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"shane bohannon" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"Angels with him. Stays overnight He's, got a guardian angel sitting on his shoulder again Shane Bohannon charges dropped in at arrest where there, was a stolen AK47. style, rifle according to the arrest citation. Stolen from Troy Indiana and a bunch of other weapons because I remember the photos that were posted by Ilham PD and then. They did confirm later than that was from better rest For more than five ounces of marijuana some cigars at, an AR fifteen and also. An AK47. all involved in that particular rest anyway Shane, Bannan now ladies and gentlemen charges dropped on this on he's able to move forward with his life and this time he means it we don't know that if that he. Left the courthouse and then got aboard a. Horse named party. Dancer I don't know if all that came together or, not but Rick Pitino. Telling Tim Sullivan of the. Courier journal that he had nothing, to do with the naming of a recent racehorse and the horse's name is indeed party dancer you, can't make some of this stuff up John Schneider. Hires Harvey Weinstein's lawyer who also did some work for Paula dean and Rick Pitino's horse is named party. Dancer it's like sometimes it's, just like what are you guys. Are surrounded by too many people who are afraid to say, something to you don't do that bad ideas all around bad optics Says they say anyway it looks like this, Shane Bannon episode goes. Away quietly right it's still. To come on the show a, brilliant response to an old movie that I still don't understand why people watch never watched it all, the way through is the the film is called Pretty Woman and it was from a guy who was on the tonight show last night with. Jimmy Fallon where also on board. Last. Night was, our very, own, Justin Thomas I was very excited to see I didn't, watch? It I didn't DVR but I've collected, some audio today here's just a little bit before we get to our sports is. Kind of a sports thing Jimmy Fallon's calling out. Our hero Justin Thomas He's number two in the world now or three somewhere. He's. Right there in the top three. And obviously the FedEx. Cup champion he, won the PGA championship last year. He was competing right up to the end in this year's tournament and Jimmy Fallon calls them. Out and immediately starts talking.

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