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"sexton alley oop" Discussed on WFAN Sports Radio_FM

"Garden at the top of the circle. Pardon with five on the shot clock. Three ways. Short rebound, Colin Sex that he's gonna push it. Sexton Alley oop, A coral big shot. Good. Sexton with Love and Isaac, a coral was able to knock it in off the glass calves by 13 phone. Sex in a 25 points also handed out nine assists. Following up his 42 point outburst. On Wednesday. Calves turned aside the Nets 1 25, 1 13, Tim Alcorn, the call on the cab's radio network. Rest of scores. The Hawks rock the T wolves, 1 16 98, thanks to 43 from trade, young Was the Raptors one of one heat 81 paces have been the magic and overtime. 1 21 18 rockets able to hold all the Pistons one of 31 or two on the Bulls dismissed the Hornets won 23 1 10. Legendary Henry aren has died. Hank held the home run record for 33 years broke Babe Ruth's record at 7 14 in 1974 still holds the record for most RB eyes, total bases and extra base hits. He's third all time and hits and games played. He's fourth and run scored, elected into the Hall of Fame in 1982, a true legend in every sense of the word, Hank Aaron was 86. As for the Red Sox report, we agreed to a two year $14 million deal with Kiki Hernandez Texans, apparently thinking outside the box. The interviewed quarterback Josh McCown for their head vacant head coaching position, also spoke. With Jim Caldwell Championship Sunday is coming in the chief's got good news. Patrick Holmes that concussion protocol cleared to play against the bills, but the books don't have Antonio Brown ruled out against the Packers. Remarkable, Eddie. Hey, it's Amy Lawrence. Be sure to listen to CBS Sports radio and Home. Ask Alexa to play CBS Sports Radio. The front. Going Jim Rome in the jungle way gaze from 12 to 3 eastern exclusively on CBS Sports.

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