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"shan gilbert" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Hosting the show all morning KFI news correspondent Laura Ingle, who was a fantastic reporter here at K F I, before she was hired away. By the Big corporation stole you. But it does mean you get to get into a broader array of stories. Than you ever could. At KFC. Just because you're now with a national news network show your following one of the most fascinating and chilling true crime stories going on, just Go tell us about it. Well, you know, a lot of people may have heard of this recently because of the amount of podcast movies books that are out there. The Long Island serial killer. Some call Lisk happened years ago. I mean, we're talking about over a decade of one bodies started to be found. And, um, we are taking a very deep dive. I was given the story. We started talking about some unsolved cases. And this is one of these great mysteries that has been going on out here in our jurisdiction. The Long Island serial killer, and we are doing a multi part investigation that's going to be streaming on our Fox Nation website. And also we're going to do a fox audio podcast. So if you've heard some of the other podcast before we have brand new content. We have been talking with victims families. We have been going to the scene. We have been talking to law enforcement, former law enforcement and we are going to be talking about new investigative tools. That are being used right now. To uncover this mystery of more than 10 people, many of them sex workers who were found on Long Island and, you know, weighing the really unfortunate thing about all these women were found along Ocean Parkway and as more and more bodies, uh, were discovered Unfortunately, a lot of people said Well, they were in a high risk job. They were just sex workers they were, you know, they advertised on Craigslist. But you know, these are people. Nobody wakes up one day and says I'm going to go be a sex worker. Um, these are women who were daughters, friends, aunts, sisters who came right into The cross hairs of what many believe to be one serial killer. There's been a lot of talk about is that one is it too, is that multiple? A lot of people do believe it is one person and a lot of people believe that this person is still out there and one of the things that we have been looking at. Is one of the center cases is the 24 year old Shannan Gilbert, who was discovered near Oak Beach not far from what has become known as the Gilgo four. These are four women who were found wrapped in burlap that were tossed into the bramble and that is like this really six thorny bushes off of the side of the highway. And at first glance, you think, well, gosh, how could so many bodies be? Discarded of in the same area around this same general time, and nobody has seen anything. But when you get out there at night, which we have what you is so desolate. There's no lights, and it's right in the backdrop of this community called Oak Beach, which is extremely private high end in some case, some of them are beach cottages. But I'll tell you what these people that live there have been very private. About anybody coming around and digging around and asking questions and talking to them about what some of the women that have been in that area that had been servicing John's or going out on calls, And then they went missing. Shan Gilbert is really the main one who was in Oak Beach. So we are taking a deep dive in this and you know one of the things when When I first got into this story, um, which is so complicated because there are so many victims and you really have to take each murder victim as it should be in an individual investigation, But they are all tied together because there's so many similarities they advertised on Craigslist. They met somebody, and then they disappeared. They weren't found right away. Then they were found in similar Ways in similar means. So one of the things when we started this, I said, you know, being from California from Sacramento. Specifically, I want to talk to the guy that solved the Golden State killer. I want to talk to the people that were involved in that because you remember when that was solved. And we heard that there was an arrest and we Oh, my God. You know, everybody remembers where they were. For many of us. That was the boogie amount of our childhood. And so I was able to go. I went to Colorado and I spoke to, um Paul holes who has since retired Cold case expert and spoke to him about what his thoughts are, and a lot of this revolves around You know, DNA technology, the ever changing ways that people are finding what we just talked about with 9 11 and how they're still working to identify some of those bodies. Um, so you know, one of the things that you got to think about, too, is just that. If this person is still alive and hasn't died, he's still out there. And, like Joseph DeAngelo, the Golden State killer, he's somebody's neighbor. He's somebody that might be working out right next to you in the gym. He's going to the grocery store. You probably might have a family. Um, and serial killers as we know, evolve, they change and some people over the years have said Well, this person was found and one person was found dismembered and there were body parts in different jurisdictions, and that's different than the way the the four girls were found. Women were found wrapped in burlap. But as some of our experts have told us Serial killers can evolve. They can mature, You know they grow up, so to speak, and they can change their methodology and, uh, just stop and go dormant for a while. So We're taking a deep look into this, and a lot of people will be hearing me talking about this. Now they say, Well, wait a minute wasn't at the cop, wasn't it? The doctor that lived in the neighborhood? There's been a lot of speculation that, um, the former police chief in Suffolk County, James Burke was involved. His name has been out there a lot. I've been trying to get him to talk to us. I spoke to his attorney just yesterday, again, asking for Him to speak with us. The the answer's No. As of right now, we're still working on that. Peter Hackett was a doctor that lived in this community who The the mother of Shannan, Gilbert says, You know, he called her after her daughter disappeared and said, Oh, I saw your daughter, Um, you know, I would just wanna let you know that she's okay. And then, of course, months later, she's found in. Everyone's like, Well, wait. Peter Hackett. You saw her and there's just there's It's a crazy crazy story. It's been something that we've been digging into for a long time. So I can't wait to share more of it with you one. We come to completion to this. Hunting the Long Island serial killer podcast and special that we're doing. We will be all over that when that comes out, Laura. Thank you. Now, are you ready to talk to Dean Sharp? Of course. Yeah, Let's go Kitchen. It's got about what to do in your kitchen. So your kitchen does not suck in your house. I need to send him a picture of mine. Go on, but first Oh, man, I'm sure you'll have a figure to to say first a news update from Jennifer Jones leads if I am 6 40 live everywhere on the I heart radio app. LAPD chief Morris says 13 people have been shot over the weekend, which he says is consistent with what he's been seeing over the last few weeks where the shooting violence is occurring. Five of those homicides are victims shot occurred in those four geographic areas of southwest Newton southeast and 77. Moore says. While major crimes and assaults are trending down, he's concerned about the recent spike in gun violence, he says..

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