reacted perfectly. Just couldn't I didn't see that coming? And Yeah we got right that and And I just launched into it I said. What can we do musically and we start a plan around we just go right in literally standing around the the kitchen the then off the kitchen and once I saw that we had a structure and a direction on the versus I Started texting musicians to see who was available and then about four days We were all in the studio recording it and I knew I had to hurry in order to make the deadline for this album and I wanted it to be on the album My love of the song and the message but also it just went so well with the cover and Just has to be on there. I literally made it about the same day as my deadline. Got The master delivered the videos out too now so people can check out and all of the song but America. Still in love with you. The music video is out so man still making the videos. Are they harder to make now or easier? They're harder to make in quarantine. I was Y- again just ordering pieces and they would come and it was the wrong piece You know I would order a lens. I thought I needed and turned out. You know it just wasn't gonNA wasn't going to work for the for the framing and You know back in the day you know making him for RCA. Of course. I had these great budget's about eighty five thousand dollars and I worked with a video producer. Brent Hedge Cock who really enabled me to be a director. When I wasn't really a director I got to write the treatments. I would ride out treatment for the video and he would budget it out and he would come back and he'd say that's that's about a three thousand dollar video you've got to cut more than two thousand two hundred thousand dollars worth of ideas out and that would have happened every time and so we'd finally get Get it down to where it fit the budget and we would go shoot it and he was so much fun to work with such a creative guy That when he no longer produced videos I really lost my enthusiasm for it for a while and I I really just kind of stopped and then You know when I started putting out these These records on purpose and And this one you know the management company the first video. I didn't know why was this old house. Which is it? Oh my gosh. To the Grand Ole opry and they operate gave me access to all their archival footage and so I went through everything and I put together a really nice piece that spoke to the opry in that old house and that that family of You know what a hundred years and And I sent a copy to the management company and they came back and said This is great. This is really great. I love it and And they said but we really think you should be in it. I wasn't in it and And I was disappointed. And just you know A big sigh acid. No really I don't need to be in it and we went back and forth that way For Awhile and they finally convinced me that I needed to be part of it was I. I really didn't feel like I needed to be in. This was gonNA move people just by watching all these great you know opry moments and then the other part was. I didn't know how I was going to do it. How how was I going to fit into this and And so when I agreed I was going to put myself in the video I started thinking and at one moment I had the idea that could be backstage guide and And once that happened. The ideas started coming and The Harry Potter. You know picture frames come to life idea hit me and I called my editor said okay. We we have to do this. How easy is it going to be? You know what do we have to do on the front end so once once that happened in the creative juices were flowing and Managed to get it done. You know I was looking back and you can tell me if I'm wrong here. I'm going from memory but I look back because I had like everybody else. I had to kill time tape and so from the record killing time but I don't think that was was better man. My recollection was better man. A single before. Killing time was. Yeah actually you know. The first single was set to be straight from the factory and I was worried about it and cities I knew it would go over and Texas and Oklahoma and just kinda worried about it and we got to Casey. La Los Angeles in Bob Garra program director and we're sitting in his office and And and playing that song and he stops the tape and he says well he said. I could add that if you get it into the top twenty so I knew what that meant. I didn't know a lot about the business yet but I also didn't know if it would be okay for me to pull this tape. I had in my pocket out and play him something from it Carson Schreiber was the promotion. Guy There and I kind of looked over at him and decided. I'm just going to do it and I pulled out the tape and I said I said Bob pop this in and play that song and it was better man and that's what I was thinking you know would be better for single but I just I let him play and at the end of the first course he stopped the tape and said. I'll add that out of the box so we got out of there and told ahead M. R. C. A. And said you know? Here's what just happened. And this decision was made on the spot to switch to a better man and how fast that song make you feel like you were firmly in the country. Music community it took a while you know I was still travelling around in a twelve seater van. Pull IN A U-HAUL TRAILER. Four five hundred miles a day a night and And and so it was about a seventeen week climbed to number one so we started promoting it and I think like that'd be wary and it peaked in mid June. I think that's seventeen weeks Anyway it It really it really seemed to be going fast to me but that was not a quick climb back then but it was rare for a debut single to go to number one. So I'm hearing all these things and you know getting perspective by the time that hit. I think I was by the time. It really started peak. I think I was getting some slots opening for the JUDDS and and Acts like that so it started to feel more like this is going to work. I'm GonNa make it when you guys decided to put out killing time second and the song again looking back at as my history. I feel like killing. Time was even bigger than a better man. Well it had a it had a step up on better man and I think it was more of a Honky tonk song and You know but again. I'm I'm stepping off Debut NUMBER ONE Releasing that so That song didn't think promotion team had a little easier. I'm pushing that one out So it had a little bit of an advantage but it's it's also you know it's it's a different feel and flavor and texture better man was kind of Haggard. Ask and killing time. Wasn't I don't know what I'd call it but it it for for me for my sensibilities. It really. It really felt like this is this is going to. You're going to get different things from me It was important to me that I had diversity And my body of work and I felt like that song really spoke to that. What was it like plotting tour back in the late eighties? Early Nineties would use a phone book to call places like on the bus. Would you have a phone book to pull over and call places well I had nothing to do with that part of it. I had to I just did interviews and showed up at radio stations and and You know targets etcetera and But yeah back then. You know we'd have to get to a hotel room get in there and get on the phone and You know it was a while before you know I got that Fifteen pounds cellular phones. Did you ever do want you talking about targets and Walmarts? Did you ever go one of these signings and it got to the point where it was so crazy because you had so many hits in a row it was crazy it was You know I've I've said recently you know that Back then I I was pretty level headed I feel like I never got the big head And I treated everyone well but I don't know Because it was so crazy and I wasn't nearly as comfortable with it as I am now. It took me a long time to get used to being and The center of attention and You know being in the middle of chaos It was it was really hard to adapt to so I would. I felt like I went from one chaotic moment to another and there were times where you know we're doing nine shows in a row one day off h shows in a row. One day off I mean they. They had me really going on and I was reaching the point of Really just the point of breaking and Told my manager. I said I'm I'm not GonNa last like this and you know we have to have some spacing in there so you know it ended up getting two days off but it's been doing interviews and stuff you know so It was really taken a toll on my vocal cords and I tried to tell him you know. Listen to my listening to my melodies and the snow. My songs you know. Not Joe Cocker. I can't I can't sing. These things with a raspy voice and I can't hit those high notes If I'm worn out you were talking to talking about dancing with the stars earlier I was. I didn't know that you are on the second season of the apprentice back in the day. What was that? Like two thousand four during the apprentice it was It was really I didn't know what I was getting into. I saw a clipper to And you know to me it was gonna be going on some people. Were going to be jerked. You know but we're going to go on do these tasks and I like those kinds of challenges so so I agreed to do it and It was eighteen and a half hours a day every day but Sunday for five and a half weeks. Wow And some of the people were really hard to be around others. Were great to be around and And so I quickly realized that I don't really have. I don't have a strong desire to win this thing to compromise. Who I am and I would have had to do that. I I I felt like you know Calling up people I know and and and asking them for money. I didn't like I didn't feel like it was great for the charity at A. I didn't win a lot of money for my charity. You know I made more from my charity in two days after that then I did and five and a half weeks and And so I I changed. I decided that my goal was going to be to to to keep my behavior in check and to maintain my standard of character. And not let anyone draw me into bad behavior. That was my goal that became all right. I'M GONNA do my best with the tasks I'm GonNa. I'm GonNa really limit you know calling people and asking them for money And and. I'm just going to try to get through this without letting someone Bring out the worst in me and I ended up. You know I was This place I was there right through the end and You know proud of the way I handled it but it was. It was it was disgusting. You know there was some some behavior and that that was just really hard to watch. Well on on a lighter note. We're going to do one old one new and I want to start with. I WANNA run a few things a few song. Titles that I love by you and just a quick sentence or two about you know what that song at that time. Kind of reminds you of. We'll start with when my ship comes in John the first thing I thought of was Shooting the video for that and You know the the t shirt on the sailboat and It was it was forty degrees and they had a hurricane fan on the so. So it's it's kind of Apropos since the song is about you know being in Colorado And waiting for your ship to come in the whole reason that song came about was because of a skip ewing song called the coast of Colorado. And Hayden. I said you know. Let's let's let's jump off from there and the other part of it was I'm a big Jimmy Buffett Fan and and I wanted a Gulf of Mexico. Came out of that You know love for his music and And the style. The feeling of a shift came out of that too. How about a good run of bad luck? Hayden and I were Were in a hotel in Toronto It was It was crazy. Snow Blizzard We had a little time so we decided to try to write a couple of songs we wrote. Tucker it out and good run a bad luck and good run a bad luck. We knew we wanted to say But we wanted to make sure we had some good lingo. I played Caesar's palace a lot so I thought you know they'll know me there if I call and I called and got him to put me through to one of the pit bosses and At the blackjack tables and I got him on the phone and And so I started You know just trying to get Slang out of him and You know it's like you know. What are you guys? What are you guys? Call High Rollers and he said I roll us Okay got that one. I ask him another question and it would be Kinda the same thing so it got us pretty much. Nothing we We started writing down all the the gambling stuff we could think of and just launched into riding a one more for back in the day like the rain sitting and I had a house. My First House here Nashville was way up north of town and I needed to get into town because it was just too much driving. So I've found some Condo I was in a high rise condo in Nashville and we send our sitting looking out the window at highway seventy and it was just pouring rain and she loved it and I really have had enough rain in Houston so Now I've started playing in. Can you know what's what's rain? Music sound like and I started playing that chord progression of the verse and came up with first diverse. I said okay. That's that's not I'M GONNA I'll get with Hayden next chance. We get more right PAT. I want to ask you about the new record. And we'll we'll end with this by the way if you're listening right now Clint's web store brand new album focus. Merchandise that Presell autographed copies of the album. Presell CDs VINYL GO TO CLINT BLACK DOT com slash store. And I guess about the new record. I wonder just as someone who creates myself like you don't have to produce the whole thing. You don't have to play. You don't have to do all of the intricate things that you're doing. Why do you keep doing it to save money? It's you know. I I've from the first Demos Hayden and I made where You know he showed me how he used an eight track tape recorder To get as many tracks on there as possible I I became interested in that one About nineteen ninety six or seven I Lucked into meeting the guys with digital design who created pro tools and they set me up in Our place in la down in the basement with The pro tools gear and babysat me through. I Beta tested for them. I'd find problems. They'd come fix them. And so I was using pro tools learning more and more about engineering so When we got this new place in Nashville I built a studio and And really started becoming more and more student of engineering so I can sit and work by myself and do a lot of it and And I enjoy it. It's It's a challenge But it's a creative outlet and the result is there's just it's just more me going into my music As much of an expression of myself as I can make You know I feel it will be a better end result or at least it'll be more me as much of my Taste in music. My sentiments my You know What I would like to hear songs when I'm writing them. You know they they're talking to me already telling me what they want and And then when I create the cut the basic track with the band. They've they really talking then. And so It's more satisfying to to give. The song wants or needs myself and to hire someone to do it. Well I really appreciate the time. Good luck with the new record. It will be your twenty third album well except for released. June nineteenth and clint promises. It will be June nineteenth. So we're not moving it. It's going to be out June nineteenth day so fifth clan. It is great talking to you. I this is This is interesting I never know what that means when someone says this is interesting. You're like interesting good or interesting bad or what. Well I'm saying interesting. Good you know I I knew I could give you the long answers and ramble around. Find the the point. I was making Because it's a podcast but you're also asking different questions that make me think more go in depth to things and You know I mean I remember joking in the old days about You know some questions are how did you. And Mark O'Connor do that harmonica fiddle swap and live and learn and and how did that come together and then there were the other questions which were. Why are the hat? Is that what you want? Clint why they had. Yeah why not? Well finally came up with the answer to that question. Why do you wear a black hat and it hit me now? It's because it makes my head look thinner. I need to wear a black cat. I've had a big head my whole life when I was a kid. When I was a young kid my mom would have to cut slits into the sides of my t shirts to get my head to go through because it was abnormally. Large man just had to make room for all those brain. Yeah I guess they get a also One of my best friends. And because we're GONNA play some of this on my my radio show too because such a big fan and radio and podcasts. All this is going to be used everywhere and even the countdown so one of my dearest friends is named Eddie and he was just recently asked on the national show. If corentin with one artist who would it be and he picked you? Clint Black and I saw that. I saw your tweet. Yes all that what it's like and you know Clinton I have nothing in common and I'm thinking do and then I went. No wait a minute. I wasn't even my first concert. We have nothing in common. What what do you do during quarantine like what are you doing? What are you watching? Like what can I give to him to show him? That you guys probably do have some stuff in common Well I'm I've watched everything on Netflix. We watched Ozark Oh man me too. Every movie You know love You know I've watched the documentaries that Ray Romano made on building a stand up act and that Jerry Seinfeld did on or he took you all the way back to his first joke at the place he told it and went through all of his old material and then his new documentary on On building his new material so I I love to follow that stuff I you know I'm betting. He's an Andy Griffith Fan. Of course we all are But you know for for the Bash Bosch on Amazon prime is the best detective. Show ever if you WANNA watch a show where the guy's not You know you know swinging off the side of a train throwing grenades inside to kill the bad guys. You know a real detective show Bosh I'm GONNA pass all that to Eddie Anton this what you would be doing. Watching Bausch and Ray Romano right for his first joke. It's IT Clint. Then we were. We were made for each other record. All right I'll let you get back to your life but again I'm a massive fan. Thank you for your time. And Good luck with the record and man just Just keep being awesome. Hey thanks you too big fan. Big Fan of yours and I really enjoyed this. Thanks thanks I talked to. Hopefully I'm talking and let's get out there and work again soon. All right. Hopefully I hope so I buy. Thanks bye it's basic truth. People need each other. It's why Penn Fed credit unions. I members joined together for a better financial future for eighty five years. We've been there for our members and communities and we're here for you today we can help you bridge a financial gap save wisely and make confident decisions with your money. We know we are always stronger and better together. That's why we hope you'll join us. Membership is open to everyone apply today. Anti Dot org insured by NCUA. My Name is Shapiro Wells for the past four years. I've been trying to figure out how my twenty two year old son. Courtney wound up with a bullet in his back outside of Chicago police station. There's what you hear on the news. That Courtney got shot then drove himself to the station. Were officers did everything they could to help him. And then there's the troop. Listen to somebody on iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts.

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Can Marketers Create the Future? The Exponential Power of Audacious, Repeatable Content with Ian Faison, CCO at Mission

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Can Marketers Create the Future? The Exponential Power of Audacious, Repeatable Content with Ian Faison, CCO at Mission

"I'm alec baldwin and you're listening to marketing trends and the leeds art week. Marketing trans is brought to you by salesforce dot bb marketing automation on the world's number one c._r._m. Are you ready to take your b._b. Marketing getting to new heights with marketers can find nurture leads close more deals and maximize r._o._i. Learn more by visiting dot dot com slash podcast or or click on the link in our show notes. Here's your host ian face on boca marketing trends and i mean phase on chief content are here emission dot org and on the other line gosh. It's it's a shame that we're not together on this fateful day. Ben wilson producer market trends what's up man yeah unfortunately i'm out here on the other coast but <hes> hopefully make it out to california again soon here yeah the to do <hes> our our next our next episode here in in studio and semi palo alto but you know we we've been talking behind the scenes <hes> listening listening to a lot of our marketing trends episodes one of the things that was coming up kind of over and over and over again was this kind of two part idea one is can marketers create the future and the second one was essentially this idea round audacious reputable content so i gave a talk with the fantastic tastic team at ibm blue wolf and thanks to to coron who's a multi guests marketing transfer setting that up and and talk to their team about this this idea came marketers create the future and if so how would they do that so instead of airing that that version which was a little gritty <hes> <hes> we figured we kind of hop on and talk about it and then also just kind of talked about the goings on with <hes> with marketing trends before we get into that ben our listeners might not. I know this but your training for the n._b._a. Is that true or false. <hes> that is true <hes> thanks to to mission so mission likes to give bonuses in in a very particular certain way which is that i got a bonus certain dollar amount and <hes> and you all told me use this to do something that you otherwise would i would never do and then you can make a podcast episode about a and so i thought about that for i don't know how long it was between when you actually the bonus and when i came back and told you what i wanted to do with it but it was one day i was shooting hoops and i was just making everything and i thought to myself. How far could i go with this so <hes> so the trial. How is this saturday. It's the rind and barely walking at this point. My back is like ruined but <hes> playing the best basketball my life and just excited to go play against some really good players and see how stack up that is so awesome excited and for those who listeners who don't ben is extremely tall so that's that's is part of the reason on our first offsite. Everyone was kind of blown away. Use your so softspoken for such a tall man. I don't remember who it was but but someone in the company told me that that i don't have tall energy just talking. I don't know that means. I was offended but yeah everyone was apprised. Rarely i don't hotel energy but yeah. I think you do have taller energy. Ah i appreciate that and the reason why i bring it up is because you know why why we do that is because we want employees to have experiences variances that ended up leading to really cool stories and it's a perfect segue into this idea of audacious repeatable content so the when i was thinking about this this <hes> we had joe pulitzer on the foul content marketing institute and he said that there's essentially two reasons that content marketing doesn't work the goal isn't isn't big enough or there isn't enough repetition so we've talked about like multiple times on the show about this idea that you know for human to change a habit it requires sixty six rations of that and i forget who did the research on that so we can we can link it up later but <hes> it it kind of got me thinking about this decided like well then what is something. That's big enough and what i would. I would call you know remarkable enough stuff that you would actually tell people about especially take your buyers are tell people that are interesting and then the second piece of this is like how do you create enough repetition. How do you create repeatability ability so you want it to be something that they can remember that sticks with them. That reminds you of them at at whatever time <hes> that that's advantageous or just something something that makes people smile. I think that that's humorous a good way to do this too so i we're gonna go into the way back machine. You grew up here in the in the sunny bay area. If i were to sadie you ben now you have a friend with the end of that line v in the diamond business. I do have a friend in the business shane company <music>. I also have a friend in the dime visit. Yeah not not a sponsored segment for shane but the engagement ring. I bought shane company. They have this jingle. They've been running. These radio jio ads <hes> with tom shane. The founder in the bay area for a has to be like thirty years. I don't know the exact time extremely memorable very repeatable something that pretty much. Everyone in the bay area has heard in one form or fashion and i i kinda just always go back to this idea of like jingles like the men's warehouse warehouse. You're gonna like the way you look. I guarantee you know one eight hundred kars for kids. You know i don't always drink beer but when i do drink co. Sakhee's all of these like really memorable double slogans especially socio with some type of music or some type of imagery and for modern marketers like that's just really hard to do now. I mean it's really hard to be able to get that type of repetition with some of the advertising stuff that we have now a good example of this. I think we've seen recently is certain companies. He's doing a bunch of of youtube bads and having a video that plays consistently but you know at the end of the day like there's just so much more noise and that stuff really worked. It's really well so what kinda thinking was like. How do you get that same level of repeatability and memora- -bility into do you know current ad campaign so those kinda kinda worry. I started thinking about this so then to take a step back. Let's go back into the the the way back machine here of like kim. Marketers create the future. Did you know the story about the knowledge navigator so the knowledge navigator predates my birth by one year and and <hes> i had not i had not heard of the knowledge navigator but i mean to me. It's just such a non obvious question right like ken. Marketers create the future before i heard the story i had never even <hes> considered the possibility that that we could <hes> it's a it's a really interesting and fascinating question. Yeah i mean i feel the same way and so i when we interviewed reviewed peter schwartz and he was telling us about the knowledge navigator <hes> cash. I don't know what episode that was. <hes> back probably twenty or thirty episodes ago on marketing trends and if you haven't listened to it i i highly recommend lincoln up in the show notes so basically john sculley the c._e._o. Of apple in nineteen eighty seven wrote a book code odyssey and it outlined a vision for a device called the knowledge navigator and so basically what happened was this guy mike labeled who's a researcher for grapples advanced technologies group came up with a list of technologies to illustrate in a video for this device so in classic like marketing fashion and it was they gave a talk at a at a conference and it went really well and so they had another conference coming up or they wanted to you talk about this and so they're like hey marketing team is six weeks right. Shoot create edit. This video budget is sixty grand. Do research whatever we're gonna make this. This device is not on the product roadmap. It's not anything like that. We want you to create this essentially like this project to show what is possible for for the future so long story short. They ended up creating. This video called the knowledge navigator and essentially like it's this professor coming into work checking his email <unk>. Doing some research online connecting with a colleague in brazil in a two way video are on his desk. If you haven't checked it out it's it's really funny because because it's essentially a tablet but this was this was way way way predating the tablet or the iphone or anything like that and what was so interesting that peter schwartz talked about was like this sent like a shock wave video to throughout silicon valley and throughout innovators across the country about like what is possible and so another person inspired was stephen spielberg so when they were working on minority report in in two thousand and two they looked at this video as one of the templates for like is this going to be how work is done in the future so it's a fascinating look at at our internal clock says marketers of saying is this project big enough is it bold enough is it too i have the right budget but for sixty grand they impacted hundreds and hundreds of technologists that were trying to create products like that and it was just something futuristic and then it got <unk> essentially portrayed moore elements of it inspired word in a steven spielberg and and peter schwartz they're building the future for a movie that was just all done by the marketing department and i thought what a cool story but what a what an empowering thought thought so like what are other examples of this and what are some things that maybe marketers have done that are kind of in the in the same sort of in so if you think about how audacious that was i would say like moderate sixty grams probably a decent amount to invest back then on something like that but it wasn't an ad in the super bowl audacious so then let's take to the next level like what are the most audacious in marketing things. The highest are y. The best campaigns ever so to me. I think of things like the lexus advertisements in minority report that movie has done two two billion views lexus invested in that and clearly got a massive long tail return from that so obvious that they came back for a similar type of investment in the movie black panther which is pretty much set every you know box office record and you know i mean at some point. Black panthers gonna have been seen by ten billion people in the world. It's going to be one of the most popular movies ever. I'd already is one of the most popular movies ever in lexuses prominently displayed you look at like the lego movie so that movie was made for about sixty million dollars and it grossed about four hundred and sixty nine million dollars worldwide. You're talking about essentially a a massive marketing campaign pain that actually made them money plus sales of lego. I think it was rumored that went up like twenty five percent and now they have a franchise that they're going to continue rolling out with lego batman movie which made three hundred twelve million lehtonen job who and on and on so that lego job who only made it news disappointing because it only made one hundred twenty three million meanwhile this is a franchise for lego to continue both marketing their product and making money. I think that's an important point to that. You know a campaign is successful when you're c._e._o. Is coming in and saying hey how come you didn't make more money on this campaign. Non terms terms of like net sales but just in terms of the campaign itself is making money right it people were disappointed by the fact that the last lego movie only made one hundred twenty three million dollars kinda losing fact that the fact that this advertising campaign like that that's not taking into account what it did for the lego brand or or all the toys at night assault and it's something it touches on both it's highly ambitious. It's an audacious goal. It's something that they probably took their c._e._o. And was like hey we wanna do this. Massive massive thing we want to spend sixty million dollars to make a movie and it could totally flop but it's also now repeatable because they have a franchise that they can keep rolling out new assets so if if you take that example to like the b. two b. world of some of the people that we've interviewed on the show like for example korean when early days at blue wool she decided to do the state of salesforce force report and every year they would create this massive report and then they would use all of the content for that throughout the year <hes> another good example like you know we interviewed engage does john miller with their massive tome one hundred and seventy pages on account based marketing. That's a massive investment but it's also a massive repeatable repeatable investment because every single year it comes out you look at other campaigns like the guinness book of world records guinness wanted people hanging out at bars talking about stuff so you know they created the guinness book world records a big investment for them a time investment pretty crazy in audacious idea but super repeatable 'cause you could continually update over time <hes> same thing with like you know michelin star restaurants you know you have squatty potty youtube video super audacious just three hundred billion views we had we talked about that on the show you know all of these sort of things are are big investments and they take convincing they take conviction to be able to do that but at the end of the day if it's tailor made for your audience and and you're focused on the customer is probably the right thing to do. The issue is some of those are not repeatable so just because you have hit doesn't mean <hes> that you can always do that and it's pretty difficult to be a hit maker like every movie studios kind of in that in that realm. It's hard to continually make hits over time so you want to build version one with the idea of repeatability something that they can subscribe to something that is part of their journey ernie. I mean just when it comes to repeat ability. I i think what you said makes a lotta sense right. <hes> people i agree that something needs to be be be seen or heard or experienced a number of times in order to stick so why is it that you think more marketers don't aim for repeatability because we've heard this from a number knbr guests right that way too. Many marketing departments just end campaigns before people have a chance to relieving catch onto the message. So why do you think that that's such a common pitfall that the people fall into yeah i mean i think that i work at a place now. Where testing hypotheses is so cheap that you can get something out. There tested really well and figured out a great example is <hes> larry kim whom sure everybody has heard of he puts out a lot of really good content and he has this unicorns and donkeys approach right so if you're a thousand pieces nine hundred ninety eight of them are going it'd be donkeys. Two of them are gonna unicorns then take those to promote the heck out of him because those are popular in kind of his thing is like you never really know which ones are gonna. Mystic knight think that that's a really interesting approach because you have a lot of repeatability in content but not necessarily sara lee making something that is a franchise not making something that is a brand in and of itself you know when we talk to matra farrow who created created state of the edge his company is embedded in edge computing and he wanted to create something that was even bigger than their company that signified fight like what is edge and bringing all sorts of different stakeholders to that <hes> you know he had mentioned on the podcasts. That piece of content isn't successful until someone is sick avert right. I think that a lot of a lot of marketers want to experiment and test certain types of messaging rather <unk> than just creating the exact thing that their audience is looking for and i think a lot of that ends up becoming features right like like we just kinda ended up talking about the product or about the features and not about the long term journey of our customers like word. They wanna be in ten in years. What if we were to create a franchise. You know ten years in the making what would that look like and i think to going back at that point about that. Matt said about a piece of content is successful until someone is sick of it. I mean who's going to be the first person to get sick of it. It's it's the person who created the person who's working with every day and i see that sometimes with these marketing trends episodes right like i edited edited it wow at two. Did it like four times before before it comes out in some of these marketing trends. I never want to listen to again because i've heard him five times right and so i don't have a clear view of what is interesting to people because for for if you were listening to it once or twice it's obviously not that right and so i think the market is the very people who are making these campaigns. They get sick of it way faster than anyone else does and so they might be a little trigger happy when it comes to to ending them and starting something new i totally agree and so i think you you get into this holy trinity that we think about it mission which is like this past present and future content. You have nostalgia which is like lessons of people from the past who made similar decisions who were in similar situations that can shape your thinking for the future. The those lessons are super valuable. You know the the tom shane example of if you could put that elixir in a bottle that will be something that would be great to roll out for the future. One of the first podcasts are very first podcast that we did call. The story was no majd to a very famous radio program ram that ran for over thirty years the rest of the story by paul harvey. The reason why we did that is because it was a proven storytelling technique that was really really popular for over thirty years and we wanted to put people in kind of that same that same thought process and thinking about these stories that they may or may not know and have ebi a little fun for them to guess who the protagonist is kinda throughout the episode. You know this idea of past present. Future is essentially every story and in its every every marketing story too. I mean you think about evasively a problem a solution and the result of the solution right and so the problem is necessarily -sarily the past right. It's how you got to where you are and now you have <hes>. It's what brings you to the current situation where you have this issue you. The solution is the present and the future. Is you know what you're hoping that your customer. Your client feels went once they've used <hes> your solution lucien and so this isn't just like an idea that we came up with but like every single marketing strategy needs to have these three elements of the pass the president amature yet. I think so so many folks are not creating content. That's kind of all three of those things content from the past content from the cutting thing edge and then content that is looking forward into the future and i think a lot of times we tried to do that but we're stuck kind of in a sort of content map that is pretty rigid and not taking some risks on what the future looks like or taking some risks on how that type of content is going to be delivered to people i would say the best methods are a blend of evergreen for green versus appointment one of the early lessons that i remember rich eisen. Who's the host of richeisenshow when he had his podcast back. This was probably like ten years ago the reason why he left e._s._p._n. For n._f._l. Network was he wanted to be part of the n._f._l. Where half of the time it was appointment television vision you had to be watching it live and then the other half of it was evergreen or not evergreen but like discussions and that's how you had had his podcast so it was discussions around what had just happened and i always thought thousand interesting way of looking at things like how do you create something that is appointment television and then how do you create great discussions around it. I think that the blending of fiction and nonfiction i i mean obviously we love fiction writing here mission but but i think beyond that there's just so few marketers that are creating fiction and when you look at creating the future and what things like star wars did the holographic imaging in star wars that how that is informed the founders of magically for example or on and on down the line so so much of fiction storytelling dictates what technologies want to create and it's a lot easier to write something for the spoken-word than it is to you. You know get a full length movie production but i would challenge marketers that they can write both fiction especially for business content. It's a relatively untapped area on i and then i would say blending narrative verses interviews. I mean we've we've been working on a ton of shows like the journey like hidden in plain sight which is coming out soon or were blending blending narrative storytelling versus just interview storytelling. We're gonna work on some of that. Suffer marketing trends as well but i really think that were so good at storytelling storytelling as marketers and we just don't really do it enough because we focus so much on just kind of publishing listed goals absurd things like that <hes> in terms of you know these these blended approaches you look at something like the joe rogan podcast who where i mean i look at it and i you see this three and a half hour podcast. I think who listens to this and the answer is millions of people literally. Millions of people listen to three and a half hours and in this digital world. I think we get so focused on a certain type of message. That can very very quickly very easily. <hes> but you know to your point a lot of times something that's different something that's maybe fiction with which people are not used to or a little bit more of a narrative structure or a little bit longer and how the content is delivered delivered it breaks through because it is different and and so you know we we shouldn't shy away from that yet but this goes back to utility right. Everyone says that you know like millennials and younger generations have of a super short attention span and all the stuff swipe ray generation yet they do for certain things but they also have way longer attention spans for other things are are they gonna sit there and and full a newspaper and read along you know article yet not necessarily but also <hes> millennials and younger generations. Listen listen to podcasts at a much higher rate like hey if you told someone that someone spending forty five minutes a week with them. That's a lot of time right versus. You know we're recently looking at a website. That has a a a theme around one of the topics that we discuss. All of our podcasts average time on site is a minute fifty eight and their average engagement is one point three pages. What are we optimizing for. If that's the case right <hes> when you have the opportunity to tell a story that someone hangs out with you <hes> for ten hours a quarter because you're providing that much value so i just think that there's a lot of nuance there and different sorts of things you can do and i think that ultimately this comes down to measuring measuring r._o._i. And retargeting like i think there's two major themes here you have qualitative and quantitative everything in like account based marketing. All of that is blending is going towards engagement like that is happening. Everyone is looking engagement rather than kind of like reach metrics tricks or these different sorts of things if you're playing a game in which google and facebook control eighty percent of adspend then those two do things are a tool in your kit to measure all of the things that you're creating but when it comes to the qualitative impact the human impact. How do you measure how much you're helping someone. How do you measure if something that you did give someone the occurrence to apply for a job. How do you measure if that taught them how to do sales. How do you measure if they reference you all the time you know and i know that there's a lot of marketing and technologies that are trying to figure out where mouth and all of that but it goes beyond that like how do you measure something puts a smile on somebody's face every day and i think that will get more refined with how we think think about creative ways to do that. We've heard from a lot of guests but those are the types of things. I think are so fascinating. Because is someone going to talking about your ad campaign forty years from now like we talk about you know the shane company like we talk about though sakis guy like that's the question that i would have and that's most of those campaigns are audacious and repeatable campaigns but the next level of that is is it their favorite thing in the world like there are so many kids that are growing up the black panthers their favorite thing on earth right and that was paid for in part by what existed existed the investment alexis made <hes> just like many other steven spielberg movies or had lots of product placement so as a marketer. I feel like it so empowering because because you can shape how stories are told more so than you ever have in the past. You know back in the day. I think that that was more so reserved for consumer humor companies but i think b. Two b. companies are sitting at the cutting edge of content like. Could you sponsor a movie. Could you sponsor a t._v. Show in a way that is more imbedded than than ever before <hes> we've talked about the fact that we wanna make a marketing trends t._v. Show at some point in time <hes> you you know a fictional tv series like i think that that sort of stuff is really fascinating to me and i think if we do a good job of measuring the quantitative the reach which the are you hitting your target accounts. Are we reaching the correct. Prospects are easing multi medium and the qualitative that human impact. I think we're going to be in in rarified verified air yeah so you know speaking of past present future. Put this in the future for us. What is it gonna look like or what will it look like for for someone who who puts his altogether in an has this kind of audacious repeatable campaign or are there any president examples that you can <hes> that you would really point to kind of tie together all of this yeah. I mean i think if you look at if you look at some of the like you take the serio adds that that mail chimp done as as a good example of something that you know about three hundred million people heard that were funny that were interesting. I feel like that's the type of like memorable piece but then you know there was no kind of through line there. There's not something that continues to go on. I mean i would say the the takeaways here for marketers is is that number one. If you're gonna create a character for an ad create something that you could turn into <unk> content like actually think about the person as has a character i think you've seen gyco has done this really well over the years <hes> with the gecko and and things like that they don't just create an ad they create a character and then the next step of that is what would you do with that character. Were they go what would they do. What is their story. Why are they doing the things that they're doing. Could you turn that into a t._v. Show could you turn that into a movie. I think that those are the sort of things that if you kind of go down the line of what other things could this character do flow is another good example for progressive and again. Those are just scratching the surface like you could make those characters you know four dimensional or three dimensional characters if you want it to the second lesson i would say is distribution is becoming more and more commoditised and that casino effect always wins and less you fill find a way to build exponential value value so if you're only ever buying ads and you're never creating things that are original that can build morality then you're just gonna keep kind of spending more and more third lesson than i would say is create the time and budget to make small bets on scalable projects with high upside. This was something that jonathan mendenhall talked about from his his time at airbnb. I think the number was like five hundred thousand dollars investment or maybe one hundred fifty thousand rabies fifty thousand. I forget off the top of my head but obviously everybody's but he's budgets are different but you need to be able to make small bets on scalable projects that have high upside because you don't always have to bet the farm but what if it can become scalable than it's a great bet if it can't fit just a one off thing i personally don't see why you would invest that much time effort and energy into something that would be a one off thing that you would never want to do again and kinda similar to starting a business. Is this campaign. You want to run for the next seven years yes or no or the answer's yes then. It probably sounds pretty compelling the fourth lesson i would say is you have to spend big to win. Big in most cases i so don't be afraid trade to make the big bets that have the potential for those exponential returns. The knowledge navigator was sixty thousand bucks. It never ended up becoming a product and it it was something that you know at the time was probably not a ton of money but was enough money that had a huge impact on on a lot of people it didn't necessarily you know when all the product awards because it never got launched but it was something that they invested conversely lego investing sixty million dollars to return four hundred sixty is in classic spend big win big and then the final lesson is like invest in past president future content pass informs who we are. The president is what is is at the cutting edge what is going on right now from practitioners in the struggle and the future is unknown and it's exciting for marketers to be able to create create that and i would just encourage our listeners to be able to <hes> to create things that are novel that are not in the world yet because i i think we all are looking for that stuff awesome. <hes> thanks for coming on today any any final thoughts before we sign off. Not this is fun. You know i i think <hes> you know for our listeners. We're gonna do this a little bit more bannon. I are gonna get on every now and then and talk about stuff. If you have any questions for us email team at marketing trends dot com <hes> you can hit us up on on twitter at the mission h._q. At any time <hes> you can reach out my twitter's ad phase on but yeah. We're just looking for feedback on the show from listeners. We want to make this as helpful as possible. We have a lot of really fun stuff coming up for the end of the year and onto next year so <hes> yeah. Thanks everyone for listening running. We appreciate it. We really value every single listener and we wanna make your life better so let us know how and if you're not already marketing trends dot com com subscribe to the newsletter and thanks for listening everyone thanks for listening to this episode of marketing being trend's marketing trans is brought to you by salesforce dot world class beating me marketers used to generate and nurture leads close more deals and maximize r._o._i. At every every stage of the sales cycle empower your marketing team to become revenue generating superheroes and let products data analysis. Keep an eye on the bottom line. Learn more by visiting par dot dot com slash podcast or click on the link in our show notes <music>.

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Glendow Piji. Palacio which. New Bidding mid-september immune obvious things with Louis. Meena champions days. Versecki dan normal moves. Go wake me up when September ends. Farrah's digital composite tour. Super. Logo. The boys of show part Billy Known Kid Rock Reggie done. He will perdue queens cheese physically do speedometer Vincentians started Afrah who quit the pills for memorial shooter? No. Success. What the? Inching. Winters. MUSICA MS Routine Apostle PUTO decapitates. He can wait this. Rose to emphasise coma dunes. Talking. To facebook Pella core darnold jeopardy marriage tube inclusive. They were hard you but it through any kind, Liverpool? League. Go not guarding through jet three-team to. Total Core. Aloe Philly Joe from Green Day. Yeah. So it's kept safe from Radio City in Liverpool. What time it is. Should maybe why your fault you know when you song is you said, wake you up when September ends and it just has. Shirk. Turn to lure the Pasta Veep Stone Agency we stagger Falente. Gist of course the. Mirror Joe. Hit that WHO brought, up you Mesa. September song composed Derby technical. JC Cooper Sunny. Whether. If we're not, significant them Mussa Coppola. Cooper simply Michele's ponder September song focus by Lavas and we learn most powerful in saint over the homeless the. Provides consistency it hormones win the path coma do to our Gore Komo's quizzes and It kills more made d'Ici impure to cook. Twist of Agra. A motorcycle simple is made you hit throttle volt does always new here you need. All the ancients better answers you feel they don't I wanted to show more stable, just call. Four. Can't go stars at the. Thing it was donation key. Car. Most hours in this thing. Thing. Strange. Seeking Luna system out with fear. Mazurkas September when I met you very white. WHO's getting through that cottage tokens is not surprised what they. Thought. The GEEZ? Decision. Constantly I gotTA. Esso's moves cosstalk. Me Paradise thoughts. Are Graduate Lodge Museum coma he'll shadows but scenes. Angels Keeping Mid Inches Esso's music Kasumi. CCI's. Boston immunoassays way to almost got September when I first met, you control the musically dodge involve each. Widow scorers. Ish. Doors, our she fareless empty. The homered. Kiss. Warsaw completed. Berry why she tries until strays home to the Million Ahmad Conquest pistol does musicals, mice, Takada, Ingram, university to immunoassays. Ball and to. Move, Kim these. so-called this. MUSICA edgy. Mueller. Is Baba was a rolling stone, Daban, the temptations free. Musical per my poker, a mortgage told you those meals to? Purchase doors not mayor cynically told tape. Bali. Each one was the cost of lexa phony by shows the. Backer anxious. Only. Guy That hot were hundred violent pennies Kutaisi super-secret daily cookie battle graph. Same DuPrey meter group. Graph. Dudayev Grammy. Bergen remade trophic OV-. Okay. Just Chamoun the Zuma. Threes started just real along with a Musica Kotani started. So Pie King Three. Of. The Polish dishes much either year. Hundred Dodge. Third of. Remember. Job. Won't they got the Hawker the California and come up the number Yellowcard Hedgehog Iota does not quaint was. Louis Mu or thumper just sabato the musical. Siegel file. So or you know major combing through Digest Swing Entry Cinema unless the you west Miester new Colorado listen to premium windows Mutairi's. PUSKAS September skyline friendly Saddam. Pick the MISO turn achiever eames. Does. September Rosanna million coup. De Vito E in particular NASA Motza no Qantara. Speed with us don't tell me you know you can't. Imagine biproduct with luxury cars. Tries to mid. To presented. By his coffee. And No. Hang. Missiles, deeps. e-commerce juices customers call on. Doors skipping all team but Oprah Gamete mood does autism with. Busey Monday, March compromise bill in court to come this is. Almost. wakeup big forest you normally are so it won't as minorities heat. Was Mu. BEDR- Alenia Bal balloon nasty when those Jamuna. Quieter utilize Oh comsumer Poku September. Here, come contour opposite dodgy homepod commercials for those reasons. Mars personal scenario musical who single la La la never give up into. Premium single just September southern in the QUADRA. Say They don't. Own Pillow Phil Anomaly. Boys be those Mary Sink Snowball will orbit at least two local mice. Singles satellites token. So with a gun, bugle. You so my our heat AC, coarser of CPM dodge. Cinco violent but then we'll cry for you this see. Mirror Uber holidays. You Got Kabul going in gravy Judaism you fill all barbed. Luke. VADER's Poku. Could absurd heath resume worth a Jimbo two-day? Pros. Acquaint. Link Brad Tim was most Jill Mazes it. Doesn't as because my. That you more in touch inch. Inches legend cheaper. Our who Shimon was a combs timbre. Manami Buddy, his tacky means. So halls. But as late with a Moose COTTAM influence attainable. Don't Papa's Lingua Komo's gang same thing daily. Capacity Coppola CUOMO's Ketamine. Mamoun Jacob Daimler to me almost Brazil Poku mice quiz CD's well suggests that timber physiognomy owns it's A. Little bit as me somewhere. You owns it dame Daniel have actually evolved with the Mesa Dame call it. Arthur. mink almost got dame thought. He does moves because he believes them be on policy team brew. Don't wait A. To to compose composite tortoise but as the lady bird, but that's the latest still being. Team. So, hippopotamus cow don't know why Shuki saw some some Moose ICUs Jakoda contain as a not. So in constant danger, Muslimeen Buddha's nostril. Nice. Here's. Do Jiechi don't maintain also most costume greasy this might is don't present them also couture won't. Want known. Cobra Mahmoud Kajima Nikki will also tell Muzyczka compel avas Dame Brey Iman appreciate quite. Since still poison. Being mice. Import Searching Guar. Biography now. Breaking Amelie's Taiji. Comprise Junji. Arm, is yell at these spas to milk quotas presumably moves. Murray CANTATA lava yet they're always UV measure your took Korean among music. Watch. The Don't goes yeah. Mayes Goto Hydrophobia Hydrophobia Okumu I bid tutor. Got Thrown go stars. Tests could turn adjusted co-chairman amazement. You Buy Shoes, seduce Asja dangerous or due to. Danger data on the Statis-. I've only rather than earth wind fire Esta Burnham is kid this the mood because he thought they. On specials was. September no, WEDGE FIT AGE STUDYING Arkansas. Medical and a Komo. Ya Tavern scene. Tended D'Amato quasi as but ability that he's the only game who is the Morris? White. You compose alias Houma does. Faith does now musica quick who as Jank Inca hit a solid Justin timberlake according to that to this. Throws keep on starting VICI threes, you figured energy do his mood. You imprison. Ju- winters tour. No See. Thursday. Buddha's e lays copa who's in those regions do it. Increase the homeless. Zone program cracker todd. WHO Would Imagine Door Molly. Up in named the key dummy Shane. Company Intermissions Progress Moustache. then. So you swim worry to boom. Mosaic of Saint Peter's that can eat. Esa Politic. You the modem protein plus a faith. Skin. Mizen must win the history. With them fitting check. Conversely led for so crochet exit up. Hits us. We call through this could go g doesn't advocate. Key With Who've been asked? Todd he's the same combustion most course this project gesture bomb. Who've? That's been. Lost Gypsum amber do earth wind, and fire all whom visual thought. Show. F. is mentioned. Program is yet there in MUSC-. zolotas programmers Google caches, apple podcasts, new Jesus Noise Poach. Fight East towards women these. Same Kissy Pergama frigid the mind movies for me how severe

Kim phillies Brazil Mesa Billie Joe Armstrong Jacques Franck Oprah Todd Muslimeen Buddha Louis Mu Liverpool Dodgers Paris PG Own Association of ww Cooper Sunny DOODOO KIMMEL New Program Peta Duke Dodge Qatada Castro
Crypto Until Infinity #37: More Hacks and Criminals

The Bitcoin Podcast

29:42 min | 1 year ago

Crypto Until Infinity #37: More Hacks and Criminals

"I got some breaking news on this episode of crypto Tiffany also some luxury brands are getting into blockchain stay tune. Entering. Podcast emerge. Worry. Episode number thirty seven of crypto until Infinity. I'm your host DJ's never Indian story now apologize. If I San Luis stuff it is allergy season here in the mid west in the United States, and is really kicking my butt. But today you Saturday eleven fourteen AM March thirty two thousand nineteen as twelve hours ago. This is breaking news. If you haven't heard that the Korean essays bid home was hacked it was hacked for. Yes. And ex RPI I feel bad for those holders. Let's look into it. All right going to get right into the news. So last night on Twitter. I was actually watching it as it happened. It was a woman named Debbie wine. She was actually live tweeting the whole instant, but let's see on a C C N dot com. And there since been article coming out from them saying bitcoin Bighorn bit home was hacked for a second time in less than a year. Attackers manage to steal three million Yaas coins and twenty million. X are P now between those two the whole amount was around twenty one million dollars. That's crazy. So the subsequent laundering of the twenty one million dollar hall was the track in real time by Twitter analysts, and that's how I mentioned w one and. The tech. Was I fear to have struck the crypto currencies exchanges cold while the however it was confirmed that it was an online hot wallet Dataman hacked. Oh as one St. at this second time in less than a year become it's fallen prey to the Saint trap. And I was looking further down article in Bitam that would take him four responsibility saying that it was actually an accident involving insiders. So they know it's people on the inside that were bringing this about and that is crazy. But also, very admirable that they were actually take responsibility for that. But swabs understand looking at different shorts. The prices aren't affected between X are P and else but still that's trying to get these fund bag Bitam. They also say they will. And they feel confident that they. They will get all the coins back. So I'm probably follow up with this follow me on Twitter tweet out about this stuff. Sometimes if not you can track my likes, I like a lot of these types of stories. So if I don't actually retweeted check to see what I'm probably going to be talking about soon in my lakes. All right DJ's never story on Twitter. DJ S underscore India's. Malgabek Inonu's news trying to start his first chapter of his civil rehabilitation proceedings now to give you a little bit of history of mound. Guys, if you don't know Mao God's was bitcoin exchange from Japan and around two thousand fourteen it afoul bankruptcy claiming that the company was going to begin liquidation proceedings. All right. And that was because approximately eight hundred and fifty thousand big coins were stolen. All right. Are came up missing. Around four hundred fifty million dollars at the time. And it was later found out that most are all the missing bitcoins were stolen straight outta mount. God says how while it over time beginning in two thousand eleven so a lot of the customers or left without their big coins. Which was crazy. What makes it even craziest around two thousand fourteen that was the time where mount guys was handling over seventy percent of all bitcoin transactions worldwide this exchange was huge in wind down just goes to show you why you cannot trust these exchanges. No matter. How popular they are? Doesn't mean. They're the safest. All right, also found another cool store in bitcoin that PLO crypto uses have begun body hacking by receiving bitcoin wallet bio implants. Are you at the Transi Munis movement? I'm not quite so jed on myself. But anyway, mini crypto enthusiasts have taken the term early adopters to new highs as the emerging trend of micro implants, which are programmable as crypto Wallace have begun to become popular within the crypto and body hacking communities apparently people as far as as far back as two thousand fourteen when doing is where. Yeah, they advocating the use of tech plants, and basically people were utilizing NFC keys, which gives the owner the Bility's unlock in CNA doors machines other devices with simple hand gesture to the Ephraim inches nutrient of crypto while implant. So basically a lot of these people were simply putting a little wallet inside of their hand and just using it to store bitcoin other. Currencies. I guess and maybe even trade. I'm not totally sold on this year. I need to do some research on this type of transplant, but it seems pretty interesting, especially maybe for security purposes to somebody tried to steal you while they basically have to chop off your whole hand, I guess or if you want to sneak through security somewhere and a country that has banned be coin, maybe I don't know. You didn't hear this for me? So coming from coin dot com ex Enron CEO leaves jail to plot possible blockchain venture. The former CEO of Enron. Jeffrey Skilling is reportedly looking to start a Shane company just a month after being freed from jail for his role in the energy giant's massive accounting scandal back in two thousand one man. Scammers gotta scan. You know, this is kind of similar to the guy was the guy that was responsible for fire festival now gyro the other guy, Billy? Man like soon as he got away with him and just start another. Anyway, you not love subject on February. Twenty four skilling was freed after serving twelve years in prison for masterminding inroads effort to carry out. One of the biggest corporate frauds in U S history, originally sentenced to twenty four years and fined forty five million in two thousand six after being indicted on thirty five counts of fraud insider, trading other crimes skilling sentence was later reduced to fourteen years by US district. Judge you maintain his innocence throughout according to reports scammers got a scam. Hopefully, he's legitimate now. Hopefully took this time to actually rehabilitate himself. Think about what he's done sat in a corner long enough. Hopefully, good probably not another interesting story from coin desk LVMH is launching blockchain to track luxury goods a lot of you high maintenance people might know this so. If you're not even familiar with LVN as so this is what they actually own in terms of wine and spirits. They own innoc-, Dom, Perignon SEA, clothing Dior. I'm not even naming all of this stuff. Dior Finney, Yvonne. She Marc Jacobs Jaanus brand Finci beauty. Kevin de beauty a lot of luxury blend a lot of luxury brands, but Gari. Yeah. But yeah, they're launching a blockchain attract, let's regards so luxury brand conglomerate LVMH, owner of the iconic Louis Vuitton label is preparing to launch a blockchain for proving out of high price. Goods coin disc has learned codename or the cryptographic providence platform is is expected to go live in may or June with Louis Vuitton and another LVMH brand perform Christine. Dior as cool with the NBA extended to LVMH's other sixty plus luxury brands and eventually those of his competitors. Oh, that's pretty cool, man. So, yeah, if you're an I an stuff, you might feel more safe with Elia majors blockchain tracking the luxury goods. Okay. So I haven't talked about blockchain music platforms in a while. But obviously, I still use them as music producer sell. Thanks to MO hit me up on Twitter. I found out about this other blockchain music platform. This apparently been around I'm guessing since two thousand thirteen based off with samba. I'm not totally sure where anyway soon as you go to their homepage. They say stream independent music earn big point fight climate change pretty interested. Sounds like something from an any Andrew gang. Maybe I don't know. Now Niger getting anyway fee bands. For listeners aren't big coin for streaming arm bitcoin for sharing scouting, we plant trees as you stream vote on the next artist to get pressed vinyl enjoyed crowd curated music. This is very interesting. And I say they've released over seventy records since two thousand thirteen. Something I really want to look into. Earn big Wayne while you stream now to house the artists gonna be paid scrolling down emotionally reading this in real time as I'm talking about it. But it's interesting even you as listener can earn big coin seeing as artists aren't between when your fans signing up upload music. Okay. Here we are paying artists more fairly. So they say we pay artists approximately two times three times per strain. What what Spotify pays? Well, I can't complain. It's good. Spotify actually talked about this on my Instagram for the people that follow me. Spotify pay me currently about point zero zero two cent per stream now just wanna say point zero zero two so not even penny anyway fee bans, they promised to pay approximately two X to three X that. So they also say, we also paid instantly. So no, waiting months or years for royalty checks. And that's a good thing about a lot of these blockchain music platforms. You do get paid instantly with these micro payments with the help of smart contracts. So I guess they're utilizing the same type of technique and technology. I say we also track it and reported in real time. So listen to that people. I can't say much about it because I haven't join yet. But if you wanna look into it yourself, it's called feed bands F E E D. B A N D S dot com. Check that out. All right. Speaking of music, Esam Chia music coming up again as always make sure you check out my project who I used to be the put out earlier this week featuring some chill tracks and leave a link in the description Decima music in the background right now, actually, so yeah, check it out when he can't people. Thank you for listening again to another broadcast of crypto until Infinity. I told you I will be back. I'm back. Consistently this time, follow me on Instagram. DJ's never in the story DJ as any VR E N D, I N G S T R Y Facebook's same name Twitter as I said earlier at DJ S underscored any s all right me up. I will see ya. Next week. Also forgot to mention I did a special episode of the crypto bully here on the bitcoin podcast network of me talking about MAs story of how I messed up on a one point two million dollars trade in crypto. Check it out. Here's a snippet for a long time so many traits. But honestly, the lesson was are really only had to make one move when it came to the script on market, and I could have been essentially set for life. So when I said, I put that six thousand dollars into like horn, double my money the next week at one point I had about three thousand likewise somewhere around three thousand like on. I remember that should to. Oh my God. White. Yo I was like I want to be like this guy. When I grow up I had at that same time. That was the first one I got it into a year cash that on his channel. I'll also leave a link in the description, I guess all right piece. Thing. No. Swishes cds. Adam Sammy's Saima's. Official. She doesn't want to. Cons. He's nerve. And wishing only. Kissed this. Has the. Sure. Can you parents? Things. You don't care car. Saturday. Smell cheaper makeup on your face. True. But you never found. Sure. Parents. No. Eight. Can't. Don't care. With. I. Thank you. Yours pets. I. All those. Is. Which is. This is. Do. Kid. This pig. Ainhoa going. The same pay Cana. Space. Make me feel brand new. Oh. Seemed to. So. He tweeted free. This. Speaking. Less than understand. Dazed comprehend a seem Duggan dodging everything afraid of car before the show in hope you take from this that ADL making no less man to break wall. Simply grab my hand. Love shouldn't be contraband. It shouldn't try your confidence shouldn't be seen as less than compliments. Muscle so trying goodnight -cause pill. That case sleep. You're still me. It's not that we've been here before. Dash. Please stop pensions. Crash. Oh. Choose to. Two. Stuff. Oh. Shit. Pash it. Crash. Oh. Trying so hard to. To try so. True. Look into your shipping to fill Kodama. Oh, ho Chiu, but close to just one. That's fair. Photo week. That quick. Close to. Come in some. Into existence. You'll something for this. Close to. Come in. Costa? Close to.

Twitter DJ Dior Finney United States Enron LVMH Spotify CEO Bitam Louis Vuitton Jeffrey Skilling Debbie wine bitcoin India Marc Jacobs Niger Dataman Malgabek Inonu Saint trap
News AF | Super Bowl Stripper is News AF | Feb 4, 2020

Rob Has a Podcast

1:01:59 hr | 10 months ago

News AF | Super Bowl Stripper is News AF | Feb 4, 2020

"So check this out. I got word that Hulu through this crazy party in Beverly Hills with literally all in the biggest reality TV stars. I'm talking about all the Bravo. Labs Candy Barris Chris Horseshoe Williams. James Kennedy Jack's Taylor even Captain Lee and Kate chastain. Here's the genius. His part. If you want to find out what happened at the party you have to watch the commercials. Yes I know I'll be tuning in and then signing up for a free trial to get my favorite reality the TV shows at Hulu Dot Com. Hey what's going on. I'm Rob Cicirino back to talk with you about the most interesting news stories for the first last week of February. Twenty twenty here on news a crystal. It's about it is time for actually. Yeah that's right news af Ooh here we are February. Twenty twenty ready to go and ever thought we'd get here but we are. We're here we're here closing in on the ten year anniversary. Three of rob has a podcast coming up next week. Food dopes thing to happen next week by by far I follow any of us. Yeah fucking stoked for you rob huge news. It's huge news. Okay sorry to make you guys so jealous but but anyway that's what's going on in my world here from a man who is without a brown. Beanie here he is. It's the Great Tyson Apostle Tyson this year. How were you? Oh I'm great. I downloaded tick tock. Because that's been the rage. Yeah yeah by the time you download it. It's already it's done. That's what I wanted to do. I wanted to just end it so I was like. I'm forty all download it. They'll get the notification that afford you the whole thing down already will it'll be registered as UNCALL- I got on there. I was talking to one of my nieces and was like. Hey how do you do this. And and she was showing me and I was like I I I understand it but I don't feel like I get it so not for me dog. You know you. He deleted it right away. I still have it. 'cause I'm just like yeah. I'm a boomer. I'm now if I think if you deleted they also get a notification. Everyone on Dick Talks forty year old. Didn't and it's cool again. Yeah safety us. Let's just read the comments Midwest. Barb says thank God Tyson his off tick Tock mid West Barbas back. Oh The beauty of my haters rob. Is that most of them. Mr Over seventy and most of them don't know how to use the Internet so I don't receive a lot of eight unless it's in person with someone with like a walker cane or something so it's it's and you can outrun them. Yeah and that means like in in ten years I'll have one hundred percent approval rating. Okay all right well hanging there Tyson. Try Try a man who already with a one hundred percent approval rating on this here is Mr Danny Bryson. Danny how are you pretty good. You've got to be wary of one hundred percent though anyone who brings in one hundred percent is is dangerous. Yeah so many so has a one hundred percent approval rating is dangerous for sure. They're saying all the right things all the right people. They've got everyone in the palm of their hand. What are they deal approval rating? I think you want. Yeah Amy I think. Eighty twenty percent of the population. You don't want their approval. Yeah you have to be a little bit polarizing. It's like do you really want all the north northern stretch of Idaho like fully backing. You now Iowa how is it. We're not gonNA. We're not going there to today. There's nothing to announce at all a few people announced one hundred percent approval rating in Iowa. Yeah that's a great thing with not having actual results as you can make them up like what you just did with my approval rating which felt really good on this panel. Thank you. It's an eye both approve you yes. That's one hundred percent. Yeah one percent of Americans polled approve of U Danielson. That's so good. There is people in the chat asking why they can't see other comments from other commenters and it's because we are in a platform where we see all comments across all platforms arms. So we see if you comment on facebook on Youtube. On twitch on a periscope and so that's where we're coming for highs the city currently sitting in a chair much like the one in Matrix that he wakes up in with everything your taxes into him so he can read all the comments. I was thinking of more of the like the pervious dude at the TSA who gets to watch all the X ray scans come through. That's your race skin. I mean have do you x rays. Yeah they show ball Jan bones they real bones bones so there you go so anyway. That's what's what's going on right now. Let's get into talking about some of the news and of course this week. It was the big super bowl. Danny didn't watch Dan. What did you do instead of the Super Bowl? Oh I help my kid. Try to figure out how to use I- movie but mostly just back seat like gave him advice like couldn't even see the screen like just go up to the left hand corner and Click on this and that also took four hours as long as the Super Bowl and get anywhere where I was trying to play that card. Where you you try to discourage what seem helpful at the same time like when you're like oh no I'm encouraging you to do you this but I don't want to involve myself but I'll just keep helping you along just enough so you make some progress but not enough progress to make yourself happy so eventually you'll not WanNa do do it anymore? It was sucking up a lot of time. He wanted to make a video of him playing just Halo Halo too so he had shot like ten clips. That were thirty minutes long. have him playing Halo and Ham. I can't imagine anyone wanting to watch this buddy and I love my kid but I just didn't want him to be disappointed by his four hour movie of him playing Halo Two. My my nephew started a youtube channel where they do the trick shot stuff. Yeah what it shows a missing like almost one hundred percent of their shots. But it's not in a funny way finally get in and they'll cheer just like whatever that other trickshot channel is. That got really big but I was like. I don't think a lot of people are going to tune in to watch you miss it. They put in the hard work. What do you want to just tune in for all of the Jusuf Sean? You see the process of how they got there. Some people want to see maybe one little part of the process. Yeah like won Miss. Yes we can. We know that they're human. This is why I was discouraging. My seven year old and for lots of reasons but this one in particular. He wasn't even excited to watch his own video. I said buddy if you're bored watching your own video. No one else is going to be exciting excited to watch it. But he persisted. So that's what I spent doing the pseudo pry as exciting as watching the Super Bowl. Although I heard the super bowl was exciting exciting finish. It was exciting. Finish to the game. Was your son on writing a hover board while he was playing halo remember. We hit the hover board because of all the damage it was doing clean video of him playing Halo while spinning could get him in investigated by the FBI Because it'd be too good. Dentists guy started a trend Crowley do things on hover immediately. Get like a military contract where they're just like a hired as a mercenary to go out and just settle all whatever wars we've got going on hover boards soldier enders game. He's the modern day ender. Maybe I hope not is too nice since you nice to be a modern day enter. Okay boy. And there wasn't nice stationed stay cinder was nice. You know what you're right enter was. It's been a while since I've read the book but I really couldn't see my kid. Now is not him so even though he he does have hover boards skills. I don't think he's got the killer instinct. He turned off the blood on Halo on his L. O.. Okay that's really. Yeah Yeah because he would. What dry heave? Every time. He was the right thing to do even without saying anything the violence or was he just squeamish like you know I just just like the lifelong lessons of Jesus constantly watching every decision. You make. Yeah I think he was just trying to be nice. 'cause we talk. We had he and I had to have a talk when his uncle gave him. A bunch of video games like the Zombie murdering prostitutes games. Liz's brother and I'm like you can't play these buddy. I mean look at the cover. The cover is like a half dressed prostitute being stabbed in the eye by Zombie. You can't play this game. We had this discussion about content. And what ratings meant Ed ed so ever since then I think he's been paying attention. Did we have you had conversations with your son about that with your brother-in-law's should've had the the conversation with my brethren like what are you doing. Give my kids these Games is. They're all super violent for for violent teenagers. Ut You teach your son and now he can avoid it if it comes from someone else so that was probably smart. Well we'll see. We have the problem where Rachel's mom is like. Hey it's like nine forty five pm. Do you guys want to hang out and we're like I don't know if you've ever had kids before but nine forty pm dude is crazy. She's like hey we're gonNA do a dinner. Party is starts at eight rolling okay. Well our kids will have been asleep for half an hour at that point. When do you want everyone to be there? I said did you go to your inlaws. The Super Bowl. Yes how was it. It was fine. I wanted to do it here because I have. I don't know if I told you. Indoor and also outdoor indoor and outdoor that must have been expensive. Well I mean. Did you get a deal. Not here to brag about how much it costs object but yeah I did did get a sweet deal. Yeah and if you WANNA Google the TV say seventy five inch seventy nine five inches dough man. Dan The guy injured right. I should have gotten eighty two. So why didn't they watch it at your house. Because I don't have a backyard and I don't want little kids running around in the dirt. The rocks throw rocks through my backyard. Windows landscapers TV had a meeting with the landscapers today. Uh I mean good I think but I still don't have a backyard yet So yeah all right well Tyson when you were watching the Super Bowl how did you hear anything about the Super Bowl streaker. No she didn't get very far. She didn't get that happen. Oh it was a female. Yes a woman a woman now. Do you remember that back when it was the world series about that. They're not sure the women that went to the world series and then they were flashing and they claim that they were raising money you for breast cancer research but yeah actually incest model asking for Raising money for breast research. It seems like this may be a new trend. Tyson of if you are an instagram model. Go to a major sporting event and then either get naked Omar where something that exposes various body parts and then get arrested and make national headlines and then your instagram and we'll blow up. Would if you WANNA be instagram model. But you aren't one yet like you think I go out there and just like where like a clockwork orange style shirt with my nipples cutout. Oh sure flashing that around a clockwork orange shirt. It's rally it's terrible. It's terrible seen from a weird movie. Yeah that I don't even WANNA get. That is a weird movie now. The scene of you in that outfit is as disturbing in almost as the movie itself with the Nipples just cut out. Yeah so it's just a t shirt and then let's say I pull it away and snap and then I just have to big galled nipple holes in my shirt you know. I've become an influence sir. I think the Super Bowl though they did a pretty good job she couldn't get her skirt off. They caught her in the act of jumping helping down in removing her skirt and she didn't even get it up in the picture of them taking her away. She's fully clothed. It was embarrassing. It was embarrassing. Then they like have ah have her and did they put like a blanket on her and she's like they like taking her away arresting and she's like attempting to reveal. Call her backside to the crowd most. She's being arrested. It was sad. I mean it's kind of sad but at the same time it's like what are millennials GonNa do for jobs these days you know you got like one or two shots in this economy. Yeah they've got us. Hey out the national debt somehow left it to them. The thing is this is the problem is going to become a trend. Is it's only going to happen at the premier games or is this. Going to trickle trickled down to local sports. I am I going to have my son sports game and have to deal with a low level instagram or streaking. You know what I'm saying right now. We only they have it at the top events but is are we going to trickle down to four. They can afford a ticket to the mall. Or is this like the moment where it's just like lowly the WanNa be instagram influence. Took second mortgage out on parents home. UNBEKNOWNST TO THEM TO AFFORD Super Bowl tickets this was there like last shot like the bitcoin Guy I assume dumped it all into bitcoin is and that is a total. I could see that headline any I could wake up any morning. See that headline. I think that's completely realistic. The band yeah. I wonder are these instagram models. Going about this the wrong way like going to the biggest games the super bowl all the world series should they start off like on a Thursday night like Jaguars Titans game that. Nobody really cares about less security parity may be they can get on the field there longer. Really make a name for themselves when there's actually less people watching it. Security's tight. I mean she probably had five snipers on her she was climbing over the barricade. Just like lasers every yeah. I'm with ROB. I mean start start like any any good competitive sport streaking will become and you want to start in the minor leagues the miners. Just get there and warm up. Your legs do some stretching calisthenics maybe practice actes the Homefield near your hometown like go to the high school thing and practice jumping over the fences. Maybe that's the way we can get in on this is we can start some instagram. The influence or fitness techniques like jumping barb wire fences with a blanket. What closed rip off the easiest way? We could sell like a tracksuit that you could tear off in less us then half a second we should monetize their desire to be famous agreed as a sporting event the right way to go. Danny maybe who is there a different sort of like public get together that they should be trying like a chess match is Oscar's anything. Live now. The super bowls great sporting events are great. You've got guys who are excited. They're already being the prime. The pump has already been primed with super bowl halftime performances is like with the ones we saw in commercials and they're a little bit neabry. Aided they're excited you'RE GONNA you're not gonNA find a more enthusiast crowd you try and pull this off like a spelling be or a chess match. I think it's going to be the wrong type of audience. Yeah Tyson I saw that some of the your haters were also very upset about the streakers that showed up during the super bowl halftime show. Yes they were. They were very upset but they didn't know how to utilize the Internet to complain lane. I was stoked to see Shakira. I haven't heard from her for a long time. Yeah I mean I write reading some of her songs. I've been loving these super bowl throwbacks. Were there like let's get somebody who is popular a while ago but still like pretty on top of their game And then then get that. I think I did see a funny more. It was just like Midwest moms last year and it was is like Adam Levine with start off dry or whatever and they're like thumbs up family friendly and they show Jaylo spinning around on a pole and they're like up in arms every every mom out. There should be happy to see that. Because you have two moms. Who are you know? Secure curious forty-three J.LO's fifty. Yeah I mean you should be glad that these women are still doing what they're doing. The other one was. The the other team was was fifty year old women in one thousand nine hundred five from the golden girls. Yeah and then fifty a year old. Two Thousand Twenty is that is. Yeah that isn't it's crazy. It is crazy. I looked at pictures of my grandma when she was in her thirties. And she'd looked exactly exactly the same as what she was seventy. Yeah like Greg. Life had ground her down since birth so that she had prematurely age fifty years by the time she stayed there then. She froze in time all of her views teams times man so for hosted time Oliver. Ah for world views yes. Everything was frozen in time. It was crazy from her looks to our views on the world it was it was interesting. She was like yeah so yeah it was. I knew that no matter what you can't put on a super bowl halftime show and not. Have someone be offended. It's impossible that's that would be true. Christmas Miracle Yeah. So why would they want that. You need talked about as much as anything else. I hear that a super bowl halftime show that has a one hundred percent approval. Rating is a pretty lousy super bowl. Halftime Orient Yeah. Nobody's nobody like that. Did you see about the guy they it fell asleep during the attention. Paid to a man who had six thousand five hundred dollars tickets for the Super Bowl and was sleeping enticing. It wasn't a boring game it wasn't it was great. It was my favorite part was seeing all of my forty niner. F- friend fans tweeting eating at the beginning of the fourth quarter and saying how much money they were going to win based on their bets Only to discover that now. They weren't getting paid. They were in fact losing money. I saw one one scene or one ten second clip of the entire Super Bowl. I like it on Yahoo. When I was reading the news they had live the only saw one part and I felt so bad for that? Forty niners quarterback. I don't even know how to say his name. How do you say Garoppolo Garoppolo? You could tell that he. He was France bad for that guy I was. I was because you could tell. He was frantically trying to make some bad how you know. He doesn't not with his millions and his strong Chin and but he was trying to make something happen. Yeah and he threw this. I don't even know what it was. I don't know if a lateral or if it was a block pass and it just like you could see in his face that he was like like a caged animal trying to escape any threw the ball and it went flying through the air. That's the only part of the entire super bowl was yeah so it was twenty to ten and then when it was twenty the seventeen that was when the forty niners knew they weren't winning I think the Second Kansas City scored that they were still three points ahead. But at that point you saw the forty niners demeanor totally change and panic set in and that it was crazy to me to see that shift but enough about talking about slurping. Let's talk about. I want to talk about this. I'd love is going to this pitcher. I pay twenty dollars all the time to go sleep in movie theaters to me and that I'm like I could have slept at home i. I don't know why I paid twenty bucks. Some people are upset like in the articles. I read there. Were a lot of people online. Who are upset? They spent so much money to go to such a great game and and slept but he paid the money he could do whatever he wants. The comments I really appreciate were the ones who pointed out. How is this man sleeping one in that position in two with so much going on Like he is the only sleeper out. There wasn't dead. I mean. Maybe that's his white noise is he just turns super bowls to fall asleep white noise. Yeah Yeah what's the chiefs. Would I don't even know. I don't know if they do the same as the braves bucket. It could also be that he works so hard to get that seat working thirty hours ores or yet to get there but also just to buy the ticket by the time it got to the game. He was done. Yeah yeah so it's PROB- brought probably part of it. That's driving to the Super Bowl. You're probably so enraged. And then by the time you get in there you drink one. coca-cola shoots shoots you way up and then drops you on your way down and then you're just like go to sleep now. They had articles and I felt like they are extremely Braga in exaggerated about people abandoning getting their cars because of Miami traffic and walking so it sounded like by the time you actually got into the stadium pass security through traffic and all that travel you were done. I have a story about abandoning car in the middle of traffic once. Is it true true stops. Yes now we were driving in France to watch a stage of the Tour de France. Up Lop do us. which is one of the most famous climbs in all of the Tour de France and it was the the day before we were GonNa go camp the top of the mountain and watch him finish up there and the drive was so? Is this just me now when close up on your okay. You're talking do it. Let's do it and the drive. We seriously sat in traffic. We wouldn't move for are like forty five minutes and then we'd move so we at one point there was a river close by so all of us including the driver and everybody while got out of the car ran down through. This field. eld went swimming in the river and were able to see when traffic was moving to run back to the car. Get in and then continue on the hundred yard move before and it was and then finally we eventually just parked car on the side of the road. Got Our bikes out of the car and road. The rest of the way with our camping gear on our back back. Was it a hot day. Not Too hot you got all the hotter when they got out of the car were sweaty wedding day sweaty. Yeah I mean why rates sweat sweat rage. Well I mean. We were dripping with the wet from the river and then we were Riding our bikes with our camping gear on our back. Yeah Yeah so story probably we probably should love nature he lets nature dry him off with his son win. The best towel is the sun and the wind. Exactly is Danny said as God intended your body to be dried yeah. I'm not about to drama. Dry Myself with some man made construct confining us to the ways we listen you. I didn't even think district the Tour de France to increase your instagram counted. You I didn't even wear a Speedo to a squandered opportunity squandered on never ever could have been the first so I know Tyson doesn't want to talk about the super bowl anymore so that there is there. There is a special hippo that is at the Cincinnati Zoo Danny. Her NAME IS FIONA MED. We have to determine the either is is a psychic or does Fiona have special powers to manifest victories for football teams because Fiona was asked to chew decide who is going to win the game the Kansas City chiefs or the San Francisco Forty niners and and the hippo went over and vomited on the Kansas City chiefs. SORTA like they have like weeble wobble for the hippo to play with the that Fiona vomited on The chiefs marker and that was I guess the either that propels the chiefs victory or predicted the victory. What do you think well? I watched this video when it happened and and I was very disturbed by the puking like threw up lettuce Didn't see it at the CAC or anything have. I didn't think that was a good omen. Like the last thing you would want is for someone to be two point to some things and then pew that seems like an omen in our culture her close minded. I know I know I mean there are other ways to tell who could win. You could open up goat and read its entrails you Newcastle Oracle bones. I mean the hippos just one of many possible ways of channelling the universe and for the future. Yeah I mean. These guys are in charge of this. Hippo have years and years of formal education in there. They knew what they were doing. They get visited by the Pentagon. Who convinces by the world economic? Forum's so this whole thing picking chiefs that's easy man of the people that visit them. I mean I think that hippo went to Davos And the hippos all over. The place is a well-known hippo to the right circles Fiona theon the hippo. Yeah all right. We've another animal story. We know that noted animal lover. Danny wants to hear more. Oh Yeah we talk a lot about Florida man. We have finally about Florida Monkey Tyson. ooh That's the where it all began the link. Well well well. It's not so great with Florida monkeys because there's according to a news report. There's a roving band of feral herpes. He's ridden monkeys traveling across northeast. Florida I mean as long as no Florida person has any type of relations with these monkeys. That surpise should be contained. Here's a problem Tyson. With that Florida people love throwing wild animals through drive thru windows. So it's not going to be long until someone gets their hands on Herbie monkey and Chuck's through a windy windy dry through so there is a real danger of that. Oh no I agree. I think that if this were in a different state we would be totally fine with The herpes monkeys because they would just eventually herpes themselves out. I've SCENI- I've seen enough movies like outbreak in other recent plex. A or simplex be broadly. Be I've seen enough movies to know that. Herpes Carry Carrie every disease sorry. Herpes monkeys carry every disease in the book. So to tell me that there's a band of herpes ridden monkeys roaming through Florida Florida. All you have to tell me is. There is a band of monkeys roaming through Florida and I'll just assume that they already have every disease that could kill man wipe out there the next pandemic. Yeah Okay that's a bold statement in the wake of wake of what's currently happening in China. Danny Wow I'm just saying take the monitor saying if if this is a team if this works out though if this is the monkeys versus the bats and for carrying diseases that could harm humans. I'm GonNa say monkeys are clear winners when it comes to possible disease transferring. Yeah you'd need to stand by your previous statement because if that comes true this podcast is shooting all the way up to number one union. Every I mean. We're the Notre Dame of nostradamus. I miss of news making bold predictions that Argo. Saddam did Worthy Fiona Hippo Right which is a modern day eh no strict right but the people vomiting. We'll be us when we're very sick with all sorts of why don't we get the hippo to we we can put monkeys on one. Yeah and Corona virus on the other and we can see which is going to rob. Where do these monkeys come from okay? That's a great question Indiana so it looks as though why did you bring it back. Danny were on a our heading to a real life disaster talk. Yeah you were headed to real life disaster. I wanted to go back to the pretend one okay. So there was one person a wildlife tour guiding a colonel to we and in the nineteen thirties he released six rhesus monkeys into into the area and they have thrived in multiplied across Florida. Ever since this is like gremlins and then they initially. They were thrill for war on his glass bottom boat expeditions. The animals became a threat. Now they are running around. They are eating everything everything in sight and they are transmitting. This herpes virus. How long how? How long have there been wild monkeys in Florida? Then since the nineteen thirties and this is the first time I've even heard that there have been also one last question for Europe. Yes I hate to ask but I have to. How did these monkeys get herpes in the first place? It's a great question. We're not exactly sure more about that. How I think we're sure but I think it's probably yeah? I don't think it says exactly where where it came from from the virus can be transmitted very easily through saliva and other bodily fluids east. I'm always telling Liz toy. You GotTa do the power squat. Yeah so they wonder maybe could. The monkeys have been bitten by another animal. No very likely uh-huh very likely this is a human. Yeah Oh it's Florida. Florida Man Bites Monkey. That's easily a headline any day or Florida. Florida Man Bites Monkey. One species devastated wailer alert. The monkeys hugh. I feel like a lot of stuff happened in the long time longtime ago people were bringing in weird crazy exotic animals. This whole thing like took place. At the Nineteen Thirties. People probably had Bengal tigers all sorts of stuff. It was so cool to import animals. If you're rich and eccentric and now we're finally reaping the whirlwind wind that is this desire to have exhau- exotic animals in the Golden Age. I have a couple silverback gorillas on their way to Florida. That will be hilarious. Yeah I just think. That's the new goal here. I think the new goal for all the rest of the United States is to see witch which ridiculous species you can get into Florida and released into the wild inhabit thrive Oh so many third natural emmy enemy of the monkey man man retired tiger one year could bring tigers. Tiger's eat Tara no no I think like the Monkey Eagle. Isn't there like a Monkey Eagle. I've never heard you go after you've never heard of Monkey Eagle Monkey Eagle. And so you're saying yeah a drone or a robot that could capture or the herpes infected monkeys. Not Possible. It can't get into that foilage Viking's GonNa Destroy your propel. Mike God the Monkey Eagle Well. Here's what we need in this up. The Monkey Eagle doesn't sound right does it not What does the Monkey Eagle do picks up the monkey and the drop them? Dude you tell me Oh. It's a Monkey Eagle Philippines. It looks like it might be a Filipino thing. which is why no no? It's it is a Filipino thing. But I'm what I'm saying is that will thrive in Florida bites the Eagle. Yeah Band and herpes So we need to drown Tyson. Well you get the eagles in there and then you get the drones to battle. The Eagles The Philippine Eagle is known as the Monkey Eating Eagle the Monkey Eating Eagle. Yeah so that's that's how you lived in the Philippines. He probably has experience with. I've never seen a monkey eagle. I just remember seeing pictures of it. I didn't even learn about it in the Philippines. Oh it's huge. Looks like a human baby to bring those to Florida. That's what I'm saying. Yeah they look mean okay but but then you're going to get the herpes if they eat them onto sure. Yeah I mean. They're going to give before they even get the monkeys. What do we need to take down the herpes eagles? Well well you're right. Yeah then you go to the drone. I mean having a hard time fixing my hair. Yeah Camera Yeah. Because it's like the reverse of what I wanted to do. So I keep skipping nearer flopping it yeah I'm sorry about it. Pretty precise now apologized to the crowd who has to witness me get my hair cool and then the crap so anyways monkey eagles in Muggy Eagles in could be and stop the herpes monkeys. And I don't Mind Eagles. I think they're majestic nick. I they might even go after the Boas and the GUAVAS. Well what else. Yeah I don't know what else gets. Herpes Tyson Eagles now. But I've heard that they can become a nuisance. You Talk to people on a lot in a lot of very. That's not a very patriotic statement. I know do you know Benjamin Franklin I read this once one of the Turkey. Yes the wild Turkey because the feral Turkeys that were invading New Jersey. That's a Benjamin Franklin wanted because the Eagle is a scavenger doesn't doesn't look like scavengers area obviously not the maybe we should specify and say that we're a country of monkey eating eagles specify the eagles maybe not so much the Bald Eagle or whatever. Monkey Eagle listen without doing with doing almost no research on this. I think that's more movies to get these monkey. It goes in there. Yeah have devastate. The invasive wild monkey population see how the Monkey Eagles do there. Let's see maybe they'll start neutralizing the Python Boa constrictor nuisance that we have down there and the Guana invasion. I think that's the case. We just need a a cage with a door that is like propped up by a stick and a ton of bananas and set that bad boy up and herpes monkey. Keep problem solved. Yeah and now. You don't have any eagles to deal with. Yeah to deal with or to enjoy that. Very quickly majestic adjusting nature editor drone. Taya Banana on a string to the drone and fly at around all those monkeys. Be Following the banana on a drone thrown right into the cage slam the door. The end like the pipe. Can't we just give these monkeys. Some herpes creams is it cream or a a prescription shot guys. You're you get your shots. Yeah okay all right Danny drop in drop in the knowledge on us We'll have it you all your shots. Herpes shots Easter herpes. Yes am I getting that right. I'm looking up. I'm pretty sure the three shots shots or two shots for herpes complex. Whatever and hepatitis? Titus O. Maybe getting I got I. You gotta be more this whole time back Dan. You're getting the shit all the time I thought I'd been protected from her mended ebb. Living my life way to free. Yeah but you know you've been pretty lucky so far so maybe you're fine. Maybe I have secretly had a shot. Okay yeah that's right. We don't know who if any twins won. The Pizza Hut roared or talking about the domino's felt some pressure to return. Serve so domino's pizza is out this week with a nine thousand dollar lower pizzas shaped engagement. Ring Danny who is this for Whoa. This is elegant and tasteful. uh-huh daughter the noise daughter Rob can can someone describes ring in its all of its majestic beauty. A AH Tyson. Would you like to take a crack at it or you want me to do it. I want you to do and also do it in a town is the domino's nine thousand dollars. Engagement Ring is the pinnacle of how you say. I love you to the person that you you want to be your pizza partner for eternity. It is a silver ring topped with A triangular monopoly token sized slice of pizza. There is Red Ruby Ruby pepperoni surrounded by a dusting of tiny gemstones zones which may or may not be diamonds I'll do the sound off here. All of our all of our handpicked champs come straight Camila jump or that may came from diamond areas. You NAP now. You have a friend in the Shane. Company located on Rockefeller. At seventy to eighty north off stays good tyson than I sound like the Shane Company did actually I. Didn't I know what you're going forward until you said you said Shane Company that I was like that's it. He's nailed it. I would give this by the way I've always been a proponent if you guys will remember of serving pizza at a wedding I think that's way better than the disgusting catered food. Most people give so why not just throw in the ring like hey domino's cater your wedding ring for half off off. Yeah so this actually. Valentine's Day promotion. Danny this is not for sale. This is that you have now a drawing that they're giving one pizza lover the chance to make a they call it a Joe Mantech proposal this Valentine's Day Tyson. That would Rachel have have appreciated. This proposal with the Wedding ring. That was one through the Domino's pizza raffle I think at the point. When I propose to Rachel she would have accepted any proposals? Yeah Okay and call not have gone for this. I don't know I don't think so because it's not just that the ring is from Domino's it actually is a pizza ring. I don't think she would have been stoked on it. I think we would eventually probably hawked now thing and gotten a new one or kept it as it's just a souvenir or I could have worn it as a pinkie ring. I would wear this. Liz proposed to me and offered me this ring. Like let's get down one knee and then open this up. I mean yes a million times. Yes this is not available in the US for Domino's Australia so I'm not sure if maybe domino's might be a fancier pizza establishment in Australia Domino's and it was like a bow tie affair to eat at one of the restaurant dominant. McDonald's in Australia at McDonalds you have to wear dress shoes. They won't allow you to wear restaurant. That would would be great. That's the same with hungry. Jacks which is Burger King. And yes RILYA. Yes you have to wear issues and so that's maybe it's a fancy the establishment Dami O. Well we know from this little advertisement that they are a lot classier just that Australia is fancier. You're in general so everything just has to be at that level or else it's not going to thrive. Okay I'll ask Shannon gusts later this week. If do they have before fancy do they have people do they have instant stars. STREAKING CRICKET GAMES IN AUSTRALIA. Because that's really how you determine streaky for fame cricket and handball ships. We haven't heard about it now. We haven't so they are classier. Yeah I really are and speaking of Australian cuisine. There was some news made this week that the Popular Delicacy H. poses as on Australian Food A dunk. A roos is coming back. Tyson dunk through guy. I am familiar with the commercials excited to see that. I'm assuming Paul Hogan Own stunk. So don't gurus are then we never had them in our house but they're like crackers and cheese but with cookies and frosting right right and it's a kangaroo. I'm not sure again. I don't get the word play their Danny covers you dunk the rue and dunk dunking the cookie into the frosty. I think it's a great name who cares where where where it came from. Why why it's done good Dunkin APP to be because this sounds Australia? Yeah it sounds Australian grew through but why why because it is it hopping from the one container into the frosting. It's just because it's from Australia that it's got the kangaroo and then the dunk from Austrailia it. We are as Australian as haagen-dazs is German. Okay haagen-dazs the United States only Probably owned by Kraft. Yeah Betty Croats. I'm Betty Crocker General Mills. Yes look so it was just one of those things that makes us feel like. We're getting a different a slice of culture and we're like do you like Australia. I love Dunker Reuss. Well then I think cure on board. Yeah okay so yeah. Australia's might not even know what Dunker Russo R.. This Crocodile Dundee indies. My favorite movie. And they're like what it's important when you go to countries like Iota France and you've got to of course you got to eat the bread yet. Eat the croissants and now it's like you go to Australia. You gotTA sample all this. I just heard Boston beer while while climbing. I mean that bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge has thank you Tyson before we get to Danny's ball tall a stigma thank sponsor and those are friends over at CBS all access and they are the people that Provide us with tell Neha story. Of course everybody remember their favorite fairy tales growing up. Did you have a favorite fairy tale. you know. I didn't have one until I had a little girl now. I know them all yes. What's it's hard to pick? Like rapunzel repel. Yes with the long hair. A this new season of Kevin Williamson's tell me a story takes the world's most well known fairy tales and reimagined them as a dark and twisted psychological thriller. That's right up your alley. Ali Danny exploring an entirely new set of characters this season features three legendary stories beauty in the beast sleeping beauty and Cinderella Morella. 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CBS DOT com slash. Rob Taken away away. Danny welcome T my Bolthole GonNA field. You Be Oh yeah about nocturnal emissions anymore. No you really. Don't yeah you don't because you haven't gone to maturation which is is it. Class Tie snap talked about round like what sixth grade fifth grade so yeah I just remember all of us laughing with a sitting behind us a lot of uncomfortable laughter. HHERE's had to go to. Yeah why so. This is what it was so so you get more. We're uncomfortable. Yeah of course because they wanted to make sure that you didn't laugh but this is how our metro program. This is where the laughter came from. So we're all sitting there. And they had the kit all the young boys on the front row for the fifth fifth grader. Six grade. So there's like thirty of us from two separate classes is and then we all had to have at least one parent with a semi dad was sitting directly behind me and each parent was sitting directly behind their child and we were watching a video radio and first of all the principal of the school is there and he gets up and he's like so here's a little bit about maturation association and you only you'll get acne at some point but it will only be on your face and dad goes. That's not true. Yeah data actually it was like that's not true. And then we watch this video and it was from the nineteen twenties and it was like black and white and it was just like as you begin to mature your you will start to grow hair under your arms on the rest of your body on your face and around your pain ass and it said it like totally the different like everything was they just chopped that in there and one kid just goes yeah and then all the kids start start laughing and then when the parents do they just reeked of disappointment to them in the eighties. The word penis wasn't funny. Ling is now. I don't think that you just saw. Yeah well I think yeah I think like if I were to go to maturation with my child and somebody somebody said the word penis like pain Ashe like that. I would laugh as an adult and be like that was the great content there. Thank you for that comedic input. We love it. Yeah but back then. That was no laughing matter so maybe that they need a new clinical name for the sexual organs. We'll no no this problem. I've been thinking about like having eventually you'll have to have the talk with your kids. I'm already hung up on which your words to use when when describing it all because they're all cycled through every single word and it's funny. My kids not going to take me serious areas and has become a joke because I haven't ever matured since maturation Clinton. I'm still laughing today. Honestly if you go through all the words just for the male male genitalia gross word. You can't find a good one to share when you're going to have the talk. Maybe at least two Larry Station station with an eggplant. Perhaps Dami the least hilarious is just to say privates but then you have to point to what privates privates bits this is a penis nipple whole region. There's just no good way to do it. The best way for your kids to find out about it I mean you. You should obviously talked to him but by the time maturation clinic happened. My most perverted friends had already learned quite a bit from their brothers and had shared that knowledge with almost everybody in the brothers others come in and teach the metrics they really. They really should have the older siblings. Come in and be like this because close no no listen Tyson. They're close enough to the awkward experience to be able to relate to the kids. We are so far removed from that. I've got a better idea. You quiz all the kids on all the maturation material that needs to be taught and then whoever knows the most in classes he teaches the class. Because that's how you learn most of it anyways is like a stop. Okay that is a good is is in. That is a good player. I like to older brother plan and I liked the most knowledgeable in the great plan. Oldest are better than having stupid adults now. Dance around the sub. We're coming at this from the perspective of well but adults but we were once young people who didn't know anything. Is it possible. Do the do young kids kids now with the Internet you most of it. I knew most of it. I still don't know all of it but I knew all the stuff they taught. Yeah then they were like this is going to be shocking. You're like no. That wasn't because I remembered the older kids joking about about some of this stuff. So yeah. Our aren't kids a lot smarter than we were Danny. Well they've seen a lot more because the Internet yeah smarter I wouldn't. I wouldn't use that word for what word it smarter. Yeah I would say they've seen Laura. They've heard a lot more I. My friends is told me everything I needed to know Alexa. Tell me you now is very much chet their fingertips where it was not for us. Did you try that because you should actually try that will have no Alexa out sex. Yeah like that I bet you she would have come from yeah type. She would have a very comical or canvas. Yeah why don't you ask your parents. It's something like Hey Siri where do babies come from. Okay do you guys have set off all ready to queries on Alexa one zero. It's in New York Tyson. I feel like they did in the past have been able to make this work. What yeah when I asked? Yeah here we go. No don't do it. Okay Google. Where do babies come from? It has to do with birds and bees ace and you see when two people actually maybe a parent might. I knew it I knew it would deliver to the humane. The first response was the first response. Was I don't know if I'm old enough to have this talk. But my volume was down to loading. Did the row. The doesn't know they have the knowledge of how it's done right all the data and some really naughty videos But in the end it's going to be the human who explains it and I think that guy's upon the best idea the most knowledgeable kid in the great should put on the presentation with a straight face as possible power. Ted Talk the series of tedtalk savings from little kids. That actually is a great idea. I like that like covering kids. eight-year-olds it's it's like a parents don't know more teddy all right that's it. There's nothing I could share. That would be better than your teddy talks him. There's just nothing out there. Okay all right Tyson. What else is going on anything else? You WanNa talk about anything else when it off your chest you said you may want to formally address the haters this morning. I just saw that. A lot of people were formerly addressing their haters. And I I was like Oh. That's something I've never done. And how does that work. Howdy howdy formerly address haters? You just get on twitter like to all the haters. There's a mean of me smashing half about you. Yeah I saw the haters. My sister's going to address to you guys that the haters. There's like bill bill check. They said he was flexing for the haters when they booed at the Super Bowl by showing his rings right. Yeah it's gotta be that type of a move. Yeah that's what they always do. They always fall back on awards or cash. Yeah Well I. I would like to formally address hater hater or or your Halo. I'd like to formally address one of my haters right now if I may you may yes. Is it Nicole. Yes Nicole all. I really did not appreciate yesterday when you were upset with me about forgetting to buy I your the bars at the supermarket when you had you had you. Yes you did. Ask Me to get them but I then gave you a list to write down everything that we needed at the supermarket and even you forgot to write them down on the list. So don't be mad. Edit me just because I didn't they weren't on there weren't on the list so I didn't purposely forget them you didn't even remember that you wanted them To put on the shopping list after I went and bought all the groceries thing on my favorite one is. I'm sorry you're mad at me. They don't like that. Danny would you like to address any of your haters. I mean I. I guess you've made a mistake hater in believing that I know what I'm talking about. No what I'm doing now we're have any idea of what's going to it happened That that mistake falls upon view in believing that I was anyone of consequence This should be a segment Tyson for formerly address. The HAGIA probably meters. You're not in the demographic to even and watch news af or to follow me on twitter or facebook maybe facebook and so you will not be receiving this address to you in any way shape or form. Yeah I'm pretty sure I know what I did to make. You dislike me and that's just the way it's going to be okay. You know what. Let's I want to point something out before we wrap this up. And that is the for everyone hater. There are a thousand awesome people who understand and appreciate who you are rob and thank you. Yes even myself. They understand the joke right. Yeah don't take any of us to seriously. They understand that we're just like everyone else in that we don't know what the hell we're doing I always tell my kids probably is people. Don't know what they're doing. Everyone's just stumbling along in the dark argue till eventually they die. There's only a small number of people who maybe have some grasp of what this whole you know y things about but most of the people don't so A yeah everyone else. There's awesome people out there and they're the majority it's just every now and the haters really pissing your you know pissing your drink. They stand handout when they should. Because it's so small numbers I said it. I said it jokingly but I do appreciate your condolences Danny I I noticed a lot of people on twitter addressing their haters and I was like Oh and for me when you address your hater especially at a formal normal matter. What you're GonNa get is more haters? Yeah because they're like Oh. This is sweet. They're responding. They're getting all mad. Yeah making a difference rents in their happiness instead to respond to your haters. You should just respond to the majority of people in most cases. Unless you're a real jerk who actually really appreciate you for what you are. Okay people matter. And that's why I will say thank you everyone for your support in all facets of my life and I love you guys and and I think that's a good place to sign. Oh Yeah you wanted means a lot wonder review Tyson. You WanNa hear review. I got it open. Yeah let's hear one because we all know is from Midwest. Barb no no because haters gonNA hate but raiders or GONNA rate. Oh Yeah Yeah. That's exactly right Hashtag. Peleton cat said on January twenty nine twenty twenty. This is from Dr Hover aboard the Love Tyson and rob last week mench grape funny content. Always Danny I think you you should stop fat shaming your cat. I bet it's all the hot soup and Chile that you're feeding it. It's not good for your image we need to be is up. He's on sensitive issues. I mean what's next. You're going to buy your cat. Peleton bike Peleton cat anytime soon. Peleton's recently happened on the podcast. Danny Yeah I remember. We were talking about communicating with animals. Guys asked what I would say to my cat. Yes Oh okay so little yes. Yeah so yeah. I'm sorry I mean the cat can't understand me yet until I get some kind of doolittle serum so oh the cats safe from my criticisms for now okay doolittle doolittle ism a serum. How we got that maybe a bank in the head? I'm just saying maybe scientists will discover some. I'm kind of serum that you inject directly your ear that allows you to talk to animals but that hasn't happened yet and you think it has to go in the ear. Naturally that's the orifice I would assume you'd have to do a needle injection into okay. All right makes sense Danny say before now in next week no now. I'm just looking forward to next week to be a big week. Yeah I mean it's your ten year anniversary of Rha P so I'm excited for that too. I wish I could make it out there for it rob but I gotTa born week ahead of me. Yes maybe twice in dolls. uh-huh yeah awesome see if they are mass producing but I'm GONNA get on. FCC IF I could find another one okay all right all right thanks so much Scott saint-pierre for putting this all together check us out in our group AF facebook group. I don't over to facebook dot accomplished groups slash group Af to join and as long as you do not come and immediately promote your podcast or if you want to come in and join us you have to answer one question to prove out of. But you're all good at facebook dot com slash groups slash group AF. Take care have a good one. We get a guy's

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The how's and why's of hair

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The how's and why's of hair

"This episode is sponsored by good night stories for rebel girls. The podcast. Goodnight stories for rebel girls. The podcast is back with eleven new inspiring stories read by influential women in the season to you'll try a case with Ruth, Bader Ginsburg and save a country with them Mirasol sisters look for good night stories for rebel girls. The podcast on your favorite podcast platforms or go to rebel girls dot CO slash podcast. This episode is sponsored by bona premium spray mop, the next generation bona premium spray mop for hardwood floors include a micro fiber cleaning pad and hardwood floor cleaner all in one wonderful package. Bona premium spray mop is available at most retailers where floor cleaning products are sold on Amazon and bona dot com to receive exclusive offers and to learn more visit B O N A dot com slash brains on. You're listening to brains on where we're serious about being curious brains on supported him part by a grant from the National Science Foundation. What is your favorite thing about your hair? How smooth it is where I can just comb it back, then go, do whatever I have really curly hair, which I used to not like at all when I was your age. But now I like that I don't have to do anything to it, and it can just kind of do its own thing. And whether you love your hair or just want to shave it all off, we're going to show you today, how complex and cool. It really is listening. You're listening to brains on from American public media. I'm Molly bloom and Michael host today are Kate at Alex from plano, Texas. Hi, hello. Can you to recently got a closer look at here? You wrote into us and told us that you were looking at strands of hair under a microscope. What gave you the idea to check that out? We just guy my new microscopes. So we decided to peek at our hair, and what did you see when you looked at the hair? Well, my hair was it had like little black dots all over it. And mine only had one am I mommas gray hair had a Jain Norma slide through it. Interesting. You guys both have Brown hair. Right. But it looked different under the microscope. Yeah. Much different. And when you put the hair under the Mexico projecting. Specially you have to do to it. I you have to adjust it, then do lighting, and then there's also slides that you have to put it in to make it stay to take the hair and put it on a slide. And then you put under the microscope, and you can. See what it looks like really close up. It's cool. It's awesome. Well, a little later in the show. We're going to talk to a scientist who looks at hair under a very powerful microscope. But first, let's start with the basics a little hair one. Oh one. If you will. Here's a question to get us growing. I mean, going my name is Eilan. I'm eight years old. I live in Calgary Alberta. I question is what is hair made of and why did humans have hair and not for like animals? Do we'll get to the second half of that question later, but I what is hair. Anyway, is it alive it grows, but doesn't have nurse way skin. Does you can pinch it without pain? And it's pretty strong stuff. But how's it? So bendy we asked Dr shawny Francis to help untangle these questions, she's a dermatologist and the director of the hair center of excellence awesome title, by the way at north shore University Health system in Evanston, Illinois hair is basically protein, but it has a very complex structure in how the protein. In is arranged is very organized. So the best way to describe it is like a rope of string has many smaller ropes that are kind of twisted and braided together. If you take a piece of yarn, okay? And when you you know, how the yarn comes and then you can unravel it, and you see little smaller pieces of string think about that but amplify that? And maybe take two or three or four thirty thirty pieces of string, and then coil those together in a rope. And that's how the structure of each hair fiber is so basically pieces of string that had been twisted together. And then those twists have been twisted together. And then those twists have been twisted together. So you have just a big large wrote very cool in a lot of protein. So each strand of hers a collection of smaller strands making the structure strong when it's pooled but flexible when you bend it just like a rope. Here's another question we've gotten a lot. Not a kitchen. I'm seven nine Allah, nor powders hair grow. How does high Yar grab her gross starts with something called the follicle? But wait what's full? Oh hair follicles are everywhere. So everywhere, you see a hair you have a hair follicle. The hair itself comes out of this hair follicle which is kind of like a tube or a house to that it lives in Sofala Kohl's are basically tiny sex in our skin where her gross they're lined with special cells that live in this fall cool house. A new day a glorious time to be a cell losing hair follicle when they get a signal they start their work. Time to get cranking. Yup. These hairs aren't going to grow themselves, and these cells rapidly divide. Here we go to. Oh, more of me. And as they are dividing, the old sales are getting pushed out of the way by the new cells. It's getting crowded in their push those over me's out of you. Got it move along other means, okay? Okay. I'm leaving as these older cells. Get pushed up the tube of the foul call they leave behind all the blood vessels and nutrition keeping them alive day or so get coated with special proteins known as Carrington making them tougher than living cells below. And so it's kind of like an assembly line of hair cells moving up through this tubular house called a hair follicle. That's the reason why we kind of think of hair fibers is dead is because the part that's alive is the part, that's dividing. And once it needs more space. It pushes the hair sales kind of up, and that comes out as hair, your hair girls has a few different cycles. To it. I there's the gross stage. We just talked about it's called the energy on stage during this phase hair grows about half an inch a month or six inches a year, the antigen part of the hair cycle last usually two to six years and most people and most of our hairs under this part of the hair cycle after the antigen comes the ketogenic face during this period hair growth stops it lasts about ten days. Then the hair starts that final face known as a television stage this one to fall cold takes a break from all its work. Few what a day feels like I've been working for at least six years straight. Totally I nap and so in the resting phase the hair is not growing as just sitting there and at the end of the resting phase which normally lasts two to three months. That hair is pushed out and the cycle starts all over. Again is actually interesting is pushed out by new hair. That's coming up. What a good Lori state. It'd be a cell living in a follicle. Indeed time to get back to work pay. What's that old hair doing sitting there on the last year? Remember, let's crank out a new hair to push it away. Got it hundred divide. Here we go again. When old tears are clinched out by new hairs, you said, don't worry. It's totally normal. In fact, most people lose anywhere from fifty to one hundred fifty hares every day, but you've got thousands on your head. So it's hard to notice the difference before we start counting all those hairs on our head. We have another challenge for you. It's time for the mystery sound. Here. It is. Any guesses? I think it might be someone may be tapping on glass or hammering. I think it's hammered tapping would those are both really good guesses. We're going to be back with the answer a little bit later in the show. So far, we've learned how hair grows, but now it's time to get into the Y as posed by Landa earlier, why did humans have hair not for like animals too? And imaging my name is Amazon tree and dime. Six years old and foam the in the UK. My question is why do we have had to find out? We talked to Santa cook. She starts to ever Lucien ary biology of hair at Penn State university before she started selling hair, she to for analysis of hair for the FBI for starters. Keeton? Alex ask sandy about the hair that they looked at under the microscope. We saw by hair had a law. Black light dots. Third and mine didn't not have an only had like one, and my mom had a. Black line threat. If you think of a hair like the structurally is very similar to pencil. So how a pencil has the paint covering the wood covering the lead. A hair has outer cuticle layer, which is very thin protective layer. And then there's the cortex of the hair. And that's where all the pigment granules are. And then running through the center of the hair is called Medusa, and that can be a dark black structure, and it can be completely present. Like a a line. It can be broken up and serve here. And there or it could be absent. And it is a feature that we use when we do a microscope a comparison. So you were definitely seen a lot of what we see when we look at at hairs microscope with humans, we can tell general differences in ancestry. If a hair has been artificially treated, so it's been died or. Bleached. We can tell we can tell if there's been damage to the hair, and there are differences that can be identified between people, but there's also variation within our own hairs. So if you look at yourself in the mirror, you might see some slight variation in color in length and just some natural highlights, and that's good also appear microscopically, this give you some differences in the distribution of pigment. And there's gonna be some a range of characteristics. Why did he meant have hair not for well hair? And for are actually made of the same protein called Carrington, and they're chemically the same. If you think about animals, we think tend to think of our pets dogs and cats, and they have for all over their bodies will humans we have five million hair follicles on our bodies, but only about one hundred two hundred fifty thousand of those are on the top of our head. So we have hair. All over our bodies. It's just in a much more reduced form. So if you look your arms, you can really see very fine hairs in that is that sort of our equivalent to for. I think there's several theories about why humans may have reduced body hair. And that really relates to win. Our human ancestors started walking upright one of the hypothesis thoughts about why early humans made not needed as much hair protection or for coat on the whole body was that once they start walking onto feet they really need to be able to evaporate more of their body heat through sweating. But there's still definite need for protection from the sun's rays on top of a person's head. So that we retained the head hair far more than we did our body hair. We'll thank you so much sandy for being here today. Thank you. Thank you. You're welcome and Keeton, hugs. I hope you really enjoyed studying. Hairs and find out more. But by. Sandy. Do you have a question you want to hear on brains on for mystery such share or do you want to send us a high five you can do that at brains on dot org slash contact? That's where we got this. Excellent question Mining's eve from Seoul, South creep. My dad has been getting fuzzy has belly. My question is where is it coming from? And why don't I have fun? And my belly. We'll have an answer to that. During our moment of at the end of the show and will read the most recent names to be added to the brains on a roll. And hey. That sound means we made a mistake in last week's moment of Lee said blood is blue when it doesn't have oxygen in it. That's not true. But is always read read read read, it just looks blue in our veins because of the way light is reflected as it goes through our skin. There you go made mistake, but we corrected it. You can go. Listen to the updated answer in last week's episode. Why are smartphone? So hard to put down. That made us feel sheepish, but we're all about talking feelings these days because we're working on series all about emotions, and we want to hear from you and listeners we want to know what your body feels like when you're happy. Sad or angry or nervous pick one of those feelings until us how it makes your body feel send your answers to us at brains on dot org slash contact. Thanks and keep listening. 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Molly bloom today hair is on our heads and on our minds and lots of people have written with questions about hair. So let's get right down to the answers. My name is Fulson in. My question is why our show here's different colors. My name is Finn. What determines whether Harris curly or straight? Excellent questions as usual. Let's turn back to Dr shawny Francis. For the answers starting with hair colour. So pigment is what colors are here. We have natural pigment. In in our hair is normally found in the middle of the hair follicle. So remember that shape of that that rope of ropes it's buried down in the middle. But sometimes in the darker hair, you can have it in the most outermost layer called the cuticle, the type of pigment in hair. Is called melanin and there are two different kinds of melanin. There's you melanin which is found in Brown and black hair and even skin is called you melanin, and then there's feel melanin which is found in red hair, and blond hair. And this this pigment is more yellowish red. So your hair color is determined by how much you melanin or feel Millan. You haven't each strand people with dark black hair have more you melanin light. Brown. Hair has less red heads have a lot of feel melanin blondes nuts much. What about gray hair? I like the explain it that the sales that are making the pigment are very close closely related to that hair follicle. And so they kind of throw in a little pigment on the hair follicle as rapidly dividing pigments, though is I didn't pick been making colors. I of adding pigment pigment pigment. Kills me tired like all cells in our body as we age, and when they get tired, they burn out, adding pigment. Oh, as adding pigment. The you know, what that quit, and when they burn out, they stopped producing pigment. And so if there's no pigment coming out of that sale, then there'll be no take -ment in the hair follicle, and they'll be no pigment in the hair. Okay. So that's color, but what about curls and waves and all the other textures of hair. We have Shani's says it mostly comes from the shape of the follicle. He knows that has the hair lives in in the shape of that hair follicle differs in different people. And so if that hair follicle or that too that the Harris coming out of is more circular, and really I mean like a perfect circle that here will be straight if that hair follicle. House is ovo then you'll see like a curly here coming from there and the tightest Titus curls. The kinky hair is an extreme curly and that shape of that house is more Illit soil. So kind of like a. Exaggerated oval, both your hair color and its texture are influenced by your genetics or the genes you get from your parents. So you can take them for whatever's growing on top of your head the heroine. Top of our heads has really been the focus so far. But that's not the only hair we have up there. We've got eyebrows. Eyelashes nose hair. All of it serves a purpose. We asked our friends Sandon Totten to break it all down for us the hair on and in our faces is super important stuff. I mean, it's there for reason. Right. Take bob. For example, me again, he's got hair above his eyes around the lids hair and his nose and in his ears and do a lot of hair. But what if we took some of it away, like say, we wax off his eyebrows. Oh that hurt. And let's say we stuck Bob on a treadmill? You know for science and running. I shouldn't eat met sandwich right before this normally wouldn't be sweat, or if it rains that moisture will trickle down a four heads toward our eyes eyebrows. Help divert those liquids to the side of the face. So it doesn't get in our eyes and can still see but without high browse, oh, man. So so much what? My knees on it stings, and what Bob is busy trying to wipe the sweat from his eyes. Anyone have an extra set of? I browse I can borrow anyone. I hate exercise next. Let's imagine what would happen if we took away. Bob's eyelashes. I barely use those I doubt how notice eyelashes also helped divert moisture, and when you squint shield your eyes from strong light like the sun kind of like the brim of a baseball hat that you mentioned it. It is awfully bright all of a sudden, and my balls I saw drying itchy. I can't stop robbing them. That's because lashes help block small particles and even bugs from getting in your eyes. Scientists have also found that eyelashes help reduce wind flow across the eyeballs that to keep them clean from dust and prevents them from drying out. Too much is feel like the Saharan desert. So that's two really important types of hair to help protect your eyes. But what about nose hair, it's not on your face? So it's not diverting sweat or shielding you from sunlight. Yeah. Plus, it's just gross at go ahead and get rid of it. Who means it knows hair? I don't care. No, Bob should kills hair. I don't care him. Even though it's not glamorous nasal hair is super important play. We pluck out. Bob's nose hair. Pink jau. Being pink. Now when he takes a big with of air. Particles of dirt pollen and even germs have an easier time getting through his nose and into his body. That's not good for his breathing or his health Nosair is built in air filter ear hair does something similar, wait. I have hair in my ears to. Yes, bob. We all do, but tend to have a lot more of it. It also helps filter dirt and dust and without the hair in your ear that fly buzzing around. Bob's head might have an easier time getting stuck in his ear canal. It's loud, and it and it tickles. This is very strange sensation. So clearly the hair in and on our heads. Is it useful stuck? So let's back the way he wants. Let's see I have my I also thank goodness and my eye lashes. So glad to see those ear hair nose hair. I I think it gave me too much air. Sorry, bob. That's the way we found you. I should really trim these ads like florist in here. Why didn't anyone tell me to be thankful for the hair? You've got it's pretty neat stuff and Bob while you're at it. You might want to take a look at your ear hair to. Okay, back to you. Molly Keeton, Alex Sandon. Above brands on. I know waiting has made your hair stand on end. So let's get back to the mystery sound let's hear it again. Any other guesses? I still think maybe it's a hammer Bain yawn coffee table. So what do you guys think that might have to do with hair? I'm not sure neither will hear what the answer is Shane price. That was the sound of the hair board. We have no name for it right now. So that's like the best thing that that's what we of referred to it as here in the office. They hear board there fiberboard something like that. Yeah. The hair bark. What do you think it might be maybe board that you keep hair? Maybe you study on it. Very good. Guess let's let's have Shane tell us what it is sort of a grayish Brown. It actually looks a little bit like marble. It's got a marble appearance to it. It's made up of hair fiber, but it's all compressed into aboard. So when you look at it, it looks like some sort of tile or aboard like material, Shane company called green circle salons. He works with Harissa lawns all over Canada in the US tourist products that come out of those shops. There's lots of plastic and glass and aluminum foil, and there's also lots of hair. So how do you turn hair into a board? We work with an engineer in Montreal. He's created a metal frame. So it's in the shape of the board that we'd like in he'll lie the hair down in in this frame, and he adds resin to the hair and then uses a compression machine to force it down and to to compress, it the hair fibers are sort of all overlapping and mixed together. And the resin kind of fills in the space where there's air and then during the compression, you're squeezing out all of the air. So you just have hair and resin and over time that will harden into a sheet or a board of hair, Shane hopes that his hair boards will be used as furniture and shelving and some of the very same salons that sent him the hair to begin with that is really really. Yeah. And that actually is not the first time that they've used recycled hair, how else do you think they could reuse hair for wigs dolls? You know, they actually use it in a very unexpected way. They take hair and stuff it into old nylon stockings to make something that's called a hair boom, and Shane helps manufacture these hair booms to help. Clean up oil spills. This was sort of discovered back when the Exxon Valdez oil spill happened in Alaska. It's not only the worst oil spill in US history. It's by far the largest in such a remote pristine area, the tanker the Exxon Valdez at just loaded more than a million barrels of Alaskan crude it was about twenty five miles from the Valdez terminal and was apparently trying to dodge ice flows from the nearby Columbia glacier, when it ran aground one gentleman that happened to be a hairstylist from Huntsville, Alabama was watching the news. And noticed that the authors hair was actually picking up the oil that was on the water. And so he sort of had an idea while he wondered if if he was to take human hair from his salon, if it would do the same thing, and he quickly discovered that that it would in fact, it's a it's a great. It's orbits of avoidable. Really cool. I never knew that. Yeah. I never even knew about the Alaskan. Crash that happened in nineteen eighty nine and Shane says that every five hundred grams of hair, which is a little over a pound that pound of hair can soak up about one liter of oil, and that's about a court or the size of a large milk, carton and hair booms can be reused about one hundred times hair is both useful Han head and when it's not. Here is basically a rope protein. The color comes from cells in your follicles and the shape of those follicles, make your hair curly or straight all of that is ultimately determined by your genes. There are thousands of hairs on your head that are constantly in the cycle of growing and Fawley out, and our hair isn't just there to look pretty looks are part of it. But they're also there to protect us and regulate or by temperature. That's it for this episode of grains on this episode was produced by Mark Sanchez Santon taught tin and Molly bloom with production hope from Cristina Martinez. Craig Johnson, Allen Roberts and Jackie's of gca. Many. Thanks to Melissa and Ryan Harris, Eric rhythm. Meg Martin, Peter. Cox Lauren PLO, Nicole Rogers, and then yellow Christian sqi, and you could keep up with us on Instagram and Twitter at brains underscore on. And we're on Facebook to now before we go. It's time for our moment of. Hi, my name's Ian from Seoul, South Korea. My dad has been getting in his belly. But my question is where is it coming from? And why don't I have in my belly button? Thank you for answering. My question. That is such a question that, you know, maybe kids are just much more won't taking care of them. Parents are sometimes in terms of kids usually have apparent washing them. And maybe no one's washing the debt. My name is Dr cherry jug day. And I am a skip. Bellybutton fuzz is made dead skin cells that kind of Slough off lint or whatever other fabrics. From our clothing and our environment and combined with sweat and other bodily secretions that really kind of getting there. So a little bit of moisture a little bit of skin and a little bit of stuff from your clothing dad's belly buttons may sometimes be a little bit deeper than the belly buttons that children have children have very shallow bellybutton. So not much builds up there the deeper the belly button, the more likely the fuzzby their hair camp play a role in cumulation, foes and dance. Have also had a much longer time to allow for some natural fibers from clothing to build on up there in that area. Everyone's bellybutton a fuzzy to them because comprises the different fibers from the clothing that we wear and our personal DNA such as skin cells and also from other things that maybe were in contact. This list makes my heart warm and fuzzy it's time for the brains honor roll, these are the delightful humans who keep going by sending us their ideas questions and mystery sounds we love them. I'm Isaac Jeremiah and silence from oak bay Manitoba relief from Zambia billion and Bennett from Richfield. Minnesota Tian from Dallas zephyr from lake worth Florida Caleb for an accord as Washington Kennedy Maddox Kovin from Manhattan Beach, California Jade from Sydney Australia issue from Herndon Virginia to bias from Leamington on -tario Calder from Denver. He will at Emerson from Columbia, South Carolina, Daniel and Emma from Thousand Oaks, California Therrien from Chicago Joanna from mount horrib-, Wisconsin juniper from San Diego Zorro from Brooklyn New York, Jack from north the main Peter and Timothy from garland, Texas, Odin from Katy Texas, Paul from Woodbury, New Jersey Aurora Arlo from Wellington New Zealand Gabriel from Melbourne Australia Eliya from Clemson, South Carolina, Charlie from crystal. Minnesota Henry from Binghamton New York. Patrick from Jamaica plain, Massachusetts Avraham in Jakko from LA. Evan from foster City, California petrous Johannesburg, South Africa Meredith from catava Virginia Tim from Gillette, New Jersey, Nick and Alex from Portland Oregon ally from Lyons, Colorado, Madeline from Canberra Australia, eight in from Melbourne Australia. Benny from Montreal tristen and Thomas from Alexandria, Virginia. Eight from Webster, New York Nori and Josh from Barcelona Christian from Villanova Pennsylvania Jonah from Equitorial Guinea, Ryan. And Carson from Atlanta Harry from Philadelphia, ruby rose from Roswell Georgia Simone from what Shuba Washington agent for mobile. Alabama is a Bella from playing view, New York. Delilah Dexter from Ottawa. Lisa from finan Penn. Cambodia Tobie Nathan from mount we really Australia Sadie from Glasgow. Scotland Greta from Kingston, New York and Vinod from Cyprus. We'll be back soon with more answers to your questions that anx for listening. Thanks again to bona premium spray mop for sponsoring us today. The next generation bona premium spray mop for hardwood floors includes a might girl fiber cleaning pad and hardwood floor cleaner all in one wonderful package. Bona premium spray mop is available at most retailers were floor clean products are sold on Amazon and bona dot com to receive exclusive offers and to learn more. Visit be oh N A dot com slash brains on that's bona dot com slash brains on.

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EMERGENCY SERIES, EPISODE 4: Young people, body image and mental health in a pandemic with Caoimhe Green and Tanisha Barrett from OTR

Body Cons Podcast

31:56 min | 7 months ago

EMERGENCY SERIES, EPISODE 4: Young people, body image and mental health in a pandemic with Caoimhe Green and Tanisha Barrett from OTR

"I am Welcome to body cons. Thank you so much for listening. I'm Molly Forbes. And this is usually the part of the podcast when my co-host Loti says I'm Lottie story except Lahti is actually sitting here with me today during the pandemic were actually recording this slightly different days. So if you're listening to this thinking why is molly on her own whereas Lottie gone? This is not some sort of salacious gossip. There's no drama. It's not like when Jerry left the spice girls or I don't know when Robbie went solo leaving tape that no not at all. Laci is very much here. She's done the interview this week and next week it will be me during the interview. And we're basically taking in tons so if you've listened to previous episodes of body cons previous series. You'll know that usually it's very much a conversation between me and Lottie together around our kitchen table and then we go off together and we travel around the country and we interviewed various different experts. Oviously that is not possible at the moment. Lachey lives in Bristol. I live in Devon so. We're recording the POKU separately. I'm putting it together and hopefully you will still appreciate this. Glorious Mishmash the brilliant different people that we're speaking to and you'll be kind to us and not be to cross the audio. Might not sound as polished as you used to so normally we shy going up or going down but we thought for this emergency series of party cons. No one needs to head the going down going down around us everywhere the moment so we thought instead we would just take it in turns to chef from that. We both love so this week. It's my turn and I wanted to share something that I saw Ruby Tondo tweets last week there was a TV show on BBC solely problematic TV. Show I'm not gonNA name it because I'm not going to be negative but I was not a fan and Ruby. Tondo is not a fan either and so she wanted to chef some loveliness and joyous stuff about eating and food and kind of a healthy relationship with food even looks like and this is actually something that I read in tally. Reis Book recently. It's a quote from Ellen. Sata from her book which is a one thousand nine hundred. Eighty three book called secrets of feeding a healthy family. Ellen Sata is a Dietitian and psychotherapist and I just saw the way that she talks about eating and what normal eating in inverted commas is. I just saw. It was just really lovely so I'm going to read it to you. Normal eating is eating competence. It is going to the table hungry and eating until you are satisfied. It is being able to choose foods you enjoy and eats it and truly get enough of it. Not just stop eating because he thinks he should normally eating is being able to give some thought to your food selections so you get nutritious food but not being so wary restrictive that you miss out on enjoyable food. Normally eating is giving yourself permission to eat. Sometimes because you are happy sad or board or just because it feels good normally ting is mostly three meals a day or four or five or it can be choosing to munch along the way. It is leaving some cookies on the plate. Because you know you can have some again tomorrow or it is eating more now because they taste so wonderful. Normally eating is over eating at times feeling stuffed and uncomfortable and it comes under eating at times and wishing you had more normal eating is trusting your body to make up fuel mistakes eating normally eating takes up some of your time and attention but keeps its place as only one important area of your life in Short. Normally eating is flexible. It varies in response to your hunger. You'll schedule your proximity to food and your feelings and I thought it was a really good thing to share this week when maybe where all experiencing changes to our routines were eating in different ways. Access to food might be different. Everything's different at the moment so I thought hopefully that might bring some comfort and reassurance to anyone listening right now so this week we have a wonderful interview Lottie has spoken to Kiva Antonija from Bristol in South Gloucestershire Mental Health Social Movement. Ot are says a mental health social movement for young people and Kiva Antony show are doing such important brilliant work in the area. I want to put a trigger warning head they do discuss eating disorders. So if this is something. That makes us distressed. Listen to please do take care. It's a really lovely reassuring inspiring. Listen but as I have If you need to fast forward some bits then do that and you know. Protect your own mind. His lottie and Kiva unto Nisha August today got in touch with body cons by the star of series one to tell us about body image workshop. They developed for young people so Welcome keep it Green Anthony. She Barrett's high. You WanNa introduce yourselves and tell listeners. About what is that you to do. Make yes minding his key on. I went off the Bat Codes. Which is a in people's men's health Than say our nation's left in Arkansas. Twenty five and one of mine ball was within the which is Kinda Place with Iran's developing Shameless Say I still am having project These big sites living trainings are cooled. Ask Me Hey. I'm T- sash and University of Bristol of mental health advice and that was a little bit. I was like an Australian T- as a mental health ness life backgrounds by the House for about ten years on. Yeah shameless that fill up Mtti eighteen we create to death in. Yeah say yeah. I think that would be a really good compensation for us to have. Today is how young people particularly that of eleven twenty five age group might be doing in terms of damage during the Pun democ. What are your thoughts on that? Yeah I think if somebody I think especially the young people while vessel about how you even less tournaments. They usually with a school. A MATH. Gasol technique groupings. That we'd be doing to cut up. I think is probably quite annoying reaction top. Barry's issues come up. Nordstrom body miss any any kind of issues? Whether it's lame you stuff. I think I'm Yada disordered. Eating issues. AIDS recovery winning I think is probably quite a risky time. Connery says Syria. I think that publishes offense young people even more say at the most Matchy Vice Masters to jail in Tanzanite unaccessible AIDS at a time. I guess like he's messages. Oversee the compensation right social media comes up with is higher than an invitation to audience. I guess thinking about whether it's not Susan coming off Is quite big culprit amendment in some ways of time? People highway should be dealing with this whole pandemic in high. They should be looking after that. Physical Men's warehouse and usually that is Ryan Diet and exercising at all. I'm pressing the funding really unhealthy is. I'm not accessed actual say yeah. I think definitely social media renew. There's kind of precious to be doing. Things will be just masturbating right nine and I even like I think we talked about immigration Around Social Media and I guess people who are experts and actually quite often experts may be people quite Slayton King he kind of brought themselves access in detraction racks On that in create lots of programs or by space starting that that not true what he saw as in how they look anyway. But I think especially Numidian. Ben Stiller Blake. And it's not about you. Keep the sharing was how van that everyone is next themselves by all people sharing information so saying this is what will help you on. The air is about essentially not being kind to foul or allowing us out just to be his toy even like anybody to change allowing it to get big at the box be okay as is around so images of is why pace corentin body. Oh my God. It's going to be big. We saw a think everyone and young people. It's just it's just not how it's no. Is it an unas by as well? Young people might find themselves spending a bit more time maybe on social media because they all kind of distracted by school college or whatever and and using that space to connect with their friends but at the same time maybe taking some of those kind of diet culture messages. That still seem to be as strong in a slightly different kind of version during upon Democrat as they were before. So I'm just wondering if you can recommend any self good resources that young people listening. Maybe parents of young people could could access to to help at this time. Yes I am. Obviously young people car-based in Bristol Shameless or damage creek is still running. So take with virtual space nine sites. We go a running behind fully if you sign up till nine and by going through the author website and on the Shameless Age Antifreeze. Bruce will continue or if no in virtual they will definitely be signed by beginning. Pass when luxury outs normal. And if not based in Brooklyn Size Ghost we've got an instagram page. Which is just a shame. Let's and on that. This latest recommendations seem to fall a on just general Just engage in more politics and compensations positive station media am Amityville say some previous was on the shameless page on the off the record website which anyone can access some kind of not sure late and I am not mindfulness. Exercises of site Hype Visa Video Vice Guys. Eight. I think I passed. Impressionists toughened about high. Everything's GonNa be kind of schooling Human and high even Actually he's taught in audiovisuals too geico yet give it a lot lesson. Plans wishes zero-some say if any parents Doing edge says lights Online such as the self esteem projects this one could body confidence project which is by Diana was Nice. Ups and fatigue is also likes stuff at the. Sat's aviation website which has like guidance on discussing bodies in schools. Say like Iraq men check out stuff. That sounds brilliant. They will link to all of those in the show notes for this episode as well so that listeners can find that stuff really easily. So you're feeling the same sorts of things like some of that stuff's coming up for you and I just I was quite interested in what you said about the this of mindfulness techniques. And just wondering what? You're doing yourself to to kind of count some of those messages that you're getting yeah. I I myself kind of like a waste this big pressure to exercising and doing all these things might actually just tyneside absolutely hates it. Adams. It's like a constant Day this kind of Goes eight I think one in law of is challenging that thinking quite the Maimon is being kind of what? I'm doing this kind of comparison type kind of thinking other people want saying social media and instead just kind of validating will I think I needs like all night that if I picked up a paintbrush painful for me just good for mental health as someone else got stopped? I think it's kind of just really taking off shooting. That's just tap into your body's needs Singing on why do you need to get through this pump banknote? What does everyone running five k? Need is actually think I was clearing you. Ot Side I think like it's changing in king and Iran's yeah mindfulness in the mind of what your body's asking you for not Maimon saying yeah. I think you're right. I think he just practiced David checking in video stopping the day holiday. Now what do I need example monitoring like why it's fast speed? I think especially Yuasa Or is coming out any disorder even Hans. One in the nation out that right now might not be right In terms of eating way intensive reducing what you eat Things actually by is not going to be. How if I was ending the day. Best Ashley if you stood. Events E at eating rates of excise excise is usually about united. Reggie Snoop audio change you money. Say It's always stuck is going to be up to fight so I think it could be. How checking in at Achi working out is good fee hikes to was being out there and I guess that's I guess the big H. Irvine's if kind of again they matched us from the fast place the seller is people are spending more time on station year at the magazine. And that's where the messages are coming from. So I guess. An additional adamant uninviting within the current situation is having a color though social media aides. Actually I've been finding myself really trying to find these kinds of telling me it's not is really not exercise and it doesn't matter how much you eat by nonense kaneohe productive his seeing this kind of message that validates igniting the other people feeding the same way because other people will be feeding sunrise us on just waiting necessarily be pasting it so. I think it's really important that we are really hitting what we all kind of taking. In the media the mining's file to finitely an is not just social media. Either is it. That was a cover of times to had Joe Wicks on Adrian. Who Does the Yoga Youtube Channel and it was all about that soft diet? Maths wasn't if like what amount of exercise do you need to do? In order to eat a certain amount of food or some type of food and I think that was. I didn't watch it but earlier in the week. That was a horizon program that was kind of the same messaging on it. And I find it extraordinary that that these the someone's making a decision that that is appropriate content per out during blooming condemning. It just seems so tone. Deaf does not a shock in its. It's just amion is just capitalism on speeding along this idea. Everybody's at high point nine how we can talk them benefit from Nice feelings of guilt and shame. We're not leaving and doing exercise and how we can make money. Diet books. Exercise Physiology is the people by now is like his stoppings has spent many on the industry in quotations and the Diet Industry. It's GonNa throw you had just so in health who identify pather. Bake as a TV Outbound on the BBC instead of thinking about how they stick theory about the war is useful. Roy Now let's gliding pandemic like how? How would you get the answer? Yeah I go into a bit of an. Ill advised of twitter argument with someone about last show and she was like well. You know no better time than the present to start thinking about your health. I was like define health. Like what are you trying to say to me? It feels like a mole. Helpful thing to do would be to have about like stopping smoking all like helpful because I think is what we were saying like. Tv shows or in isolation stations we have ingredients with young people. Yeah United Things. I bring up that. They struggle with our around. Selena tending like a GP surgery. And being that maybe for like news award contraception even or anything. Not See people took a your weight when you got back and so you'll be I'm all I think people talk about right off and like p lessons going to school with an accident. Peop- savings company up in as usually around around way for the. Yeah those people. Yeah that's cool said the habits of rates agenda While we definitely as Paul who's the conversations that we have put the image we at Shane Company dying just emphasize voting which is being Days because dot site often was emphasized voice based on all the time and I feel that the time is kind of forgotten lost conversations of I'd highlight insects citing the other areas or identity. Say when we of when we're talking about this kind of stuff again equal. We acknowledged that he can be different if we are blocked. Novelty Michigan. Between our. We are women or if we are transgender. I think he's just such a huge station. Spending comes to to put the engine actually especially equal this time. That is narrow. School is such a huge area of identity development in which is going to be honest conversations. But Yeah I was just making sure we dying guests And that is just yeah right now and the time is not the biggest concern in a while and not since the reading. These fakes is quite disproportionate. Isn't it to to what things are really important. I think just kind of really skied for for all the even the idea of the of having like twenty minutes where you can go out and exercise affair got as a message is quite as it now. It can have different effects on different people. Couldn't it? Yeah Yeah Yeah. Yeah Yeah I really. I really struggle. With 'cause it's Ni- become like a thing about negative in Connecticut is not Should should must have set a Moscow inside. I even by Onesie Day I must guy announced really hard By young people disillusioned saying Oh With Iraq sizing those things it just becomes a active in making. They have some things in musty off every teen around exercise and actually a low of exercise every day joining signing people that were ready all sane people actually physically cannot access all AIDS Guiding on that justice is he's Being good enough and that should get nine feel out of time and I think that should really be as quiet hotlines owner as well. I guess it's why immigrant community how to locate. They could a company. Restructuring advances have just like creating more flexibility with your idea about like you know should I mysterious and I guess that would you take Andrea icon Scout. Even of not. Okay here I guess they would insides you. Australian and united on a thing kitten is really good topic pools and just tonight just tonight's APPs feeding goods thinking this thing is actually giving ill creel To move that than look at how to make it more. Flexible than especially excise intuitively archie. Making it firm like excising into the employees will be sedated following the all the big audience. Yes drastically people. Casimir got jasmine various. People at the site could see royalty evening especially not stabbing each student who receives the same called. Pay For the ease at it. Makes me feel like you can't do down? And it's I think that right it's like your perception of yourself at a p Achy limits what you think you condemn. What's space you cannot? She occupy images so it saves sobbed. It's as odd. It really. Is it a. We had a similar conversation with Jada says a in the last series. I think where she was saying the same thing like you've got to kind of see it to be it just having that kind of Seeing someone reflected back at you on screen who whose body is a bit more like yours is. It just feels so much more inclusive. Doesn't it just feel more inclined to want to do think reading ice arenas poem by re Pico or by Are Not GonNA quite adequate late? But it's basically a mind of butterfly is surrounded by Moss won't be Moss is think is interesting when I think about it idea about you. Like flies remains ing but they never see themselves that. You're not going to release your anything on. It should be something different and I just think it's just it's just treat everything isn't even be on forty inch Win that we have decent sanitation that actually reflects incredible doc- we have in the wild. Yes in Miami. I think if you impressed in by growing up to the very white area and yeah I'm black. Oc people on evening. I ever buck women beyond a certain things teenager and when I think about it in that it was to try to fit in and oversee being black in a very white environment. You can't you know you call. I make yourself Anymore United States by one thing. The People County is way. I think that's validations teenagers. Actually Pretty Awful lucky stature. Minto things especially for black young people ought to be accept Ten idea that could actually face struggles. And actually it's it's it's quite shot today with an elegant people think browns. The so hard isn't it and I think you're right. You know if you don't see anyone who looks like he you and you just feel like you have to kind of you while the House to change I really. I'm GonNa look that poem because I think that's a really lovely one. I'm sure the listeners will want to have a cobas. Well that's been a conversation and yeah we'll make sure that we keep all of those resources on the show notes so that listeners. Kenner confined everything there. I think he does. That was great. Hope you enjoyed that brilliant interview. Thank you so much to Keefer Antony Shifa coming on and sharing that time with us at the moment when I know many of us don't have a huge amount of time before I go. I wanted to remind you the IR. Inbox is always open. You can get in touch with us on instagram and twitter. We are at body cons. Podcast I know that this is a time when lots of people are feeling like they don't necessarily want to be on social media so much because frankly we're all probably last nerve and getting a bit irritated by things that's fine but also if you're feeling a huge amount of community and solidarity from social media we're hey if you want to chat we are still around so just drop us a message. You can also email us. We are body. Paul costs at gmail.com. And that is what one lovely listener did last week. We got this message and I want to read it out here. Because it's it's just a really lovely message. But also I thought some people listening to this might relate to this lady story. I'm not going to identify her because she shared this with us. And I don't know she wants to remain anonymous or not so. I'm just GonNa read you the message but thank you to the woman who sent him she says. Good Morning Molly and Latif first of all thank you from the bottom of my heart your Po- cast which only just discovered is recommended by very good friend. Is Everything that I have been needing in my life. I've been listening while walking my dog and it continues to put a smile on my face particularly in such bizarre times from a very young age. I've suffered with weight issues. I was always viewed as difference and the fat one. Even when I was seven or eight as I enjoyed watching wrestling and rugby I went to dance classes. No never forget the mums talking about me instead. I ended up playing rugby which I love but at that time I was still far bigger than the boys by the time two year rated school. I've just about had enough. I stopped eating and soon was visiting the doctors every other day to be weighed you to my anorexia uncontrollable and enormous strain on my family. I don't think I have ever quite recovered and continue to have down but I do now feel much more in control. I'm now twenty five recently married and still watching wrestling and rugby. I could not believe the horrific comments an unrealistic expectations. That were expected of me as bride. Every magazine was filled with tiny models and beautiful dresses. And the awful comments about when I was starting my wedding diet is if I wasn't good enough I really don't think people realize what they're saying is her for and can be incredibly damaging. My absolute horror was browsing the aisles. In shops I will name and shame home bargains here. You had a diary on sell to achieve wedding weight loss goals. I mean seriously at this point I thought and what well did we saw saying. We aren't good enough. Our current weight to put on a wedding dress for the best and happiest day of Your Life. My hugest problem at the moment as rightly talked about in your recent poke causes a shift in perception of body image during the corona virus pandemic and. I'll be honest. I feel like I've been truly sucked into it. My instagram feeds are full of high walkouts. Jim Related adverts etc sector for someone who's now seemingly doing more workouts and walking more than ever. That still doesn't feel like it's enough the past weeks. I felt myself slipping into a vicious cycle of food being my reward for exercising and exercising as a reward for food but this morning. Listening to your recent podcast. A decided enough was enough. It's time for me to start loving me for being me. I'm not just a body. I am a human being. I'm a wife I am a sister. I am daughter. I have feelings have a lot of warmth and love to give. I'm a lot more than just what is on the outside enough other. People don't like it. Fuck them so again. Thank you for your amazing pocus is everything we need during this pandemic. I feel like MiG listening to other people up and talk about their experiences. Because it's so relatable to how I have been feeling too I feel like I'm not alone and there's no shame in openly talking about how we feel keep smiling and stay safe. That was just the loveliest message to receive in our INBOX. And this is exactly why we make this podcast. It's so lovely to think of you on your walks or I dunno doing you cooking in the kitchen and having this podcast on and we really appreciate each and every one of you who's tuning in on being here and will not know if you would like to share the love every single rate and review and chat and subscribe makes a difference allows us to keep making this. Podcast allows new people to find this podcast and allows us to carry on making these podcasts amongst all other work that we've got going on and home schooling on just surviving in this pandemic. We'll be back next week for more conversations about bodies in lockdown. Thank you so much for listening goodbye.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Victrola

Boring Books for Bedtime

54:56 min | 1 year ago

How to Get the Most Out of Your Victrola

"Good evening and welcome to boring books for bedtime. I hope tonight's installment provides all the boredom you're busy. Brain needs to quiet down and let you get some sleep for wants so I I just your volume taken can nice deep breath and off we go to night selection comes by way of recommendation from one of our Patriots supporters porters were reading how to get the most out of your Victorio la by the Victor Talking Machine Company Camden New Jersey United States Copyright Nineteen nineteen. Let's began Dan victory. La Is the registered trademark of the Victor Talking Machine Company designating. The products of this company only know period Vic Traumas are now obtainable in twelve of the principal times namely Empire Chippendale Louis the Fifteenth Louis The sixteen Jacksonian Gothic Gothic William and Mary Adam Sheridan Chinese Chippendale Queen Anne Japanese Japanese lacquer and the Hebel white shown above there are also two other variations of each type which are available but but in every case period Victoria's are made to order only how to get the most out of your Victoria la today when for the first time you have brought Victoria into your home we should were possible to show you how much this this the most versatile and so the most satisfied musical instrument in all the world can be made to entertain pertain to console and to inspire to say that the Victoria offers you your family and your friends all all the music of all the world is to dismiss the subject with an entirely inadequate phrase and so this booklet has been prepared pared to offer certain suggestions for your crater enjoyment of this your newest and we rarely believe you are happiest possession. Shen Victor Records represent a moment of inspired achievement in the life of some great artist the skill the art art and the atmosphere of the Metropolitan Opera House and the concert halls of the world are brought into your home. They are are no longer things to be enjoyed. Only at great intervals on rare occasions they may become an integral part of your life and they they are available at a moment's notice intimately associated as we are with the development of the victory La yet we are fully conscious of the wonder of it and we know less than our customers have learned that amid the daily round of irritating concerns to duty we have only turned to the Victoria in order to be once more in love with life and it's beautiful blessed burdens and we believe utterly that no matter with what delight you may have anticipated the possession of Trolla so you will still have fallen far short of complete realization of its possibilities of the extent to which through the the whole scale of human emotions. It's music may become woven into the fabric of your spiritual life and your physical wellbeing being the keenest of all impressions are those we receive I and so we would urge with all earnestness that your our first selection of records should contain at least some of the world's big music art is art no matter what form it may take and those who are sincere in their musical opinions while no more despise the lighter and more Popular Music Jake then they will despise good music which is the product of other kinds of feeling and rhythms in certain moods roots and at certain times there is this much inspiration to be derived from ragtime as there is from a Beethoven symphony or the thunderous under his emotions of a great opera each produces its effect in its own way and each supplies a very real human need but because they are so different in the form of their appeal they need to be treated somewhat differently. The fact of the matter is that popular music is usually built up on one of a few well recognized formulae it does what so you expected to do not consciously but by association we have learned to accept certain patterns in music as as we have learned to expect certain patterns in close since there is nothing essentially different in any of them they are easy to learn and so easy to get tired of there is however a very real pleasure in picking up the tune for a few days. We are quite happy whistling or singing the new song but once the new Popular Song is learned then what your own experience will tell you and that is why we urge that in your first collection of records you secure a number of the classics a six or semi classics with which you are familiar familiar that is precisely the point the door Thomas One said that popular music was familiar music and that is the unassailable truth a Beethoven Symphony. Anthony may be as popular as the Rosary when enough people have become as familiar with it and yet it may be a classic of the classics Wchs Parenthetically it might be set at this point that for those who do not sing or play the Victoria is by far the quickest first and simplest medium through which to pick up the new music to illustrate by a concrete example so long letty or tipperary keep a family full to the brim with bright pleasant joyful motions for quite some little time I am it may be days or weeks. It might even be months but clements record of the bear sues from Jocelyn then Elman's record of the Schubert's Ave Maria or any one of a thousand we might mention while smooth the wrinkles from your brow the triple furrows from your mind ten years from today as surely as they will now when the music of all the world is at your disposal it is almost impossible to refrain from bathing heart and soul and body and but remember that to become saturated with anything is to lose the fine edge of enjoyment with too frequent sequent hues the most valuable remedy may lose its healing virtues definite measurable physical effects could be produced by music and the gist of the matter is that one should become familiar enough with music to understand and enjoy it it but never familiar enough to induce the loss of it's a fact here it when you need to hear it and it will will continue to be a thing of joy not for days or weeks off through the years personal taste varies more or perhaps in music than in any other art but in a general way it follows much the same broad channels and in in any case the victor record catalogue since it actually does contain almost all the music of the world by the world's greatest experience of musical art is a treasure house of untold satisfaction and keeps the whitest possible scope for personnel selection. The Victoria is not one instrument but all of them it is a voice choice a violin a trombone or a symphony orchestra according to your will and in making a selection off-record full advantage should be taken of this most extraordinary privilege making up a troll program. I'm for the entertainment of friends calls for just the same variety and emotional balance as the professional musician strives to introduce into his own programs but in this you as your own concert manager enjoy a degree of latitude holy holy beyond the reach of any single artist and any manager for Africa branch of Music every type of music music and every medium of musical expression may be brought into play by the simple expedient of having a sufficiently the barge and sufficiently varied collection of records in giving operatic programs or in playing operatic records occurred for your own satisfaction the Victoria Book of the opera we'll be an added source of pleasure and satisfaction Ford affords. It's a clear concise understanding off all the well known operas both is to music plot and dramatic action so then to the pleasure derived from operatic records may be similarly heightened by listening to the music with a libretto which gives the foreign words used by the singer and an English translation of them. Those who are unskilled in languages usually experienced experienced some difficulty in pronouncing the names of composers artists operas and Opera Characters and there is an undeniable satisfaction satisifaction in being able to pronounce such words correctly this is really much simpler than it seems and the list of such names furnished at the back of the Victor Record Catalog together with the additional pronunciations given the troll of book of the Opera and given also from time to time in the monthly supplements to the Victor Catalog won't be sufficient for most purposes so we should like you are newest customer told me allies that these suggestions we offer for your consideration are not mere hypothetical thiokol estimates but conclusions proven by the sifted experience of years we present them to you in in order that in your own the Victoria shelby all that it may so easily become the grand opera WPRO grand opera is unquestionably the most stupendous experience available to the music lover just as it is the ultimate ambition of those upon whom has been bestowed vocal talent in high degree splendor of of music magnificence of production are not the only elements which enter into the making of grand opera. The Glamour of Living Romance is woven into it as well Petrograd Paris London scarcely great great love affair nor great state intrigue but some of its scenes have been enacted in the corridors of some of the world's great opera the houses the passionate pain the splendor in the treachery of passing generations in many lands formed part of the unconscious atmosphere off grand opera just as there are some concert pieces with which every concert goer or is assumed to be familiar so there are certain operas which form a basis for discussion among well informed music lovers and these are faust Il trovatore when I eat a Madam Butterfly La Boheme Lucia Rigoletto Tannhaeuser low and Grin Low Tosca Don Giovanni Calera Rusticana I pol yet gene and Carmen there are many more which constitute part of the regular well her operatic repertoire but to have a well established viewpoint on these is to be capable of passing judgment on the rest the victory Rolla which permits one to repeat some Aria do trio chorus or whatever it may be at will of Ford's an infinitely better opportunity to develop a discriminating taste in such matters then can be had by systematic attendance at grand the opera performances which obviously is quite impossible for the majority of music lovers the keenest enjoyment madoff grand opera music or for that matter any other kind of music comes to those who listen to it with some sort of definite conception conception as to what it is all about and the methods employed by the composer and the artists in telling the story grand opera is drama done in music instead of spoken words in a novel. The author makes his characters. I do their own talking. He also describes what they do and how they are dressed but more than that he devotes pages ages to telling you what they thought he tells you of the mental struggles that caused them to do or to refrain from doing it might not be amiss to say that this is substantially what the orchestra does in Grand Opera and so there is much more to listen into the sides the song itself the song itself and the purport of it must be understood if one is to get the greatest amount of enjoyment out of it play Celeste Aida for instance to someone who knows nothing of the opera WPRO the sheer malady Ovett will make an unquestionable appeal but that appeal is ten times more vivid when one yeah no 's who heavenly is and why her roic lover bursts into song opera is drama that must always be borne in mind and the test of good operatic music is that the music shall illustrate accurately accurately forcefully beautifully not the facs but the mental conditions and the emotions of the spirit which are sought to be portrayed the facts are taken care of by the action of the plot just as they are on the dramatic stage and over and above the satisfaction derived from listening to the music there is a delightful and limitless exercise for the intellect act in seeing with what amazing subtleties of sound the composer has sketched the spiritual struggles of Thais or the toreador toreador. Most people love opera for the two that are in it and broadly speaking there are two kinds kinds of tunes used in opera the dramatic Aria and that Bravo Era Aria a dramatic Aria such such as unbound eve turmoil for Madam Butterfly is a lyrical outburst of intensely emotional character arising naturally from the dramatic situation up referral Aria is simply a focal display peace. ooh In the older operas more attention was paid to the singing into the plot and elaborate display pieces usually for the Coloratura soprano were invariably included compare unbound d with the mad song long from Lucia and he will readily see the difference each individual music lover will want to make his own selections of operatic sporadic records from the victor record catalogue and the Victoria Book of the opera which can be obtained from the nearest victor dealer. You're in the victor record catalogue which is alphabetically arranged. We'll be found all the most important selections from practically tactically all the big operas that the world has ever known as are listed under the name of the opera and specially listed under the name of the artist in the red seal or pink sheet section in passing however we may say that the following wing are among many operatic numbers which deserve a place of honor in every collection. VC Dr Tei from Tosca Alert Day final trio from faust so ave fancy hula from la boheme the misery from Il Trovatore sextet day from Lucia Belle de vitry Mo from Madam Butterfly I- Vesti La Juba from Pacino the cortex from Recoleta the Habanero from Carmen Been Celeste Aida from Nita and Tempio eliminator from the Pearl Fishers so the Symphony Orchestra if limited the number of colors that painter might use on his pilot he might right if you are a great painter produce masterpieces of art but give him unlimited scope in the choosing of his pigments chance and you might reasonably expect the highest possible achievements the Symphony Orchestra as it is constituted today is the most ambitious and the most perfect musical instrument in the world it combines all the existing types of instruments and so can readily achieve all the possible varieties and shades off tone colors the analogy between the organist and the Symphony Orchestra conductor is fairly close and to think of a symphony orchestra consisting of one hundred or so of the most skillful players obtainable as a single instrument is quite permissible missile here again our recent achievement of the victor laboratories has opened up a vast field of musical satisfaction satisifaction for the music lover until recently it seemed impossible to make satisfactory records of a complete symphony orchestra the tones and overtones developed in some measure by every one of the scores of instruments would persist in getting in one another's way to such an extent that worthy reproductions could not be obtained We have however just recently produced records of complete symphony orchestras which represents one of the most far-reaching we should chievements in many years and as time goes on we shall continue to produce more thousands of of honest to Seoul's despising can't in any form are continually asking how am I listen to music in order to get the utmost out of it and since the Symphony Orchestra is the highest instrumental development of music and consequently the most complex complex it is in listening to the Symphony Orchestra that this need is most acute when all the splendid pageantry tree of opera is spread before ones is there are plenty of clues and the emotional struggles of even fictitious humans can could never be entirely beyond our Ken a symphony however her has no recognisable background of creatures made in our own image and laboring under our own frailties some necessarily it must be listened to in a more impersonal way a symphony has form and design and color justice has a painting the essential difference between the MIS works of art. Is that the picture standstill by you look at it whereas the symphony does not uneven closer similarly would be the moving picture for in that just as in the symphony you must know and remember what has gone before four in order to realize the significance of what comes in the middle or at the end at the movies you are dependent upon on your is at the symphony concert. You must depend upon your ears. The form of the symphony has been pretty thoroughly established it consists of four movements the first an allegro or quick and energetic movement movement the beginning of a psychological picture the second and Undone Tei or slow movement which may represent hopes fears aspirations a share so or brisk exhilarating movement of Merriment Madness Mr Strife and finale the tragic or triumphant outcome the theme of the entire Beethoven and see minor symphony consists of three short notes of the same pitch and one longer note a little lower in pitch inch and the design of that symphony is the manner in which same theme is built up and elaborated by repetition in different keys he's rhythms and speeds and also in the manner in which it is contrasted with other themes few symphonies ours logically constructed as the C minor of Beethoven and as a rule new themes are chosen for each movement. Each movement is complete in itself but sympathetically related to the others the great thing in listening to a symphony movement is to listen for repetitions of the chief themes or melodies. These themes are often greatly changed in various ways in the course of movement as it is part of the composer's task ticket for Rieter treatment with unity of idea but he invariably contrives to give due prominence to his chief themes and half the joy of listening to a symphony lies in recognizing the principal themes as they emerge from the massive sound clothed perhaps in new harmonies he's or new instrumental facts as to color. We are told that all the colors we see our beer. We are five abrasion. We realize easily enough that music is why abrasion and it doesn't require any very great h stretch of the imagination to see the difference in tone color between the violin and the Piccolo when you can recognize recognize these various elements in their varied forms ED recognize the different voices of the orchestra you will have learned and how the musical fans derive the maximum of mental satisfaction from the symphony and for the reason that any obscure your passage may be repeated as often as necessary is obvious that the Victoria must be of great assistance in developing the genuine sense of discrimination among the Symphony Orchestra records listed in the victor catalog. We suggest that you make a point of hearing the low and Grin prelude the Tchaikovsky Symphony in F minor the Brahms mm son Gary and dances the surprise symphony the poet and peasant overture the Mozart g Gee Minor Symphony and the invitation to the wall band music strange but an all very developments of music and musical instruments. Nothing quite touches our primeval spirit like the beating of the drum rhythm it was the first music and it will be dominant factor in the last no matter how we may dress it up or refined it to suit our civilized ears the small boy deaf to any other musical appeal races down the street at the first Blair of a band in some measure we are all children to the last and so it is that the music the band sets our hearts feet to beating out its gallant measures moreover such music produces definite measurable effects on the body and it is a well known and that men marched further and with less fatigue to the music of a band than they can without it in composition -sition the band is not far removed from the orchestra except that woodwind instruments such as flutes and clarinets take the place of strings but the result is that the band in it's own field of music more particularly stimulates activities of the body where the Symphony Orchestra makes a stronger appeal to mental activity there are hundreds of records of band music music made by the most famous bands in the world which will be found in the victor record catalogue under bans but as a working nucleus the following selection of double faced records may be welcome to those who are beginning to form Ormoc Election Aida Grand March and Rondo Capriccio Priscilla's band lights out and Washington Post Victor Military Band Stars and Stripes forever and fairest of the Affair Sousa's band Chopin's funeral march and Kuchis a Nema Pryor's band and Marsova Waltz and Amina United States Marine band and Pryor's Band mm-hmm chamber music when you hear a file and so how played with lots of double stopping you find the the air develops. A new richness of tone color for the violinist is playing the air notes at certain other harmony notes at the same time. This is substantially what happens in the court tents and Trios one instrument tournament or voice plays or sings the air while the others play or sing harmony parnes and in the smaller groups of instruments intruments where there are only three or four parts it is easier to follow the work of each instrument and consequently it. It is easier to get the musical pattern of the selection. The basis of chamber music is the string quartet comprising two two violins viola and cello. These instruments are of course alike in character but each has its own own peculiar quality of tone other effective combinations are firemen Cello Piano Flute Violin Alan Cello and piano and additional instruments heard with the string quartet it would be a mistake however to think of the string string quartet as being elementary for it is one of the richest and most satisfying branches of musical art a special interest attached to all the smaller combinations of strings and the victor catalog contains many selections by by such small combinations among which the following are perhaps worthy of special attention. The mendelssohn CANS ANNETTA The quartet in g major the minuet of book Greeny and Tchaikovsky's on Dante contact delay the piano is a solo instrument that provides accompaniment for other instruments aunts and for itself and it is so exceedingly successful in this respect that it must be regarded as the basis of things musical to the composer the chorus master the vocal teacher as well as to the pianist the modern Pano is in a society because it is the one instrument on which all the harmony parts can be elaborated with comparative ease. He's apart from its use as an accompanying instrument. The Piano is one of the most satisfactory of Solo instruments. It's it is a complete orchestra in itself. A greater volume of Sala music has been composed expressly for the piano than for any other instrument Schumann List and especially Chopin for instance corrode music for the piano which sounds as well on no other instrument and so it is with great pleasure that we offer truly worthy piano records thus opening up a vast field of new musical delight. The tones played by the piano are produced by a hammer striking string they therefore develop their greatest volume at the moment the strings are struck and immediately begin to diminish they can be sustained to some slight extent only as compared with instruments that are played with a bow among piano records of special interest are the following by that Maestro I strove among pianists Paderewski the knock turn in f sharp major the police militaire so the A to g flat his own MINUET and the Krecko Vian Fantastique as well as the Segue thea yeah and waltz a Tude in d flat by Corto Violin Music so there is one very market physical difference between the file in group of instruments and all others with one exception which is is negligible for the moment and that is that the tone and the pitch are controlled holy by the player in other instruments instruments there are keys pedals frets or some other means of assisting the player to maintain the pitch the the violin as a plain fingerboard strings UPO and the fingers of the file inist. What kind of tone will you you get out of it? Will your tone be true to the pitch that depends on you and because of these is things the music of the violins is more intimate more personal than that of any other instrument another another interesting fact concerning the violin is that while almost all other instruments have been approved upon the file and alone has undergone no change and no improvement since Stratovarius put by the last violin he was to make it talk about seventeen thirty seven and so the Phya land may be regarded as the one accomplishment of human craftsmanship that has reached perfection. Perhaps it is because of these things that file in music occupies a quite unique place in human experience. There is nothing more deeply thrilling than the violence low pitched cheese training uh nothing quite so light hearted and ferry like as the e string with such a range from grave to gay hey there is never a human mood nor emotion but what the violin can reach and express it more keenly than any other single ingo instrument and in the form in which we have it today it has been the scherer of our joys and sorrows for more than two hundred years consciously or unconsciously we feel the need some standard of comparison some sort of yardstick by which we measure human achievements and this seems to be especially so in all instrumental music no one would have any very serious difficulty in telling why he found enjoyment mint or dissatisfaction in the recitation of a poem but it is just as easy to pass judgment on the playing of a Violin Solo the annunciation of the words and their pronunciation the intelligible or muddled treatment of the phrases the use of pauses the pitch of the voice and it's dramatic shading would all have something to do with your opinion of recitation and those are much the same standards by which the technical and interpretive skill of the violinist are to be determined the performances good or bad depending on how well or L. IT meets much the same requirements that you would impose upon the reader leader of the recitation it is easier in the case of the poem because we all get a good deal of practical experience in the delivery of words whereas most of us have had no experience in the delivery of musical towns to recognize these various effects and to appreciate the influence they have on the interpretation of the music is is to enjoy an added pleasure in the world's best file in music practically all of which will be found in the victor record catalogue by a world famous artists. If the VIC Trolla reproducing the music of the violin win in all its exquisite beauty could do no more than that it would justify its existence by that one service alone but shut your eyes and the Vika troll becomes whatever instrument you may wish to be including the most most wonderful of all the human voice whatever other records you may select. We feel very sure you will find find untold satisfaction in any of the following the Caprice V and was the Shubert Ave Maria mm-hmm the shirt so turn tele the humor. Ask the mendelssohn concerto the nocturne in e Flat and Moscow Skis Guitar Sacred Music in the Dark Ages when only might was right it was the church that kept music alive and today humanity response more or universally perhaps to the appeal of the good old hymns than to any other one type of music. No no one will seriously deny that music is a necessary element in our lives when it can produce in the same listener the highest highest spiritual exaltation as well as the most frivolous gaiety the inspiration to strive for an ideal steal the will be better than we really are these things come to us most readily through music and afford forward and adequate refuge from the world the flesh and the devil the triad which gives battle in every heart sacred music in all its many forms occupies quite special position and carries a quite special significance you in all of it. There is the same basic effect on the mind and one must be cold as ice not to feel the the thrill of the full choir the magnificent choruses of oratory. Oh all these things are part Artif- what the Victoria brings into your home and into your life a reference or the brimming over of one's faith it does not manifest itself only under specially consecrated roofs and in these exalted moments it is good to know that the fit trolla brings to you not only the music of the church but the music off off faiths so it would be exceedingly difficult to suggest records of hymn tunes which would be of equal interest to everybody but the glueck doc and homered duets the crucifix the palm's. LS She the angel's serenade the mmus Ghani Ave Maria and the record of come all ye faithful in which chimes are used are among those news which make a very general appeal concert songs there are those who will tell you the highest achievement of focal art is the concert song and much may be said in justification such a statement certainly on the concert stage art is shorn of accessories. There are no borrowed effects and no borrowed interests the composer the accompanist and the soloist stand alone at the bar of public opinion and it was seemed quite reasonable to suppose that only a consistent excellence on the part of all three would be sufficient to win the world's acclaim one thing is very certain that the concert song like the violence violence SOMO is a complete musical composition in itself one needs to know context for there is none and so none of its effect is lost however that may be opera and the symphony are available to only those house who believe in the big cities or near enough so that frequent visits are possible and so it happens that for the majority of us a concert is about the biggest musical experience we can attain for that reason if for no other concert songs made more to the great majority than does any other form of music once enjoyment of any concert can be fastly increased by a little preliminary knowledge of the forthcoming program gained by means of Trolla and while it would be quite white impossible to offer a list of all the concert songs which are available in the form of victor records the following will unquestionably rushed we satisfy the most discriminating taste voce to Primavera Moon of my delight. Let's see here how invisible I'll lose della Luna Oh that we too were saying the Lullaby the by from Jocelyn Kara meal ban the NIA and the cry of Rachel in popular music simple catchy tunes have always caught the public fancy and always will now for the recent that they supply a perfectly natural human need that such music should sue lose its charm doesn't matter are much for the charm is real enough while it lasts beauty is only skin deep so they say to which one may my answer that that is plenty deep enough and music is only one of beauties many forms when a piece of music has smoothed out a frown or brought a touch of inspiration into gray lives. It has justified its existence whether it be a popular song or symphony. The Broadway hit the tingling choruses and Solos of the latest musical comedy are accessible to the victor owner as they are to the residents of a metropolis and better yet they may be enjoyed without the fatigues involved in theatre going another factor of Victor Popular Music is that you can get the latest song or dance while it is all the folk each month each week each day a a vast amount of popular music is published which will never become popular but his thrust Willy Nilly on a patient ancient public out of this mass. The Victor Company selects only the best the planes men in Texas exist therefore can get the music of the moment at the moment just as readily as the office man on Broadway dance music. The impulse to dance is spontaneous. It is a manifestation of the Joyo of life that needs some more vigorous means of expression then his provided by speech to have to wait two weeks weeks for a formal dancing party is to lose that fine edge of impulse and that is why vitrolles renders and otherwise unobtainable obtainable service to the dancers no need to rent a hall engaging orchestra and send out invitations and you may dance when the inspiration seizes you you may dance the kind of dances that the mood of the moment may suggest I for as long a time or short a time as you may wish and here as in every other branch of Musical Art Victorio Law offers you the best beside the dancers themselves there are two other vital factors I to be considered the music and the floor and you know that your music is right. Would it is provided by the VIC VIC Trolla. If you happen to live in a fairly large town it is easy enough of course to engage an orchestra at considerable expense and her State at times which will furnish entirely satisfactory music but the vic Vic Trolla it gives you the best dance music by the most accomplished orchestras and bands and when the music is good enough if people can and will dance on a rubber mat or in a city street three or four friends call of a winter winter evening nothing simpler than to roll back the rugs and Dan's and certainly nothing more beneficial from the mental or physical viewpoints then too you may dance to the music of the same orchestra as you would. If you lived the guest of Metropolitan Cities The lesser instruments human nature church is a moody thing breaking out unexpectedly in unexpected ways and an evening's program it it is quite blakely that special interest may center on an oboe solo or some other such musical hors d'oeuvres there are times when one may respond quite vividly took Concertina. This side of music is also taken care of in the victor catalog there is we believe not one instrument in general use anywhere in the Western world world which may not be heard by means of the Trolla in Solos or in small combinations their coronet records trombone Harp Mandolin Guitar Banjo Silo Phone Chimes Balalaika O. Rien Guitars Marimba Zither Campbell home and and others including even the street piano affording solos an infinite variety and a few such records art are highly acceptable additions to any collection it is on just such instruments as these that composer depends for the introducing of special effects. The oboe is curiously suggestive of the east has cast nets nets are of Spain and the Latin America's and when once fancy happens to run in that direction such records may easily become come sources of untold satisfaction all musical composition simmers down to a question of saying the same the thing in as many different and interesting ways as possible and something of this applies to the building up of an evening's program. Oh Graham I'll record of Hawaiian guitars included in a program of better music is apt to be quite fascinating thing and serves to emphasize the tremendous versatility of Victorville la the final choice of records. It's must always be left to the individual buyer we have already pointed out that personal taste differs widely in music music but with the idea of giving you all the assistance possible in a general way we have compiled a few specialists rests the nearest victor dealer. We'll be glad to give you every assistance in building up your own library three of records and play any record to me wish to here without obligation and with that will end tonight reading from how to get the most out of your vitrolles by the Victor Talking Machine Shane Company of Camden New Jersey my goodness there was a lot more musical information than I was expecting in a guide signed for a record player Catherine. Thank you so much for this recommendation. If you'd like to read

Symphony Orchestra Victoria Victor Catalog Trolla Victor Talking Machine Company grand opera victor Shen Victor Records La Victor Popular Music Beethoven Symphony Dan victory principal Victor Record Catalog Metropolitan Opera House Corto Violin Music Jocelyn Kara Symphony Orchestra Victor Company
The AP Chiefs OTAs wrap-up special

Arrowhead Pride

1:38:37 hr | 1 year ago

The AP Chiefs OTAs wrap-up special

"Borderlands is back shoot and loot your way through mayhem field adventure. And borderlands three blasts through new worlds and enemies as one of the four new playable volt owners each with deep skill trees abilities and customization play solo or with your friends to take on insane enemies score loads of loot and save the galaxy from fanatical threat. Mayhem is coming September. Thirteenth on PC Xbox One and PS four preorder now to receive the gold weapon skins pack at borderlands dot com. Something from the royals and shapes while you're at work. It's on demand. Had six days works dot com begin to city WD, AM HD to Kansas City, or radio dot com Ford station. Here we go. Just thirteen Sundays away from the Kansas City Chiefs visiting the Jacksonville Jaguars week one of the NFL season. This is a very special edition of Arrowhead pride radio. Welcome in my name is Pete Sweeney the editor in chief over at our head pride dot com. Sitting across with Kent. Swanson known for his hair, but hiding today with the Kansas City Royals blue hat. This is produced by Chris Sarah, a little bit of a Arrowhead pride radio reunion for us sooner Sarah doing a lot of work for us in season. But can't you got the royals had on the royals play later today? One fifteen against the White Sox trying to win a series arose when three of their last sixteen games a big banks on deck show cody's off. I think his kid has a birthday bigs on deck. Show's coming up at noon, Bobby wood juniors high school coach will be on with pink at twelve twenty. But let's just be a little more positive. I think the chiefs have a little bit more positive things to talk about maybe few than the royals can't so far. How'd your weekend going so far? You're, you're right. Yeah, you'll sick last week. I've, I've been playing through a through a little cold this last week. It's been it's been a rough week over here at my house. But I'm excited to be with Chris in euro K, too. I mean, thank you. Yeah. That's nicer than I usually get. I, I will say been a good weekend for me went to jitsu at the at the zoo on on Friday. I saw some I saw some Instagram. You maybe a few moves all you can eat all you can drink. It was fun. And then I went to the royals game yesterday another loss to nothing loss. I'm happy the royals gonna chance to win the series today. But again for the next two hours, we will wrap up chiefs OTA's chiefs of Eto chase last three weeks. Ten days of OT, as and that leads into mandatory minicamp, Tuesday and Wednesday and. Thursday of this coming week. And I. It pains me say it, but we have to talk about the thing. That we I, I find, I'm getting tired of talking about, and it's it's little to do with football. Of course, it's tyreek hill, and the overhanging cloud that has been with this team all offseason, and, which sucks, you know, two there's no other way to say it. Because I think just the promises team has been on the doorstep of a Super Bowl last year on Friday. It was reported by our friends at the Kansas City star that the Johnson county, G A, said that Tyree kills criminal case is no longer active, and obviously, that's, that's good news. I think for all parties involved with looking at from the off the field or the football part of this thing later on in the day. Here was NFL networks. Thom Tillis aero Johnson county district attorney Steve Howe told the Kansas City star today that the investigation into tyreek hill and his fiancee, crystal Espen, all is not an active investigation that had been a point. Of some confusion since how initially announced the week of the NFL draft that there would be no charges against either them after which an audio tape came out and the chiefs announced that hill would be away indefinitely from all team activities. Now, my understanding is there are no signs as of now, the tyreek hill will rejoin the team or that his status will change prior to next week's minicamp, however, barring any further developments, there is every reason to believe that tyreek hill will be back with the chiefs before training camp begins late next month. Now, of course, the NFL could intervene here, they could apply the commissioners exemplifies to heal while their investigation continues. That's something they have rarely done in cases without charges. There also is still a parallel investigation that I'm told is opened with the Kansas department for children and families. Some moving parts here with no criminal charges coming fourth against hiree kill that appears to clear up. At least one portion of. His status going forward with the chiefs in the NFL. So you hear pillow Sarah, that it sounds likely that tyreek hill will be at a training camp. But then as the weekend goes on you hear pro football talks. Mike Florio and sin from pro football, talk, and I fell spokesman. Brian McCarthy tells PF t- that the absence of an active criminal investigation has no impact on our review. According to McCarthy, the NFL continues to defer, the pending action involving child protective services, the exist existence or absence of a criminal investigation has no relevance to that. And I think there's been a little bit lost with the department of children and families. And the fact that this isn't really an investigation, but more. So a procedure Roger Goodell a couple of weeks back with saying that the chiefs and the NFL would wait until the result of all that, which the more you read could take up to months years. Yeah. A lot of confusion with how this situation is going to play out. I. I take Pella. Sarah's report. And then I see PF t t I it seems like is a little bit more against tyreek hill than everybody else. And, and again, it's just trying to weed through all these takes and find out, okay? Like what is really happening? Right. I do think though, even through all of this, I think what's gonna wind up happening, and maybe some of the NFL's allusion till what they're talking about with, you know, maybe this ruling or this recent news. Not really affecting everything I still think they're gonna wind up making some determinations about Tyree kills situation this year based on that audio. Right. I audio is not going away. So any pending, you'll any anything that happens this year when it comes to, you know, actions taken against Harry kill which I do still believe are likely going to happen will result will be as a result of that audiotape, and I think that's probably the most damning thing on his record right now when it comes to a legal perspective. And with what the NFL is actually allowed to do that. That's the piece that's really going to. Probably ultimately lead to a suspension for tyreek hill. Yeah. And I think a lot of people are saying, well, you know, it was not criminally charged the NFL shouldn't suspend them. Maybe that's the case. But they have before with Ezekiel Elliott and twenty seventeen and though that cases is not the exact same, it has similarities, Ezekiel Elliott ended up getting suspended, six games, doesn't necessarily need to be a crime for the league to suspend you. And I think the two things that I always look, as did your incident become public and did you embarrass the league? And I think both of those things happen now how many games they give tyreek hill, even if he's available that'd be suspended. Because if you like I said, you listened to the Commissioner is he going to get off the Commissioner's exempt list until all of this is clear there, just a lot of questions. We don't know the answers to right? No. We don't and I mean there's still a lot up in the air, and it's going to be like that throughout the season. It's going to probably carry into training camp. We're not going to know a ton or have any real clarity. I, I will say. This last year quarterback Jimmy Smith. With the Baltimore Ravens. Yep. Was suspended for threatening text messages. Right. There's audio this was a much more high profile situation. It happened the, the audio released, I believe the week of draft day or during the draft or before I can't remember it was the audio was released the akeso TV five on opening night of the draft. That's right. So our before the draft this is a very high profile situation comparatively. This isn't text messages. This is audio that the entire NFL was, was on the was on the big stage that night and, and tyreek hill had some audio released an hour before. Right. And NFL network. Didn't even touch it. If you remember, PM knows NFL network that didn't even they're interviewing Patrick Mahomes, basically, while it was being released and nothing the draft is the darling for the NFL. She can understand why they wouldn't want to get into to some of that stuff your, your undershirt night a couple years ago with Laremy Tunsil. Yes with the bunk mask. Just welcome to the late twenty teens of, of reality in the NFL and social media. I, I wonder why the chiefs drafted McColl Hartman, right? Because this is a guy who was very comparable to Tyree kill. And again, I understand this is bigger than on the field. But some of the decisions chiefs make are always going to give you more of how they're feeling than they'll ever say. Right. So I look at McCoy now and I'm just trying to make sense of the pick. I think the chiefs think that they're going to get tyreek hill back on the field this year. Right. I think it could be after two six eight games. Whoever we don't, we don't know that the Hartman picked to me might speak more to there. Ain't no way in hell. We're giving this guy new contract. Yeah. The cheese have consistently been good about drafting a year ahead. They've always done that. They've always tried to find the next replacement. A year ahead of these guys. Right. So it's a lot of their first round picks have been a reaction to in need for their team the next year. So obviously, they probably I do think they probably felt they needed some Tyree. Kill ins- insurance for two thousand nineteen with that vertical stretch ability, and they got the fastest guy or one of the fastest guys in this entire class. But you're right. It is a direct response. I believe to Terry kills fate on this team moving forward in twenty twenty and beyond. Right. I don't think tyreek hill is getting extended obviously I don't I don't know if this whole thing it's, it's a mess, but it it's just. Hartman feels like a grand insurance policy, if anything happens this year, at least we have someone who could stretch the field. Right. If. Hill doesn't improve his like I standing with the community over the next year. I it's hard for me to believe no matter how the next year plays out and entire could be the most upstanding citizen that he's here because I just think and again, I don't think hardman is truly hill at least not yet, he's he has a potential to develop into that. Maybe I mean, maybe I, I understand that, that could be a stretch, but I just think the chiefs were saying we need to plan for when this guy's contract runs out. And you know how compensatory picks worked patriots had a ton this year. And you end up getting a third round pick if he walks to another team. And, and it's just there, there's so many things to be to be happy about surrounding this team right now. You just wish that this incident and the situation was an ongoing. No, you're, you're absolutely right. One thing I keep going back to with the whole tyreek hill situation is. The statements made by Andy Reid by Brett VH and by Clark hunt. Right, wayne. When the audio released they said they were deeply disturbed, and that's the closest I think we've ever seen a guy like Andy Reid or Brett, VH or klerkai really give an opinion on this entire situation. And I think that is going to be hard for them to work through for him to be here beyond his his last year here. I think that statement really will hold weight moving four when it's all said and done. I highly doubt because of of, of the audio I think that's what keeps him from playing here moving forward after this year. What I would say is this just to kind of close closes this out. I think a lot of people and I've seen chiefs, Twitter and social media, and, and everyone is in a rush to, to have it take. And what is going to be the answer here? How long is it gonna take for the DCF to figure it out? When are we going to find out if he's suspended or not? I said it stopped the show as we introduced we're thirteen weeks away from week one. And what I was while I was saying that to say, you know, it's going to be here before we know it, but thirteen weeks is still a lot of time to figure it out a long time and given the severity and the sensitivity and the seriousness of the situation, there needs to be no rush with this. And I think the NFL is taking its time, because they wanna make the right decision and listen the chiefs if you're worried about the football, they're going to be good whether hills on the field or not, they're, they're better with whom field. There's no doubt about that. But again, I think this is bigger than football, and the NFL shouldn't, rush and chief's fan suggests I think relax, just when it comes to this guy because, because again. When they're going to be some Super Bowl contenders. No matter what. And it's and it's bigger than football. All right. Well, we got through that which, which is the hump, and we are going to get into some more about OTA's coming up some of the most important things I learned about this team while watching OTA's on offense. That's next. Eyraud head pride radio. You're listening to for breaking sports news in Kansas City. Well, this is Mickey Lopez. The second baseman who's been in three fifty down at AAA. Is now a fishery up for tomorrow night's game against Texas. This is the other guys. Pretty exciting finish, Casey golf classic in Kansas City, Missouri blue hills country club Woeckel flair on this one. It was really, really cool. Six ten sports radio is your station for breaking sports news in Kansas City, teams, our town, six ten sports radio. Welcome back special edition of Arrowhead pride radio reviewing OTA's previewing mandatory minicamp. We got Binks on deck show coming up, noon, Bobby with junior high school coach at twelve twenty. You're not gonna wanna miss that, and the royals to follow. You can get at us on the protein house. Eat with purpose sex, line six nine three zero six Chris made fundamental bit before we got on the air, I had backwards but against six nine three zero six if you guys would like to get involved want to talk about OTA's and some of the most important things that I saw OJ's are a little bit different nowadays used to be able to go out for each and every practice that was ten practices, and it's now down to three the last three Thursdays, I was out at chiefs OTA's and bear with me Kansas City because I'm gonna say something that's a little controversial. I bet but I had this worry coming into TA's as this year. I watched you know, we don't talk to the I don't talk to the players sound like a Texas. Guys. I watched Patrick Mahomes, just become a national superstar. And I had this worry that I would come back, and he would be back at a TA's, and we'd get new, Pat, Oakley wherein. Pat jet flying kiss steel, and Pat and what I was pleasantly surprised as he, he really didn't come back and ask I asked him again. He was involved with big slick Casey this past weekend for children's mercy. I asked him about the fact that celebrities were wanting to meet him. Listen to the answer. It's definitely cool. Getting them meet a lot of people that you've seen on TV that you've seen kind of growing up, but it's awfully exactly to say I feel like the same the same guys I was last year. I love to get out in the community and be a part of it. And then, of course, being able to play some sports and stuff like that is always fun. I think it says a lot about Patrick Mahomes, given the fact that he could have become cocky, and has just become like confident, and it's exactly what you want. He was since basically his childhood has been built to do this, his dad, his step are his godfather, letroy Hawkins. They have done such a good job of building this guy to be what what he is now. I mean this it's all his basically entire life. It feels like has led up to this moment, where he is capable of being a phenomenal professional athlete. And he's really good at it already all the little things all the nuances in staying grounded at twenty three and a half years old. I grew up in New York and I don't want royals fans to get mad at me for this. But I think it was a baseball white thing. I think the guy that you always looked like handling the right way before he became an owner is Derek jeeter, and it reminds the edge eats and he was a good player in the field, but he was really good with the media and just said, all the right things and just, you know, your, your perfect athlete. And this is Dr Frankenstein situation where I'm going to create. The perfect athlete and it just feels to real right now. And for him to come back and, and just be the way he is. I think it's a great thing for Kansas City. It's a great thing, and that she used to be, especially with all the other stuff that's going on. And like we just addressed in our first segment, I want to move on to the second thing. I learned it. Oh, TA's. And I alluded to a little bit in the last segment the way that chiefs are practicing. I think they're expecting killaby back because it looks like it looks like they're using Sammy Watkins like in the same way they were using them last year in a more. So in that exposition which is in line. And the line is on the line of scrimmage and, and like in the slot position whereas you have DeMarcus Robinson and guaranteed or more in the outside. And and again, I think about Miko Hartman. And I just I this is my opinion I think that's probably more about next year than this year when it comes to offense. I totally agree and watching his tape and get, you know getting ready for the draft. I didn't see a guy who was super close to being ready. I think they could like with, with, with equal hardman. I think they can. Facture some touches I think they can get him in positions to utilize his speed. I think the chiefs know how to use the speed trait. But to expect him to be enough. I don't think is, is realistic. They'd probably are, are keeping sie position warm for tyreek hill. I would imagine, I think it was a few years ago. And this is going to be a blast from the past. But I think about where the cheese were a few years ago about to say this, but I think joined bowheads miss a few games and everyone's like, oh, Donnie Avery is gonna fill in. But then all of a sudden Frankie Hammond junior was in the goat in in both spot, and it was because I think read didn't want to mess with that. Like Sammy Watkins probably could go to the where the sie position Tariq's position, but I think he wants to keep it so that when hill gets back if he does miss two three four five six games everyone is kind of used to what they're going to be doing. Anyway. We had a position switch, add OTA's, and that was Andrew Wylie moving from right guard to left, guard better athletes, we have and. And especially your question, because I don't think people know that he's a he's really, he's a good after he gets out of me run just she and do that. And able to lock on people kind grew onto people on the screen game and pulls. So I, I don't think that's a huge adjustment form. Andy Muslims guys around anyways. He has all over the place. So just in case something like this happens. I think it'd be fun. L D T the doctor returning to the right guard position. Are you a widely over Irving guy? Oh big time. I think in July Lee had an excellent season last year. And he you know he was asked to do a lot. I think he kind of had to play around with multiple positions at times, especially, you know, even during the preseason uses asked to move around, and I really like what he brought to the table. I think he should be the starter, moving forward, the Mack Lee hill award winner for the chiefs this year as the most outstanding rookie first-year player the I call them the people's rookie of the year. He is the people's rookie. The year. I love him. I think it was a great job by Brett VH bringing him into the building. And they reap the benefits of that lottery ticket there, Peter the chiefs have confirmed this week that drives Kelsey will be backed by training camp. But the position behind him, and you're watching these OT Rex's, and I get there's no pads. It's wide open. I think there's a scenario bear with me here, where the chiefs may keep a healthy Kelsey, assuming everything goes correctly. And then maybe not even going with two tight end and going with the h back in love it. And then having Anthony Sherman, as like if you really wanted to run, what would be like a pseudo hybrid, three tight end set because I look at Blake bell, and Dion yeller, and look, I'm sure they're great guys. But I just don't think it's worth the roster. Spot to keep either those guys. It's kinda crazy that I missed two Metri is Harris a little bit. I that seems like a mistake to me. I don't know the details. Like maybe Dorsey just was recruiting him. Recruiting them, come and play with Baker, and, you know, let this thing going. But if the chiefs just said, now we're not interested. I that seems like a mistake right now. Yeah. He was a he was a really. I he was a solid tied into good inland. Blocker made some good place here in their obviously he had his drop issues, but there was a ton of value. I do wonder you know, with GM's I know I know Brett v chin in John Dorsey were in the same building. But a lot of times when a new GM comes in, they try to get an weed out and, and move on from the other GM's guys. So I felt list the other day of just Dorsey acquisitions offseason. I think they were six former chiefs. Yeah. Phillip gains and Dimitrius Harrisburg came Eric Murray is on the team. There's a lot of them. Yeah. He's bringing his stump, but yeah. Like there, there, there are a lot of former chiefs on the Browns again the on paper that the Browns are on paper, the Browns are a team that should compete with the chiefs when they get to the AFC playoff on. Paper they just had to release their left tackle because they took a risk on a guy. I mean, this, this is the John Dorsey special. So we'll see and spending money it stay in spending. Money. It's starting already over there. So just reviewed so far Mahomes, they didn't come back and ask I expect tyreek hill, and I think the chiefs are expecting Tari go back, which is why they're wearing Watkinson his original spot. Andrew Wylie is now left guard Kelsey backed by training camp. And I think that positions wide open, they may not even keep any of the guys we think, next thing, originally thought of I thought running back by committee, which is why I asked her at the enemy. Are you guys going this way? But Damian Williams Damian Williams is your twenty nineteen fulltime starter. The full time starter for, for the year, you know, to and take a one game at a time. It's on. But there's a certain challenge that comes with that, that stuff -sition a play. And so you got to prepare yourself on and off the field. And he's taken that challenge you he wants to do this thing. And, and he's, he's earned the right to be that guy. And, and now it's a matter of production. You gotta go do it. And but it's a it's a first opportunity to be full-time starter Williams was the guy last year coming off of surgery and Miami Dolphins. And this is truly in his fifth year his first ever opportunity to be the guy. Also, this is my first time, you know, something you've got to really work hard to came in on draft it. So there's no a lot of teams have been in God's so it's kinda just, you know, keeping your head up fighting before, do you like the fact that the chiefs named him the starter outright were you, are you, are you mad for your guy Carlos Hyde or any of these guys Darwin. Tom. Daryl Williams, I think I think, Damian Williams should be the guy leading the charge here, and I remember watching him in training camp. Last year I was looking through some tweets last last last week. Maybe just looking through some of the stuff I thought about him during training camp last year. He's, he's the most natural pass catcher that she's have at out of those big guys those big body guys. And he did a lot of good stuff last year in his opportunities. I think he should be the guy I think it helps Carlos Hyde, if he has to play more of a secondary role because he'll Carlos Hyde has had some injury issues, I injury issues in his past, let him get quality touches, maybe not the volume keep himself fresh. Right. I think that group, I think that battery of those two is really solid. I really liked that group. You know, they lost they lost cream hunt obviously. But they've done a really good job of getting too big is that can can do a lot for them training camp in Saint Joseph has something that I definitely haven't said in your spouse, there's like a little bit of sex appeal like you're going to go up and say, who they gonna keep it tight end who? They keeping it running back. Who are they keeping it wide receiver, although sexy positions, it's gonna be fun to watch up in Saint Joe quickly learned this, this phrase from you, a couple of my guys that I like I really like what I've been seeing from Byron Pringle, and Cody Thompson receivers that could make up the end of that jet depth chart and the aforementioned John Lovett who I think the chief see as an h back I would love to say that I have loved what I've seen from receiver Jamal Custos. Oh, no. A Syracuse guy. But but he it does look like the game. It's looks a little fast form. I again, you know, it's not impact yet, and I think those bigger guys went to start, you know, bumping and grind in a little bit. That's where they shine. But so far, again, I, I like Pringle and Thompson, a little bit more. Speaking of Custos, we're going to get into some lottery tickets for the chiefs. Kent will explain what that means. You're not gonna wanna miss. That's next. Hi, I'm every woman, and I'm hosting curbs new podcast. Nice, try it stories about how people have tried to design a better world. And what happens when those designs don't go according to plan season. One is called utopian. And it's about the perpetual search for the perfect place. It includes cannibalism fascist architecture. Poly-amorous hermetically, sealed domes and Courtney Kardashians dining room chairs, but not necessarily in that order, new episodes of nice, try come out every Thursday. Subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app. Eyraud head pride radio. Welcome back into the air ahead bride OTA's wrap up show special used to your being Sunday. You'll get some some big today. He's coming up at noon with things on decks show. Cody tack, as given a day off Pete Sweeney here with Ken Swanson, Chris, Sarah, we talked about some of the things we've learned on offense over the course of though TA's or the past three weeks. We're going to get to some of the defensive things we've learned at about eleven o'clock. But right now we're gonna talk about lottery tickets, and we're not talking about monopoly Meghan. We're talking about chiefs players and Ken before we get into some of the details of this just for, for the listener may be hasn't heard the term before what is lottery ticket. Yes. So the chiefs in every team in the National Football League has to build a roster of ninety football players heading into training camp. And although won a lottery ticket is those low risk, no money, guaranteed or minimal money, guaranteed flyers that teens take on undrafted free agents or players that might have had a lot of talent than injured at one location and came back to try to, you know, come back with the chiefs, and potentially, you know, play at a high level. So these are guys that, you know, the cheese don't have a lot of money invested in, but they have a chance to make the roster. A lot of guys I think twenty thirty percent of the National Football League is made up of undrafted free agents Andy Reid, always, emphasizes. That is so you don't have to be drafted in any position. And you could you could make the team as undrafted free agent. You mentioned Andrew Weil. Early the rookie of the year was a lottery. Ticket type a guy who were some other successful lottery ticket examples. So I mean Harrison Bucker I believe was was a lottery ticket that the chiefs, you know, he was released by the Panthers, and he took they took a risk on him number Ben Neiman last year. Even in the past guys like Albert Wilson they've had success with Damian Williams. The running back for the starting running back for the chiefs was an undrafted free agent. Daryl Williams last year. There's Sorensen's force in it's littered. I mean, the this the team in the NFL is littered with these undrafted free agent, Rick lottery ticket types and the Chiesa done an excellent job this year, building a really probably the best group, a lottery tickets. I've seen them have any longtime great job by breadth each and I think you should know about these lottery, tickets is this isn't just Pete Sweeney and Ken, Swanson lip service. This inaugural thing that exists on our had pride dot com. If you're interested in, in reading some of the lottery tickets you go to the website and you see the column series at the top. Up. You can click on two thousand nineteen lottery tickets and read about some of these guys we've already done a deep dive on running back. James williams. What did you learn about Williams? Does. He have a real shot, so maybe crack this team. Yeah. I think he has a very good shot at a competing for a roster spot. Jim James Williams was the guy we thought was draftable when we did the Casey draft guy, we had him as a day, three pro prospect. And what's really interesting about him is primarily the value that he has is as a pass catcher. He's a very comfortable pass catcher chiefs love that too. They do they only need it. I mean, you know, you want some change of pace, I think Darwin Thompsons a little bit of a deviation away from, you know what they've typically coveted at the running back decision with those big two hundred thirty pound guys, so Darwin Thompsons kind of a change of pace in so's James Williams. He's a guy that, you know, he led I think he had eighty three pass catches in two thousand eighteen with Washington state. He he's. Probably got more value as a pass catcher out of the backfield in as a runner. And so, you know, having a really definable trade to hang your hat on like that could make him an intriguing prospect for the chiefs. Yeah. And again, the thing about these undrafted guys is Andy Reid just looks at them as players once they're here. It doesn't matter if you know, again, I think the top picks, maybe get a little bit more of a leash. But as long as you're like a fourth fifth, sixth round pick or an under after free as you probably looked at in the same wavelength. So again in an awesome opportunity for James Williams. He'll compete with Darwin Thompson. Daryl Williams Carlos Hyde and Damien Williams, Marcus Marshall also in that running back room wanna get into Jamal Custos and Cody Thomson, these guys are I think linked together because it would be really strange. I think for the chiefs to keep them, both given the amount of deaf they have in the wide receiver room who do you like more, and what have you seen from these guys? Well, so both of these guys got over fifty thousand dollars each Jamal Custos got one hundred over one hundred thousand dollars to come to, to Kansas City as an. Undrafted free agent. I you know, I've, I've watched both guys at this point. I like Cody Thompson a little bit better. I'll talk about your guy Jamaal cusses for because there isn't article on aero head pride talking about him right now. But Custos he had some remarkable place, some remarkable catches. He's a big body guy. I don't know how much I trust him. And how much I will trust him as a special teamer. I don't know what kind of mentally he really plays with, because you watch him blocking out on the edge, and he should be better as a blocker than he is for being six four to fifteen then you go to Cody Thompson, who's coming off some injury issues. And I think you know if if you didn't have some injury past he might have been drafted. Really great special teams value has one of the best special teams plays, you're ever going to see catching a ball off the foot of a punter and returning it for a touchdown. And as his special teams value. And I. I really like him as a as a route runner, I like him as a receiver. I think he's got a lot of upside. I think he's got a lot of value. And I think he is a guy if I was gonna pick one I think Cody Thompsons making this football team. You heard it here. He's better than he's better than like the Marcus Kemp's type kept type. Nothing gets Dave tobe a little bit. Nothing gets him going, then, like some special teams upside and special teams beat and, and that's the thing as you as you watch and see how this team is built. And this is I you know, I think that the, the die hards know this, but for some of those casual fans out there Dave Tope matters when it comes to players forty eight forty nine fifty fifty one fifty two fifty three just because they're gonna have to help out on special teams real. You're not gonna have a team to put out there last year. I was a little nervous about guys like Frank Zabul making team because it does seem like Dave tobe has so much influence on the roster on the bottom of that roster. So some of these lottery ticket types last year like Ben Neiman. You were nervous. They were going to be able to make the team because the, you know, Dave tobe guys that he's historically. How we're gonna wind up taking those spots. You ask any chief's fan, and I think the most common answer as to our what does this team still need whether right or wrong? I don't necessarily agree with it. But it's, it's always. Cornerback. They have a lottery ticket there and more fields as you've jumped into his film, would you say, so we actually had Craig do the, the piece here on this lottery ticket, but I know plenty about Mark Fields because we thought he was an early day, three draftable prospect. And he really I mean he he's more talented than Rishaad fit and their sixth round pick. There's just concerns about Mark Fields off the field. Maybe some coach ability concerns. But if he comes in, in, in, in shows that he is coach -able that he can learn that he can be consistent on and off the field. He is a remarkable remarkable, but he's an excellent talent. I it's surprising that he was able to go undrafted. He came into the national championship game at Clemson against Alabama and employed excellent in their in their national championship win. He's kind of a smaller guys, probably going to wind up being a slot corner, but. Really intriguing athletic profile made plays on the ball real sticky and call coverage. I'm a big fan of him. I think he's got a great chance to make this team if he can, you know, prove that he can be trusted by the chiefs. I think you have three locks cornerback to make the team and its KENDALL fuller, the shod, Berlin Taveras ward. And after that, I mean who knows. And again, I think Fenton probably has good chances given the fact that he was a draft pick, but who knows. I mean that's going to be another position of watch a training camp. And you're gonna like the fact that there is this competition that exists in the depth of this team. Can't before we move on. We're going to talk to Craig south after the break. But before we do that, just some I are candidates who you think may be good bets for the chiefs down the line. So the chiefs have done some really smart stuff here. They've been very creative, and how they're billing this roster. And they've taken some guys that they like from the undrafted free agent pool that they can mystery. I are or keep on the I Tyler Bray honorary, I are spa. Correct. Maybe even by. Pingo wink, wink nod nod last year, you never know with him but. Thirty. You can sit you. Reports hernia wink, they've been so they've been so aggressive about saying man his recovery went really well, okay. We'll see. I, I never I never believe it. Well, but Tim ward, a guy from Old Dominion, he was oceans, administer at at Old Dominion. And I think the chiefs basically said Brett veep said he was a Steve Spagnolo prototype, defensive end prospect, and the chiefs. He may not play this year. He may not even really practice this year. But the chiefs stashed him on, on their roster. I think he's on the pup list right now. But he's a guy that could make a lot of sense. Another one is, is Darius, Harris a linebacker from middle Tennessee State, he's kinda dealing with some injuries right now. But he was a pretty hot prospect on the undrafted free agent market as well. It's not a good time in, in the in the world and the universe of the Kansas City Chiefs to be in your late twenties early thirties because they are just. Stacking with younger like twenty year old guys. I think a little bit in the past few years. She's felt little old. And now there's like the young guns. I think there's only three or four players that are thirty or older on the chiefs. I think it's Mitch wards just turned thirty over the weekend. I think he makes the fourth person. Yeah, they they've really done a good job of building young depth. And I think that kind of goes with the new wave with Patrick Mahomes kinda taking over there, trying to get younger cheaper because they're going to need to be cheaper here in the future because Patrick Mahomes contract is looming and giving themselves like all these guys that we're talking about aren't gonna make this team. But I think what happens is you've given yourself a great large pool to pull from to potentially get some value at the bottom of your roster for nothing. And that's really what this is all about giving yourself as many chances as possible, and you gotta ten person practice squad. So, you know, it's like additional debt again, anyone that, that's what happened Butger, but you're was on the Panthers practice squad, but that being said it provides you additional death and they're in practice every day and they could jump in. If you do have injuries. Which always happened in the NFL. All right. When we come back, we will have defensive film analysts Craig stout on the line. He has entered into something we call the summer of specs. That's next. Errol head pride radio. Welcome back to a special edition of era had pride radio. We're wrapping up chiefs, OTA's and doing a preview mandatory minicamp preview. Part of this is coming up. Eleven forty five followed by ondeck show at noon. Taking over being Sunday's a good man who enjoys his football but getting into some baseball today. Another man who enjoys beer and all all types of football. Whether it's American European whatever Samir many talents, defensive film analysts creek stout. Craig how're you doing this morning, buddy? Man. I'm a fantastic. I've had coughing. The watch the women's world, watch a little spec. No defense. I I'm hitting all basis, I'm on brain. You've watched film of spags this morning. Yes, I did. I watched it on up stacks literally, we'll get it. We'll get into the on the field part of this, but for fans who really aren't familiar with spags. I mean you've been watching film, a lot now he's a pretty fiery guy. Oh, absolutely. Seems no. Is about the polar. Opposite of Sutton from an off the field fan point. He's had no aggressive spe-, St. segment allowed states Bagnall also wanted to be in your faith about getting things. Right. We've heard tales from OTA's back. No from stopping drills going and doing one on one work if players trying to make sure that everybody's on the same page. And then everybody's doing things why I mean, we didn't hear that sort of stuff about Bob sudden, this is going to be a completely different approach from an off the field standpoint as well as on the. Yeah. Even chiefs OT, as I mean, you could see has spags likes to play the quarterback when the defense is practicing together and likes to do one on ones as you mentioned, and pull guys aside and coach and I don't know. I it did seem a little bit like Bob Sutton was more of a coaches coach and let. Us assistance through their thing. But creek here you are. You're in the thick of something. We're calling the summer of spags at Arrowhead, pride dot com. Similar to lottery tickets. You can go onto our at pride dot com. Click on series at the top, you can find some respects, there's a couple of articles and what you're doing is you're you're really getting to find out. All right. What, what are some of the things we can expect to see this fall when the chief's new look for three base under defense takes the field, Greg? As you as you've taken a look at all this film. What is surprised you the most so far about Steve spagnuola what he likes to do? Surprised me the most who may have been following you laugh, you're on Aaron cried, I carted every single play of the twenty eighteen chiefs the Pettus painful as it was I and I grew and at a certain point I could kind of predict a little bit what Bob was going to do on a given play. Now wasn't all the time. He wasn't that predictable. But I could kinda see why us dealing some of the things he was doing before the, you know, the play even past happened. I could see that adds. I'm watching Steve Spagnolo defense and granted, I you know, I'm not getting as much as I was with offsetting last year in fear is very minimal predictive thing. He will do things just to put them on film. He will blitz on downs. Thank you. Traditionally, don't he, he is going to be so aggressive, and so on forgettable it's going to be. Just completely different in that regard. You know, most fee pays off in the same ways, you know, maybe are sometimes wish does something you get caught out with, if caught out with aggression, but doesn't end up paying off a lot more in the confusing quarterbacks a lot more than we'd seen out of Bob, something he could pass. Now. Greg, we will be talking new Matt lane at eleven thirty. He's your partner in crime in the series of the summer of spags. And you split it up in a way where he's taking the front of the defense and you you're working on some of the secondary and you mentioned, the unpredictability of spags and what he likes to do in the secondary, especially highlighting, the safeties, if you could sum it up. What does spags ask of the safety position? Fag asked as something. So the safety even more. So von set and had some pretty safety intensive looks sleeps, acknowledged going to ask you a safety to play like cornerback on a lot of downs. Steve Spagnolo is going to ask for two guys to play the a single guy to play deep the able to come up in the Flos against wide receivers. Not just tied in this, we've seen in the past, he's asking the fifty to do so much, and that's even before we get into blitzing, because that's my position to listen from the absolute most any of them. So they really are going to be aggressive. He couldn't allow those to make a lot more sense. Why they and got her own? That's you got once on hill. Yeah. That's a big name in a and I, I think we've all seen even even the most casual NFL fan clips of whether Matthew was on the cardinals or. A year spent in Houston, just gunning for the quarterback and drilling him. And I think you know creating some of that fear in the quarterback can really throw somebody off their game. We've seen that with guys like Tom Brady, even in the past make sense, then kids to you, Craig, the that the chiefs would spend a premium pick on one Thornhill given again, everything that spags asks of his safety's, here's the hard question. You'd think Daniel Sorensen is on the team when they cut down to the fifty three. I will say this annual sworn in makes a lot more sense from an on the field standpoint, within a guy like online watch what these Bagnall asked of this fits on money Wasser, the fifth round pick last year, though. And the chief craze him quite a bit. They talk about him as an ascending player. So really do think that it's going to come down to films guys for the final that physician. They don't use three safety. As often as we feel the buff sudden where matrons military fifth safety on the roster. They're probably only going to carry four guys and Jordan Lucas, also had that cornerback experience. They can kick down the flock that they've seen the light with math, you. If one thorn, Bill. I think it's between your money wants Dan, so on, if they need the money intones it avai logical cut. Yeah. And I I've seen a lot of cheese fans pointed to that. And, and the money thing I just don't think is serious. They're not as much up against the cap as they've been in the past, which is weird to say because always said in the past few years, and there's not enough cap space. So again, it should come down, think two talent versus talent, which would should be good, Greg, you released another edition of the summer of specs today on our bride dot com. It's our first story what can very briefly. What can the folks read about? Folks who go there. We kind of leave the foundation with the alignment of the players and the type of personnel that futures this week and cornerback techniques or talk about some of the ways that things are different zone turns types of, you know, types of technique, and footwork and things like that. But she they can maybe expect to see come with all Greg last question. I'm sure you knew this was coming. This is Arrowhead, pride radio and with arid pride radio, we always liked to have even a special editions a beer of the week. What are you drinking this afternoon? This afternoon I will be cracking open. I posted on my Craig brewing company Kansas City, farmhouse IT, a little funk, and some hoffitz laying ago. He is defensive film analyst Craig stat of Arrowhead, pride dot com. You can catch all of his work there, including today, another edition of the summer of spags, that'll continue the next couple of weeks as we explore what spags intends to do this year, and the chief's new look for three defense, Craig day, buddy. All right. I mean any big takeaways from you there. No. I'm just really happy that Craig after enduring what Bob Sutton did to him last year. Finally has something interesting to talk about poor Bob, man. You know, like this week, you had Justin Houston saying, oh, man, I never wanted drama coverage again. Just he just went at what point are we just gonna leave Bob in the past one that she's one of the super blading? Yeah. Maybe he might still catch some iron. It's gonna be a struggle here. But I'm ready for some spags statistically, Bob sedate gone. Gone statistically, we went start fifty seven minutes and fifty three seconds without a terrible pun of some sort. But here we are we what was the point? I missed it. He said, in instead of Bob certificate did this year. We got some spags activity. You gotta be more creative lazy lazy. But it's a direct relation. You have how many, how many have we known this bags was the DC the team had, like four four months. And in four months, you haven't come up with a better plan that I'm gonna have to I'm gonna have to spend all the rest of the summer thinking of better than two months, I think of a better than spags I go back to the drawing board my man we're gonna keep it with the defense before I gave you some of the things that I noted about the offense as far as what we learned from OTA's, I wanna tell you guys, what I learned about the defense from watching these three these past three weeks and that is coming up next. Hey, I'm Spencer hall. I'm Holly Anderson. I'm Ryan nanny. I'm Jason Kirk. And we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college football pot. Cast it says in the script to riff on what that means and basically, what I mean, is it soul already spoiled every Tuesday? We talk about everything from cooking. Disasters to pro wrestling, too unfashionable pants. We warned middle school. We also do talk about college football every now and then, like mascot fights announcers, fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants that coaches where now if you want to take college football, exactly as seriously as it should be taken subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app. Eyraud head pride radio. Welcome back to Arrowhead pride radio special edition. Pete Sweeney kids. Swanson cristianos, Sarah, filling in for Bank who you'll be able to hear and an hour from now on throwback edition. Binks ondeck show. Coming up at noon, Cody tap with the day off Bobby wood junior. The royals top pick is high school coach with pink at twelve twenty world's White Sox, a follow at one fifteen and get involved with us over the next hour on the protein house eat with a purpose. Text line six nine three zero six I do wanna get into some of the defensive observations. I've had from the last three weeks of OTA's, but can't ask for the floor. You have a better pun. So I spent the spent the good part of the Brig trying to come up with the, the next not spags activity how will doubts in throughs, e spags them. Oh my God. I like it. That's the first draft. That's what it is gonna get us into withdrawn shut, shutting down that might be worse than specs. This isn't worth having Susie. Spags them. Let's let's let's, let's just move onto the again. We went over some of that shit. That, that one hurt that won't hurt the show. We might we might get. We were checking we're tracking. I'm going gonna say was plus there was a few gas, but we're tracking maybe for an a minus show. And now I think the, the ceilings would be. We, we apologize here at six ten for Kim kids, Swanson, it's just done to this broadcast. C P, OT ace and some of the most important things we've learned on defense end on special teams. And the first thing I wanted to note is a quote and it's from Andy Reid. And I think he really captures the spirit of Kansas City with this one is asked about the competitive -ness of the chiefs defense in OTA's and what it means. And and you've heard plenty of Andy Reid. Sometimes it's a monotone thing, sometimes he's not a guy who at least in front of the Mike gets too excited, listen to just the pure excitement and his voice when talking about the defense. That's how you get better until you get better. Right. So the challenge in each other as much as you can hear telling each other within the rules, face three and doing a good job with it. And here you try to create create. A couple of different competitive situations. You do it by and players at your position that can compete against one another. But then you eventually you got to go against another person and that's the name of the game here. So get in there and you have great quality on both sides, and red sent a nice job with bringing in is that are good football players, and want to be better and then or lichen being a chief and feel that team part, but they're, they're challenging each other any Riedel never say anything negative about anyone that's with the team or has been with the team. So you never going to hear him say anything bad about Bob. But sometimes he goes, above and beyond that, I don't think it's ever shot. But you could just hear man, this change was really, really needed. I don't think it just stops with Bob brand. I think you know, rightly if you listen, if you pay enough attention to this team, they had a culture problem on defense. It was with the staff it was with the players, and there's a lot of players who are not here anymore. And they went out and made mass changes to the staff and to the personnel because they had a major major culture problem on defense, and that culture problem extended to boat to the offensive side of the ball to you. Can't have, you know, I promise you that the that the offense was not happy with the defense last Mojo Mahomes was and, and that goes back to Mahomes, too. He just was so good about it. He was like we stick with our defense. And, and he's and he's never gonna throw them under the bus. But I mean internally in his house with his two little cute dogs and his girlfriend. He must have been saying something, like I love Texas Tech and college. So then we have a good defense and it can't be the same thing. But can't I mean you may have ruined the segment at the beginning with that terrible pun, but that is a beautiful segue in my observation number two. Even the not as I find that you really starting to feel that this defense has a true like Grady identity. It's a long process. I'm not I'm not gonna compare it to anything, what I really look for right now is building down Dacian of talk extensively with the guys about that. It's been all about building foundation of fundamentals that goes to communication to believe in the system. Yeah. I talk extensively about doing the things or get old mastering things that take very little talent. You know, it doesn't take a lot of talent to communicate. Call out an underworld get align those little things we need to take care of now. Otherwise, it creates holes and then we have problem. So I'm more focused on. And the chiefs brought in really a leader in Tyronn, Matthew and normally, you're not gonna get the leader of your room in free agency. I'm telling you right now. The chiefs leader. Of the defense is tired. Matthew is really trying to build a defense with an attitude in our thanking anytime you can have, you know, ten eleven guys who know what a chip on their shoulder with a f a certain kind of presence, you know, certain kind of attitude kinda kinda swagger. You know, you could create a collective identity. And I think that's really, you know, we're trying to do definitely not trying to nothing that, you know, outside about, you know characteristics. You not think all of us both of us really I wake up each and every day, you know, we, we lived that way, you know, just what attitude and a chip on our shoulder and, you know, like I said it could it's a rub off on guys around you. Another observation that I've had regarding OTA's, and this is more. I think of a confirmation for myself than a true observation OTA's so far just by watching some of the guys and where they're being placed on and so forth. It's only confirmed to me that one born hills going to be the guy in his first year as a starter free safety against the Jacksonville Jaguars wing one. Here's Steve Spagnolo talking about Thornhill. He's stuck out to me, personally, the Seibel plan deep back down the way he attacked the football football skill. So that's always an asset to have on defense. I think he's been a guy picked up things. I like the way plays. I actually complimented them in a union meeting. The other day, the clip on him Burston, you know, to the football which is really important. And what we're doing so so far so good take Peter. You know, she's hadn't traded their first round pick for Frank Clark men. They're sitting there at twenty nine and Roger Goodell gets up to the state to the podium and says with the twenty ninth pick the NFL draft achieve select Wallin Thornhill, I would not have been upset. There were some buzz wasn't there toward the night going into the draft that he might drop into the first round. Oh, I mean, if it was there, I mean, a lot of people thought, even beyond just the first that, that, you know leading up to the draft like there was, there was several instances where there's a lot of people out there that really believe in one hills talent. And I think the PA there's been positive signs, already one of them being Louis Riddick came on Twitter, a couple of weeks ago, I was to call Mahomes Ferrari Mahomes, which I personally like that Ferrari, Pat, that's a guy to who who, who does make good punts as Louis Riddick. And you wanna know something else? He knows the chiefs building. And when he can tell you talk to them conscientious says, some when he says, something you. You know it's coming from the chiefs building. Right. Of course, he got out there and was singing the praises of one Thornhill. You should be excited. I think they got tremendous value at sixty three for him. Speaking a Louis Riddick you said this week that Carson Wentz will be the MVP the National Football League last year. He was the one who said it'd be ready for Pat before even played a game. And so you can't shoot. One hundred percent. Five hundred does get you into the hall of fame though. Exactly. So that's a good thing. All right. Here's my here's one of the bigger takes that. I think I have about OT as and the defensive side of the football. This is going to be changed. We gotta stop comparing brillant speaks and tanto Paseo. Because I think because now so you swamp the number of guys you keep on with linebackers and defensive line. And I did this myself I'm guilty because they were playing the same position last year in the three four they were drafting back to back years. Dorsey drafted passing yo VH reached for speaks as as Kent would say, but what I found now is, they're probably gonna keep nine defensive lineman or somewhere around there, both are probably going to make the team. And at this point, they're playing different positions. Here was Spagnolo and speaks. Yeah. I mean he was playing a position that was a little different for him. I actually went back and watched his college. He was inside a lot. He was defensive end did some good things. I think he's a little comfortable being. But we gotta to go and really just one of the guys that have been really working hard material. But new so. Take a one day. I hopefully he's gonna be multiple guys like that of value. They can play a bunch of. So we'll see what we don't we get down to the fifty three to one way to go. So when, when I see, I mean, you've seen the photos speaks is put on, like a little bit of weight, and I'm starting to think maybe that was intentional and I think the chiefs do see him as an interior line guy now, whereas Paseo, I think they're going to give him a real chance on the edge. And he's been getting some, some Grun with the first team he was spec. No on TK look at home in Philadelphia. Some Costa, villanovan know coaches there, they always talk highly going back to when he was coming out. She's a long athlete. And, you know, you can't you can't coach link either have it or they don't. So hopefully we can get ahead in the right direction. I, I was leading the charge. I said when is back when is passing yoga get fitted for his Browns uniform, but I really think he may play a role this year on the chiefs a chance. I, I would have preferred Steve Spagnolo to say something nicer than he's long. I mean that was history. But I mean trying to get his pass rush on. It's, it's going to be interesting to see what happens with Tato Obasanjo, how much you know, they do value him. He didn't get much run last year. And, you know, I go back to what I said earlier about, you know, a GM comes in. They want to slowly phase out the old GM's guys and keep their new guys. If it if it Bruins speaks, is obviously playing a little bit different situation here now because you're can even be is definitely going to be playing inside and outside. He's looking more like Derek Nadi than he is like an edge. But you know how what happens with Todd? Paseo is something certainly to monitor because it is not a Brett v guy. There's a lot of edged. There's a lot of competition for him right now to he's really kind of buried one hundred percent not Abramovich guy. But I thought it was interesting that. Spags went out of his way to say he has vila-nova connections. And he's heard about this guy. And I just think we maybe need to change how we're always comparing these two guys because I think they're going to be used in different ways certainly. And in the last defensive slash special teams observation I have is that this punter battle between Dustin colquitt, and Jack FOX. It's a real thing. Here's Dave tobe, but we had a really high grade on him coming out. We had draftable great on him, and we're really happy that got him able to get them as a free agent. They'd never heard of competition every position. Punter's. No different. You had an opportunity to get in. We got them and we're happy that series. He's doing a good job like Cairo Santos, and then and then butter that came after him. I, I really think FOX is gonna get a shot like it just sounds a lot. Like, what tobe said about those two kickers when they ultimately won jobs. Yeah. No, it's, it's certainly something to monitor. I don't know how much that she's actually saved by releasing Dustin colquitt. It looks like they'd they would incur two point three five million dollars in dead cap, if they move onto Dustin colquitt, but it's super fascinating that they were so intentional about going out. And getting this guy who they had to draftable grade on, I don't know how this manifest itself and how they they work through the situation. Do they try to keep them on the practice squad or what? But I do think that the he might wind up being the successor to Dustin colquitt. It's, it's definitely something to keep an eye on. It is interesting. Dustin co is out of the big slick Casey of last night. So, like he's still. Out doing a lot of public stuff. He was he went to the blues the, the blues game with Patrick Mahomes, in Travis Kelsey is kind of goodwill to try to capture that Saint Louis market. That's just a guess. But it's, it's something to keep an eye on things. They might do it. It's easier for quarterback. Like you're you think you're Joe Montana. There are so many forty Niners fans. And you know, the one year with the chiefs that just loved Joe Montana, just because he was so good. I mean, we're talking about a guy who could have a Michael Jordan type of fact never off against the break. So I just want to say this quickly. I have a bowl take when it comes to these cap casualties, and these conversations, I think the chiefs have enough money, and while the FOX coke would battle Israel, and I think that it's going to be a real thing. I don't think you're gonna wanna cost yourself like a Super Bowl with shanked punt by rookie. I see the chiefs and I've kind of said it throughout this, this episode, or I guess, this show I think they keep Daniel Sorensen. I think they keep Dustin cocoa. And I think they keep tanto passenger. If I'm looking at a cap casualty, I'm looking maybe at Xavier Williams with some younger. Guys up there a Colin Saunders being drafted, and so on and so forth, I think more. So those guys were more so Williams than, than, than the first three for sure. When we come back, I mean, this couldn't be an Arrowhead pride radio show. We don't talk about QB one. That's next. Eyraud had pride radio monster Jan where it's winner takes no guts. No glory experience. Adrenaline charge family entertainment, this is monster jam won't you might metro T mobile, the fun begins at the party where you can meet the drivers autograph take pictures, and see their trucks, up close must-have out of ethic, enter pit party. Get your free pit buddy pass participating metro by t mobile locations seek the pass for details. Restriction coming to ERO hit stadium. For the first time ever tuned, fifteen. All right class. Let's hear what everyone did this weekend. Jill. Will I raise my older sister to a big oak tree? It was at least a hundred years old. My mom said, I most to set a record or something. And then we went down by a stream and perched up on this huge rock and saw all these little minnows swimming around way below us, and then rescued my little brother from an evil slug king, who was guarding him at the Bush fortress, and my sister, I bought him back to our super twig fort for safety. And then we holy until stories until it got dark, and the big Dipper led us all the way home. Where were you Jill? Yeah. We went to the forest, it's not that far away. Anyone wanna come this weekend? Ask your parents, take you and your friends to the forest this week and find the fun adventurous you it's closer than you think. Check out discover the forest dot org. Brought to you by the US forest service and the Ad Council. Larry, we now go to Santa Fe autosound for the Rockford fos gate, audio system and upgrade their speakers with a new amplifier for clean power. You can hear even on the highway Santa Fe, autosound eighty third and Santa Fe or Santa Fe, autosound dot com. Kansas City's home for Colorado, since nineteen sixty seven. Welcome back to our hit tried radio special edition, filling in for being Sunday, you'll still get some Bank coming up at noon. The on deck show, filling in for Cody tap today. Rose White Sox to follow Bobby Witt juniors high school coach with pink coming up at twelve twenty. But right now we're talking about come on here, just the prince of the city. The mayor prince might be Kane. And we've got to win the Super Bowl making. Once you have a ring, then people can kiss your ring. That's when you're the king of the city. Speaking of that, can I know your big Mahomes guy you love him. You were screaming on the night. He was drafted. I watched the film proudest moment. What one of the things I and I noted earlier in the show is, it's been comforting to realize he came back. And after all this attention being at Madison Square Garden different hockey games the final four. He's truly the same guy at least it seems that way, even after buying a really nice house. It looks like all the celebrity given that fact, Ken as a guy who who's grown up just two cheese fan for years, and years and years, is it still something where like, is it better than you've ever imagined? It would be. Yeah. It'd be the wise because it is better than than anything. We could have ever imagined. Here's here's what's weird and I've had this thought in my head for a while. Casey has went the city has gone so long without having their quarterback they've so long without having. You know a true potential franchise quarterback that can win the Super Bowl that, you know, they, they don't understand how abnormal even this is, you know, some people in some cities get a franchise quarterback. And it's really cool names like Ryan, tat. But, but even like, okay, let's go with, like, Matt Ryan. Okay. Okay. Matt Ryan has had a quality career and, and he's really done things, right way. And he's beloved by that city. But KC they didn't. They didn't just go from, you know, from nothing to a Matt Ryan, what Patrick Mahomes is doing. And how he's handling this and how well he's done. This done this entire thing. Honestly is just it's it's exceeded. Anything we could have expected. But we don't understand how insanely amazing what he is doing right now really is. Like it's we don't have anything to Bank on. So it will someday we're going to sit back and realize how absurd and how crazy this is because it's not supposed to be as absurd as it is. It's supposed to be like a run below, but we don't we bypass that wrong aid never had experience with. I feel like I've come up with a good comparison in my head. It's like if you're poor, right? And you're just getting gestation hotdogs, trying to pinch pennies and put money together, and then you hit one of those lottery. As that are like not just the regular lottery for a million. It's one of those oh, get out to the gas station, you know, one billion or one point two billion today, and you go from eating gestation hotdogs to like having more money than you know what to do with, like that's the kind of thing that, that feels like speaking of Patrick Mahomes, he was out with the big slick Casey this weekend. Rob Riggle was on with festival in the morning last week and said there were plenty of celebrities looking to meet Patrick. That's just probably a weird feeling Mahomes was in the charity softball game for children's mercy on Friday night, and big slick Casey's Twitter account put out this sound from a homes at bat -gratulations on the great year. We've got your quarterback up there. Well, it's going through your mind home run home run. He's he's played the game before. Well, we just we just had a amazing moment of baseball comes up hit today, or call the shot crushed it. That's Jason today. Kiss at the end there. Andy Reid predicting that Mahomes would hit a home run after a Papa. He hit a home run out to left. Yeah. He he got his bowl again. He he popped it up in the first. I bet you all Chris Owings on us for a second pair puts on a Royal jerk Johnny ever again in there. But no, the second the second one was it was a little quality Dinger, their quality dinger's. There's about about where the left fielder SIS. Normally the cool thing is Mahomes is this guy who last year at fifty touchdowns more than five thousand yards and you listen to Andy Reid and even a little bit of Patrick in the off season. And what they said is all right. Yeah. But you still have ruined improve you still have room to get better. And they gave him a video these cut ups head of OTA's and the off season. And here was Mahomes on the earlier days, I believe this was day three votes as on what he learned from the cut ups I learned that there's still a ton Donnie to improve on there. There really is amid a lot a lot of players haven't cut off strip this year. But there were times where I'd try to make those plays happening in, I'm sort of taking the easy completion for a first down. And so, I have to keep finding that line whenever I want to try to make the big play happen. And when I wanna just take the easy, completion move the change kicked off if on the field keep rolling on the field. And that's. That I keep working on every single year and that's not really open mind for that. We got one crack at Eric b enemy last week. And he was also asked about Patrick Mahomes improvement. Generic improvement is very important, one thing going into this offseason, all coaches and myself. We sat down and wrote down things that we'd like to see ourselves you know players in Google want. They might harped on was basically, you know, being consistent with his drops in the in the pocket, being consistent with his foot work, and one thing I have seen it. We've addressed it. He's doing a better job that you get see it. You know and the thing about it when I'm looking at it. It's not so much looking at what is he looking at downfield that takes care of himself? I wanna see if he's being consistent with his pocket presence with his foot work anybody, I, I have something absurd to say. And, and listen, you know, there are people that know me, people like me, people don't like me. I'm honest relic. I'll tell you when the chief sucked on Sunday in the arid pride post game show. Oh, I'll tell you if safety, Eric berry is something you shouldn't get excited about, which I was correct on issuer. There are a lot of if sear. But hear me out if Patrick Mahomes, improves from fifty touchdowns and five thousand yards if the chiefs and I'm just talking on the field here again, it's not a situation. I'm happy about get tyreek hill back for the majority of the season. If the defense is improved. Is sixteen in out of the question. Like I and I'm not I don't want this is not a Homer. I I'm the farthest from that. I I'll give you the I'll, I'll shoot you straight. Can how could you not think about that can chat Henny win you a game in week seventeen? Well, that's I mean that's the that's it. That's really I mean I this team has if Tyree kills back if Patrick Mahomes is improved. Yes, because the, the cheese didn't need much out of their defense last year and they didn't get it. Now they have it. They have enough to go out there and dominate this league. This team is extremely well positioned to go out and do what you're talking about. And it sounds crazy. It would probably maybe it's fifteen in one, maybe Chad handy. Can't win you a game. And I'm thinking, I'm not I'm not saying, hey, the chiefs are going to go out and just easily win all these games. I'm I'm saying for most teams out there, you'd say, oh that that's the percent. It's like there's, there's no way they're going on when sixteen game. But when you you'd think about the chiefs and you and you think about Mahomes, somehow getting better. And if they do get the pieces, they have bag again, a lot of things have to go your way. But the fact that. Like when you really think about a truly in your heart hearts and not trying to be a home or not trying to be biased. It's possible. It's just unreal. To think where you've come from in Kansas City. Oh, absolutely anything that comes back to what I'm saying is like, we don't under like we know we have a good. We don't know. We have it better than anyone. Frankly has ever had with a twenty three year old quarterback. But that's the thing he's twenty three he's twenty three years from his prime right through fifty touchdown. Yeah. The ceiling the ceilings there for them to do everything. You're talking about and you know, Patrick Mahomes, he does have places to improve which is crazy. You know, sometimes he just he got himself in trouble. And he's so good that he was able to get himself out of trouble. Imagine what happens when he doesn't get himself in trouble and did utilizes his superpowers and you hear him a shoot he's humbled to the point of like he wants to learn from that. And I think a big part of that too, is Andy Reid. If buffalo keeps that pick and drafts Mahomes, he's not nearly as good. No. He came into the perfect storm. And I think. Like, say he landed with a young coach who had little experience. Maybe there's not that respect factor like Andy Reid has the stones and the experience and the years in the conference championship games to stay to Mahomes. Hey, you know you could listen to me just the perfect storm perfect situation. And again, maybe a perfect record for Kansas City this year. Who knows when we come back, we're to switch to the other side of the football, the defensive side once again with Matt lane talk a little bit more about the summer of spags. You're not gonna wanna miss it. It's next. Arrowhead pride radio. Call new four thirty five podcast network now up at six sports dot com. Come back to the era ahead pride special OT wrap up show. As of come and gone mandatory mini camp this week football season. Just thirteen Sundays away. Pete Sweeney here with Ken. Swanson Chris, who knows Cerro behind the glass, Binks ondeck show. Coming up at noon, Cody with the day off. But right now, we're talking to Matthew lane of our bride, one of our film analysts one of the members of the hour ahead pride nerd squad. You can catch these guys every week on the AP podcast channel breaking down film, the AP laboratory, as customary in the pre laboratory. I feel like I got to start like this. How you doing Matty? Pete. How are you? I think you nailed the insure that thank you very much. We talked to Craig a little bit earlier you guys are involved in something we're doing called the summer of spags series at a p. So I'll start with the same question. I asked him what does the prize you the most? When you've watched what specs is done on film in the past. I think the biggest thing for me is just been kind of the utilize utilization of base and kind of about four defense. And just how much it structured around stopping the run, and it makes sense, because he is only kind of feeling against a run heavy personnel by the offense of group. But for the most part all the coverage plays in the second level the linebacker group for off the field and its run stoppers on the field. He's willing to kind of live if gonna pass with two full or two running back to two tight ends on the field with his base deepens now soon as the team goes to eleven personnel, or something like that he's gonna bring into coverage players pass I, but he pointed the run, I early on or against certain personnel packages just the way the NFL's going today, you have free linebackers you still expect. At least one if not two of them to be really good against the past. In fact, is more willing to put out run stopping the linebacker position early on. So as you watch I it's becoming a make more and more sense that the chief. Go out and get a guy like Colin Saunders ra- manual bar. Alex okafor. Yeah. For sure. And there's a huge emphasis as well, but he thinking line on being able to south around, because there's an aggressive kind of one guy team here. So a lot of times the defense is going to be even numbers against block evidence around, especially when you kind of get into a lighter, more predominant personnel, packages by the often, but you need to run then they can either get finish ration- or out on the end guys that can hold up in his and tackles and disengage from blocks and they need to you're not trying to occupy blockers linebackers. Do it. Each person on the defense of kind of needs to be able to make a stop on their own talents throughout the foot seven, especially along it'd be a divine makes perfect sense for how the defense is playing with the New York Giants to me that that's music to the use of chiefs fans. Because I think we, we've become accustomed over the past few years, where if you see like a premier running back can't like on the other side like a Levy on bell coming in or something you're like oh hundred yards. Right. Right. Right, right. Many Reggie raglan and Anthony. Hitchens. I feel like. Amongst fans. They took a bit of criticism for the way they played last year in your eyes. How does this new defense suit them a little bit better? To give them a little bit of criticism from the way they by last year's whether it was all their fault or not, it could have been Salita coaching scheme issues. They did not particularly great last year. And I think she had high going into the season. So that makes it worse. But this year, I think it's going to be better fit somebody like Reggie ragging, I think only going to see the field on pier running down the amount of time he's going to be in coverage is going to be very minimum because I tend to only be out there and that base four three than Anthony Hitchens, hopefully you get more out of them. Hopefully the read team a little bit more simplified. If you can play faster mentally, which kinda help them play back. Like you've been malice, and I think he got it still going to be three dollars back with a cheese, just he seems to get the game most of the time at the middle level and somebody on the line, by the group, used to be that guy that's gonna be the from first down through third. Maybe like all, and the contract makes sense and I think he signed him to that contract musher expect him. To play all three downs. You've also examined how the front looks in the nickel. What can she's fans? Expect in the nickel given the current personnel on the roster. I think he's going to stay on the job. And the next time you're gonna get a little bit more of a coverage linebacker, the batch when you're doing of Daniel, or your daringly comes into play right, personally, I think they're in competition for one spot between the two of them now that they both will play together sometimes in the nickel or if you got a game. But I do think the Anthony hitches have been a play a lot. So I only think you're going to see one of the next him and the nickel most of the time right now, I'd move toward need just because his best places in a little bit better than door Daniels, but Deutsche been keeping or with this team a year longer. So it will really be wants to training camp preseason starts. Yeah. Something to were brench love like those former first round picks from other teams I think he can I think he feels like okay. My coaches are going to get the most of this guy. That's Darren Lee is Matt. I know you're gonna love this question. I know you're gonna love it. Who were the chiefs, taking with the thirty second pick and the twenty twenty NFL draft. And one, one, good reason. Who I wanna say maybe lab, why does he read? I'm not certain what the why fever have been a look like next year. I think there's just listened questions with the longtime teacher in retail Anthony walk on the team given either off-field or contract reasons. I'm still looking heavy wide receiver speedy land kind of my dad, and I think all the end of the first round of what is a completely loaded wide receiver group. So that's kind of where I'm leaning right now would watch those. Well, I thought he would easily better than Hollywood Brown within the first round last year. So you'd be my take right now man. What did she fans expect this week on air pride dot com? From yourself. So this week, continuing somewhat factories. We're gonna look further where to go. One more level years, kind of at the time or the against an offense on furtive of all we're gonna look a little bit more at some of the crazies pass rush personnel packages. But I know that and I think most people are generally familiar with them going back to the met with the giants and then do the second one, so we're just gonna breaking down the wolf. Just the pass rush or the four or five whatever it's going to be in the dime third wall situation for defense, and then that goes into next people start talking about the technique that we use it a long deep line. And this may be, but that is the voice of Matt lane. One of our film analysts at Arrowhead, pride dot com. You can catch him on the website on our podcast channel. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Can't trust me on got there. He is Matt lane. You happy with that. You're picking I'm not remotely surprised that, Mattie had something ready for the two thousand twenty. I'm not I don't know if I've ever met someone who liked anything as much as Matt likes the draft. No. He it's, it's like everything that he's doing right now, in during the regular season is just buying time for for draft season. Like he's, he's, he's all in on it, and he's been he's been singing the CD lamb praise for a while now. We do have to get to a break Kim. But before we do I know that a lot of the podcast fans, and they are at pride podcast network will be familiar with this. But can you just explain to the six ten sports radio audience, the concept behind the San Francisco thirty three or so, man? So the chiefs have basically the chiefs traded one of their second round picks to the Seattle Seahawks in twenty twenty four for Frank. Clark is part of the Frank Clark trade. But she's had an extra second round pick. They had San Francisco's second round pick in the deformed trade that she skipped to peak keep the, the better of the second round pick. We are rooting. Heavily for the San Francisco, forty Niners to just be an absolute dumpster fire, get the thirty third pick in the draft. So they San Francisco thirty three years. My is, is my second favorite team. I root for the Kansas City Chiefs. And I also route for whoever is playing the San Francisco forty Niners more so even than the raiders of the Broncos this year because matters directly exactly what we're trying to get we're trying to get a fringe basically first round pick your Peter, so some spags of Tivoli, and of course, rooting against the San Francisco thirty three years, we've talked about, as we have mandatory minicamp coming up this week. We're going to talk about some questions entering the three day mandatory minicamp. If you have any questions you have about this chiefs team Texan at six nine three zero six that the protein house eat with a purpose text line questions, entering mandatory minicamp. That's next. 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Thirty day guarantee with new line of service is ten hundred twenty eight gigabyte fifteen dollars a month after twenty two fifty a month credit for eighteen months credit applied within two bills. The canceled early remaining balance due on limited basic after six thirty twenty eight thirty two dollars per month per line, for five lines with auto bay data deprioritization, during congestion coverage not available everywhere. Speed max ones rules, thirty dollars activation fee and restrictions apply. The radio dot com. Sure to favorite six sports radio. Wrapping up me very special edition of Harrow hit pride radio. The OT as wrap up with a mandatory minicamp preview. We have been on deck show, coming up at noon. He wanted me to tell you that he'll have a top pick body would junior high school coach. That's at twelve twenty. You're not gonna wanna miss that followed by royals White Sox. First pitch at one fifteen royals of one three of their less sixteen games entering today, but the can win the series after the win on Friday nights. That'd be great. One thing at a time. Yeah. One at a time he plays for the draft just just play for the number one pick the next year. I just point like I just would you the MLB draft when it came to the royals, I wish it was more like the NFL draft really, they can take a pick and he'd be ready? You know, tomorrow as opposed to junior, we'll have to wait 'til what twenty one twenty twenty million minimum. Yeah. Three years going all the royals oil, the world's developed guys like Bubba Starling still sitting out there twenty seven. So, you know, whatever. That's true thrill flee. They call ups today. All right. Questions entering the three day mandatory minicamp this week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the chiefs. I'll be out there once again report. Four six sports radio narrowed had pride dot com. I think the biggest one is the name we really haven't heard in a while. And that's Chris Jones up to this point workouts have been considered voluntary. They've started on April fifteenth from April fifteenth to today, June ninth chief of not seeing Chris Jones, we've seen some videos of Chris Jones down in Miami, working out a little bit the last time any one on the chiefs spoke about Chris Jones was day, three of OT as a little bit of an awkward exchange between Casey tippy five's. Tom Martin and Andy Reid. I don't know. I don't know how they're talking about it. May I haven't talked to him. We don't do. We just go you're here, you get better. You're not. Indeed works is he answers questions once. And then if you ever asking he would have gotten upset that was the first time, anyone really said anything about Jones and man, you could tell and hearing his voice, that he's not happy with the situation, very SCRUFF. You could kinda tell that there's something there it's, it's gonna be interesting. I it doesn't seem like they're even though, it's, it's, it's, it's not mandatory there, there's a little something there. And, you know, it'll be very interesting to see if he winds up showing up this week. I think the next question that you have right with the chief is, is an obvious one up to this point, you know, throughout OTA's Renault update on the timetable even for a decision on tyreek hill. What the hell's going on? Will we receive an update I tend to think the chiefs, given the fact that once Thursday closes once Thursday practice closes, it is five weeks of nothing. People say, oh, Pete, what do you do in the off season? There's well, we work because there's a vents. Every month there's one period of the offseason where there is nothing dead, and it's the five weeks after Thursday. So what I see the chiefs doing when it comes to tyreek hill is just pointing back to the original statement. It's run the clock out. We don't have a decision right now. And then what you do is by yourself, five weeks of time. And again, for better or for worse time is very powerful, except when it comes to Tom Brady, because time goes on people forget about things things become less fiery in the provides time for Mike Florio to relax and stuff, but on NBC sports things about what the chiefs in the NFL are doing also allows time for again, these court procedures and of the kid, and the health hill and, and his fiancee, to sort of work themselves sums, those out. I wonder when we hear from the chiefs about this, it, it is interesting to think about because they're gonna have to say something I doubt that we're going to show up at the Saint Joe and he's just going to be on the field. So you would think that there'd be some kind of announcement at some point I just wonder when we get that I don't think it'll be this week. Oh, I don't think so. Either I think they will just continue to run the clock out on this whole thing. And get that extra five weeks of time. But you're right. I mean I, I do think even just how this whole thing is way down. Just that this the time separating ourselves away from, you know, the end of April really has, you know, I think changed the name enough public sentiment, but, you know they're the angst. The, the emotional nature of this whole thing, I think, has kind of dissipated over time. So I think, you know, the chiefs getting that extra five weeks. They're probably really happy about that, too. Yeah. And, and the situation is interesting in the sense that I'm with you. And I'll be the first to admit once you heard the audio you immediately said man, I at least I did the chief gone move on. Right. And that's time has gone on, and it seems like more information has sort of seeped out. I if does feel less now and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, right? There are a lot of fans who I know for sure because I see the pride mentions in my own mentions who were upset like the chiefs move on for from. Kareem hunt, and then the Cleveland Browns swoop in doing the right thing, rehabilitating him. And they look. Okay. And then they get this all pro player that the chiefs may now seen the AFC title game. Right. And so I always wondered like maybe the chiefs are keeping hill on the squad in a sense, so they don't have to play him, like how fair would that be? But again, it's it gets a little bit muddled between the business and what's right and what's wrong. And it's just it's a situation that I think everyone can agree on where where you fall on it wants people wanted to be resolved in some way or another. Yeah. I think we all want it to be resolved. We want answers we and I think I think largely even though you may not seem like it. I think there's a lot of people that want, what's best and what is right for the situation with regard to to the kid. The kid gets forgotten a lot about know with this whole thing. But I do think there's a lot of people, regardless of what side you're on this really just want what's best for that kid in whoever, you know, did you know potentially harm that kid to, to. To be, you know, held accountable. Right. And that's something that even in the most recent report from the Kansas City star, the DA has maintained its, okay. The criminal investigation is no longer active Tarez paler, by the way, who is the man, and he's well connected. The better than anyone else when it comes to the chiefs, and it's really starting to feel like the NFL's a whole because we starting to break more news, even and other cities he said a month ago that the criminal investigation may not really be open, and he was one hundred percent. Correct about that. And it seems like somewhere along the lines that message was was incorrect. And so, again, you're happy that the criminal investigation is over. You your, your main concern, and I think everyone's concern here. Whether you like the football part of this, or not is like, let's make sure that this kid isn't a healthy situation. Absolutely on a much minor standpoint. I'm wondering to see. And I called one Thornhill a day one starter week one. When the chiefs play the Jacksonville Jaguars. He missed last week while with a calf injury. I find sometimes these injuries. See these injuries are common just because you. I need to get in football shape like you can only get in football shape by doing football moves, and, you know, do for bomohs until you're with the team as a whole he was held out. He's become a key player and he missed last week. So I on the on the worry scale I'm not going to be like a seven or eight, but I'd be like three or four if he's not practicing, again, once mentor minicamp starts because I think they're gonna want him out there during the most important minicamp, leading into train again, this is a really big time for his development, if the chiefs do him to be a day when starter or if he wants to be a day when starter, I think it is, you know, it's important that he gets into these situations. And these opportunities, I think he'll is isn't quite OTA's as there's a little bit more energy behind this thing. It's mandatory is their last opportunity to really push on these guys before training camp. You really want him out there from a developmental standpoint. I really hope that he's, you know, free and clear to be able to participate. I'm very excited about one Thornhill and I do I'm with you. I believe he's the day one starter. And, and I think to from a from a standpoint of the more reps that he can get next to Matthew the her because if these guys really truly. We are going to be working together. I mean he's gonna be relying on Matthew lot. You know, I think as far as to what the chiefs are doing and the four three and then as far as positioning, and so on, and so forth, man. I just remember Eric berry last year when he finally got in the gate, yelling at these guys to get in the right position. I, I don't think that'll be a problem for the chiefs this year with bolts bags Matthew no I go back to this, this is, you know, this is a complete cultural rebuild. I we I watched the the the AFC championship game, and there was just so many instances where if the cheese just got lined up they would have been in a situation where you get an extra. Stop or two. They couldn't get lined up right last year. This is not going to be a problem this year. They've got a lot of accountability. Both with the coaching staff the energy that coaching staff. And then the players in the energy that players they've got the right stuff in that building to, to hold each other accountable to get lined up. Do the little things correctly in that will go along way. And getting a couple extra stops a game. There are still too. I think some position battles again. You. Not going to really see the thick of that until training camp. But it's worth watching now like wide receivers. Four through six again, tied into is wide open them. I'm interested in seeing how they're using this h Beck character in John Lubbock defensive side of the football. There's all these defensive line spots and these linebacker spots, I think, you know, Hitchens's probably guaranteed, but everybody else, you're not really sure how how it's going to shake out, again, the safety depth is there like is Sorenson really getting an opportunity with Matthew, especially if Thornhill Saudi was last week will eat. Would he be doing the same this week? There's still some. There's still some questions on the defensive side of the football obviously. But unit here something you, you're listening to all these things off. It seems like there's more uncertainty on offense than there is on defense right now. Like you have a pretty good idea of how you're going to be lined up you'll on the defensive side of the ball. They're still a few questions to be answered. But I feel like the offense of skill players. Specifically is just probably the most unsettled position of this entire team. Whereas weird statement to say because the offense is has been such a stable driving insane force. The last few years, you know, the defense they're starting from scratch, but, you know, they've got a lot of these guys, I think kind of you kind of have a pretty good idea of where all these guys are gonna lineup. Well, people always say, okay, what are you worried about what the chiefs and everyone has an answer? And usually has to do with the secondary surely, oh, who's gonna play cornerback? I think the chiefs like their Cornerbacks. I've been saying it for a while now for me. It's do they have no tied into and Travis. Kelsey has not been on the field yet. Like, there's yeah, there's compet. There's like five guys at the receiver position for three spots, and you really don't know it's kind of interchangeable you don't know who's going to be who and where they're gonna wind up. I find again, this is one of the more fun parts of the year, leading into training camp, because you're starting to get a feel for who the two thousand nine hundred chiefs are positive thing, Jan Mahomes, yet, the more positive thing is feels like the defense is already better. We'll get to see if that's true, the case. I think once the guys. But the pads on one thing they always say is still a camp where you're not even wearing pads. It's not football guys can look good. I mean, we've seen Ross traffic good during this done. How'd that go? Great. That'll do it for the hour head bride. Oh ta wrap up show leading into mandatory mini camp next week. Coming up next Binks ondeck show filmed for Cody tap, Bollywood's juniors high school coach coming up at twelve twenty. Thank you to get Craig, Matt Cristiano Cerro behind the glass. I'm Pete Sweeney. Check all of our stuff out at our head pride dot com. Arid pride radio. Listen.

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TRU information - Boycotting

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TRU information - Boycotting

"Remember the views and opinions expressed by this show or any other show TV radio, and it's strictly those of set and vigils do not reflect those dvd of staff, nor the Steph dysfunctional veteran. Other. Ever seen. The President Chick-fil-a has taken a very public stand against same sex marriage, and then it sparked a firestorm across the Internet. We've. All the host of evidence. We'll have the Paul and. Live, a great three weapons job with our forefathers weren't the pilgrims. We didn't land. Throughout. The rack was landed on. You're listening to true information with Mark Davis, an grown as man. Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new edition of true information I am marquis. Davis here with the lovable. And laughable a grown man once again. Tell Your Mama about me to your mom about me. That's right and so this week on episode of True Information. Presented by Devi Radio on DV radio. WDR, dvr. I WANNA. Ask grown man. What are we talking about today? Oh, I sit! Is In my mind. George saying I was thinking about the great of Georgia the whole day through anyway. I hope that's an intro. Bro! I really do. It's going to send is going. Send me on levels of awesomeness. If you put that in the Intro, but anyway. Okay so a couple of weeks a couple. Yeah! Couple of weeks ago, we received a email from Devi Gir-. Girl Hope your dv Gir- and he talked about. He. He actually corrected me on something. on one e mail and other email. He was like I. Didn't like the way you guys talked about the Second Amendment, right? Luckily, blocking me Bob and we. We have small compensation about it, but he didn't. He said however which the cool part is this? What makes me like? However as I am not a shit head. I want allow a few statements. I disagree with to make me boycott your show boycott. I like well. Thank you I appreciate that. Then he goes on to say maybe Maybe some that is something that you guys can talk about on a future show. People boycotting stuff because they didn't like something or something that the person of business did. WE'LL DVD girl. You got your guys Dang on wis today buddy. We. Actually going to send to our listeners in when they email and contact the show, so Oh, yeah Oh. Yeah, so Oh, by the way if you do wanNA contact show, we are at true X. T, r you tangle. Romeo uniform, true information, twenty twenty no spaces. NO CAPITALS! At. gmail.com or for grown ASS man speaks at. gmail.com spilled normally. You know with all all the words of the English. Language spelled correctly dismissed together with no spaces, okay. So we've taught. boomers how to use email? Okay, we did. That email a marvelous thing, so let me go right into it, brother. Devi. Gir- this is for you man. Boycott. The Verb Draw commercial or social relations with a country organization or person as a punishment or protests I'm a now. I like the fact that we have become sesame street at times. Breakdown to word for people we do like obviously not because I'm trying to insult anyone's intelligence, because I'm operating off the fact that some of you all night only have like a I don't know tenth Grade Education Man. That's not saying anything rude, but that might be it that really might be it and I don't I want everyone to speak from a level playing field and understand from a level playing field all about understanding. It's all about understanding so I'm just GonNa make sure that everyone knows that were I'm working from so boycott the now the now. A punitive ban that forbids relations with a certain with certain groups corporations with a policy. or a or the handling of? okay and people like Oh. We'll talk so. let's the so what factor okay, so let's revert back and this is going to be part of our historical portion of the show. Okay, I use the word boycott you had. Charles Cunningham boycott. Born march twelve, eighteen, thirty two, and died June, nineteen. Okay, wow, oddly enough, June. Eighteen, ninety seven. He was an English land agent or landlord. However, you want to call it. Who became infamous, after he was ignored after he was ignored in ostracized by his Mayo Irish community in Ireland after treating them very badly, boycott was a former army officer in the the Queen's Army. And had several. It has excuse me ahead served in British Army Thirty Ninth Regiment, which brought him to Ireland after retiring from the army, boycott worked as a land agent for Lord Air it. A major land owner in the Lou mask area of County Mayo who lived in the exorbitant who live off the exorbitant rents. He charged tenants. And often his evictions of by boycott were May, were numerous and bloody. So. He will go to people. Tell the victim, but he will probably beat them up in order to get them out the house pretty much or either you pay this. Ransom note of a of a rent. To him? Or you get the crap. beat out! You thrown at your own. House. Okay. Yeah, so yeah, but that was an Englishman. Irishman. And when Women Englishman doing at the Irishman women so fast forwarding a bit because honestly, there's been a lot of boycotts throughout the years and. Marquee and I have a list of them well, let's let's go through some hard hitters so moving along with the Excuse me. What is it? Call me on the history note. We're going back a little bit. England seven years war, which is some seventeen, fifty six to seventeen, sixty three, and its counterpart waged in America the French Indian war of seventeen, fifty, four to seventeen, sixty, three doubled Britain's national debt. In order to recoup some of the losses, Britain occurred during the funding. It's American connolly colonies. Parliament decided for the first time to tax colonists directly. Once this tax was eight was a seventeen sixty five stamp act required all printed documents used in created in the colonies to bear in embossed revenue stamp. The stamp violations were to be tried in a vice admiral Added Moore Rally not. Admiralty courts. Because such courts operated without a jury okay. you see how it gets kind of fuzzy there. Right so I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Say That you have to do this and if you don't do this I'm going to send you to court where you're not. A jury of your peers is just. A judge and then he finds you. Can't you record kangaroo court? The stamp act of seventeen, sixty five, which parliament imposed on the American colonies tacked on paper. Legal documents and other commodities. Limited trial by jury extended the jurisdiction of Vice Admiralty courts. The action generated intense widespread opposition in America with his critics labeling it. Without representation shot at the DC, who still under that issue? And step towards despotism. Despotism the exercise of absolute power, especially in a cruel or or oppressive way, so they're saying that the the crown at that time England was on its way to despotism. Without this without with. The taxation without representation. In fall, seventeen sixty five American Communists convene a Stamp Act Congress in New York and called for the boycott British imports. The Colony SAR The congress was attended by twenty seven delegates from nine states whose mandate was to petition the King and the parliament to repeal the tax without without deepening the crisis ocurr all right so it Kinda goes on and gets a little dry after that, but basically it is a Su- They came out with it adopted thirteen points, and a third of them with stated it was separately superbly essential. To the freedom of the people. And the undoubted right of Englishmen. That no taxes should be imposed on them. But with their own consent, given personally or by their representatives long story short, don't tax us, and we don't have the ability to speak out and have a voice in government, which they didn't. Colonies didn't have a voice within the government of or not government, but the the monarchy in the parliament. They weren't representative. So that's what they're big issue. What they began to boycott not used. Stuff given to them from. Right right. Yeah, they did so you have the stamp act I, but then after that you have the. The, Boston Tea Party, that right you have that, so that was the regime minutes. Now. That right Shout out to. Our Marine Fringe Jim. Who hopefully will answer our questions or have a conversation with us on the show? let's see. Moving along continuing long, because that was one of the more notable, American history of boycotts, but one of the most notable. Was The united. States boy United States. Civil Rights Boycott Within Montgomery Alabama. You. Remember that one was that nineteen, sixty, two four. Nineteen. Fifty six Oh. WHOA values Aweil. And I got some hatch for your national soul. Going through this really made me reminisce about being in school because they did teach us a little bit. They didn't teach it. The really intricate things, but you'll see in a minute hold on so the boycott. The Montgomery bought busboy was a civil rights. Protests protests mind you. During which African Americans refused to ride, the city buses in Montgomery Alabama to to protests segregated seating. The boycott took place from December fifth. Nineteen fifty five to December twentieth, nineteen, fifty, six brought. They did it for an entire year while they boycotted the crap out of that Alabama. Montgomery Montgomery Alabama bus system for over a year. A mission and they had. They had a missing. It had a plan, and he had a leader and is regarded as the first large scale us a demonstration against segregation. That being very clear. The first large-scale youth immigration US demonstration against segregate south around the time of the got locked up bro four days before the boycott began Rosa Parks and african-american. Lemon, was arrested and fined for refusing to yield her seat to a white man. The, US Supreme Court ultimately ordered Montgomery to great. Is Bus System. And one of the leaders of the boycott, a young pastor named Martin Luther King Junior. Oh, him Yep emerged as a prominent leader in the American Civil Rights Movement. You want to know something funny was. Not Funny, but like interesting with interesting nine months before Rosa parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat. A fifteen year old woman will. I can call girl I. Fifteen year old girl named Claudette Coleman. was arrested no Montgomery for the same exact at now on a little history on that I don't know if I want to tell you whether or not. Oh No, I got it so. Is Your history that the city's black leaders prepare to protest until they discovered that coburn was pregnant and deemed it inappropriate as a symbol for their cause. We both say that all about the city. They says she was also too dark. Blue. Collar, ISM we'll talk about that one. So, Ladies and gentlemen. Those are just a few things. that. We like to briefly. Discuss concerning. Boycotts Oddly Enough America as a whole as a nation boy Cox. Countries other countries all the time. Ever anyone ever heard of Cuba. Yeah, we did, but then yeah, yeah, so so the blacklisting of Cuba. After, what was it? The Bay of Pigs wasn't. Four right hundred four pigs after that. Was a sixty eight or sixty. We have Google at our fingertips. Look that up. Correct me in a minute all right, so we had the Bay of Pigs in. Will. The US had a big issue with. Cuba. And my sixty one. Nineteen sixty one okay, and from that you have the blacklisting of Cuban of Cuba. No trade with Cuba was allowed. Until who who started sharing with Cuban again because. It was Obama It was President Barack Obama currently now. We don't trade with North Korea. Oh and other types of types of states that are ruled by. Dictator or such? Wait wait but. Like communism right. Yeah CEPA China. And Russia. The democracy so is it. That's what they say. They say okay now. I, WANNA say something about boycotts real quick. Professor of operations at Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania, Maurice Sweitzer. She says they. Very few boycotts have led to change. Most boycotts lack a sustained effort and people lose interest or stop paying attention. That's what he said now. She has what he said. He said. He also stays that in practice. Most boycott achieved more modest goal of attracting media attention. There are however hundreds of calls for boycotts each year and most accomplished very little, so the the Memphis bus boycott shows that with determination. Montgomery with. Determination and a leader. You can have a successful boycott. Oh. It was successful, but it came at the cost of a couple of things. My friend Ooh what did it cost? See about that. At the beginning say hold on, let me let me screw it up. Let me let me scroll up the Milan. That We try to give you the most professional show here on TV radio most professional show, but you know sometimes it happens. So the bus boycott, some meet with violent. Is reported on the history dot Com. West site. It was met with significant resistance in in even violence. While the buses themselves were integrated, they were integrated. There were more black bus drivers that were hired and but they still segregated the bus stops. Birmingham Montgomery maintained. Segregated bus stops snipers. Snipers began firing into buses, and once once shooter shattered both legs of a pregnant African American passenger. Hold on a second. Can I bring that to now? Real quick, well sombre. So black folks just wanted to ride the bus. Equally and we got shot at shot at for bus writing, yeah! This! No, no, no, we wanted to go to work and we got sniped at yet. Sure dead had the different bus stop. And every wondering why today we're having protest now I want to say this real quick, because if I don't say today, you'll never hear it again. Because I'll forget now. George Florida's is not a martyr. I'll say it like that. He's not. He is the straw that broke. The camel's back true. That's what George Floyd is sick and tired of seeing African American male disproportionately targeted. And killed by police officers and understand that I used to work disproportionate for a reason so back in the sixties, people were just trying to get to work, and we're getting sniped by white full didn't want to ride. The bus would a black person and yet today. We want well whoever they say. But I got to be more information. It's just it's just mind boggling. Go ahead I'm sorry I'm sorry. You good and I feel. I feel your rage. I feel your rates are. And here's why I feel his raising gentlemen. In one, thousand, nine, hundred, fifty seven. Black now mind you. Nine, hundred, Fifty, seven is a is a couple of months I'm sorry. In January nineteen, fifty seven was a couple of months after they ended the boycott that was last. That lasts for three hundred eighty one days. In January nineteen, Fifty, seven, four black churches and homes of prominent black leaders were bombed. A bomb at. Dr Martin Luther King's house was diffused on January. Thirty, one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, seven, the Montgomery police arrest seven bombers. All were the members of the Ku Klux Klan. A white supremacy groups. The arrest largely brought an end. To the bus related violence, what? So I. Mean I'm good at math. I mean I. Think good man if you have bus violence For protesting segregation and you subtract members of the Ku Klux. Klan The bus violence were reduces. Where they were they behind the bus, violence or two bombs? Or bombs. Thing yet and still we still wanted today while we're protesting. Hooking. No! No, no, we don't wonder. We don't wonder we don't wonder we understand, but some people wonder. Some people wonder why boycotts actually know what. People? Don't really wonder why boycotts happened. People understand that because boycotts can be by anybody. the boycott of. Chick-fil-a by the LGBT community. Also GonNa Chancellor, though because they are delicious, lgbt plus community excuse me. I. Don't know all the letters and after that, but you know I'm willing to learn for anyone who wants to inform me. And oddly enough. They were because the Christian based of food chain of CHICK-FIL-A. came out with a statement saying that they you know like they not a statement, but they basically understood it to be that because a Christian law. homosexuality anything of that nature. is wrong. That was on. We're having a debate of a homosexual marriage. Right I believe so. And when that happened. They stopped going to Chick-fil-a. Now since then I don't know. I don't know what the current status of that boycott is, but I do know that. After the Florida massacre the shooting massacre was in Florida all the patrons of of that that nightclub that was shot up that were waiting to be seen and waiting to make statements that next morning. A chick-fil-a ordered their their local. Restaurant to feed everyone that was outside Now Mind you. The issue behind that was that. That that nightclub shot was known to be a gay nightclub. Frequented and known to be like I said a gay nightclub and I think the shooter was even on a day to which doesn't really do a lot, but. It says something to. The progressiveness of the situation and I can get on my soapbox for real quick. You gotTA soapbox. Okay so here in America! We have a lot of people say this is a Christian nation correct. Yeah Yeah officially unofficially, it is the dominating religion within America, so a lot of people proclaimed at America the Christian nation, and yet still we're having a debate over the color of someone's skin in the disproportionate arrest and jailing of African Americans in a nation where a corporation who has strong Christian values understands. That there are people who are different. Correct Creek. And what that difference comes chain, so chick-fil-a changed his staff and helped the people in Orlando during that nighttime shooting. Right Michael not here, so why why the people of America who claim to be Christian and have strong Christian values revert to name calling on social media, and and depicting the way George Floyd died on social media. If you are such a strong Christian, you noticed you know and understand that teaching the Jesus Christ so with that comes compassion. Can having a priest to people about is met. Now you? You're right. You're right I. mean the history of America's shows that there are people who understand. That understanding comes change. But why do we have people who lack understanding? Because they lack. The mindedness to realize that the world becomes different once they leave their own personal bubble now let's bring this full so boycotts right? Yeah! person or the people or the group leaves the company costing the company money, correct So, what does the company do? They tried to change their behavior, so that money comes back. Like I said last show and a table green green dollar bill y'all money rusel world money does money does an influence a lot it does does rule the world the influence of it. Now Okay I got. Let me jump on. I'm down so. Real quick. And I I said this before on shows, even this one folks, money is not the root of all evil. No money is a tool. Money is a hammer. which nail do you want to hammer in today, Money can make great things can grow. Things can can can stop. Things can destroy things. Money can can can grow a forest or tear down the forest. But, it's not it doesn't. It doesn't own a specific emotion note, it doesn't own specific purpose. It is a tool and for that tool. People have done great things. I mean look at the monument. That costs money. Look at the Nice clothes. Some people wear that costs money and then they do bad things like look at the assassinations that were paid for. hoops. I didn't say which wants Mr FBI agent that was grown man. Not Marquis David Daggett. Just saying. I didn't say with whose money for what action was paid although the CIA. Agent this is marquee. Again. Shut up. All the CIA did admit to a the planning of the assassination of Martin Luther King. That's that's on public record they they admitted to that. Also own public record that was grown man got. Anyway so I mean. Let's just say we're closing right now, but I just wanted to give people a little bit of A. I don't know some help. So march seventeen, ninety, seven, sixty nine Philadelphia merchant the first congressional. Congress start to boycott and Great Britain. Opposition of colonial taxation without representation. Let's see the skipping a few because there's a lot to be honest, yes. Nineteen. o four to nineteen, hundred six China boycotts united with a China Exclusion Act of nineteen O, two and exclusion to original rights of eighteen, eighty, two Chinese exclusion that. This is not very specific at that particular moment button. Let's see March nineteen, thirty-three, American Jewish Congress international critics of Nazism Boycott Nazi Germany for the antisemitism in Nazi, Germany. Nazi. Germany boycotts German Jews. You could say that. No, but that's how it's written. Well, you okay, so let's give a little history lesson Roy. Okay so right before March April. That was the funny part. Yeah, so so Hiller you know. What's his name? the second one gurgles. Gurgles those. Who say you know, 'cause Gerber hated Jews grumbles was really passionate about hating Jews even smut Moore's Morrison Soden Hitler. But girls whose like if we financially strained the Jews. They'll just leave right. So that's what they did. When they boycotted the Jews in Germany. Just somebody wanted to know I. Love World War Two so. You Love World War Two. Yes, it's a fascinating study on human psychology. Okay Mr Shah, FBI. That's marquee. Davis has approximately thirteen children. He lives in. Georgia From Alabama War who is a fascinating study on human psychology, and how it can evolve so quickly. And it is so as also feth any study on how you repeat his. Learn from History Napoleon. Try the same thing with Russia. During his Napoleonic wars and got the feet at both Times Hillary try everything Napoleon did. You know. Installing Greg in trying to push through solid. Yeah, so same thing and got the. soulmate in World War Two with. You. You! WanNa well you WanNa talk about in another show how? Afghanistan has been like the melting pot of people attempting to conquer it for over. Three or four hundred years about think about. A Afghanistan strategic point. Yeah, the mountains. That's why that's why. Impassable Mountains. That's why everybody wanted the guerilla warfare mountains anyway. To we could go on all day about that, we're GONNA keep on boycotting real quick. We did talk about. What we didn't talk about was God be? Independent movement boycotting the British Raj for the for desire economic independence for India okay. Let's see African Americans for various people. They say various if we didn't know who it was. Very he's just saying United States African Americans against the United States Racial Segregation United States. Nineteen, fifty five to nineteen, sixty eight actually needs to change that it's still happening. Let's see you various. O, l nine, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, three to one, thousand, nine, hundred five. Well. LGBT community against coors brewing company the Anti lgbt hiring practices. What cores love course? Yeah, yeah, that's right. Oh nineteen, eighty, nine, nine, hundred, Ninety, eight, the rainforests. At work against Mitsubishi for the rainforest destruction through. Four SRI activities Mitsubishi meets to be she. Trees for. To build their plants. To make cars. So deforestation. Okay, ooh, here's a horrible yet. Good one was down nineteen, ninety, two, two thousand. Andrew Bet I can't pronounce that name but Andrew Rich against Thailand. Thailand with the prostitution of children in Thailand. Don't buy tie was his. This is was the was the actual like boycott. Did you know that one thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, six to two thousand and three American gun owners boycott. It's a coat, Smith and Wesson, because the because of the Swift Smith the Smith and Wesson cooperation with Bill Clinton's gun control efforts wile. Yeah. The Esso Exxon Mobil boycott from the Green Priests, friends and earth implant it. The. Oil does that the oil spill yet? No, that wasn't. That was s goes climate, change, denial and lack of investment into a renewable energy source. Okay they did a whole bunch of stuff. They actually took patents for they bought up patents for vehicles that would burn clean fuel like I. think There's a patent out there for a vehicle that will run off water. Then they bought it so. They bought US and no one can make it. That's direct. Money route. Two thousand. Three US conservatives against various celebrities before their celebrity opposition of two thousand three invasion of Iraq. It was called Fire Hollywood. Golly I love America. We can boycott anything and we just about because his legal. To Watch. We'll be Goldberg movie with even though she had to put out a movie nineteen ninety four. Am I gonNa Watch view. Our wants to view the scarlet boycott. So German labor unions and two thousand eight against Nokia. For Nokia's closing of German plant. Okay. Stonewall who. More Information on Oh stonewall is a lesbian gay bisexual transgender rights charity in the United States United Kingdom in the United Kingdom named after the sixteen nineteen sixty nine stonewall riots of New York City Greenwich Village. Another riot another riot it is the largest LGBT community lgbt rights organization in your, and was formed in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, nine by political activists and other lobbying against the section. So they boycotted hinds catch. Catch. These boycotted Heinz Ketchup for pulling the commercial featuring two men kissing. while. Well what the seventies right? Yeah! Everybody was everybody in seventy seventies. I mean, but no no, but the boycott actually happened in two thousand eight. Oh okay. Oh, who? Are still the spill that you're talking about was various various people. Be. In two thousand eight, everybody was kissing everybody. Two thousand eight everybody was just nearby anyway. I mean an owner. Anyway. Two, thousand ten BP was boycotted for the Deepwater Horizon Spill, the reactions to the deep horizon oil spill public public Excuse me arrest. It was horrible. The the oil spill killed in destroy thousands upon thousands upon thousands of area. Of the ocean. And it's very inhabitants. Various people boycotted Arizona. For Racial profiling laws Yeah Yeah. Let's see. Oh! Two Thousand and nineteen residents of Louisiana boycotted the NFL CBS sports. Negligence in rule enforcement. That kept the New Orleans Saints Out of the Super Bowl. Off from Georgia so we have plenty of coverage on that situation Oh, my gosh did it was so sad. How you guys boycott the NFL because they got one play wrong. Okay, cool! We're a boycott. Your team didn't lose the Super Bowl Twenty eight to three. You know what I'm saying. That's forever as an everyone's mind. Twenty three and you guys want to complain about a missed. frigging pass interference call. Let's you boycott it and now. That's what the rule is gone. remember last year. They had the rule. It would review it, but this year is just completely gone. Sports Fan I'm telling you. Actually though I'm looking at the current boycotts that are going on. The LGBTQ community has a lot of boycotts out there. Little Lot of boycotts listen to Lgbtq community had a lot of hills to climb. Yeah. That's the first point you know, and and in order to get that equality have to start trying to change people's minds about who they are just like black people had to do. Now listen to this when they repeal. Don't ask, don't tell our. Conference Room and they read it out and repelled at blue questions. We have one soldier black guy stood up, and he asked what about when we have a mandatory fund, and they come in here, dressed up like addresses stuff and I don't want my kids to see that, so I stood up and I said listen here, man. If, they dress it in dresses now going to dress and dresses tomorrow. So, stop being homophobic. Second understand. This is your battle. Buddy, your left knee, right? They got your back no matter what. Whether they not, they got your back. So when you out there shooting or getting shot at you understand somebody that you trust US behind you to help you now whether or not, he's fucking Jim Malaria Harry. Potter could remember artillery. We're all militarism, so everybody with a he. Got To make that clear because artillery's now integrated? You know so it's like the Lgbtq community had the large long-held climb, and so if they continue these boycotts, hopefully they work, and people will understand. It doesn't matter WHO's having sex with WHO as long as they can do the job. Right. As Dan Right. And doesn't matter who. Know Nobody's business. Nobody's business unless you put it on porn hub. And even then it's still not nobody's business unless you click the link. To say, you got to see I mean you don't have to, but if bo put up some porno porn hub, you would. Save God Bow. Got Us Bo you'd be like. I. Like it laughable, or you're going to be like Oh. Wow, oh nine! Never knew no, even if you never knew you're still going to laugh like. It's be. Pretty much so so in today's news at least recently because it seems like every time there's a protests. There are a couple of celebrities. Come out and say let's boycott to. outshoot are. Marquee, said a couple of minutes ago that the only reason. Boycotts work is their longevity. They're focused. focused. Ability to remain relevant and leadership so recently or say. Recently. Within the last few years, Blackout Day has been launched. In blackout as originally was mark, six, two, thousand, fifteen and again on December twenty, first, two, thousand fifteen and was scheduled. on. Schedule blackout was just past June seventh. Two Thousand and twenty two, so so it was the blackout that we just run around and say redacted all day, not not at all, so the rapper ti also known as Clifford hairs. He's going to really not be happy if I. Just say his whole name, but I don't care. And Active Shaun. King called for a July sorry July seventh. Blackout Day the blackout is when no african-american or supporter of African American Civil Rights spins money in. At all! Why don't they just make it June team? I mean they could. Then they're going to have a cookout. You know what I'm GonNa. Throw a wrench in this whole idea so fast, but I'm not. Because I support it. Even, though African Americans only. Make compromised around thirteen percent of population here in America I'm pretty sure if I lived up, does statistics it'll be a large percentage of the population of African American. That's spin money. Reason yeah. We're the third largest spinning. Demographic. The first is Asians. They've got a lot of money money, but I think the the the boycott. The blackout day is a boycott. ME, personally I, do support that idea. I do not support it being for one day. I. I would much rather see in organized. Force organized plan to not only blackout on spending on normal activities, but also push harder to spend on black owned activities why to improve that that economic region and people say well. That sounds racist. No this discriminatory. We've talked about this before I go to target rather than Walmart. NECES-. Criminal Ori Actually use ice cream. That is a strawberry flavored Bonilla discriminatory. That's shut up, dude. If I choose one hundred and ten proof rum. Over whiskey. That's discriminatory, but it's still going to give me where I need to go, so if one a little faster ones probably going to ask, you're right. So like I mean, and that's just. That's just a way to make that stick I mean. The the the boycott lasted for three hundred eighty one days in the Montgomery of the Montgomery bus department. They call it. Mia or something like that. I can remember what the whole thing was, but the Montgomery that company. Of buses. Wing completely bankrupt. It's like I. Just want people to understand that boycotts do work if you have a long sustained base. That's it. You have three hundred three hundred eighty four days on that. Yeah, I mean think about what the American just went through with Kobe nineteen. That could technically be a boycott if you had it. If it turned into a political thing now we all went back to work and we started working again, but we just decided that. Because let's Pick A. let's pick a random a random. CHAIN COMPANY PICK A random Shane Company. McDonald's. If we said to ourselves McDonald's treated their. Employees horribly throughout Colbert nineteen. And then continued to boycott more just started boycott at the end of Kobe one, thousand, nine hundred. We began to boycott. McDonald's this is this is for instance. This is an example Then McDonald's literally go bankrupt. Yeah, a lot of companies have during this. JC Penney has called on a lot of stores because. As his heart Marriott hurt AMC hurt twice. We talk about them. Mark Davis is bank account hurt. was that was that covert. Over nineteen related because these. You. You got a stimulus shape brother. You did did anyway. Eastman own food remember. got. Your thirteen children just set. This just talked about so I mean like diyer. This is a this has been. Suggested that talk about boycotts, let's see Marquee. Are you boycott it before? Pretty much nothing I've never been a boycott her. Just like no, no nothing that a company has ever done has led me to believe they would ever go out of business because some people said, let's boycott them not in today's current economy, you know well not today today, but back in two thousand, and like Tim's current economy The whole thing well people were saying. Let's boycott them and Mike why you know. What you guys shouldn't have, said it. You know, but then again they have those sandwiches so man. Wait a minute. Wait wait wait a so is your is your allowance to people. Being overtly in unjustly discriminatory, simply based on the fact that they have delicious food. No because First Amendment I'm a constitutionalist remember so. Has the right to say that and LGBTQ. Immunity has the right to say that as well I have the right to eat delicious sandwiches and also be supportive of the. Community. I'll be. Let's look at okay. Let's bring you right here. You look at our current situation, right? Away with with the law matters movement, and you know that whole thing that's going on right now. Right that whole thing. I want to make general idea and I WANNA. Make a general reason. Okay, okay I'm good. Go ahead, so would that generalization right? You have people who would never ever think of supporting it right right? Who support it right, but no have to go back to their racist friends and try to persuade them right possibly don't have to get, but they now. They know you understand what I'm saying. I remember I. Keep telling I keep writing everywhere. If you teach one, then hopefully, they'll go and spread the word like like damn and Eric you know they'll go spread the word. Yeah! They killed them, didn't it? Yeah, well, you know sometimes you have to. Do you know gotta you gotTa do? You gotTA crack a couple of eggs dominant, but that's why I wanted to make general that because you have those on the outskirts who are generally like. Concerned, not fully invested, but are researching or arm listening right Yep. Yeah, then they have to go back to the environment where they came from whether it be a racist one. Quiet races one. They have to go back to that. They make address it. Happens racist or quiet racist. Okay you. You saw me okay you. Laughing I. Keep telling. I'm trying to use general terms here so that way. We don't get any more mean nasty emails. Like like real talk we got. WE GOT ONE ONE BUBBLE O. That guy. He he he, he is also I'm glad he wrote us. I am too actually because he got us on a good topic that we'll have another show on, but. It was it was a fascinating read to see that viewpoint on spread in those words, Yeah Yeah. Yeah. Smearing. poop on walk and with that I am Marquis Davis. Outgrow man, and you have been listening to true information.

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HITM 10th Anniversary and a COVID Pony and Farm for Nov 2, 2020 by Kemin Equine

"Is horse radio network four horses in the mall. You're listening to the number one horse podcast in the world. Here's your entertaining. Look at the horse world and the people in it Good morning everybody. I am glenda geek in ocala florida. And i'm jamie jennings in norman oklahoma. You're listening to horses in the morning on the horse. Radio network for november second episode twenty five forty-seven brought to you by kevin coyne. Good morning people know opening music this morning because i'm just going to say happy anniversary. Oh oh my god dude. Are you kidding me. Yesterday was ten years. Yesterday was ten years and are you impressed. That one of us actually remembered this year. I am impressed. I think i would have eventually beat me to it. You're you know an early toes wire remembered and the only reason i remembered my current adult state. Facebook memory exactly brought up the one from three years ago so rav our seventh year anniversary went payment. It's november first so we started the show november first of twenty twenty and ten years into this now. Yeah that's crazy. And i don't know that i'd still be doing if you weren't one. Still so congratulations to me. Yes i've never had a radio that lasted over two years. Because that's the link of contracts in radio my friends and that's how life is and i have held the job for ten years. Are you kidding me. Got fired yet. Anything really piss you off. Oh my god what is going on who am. I don't even know we've only got mad at each other a couple times a year and it's been stupid little stuff just like being married so see. I don't remember what they were either. It's just little stuff but yeah we've done twenty five hundred fifty episodes ironic that are today. I think our episode numbers actually wrong. I think it's twenty five to fifty today. Six thousand guests fifty thousand plus and prizes. We've given well. Their podcast is giving away fifty thousand dollars in prizes. None one they gave away a ferrari. Yes actually. I don't know that one. But i was trying to think of war joe rogan's thousands of really bad adds to way too many to even count tons of question first world problems and it's been seventeen hundred and eighty five hours of programming number of ads. God how many ads if we've done at a time because we had sponsors from the beginning so unlike most podcasts. That only get them two or three years in. Yeah now i mean i. I'm so frustrated with the world podcasting right now because i actually just recently started listening to podcasts like plague within the last year and i'm so frustrated with how many disappear well you get really into something and then they're gone and they don't tell you anything they just come back and then they never ever come going back. Number is still. I read this just the other day. The numbers still eighty five percent of podcast that starter done within six months. They stay pat plate where it's called pod fading an official term for that and it's done within six months. What is it called when the podcast bigger and bigger and bigger like if pods trading is disappearing is like pod crescendo. Couple of come up with a couple of dirty things. But i'm not gonna tell us today. We're gonna talk about this. We got a bunch of auditor questions about the show and Things about the show that we're going to answer and our first half hour here but what's coming up later in the show you don't happened to do today is i'm gonna try to see if i can get fired. Cool way i feel right now. That wouldn't be hard so yeah you probably just ignore everything today. We are going to answer listener questions about the show. We've been searching out trying to find auditors listeners that have bought kobe ponies or covid horses and today caroline but a covid pony and a code farm. Yeah equestrian first world problems and deanne for moore's nation is gonna come in and talk about some stories so That's coming up. Thank you very much. I'm going to ask you a favor today. And i'll explain why in a second i'm gonna ask you to do my daily winnie birthdays for me today. But i'll play it here to play pat. Okay go. I do apologize to all the people whose names i pronounce correctly. Because i know you're expecting metering says long income come up at brennan. Dns that's good. That's perfect my. I can't even say michaela wrong. Michaela wiebe web mckinsey jabali corny do and the designer of our terrifically goes sherry would new auditors era smith. Jill johnny raised pledges andrea mccullough. Zanice tracy liguori lisa nilsson. Alex hamilton and vicky rucker does not help. Glenn spelled some of these wrong. It took me a minute. Sorry i thank you. I appreciate the help today. You know what glen this show just continues to cause me trouble and i'll tell you why because we get people on and they're interviewed and then i learned things and now i'm addicted to certain things. You recall last week. When i talked about the internet horse auction the sport horse auction where i might have had a little too much drink and got overly competitive and bid on a horse in north carolina. The last was wednesday. We were last on and you were at thirteen hundred dollars. I remember that. I don't remember anything else. But you are thirteen hundred dollars. Where the winning bidder at that point and at that point. I'm like what the next morning. I woke up and i was like i kinda liked him. I mean obviously. I did but i was thinking. You know it's gonna cost me two thousand dollars to ship and all of a sudden basically anyway. The math was not working out in my brain. And i was really regretting it and i would like to say. Congratulations to the winning bidder. I did not end up buying the horse so that was fantastic. Yeah got outbid. He ended up one for like thirty five hundred bucks or something. Oh wow so you got way up. It's even have to feel bad. No no it's fine so somebody's pays that much going to give him a nice home And then unfortunately i found that there was the thoroughbred sport who auctions that had just started. Okay it's the november mixed sale for thoroughbreds. So i was like all i have to look part of my job. I've been up since four. Glenn i this is what i knew riposting on facebook and i looked at the time and i said it's got to be four o'clock her. Yeah it was. I know i was. I was up. So here's the thing. I started looking through these horses that are online and the i like. Twenty of them are in oklahoma. And i thought well i can't just not go look so i sent him an email and he's like yeah. Come on now. no problem so. Abby drove two and a half hours one way to go look at all these thoroughbreds and he had a bunch of like two three four year. Old geldings even five year old gelding. I think and so we went there. Oh my gosh this place. I would imagine thirty. Twenty five years ago was hip hop happen and man because like it had this huge covered arena stalls all around the edges. The indoor and you could see there was like bleachers on the side and this place used to be but it is not anymore and it is really worn down. And there's just a couple cowboys at work there. And unlike what he's like. I just don't have time because i was like. Why are you selling are your horses in innocuous. Look around. Look how many horses i have. He goes by the time. I get done feeding and i go lunch time to come on feet again. I can't get anything done. I can't find any help. So i'm putting all the worst on the auction. Like any put like fifteen up but there was probably abby. How many horses do you think yeah. Hundreds she said hundreds if you look like a feed lot so he had brought up the gelding's you know. Brush them a little bit and we took each one down to the round pen sort of they didn't even lead glenn we're talking four and five year old three two three four five zero. He can't i mean he's like. I just i can't do it. I can't get it done. I guess it was his dad's place and they're just trying to keep their head above water. This was the nicest gentlest category of man. I mean he was so impressive and i just felt so sorry for the situation that he had got himself in or found himself in depending on. I didn't get into the details of the family But i started looking around. And i'm like these. Horses are wild as dear and you know the thing is. They're incredibly well bred. There's a couple babies that are by Who was who was it. Abby ridiculously well bred ap. Andy grandsons was. Yeah indy express was the sire and his dad was ap. Andy said there's like a bunch of ap and debate grandsons there That i looked at granddaughters and they're auctioning all of them off and they're all going for like seven hundred fifty dollars. But i just thought. I can't i can't feasibly take one of these horses because they don't lead their basically feral at this point. You know at this point wild mustangs and just the amount of time and money that it would take to invest in getting these horses trained to sport. Horses would be just insane and daniel. I can't quit thinking of one of them. And i'm like losing sleep over this one particular horse that i saw and i'm not telling you the name because you'll go bid on eminence stealing away me and i'm trying not. He doesn't have any bids. And i'm trying to get him to be not bid on so then i can go get him but yeah you can justify you pay five hundred dollars or two hundred and fifty dollars. I'm thinking you unless numbers. I'll take this one. He's i mean they are wild gland and this was the wildest one of course of course confirmation hot but then you know the wildest one should end up with somebody knows what to do with him. He said he was like he was like. I hope these horses go to women. Women are just so much more gentle with horses and i re- and he was just like you roll up to a place like that in the middle of nowhere oklahoma. And you expect some misogynistic cowboy jerk face you know and like he was delightful her just delightful and and out super realistic about what was going on at his facility. Unfortunately i did look at some other horses. And he's not super realistic about the prices of other ones because there is a little grey filly. i really liked and there was a yearling. That was amazing. And he still has racehorse. There's racehorse prices. And then there's non racehorse in training prices and not in training prices and horses once once they're retired and they're done they have a different value. And oh my god. Please don't breed anymore. Like i mean the two that i liked were mayors. And he's like oh maybe i'll just breed them no stop it. Stop it anyway. You can find all those horses on internet horse. Auctions dot com. And i'm going to. I am so angry with jennifer for initially booking. Tim jennings on this show to talk about the Pony auction because now they're having another pontiac. Auctions flynn she could take folks well in. You're not gonna tell us the name were you the one of the one i know because yes no bids and there's a lot of them that have chad's away right now so there we go. That's is chad. It's back to where he's flying. So i don't have to if i brought him a dog or a cat or a goat. We would have a problem. But if i brought him a horse he's pretty good at finding homes. Well let's let's get to tomato. Bursary stuff i. I wanted to apologize for. No show friday. That was kind of unexpected. I ended up back in the hospital for a bunch of tests and they finally figured out. What's wrong with me. So and they found out they found. Wendy had the best comment on this by the way they found out. I have an infection and also diverticulitis. Which i didn't know anything about but apparently it's very painful so i know a lot about that now but the hand infection. Kind of near where my surgery was and i pus- filled infection. Which i've been waiting to say all weekend because you people put me through torture on this show talking crap so yes. I had a positive action which i did. Send the pictures to jamie so that she would see it. Pictures are didn't happen. Glenn plus filled diverticulitis. See that you see that picture. There was there. There was evidence has jennifer. Wouldn't even look jennifer. I deal with. Every horse affliction. There isn't even look. It's totally different. Glenn i actually hit it as soon as i thought that's enough i kinda didn't wanna see it either but he shoves come out of the anesthesia and says here's what you got going on. So basically i was like four or five days away from septic systems so and from what i hear about that. That ain't good Never ends well. I'm glad they caught it on two kinds of antibiotics now. I started two days ago. I would like to say i'm better but i had the most miserable night i've ever had last night So hopefully i. I would say i'm a little bit better. I'm getting better. i can eat again with. But i'm on. I'm not on narcotics anymore. Much tylenol. But i can't be without my tylenol all the time But down from narcotics the tylenol. I would say. I'm probably better right. And now i just had my blood pressure. Blood pressure was so low. When i went in to get anesthesia they wouldn't do it I was Ninety over sixty and they gave me two bags of fluid and then they they were able to do it but So i'm trying to get that up and get healthy again but let reading those names when the heaven. So thank you for covering me. They're gonna try and do the shows. We're gonna try and get a weekend here but That's why we couldn't do friday. And i do apologize But we have some listener questions and hopefully we can get through some of these that we don't get through We will do in the post show for the auditor's The questions that were put to us about our show over the years way dance. Our anniversary thought that'd be fun. Chantelle said what made you wanna do a live show. Well jamie dunlop shows. You were always doing live shows because we were real radio. That's the only show you did was live shows and that was before the day when you in radio. They're actually putting about recorded they were just live your life. You were done right. We had a seven second delay. Glenn to cut can catch and actually only started about four five years in to my radio career once. Fcc upped the fines for swearing so second. Step seven second delay. Yeah i mean it was like half a million dollars or something ridiculous. So i you know i did stable scoop. I and had been doing that for a couple of years. We started the eventing show so we had a number. I'd the two thousand ten radio show. I had done The wag show for the wagon. Kentucky with samantha. Before i ever met you actually. And before i ever did a live show so i was doing stable scoop in the two thousand ten show. An increase was doing a couple of the other shows so we had like five shows going in the first two years she who shall not be and i just always wanted to do a live show. I always wanted to do a live morning. Radio show but i didn't wanna go through the hassle of going and trying to get a show on radio which was extremely difficult and you start out in the smallest markets and do all of that and i didn't know what the hell even talk about. Well if you. I used to work at star ninety four on saturday mornings. I also did the six to ten. Am that was like my training for being a dj and across the hall at six. Am six sports. Talk seven ninety zone. K which i think if you were outside the building you couldn't hear it took so sad that two thousand transmitter. Instead of the fifty thousand watt transmitter. And so i used to always watch who from my window. I could see in the window of the studio. The sports talk studio and watch bob in the rodman home show saturday mornings on sports. Talk seven nine hundred zone. And bob and the rodman were like turned into grandpa's for me. Oh my god. I loved them but it was great. I was either every every saturday morning at six. Am bob and the rodman. Bob would make coffee was it. What do you want me to tell you what i thought is that all he did on the show he made coffee and that was it. I know what they talked about home. Improvement stopped across the hall playing pop music. Well i always wanted to seventy two degrees in atlanta watch out. We get a drastic or a red alert on 85-southbound five southbound mcmurray curve okay. That's what they did by the way. Here's think so. I wanted to do a live show. I always wanted to do a live show. And i wanted to do a daily show which was crazy back. Then because technology was not there One way we could do it and that was blog talk radio and the only way we could do a daily show back then. There just wasn't technology for it So i just wanted to do it well. I finally got it in my mind that i wanted to do live show to because i was still doing the show and that was going to be intensive coverage and it was so it was fun to do So when i knew. I want the planet after wagon. It was actually started right after way. But i'd been planning it for six months. And i knew we had to have sponsors to start it because it was going to be expensive. Just the technology was going to cost us. You know a lot more than the other shows were costing the recorded just so that's when we started researching and finding jamie and we told that show just story just recently so we will go through that again but oh no one second glenn. If you're caller number twenty five to four zero four seven four one nine thousand four hundred you will get two tickets to the world. Equestrian centers. Good last so we. We did the interview process and got jamie in there and we started the show november. First of Twenty ten but that's It was crazy to start one then because there wasn't a lot of them and daily was crazy because it was a lot of work. Jennifer was still not working fulltime with me here so it was you know it was pretty much doing all the work back. Then we didn't have a staff Some just a minute. We're going to sit down with gavin. Ross dale and also here a little bit about gwen stefani and her weekend shopping at the perimeter square mall well and i have a special treat for everybody tomorrow. Jamie's going to hate me for this coming up that golf so special treat tomorrow. We had four people that auditions for this show to be honest to kind of knew who was getting higher but i told the others that they had a shot so i had them do an episode of stable so they had the book the gas they had to do the interviews. I co hosted. I think i wear back and actually found sound from that episode This would have been back in october of two thousand ten. It was an episode of stable scoop. That jamie and i did together. You set up the guests and we're gonna play that for everybody tomorrow. It's basically jamie's audition tape minus one interview. Because i i screwed up Todd pletcher interview that you lost idle legit book todd pletcher. He thought he was coming on. Hr in which horse racing radio network zoos on hr in radio network and did the whole interview with me and At the it was about five minutes he was in his truck. Remember it was it was remember. I haven't heard it in ten years glenn or you're not gonna hear tomorrow because i lost it. Technology was different than we didn't have all the bells and whistles. We do now so yeah. We're we're gonna play that. You're gonna hear jamie's audition tape tomorrow. And i guarantee you ninety nine point nine percent of you haven't heard it so that'll be tomorrow sources in the morning. Listen then have you got clips from old episodes. Yeah you can go back and listen to all ten years you go back and listen to horses in the morning. Dot com twit blog. Talk because that balas salvio years ago. I think it's been almost five years since we that was expensive to it was expensive to do blood talk and it was the worst and basically it sounds like we're like am dial and you're on the outer fringes of the listening area exactly and people would say. What do you do for living. I'd say i'm in between jobs. Because i didn't want to tell anybody saying i'm illicit. It wasn't us. We'd good mike so we use them. They were terrible but it was the only way we could do it when we went from the inside story when we went from blog talk. I had one computer To do blog talk radio. And when we when i finally figured out how we could do it ourselves and found all the pieces. I had four computers to do the same thing all tied together through a very large mixer. And i paid hundreds of dollars to get people to help you figure out we call you glenn the so it was it was a transition but it ended up being cheaper For all of our expenses for doing the show then it was when we were in both blog. Talk blog talk was awesome like four hundred dollars a month for that crappy sound And but you know. I had to go out and do make an investment. We had to make an investment but the technology just wasn't caught up. It's one we found call in studio and some of the other things Our live feed and all of that was became available at that time that we could start doing live and that was never available before so out. Sally asked how much financial investment was at i. It was a lot. This is the most expensive show we had however we had sponsors from the beginning and those sponsors took a chance. I mean i think our first episode we may be headed thousand downloads. I would like to personally think. Jean company for spending time with us during the holiday season given away some fatima. We think go back and rejoined an thank kentucky performance products in a mega alpha coin. Because they were they were are too. Yeah they were back on track back and translates back into the very beginning. Jayme company for those who've listened to radio at all get the fact that the shane company is the number. One radio advertiser there is. Hey shane company that good. So our ally we actually had a little bit at the beginning But without those sponsors we wouldn't have been able to do. The show was expensive. It took me a minute to figure. Our i mean return on investment yes. I'm actually not sure it's still ever had one but we'll we'll We'll go with that. Sally said how did you mark the show too. I get noticed. Well we did have two years. We had multiple shows on the network so we did have listeners. This would have been tough to do. Had we started from scratch. If we insane. I remember how excited we were when finally we got a hundred listeners. And you know. I just looked back at her first episode. Most of the records are gone because we switched providers and everything. And i can't get the block talk anymore so i think we had about two thousand downloads. Total tour first episode two thousand people that never checked back in it was it was. It was stuff tough in the beginning but we did. We did have listeners from the show and from stable scoops so a lot of them came over. So i wouldn't. I wouldn't have done this had not we had. We not had some listeners at the beginning and none of the sponsors would either. Let's be honest. They wanted on it either When you decided to take a leap and begin the show. Did you just jump pretty much Did you even care if it was successful. Yes we did. I would say we cared from the beginning if successful or not. Because i had sponsors you will you had sponsors but also the fact that we were just trying to put a good product was the first and we just figured people would come along eventually was still true and podcasting. You still need to just put out good content for people to show up at still true but your rights and consistent and the sound has to be good. But we didn't worry about. It wasn't immediately like oh my god we got it please. Because omega alpha back on track and kentucky performance products were along for the ride and they were they were also proud to be at the beginning they wanted to be at the beginning of something got especially now that about kentucky forums products. They were excited. And and so was mega alpha. You know he was so excited. Dr chang was so excited to be at the beginning of something So you know. I did a good sales job there. I guess But also jamie and i spent probably what a month total that time you came to visit and then we. We had a lot of conversations about where we wanted to show to go with the content was going to be so. It wasn't one that we went in that it wasn't planned We did have quite a bit of planning to where we wanted to show to be in what we wanted. The content to be Now it's changed over the years like any show does. It's it's definitely changed over. Definitely had to make some adjustments because the rules for a talk. Podcast are very different than when you have thirty. Seven seconds talk in between song. Yeah exactly do you remember. Somebody brought this up. And what am i post over the weekend. The wheel of trivia god. I don't know whatever happened to the wheel. I don't even know where it is anymore. I we jennifer. And i were talking about last night. We couldn't even remember quite what we did with the wheel but we used it for a couple of years and it was something that we we did the trivia contest and we. I don't know where the prizes on the wheel with idol remember but we actually had a wheel and we'd spin the wheel the wheel of trivia. God there's one forgot about. Yeah do know that we used to give the phone number of people call in for live. Nobody who recall. What did he say. The ratio was for callers to number of listeners. Radio it was a ridiculous number. If one calls in one call. I think for every one hundred people listening. I think from what i heard that might even be. I heard one at a thousand at it but you know it might be somewhere between that number but it's ridiculous like at one three one two three hundred. I think i can't remember. I'll have to look that up. Yeah and talk radio. Was you know talk. Radio had been around a while when we came on. You know rush. Had you know was still the mega star. He is Rush was really the one that i think led the way in serious talk radio than the sports guys but He he's the one that really may disagree. He made it big He he made the most money doing it. Howard stern did well. Yeah and howard. Stern those two probably. Yeah you're right. Those two they were both making hundreds of millions. Just like us. It's so weird. I like iraq like rosie said or was it amazing fund and the ability to do what you love enough well that was amazing fund and yes we we were doing what we loved and somebody asked me why horses. Why did i pick courses to talk about when i first started. I didn't have anything else. I knew anything about so. I mean i was really know that much about that. You just knew how to be has been. I knew how to be oversaw. And i knew how to ask questions. I knew how to interview right. So i didn't know that. I had improv training for ten years and surrounding yourself with good people and let's not forget i'd worked in the horse industry for a long time so we had our own tax shop and then we'll be sold that i worked in. I worked as a consultant for other large companies other large retailers for years. So i knew tac tac inside now. All the products were four So i was in the horse industry. And i had connections for potential sponsors because i had been in that world so i think that was part of it too. You know so. That's why i picked horses. I actually honestly thought. I'd get bored talking about horses. Lake chad said. What are you talk about after two. That was a horse husband so my interest in horses was very on the outer fringe I and we said this from the beginning to and then we'll have to go under our next guest But i am interested in horse. People jamie is interested in horses so we made a good combination that way Because i really like horse. People jamie really likes dealing with horses so the two of us. It makes a good show and she asked questions. I don't know to ask. And i ask questions that she wouldn't think to ask so i think that don't you agree with that. I think that's part of what's made it. I'd go with that. Go with that. Because i love it we have would have. It's the vet wednesday the medical segment you bill. You got it can trigger. I would like to talk about ovarian cyst broodmares. And i'm like tuned out and then i come in at the end of the conversation. They ask you bet about which party. They went to at the conference so that. That's that's where i contribute but yeah all right. Let's talk about one of our terrific sponsors. Kevin coyne are right well. Excuse me. here's the least surprising statistic. You'll hear all day. According to an annual gallup poll americans are among the most stressed people on the planet surprise. But this may comes the not me but this may come as a surprise. Your horse gets stressed out too. It's true every horse experiences stress caused by things like exercise environmental conditions like the weather or their everyday surroundings travel causes stress just like human and even simple diet changes all of these variables contribute to the stress levels of your horse and this might also come. As a surprise you can help reduce the negative impacts of stress by feeding your horse chromium every day by lowering levels of the stress hormone cortisol and optimizing energy use feeding chromium results in improved by the upkeep health performance and overall wellbeing. But this part is important. Don't just feed any chromium feature horsey only fda reviewed source of chromium proportionate in the market. Today can trace chromium from kevin ask for it by name and stress less learn more about chemtrails chromium at and dot com slash chromium e. q. All right very good what. We thought it would be fun to get a listener on today because after all it is our anniversary. It's all about you guys. If it wasn't for you guys. We wouldn't be having an anniversary so we're gonna get one of our listeners. On and well. I dial her up. Tell us who's coming up. Okay we are going to talk to caroline o'hare who invested in a new pony but needed a new farm to go with it so we're going to find out a little bit about that where she is. I don't even know. I don't know either. So we're we're learning together. I think she's fairly new auditor. Actually so we're going to give her call her pony's cute see a picture here alter on it. Oh yeah didn't even have said we have to hope that she picks up. Hi this is caroline. hi caroline it's jamie jennings. how are you good. How are you then. Tastic thinking so much for joining us glenn here to say glenn was gonna say i was gonna say might not on the shell anymore. She didn't even whenever excel jamie jennings show now next ten years jamie. It's important to note that. Because i would like to We're just going to be us girls sucking today. Because i have got to know everything about what you just did. First of all where in the world argue so now. I am in new castle california at the small town in the kind of in the sierra foothills of of northern california when you say now where you well we were we were. We were sitting folk. Kinda we were in. We're just outside of sacramento. Okay gotcha i'm googling newcastle california right now and it looks like his potentially beautiful own. My gosh it is still. Yeah what made you wanna move to newcastle we Were in our starter home. We we were very this. We my husband's okay We had we had this a really nice suburban starter home and It was always been the ten year plan to kind of move out into lands but we were two years in New home ownership and we were like not at all. We you know for for acreage and one day In early may my husband sent me zillow link to this gorgeous five acre property in newcastle and It kind of as a joke. And i told them like i'm ready. I will you know i will. We scrape up the money for you. Know the put the down payment down and we'll figure it out like i i'm one hundred percent in and And so he started running the numbers and he was like you know we can kind of afford this and And things just kind of fell into place. We got preapproved for mortgage. We went to go see the property we've met the sellers. They were phenomenal The we cut our crazy low interest rate And it just kind of was made to be and it just worked out. I'm still stuck on. Somebody had a ten year plan. I didn't know that existed anymore. I was oh that's all that's all my husband. I think he's a i try. And keep the household like everyone in the household alive and like fed. And that's kind of my job and And he's like the one that does the money in the in the planning just like along for the ride. This is sounding incredibly familiar to me. So so is he guy or is he just kind of going along for the ride nope he. Is you know an outdoors guy. He he was a marine. You know he he likes you. Know doing the overnight camping He his his grandparents kinda grew up on a farm when he was real young and so he had a the farm life and he loves it But kind of our lives never were in the position to go back to that lifestyle and we got the chance and we you know totally went for it and now he's my number one Ranch dad i mean he's he's awesome. Love picking up fly fishing. I mean we're we're both loving. That is so great. So are you guys working in about half an hour northeast of sacramento. Are you working downtown. Are you commuting. Are you working from home. So i work from home all the time i i'm remote based and that's kind of another thing that fell into place for my husband. He works for the state of california and he would commute downtown to downtown sacramento Every day and then he Because of kovin they kind of took a look at their policies and they said okay. You know if you can work from home and be effective then you guys can work from home one hundred percent so he doesn't have you anymore unless unless he needs to go you know. Use a heavy duty printer. Or if he's got he's an attorney so he's gotta do oral arguments you know he'll still have to go downtown. But for the most part we both work at home and sharon office and we're making it work and it's just another one of those weird things. That's the only place that allowed us to do this. And you guys are still you still like each other and everything. Yeah there is a little bit of difficulty. it was. It was really interesting to watch him. learn to work from home because i've been doing it for two years so i'm kind of like i've got a whole system. And so like he wouldn't sit down he was like come and go to the office and like do things piecemeal and i'm like sitting here like oh my goodness i'm going to kill him now. We've had we've got a system and You know. I tell them to go fix my fence and he doesn't and We pretty well after that. That's great what do you do. I'm also attorney. I work I'm in In house counsel for biotech companies. Tau doctrinal score again. That smart people listening to our show. And we're wondering why sh. I'm glad i did make a comment about marrying an attorney. Glad you didn't either 'cause off a long. Were they knew farm. Obviously you've got to stock it. Yup so what. Yeah so. i've had a i've had my share She's been off the track thoroughbred four. Oh gosh three years now. On going on four. I l. e. I brought her up from los angeles. We did spend los angeles For grad school and then we finally moved up north so she came along with me and then we got on five acres. I have six stalls so it was time to fill them and it was time to look for husband worse because he wanted to head out on trail and all that cowboys stuff so The search began for cova pony for my husband He had originally wanted. He wanted an an older. You know grey gelding. He's gonna name bill o. Horse like he had an like set out every horse and billow. Yeah i was. I was going to be the name and we ended up with a off the track thoroughbred mare. So oh my god okay. So here's the thing. This is why. I said because whenever we are shopping for a husband horse we are literally just shopping for a second horse for ourselves. Exactly yeah so you went. One million percent opposite in would instead of an older calm kind of billow wars. You ended up going yourself. A spicy off the tractor read their. Yeah you know her credit she. She's not by. That's kind of the one thing that they Did a great job advertising her as My husband found the listing and it was on a a local horse rescue with thing She was listed as sixteen hands. You know older thoroughbred mare. Granny safe you know packer. Trail or deluxe. He got there and she's like maybe fifteen two. She's hot a math the pot belly like she. You know she. She was in a much better situation than she was previously. I think she was a she was a. You know rescue case Like a quarter case. But she can kinda turned out in a field. Eating cheetos not doing anything. You had a big old pot belly. She had no muscling and she had an ulcer. I oh yeah. And i you know i look at him and i go Don't think this is. You know kind of what you're looking for and he's like oh no no i. I want to try out on her. And i'm like okay. You know do you want me to get on her. I was like no no. I got this. He gets honor and she just packed them around like she just says not blinking is she was so good and she you know she let him try granted. He's six two and one hundred eighty pounds. So he's you know he's a bigger guy and And she just didn't care and let them you know bounce around at the trot on him and his she was great and so he said now. This is the horse. I want and You know i it. She wasn't going to kill him. So i wanted this to be his. You know decision. And i wanted him to own this so i said all right. We'll bring her home. And and i gather you know i do some groundwork with her. And she's a little pushy. She hasn't been doing a whole lot of work. 'cause she's not really thrilled about going back to work but i i I let her out in the arena just to do a little. You know free lunging just to see her move out. And she's gorgeous daisy cutter movement. You've ever seen so you know. Now i'm thinking like fancy kinda turned into my project to and she'll pack him around the trails near near our property. So that's fantastic. We get a horse for a husbands. And then you're like. I can i just. I could show her computer exactly. Yeah so now. I'm trying to find a a a kid nearby. Do the child hunters on her. Like thank you. Oh my god adorable. Well congratulations on all of your co vid success carolina. I mean you're you're crushing it. I did see have a duly halter on her so she is probably correctly learning some ground manners. Yes that's fantastic. Well thank you so much for being a listener and an auditor and supporting. The show is always good to get to know everybody and and it's been so fun getting to know you. I wish you live closer week for red. I know. I know maybe we can beat up at monkeys one day. 'cause you know central cal. It's not too bar i. I'll see you there girl. Yeah all right well thank you for okay. Thank you love you love. You mean it by like you could tell she listens the show okay. It's only let's see three hours and eleven minutes from newcastle down to monte. So that should be she. I wonder if she is in the area with all the fires. It does sound pretty though the bottom of the sierras there. That's cool well. How cool things all came together for them. That's really neat. While speaking of coming together mapping it win tech is always come together for for jamie and for jennifer. They've he's win saddles for years and always made writing easy and comfortable. They combine world leading innovations and high tech materials and lightweight weatherproof and easy care saddles. It's easy to see by win tech. As the world number-one synthetic saddle brand. The comprehensive went tech range offers. Not only cutting edge designs but new standards and fit comfort and performance. They have some brand new saddles right now too. And they're really made for the high withered or wide horses. They have the new wind tech two thousand high with all purpose. Saddle is perfect for those high with thoroughbreds. The new intech two thousand wide purpose is grumpy. Saddle that suits your white horse and the wind tech new wider sausage is a groupie dressage saddle. That suits the very wide dressage horses. Not just any of those win. Tech is the official saddle sponsor. The united states pony club and the american riding association. Writing instructors association visit win tech saddles dot. Us to see the complete line of saddles or or the your nearest wind tech dealer. That's windex saddles dot u. s. All right it is time. I never minded six hours sir. Place but with california. That's like nothing that's nothing. It only take you. Twenty five on the highway and california. Exactly all right. Well remember if you have an equestrian problem it is first world. That's just the life that we are living and these are submitted by our i post something on the auditors facebook page on sunday nights or four. Am monday morning. Depending on how. I'm feeling and These people are writing in their own sad problem. So if you have an equestrian first of all problem and you need to share it and have some therapy glenn how can they become auditors to horse radio network dot com and write down on the right side of the page. You'll see the auditor banner for little as three dollars a month. You too can be part of the auditor group fantastic. You know stupid. Facebook updated itself on my computer. And now i can't navigate anything you got the new one. Yeah get used yoga us. First of all problem. Hello navigating the new phase mike. I went gum. Pune only on my phone. Okay here we go. We're going to start with uh linsey. lindsay says. our new puppy is so cute. Then it can't be. Mattie woke me up at three. Am and i couldn't go back to sleep. You can be a jennifer was mad when our dog walker of at two thirty. So you know what i do when i get woken up as i usually. I sneak bella. My basset hound into the bed. But last night. I woke up before and she was already in chad spot. So that didn't help. I mean if he's listening that not happen chad. Bella was not on your pillow under the covers. That'd be weird. Adrian says there's a new bar new mayor in the barn and this morning i was late getting inside for my morning chores. Because they just wanna snugglers sweet face. And now i have to smelling like a horse. That won't be the first time i guess. And listen adrian. All the people at work already talked about you behind your back. Yeah this goal. It's the same thing in front of it. Yeah you just the same thing. I always remember. I remember exactly our horse girl in high school. We pick on her endlessly that you'd really everybody. Did she was the girl. I was at a horse. Girl shoot Danielle says one of my older horses. Lame three to ride airway poor thing. I feel sorry. Shan tells says one of the horses at the barn. Got an injury. And she's just a whittal yearling arabian in skinny. Because she's an awkward yearling arabian wanna give her all the treats. But then there's no treats for my horses carey says. I tried to work on desensitizing. My horse to halloween decorations. But he wasn't even a little bit scared of them begin with his scooter. Thinks they're funny. Goes over and stuff this face them probably looking into food. I was trying to do a plastic demo at during the clinic for the two. Mary's it came for the clinic. And i bring jim out of the stall jim. One of our sweet listeners actually just adopted him. And i brought him out and i was like okay. Sometimes they can get really sonority and jim was like. I don't care shove it up my nose. I don't care it's plastic whatever. Don't care i like usually the horse would be doing this right now. It was not a good teaching horse literally. Didn't care speaking of skinny horses. Can i also thank the auditor who would. I don't remember it was. I'm sorry who in my care package from. The auditor's sent a very large like ten pound bag of low fat treats for scooter. And now i can give him as many as i want. So thank you appreciate that and just you can thank her again. When your horse bites you bet your finger off back surgery and if this pony bites glenn's finger off nobody's doing okay. Because he has been warned. Carey said oh. That was already did that for about ten years. I'm still feeding my pony treats. I'm sorry you know so. You only gonna take one school. In accordance says first world equestrian problem wedding edition. I found my dress and it cost just as much as the horse semen. I wanted to buy the dress wanted. I didn't get any semen. Can i throw in there though. I saw a picture of the dress. And you look beautiful in it so there and you don't want better assuming on it you know. We're sorry that did not come out. I told you. I'm going to try to get fired today. I made better than this. Just leave and leave it. I was gonna say that. I think the dress in the long run. It's going to be cheaper than the other option. So there's that not about finances email we would like to wish you. Well in your future endeavors does not mean laughed in about three weeks. So thank you for that. Who actually adopted the jim. Who's not afraid of plastic bags. Oddly enough it's going to be seventy degrees on my day off here in minnesota but my horses are going to be too hot to ride their winter. Funds are in full force. Maybe i'll just spend the whole day riding potter jim He'll probably be pleased as can be with. The everybody else would be sweating right clip horses and minnesota. Are you just trying to die. You know what. I think i mean. Let's move over to kayla. Kayla's virginia maryland maryland. Yeah ok well here you go. This could be your future anna. My horses are freshly clipped. It's thirty eight degrees and windy. And i have to ride everyone because lever for to go to the younger show championships and i have a running errands in the middle of the day which means getting many done in the morning as possible because thanks daylight savings time. I'm off today now. Yeah you're going to diana's that could be you you could be kayla em. I sold zara up to indiana to kristen. I was like. I think the one thing like a really wasn't able to get done before i sold. Her was get her clipping. She just really had an issue with clippers league violent and i i. I was halfway through. Getting her done finally could get the clippers like honor and she bought her. And i was like. Do you want to continue to work on this. She was like no. We don't clip things here. Never ever like. That's probably good Tj says every time. I laid down my dog sticks his nose up my horses but in my horse lets him. I don't know if that's a first world problem. But it's funny lilies as i could ride my horse yesterday because we had a huge winter storm and i mean i just need an indoor arena. God don't we all so tired of like weather affecting my writing. I thought you ended up with a small indoor. There was no okay. I dreamed that was when i won the lottery back when nothing medication jessica says my custom saddle is taking her to come in. And so. I can't ride in the meantime because i'll have any other settles that fit and i thought well bareback and she wrote my horse has a massive shark fin withers isn't there's no way i can ride bareback and not bruise my crotch now. I like to call it in that situation. My hoo-ha so you don't bruise jessica. just wait. you'll be fine but call the company everyday seriously. My my client sent her. She bought accustomed saddle from like ireland are as a south from ireland and didn't fit her horse so she sent it back right at the beginning of covid. Oh she doesn't have a subtle back. does she know still doesn't have one Sally says a ten thousand dollar mistake. It is been such a gloomy cold and windy october. And now november. That every time i get to the outdoor arena. The jobs are blown down. Tired of she was like well. Maybe i'll just do know of november. Don't do it. Nanna said we got a new saintly covid pony lease for my kid and as i picked him up i found out he drives to so now i can't give up the hardest and that our new minis potential leaser needs. I'm just going to have to keep both ponies and drive the as team. Which doesn't that mean. You need new card glenn. New car new harness yup. Yeah it's going to be expensive cheaper off at the wedding dress or the was waiting for you. I set you up and you took it. Well done we have worked together a long time ten years and i'm still not buying. The dips are dropping andrea says. The temps are dropping but the bugs are not deal. If i have to deal with one. I should have to deal with the other one and erin screaming for me. Yellow jacket in my horses shed. That would leave me alone choosing the patterns. You saw me remember such as she ran towards me and freaked out and record. Bub-bubba goes on the on. She was basically like at least a neighbors couldn't see us Louis came to me. I was just got gotten the horses out of the trailer. The new horses had gone for training yesterday. And he he's l. You know that like elevated panic. And i was like what is it buddy. What's up. i'm taking these ores. Get an undue. The horse real quick and come running. What is it. He's like mom. There's a b and it's yuriy at me furious to make me drop this horizontal run over here. Just go walk away from the furious speeds. Furious furious have time for one more. Yeah kristen said oh. And this is our as new mama. Kristen said it got super cold and our sixty pound dog. Keep sitting on the heater vent and my liver room never gets warm. It's funny i did want to say going back to the throwing you softballs. That is something that we've been pretty good at. You've been really good at from the beginning is when i throw yourself. You always take them. Did you ever have any improv training. Like formal my yes. I have had forty two years of improv training. Because my life is an improv. Just is what it is. That's true okay. But i mean i i am i properly trained No i am not. I am just. This is the life that i live. And i m that girl and this what i do you know i did. I always have a sense of humor. Well and i always said that Somebody asked me the other day. Can you learn improv. You can but i think part of it's just i think most of it is natural. Either having your don't i really do but i think that's partly why i liked working with you right away. Was you knew you just knew it. I mean maybe and you knew the negative other all that stuff you kind of just knew that is so what each other. You don't need each other in you. Don't and other word. I set you up with that line about the wedding dress. And then you go. I don't know what you're talking about. You know you shut it down right away whereas you jumped on it and you went. You know you took you took the line. You didn't shut it down and no anytime anybody mentions wedding dress. Thought so thanks for that all right. Let's go to our next guest and save this show today our tenth anniversary. Well then it just got an email from glenn team regretting tune form you that doing this show by myself direction right now who your go you different direction and we wish you well. You're old and sick to start this over to fire me and like start the next day and never mention it. That's what they do in radio. Isn't it young. Yeah they do. And then you get a lotta easy because they haven't shut down your email yet and then you get to bash your former employers right. We're gonna add the and here from horse nation. And i just look something of interesting to once we get the idea. I'm here how high and thank you for joining us again this week. Hey i we're. We're having our tenth anniversary show today because it's our tenth anniversary. Well happy anniversary. Yup twenty five hundred and fifty episodes. And i looked up just now when the first time lesley wylie joined us remorse nation and she was on here march. The fifth of two thousand twelve surfaced appearance. So so. so you guys joining us for eight years and you wanna know what the name title of that episode was. It was tornado's worse nation and stripper heels. That sounds about right. I remember her talking about her stripper heels. I don't think that was the first one. She was on glenn. She was on because leads with stripper. Heels parents lesley wylie leaves with stripper heels shoes stripper at one time did we. Did we determine how they'll not the that was not the first one because she told a story like walking home and she is in these high heels and she called him stripper heels and that was the first evidence i had anywhere. He had a figure this out. Nobody wears clear heels. Unless you're a stripper. Although i have to tell you we were trick or treating with the kids on halloween and we were discussed and there was a gaggle of teenagers right and there was a. I assume they were a basketball team as the boys were wearing perhaps basketball jerseys but the there was a girl with them wearing a sweatshirt very short shorts and carrying a basketball jersey and he was trying to convince my five year old to go. Ask her what her costume was. Because apparently i use my children and to throw shade it. You know unsuspecting teenagers. And of course you wouldn't but it led to the discussion of some of the better halloween costumes. We can come up with as thirty or forty something adults and we decided that like the walk of shame would be a great one and i was thinking you know you might bust out the clear heels for the hat there. You go all right. Well now i have to ask you both. Do you have a stripper heels. Well i mean houses clothes and shoes. I have for my dancing days because who didn't want to see this naked on a poll. I mean come on. So yeah. I mean i had to save them. I wanted to pass them onto my daughter someday. And exactly now rewind here to two minutes before you came on the. That's what i mean about not nagging. That didn't ran with it. You didn't say. I was never a stripper. Which would have stopped that whole flow. That conversation well done. I must sarcastic a whole what. He's arguing that either. Nobody's arguing that the end. What are we talking about today. You tell me send you some links man. We've got glen. what do you want. I want to go to eight observations of an equine body worker. Yeah so i do massage therapy and like red light infrared light treatment and a couple of other random things with horses like kinesiology taping And it's really interesting when you go into barnes and work on other people's horses because the article was initially supposed to start out being funny and then it just wasn't and then it just like went into things. I actually noticed because i was going to say i'm looking at these things and they're pretty serious. Craft yet. my ideal was that it was going to be sarcastic. And then i started writing and i was like. Oh it's not sarcastic just threw it kind of matches and things just morph kind of matches with kind of the conversations. We've had with various over the years about the things that they have to put up with. But let's talk about the things that you have to put up with. Yes so i am. You know it's funny. Because as a horse owner i feel like i'm not particularly good at groundwork and instilling manners in my horses like i feel like i'm really bad at it right until i get to other people's barnes and then i'm like oh my god this horse is gonna kill me and that's where i kind of laugh at like who's the boss in that list. I made because. I know right away when i walk in whether the horses in charge whether the handlers charge and as i'm massaging these horses who haven't been taught respect or space or anything like that the at least. The first third of the massage is less of a massage and more of a conversation about not killing me. And i you know. I try to do it. Really subtly because right. These owners are paying me to come in and make their horse feel better. They're they're paying you to help. Relax and not be more tense after you leave right right but like if you're a draft mix and you're trying to step on my foot well if you're any horse just on my foot that's an issue but certainly if you're is the size of a dinner plate like back off buddy or you know or horses who just aren't used to having their ears and my head handled it becomes this really interesting thing. In the way. I was trained in other pressure point in the jaw and i always just sort of risk my rest. My hand on the halter. When i'm working on a horse and the horse goes to turn its head to nip it me and let me be clear. I adjust how massage based on the tolerance of the horse. I try really hard to keep it this cycle relaxing enjoyable experience but some horses are nippy. Some are spoiled summer jerks. You know because they haven't been told that's not talking about my pony pony too so i get that part of it but but so i always like us that pressure. Point on the jaw and handlers. Don't catch it always. Because i just rest my hand on the whole term thumb is right there. There's no pressure the horse turns into me. All of the he got it. I was just gonna say that. My veterinarian also does chiropractic and acupuncture and every time she comes she's like i just wanted to say thank you again for having horses that like the basically climb up on the thing to adjust their back and she's your horses must stand at the mounting blocked so nice. I'm like yes. Yes they do because a lot of the horses she goes she hops on the the thing and they freak out because they're above her and so she's like having your horses trained as a mounting block right. Yeah and i always. I find myself always thinking the clients who have well behaved horses and it's not as often as you would think the end. Is it laziness on their part. Just don't they know they don't know what they don't know lack of knowledge about that with my own groundwork with mike horses that i you know i think people are like. Oh my horse loves me. He wants to cuddle with me. And i'm like air horses pushing you out of the way and i i think that like we all have this not all of us but i feel like a lot of people who go into horse ownership especially as adults have this like image of alec writing the black stallion on the beach with his arms out lake. You know like an airplane galloping their horse with all this freedom and they just think there's going to be this bond like they watched flacco when too many times and i'm like you know you have a bond with your horse but like they're also very large animals and you have to establish your bubble and i think most of the time i think it's just lack of knowledge. I think that people don't realize that when the horse reaches into your space with his nose. He's not just looking for attention. Like your might be that like. He's taking the chance to explore your body and let us know that like he can be in your space and it's okay you know and like these are things that i'm working on as i develop a poor person but i i think people just don't know and then you go in you go to work on a horse and it becomes interesting. I like it another one number three said here And we we've always said on this show that you can tell the energy of a barn when you walk into it. You walk into a barn and every barn has a feel right. And i think you probably agree with that. If you've been a lot of barnes every barn has a feel and number three. You said how you or someone else's energy affects your horse and that energy is it's almost in the barn right. I mean it's with the barn is buzzing or it's just chaotic. Or you know it's crazy. Well your horses are going to pick up that energy to and you know i walked in one of the barns down in wellington and it was Todd mimic was one of the like super big riders olympic riders and the energy it now. There were fifty people in this barn but it was the most chill barn. Everybody was like moving almost in slow motion and there was just nothing chaotic about it. There was no screaming. There was no yelling at each other across the barn. And i thought wow. This is born with a lot of activity and a lot of writers and a lot of things going on. But it's not in the least bit stressful. The minute i walked in right and it is it is interesting because you can feel it like you said the second you walk in and i'm not some people are very in tune to everyone's energy and things like that that's not me. I'm very like executive function. I have a lot of blocks up. Like that's how i function but as i've done more body work and work harder on my own horsemanship. I've tried very hard to become more conscious of it. If that makes sense just because i have to work on. I can be pretty high energy. I have to work on bringing myself down to like keep things level as i work with my own horses And as i've worked on that you walk into these barns and that's exactly it you can feel the air vibrate or somebody walks in a bad mood and you just feel all the horses tense up or i had one situation where literally i was working with. These borders horses. The barn owner walked in and a horse was tied to the wall. Getting red light treatment. Was you know lip drooping late back leg cocked totally fine but owner walked in and the horse shot backwards did everything in his power to swing his body away from that barn owner. And i just like you know i. It's interesting interesting so you have to watch what you're you say when you're in somebody else's barn so as not to get kicked out. I've been trying to get fired today until i would like to tell that. Just be like hey get out. What are you doing to these poor animals. When nobody's looking. Obviously the horses lie here. You come up in here messing up my red light treatment. Heidi desk you. The reminds me so these horses that your massage jamie also doesn't like to get paid the n. either. So there's that. I mean i'm used to that. So the the whole like these horses at massages and the chance in certain spots. Do you think that they would not need the massages as much if they weren't so resistant because they're untrained. Do you think that teaching these horses and educating them might make them a little less stiff and sore. There's a good question as that's a loaded question like yes out of work no but like so right if you are getting a horse to use its body correctly to teach it to relax when it's being handled and being worked and all of those things absolutely. That horse is going to be less tense and need less work That said i mean. I like getting massages so you know. There's there's also that part where it's just a great way to help relax muscles that are being overworked. But i do definitely notice a difference in the body bodies not just like the muscle structure but like actually in their tension in the knots. When you have a skilled rider who knows how to again. Get the horse to use its body correctly but also get the horse to relax through the course of its work. Does that answer your kind of a loaded. I didn't mean to ask a loaded question. I was thinking as you're going through this and the that human walks in the barn and the horses all of a sudden super-resistant. If that guy wasn't at guy to that horse the horse would probably have less pain unless search. Oh yeah then. I misunderstood you absolutely absolutely. I mean in the same way when we're carrying internal stress. I feel like we all have our points who are muscles show at like for me. It's always my lake left shoulder blade. You always find a not there as it. Gets you know more pronounced. As i get stressed out and i think that that's also true of courses who haven't tendency to really take on or energy and internalize things are time for one last question So do you feel like it. Follow up on jamie's a little bit. You feel like you get more accomplished with the horses. Those two scenarios. Use the one that you know. It's just been worked and has some issues but as a pretty relaxed chill horse to begin with accomplish more with that horse or with the horse that super stressed out in the first place. Absolutely the horse. That's more relaxed because if the horses super stressed in the first place like i said i ended up having this conversation every time i move to a new of the horse's body to get it to relax and let me to do. Let me do my work and some horses. Never get to that point. When i first started. I would just like power through and i'm gonna finish this massage. I'm here to get paid You know. I don't want to disappoint the owner. Not just here to get paid. But like i don't want to disappoint the person who brought me out to do this and as i've been doing it for a few years if i handle a horse that's really stressed out and can't relax for the massage shop and say look. This isn't doing the horse in a good like it's not relaxing. There might usually. I say there might be some underlying issues here but like you need to address xyz before my massage can help. And i usually don't charge that person. But at and i i've done that especially with the horses now bear in mind. I don't carry a scope with me. I am not that. I cannot tell you if your horse has all sorts but i have a pretty good idea when i'm massaging right. Like hit certain points and if they have a positive reaction then i get a pretty good idea that their bellies are bothering them And if a horse's really al-sirri basically the entire back two-thirds of the horse. If i'm massaging it it's not comfortable for the horse and so i've gotten better just stopping and saying some saggio will not benefit this horse until this is treated And again and whether or not it's ulcers that's true too if the horse just can't relax like my mayor is not a fan of pulse therapy and i've and so we don't do it anymore because if she can't relax all i'm doing is causing more tension. Well very always fascinating what we always start out one way and end up a different way with you. And that's what makes it so much fun. Thank you for joining us. There's a whole ton of new articles on horse nation dot com right. Now go check those out of crap. Mondays up Which is always there and You also had. I needed to apologize to you. We we got to do the stories. Friday because i ended up back in the hospital so we never got to do the stories that you had sent over. We were going to read a couple of stories like we usually do so. I want to encourage people for all. The halloween stories are still up on nation dot com. Go check him out there. And i apologize we just. We didn't end up having a show. Friday so You know life happens. Please do not apologize. I the first year we missed in a while. We'll we'll bring it back next. It's twenty twenty. Of course we're going to miss doing the stories this year right exactly. So we'll we'll do. We'll get back to it again next year. So thank you. The end nation dot com. Sure thing happy tenth anniversary. Thank you bye. And i saw now my shoulders. I have not from using the mouse all day back there so i need to get that all right. That's it for today. Thank you that is like the biggest first world problem that i have not. I sit at my desk all day trying to keep his name. Show going thank you for hanging out for ten years appreciate. Hey let's do another couple of weeks anyway. All right tired year. See if we. Can you know what. I'm taking a vacation next week. So we'll ask me again. All right we'll see then so thanks everybody. Thank you for being patient while we miss them episodes and we'd never done that in ten years. But you know. I'm gonna actually go back through illicit some of our old episodes because i was looking and trying to find when losing widely actually came on the first time and i got distracted because i found hit him for seven seven. Twenty eleven. and it's You know there's always like episode description. We caught up having zehra humped adopted hometown in noriko including the national day of the cowboy plus listener. Michelle explains why jamie is her favorite and report and now got to know why i'm michelle's favour was back in two thousand eleven. Yeah actually like. I think our third or fourth episode. We had a guest on from. Oh wow we ended up the most listeners. We'll know this but we did a whole week's worth of shows from nuoro. Yeah we were. The i have that hanging above here we the you had to leave before. This was so sad there christmas parade. We were the celebrity marshals for the christmas parade. Got the ride in the carriage. It was raining everybody who saw as hell is spain days. What is worse radio. What what station is that. Listen to tune into that we should have. We should have been on the radio. Dorka we would fit.

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Adjust the Mic Episode #29 Brents Meat

Adjust the Mic Podcast

59:24 min | 10 months ago

Adjust the Mic Episode #29 Brents Meat

"You know it was hilarious to last week's episode fucking sucked balls. I wasn't on it. Colleen's interview was annot audible in balls. You can tell you guys just weren't in you. Were asking the entire way except for when you told Charlie Norwegian as fuck so are you. Just who's GonNa ask me questions and I can answer it and then we'll go from there and you can edit out anything that makes me look stupid or if I say something really messed up needs to be gone. Yeah Muslim Muhammad sickle to feel fine baggies up the clothesline and went to restore big him back on certain. Then I did having correct exactly facing lemon you know Okay here's the show. It's so great there. We have nineteen kids between us and we have to fucking wait for Scott prepared. I can tell tell you what go grab Riley have them come on a main Seton Hill. We're on the phone. I'm doing state sir. I'm doing a state report with Riley. I'm doing states. I'm doing re Social Social Studies Project with a spelling words with Riley hockey and cook in two different meals. 'cause the kids don't but let's wait for fucking Scott right to to get the Sean Right. Curry could've done this earlier. She's and I am not fucking jelly beans. What a waste of shoddy skewered of them fuck? Jelly beans was loud. It was perfect. I didn't think it here that they only God in his pants. Now they're all GONNA taste. I can't Dr the Scott ran track. You see that that I post that as a response to the used car in town center. You're like no one got high school all this shit. Now it is episode is episode Twenty Nine Twenty Nine and we have calling here tonight and we have Mr Joe. Of course I've returned Charlie and we have an empty fucking where the actual adjust the MIC is supposed to be fucking sitting but apparently so unprepared is unprofessional. I'm sick of US doing everything. That's the problem we're going to do we leave. We're going to unplug all the fucking wires flow. Hey let's fucking nuts. Hey Real quick before we get this show on the road and Brent. We absolutely love you. We're eating Brent's meet way. We got ribs. There's in pulled pork in the ribs are I haven't tried to pull pork yet but I'm going to get on it. And there's an Oscar killed ribs. He's like affected that now for sure and I'm not like a red person because I hate how it gets stuck. But yeah he did a good job man Brent shot out the thank you so much. Thank you were on re-all re-all Hey oh well let's show Scott Well it's episode twenty nine Scott. Are you guys ready for a break. We're halfway take a break more them ribs. The only podcasts were on every one of them. Yeah yeah thanks for being prepared and ready for you locked door. Perfect shout out. Charlie's legs a shout out to Joe. You're looking good man. He's working on he's still gonNA. I'm not no region as fuck in colleen. Thanks for leaving US last week. Okay Yeah I do not answering your phone at L- love your phone. Well you know I. I just didn't think about the fact that you guys would be setting me up to put. Let me on the show because I was thinking I know right I was thinking they're not doing a show. Scott I was told we're not GONNA show so I'm going to go and it did sound like I was saying French Trivia a little bit tricky the whole time dude. I've seen friends but it might have been the shot he did. How did you bring me one? Port port reading bringing shot. Actually I have two apple pie slice crawlers. My friend I forget to bring them but diets and I need something to bribe. My parents earns to watch the kids with Scott went a little harder to paint last night but not too bad not too bad very good. What was going on last night smarter? Marta we went to black flag down over. What the what was it? That the Iron Iron Posts Arnaud. It was serve great venue. The staff there was awesome. A real quick. I Really WanNa drag me in there right there on it. Yeah she was she. She was healing. Click on the waters for me. Did with also they must meet today. You guys they're having fun than Ben came. I saw those pictures with him. And the nurses other old guy hanging around fucking everything up. SCALPING A and he kept bitching about people touching them in a punk rock twenty five year olds do and having a good time does not okay. I got through through the wall left and he just walked out and never come again. Scott Scott totally creeped the lead singer. Like bad bad language on it like we were all hanging out a group and then saw him first outside and then we saw Mike Riley right next to us and he just hanging out man. He's just talking to someone. Just some random dude in Scotland. That's a no you outside. Yes I'm talking about. We're inside correct him. Here's Thompson that guy for like twenty minutes man of like I want my time. And he's like he's all right there you don't understand I loved him. CKY videos it was so tough he was cool and I turn around. And he's he's gone. He's on on next to him and you might not be on. He he might be real on this. So these are these little these young kids. Teenagers come up. They want pitcher and discussing. I'll take the pitcher. Pitcher grabbed the camera. Kids hand winter. I'll say that his life though. Yeah well developed like fifty times in the middle of that pit so Scott takes a phone takes a pitcher and as soon as he's locked in. Hey Man we'll tell me I just want to pay. Hey you WANNA get in there and we all got took a picture plane and put his hand in my pocket after fifteen minute creeper before. He got the payoff hails. But aren't you glad that you have someone who's willing to do that. So you can have that picture out to be creeping me waiting for me to get that. We were making fun of them so they they weren't always at one point. I had never mind like they. They almost Berkeley down but he he went to foreign. I walked away like a give up and I turned around and I thought there was an opportunity. So what the heck in the nose another fifteen minutes. We would've been totally regretted it. If you didn't do it you'd be talking about how you had no balls you. I should've just went up to him and you did it now. Everybody has memory and he has now bitch creeper creepy balls creepy creepy Miss Connection. We had a good time though while show. It was a great. There was not one negative thing that happened that whole night. Trump people from Charlie up to get in there. Yeah leaving to get home was perfect. Yeah you guys are getting on the ride home. That was great and was a little. He used he was ready to go. Do some more fair is ready to hang. It happened in. Charlie was drinking water. The whole night I am in trouble is like Nope Nope nope shut up. Ben Who's perfect. We need the time though. Bettman good to see him the great great show man. That's the first time I've gotten into a mosh pit since I broke my leg five years ago that he ran track anti-drugs leg. I think I've never heard that era track and cross country. Do don't leave out the country part short shorts. I wonder if I can put it in. I think we should find out right. Follow Man Right now. Yeah or I know we all. We all agree wasted twenty minutes do it again. Let's take twenty minutes up the audio and then go get your underwear on. Hey can I ask. What did you French Trivia last week did you? How did you want to write off so the anyone so we got every single question right so so you want but you got extra points for every play beer you bought and my husband was the only one that bought one and because the rest of the drive there was a team there that bought like twenty five beers so they beat us because of how many years they bought this is like right near? Ucf It's all these college kids that can can drink fucking college team anytime he got every reword or air every question it was honestly the easiest French Trivia. I couldn't even believe the questions they were asking. Were so absurd like what city does a show take place stuff like who who is what are the main characters name. Yeah you know when they would tell us. The scores at the end like a team will get like five points. I'm like Oh my God they have. There's no way they've even seen this a show so me. And my Ashley. WHO's one of the bartenders hardware was answered? Yeah nobody else was paying attention questions. Me and her she would answer them before they even finish the question because it was that easy but yeah it's not like our trivia. Can I ask a friend Trivia question if you guys can get what what what show. Member played a professional sport before friends. Belfield Taylor playing for Channel Nine. I hate that fucking show. How'd you knew that so quick? Why do you hate that show? It's funny it's just like it was always always on when I answer. I answered that I answered that correctly at the Irish pub at Raunchy Trivia on Sunday night and kind of got made fun. Of course you should and I had to think about it for math chandler and I think it's tennis I was there that we got it right and we got it right. It could even get the question. Joe Had the answer I was that was pretty special. I was there that night. See what I didn't want to be a fucking nerd size. Random mark them outside cheat now exactly looking on your phone house diet going. Everybody fucking phenomenal. I had bread Sir about thirty minutes ago. Did you Aida Popeye's chicken sandwich that night Wednesday night because there's a pop is right. There still haven't had the canal so I finally I was like the line is not long. I oh I don't care I'm going to eat this frigging chicken sandwich because I like. They're down to pause and get that and it was. It was really good worth like using our own over verte thing like taking it. Is it really yeah. I mean it's like the way that it's crispy it's like the the breading is almost like an airy good crispy like the public skin on their fried fried chicken chicken chicken legs and chicken. Wait what was going on it. It's you know what happens on. It is better than O.. EILLY CHICK-FIL-A I think the customer service is a reason to go there alone because you'll have like a line out the road you you know and for fast food. That's more than like six cars. I don't know if I see six cars. There's other no way I'm going to armed I will. I don't care if they're GONNA go miles to get a four car. I'm doing it Joe. What'd you do this week? And then so how. Many carpets nine whatever's in minimum of anything. I had no car breaks whatsoever. You look good working on my. I'm not one of those guys GonNa jump on early. I'm done when I'm done but now see. I took man Friday morning. Evan had a science fair awards ceremony at school so I went to that and then I decided to play hooky within the rest. Did that Coca village that we went and got the dogs and walked around down there in the afternoon then picked up from school. Saturday was universal. Studios is the first first time I've been back since probably being teenager in place. That's that's fucking. You didn't get a butter beer. I let the kids get one. Did you now. Jack won't do so we did. We walk around checking that Cool Shit. We did transformers. Transformers done that before. Not We were lying for Harry Potter. But then they're like oh it's going to be an additional forty minutes issue or something that the new one the rollercoaster one. Yeah Jackson Peso. We broke off into the much walking around and and then on Sunday we went out to dizzy springs. Shit loved the big takeaway from that was we did seven miles walking on Saturday. Eh Malzahn awesome interest trucking. I'm Fond Du Day when I had my like my Disney passes ended today. Okay so I'm not renewing But when we go out there and it was you know fifteen thousand steps or more walking your hustle and two men Evans poke among Yankee tracking. How far are you fucking? We did this is like okay. Cool all right on. I missed Disney. But I don't you know I'm not GonNa Miss It. I had my fill of it and I love it. I'm not hating at all. Love it when I when in every everything leading up to it this terrible but once you get there it's also yeah like outgrew. I hate like if you go to Magic Kingdom Park and normally way out there and then you have to either take a ferry boat or or monorail monorail and then you should so much at least security has gotten better now. They're they've built a whole new security thing and it's easier to get. Yeah but still. It's like it's not like Epcot where you can park pretty Dang close to the entrance and walk right in and then I laugh at the people that are riding the tram to get to the front. Because it's like the tram literally it only takes them like a couple of feet. I'm like you gotta be kidding me. The food and wine festival caught is so good. They really is You're the worst part about fucking Disney. When you've been there all fucking day and you get on this ferrier's monorail and you ride back to the fuck installs and you get on that fucking tram to tram drops you off and it seems like the longest fucking walk? You ever lost your car on the way back for that. I think it is wearing Jaffar to twenty. We're in Simba One thousand nine hundred seventy four every fucking. At this time. I take a picture of it. We always take. We would always take a picture and one time we didn't and so it was raining it was late at night in back of just meet. Allie was just us to it. We were so we were laughing because we could not find my truck. We weren't like seven rose too far and had to backtrack all the nightmare house. The worst it is that was the weekend everybody had a blast everyday. Good you want to start start off with the things we need such base on number. One being Saturday's offsite podcast event. Bug nutty berry hit is there. Is Everybody at her Charlie hidden about last week but wouldn't say only hit we got was it was going to be in coca village. Joe Event last night I saw gay did actually did that. Yeah Bug nutty brewery. We keep it in check on that though. So we're good colleen. Running the show of their cracking. The whip was at Brad. Hit me up. What time could you you tell Joe to actually do his job and book and I said Yeah I love how you Kinda through that Little Jab atom right back out there? What time on Saturday? We are going to be recording recording at bug nutty brewing in cocoa village at one thirty on Saturday and now who are we talking to talking to the actual brewer. We're talking to Scott Scott's the Burgum you talk me we're talking to you. We're GonNa Talk Scott from Bug Nadia. Okay cool so we'll get that knocked out and see a little bit about their kind of beers. You know we did. This thing. Play landed which it was awesome and amazing. That was such a good time. Yeah they're really good on our chat with these folks. Well thanks. I'll call you got plenty beers on down there at Doug Ninety they probably have. Yeah I mean they brew. I mean he's I've met. I've met him a couple of times. 'CAUSE when I worked at bricks he would come in there. You know because Heaven Ron. I mean all the birds can talk and hang out so do the shared tap sometimes. Yeah Yeah sometimes. We don't really do that much anymore. Now y'all do y'all did have one at the post. They had to play another host yet. They had planned on a beer there all right. So it's GONNA be Saturday at one thirty addresses to twenty-five King Street Cocoa Florida. Three two nine two to around one thirty and then we're going to hang out for a few hours probably figured we'll record. Hang hang out and then we have a party after that birthday party after a hookup going on down there you guys come for the Daniel Bradley there they kind of. I think he got. Didn't you get like good discount. Coupon code come down. There's a dollar off bruise that day with a secret code word which you can receive by message out changes. The legs hit. He wanted unless we're going to get time with that. We'll make it fun show up. We'll see we got the swag to give away. We are in need to order more answer bench with my have a few things I have one I can I can we can. We can get some stickers made to take. I can make some. We didn't have do order by the way we were right at Christmas. Global Order has of money in gas. So we're not. Because it's Gameboy guys do you before the one thirty good creditors barbecue and eat no hardware for the girl scout cookie pairing. I'll be working in perfect time. He goes so eleven twelve. Although girl Shoukri peanut butter. Patty Patty's Ed. Thanks a lot like the Samoas as it was pretty awesome. The lemon ones are let eleven. They're all just. How do they have the corner owner on the market of cookies like their cookies are legitimately so much better than anybody else's listen to? I've been on fucking diet for like I mean you can only get your fucking floor. I mean there hasn't like like Keebler knows motherfuckers. In nutri not just completely copied it and made Eshelman pepperidge farm show. I'm fixing to have a bunch of cases in my house I'm sure there. Are you know. Yeah every time you walk out of public surge going to be a bunch of cute little girls over there selling cookies and their little uniform go over there and bought by some. Yeah but it's awesome. I love it too. So you guys are pairing. WHO's in charge of the pairing is Ron and George? Yeah we got some good beers is on there. The we got that Scrub Jay Lemon wheat. That's going to be with one. The we have he's going to be with one. Re Tapping surreptitious are honey Belgian. Head cooks. Yeah and then there's The star Hobart's Pail you guys got food trucks and everything is going to happen episode in the back I guess in downtown so we just found out about it like a week ago. they're doing food trucks at four o'clock in the back parking lot of like behind hardware. That's a good idea now. Little parking lot back there little you know what thirty spots or spots back there so they can just park elsewhere. That kinda sucks but I mean we had. That happened two years ago when I got back from maternity. Leave my first shift back. Was the girl scout cookie pairing and then they had the food trucks as well. We had a sign in the back that Arizona go around and we were so busy like I don't have a remember working hard in my life. 'cause like that. The girl scout pairing airing event is like the busiest one every year like awesome. I'm really I'm I'm just nervous because man I know it's going to be packed packed but you guys kill all your servers appreciate your all the staff there buried. You got an so busy during the Chris. I mean there's a line just for that little sides to get our house when you open for the her but you got to take take care of all my goodness gracious. Also what you guys killed. I think might have been three or four. You know there's just kyle. There's two of them now. Is that you guys are it. Looked like there was three or four guys killed. Yeah that was a fun shift to work though. Yes when you know you got the right paperwork for you. Yeah Kyle's Obas show part behind the wells fargo replace very yeah or like at the like where you parked for. The theater just walked down walk across and Middle Section there. Yeah there's not many spots. They're either really when you think about how many people can go down. And actually they're going to have to put parking. They're gonNA find something which was open. It would fill that place like. Isn't there a couple of streets over like some big buildings that on Baldwin Street where slight Ripe Pass Main Street kind of between Burger King. Whatever there's that open field that normally people spots author there but that's true? Hey did you see the rocket this weekend. The explosion purpose right. Yeah it was really cool. Because that's when I realized I got not to work and there was no parking spaces anywhere because everybody is waiting launch. Joe Tried to go directly. Exactly we're trying to go to the downtown diner that morning. And he's Hugh await out front six people or six people and let them go prima donnas when it comes to how cool is watching that though you got to be happy happy that exploded because it was supposed to pretty cool. That's really cool actually. Yeah that's cool. We have that going on right there. Yeah and all the people that work out there I see them You know they come in and they when they talk about. It's like I'm so proud of them. And how hard they work because it's like normally just see it from afar. Forget that there's like people in our lives so involved. Donald Trump. Yeah it really is. I mean they're going to have manned flights here in a few months now. There's a ready for them in a few months. I mean that's huge news. I mean that's going to bring a lot of people. Yeah that's going to help the breweries that helps all the local restaurants. Now you've got Lloyd have mercy. They have going on right now. Aren't they doing the work tonight. After Afghan restaurant across wreck what Mars he he ran track. Elgin okay trek across country didn't WanNA touch. Coach runner can run around here right now. It's the biggest running track you know. What the fucking best part race you win right now? There's a lot of people that were involved in that space x Roy But the best part of the people online there were like. Did you see that bucket rocket exploded. What's going on taking out poor seven year old woman? Who just didn't know who is that? Are you talking about the truth about right. Yeah whatever it was. I mean you've made. That host was made that every week. Yeah yeah well he he set it up way too easy but there was some old lady might have been like a poor Saint John Page or so. You think you're right. I think it was the portrait being serious like. That's it was someone tagged me and there's something and it was really funny but also so cheeser forty niners super bowl t we saw the chiefs me too. I like our I wanted to chiefs to win me and I don't think they can lose like I. I mean I know forty niners defense. This is really really really good. Their running game is really really really. Good Patrick Mahomes is really really good or like he's he's so much that. What is this phenomenal? He's using like by so many points in the first quarter and then came back and like epic run. I talk about the tax twenty twenty four and then one by twenty points out Tennessee over a team sport bro. Yeah happy to see him go the other way. Go the other way. Take San Francisco just because good skin the game whatsoever. Jimmy G. Men Buddy listening up hopefully Brady O'Connor con off. You're listening to this At your team so I got you back you say oh. Guess what with the chiefs Max Max Cheese Fan. You've I'd be over last week to watch the game and I couldn't get out of the house. I was On their wherever he yes exactly water while he's a madman or Chad's fucking garage every fucking Moonshine Eh. Absolutely no but like he came in at ten and everybody was like what are you doing. fucking rage like the night before his birthday. That's awesome of his in might have been his birthday shit like we we call it him on a number of when I say we can meet five minutes out there hanging. They were leaving Urgency Yong out now. You're leaving. We're going home using cheese fan. So I hope the chiefs win man. I think they're GONNA win a lot of. I don't think they're GONNA win a lot of rules they haven't won. What like fifty years or something takes forever story goes down a lot? I'm really sad. He retired all right. Let's let's get this out there. I thought what's his name. The greatest quarterback ever Eli Manning Peyton I never said he was the greatest but has his facial expressions best manning's every time he looks at it makes fun of himself just as much as I mean. He's off I was head and I'm glad he's retiring of uh-huh Yeah He. I don't see him. I can't see him in another uniform. Now either jets uniform. It'd be awful. You can't put him in now. He's not put him in like a Lion Gina freeze. He's in all fairness in the last few years correct shut up and sometimes I think yeah. He looks really bad but we. We had a really bad team like surrounding him. If you don't have an offensive line to like block these people coming out you what are you GonNa do. I know I think yeah I get it but it just sucks because like I have so many great memories giant earnings Super Bowl. I mean because of a team. He's the team player. He was good and he was right. He was a good game manager. They won the super bowls from the defensive line. Tom Coughlin and and he was but he. He was your Ed Defensive Line was who's your boy at Tampa that one who bruton dilfer over Brad. Johnson Jonky Guilford Baltimore Baltimore right so those guys are just game. Managing Style quarterback good. They're they're great in their own right. My Hayden Yeah but they they weren't star of the show. He could put up numbers. You like. You could listen. I thought long ago we ended this whole fucking stupid. Eli Manning fucking this wherever wherever talking about well it's official. I'm just glad because I do not think you would actually do it. Because he seems like kind of guy that's like no. I'm just going to the hall of fame. How many superbowl he's got? He's got two super bowls. Yeah pay manning's got so is. Why does it not matter hall of fame once you've role no now one but wants us to automatically automatic thing is? He's been playing a long time. He's got some good numbers slow respected. He's in honestly think he could rapid. I don't think in my whether he gets in or not like I give them. I'll give them all the respect of that. You know if he gets in because he has a long I give them all that but he just ability ability. Was You know the thing I love is. His brother has super bowls. He has two super bowls. You add that up. That's four. That's to lessen Tom Brady thirty. Isn't that awesome. Isn't that cool. I mean it could be more but yeah exactly you guys got two more but guess who stopped. Well they'll take six six not not sixty thousand paid me. And he's getting less hair and he's turned into like Cohn heads. Dan ackroyd painting. He's as Lord. Okay so you're the only one taking San Fran I'm taking. Let's see what they did. I think it's a one point spreads so it's one of those kind. I would like to pick him. Let's take a break or download. The Meat Brent's meet points may come on down Scott's housing at some brands like the fucking It was tree. I say ain't nobody key club I had and how was the fuck of bottom of from the song the Slavic it'll be your house your house. Your House have happened. which can be desperate thesis at least with the faces conflict? It'd be the best to say the glass next Gamma Diagram ship like book. One day I had enough but not the dentist chicks they kick stolen karate flex fixed last. Take on the phone with my stature. Go the fuck up but a rams domain got. I got my figure racist. Nobody get took off from the software services. Could be big while having Eh. The Pyramid New Yorkers dependencies attended the Assad puts more territory which was caused a pause for memorial in twenty. One flew over the cool. Thanks to something this mess. Mess of conditioning defects and each other. Uh We get ready we give it must be all fusion tree go golf still. Don't get to the bottom. It gets deeper support from the salt or something Senate Hippie. You'll have a Kevin. We got to give up from Florida pick. CPI sleepy cow visits never gets sp mix. What's up laws Middle Ridge business shoes significant Saipan? Truk I am Quote sell side. How you do that to the take time now we go we? Yeah No it's such a good feeling to know that people can love us even when. We're not perfect Yana that you know. It's such a good feeling to know that Mr Rogers Cadet Mister Rogers knows. Shout out to Brent. Meet your meat splish double pictures. Let your favorite dish. It's at Bridge House and I'M NOT GONNA order from Jan Bar Nasazzi really good man. I was really bad. That pulled not Unia table pulled pork amazing. The pulled pork was delicious out on why he didn't wanted to come over here. I'm staying here. The ribs are all all gone. The ribs are here in our three of 'em free all guy here and there on. I'm not doubting tonight ribs with bread. Though of course going through his Mr Rogers book everybody loves this. It was a each take video. This looks like an old man. His thing like billy ray return stomach in belly button dangling. This is getting real serious. Are you looking for another quote right now. Say Cheese good ones look at over said in here I would say still. Will you carry the video. I knew you were fighting. It was because I said. Hey you should video Scott. I don't pay attention when you all talk. Only listen to listen to one another toy I usually like. LBJ It's not like what are you talking about. I mean that one's better having you found that the best way to be happy is to be helping somebody else. So can you guys help me. Early happens during the Mike off. Help us take your mic off. Help US help the crew. He'll tell you the devil bro. You Evil as doing here. Mr Rogers you just attract regal what. Oh no I'll get you know what happened. Well I'm just like about the secret special forces guy or something. Oh Oh this is taken. Turn Man I don't know what just happened happened. Wasn't he like some decorated war hero or something and marine this person. Terror Lou Bob. Ross on yea veteran Bob. Ross Perot no way better. About how many happy little trees talking a lot more in Barrow. That was Michael Jackson. Not Michael Jackson who we're talking about Miss Rogers. What you're talking about was banned for listening on facebook? What are we what are we doing here? Yeah just post. What are we gonNA talk about things? You Gain Weight Facebook Post. Let's talk about that coming up. Good we're talking about our favorite teachers. I try brought it up then. He stole mine now. What okay the cafeteria? Workers are not teachers guys like but of course I will always always remember people we grow. It was used the nicest perfectly astronaut and Y'all had one at times. It's so funny 'cause like I. I seriously remember that so well and it was so awesome that Jessica Jira. I didn't meet her until after I was like twenty one and I used to. I still talk about Irene hanging. It's ridiculous so the post was. Who's your favorite teacher? Who was your teacher? What does she do? T H S. Who gave us pizza? And fries fries. Irene but Charlie bb to its with Irene herself for the win tagged you guys in it. And it's gotten it's gotten some fun and a lot of people playing along Miss Barbara. I felt so so bad for her. I used to I used to act like the intercom. Like I'd put my hand. I feel like she would look at the thing and she would. I think it was really the Interpol. Did you her when she was in the new building when we first moved into the white building or did you have her letter okay so when we moved into the wise building is when I had her and people would do that to her and so she put a box over the intercom And then they would still do it and I don't understand why happening. Oh the Ester bar was one of the most tormented people early and she had to be a fucking joke Vard County School Board. Actually let her do what she did. Yeah I'm just I'm just totally. She didn't know what was going on. Now maybe a very sweet person but she's got taken advantage of constantly. Yeah and she was definitely one of the funniest teachers because Surma favorites. 'cause it was hilarious in there I mean looking back now I mean he. He didn't like people touching stuff like pens and stuff like that. So like Ralph Street and Taylor Bird in me and Mike Fisher. Were all in this class together and he wanted to. Nobody's obeys nicknames. And stuff like that. Like if you WANNA be call some different or call year. So roughly I want to be Ralphie surveys comfortably putting names and everybody would go up and just take a pencil office desk that he get get mad. Well if you had a test that day you didn't take test you could talk about like wide or are there wage. Can you explain gravity to us. And how all the sun the cleaners stuffed outreach waivers and he he he so smart. He'll get into it he really gets into it. Talks about it and it's really interesting actually like you're joking because you don't want to take the test but he actually kinda advertising cool stuff and just kind of little fidgety. We had your favorite. We had Mr Clemenger. Now's usually the female substitute teachers. That were smoking hot in an all of us boys. We'd get all GIDDY. You know he'd get us all the boys worked up and talking about it because she's focused substitute and and all the girls she hot hot. It'd be this whole jealous thing going on. Those are my favorite teacher and to do anything. I wouldn't expect anything less creepy than that at all. Okay shots coach. Edge canfield use an awesome teacher astronaut that I liked a lot. Yeah one good thing about this topic which calling to shut up you for coming up with Caterpillar around the Titusville site and I was like man. That's a really good. You Know Post because you forget about teachers I mean not you. Don't forget your favorite when you ask other people then you remember them like like we're seeing on this post now. Some of these teachers like mischievous chamberlain. Clever I forgot about real red nose drunk as hell right now. We had Mr Ruthenian the driver's Ed outside he had allegedly. We should say that right about him having a bottles of vodka in the back of the car because he used to go back there and open it all the time so everybody knew one Kenner School Fred. Yeah for it. He witnessed wheelies in the car. In all the way on the other side of the parking lot. And he's running and hall. Oh my gosh. So Mr Blake ended up being the mayor. Mayor Coco Right. Mike Blake Man. I loved Mr Blake. Man He's always save it. Save a Chew Brooke Missouri. Redline Red Line Mr Rodman Bicycle everywhere he was he loved math so much in school. David it right there. You Sir is bicycle everywhere so every March fourteenth was pie day and we ought bring in pies and we would eat pie in class now like I will never forget Pi Day because of that. Ah Y'all big ruin over coach. Really Rachel a hand was shut out to Rachel about Dan Diesel. What have what what? I don't know nothing. Just a good teacher that's it. I can't find something like that. Otherwise we're just in the same class together that's it. It's still teaching sermonizing. Like the mayor's he's not the mayor he's on the I've known thing with a garment but I just remember. He's always like from astronaut. Anytime you heard Titusville high school. It was usually Dane diesel day to day. Neil because we had you'll never beat us for eleven years. I didn't think Glen Tell me trash at all. I didn't know why he was a big deal but I never had them. I don't even know he taught. I thought he was just football coach. He taught chemistry or biology. Sure did a astronaut shop teachers one of my favorites and part of my favorites. Bruce Coach Alec Hell. Yeah it's awesome. I think Mr Marietto is like what am I definitely favorites. He taught humanities and they call them the magister new super intelligent and he put up with a lot of my shit because like this was like when I was there when they were transferring. All of us from riverview to the new building at Titusville and has class. And there's only one other class that was Mrs joints drama class was in riverview. Still and so we'd be out there all by ourselves and found my friends who had passed to leave school. Burmese food food and deliver stuff. And he's like when you guys were seniors. Did you guys ever go and prank astronaut. In any way now never like school spirit. I didn't uncared fucking vandalizing school or chickens we've mascot over. I knew I knew everybody over there because I went to elementary school at Pinewood I would years ago. Yes Inter everybody. I knew everybody over there. Did you guys. I talked to when Yeah I ran track when I was really fast. I ran cross country and everything. That's the daily Quinn. Yeah for okay. He ran track and cross country and never beat me one time in a race so I used to call him before. Raises are tried to pre. Actually be guys. Are This weekend and hang up so we were kind of friends jammed. That's really gang Surono. Aw Man we live so cross country with my high shorts and I'm calling people that I'm going to run faster. Sausage gotTA fight with a kid at school because he said you can run past and they didn't have the opportunity to compete so they had to throw punches. He tells me he's handsome. He punts getting stomach the kid him. I got a bad thing. It was a bad day but as Oliver who faster but always liked the competition with Danny and all that kind of yeah the title astronaut robbers were kind of fun. Yeah it was. I played soccer all four years and I remember like Holly White on astronauts we had all stars and we'd play together and that was so strange because holly was so intimidating back in highschool man like so good and I was like Oh my God. I have to play with her all all this time. I've spent like not liking her and then we ended up becoming really good friends. I just saw a cracker barrel. The other day I love Krill. Happy Ending Rogersville. Older older you get. I didn't like credit card. Now I like it and my kids hate it. Oh said the older you get the more you like cracker had the magic are about the play. who were they playing Korean could do? It will in the shows we run out of here for the fucking work to that. Tripled Hogan's Lakers. That's cool or you know a hockey fine calling. Do we want to give you a shout out about what you posted. Last week was a special event. Special thing yeah I wish we we need time to say you know what Scott tell us this is this is a legit phenomenon situation to shut up so you can tell the story. I wish he was so my middle son. Keegan is has been completely nonverbal besides grunting and screaming and Friday. He just spoke out of nowhere instead. Six seven eight pointed to numbers like on cards. Like it's so crazy. I can't believe like he literally went from saying nothing and and then just started saying that. And how did that make you feel though I cried. I literally cried because I had already come to the conclusion that he wasn't GonNa Talk. You know at least if he was gonNA talk maybe it would be when he was way older but like his brother had a hard time talking but by three and a half he was being able to repeat stuff. And thank you gonNA show no signs of that like I could see him struggling but we the school we have them in and the teachers that they have their they worked so hard with these kids. And what what's the name of the school. It's it's a long name and I think they're going to change. Your beds. Provide Christian early intervention center. It's importing John kind of across from Franek career. But basically with the school they used to be at the children's center here in Titusville under the name Palladium and it was all the teachers and behavioral therapists. That were there caladiums. Latium went under some of the kids went to able and our teachers that my kids had decided to start their own school. And like how to do it really quick so they. They found a place at this church and they had a building they weren't using and they made it happen and now it's like I mean they're so incredible man these teachers. Yeah the how long they've been open. They've only been open maybe a year and a half of. That's at that school. I mean because they were all working together before. That's so awesome. Yeah they're trying. I know expand right now. It's like a lot of younger kids but they're trying to make that school to where they don't even have to go to like a regular school if it's if they can't yeah that's true that's true. I live for Saint John. This is the first time ever heard. Yeah I mean that's so cool. Yeah they do. All different types of disabilities behaviors. You know like so you go in there. It's cool because the other parents like there's no judgment there because it's like anywhere else I go. It's like they see my kids and they think Oh my God you know but there it's like we all look like hot messes S.'s. Dropping off her kids who were like laying down in the dirt parking they all just take off running towards the river not just draw out. Donald trump could take a shot with your parents Jack for the day guys. It's it's really a great. I'm so and how rewarding for the teachers you know. Oh they were crying especially with Egan's caused because I mean they have been working so hard with him because all the other kids they can kinda talk. He's the one that like I mean they. They have one on one teachers the whole time anyways. And it's just I can't believe it so silly question and I I just don't know so does that mean he's speaking more now at a one one time thing and they're so now he says hi and we went to a birthday party this weekend with Burns whole side of the family and they've never heard them talking he just goes up. He's like hi you. It's like Oh my God like I don't even know what his voice really sounds like. And I thought I would never know now. I'm hearing it really awesome. You know when you posted it on facebook house having kind of a shitty day and that just changed everything is awesome. Yeah see stuff like that. On social media is just awesome. Yeah thank you for that and like we're sitting here talking about all these teachers right that we liked our favor teachers and everything the only thing that you could ask for your teacher born anything that she cares. Yeah so you have teachers that care. They care so much teachers that care and it takes on a specialty like that. I don't know I I look at them and I'm like wow. They choose to do this like they have such patients and like. Oh Oh my gosh like I I. Hardly patients of my kids are good. You don't have patience with us like my kids are hard on the whole. It's a lot of yeah people. Don't they really don't understand what it's like like for my aunt's house like with two kids on the spectrum. I can't imagine what my life would be like without without these teachers. Who are helping us like get them to the places where they need to be sound getting into a job field special education it takes a certain type of human you being there? No joke one of one of his Behavioral therapists actually got season. Pass the Disney. So now she goes to Disney with us and helps us with their issues that they have out out there like with telling them that they can't write a certain right or walking certain direction because some of them depends on which they're very routine driven or you know things have to be a certain way she tries to help us. You know. Change out but yeah vehicle. That's awesome. That really is David. Have that opportunity. Yeah very cool you ever you ever think with people that have jobs like that like how meaningless your job is like no. I'm being serious like Libya Alley. Make huge differences isn't people's lives. If you really think about the like of all of us here always career pathway taken the only one with John that doesn't mean shit a Scott what I guess you got a point with that. Gosh so I do what I do. Obviously Charlie's doing what he's doing. He Gets Pineapples Idaho amazing right transport food for people to eat right. You don't even do that. You just help you help. People get fatter so true. Won't you deliver a fucking truckload stress out about that. Sit in the bathroom at working cry blades. Lucky Day autism. It looking at me. Joe's the one who said that grenades throwing it all over at the fucking Dell did not say this is Joe. Joe Joe defeats like Charlie is a totally different human being when jobs around. He's like. Hey Ben was right here. All three of us would be being nice to each other during laughing harder jokes. I'm okay shit when we when we were out two weekends ago. Joe's there Charlie's a little Dick a little a little leg soon. Is He left. Charlie was like the fucking my favorite person in the world. He ran and jumped at a mosh pit and like amazing. Well I love you Scott. Last night was last night here right now joe shows up and Charlie just hated it on me. Everything on the writing board about our fucking stories about Scott Scott Creepy story the whole story. SCOTTS DOUCHEBAG Scott's GonNa fest them let's take a picture of Scott's asshole crack what else can we talk about Scott. I didn't say anything now. I'm just blowing up right fucking now here. It is here. Yeah well we read other Mr Rogers fucking eat about one hundred of them right now. It's probably in the show Shoghi okay. Thirty minutes ago I thought guys in my headphones didn't work in Scotland Heart and pain on that once I needed to sorry. He's event a little. You know everyone's hockey and has got erupted. It's going to change anything right now. It makes it better but it got to do that again. You know what's funny is so you say that but you and I don't have that weird every time Joe hang out. The we talked on the phone for our like. Should we use telling me about like do like he had some Someone on your on your but yeah yeah. I've had those before. It was like something hanging hanging news time. We all kinds of creatures. You like this talking. I was telling. Hey you gotta do this to take care of business and we will all nice and cool problem. We're going somewhere with. I don't think we really they talk about that. Other rabbit hole also. There was no talk. You think it's all in Scotland but here we were nice in sooners. Soon as those two guys get here where the combination of the three. That's why the U2. I've been nothing but nice. Yeah but the thing is we're nice. It's the combination of the three notes. Youtube toughtested call. Listen Colleen is right here watching right pauline. Say something else I think. I think it's astle who would eat. That's Charlie arly Shane Company and take our side right now so we could talk with Scott even more. That's what he was just doing. I'll call into pretty free thinker be told what to do side on your side. The other thing it's more entertaining when they're there so you're taking but I notice that Charlie is way nicer to you and jazz around. I hear it in the podcast last last week. Joe And we weren't even their vendors are complex about being mean Scott. I mean Scott Bullshit you know you might have to keep that up for entertain evaluate. I drove around last night. We we had a joe wasn't looked at your four times Joe. Joe Wasn't around so that don't count that we leave him and coca villages driveway. And then we'll be. I get it. I get it. I get it so when I can only okay. I won't be Mediocre Handy when Joe Zora anymore it's inevitable. He can't do that. This is where I'm ending on the obvious dynamic. I love him I love you too. Joe Lebowski time I got nothing. What's happening is this? The rabbit hole told him not to get into heat might have actually drugs into the fuck fucking topic at the end here on our side did a rabbit hole. Because it's the very bottom thing you have a bunny rabbit. I mean we could down to a whole one no sky I I know I just had a fall followed the fucking writing yet. It was a rabbit hole. Scott Airlines was good. Does he go. Oh five days we yes declan both the go five days a week. We have a pretty good insurance. I mean most of the kids in there. They're all medicaid like they they do that and they get disability but we my husband makes so much money to wear like we don't qualify for any of that but we have good insurance in our insurance covers. There's all of this. And they get scholarships through the state. He's Gardner Scholarships because that's like ten thousand dollars a year just to go towards their schooling and stuff there so like I mean if there's people that that don't know what to do or if they think that their kid is like like no joke I don't care if you reach out to me about it because I knew nothing about autism or anything until this all started started happening with declan and it was. We was so overwhelming at first but like we knew something was wrong. I think a lot of parents. They don't want to admit it but like yeah I knew straight up. I'm like okay. My kid just played with a sliding glass door for two hours straight. Just looking at the at the bottom. Like that's not normal. Doesn't WanNa look at me you know but it's is all about just getting them help like at the beginning because that's the most important thing like figuring out getting and these these teachers her man so good. I've never found anybody that's like like genuinely cares as much as these people do it. How do they get their funding? How does like well? So they the their behavior therapists work through a thing called PBS. But they bill. The insurance and Medicaid plus all the kids pay a tuition of ten thousand dollars a year. which is from? The Gardner Scholarships. Okay if you can't if they don't have enough they do scholarships and then people can donate money to the school and it will go to help those kids get you know funding. Don't make it work. They like we'll do whatever it takes and find the money to make a kid holiday color. And how would we get more information about that and maybe shouted out and see what we can do. Maybe I don't know I don't know it hits home with the you know so it'd be something that would be cool to do. Yeah yeah they. I mean that school needs help just in general because they went so fast like even to get like they're grown up very but they're trying very cool said it you WanNa end it on that on the positive with yeah. We didn't talk about calling but did we well. That was that was on there that was breath but callings but she brought the but it's true. That was good. But now out a shout out to Brent for real men thank you so much for next year deal with this guy goes Godzilla on the fucking ribs coming naturally beautiful smile. Oh my God I can see bellybutton in Scotland your do all right. Come see me a hardware this weekend before you see them at Bug nutty. Have a great weekend. Hope of seat on our on Saturday at the same time. Good warm up. It's too cold there. It's GonNa be cold this weekend. Warmer out it'd be like I think the whole weeks forecast. Nothing goes about like seventy five but yeah I mean that's GonNa be great right back back back I spend law. Aw Wonder Leila is Job Scheme from the Saul lands the two jobs Zaba Lance tonight. uh-huh dude that's just killer dude. That was awesome.

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Episode 286 - Making A Sandwich with Office365!


52:35 min | Last month

Episode 286 - Making A Sandwich with Office365!

"The following program is produced by the talk radio. Now, my problem is I've got my pointer in the middle of the screen. And I need to move it to the left, but my house is over on the left hand side of the Pat. And if I go any further to the left, it's going to go off the Patt-. Anyway. Give me a call I appreciate it. I'll wait till you hear from you. Comedian Kathleen and you're listening to talk radio something I will never be listening to 'cause I hate technology but for those of you to these guys. Put their episode of Tech. Talk Radio detailer Manda and I'm Justin we are the show, the talks about computers technology and the Internet. Welcome everybody. To see you. Week I was out last week I was what was camping yeah. I. The one and only camp we actually talked a lot about you on the show because we were talking about how you're I. Know You guys miss be so much and it was sean. Glenn. Happy. Yeah. Glen. It was Shaun's fault because he drove by showed you his are his RV and you had to go show them up. To do this, how was it though is honestly did you like it? We loved it going into the whole thing again. So what I did was I rented my neighbors. Thirty foot trailer. He's got a thirty foot camper sleeps eight. It's a really nice long trailer. In order to tow it also rent his truck which happens to be in a Ford F three fifty super duty diesel. So yes. I've never driven a truck that big let alone driven a truck towed towing a trailer behind it. So yeah, I was a little nervous but. You know we he took it with me. Around the neighborhood and Just to kind of let me know like, okay. Why turns you know do this go slow here's your breaking. The trailer has an active brake system. So the trailer will all that stuff. So I was like, all right I feel I feel alright I can do it. So we get going and get on the interstate on the day of and Erickson the seat screaming I got I got my my passenger buddy. He's talking to me about. Whatever it is, I'm not even paying attention because I am driving. An F three, fifty to thirty trailer an interstate at seventy miles an hour shot up. It was good. We got there I actually I was able to back it in one try. I don't know how I was able to do that. But yeah. GOT IT SET UP We were bummed because the state order is says no, no campfires. The governor put because we had the big fires going on we got a four or five of them in. Colorado. Anyway. We were bummed but we went to the ranger station and. He was there I buy fishing license and stuff like that for the day and I'm like, yeah, we're Kinda. bummed. became have campfires. He looked at me and he kinda side he signed and looked at the ground I'm like. What what happened he goes. Yeah. You can have campfires I'm like wait. What do you mean the governor he goes yeah. Yeah. I know you're going to say the governor said you can't have it. Well, the governor's orders weren't taking correctly this no open burning you. Can't start a fire in the ground surrounded by some rocks and say, yes, my campfire. No, it has to be an established firepit which campsites have firepit. That's cool. Good. Yeah. We bought some we bought some would We put it up there and the wind kicked in. It. So I was getting a little nervous because there's Raslan really close and it's really really windies I put out the fire within an hour ganja. Little. bummed. But the next day great day we went to go fishing week cast the air line out on Eric's brand new fishing pole. He'd never fish in his entire life I handed him the. Pull and I said look if you get if you feel if you feel the the rod tug and pull away from you, let me know no those sooner. No later excuse me then I let go of his rod and I turn away to get mine literally a second he goes daddy daddy it's pulling I'm like no. Eric. If not, it's not only Because Daddy Daddy and I turned around and I'm like what and I look and his rod is tipped over the. Onto. I'm. Reel in. Fish got my worm. Mad and the moment that happened the wind picked up and it was so windy that everybody got off the lake we all stopped fishing. We we drove back up we basically spent their whole day in the camper because it. Sounds like fun though let you had a real Andy Griffith opie moment there with you know with your boy I, think that's pretty cool I. Did that was that was fun. I. Wish it was a little bit better. As, we were packing up I lost my cool because. I saw I turned around. I saw. Eric. And he was whipping back and forth his fishing rod in the air with A. Hook. On it. And I remember. I know but I remember when I was a kid I did that and I hooked my dad in the face because I was whipping it around and he a member his cheek in stretched out as I'm pulling on it he's like stop. And I thought of that moment and I lost my cool and I was like bought a dog. Jeld. Go Whoa L.. But I had to explain it to this happened before I saw that moment and I did not want that to happen to me because I know how painful that must have been for my dad well, yeah. Yeah. I was like, no put it down right now. So I kinda lost my cool but we made up for it. That's that's pretty cool though it sounds again good time we did and we got back safely everything was cool. How big was the fish? What they got away? One that got away off got be at least a twenty pound. Founded least. Just based on how Eric was holding that ride I mean I think that was that was like a trophy fish on. Cool. So the other day we had talked in you went through a couple of weeks ago on the show we were talking about you have a problem with hard drive and you ended up getting fixed. We're GONNA talk about some of the other techies you've been able to overcome in one that has really tick you off. But we were talking about chronic and it turns out a honest says just put out a brand new copy a a brand new version of their software across true image twenty, twenty one. And I mean, I've been used in a Krahn US way back and I mean if you want to make a copy of a hard drive and update and go to a large when you make a great backup that in case anything happens. Recovery Yeah what I've done in the past and It's been awhile subtype reinstalled windows, but I've done an install of windows right and then install the programs that I'm definitely going to use and that would be adobe. We use that for the show we use it for video stuff the whole bit I'll installed the Microsoft. All install. Any package that I would need for that and then make image. Complete backup so that way in case anything ever happens. Know I can just install that again at least have that standing by that. So if I need to do that I can. So. We decided to go ahead and reach out and talk to them now just you gotTa. Copy, twenty twenty one. Did You Did. You like it? Did you use it? I did I set it up. It was Sean. I was surprised. How easy was I set it up we launched just said I. Want to back it up. Says it found my removable. My. What is it a six terabyte? Drive that I have and it out right away and. I think it was like click next next and schedule and yeah and it started in. It did offer me the cloud storage br mentioned that my backup was going to be like. Around four and a half terabytes, they only offer a free one terabyte to start with, which is good. If you just want to put like some some serious documents on there, but I did not want to put my entire backup on the cloud. So I just I didn't want obviously pay for the upgrade to it, but they do offer it. Yeah. So if you do WANNA get more online storage by all means, they have that as well. Excellent men have you ever use it the aquatic. Might but I now I let him handle all that. GIF for for backups it's it's really a great thing in in one of the new features is the ability to back up Microsoft's office suite office three, sixty, five, which is pretty cool. So I figured, let's go and get the button on the line and standing by we have the COO for the company Gaidar magner off to always a joy to talk to gate Armaggedon off who is the chief cyber officer Coo with chronic and is with us on the line got are always great to have you on the show. Thanks for coming on. Thank you. Invite me anti every year we get a little surprise as to something new. That is a part of the across true image software package which. Be. Honest you. We've told our listeners this if you're going to have anything in your toolbox when it comes to software, this is what you really need to have, and you really step that up with the newest version of twenty twenty one. Yeah. Thank you. It's amazing. Amazing to hear it from you and for the listeners who may not know us that well, I will just give a quick overview who we are Aquarius used to be a backup company for eighteen years. So we were delivering backup solutions, and then recently we transformed the company to Cyber Protection Company. So we combining the protection which is back with US hyper security and with the trimmings twenty twenty, one we actually doing. Pretty exciting thing we are doing I would say revolution and the consumer protection like we did years ago when we introduced our full image backup for computers and back in two thousand three, I don't believe there are any other solution that would allow a customer to create a full image backup system with everything on it. While it's still running without any interruptions and the customer could recover to a dissimilar hardware to a new computer when they moved to a new computer dow was that was a real revolution at a time an image for our listeners who maybe don't know this is when you take your your hard drive that's running inside your computer, and it's almost taking a snapshot of it and saying we're. GonNa move everything from here to this maybe larger hard drive or drive that's a little faster and with then we're going to be able to pull that old drive out put this one in this can work just like the other one did but better because you've gone to a larger size or faster drive that's what imaging allow somebody to do when they went to upgrade this is. The software package everybody needs to have. Yeah, and a lot of people were using US exactly for that purpose. So you have to think about what to back up but if you lose finally can recover while file youth whole drive or computer can recover whole computer. So people were doing that but now we needed to do something more. We needed to integrate security because the traditional backup is. Not. protecting people that well, anymore as everybody's not working from home, everybody is now in the cross era of the attackers, 'cause you used to work from a corporate network and some it guy was taking care of it. But now you are in your home network that may not be secure at all in you have multiple devices in the same network that can be attacked as well like. Not. Isis. Cameras or even smart TV's you can attack that device and then get to your computer from it. So security became a huge issue and what we've done with version twenty, twenty one, and that's why I call it revolution again is because we combine security and data protection we used to have this protection against ransomware, but now we have built onto virus phantom, our real time scanner realtime protection against all types of malware we haven't on demands can of. Antivirus, can we can scant you backups and discover something that is almost impossible to discover on writing machine we would have things like with they'll train where we can prevent you from getting to a militias websites. Somebody sends you an email pretending to be USPS and you click on it because you want to track it back but then you see that actually looks like USPS and then they ask you for some information like rogue and SORTA social security number in in reality it's just a fake website it right they look like. And they your l. no look like similar. So. Where did protection as well, and also we added the protection four VEP conferencing applications running Zuma bags on Microsoft teams. We protect them as well because also author rounds at the very deep system level. So we can protect those applications against injections again against. Viruses or ransomware stealing the data from. Those applications? raking those applications in became an extremely important. So we packaged together into one product and made it, and we proud of it made it really easy to use you just install it. Collects you have full image of your system backed up to the cloud and you have all the protection, the maples on your computer. Now you talk about this backing it up to the cloud when they purchased of when our listeners purchase a chronic true image twenty, twenty one, do they get an across cloud account with that is that is that something extra and how much space can they actually use? So we have an option where you can buy without any cloud storage. You have just the local backup capabilities and local. It means that you can back up to anything attached to your computer. So drive or network storage, device and other computer network but if you WANNA. Backup to the cloud and we definitely commander to do that you can't, and you get finally gigabytes one terabyte and up to five terabytes at both come at some certain cost but the the data's is very important. So only make sense to to they actually schedule. So that say they use their computer once in a while maybe. They've got something maybe every couple of days or at the end of the day, can they ask schedule an incremental backup to the cloud? Yep, absolutely. So the way it works is that you it's very flexible. So by default, if you do nothing, it will be once a day or once a week scheduled a works for most of the most of the people. But if you really want to be flexible, you count set up a certain our everyday a twice a day five times a day or whatever. You can even do like continuous backup if you just wanted to have everything backed up to the cloud and the way it works, it will be incremental. So the. First. Time. You will get Snapshot Obvious System and then will just upload older changes from your system was exactly liked for the chronic program over past years to get his ability that if I'm moving from a computer to another computer that I've got programs that are running, they may have an issue they may be a hardware change. Windows may not like what I'm doing does it still offer to chronic image twenty twenty one still offer kind of an ease of use in in moving making that transition to a new computer yeah. Absolutely. It will be terribly whatnot because I, use it all the time. Remember when it was last time I reinstalled windows but Migrate my system I just create the complete image backup and then I get him like a USB drive into another machine recovery racing there, and we have this capability where when you recover to. Complete completely new type of hardware and something may not be compatible with your system. You can just download the drivers split up the same hard drive. Or USB drive that you use to recover, and we'll get those drivers recover the system. So the system will be riding on your machine. Then it professional can use this at appreciated but honestly for our listeners, the the end user, the consumer. With very little background they can get up and you're using this in no time to be very comfortable knowing their data safe. It's great peace of mind and you know honestly. I can only tell people so many times we've told them on the show backup I mean I know the cyber protections we love that as a part of true twenty, twenty one because it's like you said, you could back up something with viruses than obviously that does no good. So my having this added protection cyber protection in there it's a great idea. It certainly is because again, it's an overall round. Wellness check on your Like I. Think we were talking about this earlier. It's like a castle. You've created what these layers right layers of protection and the interesting thing here is that. We see more and more people actually using some or my backup, some form of security, and we really really like it because it's extremely important that we will. Defend our systems against the cybercriminals but when use the backup and the antivirus, the not connected not integrated the rest of me. that that can that can happen here. So ontiveros may not be able to catch Simul the type of ransomware viruses and we see that happening all the time 'cause separate criminals that are creative, and then you don't have data you cannot really recover and also what the new viruses do. They would attack your backup, and if the backup is not protected, then they can take down the. Backup obligation corrupt the files in the backup and corrupt the files being sent to the cloud, and this is actually happening with that type of malware that we see now appearing all the time. So you do need to have not only the backup and antivirus on the same system, but you need to have the protection for the backup application of the back of files and without integration wheels. To do what? Because Sale Self Protection? So the where is not able to disable get back or corrupt you backup because just recently we we we've seen any stories where some major company would be hit by ransomware is impossible to imagine that they will not running any kind of backup or any kind of on the virus under systems the they were running it, but the problem was. That, they were hit by ransomware the disabled corrupt backups to the was the data in that there's wasn't able unable to catch it. So it took days many many days to recover. Now, this things are happening to everybody who just working from home everybody's a target. This gives the opportunity for the BAT agents bad actors to go ahead and get into your system, and then access the corporate gateway. Because obviously, they're influx trying to figure out. Okay. We gotta do this. We gotta do this. We got to open this up. So there's been a lot of holes and they can get in through the home networks exactly like you'll have your kids playing on a computer at home and they have an old patch system. They don't care about security at all they open whatever links out there and the WIFI network, it'd be protected. So the. Attack would install something that machine, and then that would attack your machine over your Wifi network or home network whatever you have, and then what happen is that your machine will get infected and then you connect your corporate network using a VPN and that's how they got to the corporate network and they steal steal the data and the thing is and that's important to understand for everybody that in the past those hikers attackers were very smart guys. Now the smart guys at designing the use to attack people but anybody can take those hacking tools from the dark web and start using it. You don't have to be a computer scientist to do it. You don't have to think about how to write a program. You can just pull that software and start spreading it through email or copied to network shares. So anybody can be a hacker and I'll think covid nineteen people sitting at home not much thanks happening outside of your house right. So what do all those criminals are doing now? The Oh at home. They have something cybercrime exactly now, a lot of people always wonder what about my my devices, my smartphones tablets does chronic offer protection for those devices as well. Yeah, absolutely. So if you have an iphone android and he used out cloud storage, you can back up all the data meaning like your picture you'll lose your contacts. You can back it up to the cloud is very convenient because you have all your data in one place. So he have multiple devices, multiple computers, you have all the backups in one place and you can just go online and download whatever information you need, and what different versions of this are available. We have a few dishes cornish stretch twenty, twenty one. we have three types of subscriptions we call them. Essential premium essentials is a subscription without cloud storage for those people who for whatever reason cannot use cloud and have Internet connection or they may live in the area where Internet is just too expensive. So they not using that. Then we have advanced a subscription that includes hundred gigabytes of cloud storage. It's enough for most of the. People who use while just a few computers and mobile devices. We, have a premium subscription that goes with one terabyte for more. You can buy up to five terabytes storage and that also includes a few. Had YOU SEAN CAPABILITIES? digital notary recall it according to. which is basically a way to certify to file that you have and put those little digital certificates in the blockchain, and then you can verify that you have their reach of file. That's a very interesting technology because in the digital world creating a copies, easy controversy, control the copy, and then you can modify a copy and it's very difficult to prove that you have their regional and when it comes to legal documents or to some intellectual property, the any modification can be disaster. So this technology allows even home user to certify that the files that they had where the regional fires at certain point in time. Future anytime in the future, it can verify certify that you still have their caucus that's trial. So again, if our listeners get more information, all they need to do jump on the world wide web check out across A. O. N.. Nis, they can order this. They don't have to get up and go to the office store. They can actually order this and downloaded from the website make that purchase right there. Yeah. Absolutely. I. I. Still See a lot of people going to stores to buy software. Now I don't really see a lot of people going to stores anymore. So everything's online right I still shop I still go but yeah, I get it online. I'm envious. I'm working from home on time for me going to a store is like a trip now? Yes. Yes. It's kind of scary sometimes. Well, listen. I'm talking to you I look forward to even I mean what you've made. Possible with Trim Twenty twenty one it's really great especially when it comes to the security features, I think our listeners. Should definitely have this on their devices whether it be a laptop or pc or Mac even you offer Mac protection as well. gator. Magda. Thank you so much for coming on the show again, and we look forward to looking for twenty twenty two. Gosh, seem so far away. Thank you andy. I'm definitely looking for twenty twenty two actually before the year twenty, twenty one because there's twenty twenty one so good and hopefully, there is no cobb at twenty or whatever. Exactly I hear you. We just bypass twenty twenty anyways that's for. Anyway, thanks for coming on the show. We'll be back with more of talk radio and now back to tech talk radio. Most downloaded woman and you're listening to Tech Talk Radio and visit me on my website. Cindy MARGOLIS DOT COM. Thanks you guys. Love you. Back. Radio. I'm just let me. And I'm Andy. Taylor. Thank you for being here. So cool interview. COOL SEGMENT WANNA. Thank it or bank dinner off in the folks chronic coming on and talking to us and we'll see if we can secure some. giveaway copies because it's really a great software pack. Yeah. Absolutely. That would be cool. So speaking of hardware and software you kind of decided to bite the bullet and do some upgrading. Didn't you? Yeah you know I a couple of days ago. I had a problem with my computer when I turn it on, it was saying CPU fan failure and I was like Oh that's not good. I've got I've got a water pump, but it wasn't the the water pump itself is plugged into a different. It's actually a dedicated pump channel on the motherboard, but the fan itself that blows through the radiator I think that's what was failing and I couldn't get it to boot up but I decided to go ahead and start pulling pins and just trying to figure things out and you know receipt in the pinch for it obviously seemed to work but I'm here in. I don't know I'm not really hearing anything. Weird. But I'm seeing like my fans are just. Going down a lot so I think it might be failing. So I decided. All right. Well, it's time to get a new. Wanted to get a new water cooler for this this is a new CPU you got right brand new motherboard brand new CPU Yep all right. So but I'm over clocking it too. So it's obviously running how much you over clocking it I'm at five Gigahertz oh. My Lord. Really. Yeah. Wow. So that's why water cooling basically. But I wanted I was like you know what? Let me get one that's a bigger I'm using a one hundred forty millimeter fan water cooling system I decided to go with the two hundred, forty millimeter. water system. So I I was looking at my case and I realized I'd I bought this case back in twenty ten? and. So it's kind of old and it even have a window on I had to put my window and myself I literally just use my Jemele. Carved out a section of the side panel and input plexiglas on it's such a it's such a odd job but it it works rate anyway. But I, I decided you know what this new fan water cooling system I'm going to get doesn't fit so I had to get case but I got a practical a fractional design nice It Looks Pretty Nice. It's not the typical rectangle shape. It's actually kind of fractional why they'd get their name so it Kinda PC PICKER OR I Just went to. I think what did I do one of the actually radio news? Well, I just went I went to. A website that deals with a breakfast products grays. Like like. Like blanks benedict. and. Bacon and blinks. Oh Yes yes. It's about a new. Took me a second. Yeah. Yes. Okay. So we're on the same page here. Yeah, and I went to that. Yeah. I'm sorry. Bless you andy. Allergies anyway. So I went to there and I bought the case and then I thought you know what? At the same time? My memories the only thing that's really hasn't been upgraded yet. I didn't have the money to time. So I went ahead and got some new talking about memory and your computer right? Yes. Yes I thought we were on the same page there hopes we're talking about a computer upgrade. Okay Yes. So I bought some new memory for the computers well, and Yeah I. So I got my super notification my water cooling and memory should be here I dunno sometime next week but the case says that it was voided. Like when I go to look at the order, it says voided are may something or whatever I'm like wait what Sei contact chat I'm like Yo what's going on with this like why is it saying voided and seed? I haven't received anything from you and they're like, oh, no worry sir, just be just be cautious that the the carrier has not picked up your package yet. So the tracking information has an updated I'm like. Talking about tracking information I'm talking about order the order it says. Voided. What is going on and I did not receive a refund from you if you did void said product and they're all no, it's fine with the single shipping. So now I'm sitting here wondering what's going to happen man this particular website I don't know if I'm going to order from them again because there's John with Broadway had the problem with the same company. yeah I think customer service just gone downhill also kind of Shane Company. Well. We'll see we'll see what happens. Are You Are you going to be getting this new graphics? Everybody's talking about and loving and? I'll? Amanda Amanda shake it or because we could see on the cameras, you could see us and she's just taking a hit because she's feeling what everybody has been feeling that just bought a card, a graphics card in the last six months or computer. Bomb. Wait but. The same thing with a smartphone. Yeah the the. That we go through the smartphones, you know here a little rumbling here and there but then again, you just think okay I wanna get the new device you drop a lot of money on it and then they turn around go we got something new and better you know speaking of smartphones I'm really interested in this new pixel, the Pixel five coming out in November you know they're going to keep the price low. They said that the Pixel five is going to be released for like six ninety nine, which is highly the price of the new iphone. And so. Half the price of the new Samsung know exactly. So they're really trying now they're not using the latest snapdragon processor by they're saying that what they're doing a good trade off between the price point and that processor you're still going to get better camera better perform not best performance. There are multitude of phones that are. Better than it by. For, that price point, you can't beat it and you're still going to get the best. Camera phone on the market. Well, you know they keep talking about the image sensors for the what what's going to be the new iphone which looks like a if you looked at it, it looks like the top of a stove for the iphone acts. To look just like, yeah, which model is that which one is that? The Samsung note twenty I just got like a couple of weeks ago. Did you get the pen with it too? Yeah. Yeah. A little tablet things I saw that the other day and I was looking I thought you know what I might want to give that a try. Walk away from your pen. It notifies you hey, you left your pen over there. Really. Low Low Energy Bluetooth on it. Yeah. Swiping the it's kind of like a magic one thing. It's like you could you know do stuff in the error and the color with it and do all kinds of stuff. Retail for. I I WANNA. Say it was like fourteen maybe. Barrier. But then you also had like trade and capabilities in like buy one get one was different carriers vital Datsun for that. A LOT OF MONEY But that's where we are with cellphones and that's why really interested about this this Pixel five I'm thinking, I'm just GonNa go ahead and buy a pair of them. You know an upgrade mine upgrade my wife's and Give one. To your son, give one to Eric. I might give the old one to him. So this new graphics card they this chart out and then they got this other one that's that's now available and they're talking about it, and this is supposedly somebody. So you just bought a twenty eight year I know you dropped a lot of money on that Justin eleven hundred dollars. All right. So they announced his new one, thousand, nine hundred and they're saying it's the like somebody. Reviewed it and they got their hands on a thirty ninety and they got a chance to test it out and review and they said it makes the twenty the graphics look like an Atari like, yeah. They said it really is. That right there just makes my stomach. Turn I mean. I. Get pains hearing that comment because again I just dropped eleven hundred dollars on this thing. Yeah and to know that I need to upgrade again because you know me I have to have the latest of everything. Yeah. We're not right if I can afford it and my wife says, yes. which is probably not going to happen. So. Andy. Can you buy me thirty nine? I want to get myself one. More, it'd be worth more than my computer itself. Yeah. Basically, he gave Moran a story. The other day I thought was pretty good because you know the problem is you've got the thirty ninety it's got to handle all the graphics are out there. I mean you've got flights, you call the duties. Red Dead Redemption to I mean there is not a graphics card on the planet yet I haven't seen. It can do thirty ninety that can run red dead redemption Oltra settings at you know even not even ten eighty P don't even mention fourteen forty or four K. now what happen Pc Gamer ran an article and they have a link from the twitter page at PC Gamer crisis remastered highest graphics setting is called. CAN IT run crisis. Are you. Are you serious what it says yeah criticism. Level Kennett run crisis out of all the games that came out the market that was the first one to say this might just you know make your computer or get to it's knees and not be able to do anything and I never understood that because I played the original crisis. Yeah. Granted I did I didn't have a top of the line system at the time, but I was like, what is the big deal about this? Maybe it was because I didn't get to see the beauty of it because I didn't have that high end system, but it's been ever since used as like you said as running is yeah, it is a benchmark system. Yeah. It's crazy. It's even have a fiscal crisis score. Like. Yeah a crisis. Murder crisis benchmarks future mark thing. But yeah. Yeah it's pretty crazy. We take a quick break. We come back. We've got more tech talk radio I ran into a little bit of problem trying to get Microsoft teams going and I figured you know what I mean to. You seem to know a little bit about that. So May-. Maybe. You can help me out a little. We'll be back with more of talk radio I mean detailer and Amanda and I'm just find us on the Internet Talk Radio Dot Com we'll, be right back. Back to talk radio I'm Amanda Taylor and I'm Justin Lemme. So I have a little bit of an issue. So I went ahead and finally. I finally got office three sixty. Three. Sixty A. Discount version got five days off. Got Three Sixty five right and I want you got it from a guy named Mike. Right. Behind behind the dustbins that the gas station. Office I can't you office over here. Discount you get five days off. He had. He had a real budget version of Microsoft one thirty that was. So I went ahead and got it. And the goal is to sell it in glorious computer. Then I'd have a mind and it was kind of cool. I still haven't gotten rid of outlook to like what kind of version which which. I think there's different. ITERATIONS. You get home business. This is six users, but it gives you gives you outlook it gives you words. Is that what it now now it's it's a home. A piano and I mean but I have installed on a computer I have outlook two, thousand seven, which I still use I mean but it works great. I mean I have even amending. I'm not a techie but even I know that's not a good idea really is it not I mean is it time to go? Oh. My Gosh Sixty five is the best thing since sliced see I tried I tried using the translate program in word, which is one of the reasons I mean say, Ooh, this is cool and by the way. If you're listening to that, you can go ahead and use that comment. Right? There is the best thing. You can put that on the back of the box. Talk Radio. Free Sixty five is the best place bread. That's this week. Shows name. Coach marks. Like it so So my problem is I wanted to install Microsoft teams and get that going and wouldn't let me because I my work I work for I have my own address, my own email address with that, and then I signed into they use. Oh, they get sweet. You can only have one Riyan I'm having a hard time like just trying to get it to teams to run and every time they do their email address POPs up. Are you using the edge browser knowing Music Crow Back part of your problems. To the new Ed do edge by the way is actually really good. A Guy who hates change that I should start changing everything. I swear on average speed. Yoda. The universe. It is better than chrome in so many ways. Completely chrome ice I tell you to Peter. My bother installing hollow. You're really it is a chromium based browser. Yes. So it is using the same technology behind chrome. However, I have one of those resource monitor's on my on my rain meter that shows me how much ram is being used by any particular. So I opened up chrome my extensions that I. Normally have installed opened up edge, which by the way when you open up at, you can import not only your bookmarks in your cookies from chrome you can import your extensions as well because at the end it is rome-based. So I imported everything over. So it was a one for one replica of browsers. Blohm three sixty, five account time hold on Route Meghan whole. A real quick chrome was using two gigabytes of Ram jets sitting there with three tabs. Open Had Google facebook and Youtube Chrome or I'm sorry edge with chromium edge was using one point eight. I know there's a lot of people listening that are like me that have been stuck in sticking with chrome because I've used chrome forever it's got it's got extensions but is chrome. Manager and all of that. All that stuff. Windows. Phones like you don't even have to bookmark things anymore you can put things in collections on the site like a have to do a whole blog about it. It's really really great. So so nicely, I should you're saying I should bite the bullet I should start using edge and I should start using the full office suite and stop using outlook two, thousand, seven yes Microsoft Word Two thousand, seven yes please nearly. The love all. Holy toggle between different accounts I have I have three accounts myself. So I constantly am tongling through things if sometimes, it does get a little bit confused because it's still somewhat knew, right. So something you could try if you're going to use the web-based the the browser based teams is you could go in incognito mode and that sometimes solve some of those issues and and I would honestly just say install the APP for teams because there's a lot more features that are always coming. On My smartphone. Computer what do you think about putting office three, sixty, five on my smartphone is that that's something I can do right. I think you can I mean you got six licenses I'm sure that also applies to mobile but I personally don't see. I don't see a reason to put the entire office three, sixty, five on your mobile I have outlook on my mobile I don't have three, sixty, five installed but I'm using my account, which is a three, sixty five. Yes, they do they have an office, they have an office. Translator. They've got three versions of office from Microsoft that are more designed for Mobile I just don't think. You need to put word excel all that stuff on a mobile. overkill. Okay. Cool. I'm going. So I'm going to do that. You said that that's the way I'm Gonna I'm GonNa go to starting tomorrow. I will. Spain shot so. We know that you're being. Say Listeners Stay tuned for Year Twenty, twenty, two Andy finally. Tomorrow every time and he says I'm GonNa do it tomorrow? It's like it's never tomorrow I watch space balls on edge. Yeah. I watch baseball Microsoft EDGE THERE YOU GO. Justin you got to ask you about flight SIM. We haven't talked a couple of weeks. Yeah. Have you been anything new from that that you've been finding? I mean when it first came out, we jump on it and play a little bit I was immediately frustrated because I I guess I didn't really understand the autopilot system and. Going crazy I actually you know what I gave up on my A. C. H. Products Yoke System. I did upgrade the springs on it. I was able to find a to`real on Youtube about how to take it apart and upgrade the springs inside. So it's a little bit more sensitive, but even then it just was kind of cumbersome I actually like flying with my joystick, my thrust master or Sitex, sitek Rhino extra five I find that a little bit better for me to fly with and having more fun with it but. I'm really annoyed by the autopilot system and then I realized that I'm just being a giant dummy because these planes are like that. I. Mean that realistic I could easily just go because it might complaint was there was no documentation. There was no way for me to figure out how to use this. A lot of people have been saying them. Yeah. Yeah. Go and read the aircraft manual like literally really the actual aircraft manual will tell you how to use it everything about it like bud online. Detection and it was like Oh my gosh I didn't even think about that. Yeah. I read I read the manual now I'm having a great time actually my buddy that lives in Bogota Colombia. We play games all the time we decided to do a flight where I would leave from Denver he leave him Bogota and would fly and legs, and finally eventually meet up somewhere about halfway between Bogotanos Denver rape. Last night, we made that happen Oh. We took a flight. I think I was in Tampa Bay. Florida. He was in Havana. Cuba and we came up together and landed at the exact same moment right behind each other at key. West Florida now that's pretty awesome. I like I like and it was real time. It was we we scheduled these flights that we would be flying at the same time every night even though we couldn't see each other we knew that somewhere in that giant yonder distance. There was my buddy to fly, and then finally we get closer and closer all of a sudden I look out on the horizon I see his username above the horizon and it was like seeing a long lost friends. Though I'm sitting there talking to him and discord the entire time. But as cool to see that nowadays you an update yet they done which you know. I think the patch is September twentieth, right? Because they've been talking about. Okay. We found these little bugs here and there there's going to be a huge. Amount of changes that are going to take place got to re read the patch notes. A lot of is going to be fixed with the first vatsa integration where you can do you know the real time virtual air traffic. That's one thing they're gonNA fix or fixing but a lot of its autopilot autopilot wasn't acting like it should I knew it I knew it even though I was like I know how to use this. Now, this thing is not acting, right? It was confirmed a book. So there's a lot of changes coming up now Amanda, you had a problem headphones last week and it was just drive. She was having them for the one. She's wearing right now or wireless steel series are two seven. And it was funny because I would never have ever thought of this. There is a way to fix it. So if an area of listeners have had this happen, what did you have to do? So. So yeah, last week I was having trouble we're trying to get on and then like right middle of a sentence were cut off and then he did it like three times when we were trying to start the show and I was so frustrated. So I just said forget it and we put them away so basically the left headphone the one that. Has the microphone you take off the earpiece and there's a little pinhole towards the top. Now, there are holes on the side. So don't quote those are like your, you know your wiring and all that but there's a tiny pinhole towards the top of the that side of the headset and basically I just looked it up online you hold down, hold it down. For like maybe ten seconds or so and then when you released it, then you just plugged everything back in, turn the headphones on and they worked and I haven't had any problem. Reset then yeah, it was. Set an I just use the little pen from my cell phone like you know how they come with the little. Pop out the card or whatever I just use that thing popped it in. Did it boom I? It's been fine ever since or Bernie listeners that have run into issues with their Bluetooth. Headphones there look to see if there's some kind of a reset. Now Amanda, I wanted to ask you a question. You are big into minecraft as we can see behind you you've been. Streaming on it, but you're also big into like the minecraft education. Now, this is something Kinda new isn't it? It's not been around for a long time I what are the differences? What are the differences between the game of my craft and then minecraft education like? I don't understand it. So education edition is a little different because it has they have less impacts already premade that you can download. You can play by yourself just There's there's different features of the coding capabilities and you also have the ability to like you can build your own world. They could encode the coating edition of minecraft from Java or bedrock but. It's very safe and that's what I like about it is because it only connect to it through your tenants. So if like, let's say, all three of US wanted to play let's say Eric wanted to play one of the kids at our school on a play or the three of us here wanted to play. We would have to have the same tenant email. With one another. So like for example, today, we played on email what intend to email. Basically, like if you are, let's say you're you know a Denver Unified School district or something like USD dot. Or? Because they have to be. Yeah, it has to have at EDU account. That's another thing like you have to have a viable you account or you have to be a Microsoft global partner and you have to you have to have like the certain specs and Ip settings like there's certain things that need to be allowable. Anybody can connected US new. So if I gave you my code right now like for example, this afternoon, a group of us from Scotland and Wales and an Ireland in UK. We all got together and my friend one of my girlfriends in Florida and I we were on with them on twitch and we were all playing the same addition but we had to have an account that was all linked together. So we had to borrow borrow basically an account from them and the person that was hosting the world. Teacher is only one that can start the world. Usually kids cannot start world's 'cause that's another safety thing and if you guys tried to get in even though we broadcast the code globally on twitch, you can't get in no matter how I like that though. That's Biggest part for me because I'm you know we're all worried about our kids and safety. As a teacher then you start in the room you also kind of like that Super Adman you like the God of the servers. So you can do things you can move things around you can blow things up if you want. And, you can turn on and off the the modes to feel like I have the right to turn on and off the modes but I also have the right to give students the ability to turn off on the mode. So I can turn off mobs anything harmful, right? I can. If we just doing coatings of the, I can put barrier blocks up. So they can only go in a certain space if I want them to what I'm going to limit the whistle how far they can see that kind of thing. What kind of lesson would you teach like give me one example of a lesson that you'd be teaching in this real quick. That one of my favorite lessons, it's called the mindful night and it's already premade. It's in the Microsoft. The Microsoft, education. Edition website actually, and it's basically teaches you how to how to self regulate your emotions. I get teaches you how to breathe teaches you how to walk through the world and look at things that are around you. You become night basically like a knight in shining armor get knighted by the Queen at the end you go on a mission and you're GonNa last and it teaches you how to play minecraft while you're doing it now a lot of our kids already. Know How to do that but there's also math packs in there. There's history packs. There's some beautiful things that immerse myself played out. That are just like you walk into the Italy, you're going into Italy you go into the Renaissance you walk into a museum and there's like all these glorious things that are on the walls like artists and you go talk to Michelangelo and Leonardo, and so it's just there's so many different things you can do with it. From the little ones like today we did a thing on phonics and we went out in the world and we picked out you know shelves because they had the s h sound and we brought them back. Can we put them on the board with the S H and we went out and did something else? You know we got another thing within the sound and like it's just things that are being created right now that are proprietary to specific ages and grades. How do you get more districts to really? Get more districts to really say we want to do this. You have to have a Microsoft account. So you have to have a edu account with your district. And then you just you know get on board and ask them you know what can I do to come on and just reach out to some global trainers and global mentors and yeah that's what I. That's what I've always said learning has to be fun. Really. seriously. It's gotta be aged for kids and even for me as an adult I'm learning so much his last six months playing with my friends all over the world like I would have never done that before you know like you say with the with flying the planes with your with your buddy, it's like I get on with my friends all around the world and we do all these creative things together and I'm you know my? I really honestly want to get involved with minecraft when he gets a little bit older right now he likes to mess around with like animal crossing, but I really WanNa do that with him. So I was thinking olds that are doing it. Wow and Eric Eric knows how to use the computer. I mean, he already knows what minecraft is everything but I'm thinking what I'm GonNa do instead of building a computer next year I. Think I'm just going to get the new xbox series X. And let him play on that while I'm sitting next to him on my computer and we can play together for him I. Think Controller would be easier than using a keyboard mouse his age. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. It's a pretty cool because our website of the week that Amanda was able to put together actually ties in with our last discussion talking about minecraft in education, which I still think is is pretty good. I've had some teachers who have told me that they started listening to the show because they were getting some really good ideas on how to kind of immerse themselves more technology. But also about how technology is being used in the classroom, which is I think is phenomenal. I liked that. So, you've got to go website of the week for us yes. Oh, I found. Some some friends of mine you know they kind of dabble a little bit, the minecraft education world, and recently they released some I. Know I've talked a little bit with you guys about the East sports edition of Minecraft Edu on their site, and I just wanted to kind of give them a little shot out and say you know immersive minds dot com if anybody wants to check them out, they have some amazing creative worlds with mine crap education addition they do workshops, they do stuff with coding office three, Sixty Five. There's problem based learning lessons there but a lot of the minecraft worlds that are there are just. I mean. I'm looking at these pictures I mean they got full on pirate ships. Goodness. And just I, mean, there's just so many things that you can just go in and download you know the packs and and just kind of hang out and see what they have. But yeah, the world's are just this is I don't even is this. immersive. Minds. Dot Com. That's our website of the week. Well, that's cool stuff. Hopefully, John in Sean. We'll be back with US next week. We'll be back with more of Tech Talk Radio in the meantime. Thank you for joining. US appreciate that I'm Andy Taylor. And I'm Justin, find us on twitter at talk radio have yourselves a great week.

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"My Dream Job Has Turned Toxic"

The Ken Coleman Show

46:23 min | 3 weeks ago

"My Dream Job Has Turned Toxic"

"Thanks for listening to the podcast of the. Ken coleman show. You can catch the show live every weekday from twelve to one eastern on youtube and one to two eastern on sirius. Xm andrew local radio station. If you'd like to ask me a question you can talk to me. Live any weekday from twelve to two eastern by calling eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven setting the pace on the pursuit of happiness. This is the cannon coleman show where you discover what you were born to do and how to make it happen now helping you get unstuck and the path to your dream job. America's career coach. Ken coleman. I'm coming to you. Live from ramsey studios in nashville. And you are joining a conversation about who you are what you were created to do where you want to do that and how you can get there. It is about your dream discovering the dream and then realizing the dream and we're gonna talk about that through your work. Imagine getting up and into a job that allows you to do what you do best to work that you love and produce a result of matters to you. Mondays are going to take on a whole different feeling. And folks that's possible. Excuse me sorry folks that is possible. It's not a pipe dream. I just combined. It's not a pipe dream and that's in. It is possible. I got so excited. Folks it really is possible. No matter who's in the white house by the way it is possible. It's not a play dream. You can do it. And i wanna be your guide to help you do it. Folks are doing it everyday. Making great progress never been a better time to get after it even though twenty twenty s been just plain wacky eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven is the phone number to jump in eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven. Let's get going minneapolis. Minnesota's where we're going to start coup is on the line cool you're on the ken coleman show. Hey how you doing that. I am living the dream sir. How can i help. Hey so this interview have come at the time this friday. I have an eventful pharmacy school From ten to two and worked vice which he gets to someone like me who has an interview quite some time great and this is this to be accepted into the school. Okay great are they Do you have any idea. They told you ahead of time. Anything about the interview itself and the type of things they're going to be going over or is it just largely you just don't know what to expect So i do not so it's gonna be doing zoom call But then they didn't tell me anything about the interview and based on an interview when telling me that they're going to send the material on thursday. Okay great so you'll have more information. Okay all right. So here's the key. And i'm gonna give you a free. Pdf that we have on our website already called how to win the interview so at my website right now ken coleman dot com but you can go. Download it It'll make sure that you have the link but here's what you wanna do okay. Let's first talk about the fact that it's going to be zoom interview. I want you to treat this like it's an in person interview even though you're going to be in front of a computer so i want you to get dressed. Where the same outfit. Look at the whole nine yards. You don't have to wear a suit and tie if it's not this is a school so just look sharp. You know just just look put together iron your shirt for heaven sakes make sure your sweaters not wrinkle irving aware and get dressed and looked exactly like you would if you were going to go into their offices for an interview k. Make sure that you test the zoom ahead of time you know. Make sure that you've got a good backdrop. Nothing distracting behind you. Make sure the lighting is good. The sound works. He got all that stuff and from there. You're all set as far as zoom part now when you get the materials tomorrow. I mean i want you to treat this like you go over this like your life depends on it and i don't know what the materials are you don't either so of that may be informational in nature. Some of it may be educational in. They're telling you what to be prepared to discuss. That's what i want you to lock in on. And then that i want you to use the pdf that we're gonna that you're you're gonna get for free from us and i want you to think about the questions. You're going to be asked the type of questions you could be asked what you think through it. And then as you're thinking through those questions play out your answers and if you got if you gotta get in front of a mirror and do it and record yourself great but really practice the type of things you might say. And i don't want you writing it down to where you're tempted to read it during the interview but just really think through it and then the last piece i want you to think through and again i guide you through this in this. Pdf we're gonna send you in that. Is we guide you through the questions that you can ask the types of questions that you could ask when it's your turn after you've answered their questions there will be moments where you can ask questions and this is where you stand out as a perspective student. This is where you look really special if you say things like what we're going to tell you to ask like what kind of a student wins in this program you know. What do you feel are the elements of success coming out of this program and representing this program. Well those are two questions the type of things. I want you to ask because it implies that you're very thoughtful and that you're serious person which you are and it just makes you look even more prepared and so the key is the theme of this is relentless. Preparation leads to reflexive performance. If you fill your brain up coup with the stuff that i'm going to tell you fill it up with and you really prepare when you're in the moment you're in this pressure filled situation your brain's gonna do it. It's designed to do it's like a supercomputer and all you're doing is loading in the software. That's necessary so hang on the line in madison. Let's just make sure he knows where to go. You can download it. Anybody listening can download the how to win the interview guide. It's one of our three free get hired guides at ken. Coleman dot com and it will set you up. it's been a wildly popular free resource. How to win the interview and we tell you how to prepare as far as your clothing your body language. The questions you'll be asked the questions that you need to ask. It is gold. I should be charging for it. But i love you folks so much so go get it. Eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven seven four seven two five seven seven. Let's go to birmingham alabama where. Amy is waiting amy. You're on the. Ken coleman show in. How are you amy. I'm living the dream. What's going on question about talking salary with a potential employer. All right i. I had an interview yesterday. Went well guy. Did help me. But they did. Take me off guard by asking me. You know within the first two people that i talked to. I talked to in person as well but in the first round of the interview. I they asked me. Okay what your salary range I left i kind of glossed over it. And i didn't feel comfortable answering it at that point although maybe i should have. But we're at the day. After so i need to follow it with an email after my written. Thank you note. Of course you tell them. In the moment that you'd rather think about it sleep on it and get back to them or do you literally just completely ole ole-ole bullfighter what happened. I can't remember. I think it was kind of in the middle of the two. Okay but i am. It is very specific position with specific set of skills that i do have so the interview. Go well after that. Yeah i did that guy. Okay so you just really never directly answered them correct so i will need to follow up the second person i that would be. My direct supervisor did say hey you know make sure you follow up with him about your salary all okay good so there was some conversation. That's what i was trying to figure out. It was in this awkward thing left hanging. Well here's the deal. This is pretty simple. Stuff is far as what you tell them. You gotta do your research and you got to find out what the the range with the marketplace tells you is is a you know a range of salary for somebody of your skillset and your experience and then you've got to compare that range with what you believe you want to make and you've got to have a number rico. I'm not interested if it's not this number higher that's how you come up with the number and then you got to prove how you came up with that number and then be confident with it. This is the. Ken coleman show folks. I like to stay in the know and support great companies. Doing great things. Have you heard. Bursts is the sonic toothbrush bursts love by influencers and celebrities not to mention hundreds of thousands of happy customers. And me see for yourself. What everyone is talking about burst is the smart choice. And it's affordable visit burst oral care dot com and use code ken to grab a burst. Brush vers lowest forty nine ninety nine. That's burst oral care dot com. That's burst oral care. dot com. The ken coleman show continues talking purpose on your talk radio. Dial we're talking politics for talking purpose. That's what men and women are all united behind this idea that we all wanna do something that matters to us and wanna make a contribution in the world. We all have dream that dream job. Well for some haunted as for a while for some we've given up on it for some. We still hold a glimpse of it for some. You're all over it. You're fired up about it for all of you. All are welcome here on the. Ken coleman show because all are created on purpose. And there's a contribution that the world needs you to make. We won't help you figure out what that is. And then get their eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven. Let's go to the who falls. Idaho austin is on the line austin. You're on the. Ken coleman show. Hey again today. I'm living the dream austin. What's up with you. Good so i got a question for you They're really quick. Question is do. I listen to my wife or do i follow my passion. Though boy that difficult. I know yeah. Are you know. I'm gonna make you rephrase that question and we're going to dig deeper into it because that is an impossible question for me to try to as it is so let's let's be more specific and let me ask you some questions. What is the dream. The dream is a mixture of working with people and also working with cars But that does not include a car sales. I've tried that. I didn't like the tactics involved with that. So it's just kind of. I need to find a mixture between the two all right. So let's talk about working with cars. what are you. Love described the work when we when we say working with cars. What does that work look like that. You just have high emotion for it and high devotion not necessarily I mean like working on them Mechanical stuff i guess. I've okay but it's more just the way. They looked where they sound way. Seal talking about cars than it is working on cars. I kinda helps ya okay and when you say talking about cars You don't like selling somebody a car or at least you don't like selling somebody a car the way that you've experienced it is that fair. That's okay so tell me what talking about cars if you're not selling the car demand example of job that is essentially talking about cars. But you're not working on them. I've been kind of thinking about this. Some good some deep thought. I guess you could say and More of like an interviewing somebody who already owns kinda fun car. You know somebody who owns a few lamborghinis harari. We'll talk about. Why do you like this specifically le gift. You go on that kind of thing. So kind of more of an interviewer. I guess okay got it. And and what is your wife concerned about. So i got a degree in healthcare administration. I've been kinda working For a family dental practice right now as their their practice manager and it's about eighty percent of what i wanna do. 'cause i love i love people i love making connections with people i love making friends definitely definitely gets me goin' so that's why i'm in chauvin gets about eighty percent of what i'm gonna do so in love ct doesn't want me to really go ahead go ahead i wanna know what really is leaving the industry right because she's but why does she not want you to leave this job you need to understand your wife's y so why I think it's become already paid. You already paid for the education. And i like that. There's more to it there. Why does your wife. Why is she so concerned about you chasing this. This idea which you've not very you've not even defined it very well to me. I can only imagine how scared it makes your wife your wife scared. You've not giving her a very clear vision nor have you given her a clear path to clear vision. Am i correct. Yeah mo- mostly correct About you know well. Here's the deal brother. Listen i'm on your side. But i'm talking to you man husband the husband okay. And i've been married a lot longer than you. I got the feeling how long you been married eight years. Okay great so you're learning a lot. I've been married twenty two almost twenty three and you've been married eight years. You know that in order for your wife to get on board with this you should know at this point that this is about making her feel emotionally safe about this decision. That's what this boils down to. She may have an opinion or two about the fact that you've got a degree in this area. Spent a lotta time and money on it. But the fact of the matter is your wife doesn't have a clear vision or a clear path. To see that vision come to fruition and you need to do a better job of that now. Here's the reality. You are in a job that you really enjoy and you love eighty percent of it. I've gone on record at live events and on this radio program telling people that you can be in your sweet spot and have twenty percent of your day that you know. You don't have the juice for that. But if you've got eighty percent of more of your day focused on what i call the sweet spot where you use what you do best to do work. You love to produce results matter. That's fine but we all got to do things during the course of a day and a week a a year. That just comes with the job. It's not our favorite thing. I can't stand meetings. I gotta do a lot of meetings around here but my okay doing meetings in order to sit here in the studio and do what i love to do. The answer was yes. So if there's twenty percent of your job that you don't love tell me what that twenty percent is the twenty percent. I don't love is just missing the car portion that i would like to make it. Oh wait a second. That's not even the same thing. Broke all austin. I got an easy solution for you ready. This is going to set you free. You just said that the twenty percent of your job you don't love has has has nothing to do with the job itself that means you really love the job. You love the people aspect of the job. That's what you started off all phone call with. Can i want to work with people and cars. And i've got a solution for you. You stay in your job that you really really love and you realize that job is your future in this hobby that might turn into even a side hustle down the road but it is your job that you love that will allow you to pursue this hobby that you love so these are both something that you're passionate about and they can coexist you don't have to choose one of the other and so you can tell your wife. Hey i talked to kennedy. He said. I don't have to leave my job. She's going to be really excited but then he said but then you can tell her. Hey guess what he says. I could pursue this hobby at the same time. So maybe you started. Podcast restart interviewing people in your area. Who've got classic cars dealers who own classic car lots experts around the country. Maybe just create a podcast. Maybe it's a youtube channel. Maybe that ends up throwing off some money for you. Maybe you eventually move as you start doing that you. Maybe you do some freelance work. Where at car shows you go around. And you're one of the guys that talks to people almost like a tour guide. This thing could go a lot of different directions but it's a both and not either or do you understand what i'm saying. Yes i do and this is kind of where it gets. Tricky ken I have talked to her about doing it. Youtube channel because through the whole proximity principle having read the book yet. But i've been kinda listened to you talk about it okay. i- connections with some guys. Who do who do youtube and through one degree of separation between five people. I've got about collectively. They have three million subscribers. Okay so there is a possibility. I've been thinking about doing that. But then i also don't wanna take time away from my family and my wife is concerned dude. You're not i mean you. How many hours a week. You don't have to answer this. Here's your homework exercise. How many hours a week are you in your whole around your family. Just give me a number and you have to give it to me now right down and then if you spend five hours every week contributing to youtube great you gotta balance it but you you and your wife. You guys just need to learn how to talk to each other. I you know. Joe we need to have them both call in. I need to do a little counseling session because these are two people just aren't talking. Get too many stinking concerns and not enough communication. Dull move more. Ken coleman show coming right up answering the biggest question that most people ask their life. What should i do with my life. Why am i here. i'm kim. This is the ken coleman show different kind of talk. Radio bring in purpose to talk radio lord knows. We don't need any more politics. Because i can tell you this your purpose and you fulfilling that purpose and really realizing what the dream job is getting after it has nothing to do with washington dc. That's the good news. I can just tell you so. They don't matter who's up there who's in control. It just does not matter. I didn't say it does not matter in other areas. I'm saying it does not matter as it relates to you discovering what you were created to do and then making it happen. I'm here you need a safe place where everybody's on the same team because we all are on the same team here on the ken coleman show that we're all humans and we were created on purpose to make a contribution to this world. This we can all agree on. So let's have that conversation. We eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven. Let's go to charlotte north carolina. Defense is there diego. You're on the. Ken coleman show. Hey kim how're you doing. I am living the dream diego. What's up much. Just you know doing my thing. All right i'm going out there. We go so I'm gonna well. I've been wondering for twenty one by the way i've been out sixteen about five years that's awesome. Can i ask you real quick for you. Finish the story in the question did you. Did you learn that trade at sixteen on purpose or do just kind of stumbled into that. I'm curious how you started at sixteen high school after college classes for and it was like i never offered is so big and worked out. Okay i love it all right keep going. I just wanted to know your backstory on that. So For past five years and i mean i'm pretty good at it fabricating re blueprints and all that good stuff. But i've gotten to the point. Where like where i work now minded. I'm also not in love with it. I guess you could say you know kind of bored of it yup Because it's i m interested in moving into a leader from of this and and there's not really not much growth where i'm working at now I also in the process of going to marine corps to get some more of that leadership and good for you and Basically my question is because i've always done voting construction Experience in that field if I'm wondering if it's worth it to go to school for construction management. And i should also say that. Have my own side business with a partner bomb. Doing on mobile repair work as well. Wow you let me tell you something young man you are a rockstar thank you. You're successful welder. The age twenty one. You gotta side business doing auto mobile auto repair right. Just mainly repair work. Oh well of course. Yeah well in repair. And you're thinking and you're going into the reserves in the marines. The i'm just so impressed with you. An folks diego is an example of why i get irritated when i hear people my age or younger. Say oh these millennials and gen z. They just don't The dad drives me bananas. Can i just say folks stop saying that. Because there's dufuses in every generation since the dawn of time every generations got dufuses diego's a rockstar. Alright diego sorry. I just needed to say that. Get that off my chest. So if construction management is what you're asking me about my question is where does construction management fit into your dream. Meaning if is it. The top of the ladder is the next rung up. What's the dream. Take me ten years from now. Fifteen years from now. And you're smoking it man. You're crushing it. What does that I think sasha management would probably be my next step. Because i want to get into the Just getting basically my main thing is going to leadership position. Why then. I'm pushing you a little bit because i think you can handle it. What where do you wanna be at thirty one thirty five forty what you wanna be doing with your life professionally. Well i'll be running my own business. That's what i thought. What kind of business repairs. Because that's what i've done for a year and a half before are working where i'm at and do a lot of mobile jobs enough always loved. It's just never got an opportunity to move up in the but here's the deal you've already got your own opportunity to move up. You created your own opportunity to move up. Get your business here. Let me tell you. Alison i can answer your question. You don't need to go to school to get into construction management. You just don't for a guy who's successful as you are even working in welding for since the age of sixteen five years. You've been doing it. My guess is you got a nice little nest egg already of cash right. Kinda starting gets more money this year. All right listen saw. I'm gonna help you with that too. Okay i'm going to give you a subscription to our ramsey. Plus you get the every dollar app so you can really get on a budget if you got any debt. It's got the gold tracker system for you to pay off the debt. So i'm gonna give it to you. Because i want you to get your finances in order because you can be a millionaire by the time you're thirty. Do you hear what i'm saying. Yeah i really appreciate. I can no listen. I happy to say it but i i. I'm not trying to make you feel good. I believe that. So here's why. I don't if you don't wanna be in construction management long term. You want to run your own welding business then. Don't go to school and waste time and money to do something. That is not a part of the big picture. The big picture for you is to run your own successful welding company and you've already got your side hustle and you're already in the trades so yes i know that right now you feel like you've got a lid on you but that's an easy solve to start looking around charlotte north carolina for other welding jobs. Where you maybe you can get a race and a little bit more responsibility and maybe move up into a leadership management role there so they pay you to learn how to lead people all the while. You've got your side business going and growing and eventually that side business you need to be putting every nickel away that you make on the side business. Starting today diego. Do you hear me. I knew why. Do you think i'm telling you to start putting every nickel away from your side business or future opportunities. No so that you can eventually step into the full-time so let me draw the picture for you. How much do you make. gimme an average in a given year in your current. Welding job fifty. Okay so i want you. And how much do you make On your side jobs on average for your side business. Well i just started my own my first couple of jobs so so far in the past i'd say about a month or so fifteen hundred gig great so if you can use at a little bit and let's say you get the point you're making Let's keep it modest. Let's say you make in two grand a month well in a year. You're going to have twenty four grand in that account in two years you're gonna have forty eight grand your now at a point where you've got almost and you keep making more but that's where you get to about fifty thousand and that's in the bank of diego welding inc. Whatever the name of your company is right and so now. You've got a years worth of your salary in that company bank account. Now you could step away and do you on your own. I'm trying to get you there man and you can get there faster. Don't go construction management school. You don't need it. you don't even need to be doing construction management. I think your options are stay. Put where you are and and and realized that while you're limited in how you might be able to move up. It doesn't matter because really you're just learning more about the trades and you're and you're gonna put all you're focusing growing your side business or option. B you move into another welding role for another company where they see you. As as bright young twenty one year old who does want to move up in leadership and you do that for a while and let them again pay you learn how to lead and you're still stocking money up like crazy for the side hustle and venture step in your own business. Now you know how to lead. I love option b. Option as okay. Just be patient option. Be fantastic so start looking today if you don't find anything fine you're okay where you are. You just have got a lid but again we're not worried about the lydney more because we're going to create our own ladder and you've already done that. So i'd get after that side-hustle you're twenty one years of age if you're not married you don't have kids. You need to not see anybody for six months to a year and just build that side. Like crazy man. Your future is bright. Helping people discover what they were created to do and then helping design a plan to make the dream reality. This is the ken coleman show. I'm ken i'm so honored to have you with us. It's a different kind of talk. Radio engaged in right now for those of you that listen on siriusxm. Thank you so much. Those are listening to the podcast of the program. Thank you Join us at ken. Coleman dot com for more great resources. Free paid the whole nine yards. Follow me on instagram at. Ken coleman If you want to be equipped encouraged an entertained at. Ken coleman on instagram. All right let's go back to the phones. Eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven. Haley is joining us in charlotte north carolina haley. You're on the ken coleman show. Hi ken how are you really living the dream. What's up i have a question. I currently have a job that i enjoy Like doing it. And i was recently offered a position to go somewhere else. So i'm trying to determine if that's a good move for me because you know previously when i would look for jobs i knew in my head and my heart that i was ready to go but this time it's being presented rather than me searching for it. I'm just trying to have. That's that's the right thing for me. Okay now this is fun. So what i always liked to do so that i don't influence you and the listener doesn't realize i don't want anybody think i'm ever influencing the caller i want to know what your gut is right now. And then what i'm gonna do is based on what your gut feeling is I'm gonna ask lots of questions to see if we see enough positive evidence to say. Yep your guts right. How's that sound. What is your gut telling. You should do right now. my gut is saying it's a great opportunity. It's hard to turn it down And it's challenging. The only thing that i'm kind of like concerned about the challenge guts telling you all these positive things but is it telling you to do it or not to do it. It saying you should do it because opportunities like this. Don't always comes dahl right now. We know what you really feel. So now i don't want to influence. I just want to ask more questions. Okay so tell me what the what the opportunity is. Itself told me the job So i'm actually Business analyst. So i'm currently there like mid now being given an opportunity you something. That's kind of more senior so still an analyst role but but but a but a bigger more influential role. Right all right are you. Are you good at this work. I like to think so. Of course you are. Come on hand. Many confident haley. Like i'm on team. Haley okay so you're good at the work all right now. Do you love the work itself like do you get the juice with a good portion of this work when you think about it. You get excited. We're in the middle of it. You love it and you don't want to stop it. Yeah all right. So we've met the talent test. We've met the passion to us. Does it create results that matter to you. You look it what you do and and when you're in the car driving home you go so full day is a tough day. That was worth dow's worth. Yeah it does all right. So that's the sweet spot test. Does it allow haley to use what she does best to do work. She loves to produce results that matter. And if it's a resounding yes it's in your sweet spot. So that's what i'm ultimately looking at so now that we've got that taken care of and we know what your heart's telling you because that's the gut question we know from neuroscientist early that when we get gut feelings. That's actually our heart. That's actually a physiological reaction. That says you should do this. And it actually comes from the brain. We think it's different in the brain but it's all the brain processes information and then the body is connected to the brain is reacting the way going. You should do that. And so i think you should do it. The only other question that i've got that would change my mind is. Does this put you on a ladder towards the ultimate which you would consider a dream job or career. Yeah i think so. Oh my gosh this. A no brainer. And it's and it's more money. It is yeah. Okay so the only thing that you're dealing with that i heard on this call and tell me if there's something else the only thing you really dealing with is is doubt because this is going to be a step up bigger ballgame bigger stadium. Whatever analogy you want to use in your little bit like this is going to be a challenge. I'm going to have to step up. Is that what. Is that what i'm hearing. Yeah that's that's what. It is hundred yahoo and before it was like i was ready to step up now. I i feel like. I'm being like nudge to stuff up. One hundred percent. yeah Guess what you do have what it takes. You know it and doubts a liar. Doubt says you can't pull this off haley you you you. This is too much for you and you know that's a lie. Prove it today. Remind yourself why you can do it and why you should. This is the ken coleman show. Welcome back to the ken. Coleman show helping men and women get clear so that they can get qualified helping you get connected so that you can get started helping you get promoted so that you can get the dream job to then give yourself away. We're talking about working on purpose and if you can discover purpose in your personal and professional life. I'm telling you on fire. And i'm telling you it's easily discoverable. You gotta look at your gifts. Three indicators talent passion emission talent is what you do best think about your hard skills soft skills or your abilities and qualities and then passion is what you love to do. We're talking about the work itself. The task the function the role. That when you think about this you get the juice when you're engaged in it you absolutely love and don't wanna stop that's high emotion high devotion and then finally mission the results of your work that make your heart sing. All work creates result. So what are the results you most want to create in this world so in other words you use talent to perform passion to produce mission. You use what you do best to do what you love to produce what matters. That's good and it's the answers. Lie within its job to him out of you. So let's do that eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven four seven four seven two five seven seven. Hey real quick More and more people you know are learning what it is. They want to do or know what they wanna do. But they don't get there and that's a big part of our program helping you figure out the steps. You take to get to the dream while i wrote a bestselling book last year entitled the proximity principle the proven plan that will lead you to the career you love and we've got it available right now. It's a great gift for christmas. People trying to think about this but for those of you who say can. I know what i wanna do. I just don't have to get their scary. I'm going to give you the proven plan. The proximity principle. It's about people and places the right people. The right places. I review the right. People are in the right places that you need to be in and i give you how the practices work around those folks to get opportunity knocking on your door. You can get all three versions of the book hardcopy the yearbook and the audio read by me for only one price twenty five dollars so essentially three versions one price. Twenty five bucks. Ken coleman dot com. Stores will go get it by the way you follow me on instagram at. Ken coleman the tribe over. There is growing like crazy. And we give you a lot of great content that will equip you and encourage you and even entertain you as well at can coleman on instagram. All right to the phones we go. Jordan is joining us in atlanta georgia. Jordan you're on the ken coleman show you what's up So about a year and a half ago. I addition at One of my what. I call stream companies And it was is doing exactly what i wanna do I'm finding though unfortunately on since code and most like many companies I am finding be my direct manager To be quite toxic and a micromanager and i have actually been presented with an opportunity wish The old industry. That i came from shane company. But another really good company To take a contract this Clearly remote with them for a little more money And move from this company. So i'm i'm tyler across the wondering What i should do now. I've already went down both those all the channels of you know Everything i could do to kind of bring this up with manager and the lights stetch and didn't result away. I was hoping it would. Yeah well it rarely does when you're direct leaders. Toxic and the leaders above them allow toxicity Is the opportunity that you've been presented with. Is that the work you love as well or is it just more talent. Only no passion emission Well the thing. I loved about this The actual industry and company In automotive industry and might be taller before the last one car that i'm actually finding bet on becoming less most passionate about it as i stay in this decision On the inside. But i'm talking about the i'm talking about the. How does it fit my sweet spot analogy using what you do best to do what you love to produce results that mattie. Yeah so it's the same type of work. I would say I would say it doesn't have much responsibility. Which could be a good thing. Because this role has ballooned from the coaliton. The changing of the company And it's on the right track or for where. I wanna be as well then i can see that. That's all i'm asking is it. Is it in your sweet spot or is it gets you on the right ladder or as you say the track then that to me is the litmus test on this and that's what you're asking me should you take it right. Yeah if it moves you down the field towards what you ultimately want to do and it gets you out of a toxic situation and you make more money. Ding ding ding. What are we waiting on. Right yeah i guess so. Even though it's not you know full time contract position but you said it was more money it is it is i. Don't care what you call it see. There's the other thing too and by the way you're not the only person ever asked me this. There's this there. Is this psychology this negative psychology around contract work but the fact of the matter is i'd actually feel better about a contract then i would it be an at will position. Let me give you an example when you get a contract you've got an actual contracts if we're going to pay you from this date to this date yes or no yes. That's true if you don't have a contract you're will walk in and go. I don't like the way you comb your hair to this morning. Won't pack your desk up. Am i right. Yeah for the most awards thing i've experienced. It sometimes those contracts cut short but but but boy point is. There's no difference right. You are at the mercy of who. You're working for one way or the other. There's there's really no difference. And and i think that this gets you out of the toxic environment. It makes you more money. Looks like it's going to take some pressure off of you that it seems to me that you're very open to with less. You know leadership responsibilities or manager responsibilities. And i think that you then have to be a big boy and i know you are and you're what that means is you're gonna have to. Okay what's next. What if this contract comes to an end and it doesn't get renewed. Where am i step into next and on your resume. That's not going to look bad either because you went from one opportunity. You gotta ray so i would take that. It was a contract promotion but contract works contract work so i see no negatives in you taking this none. Okay is that does that cover everything. Because i i wanna make sure you feel you understand what. I'm saying that i've answered your question. No absolutely then they start. Since it's also in this process you know trying to start my own company as well so i don't expect to be Hopefully now working for somebody for too long. So i don't think the contract all that negative aspect you. Oh that's interesting wrinkle. now. I'm even more fired up jordan for you to take this deal because this is going to allow you to really. I think spend more time and a lot less pressure on your side. Hustle that you to want to run anyway. That's that's where we're going. That's the dream right right. And that's what i was thinking. Well i need that. i'll ordinate into my own. Yeah dude listen to me good on you. You just need to meet a kick in the seat of the pants but lovingly. There's no yelling here. there's no you just need a come on man out the door right. yeah basically. i'm listen you got this. This is a great plan. Great plan you should be fired up. Let's go what what is needed. You need to resign at the at the current place. Yeah i do. Not i Yeah i'm waiting for that. Well i've already pretty much accepted. And they just have to finalize. Start date because there's a weird time of year. i just have to. yes route. Still resign where you are until you get that other other deal sealed and then be goodman but you know i was going to try to push it doing it today if everything because i don't want you sitting around thinking about this over thinking it. This is a great plan. You need to do it. It's going to put you further down the path to realizing the dream. And that's why. I do. The ken coleman show right there. Now look folks jordan's a sharp guy. He's got a great plan and even jordan in the midst of looking at a great plan and a great option. Doubt is still whispering in him going. I don't know. I'm not sure that's really smart. Folks get understand that fear and doubt and pride are out there to stop us their enemies of the head and heart and they will lie to you. You gotta know what the truth is. My time is almost up. But before i let you go i want you to know that you matter and you do have what it takes. Thank you so much for joining us until next time. This is the ken coleman show press on. Thanks for listening to the. Ken coleman show for more. You can find the show demand wherever you listen to podcasts. And watch the show on youtube. You can also find ken across all social media by following at ken. Coleman hey folks. I wanna make sure you check out our other ramsey network. Podcasts like the chris hogan show. I am so excited to be able to talk to you all weekend and week out. We're gonna talk about your money. Your life your dreams and your goals you know. Why because i'm your coach whether we're talking about building wealth paying off your home early infesting paying for college and guess what how to become an everyday millionaire. We're going to focus on taking your calls because you matter to me together. We can do this. The chris hogan show is available. Wherever you listen to podcasts. For you can go. Chris hogan three sixty dot com.

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XYO Network 101: Displacing GPS w/ Co-founder Scott Scheper


52:54 min | 2 years ago

XYO Network 101: Displacing GPS w/ Co-founder Scott Scheper

"Before we get started. I just wanted everybody to know that this episode gonna have some adult language, so parental discretion is advised. Hi, everyone. Just a reminder that this show is not legal advice. Trading advice, financial advice or personal advice. Enjoy the show and thank you very much. This show is sponsored by Robin Hood investing now for the rest of us. As well as well. That's why while gum. Hundred grand curve. Why? You want to win the Amherst consumers guided cryptocurrency, this is Matthew Aaron and today we have on Mr. Scott shepper co-founder of X Y. Oh, and I love this conversation for two reasons the first is because exile network, they have a unique use case for blockchain technology that I have not seen before GPS on the blockchain. We're going to go into the in depth. But in a nutshell right now, you can spoof GPS imagine paying Pokemon go, and you can spoof GPS to put yourself anywhere in the world to collect the best Pokemon. That's not fair well with blockchain technology, they have found a way and have a working product. So you can't spoof GPS location and you'll see how important that is to many industries in a minute. And the other reason I late this conversation is because we go down the rabbit hole of entrepreneurship. What does it take to start a company and grow to seventy plus employees in the new emerging market? Scott shares. Experiences with us. And I thought it was a great educational conversation. But before we get into this talk. Please go to crypto one on one podcast dot com. There you can do all kinds of things. Citizen, Email Joyner social media's our Facebook or Twitter, Instagram, stay up to date, and what's happening in crypto wanna one don't forget to buy crypto one Janis guide to crypto currency available. Now, an Amazon burns and noble, apple books and buy bitcoin. If there or like, Wayne, also, please do us a favor, go to itunes. Subscribe leave us a positive rating and a comment. It really helps us stay visible and last, but not least thing about becoming a patron patrons. Please go to crypto wanna wants patriot page where we have a gift for you for your support. And now without further ado, here's Mr. Scott shepper co-founder of X Y O network will see you after the show. Scott shepper co-founder of X Y O. Welcome decrypted wanna ones there is an honor to be here. Scott what we want to do today is we want to get to know about you expo and the future before we go into exile. And the tokens or what you guys are doing. And you're mazing worker exile. I wanna get to know you. I really want to get to know where you're from. How you came to be who you are today. And well, how you got started into cryptocurrency will start at the beginning, sir. So I am from Orange County California originally from lake forest and mission viejo area. And I lived in Orange County my entire life up until I was twenty eight years old. So I had a great upbringing. My parents are still together, which is very rare. They're like madly in love with each other. My dad is as you know, you saw may talk earlier is he's the X Y O token holder number one. Yep. Yep. He put chunk of his retirement in X Y O, which is one of the reasons. I think it has succeeded. His because when the ships are burned. There's no going back you make stuff succeed. And then I I went off to college in Orange County at this small liberal arts school, call Chapman university. It was a miracle that I got into college in the first place. I was a disinterested. Student in high school was super board all through school my entire life. I was of course, diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age same here. Yes. So it was like, you know, an and then I was seen from a very young age as a class clown. So I could end it's it's weird with with school in like elementary school. When you especially when you go to one school once you're put in a category or a stereotype, you are in that stereotype for the rest of your career at that school. So I was seeing as the class clown. Even though I loved reading I was really into. Learning stuff that I was interested in because I just had a sense of fewer they thought that I just had ADHD and was not taking anything seriously. So I let it affect me especially in high school where I was like, you know, what school is just like the system is just ridiculous. It's set up in a really dumb way where I'm like, not even gonna try or or only tried in certain capacities and then in two thousand eight I graduated with a degree in finance, which was the absolute worst time to graduate with finance degree. I think I went like oh for one hundred. I couldn't get anything. Well, one of the hardest and especially if like there's people out there listening that are just starting their careers. The hardest thing in my career was just getting the first person to say, yes. And take a chance on me and into thousand eight I had created. It was a very exciting time web two point. Oh, the bubble of web two point zero. Was emerging Twitter was brand new. I went to the Twitter offices and got toward around by biz stone when it was just thirty people. Well and back then I also worked with a guy who later went on to create a company known as Uber. He started Uber cab. And I was doing all these exciting things self taught myself technology because I couldn't get a job in finance. I then decided to create a white label version of Twitter client called Yongli Yongli. Yes. Janklow had ridiculous name, but it was a very innovative idea at the time, and it was related to another startup called yawn to back in the day and a recruiter from the start up beyond two decided to contact me through this and yawn to actually turned out to be Ari tros company, my co-founder and business partner in X Y O U is one of the only crazy people at the time in two thousand eight actually. Starting a company in two thousand eight when everyone was going through turmoil and running for the hills. Well, yeah. So so you and Ari how did that relationship happened was he the first person that had took a chance on you just like you just said like nobody was saying. Yes, you wanted to get somebody to say, yes. And then how did that relationship build up? That is exactly right. Yeah. He is the first person that said, well, this kid is smart. He's also very humble as well. Yeah. Yeah. You know? You know, he he he saw how passionate I was. And how driven I was. And I think what is kind of the metric and the thing that we care about the most at X Y O. And like what I look for an employees and new employees now is like how much do you care, and you could tell that I cared about what I was doing. I was passionate about technology, and I had zero experience. Right. He didn't even know what the heck he was going to hire me for. But he was like, you know, what I need higher this kid and take a chance, and he is the only one that took a chance on me. And so basically, I have spent especially with the amazing story that X Y O has turned into. I've spent a lot of my time re repaying him and basically making him feel great about taking a chance on me. So he was the first person to say, yes, what was the company about? What was he trying to do? And how did you fit in? Yeah. At the time. This is when the concept or idea of Facebook, apps didn't exist. So it was a brand new concept. He first off he credited technology for my space that allowed you to turn off those annoying layouts and all the color schemes on my space man when you picked your page. Yes. Okay. It was called sanity switch. So you head switch on your page and every single other person's page that you visited it would turn off their annoying glittery layouts home. I he he's a savior. I didn't know he was a say yes now here is what he discovered in doing that he discovered just how big the personalization space is. So he decided to do the exact opposite thing for Facebook. He created the first ever it was called the onto layers the first ever technology that allowed you to add layouts and personalization layers to your Facebook profile, and it caught on like crazy. Well, so I joined him in that technology company, and it was just a wild and amazing ride. So yeah. So what did you do there? What did you learn what did you? Discover about yourself because from starting out as somebody taking a chance on you to be in co founder of a black Shane company now valued at twenty million dollars spot. Number two, fifty I'm Queen market cap. And you're just having amazing party for your shareholders, your investors, your token holders. That's a big change. There must have been some building blocks. There tells about your building blocks. So from that point, you know, it's two thousand eighteen today that was back in two thousand eight and so just like every single other overnight. Night success story. Mine took ten years. It was not overnight. It was from that point up until this point. I probably I have worked seven days a week. So has Ari we've been doing it a lot of it right without the huge in public recognition is the secret sauce is what what a lot of people kind of already know. It comes from persistence. It comes from just grinding. It comes from Ari myself. And our engineer his name is we call him big head. But his real name is Carter Harrison there was many nights, especially a year ago when we would be blasting Pink Floyd till eleven pm on a Friday night eating pizza doing the startup thing and wondering whether or not we're just absolutely insane or crazy or wasting our youth on building something that end. We know the odds and the. The failure rate of new projects and startups. And so it was the building blocks was just grinding it out, sweat and working and a lot of reading. There was there's compared to where I was in two thousand eight to where I am today. It's I am a different person. So. In a lot of ways. I think the passion and drive and fire is is there. It's it's very it's very much the same. But knowing the. The how and the how to actually build a movement and build something special. And and those times when you can you can only read it in a book, so often purse, having persistence, and perseverance when things get tough, right? But when you go through crazy in rocky waters to actually live it is a completely different experience. And it's a lot more fun. When you live it, you have to come up with your own mantras, when you know when let's there's just always issues in business, right? That come up, and you're like the mantra that I came up with as you've heard me say it to our community. Our crowd is screw it. Let's do it. What we're doing is absolutely insane. We're trying to decentralize location. We're trying to displace GPS. Our customers are or our competitors. Are not really just companies. Like, oh, what if Uber sites to enter this market or something competitors are the world's superpowers? You know, the US government China that operate the GPS system. Right. You're walking home at night and. Going insane to actually think we can build this and you push through. And you're like, you know, what screw it? Let's do it. And it was paid off. We we've we'll talk about X Y in a little bit. But I wanna know little bit about your entrepreneur kind of philosophy. You just said that, you know, you're different person from ten years ago. There's a lot of entrepreneurs out there might be doing something. Like starting a blog. Maybe fantasy football making a podcast, whatever it is. They are doing the same thing that in working hard. And they don't know if they're going to be successful. What would you say are your three things that are necessary to be an entrepreneur and get to where they wanna go. Yeah. That's a great question. I would say all right. So so my mantra my value system, and I'll I'll tell you the building blocks of how I used to operate. But still really defines me at the core the values that drive me for what you need to have as an entrepreneur first off you have to have a. Set of values that motivate you and drive you for me. It's the acronym is L C L. It's learn create laugh the first one learn I was not so much AMR. Now, though, it is still a top value in my life. But a huge reader obsessed with learning if you go to my my apartment my studio, you will find just bricks of note cards and book notes and notes from all of the books that I've read I've just like just nonstop reading. So you need the knowledge, and you need to be able to figure out how to find the the habits to be a constant and never ending voracious reader. The second thing is create. I think you need to you constantly need to as a entrepreneur to create and actually take action. The theme that's really kind of described or defined my past year has been a lot of creating so two thousand eighteen I haven't really sat still for that long. 'cause we are doing so many exciting things for two thousand seventeen I swear to God my life was the exact opposite. I would go to the downtown San Diego central library. If you go down and ask any single downtown, San Diego central library like guard or the co workers, they know you I would go there every single day VIP. I would I would read and sit in like a booth I called my office. I actually put on like my websites. My my office was the San Diego library office. It was third-floor periodical section. I had a booth over there where I hid out. And all I did was sharpened my mind sharpened by craft studied, the marketing greats. I'll tell you the three or two of the best books that I read in the past year, which I think every single one of your listeners could benefit from the first one is a guy named Gary halbert, he is a famous marketer and copywriter a copywriter is someone who essentially rights it's like salesmanship in print. It is writing messages and words to your readers to your core audience to get in their minds and really understand them. And it's to create a movement. Gary halbert, there's a book called the boron letters, the boron letters is a book that Gary halbert wrote to his son when Gary however in the eighties was serving time in boron federal prison in. Morong California Lucia, and he he served time because I think he marketed ended copywriting for a client and the client ended up not fulfilling the orders, and he got dragged into it as well. So he had basically serve a year in in prison. So he decides to write a set of letters while he's in prison to his sixteen year old son named bond Albert. In this book, the boron letters, he describes to his son, not just how to build yourself up as a marketer, and what the Arctic copywriting is and to teach his son this, but also how to rebuild yourself up when you hit rock bottom as a man. It's a great book to check out. Wow. Okay. Yeah. It will teach. You a lot about marketing an life the second book. That was amazing for me that I think every entrepreneur should read is a book by Russell Brunson called expert secrets he also has one called dotcom secrets it's really good. It's about creating a movement, and he has a podcast as well. Hold. I don't even know what it's called marketing secrets it's something that's really positive energy fun to follow his persona and character is probably on the exact opposite side of the spectrum as me because he is a fricken Mormon dude with like five kids, and I am who is he. Yes. And he's a Mormon dude with five kids that doesn't cuss and I'm on the opposite side of the spectrum. That said I only cuss when it's necessary. And sometimes it really just is necessary to to get people's attention. That said if Russell cusses he's going to have to go to his Mormon church and repent. So that he doesn't go to hell I don't have to deal with that. Just kidding. But seriously, so those are two great books every entrepreneur should read. And so that was my two thousand seventeen to seventeen was sharpening my mind or finding my craft my two thousand eighteen was just about taking action and putting every single thing I learned into action and that is coming to fruition with X Y. Oh, I think we missed a letter though because the first one was learned this create and then there is L the last one is laugh. Okay. And that one is actually that that one. Yeah. It's funny. I was just gonna skip over that. Now, you can't skip over laughing. Man. I am every single thing. I do especially with X Y O. And the things we take on we have taken on some unconventional things. And we were presented with an opportunity to sponsor the Indy. Five hundred NASCAR races. That's kind of looked at upon developers. For instance, says oh like sellouts or bad juju or going to corporate or something. Right. And. When it was presented to me that JR held a brand new Indy. Five hundred car racer and all of these re race car drivers wanted to get sponsored by X Y O and they believed in our project. They were just down here at our event. And when they said, yes, I was like, you know, what I come from a direct response marketing background, which means I pay for clicks and try to see revenue and make a return on adspend to two x my earnings on that very day with NASCAR. I just always looked at it as well. Like, you know, you see a NASCAR race car with Eminem sonnet it or FedEx or packages. I'm like, oh, it's just a money a waste of my is that have no idea how to and market, right? But was awesome. What I looked at it when they believed in our project, and when I discovered that FedEx accompany that now we have a partnership with with the FedEx institute, right which has huge that NASCAR. Thank God us in the exact same room as FedEx, and they spent sixty million dollars a year. On sponsorships with NASCAR. And it's great brand recognition. So for NASCAR. For instance, when I'm going to bring it back to the laughter when I was brought to me, Markus, and I were sitting there this is in like January or February when Marcus Marcus says by a business partner, one of my three business partners and three founders of X Y. Oh, we have Ari tro the architect, the guy like the matrix partout that just talks about you know, vis-a-vis and realities and all that stuff right per Marcus is the organized German of the bunch and everyone has to have one of those. And I am the the marketing guy that likes to say, screw it. Let's do it and have a lot of fun. So in NASCAR is presented to me and us we're sitting around. We're like, okay, we are an unknown crypto currency project. We are the most passionate people we know about this. Because in what this could be and what we wanna do. And so we're like most of the time we would say, no. I would say no to things like this. And this time around I was like sounds like a lot of fun. It's gonna create a lot of laughter. Life is way too short. Screw it. That's mother fucking do it right on man. And now a word from our sponsor, Robin Hood. Remedy would is in investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and crypto all commission free. They strive to make financial services work for everyone. Not just the wealthy setting up, Robin Hood is easy. It was like butter. The ease of use of the app is for everyone. Remedy would has no commission fee. Other brokerages, they turned up to ten dollars for every trade. But robinhood doesn't charge a commission and you keep all of your prophets is designed is for easy use easy to understand charts and market data place a trade in just for taps on your smartphone. Learn how to invest as you build your portfolio. Discover new stocks and track favor companies with a personalized news feed. You can have custom notifications for price movements. So you never miss the right moment to invest robinhood is giving all of my listeners a free stock like apple Ford or sprint to help. You start building your portfolio sign up at. D-do one a one dot robinhood dot com. That's crypto wanna one c r y p t o one zero one dot Robin, Hood dot com and start today. Now back to the show. We've talked about you. We've talked about where you came from. We talked about your inspirations, your entrepreneurship, your philosophies to great books. Erin. Pause by this infamous going going on by the books tomorrow. And now, I think we're at X Y. Oh, what is X Y O X Y O? The name comes from X Y, which X Y like latitude longitude location. The thing that ties everything together is XYZ t you know, latitude longitude altitude and time, and it connects everything together now X Y started in two thousand twelve from Ari tro, the first guy that took a chance on me in two thousand eight from two thousand twelve to two thousand I would say fifteen he was focused on this concept of XYZ t coordinates and he called him web bubbles in. He created a brand called. Well, he has gone through an illustrious career in in this in this venture of having really not that much help from or luck. I would say on the marketing side of things, and that's where I come into the picture in a little bit. Okay. So in two thousand fifteen he decides to pivot to to creating location technology called X Y beacons. Okay. Things are doing really really well and going really well. But it's a hardware. Business hardware. Business is very very hard. And in two thousand seventeen towards the tail end they had a few late shipments. Their products came in late and they missed Christmas season. By the time. I got there. They were like over two million dollars in debt. Just had a massive layoff. I had no idea when I got there at the time. Here's what my life was like I was going to that library in downtown San Diego every single day in studying I would walk back and take the trolley every single day where the people next to me would be a lot of homeless people, which was fine. They're nice. That's who I hung out with for about a year. And I just read this whole time. So as I was getting off the trolley Ariz office is in downtown San Diego, and you can see a big sign on the side of it. That says well I was walking by and I'm like this is in two thousand seventeen into last year. And I was like I wonder what the hell are is up to these days. So I shoot him an Email. I was like, hey, let's meet up. Let's grab a drink. I wanna see what you're up to we go to of course, he lives out his office at at the web office downstairs from the office is a bar called Karl Strauss. We decide to meet up at Carl Strauss. This is about like seven or eight PM at night because he works till seven or eight PM, right? And he starts at like seven AM, sharp, everyday I met up with Ari at Karl Strauss and the end of two thousand seventeen and it was clear that he needed help he needed marketing help. So I was like, you know, what screw it. Let's do it. I'm going to help this guy out. He took a chance on me. I'm going to come back and take a chance on this and figure out how the hell I can turn a company that is a two or three million dollars in debt a finals company, which it's normal that amount of debt, you know, in this in a hardware type of company, but were also. So they just hit like a negative one million dollar profits. They had a huge massive layoff. And we the entire time instead of talking about this all we were talking about was how amazing, and I was just going back and forth with them about a theory him in blockchain and cryptocurrency and it took him a little while. But over the next two months, I folk I was laser focused on a really cleaning up and helping clean up his the ecommerce business the X Y finals business, and then the exciting part kicked off, and we started mapping out. And it was like it was like one night a late a late December. We were mapping out on a whiteboard. How we can we could use this location technology that he's been building working on thinking about since two thousand twelve and create an oracle network. That's smart contracts that blockchain theorem smart contracts can call out to. And it is set off one of the most amazing turnarounds. I think you know, in western capitalism history, we've gone from a negative four million dollar, you know, deficit on book value to twenty two million dollars in working capital. And it hasn't even been a year yet while hen months while you're ago, we were at seven people today. We're at seventy people. Well, we have we run the company almost like a public company we have an SEC reggae plus a qualification. So we have to do, you know, filings and reports and stuff like that. And I was which is amazing that the SEC is done that. It's just it's awesome program. People should check out and look into. It's it started during the jobs act. I think Obama started it, and it's you know, too. There's a lot of crowdfunding going on. And so they created a way to ensure that C C critter way to ensure that investors can. Just something in a safe and compliant manner, so. Yeah. That's a piece of our story. And what's awesome about that? Is that with SEC reggae? Plus, you're required to disclose all of your financials. So it's like almost like a report card, so they can see are huge massive turnaround. It was X Y the fine Ables company, but we have really emerged into something else in what I'm really I commend our four is he put seven million dollars of his own personal capital from his previous success. Right. He's been at this along time. He was born the Saint like a year before Elon Musk was born. He's been coding since the late nineteen seventies. But seven million dollars into X Y and his personal capital when he had the massive layoff. You know, it was a deep dark December new year looking at you know, three to four million dollars in debt. Most entrepreneurs throw in the talent call it quits. He got lucky I will say, and he would admit it as well. And I'm not saying this because I. Have an ego or anything that I showed up and that Marcus was available as well. Because he finally had a team where he didn't quit like since two thousand twelve he's been creating this company, and he didn't quit. And so x y we've we've officially changed the name. I don't know if you know this from X Y, the finals company to x y the persistent company on just never quitting and persistent also because of blockchain in computer science. The term persistence is something that you know, in permanence in something that stays forever is it's kind of a play on that as well. So. That was a great story about an entrepreneurial ISM not quitting. Also, if whoever's listening if they want an old little bit more about the jobs act, go to ICO went to one podcast. We have an episode just on the jobs, actually, you can understand what that is when he was talking about. But if you could in about five minutes or so what does X Y? Oh, do what are you building? So now, you know why? Now, you know, what the X Y stands for the X Y? We know the story. Here's here's players. Here's where it all comes together. Okay. So X Y O stands for X Y oracle network. The concept is really quite simple. Actually in a theory. I'm there's things in and other blockchain platforms Thurs things called smart contracts. This is essentially computer code that that executes into will execute on for example, the theory world node computer network of twelve thousand notes now what we wanted to do. We wanted to create basically functional. -ality where you can put into your smart contract. If item a for example, if my package carrying drone flies over to location B, then I want you to a Thomas -ly, send ether or money from one wallet to another wallet. Without and this is the key part involving any middleman or s gradients like fee, sucking banks or credit card institutions that just pray off of consumers with late fees. We wanted to connect in bridge X Y or bridge blockchain to the real world. And in the world of blockchain. There's a concept called an oracle. An oracle is an off chain data source, basically that the blockchain doesn't have access to. So the blockchain needs to call out to this oracle this off chain data source to get information with us are. Oracle is location. It's X Y. It's latitude longitude, and it's in a way where we have created a decentralized location network. So everyone that operates and sets up a what we call GO mining note. These are devices that basically provide and witness other location, data of other notes around it. So you can GIO mine. An earned X Y O to do this. We wanted to do this in a way where instead of calling out to like, okay? Well, GPS dot com or UPS dot com to get an item's location. Screw that why it's centralized you have to trust GPS, which gets spoofed and hacked all the time. Does it or UPS? If you go if you go onto if you go to YouTube dot com and just search GPS spoofing, you will find pages upon pages of fourteen year olds showing their friends how to hack and spoof GPS so that they can play Pokemon go and collect polka mongo and pretend that they're in like all these different parts of the world who Clinton. Okay, it's ruined polka mongo. You remember how popular it was man? It's fricken ruined it. And so there's been no solution up to this point up until now wait now we have to bring this back though. Because now I have X Y O is the solution for Pokemon go. Well, it's it's the solution for location certainty. Okay. If an item was where X Y O says it was it's backed by cryptographic proof and consensus backed by the entire network, right? That it was where it says. It was like we're not even what's funny is a lot of people are focused on location. Accuracy. We're not focused on that at all we're focused on location certainty. So we want to be able to make a decentralized cryptographic backed platform that says if my item was on this person's doorstep or in this person's house, then I want you to send their money to me, right or like my money to them. We wanna make location reliant transactions something you can actually trust. And trusting location is going to be critical in the world of tomorrow where you have self driving cars like carrying our lives in in self driving cars hands, and you can have a fricken fourteen year old knowing how to spoof in a Thomas self-driving cars. GPS location of. We're thinks it is. It's not gonna work in the world of tomorrow. I need to do something about this. And you saw at a conference spatial just yesterday with our drone landing in the demo. It's frigging incredible. So let me put this into a visual for the listeners real quick. Imagine you're ordering something from Amazon and it's getting delivered by drone. This is the scenario without exile. And tell me if I'm ready to wrong, do you order from Amazon, it's fine to your house with a drone somebody can actually say that houses somewhere else, maybe down the street or another couple of blocks over and get whatever you ordered your cell phone or what have you from Amazon put at their doorstep just because they wanted to divert the drone. And then it says, oh, it may delivery because dropped it off. And you picked it up and we signed for it. Or what have you been? That's all because they spoofed the GPS that would this. There is no way for them to spoof it that drone is in deliver the product to your doorstep, and Amazon, and you are gonna know that it was delivered. There's no way to lie about it. That is. Yeah. Because we're relying on GPS, which is controlled and owned by one entity in who's at the US government. It's twenty four satellites that orbit this planet earth that we live on which by the way means it won't scale into space that wait, wait, wait. You just said something very important doing. So does that mean, the world's not flat? Yes. Okay. Should. Yeah. I blow right here for all. For all of you flat. Earthers out there that believe in conspiracies there's twenty four satellites that just hover above the flat earth. Now starting to make it a lot worse than thank you very much use for a minute. Whatever you choose to believe the problem is that it's really easy to the spot and spoof a centralized authority. What we've created is. We're doing what basically bitcoin did to the financial infrastructure in two thousand nine we're doing it to the location infrastructure. So we were making it people powered so people we have an Android. We have our Android SDK either through opting your phone and downloading are Android app or the IRS app. Or even we have I o t hardware beacons that all they do is verify the locations of other items around it and it's through various protocols. It could be used in bluetooth can be cellular RFID, Laura l p. Dan, all of these things it's this very generalized protocol that you can like opt all of these things into. And so when you have private key public key cryptography verifying, and you have thousands tens of thousands of devices that are verifying that they saw this item at this location, and it's all tied together. By the by the time, it gets to your house or gets to a house. It's really easy to spoof. Maybe one satellite up in the sky. It's hard to spoof about a thousand to ten thousand encrypted devices with private key public keys with all of their own history to it as well. So it's basically all resolving down to what's again applied. Logic applied math, which cryptography is based on you gave me a couple of samples when I was talking to a little bit ago about different applications that expo could be used when you said was like nuclear bombs or nuclear arsenals being moved right now that using the. And so that's how they know where the location of the bombs are you said it could be spoofed that seems like a problem. You know, I I don't know if I brought up that example, that's probably like a markets example. Oh is it nuclear stuff? Good. Yeah. My use cases are usually like the easy one is to kind of understand that the whole package delivering, you know, in pink for an item. Not at the time that you order it or buy it and not even when it even gets to your doorstep. Not even when it gets in your home but paying for an item when it gets in your hand. And when you open it, right? It could be autonomously deposited from your wallet to Amazon's wallet without involving fee sucking banks, or when once again, the things that drive me nuts, her credit cards that just pray off of really they pray off of businesses charging the fees and pay off consumers for late fees. So that's really my favorite use case. Right. I'm a do you mind? If we go into some general. Questions. Yeah. Who do you respect in the crypto space? If there was somebody that you would follow if they're writing a blog or on the news or or sitting out a tweet who would you make sure that you read? So the first one I've listened to and I really like the way he phrases and communicates the power of blockchain and the implications of it is Nick Szabo who I believe pioneered and created smart contracts. He has a lot of good ways in which he explained certain things like, for instance, smart contracts collapses agreement and payment into the exact same thing into dry code, and what code is essentially contracts legal contracts that you sign with, you know, ink and of so he's definitely one individual another individual one of the most intelligent people I've ever met we had a guy named Vlad Zamfir. He's one of the co creators of theorem this guy. I mean, we had some fun times. We we. Hung out at my place. And we watched like randomly. We watched a full metal jacket, which was a lot of fun. We like pointing out certain things that was like. Oh, yeah. That's what the punishment is like in in casper proof of stake and stuff like that. That guy. He was one of the most interesting people I've ever met because he's just so bright. But his mind doesn't go off. And he he doesn't he doesn't talk about general stuff. Like his mind is always in consensus protocol, research, nausea, he talks in set theories like and then the third guy really respect from afar is of course, vitality beauty in. I think what he is built. That's the reason that really got me. I mean, I remember being into bitcoin in the way early days. And but I studied finance because I needed to choose a major my dad, basically said you're choosing finance finance bores the living shit out about it know when bitcoin I arrived. It was finance. I'm like, oh, yeah. That's that's cool. But I get it. It's boring. But when a theorem arrived in pioneered by vitality and many other contributors, you know, including Vlad what he built drew me in in re invigorated and inspired me to go a thousand percent in on this. Space. So I definitely respect him as well. Who do you fell it to get like, the what's shaking if you're going to put your ear to the street? Get the beat get the heartbeat the pulse. Who would you look for? Would you follow on Twitter who are you following? That's also a good question. I don't really, you know, I don't really follow Twitter much apparently other team members, especially in crypto Twitter is their main go to for everything I try to read books a lot. I don't spend too much time following any certain voices. I like to visit the theory read it and get my news through that and Graham are head of developer relations, or I guess, maybe he's developer evangelists, whatever wants sounds, cooler, and whatever one gram wants he can have. He pointed out, there's I think it's called the block crypto or the crypto block or something. There's some site that I he pointed out to me recently. I really loved the material and the news in the way, they put it out there. So I follow that. But really like to get a pulse on everything. I try to be as obsessed as I can be with our community our customers like I hang out in our telegram all the time. Like, even if people don't see me like responding all the time like my read every single thing every single day. Like the thing that I want to define X Y and everything we do is the same thing that defines Amazon's culture is to be obsessed with our customers. Right. And I try to instill that I get pissed sometimes that maybe some of our employees or something they're like, oh, the customer says this. But do we really promise that? I'm like does a fucking matter. What we promised or not satisfied the customer need to be obsessed with them. Right. And so I get a pulse on what's going down. By just listening to my community and customers. Is the customer ever wrong. That is a great question. Sometimes. Yes. But I will say ninety nine percent of the time. No. It's just we're not conditioned to bend over backwards and really cater to our customers and delight them and surprise them. So I'd say most of the time. No, however, there's always the case where there are malicious people out there that will see something or someone or some organization that's doing something. Good, and they will try to take advantage of them, or you know, or policies or something, right? Look, nordstrom. I think has a great policy, right? Like, you can return anything just from what I've heard I don't shop there because it's too expensive. And I'm a guy. Right. But they north from fricken bands customers because there's like customers that try to take advantage of them and purchase clothes, and you know, where to like, weddings and stuff, and then go and return it and they'd done that like, you know. Four hundred times. Right nordstroms going to look at the customer, their CRM and go, you know, what every single item this customer buys, they return. So yes, I would say in that position. Hell, yeah. The customers wrong, and you should do the right thing. And especially if you have an organization that's trying to do the right thing. Do not take advantage of it. And I think it stems from entitlement to so fuck out. I mean, we're all human. We all can be wrong, right right on man ridden. Besides X Y. Oh what project? Do you think is going to have the biggest impact in the future of say of the crypto space, obviously number one? I like theorem I like their community. They're deaf community is absolutely amazing. I have heard rumblings recently that the lightning network is coming to bitcoin. Finally, and it's going to be a game changer. And it's really looking awesome. They think that I am personally excited about is. I like egos, and I like I I've used it. I've used the wallet gray mass. I've used few of the sample depths. I love the account naming scheme. It's not just a bunch of zero x addresses zero x like literally zero x not zero x the coin and a really big fan of us. I think it's you know has a lot of haters as well, but there's there's also some phenomenal members of its community. Like, the guy I think is name is rob Finch who founded ICO ler, and he's now running the blocked producer called cypher glass. That guy is someone that I think we should figure out a way how to work with at some point like he's just a super passionate entrepreneur doing some awesome things. So like look into cypher glass look into ios. I like ios. I like Z cash. I've liked see catch for a long time. I am biggest fan right now. And you guys everyone listening should check this out. It's called especially if you're an theorem dab developer Portis, P O, R, T I, S dot. Oh, they're doing what seemingly no other theorem dapper developer is like focusing on. They're actually focusing on user experience like the user experience in new user on boarding experience in a theory him, you know, like loading up your theorem wallet meta mask, you know, the fees and stuff like that. Right. To to just get started to use a dab, it sucks. It's horrendous to disaster a user that the developer should be able to build on a theorem, but not have the end user have to know that it's running on a theory, right Eos. I think has done a good job at that. I think they could do a better job to every single DEP is going to do a better job at that. But those ones are my favorites. If there is a new person getting into the space. This is the first podcast. We, you know, this is crypto wanna one in somebody's gonna Google crypto wanna one we're gonna pop out there. Holy shit. There's a podcast, and they might come onto your episode. Listen to Scott talk about cryptocurrency talk about X. Oh. And wonder who should they get into it? What would your advice be to these new people coming into space? I'd say this. Absolutely. Yes. You should get into it. Because I what I call the two hundred year bet would you bet your life. Here's what crypto currency and blockchain all revolves around it revolves around the series of natural numbers. It revolves around cryptography. It revolves around applied logic and applied math. So in two hundred years. What do you think is going to be around? If you had a bet your life on it Bank of America or math. Good news for all the math fans out there. And then for the Bank of America fans. Yes, the world is flat. So you so you told the new person go for it? Get into it. Yes. Definitely get into it. How you get into it. All right. There's going to be two types of people that are going to get into it. Okay. If you're a developer type, do you need to pick up the book called ethereal. Okay. Now, if you're like the rest of the world, and you're not a developer type you need to pick up. I would say your book crypto one. Oh one and read crypto one oh one then get on that. Is you need a starter guide to know what the heck you're even getting in on. Here's the most unfortunate thing that I've seen happen is because you know, we didn't a very public in. You know, massive token, X Y O token main sail, and when people joined our telegram community, they're were getting hit up by scammers left. And right saying, hey, this is this is the real Scott, ignore the other Scott, send your I don't know five hundred dollars. Worth of ether to my wallet address. And I'll give you an extra bonus that it was crazy. Well, and so, yeah, it's it's so sad and unfortunate we've had to prevent this ban. This we have Mods it costs us seven thousand dollars per month to have telegram Mods to try to find these scammers and put them to waste like seventy dollars a month. Yes. We share that. Yeah. Per month to to police this and protect our users it sucks, but yet it still happens over and over. So if you're going to get into crypto currency, which is a very early stage space, you know, like without reading like what you've created the crypto wanna one book and guide like, you are absolutely crazy. You need to understand what you're getting in on. And it will pay off because you'll be about I don't know fifty years ahead of every single other person out there damn got a book plug from Scott does what I'm talking about here is. So I got a question for you. And this is not on the list. But you just said about the the this. Scammers. Like, hi. I'm Scott sent me this, and I'll send you that. You know, being a marketer reading all the books. Could you do a better? Yeah. I it's funny is like it's being authentic and doing something amazing. And being like having a purpose driven mission. Like, I feel like I don't even have to Mark it as hard as I used to have to market because our product it markets it self rights comes from a great core. So Scott, I want to say before this last question. Thank you for inviting me to spatial. Thank you for allowing me to speak share my message as well to everybody. And well man, thank you for your passionate. What you're doing in the space and giving everybody great one wants not only on entrepreneurship to good books to read. But also different ideas to move forward in botching. Oh, yeah. Thanks for having me, right, man. Last question with Ressam's. Would you like on the crypto one Spotify playlist? I would do Chan Chan by Boina vista social club. Oh talking about a good song. Yeah. It's amazing. The album is is dope. And you know, what else since this crypto currency related? I would do rage against the machine. Take the power back on the first album, man. Yeah. Good sewn definitely need to put old thing. Back with Mathoma. And the Notorious B I g. The thing back song if you're in the Virgin Islands going on a boat. Like you need to play old thing back. All right, right on Scott. Thank you very much for coming on crypto one to one and good luck to your project. Thank you for having me. Thank you very much for listening to this episode of crypto win win. Scott ex Royal team, if you're listening, thank you very much for coming on the show in thank you very much for your hospitality wells out in San Diego for the spatial event. And after you're done listening to this episode, please jump over to YouTube crypto one on one with Matthew Aaron to hear my opinion exile network and here my take on the spatial event in San Diego. It was an amazing event, and I had a blast in the next episode of crypto one we have on the crypto when when listeners now not like all of our other listener episodes. This is a little bit different. Because they're all crystal entrepreneurs in the space. They were all listeners don't win a one and somewhere along the road along the journey. They decided to start a side hustle or business in the crypto space, and I am really really excited to hear about those journeys and those stories and before we go like always apogee crypto dot com. That's APO GE crypto dot com. The best place for your real time. Prices. Crypto news dot com for your news and a big shadow to the editor. Of today's show. Mr. Jalen, Bella? We'll see you in future episodes of crypto one on.

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Investing in Mobility with Olaf Sakkers and Prescott Watson

Venture Stories

54:32 min | 1 year ago

Investing in Mobility with Olaf Sakkers and Prescott Watson

"Hey everybody it's Eric. Torbert co-founder Partner village global aid network driven venture firm and this is metro stories. A podcast ask covering topics for the tech business with world leading experts. Hey everybody welcome to another episode adventure stories by village global. I'm here today with two. Very special guests. Olaf soccer's and Prescott Watson of Manila Mobility guys. Welcome to the PODCAST. Could it be a good to be here so I'll start with you. You started with a with another partner in Israel when you give a little bit of historical background of many minivan it's focus and we'd get into to Prescott in talk about how it's evolved over time. Yeah so I was living in Israel I was in the and I started looking into autonomous vehicles or in the paper met Mike. Um who was an early investor in better place and Basically had the idea that Israel could become a key centre for Development and innovation around the theme of Autonomous Vehicles. So we started meeting. These is companies that were being founded by kind of tech veterans people who started a few other companies say Democra- place cybersecurity company. And they were doing things that were now becoming relevant to automotive with. They didn't have was connections into the automotive industry and away to basically bridge across that gap so we started kind of instinctively helping them to reach their customers Mike from his background a better place had a pretty strong network there and then over time as as we help more companies more companies came to us and then became kind of a virtuous cycle that we were making these effectively angel. Investments into companies pulling out of portfolio in the mobility space and as portfolio grew. You know we kind of developed a reputation and raised our first fund on the back of that And now in July we close and fund which is one hundred million. US De Fund with a lot of backing from strategic like major carmakers Suppliers Oil and gas companies like Shell. So that's been kind of devolution of the time with the core idea kind of at the center of it that we don't just give capital to companies. We help them reach across the industry. And because we're so focused on mobility were able to add. I think pretty unique value and see repeating patterns Get to economies of scope from focusing on the on the sector and and having relationships across cool. And what's your story here and where you most excited. So I ended up moving to Israel in two thousand twelve The reason why Israel most directly I had an opportunity to work with an entrepreneur. Starting a company. I'm an American connection to Israel so a lot of people ask like why Israel Hindsight's twenty twenty and so it's always easy to kind of paint a story of why all you end up in a certain place but if you were to just kind of close your eyes and throw a dart at the dart at the earth and ask you know where what tech ecosystem you're GONNA end up in if you want to work for a start up a surprisingly Israel's actually pretty Pretty notable ecosystem. It's actually had surprising if you want to move somewhere tack that you end up there So I I moved out in two thousand twelve right after college to work at an early stage startup and I was there for about five years during which time I got to see a lot of the trends that were happening there and I think when people ask like what's going on in Israel there's always numbers you can talk about like IPO's capital. Raising emanate that kind of stuff but actually think talk. Men terms of products is more interesting. Some of the stuff that was really amazed as to Kinda learn when I moved. There is how many of the products we use our from American companies but really developed by Israelis or developed in Israel. So when people ask about about what's going on there I point to companies like Intel. For example. I think people are always surprised to know that there are certain years in the past decade. which like half of Intel's global revenues came came from products that were made in? Israel are if you look at like apple for example the acquisitions they made in the past few years power a lot of the flash memory in their in their computers in their phones. Power the products that face idea and other things of the sort. So it's actually if you're just GONNA go somewhere and work intact. Israel's actually surprisingly a close second silicon valley totally now what is the nieve mobility investment thesis. Today we're focused where you guys interested. I'm curious to dig in where what today's interested in mobility space and maybe in contrast to how that's changed in the last five years or so yes Often the first question we get asked is like what is mobility and and a quick definition. Is things that move people and goods anything. The definition initially when people meet us like your visa that focuses just on the mobility. That's so narrow and then when you describe this kind of the opposite reaction is like how you focus within like all that stuff that's happening because there's a lot of technologies that have been developed over the last few years that are relevant to the space whether it's connected technologies enabling data to be shared between vehicle sold cybersecurity the protects vehicles Changes that are happening to the powertrain vehicles electrification. Everybody knows Tesla obviously. That's a huge shift. Happening in. The industry obviously autonomous vehicles. But I think what we're finding now is that there's a really interesting shift around the business models continuing to happen. The most valuable startups of the last decade have been in companies in the ride hailing space and and companies like Uber and lift and Didi and also now. Scooter Shane Company. So you seeing this opportunity to change inch how people get around and what kinds of vehicles they used to get around and so one of one of what's Nice about being focused is that we're able to come up with pretty leap ideas about how all these things together. We're kind of thesis driven. So one of these ideas is around like a trip economy that at once he started buying a trip on Uber. It's not so crazy to also by trip on a shed scooter or to buy food delivery trip. That's basically brought to you and the car historically has been this bundle where you spend thousands of dollars every five years Buying a new car and in that car is like a decathlete. It's kind of good at everything but not great at anything and as a result you're kind of have something that on average does all the things things you need to do when we start buying trips start using the vehicle that's optimized for whatever you're doing at a given moment so my abilities popular because cities right now. Super congested tested and sitting in a car is not so fun. And you can get on a scooter and you can get their foster and you'll get some kind of fresh air in your face Along the way or food delivery kind of saves you time so would we sing. Is this fragmentation of of trips. That historically have all been bundled into the car and then specialization of different in vehicle platforms for each of the trip. So that's one thing that we're really excited about right now and we're seeing it play out in different ways in developed economies in countries in emerging markets what are examples of investable companies. That emerged from that visas. So we've got a company that kind of leveraged the shifting in food delivery which is which is quite interesting actually appear around the round today called Bolt Bikes and what this company does leases electric bicycles food curious so I noticed when I was riding around in Paris on jump bicycle which is like a pedal assist I bicycle. There was writing kind of faucet and a lot of the current and these these careers are spending their entire day riding around the city making money but they don't have the optimized vehicle for it and so part of the challenges they don't have access to credit or they don't have the means to front the cost of an electric bicycle even though that would be the optimal vehicle for them to use. So what bolt is doing is giving them a lease kind of a week to week. Lease allows them access to vehicle but also to the things that they need in order to keep that vehicle in service maintenance and things like that. So that's that's something that's leveraging the shift towards awards food delivery it's a very specialized platform and it's and it's optimized for that particular task and it's actually solving key problem for the for the curry's themselves by allowing them them to be more productive. I think another company exemplifies where the trip economy creates opportunities would be a company called rebel transit rebels. A moped sharing company based in New York. They've launched in Texas they launched in DC. They're very very rapidly throughout the US when we first started meeting with Franken Paul the founders of rebel back in two thousand eighteen. A lot of questions that we would get from other people were like mopeds aren't popular in the US. Why would mopeds takeoff culturally compared to Europe? Americans aren't that interested in mopeds and the trip economy has changed that because it's not actually that Americans are just uninterested. mopeds there understood mopeds when the proposition is that I have to by a moped just experiment with a trip I can quickly discover that actually. It's a really fun fast. Way To get around and so by shifting the by lowering the barriers to buying something you actually increase the rate at which you can get experimental vehicles out there and people can discover that they really enjoy one way or another so you. You're actually able to increase the consumer adoption curve with your requests for startups request for innovation. Wha- what do you want to see people built in the economy I think we just like we see you know a specific opportunity around e bikes delivery or specific opportunity for mopeds at a moment when I think a lot of investors is very negative on it because scooters blowing up we think there's all sorts of different things in kind of the historic bundle of all the things that a car can do. That are now how becoming unbundled and you know if you think about transportation like how much you know. Each individual spends on transportations. The second biggest spending category often buying the home and so there's a huge pool of capital and an opportunity around transforming transportation right like it's in the trillions of dollars so each of these bundles as the car kind of becomes unbearable than you have special better built service for one particular Nido another. It's still a massive massive opportunity from from a VC perspective so things like logistics are super interesting and it's sector. That really hasn't hasn't been disrupted that much also to different modes of getting around cities. We'll getting things around cities B. Two B. delivery of goods the package deliveries Auburn logistics. There's there's a lot around their intercity. you know new new platforms people getting where they want to want to get to and then also connected to that is the real estate that's affected by transportation so we see opportunities around road pricing and Co pricing and things like that which are assets that are starkly not been priced and have been used inefficiently But the opportunities there to also when you think about the trip economy. I think that we forget how many trips in the car and off. You've written a lot about this. How many trips in the car are done with pricing? That's not completely transparent. I don't think about I don't think about how much parking costs when it's free to me or I don't think about how much the government has spent building roadways or you know in in some very If you really take to an its to its natural extreme. How much government has spent securing access to liquid fuels in the Middle East sewn and and so forth When you actually start looking at all the subsidies that have gone to transportation I think one of the cool opportunities is to find companies were to convince founders to start companies that help? Let's take some of the money. We're putting into parking or subsidies to fuel at an actually bring those subsidies other forms of transit. Why if I don't drive to work shy not receive the same parking working subsidy as somebody that does drive to work? Even if I'm making society better choice like riding a bike or taking a scooter that takes up less room has less emissions so on and so forth. Yeah and I think you're seeing these subtle kind of bias play out where in some cities scooters are being charged fee order to US access to the city but but these will be vehicles that are much smaller much more efficient. Don't do much wear and tear on the roads and then you know car owners on charged any of those fees will be irate. If they're charged anything and part of the cool thing about a work I think poly why we find it so motivating and exciting is. I mean. The two examples listed with rebel and with both bikes these technologies analogies. That actually transform people's lives these careers are able to kind of make more money and and and do much better because they have access to a vehicle and in revels case. You you know getting around Brooklyn is really expensive. If you're going between queens and Brooklyn Right. There isn't really public transit. That says that you want to take an uber. Cost three times as much as whatever costs and so we're seeing this kind of this equity component to that much more efficient and better and equitable form. I'm of transportation once you start solving these problems when people talk about the big trends in in automotive air mobility talked about connected shared electric autonomous. You you have some thoughts on electric as it relates to autonomous Ella. Yet I mean I think electrification is the trend. That is I mean all the like autonomy was it was hyped. And now we're in the like trough of disillusionment. I think electrification is the one that kind of got hyped in the mid to late two thousands dozens and now in the productivity phase where you're seeing massive investment and massive roll out the initial stages of that happening and not only with Tesla. which is I think kind of the story stock that everybody gets excited about but would vw is doing? I mean investing tens of billions of dollars into building out a whole line of of of vehicles on the new. What's called Emmy Be Electric Platform There's just massive investment vestment. That's gone into electrical being pushed largely by regulation Especially in in Europe and in China in really transforming the entire hi Value Chain of vehicles. So if you think about a car in the internal combustion engine there many many different components in pieces that have to be he put together and the cost of servicing and maintaining that vehicles quite high in comparing that to electric vehicle. They way way fewer like a third as many components that go into that vehicle But the battery is really important. So as the motor and so you also seeing a restructuring of the supply chain in automotive of which is also very complicated with lots of different supplies creating different components of those vehicles in different supplies now having to adapt to the shift that's happening and one of the kind of unexpected consequences of the co two regulations that are being pushed in Europe right now. Is that a lot of the value. The chain of European supplies which are historically quite dominant a lot of fun since big German player like content. Bosh are some of the value. Allison is being shifted to Asia where most of the key providers of fuel of battery cells and batteries supply chain is being developed countries like Korea and China and Japan. And so I think this was unintended consequences happening. A lot of European comic is actually quite quite upset about this and you see it happening. That a lot of the value is being transferred over to Asian supply is because the cost of the battery and and that aspect of the vehicles about forty percent of the overall cost so twenty percent of the total cost of vehicles is being shifted east. I think it's not just The shift that European carmakers have to be upset about anyone that sells a car in Europe will take a step back. Why are so many people developing batteries in developing electric Trivia calls? I think in Silicon Valley you know every. VC drives a tesla naturally. It's a better car everyone's but in reality it's that's not really the case. That consumers aren't demanding electric vehicles vehicles. Sure they'll say I prefer electricar but when it comes down to it it's way cheaper to buy an entry level. You know internal combustion engine sedan than it is just to buy a model three and especially if you don't consider the government subsidies it just doesn't make sense for a lot of consumers so the push has actually not coming from consumers wanting these vehicles it's really coming from the regulations that you referenced minute ago Industry Give People some some perspective like this is a huge on the industry that I don't think the tech industry even is aware of is soon as two thousand twenty one car companies selling cars in Europe could be facing fines of like thirty or forty billion dollars a year diesel gate from volks. What eighteen billion euros I think thirty? It's it's an incredible amount of money and so they're under enormous pressure not pressure because Tesla getting consumers to buy electric cars. THORUGHOUT GOVERNMENT PRESSURE DEVELOP VS. So I think because of this the development time cycles have been compressed people having to invest a lot of money and it may end up being that the European suppliers could lose some some value to to East Asia and the companies that come out there for especially for the development side so we were just talking about regulation in different environments environments. How do use? That's one element of sort of thinking about investing in different cities because you guys invest invest globally. What are the other elements that are important to think about? What's her analyzing analyzing? which sort of do geos are better for? which kinds of opportunities I mean the weird thing about cities is often more connected than a few miles into the countryside both culturally but also sometimes in travel time like you could go from city and it will take you if you're driving to the countryside and you can get another city by flying thing in just a few hours then I think also? Some cities are quite similar. Structurally to others even if they're on different continents so a big shift that's happening in transportation tation is that firstly there's there's massive urbanize ation especially in Asia but even in the US. There's this trend of of Asian so more and more people are living in cities part of the reason. We want to live in cities because cities have historically been growth engines and continued to be Because by bringing people closer closer together there's more opportunities to to basically offer goods and services to produce things and so these kind of network effects that a bolt into cities and transportation is the glue that sticks all of that together. So I can. I actually spent a few weeks travelling in South America meeting with a lot of the investors. They're meeting being with startups and trying to understand would shifting in that market and would we noticed were cities like Bogota Mexico City and Sao Paulo with structure. Quite quite some of the didn't have strong public transit backbones. And they'll kind of big kind of geographic geographic low rise Bob's almost which one very well connected it was like these concentric circles of connectivity. There's obviously benefits to living close to other people. That kind of something interesting about New New York is if you go on the subway you can get kind of within an hour of any kind of specialist if you need a specialist. Dr Specialists Lawyer you got this kind of powerful network took effect and in these countries which are kind of don't have such good transit. You don't get those benefits and so the city's on on his efficient and kind of creating wealth and growth. So I mean that's one Lens I think we look through cities that different cities are structured differently and therefore have different kinds of challenges in different kinds of problems. Solution Ocean link revel which is kind of one we look at it through. Maybe bolt might work really really well in some cities and not well at all and other cities and so the kind of taxonomy of figuring figuring out what is investable. And what's interesting. Burly depends on understanding through kind of range of different cities the opportunities and the problems that need to be solved and again. I think what's exciting about. This is if you sold these problems to solve major economic growth problems because transportation is so linked to growth. If you ask questions like what's the purpose why. Hey did you come about its. Many people will say it's an economic effect The advantages to large labor market. So that you've got tons kinds of labor specialization so on and so forth but as long as you don't exist in a world where you can work in. VR perfectly with one another. There are huge advantages to having having people that are within one or two hours commute time. And that's kind of after two hours. People really won't commute everyday into a job so when you have these gigantic cities acceler Apollo you would think just by the numbers while this is a really large labor market the city could actually become quite internationally significant which it has but if you can't get from one side of the city to the other in a reasonable workday then a lot of the benefits are lost so improving the way that people can move around in. Urban centers is really important. Which is why? It's kind of a pity that there's been such an underinvestment public transit infrastructure. If you look I think from the perspective of America. It's quite strange to look at other countries. Because America's such a spacious country and being a a lot of costs interested in the way things have rolled out but in Asia this way less space and also in in Latin and and other all the places And so I think one of the interesting developments in in ride hailing You know the markets were Uber. I think really struggled with the ones that were most dissimilar to America. So if you look at Southeast Asia you have these super dance cities but you also also have relatively unbagged population and so companies like like. Grab and go Jack Sore payments infrastructure is inter linked to the problem. They were trying to solve around on transportation and part of why these companies have become very successful is not just mobility platforms. They're much broader e commerce platforms effectively. The delivery services. This is they also bring services to people. You know you can get masseuse impromptu. You're on on a go jack in Indonesia and so once yes you got this kind of massive density and Kind of unique fact as we don't have the same development stages you got certain cities and eh countries leapfrogging with what's played out in American and therefore transportation becomes linked to things like like payments. And not just to. They have an unexpected set of progressions. In that makes I think for fairly interesting opportunities in the emerging coaching In emerging markets because mostly people don't have access to credit and and and this huge congestion in huge challenges but by solving that you can solve a whole bundle of different problems at the same time there are companies also that make more sense in certain economies and others The right hail explosion that happened in the US In some ways can be described as an arbitrage where tons of Americans had cars. They weren't using all the time and they wanted some money. They would use their cars. I appreciate them in exchange for cash right. But if you're looking at an economy like India or in Southeast Asia where people don't really own that many vehicles a lot of the limitations too right l. even though everyone wants to use ride. Hey if you don't have a vehicle is that there's very few drivers for example so when you ask about what our theories are on different geographies you can't interest really apply one type of mobility model to every geography. They are quite location specific and I think also like in India for instance the cost of having somebody drive you as much lower so you might use all default forgetting around whereas in the US you know. Minimum wage and the cost of labor is much higher so it may only make percents for certain demographic of people living certain kind of era so you have people for bunch of reasons kind of leapfrogging car ownership and just using mobility services And so I think that's kind of an interesting trend coming in Pakistan airlift. Are you familiar with it. Sort of like a smart bus network compete with cream yen in India. I think there's one called shuttle and there's is one in Egypt that's come up. I mean I think this theme around what is a public infrastructure and what is privately rolled out is is really complicated. I think Batum Adam is one area where it's particularly interesting because governments haven't done that much to build out that infrastructure if you go to India into the metros been rolled out into lots of different cities but that hasn't really happens so much in in cities like Bogo Mexico City. I think it's an interesting actually opportunity to bring up attention. We see a lot where people are like. Oh you invest mobility. That means you are anti transit or anti public investment in transportation infrastructure and. That's not the case at all. I think that when people see attention between bird verdict lime or Uber and lift public transit. They have to also look at the opportunity for governments to act as orchestrators and if we want a we want certain outcomes or objectives reactives. How can we use some publicly owned infrastructure? How can we subsidize? Some privately owned services ticket those objectives. And I think actually if you look at what. Some of these companies companies in Mexico City are doing real opportunity for the government to say okay. Yes we do need a better subway system but between now and ten years from now what going to do as that system is being developed. There's an opportunity for them to work with these private networks and actually provide a lot of relief to commute congestion that people are facing and I think back when you think about what we're doing as an investing in this kind of space. It's not exactly tack in the sense that like I think kind. The idea of tech is like dot com or SAS businesses or something was purely digital and it doesn't really interact that much with the physical world. I mean I think these kinds of attention that the Prescott highlighting around regulators and conversations with them and trying to find a way to partner with them kind of highlights this unique challenge air. which which is these these these scooters that right around and city streets or or vans? They're not just in a digital realm they're actually interacting acting with the physical world. They're taking up space. They can crash into people and and even kill them in. So regulation is unavoidable and having strategies around and regulation is critical to a lot of the companies. We back and so that's one key lands that were looking through. So there's there's obviously attack component here. This is you know scalable digital aspect to this that that solves unique Kind of preliminary each case in allows defensibility something to become become extremely valuable Hopefully at the end. But they're also unique challenges not just around regulation but also that these are heavy assets. They need to be financed. oftentimes impress kind of highlighted. This in in the case of Uber. You know there's there's a certain kind of offloading the assets to the driver partners. It's it's not super efficient. Actually because they are paying for their leases individuals rather than getting economies of scale. You see a different problem for for scooter companies. They have to devaluations have shot up in part because after a lot of assets even though those acids depreciate rapidly so we think a lot about this kind of acid peace and debt financing around it that I think is a unique challenge in in space but also an important opportunity for you a framework for when it makes sense to own the assets verse at least the Light. It's a question question of how the value chain is structured. I'll try to break this down in a way that's not too convoluted so if you look at the people there's people that make cars there's people will that will probably owned cars. There are networks of people that will drive those cars and their sources of demand. If you own a car it wouldn't make too much much sensory to only serve Uber in the US. You'd WANNA serve lift if it was better for you at five pm than Uber if you live in an economy where there's only one source of demand. Let's Tena as an example. Where the only person that you'd be driving the only network dragging for Gd in that case it actually might make sense for the asset only served eighty and and if you actually look at what those kind of monopoly scenarios look like if you go to China you actually see deedee getting involved in the mass acquisition of vehicles in the creation of these fleets in fact they even have a partnership with tons of automakers Kia Volkswagen others where the car companies are designing cars? Four right hail. They're going to sell them mended fleets dedicated to work with Didi. That wouldn't ties into the electric regulations in in cities in China where his limits to non electric vehicles but a lot more freedom Adam for for electric vehicles. So you see those incentives kind of tying it but I think in general if you want to sell a company really rapidly. I think think there's been this. Weird distortion in the market. Because of of Softbank basically adversely selecting companies that are acid heavy. Like if your filter or is is this company In need of one hundred million dollars or more than you're gonna I think select for companies that are acid heavy. But if you want something that I think is is is more sustainable indefensible. It makes sense to try and offload the a separate out the asset and the debt. That's associated with it from from the network which is a scalable pot pot. That's tech in the pots that that's heavy acids. We're ideally try to separate those. I mean something. I think that's been key to the success of of of revel and other companies that were backing we think about it across the board how to do it but it varies from company to company. We've got a company for instance in Spain and which does cost subscriptions but they have partnerships with leasing banks or with OEM's in order to finance asset. So it's a different that provides a different and put some kind of holding the asset ways to structure it but having a game plan around. That's pretty critical. It speaks to an interesting change. It's happened in the past years in Silicon Valley where it I used to be that being a tech company man. I'M GONNA make software for somebody to run their business better and now that there's just more and more and more money coming into the valley people people ask you okay while if you had fifty x the amount of money. Why wouldn't you just skip speed up your time to market by incentive selling the software to other people to run their business better just by their business and run it for them? It's almost you're you're looking at things it almost like pe roll ups where you have tech startup that has a little bit of Ip and and can manage things ostensibly more effectively going raising a lot of money and kind of competing directly with WHO ten years ago might have been their customers now. They're just waiting full full stack and it could produce some pretty interesting go to market strategies but it could also mean that you have lots of companies that are wasting lots of money on assets that it's unclear whether they can really manage them better or not but I think also part of the reason. We're we're seeing. This is a lot of the low hanging fruits of kind of Sassan and super scalable business. US models Just purely software have been plucked and so the companies that are become valuable over the last decade have across across the board many of them have been in touching on assets to some extent. Obviously the ride hailing companies and scuba companies are great examples samples of that but also coming like we work. Sorry not we were. We work as a as a much messier. I meant to say airbnb is the company that's dealing with with the other expensive of the most people own which is a home or an apartment or something like that. We work is literally sitting. We work right now. but I think it's actually I think would would make interesting is it's it's kind of the limit of what this model allows. which is there has to be a component that's defensible and and can can be scaled super quickly and it's not it can't just be an asset leasing business? Business conscious be something that that changes slightly on an existing business model that that hasn't been trading super high multiples a framework for thinking about when or evaluate sort of whether accumbens will win. Start up. We don't have a set income until winter. Start up to what I think it depends on. It depends on the type of business. Let's take housing example. The crazy thing about uber is that everyone thinks it's a business. We're GONNA make a profit. I see a clear path towards profitability and that path is ending its constant price wars and other geographies and interestingly enough local players in geographies like perhaps like India or Latin America. We'll succeed because the public market is just not going to sustain Uber's appetite for nonstop price. What part of the reason why we were in? DD and grab have raised so much. Money is because we've had a kind of historic period of of low interest rates and so the cost of capital is not so high the cost of pouring subsidies into markets in order to Get growth is also not so high. Relatively speaking that doesn't mean this can happen endlessly but I think now we pull back on that and some kind of correction and so these companies. He's also correcting and when you have to upper listrik model as you have in the US. I don't know if you've worked airline tickets recently. But they're usually kind of in lockstep especially especially in between the US cities like all the airlines or some are pricing things. Exactly the same you know. I think lift a newborn do pretty much the same thing in once they kind of stop subsidising as much and start kind of getting more of a prophet. I think they can do that. Pretty scalable across markets is a question as to how how much consumers are willing to pay for these kinds of services but I think in many cases they're willing to pay enough in all of these companies to become profitable so address. The question I think in the case of like a ride hail scenario Dario I. I wouldn't be too surprised to see upstarts in other geographies successfully beating out incumbent right help players because of those incumbents inability to to suffer losses forever and these far-flung geographies but it was interesting about right. Helling wasn't clear at the outset. is that The network effects. It's a real rain. Like in a city level. Having a certain amount of vehicles is critical in order to have a wait time. That's low enough. Like three. To four minutes is kind of the magic number but once you've hit three to four minutes is not that much of a competitive advantage to having you know two and a half minute or ninety second time For for an uber versus a left as long as the price is kind of comparable you willing to suck up the extra minute and a half or so and so it's not these uncapped network effects. They're they're real but they're not unlimited. Did I think we're still trying to figure out exactly how this plays out in in the scooter market. But I think that even weaker as actually talking to Marcus village is the CEO of of tax. Now rebranded as bolt. which is I think? The second biggest player in Europe right now and it is interesting. Pussy Star of the company at the age of I think nineteen and he did from talent Estonian kind of did a spreadsheet analysis and came to this realization. That you in a long as you got good enough service you could be the second biggest player in the market. And if you're GonNa do that where you should really optimizes the cost of your of your infrastructure engineering et Cetera in order to build this platform and so I think they've done really well in kind of Capturing market share even like they came to the market much later they'd be much more capital efficient. So it's not winner. Take all because people thought at some point these are going to take all market. Yeah it's winner. Takes something right but it's not what it takes all I think in some cases it's it's even less us like with scooters Kicks good is at least on the other hand there other markets where I think the incumbents have a distinct advantage I mentioned before we started talking talking here if somebody's approaching us with full stack autonomous play. The bar is very high. Because it's you know short of some sort of complete breakthrough true in the fundamental way. People are doing training etc The cost of developing these types of systems to rival the performance format that you're seeing from away mo or even a distant second like a cruise or something is so high that even the incumbents can barely afford their own their own costs. I mean you're seeing a lot of JV's merged like not mergers but partnerships where multiple OEM's each individually agreed they can't sustain billions billions of dollars of investment into this technology. They're going to join forces so I do. You think that's an example where yes startups can sell into a particular part in the software stack Particular sensor a particular type of you know Software that goes into the development of autonomous vehicles. But for somebody to come in and say I'm a startup in a win to to tackle this reputable. VC's and smart founders are still trying to do it. But I I'm of the opinion. It's very different than anything else. Strategy in investing in these kinds of companies we made an investment in in a chemical igniter which to simulation for Thomas Vehicle Development midnight investment in the company called Phantom Order. I wish does tell operation remote control control and they just announced a partnership with post mates during the sidewalk delivery robots And and if you're going to so as you kind of build out more of these kind of vertical stacks of autonomous players then you can start supplying solutions across those players and as long as it's the solution that it makes sense just to be really focused on and can be separated from the core engineering so actually Phantom's taking approachable Nasty K- that allows customers to basically Then integrated themselves. You can come up with smart strategies for for partnering with these companies. And they're pretty big problems that still need to be solved but you kind of have to have a broader market perspective on this in order to I think separate out opportunities. That are fool's errand and just going to throw a lot of capital at them versus opportunities. I have some kind of defensibility. Let's say ten years from now where you've come back. We're doing another podcast. How do you? I'm curious to get just a few minutes. Serve hot takes of what you think the bull bear case for some of these companies which you are most likely to have like how do you think this is all shake out or how could it. All shake out is trying to become more of a platform and integrate third party services and basically They just had this partnership with city scoot in in Paris. Electric MOPEDS And and have a partnership in India and Public Transit. They're trying to kind of embed themselves and make themselves less replaceable so I think we uber. Uber doesn't go away. Anything like Prescott said. These companies have apostol profitability. The tip I I think left even even most of it has a clear path to profitability in the US It's not fighting a war with DD. In in Latin America for instance I think the US markets kind of stabilizing blessing out. I think there was this perception that whoever makes the first of his car will put every carmaker out of business every oubre business and I don't think that's that's not true because as you're going to have back to the value chain questions. Multiple people manufacturing cars multiple people that have reference designs to make this cars autonomous but each asset that has to serve as many demand sources possibly can. So there's still it's just like the hotel industry. There's still a room for direct bookings if you're going to go to a hotel versus if you have you know an expedia or booking dot com people are going to be there. Generating consumer demand and fulfilling that demand by going to any number of people that manage fleets of about Thomas Vehicles. So I don't think it makes sense to merge the fleet owner with the demand source for example Uber had a whole lot of autonomous vehicles. Kebir didn't have very much demand at five PM on Thursday in. I don't know some city would those vehicles then be able to serve lift demand it makes sense to separate the ownership ownership from the demands words. And I think that we bring left. We'll continue to look kind of like Expedia airbnb players. And they'll be other people that actually by maintain manage manage and service the fleets of autonomous vehicles. It'll be a different kind of value chain. So who's GonNa be the big winner who's GonNa be the big loser. Companies what types of archetypes demand players will always be really large. Probably the people that make the reference designs for how you make an autonomous car. there's definitely a role for large people to act. What kind of contract manufacturers foxconn is a huge company and all it does is that I'm starting to I think some? Oem's are at risk of turning into this but a lot of OEM's have a good shot it actually being real technology vendors. You're going back to the high level story of Oem's is a lot of OEM's considering if you think about Boeing Airbus they're the main to oem manufacturers of airplanes. If you look at cars they like fourteen or fifteen companies that are selling more than a million vehicles a year with the PSA PSA FCA acquisition merger that that's happening right now you starting to see some consolidation. There's a lot of pressure coming on the market thinking going to have a lot more oh consolidation but again tying into the political aspect if you think about the financial crisis like US government bail out because there's so many jobs at stake in this industry. Industry governments are actively involved in supporting these companies. And so there's a lot of complicating factors. That aren't just business. Logic to you. Know with the companies follow not and how they whether difficulty economic times. I think there is a key challenge for the OEM a how they capture more value in how they evolve. The businesses become digitized because for the most part they're basically assembling different components and forming them into a vehicle. That looks really nice but with digitization nation does is. It doesn't work in such a kind of lego building. Block linear kind of way it makes all these kind of connections that less expected which creates opportunities. But if your org chart structured around for a high High volume reliable manufacturing. Then getting your head around that and adopting a business process to it is is is quite a challenge. That said I think what what the rams have done over the last five years that we've been involved in space and we were closely with many of them is Israeli committed to transforming their businesses. I think everybody went to business school and studied Kodak and examples and IBM companies like that and learnt lessons that at least you. It's much better to do something that nothing. It's hard to figure out the exact strategy. What businesses become? I think it is clear as S. Prescott highlighted that you're going to need manufacturers like that pot is and they should really make sure that at a basic level they at least become foxconn. Fox Guns Multibillion Dollar Company its position in some sense but it has low margin. So how'd you increase the margins. But they're really much business. And who owns it. I think ah one thing. That's interesting is maps There are not that many maps in the world. There's like Tom Tom in here. which here is buy a whole lot of consortium consortium of German comic isn't supplies and then there's accompanying in San Francisco roadmap box which is actually going really well? And then there is is Apple and Google and those are the main maps that you can use an epson mast in win. Why instead of going to an Apple Uber? I don't go to my APPS APPS and then order immortal carpet. Google maps is started. Doing some of the aggregation you can. At least search some information around ride hailing and scooters is and find them on a map. I think Google is trying to shift more to that platform. You See in China comes to navy becoming the platforms in a much more kind of concrete sense. So I think you're GONNA see more shift dislike. Messaging especially in China has moved to a platform approach. And and and you know I message which is not great in any respect and what's happened and other things are moving trying to imitate and learn lessons from there. I think because because maps transformations happen slowly in part because so few players and maps used for so many different things but I do think there are extremely powerful facts around maps because because you've got really strong network effect all the point of interest you're going to get more people using the platform. If we have more information you can feed that back into the map. With great power I think also is GonNa Great Scrutiny Rubini in the current environment the tolerance I think for US authorities to to be happy about super half is increasingly questionable. Oh I think and you look at the ongoing war between you know priceline booking and Google. They're the biggest spender of ads on Google search and and yet Google's trying to actually people to book hotels we will maps. There's a lot of There's a lot of gunpowder sitting around and you can drop a match and started a gigantic war between these companies and look at Uber. Ride like leary had a gigantic. We'll with Uber. Because I think Travis Kalanick's realized one day that F.. WAYMO WAYMO was successful in building an autonomous vehicle. The demand source is Google APPS. Like you open Google maps whenever you want to make a trip somewhere because you looking and if they just off your vehicle Michael there who need Zuber Uber's serve trying to be a blabber guber definitely wants to be the expedia not the united or American airline and some of it was acquisitions. The Dakota is were in order to build out their in house mapping capabilities just like apple realized in like eight years ago and and struggled initially a lot that needed maps. It was critical that we depend on. Google couldn't afford to be dependent who was a key part of the platform. I think even more. So if your ride hailing company you you realize that just depending on Google is quite risky but just as regulators could prevent a super APP from arising I think they could also prevent Uber from owning all of transport they want to be the the Trans the transport graph for example right so in my view. You know transit APP and many of the other kind of Meta search APPs they have a lot to gain from regulators saying listen you can be scooter company inner city but you have to list. Your scooter is not just on your APP. But you have less than Google maps you have to listen and transit up and it will actually she probably the role of regulators to ensure that. There's an open data standard that allows people to have interoperability Again transportation more so than many other digital demands. This is an area where governments are really careful about ensuring that citizens don't get screwed because they're so independent particular company so it's snare we expect to see a lot of activity there again again. referencing Latin America. You know a lot of the political instability in Latin America is linked to a slight increase in public transportation. Fares right like people are very sensitive to the cost of public transit and in many different geographies. And and so there's a lot of again it's it's a real world thing thing it affects everybody. It doesn't just affect no only adopters real consequences them who Who Loses here from his compensation it could be interpreted that everyone everyone wins but do all the Zouk Cetera is? Are they in a tough spot. Like who do you think gets in a tough spot. Make of Catholic voters are not in a good position Other heads sparkplugs. I mean I think a lot of suppliers are tough spot like you said. There's this huge shift in value chain in Europe. If you're shifting towards shifting away from internal combustion vehicles shift away from diesel has been faster than people expected and so there's a lot of you've companies that I stand to lose a lot that's just from one one shift that's happening which is in powertrain. What about Tesla? What about Apple? There's also not a zero-sum game right because I think it's important to remember that when you when you think about congestion. Congestion is a consequence of people wanting to make more more trips than they can and that actually impairs value creation. If you can make more trips in Bogota it could be a city like New York in the sense sense of economic development more access to specialists rapid development cycles. And so if you solve some of these problems you can. Actually I think the metric is really interesting from a congestion. Perspective isn't whether or not there is congestion. There's a lot of handling about with autonomous. Autonomous Vehicles Willow. Walnut in fact increase congestion like they might be like numerically more traffic jams and yet more people getting to where they want to get to. And the getting to where you want to get to May actually be the most important thing because that's a trip that's completed and often that means apparent being able to send the childhood better school in being able to work a better job in those actually things that you know a lot of people. Yeah I think that's the outcome. Society should one and what makes cities economic engines. Ads in who wins and micro mobility. I think the interesting thing about my mobility is you know we talked about other trip. Economy allows people to experiment and allows consumer adoption curves is to be really steep for new vehicle formats within vehicle formats. What's cool is to see? How fast has been it? Could take generations like literally twenty thirty years for karst just to have as many improvements and innovation cycles. As you've seen in the scooter market in the past two years in this regulation and polly complexity but the scooter companies as a kind of vertically integrating the platforms but to the revel point like a lot of the shift that's happening in the way in which kick scooters are being redesigned as to make them more robust add shock absorbers to add a seat which increasingly makes it look more and more like a moped moped. Right who's going to win in the micro mobility race. I actually think he's is going to win. Are Basically Liveable walkable downtown sack sections of cities Retail anyone that is as a business that involves people being out in about in cities I think they all benefit from people getting out of single occupancy vehicles onto small electric vehicles where they're exposed and they can talk to people around them they can discover things. I'm I'm anyone who's written a scooter knows it's just way more fun and you're more likely to take a five block trip than if you had to unpack your car sitting traffic find parking. They're just it can be more economic activity because people can do more things in cities and again. It's not a zero-some perspective. You could have a whole lot of scuba companies all being successful than having large businesses and and the trip say serving on some fraction of them might be taken away from causal or other forms of transit but many of them will be new trips. That couldn't be wouldn't have been possible beforehand. Oh hand and therefore businesses also benefit. Because there's new customers that are coming that wouldn't have come otherwise and don't mistake are answered mean that we don't think there's going to be losers. There's probably already today a wasteland of scooter. Companies that have lodged didn't have the right product but it means the creative destructive process of the capitalist system. Right you see people try to offer offer new service and neither consumers want them or not or they have a set of economics. That worker don't for their service and that's what about horizontal companies like Simulation companies vase. I mean we. We have an investment in simulation company. And they think With a with autonomous vehicles there hotter than people expected. And so that's good for both of these companies because if it's a harder problem then you're not going to just be able to hire all the engineers in house you might. I WANNA work with a company that specialized in developing solution. And so I think The key question is what are the problems that can be solved solved by specialized companies. Are they really hard to solve. And is the like meaningful defensibility if you succeed in in solving that anything that's definitely true and simulation nations a really complicated and difficult problem but also advantages to having more customers. You're able to invest in a better product. there's a certain kind of complexity complexity around the napping that's required also to build a simulation which I think will long-term give these companies defensibility and make them kind of essential oil suppliers into this valley. If you think about smartphones right when they originally both out the number of suppliers feeding into that value chain was way fewer than they are today right over time you more more and more companies that start offering and it's not just you know the component manufacturers that that offering services or actual components that go into these fund companies like snapchat that will build on top of that platform. And so I think this is. This is also an interesting theme around The shift that's happening around. indigenisation of vehicles is that they're becoming more like software platforms and on top of that. You can offer certain kinds of services I think the extent to that is still to be determined and I think the number of the ability of carmakers to adopt their platforms in order to be more inviting to third party. The developers has a long way to go this one APP that was built for all the different models of cars which was Pandora but basically had to build a separate Solution for each of the INFOTAINMENT systems for cars. Some brands of some manufacturers vehicles have multiple different operating systems if you compare that to smartphones the Android and different irs and then basically got most of the world's population able to download and use your APP and the oil to move. Automotive Industry is so far away from that in terms uh-huh of software platform scale that. There's a long way to go but I do think there's an opportunity there and my guest today have been Prescott and Olaf from need mobility Guys thank you so much for coming on the PODCAST. Thanks for having us. If you're an early stage entrepreneur we'd love to hear from you. Please hit US up at village. Global Dot com slash at work catalyst catalyst.

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Radio Free Cybertron 652  I dont know if therell be snow, but have a bowl of coffee

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Radio Free Cybertron 652 I dont know if therell be snow, but have a bowl of coffee

"This is Radio Free Cybertrust with your host Brian. Kilby Featuring Chris Don Rob die-cast ashed John and Malvar for the latest transfer. News reviews at more. Visit T- formers. I'm done this episode. Six fifty two. I am Brian. Kilby Obi with me this week. Thank you greg. I appreciate that in the chat are pouncing Gal on is complementing. This year's Christmas album that I wrote in saying and produced. Thank you greg. You're the man. I am Brian Kilby with me. This week is such a nice guy. We Have Matt Aka Malvar. How's your throat this week? Brian are you better after you know. Recording his his subsided on your album. No it's it's it's so hurts. I'm actually still choked up a little worried about that. We also have rob Roy Don doll. Hello Okay so think tape. It's not really tape but don had some issues getting in this week but he figured it out. After I told him to reboot so here. We are based face cut open undefined. Were two of account. Fa done and we have die-cast. Everybody knows Chris this week and maybe John Maybe not zone assignment. Chris is in bed asleep. I think on assignment to his Osama suspect inside of his eyelids. Yeah true. Got To be asleep right now to be honest with media and no Nazi here Jason Tobin Jason and make it this week but alas now heyman is our own or request. Wow that don. That's an email. That was so garbled. Like if DON'S ONS computer isn't out to get him his Internet's out to get him to so maybe goats with skype. I think it's a conspiracy theory. They're working together against me. Gets conspiracy from season one of Star Trek next generation. God I wish they had gone somewhere. You know it's like yeah we get star Trek T and g reference. Then we only we had one in the post show or pre show but we'll have to him certain. Okay let's get started this week Just a couple of things to recount again. My Christmas Christmas album Brian. Kilby dot com slash. xmas twenty nine thousand nine hundred. Check it out. It's free charged thing for it. Not a thing but I could. Nobody would listen. But I could charge for it die-cast wanting to say something but he's at a loss for words who wouldn't be a cost is your soul. That's not that. Yeah Yeah because the cost of the soul of one chicken booth review We also real quick so Today is the Eleventh Eleventh So we are two weeks from Christmas. We are going to broadcast of that week the day after Christmas. It'll be our boxing day. Special the twenty six and the the following week which will be New Year. Show with our big Year in review episode we are not going to stream that live We will release the episode it at our normal screen time which is eight. PM Eastern time on Wednesday those of us who bother showing up for recording anyway. Yeah and It will be We're we're also going to unveil our patriot on episodes so I'm looking forward to it. Pretty excited about that so It's all done. We're going to have a lot of interesting fun. One additional content including podcast version of our pre and post show and. I almost feel like they have to do that for this week's episode. No Oh no yeah I do I really do just on blow up especially there at the end is great. So yeah we'll we'll do. That would have been better with audio. Would have been better with audio. But Yeah we have that and also so. Hey just also Mixing this for Your Shane Company. But anytime anybody has like project that they want to I always viewed like our se is like a community service this so we've always going back twenty years. I've always loved like plugging things enriching things. But I don't mention that enough so if there's something you want us to the plugger promote like a convention or something I don't run ads. We don't charge now may not read it if you asked me to plug like. Hey updated updating my website I put up a review. You of blot. I don't know how interesting that is. But if you're you're doing something cool and you have a major update or you're launching something. We'll be glad to mention it. So contacted T.F. Radio DOT net or tweet at us at t.f radio but there's a big update This month for transformers reanimated which which is based on the original cartoon series. It bridges the gap between the end of season. Two and the nineteen eighty. Six movie It's the Christmas issue It's a transfers reanimated dot com and it came out last week. It's a double sized g one Christmas issue pretty cool so check that out. Transfers reanimated DOT COM but. Yeah if you have something thing you want to plug lettuce now if I can't well now if you if you like you're starting your own transfers. PODCAST knits the iheartradio Tron podcast. Probably I'm not GonNa Plug Bat but poor or your conspiracy theory youtube video on. Why Rumble really is blue and frenzy is read you? Finally we solved it. Probably Not GonNa plug that or that your video about how you're trying to defeat the death star and Goku probably not gonNA plug that. Oh Oh any unique ron things you have to plug that. That's a requirement but Yeah but if you're doing something cool at us now. Unit Crohn's always cool always always cool Scorpio off. Always cool fortress Maximus has always cool. Oh you know what they should do. We should get a T. C G unit Unikrishnan Card with our sheet. He could sleep out. It should be like a a table in tabletop. Top I still like the T C G unit Crown Card as an exclusive with our Has led unit Krahn. Because I just got the two I just got my protective sheets for my My big cards and maybe they could do like an eight and a half by eleven. What's hard biggies are the I'm I'm saying you just need a rollout met. That is unique Ron. They come by. The Krahn. Should not be occurred. Yoon crunch should be a plea met that actually special effects to be exactly what I was going to say. Yeah that's what I was gonna say Riley like feel spell card from yu-gi-oh a playing on it gives certain bonuses and certain negatives like your thought like say you're fighting inside UNICORNS head for more for more of the Anti Protons. Can you know so I was hoping that those would be five by seven because I mean some of those cards aren't five by seven is like the size of four standard cards and it's also this is like the jumbo garbage average packages cards series. One cards they make five by seven cardholders but none of my TC G. stuff. I don't think maybe some of them will fit in them but the larger ones won't won't so Ooh just gave me an idea detecting a box other new EXURBIA. Don't even get that reference. Okay Okay Okay Rob Rob yet yeah. It's like eight in early yu-gi-oh yet five parts of the Zodiac all five. You instantly won the game. It may not be like an instant win but if you get all five techno ain't nobody wants you get Computrac and you get like a significant bonus your inner battle strategy or whatever the case may be so you know because the whole play Matt feels bill kind of thing okay cool. Let's actually talk about more. Transfer stuff started transformers but So he may notice hopefully you. You noticed hopefully you paid that much attention but like I sound a little different this week. I'm doing a headset because I'm GONNA have a lot of moving around to do because I got a couple of things I want to show off. That are pretty huge But I'm going to go last. Mad wants to go first but first we have to see if Massey is going to attack. Don Massey is being boy. Don't don't choose them. Why don't you the wise? I have no. I don't work this week. I love that the first word out of your mouth after saying Massey's being a good boy is no don. That's that's like a two hundred dollar plus headset. Please don't let massie destroy it. Come here boy come here. Oh Yeah we're definitely going to get a messy attack this week see. They're all here for you. They could care. Less about that. Microphone gets the microphone picks up Massey rubbing guested. Finra the interaction done. It is the combination of the two elements. Yeah please don't let nasty destroy that. I don't WanNa know He. He doesn't get my attention because he in is not supposed to and I'm not I'm not he's he doesn't want he doesn't want a lot of attention but he doesn't want my French elsewhere very close cat so matt you WanNa go first. Wait what we got this week Yes I got several things I got I got some transformer stuff I also got some marvel legends and Power Rangers lightning collection stuff. That I'll run through really quick I got the lightning collection Red Ranger Jason. Now what the Blue Ranger Ravi from. Beast Warford's or beast more. I rather art art and Ivan Gold Ranger from Dino charge all very very nice good pretty good head sculpt civilian headscarves on all of them to especially the beast mortars Brian you will appreciate this. I got the Marvel Legends Wise. I got the Peter. David X-factor Ooh ooh that's those are yes. I am incredibly happy with these. I can't wait for the strong build a figurative Guido. Yes now moving on the transformers. I got the X.. Trans fats death. Wish G. Tube version. Oh yeah it was even buying us Yeah the very limited third party I get I. I am all in on these. The G one and G two sets stomach. Odds are really really nice. That taught. Yeah okay coming through got a couple of things that you know everybody else had last week. I'm a little behind the times but I got spinster. Isn't it pretty nice. I absolutely love Spinster. He does some really neat tricks with his Transformation like the way his his chest pulls all the way through on transformation just like I am supremely happy. I did not expect like this toys. Much as I did colors fabulous and I got crosshairs who I was waiting on very very impatiently and I went ahead and gave him his target master from the Takhar success so he is. He is complete The knees are a little bit looser than I would like online though. Yeah mine's not like Yeah I'm hoping that's just a me thing but the colors on this mold just absolutely make make him look like a -pletely different character like he. I don't see iron. Hide or ratchet. When I look at this me neither it at all? And lastly I got star convoy and I was really surprised when you open it up and look at the box it just it looks like optimus prime. It does not look like star. Convoy is just absolutely optimus prime sitting in the box There is a good bit Remolding on this though his his legs and super robot mode here from the knees down to his ankles are completely remolded and they look good but I do I do feel I do feel that since they were remolding that anyway the tires attached to that I wished they would have put a Treads on the trailer. Just to give a little more of a star convoy feel so it would be a little bit more unique and trump mode His Torso section action. There is also remoulded. You can you can see the optimus. Prime Component is really nice but it is vastly different from the O.. Brian Packs He looked very much like an updated. action master optimus prime and he does have the yellow is. If if that's a big selling point for anybody kind is yeah now some of the real well the remoulded parts feel much better than the revolted parts on on the big powered set like the the big powered set. Felt like they were trying to squeeze way too much into a very limited budget. Yes Star Convoy I. I guess you know. He didn't have to split his budget up over three different Toys so that helped but he does have his is chest piece. Here is gold. Chrome Chesapeake is very very thin. It is very thin and this has to sit absolutely perfectly typically two to plug in right and if you're not careful it will break yes ryan. How do you feel about star convoy so Hasbro Hasbro? A pulse is sending email to their international department to see if they can get me replacements Golden Cross chess piece piece because mine broke. It wasn't even like I mean there's no give to this none it just snapped right off apparently some of the early ones were Miss Assembled and the piece that that gold piece attach is to is on backwards or upside down But if you fixed that it will actually tab in the way it's supposed to. I'll have to try that because while mine does stay and is still in one piece It does pop out very very easily. Yes mine thing popped out easily so I think that may be something to look into luck. I I mean I didn't pay that much attention. Zeidan get at Toy quoi but it's something to look for if you do. have that toy before you pull a kilby yet. The original So hopefully they'll be able addison mere replacement piece I don't WanNa Refund If my option is a refund or nothing I'm GonNa keep it as it is What I'll probably do because the original toy F I remember right? I Know Mine Handy and pretty sure that chess pieces just yellow that matches the rest of the yellow. So what I would do is just glued glued back together. sandown the pain best. I can on the front. So that are the the glue and the and the front so that it looks pretty flush and then paint it yellow and then hope up to somebody does a Rep Apiece or like a third party piece or something. I'll live with it. He does have a really nice head. sculpt want superman to I like it like like a lot yes so I'll I mean it doesn't look bad so bad without it but it doesn't look like start Tomboy so much so hey matt looking yours. Yours looks like you had no problem or at least you were able to connect the The gray panel to the gauntlet or to his arm I I mean I was so scared. I didn't even bother trying because it was going to take some force to do that. I remembered the dock Miss Brown version of this having the same problem so I wasn't actually concerned with that. The only thing that gave me pause was that chest piece because I saw how thin it was before I ever touched it and it it comes like threaded through his chest. Backup into the trailer so you really have to kind of feed it through before you can put optimus prime in. Yeah and that's a little harrowing because it's very thin you don't wanNA scratch the chrome. Yeah that's how it trying to get through. I should have actually been closer to the top and the bottom when I did it. Yeah so I started off we so much I wanted. I wanted this to to not not break but Well I've Got Star Conway but I'm not a chance to really look at them over the last few days is it is it. Is it at the point where a third party can make a replacement to ease. The hoop happened. Oh Okay I don't know that's going to happen but it'd be awesome if Dr we were somebody did that. I mean. Does it have the connectors you right out. Okay yeah I mean it literally is just held in with these little little pegs in friction. It's it comes out easily so like I said I'll paint it yellow. I was going to try to gold but it wouldn't match and it'll just be easier. Yellow gold chrome is like impossible. Yeah wonder if I should send it down I I'm I'm GonNa try because pipe break it again just painted yellow but you could probably find something distribute with would not eat the plastic a year. I don't know got into so thin. I E camera probably doesn't get across but like Kinda does yeah just so tiny. Well Yeah but yeah. I am kind of in love with the optimus prime portion it is very much just in very reminiscent of action. Master optimus prime. It's you know an actual fund toy though Sean is like just he's real gold to make a new one old not impossible I could I could learn to smelt gold. I guess as a fairly low melting point disciples. Yeah so yes it does. It's like what four hundred degrees or something. Yeah Yeah it's not that hard Anything Else Matt. No no I I just wanted to be you to start convoy so I could. You know I'm glad you didn't make your make the joke about your breaking it. I'm glad I guys I'm not gonNA and like I said I'm forty years old. I'm not gonNA cry over toy but if I was going to cry over a toy you were pretty mad. You were pretty mad when I commented on it the other day not do not blame you. Not that was not happy. That is not in review. I was just like it wasn't like I was angry. I was hurt. It's like I literally felt like I don't know it was just like it was bad. This story has betrayed me but yeah Robbie anything a couple of little little things Thanks to barricade sixty four. I have What we left behind the deep space nine documentary? I have not gotten a chance to watch that yet. It but I am really grateful for it. Everyone I know who's seen it absolutely loved it. I will Triplet in I loved by saw. Yeah Yeah R I P Rene Aubergine Woah. Yeah Mash Yeah I may have to put off watching that a little bit. Because that's just a little bit too. I mean that that was one I mean after Caroll Spinney Vinnie earlier in the day I actually genuinely know when I read that on twitter. That was yeah. Oh man such a shame. I wondered each just. Yeah Yeah I remember. I remember falling in love with with the character of Clayton from Benson and he had with the Robert Yomas Benson. That was a great comedy. They just work so well together and is team as Ota was just this. I can't I can't imagine anyone else's odor now if they went back and did it again. Dan I can imagine who could play the role. Oh yeah that is A. That is a completely irreplaceable. What else you get rob also got Essential X men of the volume eight. Just because I started picking those up on the cheap again when I can. This is a black and white additions. Yeah the the one size of phone books. I got that for like maybe eight nine hundred dollars off Ebay and I'm enjoying it pretty well I. It's a bunch of stuff I have not actually read before night we NAM is reminding. It's about DC Fontana as well it's been about couple yeah cool Donges anything. He's not as head an agreement that he did. Yeah headed to the other screen on the last two weeks. I've not been on just for some personal stuff going on in this time of year. Work Retail it's been Kinda just slightly. BSE Ese right lately and everything tonight now. Well I think it's a I think it's that low ev- everybody buys either. Spent all their money early to get what they can. And then you got the last minute rush coming up so I think it's kind of that was going to happen. There got a couple of off topic. I'm not I'M NOT I. I've always liked spider man. I'm not a huge fan but I call it the big time suit. I'm not sure if this is actually the big time suit but yes it's the only one asking green and black and I love the soup so I picked it up the game stop picked up war machine. 'cause Walmart had walked in hedmark him down to seventeen dollars. Six path picked up that machine. I it's nice. I think I would rather I think about taking it back and just put that money towards that rebel. Take One. That's coming out. I think early next year. Yeah I'm thinking I want. I want a new comic war machine. Do you factor in your time at all the dime Donna. Okay well it Thi this is. This is a small town now. This is a small town so doesn't take me long to get from one side from one place to the other. I I believe not doing that. then of course I picked up The the thing I've been waiting for very long time a last off topic thing but I I got you out. It was coming the best voltron. The best looking voltron actually considered topic. Yeah Big Time Spiderman. Big Time Yeah but vehicle voltron. I've been looking forward to that for a very long time. I just need so I just need try on three and my soldier go can dream. List will be completed completed Topic I dig it star convoy. Having chest terrier just goes time and everything picked up a second ratchet to get the white white hands for crosshairs if I can ever find one or or I'll wait for Amazon. Same order whenever they get him in Walmart last night. I didn't buy it but I'm trying to remember which Walmart I was at but I saw. I saw the Walmart you saw. Did they get that. Shipper display to target. Sorry I find it at target. I target market. Okay all right. Because I'm not see the target except empty pay cokes So so I got the second ratchet for the white hands crosshairs if I can swap them out when I find one picked up. Don't know why I got this but I got it anyway. I picked up sound blaster because my local Walmart was about out of the entire shipper and the thought. Well I WANNA get one get one now because then they may not be hanging around much after Christmas so I got sound blaster and then I found rumble and rat bat. We're finding them. I found that Walmart I was leaving. I found this at target is well-stocked. They hit well my my local target has. It's nothing I found this at the target. Emma girlfriends Friend yeah so I picked that up did not get direct hitting a power plant. Because it's like the micro masters really have not done anything for me at all So you know. There's that on topic a continuing that I got The the new age smokescreen I he. I saw a good price on him and I smoked my favorite of the Dawson. Brothers priced on I got it for Twenty Winnie spy yet. Because I've got their COSMAS COSMOS and I wanted this smiling. Every single one of their figures picked up so far in this guy jazz you know And the last thing I got On topic is I. I mentioned this the dock Hass back when I was on a couple of weeks ago. One of the Ebay guys I what People Watch on had a really good price on challenger and I got it for like eighty seven ships. He's he's great. You'll love him. I heard I've heard nothing but good things about this but this is probably my last movie prime because I have so many movie problems right now and I really don't need anymore so I got him now if they if they do that in like the night watch colors may because at that. Oh seven nightwatch off Mrs so pretty. I would like to the deck on a lot of other problems because it just works Awale Other than that and Don Aren't these the nightwatch watch colors or now. That's more kind of but it's more of a Nymph to me it's more knit closer to nemesis than the it's it's Kinda there but not for me anyway. Not Quite I mean it's nice. It's just not quite what I would want. It's not what made me want to buy it again and I digging a new car to go BOT unfortunately. UPS lifts my landlord. And Diddley me a note until I found out today. Oh that's lifted so I'll have that shore awesome all that cast. Yes Massey's going to attack. No he he just wants to take I got a big disappointment. Oh Oh never mind. Yeah tracks or Josh Josh I got whatever this guy is stalled. Power Dash your number three. I Howard Dash. You're gone. Yeah because some reason I felt compelled to have this one. Well I mean the power ball power. The power dashes from the weapons roles are really kind of brilliant. And I don't see any other way we will get powered Asher images. Otherwise then I G- IMPACTER WANNA call him spartan now I ate myself for that yeah it looks like a Spartan mean that's the name of the third party Yes yeah yeah the mastermind creations of the other thing. I got A had them in my die. CAST moving around. That's why I'm doing a headset this week. I got Crosshairs and I got spinster. You always finished I I yeah. I'm calling it now at least for me. This is the deluxe figure of the year. Thank you for matching that we're going to do an RMC awards this year. Like official ones. We should actually actually. I should send out a ballot to listeners so they can vote and we can compare our results to. There's not a bad idea I need to get on the new applebee's but yeah that's all that's all I got okay I'M GONNA start with a stupid stuff. I remember what the all spark active in what are they called the the darn toys also power was it. Yeah I got the starter. Kit which is squeaks. It's where you put the all spark in charge it and USB hub. That's loud yeah no it was. It was I forgot what I paid next to nothing. It was at bargain hunt and yeah so I will never own another one to put the Cuban too was I think they share a cue. which sounds like nasty? Now that I think of it but not very hygienic hygenic genyk but the all spark cube lights up in blue and red these out like what three years ago pretty much. Yeah yeah after finding that Eleven year old. Gi Joe figure finding three year old transfer. Isn't that impressive. But I got that. It's got sorry convoy obviously. I mentioned that he's broken. Like my heart. I was GonNa say you mean you broke. Stir convoy boy. Yeah Yeah. I admitted speed bargain hunter. Quick did you see what Kris found one today as an engine turtles and super generally really. Yeah he found legends super there. It was it was Fifty seven dollars re tweet that then. Yeah it's crazy. Obviously we had one of those around here. I I have three in either direction. They're all about an hour away But there are days Kim. Let's Kim's favourite store sometimes we will go to the Charlotte one and then drive around in hit all three. Oh Nice which is an afternoon but we'll do it. I found a a baseball card store. You're one of them so tonight's diversion for me A few weeks ago months ago months ago had mentioned that I got that TYCO Slot car set that supposedly thought was complete till I got a chance to dig through it and found out. There are no cars and I've been basically had to cede aide safe search on Ebay to get The two cars there's a balloon red both mustangs. They normally go carded like fifty to eighty dollars I don't want to spend that that sealed loose. They go for about twenty to thirty and I'm morning to spend closer to twenty on them for what they are but it doesn't actually came Men in great shape with the card but the card is The bubble is lifted off the bottom. I get the red one and eat the blue and now now haven't had a chance to try it out on this on the racetrack. But it's such an ugly ugly little toy it transforms. It's forms parasite was matchbox. The WHO made those the parasites where we're say I'm not familiar with. I think it was matchbox differences. There like would split into this literally just stands sticks up And reminds me of our. Yeah such ugly little robot but it does transform and it's a slot car now. I've never owned a slot car before I didn't understand really how it works but now I see the bottom of it has a pin that sticks down that obviously a slot makes us get. That's how it works. So that Oh seven I've been really liked miscellaneous weird random stuff not just toys Cotton Memorabilia people on audit these there the different names for it but a discover one. Last week I had no idea existed. No idea and Found ebay auction for it and loops. Tweaks fell founded ebay auction for it and it went for like eighty bucks. beat the heck everything. I didn't really know what to do. But it was in Ari sold. I wanted it but then I still searching. I found one that was really great shape and it was. Actually it costs less and I picked it up. It is from Nineteen eighty-four so it's thirty five years old transfers pinball game. This has the box it's complete a plea in fact it. The box is opened but the baggy inside the has the pinball's and the feet to the table are sealed so actually gonNA open it up against why we're headset this week I WANNA share this off. I was GONNA. I was going to just show photos of it. I WANNA Michaud off. Caused this thing is awesome so the box top this so it's pretty generic so the box slides off. This is basically just repackaged dockage as other things than sort of generic cardboard box on the inside and on the inside gushes makes a lot of ways. And I'll I'll probably break it just like start convoy. So here's the little the bag and the balls litter am. ISP IS RAV. Supreme says. Brian keeps the balls in my esp but The table itself. There's a few cracks in it but I mean they're minor it opens up and there's the the Betsy art what from the lunch box. What else is that art featured on done you recognize top of your head? I don't think that's from yeah. It is it is they all sees out on the carrying cases. Oh yeah the small the small carrying cases before The the big carrying case that opened up furtively like this instead of the flat top that used the one the trash can art. which was that? Looks like the poster but that that that is on the top of the the smaller carrying cases of that's about you know about yea big about that thick yeah So this is one of the Times Times. Where if you're a podcast listener check out the video which on your Roku or fire TV on YouTube or facebook? We make it easy for everybody so I love this thing. It was shipped as like less eighty botox and spor vets. I love it and God is probably GonNa followed shatter here but I can. We say for a brief period. I am Roy going to worry about that back there. God I am so glad I will cry if that falls to more things one glad sean is here in the chat because I got my Donald Day Christmas card featuring the dawn of the day characters in a beautiful Christmas scene and it looks like I am Sam. The snowman from Rudolph Reindeer as played by. burl ives so don of course Santa Claus because I'm just so jolly your day. Have Holly Jolly Christmas. It's the best time of Year I. I don't know if there'll be snow but have a cup of coffee. I just wanted over. It's all Christmas for it to be over. Okay and the last thing this is GonNa take a couple minutes. Hopefully it will not lose my voice so thank you Hasbro saying Oh is also saying I was muted but I was saying thank you sean. Also 'cause I got one. I posted it on twitter. Swim actually going to frame it and put it away with my Christmas decorations and then laying down here. It's getting so thank you Hasbro. Oh I was expecting this. I was freaked out though. 'CAUSE Vinnie his Friday and Mine the shipping weight on. Its half a pound and I thought crap. I'm just getting a photo of this. They're trolling me or not So again thank you Hasbro's as censor resent me I guess technically Wave Three of bots in beautiful botts box. Yeah what's it say. Gold Rush Teams which a gold version Like the ultra rare of that sad. Ah That's actually The Gorge team. So I think is four three four which Beginning here in a few weeks. There's a preview in in this though but includes includes a retail box of the Individual Paxman all of the Five packs and eight packs. I figured real quick back at the very least Meet read the material though because I want to get this cross. Is there a basketball in that in. There's these but what I love about this. is they go out of their way to make this. And they're like a real adventure in a box so this is first series three but bots part one past and present while exploring this box you will be visited by three ghosts. The Go. Sebastian Bach bought bots past present. And future they all have something important show you the ghost about bots past like to take you back this series one series two. It is here to let everyone know that. Not all these tribes stick around forever. Say Goodbye to the backpack bunch. The shed heads in the team. which I I guess means that they're no longer going to be available The ghost boss about the president would like to show you what series three tribes are available. Now these tribes are right here. Ear present in this box the Google groupies of bunch of abundance of durably baby crazed and sometimes cranky boss from the baby store seasons greeters a seasonal mash up of bots known to spread cheer for any occasion. The playroom Posse the classic crew of beloved bots from the playroom toy box and the fresh squeeze is is a squad of the freshest and healthiest straight from the juice bar and it has a little thing here to discover what goes about bots future has in store for you. You miss seek the envelope and the envelopes marked Park to the future so serious four and they share the gold rush games by bots. They're the winners circle again. They're like the raiders will show these off later. But there's also the magic tricksters the movie moguls which I love that name and the Science Alliance. It's this Box also included a actually a poster that checklist of series. Three Dan also checklist a series for now series. Four for Issuing up at target I was able to find some series for this week. So I'll let there's next week. Wow Yeah It comes with the poster real quick. I just wanted to again again. Thank you Hasbro. Because bought bossert my favorite thing I bought bots their life. They're the giver of life. Do WanNA open up just a couple here to see what we have. Love will open up two of the blind packs to see who we get to blind packs. I love opening these things so cathartic and Madison enthralled we got broke. It didn't get into this. I don't even know what this is like a a cyber bat. which is this? Open up the pack. This is wagons dialers from. I guess that's his crew. It is make over and over. It's a it's a a common is like a hair thing I don't get it. I don't know what that is in this one. I had looked the instructions out or on the arms. The head comes up. There's the face I don't fingernails that's the one thing we've bought some hard to get arms and stuff out. If you don't have a fancy Turkey leg Williams jet says is it like I'm assuming this is. I don't have hair watching video. You can tell that I am completely shaved bald so here is make over and over. Okay wait a hair hair curler baby. Here's probably the word I was looking for more. I opened a bunch yesterday. This one is a blush brush. Sean says I have no idea what that is but I guess that's what you would apply. I blush with yeah. We'll make fresh. Maybe that's possible. Yeah this is from the Google. groupies it is namphy so nancy is like a baby bed. I like this one. Of course just bought one in the symbol blackly online. Kim assembled it. Oh Wow this is awesome it transforms like a dinosaur. Oh Nice pterodactyl. Alligator robot by any bed took him. Eat the baby. Nothing maybe it's pretty awesome but again thank you Brian Love Bots. I'll share some of these off on the twitter's there's as I go through them. We that so that's all I have this week. As far as that goes. I just remembered I meant to throw your. We do have to give away a toy so crosshairs on the facebooks. We're giving it away in a contest. All you have to do is one meter. You liked the page to share a post. That told you how what you were winning in the winter is Richard Mitchell breath. Richard I will I will reach out to you and let you know okay now that we're through the BOT bots and the pinball's and All that stuff and Matt disappeared. Let's let's get to what we got this week. We just did that. Let's get the news unless we want to do what we got this week over again. uh-huh okay so Nature of transformers hits FACEBOOK and it looks very cyber verse like so robby be posted this article. Do you have any insights on it. I does look very much like cyber nurse. Yeah it's it's definitely using the cyber verse character models For All the existing transformers characters show up in the show Which of course explains why we got the the images the Krio kit subscribers characters with that were branded nature transformers a couple of weeks ago but other net? I don't know too much. We don't know too much more or yet it's going to be a fifty two episode series. It may end up They may end up trying to Make it available outside of China in some way or other there but This is this trailer is the most we've seen of it so far in terms of telling us anything about the plotter content of the show. It looks neat. That's about all we got. I really hope that is what they are made. Available like there has repulse. Yeah I actually We have at least one figure was popped up. Yeah this this popped up on I forget which the Chinese sites earlier in the way Boho cave. Thank you thank you. You mean for writing that in the headline like days ago. Yeah master almost it kind of is yeah it is it is a set of both The Najak character character as a human end say a transformer and you can actually open up the chest and put the human figure in there though. Yeah like if I could get one figure. I'd like to try and get that one. That looks really need it. Does that I I'd like to get that myself. I'm guessing this is deluxe ish. Or maybe voyager Jewish. I'd say so. Yeah just judging by assuming this or five millimeter hands. That sounds about right. Yeah okay that would that would make the national figure about Titan Master scale. It looks like so. Yeah the failed way more detail. Yeah Yeah I want this and I do too you. We'll see if that happens hope so we have photos. I WanNa get through the news because really not super enthralled with studio series as I made myself very clear away the liquor the bumbled jeep though. I guess I do. I'm more interested in the road. Buster not because they necessarily love road buster but I really want that Tread Bolt which one was it again. whichever one and we didn't get the target car. Oh yeah chatter. Looks Really Nice to all three of these figures. Look Nice. I'm just that Bumblebee World War Two studio series vehicle. The tank really Kinda. Put me off on on these and now I'm like hesitant like that was such a thing as lead foot by the way frustrating figure right. Yeah these look great. Great they do they do The bumblebee looks good. It'll be interesting to see how that carries over. But I I liked the look of it in both robot mode and vehicle mode The thing is most interesting to me is again. Is that Road Buster. It has all the badging so it's licensed Aisin's by Chevrolet and I'm assuming NASCAR if not mountain dew but I don't see any mountain dew do I don't see well well it. Yeah I see in Palo yet. I think I see mountain dew on the roof. Yes so it's mountain dew. Chevrolet and and Hendrick motorsports and NASCAR. So this thing's probably tiny is there something you're twenty bucks. I could be mistaken. It looks like mountain dew the roof but I'm not a hundred percent if it's close to it and it's obviously supposed to be the Dale Earnhardt Jr. car. It probably does have it because somebody will have their handout wanting licensed leising money anyway didn't something that was based on a previous like mountain dew. Typing Heavy Mount Dulack logo on it. Yes a similar but not catching. Yeah it was the They they took the payload mode in Japan and Redid it as like dispense oars. The yeah yeah that similar motif. Yeah I mean I get that but with this also you you have all the other license stuff tied to it. I mean it's obvious what it's supposed to be. I'm just I guess they probably had to go back and renegotiate. Because I'm sure the original movie licensing agreements probably living. Yeah Doubt that could be you know. But I'll be honest. I like the Bumblebee but it looks like it should be somebody else. It looks like because I liked the way it looks. It just just doesn't look like it. Fits bumblebee out. I wanted to be somebody else rather than him before I get the mold down just real quick to mention. You're the licensing thing I have some knowledge of advising rats car and I know from my prior company It was an annual renewal. So it probably is the same with Hasbro Bro. So they've they've just been renewing the contract with minor modifications since. They think they probably just have to do it every year. If they do it so I am certain it's not the same agreement they had before Yeah so what about shattered anybody care. I think it looks good in vehicle mode. I think it looks great and robot mode to for a doc size figure That one I'm I'm really interested to get hand. I mean I pre-ordered pre-ordered it. That's all I'm interested in it. I've bought very few studio series figures. I could see myself buying all three of these. I'll definitely I two of them. Yeah but I'm not too interested in them in the studio series. I kind of wait to see if either people really like him or I can get him on Amazon for cheaper price But if I'm interested in them I'll I'll preorder right away. I Don did you see the next item in the The News I didn't I didn't get a chance to read the news Brian. 'cause I was rebe was because of the computer issue for you. Use the only reason I had this in the in the in in the show banana for Ltd MP L. Dash there too great armor reveal unofficial ultra magnus slash. God fire convoy. How does it make you feel well? Well I'm I love bands. collectibles has has a review of early sample. Having a chance to watch it yet. I like Mike it but that's a lot of money for an action master. which is what I mean I? It looks good transform. I forgot that yeah. They don't but I'm still saying it'll still be I think a visually impressive I don't even I don't even remember. This is right now now. It's but you're you're looking at looking at low in solar to go can money for this thing. 'cause the cheapest price I've seen it. I posted it in our in our personal chat. The cheapest price I've seen for it is two hundred and three dollars online from one of the people that same guy. The same guy that I got. I got my challenge or from. That's that's the best price I've seen online. And that's still a preorder but that but it's about two forty two to fifty most places regular regular retailer check check so you're looking at low insult ago. Can money at that point so for the record though. The listing does give the size of this as ten point six inches. I'm just it's not your heads the figure of the packaging so I like it Bryant. But I'm not sure if I'm in on it if I got if I got Either one it would be just for the fire just for the fire convoy because the magnus absolutely fielder for about the same price. So you're looking at about four hundred dollars for the complete Godfa Dr Convoy and that's I don't know yeah that I. I kind of wonder if anyone if anybody knows out there. I'm kind of curious. How this heirs pursue the What is it flame toys? Curro car hurry figures because those that strikes me as kind of what they're going for the high-end and non transforming bigger it seems like style wise it might fit in with those fairly will do so i. I think that might be what they're going. Yeah I just don't I just don't I know I I just plummeted. Yeah you know I. I'm probably the biggest fire convoy fan out there and and just from a new company until I see some feedback some QC concerns right. Analysis is like heat mild and basically right now. Yeah I hate to be a jerk when I when it comes to this but lately the company I've had the most QC issues within the last year's Kara. So say that. God I hate saying it but it's true Okay I'm you know I had something else in the in the news but I just I dumped it because nobody nobody cares. I don't so yeah. Yeah Hey I do care about the T.F. Radio Dot net slash Amazon tax. Season's coming up and I really use some some help with that for podcast taxes. I've done I've been shopping through there extensively. I hope it helps thank you. Yeah you guys already Amazon. Buy Toilet paper toothpaste bubble gum dons and cadbury eggs dot net slash Amazon controlled D to book. Markets is is that it's easy. I don't need to plug. Everybody uses Amazon everybody. The president of the United States Amazon pre actually going to say the President President of North Korea. But I doubt the doubt Fedex delivers their everybody with the exception of maybe North Korea uses them on. It's true true you do to market helps out don speaking of Amazon Brian I was. I was just checking my pre orders earlier and it looks like Spinster. Her and crosshairs has been moved up sweets. Sixth or something. Yes so now now is saying. It'd be arriving the seventeenth to the Twentieth Oklahoma. So if anyone's been looking for check and see if they've got him you'll be getting them a lot sooner van. The initial offering awesome and I was gonNA cancel my spinster her through Amazon and then I went on there and I sh- I saw went down the lake. Sixteen ninety nine. Heck yeah so I'm like our great get on for that. Yeah I was I was going. I was Hasbro bolts and when they had that big sale going on but it actually Amazon's had already dropped by that point point. And it's like you know Simpson Trading Peter for Paul there. But I'm really looking forward to getting those to look forward to seeing how he looks with white hands on that. Ah The rebirth look. Okay couple of items in in. What's on t farmers? Rob Talk About him. Okay first off. We've got a a enhance review of the cyber verse Deluxe Figures the first half of the mcadam Bill to figure Set a mega tron. Shockwave Shockwave optimus prime and Bumblebee and pretty good. I really would not mind getting these if I can get a hold of great. Yeah WanNa get this and and also A video review of earthrights cliff jumper which it kind of bugs me that apparently the back half of the vehicle mode becomes a shield. I just I hope you can leave it. On during transformation cassette just bothers me. I can't help it I want. I don't want any removable movable parts I wanted to just be a whole thing but other than that. It's a nice law configure. It does appear to be legend sized. which is what I wanted? Though I. I'm I'm I'm looking forward to getting that one out. It looks to me in those comparison pictures ever so slightly larger than Bumblebee and tailgate. and has it's just GonNa Bother me. I understand cool Let's see here. You can follow us on twitter at radio like us on facebook at facebook FACEBOOK DOT COM Slash T.F. Radio we are an instagram. Do you have podcast Rob Springer just posted transformer squadron episode. Sixteen this Christmas special and I guess also the the ghostbusters afterlife. Special to rob was very enamored with the. The new trailer popped up earlier this week. So listen rob talk about transformers. Christmas and ghostbusters. TAFFER DOT net. It's under transfrom squadron episode. Sixteen he can be found his own based Oregon at Ruge Rob Springer John's not here. He's at that John D. Everywhere Chris not here. He is at Chris. Our T. V. on twitter in it play with photographer plea with photos dot com at his. You are only think it is. I think could play with photography. Dot Com and play with photos is what it's called on other Play with Tiger Dot Com. You can follow the social media and access instrument as Patriot from there as well yeah. His photography is Great. It is Let's see here. Who Else isn't here? Jason Jason is a has social media no he avoids it like the plague. These days like like Jason used to be the personnel bounce. Questions off ideas off off when it comes like podcast stuff but like I. It's like I lost him he's gone it's like email is not the same Easily send him sound files. Jason What do you think about this. How does this sound? What do you like Mrs Work? Hey what no but now. It's Jason doesn't exist anymore. I miss won't one day one day. Maybe he'll come back to us. Yeah maybe back to twitter care about facebook facebook but maybe we'll come back to twitter sucks but it's easier For people to Taylor how it sucks to there. s specific desires. Yes twitter is much more. I would say Figura ball all because you have a little more control over what you see. Yeah but let's see here. I am on twitter at B.. Kilby on Instagram Brian. Kilby anthem at Brian. Kilby Dot Com pretty close to daily and trying to post them new updates in the happy daily podcast which can be heard on your Amazon l. e. x. a as a skill So you get my beautiful wonderful Christmas music. It'll melt your heart. You know have to say okay. My favorite ones that I think from my album this year. Apples Christmas and baffles chickens and Christmas So the whole thing again it. It's from my other podcasts. Where it's in character like? I never left my hometown and never by learned anything. It's Kinda really cynical about small town rural America to be honest but you know it is what it is but My favorite one is the one that I seeing where my three year old Last year when she was to We tried to do jingle bells and this year we revisit a jingle bells. I'm thinking probably every year going forward. I'm going to try I to sing. Jingle Bells. Were there and by the time. She's like twenty. She's probably going to have a beautiful voice and then she'll be super famous hopefully as as a senior and then like just just her presence on the album will drive traffic to it. I'm hoping hopefully but that was my favorite track. I think off of this album but yeah that you can get that at Brian. Kilby DOT COM All my Christmas this weird all by Christmas albums in podcast and stuff rob how people get Ahold of you. I am on twitter at figure viewers and ROB flails. Rob flails is the official Twitter for flail through my youtube channel I cover gunbattle operation to which is the free to play Gundem game on playstation four. We have just started to get into Zeta gunned them. You're a mobile suits in the game. Which means absolutely nothing to any any of you here but trust me? It is very exciting and I am really happy about it. there there's some really fun stuff in there you know I. It's it's basically a leader in the timelines of the mobile getting faster more capable and it's GonNa be going to be a lot of fun going forward though you can check that out there if you want to request specific mobile suits android Keller schemes weapon combinations. What have you Patriots dot com slash. flail through as you can throw me a couple of bucks a month and I and I will all all year round with your desired configuration and to see what what X.. VNI Do forty formers video wise. You can go to youtube at t former TV and I just realized forgot the Amazon wishlist. I May as well Plug Bet one last time. T.F Radio Dot Net slash playlist. I just added a couple of minor things in there including what I would need to get a specific Mobile suit that is unique to the playstation store. So if you want to help me by an imaginary robot you go sweet. This sounds like fun. We'll dimension John. He's at that John D. Everywhere you did okay. It's worth worth mentioning till this that John D.. Everywhere Don donnas grinning smiling takes the Muteka through I can reach L. Twitter at Hmo the number four VR. Excellent and. I can be found on your known the nearest Cornelia clouds apparently so all mania dot cast. You're not GRANDPA Simpson yet. Thank you for saying yeah. I appreciate that we'll get there eventually. Die Cast You can follow me on twitter at die-cast to and on twitter just just following on twitter lately. You'll tweet empty busy or anything anything else that. Hey y'all tweet anything out that you like Cher somewhere else. Yeah pretty much like all the reviews even posting zero Veasley. All the crazy reviews. Who's been so many that were at the time to do all this in my sleep? Yeah it's it's been it's been rough things work out and get better. Yeah okay. That's we'll be back next week again. Christmas we will skip that day and We will we will have Your show on the twenty six. I may decide side. I WanNa be crazy and cited do stupid stuff but probably not seem thing for the following week probably know livestream but we will definitely have our year in review podcast available on January first twenty twenty. We'll see later have given. This has been Radio Free Cyber draw. Aw visit us at. Ti Radio Dot net for show notes and to subscribe to the podcast. Follow us on twitter at T.F. Radio for news and updates watch our live stream at T.F. Radio Dot net slash live join our facebook fan page at FACEBOOK DOT COM Slash T.F. Radio subscribe to our Youtube Channel. T have radio network. Have a question or comment. Leave it on our facebook fan. Page our meal it to contact at T.F. Radio radio DOT net. This podcast is released under a creative Commons license. Any port of this podcast can and should be redistributed but please proper attribution is is required. If you know what's good for you. What are these guys ever GonNa move out of their peers basements?

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#56 The Most Important Supplement for Ketogenic and Carnivore Diets

The Tactical Kitchen Show

42:28 min | 1 year ago

#56 The Most Important Supplement for Ketogenic and Carnivore Diets

"You're listening to the tactical fans i melody fearance stereotype chef nutritional therapy practitioner but i'm steve barents twentyone here social operations since the veteran ending certified personal trainer and together we are here to share or experience on the jaguars dum dum forget are disclaimer podcast district general information only and should not be considered investment fees national medical dynastic sports we were not doctors we don't play the internet now let's get ready to choose a bad day all right welcome but the tactical kitchen show i'm your host michael buffer now you're now don't not quite not quite you're not even his brother we talked about that before we did talk about michael buffer her in his brother and his funny story it's a really funny story if you didn't hear it so i can't even remember what podcast episode that let's on so just got bingewatch bingewatch don't watch then you can go binge listen to all of them all in there on the interwebs they're out there now so this is episode fifty six mhm fifty six i'll say it again fifty six yeah were actually doing stuff i feel like we've been doing this for a little while i know i'm still not good at it no oh that's probably true you know we we really enjoy doing it so a fifty six mean when we do a hunter maybe will celebrate look i do enjoy it and they can you know they're not allowed to talk so this is just like an opportunity they turned on a microphone information and talk that's like having firming the best thing is nobody can interrupt you you can like a dry but for the most part nobody could interview that's true i could say whatever ever on one okay so a what are we talking about two day okay so what i thought because it affects me and we always talk about things that affect me silo valley i thought we were talking about it's hot it's summertime in most places probably most of you that listen to us you're in you're in summertime in it's it's more it's warm out there and so i thought we would really talk about electrolytes again in the need for those especially when you go kito incar inborn because it's real important to me well and it's different for for anybody that a like me wasn't athlete a you know for for years a never worried about sodium intake i've never even thought about it i just did things in in my diet was completely different so when you switch from that higher carbohydrate diet and you take in you know all those higher carbohydrates port carbohydrates also are accompanied by a lot of sodium four thirty i'm happy saturday where sodium but sodium nonetheless so when you put all that out in any change how you're you're bodies systems work you gotta change how much sodium you taken yeah and like for instance this morning we land forever on we got new shoes so so i was really fast i thought it'd be really bad i don't know do you guys ever had that happen out there like you get a new pair of running shoes and you're like i'm gonna be so fast now i don't care who you are when you were a kid and he got those brand new pair of shoes the first thing you do is go outside and just run as fast as you could end you're like these shoes made me like they may not last year yeah like flash exactly that's the wrong flash that's what i'm talking about flash he doesn't have his obviously comics like yeah man he probably does have walls around gordon was also fast obviously he was a football football player and there's a big there's a big conversation apparently in the comic world and in that movie really watched the documentary on flash gordon an like what is he a superhero or anything not because he's just a football player right and again the whole he doesn't have power so he can't be a superhero but batman doesn't have powers and he's a superhero so anyway anyway they got new shoes we know they're fast yeah yeah yeah they have new shoes they're fast maybe it was slashed just always had new shoes neighborhoods now it may be time and w i just always liked the movie because melody anderson had the first name melody and now it's like she's like one of the only people i know with my name and the circles all around back to you know so we've gotten issues yes an 'em then we went on a run this morning and it was seventy two percent humidity at eighty two degrees but i always like it when it says but it feels like eighty seven so they'll hotter honor yeah an i you know you go out there and you use wet so much just ridiculous amounts will do you know tobacco up june was really hot here it was you know up over a hundred degrees it was you know we got that it feels like it's a hundred and seven it feels like it's a hundred and ten an we like to work out outside well you know may wasn't that bad it wasn't pretty nice so we went leaking name where it looks like in seventeen ninety saying it was beautiful and then like somebody turn the heat up in june and so we crossed into that were there wasn't too hot and it got really hot and i think and the reason were talking about this is because i fell behind in my sodium intake i did not anticipate how much the heat would take it out of me i also fell behind him i sodium intake an again let's circle back all around my stuff where i had insomnia and all these different things going on in i've gone back and really like i've been detective in my own health journey here in town figured out wow when all this started happening i wasn't i was not consistent in taking in my electrolytes and whether that was some salt when i needed to or even an electrolyte replacement and drink which what we wanna talk about today is how do you know wendy do which of these things because that's what happens to people they start kito they don't know how much salt to take they don't know when they take it and do they taken electrolyte drink in will that you know can they call and good with that so this gets to be a really tricky sticky situation for people you're because it's so self experimental you have to listen to your body yeah and there's people out there that'll do you know keough kito bore carnival or whatever a you know a specific type of way you're eating an they're all different some of them do it and they're not exercising sizing they're just you know they they they're doing this way of eating end they're going to work every day and they have their normal workday and they come home and and that's it they're not exercising and then there's other ones they're trying to be they're trying to be elite athletes in how many fast has gotten shane company fast 'cause they got new shoes right so the difference between how much sodium on those two you know scales of who you are is is very different in again a lot of it goes back to a you know listen to your body how do you feel and those things but if you're if we're gonna talk about if you're an athlete and you're out there pushing yourself and sweating a whole lot right so if you're sedentary and you're not really getting out there and working out a whole lot you might find when just solving you're food tastes that might be all you need is just salt you're food the taste an if you don't have any leg cramps or anything like that when you start kito if you're not getting a lot of water retention or heart lex letters are palpitations or what we might call tax cart taco cardia then you're probably good but if you are working out like we do outside or even in a gym and you're sweating a lot this is where you're gonna have to start playing that you're an you know we can tell you what we did and it might not be exactly what you need to do but maybe it's a good start so a we have a little biomarkers are personal things and we pay attention to to see it for low on any of are electrolytes and again it's mainly sodium is the big one for me i just i make a make a muscle i make myself i girlish now an i hold it really hard in if i could hold that bicep curl really horror and i don't get a cramp them my electrolytes or imbalance what about other biomarkers like you're sleep or lethargy let let's talk about some of those two i do the same thing with with the muscle but i do win my calf i'll i'll point my toes real harm in like flex my calf and if it cranks up then that really i kind of know magnesium an maybe some salt that's usually magnesium detector more than my sodium detector and yet if you figure out what it is where you you know what you think you're behind in 'em for me it's usually a if you're outside for hours on end like a couple of weeks ago when we were building the cover for rv my dad and i were were out ten twelve hours outside working in you cannot you cannot keep up with salt because you're working in you could drink enough water because you're outside working really hard and i'll tell you i got i got smoked yeah because you're sweating semis end you're trying to put in the water in you yeah you just can't keep up fast enough you you you need a salt lick out there somebody just running up to you like a little assistant and go through shorter okay great i'll be back on our okay so let's talk about real quick why you need the salt with the water because a lot of people are like why do we have to put why do we need that why do we need the exhaustion asli add salt well the reason if you look at it let's look like let's peeled back all the crap in let's look at ancestoral people did they have to do this probably know because what they had they ate from a lot of people who are near the water eight from salty foods from the water you know calver fish or whatever but water that people drained just naturally out of out of springs had minerals in in their noses in hungary nada kito train now insecure hot ryan well yeah absolutely are water we drink now is completely different from the water that we used to consume just a hundred two hundred years ago now online buying then mineral water like will will get some of the mineral waters that have the electrolytes electrolytes and all but we do that every glass of water were drinking so it's different from were drinking water out of our tap that's been filtered an it's been bleach before it got the us which is super scary bleached in coordinated yeah well necessary scored the same thing okay great a yes or no it's the same thing more colleague so you know in all that chlorine it depletes you're body mhm i like attaches to your eyes on in your body and pulls it right out so you know there's a lot of things about are water that yes we need it and it's great that we have these sanitary conditions weaken all living in these you know close close quarter conditions where we have clean water but we've also like outsmarted south an we've ruined are water as well we have and we inherently we can't go back the water while they say you can't put the genie back in the bottle you can't you can't push it back in there he doesn't wanna go back in the that teeny tiny space now so it is what it is so you want your water to not make you sick as where it boils down to do that in our society today we have to go through all this water treatment plants and filtration systems and all that stuff so this is why you have to as they modern human in a settlement you're water right so the thing that happens is when we drink water and we don't have those minerals it upsets the balance in your body that hand that's just the high overview of what it does but that's the gist it it upset the balance so what it does is it just pushes electrolytes out you pay them out and then you didn't replace them so it's kind of like you know it's a negative you drink the water you plc electrolytes he didn't put any back in so now where where in a backwards notion i liked it a lot valid now and if you're someone that's working out especially like like we do when we workout mature were outside we sweat a ton so now rose yeah i'm just went totally girl i mean nobody wants to touch me 'em an and that's all electrolytes coming out of your system that's that's what's coming out when you're sweating that's what's coming out of user electrolyte so when you let obviously just if you're not sure sure if were telling you the truth just like you're skin really rl someone else do it having a friend to say hey it's an experiment look my skin out of the taste is holding it salty if you ever get any sweat and you're it's extremely salty so when you're sweating you're sweating out that potassium that sodium chloride urea lactic acid all these little chemicals in your body they keep this balance you know you're also if you're burning fat those fatty acids are being expelled through the sweat too so all these cool things are happening when we sweat were losing a lot though so we've got up put that back in in when you think about your body you're seventy percent water and that's very salty water so you're basically inaction yes and when you taste that sweat you know it's super salty and if you're losing all that solve it just kinda makes then leaving need added back enough now for work for all you people that are afraid of solve for had been been scared a into being afraid of salt by doctors or nutritionist or whoever on the interwebs 'em there that's not justified okay so if you do the research on on why they think salt was bad for us a long time ago it's poor science it was not done very well okay so when one dude right one searcher who is like hey i'm in a steady and solve an when he did louis style well i think what's his name her dog i can't remember he said rats or mice i don't know which ones but road is what he did rodents which are not human just let's let's make sure we understand that but he says i'm like a hundred times more salt than any human would ever consume in one setting an bad things happen to the rat so he said oh salt is bad yeah so so if anybody knows anything about science and those the scientific method that for science and that's the downside horrible a and it's very very similar to what they did for me in cancer and i think it off topic but they did the almost the exact same thing yeah well with chemicals they took the tha or thc what came early chemicals tony yeah they isolated isolated this chemical and me and said at like five hundred times more of a human could consume draft they got cancer and said because his cancer yeah yeah yeah so anyway it's same thing it's done that for science in so you don't have to be afraid of salt because what we found out is that you really on if you are if you're clean if you're kito kito more carnival or a and you take and so it's really hard overdo it so that's really important because if you're still eating processed foods that are laced with sodium its first of all like we said it's bad solved and it's the treated in basically the cook salt they stripped all the minerals out of it and why that's bad is you're just slept with the sodium and none of these other balancing minerals and electrolytes with in the salt salt itself contains all the minerals that you need so when you when you process it for table salt strip all that out which is why a lot of people get way too much sodium it causes a problem it's just strictly an electrolyte imbalance so if you're not eating those foods you're not gonna this is so does when you consume that salt in you have that this is gonna also influence how much glycogen i'm sorry not solve but when you meet carbohydrates influences the glycogen storage and your muscles which that is also so where you hold water mhm it pushes water into the muscles when you take the carbohydrates in the sugar out you don't hold that same amount of glycogen you release a lot of water that's what a lot of people lose a lot of waterway the first few weeks of kito but you don't hold and retain water infield puffy in a swollen or get a demon like you people do and they eat those carbohydrates they also have pour salt in them right so it's really important they know that you lose all of that an that when you take in pour salt it disrupts the balance but now that you're kito or carnival or any need to keep up with that salt balance it's just you know it's just a different whole different way of holding salt in the body you just don't hold it in your muscles with the waterline adding more you're you're making her body way more efficient and that's a key thing is is is when you're when you're on way of eating your body is way more efficient at processing in using sodium yes i rambled idea i just summed it up for you i'm glad he did because i realized that was like a long rambling i don't even know what it's very similar to solve it is very similar to you know when you're when people talk about blockages doors you will have plenty of lacking in storage on akito carnivore diet you're body just doesn't in a different pathway and that's the only difference and you become more a fish in the lawyer in these diets and people always say you can't do kita along to armory can't be carver longterm yes you can because you're body becomes a way more efficient an exercise in those pathways of of using non essential amino acids are processing fat to make glucose to to store glycogen you and this is the saying they were talking about and why were hitting on sodium so hard today is because you're gonna be okay don't be afraid of saw you could absolutely that's what i was gonna say i totally locked it a second ago but we were talking about how much salt we we wanna talk about how you can actually process how much so you're kidneys can actually handle about a nearly a pound and a half assault today so when people are scared of solving their food it's like now you can actually if you're kito there's no danger in going to high grade is now to high knock yourself out and so how so what do we do what what do we do to get that saw we don't just sell their food a we we do that but also the first thing in the morning we do is we take in salt and i liked be the course granulated i don't like the find so it it it bothers my power i guess you could say oh no sense and makes me feel weird 'em so i just do the the larvae granules in put a i would say maybe half a teaspoon to a teaspoon i think yeah in the palm of my hand and i just throw my mouth just my pills i just checked check it with water districts with water is rough but yeah so that's basically what i do take about a quarter teaspoon of i and i am fine with the granulated salt i'll do that and then chase it with about sixteen ounces of water in the morning just to get my water if you push water first thing in the morning without doing the salt anger kito you're gonna just he like crazy yeah so so salt water first thing that'll be system going because what happens is then you're gonna hold water in the places where you need to be hydrated because you can absolutely drink way too much water still be dehydrated you can in somebody in this room has done that so it's funny i've seen it as an as an instructor at the combat control school back in the day we had students it would do this all the time they would get out in the field in the summer and it'd be really hot and the first two days are are really hardly pushing really hard they don't sleep a they're moving a lot and by the end of those two days what happened was really hot is people don't feel like eating and they drink a lot of water in by the end of those two days we keep hammering on and push the water they drink the water and they flush all their electrolytes and will find him like curled up in a ball and just cramps cramps grant in in so when we're talking about signs that you need salt cramping heart palpitations that's usually more of it electrolyte imbalance weird like you need some potassium along with their sodium in this is such a delicate balance when all of these electrolytes so the salt potassium magnesium which is a mineral which also playing into the cramping but when you're sweating and and doing all that and drinking so much water you're just way off balance you will end up in a curl that ball also one big crap and so so i i you know i don't know the public a year ago i started to really push the water first thing in the morning and i was drinking man probably about forty inches of water i did not man first thing in the morning maybe more an i wasn't pushing enough salt an i got a heart arrhythmia my heart was skipping a beat and being weird and they're being very irregular an that went on for couple of weeks before we finally figured out what it was and you know that i backed off on the water industry crease us all and man just you know back in the first thing that you're you're doing that you're thinking as its nest carnivore diet and that is absolutely will happen people will go kito or carnivores and don't blame it on the diet not knowing that they've just upset their electrolyte imbalance right in that you know that's it's so important because so many weird things can happen to you and you'll think something terrible is wrong and it really it's it is something a little scaring you gotta be you know you gotta have those electrolytes her bad things can happen but you'll have a heart arrhythmia like you did or you'll all of a sudden you'll be so tired in the afternoon you just can't you can't function right and you'll think this kito diet this carnivore diet sucks i have no energy is horrible and we hear not alive we do you know in the in the past i would say you know six months we've known to people's that went to the hospital and were put in the eyes of you for for heart arrhythmia and again the the the they keep it for a couple of days and they send them home and tell them nothing wrong with them right and so we find out usually it was just they were drinking a lot of water and balancing they're like they're like you know and and it's it's interesting and we don't ever find out after the fact and we find out later and then we tell them the whole hey it's it's just electrolytes you just need to do this and they do it and they get better but they're in the hospital in youth for two or three days in the hospital cannot figure out what's wrong with him they send them home and saying nothing's wrong earhart that's what's amazing it it it blows your mind but that's the way it is number so signed a scientifically advanced the week and replace hearts and lungs and knees and hips but we can't figure out an electrolyte imbalance and it's pretty easy it's a pretty easy fix because you can he couldn't drink an electrolyte replacement drink on we really liked the ultimate we do not get anything from them for saying that it's just i've looked at a lot of different electrolyte replacement drinks an i can't find that don't have junkin all right except for this one it's it's it is flavored man sweetened with stevia i mean it's tasty it's good it is the only drawback to doing electrolyte drinks and i looked at a lot of them is they all are very low in sodium right there they're nice people probably are sitting too much saw well as most people were all processed yeah voiding seldom so i know i think ultimately like two hundred and fifty mark graham milligram strange milligrams i dunno it never ends milligrams 'em and that's not very much salt i mean that's that's not hardly any at all okay so let's talk about how much salt we need a day so if you're in again were talking about an athlete if you're if you're not an athlete and not pushing shop extremely hard you might you need less and now we talk about about five grams of sodium in how do you figure that out how much sodium is that well we figured it out it's about twelve grams of salt right because if you're getting like okay let's say pink himalayan salt or the redmond's real salt 'em which is mind here in the u s i really like it and i mean we started using that and i really like it also we do not get anything from them though were saying that i do products really like it 'em those you know if you were to weigh them out like twelve maybe fourteen grams i don't know you can look and see how much sodium we figure all this out before with pink inland salt seventeen kimberly insult we wait out fourteen grams of the salt by weight and that was five grams of sodium because it contains like eighty two or more trace minerals and as well as sodium again that's why you don't realize how much salt that is until you wait out on the scale and you see it and you're like wow that's a loss all it is quite a bit and that scares most people at first but i mean that's the kind of the minimum that we go 'em because it's on a day like this when i'm gonna do to workouts and i'm already sweating like a i don't even know what this morning then i already had a lot of salt today and when i go to do another workout i will also salt before i'll have i'll have like a quarter teaspoon of salt before and probably a quarter teaspoon or more after depending on how much i sweat and it's just kind of like you start figuring out what your body needs men also another thing for me is the lack of being able to fall asleep at insomnia issue that i was having with going to sleep i kind of look at it and say you know it was a cluster of things it's i'm sure it's never just one thing 'cause i'm never just doing one thing but salt had to be a big component of it because as soon as i started really focusing on getting my electrolytes balanced i started sleeping better and that makes total sense it does an end if you're you're an athlete you know you half asleep while to recover a you happy get that in or you're just you're you're gonna eventually crashed if we don't get quality asleep to repair and recover now if if you're also athletes say you're bike riding and you're doing a hundred mile bike ride which is gonna take you know five six hours depending depending on you're pays a new need to be taken in that so i recommend every hour checking in at least about a public half of they teaspoon in some water every hour along with other electrolytes right so what i started doing as on having workout days which you're pretty much all of them all now them in this time if you're working out outside it's hot weather you do at eight o'clock in the morning or for the afternoon it taught man that the heat and the humidity just add a whole other element to the workout and make it super hard this is why people go like the colorado over the summer to to transfer triathlons and marathon because it's so it's so nice there there's no humidity out there as a cool yeah wouldn't go down go there five that elevations out soon out takes about two to three weeks to adjust to altitude for sure we tried running when we went there last time and i was like this is so bad so hard this is awful but we're not we'd only been there for a few days in when the weather's great but yeah that heat and humidity just out a whole other element to being outside and working out like that so i've been using the salt plus and electrolyte drink every day when i'm i'm doing twice a day with the with the electrolyte replacement plus all the salt and when we say fourteen grams if you wanna get a good picture of what that is that's a heaping tablespoon basically it's it's a lot it's quite a bit it's more than most people would be comfortable with it at first so you know how do you start getting adjusted to this will you can gradually increase you're salt intake you're gonna have to measure you're gonna have to attract a see what makes you feel the best yeah it'll only you could do it for for people who are new or even and if you're because it's happened to me even if you've been doing this for four years like us you have that period of time and afternoon where you just feel like i needed a nap man i need a nap and if you didn't get adequate sleep they're not before obviously you're just maybe ongoing on lack of sleep but if you're gonna sleep then it could be gesture electrolyte imbalance moment if you take a good pinch of salt with some water it's like seriously you wake up and the reason why because that potassium and sodium are what gives the sell its ability to communicate with each other and that's why when you don't have that balance yourselves her like i'm taking a break runs so tired they're not just and they don't perform ultimately no i now have the right communication right apparatus and so well what i used to do back when i travel and was taken every hour taken edu or eight any type of dream that i had army that would take with me and that was you're energy burs now you're switching so if you think about this you're switching going from that sugar based a you know supplement going to just using what your body wants which is sold in the water it's like magic magic and it's it's it's just common sense because we crave solved but what's sad how many people will say i love salty food you know and they wanna put salt on it but their doctor told him no you have to watch her sodium and so they're like i've he's mrs dash sun saturday and substitutes and they're just like miserable because their food tastes terrible an there's a reason why the salt tastes so good to us are body needs it it's so crucial well what's gonna happen when you when you switch from being you know hitting the sugar sugar crap five every hour when you do alone endurance of a van and switch the salt water is you're recovery is going to be ten times greater because what's gonna happen is you're gonna finish that finished that long event when you're gonna feel good you're not gonna crash 'cause that's what happened to the sheer athlete is once they're done pushing himself as hard as they can and they're done with it and they stop they can't walk around like they follower and they just lay on the ground in there rioting ending it so i guess like tipping over goat selling goes without a doubt be gone well you know if you think about it like sugar is in no way healing to the body though it had no function other than just like hey quick burst and energy and then put that on you that it's that it's primary you know function where you're getting a boost it's gonna give it a little bit of both so you're gonna feel a little better with a short amount of time but again if not giving your body what it needs just giving you this this this fake you know kind of boost that you did you don't need like a jump color like a jolt cola so we sell so we're watching stranger things and they were drinking a jolt cola like oh i remember joel cola i know that we are timeframe eighty five yeah well it's way worse monsters and rounding out in their way worse things and whatever but okay so back to the sugar the sugar has no healing properties to it the law is necessary it's just common sense sold is needed unnecessary and crucial marcel communication salt and potassium so if you have to have that to survive in you don't need sugar and carbs to survive that you know i just kinda makes mhm i don't know i just like i just like to talk about it from commonsense perspective so so it's a lot about sodium and electrolytes salt on an it's extremely important we can't we just can't emphasize it enough other thing we won't talk about today was thee thirty day carnivora challenge i don't know why i came up with this cockamamie idea well people love this is why people love challenges and they love something set in a timeframe that they can attack and they know where you in the know when it's over yes where humans were building because i set it up for myself and then i asked you if you wanna do and then last night outlets like crap so so what does that mean if you do you know you you know we do talk about it we knew mostly carnivores but what do we do that really are considered corner or is we put heavy cream and are coffee from one of them we have a dessert which is a heavy cream in it's so good to cow dessert yeah it's whipped cream next whiz whiz rocket cow and since cbs an then we put it on top of some friends and blueberries and i put a little peanut butter in a piece of dark chocolate on it and it's really good yeah so it's really good but it's not carnivores not an avid eating the crap out of that we we usually we do it who will usually it's a weekend thing and then everyone every so often it turns into just in every night day it's turned into the summer things but here's what here's what it it doesn't do it doesn't make me feel bad and it doesn't make me is kito drain out today from this way i'll just i'll just let it go thinking that any may be making it louder what what the dessert doesn't do it it it doesn't make me gain weight come on law i don't get it out here 'em it doesn't make me gain weight doesn't make me feel bad so that's kind of the the you know i it doesn't bother me and negatively so i just kind of don't worry about it but so we're gonna cut it out running cut out the dessert were gonna cut out the cream in the coffee drinking black coffee right now take a black hawk doesn't bother me but i'm really surprised that you're doing hey i've spent plenty of time drinking black coffee i know that you didn't you had to this is like actually someone younger had best coffee i've ever had was in a bunker outside of syria though with these serbian people who gave me coffee in a little bowl and it was black and i was thinking i can't drink this but i but i drink and then like a week later i had turkish coffee down in a restaurant and syria able like the first time in my life i feel like i haven't really lives but anyway so so i had the black alvie i'm just you know i'm a squishy lazy human stuff on my coffee so so i came up with this idea because i'm doing as a string plan i wrote myself i plan you don't plan anything so i wrote myself out a six week a six sweet long strength plan because i wanna get stronger in now i'm like well if i'm doing that maybe i need to also cut out this whipped cream thing because here's the thing it's really good but it's not adding anything positive new my life so i started getting a little bit of joint inflammation in my fingers and i just wondered if it was the over consumption of heavy cream which it could be if we were able to still get wrong i'm pasteurized heavy cream i'd probably be cool with it but census this pasteurized and it kind of takes all the goodness out of it yeah i really don't feel like it's adding anything of value except for sent that to my diet and i get that fat from other sources right on more beneficial sources with more vitamins and nutrients and so i came up with this idea of a thirty day no dairy carnivora challenge and when i say no dairy i really just mean all that crappy he whipped cream i would you vote that we don't have any well there's a little bit of dairy in the better but it's really not a lot and i don't put crap tons of butter on my sued because the stakes are usually really fatty the hamburger meat usually really fatty and so i don't really need a lot of extra but the whip cream was just like overkill on the fat probably so i'm doing a challenge for myself and i thought i drag sent a new people along with me just for the fun because misery loves company where where is an absolutely dead and we didn't have it last night 'em even though somebody was like or sunday no how why you know here's the deal it's not you know i'm not training for triathlons anymore i don't you know i don't i don't go do five k is all the time i'm not doing big event so so when you're just trying to stay in shape which i feel like i mean i feel like i am especially the last couple of months feels like my testosterone levels have increased in my main my belly fat has just gotten it then doubt if its own back and describe it but i thought maybe doing this you know go ahead and in cutting out dairy completely might help you know be almost like a cutting dialectic kinda right trotta code they'll ask that last blair upset that you have on you're adams right so i'm never done a cutting diet i've done a crappy low calorie low fat nineteen ninety style start herself diet but the which is what according to his been forever is a starving yourself die right in so i i thought this way as well that if we just cut out that one thing which is you know the idea is that if you eat a whole lot of extra fat the fat cells they're not gonna shrink they're gonna stay kind of like full an if you cut out some of the fat and increase you protein the idea is that you're fat cells can kind of shrink down well empty will see what happens there so many different ways of doing that stuff in so many different people have different techniques in different successes and and and that's why we say be very careful of listen to people on instagram that they look super cut end they look like they're really in shape because getting really kinda like that you're body does not wanna be like that that's totally goes against what you're body one my body when he whipped cream well you're body one just comfortable air a fat over itself that's that's normal okay so anytime you see someone that has his these cut ads they've done something to get there and that either they taken stimulants so they could work out really hard in expend energy or dave starve themselves and they take a you know of anything that the curbs hunger to get that way do you think everybody that you know i don't just just naturally had that there are people who have ads and it's just like they don't work hard right i don't think they were hard but it's just come easy sedan correct there are people out there that we don't like people after more i think that's her body style there darter bizarre and they do have a lot of muscle the muscles and other people and that those those people are out there but not everyone is like that and i'm not i'm not like that i i i have done all this athletic stuff forever and i've really never had like defined apps and that's you know when i could run twelve miles easy at a clip and then go workout and just do whatever i wanted i never had it and that was all dilated for me personally that was all i was a high carber i was never gonna have abso matter what i did and i didn't understand died enough to figure that out well i think it's a good thirty thirty days i said two weeks originally and then you looked at me and said i think you need to start your day i don't really know how to take that was that like no you need thirty days of no dairy or was it now you know it takes thirty days thirty days rooney diet things you're going to do the test test you gotta do it for at least three days and i know that any workout program you're gonna do you do it from six to eight weeks so that's just my personal trainer opinion yeah so i am deciding to do the thirty days today was the first day life not actually with the first night anes on working and just see what happens okay all right well that wraps it up a we appreciate you guys listening go out there that and prosper

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