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"shaheen deseo." Discussed on WSJ What's News

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"shaheen deseo." Discussed on WSJ What's News

"US stocks closed out the week with gains despite fears over surging cases of the coronavirus in several states, the Dow is up one percent for the week. The S. and P. Five hundred rose one point, eight percent, and the Nasdaq was up four percent. A German biotech company says it's confident. It will have a corona virus vaccine ready for regulatory approval by the end of the year by in tech, is one of seventeen firms that have begun human trials on a covid nineteen vaccine. Our reporter Blonde. Panchev ski has been following the company's Progress Doktor Shaheen Deseo. told me that he is absolutely confident that his vaccine, which is based on a very novel technology called 'em Rene. Will be a great success. This is however it's important to say untested technology technology that has not been used on humans outside of clinical studies by intact along with its partner Pfizer plan to begin the final stage of testing at the end of the month. President trump says he's no longer thinking about negotiating a phase to trade deal with China. He says the coronavirus pandemic has damaged the relationship between the two countries. The US and China signed as one of the deal back in January. Our International Economics correspondent Josh Zoom Brune has more on the prospects for getting back to the bargaining table. This kind of puts into question. The broadening of what was accomplished in January if. If, it was a phase one trade deal with more to follow. That's obviously a lot more significant than if the phase one deal is actually phase only, and there's never going to be kind of anything more from this administration, and that's looking likely to be the case. It's GonNa. Probably be a long time before us in China relations. Get back to the point where they can sit down and negotiate face to. One reason for that is that the issues that were being left for phase two. We're actually harder than the ones. They agreed to in phase one. That's Kinda why they put them off because they're harder and so, there's really very little hope now that they're going to be able to get to those issues anytime soon. And we report exclusively that American Airlines is threatening to cancel orders for Boeing seven thirty-seven Max jets people familiar with the matter say American is struggling to secure financing for seventeen jets amid pandemic. That's decimated demand for travel. Boeing's Max Fleet was grounded in March of last year after two fatal crashes, regulatory approval for the jets to resume service is expected in September. Coming up after the break US policy and the pandemic. When the world is at a standstill facts can move us forward. Facts help us make decisions and bring us together, even as were apart.

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