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"shane burgos aka" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"shane burgos aka" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"I can't even begin to tell you how many people jumped into my dm's after that pick and they're like that is a bridge too far. Mike why would you throw them in there with andrea. Feely that quickly. So i'm i'm just gonna go ahead and not do that this time. Gonna throw him in there with andrea feely and said i'm gonna i'm gonna shoot them up even higher ak i'm ready to give iliad pouria a tough fifteen fighter and i want to see him in there with somebody that can do it. All a guy who's big for the way class powerful technical can strike can wrestle and grapple and it just be a really interesting fight. I'm all in onto porsche. Shane burgos aka. That is the fight. That's what i wanna see. I know burgos had a tough stoppage loss to edson barboza. Things got a little hairy. But you know. I talked to him not long after that he was cleared to compete pretty much so i think we will see shane. Burgos by the end of the year. And i think that is the fi- we should do. In december final pay per view of the year either feature pre limb main card. Opener burgos versus. Hello hello mike mike. Sorry i got my. I got my. I think my headphones are back. I caught the last bit of that. You said to perea. So you're not rebooking the to hall fight that didn't happen you just want to move on and just give up shane burgers instead. Yes you heard. That's obviously watched something different than i did. So you obviously that listen. That makes sense to pray. Again is a great prospect. I never thought the ryan hall matchup made a lot of sense in the first place that you're right maybe just maybe we just don't book that one It just you know. We'll just have to live without being lost fight one that's never happened and i love the Shane burgers matchup. Could call my good call. Okay support for this. Podcast comes from invent together. According to studies less than thirteen percent of all inventors who hold a us patent are women black and hispanic college graduates patent at half the rate of their white counterparts. But we can fix that by increasing participation in innovation and patenting by underrepresented groups. It would quadruple..

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