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Break The Rules #80: What is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? with Beth OHara

Break The Rules

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Break The Rules #80: What is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome? with Beth OHara

"Welcome to break the rules. We Dr Loren lacks a podcast dedicated. Quieting the noise and the health food and fitness world doctor warned is leading nutritionist therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner on a mission to help others thrive in their own lives mind body and soul and now your host Dr Loren Madness. Hello Hello Hello. Welcome to another edition and break the rules. Podcast where we talk about. Quieting the noise and the health food and fitness world and today super pumped a Hob Beth O'hare and the house and that is our doctor. Death is a natural path. Who really has been specializing in a really rare? She'll tell us how rare it is It may be more common than we think but paradigm called mastel. Patient Syndrome. Something that I personally actually went through myself. When are discovered myself by a mold exposure that I went through as well and I'm just super pumps that you are on the show today and I would love if you could give us a little bit of background about who you are. What got you into this work. You're doing in the world as well. Sure I'm so excited to be here too. With Lauren of Edo passionate about getting the information out about mass activation syndrome. Because it actually is fairly common in. It's one of the most under recognized and Misunderstood conditions that are affecting it affects between ten and fifteen percent of the general population and over fifty percent. He was crying health issues. So it's huge and I'm hearing over and over that finding out about this has been life changing for people and it was really life. Changing for me I had mystery health issues. My whole childhood really didn't know at the time and didn't own toes adult that the House. I grew up in was full of toxic mold and just had just horrific allergy problems on several medications as a child and I was really driven to go to medical school and I wanted to be honest but by the time I got to college. My health crashed so badly that I couldn't hardly get into bed most days and I had their plan all of my classes to be in the afternoon so I knew by my senior year in college. I wasn't going to make it to medical school and I had to turn down scholarships that I had and it took me on this whole other journey so instead of becoming a physician. I became a chronically. Ill patient and my health continued to deteriorate until I was bedridden and I had to use a cane and I could barely hobble with a cane because of severe joint pain. I didn't tolerate almost every supplement that was tried on me. I didn't tolerate medications. They usually mean extremely ill and I had seen at one point totalled up over fifty different doctors and spin over one hundred fifty thousand dollars and no one had a clue what was going on with me. If I wasn't told I was crazy and it was on my head. I was told that you're just more complicated and complex than I know how to deal with and I was working with really smart practitioners and when I the most skilled and knowledgeable functional medicine doctor in my area told me he didn't know what else to do with me. I was really ready to just give it all up because I had no quality of life but I was in a small group of women who a lot of us were health. Practitioners was a health coach. Then so have been in this field for about ten years and someone said. Run your genetics. When you're twenty three and me bet you're gonNA find staff and I did and I started finding some answers as to why curcumin which should be anti inflammatory. Was making you more. Inflamed while gloomy was giving me insomnia making anxious knowledge piece historic come together in a realized. I'm not crazy as release something going on and I was really fortunate to follow. Yes calendar time at the beginning and she started reporting Masol Electrification Syndrome when you're still on theoretical phases and soon as it came out boom. I knew that's what was happening with my body and it completely changed my health and I went from barely making it day to day to Today my health is recovered to where I can go hiking travel. I run this very busy practice and I just taken at all those experiences in funneled them into this masol three sixty website practice that have built to help other people who are dealing with this be able to get through faster and with less cost and with less really heartbreak and not have to go through that nightmare that I went through. It was really awful. Laren and now you've had your own house struggles and you know what I mean. One hundred percent. And it's just so. I think that's actually how I came cross do and initially had stumbled upon like knowing are finding out about math fell activation syndrome when I was in the thick of it and kind of how had played out is found out I had been living in a moldy home and last March actually is pretty recent but hired dislike back tracing. My health journey while living in that home health had been deteriorating very rapidly and where I would get a different presentation of some Bodies System. That was down so for example being diagnosed with diabetes. Because my insulin markers would be all over. The map are having a lot of reactive hypoglycemia. At one time and then it would shift to let chronic migraines Going on a supplement to help me sleep and help my adrenals in quotes coming off of it and dealing like I was withdrawing from drugs. 'cause there is actually a compound and Eric on him but In an over the counter like something men to support adrenal than just reacting to things that a lot of people in the house ear Functional Medicine World May like typically prescribed for patients from a supplemental perspective as well as even food is increased foods and Just had no idea what was going on in my body The cascade of everything and and then finding out how to start stabilizing got immune response both from the Gut microbiome perspective and then Getting out of the mold now has means etc so kind of getting ahead of myself go. Lake let's backtrack and just like understand. What is Maso Activation Syndrome? What are the typical signs of it? Let's start there. Sure show to talk about Mashed Activation Syndrome. We have to talk about what the mast cells are in cities spelled. M. E. S. T. As in Tom and the mouse cells are these really incredible and complex immune cells that are the frontline defenders of the immune system and so if most people are familiar with them in terms of Histamine and so they do release histamine. And they if you get a cut for example on your finger and then maybe don't clean it out right away it gets red and Puffy. That's actually the mass cells. Creating inflammation to surround whatever's getting bacteria viruses. Anything else to protect the body and when they're doing their jobs properly they are absolutely essential. We can't survive without these mash cells. And I think they're getting a bad rap as people are learning about mass division syndrome so the approaches of out there van. Let's just knock out the mass so response and that's the wrong way to go because if the match cells are protecting us from invader sir like the cards of the castle in for buys the castle and the mass cells are there to protect us against viruses mold spores and mold infections bacteria even toxins so all of these different things. But what's happening is that we are living in a world show toxic. I think that's part of my mold. Toxicity has become a much bigger issue and one of the Big Root Causes Mass Shots Division Syndrome. And I've got seven that I've most common was identified. We can talk about but anything that's causing. Chronic toxicity chronic infections are going to this regulate these match salsa. Because they're supposed to come online do their job to fight off the invader or the toxin and in combat down again and get a break. But when we're constantly bombarded with fragrances. Analyzer magnetic radiation and the air pollution and all of the things coming out of all day long. They don't get a break anymore. And they start to develop what we can loosely. Call a PTSD kind of response of the cell. Where they're hyper vigilant. Now and these smashed cells have over two hundred different mediators there one of the few cells in the body that we still don't know a lot about not about mass loss since the late. H in hundreds and is still a lot about some. Don't know but what we do know is they have over two hundred meters. It can release in history. Means just one. And then they have all of these receptors on the outside that are responding to what's happening in the body and in the outside environment and they exist in almost every tissue in the body and this is why we can get so many different kinds of symptoms so some of the classic ones are like allergies. Runny nose post nasal drip itchy eyes highs but not everybody has those symptoms so we can get them in. Different systems like people can have muscular and bone pain. Hypermobility IS COMMON. Some people get heart symptoms and they have palpitations and dizziness and low. Blood Pressure Some people have digestive symptoms. So they'll have diarrhea to have abdominal pain and nausea sometimes vomiting food sensitivities. People can get brain symptoms. They have brain fog sleep issues. Mood changes so something called. Masol rages where the mast cells and brain produce inflammation and it just causes somebody to have just all of a sudden very irritable very frustrated and hard to control and then long symptoms people can get coughing. Asthma symptoms and even reproductive symptoms are related. There's a lot of connection with auto immunity because the nationals are the orchestrators of the union system. So if you think about an orchestra conductor gets out of time the whole orchestras energy at a time. And that there's a big link between these mastel issues an auto unity quite the gamut and it sounds like an infomercial. I it just keeps going on and on and on and I know and this is why. It's been such a mystery so we just got a diagnosis code. Officially for mass activists in Syndrome in two thousand sixteen was when it was officially recognized and people have been working on this since the Nineteen Ninety S. Trying to get this recognized but because they're such a wide variety of possible symptoms and people only have to have symptoms in two or more systems so it might be digestive and brain or might be digestive and they have reproductive symptoms. I'm getting I've talked to so many people who have been told by an allergist immunologists will. Because you don't have itching or flashing you can have mass elective. Ation Centerman. That's just not true. And so people end up seeing three four or five different specialists. But nobody's connecting this underlying thread that there's a chronic toxicity chronic infections or something like this that are keeping those nestle stirred up. I mean I think about even in the Sierra of like chronic fatigue syndrome In particular where I think. That's active population has been told like I mean I feel the loss 'cause feeling that's probably what the cast kinda patients have felt like to and yet with this just understanding of the mass occupations syndrome. That actually could be part of that Rhode Island. Is that something that you've seen? Have you seen Many I mean I'm sure a lot of your population are those that are complex cases that will have stories of being turned away by doctors similar to you as well -solutely so chronic fatigue is very very common. I tell you I get so many people who then to doctor doctor after doctor just like I had. I talked to people every week who've been told their crazy who they have a conversion disorder or something like this and it's not the those kinds of issues are really rare those kinds of psychological or psychiatric issues. But what's happening in this going? A little bit of a rant is the way traditional medicines set up the whole paradigm is if we can't measure it and we don't know what it is. It must not exist and to me. That's a very dangerous way to operate. And it's In my opinion abusive to tell people that because I don't understand what's going on with you at your crazy and I've experienced it myself and I see the damage it does to people and so I really want to get this information out there and start shifting us away from that because there's so much we don't understand about the human body and people need to be heard and if they if if a practitioner can't help them than than the needs to be a humility to say. I'm sorry I don't know. But let me help to get you to somebody who is a hundred percent and talk thinking about diagnostics even It's really a diagnosis of exclusion correct rights. And this is another challenge point so because this diagnosis official diagnostic criterion myself. Don't diagnose I work remotely so not diagnosing for insurance purposes but for for informational purposes so people understand the diagnostic criteria is still in evolution and still being debated but that part hasn't been been communicated to a lot of practitioners who are diagnosing in so many practitioner. I think that you have to have an elevation. One of the MASOL mediators like histamine our trip days or prostate gland and D. Too so these different things that can be measured with the problem is Massoud. Mediators like this. They're only elevated in the bloodstream. Very quickly and then they're down again so you have to get it right at the right moment and I'm seeing that only about ten percent of people with mass locked in syndrome have positive blood markers and then there's a urine tests called. Nfl history but that sample can has to be handled really really carefully. Often the labs mishandle let me get false negatives air and so we can't rule it out just because they're negative lab markers it have to look at the symptoms. You have to rule out other things that could be going on and and again it's so common so when we're talking something it's affecting ten to fifteen percent of the general population that's a lot and over fifty percent of the chronically. Ill population do or have you need. Just like t h one t h to kind of testing like immunoglobulin testing as well. Yeah so I looked up immunoglobulins. I've looked at T. h. One and teach to. I've done a lot of experimenting with different things. And I'm not seeing clear patterns so right now. We just don't have any clear testing. We really don't when it seems to like with the different systems that can can acted like a client comes to mind. That might've conrail markers were really often. Detox markers are really off but her her gut testing looked fine. And whereas another client that may be experiencing more like. Ibs type symptoms Or just like that. Despotic Gut and is the presentation does comes back on testing Organic acids and stool whereas Maddock Andrea Markers are like not is flared is flared And but it's probably been diagnosed worked up as like what we know in medicine to be like. Do they have a colitis? For instance they're having guy issues and traditional. Maybe we'll do a colonoscopy etc right. I do think in most of these conditions that are inflammatory condition. It's a flaming debris condition if it's collided if it's any type of irritable bowel disorder. If there's an autoimmune component autism which is neuro inflammation all of these have solid research that connect them back to mass eldest regulation. And we need to be thinking from that Lens. So like Colitis if there's if there's gut inflammation there's GonNa be mashed. Oh this regulation going on Maso over activation. Because they're they're the the front activators of that inflammation her and then we don't want to just knock the mass cells outs so a an approach. This happening in traditional medicine is within. We're GONNA put people on this massive anti-inflammatory Masol stabilizing cast eight of drugs if somebody's really severe and they're in an emergency state that's one hundred percent appropriate some not anti medication at all. But we need to know that that's not fixing the problem at Stanford the symptoms and what that's what was done with me and so I was put on eight medications by the time I was sixteen. And there's a lot of medications for teenager to be on. I think that's why I got so ill over time. Because the mass cells were knocked out. I wasn't having the symptoms then as severe as it had before the medications. But all the mold talk society and Astle had lime and Bijon Bartonella Epstein Barr. All of that was allowed free rein in my and. I just became more and more and more ill over time. Even though I wasn't clawing at my eyes and scratching my skin till it bled. The fatigue was getting worse. The joint inflammation my thoughts getting worse. Food sensitivities got down to thirty foods. You Count Salt Hepburn. Every possible herb. I could eat so about outside of that ahead about fifteen foods outside of verbs and I don't think that that's the way we wanna go long-term except for people that are really severe. And they're going into an Affleck's on in that's going to kill them and of course the medications make sense but the longtime approaches to clean up what is causing all of these issues and I see that. Make such a huge difference in people's lives. I had a client who she when we first met. She was so reactive that she couldn't leave her home and when she thought about leaving her homework she tried to leave her home. She would get extremely anxious and she thought that she was developing a phobia to going on public. And I said well did you before you started getting ill. Did you have this issue? And she said no just came on just sick and we started digging into will. What happens when you go out? One avidly she could drive herself anymore. Should get an uber. There would be a fragrance was car fragrance things and she would go into an AFL Alexis. Nice Little Porsche. Terrified to leave your house. Nobody wants to go into in Affleck's us so we looked at the root triggers and she had lime and Bartonella but bigger than that she had mold toxicity. Which I'm seeing over and over about seventy percent of my practice shed a lot of sensitivity electro-magnetic fields and some medals issues and as we worked in all those took about a year and a half A year and a half later she went to Newark with her daughter and traveled in eight out. Anna's in New York for a week and had a great time and that was it. That was her. Big Goal was to get to go someplace with their daughter in travel. And I'll see people getting their lives back they don't go back to eating. Wendy's or pizza or not but we get we get we get our lives back now. The quality of life talk. I mean you mentioned a lot of those there but just again. Those routes we as practitioners are helping individuals. That got talk a little bit about some of those common themes you see like Bartonella Be Mold it's kind of mentioned so I put mold. Bartonella occurred all of that in a category. I just call infections in Texas city so that can also include chemical toxins and when I came across toxins I'm meaning fragrances. In conventional skincare products in addition to things like air portion or heavier chemical exposures. Boston food triggers a so people are eating more processed foods. Even if they're trying to eat healthy they're eating more processed foods and there's been a big trend towards higher history foods so there's this big kick on things like Kombucha in bone broth am spinach. And I'm not saying any of those are necessarily bad of than spinach. Should be a condom and not a main course like people are eating. Now they were eating these much. Higher quantities than even ancestral populations traditionally ate them. And so we kind of especially here in the United States. We like to go bigger. Go home right so if we're GONNA DO COMPENSATE WE'RE GONNA do a lot of confidence that not two ounces and so people are eating really high history diet but on top of that. We're eating really high oxalate diets and that's what was putting you on chain. An oxalate sir. Tiny little crystals S- crystal structures and plants. Our bodies make oxalate mostly Gawk. Soleil CH WANNA call Eisner bodies and he's oxalate are very damaging so they can watch in the joints and the muscles big contributor to FIBROMYALGIA. I was eating. What I thought was really healthy. When I was getting sick I was eating spinach. And lots of sweet potatoes and lots of all man's and I was working on gluten free but I went to these super hacks late foods not knowing what it was doing to my joints and his oxalate trigger mass cells. And then there's a category foods called electons noser like in our nightshade and a lot of grains and those can trigger Masol's also so in finding is that the way people mash like division syndrome after eat is a little different in our general public knowledge of what we think a healthy diet is so we have those food triggers and of course pesticides in these other pieces. Then we have genetic factors and that's a big field of study that specialized in in looking at not. Just a very x equals y kind of thing or waitressing out there of if you have this gene you have m. t. h. f. r. e. should take metal all eight that's a bit simplistic and we have the knowledge now to be much more complex about it and look at it adds a whole look at these genes listed so anything that's triggering inflammatory issues in the body on a genetic standpoint or predisposing people then that's that's a piece nutrient deficiencies are big one especially in my practice where people come in and they have been down to ten or fifteen foods or less for a long period of time. We start to be low in vitamin C. Low in sulfate slow in copper and these different things that are needed for the enzymes that are required to reduce histamine support the mass channels so pause there. 'cause I know there's a lot to talk about with those and then I've got three others that we can touch on now. I mean that is quite the list right there and I guess it can feel super overwhelming individuals like county hearing all these triggers and factors and just wanting to know where to even start looking for them like where does the layman start Yeah figuring out. Laser causes if they are feeling in wondering in thinking they have symptoms of 'em casts Like what's the next step? Yes so one of the things. I'm really dedicated to is helping people learn about this and then the education around it and there's something that I love doing so I put together free report for people and it goes through all of these root causes and really details them out so that people can step through and look for themselves. What may I have in what might be involved and the other three that I talk about an era are airway obstructions beyond a sleep apnea were Aren't dental arch has begun more narrow down the generations because of poor nutrition and people don't have enough room in their mouths further. Tong and their tongue falls back in the throat and not getting enough oxygen in that actually triggered a lot of people aren't talking about and then we talked about hormone imbalances is. That's really involved because cortisol and progesterone both a big part of Massol's Able Isan. Several hormones are out of whack and we'll need proper thyroid hormones and strategy trauma are big ones. Also people always underestimate how much stress is affecting them and whether they have their nervous system balance the Paris. Pathetic sight of the nervous imbalance. It's huge I tell people my practice. A third of the work is cleaning out your environment and your exposure to toxins. A third of it is going to be foods and supplements and a full third is going to be nervous. System supports and learning how to breathe and having a period of time daily where you're doing breathing practices or meditating or whatever that calms the system down and at those three have to come together but people want to read more about all of this because we talk about it for days they they can go to my website at mass cell free sixty dot com slash free report. And you can Get that free report right there. And it's it's about I think. Seventeen eighteen pages. And it'll step you through all of these and then. I have a book. GonNa come out this year so I hope people will sign up for that report report and then when the book comes out they'll get him for me about it and I'm going to really go into stepping people through. How do you figure out which of these triggers you have? And how do you start working on? That's exciting I love. I love a good buck so definitely be offset not Briefly just I mean there is a lot. Ns loaded question as a whole just kind of like coming out of it. Like do you have a tear or totem pole of like what you support an address first and highest stage in step someone out of Em- costs. Yes sir great question so it depends of course on what people come in with but I can tell you the general that happens for probably eighty percent of people is we work on a digestive support and if people are constipated start there. Because if you're constipated the toxins re-absorbing through the intestinal wall in recirculating. And so we work on that a lot of people come into my practice that have CBO and we start working on that piece not the Anti microbials though we start working on supporting digestion with right digestive enzymes pro kinetics said were found the movement of the food through the intestine sitting there too long. And then if this constipation whatever. It's GonNa take to fix that at the same time. If there's any possibility there may be multi-ethnicity I test for that and then that starts to get addressed. I as well even if there's Lime Bartonella because what I've seen over and over when people have other infectious layers if they have mall Texas city. At least the population I'm seeing those protocols for line and Epstein Barr and all of these things of they're doing retroviruses they're just not knocking it out because the mold damaged immune response so much and this relates immune response so much so then we start on that mole piece. Which for me is starting with the right binders targeted binders working on via support. And then very slowly working on face to detox so it can take me six months to build somebody through just that section before we ever get to any antimicrobials or antiphon goals so we have to go slow and my motto is slow is fast but if we try to fast it's GonNa be slower his Time and time again people have been told to push through or sister hurts. Reaction yielded over it and then what happens as they set off what I call. Nassau cascade where the Mass House are creating inflammation then screened more inflammation exponentially triggering surrounding match cells. Napkin last month. So we don't want to do that. So those are the biggest places where I start and then I layer other things in unless we've had some really severe metal exposure am. I usually save that for last in my own approach in that doesn't need any other perch isn't right. It's all dependent on the person that pulling metals. I've found has been very harsh for people who are really reactive at the Basin Syndrome and sometimes worse than slim factions and so I usually save that one for the end. And then everything in the middle gets built case by case and talk a little bit about the modalities of like a aside from using supplements and addressing or medications to address the underlying pinning. Like what are some of your favorite lifestyle Kinda hawks to help people as well be it reading in meditation and Gerrad Sauna. Fresh air walks time spent with people connecting them to their hobbies are like anything there in your wheelhouse that you really universally effective and how. Oh yeah all of those. I try to tap in so I spent some time getting to know people and that way things can. I'd like to set people first excess so it can tap into what they love or what's working for them. What fits in their lives. But in general there are some very specific breathing practices that everyone would have written about them on a blog. Anybody wants to go onto can find it. And I did my master's research on what's called psycho neuro into kronos immunology in mass electrification syndrome. And that was looking at how the mind states and stress states have instantaneous effects on the new system hormone system nervous system. And it's not saying everything's in our heads. It's saying that everything is interrelated and so we have an entry point into supporting the immune system and the nervous system through breeding practices and specific breathing practices. Where you sink the inhales and exhales. It's awesome called resonant breathing. This mother names for it. There's a technique coherent but the gist is. You're matching the inhale. The Sale Nissim very inexpensive APPs that help with that and then another one that I have. Everyone work on electromagnetic radiation reduction and this is because we have absolute clear. Irrefutable evidence that these electro-magnetic fields from our cell phones laptops in our Wifi routers and all of these different things trigger Masol inflammation and. I think this is one of the big reasons why mass like Avi. Some Syndrome has really been on the rise. Because we didn't see this very commonly even when I was growing up I'm in my forties and a generation ago. They certainly weren't seeing this but I'm getting kids six years old who were having. Nf lactic reactions. It's just compounded affect all the toxins. Lash hunk our climate in everything too and so the more we can strengthen from the inside out the more we can combat this exactly right and again. It's huge. I have a little girl. She is a C. I think she's about twelve years old now and when we started working together she was having throat closing. Anna flax on a weekly basis in. She was also. She would wake up in the morning when she sat up and stood up. GotTa bad she would faint because her blood pressure was so low and just working with these root triggers and she's not even through the protocol she's just they've reduced the triggers figured out. There was mold in their house. They're working on that. She hasn't had an ANA flight to the event in in several months and she hasn't passed out in several months. And there's just again so much we can do but people have masks activation syndrome or the ones that probably fall through the cracks. The most and doesn't have to be that way so really WANNA lead changes here where people are going to get the help. They need and get better. It is a lot of work so lauren and I know you know that there. S Sometimes I get emails and say I get emails from physicians. Let's say which. The quickest easiest way to address masks lactation San Roman. My response back is usually very polite way of saying well. Do you have six months? Because that's how long it's GonNa take me to talk you through how to do what I do but So so it does take a lot of work in. It's a Lotta work guns Practitioner side in the client side usually takes one to three years of stepping people through this But if people are willing to do the work it's GonNa make a big difference. Amata Mine and my practice I share is given the right tools. The body in Neatly Hill itself is not to lose that as well as I understand the paradigm named and living in Whether there are infections or not like it didn't take overnight for the body to get where it is and so is to have context as the And that they can feel better along the way too. I know there are those little wins right right. We should be having some gradual. Oh the big picture should be gradual improvement and sometimes it's two steps forward one step back but I tell everyone as long as we look at three months at a time and at the end of the three month period were better than at the beginning of the three month period. We're going the right direction and it just takes some perseverance for people in Cincinnati. Because there's GonNa be better days in worse days but it it. It makes a big difference and I think I just really hope that people that think they may have. This will go onto the website at mass south three sixty DOT COM and. I've got a free symptom serve bay. It's under the blog. It's at the top of the block and is also lot there on eating for this outside of just his teams and I've got a link that says MC. As what what is in CAS and it goes through all the different possible symptoms and if people start to take a look and access of resources. They can really advocate for themselves to make changes in their health and bring that to their practitioner and help their practitioner. Get on board with them and then I hope they'll get the free report and also sign up for the newsletter because I'm going to have some really targeted supplements coming out this year. That are unique on the market for Mass Legitimation Syndrome. So our researcher on top of a practitioner not like in the lab doing the work reading the articles and compiling all of the research out there and looking at what's been what's most effective and most helpful for people so that's coming out this year in this book and then in in a practitioner training program so we can get more and more people able to do this kind of work on ice. Oh look forward to all of those things and we'll definitely put your link your website in the show notes as well so people can easily access at and thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story with us for one as well as what you've learned in the journey. Thank you Lauren. I'm so grateful that we can team up lakes this and and help people out there who are suffering and to get out of that suffering and get to have the kinds of lives that they need to have and the naked go out and being service and we just can really make the world a better place.

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Ep. 111: Colorado Wolves, Mosquitos, and Alaska

Cal's Week in Review

26:00 min | Last week

Ep. 111: Colorado Wolves, Mosquitos, and Alaska

"We are proud to welcome and introduce a new show sponsor chevy silverado and the strongest most advanced silverado. Ever we all know a chevy guy among our buddies heck. I was and am such a chevy guy. I lived in mind for five years with two yellow labs all over the country. They're not like a giant obnoxious truck. You can run. 'em all over forest service roads all over america and canada goto chevy dot com. That's e. h. e. y. dot com or your local chevy dealer. And see for yourself. What happens when legendary. Dependability meets modern capability the chevy silverado. The strongest most advanced silverado ever ran. Send us stuff all the diamonds. Count mccurdy little secret. There's very few things that can make it into my rotation. But i got stuff from free fly which is like an outdoor fishing brand. I got a set of breeze pants. Which i can confidently tell. You is the only pant. i wear named after the wind. I also got a bamboo hooded shirt. That's great for sun protection and it is comfortable and doesn't stink. You can get twenty percent off when you visit. Free fly apparel dot com forward slash c. l. again that's f. r. e. f. l. y. a. p. p. a. r. e. l. dot com slash cal from meters world news headquarters in montana. This cows week in review presented by steel steel products. Available only at authorized dealers for more go to steal. Dealers dot com. Now here's your host ryan callahan. Wolf pups have been confirmed in the state of colorado colorado parks and wildlife staff have reported three separate sightings of wolves with pups between june fourth and june eighth of the twenty twenty one spring season. Colorado is now home to our first wolf litter since the nineteen forties. We welcome this historic dan in the new wolf family to colorado with voter passage last year of the initiative to require reintroduction of the wolf by the end of two thousand twenty. Three these pumps. We'll have plenty of potential mates when they grow up to start their own families. Said governor jared police. Quick aside here and i hate to do this so early in the episode but a governor police would have taken the disney out of statement. I would have found it much more palatable just substitute the words breeding pair for family is more or less what i'm looking for. You won't gorge. Why invite the messy definition of family into this scenario when in the state of colorado you already are dealing with the fact that you had a citizens initiative determine that you need to reintroduce wolves into a state that already has wolves and confirmed this june. Those wolves are reproducing. That question reproduce or re introduce is near the heart of the evolving wolf conflict in colorado wolves moving into colorado from neighboring states would allow not only the ranch communities that will have to tolerate livestock losses to predation to gradually become accustomed to dealing with wolves but the wild unglued populations of elk moose mule deer to do so as well a gradual process reintroduction advocates. Believe that although wolves showed up naturally in colorado and are now breeding and reproducing naturally in colorado the likelihood of a genetically viable population of colorado wolves as in a diverse enough number of non related adults mixing up. The gene pool would take much too long and possibly not happen at all not happen at all is for the record. What folks thought about the odds were of a wolf walking through wyoming into colorado. It's actually hilarious all right. I'm gonna stop here this bit. A wolf news reporting is getting far too biased by me. I apologize for that. We're going to stock this article. Up to opinion if frustrates me that members of the conservation and community get so wrapped up in helping wildlife that they then have to turn a blind eye to wildlife when it helps itself. I often feel we. Just don't have the patience to let nature do its thing. Although gray wolves are not federally endangered. They are listed as endangered in the state of colorado. If you are a coyote hunter you'd better know exactly what you're shooting at. It would be possible to mistake young wolf for an adult coyote and that mistake could cost you up to one hundred thousand dollars this week. We've got mosquitoes trees coyotes and so much more. But i i'm gonna tell you about my week and my week as well as this. Podcast is as you know. Brought to you by steel power equipment whom i have been traveling with through. Southern oregon and northern california. Steel is working with state parks and bowl states to plant two thousand and twenty one trees. In an effort to jump-start reforestation in areas hit by hot slow moving fires sometimes called catastrophic wildfires. these areas would eventually reforest themselves but the near short-term effects could be harmful to sensitive species for instance on the oregon side there to endangered sucker species and the highly prized red band rainbow trout which grows beyond thirty inches in length in an area that was severely hit by fire without healthy root systems holding back soil. More of that soil will end up in spawning areas. Potentially suffocating eggs laid in the gravel below. Getting taller growing trees started early will also help. To reduce the fuel buildup from low-lying brush including noxious weeds and invasive species by blocking son at the ground level. On top of that. We'll be able to get the right tape of habitat in place for bayer's black tailed deer elk and raptors among others. Now if you remember just back a little bit. When i made the comment about people not being patient enough to let nature do its thing. Well here's another for instance on the california side of the oroville state recreation area which happens to butt up against several major housing developments. The bear fire came incredibly close to those houses which was carried by high winds. The fire jumped thirteen miles. An hour and amazingly was slowed in part by the good fire management of the state wreck area. Which is surrounding the oroville reservoir due to the amount of standing dead timber. That is there now and the natural progression of a buildup of underbrush before the mature trees began to take over the state foresters estimate that it will take two thousand years for the state forest restore itself to its pre catastrophic fire state which is totally fine until you factor in the housing developments and the drought and the progressive nature of climate change. And the known fact that that state forest did do a good job of slowing that fire down to where it could be contained before it burned the houses. All of that has pointed to a need for some human interference to go in reduce fuels now and replant trees. That's a real real quick and dirty on forest management. It's a real fun job to be able to travel around and check this stuff out quick. Note if you're ever in the oroville california area and eat a bite to eat. Check out the wagon wheel. Those folks doing everything from scratch. Sausages tried tip smoked meat ribs salads and they're hunters and even processed wild game. They're highly recommend another thing. Thank you to the folks. From oregon state parks oregon fish and wildlife and california state parks for letting me tag along and seeing what he's got going on in those places moving on got a lot to cover. Tens of thousands of genetically modified mosquitos are now being released in six locations across the florida keys. This might sound like a bond villain plot to make people literally. Waste away and margarita ville. But it's actually an effort to knock back in invasive species that's been spreading disease in florida for decades as its name would suggest the eighties aegypti mosquito as native to northern africa and although it makes up only four percent of the total mosquitoes in florida. It's responsible for almost all transmission of zeka there as well as dan. Gay fever yellow fever and chicken. Gunja really don't want chicken gunja. It causes severe joint pain. And in the kim akande language of tanzania. Its name means to be contorted a description like that. And we'll take your word for it. Florida's tried to control these mosquitoes for years with pesticides which is expensive. Not very effective and just murder on honeybees ladybugs dragonflies in most other animals including humans during the zeke outbreak in two thousand sixteen insecticides. We're sprayed from airplanes over neighborhoods in florida. Which if you've ever seen what sprays due to bugs spraying on your kids probably isn't a good idea. The genetic approach goes like this in the lab. A dime males are altered so that when they mate with wild a tight lady mosquitoes the resulting female offspring are born with genetic malfunction. That kills them before they can mate the male offspring however are perfectly healthy but when they breed with wild females they also pass on the self destruct gene again females die and all the new males. Pass on more self destruct. This keeps going for generation after generation until almost all the males are passing self destruct gene and almost all the females self destruct without females. There are no more a agip. Die mosquito mosquitoes. And we hope no more zeka. The beauty of this is this approach. Doesn't leave any mosquitoes with altered. Dna on the landscape wants those last females die all the genetically altered males die to this self limiting approach killed ninety six percent of a agip tie mosquitoes in the brazilian city of indiana tuba in two thousand and nineteen. You won't be surprised to hear that this has been very controversial even with approval from the epa and food and drug administration. A lot of people have seen jurassic park and worry that monkey around with an animal. Genetics could get out of hand of humility before nature. That's being displayed here. A staggered but because male mosquitoes don't by humans and because a aegypti mosquitoes only mate with their own species. The risks seem very very low. To me i mean to go back jurassic park remember. All the dinosaurs were female. It seems that the risks are a lot lower than pesticides if you're worried about unwittingly creating genetic mutants with superpowers. We're already doing that with mosquitoes. That have adapted to resist pesticides which is a super strong point that needs to be made again the pesticides that we're sprang to already kill mosquitoes but really kill a lot more than mosquitoes like. Most of our pollinators down there are already adapting to resist pesticides. Which is kind of how we got to this. Genetic alteration situation longtime listeners might be able to predict where. I'm going to go from here if we can go after invasive mosquitoes this way what about other in bases could zebra mussels. Pass self destruct. Dna down through the generations. How about leafy spurs with intercedes. Could burmese pythons. Genetically engineered to give birth to little sterile. Python's most importantly we get rid of feral cats this way shed it. I mean i personally think that the genetic altering of species is flat out scary. We are in a situation in places like florida the everglades where the bulk of the trapping that you see four. These invasive species occurs on roads. There's very very few roads down. There is not what the media tells you. So there's hundreds of square miles of area that humans don't go in that are chock full of these invasive that are eating the native wildlife. It is possible that long term solution here would be to get the invasive breed themselves and then come back in and reseed the landscape with native wildlife which unfortunately in this made up scenario would probably be eaten off the face of the everglades spend a ton of time outside in the sun and with the irish lineage. It's not that good for me. So recently i've checked out gear from free fly which is like an outdoor fishing brand. They make ridiculously comfortable performance clothing out of buttery soft bamboo. Recently i tried their brees. Pant and a bamboo hood shirt with a little pocket on the front. If you're ever on the river or the trail or lounging around outside this stuff is super comfortable. And i recommend it's got ups protection which away moisture and it doesn't stink. You can get twenty percents off when you visit. Free fly apparel dot com forward slash cow. Again that's f. R. e. f. l. y. a. p. p. a. r. e. l. dot com slash cal. We're proud to welcome and introduce a new show sponsor chevy silverado and the strongest most advanced silverado. Ever we all know chevy guy. This community of diehard silverado fans and hunting and fishing just continues to grow. The chevy silverado was designed engineered and built to thrive in the great outdoors for the ultimate off road adventure. The chevy silverado trail boss is ready to off road. Right from the factory with the two inch factory lift automatic locking rear differential rancho shocks dual exhaust and goodyear wrangler d'or attract tires goto chevy dot com. That's c. h. e. y. dot com or your local chevy dealer. And see for yourself. What happens when the legendary dependability meets modern capability the chevy silverado. The strongest most advanced silverado. Ever moving on to the alaska desk. We're getting closer to vote by the federal subsistence board that would prevent hunting of moose and caribou in two areas management units twenty three and twenty six in northwest alaska by anyone not meeting criteria as a subsistence hunter in those areas. That means that a piece of public land. The size of michigan would be closed to you and me and close not only to outsiders but also to born and bred alaskans. Who don't meet these specific criteria subsistence hunters. So let's say you grew up outside a barrel alaska in one of these units hundred there. Every year had a relationship with that area and those animals then moved to anchorage to take care of a sick parent. If this decision goes through you would have no option to return home and take part in that hunt as we covered before. This isn't about the animals. The herds are doing well and non subsistence hunters take a tiny fraction of the total animals. Killed every year the local hunters driving. This change have argued that arriving aircraft have disrupted caribou migration patterns but this hasn't been corroborated by science and anyway migration patterns change all the time for thousands of reasons known and unknown. In addition several areas have been closed to aircraft but it's extremely important to focus on population levels rather than other effects that outsiders may or may not be having. That's because the alaska national interest lands conservation or a nilka which is the federal law that governs these decisions says that the federal subsistence board can't close federal lands for just any reason hunting fishing and trapping half to remain open to federally qualified users unless population numbers are threatened or if the continued subsistence of the animals is threatened. That just isn't the case here. And this boat gets us into dangerous territory. Because of the precedent it would set last year similar but much smaller slice of land near glen allen units thirteen and thirteen be were closed nonlocal moose and caribou hunters that went by without many people taking notice and it set the stage for this much larger closing if shutting down thirteen and thirteen b was okay. Why not twenty three and twenty six a and now if twenty three and twenty six air closed what's to prevent similar areas from being closed in the same way alaska. Fishing game is dead. Set against this change commissioner. Doug vincent lang has a great op. Ed in the anchorage daily news. That lays out all the issues in play here and how bad this would be for alaskans and all american hunters yes. Outsiders can be yahoos. They can roll in with their fancy gear and act like they own the place but that kind of interpersonal beef is for people to work out. We can't toss out the science. Biologists worked so hard to develop. That is supposed to guide these decisions. We can't deny americans access to land. They owned together and that they pay for with conservation dollars. So you need to use the internet to navigate to places like the backcountry hunters and anglers website at backcountry hunters dot org click on the take action button at the top of the page. Scroll down the opposed public land closures northwest alaska and fill out that web form. This will send a message to robin levine. Who oversees the. Us fish and wildlife services office of subsistence management and alaska. We may not be able to change the vote of the federal subsistence board itself. But we can make all the noise in the world before the vote so that those members of that board know what's at stake moving on for quick animals caught on tape around. I up caravan lifers for michigan. Were recently let off the hook for chasing a collared. Grizzly bear in wyoming's toguchi pass with a camera drone last year. An investigation of the incident reported that the bear fled the pursuing drone and was caught looking back over his shoulder as it ran away for those of you who don't know the shoulder. Check that a grizzly does when it runs away as a very distinct grizzly bear trait black. Bears don't often with their heads around and look over their shoulder as they're running away from what i've seen grizz like size up. One more time. Drone flying is prohibited in nearby yellowstone. Grand teton national parks but because this areas in the bridger teton national forest. There's no rule against authoritarians couldn't make a charge stick under the airborne hunting act which outlaws quote using an aircraft to harass any bird fisher other animal interestingly. Us fish and wildlife also tried to use the endangered species act to pursue the case interpreting the term quote illegal take as not just taking an animal's life but also it's picture. Fortunately that didn't stick drones. Were recently also to blame for hassling. Wildlife and the bolsa chica ecological reserve near huntington beach. California this is an area off limits to recreation of all kinds to protect vulnerable shore. Birds who live there including the elegant tarn side note. Elegant tern is the actual name. It's not just saying like hey. That's elegant. tern can be confusing anyway. To drones recently crashed into the nesting area of the elegant turns at the bolsa chica reserve which scared almost three thousand turns off their nest who in turn abandoned their turn eggs. Drone footage is amazing stuff. It is game changing especially for folks who go out and capture things for a living. Like i do. In some cases cows week in review in the field youtube series would be much less appealing without the shots. We've taken with a drone but sometimes i wish that these drones could be shot out of the air. Maybe you could get hunting licenses for them. You'd have to prove that they're being used a responsibly. Something like that but my personal experience here in the state of montana. Going to public trail heads. Scenic overlooks boat launches. There's always some kid. Now who is out there. Disrupting the beautiful seen. That people came out to sea by flying a fricking drone over their head. I've been close to mental breakdown a couple of times. Because that's just not what i'm out there for especially when i'm not working again. I see the hypocrisy here but my goodness we try to be as respectful as possible. It's still not good for somebody out there. I'm sure but please just try. To put in the effort moving on seventeen year old has more nico who late last month sprang into action when her dogs rushed to black bear. Who had climbed onto a wall along her backyard. The bear had to cubs nearby and was therefore not playing nice with canines lunging and barking at her. A doorbell cam shows haley. Busting out of her house shoving the bear off the wall. Scooping up the closest dog and hauling ass out of there. Now you know my typical advises stay away from bears. Keep your distance. Whatever you do. Don't get into a tangle with the sahlin cubs but breaking up this fight and leaving all involved alive and unharmed was pretty impressive and you know when people describe the superhuman strength that comes over mother when her kids are in danger they always say she could have lifted a car off of them. Well maybe now they should say she could've rascal the bear to save them. Good job mama. Bear haley and last but not least from the animal encounter desk a coyote attacked and ran off with a hiker small dog in the whole gulch. Area of the boise. Foothills the boise. Foothills are a great example of a highly traffic wildland urban interface. Boise idaho is idaho's largest city in the area has been experiencing rapid growth. Roughly twenty one and a half percent from two thousand ten to twenty twenty making boise. The country's eighth fastest growing city. According to idaho news the attack happened in broad daylight just past noon last sunday. Idaho fish and game believes there are several active. Denning sites in the boise foothills and peta tax or likely resulting from female coyotes protecting pups and dan's or possibly as in this case mama. Ko was just sick. The kids asking for a puppy of their own. The owner of the stolen dog has asked that warning signs be placed on the trail system. The city of boise recommends owners keep their dogs leashed while on trail and has always advised that visitors. Do not feed wildlife. That's all i've got for you this week. Thanks so much for listening check out. Www dot steel dealers dot com to find knowledgeable friendly places to get your next set of pruning shears or an electric or gas powered saw and most importantly right into ask k. C. a. l. That's asked cao at the meat eater dot com and let me know what's going on in your neck of the woods. Thanks again and i'll talk to you next week so you know. Recently i've checked out this outdoor fishing company called free fly. And i gotta say some stuff's pretty darn nice. I recently tried out there. Bamboo which is awesome for sun protection. Very comfortable in hot weather as wearing it. When i was in hawaii you can get twenty percent off your very own shirt by visiting free fly payroll dot com forward slash cal again. That's f. r. e. f. l. y. a. p. p. a. r. e. l. dot com slash cal. So you know. Recently i've checked out this outdoor fishing company called free fly. And i gotta say some of the stuff's pretty darned nice. I recently tried out there. Bamboo hoodie which is awesome for sun. Protection very comfortable in hot weather as wearing it. When i was in hawaii you can get twenty percents off your very own shirt by visiting free fly apparel dot com forward slash cal again. That's f. r. e. f. l. y. App dot com slash cal.

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Opioid Edition 10: Side Effects Management

Mayo Clinic Talks

26:14 min | 1 year ago

Opioid Edition 10: Side Effects Management

"I hello and welcome to Mayo. Clinic talks the OPIOID edition. I'm Tracy mccray and this is the second of two bonus episodes on the OPIOID crisis. This podcast is brought to you by the OPIOID conference. Held each year as part of Mayo. Clinic's Continuing Medical Education. For more information on all OPIOID episodes available for Credit. Visit C. E. Dot Mayo Dot Edu Slash opioid P. C. Today we are showcasing. Dr Mollie feely a consultant in the division of General Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic Rochester. She will be sharing. Best Practices for management of OPIOID SIDE. Effects. I'm going to spend a little time talking about opioid side effects and I have no financial relationships with anybody. I am going to talk about a number of off. Label uses of medications. And I'll talk about that as I go along. There's a lot of side effects related to opioid pain medications and pointing out the fact that we're really only gonNA talk about four of them today and what we're going to try to talk about. Our objectives are recognizing which opiates side effects are typically transient. And which are more pervasive to talk about. Management Options for each opioid side effect discussed and distinguish win to rotate to a different OPIOID versus wind. To just treat through the symptom and the way we're GONNA do this. We're going to have a case. And then we're GonNa talk about the principles related to that OPIOID side effect. Talk about some tips in management that opioid side effect. And then we'll have some take home points and we'll do that for each side effect. We talk about. We're talking about constipation. I and this is an actual patient. I took care of. It's probably been about two years now. But she was thirty seven years old. She had widely metastatic breast cancer to the bones and she when she presented to my office she had had no ball movement and the last eight days and she was miserable. She was so miserable that she actually quit. Taking all of her opioid pain medications a couple days prior to come into my office. And that's significant. She took off her seventy five microgram fennel patch and she stopped all of her oral hydromorphone. She did have a bowel regimen at home. She had one hundred milligrams as needed twice a day. She had Malcolm Magnesia thirty CS three times a day as needed and miramax seventeen grams and water daily as needed so. My question is in addition to a successful Emma in the office which of the following would be the next best step in managing her constipation adding sorbo tall thirty. Cc's B. O. P. O. B. Ide- prn adding scheduled spider supplement adding a scheduled stimulant laxative or adding methanol trucks Niagara with stimulant laxative. Will talk in a minute about why I think That's a better answer than methyl. Trek Zone. So managing OPIOID INDUCED CONSTIPATION. Opioid induced. Constipation is almost universal. With scheduled opioids. Almost everybody gets it so you really do. Need to anticipated and tolerance does not develop to opioid induced constipation. You go up on the dose. The constipation gets worse. It doesn't get better. The body doesn't get used to it. The ball does not get used to it over time. And for patients who are unscheduled opioids. They really ought to be on a scheduled stimulant laxative. This is a suggested regiment it is not the only regimen out there but this is typically what. I do and point out a couple of things about managing opioid induced constipation. First of all I would actually cross out Docu sate. There's actually several very good. Placebo controlled double blind studies. That really show. Doc you say is no better than placebo in any patient population whether they have serious illness or whether they're healthy. This drug does not work very well. And then I'll point out that you max out one drug before you add another drug if you go back to what my patient was taking. She was taking P. R. N. P. R. N. Milk of Magnesia NPR on Mir lax and. What that amounts to in a day is she takes the DOC. You said. It doesn't work so four hours later. She takes a dose of milk of MAG. That doesn't work so four hours after that. She takes me relax and she's essentially taken one dose of three drugs a day. Which is very low dose. So Max one drug first and then you start adding and you get to methyl trucks. Because mother-in-law truck zone is something that's indicated if you've maxed out a good bowel regimen schedule your laxatives and then adjust accordingly if their stools are too loose back off but schedule them. Don't give them. Prn they know whether they should take the milk of MAG or the Miramax or the eight so fiber isn't really helpful in opioid induced constipation. In the words of one of my esteemed colleagues opioids turn your stool to concrete. Adding fiber just gives you fibrous concrete. Not that I'm anti fiber fiber is lovely just does not work for this and consider a peripherally acting. Mu opioid receptor antagonists. If you've maxed out a bowel regimen and you aren't getting very far and you've ruled out a bowel obstruction. So what are these peripherally? Acting Mu opioid receptor antagonists. Well we're GONNA talk about methotrexate on I. It is the first one that came out. If I came out in a Subcu- form and what it is to. Mu opioid receptor antagonists. That does not cross the blood brain barrier so it reverses. The effect of opioids on the MU receptor. In the periphery but not in the central nervous system. So it blocks the opiate effect on the gut inducing lactation without reversing the pain control within the central nervous system and it is highly effective if you have the right. Diagnosis and the patient has opioid induced constipation. And you give. This doesn't work and you give a second dose the next day and it doesn't work question your diagnosis. It has that affected for opioid induced constipation. But it ain't cheap about one hundred dollars a dose and it's dosed based on weight they do have an oral methyl naltrexone now the FDA indication for the oral methyl trucks on pill is only for non cancer related pain on Baal. Obstruction is still an absolute contra indication and it is also highly effective for opioid induced constipation. It is four hundred the doses four hundred and fifty milligrams a day and it comes as one hundred and fifty milligram pill. So that's three tablets once a day and it's about fifteen hundred dollars a month for a one month supply so it is very expensive no lock Seagal also is an oral peripheral acting. Mule receptor antagonists. This is a peg related derivative of Naloxone so that it acts peripherally without crossing the blood brain barrier it is also highly effective for opioid induced. Constipation if you have the right diagnosis very rare episodes of opiate withdrawal predominantly with Methadone patients some Gi side effects early on within the first few days again primarily in patients on Methadone. The downside of the locks goal is that it has multiple drug interactions. That you really have to make sure that you're not interacting with other drugs. It comes as a low dose in a high dose and it's only about three hundred and thirty dollars a month. Here's just a chart comparing them and I would just point out that for advanced illness or cancer pain the subcutaneous methanol trucks owners the only one that's FDA indicated for opioid induced constipation. I would keep your eyes and ears open. Because I suspect in the coming months and years we're going to hear more and more about the oral products and their safety and use in patients with cancer or a serious illness so keep your eyes peeled bowel obstruction as a contra indication for all of them all of them have only have safety profiles going out about a year. Certainly that data will trickle trickle in overtime of safety beyond a year. But that's something to consider and then the cost as noted all of them. If you have a bowel wall that has integrity issues such as a cancer growing through it. You can run. The risk of perforation. Baal so something to think about as well that is very rare but catastrophic complication and this is kind of how I think about using it in an algorithm where if they have advanced illness or cancer. I'm going straight to the SUBCU-. If they have non cancer pain my question is do we have paddock. Failure or drug interactions. If we I'm going to oral methotrexate and if we don't have that you can use either one so my take home points for OPIOID INDUCED. Constipation is that it's virtually universal. In patients on scheduled opioids no tolerance develops over time. If you're going to have someone unscheduled opioids you should really have them on scheduled stimulant laxative. Fiber is a no no for these patients. Inconsiderate peripherally acting new opioid receptor antagonists. If you've maxed out Aboul Regimen and you've ruled out bowel obstruction and the role of the oral opioid antagonists in advanced illnesses. Cancer is probably evolving. And we're probably going to see more and more about that nausea. This is a young eighteen year. Old Woman who really has horrific systemic Lupus Erythematosus and she has a severe destructive arthritis related to her lupus and that severe joint pain really limits her mobility and her functionality. In addition to that she has multi organ dysfunction due to her Lupus and she does have a limited life expectancy because of the severe progressive disease that she has so you elect to start her on. Hydromorphone two milligrams. Po Q four hours prn for her pain hoping to improve her function as she has failed to all other therapies and twenty four hours later she tells you she's miserable with nausea and vomiting and cannot take this medication alternatively ideologies of nausea have been ruled out. So what is the next best step to manage her? Nausea OPIATE ROTATE. Her Defense Switzer to Ivy hydromorphone ads. Scheduled pro-corporate Zine which composting add on dance a tron. Which is oh fram all right. Well I'm going to try and convince you that. Addie scheduled pro-corporate Zine is actually the right answer here so oak. Nude induced nausea. It's not rare. It's not as common as we worry about. But it's not rare depending on what study you look at it somewhere. Between fifteen and forty percent of patients. There are multiple mechanisms by which opioids cause nausea. Obviously got under Shen. Constipation is one of the big ones. It can affect the vestibular function and give nausea that way but by far the most common way that opioids induce nausea is through the Chemo. Receptor trigger zone. Here's the kicker though nausea from opioids patients develop tolerance to it and it goes away in about ninety percent of patients in three to days. If you just wait long enough in almost everybody. The nausea goes away. Anti DOPAMINERGIC agents are first line for opioid induced nausea vomiting. And the reason for that is for nausea. That is relayed through the chemo. Receptor trigger zone. That's either a dopaminergic or a certain phenomenon and simply simply need to know. The piece of Trivia that opioids that go through there as dopaminergic phenomenon more than a certain Japan nomination. And there's little evidence to support the use of one opioid over another meaning that all of the opioids induce nausea at equal rates. Therefore if you switch opioids on Day. One all you've done is reset the clock at zero and they're likely to get nauseous from that opioid as well. So the key here is trying. Not to switch the opioids until three to seven days and this is where I try to treat through the nausea for three to seven days if we're seven days out or we're still struggling with nausea. Then I switched to a different drug. There was a study that came out about a year ago that showed that handle all had significantly less Gi side effects than oxycodone. I'm that's the first study that's really showed one opioid to be better than another and had had less constipation and less nausea related to it so I have to put a little asterix there. It's a single study. It's only compared to oxycodone but it is something to think about and watch for if you have someone who has a really really touchy gut. So my take home. Points for nausea and vomiting are address alternative sources of nausea try to avoid opioid rotation in the first five to seven days. Try to treat through for five to seven days. Anti dopaminergic agents are first line and I scheduled them if through that first five to seven days and then taper them off and considered to handle all. If you have someone who has a really really touchy got the need to use someone. Use It for if in the right situation. Sedation related to opioids if you are interested in learning more about this topic Dr Mollie. Feely speaks at the annual Mayoclinic OPIOID conference Mayo. Clinic offers hundreds of continuing medical education conferences. Worldwide Visit C. E. Dot Mayo Dot Edu and registered today for the Mayo Clinic opioid conference. So this is one of my favorite patients that I've ever cared for in my career. He's fifty years old and he is in remission from non Hodgkin's lymphoma unfortunately he had pretty bad. Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy for which she has been on chronic opioids because he has failed trials of everything else and when I mean failed. He got horrible. A demon from Gabon Penton and so I switched him to pre gallon. He got horrible. A Dima from pre Gavin that I tried to treat through with lasix compression garments that did not work so I put him on. Carbamazepine the carbamazepine. I successfully drove his sodium down to one hundred and eight a personal record for me at the time so I put them onto pyramid. If anybody if you've ever seen the issues with concentrate concentration and memory with too pure mate he got. That couldn't remember anything so I put him on Lamotrigine. I don't know if any of you have had the luxury of inducing the lamotrigine rash and one of your patients. I'm here to tell you. It is horrible horrible rash and so in the end I put him on tricyclic and we literally had to shock him out. Avi Tak from the tricyclic so he was on opiates and he had failed all of the opiates including Methadone until I had him on a funnel. Patch longtime stable dose. Had NO ABER BEHAVIOR. The issue was that the same with the phenomenal patch that he'd had with. All of the other opioids is that they made him really sleepy and it was interfering with his ability to do his job at work and is only medication that he was on the twenty five microgram frontal no patch every other day. So what's the next best step to with? This guy's somnolence admit avenue which is vigil telling me can't be on. Opiates anymore because he doesn't have cancer related pain. Tell him he should quit his job and go on disability or start them on an S. Sri I'd agree with that Madonna final. He actually had multiple people telling him he should quit his job and go on disability of this issue and I just think that would be a disaster for this fifty fifty year old guy. So sedation related to opioids. It's not uncommon. But it's almost always transient and it usually goes away in a couple of days. If it doesn't go away what else is going on? What else are you missing is their sleep apnea. What other drug got added nine times out of ten? It's a Benzodiazepine. Or a muscle relaxer. But what else is going on? That's driving the sedation. If it doesn't go away in two to three days and really step three is really what else is going on? Is this person Hypo? Gone from the OPIOIDS. Are There Alternative Drugs? Other than the opioids. Can you switch them to a non opioid medication? I'm I think we definitively gave. That are very best. Shot with this patient Opioid IS OPIOID rotation and option. What else can we do? Because the last thing is to add a stimulant medication and as both a family doc. Anna General Internist. I hate treating the side effect of one drug with another drug. But this is a case in a rare situation where I would consider doing it with a stimulant medication. The to stimulants out there. That we use our methylphenidate or Ritalin or Madonna Fennell and provincial. They really have very similar side effect profiles with some anxiety some trailer. Snus some cardiac desribed MIA that is usually atrial in nature usually but not always insomnia and Anorexia listed by side effect. I will tell you. I've never seen that in an adult yet. I've never seen an adult who had had significant problems with that yet. The tips that I would say is don't give the second dose after two PM or they're not going to sleep. So I usually dose it. Eight am noon or eight am too but I won't go but I try not to give it after two o'clock methylphenidate is twice a day. I usually use medicinal today. It's a little bit longer acting. So my sedation take home. Points Arts. Usually transient try to wait a couple of days. It almost always gets better and go away. If it doesn't get better and go away. I really really look hard to try and figure out what else is going on and I would use stimulants as an as a last resort and only in the right patient Politis so this is a twenty four year old young man who is admitted to the hospital with a tip fib fracture one night planning to go to the operating room the next morning to have a rod put in his leg upon admission to the hospital he reported allergies to. Morphine codeine. Oxycodone and hydrocortisone. Now why a twenty four year old has had exposure to morphine codeine. Oxycodone and hydrocortisone would probably have been a good thing for me to ask at the time. I didn't puke complaints of pain and his pain is uncontrolled by non opioid regimens. So I ordered Peo- hydromorphone for pain. And he almost immediately started a chain is exam. Showed no rash. So how would you manage his itching? Switch him to Ivy hydromorphone at PRN diphenhydramine scheduler adding switching to now be seen. I'm going to try and convince you that actually switching him to abuse. Cena's probably the best answer here so opioid induced pariahs. So first of all practice is not an allergy. You can have an allergy to opioids but a true opiate allergy usually presents US hives or NFL axis and it's very impressive and not very subtle the price and the itching that people get from opioids. That is more common is actually not an allergy It is common and it is far more common. With Intra Axial opioids than it is with. Systemic opioids and it is not histamine related phenomenon. It is true. That opioids caused mass. Sell release but it is not mass sal release or Histamine Related. That causes the itching. That people get with opioids. So please quit snowing. These people with Benadryl. They do sleep and they quit complaining because they're schnookered but they wake up itching. Unfortunately there is very little data on how to manage the itching outside of the Inter thelocal administration which makes it challenging in management is largely based on expert opinion. So these are my tips for opioid induced paralysis. So for reasons we don't understand hydromorphone sentinel oxy more phone and tram at all seem to have less itchy associated with them so that is always my first step if they're on oxycodone owner hydrocortisone or morphine. And I have the opportunity to opiate row tatum. These drugs might cost less itching and some patients will tolerate them much better orel or IV makes no difference in the Laaksonen is indeed really really effective for getting rid of the OPIOID induced itching. The problem is also reverses their pain control. And so that doesn't really help you much. In the practical management of these patients partial opioid agonists such as now boo pain or UTAH. Utah State all famous new. Bain seemed to really reduce itching a lot. These studies have mostly been done. In patients. On intrical opioids so their pain is being managed by their interests equal pomp and they're given small doses of these opioid solely to manage the itching not to manage the pain. So how you manage this in someone. Like my patient who was having it based on systemic. And how you use these medicines to treat both pain and itching is less clear. I will tell you with my guy. I went with new Bain because I was somewhat familiar with it and using it in pregnant women. It was a very interesting twenty minute conversation with the nighttime pharmacist. Trying to convince him that my twenty four year old man I wasn't deed ordering new Bain for my twenty four year old man and he no he was not pregnant but eventually got it up. We used it for his pain and it worked beautifully for both his pain and his itching. If this is a MU receptor phenomenon if the itchiness actually caused by immune receptor phenomenon. How about these peripherally acting? Mu opioid receptor. Antagonists will in fact. There're couple studies out there now looking at managing itching with methotrexate zone and disappointingly. It hasn't worked in any of them. There's a reasonably good double blind placebo controlled trial of seventy two patients that had no no benefit over placebo. That probably suggests that this is more a central phenomenon than a peripheral nerve phenomenon and that makes sense based on that we see the itching more common. In interest. Equal and axial opioids. And the other thing is there might be a serotonin component to this. Because the Serotonin blockers seem to help the itching. There is not good data for this. But using on Dancer Tron. Which is a serotonin urgent blocker or Murtaza's keen in some studies have shown some benefit in managing itching. I had a cancer patient on high doses of oxy more phone who had terrible itching and we put him on scheduled on dance Tron four times a day and didn't eliminate the itching but it made decreased it enough to make tolerable for him to continue therapy. So my take home points. It's not histamine. Please stop the Benadryl. A considerable partial agonists drug. If that's an option and possibly consider on dance atronomer Tazapir if as a as a management tool so dr feeling of his views specific questions about side effects for you. So what do you think about? The person who's on scheduled chronic narcotics who denies. They ever have constipation. Are they full of it? I I had one patient who had chronic diarrhea who getting on chronic opioids for Kelsey flax was the best thing that ever happened to her and I had heard nothing for laxatives because the opioid solved her chronic diarrhea so it can happen but it is few and far between and then how would you handle patient who develops extra parameters symptoms on the probe pairs in that. You're using to treat their. I would put them on something. That's not a dopaminergic blocker. You'd you'd have to go to something else because that's a side effect of all dopaminergic antagonised drugs. So you going to have to go to Dancer Tron or something else. We've got a couple of questions throughout the morning. Hypo nepotism as a side effect and is that resolved simply by removing the OPIOID or. Is there ever a role for for example to Castro treatment? It is actually resolved with getting them off the opiates. The HYPO- Gone Edison goes away. All of the woman who got pregnant as her dose came down so the ideal situation would be to get them off the. Opiates if they if they're diseases such that getting them off the opioids is not an option treating them with to. Saas thrown as effective oath. The rationale for changing Q. Two two days and then Would Ketamine be an alternative to federal? When you're thinking about Peri operative use period operative pink control. Federal Patches are work every third day for about ninety eight to ninety nine percent of people and then there are some people who are simply faster metabolisers and they will see. The dose will wear off on that third day and they'll come in and say I'm great except that third day is horrible and so in those patients going to every other day fence and all at the same dose is very effective. I've seen that predominantly in people. Who are profoundly ca captain Kirk and my hospice patients at the very end of life. But they other place where I've seen it as a real young people. Do we think that there's an opioid that causes less delirium in our elderly patients? Is there one you would choose over another no? And it's not true at all. They all have equal equal delirium. We've been talking about management of OPIOID side effects with Dr Mollie. Feely a consultant in the division of General Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic Rochester. Remember if you enjoyed Mayo Clinic Talks. Please subscribe and share with a friend. Healthcare professionals looking to claim. Cme credit for Mayo Clinic talks the OPIOID addiction. Go to C. E. Dot Mayo Dot Edu Slash C.

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Living At The Speed Of Light

Mentally Yours

32:59 min | 3 months ago

Living At The Speed Of Light

"Mentally oh focus on your mental health. You show regrets mentally entity then men today. So casey welcomes deal. Thanks very much for coming on. Can you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself and your background Before we moved once chatting about your book well. I have Yet written a book. But it's basically about my experiences stand. Living with bipolar disorder is of wasn't diagnosed until i was twenty seven and i was like mentally ill when fourteen ab it wasn't picked up. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety ofi martinez who might days until i sort of had a breakdown spicy. Cool it a bill of the career. I worked to a family work for children's services and germany. Well great support if partner and everything's will fell apart really ended up being what for two years or some benefits and needed to find so often you. Directions take different after Diagnosed with bipolar. And the thing. That helped me. The free was a writing something that i had done. Innovest t an. I never really pursued it. The yeah. I finally decided you know i want to do something for apiece writing felt like the natural thing today for me and i saw in a blog and things and it was just a chilled so of kobe. I had than ticket father them yet. So of how up things that destroy the writing. Yeah you definitely have started building. I think around speech milking time. I mean i still think is great blocks about but when not quite one hoping out with the sort of picked a good time to be doing it and it's quite a nice sort of mental health roget's community now. I think isn't already yeah. That's why i was a drum to twitter rate eight. Because and i started looking and so of anonymously back in twenty twelve and secretly typing away on the block moga and decided i wanted to be more open and let people know who i was so i started movement block away to different To what preston them was on twitter that more bit more active and medicine absolutely fantastic people that have honestly helped me so much understand the condition. It's helped me learn about mental illness. In general of met so many people have different experiences and how why the experiences of people that have biproduct we have such unique perspectives. And what we've being free the challenges we faced an. I love connecting with those people learning about this. You know struggles in how we can help each other on me too. I mean i was really excited to get on steaks. Obviously we both got bipolar disorder dislike. This is great. You know. I mean i love poker's palace We just to have a chance to disorder the different things. I mean already from your story i relate to it so much. Your book well These started suffering from depression age fourteen. I had exactly the same experience of not. I mean not exactly the same experience but that is when depression hit me and for me it was kind of looking myself in the in the boss room into crying radiation but not knowing why and whatnot so stuff took until i was twenty four to get the proper diagnosis and then route stabilizes so i think he's quite common fushun isn't isn't it. I mean you mentioned that in your book as well. It can take a long time for people with bipolar disorder to get diagnosed and then the exited the treats and learn how to manage it. I think it's an average is about ten years in the uk to get dot nicest bipolar and People usually misdiagnosed about free point five times before they get that bipolar diagnosis. And that's experienced. Life had so nine. I've just heard it again and again again. Even to die chasing people hearing about the stories in Sounds like me and like you said about looking yourself in the buffering. That's exactly what it's as a fourteen year olds quit because it was on. Otani are bathroom in the house and is taking up space and when i was like seen as a school refusal i just point blank refused to go to school and ended up being about six months. So frustrating isn't as low with the whole sky back to the diagnosis thing briefly. Because it's yeah if it's an average of ten years at his ten years of living with the with the condition probably on meds or if you are mets maybe not the right ones necessarily and you might be put on depressants. Rescan can then trigger mania. Possibly you might be put on the wrong things. I think is quite difficult for people who may be done by piloted disorder to understand. I was speaking to a friend and she was actually quite anti diagnosing people with mental health issues tool. And i don't understand that viewpoint too because it was a real blessing to me when i finally was diagnosed because i have to slack off finally and i was going on and i may not like it but i should know how to deal with it. You can actually stocks face it ready whereas before that sort of thinking about my life my mood i guess from being forty maybe even younger but certainly fourteen upwards fourteen twenty four i mean those is by refine and everything but there was lots of periods where it was just tucked also controlling the depression and the mania sorts of stuff. I did yeah. It's very chaotic. Yeah i look back at when teenage as a must-win days and yeah exactly so chaotic and like an embarrassing Many things. I think all my go. Why why did i do that. But that's the thing chaotic. An embarrassing way to like people who live bipolar disorder might not really understand the sale while teenagers do embarrassing things. Also safety things. Oh now and. I guess that is true to extent. And you d have to be kind to yourself not citizens. But i mean i remember when i was in my early twenties and stuff being in haikou mania while mania and doing things like sleeping on the streets and just sleeping around and guys and stuff and i don't know buying loads of stuff. I didn't need in hockey made. But yeah it's just what you say. It can be a lot of the stuff coming embarrassing Difficult what made you won't suit. Write the book. Like i said i been looking for a while and i wanted to do something that was not. Just a a memoir. Aw but something that. Ashley had practical support inara advice. Because i couldn't really see anything like that full bipolar soda. It was all very memoir all seri dry days of the symptoms. This is what's going on. There was nothing was inbetween. All from someone that had lived experience. I just felt was needed. A that was a gap that and i saw. It would be something that would resonate with. A lot of people would help people that were boy they might have bipolar. People had just been newly diagnosed and as well helping friends and family because one of the biggest issues. I had really was trying to get my family. My friends to understand why i was going very and for them to understand how to support me. I made like my family have been incredible. They do struggle like my parents alike. Is it something we've done. Do we do something to be you know. Have we missed you up. We'll have we done most like you. Haven't you haven't done anything yet. they released. They struggled with guilt for a long time. And i think affected our relationship Affected my relationship with my partner and he met me before my diagnosis and i was manic met. I was twenty free. Very manic ferry into everything for everything and well wind and Life of the party and he was obviously attracts you to that and are then. We'll very up and down and he had to do that. I think can when. I like breezy severe depressive episode. He was he thought. All this is. This is really serious. It's what's going on. I don't know how to help you. And he had to deal with making that diagnosis and helping me through it and accepting it and how they may accept as well so it's been a nice to china everyone in your life not just you. Thus new i sort of found things like comedies. Be really supportive. But it's interesting. What you said about the the blame thing. I don't think they blame themselves. But the stephanie. The thing about sometimes when you speak to people about sort of long-term Mental health stuff like bipolar disorder. Also conditions people think that may be something terrible happen to you and your kids and they make sort of assumptions that actually i think an ice sheltered ready so it's it does not side of stuff but you are right as well justified that it does affect other people in your life I think is waiting inspiring that you've got this relationship with being together everything together. Eleven years the america thawing he's just been my rook. He's he's helped me so much. Yeah he's he's very calm and he's very gentle but he also is certified non on the cusp of so hyphen mania romania. You can still say you need to calm down. You need help Which has greedy improvement retain we communicate. He'll do things. Like if i'm over the place and he can see the signs he's he's i've told him about the signs and what to knock out for sophy sees the mood combining together. He's like oh wanting sites that scott of do things like. I think i need to have your debit card because if you keep that car if you keep your cards you're gonna spend money and from past experience. Yeah i will spend all my money to the bottom of my a draft. I will max out my credit coats. So yeah he's fading fantastic. He's also go and at best friend. Who has bipolar as well. And that he's Longer than longer than me. So he's co two of us. That's been really helpful as well because they live together before we were to. We got together and he understood a little bit about what he was info. Ray that does help. doesn't it. your relationship sounds like a couple gold. Guay very jealous Friends know people with it as well because one of my friends husbands go back to the disorder. And i think that helps in that sort of unspoken thing like she she kind of tons of stuff around. It doesn't have to kind of explain it like. I don't have to explain why i haven't been texting depressed. We have to like you said with the money stuff. Think she'd be sympathetic to that. When you talking about the money thing and sitter taking to hugh kadhafi was just sort of sat there nodding people because it's a polk caused by disliked yet. That'd be waiting quite beauty helpful for me. I feel like i said if chest maybe a bit too much about sort of my own stuff. My by soda. You mentioned that about the warning signs and stuff what. Today's you wanna very different office safer depression and mania but like safest of depression is i. I a shutdown. I get very tired of antiques. I still messaging people making an effort at become ready. Unmotivated generally looking after myself. And it's is ira i become. I won't everyone away from me. All i need everyone around me and between and it could be different day to day like no. I do not want you name me. The land needs to be on my iron Because i feel safe and today's to solve the early warning signs and it sounds like if they all culminate together that i know something's up and it's going to get worse but like can i g get quite monique and then me. It's talking a lot talking really fast. I just chatting. Nonsense oversight gibberish to people having lays energy not sleeping wanting sex all the time and the spending a big one for me and having lows of ideas like i'm the most amazing idea for a novel ever gonna write it in two weeks and it's gonna be incredible and it's gonna be a best seller and i've done that before and when i came down on is more stable And i was slightly ahead is this. This doesn't make any sense. This is just random gibberish and ide as a but at the time. I thought it was like the most amazing thing ever written in my life. I mean all that sounds familiar through the whole thing noting noting like for me in the russian side of things. I've realized like me. A big thing is like the housework. Like when i i mean hate house look the best two times like when the she is just piling on piling up on here. We seem to find house. Wet a lot harder when i'm depressed and then thank you so much should bring up the sex thing because you know i feel like the mental health websites may be trying to avoid stuff like that because they don't want to upset people shot people. That definitely is a thing on the mood. Scale thing i mean. I find it so bad knocks on. I'm i'm on mood stabilizes. But i mean to full rob is on like i'm gonna mentioned it in the tonight with a suit of over the base and Yeah it's definitely a thing. Yeah it's just going to say the difference but when you're depressed yet. I have no libido about a no interest in sex. I'm depressed and then when i manic rats who can think about so. It's really hard when you're in a relationship for your partner so the to understand this deal with it and accept it. I've lost relationships because of hat. Yai mental proposition may or put myself in dangerous situations Because i just didn't see it as an issue as appropriate When i was younger erin. Yeah it's it's tough. Not enough people talk about it and Yeah a so. When i remember. When i was younger i went away on holiday on my own house manic and just set around and cheat on my girlfriend at the time in fell absolutely awful when i come down and i was stable again. I saw a complicated access not me. That's not who i am. I would never think of doing that. I had to come clean. And i had to tell her what happened and we split up. But that's sometimes paul of white powder you have to sort of own your mistakes even if you like you. What completely trump. Definitely i mean. It's just such a pain in the neck. I just enjoy this chaplain to your bassett. Because it's always limited it the people with this and i'm just like would i say much. So what are you hoping that people were to get out of the book and so it's called living at the speed of light. Yeah would you hopes for it. I'm just high paying. People will get something out of it like they will feel supported though feel heard someone that has maybe similar experiences to them and they can read in aren't aren't so line I'm also hoping that the advice is useful at helps people of even if they can't compete relate to solve all the warning signs and triggers in things. I have it will help them. Think flush released my own. I should write my down and and actually trying to think a little bit more about bipolar symptoms. Because really rotting everything down for me as really helped and i'm hyping it helps. Family friends is why he read it. That may be it. Might help open a dialogue with somebody. Definitely save me a job in sims with family and friends and you just give that to them and just be like they could be visible justify mental health in the focus all the time. This deal said family. In france the district mention a too. Because you know what is likely friends he just wants to have through with friends Thirty talk about serious stuff. So data wondering about the bipolar thing citizens to my house or anything. Just read this stuff about it. Oh have you been able lockdown Weightless okay may so the festival town arms. I because i was already working from home and i was like oh my life changing huge amount. I just can't see my friends at. I really social person. I love saying my friends and my family and so that aspect was hard but my mental health seen to hold up a it wasn't until spring summer when it will call down that actually. My mental health went down to michael. Very very depressed got ready. Ill had medication changes. That really did not see. I like the west side effects to things. I'm really susceptible to like side effects. I had severe joint pain market. Hoppy can things that during the summer. So i had to change your medication up on lithium and since then mike has been really stable Which is amazing for me. Because although although i've had a book about bipolar i it's not perfect you know i didn't want to write. The book is sort of the big inspiring sort of message that you can completely recover and everything will be okay forever. Because that's not what it's been like familiar with by his being a journey. It has been a struggle at times. It's a learning experience will still learning. I mean it's realistic isn't it. Ns lived experience. If you'll forgive me. Sinus is up and down. It with soda is interesting. Disease mentioned about lithium read somewhere that sort of considered the gold standard of treatment in san francisco. I know other people that have been for years and years. And that's been really helpful but i don't envy you switching meds During the pandemic. Because i think i would have been quite scared about that lesson. They i was very. I was very get Did you feel you had to support in terms of from your gpo from the mental health team. Well am. I actually a new psychiatrist this year and he has being. He's like the best psychologists have had as a very supportive. Very down to earth are never had a psychologist. That's made belowthe will have a joke way in advance away And i really felt listened to a had a really bad experience about a year ago with a psychiatrist who discharged me. And when i was obviously not very well he discharged me. I made a complaint against him and it didn't get any further because he said i didn't do that. Sat was that wasn't good. But now someone who is pretty seems to listen and wants to involve me in this dog about what we do about medication and in may fluid said that helped so much and it was really scary. Going on the field was really concerned about set in solving the blood tests out with absolute nightmare. So for those who are not to have regular testing you when you're lithium because of the the levels needs to be right because it could be because of the toxicity levels can get quite ill the Had to go to regular blood tests like once a week. When i started and trying to get an appointment to get blood tests at the right time so i had to take it twelve. You have to take your medication. Twelve hours later have a lettuce. And i couldn't get appointments to light to a free in the often name so i was still taking my meds. free in the morning then. Yeah that was that was it. That was all they could do because of the pandemic good. No you're Is it just is a monthly that you have. The test is that right. They set free free six months. Okay now the Accessible it may said this is a good thirteen Level that your own succumb back in freeman's exclude on an views. Well because yeah. I didn't know that it sadaqa faster sets up by that to start with. But like i say i've got friends who run in. It's been great for them for years. And say i'm glad that it hasn't had the side effects the last one. Actually i'm on this includes vow price. Which when i was in my early thirties i kept getting these witty annoying cools from saying. Are you having a baby having baby. Because he can't get pregnant if you it because it can potentially the palm. The baby and i kept going. No i'm not gonna interesting babies soviet state me. I'm going to have a baby. Because i'm not seems to have stopped now because i'm eddie full. Get the time. 'cause i'm mfs downsides lie he's showing this quake About the as you're gonna there. But then i guess they have to be responsible in. Yeah this is a massive questions to ask like But you thinking about having kids because that will be a whole intentive tapering off meds What you'll so now. I'm well aware of discussed it of cement with a psychologist a couple of years ago just to end of would be lying and how not to sound selfish but the impact it would have made the impact you'd have a my partner very ill or if i got very ill off to the baby spoon which happens very offensive and can hope can't happen very often. I already have a sentence with psychosis and things like that. So i wouldn't want to put myself in a position where it could be very very unwell. So it's off. We just put a pause on it Let's just discuss it in a couple years naps a couple of years later. We haven't discussed so research. Quit your on upon phocas. When you haven't had the serious conversation with your luck is always being very straight-forward to me. Because i'm not maternal. I'm not interested in having kids like so. Yeah it's completely irrelevant. Made at an amateur titled or whatever they said is No interest in having kids so relief which is why when they keep being about You're gonna have kids. I always find it really annoying slash entertaining but is a big thing. Isn't it ready for the women with bipolar disorder to think about because the message that we have put on in terms of made say but a the no videon. Yeah you have to think about coming off the bus and stuff in the also just the basic things like when you do have a baby how that's going to affect sleep and all that sort of stuff exactly at We have a sort of a six month lease so of gina. Talk about it now mike. We got a cat. It's fine yes she think about aqua puppy now so as opposed. That's my substitutes giles. Yes she's lovely but she's quite enough like i'm ready like honestly the tomoe distinct Radio we couldn't be mother because it's it's hard enough being adult mother Being a genuine Just genuinely couldn't deal with it. I t's she quite well behaved but she still waiting in the house at draws up will an open to you have any advice. You'd like to chef anybody who's we sleeping diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Let's say when you first acknowledged is still a bit like greece. It can still really challenging. It could be extremely emotional. Because you feel like everything's changed but at the same time it a relief so give yourself time to understand it and try and do as much reset. She can and so of understand what you're going. Furry things can help to get you through difficult episodes or to stop them happening entirely and make sure that you have police with your treatment if you think therapy as well as is awesome and yeah we advocate for yourself and try and get people around you to help you as well like you need that of one one trusted person that you can of goaty. It doesn't have to be a in real life. Passing could be an online person that you feel. You can to and talk to you about what's going on with thanks casey. Thanks for joining me. Really appreciate you taking time out and i just feel i have had really nice master about by her disorder us rages. Joe's mint me mentally ill. If you've been affected by any issues we've been chatting about today. The samaritans the ring on one six one two three or you can email them at joe at samaritans dot org. You can also go to their website. Which is samaritans dog. If you'd like this please give us a rates and reviewed. We're also on social media on twitter at mentally why. irs amoroso on facebook. The group is private just mentally yours. See you next time.

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Drunk Florida model offered to bang all the police. Florida lady choked and bit her Uber driver.

Weird AF News

23:50 min | Last month

Drunk Florida model offered to bang all the police. Florida lady choked and bit her Uber driver.

"A florida woman is accused of choking and biting her uber driver. A florida private school tells the vaccinated teachers. They cannot be around the students. A shirtless florida. One thousand nine year old boy wielding knives says i am famous wrestler. A model was arrested for offering people. Free lap dances in florida and seven hundred and fifty million of the first genetically modified. Mosquitos will also be released in florida. These are the weird stories for friday. All from florida even a little extra fifth bonus story today. The guys have never listened to weird af news before it's the only daily weird news. Podcast hosted by comedian and on friday. We only do weird news from our favorite state florida. Let's get into it bizarre stories. You hear about all the time that seemed to only happen here in florida. I know this stuff up. It is just one of the many wacky news stories out of florida. The sunshine state consistently produce such strange news. What accounts for all this. Bizarre news is the weather. Is that the people what is for the crazy story. Florida lady is accused of choking and biting an uber driver. Pinellas county woman was arrested for choking her uber driver. According to the deputies michelle still will age fifty five. Come on down. You're the next contestant on. Can you murder your uber driver and still get to your destination. Michelle was reportedly unprovoked. It says here. i don't know about that. She's a floridian she's provoked. Floridians have demons inside their heads. They're constantly provoked those demons inside their heads. Make them do crazy. Things like choke in bite in uber driver. Michelle it says here crawled over the center console. Now imagine this in your head. She crawls over the center console and starts biting and scratching like a vampire. Just biding his neck from the back. Would freak the crap out of me if i was uber driver you. They don't pay those uber drivers enough for what they have to deal with. All the biting and scratching. That happens and cleaning up of the throw up. Can you imagine how much puke is. Cleaned up in uber cars in florida. I mean how many passengers in florida are just throwing up. I mean it's just gotta be like one in four and then another one in four trying to murder you tough stuff then. Another one in four. Have alligators that. They bring in the car with them. Oh it's just got to be rough stuff being an uber driver in florida. I couldn't do it. The driver of course attempted to call nine one one but then still well made a move. She smacked the phone out of his hands. That's our goto move. She's got skills. She can bite you at the same time. Smack the phone out of your hand. She's michelle still well. This isn't the first uber driver. She's tried to murder video. Provided by an anonymous witness shows that michelle was choking him from the back seat. The driver can be heard in the video. Saying i can't bree i just can't breathe. How am i supposed to drive anywhere. But i can't. Brian could you stop scratching me. I wanna take you to your destination. Several witnesses help the driver and pulled michelle him before calling nine. One one deputies believe michelle was drunk according to the report. Yeah yeah at minimum. she's drunk. Michelle was asd with tampering with a witness and aggravated battery. And i suppose you'll be kicked off the uber app. But there's always lift a private school. In florida tells teachers that have been vaccinated cannot be around the students. A school in miami is coming under fire. After it reportedly sent out a letter telling vaccinated employees. They could not be around the students. Citing false claims linking the vaccine to changes in women's reproductive cycle stance. Let me say that again. False claims linking the vaccine to changes in women's reproductive cycles. This is the first i've heard of this. Lewis center is the co founder of the centre academy in miami. She's the idiot that sent out the letter to the entire staff reportedly telling the employees. They would not be allowed to be around the kids if they got the co vaccine pointing to reports that she claim that surfaced recently of non-vaccinated people being negatively impact by interacting with people who have been vaccinated. Here's a quote from the letter that sent her sent out even among our population. We have at least three women with menstrual cycles impacted. After having spent time with a vaccinated individual the misinformation comes medical experts have continued to debunk false claims. Alleging that corona virus vaccines could be transferred from those who have received the shot to others who have not which is just complete cockamamie. There's a lot of misinformation a lot of false claims out there. It's just very very unfortunate. When someone who's in charge of educating hundreds of students buys into this crap. It's just a shame that someone who's in charge of educating the youth is into conspiracies is a barrier to having a normal brain if you are attending the school i feel so bad for the kids in florida. There's just so many barriers to getting a normal brain by the time you're in adult in florida. We gotta do. We got save. These kids men. The article says here. The cdc is told people that cove in nineteen. Vaccines are safe and effective. While also recommending americans receive vaccine as soon as they are eligible of course i've been vaccinated if any of you have been vaccinated good for you. I envision a future where we'll have to show and prove that we've been vaccinated to do such things as i dunno go to an nba game. I'm getting prepared to watch the nfl season next year. Guys got vaccinated. It says here. In addition to those claims shared in the letter this center individual also reportedly told her employees. They would have to disclose to the school whether they actually received the vaccine or not in the event that they did receive a vaccine. Teachers would not be able to come back to the school at all pending clinical trials for the vaccine. So you just get fired for getting your your vaccine shot this awful. And that's if their positions are quote still available. At that time. The letter says now the letter that she sent follows. A bulletin that was issued by the school on its website last month called medical freedom for mandated vaccines which informed parents. Your son or daughter may not be able to attend their first day of school until they are fully vaccinated while these regulations were established to help protect all the children the amount of unknown risks associated with vaccines will have you seriously second guessing whether this policy should be upheld the month before that bulletin on their website the school's founders also had anti vaccine activists robert f kennedy jr. come to speak to the students with great good job so let me get this straight. You're an expensive private school. I assume private school isn't cheap and it's a good look. I mean you really gotta go out there with your lunacy to be worse than a florida public school. I am a world famous wrestler. A shirtless nineteen year old florida. Man wielding knives breaks into apartments a shirtless nineteen year old. Florida boy knocked on some apartment doors with a knife and each hands. Just a regular. Tuesday morning florida. You know how that is. He made his way into an apartment telling the police. He is a quote world famous wrestler. Who is this world famous wrestler. I wanna know. I'd be thrilled to have a world famous wrestler. Come visit me in my apartment. Oh it's dillon jones. That's his name. You guys know dylan jones. The famous wrestler. His finishing move is to take out to steak knives and stab you in the throat. That's his finishing move. Every wrestler has finishing move gives dillon. Jones was found inside. A man's apartment was the man thrilled to be in the presence of such famous wrestler with the best finishing move of all time. Never lost a match. The responded to a call of what originally was just a suspicious person called. But there's so many suspicious persons in florida. I mean that's just a useless nine one call at this point. Do police even answer suspicious. Person calls in florida. I'd imagine no. They probably don't even answer 'cause they're like hey. We have naked man in our apartment building. Yeah there's a naked man outside a denny's whatever. According to the report officers were speaking to one resident who described a shirtless man knocking at his door with something in his hands. Then a a neighbor ran out of another apartment with two steak knives through the knives on the ground and yelled to the beliefs. He's in here. Who's in there. The world famous wrestler. You've taken his lives away. Wow that's how you beat them. You gotta take the knives away. Give him a suplex now. The man told the police that he found his door was opened. Slightly earlier in the frame of the door was destroyed. That was when he got home. That's when he called nine one one. He saw jones in the hallway but jones made his way into the apartment with a knife in hand. So confused with the movement of this famous wrestler. He's in one apartment. He destroys the frame of another one. He's got two knives then he doesn't. This guy is shifty. Jones told the victim to hang up the phone. Oh there's a phone involved phone call. He said hang up that phone and then he hung it up himself because the victim was calling nine one one. He moved toward the victim while making stabbing motions That's that's when he's leading up to his finishing move. he does stabbing motions. So that gets the crowd into it you know. That's all wrestlers workman. You don't you don't go right into your finishing move. You know how cogan you remember. He used to like stick out his ear to hear the crowd. You know that kind of stuff. Police then entered the apartment while they attempted to take jones into custody. He said he was a world famous wrestler and knows how to fight. He knows how to fight. Yeah that's how you get yourself to steak knives and apparently you take off all your clothes because that's how you get in the florida fighting stance a drunken florida woman was arrested for offering people free lap dances and asking the cops the banger. A drunk florida woman was arrested over the weekend after she allegedly offered to dance on the laps of strangers on the street didn't end there as she asked the police if they would like to bang on the sidewalk as well she's just trying to spread some love and florida a place that needs it. Police were informed who reached the scene to find. Olivia taylor wash age. Twenty eight was offering some answers to the citizens on saturday. Did anyone take advantage of these. Free lap dances. She was immediately arrested for disorderly intoxication. As she wasn't in her senses. It says here when the officers arrived maybe she was in her senses. Maybe he wants to give. Lap dances to strangers. Maybe this is how she spends her weekend. She's been in lockdown for a long time and now she's out about first night at the club and just really trying to make some connections. Olivia threatened paramedics when they were called in to help the officers. Taylor wash it. Says here is an aspiring model and has appeared in. Several magazine covers really. That's why you haven't made it yet. You've been in magazines magazines this if you were trying to be a model in nineteen eighty nine. The article goes on to give some details about what actually went down and says police recalled and a levy was seen stumbling on the sidewalk attempting to give random citizens. Lap dances outside of a bar. Saint petersburg eight thirty pm. She was highly intoxicated at the time. Police called a fire rescue team to help them handle the situation over. The police couldn't handle this one aspiring model. Just didn't know what to do. What do we do. she's just trying to grind on us. We gotta get the fire squad in here. Couldn't handle it. She's too hot to trot. Call the fire squad. It says here. Livia wasn't initially evaluated evaluated because when the paramedics reached her she allegedly threatened to punch them if they touched her officers. Were still quite helpful as they often are they offered to walk taylor wash it to her nearby apartment or call someone to pick her up. They were trying to really work with her. Hey no hey look at. We know that sometimes people are just you know they've been inside. They've been alone for too long. It's been a pandemic. They finally get out there and they just forget how to behave in public. They get a little excited. They drink a little bit too much because it's been a long time since they've been in a bar and so the we're trying to be understanding way we'll walk you home all right. Hey stop asking us to bang on the sidewalk. Will you please which is trying to get you home. What about the drunk tank. Is that not a thing anymore. Although you can imagine the drunk tank and florida's just always bursting at the seams with people. Well following the offer to take her home. Things took a turn for the worse. It says olivia continued to yell. Profanities at the police officers and the bystanders who didn't appreciate her lap dance offers. Apparently i'm looking at a photo of her. I don't know why you would turn down a lap dance from her. Why would you not appreciate that at one point. Libya allegedly asked the officers if they quote wanted to bang on the sidewalk. Does that mean she asked them while. They were all standing on the sidewalk if she if they wanted to bangor or she was like no literally. Let's bang on the sidewalk a very uncomfortable place to bang olivia. I'd imagine things did not end there. Olivia started touching the officers. It says here repeatedly kept asking them if they interested in banking in front of bystanders. Which let's give them a show guys come on. No you want to wait till you're off duty and do it. According to the report taylor wash continued to ask the officers to banger while the officers pleaded with her to call the friend or relative. Now we are not interested in banging you but you could call a friend to do that if you'd like but you can't do it on the sidewalk you can't now. It says at the same time. Olivia is said to the officers if they were going to shoot her eventually. She was arrested for disorderly intoxication. They gave her a lot of chances. She was released on her own recognizance. I can't i can never say that word recognizance. That's a french for On your own. I think isn't it. It says she's currently second in her group among the other girls in a maximum covergirl competition. She's she's trying to be on the cover of maxim. She's getting somewhere with her live. I don't think this is gonna help. Though the winter here it says receives a grand prize of twenty five thousand dollars which olivia claims she would use to pay off student loans. She claims to be a master mini golfer and can wiggle her. Nose like a bunny. I mean that's seems like this article went and found some information on her. Maximum covergirl competition profile boot. She's gonna need this money. She keeps asking the police the banger. Because she's going to a in bail over the years. It seems like you like podcasts. You're listening to my podcast. Maybe thought yourself. I'd like to make a podcast too difficult. No not with anchor. Anchor has free creation tools. That allow you to record. Edit your podcast from your phone your computer anchor distributor podcast to apple spotify stitcher and more. They have advertising integration. So you can even make a little money off your podcast everything you need to make a podcast in one place. Download the free anchor app or go to anchor dot fm to get started and good luck with your podcast. Good luck with your creation. Good luck with your life man. Seven hundred and fifty million. Genetically modified mosquitos are going to be released in florida ono. Why it's the san nouns of sabbath ci- science. The first signs of summer a quickly overshadowed wants mosquitoes return in many parts of the united states. You guys live in one of those humid wet places. I'm from new england where it was always humid in the summertime. Mosquitoes abounded. I've in florida as well. They're terrible down there. It says your new experiment in the state of florida might spell the end for the blood. Thirsty suckers what are they going to eradicate mosquitoes. Starting in florida would about the path on's man and those lizards that fall from the sky. Mosquito lovers if you exist do not worry. The species isn't going to disappear entirely. Oh damn it instead. The mail i eat is egypt has been modified to only create live male offspring. Which actually don't bite when mating in the wild with female mosquitoes do bite. Yeah you guys. If you're not aware the small small mosquitoes are the females and they buy and they like add this and then the males are quite big and they. They do not buy it. They're pretty harmless. The florida keys. Mosquito control district. Let's thing the florida keys. Mosquito control and imagine working for that place. They approved a proposal to release seven hundred and fifty million of these mosquitoes into the wild. Under an experiment targeting the invasive species that can carry dengue fever yellow fever zeka and something called chikungunya heard never heard of that one. That sounds like a very bad disease. And they're developing so the current species that can carry these developing a tolerance for many pesticides. Unfortunately so they're they're learning to proliferate in that environment as if there's not enough to look out for in florida you gotta worry about yellow fever and something called chicken gooden. Oh i just looked up. Chicken chicken sounds like a dish. I don't even know if i'm pronouncing it right. Chicken ganja or is a viral disease transmitted to human beings by infected mosquitoes. It is caused by the chikungunya virus. Yeah no shit and it causes fever and severe joint pain. oh no other. Symptoms include muscle pain joint. Swelling headache nausea and rash and taking up all your clothes and giving people lap dances on saint petersburg sidewalk. How it is in florida chicken. Just something to watch out for now. It says here. This mosquito program has been approved. By the epa. The cdc and the florida department of health after an outbreak of dengue fever. Hit the region last summer. How my goodness. Dan gay fever in the middle of a pandemic. I didn't know about that. Just another reason to just get the heck on a kayak and paddle your ass away. Paddle your ass out of florida guys do it. It's gonna be underwater in several years. Anyways we know this. Hey thanks for listening to another episode of weird af news. I hope you're having a nice weekend or you had a nice weekend or you're about to have a nice weekend. I covered all of space and time. Thank you if you sent me an article for florida friday. I got a bunch of them. And i appreciate that. I thought i'd do an extra fifth story because a couple of really short so I didn't mean to scare anybody away with the mosquito story. Just thought i'd just poke it in there at the end What was going to say. Oh angry florida man. Call going to publish his calls after this pretty appropriate to do it on the florida episode. I thought why not you guys. Skin lead me a review of this podcast. If you'd like to help me out you could do so on amazon or I tunes also known as apple podcasts. Which are places that you can leave a review. If you like it also you could tell a friend if you If you think they might get something out of this That would be helpful as well. And of course the ultimate way to support the show i think is to join the patriots. You can check that out at patriot dot com slash weird af news. We you can join a group of people in there who are supporting the show every month and they also get extra bonus content which is kind of fun too so you get something out of it if you really enjoyed the weird af content. Then you'll you'll like the Patriotic what else. I think that's about it. Call the show of any of the Stories resonated with you. Six four six four five zero twenty twelve. You can email me. Funny jones at g. Mail dot com. If you're listening somewhere far away in the world please write me and tell me i'd love to hear from you I heard from someone from kenya recently. Malawi there's some people like very far away places. I've someplace i never even heard of listening to the podcast. So yeah reach out to me and say hello. And i'll give you a shout out on the show you guys are doing good or i be safe and we'll see on monday. Oh hey he's air in florida man. I just wanted to say happy birthday. I ain't been to back at you and minutes. But i just like to see that if there were ever a battle for the angry florida man as as you did. Describe what the anger joshes. Maybe they weren't even angry. Probably lose my because their book. Much much angrier. Florida mnay josie. I will be a better angry. Florida man in the coming months jones as a card carrying member of the n. w. f. o. The new world florida order. I feel my as the angry florida representative. I know that. I am not the only angry florida man for you have a weekly podcast dedicated to the fact that there are men and women of the great state of florida. What angry this a franchise Upset with their oh. They're doing a lot so they take methamphetamines. They drink and drive. They attack their parents. They do things that even people the good good good Places busch gardens would not allow. And i would have to tell you that i do not understand All of all what. I need to tell you right now. So therefore son. And i do believe you are son to me. You are like my my illegitimate granddaughter or grandson. I didn't mean to saint granddaughter. Happy birthday jones e. i'll talk to you and a couple of minutes are jones it. Maybe maybe maybe. I'm a little a little off key. Maybe i'm a little high stepping. Maybe a half luton. Maybe those words. I'm using again but if the The new florida world order is going to become a new party in this american system. We are going to have to get people to join it. And as the anger florida man. i think that i should sit up my realm probably at the basis of of that loop of a roller coaster at busch gardens. You know the one that the one that all the all the yeah right there right there at the bottom and maybe we need uniform. I mean i don't know my joined. You started this man. You started this. I don't know what to do about it but You get back to me now. You have told stories in the past people. Drinking wine from a pringles can arrive. And are the josie is that the the nwf. Oh the new world order is an organization that would love to bring forth a new king of flora king of florida. Being like the angriest of the angry florida men. And i'm not trying to tell anybody to nominate me per se enlist i feel obligated to but i do believe there are at least ten to fifteen hundred other people who are just as high say learning imperatives his. I am who who do not understand how to read. Write or do arithmetic or even find out what. This shoe sizes men. I seen a couple of cats wearing flip flops and boots at the same time. I don't know how they did. It is florida after all and sometime thom mcan is not where you need to be but.

florida Michelle florida private school centre academy robert f kennedy jr florida public school jones dillon jones dylan jones miami Olivia Florida Olivia taylor olivia Lewis center Pinellas county Several magazine cdc Jones taylor wash
Everything You Need to Know to Start AIP with Sophie Van Tiggelen

A Healthy Bite - ThatOrganicMom

35:23 min | 1 year ago

Everything You Need to Know to Start AIP with Sophie Van Tiggelen

"Welcome to a healthy bite. Your one nibble closer to a more satisfying way of life. A healthier you and bite size. Bits of Elsie motivation. Now let's dig in on the dish with Rebecca uh-huh. Hey It's Rebecca and today I am. Am here with Sophie Than Earth. Did you practice this. You know just looked at it and thought Lynn that's cute name. I even even like saying it. But Sophie is an autoimmune warrior. She is a Foodie a recipe developer photographer. And I love your website. So you guys I hope you will go check it out so tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started doing what you do. Yes Hi Rebecca in. Thank you so much for having me on your podcast Amelie. I'm really excited about about myself while Merch my accent English is not my first language. I come from Belgium and I speak French. Originally we know but no. Everything's happening in English because I live in Colorado here and then In two thousand nine I got into very serious. Just health trouble overnight after an outpatient surgery in. That's how I got into the whole new eating better eating for your healthy eating for wellness in I started my blog and one here. I am today after three group Book Right. And we're talking about your cookbook On that I've been checking out. It's called the autoimmune protocol meal. PREP COOKBOOK IN. It is really neat. I love how you have all of the steps steps planned out in here in the lists and everything. It's it's everything you need to start on the auto immune protocol. Yes yes so. This is my third cookbook and the idea behind the wheel Set is that so you know. Many people know what you're supposed sweet what you're not supposed to eat instinctively. We know you know where what we should be doing. But it's difficult to make it pop in your nice in your inner busy lives. We have so much stuff going on than before. Get to go to the store. There is nothing in the fridge. Hungry Industry when you make a decision that you order pizza article or something like that is going to help you in the moment but later said GonNa be you feel good so I have a way to help how people to implement and stick to the into their lives in that is by practicing meal. Prep and batch cooking so new concept in a nutshell is that instead of cooking everything from scratch every day you have one or two big cooking sessions during the beach in a enforce. Prepare in advance. You have your shopping list. You get on the radiance and you invest several hours indication every week to prepare your meals. Which means that for the next several days or even up to a one? You don't have to cook anymore. You just reheat. It's like having your own holiday super super healthy meal delivery service at home. I love that Before we talk more about the meal prep part of it Can you tell us a little bit about what in the autoimmune protocol for people who maybe haven't heard of that yes so you. Attending Protocol is a version of the Diet. which is more orwell's version? That is a little bit more. Restrictive and that is geared towards people suffering from a Newtonian disease the enemy nation diet also so the protocol has to face is the first phase your gaming nate a group of foods which are known due to be inflammatory in new to trigger or two response in your body. So you remove during the first phase giving done to in your body to digest digestion to normalize to Giving time to your hormones to normalize and your immune system due to count down so it stops attacking your sex so that's the first And then after this comes the reintroduction face during which time you start reintroducing one single ingredient at a time that's very important because you don't WanNa be confused is your reintroduced I use to to identify. Okay which one the reaction only one at a time in you do this. You know foreign protocol hoover a a few days and then this will help you determine which actually are your food intolerances which means the food to which react in your food who are triggering your new in sister. And you don't want this. So how did you start learning about the auto auto immune protocol. What got US started being interested in this well so going back to what I said? You're the enjoy. Got Really seeking two thousand nine out. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's which is not new disease attacking your siree. And then so i. I was in really bad shape and was visiting doctors after doctors after doctors in. Nobody could help me. I had a lot of insomnia in panic attacks. In Ninety I thought I had anxiety disorders. So they put me on antianxiety and antidepressant sleeping pills an the deal but that was not solving the problem because the problem was coming for my theory and so I did on with the final phony functional medicine practitioner who did index the sting of my thiry revealed that ahead actually enti Hiring and so that's how it started. He told me okay. He told me okay. You you need to eat better and at the time. I didn't new exactly what it meant. I thought that going gluten free would be enough but it turns out. It wasn't enough because my health continued to deteriorate and so I started started Neten Galina. Chicago's Diet healthy food. What to eat in? Finally I've old some some of some blogs from people it was the blog of the Paleo. Mom Sarah Ballantyne at the time. That was one of the first one in. It's a gold mine for information formation. No she wanted to learn about the science beyond behind the protocol but so I followed you know. This protocol. Online that people had tried they had been successful with it and so I had nothing to that was in a very bad place. I was like being you know having panic attacks I had joy leaping I had nothing to do so I decided to give it a go. I do you know whether set in it with intrigue Remix that it was like wow this is working I start started to feel the improvement almost might away. I was able to walk again because of the time of suffering from really severe joint pain. I wo- can you so within three weeks could walk again in the very slowly it. It took me one year to get my health back tracking to get my energy back and start sleeping normalizing. My mood in my thyroid of I don't know why near but slowly but surely I got my contract. Would you give us a few examples of foods that you can and cannot eat on the autoimmune protocol. I mean you don't have to list everything but just give us an idea of what you eliminated and what you ate when you first started to start with what you can eat. I think it's worth increasing. You eat vegetables need seafood right so these are the the basics of your diet. The vegetables you have to remove overnight age because tonight shades are Inflammatory for a certain range of between these. He's and he tends to trigger join so the nightshade is tomatoes at earth of regular potatoes. All those it kind of stuff so you remove these from the vegetables but besides this you can eat all the vegetables older food needs he food. And that's the base of your diet so you can eat. Fruit in moderation food is still sugar and sugar triggers information. which what's that's what we you WanNa do it slower? The so footing moderation but yes and fruit especially berries over there is because they are very low. Sugar sure So you amy needs you need degrees you degrade the Nazis which reintroduce later you may need alcohol feed chocolates anyway mediate everything that is processed everything has chemicals in it so so it's a very I would say to learning tweeted diets a new. You really eat whole foods. That's the bulk right. So did you just just a question from my own pain of listening to you. Say you had to give up coffee. Did you drink coffee before the autoimmune protocol. Hard and drinking coffee again. I'm good full disclosure because I was able to use. Yes so he's a big. It's a hard one you know. They are what we say to people to help. You know. Try to tell you about thi like you know as you go t you drink tea right when I wake up. The first thing I want is coffee. It's and that's when you have a habit but it's just like it's so enjoyable it is it is So it's it's you. You're supposed to remove coffee now. If coffee is the only thing that you can't remove from your diet the the only thing preventing you from being like one percents super clean. Well just continue to drink coffee. Go for it because the most in Oregon is it's you know what you're eating and you're all the good nutrients bringing all the good nutrients into your guidance with whole foods as especially if you drink your coffee black you know if you don't put some kind of a dairy in sugar concoction from a plastic bottle at the supermarket into your coffee. It's it's not quite as bad. Maybe but yeah I just have a hard time giving up not in this cookbook. It but it may previous one which is Goldie Otago. Critical need simple. I have a recipe for a dairy free coffee creamer. So the trick in this diet we don't we'll do regular meat but we can new cooked meal or familiar with coconut milk to law in deal to p cuisine eighteen cents for you call. I'll I love using coconut milk. I prefer the canned coconut milk over the boxes I also like likes OATMEAL Out isn't probably included right because it's a grain and then what about hemp milk. No so you have the choice of music or Tiger Tiger. Yeah I've heard of that. Yeah it's confusing. Because there's the word nuts indictment not the. It's simple at Uber. I've heard of it but I have not tried and must be harder to find you. Think maybe they have it at like a yes. So does this is. He's just too by the tiger nuts. You can find them very easily. In health. Food stores on Amazon can make your own tiger meal with that. I'm going to try that okay. Well that's a good overview for people who maybe have never heard of the Ottoman autoimmune protocol. Before who kind of want to have an idea of what they would be getting into. So you said that you're now back to drinking coffee How long did you stay on the stricter auto-immune protocol like an how long before you started introducing foods back into your diet? Can you tell us about that process yet. That's a very question would make. I stayed one year. But it's different for everyone You know it is recommended that you stay Katie's for carrier of three malls and that's because when when when you need to start deal to protocol it means that you're dealing with health issues and most likely these. This took years for these to appear in your body and in all likelihood it's not gonNa go away after one month it takes time unfortunately Well unfortunately I don't know but you know our bodies have these amazing ability to we air if we give them the chance but it takes time. It's not a quick fix. It's not like appeal books that you're going to take a room. It's it's gone so you have to put in a little bit putting the word indie consistent history and so for me took me one year because I really wanted to integrate. Before I started the reintroduction in when do you know that you are you can start the reintroduction Welbeck's when you're feeling good you're symptoms that you were dealing with or regionally are gone for me. It was a insomnia excited. And you get a join a an Scored Lille things that you're going to deal. I had a lot of things going a non so I knew when when things we're back to normal and my energy was up and then I was also a place in my life when I could dictate the time to devote to reading a data time to do it well and so I started so it varies from people to people. So what I'm hearing is basically you listen to your body. Exactly that's that's and that that is a very good lesson. I love that you said this so this Diarrhea Korea is of course to give your body time to lower inflammation but also for you to learn to recognize the signals because so when you remove all these foods that are potentially inflammatory. You're gonNA start feeling so much better you react. You're not going to be bloated gas ASCII or whatever. Whatever you're suffering from so you WanNa get to a place where it's called right and that you're going to start to introduce foods in dose dose foods to which you react you're gonNA feel the reaction you're going to see them you're going to experience them in your body and so it's about learning relate to listen to the signals recognize it so that does make a lot of sense and I think it takes some practice for For us to get used to listening to to our body because like you said we're all busy we're on the go and we sometimes just don't notice these little messages that our body is sending to A. I wanted to ask you did you. You have three children right Did you put everyone in your family on this protocol or did you make them separate meals. Dell's how did that work in your family. Goodness No. I didn't make inseparably meals for every one while I was exhausted of the grand so and it and then I was cooking or not so no. I didn't hear different meals for everyone else like running restaurant but what I did I had a base near that would be the exceed for everyone example. I'd make a loose chicken with Broccoli and another vegetables that I would love to would enjoy to eat and and then I would make one more sites for the family rice or noah or potatoes but always something without gluten i. I haven't really switched onto religion free diet because you have to be careful with gluten India between your protocol into the cross contamination in your kitchen but still my trick was to cook one base Neil in the other one side for Dod Be Happy I love that. That's what I do with my kids to in the past when I've done like a whole thirty or if I follow Kito or anything like that Myself I would make like you said a vegetable dish may be some meat and then on the side I would always have which nearly always have rice for my kids because they have very high metabolism and they just burn more energy off and so I like to keep something with a little carbs for them whether it's rice or like you said King Wa. They like potatoes. Jose beans So that's that's a good kind of filler food. So I think a lot of times we meet other moms. Who Want to follow these protocols in there like how they gonNa do this? I can't cook two completely separate meals but it really is easy to just incorporate one extra food that your kids can kind of fill up on right. Yes in what I would recommend is so what happened that my house I did one day coming. Say guys need super healthy going going to all the things you like Broccoli. Bright slowly and just start making whole food. You know food like you with eating you to gold in Cedar Reaction Because people engine money to to eat like good food natural food. So that's the did I didn't have like a declaration. We had a talk about gluten because I was very concerned about gluten. It's Komo new for sale for she motives too so I wanted to have gotten out of the kitchen Because for example your toaster if your kids like to have some red for breakfast in the using the toaster and they continued to serve serve with read from debris or if they use a order within board to put the two extremes of their sandwich. The good is going to co Cabinet. you don't want to be you don't want to use these board after your food for yourself. So it was a lot of trouble in making sure that he was keen all the time. It was easier for me to just make it to gluten free kitchen. They still had their a pre package. Snacks by the store and sometimes very rare but sunset. They would be gluten but so it was like in their pantry over there. It's the Indication something they didn't have to prepare they could just eat it right out of there and I wonder stand. I think that's really a good point that you bring up with as I think So many of us don't really think about the fact that you know that cross contamination can happen. I don't have a toaster Mr but in so I hadn't thought of that but I think that's a really good example of how that can happen so maybe people think Oh. I eliminated gluten in them. Still having these issues issues they could be having this cross contamination from the other people in their household and not even realize it. So I appreciate that you brought that point up because I I think that could possibly help a lot of people I I wanted to talk a little bit too about The harder parts of you know the Diet and how meal prep makes it easier. So kinda give us an example of say. Starting from the day will do the planning. We would have to do it so I'm used to doing some meal. Prep in for me. That means I get a fine the recipes. I WANNA use. I've gotTA write it all down to gather my recipes. He's gotTa make my grocery list. I've gotTa make sure I have the things to store everything and then I go to the grocery store in all the bring it home lug it into the kitchen unpack doc. It Cook it all prep at all so tell me a lot of those steps are cut out by using this cookbook. Because you have done a lot of the Will basically you've done all of the planning work so tell US shoes a meal. Prep plan in here because you have several different ones Once we shoes this then kind of walk us through the steps of what that looks like yes so you choose one You know according to your mood or what you can eat because because they have. No one's has local on Nike does what have different scenes So it just choose one. Why and then you start with? I recommend to we go through the recipes. Go through the chapter to commit yourself see. You had the tools usually I don't use the NC tools like the maximum you would have is young. Immersion blender or food processor but make sure you have the tools that that you need to prepare. The the recipes are gendered and then a print or make a copy of the shopping list and go-getting radiates it read once through the batch cooking directions because for some of them you will need some a gruff some chicken broth in in in some areas of the country ecoed cannot find. AIP compliance star booed profit. So they have to make themselves which means and they have to make it the day before so always make sure that you read through the directions. So you're sure you have degrade you're ready to start star exactly and then the bachelor directions. I designed them so that you can start with the longest in the hardest search recipes. I for example shoes or stuff that needs to cook for a long time in the so you start with those and then then after while it's cooking in the oven you do or the stats. You do the Leo recipes that you can quickly do on the stove. Top skillet scramble sube takes twenty minutes to make so. That's the principle behind the bench looking directions. I thought about okay in which I wish. We organized all these recipes. So it's GONNA dig lease. The motorcycle did get a set. Nick sure you have all the containers to store this ofter very importance because that would be really a pain if you Ran Out of storage containers for your already prepped meals and you conditional some people it's You know because they are in the face of hearing they don't have a lot of energy it's difficult to to go to the store come back procuring regions into the bachelor king. One day. It may be a lot so you can do your shopping on a Friday for example example. Come back home Saturday. You procure ingredients you shop or Yo- carrots you whatever needs to be good to repeal yield chopped. Whatever in on Sunday you cook so you thought Uber? Three Days Selena's senior. I agree that I why would do it anytime I've done meal prep. I don't usually shop and cook on the same day because it is a lot and especially if you're following a the Aarp so you are kind of tired probably or trying to recover. So there's fat another suggestion that I would add in is the possibility of having a grocery three delivery That that can also cut down on how much time I e is it called Not here in Colorado. I've never tried it but I find it. We'll default the yes. Yes Sir will where we live. There's all kinds of things there's INSTA- cart I don't know if you have kroger and a Colorado but here you can do. A Kroger has a thing like a click list but I think a a lot of supermarkets have this now where you can Shop for the groceries from your computer so if someone has an autoimmune disease Nina phase in their tired hired they can sit down and relax while they're shopping. And then just drive to the store and pick it up. Or like you said INSTA- car some cities. I think have Amazon Amazon. Now where you can get your groceries in an hour so so I mean those are not necessarily I mean those are things that people can implement if they can afford Gortat. And if that's available where they are. I mean it's obviously not necessary. You can always go get your groceries or have someone a friend or a spouse do that for you but you know make it easy on yourself because you know when you are trying to eliminate these things for your health and you maybe don't have the energy so space out Your tasks ask something. That's a great idea as you don't have to be standing in the kitchen to cripple your ingredients you. Can you know. Set yourself up at the table. Aw and then sit in the shop white chatting with a friend or listening to music or watching something on TV. So you don't have to be standing up all the time. And then also you can hire line recruits. You have kids or spouse who's available Bowl Eagle and willing to hell yes yes. I agree delegate. Those tasks to Able bodied children. Who can go about helping helping you in the kitchen? I'm all about teaching kids to help out in the kitchen as early as possible I wanted to ask you about it. I think I saw that you have an Aarp community with memberships. Can you tell me what that involves. Is it something similar to what you offer here so it's an extension so DISD Kehinde this. It's a membership program. So people can sign up to be in the program and every month they receive leave context so the idea behind this membership program was to help people being an environment around themselves. The their health goal. Like let's Dean you're wrong. Salve do the heavy lifting. So what can you do. What can you implement a role on yourself in your life is doing to shoot board and make it easy easier for you to reach your goals and so on my a a membership program is really designed for people who are struggling to either implement or who are strictly implement Protocol meaning leaning. What can I eat? What am I super nut to eat? How can I build a nutrient dense played? How can I make this For my family too so there is interview course inside through which you can go at the beginning that will really help you. With the basic it's like a for beginners and then and then after third these ones you know the basics for example I teach you how to be placed common starchy food with unhealthy squawks like instead of French fries. You could do sweet potato fries instead of Pascha. You can do vegetables vegetables noodles or you can induced squash. I teach but how can we please go to make healthy swaps to which dressings to score your salads. Leads all those kinds of stuff in I deliver every month in the membership meal menu blank. You finally this book Luke. except I have maxine me in the membership. maxine is or people who can do when we have time of cooking and then the mini is four new eight ten meals. So it's for half the week and then I have to orioles and educational videos Either teaching you a special take need in the kitchen for example how to make poach McAfee replacement on Youtube Out to make cooking younger. How alternate daily free cheese all those basics you want to learn in the kitchen and then also education on videos with a experts in the field who are sharing their experience and how they made the Ip more simple for them indicate so many has liked tips and tricks to share in the last bit so therefore deliverables So I talked about three in the last one is one new healthy. AP compliant dessert. Every bruce because life happens we need sweets You know it's not in my opinion. It's not realistic to say I'm never ever again. Each agar or heavily desert or anything. It doesn't happen for me Experience it's happening every month. So let's Smick sure that we're eating something healthy and anti inflammatory steeler line with the timing protocol so it's on providing support wrong wrong you every week you receive so insulting you in. The membership is usually short like by video or ten needed maximal. The Orioles are sure. It's really focused in so you have something every week that teaches us. Something you naked easier for you in your mouth Nikki. Your is your drink limits and you have the plans that sounds like a lot of value. Can you tell me. 'cause you peaked. My interest so What what is an AIP desert? Like I mean what what are you well is the desert for the month of December was an AIP German chocolate cake. Walk Less while Yom and before that he November ahead a personal gamut of it's always also seasonal using At a desert using research and then before that what was inching Tober. I don't remember I I can tell you what's coming next. It's January so We're doing a little bit of a be set in. They don't know yet but it's gonna be fact tall so how could attack balls so those. He'll can these kind of like a similar cold like commodes coconut announcing need them with food or with Carol. or IT'S GONNA be. That sounds amazing. I I think that would add a lot of value in this is a great place to start and then people can join your membership to just continue on the AIP for however long it takes to get back on track with their health. I want to ask you a question before we go. 'CAUSE I always like to ask women who are just rocking it. You have a lot going on. I was just listening to you. Talk about your membership and thinking. How does she even do all of that? So what are your strategies. Jeez give us some tips of how you make it happen so my health And we'll always be number one priority in a Steph leads to me. I'm not superwoman. Our we'll have mom for. I'm not feeling it to the bar. And so when when I have something coming on I feel that who are not going to be feeling so where they have a flare coming on or I'm not doing so well. I just retreat. I it gets the offer might play in focus on my health on myself here. New eating ride sleeping exercising spending tided nature. Sure so that's my priority and then I've learned that I can't delete all I myself as much as I wish as much as my died eight personality. It's not likes to have exactly the way I want. I've had to learn to delegate so in my business I I used I subcontract seems I use the other. People have a team of people who are helping each produce the contents and everything. That's happening the blog rela because it goes out which school these foreign the kitchen the squirrel in the kitchen. You have to tell us a little bit about. Why if you're just listening to the PODCAST? Sophie is pointing to her hair. So you might want to come over and look at her beautiful hair on Youtube. These podcasts are also available Eh. Videos on my youtube channel V have gorgeous hair. Red Hair likes quarrel of coral. Yes so it's about keeping balance and knowing where your priorities are being attention to that in when you feel something coming on like we treat of yours. Well thank you so much for being with us. I love your book and your website and I know that everyone listening. They're all going to get a lot of value from this. And hopefully people can start he laying their bodies and feeling better. That's initially centers have additional questions. They can always go to my blog in the context of baton and send me their questions. They come directly into twin inbox. I will help them an answer or if I can I will be no direct. Let me the right direction. That is Super Nice of you sophie. Thank you so much. Thank you for having Munich. Thanks for listening. Please write and review so other people can learn about this podcast to you. Find out more about sleep. Hygiene eating healthy tasty recipes zero waste lifestyle and lots more on that organic mom dot com help. Spread spread the word be blessed and stay healthy

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Getting to the Bottom of Infections That Make Us Sick

Precisione: The Healthcast

42:05 min | 1 year ago

Getting to the Bottom of Infections That Make Us Sick

"Welcome oh come to precision. The health cast where you will learn how to live your best and healthiest life by precisely understanding how your body works what it is made up of and and how to optimize your health based on that information. I'm your host Dr Marvin Sink Andrew of precision clinic where we take a highly individualized approach to health off wellness and longevity. I helping amazing. People like yourself understand more about their genes at genetics microbiome. That's toxic exposures levels of inflammation and much much more for the purpose of creating a highly specific nutrition and lifestyle style planned at his flexible and sustainable. I hope you enjoy this week's episode as much as I enjoyed recording it I everyone everyone. Welcome to my podcast where we are dedicated to delivering the best and most accurate information regarding precision healthcare from the brightest people people in the world. Today we have a very special guest tonight. I'm so excited to speak with her. Today we have Dr Crystal Eisenhower Doctrine. Crystal Eisenhower's one of the rising stars of American biotechnology after more than twenty five years in medical research in biotech she was is named founding. CEO of a perio mix. This is a company that harnesses the power of next generation. DNA sequencing to who identify any known pathogen. Whether it's bacteria viruses fungi or parasite perio mix is the only company Anthony of its kind and scope in the world throughout Dr Eisenhower's career. She has demonstrated strong leadership in business and science and has dedicated herself to abridging the translational gap between these two worlds crystal. Welcome to the show. Good morning thanks for having me no problem. We're excited to talk to you. One of the first things we might WanNa do is kind of define some of the term so everybody knows who we're talking about so and you tell us a little bit about what next-generation DNA sequencing is and and how your work is bridging. This translational gap that we were talking about a minute ago. Sure so traditionally when we have wanted to identify an infection we look for one thing at a time and we've done that through a microscope microscope lens. We've done that by looking at the proteins that that coat the surface of the microbe. We've done that by looking at the person's thousands immune response against the micro-organism were we've we've had some newer technologies that can look at small snippets of DNA in that microorganism organism sequencing is is a completely new way to be able to look for these microorganisms. And what this is is a technology where we can pull all of the DNA out of the sample and re can I use this process called halt sequencing we can create a genetic blueprint or DNA blueprint of everything. That's in the sample. So we're looking at thousands thousands of fragments of DNA instead of just one fragment of DNA and this gives us the ability to see far more than we ever could see before awesome so somebody goes to the hospital and they're sick and the fever. The hospital does blood cultures urine cultures all kinds of cultures cultures. How is that different than this kind of test? What what kind of different information might we get through? Culturing is great great assuming that whatever is causing the infection can actually grow in culture. Ninety percent of all microorganisms are incapable of growing and standard entered laboratory cultures. So what has happened is we've completely missed so many things that are really there and that's resulted. Sit in people being told they have no infection when in fact they really do. One example is before with a large number of people who have chronic urinary tract issues and they've been told they have no infection because their urine culture is negative but when we run our testing we see that they're in culture is absolutely not negative. It's just that the micro organisms that we are able to identify through do the DNA are not able to grow in the urine culture. And so we just haven't had the right tools to be able to see the full picture Asked what's been going on in these particular cases while so I guess you know if if you do have a positive blood culture positive urine culture in like the acute houseful setting a probably means that you must be really sick if I guess. The organism is able to grow that much of if ninety percent doesn't usually grow grow that about right yes and now it just means that the the right kind of organism was there. There was an organism there that was able to grow in in. We've we've thought about infection in terms of just a few few hundred microbes so everybody knows about staph infection Mersa hello everybody knows about strep infection. Things like strep throat everybody knows about HIV. Everybody knows about Seedorf but the reality is there are tens tens of thousands of micro organisms. That can cause illness in a human body and the more we do our testing in the more the medical world looks at the complete microbiome of the human body the more we are able to connect these lesser known and previously not identified microbes with these chronic conditions or with these these overt infections. This is pretty cool. So do they have this kind of technology in the hospitals yet to do. You're Kinda testing. Are you working on trying to get these kinds of tests in the hospital setting zest for a lot of people present with in Illinois Trying to figure out what's going on right. So many hospitals have the ability to do. DNA sequencing day are using so using that technology to identify things like cancers or genetic issues with the person themselves so the technology is in the setting. But what's happened is they. They don't have the the software to be able to apply to infection. And that's really where technology from then the DNA sequencing part is high complexity. But something that you know. Hundreds of institutions have the capability of doing what they don't have the ability to do is take the the data from the DNA sequencer and make sense of it so for example when we not take a fecal sample from a patient and run our DNA sequencing that can generate up to a one terabyte the data file that is a very very large data file and its millions upon millions of bits of data. So how do you sort Through all of that information and where our technology comes in is we have developed the software to be able to sort through all of that that information and to be able to get a very sensitive and a very specific answer for all of the things that were in that sample so right right now we are offering a full service because most doctors don't have access to DNA sequencing technology but as as we mature and as the technology makes its way into a more traditional setting. Our software will be what they bring into the hospital settings so they've already got the equipment we will share with them the protocols to run for the specific infection testing and then they will use our software to be able to make these identification in using the equipment that they already have fascinating. So tell us a little bit more about your company in how you started the company. And why are you so passionate about this kind of stuff sore so I have five co-founders roofing two of them were out of the George Washington University one of them out of Boston University and they had come map with this initial software it was called pathos scope and they were getting some really amazing results from summit they went through a program called I corps which is the National Science Foundation Program that tries to help academic doc founders academic inventors take their technologies into the commercial market because the academic world is is a very different world bed clinical a clinical world or a commercial world so they went through this program and I think the the main thing that they realized that they really didn't have the bandwidth or the interest or the skill set to do all the things needed to take this idea into the marketplace and so fortunately I connected with them through Virginia Bio which is a biotechnology industry organization. Virginia and I had finished or I had just sold my first company and was looking for a new opportunity so the stars really aligned. Well I I brought in a lot of complementary expertise to what what my co founders had and so they brought me in the founding. CEO of the company and my job was to help them. Take this this really great idea and to get it into the hands of doctors and patients so that could have a true impact on the world and so that was five years ago and I've since built an amazing mazing team one of my other co founders Dr Chen. He's our chief technology officer he was one of the original recruits to on the business side of of the founders. We've spent the last five years working to refine and add additional capability to the software aware that our founders started and again building this really great team around us with sales people and software engineers. And you you know all the things that we need to to have a nice successful robust company and we've been one patient one doctor here at a time. Educating the world on what we're doing and why it's a value to the world Hudson so what brought brought your interest into this kind of field. What made you so passionate about what you're doing right now is? Is there a story to it or is there something thing that intrigued you throughout your career. That kind of led you to where you are today there is. I was always interested in medicine and and biology. From time. I was a little girl. My grandmother was very sick and she spent a lot of time in your doctor's offices assist hospitals and a lot of memories. Are there with her in these healthcare settings and I remember she would always towel all the doctors and nurses how. I was going to be a doctor when I grew up. And it was very very proud of me and very encouraging of me but what I what what I experienced with her was she suffered with. Chronic pain and the doctors didn't have the right tools to figure out what was driving the pain and so so the diagnosis was. She was a HYPOCHONDRIAC. And for some reason I don't I don't know exactly why I could could see that. She was genuinely pain. She wasn't making it up. She wasn't doing this for attention. She was genuinely in severe pain. They just didn't have the right tools and just watching this as I grew up watching the impact it had on her as a person but also watching the impact it had on her relationship with her family and her kids really broke my heart. There were many any times when she would be sick and we would say hey. You need to come need to come see your mom and they would dismiss it and say things like oh she just she's fine and so that was really the inspiration for me to go there. You go into medicine in the way that I have. Originally I plan to be a physician and I actually did not get into medical school so of course I was devastated now. You're smarter than all of us. Her I I was devastated. I didn't get into medical school because I tend to put blinders on and I tend to be hyper focused on the one thing I want right in front of me which is part of what makes me good at what I do but it can also be a little bit to my detriment but what. I didn't stop to realize that I had already been doing medical research in a laboratory and Undergrad for four years and I had been named outstanding research student of the year and won all these awards and finally just clicked in my had. I was sitting in my apartment studying for the cat for the third time harm which is painful and just something clicked in my head and I finally realized. Why am I doing this and had so? The next day I went in. This is back in the early nineties when the Internet was still not not all that useful and I was standing in the hallway of the biology algae department in Tulsa Oklahoma at the University of Tulsa flipping through these big flyers on a bulletin board and flipping these fires looking looking for a Grad school. And the one that popped out that I wanted was the university of Cincinnati because they had a in medical microbiology program so they had a large number of researchers there that studied fungal disease. And my Undergrad. Work work had been in fungal allergies so I studied Airborne Fungal issues and so I applied applied to University of Cincinnati. I didn't play anywhere else. Just there that's where I wanted to go again. The blinders the focus I got but in I graduated with my doctorate in four years and three months which is really fast including having my first kid on spring break which was really convenient append to wait till spring break and then I was planning to be a professor of medicine doing running a research search program at a research institution somewhere so I did my junior post doctoral fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota again studying fungal infection and then I did a senior postdoctoral fellowship at Duke University and Infectious Diseases and old. By that time I was starting to realize -demia might not be my calling in life and I had applied for some academic positions and and they're really hard to get. I did not find any positions. I interviewed a couple of places but nothing seemed to work out so I I was looking at other opportunities and a friend of mine was also looking for work I was actually. I started my my senior fellowship at Duke so I wasn't actively actively looking for any new opportunities and professor at the University of Virginia emailed her and asked her if she wanted to set up a company with him and she said no but I know somebody who might and for whatever reason my friend sent me this email and I read it and I thought that's crazy crazy so I deleted the email went back to the I did. I deleted it. I went back to the bench I was. I was isolating rene from cerebral spinal fluids from patients South Africa. That had fungal meningitis. And I'm sitting there doing doing this thinking I don't want to do this. I was studying sugar transport. Gene in cryptococcal. Oh meningitis and while that's an important thing to study was really frustrating to me is how is this really going to help somebody anytime. Crime within the next decade. Yeah so I went on Doug burgum email out of my trash can rare it. It was and I met. I met him We met halfway. I was an Durham North Carolina. He was in Charlottesville. Virginia Swe met halfway between at Barnes and noble and he interviewed me for for the position and hired me on the spot. So that was my first real job. I co founded did and led a biotech company based on research out of the University of Virginia and we were working on identifying intestinal parasites and that was pretty much how I ended up here because once I went through that process. And it's really hard to start something for virtually nothing. But I was really good at it so I was excited to to meet my co founders of because the technology they had as we've talked about the potential for this is nothing short of changing the the course of humanity. Yeah that's amazing story. How you know everybody? Has these little stories. This way. I was fun to hear how something so minor ends up being such a huge changing point for you in your life and your career and kind of brings you to where you are now. Yes and I couldn't be happier. Yeah that's awesome. So what kind of conditions do you think people will be able to help discover diagnosed by doing this contest mantis because you were mentioning chronic pain and things like that are are there roles for doing these kinds of tests in trying to help with chronic pain or other issues and a lot of people with fibromyalgia might be interested in other kind of pain syndromes. What what kind of Conditions that you wouldn't think were related to a pathogen actually ended up being related to a pathogen that people could apply your technology to well. And you kind of going back to my grandmother's story of being told you're hypochondriac on. That still happens today. Error millions since upon millions of patients. Who are sick with the doctors? Don't have the right tools to figure out why they're sick and so they're told there's nothing wrong with you. There are told you have a psychological issue. You need to go see your psychiatrist. You have an autoimmune condition and the reality is none of those things are actually true. My prediction is that at least half of autoimmune conditions will be linked to you a pathogen as we learn more yeah. There was some stuff about E. B.. I saw last year. Maybe a little bit. Longer ago there were linking and I have a friend of mine who's a rheumatologist at Ucla and says that She sees E. E. B. V.. Infection all the time as a prelude to autoimmune disease there's certainly certainly some some connections there there's also thousands of other things that can cause the same symptoms so there's things things like rheumatoid arthritis. Those are things that there's increasingly more and more literature published linking at two potential infection. And and we actually have a case that writing up a success story on it now. Older woman in West Virginia presented with severe arthritis severe joint pain and curvature of her spying no other symptoms to speak of no cough no congestion. Nothing of that sort so she found out about our tests online and took it to her doctor and her doctor agreed to order the task for her and they sent us a blood sample because as we were talking about systemic pain and we identified mycobacterium tuberculosis. WHOA really really in the blood in the blood so they did a chest? X Ray. They did confirmatory tests. It was all it was all positive what I believe happened. is she had an exposure to Berkey losses at some point much earlier in her life it was never diagnosed never treated and we've forgotton gotten as a healthcare community. What extra pulmonary tuberculosis looks like? Because we typically don't see chronic tuberculosis and it looks folks fight severe arthritis and curbs your spine it's called TV spine. So that was. That's just one very very clear example. Where an infection can present something else because we just don't consider that a pulmonary infection might be in causing the issues? We are seeing conditions linked to the balance of the bacteria in in our guts. Were our gut microbiome. We're seeing those connections linked to Hugh everything from obesity to some forms of diabetes to some forms of autism to Alzheimer's Parkinson's multiple sclerosis rheumatoid arthritis. Eight US different forms of arthritis. There is a whole universe in our guts that were still trying to understand and that is going to be at a huge driver in improving the human condition over the next ten years I agree totally fully agree as I talk about the microbiome and how important it is all the time. A problem sometimes is in the in the stool test you get you know you sequenced Gwi- The microbiome you have so many different microorganisms in there. He knows you even see viruses sometimes and merrily sure exactly what to do how so is your methodology a little bit more straightforward. Are you able to tell which bacteria are problematic. Is there some guidance on that or I still kind of little unchartered territory. It's a little bit of both so it depends on what we find in because when we do our testing we screen for are every known bacteria viruses parasites and fungus. So our test is great. Are fecal test is great for ruling Parasites Inter out once you get down to the bacteria it gets more complicated so when we're looking at these samples were kind of going through some logic. There's kind of three levels of logic we go through the first. Is there something that does not belong in the human body. We have one case young man who had major Gi guy issues and thirty percent of his job sample was made up of bacteria that's normally found in. They got so pigs. which made no sense until I talked to his doctor and was presenting the case to them and realize that he's a pig farmer pig farmer armor her so that's a case where there's something there that just does not belong long in the human body there other times when there are everything belongs to the human body? But they're not in the right amount so I had another case where the patient it had been incorrectly diagnosed with a form of pediatric arthritis and the top bacteria. I think it was twenty or thirty percent of the sample. This Pacific bacteria was way too high because we have hundreds of healthy fecal samples that we so we have some idea of what healthy looks like but this one bacteria was clearly way too high and when we looked in the in the literature this bacteria not has also been linked to rheumatoid arthritis in many many studies. So that's an example of something being you know out of balance and clearly driving something inflammatory and the rest of the body. Just what you see. Just the providers do I mean I know you can't Give Medical Advice Lab Testing Company. But you know do we focus on gut feeling protocols or we blasted him with antibiotics. What's what's kind of the thought like? What did the pig farmer do? Yeah so in that case there were sending that didn't belong so I think they were focusing on treating with antibiotics to try to get the the numbers of that thing down so they that the normal microbiome could had room to come back and reestablish. Are you to help. I'd like what kind of antibiotic to give. I guess you identify. I don't know if you do sensitivity testing or that that is available to help understand which antibiotic to give they they just give broad spectrum. We don't provide treatment guidance and at some point we will provide some predictions based on the genetics of treatments. Fat May be value will also provide links to literature that give me the healthcare provider you some idea of what has been used another cases at it becomes complicated win. So most of the cases we work with There's nothing there that doesn't belong things. These are just out of balance and they're not out of balance to where you know. Thirty percent of something is out of balance. which is I think that is approaching and over infection? It's imbalanced where they're just not on the right amount and in those cases it's really hard because there's very few clinical goal tools available to to work on that and the only two ways you can effectively change the gut. microbiome is through Diet fecal. Microbiology transplant those are the only two ways you can effectively change. What's going on in got microbiome not to to pick on probiotics but they actually do the exact opposite? They don't balance the gut they don't do anything but fled the got with one or two or five types of bacteria. Those bacteria are typically found in much lower proportions. They're not the primary high level things that are missing from most most of the despite. OCC what about some of the spore type A probiotics that reportedly help with some of the other species to grow. And there's not much data on those so right now I think the answer is we just don't know but you know flooding the system with lactobacillus. Syria I it actually does the opposite of what you're trying to do it. It prevents an action. The latest I showed that they inhibit the patients microbiome for free repopulating in the in a healthy way. I get one of the other things with fecal track. I do fecal transplant. NC DIFF is the only indication we're allowed to do in practice entry It has remarkable effects. You know people. It will within a day when they're really sick from C diff yet. I guess Problems with the fecal transplants. As their thing that really sequenced the whole sample. You're getting before you give it to anybody our being something. That would be pretty cool. If uh your you know your company technology could help these stool banks sequence the microbiome of the of FM t for the doctor doctor gets it and Kinda certifies the sample like this. This doesn't have anything bad because I think there was a there was a report like a couple of months ago. I think about got a couple of people that died Or are really sick from resistant. Equalised Drain yes And we're in conversations with several groups that That that bank FECAL material. So we're hoping to be a resource for them. Because aren't our mission is to advance health care now now and that comes through a supporting not only the research side and the patient side but also the that translational piece in the middle so there there will come a time when when fecal transplants will be a very normal part of of our healthcare system. And there's some new studies going on. There was one study. We we wrote a blog on recently showing fecal transplants autistic patients and that it they had a remarkable shift towards a normal functioning behavior and that shift lasted over the two year period. They were tracked. Act Yeah I think that we also I guess the it'd be nice to do the longer term studies like do they needed periodically. Do they need to fecal transplant. Every year. That kind of stuff. I guess while in his absolutely yeah. The studies just started a couple of years ago so it just hasn't been enough time but there are some remarkable studies in everything everything from A. B. D. to krones autism. I think there's some other some other indications as I think may be a group working on obesity so so there's certainly a really promising world of FHM teas coming and we certainly want to make sure that they're safe so yeah. We were hoping periodic certified Mt Give It our staff well. I hope you're all enjoying this conversation. As much as I am. Wanted to take a quick break and talk about excel. This is a cool new company. That is actually actually able to give some insight into our gut microbiome without doing a stool test. Yeah you heard me right. This is a microbiome Liam test where you can actually check the metabolites in your bloodstream. To get an idea of what your gut is doing. And what the status of your gut health is and from that we we can actually help make some recommendations based on that to optimize your gut health check it out by going to. WWW dot excel. I X. C. E. L. A. dot com. And as A. Thank you for listening to our show. Today I'm giving everyone my discount code which is excel a wellness ten I execute Ce L. A. W. E. L. L. N. E. S. S. one zero. So you can give a try at a discounted price now l.. Let's get back to the show. One question I wanna ask you about Before I forget is everybody talks about candied and stool and I have. Systemic candidy. Mia are are diagnosed with chronic lyme. And you know there's a lot of skepticism in the medical community with regards to whether that's valid or not what would your testing modalities. I know you can test any kind of really body fluid whether saliva blood urine and stool you know. I think there's eleven different sites you can test with your tests. Would your type of technology be able to just kinda definitively put Yes or no stamp on it. We've we've been working on a few different of those areas. So with regard to the candidate Mia We Rarely Z. Candida fecal sample yeah. That's what I was asking for. Because that's what I've heard from a lot of other stool testing companies as well. We rarely see it. The tests has that have been used to give a positive Candida designation are. They're flawed and I think. The interpretation of those of those Tacitus is not appropriate so we do see Canada but we rarely see it in a fecal sample and we don't see it to the level. I would expect with the whole this whole crowd of of people supporting systemic Kennedy Mea. It's just gonNA run talk about our guests but this is the diagnosis without a diagnosis. Really kind of right. Now we do see plenty of other things It's not that we have these patients who commenced they have candidate Nia and we don't see anything abnormal. We do see things that are abnormal. But there's there's one thing that it comes out as and the chronic lyme is a falls into the same category are testing has not been used for acute cases of lyme so I can't speak a to those. We're getting ready to start a study with global lime Hawaiians on on her acute lyme probably the technology that they use now is probably good enough for that right and this accused. I'd I don't know there's a window where you have to test within the certain window to be positive and if you miss that window then and becomes very difficult to get a positive diagnosis. It's very complicated. And even people who are experts in the in in line based you know. It's confusing losing to them too. But we've done a lot of testing in patients who have been diagnosed with chronic and in chronic lyme. We almost never identify line. Now it could be that the line everyday then if I live. We've you've identified it once once. Now we've identified some co-infections things Bartonella and a handful. The whole of times but not at the level we would have expected with you know all of the the fact that there are so many people who are still sick from from line what are they did. Some some people say oh well the lime hides. You can't find good no matter what you do. Is that really true or or is it. Is your technology. Seems to be pretty specific so I mean if you check the CSF the cerebrospinal fluid in the blood while we should be able to be hindsight's aware report showing it gets into the the muscles. There's some reports suggesting that there was a recent report should guessing things like Bartonella. Get into the tissue. We haven't done a lot of people spinal fluids but in the jubilees finals. We have done. We have identified a couple of cases of Art Nella. So No. I think there's some evidence that that you know. Things can get into the cerebral spinal space. That shouldn't be there but again. It's really complicated we. We've tested hundreds of patients who fall into those chronic lyme category and it could be that got the lime is sequestered somewhere in the but by trying to work through with us is hiding somewhere in the body is is it really causing clinical disease. If it's if it's dormant or latent somewhere in the body it's not replicating if it's replicating advocating there's going to be out of the circulate throughout the body in some way so we do see a lot of other things that can absolutely explain the symptoms that the patients are are are experiencing. We have a large number of these patients that are positive for different various fungal infections. We also have a cluster of Legionella which is very similar symptoms and ninety. There's a group of various bacterial staff straps him them abode some of those things that we shouldn't see there at that high levels so we don't have any answers you. In some cases were able to identify something that explains the symptoms and when they're treated their symptoms improve. What I think is happening? Is these patients you you know. They had some sort of an event take by exposure to something like lime and their immune system went into overdrive and then they they got bombarded with these really talks antibiotics and that combination left susceptible to whatever they happen to be exposed to next and they're just justin cycle of not being able to get out of this this immune system dots that's an overdrive and causing inflammation and places of the body where we don't WanNa inflammation so working with groups like level lime alliance to try to understand this better but there's a lot of studies and a lot work still needs to be done to to really understand what's going on awesome. This is fascinating. I think we started talking about topics we could have a whole other show on. We'll have to have you come back and talk about some specific indigenous. Maybe I guess as we wrap up. Do you have any final special paroles. Would you like to share with our listeners. Owners something to Kinda leave them with think about when they're sick. So you know I get up every day and my teammate and we we were on a mission ron emissions improve healthcare through better in testing and I think the the party note is just know that this technology is coming. This technology is here and we don't have all the answers just yet but the more testing Redo the more groups as we work with the more dots we can connect together and this is one of those rare cases where really everyone can win. You know are are a lot of the reasons that we can finally get answers and sometimes even if the answer is you have this virus. That can't be treated. That's good because then at least not crazy. The doctor can finally the tool to have better information so that they can help these patients in the right direction and talking about just the cost of healthcare overall. We have patients who've been sick for decades and we're able to give them an answer where they can get an actual actual treatment for what's really causing their issues and so thinking about the cost of healthcare we stand to save the health care system you know. Hundreds the thousands of dollars in many of these chronic cases. So everyone wins and we didn't have to cut health care. We didn't have to deny coverage we didn't didn't have to compromise the care of the patients in fact we gave them better care. So you know. That's one of the things that drives us are we are convinced stat. Innovation is how you improve healthcare and we are here to. We'll do our part amazing awesome. Thank you for sharing your story Work can when listeners find you if they want to learn more about your workers. Some of this testing we were talking about. Today are websites a great place. It's a P. R. I o.. M I C S DOT COM awesome. Why I wanNA thank you so very much for being a guest on our show? Today I love the discussion. Had A great time talking being. `Bout all these awesome things. Thank you I appreciate the opportunity to be here and thank you to all of our listeners for tuning in today to listen to another exciting episode of precision the health cast. We hope you've enjoyed this episode of precision. The health cast one and only podcast truly dedicated to helping you understand how to live long and and personalize your health. I'm your host Dr Marvin Sink until next time.

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#253  Garlic Clove Sounding

Kinky Katie's World

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#253 Garlic Clove Sounding

"The following program contains adult content Crasnick of sexual manner completely irresponsible advise, along with them things, you'll wish you could here. If you are under the age of eighteen easily offended, or like to judge others based on their sexuality, please turn this off. For those who remain enjoy and have a nice day. Because I was fucking the shit out. He's right for. To take down jiggle her old tricks you over. Tuscaloosa. Good. I like them. Kiedis world in ten nine eight seven six. Katie's starts now. Are you ready? You said you wanted to play dress up. Don't you? Elmo. And now live from ruled thirty four studio. I bring you girl. It has never picked anyone that didn't deserve it cheese, your host the one, the only kinky Katie. Hello. Hello. And welcome. This is katie's role. Number two, three, and we are coming as you live from Razali dot com. Dot com and radio ads. Ira host cubic aiding with me as always is my level. Let's going house going. I am feeling chest. Tastic jazz. Dak jam lead tastic, Jim Previn hard shows, does it while, especially your face. Hey. Gene. We're in the middle. Well, we have a fun show for you tonight. Lots of sets to talk about and hellos all of my new listeners. People listening. There are. Very happy to see that we are constantly growing. Are you seeing you see nothing? You know what I tell you. So there's that okay. Finding formation just a stroke my ego. I don't know what you do fake reports. You're the computer guy crayons. Well, go ago talk about weird stuff going around the inter way. All. Yes. Sort of quiet in the land of, of me, buddy. Well, you know, the past couple of days is very saying on the on the pre show that. You used to be so loud, when you sleep. And now it is so quiet. Very quiet America modern technology. That is just absolutely nuts. Oh, oh, I did something that I haven't done in a while I site to bludger ears. So you jump a little bit. When I got excited. Okay. Lucky I have like narrow to- speed on the little switch. You thinking dislikes Richie. I can sense you about to yell? I'm I'm not a little league though. Yeah. And then I use my nine shocker to reach our and giant adjusted. Slighty nerd alert. I've watched. Sure. I know you do. Sure. I know. Well, something haven't done it a long time. I haven't posted any new dip ship theaters lately, and those of you don't know addiction theater is this is so fucking Momo. That message me on Facebook, and they just start getting either very annoying. Very crude or whatever anyway, and I can only take it for so much usually I tell them, I'm going to post it and block, you whatever. Anyway. And they beg whatever well, I was three in from your ass nine ary, immediately, or I shall repeat, what you said to everybody, you know, thou shall and a satchel of Richards. Guys, don't know that means. She has him. It was. So I go to Facebook at key, Katie radio and take a look at it. I'd take screen shots for the whole after I block them of the whole conversation throw up. There is very short. It's only, it's only four little pages. So it's very short. Yeah, because he's like tell you to burn your crotch blowtorch. No, no, no, no. Actually, he begged me not to block him. Okay. But he was. But it's sort of what, hey, hey news like. You sexy. Nice picks. Like, all right. Whatever. You know, thank you. I appreciate it a dead. It just went downhill from there because he's like, like my cock is like I'm deaf. I went, oh too bad dude raiders suits. And I said, wait. I didn't mean for that come out like an insult. I'll just meeting, you know, Kate here, and there's my penis is fire. I'm like. Checks. You know. Oh, see boobs. You know, send send send photo you and I said, now there's plenty of fucking pictures out of here for you to look at. And I even gave him like Google me, fuck, and have a group have a blast, you know, like, I don't send pictures directly to people that I don't know because Joe. Fucking verify. You're not like twelve that's what I'm saying. Not doing that shit. Good idea just just a solid vows. He really. Yeah. Oh, less. I personally know you probably not sending new shit. Right. Well. Good morning. Here's mccarter. Really, you can go find as many pictures of your cooter around. There's plenty of Sino go get him yourself. Right. Has don't evolve. That's not involve me. Hardy there cheese? They got out there. This is just like leaving the bowl of candy outside for Halloween. You know what I mean? Since his one there's plenty I got thirty five pounds of fungi candy out there have fun takes much Xuan. I really don't fucking care. At now. You don't get the candy you get kale. That's what you got. It's vitually wrapped kale, leave. No boxes of raisins. I never minded the boxes are as. Chocolate covered one but drags eight. Chocolate is good. Yeah. I, I do like chocolate is very me. So go check it out. Just stupidity on your own. That's right. Do on your own time. Do my time. I think we should start talking about your health. What are we are just like, are we doing shodow still just fucking around? No, okay, could Chela was the last two weekends. If you guys are familiar with it is a music festival in California for very rich people. Well. Well, whatever. A lot of you for LA, how yet or have been furlongs celebrities go. Yeah. Well, this year, they hadn't brother unwelcome guests that kinda ran ramp it. Yeah. The. Herp. Yob. Herbie's donde. Anyway. What would what would a lot of people that are getting fucked up at Atta music festival. Be doing having unprotected sex. Really? Oh I got I don't know the designer drugs out there. Vice smokey. We why don't you just do cook like an adult on take? It's so bad. Well, here's the thing. This crutch wildfire. There's an online diagnosis and treatment website called her help. I'm not even totally not even like for moly fucking with you. It's true told her help, and it's a huge spike in and around the surrounding festivals. Herp alert has been in business for two for two years now, and it's doctors can prescribe meds after people submit pictures of their Jack johnke. Yes, and it only takes about two hours to process. Didn't go through. Yes. It's like Amazon prime for your day curb who comes drone of a just like shoots about. There you go. Well, there was a massive surge of people asking for prescriptions that started on it started on day one. For the whole for the whole festival, a that one thousand one hundred five people is yeah, good job. Yes. While it, you know what all of those people are any others Esco brother file curse AR note. I mean it's all it could all be like traced back to one person individually even friends to Kardashian. That's my theory. Could be of just saying oh they can afford to daily Valtrex, but the area that. That they usually handle only twelve calls per day. Bedwell. There's there's this is up to two hundred fifty day oh, you know, there's a lot of banging going on. Yeah. And you know exponentially what you have to that have sex with two than have sex with two sudden. Just keeps crowing doubling on the table out of double double on double. Then by the second weekend. Everybody's bagged everybody, you know, to me, Crotts ambi-, I mean that's two thousand people that, that actually use that website. That's not even including the feeler just went home. It said wa I just odd from a life, right? L. I'm surges. Have you? I g I'll just take some cranberry. How what Malaga? Oh, no. I care. I thought it was just a, some burn. Oh, just doubt. It was one spot of John Ono house booked up at that they've been, it may I Tyler is by its razor burn could have been raised burnt, I. Yeah. Well, they said the last bike that they saw was over. Oscar weekend. I think it's kind of just tells you yell the, the, the SOGA the hookers out. It's just like on, on that show happy. We were watching the alien blood is, is what makes Hollywood go, and they're all weird alien blood drinking people with herpes. That's where Herbie's originated was LA is really, I don't know. Sure. Yeah. Hollywood minute, specifically Herbie rioters to go. Try zilic. Everybody. Everybody was a sad cards. Got got some version of herb one second. Don't worry about of Jesus. Well, he's up pawing at the this fishy. A look. Yeah. I think it said easy. Yeah. Wow. We have studio. Lau what, how just throw the Thirdly merged see break there. Why, you know, all you gotta do just just whatever point, say something one how sorry while you're like power sliding Tokyo. Drifts, i'll. Hey oughta got a yellow to cat go? Good. Hey, well, you know what a Ennerdale. We always kind of freak out not freak out. But it was it was always a pain in the ass when, when I was working at a sex shop, in Orlando, and when it was March madness his than they would have all of the basketball players, like in town for the games and stuff and all the hookers, which God, day, lots of hookers, come in town for all the professional events. Like, if you're in town for Super Bowl, same thing, and has also some of the wives to, and they all just like hookers, and they were always drunk obnoxious, and wanted to fucking hit every single one of them. The you worked in two story porn store. I mean, I did kind of novelty for people to go to it was hated the night shifts. No, it was interesting. I mean you saw some shit, but didn't wanna clean up in the parking lot, 'cause that was just gross. I asked you, if you of course, founds achey things you, I know L E the little tongue. He's worse. Tong had those growls Bill wittington grabbers. We need to say. Monetize grabbers. Oh, yeah. We need we crabbers that we just unpack them. A new set every time package aimed just throw it away, like a sharp set. It's like a tattoo needle. What every time? It's right. It's bad for the environment. But so as to say, you're light you touch it. Exactly. You got some of that fucking Hollywood alien blood herpes on it say there you go. Yeah. The ATI blood oh, no up. Okay. I told you earlier that I had got something to talk to you about tonight. No. Anyway. Well. I did you think? Did you did? Oh, gee coffee. So I thought he'd be alert. That's like, really Barrasso, 'cause I know, of course, I you know, mostly don't pay pay attention to you. Yeah. No. Yeah. Which one is. See this is what I guess, are all the time. How it is. Now, I've Avery remember, you say south whatever will hurt blurting something out, according to this article was like, autistic style to it was like you are freaked out by southen was not my Jonathan Zayed's will no but I didn't say was anxious blurred out. It was just a blurred out. You're excited. You wait till later, you. Okay. I'll tell you later, you'll like it. Okay. Article says the Easter weekend is fast becoming known as heterosexual recruitment festival, and the community. Hetero, Atarot, sexual recruitment vote double bed starting to just it's, it's an, it's no surprise that one of the backers of this website, I found out is Mike Pence anyway. Well, it also please. I am also says that it's becoming one of the most dangerous holidays for Christian men Easter is they say it's been well, octane bunnies running. No. They say it's been reported that in the past three Easters an increased number of men have contacted. Homosexuality of odor. Eighty postal colored eggs. Hey, you re like if you color your boil in a pastel, color because weight because because the dice secretly laced with variants of gender splicing homosexual trail. He see. Oh are one. I mean that explains why certain people are worried about crime, jails. Shit to this eagerly cock. They wonder they wonder why people say, they're still just, you know, and here again you've we've talked about this before I think, but it was it was dies. It was something. It was. Hala weaned candy. So they're just pulling the same bullshit. They Holloway candy on Easter. Well, they say moles within the gay community, confirm the gazer using ins master chemistry Molin willing to really good at checking people out to door really? Then dental get in. I mean, you, you're goblin dictator, then it's get into the club. I mean you, you know what I mean? Everyone every single gave her is a master of we and you have to bottom to be able to get through the door. I mean you know what I mean? You can't power bottom either you got sick of Lee bottom. Yeah. Right. So I don't there's no though inside people in the club telling talent. So they're saying that they're, they're, they're using their knowledge to mass produce food, coloring and selling it to nationwide stars. Oh, oh, he's pretty fucking stupid vote, mostly stupid. Because there's gonna be a segment of people who believes us. I know I mean just that's the worst part like, really you. You think that there's, there's something in the fucking die, that is creating gay people? There was a comment on the article that said, I don't know if it's real or if it's fake because the author seems to really believe it. I come back. I'm like, are you fucking serious? Please tell me you're not serious. If you all your goddamn moron, if, if it says, it scientists working on behalf of the Christian defense league of Texas could even firmed tainted eggs, and food coloring have already been found in forty three states visory, though. You know being Easter. It reminds me of the whole ah aback. Hewlett conception idea to begin with, like, like hiding bang, anybody. No, definitely not the pool. Boy, absolutely, not, not the trailer the that the guy that takes care of the horses either. I did bag him. I did not Bank cousin, Larry. I did not banged a little beggar. No, I'm on the virgin. And I just gave birth. And if you eat that colored Easter egg, you're gonna be gate like same. People believe the same story. You know what I mean? I I see a fucking connection. You know what I mean? Like it wasn't me. I, I didn't wanna eat today. Dad. I swear to God I didn't wanna eat today. Pastor Larry like really, it was the God Jim Easter egg, debate me eat today. It's a fucking eastern. Obviously, I'm not I'm not a dictator. That's not me to g fuck the pool. Boy, and you know she digs like what are you? Name. The child has. Yeah. I don't know if there was a Spanish language back then. Z. I don't I don't know if there was, I'm not sure. No. I mean, I couldn't go on when I was reading because I was laughing so hard. I mean it's such ridiculous horse shit. You gotta you gotta check it out. If you really want a good laugh. I mean read this article and leave a comment because. I mean it's ridiculous. You know it's, it's in the food color. We all know it's in the Florida and water. Oh, yeah. That's where it's coming from. And this, there was a gayness before fucking city water. What are you talking about? We have gays back then seven plastic. No, we didn't have that. Yeah, that's right. It's the. The glass soda bottles. That's right. We need to have gay people back said they didn't exist. That's maybe tits grow. Right. Curls mature whenever twelve back then we just banged up our twelve. While the preschool, even younger we'd say we were just buried God. Well, you were allowed to do that pack and pantley cousins to it other countries tell you completely take a young life. They, they still do that out saying God, that was forced. It's all forced when it's on a minor like that, to me, that's that you're, you're, you're, if you're not you, you're not like legally allowed to make decisions for yourself, basically. So how could you decide what dick to set out or not take or whoever you're gonna fuck, you don't get no fucking choice to your eighteen yet before that, it's your parents choice? And your parents aren't allowed to say it's okay. So that's what you better fucking, white, kid, just, like it's at tail they listened to Mr. SE Haiti's world dot com. Listen to us though, you can be a teenager banging banging on TV whatever, you know, we all we all did what we all did when we were teenagers, but I'm not saying that. It's, it's okay. Is what I'm telling you. I made the mistakes you have. No, I made the mistake 'cause it was fun felt really good. So I made more party kid, I was I just wanted to find places to put my heinous. Say call the peanuts when referring to myself as a child, I don't wanna sound like that. You know what I mean? No, I tried to back clinical there. Yes. Of course. Sure, there is a Japanese university professor, he, he could face up to ten years in prison for allegedly teaching his students at make MD may watch. Just he accepting applicants for students. Well, he's taking do that anymore because it's just no no stop at no, he's sixty one years old, and he's a professor of pharmaceuticals, and he didn't know it was legal. Jumped you may what he told investigators to like, yell. I helped the students with their education and this was nearly classes taught how did they were synthesizing just, you know, they were sense of synthesizing drugs. Well, they also made another designer drug called a five q pick so, but they didn't get into what the fort vowed. I don't know. Call hamilton. What is this Abelson? Well as say that eleven students got busted for manufacturing in bulk. Well, you know, and that's what I said, teacher taught us fucking rats you had to fight the dude was totally spreading a positive word. You know. And what did you do? I chance you got you're like, well we're not made more exiting. I mean, you didn't just say, were smart kids. We figured it out because we're good fucking students. You know what I mean? This, this told the cops that when you got busted. This is our. This is our project art class project. Yeah. So doing that say, no teacher said that we should make a need. It is fault is all, but this is all Javanese. So iota zoo. Huzzah, two words I. It's very deepen an angry. It's everybody's so whatever. So loud. God be yelling anime and it's. Yeah. So it's. Go over there. Let's by. That's, that's the beauty of anti is it, it, it it he thought it was a big titties, whether there's there is that odd way they have of get up telling stories they're storytelling method is different than the American storytelling method. You know what I mean? Yeah. Like, like there's just that they like design depth into a lot of things. And you know what I mean we don't like, well, you know, there, there are some very deep stories that we've had you know, like, like, but it's just not the same. It's like part of their culture to have different long, long tailed. You know what I mean story I still don't fucking and I don't care if you guys write me nasty stuff anymore. When I say this because I'm over it, I don't know why people people get are so fucking getting their rocks off to dragon ball z, it's annoying. It is stupid. And it takes fucking like a month to have one scene it. So it's, it's obnoxious, it's Nakas not my favorite now but I will watch it. I will say, though, I, I would prefer that overboard to the airports us sale fan book and dick of just saying who backed talks, the fucking who's seven hoagie, like really see the seventh. Just like what the fuck there's some of the fucking completely. No full you. It's an institution in Japan. I tell you. Yes, fucking. That's right. Anyway. Well, I think we're gonna go to episode or thirty four. And when we come back, we have got some interesting stuff that have already ended up in your body this year and brand new tits man as well as another chapter in don't put things in your pussy. So sick around your back. Young. It's time for a tasty and refreshing snack. Watching to new level. You need to go to Amsterdam lie. Because theater in the red light district that has only one screen and only eighteen seats and it offers five porn. Okay. Okay. Okay. So you hang on here, hang 'cause dimensionality happens to be like, like multiple dimensions taking in multiples imagines is like AVI line. Like put your put your mind in a place where you can understand five imagines, you know, that likes with high time and fifth an extra dimension that you don't think of it like a right Disney the seats move mounts vibrate. Like they have jets of air, spread they've water cannon. So it's like a virtual, it's virtual machine virtual porn. Yeah. All corresponding with the movie, and well, three D. Plus, yes, this is in three day, and you can you can smell is what they're saying. Yeah. Everything cents. Okay. Like they bring your life in have have a laugh. It's. It's like a porn ride Disney. Yeah. Okay. Yes. Okay. They need to rebrand this show you the world. After eighteen eighteen to the hose it off when there. No, this is actually collaboration with, with Dutch porn-star. I mean is there like like guys you're off the front with Jisr at you for the right? Does it work out like? God damn what was really where you're where everybody brought toast and from various go, like at the right moment, Shwak. Maybe you get hit with a lotta hot yoga right in the face. But we said you'd feel it. Why don't you just saying, we told you we're going to deal you'll haunt now? No on with the show. He world, rasmin dot com. Can Katya radio dot com, Rio dot net. Me on the Twitter at Katya radio, Katie dot com and Facebook KiKi review. Because club I just feel it. You know what? Yeah. It'd be good. One to sit on the speaker. Oh, yeah. Party. Yeah, they're open face. Are we could throw fucking DJ DJ bleeding, heart out and play some real motherfucking news? What? There's this, there's this city, the maker of deep down low, oh, Valentino Khan, see. Well, there is this. There's MUI murky in this one town, and they changed the name to hell boy to heck boy. And everyone's like, are you kidding me? Also ever so many people take pictures pictures and what the fuck awesome. Well, along those lines, the Duggar family, Christian mad is under attack. Well, the odor attack the Duggar family, the one with, you know, the clown posse for, you know. Well, they, they're trying to, they have a petition going to that, that they say that they shouldn't be called deviled eggs they should change the name to angel eggs. What you change over the because Deva devils happens to be termed as used and has nothing to do with Satan. So why don't you change the devils fucking name bit? It's your fairy tale. It your book, like, like people who came up with the deadly process, did not, you know, to be, they didn't write some fairytale. So you, you don't like it at your very touch ranger Barry FOX tail, what I can tell you that too. That's a fucking to Dady. That's right. So we talked, we talked to some more magistrates L. You did. I was weird. I kinda is stayed the vegemite. Sometimes I'll actually talk to those two. I don't. Yeah. Well, you know, I figure any you like nineteen year old wide eyed child that standing up by door and watches me. Oh, look at Dr ago what? Like they could still be nice to be, you know what I'd be without without looking like we, we've been run, what the fuck who's got door to we nocco. We gotta get outta here. You surprise was with some like conversation. Yeah. I heard everything links with him. I always hopefully gauge I, I would be afraid that I would just common attitude because I can't hide. I can't hide my motions on my face. And I just get Pissy real quick and it's easy. Busy. I know don't don't be defensive. I try not to be, but it's just it's just like they're well. You just you claim something, you know, I just Klay Buddhism. Now, I just like no, I don't believe it after I've heard. So what do you believe that? Well, that to save stuff you believe in no. So, yeah, at least snow in ran away. A knowing scares he's taking care of that's right. Here's a little fun fact. Alligators spend every moment of their lives with an erection. Of course they do do motherfucking alligators. I've heard of all time we're every way they can afraid shows, always everybody's afraid of the everybody who comes here, Fred allegation. I'm afraid alligators live here. Yeah. But as you are well aware, really, well, at least through me, telling you alligators are not like fucking mad eating fuck in, you know what I mean? They're pretty fucking lazy. They just wanna lay around wait for something to walk by that they could eat, not this time of year. Well, this, yes spring, you, but March, April, you really wanna fuck with the Gators you stay away from him because their mating, so you got males wanted around looking for female jumping in pools being aggressive lady took a video of one of them. It was it was coming to her door looking through the window, and she's like. It's probably displaced throw it out by by one with the bigger. Erection. Pop. Offers. Wow. Oh. Oh, no God. I know a health. I wanna house, so we always sings Gators are just completely, like in my life. If you don't walk up on them and you don't fuck with him in spring. You know stay away from the nests with babies too. Completely twenty feet from you. You could be swimming, and they're not coming at you there. It is laying over there like dob, and I'm gonna hang out the sun. See you later man, you know, not bad Gators sharks. Well short. I trust shark machine. Well, I just. Yeah, okay. I you the bag I'm really not scared of nurture. I mean, I've never I've never witnessed anybody, grab an alligator out of about just grab them bear head and throw been throw duct tape on their mouth like I've never seen the buddy do that by hand with shark. Yeah. Yeah. Is, is what I'm saying. So I'm thinking you grab that shark. You gotta get you gotta you gotta do something tight. You like plenty of dudes jump into water Gators and completely dragged them out of the water. Yeah. And, and not lose a finger. I've seen that too, on the back of headlight lizard, well hair, technically big lizard, anyway. You know, they have their methods, they do. I said, these are some things that have been stuck in your body already this year at it is only the fourth month which I am not surprised at all. Now, this is not the game we usually play. Just to us nine of the answer. So really not that fair. Usually, I did it will sometimes do game called, you got what stuck wear and the different things that I find new lists all the time constantly updating of objects that got either stuck in a pussy up in the ass for somewhere somewhere else in the Dickel whatever. Well, some interesting things that have been in the body so far more cell phones. More cell phones have been popping up while because people are taking him in jail. That's you know. Yeah. I mean really? That's was happy. People are people are in jail trying to keep their cell phone. Every trying to get cell phones to people in jail. I'm still amazed at Dewata new galaxy at extra-large by fold. No. Isn't it a thin is, we need a smaller phone? Jesus explodes. The. What happened? The galaxy just came back from Coachella. Oh, her get arrested. I could show. This chick, she had sores all over mouths beget at you went to cello. Nicest thirty year old dude had shoved a liquor bottle up his by. It's like a fifth sort of the plastic ones though the glass ones it was trying to bug now. That'll exuberant. Oh, shit sort. Qadam lost it McColl was thirsty. Snatched that bottle a swear to do that. Like my friend with the heroin needle of his ass, twenty that's true everyone. There was a guy. The guy arrested who they found needles a heroin up his ass. And he said, they're not align. The like okay. Oh, jesus. You can't prove it's mind. I see my asshole for years. I guy not go back there. It's mad. Oh, sorry. Pastel colored eggs. Pastel colored exit last cloudy Halloween. Katie, too. I got doubled up and I got fifth of Jack s yes, we could see that you've been probably soaking so megs, because there's super paint around your mouth. Title, huff and people, that's what I'm saying. Anyway. There's, there's another guy. He said he was he said he was moving furniture around his home, and he spotted a mouse running around, so at attempt to catch the mouse. He fell and took a steel bar up the but. Yeah, it's the old tried to kill Jerry's mouse. But I got impelled up by Amos wizar- steel, our Jeanne, of course it is. It's really the thing is, it's, it's is now that the age of the internet comes around, we realize how common that is chasing him out and getting a bar. Shoved up your ass. Course. I mean it's really one out of five people that chase Bice day kid that have bars near their ass when they do it completely get impaled up their assets, it's fucking up. Dammit. Really? Would you know, I was like to move furniture? We redoing the floor because all the rebar sticks. You know. And it was like crooked at the end of really how it was. It was a piece Ariba. No, I don't think it was rebar. I'm not. But I'm not sure could been because that stuff get rusty here. Estee Raji, tennis fucking forging scale up your ass. God saying texter, I mean, how to get your mosaic fucking Tabasco's ton. When you have forged scale up your ass, Damascus. It's what I said. There is old Korean ladies, you sixty five results have complaining of severe joint pain. Her need that she could erection. Those are the. Oh, no. She was given an x Ray down. You told Dowd. Wow. Could've said something like what she is a girl, I can't help it nine out when it's hard, we've got a set on it, really you could have that way. Wow. I know of. Her will soul. I can't help it your, you know, your upbringing. What are you gonna do? I can't blame it on my heritage. I mean like four out of five girls, you do growing up for like Karen? Oh, yeah. You know, it's true. So what are you gonna do? I know sensitivity was around you in droves training. Yeah. That's all we could reach each you just like the gays refer grabbing such Mike Pence, come on. Now, just that you won't eat anymore. Goddamn, pastel goddamn, exiting more murderous, though. And you don't eat Halloween candy again with a hanging out with pens. I it worse will Yow probably probably too. I you taught at Hove unwanted Asti pitch. You would be unbearable probably hoof he to may. I will. I the fuck what I send you their that's right. If you sent me there. No. Like, why would I do that? I don't want that rubbing off on people around me. What are you crazy? That's I know that's insanity. There. It is. Oh, anyway. While the knee pain of this woman. She had an x Ray and she had a literal goal mind inside of her knee goal Bida. There were. Words on hundreds of miniscule golden acupuncture, needles. Oh, in the tissues of joint. Okay. Yeah. So she got some acupuncture, and then they never talked him out something else was going on. You had hundreds a little tips hundred. So what are we talking about here? We're talking about, like no. They were breaking off intentionally or something was going on. Something was happening. I don't know. And no. Either there's a lot. I mean, there's lots more things with like knives and heads and shouldn't pinky shares. And just some of those acupuncture, needles do go and pretty deep that way like some -able co in, you know, like a good about more like you'd figured it was just a little now. So go in, you know, I I've never had puncher neither vodka on. I was want to should I don't know. I don't know why. Like, I don't know why I don't you know, like, like, part of it makes sense. It is far as like the nervous system being connected to thanks. Okay. You know. But part of it is, you know, you start getting that it's, it's like to walk energy flow. And I think there's a neurological reason, like if it does work there would. Yeah. Like pokey nervy over here. Nervy over here helps nervy over there are. No, I don't know that works. Either I don't understand reflexologist either reflects ATI bounce books. Would you poke like your in it, bounces it kicks? But reflects more like the bottom of their foot, you know, like oh, you press, his party or foot at controls your liver. Stravinsky test. A. Yeah. But when you rub certain at you person pressure points on your foot supposed to, like, do something like this for your lower back squish. This is for your fucking heart squish. Well, I know nothing about it, look it up. I think we're gonna go to your received topic subject. I have a copy segment. Sam Danny by. This is the rough boobs in and on the news it's time to game for. Oh, no. I was saying it's a rough boy. It's been a while. Okay for show prepping. Oh, okay. I was like, what are you talking about weirdo? No. What's going on? I was looking to play you a song third, you through tits fan as I was doing something further no reflex. Is it? People are young people. I have. I don't get it. Well, at least we were Tyrian, Terry Lancaster's child. His normal size rebellious son. We know where he works. Learn. I serve burgers, and I know. There was a waiter at place here, heating the other night legitimately look like tearing Lancaster's rebellious kid. It was like a guy Fieri fan. You know, a large normal size teary and land or what, what's the actor's name? I don't know. He plays the here. Pewter like a standard height, Peter Dake ledge with guy, Fieri hair. But they beard. Anyway. Yeah. It was very odd. It was very odd. There was another that had monster. Titties the bounce lot. So anyways. Keys side, stories guys know here, the pre show the new, you'd already knows that I'm occurred for boobs. So this is it's man this week sits ma'am, a woman with forty double L boobs. I am those camp. Big boobs. Nearly killed her husband's nearly nearly dearly. What like lead over and pinches apnea hose at night or something. No. But the mother of threes, husband loves humongous. Huge titties as she likes to get smothered. Well, he's a crusher during some sexy time. The two were kind of have an ad it. He's taking a trip to mountain, and he was flailing around got stuck in a crevice dare subjugated full. She thought that he was just being excited like just getting off time. So she didn't stop. And she nearly killed it from self occasion. Well now. Now her friends have renamed the rack of doom. And she actually has the second largest set of natural, tits in Britain, second largest, oh, there's a big moves in Britain. I think they say that the Britain has the largest natural breasts. Every time we've seen the breaking on the top y'all ranked gigolo biddies delay who to what I say. Goriest. They say no idea. It just sounded like a compliment. At least take can watch. Hell boy, not heck boy. It's got I'll delete it seems like it's redacted. Censored. The new hell boy looks kind of like the original health, boy, but I had a very bad drug addiction and Mike winters, gyp. When you look at you like homeless heck, boy, Tunceli. Why, why? Because he will in this one I'll scrambling gaunt rarely he's still muscular. But, like his face he looks just like he's had some problems. It was like twenty years ago. What's that same actor? No, no. Not wrong in some other like I know who fucking played heck boy, I have no idea. I don't want to offend fan fucking pants. Because if you do that, then you offend the Trumpy, and then the fuck and CIA comes at Arash, you. So what happens luminosity down the allegory say, so that's our doing. All right. So another chapter in things you don't shove up your fucking snatch. Though, I could tell you want to, you know, a steel pipe that was of your, but the o- vaginal it's okay. Oh, yeah. We'll do make same steel dildos do good for Coldplay. It. Your head. I thought it was because you tasted like shit. But oh that's my favorite one. You know. Here. It says it all without being terribly offensive to people because if you're saying you're tastes like shit. Well, obviously didn't do. Well, though, obviously, I know what your dictates like. Yeah, yeah. So I would be as well, right. Yes. Yes. That's how I know you're gay. Okay. I but the people out there might get it's explained it of they get attain. No. So then why are you explaining to me like they're like, like we're the first people to explain every once in a while you get rain to dick? Anyway. Well. This cookie puss. Cookie puss. Some women are putting garlic cloves up there pussy to treat yeast infections does it work. No. Well, what do I know? I'm not a fucking doctor what you don't do this. It can actually be deadly. Come on, are like, it's an old why? It's actually an old wives tale that say you should put a clove of garlic up your snatch for three days in it'll clear things up. We'll Agata colleges went to Twitter and said the vaj is perfect. It will. It's a perfect environment for botulism for the bacteria to grow your, you know, what will happen is your giant won't have any expression later, sir, all the expressive leave your badge won't know if it's angry or what after it gets botulism 'cause. Yeah. If you guys don't know. Botulism is that's a boat oxes Bess. And that's what your face doesn't fucking move because cause. Paralysis and death. Well, yeah, no. It literally Pratt per paraly- sizes, paralyzes. It literally paralyzes the muscles are holding your face into rankle, so. Right. It's not that takes the wrinkle out. It's just the muscles, the muscles that you use to scripture forehead to make that expression they longer flex, so you your forehead no longer rankles, permanent part of Asian. Yeah. They come back. Come back in another shot. Let's say fuck up. That ended up like Schroeck victim. Now, the thing is though, I mean girl like does have a antifungal properties. But anti-populist what well, well, you have to have to cut the garlic clove and rub it on your badge. Or crush it and shove it up your cross, and it's already fucking irritated and not feeling good. So I can't even Q imagine that smell. Oh, it's like no no used to make. Oh, no. What do you have a talion grandma written all over it? To say Tien grandma, got a fuck till squad played the Donna day need the energy to make gravy on Sunday. Sta gravy, so don't do that. People go get some fucking modest that dirt. Yeah. You'll find out in twenty years, garlic completely. Here's a lot of shit weird. You get bit. Shoved it up your ass all time. Bruno's helps your memory put it in your, your ether keeps Christians away. And develop because, you know, they're all gay too. Are. Oh. It's the loopers here that throb pulled on my alka. You know. Well, you know why they liked to fuck it pastel colored Easter y gig. Then there's fruit. Governor. Roseanne there. There's this woman Pennsylvania. I got his anyway. She's tragically killed at the work in a workplace accident. She worked food processing plant, and she fell into the beat grinder. No. Yes. A whole another employees that the company is going to have to completely clean that place out or shuts out for a while 'cause another employee found her because he said that the machine make weird noises and it took firefighters forty five minutes to get the fuck and machine apart. So they could scrape her out. Yeah. Yeah. So what was that? Oh, that's, that's outta doesn't sound like a great way to die really. You know, can you imagine if you like feet I too? You're, you're like part of donors fucking Meatloaf next week. She's got a garlic you pussy tail. Specifies does science. New Zealand beekeeper for some reason, risked, having thousands of bees fly into his behold o stinging. His rectum was to get a paying one month rent, but yeah. I do. Like take take a dump over the top of fuck it beehive. What's he took off? He took out the lid of one of his very active very full boxes. And he took his pants off and he sat on it. Okay. What was the point? So he could to win a bet with his landlord and get a month for free of basically put his Barra's on that beehive right high s- job yet. And he was only vote on quote, that's what happened at oddly enough is week before chasing a mouse. Got a steel bar fell in his ass. It was weird that they're related bears like, Honey. Lick. Oh, no, no. This is what I'm saying. Like what it sounds like a bullshit story, usually somebody's just lying cover south that we know this, right? Yeah, that's what I'm saying. These pictures during it of. Oh, yeah. Well, that's it mean that it had no can't get involved in it. It probably oh, you could have been for porn hub to be poor channel. There you go. We talked about that connection has been made. Well now. So what the guy did he exposed his sweaty adds to the angry singers in not only as but as whole his taint has balls. And a little dick route. He was he was told that if he put his bare, ask on that beehive then he would learn the secret of fucking curse island, and he would know what a Bob -ly gag was does Lert as ler. And, and he would get all the secrets to all the little scraps of wood that are buried below that island. He Oakland even outset get superpowers and become be man. That's right. Because they're Ammiano spider ban, the wasp. But with a b it's right. He could stick one person than dies. His the power of pollination. I would make oh, flip your allergies. Still bad. By politician. We mean converting straight man to gave us let like thinking about rape. That's. Move the book was not always gotta go rapi. Why is it got to be rayvey for what's wrong with you? Well, well in the memories on Facebook, a couple of pictures from, from don't talk to strangers popped up. Oh boy. And that maybe think of it everyone's like, oh, what's the FOX, your face comfortable? I'm like, oh, my one and only simulated rape poor. Yes. And strangely enough. It is. It was like one of the most popular videos. It was everybody. Liked it a lot. Yeah. Feel it still ask for it. I'm like you guys do the really don't like me. We just like screaming like, yeah. Going. All right. Like you got any saw pictures, no? I don't have it. You will like if I can. Picture for your album. A put you on fuck and Facebook to say, well, you know, spring has come when you smell, the pungent blooms of the Bradford pear tree Bradford pear tree. Yeah. And you wanna know how okay how he goes it smells like semen. Okay. All over Cleveland when the street moves the air Siemen smell, like, come on come smells. Like, oh, I thought you were gonna say, like the wharf. No, no. It's, it's smell wrong like, no, no. 'cause they're seeming is receiving. Oh my God. What? Anyway. So the air all smells like a porn site after like a game day, I just, you know. I don't recognize like a strong odor, which is that's because you can't smell that like your sense of smell is all wonky. Even talk about this car today. Again, another thing, don't say you are because you the one doing the talking. Sometimes I auto respond. It's like a fucking robot. I just have canned responses that I spit out your telling me how crooked your nose was an L smaller nostril by tying. It's like pre through fucking stir Shaw fizzle stick. Yeah. Look into. Now telling him at least junos sparked of as Ari Lang's dude. No his fucking. I like dot existed. Now, Cinta graded for that cocaine collapse. Good job. Did you know that there's a video on how to use poppers? Okay. Yeah. And if he has no poppers are trite their recreational nitrate based drug that when you inhale they provide a relaxing, intense into story, generally rush of euphoria, generally, generally sold as some kind of heading usually head cleaner. You call it. Hey cleaner, VHS cleaner or you call it by their name. Like, there's rush Ironhorse bunch of other fucking cuttings. But it also increases your sensitivity and blood flow to your to your face in your extremities. But the, the relaxing effect, it involuntary suit, smooths, the muscles in your throat and your asshole. Yes, so many people use it before they give blow job or they're going to be the butt, right? Or sometimes while you're having sack spaghetti. It's just fun. And they can be they can actually very harmful so please carefully. It's pretty dangerous. That's right. Like you could pass out on your bag. Then you're just straight at Haley hit o'day. I know I've done it. We've done for the bottle and then re I we had the ad. Irag brush, bottle. So, yeah. We were we were banging fucking. Yeah. We had a bunch of times to me did a hotter drunker on Asir. Yeah. Say, yeah. Yeah. Really? Yeah. But they were plenty of times where we couldn't really who really died. Yeah. Oh, they're saying there was that one time I did go on conscious and breathing. Well. Dhia radically. I you know, I allegedly allegedly allegedly, you may have gone out once tearing low brass by but that yeah was shot out. But I don't think it was. I don't think it was the I don't think it was lack of oxygen from that I think it was blood flow can been because a lot, a lot of like I wouldn't necessarily close your win by with my hand. I would. But I would put a lot of pressure on your on your vein on the arteries going up and just kind of keep you going in and out. But that way, I'm not actually closing your airway to give proves or anything like that. Right. And yet, one time you didn't get it in like now you didn't start breathing. I was like, oh, Jesus, Jesus God. But I'm here fine brings held a gun but whatever, yeah. All right. Everybody will we're get on me. Wow. We're getting ever. We're getting out of here with chasing mouse. Swear. With the bottle of liquor. That rag of head cleared. That was not a snow some. I have a VCR there was a guy that was over here. I left some heroin needles at his asked says it says Puckett in cleaner, those back, little Mormon kids, I'm gonna talk to. Oh. No. Debbie about the closet. No. Keeping the other one company. Yes, you wanted to be there. Yes. She asked for right? Layers said, we're gonna Atta here for the week everybody. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and the rest of your week. And everybody is hunky Dory. Gorgeous and beautiful having an awesome time. And got anything. All right. It's time to get a snack go the fuck to bed, so I don't talk to later parts of. Parts of. Does does.

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The Future Of Medical Biohacking: Skull Resets, Suppositories, Nasal Sprays, Nebulizers, Sound Therapy & More With Dr. John Lieurance.

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I do a good job at that I? Know I. Did I think I did? Press rewind and played again if I didn't so anyways, meet your new medicine cabinet with bee keepers naturals. So I'm out in the forest right now I'm not literally in the forest. I'm in a tiny, tiny, little house. Little cottage, the forest out in my forest out on my land here in Spokane, Washington and I had a guests arrive at my doorstep a couple of days ago, and he he arrived is like the Santa Clause of natural medicine. He had like this stuff. He called holy water with him and os needed toothpaste. Cacao and coffee infused CBD in all manner of these these crazy medical hacks. He's been blowing my mind for the past couple of days. Actually been blow my mind for the past couple of months. Because I've known this cat for a few months now he's he's ships, these these wonderful and weird formulations to my house. Everybody that I've connected him with has equally had their minds blown, not the over use that phrase with his level of knowledge and the very unique approach she has to. Deliver nutrients to your body to working with a wide variety of conditions and he's. He's just steeped in this stuff. He absolutely loves it and I'm incredibly honored and pleased to have met him because now i. can introduce him to you and he's about to blow. Your mind was with some pretty cool. Stuff is John. Lawrence and John is a naturopathic physician. He's also chiropractic neurologist. He's been in private practice in Florida for over the past couple of decades, he's the chief scientific advisor of a couple of companies glued GENYK. And a real real wizard unglued if I hear a lot more about that, because that's part of what that company is about and also advanced Bio Corp, where he also creates some some very unique formulas and has a very cool approach. His clinic is called advanced rejuvenation troops, chronic disease regenerative medicine. He does functional in the reality which will get into functional medicine, stem cell research, and some of the things that he specializes in include. Parkinson's Alzheimer's Automated Disease Chronic Lyme servers mold illness, he himself has his own pretty interesting story about doing with chronic lyme and mold himself that. He'll get into but ultimately I think you guys are really GonNa love to meet Dr. John Laura and everything that we talk about you can find at Ben Greenfield fitness dot com slash Dr John Like Dr J., O. H., N. Ben, Greenfield fitness dot, com slash, Dr John and by the way right now I feel like my brain is going a million miles an hour. It's like clear as a bell, and I'm pretty sure whatever you gave me to snort my nose. Part of this podcast must have just been like. Liquid LSD because I feel absolutely amazing right now. That's that's great to hear. Yeah I feeling the same way? Because, you took some too yeah I did and. So you guys are going to learn about all old nasal sprays, and actually let's speak about another orifice I though because this is actually how how I met John. Packaged arrived at my house for of suppositories, which I think, as of now have become mildly famous, because I've talked about the few times before on the podcast, these melatonin suppositories and I've taken Milton before I've done sub lingo. Melatonin, time release melatonin capsules, five milligrams, ten milligrams and. This this was like a high dose, high-dose Melatonin suppository that I that I have been using since then especially for international travel shop, one of those bad boys up your ass, and you're like dead of the World Your Circadian. Rhythm is reputed, but there's actually a lot more to Melatonin I. You want to get into, but so before we talk about putting things up your ass, and the the select number of things that one can can do that with and suppositories in general and nasal sprays and everything else I want to know about you and. Where you came from like. Basically how you got into this whole world and your unique approach, yeah, well first of all I'd like to thank you for having me here as a guest and for those that. I've been listening to your podcasts for years and very impressed I've learned a lot. And it's it's helped me in my own journey to to explore a lot of things that you might not be exposed to otherwise and to come out to your house, and just see this the the setup that you have here all the bio hacks, but just even more importantly the person you are. And the way you're raising your family and your kids, your dogs or even amazing. Your Wife, Jessica just absolutely amazing everybody. That's listening needs to know like Ben Greenfield's. Is the real deal. I gotta ask you though, and then then he can continue your story of all the little things. You've had a chance to try since you guy here. What's your favorite? Well, so let me let me run down the list of everything I've just this morning, okay? So. So. I've done hyper-baric. Drink hydrogen water before getting in there, and then I did a Juve light like twenty minutes while I was breathing some Nanno V. And then I did A. bio-energy bow charged with bio charge I've done that twice now. Okay, and just this morning just this morning. We did a workout together. I. Mean it's just yeah. We ten, forty five am. And so we'll finish this. We'll get Frisbee Golf. We got a bunch of doctors coming over to the house tonight to to geek out on on more medicine and biohacking. Yeah, but but in terms of your background, you actually had an illness that kind of got you exploring some of these deeper darker fringes of natural medicine. Yeah, well, I started out in life with with some challenges. You know if anyone wants to look Camp Lejeune Marine. Base and they. They have A. Camp Lejeune North Carolina Yeah Yeah. Gosh I've been there. I did a triathlon there. I did an internship at Duke University, and so I did like every triathlon I could find in North Carolina and that time the water remember competing Camp Lejeune I'm sure I must of women it well from like nineteen, sixty five to nineteen, eighty five. It was just absolutely terrible. They had thirty up to thirty five hundred times the normal safety. Contamination? Limits on just a whole list of different toxins, radioactive material, and so forth, and so my mother was. During that period of time, and then my first two years of life, and I've always been a little challenged a lot of asthma and allergies and. You know eventually I was in put in. Basically learning disability classes, and this was in Hawaii right, so she grew up in why, so we moved out to Hawaii seven. My Dad was a marine. and. And live there all the way through college, and so it was an awesome place to grow up, but it wasn't so awesome to be in special education classes there because they they loo-. They lumped everybody either your normal, or you're like in these basically retard classes. And and so it was, it was challenging in a lot of ways as my my self esteem, you know it was a very difficult time getting getting through that and then. But it gave me a lot of Dr. you've got a. we have a mutual friend in in common Dan POMPA. Dr To Dan Yorke show. Besides helping me with with detox. His products are amazing. He's just a wonderful person as well and he and I share a lot of similarities with Special Education Dyslexia, and so forth, and and you know the pain purpose is just really rings for me. Yeah, that that's his catch. Rice paid the purpose. It is yeah, and you know I think we're all given these challenges in life you know and it's like it's all about how you how you deal with it, and then you know if we grow from it and we learned from it, and then we can. Move that forward and help other people you know and there's been a lot of challenges that I've had that have allowed me to you know learn how to overcome them and then help lots of other people with those challenges as well. The lyman mold was something that developed later on. Yeah. So that was in like two, thousand, seven, two, thousand, eight I, just got really sick, and I had no idea what was wrong with me, and it was, it was a double challenge, because I was I, was already practicing I had a clinic, and that people coming in from all over, and you know supposed to be the guy that had all the answers, but I was just sick, and I was going to all these different doctors and nobody. Really knew what I got diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis, because I had just severe joint pain. You know it was so bad that I remember sitting on a bench bench one time in watching somebody just walked by and it just like I didn't even know it was like to walk normally at that Taj so it was just so severe and and then I finally tested myself for lime, and I tested myself for a variety of viruses and my Epstein. Barr virus was. was just through the roof, and so I just had multiple infections, which is classic with people with line, because your immune system isn't functioning, so you just accumulate all these infections oh? Yeh, in who is something I've actually been setting up on recently because I've I've been shocked at the connection that the deeper into his rabbit hole. I go between AB sago virus, lime, mold, heavy metals and em ethics. Bolger like this whole issue. I don't know if you're electro hypersensitive. But those type of of co-infections. If that's what you want to call, them tend to be really aggravated by EMS exposures well well. You know there's some you know some ideas, the. Might make the violence a little bit more with the viruses. You know the EMF. There's different. Different things and with mole to same thing they've done. They've done some studies where they exposed mold to to emf exposure and they. They see that there's a much higher variance so. Yeah for people that are with health I. Think getting themselves out of you know Wifi and turning off your Wi fi router at night. I mean you've covered this and a lot of your pod. We've gone through that where staring at a dirty electronically filter right now the computer is plugged into and and that's. The whole thing is a topic for another day but I certainly think that you know specifically when you look at the voltage gated calcium channels on the cell and the steep influx of calcium that occurs and the impact that has on Mighty Qendra, overall cellular function. Then you pair that with an infection or heavy metal or lime or virus, and you're essentially debilitating the body's ability to be able to respond while at the same time weakening its defenses, so yeah, it's a it's an issue, but but we digress so you. You were sick with all these issues, but you also have this unique combination car, practic dock, and also a naturopathic physician. So, how did that all happen? Well originally. I graduated from chiropractic school and then started to you know. Get involved with functional neurology through the Carrick Institute and it's a very high level of. Doing specific types of adjustments and different neurological exercises in doing a lot of work with neuro plasticity. You know so a lot of patients that we treat with this technique were we're not doing as many adjustments as you would think you know it's. A lot of times people would come and watch these types of procedures and they wouldn't really recognize it as traditional chiropractic work. But when you're able to activate the brain and the very specific way. You can create some amazing changes. That can really balanced neurology and. Everything from like movement disorders to. Ottawa autoimmune. Challenges and auto dysfunction, you know. All of these things are are rooted in Neurological A. Challenges Gimme one hardcore example white music activate the brain dog like snap, and the fingers in front of the face or or Chevron something in an orifice so. Prone to do well, this is a good example, so you know there's something called your vestibular reflect so whenever you're had moved to the right you're is actually neurologically are pushed to the left. If you rotate your head, it's towards and tours, and so there's this yakking between your neck, your eyes and your. And your vestigial, your inner ear, and there's this conversation that's happening between all of these, and so what happens is that that conversation gets skewed, and so the neck muscles in the spinal muscles. Don't respond appropriately, and so we see this with people where there there is so there's the is need to be balanced, and if they're not then, there's a lot of musculature throughout the entire spine that can be thrown off. Some of these techniques we've used in some very high level football players actually. I can't name names, but there's been some Super Bowl winning quarterbacks that utilized this type of. Functionality to actually continue playing yeah. Sid crosby actually just came out and? Basically he's like one of the top hockey. Players ever came out, and he had a traumatic brain injury, and utilizing these types of treatments was able to overcome a very serious deficiency, and but what what would be an example of national treatment. Look what would be one technique you use. So. Let's say somebody has a disturbance nervous Tibula, ocular reflex what we might do, we might have them do something called gaze stabilization, so they'll holder. There is on target, and then they'll move their head and different different ways to. Allow the the muscle to to maintain that vestigial reflex, and some people can't do it so like for instance if I took my finger and I moved it back and forth in front of you. That's a smooth pursuit right, and so there's two main types of movements. There's a smooth pursuit, and there's a Cicada a CICADAS, a fast eye movement, so that fast movement should be accurate to target, and you're constantly either pursuing or CICADA targets in your environment. And witnessed gets off then your eyes are locking into target and they don't hold their, and then it slips off. That feeds back into the spinal muscles. So, you can see that there's GonNa be a lot of disturbances and you're you're you're fine motor skills when these things are off so by. Basically doing very specific exercises. Get Your eyes to move appropriately in these different movement patterns. It's hugely beneficial to the brain. Then, you also think about all of the energy that the brain would be expanding trying to compensate for these deficiencies as well so just cleaning this stuff up actually allows the brain function level something somebody who was talking to me about I forget I think. I was at a clinic and they were saying that a lot of people who get. Brain, fog fatigue, etc, kind of like mid to late afternoon sometimes earlier in many cases, they'll find that they have like some eye, tracking issues or Even like from from chiropractic standpoint like you know alignment of some of the sutures in the school and things that are actually causing a great deal of stress on the nervous system, just beginning with the is with that vestibular nerve. Yeah, so so you're almost like exhausting yourself as your is work overtime well, you know it's interesting you. You point out about the sutures in the skull. Because that's that's my my deal with functional Craner released, so it's technique that I developed. You know probably fifteen years ago and I teach other doctors, and basically it's a fusion of this functional neurology with this very specific type of cranial work. That I think we're going to be doing with your family tomorrow. Yeah, well. You told my boys at dinner last night where you wanted to have him. Do was balance with this thing called a slack though that you that you balance on like a slack, line trainer, and then you. You wanted them to come off that you were going to do the adjustment. What he called a Endo Nasal. It's an donate specific endo nasal balloon manipulation. Yeah, yeah, so I dared them I. Think they're both game for so so tomorrow. Maybe we'll instagram for people in and put it up if you guys want to see it. If I wind up shooting a video, put it in. The show notes Ben Greenville. TENNIS DOT COM. Slash. Dr. So, so you? You obviously are an expert in this functional neurology and I. Know That's part of your practice I. Know You do stem cell therapy? Do X. Oems you peptide? You do a lot of the things that I've actually talked about on the show before and I I would love to use the time that we have to get into some of the stuff that we haven't. Haven't had a chance to explore that much. In terms of some of these more unique delivery mechanisms, and some of the stuff that you specialize in so I will let let us go straight back to the positives because I know pe-. People are people are on the edge of their seats. Unintended wanted to know about these positively, so let's get to the bottom, okay? So why suppositories all right so when I was sick? I started to utilize high glutathione suppositories, and it was just a game changer for me that I realized. Wow, this is really a very powerful medicine and. What I liked about it was that the when you when when I post with a suppository, I would have peak plasma meaning that. The the substance is in your bloodstream for six to seven hours, whereas if I do an IV peak plasmas like for an hour, right at spikes in your blood, and then it's out of your system, so your cells are sitting there trying to absorb as much nutrient as they can in that short period of time. So, I, think there's an advantage of. In that time and giving the sells more of an opportunity to absorb those nutrients plus. If we're talking about. Gluten found in particular. It's one of the sleep promoting substances along with your a dean. And, so it's necessary, so you can actually. Writing and people don't talk about European allies. That's something that Glutathione is causing to be released or Cohen minutes. It's another. It's another substance. Okay, but those are the two sleep promoting substances or get you to dive deep right right away so so. It really helps with with sleep. You get in a row. Yeah well, that's why it's in San Man. I was wondering since being your high dose Melatonin suppository that you have right. Okay, so the glue found is not just in there, because it's going to help with with its antioxidant effects while you're asleep or help the body to repair, it's in there because it will actually enhance sleep biology well all the above, so you know. We really worked hard on the sand man to try to put everything that we could to. Give you true sleep. You know what about your? In no no we haven't but we've experiment with. It but Not yet and. So so back to the suppositories. You're getting a slow release. The the intra what the correct term into rectal absorption! It's rectal orifices. Erectile Exorbitant Common Delivery Mechanism for for a lot of medications. Really it is if you're not doing like Interim Association for example, but what you're saying is that this peak occurs more gradually over a longer period of time, so you get a slow or bleed of whatever it is that you're putting into your body into your system. That's one advantage, but there's more. Another advantage is that year bypassing the gastric juices and the enzymes with digestion that can actually harm a lot of these nutrients, and then there's something called I pass through the liver, and basically the liver really breaks everything down. It needs to be put back together on the other side and so. so when you do an IV obviously. There's a lot of people go and get Ivy's because it's just. So much more advantage because you're. You're bypassing all these digestive enzymes and the first pass all all the more so by the way, if you, if you have leaky, got or compromise, gut it. I think it becomes an even bigger issue. With being able to adequately absorb what you need from food, vitamins, or supplements or anything taken orally so you also have an advantage on that side, too, and so with all of that intact. It's almost like. An Ivy to go, so you can put in a suppository end, and it's like you're hooked up to an IV for the next seven hours and other needles in. Your House or like that, and it's really no big deal I mean sometimes people make a big deal at all. I'M NOT GONNA. Do suppository whatever and it's like you know. Get over it like it takes like two seconds to put it in. It's very easy. And and it's there, and usually you know basically it turns into an oil once it's once. It's inserts these suppositories when I get them from you. You kind of UNWRAP them. They're they're They're semi solid I've if you don't keep them in the refrigerator, they contend. Get almost like too soft to insert, so keep them in the refrigerator and correct me if I'm wrong on that. That's the best way to do it in the refrigerator and then I want to get back into. What kind of suppositories from Glutathione that you'd wreck or Melatonin that you'd recommend? But when you when you administer these like I'm. I haven't inversion table and can hang upside down sometimes if I'm just in bed, and I'm laying on my side, I'll just put it in there and continue my side for a little while, but what's what's the best way to actually put a suppository in for? People haven't done it before. Well, we we've put a Some science into these supposedly, so they there sometimes you have to actually put like an oil on them to get them lubricated. This this is just lubricated naturally, so You know you don't even really need to put your finger in in the rectum. Usually you know once the suppositories. It's like kind of A. Way. SHAPE. Yeah it's an anti gravity technology greasy though too so. Much. So so you you slip it in, and then do you need to do need to go upside down like? Do you need to invert just? Lay Now. Yeah or you don't yeah, I mean you could sit down for a little while or. I guess it's different for everybody you know depending on the tone of their muscles down and whatnot. If you have decent tone, it just pulls up a couple of inches, and you don't even know it's there yeah yeah. And then what one other question I was going to ask you. Because then equitably, some of these logistical issues will rise. People. Ask this because I'm your suppositories and we can talk about these kind of daytime wakefulness like stuff that you wouldn't necessarily have in during the night. To put one of those in the morning. and. Let's say I need to have a bowel movement in the afternoon. How long does it need to stay in there to everything that you need out of it? Because I've wondered before when I've you know digging a dump a few hours after doing, it's a positive, obviously the positive where it comes out. How how long should it actually stay in there? Well, it's going to continue to release for five to seven hours. So if you do have a bowel movement. You're going to lose some, but it's still worth doing I mean if you're gonNA. Do something like say like the neuro. Dial right the high dose CD. do that in the in the daytime. Usually no problem, but if you have, there's no way I could do a high dose. suppository in the daytime I get super drowsy. DVD, but you've got another. One is called loose atoll. Loose atoll, yeah, and what's in that one? Losada's a lot of polyphenols in one of the most important one is the Fezzan. So, it's really good for the brain, inflammation and and Lyric right, so you could take it. We have some fasting protocols we're. We're working on where we used that product. Really kick in that soon to clear the sincerity. I I actually wrote about physician. But how do you pronounce it facade and hesitant I pronounce it. But I've bastardize almost everything, so read so much the the the anti-ageing properties of it are are pretty compelling credible. Charissa ten is one that a lot of people talk about, but fisons say like you do kind of flies under the radar, but yet it's a very very helpful molecules, so some of your suppositories are daytime in which case ideally, someone should wait to put them in until they've had say a morning bowel movement, and then put it in and try to if you can have another ballot move for like five to seven hours. If you want to get everything you want out of it, right. Ideal okay got it so so you've got the kind of like the plant based antioxidant. Cellular Senescence one that you do during the daytime and that one's called again. WHO's tall tall Sandman is the Melatonin. Glutathione. Yeah, that's Max clue glued Amax and then wh- what else what other suppositories other. Well. We've got the. Stem tour. Which is the? It's an an tour activator, so it's good for people that you know for working out like everybody's all focused on inhibiting tour, but. Actually a leaderless and skinny their whole lives. Yeah! I mean it's all about balancing it. You know it's like you want to activate it. You want to inhibit you know so. It's something that you can pre or post workout and get a little bit extra repair. Through the tour pathway? Hey, I want to interrupt today's show to tell you how you can get easy. high-quality humanely raised me. That can trust from butcher box. 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I want to get back to a few other more subtle nuances of the ingredients first of all most of the suppositories and I'm looking at the label. You also have bacteria in them. it. Tell me about the bacterial parks I'm trying to figure out. Can you actually reseed I mean? Obviously, we know about fecal. biota transplants, and and the ability to be able to populate the rectum, the the bio of of the colon, but are you kinda going after the same thing with these bacteria, or is there a different reason that they'd be in there? That's where you want your bacteria. You don't want it in the small intestine, you want it in the large intestine the so we were aiming towards improving the microbiome, but we're also looking at specific strains that would assist in the absorption of various ingredients. Okay, that's what I was wondering. Yeah, so so we kind of worked on those, and so we have a couple of different strain combinations that were utilizing one. That's more for like glue to find and antioxidants and another one. That's more on the CD hemp absorption. What would be an example probiotic? That you'd use well. We disclosed that those are proprietary. Okay, yeah, that's fine. That's fine. You can just hold it. Close to your chest nobis. Chat. Now melatonin Melatonin is one that I want to hone in on a little bit because I find that particularly fascinating. Yeah, we are recording this podcast during lockdown, which you are actually breaking government orders by not sheltering in place down in Florida. House just you know those are very risky plane ride. You went on to come up. And you may dyson. It was interesting. You know. It was almost apocalyptic flying out here. Yeah, well. I like the green the Greenfield House. Seddon all humbleness. I think if someone were to get sick, I've gotten more here at the house from Anti Malarial to care it into ozone. NEBULIZER which we'll talk about later either barrack to where you could probably receive better treatment than you get a hospital hands down here the hospital. Widow get from from the youtube. The feds are making their rounds right now, so we've got to be very careful but anyways Melatonin is being talked about right now. As as a possible, been pretty potent anti viral. There are a lot of other things going with militants talks a little bit about what people might not know about Melatonin in particular and just to to couch. This proper terms for people like one of your suppositories is like a hundred milligrams of Melatonin two hundred milligrams down I so so get into Melatonin, and also the safety and efficacy of using high dose. Dose like that because I. Get people are like shutdown melatonin production. Throw off my circadian Biology so go ahead and riff on Melatonin for awhile for me all right so great questions, gray questions, and so one interesting study. They did on oral absorption of Melatonin. They found that there's only three percent absorption, so it's not absorbed very well, but Melatonin is the. Primary Antioxidant. It's like at the top of the chain and. One of the one of the things that it does is it protects your? Might Kondracke under stress? You know what's really interesting. Is They did a study? Early on in the early days of Melatonin, they were looking at. Different aspects with animal models, and they weren't really seeing a big change with these with these animals when they were in a basically stress, free environment. You know they they weren't seeing any difference with their immune system or anything like that, but what they did is they changed the study around? And they took the mice, and they put them in tubes, little holes in them for like a couple hours a day, which is like a? stressor because they're in a confined area and so this increased cortisol in different stress hormones on the animals, and so what they did then is, they looked at the animals on Melatonin versus off Melatonin, and that's where they really started to get excited like there's something to Melatonin that really helps to protect the system when it's under stress and when you look at that study, you know it's like I. Look around right now. I see what are people are confined. To their house, it's almost like that. Studying are hardening or dark, little Roden tubes. Yeah, so it's like we need to put Melatonin the water supply. But well. Let's let's dive into it a little bit so. There's there's. Restorative aspects of melatonin protective aspects. It helps with sleep. A lot of people know that. There's a there's there's something called the gladdock system and I think you've talked about this podcast range draining system. It's like pumping action in so people start to develop problems in their brain. They start to accumulate these different proteins like amyloid Beta. Protein tangles, and so forth, and so The these are immune. Complex is actually end so. They found that it's not so much. The problem that these proteins are collecting as much as it's a problem with them being cleansed out of the brain, and so if you look at. As you get older, the Melatonin just declines rapidly as you get older and so. This activator for deep sleep starts to diminish and so deep sleep is the primary activator to glimpse attic system. So. So, supplementing with Melatonin makes a lot of sense for that just for preventing degenerative neurologic conditions, but another really interesting aspect of Melatonin is it inhibits cancer growth, so they've done a lot of studies, you know if you go on start researching pubmed and so forth you'll see a lot of different cancers have been shown to be inhibited with Melatonin so a lot of natural medicine. Docs will use it in their practice for that. And then there's the the viral protection. You know which I think. We should dive into a little bit. which just blew my mind when I started to read about it? Yeah, what do you see with with? Viruses known well showing you that picture before right? You show me. Picture so they were looking Ebola and Ebola just has a devastating effect on the endothelial lining of blood vessels. And, so they did an with animal models with and without Melatonin, and you see this picture, and you can just see the blood vessels are just completely destroyed. You know with the animals that didn't get the Melatonin another really interesting station. Email me that picture by the way I'll put it in. The show notes. Yeah, yeah, every everybody's gotTA. Look at this picture because it's like you just look at it and you're like. Wow, that is really doing so night and day difference in terms of the protective effect of the Melatonin. Now now of course back to one of the questions that I was asking though, is this like say testosterone replacement for males where once you star is very difficult to come off. Shut Down Your indulgence. Protect production right. This is something. A lot of people been asking me about after hearing I started using your Melatonin suppositories as well. You screw your circadian biology share own ability to produce Melatonin well. This is the concern with any hormone. Are you GonNa? Shut down your endogenous production. You know that's what happens with testosterone. You start supplements testosterone. Your Body Says Oh, I've got plenty of that I. don't need any more right with Melatonin. It doesn't work that way. There is no negative feedback loop. You can take as much as you and there's no toxic level of it either so they they've done studies with animal authors on could find a guinea pig and kill him without, too. Well well, maybe two million, but they they went all the way up to one hundred and fifty thousand milligrams, which would be well I forget the exact equivalent, but it was the equivalent to one hundred and fifty thousand milligrams on one hundred and fifty pound person, and they stop the study because there's just no toxic level of the right. It's like the elephant that they tried to find the lethal dose of LSD with the elephant wound up dying from the tranquilizers. They had to give it so that it didn't just go berserk from all the St before actually croaked from the tranquilizer, so so yeah, not not the Melatonin is. Is that somewhere LSD but the? Very interesting in terms of the amount y. Much in it like. Couldn't you do like ten milligrams positively? You. Could you could you could do any? Amount of Melatonin, but what we're doing is super physiological dosing. So this is not like what your? You know your your primary care Docs giving you. You know five ten twenty milligrams. Melatonin to help with sleep. What we're talking about is moving the needle on various aspects of. Health, that can be related to high dose of Melatonin. What about. Relevant to some of the things that are in the news right now, something DIFFERENT THAN A, Bola from from a viral standpoint or anything similar to like a corona, virus or right so great question so. There was a recent article just this year that came out and these scientists are saying melatonin could. Be a very helpful. Substance for. Kron virus, and so they've looked at the. The the process of Melatonin what it does, and so the challenge with with this virus in particular is that it creates a cytokine storm right and that site a kind storm leads to something called are acute respiratory distress syndrome, so the lungs basically shut down. So what's involved with that? Something called an inflammatory. And that and Flam Zome is what leads to that whole cascade of sign storm, and so melatonin actually acts to calm. Down Okay. So in terms of blocking the inflammatory or blocking the of King Storm, this begs the question not to put you on the spot, but. There's also this concept that if you're using something like that regularly a very potent antioxidant that you might be just blunting your medic response in general medic response to exercise medic responses, stressors like kind of blending the body's own indigenous antioxidant production. Could you directly make yourself weaker, but doing something like that or well? They haven't done studies to really determine that, but I can tell you the lead authority of Melatonin, Russell Writer MD PhD and this guy. You know he's been studying Melatonin for. You know his whole life. Really. He takes one hundred milligrams every night. you know so. He's the most researched individual on Melatonin and so every night while yeah I'm GonNa have to upgrade my my Melatonin stocks. I use it. During Times of stress, I found very helpful. I use it when I'm traveling. Especially for long haul flights, it just completely reboots everything. I've actually used it on on a flight like a ten hour flight. With along with your high dose. which is how many milligrams in Idaho so you think you're taking the three hundred? Which is I've said this before on podcast. If you look at most of the studies, Zebdine sleep enhancement, it's at least one hundred mix plus and of course you might be able to say less rectal absorption because. You're getting a lot more in there, but meant that one two Combo Melatonin high-dose Melatonin and high-dose CBD via suppository Game Changer for sleep architecture, especially when travelling well, you know and and I found that to be true because I travel a lot from Florida to Hawaii you know, and it's a pretty brutal flight, and with time change, and so forth, and so I kind of started to hack this with the products myself and I. Even you know came up with what I call, the travel hacker kit, right and so. The the problem with when you're flying is that there's a lot of. Air Quality. Mold! It's probably going to get better now because I think they've up their standard. Since this whole krona virus epidemic, but you've got so. There's a lot of stressors that happen in the plane, and so taking a high dose of CBD made sense to me because it's it's neuro protective. You know so. It's almost like you've kind of a force field while you're traveling. And then of course, the Sandman to reset your Circadian Rhythm, and then we're also utilizing something called glued a stat, which is enables anti microbial nasal. The nasal sprays here in a little bit because I find those fascinating I I've actually been using glued stats, which also has sixteen and silver in it correct. Yeah, for for for just general antiviral preparedness, but before we move on, there was one other competent to ask you about. Because, there's a lot of chatter right now about it's absorbed. And bioavailability and that's D- Some People A. People using ORAL ARE OBVIOUSLY PEOPLE ARE GETTING AD vs. UNITED IN D. Patch yesterday, and I think that the Trans Dermal absorption and they intravenous absorption is amazing, compared to to most of the oral delivery mechanisms out there, but I want ask you. What about rectal like like could? You could theoretically use any directly like you're doing with. Melatonin et Cetera well. We have a neuro and eighty line. It's a nasal spray and it's also suppository, and so you know I got involved with a D early on before. Anybody really knew about it. You know it was the NASD conference in San Diego about five years ago or so. You know so. We started using it clinically and so we were charging up towards fifteen hundred dollars in on. People would sit at the clinic and run this issue. You have to run it slowly. Otherwise you get these effects, and by the way I did the fast push because I heard thought Gaza I'm like. I gotTa do this ten minutes. Terrible God, yeah! Just listening in it's a, it's a five hundred milligram ad push. Ivy in about thirty milliliters of solution and this type of thing you normally set for like two three hours, so we drift into your system Grit Grit. Your teeth breathe politic garbage can if you need to take puke? and. It is intense by I haven't been able to talk anybody into actually doing that. So it's kind of one of those what doesn't kill you. Make you stronger things I. I feel literally like that or or cold ice bath or the battle set on the bike. Any of these things that are somewhat difficult to do. You just don't do them because you're masochist. Yeah, I think there's something to be said for the psychological and mental strength built through occasion just like doing the hard thing. Yeah, including and I think I. Do you know Dr Craig Conn ever? Heard of them. Okay, so so he really feels that. The slightly unpleasant response to any IV is something that actually is beneficial for the nervous system and one of the reasons, people feel so good afterwards than there are other doctors who want to be a little bit kinder, and they'll code minister. Methyl donors with their entity detained or trimethyl, glycemic or S Edina Selma. Like Dr Matt Cook Does Right, and and I've done that before, and you literally barely feel the right. Yeah, and apparently still get some of the benefits, but. For some reason I kind of liked to feel it like I liked that sensation of knowing something's going I. Don't know if I buy into that I haven't seen any any research I think. Maybe that's just his intuition. It could be I think it is pure intuition. But you know we. We do the TRIMETHYL glysophate in the in the suppository you. Actually did that was not a leading question I? Do Not know you didn't entity suppository. Well I haven't shared it with you. I'm trying to I'm trying to just trickle it to. So many things you make, and there's obviously a lot more that I wanna get into, and we kind of already hinted at this idea of a nasal administration and these nasal sprays like last night Let's let's start with this one like you and I did a meditation breath work session. And I have done Combo in the past and in a Combo ceremony. The you know the the frog poison where you burn the skin and have a little bit apply to the to the burnt hole in the skin. To, really clear the head prior to that or a lot of other plant medicines is like I. Wa- It'd be another example. There's a South American. It's an herb or plant or tobacco variant, or what is called hoppy. r.i.p right. Either one day or rapid. And incredible head clearing effects, and normally it'd be like A. Powder that Shaman would kind of breathe up into your nose and Burns up deepen the skull and sticks with you with that. Burn for good ten fifteen seconds all of a sudden. Your head's clear Isabelle. And you kind of figured out how to a modern newfangled version of that. Yeah, well, you know first of all Combo Frog. Probably a lot of people listening to this have no idea what that is. I heard about that. You know a few years ago and actually we were utilizing that with some some of our infection cases. You know there's it's I forget how many times stronger than morphine it is. It's got you just feel good after you do a Combo session. Don't feel good while you're on. It and one get sick. It's a it's a hormone, oxen, very very powerful, hormetic stressor and a lot of times you grow up in a ball for fifteen twenty minutes after you do it just like fall asleep right so they call a combo nap right and and you want to purge to common for you. Don't really start throwing perjury do. A few. Amount that you think need to get the effect you. You purged usually. There's a five gallon by actually figured out how to microdosing it. You know so I'm able to get people just to the point where you know they don't even purge. You know you get all the beneficial effects if you if you do it in a lighter dose as well same thing burning the whole Niskanen. Yeah, that's that's the only way I because I think if you. If you ingest, it could kill you so probably. A COMBO suppository no! I've thought about it I've thought about it, but I think that you know I. Don't want to be the first to explore something. To hold the suppository for me. Number one is safety like I. Don't WanNa take any chances with myself and my patience, so yeah, yeah, that's reasonable, so this hoppy. What's called Zen Spray? Yeah, so so I have a a Collie. He's an MD and he's. He's living with a tribe in the Amazon and and he's real excited. Because all these different Amazonian tribes have their own blend of herbs, and they use it in ceremony, and so so he was excited about this particular bland, and he sent me some, and so you know I was using it, and it's a very strong effect when you inhale it in the powder. Very intense, but again like you said you feel good afterwards. There's there was something to it. I really had to take a dive into it and what I figured out is that it's an automatic activation, so it's actually you're actually strengthen your vegas nerve awhile. Strengthening Vega tone, and so that's why you feel so relaxed and clear because you're more calming down the sympathetic nervous system and activating the pair something exactly yeah. DR Congo again to to bring him up and he's been a former podcast guest he he was a guy who, in the past had sent me some nasal sprays and I had used for example his compounded ketamine combined with Oxytocin, which both my wife and I find it be fabulous for sex, and then you compounded this happy with Oxytocin, which is kind of like a feel-good trust, hormone tactile sensation feel amazing, and actually use some of that before sex, and it was a d, so the ketamine kind of this hits you, but it's very relaxing whereas this stuff was just. amped me up, but then made the sex feel amazing to with a with a super clear head, so I I don't know if you've ever. If you've ever compounded use it for something like that, but this this hoppy oxytocin blend. Never, use anything like that before it's amazing. Yeah, yeah, it's. It's really it's really interesting. And it's also really good for like a meditation as well like if you take it so the the two ways, and I'm finding it popular to the used as as an entrance into meditation. And also. During breath work you know like newsom Wim Hof breasts and we did that with with some breathing exercises and your sauna. We're doing some very very rigorous breath work, and then right before the breath. Hold We. We use the spray. You're just getting this. Just hyperactive ation inveigled ner. Yeah, I felt as though the clearness in the head allowed for almost like an amplification of natural emt released that you get that former breath work, so I think pairing that, and I even before our session last night where we used it for the we did about twenty five minute breath work session. I had used it probably get eight to ten times prior for breath work, and it's amazing for breath worker meditation just because your head goes clear as a bell. Will I think I stumbled across? One morning I was on my couch and I was doing whim off and I just I had the zen there and I'm like. Let me try to blend these two together and I was so excited about it. I think I texted you right. I did a group tax because it was a few of us that we're. Beta testing a few months ago and It's. It's really it's really nice. This MD lives in the Amazon by the way I think you left out one part. He's like, isn't he? Like the only white man or something like that, who who's actually able to access these these zones. Yeah, because we. We have a mutual friend yet to be unnamed. He's actually my my. He's like my personal facilitator. Slash Shaman Yeah Amazing Guy I'm hoping someday I can get him on the podcast. And he's. He filled me in on that. That guy that lives in the Amazon right access to these medicines that. None of us would be able to get right, so it was very very special. Special! We're very fortunate to have it. We don't have so much that. It's scalable to a huge degree, but you know it's in a limited. Quantity? Can. You use in nasal spray besides hoppy and oxytocin. Well, you know an ad. We already talked about that, Glutathione. The the we also have a a peptide neuro Max, which has seem accent it, so it's like brain enhancing. and then the anti-microbials i. think is really Is Really helpful for a lot of different upper respiratory. In Matt Cook and I actually recently talked about this on a podcast about the issue with biofilm in the nasal passages. Brought that up, so a lot of people don't ever address that and you've got like this fly. Sticky material called. That the bacterial producing, so whatever you're breathing in the air is just getting stuck into your sinuses, so everybody really needs to consider some sort of a sinus hygiene right, and so a sinus hygiene could be a Netti pot where you're just using sailing, you could use a little silver. Some people I dine in their in their Netti Pot. We have a product called glued a stat which has also fide sage oregano cloverleaf. Bay Leaf and That's got peanuts. Stuff I've been nebulizer. So that's a we have formula docs like to nebulizers it a lot of the people that utilize our our line, our physicians you know, and then they give to their patients, so using nebulizers is a way. For these doctors are are utilizing the latest stat to actually get deep into the sinuses and also into the lungs. And I WANNA talk about nebulizer, but kind of like suppositories be because a lot of people know how to swallow capsule, but might not have known I'd use suppository until we explained it same thing with nasal spray. How how do you do it? Do. Do you need to cover one nostril? Breathe in. How long do you need to like? snorted Info like what what's the proper way to get the most out of a nasal spray if you're gonNA, use one well if you can time it where you breathe at the same time that you're squirting. that. That's helpful, and so you know you place the nasal spray nozzle at the at the opening of the nasal passage, and then you cover the other nostril, and then you sprayed, and you don't WanNa. Breathe to too too hard in because it's just going to go straight through the sinuses, so if you want it to Kinda. Coat your sinus cavity GONNA WANNA! Probably do like an inhale like medium. And then. And, then you don't let it set there, you know, don't like, sniff really hard, you know. Let it kind of sit on the on and coat the sinuses. You ever think about which Nostril Hebrew that into because in in ironic medicine yeah. The right nostril. You're activating more It would be. Paris and pathetic. Breathing in for the left Nassir would be more sympathetic. Cou Cou, so could you theoretically say okay well? This is like an upper that I'm going to be a nasal spray, therefore for the left Nostril, most appropriate well, Ben now you're starting to get into the functional neurology stuff. We we'll even put like peppermint oil on just one side of the nostril. Bounce the brain when there's a deficiency on one side. Yeah, I actually have for those who want to take a deeper dive into the beauty of the nostrils, the fact that they are literally erectile tissue, and which nostril debris then to activate different systems like sympathetic repairs sympathetic. Go listen to my podcast with James. Nest store the author of the book breathe because we. We actually kicked out on it for about fifteen minutes about the nostril, and how how to kind of tweak which nostril you breathe through? If you're doing alternate, also breathing breathing's really interesting. That's fascinating. I haven't listened to that one yet. It's not out yet. Next week. It'll be out though before. This one comes out okay, so so the nasal spray and then the last question is how how? Deeply intensely, and for how long do you need to breathe in after you administer a spray? Well once it's in there, you want to just let it sit. You know and so if you feel like you need to. SNIFFLE try to gentle gently because I just really snort hard I. Know You. Don't need to be doing that. No, okay, no, 'cause. You're just getting it straight through down into the throat. That's why I'm tasting in the back of my throat. I just just breathe it in that I have to really help it after that yeah. Okay! Do you need to be tilting the head forward, anything like that. For versus set-back yeah. That's that's the Pasha when you're when you're holding it with your hands. You know it's. It's not necessary to extend your head, but just a normal normal position to the had haven't really seen a big difference with with head position as far as You know nasal spray. Okay? Now nebulizer we. We've talked about suppositories. We've talked about nasal sprays, and then there is nebulizers for people who never heard of that aren't familiar with the term. What is doing okay, so nebulizers are some it's a way for. US to get medicine into patients, and so on what the nebulizer does is it puts a liquid into tiny fine mist, and then you can breathe that in and so it's going to affect. Absorption through the nasal passage, but you're also going to get some absorption for the lungs. And you know there's actually quite a bit absorption into the bloodstream through the lungs. When you breath the the nebulizers ing particle particularly end, so you're not just doing this for the respond to retract sexy getting the bullets drink. Yes, okay, so so the nebulizer I think. The first time I used was actually at Dr Matt Cooks. He had me nebulizer include a thion. Again for some of the reasons. We discussed biofilm nasal passages. In terms of the way that it. Works, she get like a little mask. And this would. You can buy an abuser on Amazon for example right and you in this is different than like a nebulizer for essential oils. You WanNa get your some essential oil and everybody's. You want one with a mask that you love your face. And, then you would put your nebulizer fluid into a little chamber that a tube connected to between the mask, and the Chamber and then you turn on the nebulizer basically creates a fine particulate right that you would then breathe, and you breathe you breathe in through your mouth or do breathe through your nose. Well it depends right. So for those listening, you know the way I see it is if you want to affect the upper respiratory track, or you're looking for something more neurological like for brain. You're. GonNa WanNa, nebulizers. Or nasal spray if it's more like a full body, suppositories work a little bit better. I think that you're gonNA. Get more. Content into the bloodstream through the suppositories. But if anybody's dealing with like you know. If if they feel like they're coming out with the flu or they have like an upper respiratory infection. So that's kind of how we how we started to formulate the greatest was. I got really sick. And I was at the time I was crewing for Tony Robbins. and. This flu was like a two week brutal. Do high-fives with yeah. Was Medical so I was the guy that when people would start. Flipping out and going into convulsions, 'cause they're doing some of the activities Tony I would have to go and do CPR. I five. And then high file. Yeah so. But but you know it was a responsibility and I felt like I really to step up to the plate and go even all starting to get sick, so I started to formulate these different antimicrobials into. Started nebulizer and literally I. Was Nebulizer at every I think twenty minutes, and the next day I woke up, and I had zero symptoms like it just wiped it out, and so I knew I was onto something after that, and so since then I've been introducing this not to my practice, but a lot of other doctors practices because you know when you start to get sick, this is where it starts starts in the sinuses. It starts in the seeds there. And then it gets into the bloodstream from that point down the throat, and then into the lungs right so if you can stop it right there with antimicrobial right where? Because if you take something. You take an antibiotic early. It's going to throw the whole body. And so. A lot of times. These bacteria viruses are mold. They're they're kind of stuck in that biofilm right now in sinus cavity, or in the in the nasal cavity as well so you could utilize this if you like. You've been exposed to airborne pathogens. If you've been in a heavily polluted area, if you're insert about viral exposure, and from what I understand, the lungs don't actually have much of their own built in antioxidant systems. You're essentially supplying the respiratory tract with antioxidants that normally would not be able to produce itself right. Now, what aside from something like Glutathione? Ns? Do. You utilize nebulizer, or is that kind of your know that and silver I? Suppose is the other one you mentioned. Yeah, so you know. The two primary things that docs are using to navy is what their patients or the the glue to Genesis. And and that's really high glutathione content liquid. And then there's the glue to stat which is more anti microbial I mean. Those are the two primary. Routes that we're going with with the nebulizer. And are expensive, other I don't know. What do you fifty bucks? Yeah Yeah Yeah and not putting on spot, but if somebody wanted to buy a bottle of the gloomiest out like the stuff, I've got my on my desk right now. How much like that cost? I think it's about one twenty one nineteen. Yeah, and that's been used for like a month and a half way through the bottle. Feel like it's got pretty good life. Should I have in the refrigerator? By the way? Yes, the genesis, you should not stat the new stats pretty stable outside. Whatever's in my office I think it's the good style. Yeah, yeah, you're good. Okay so this is obviously stuff that goes way beyond cancellation technology, and that the pills that people used popping and I think you know compared to intravenous administration, which is highly efficacious, but again not gonNA mess around needles, or or have a practitioner come to their house to oversee that I think is very convenient something. I was thinking about that when I was in your hyperbaric oxygen. Oxygen Chamber actually did a a loose atoll. Before I went in there and you know you can't sit there and run ivy in a hyperbaric but you think about the advantage of having those nutrients flowing through your blood while you're in hyper-baric to push that into the cells. I'll tell you what you need to do. Then is you need to figure out some kind of like? Or CITRA, lean or nitric oxide precursor delivery for hyperbaric use, because that's the issues is there is some Vasil construction that occurs at pressure. If you can Vasil dilate in conjunction with that pressurized oxygen that would be a cool one for hyperbaric kind of suppository that that's basically like like talk side precursor. Have you heard of the IV laser that they're doing intravenous laser. So we call it Luma down and so we have similar like ultraviolet blood irradiation. It's so it's a machine and we're able to actually direct laser into a vein. and. He's infrared ultraviolet red, green blue. You know what you're talking about I've done that. Don at a guy who's bound podcast before actually podcasts at while. We're doing Avi Hershkovich Don in San Francisco Right. I think I heard that. Yeah, yeah, so so we've been at that for a while. And so you know the the the doctor that pioneered this was is really into providing. Photo active nutrients you know like Curcumin is a big one right so blue light in particular really activates that so once it's in your bloodstream. You can activate it with the light photo bio modulation. Among working with this with his doctrine Germany, he's actually going to be in my viral summit as well Dr Webber. This genius and And so working on some suppositories, because a lot of these things you don't, you don't find an Ivy. We actually have or Curcumin IV by the way, and it's amazing, but very expensive. Yeah, so if you can get suppository for like ten bucks. What about some of these things that would up regulate side of chrome oxidise in motto Qendra in response to Photons of light. Could you also use something like that? Prior to the Luma Med I'm talking about like Chlorophyll from Clara or Melanin from Chattanooga or methylene blue. Could you take that Orly? Aluminum in well I think the will on the methylene blue. We're using the methylene blue as well. You know we. We just started a protocol, or we're giving people methylene blue, and then we're using A. TRT Machine I think I turned you onto the guy that I haven't use. It was TRT's Stan Foregin. Generation Technology so it's it's an acoustic device and they're actually doing some studies on Alzheimer's in Europe where it's breaking up that amyloid plaque. I actually did wind up trying that. It was over at the Office of Dr Phil. Here in Spokane, they had a TRT. Mess Right? My problem is since I've quit racing spartan and doing triathlons I haven't really had much with injuries. Yeah, so you know people asked me what hurts and there's not much to work on. It's hurting. Yeah, knock on wood, but. That's not supposed to be amazing. kind of like pulse electromagnetic field therapy, but what's nice about is that gets deep into the body, and so you can do deep hip and spine and you know because there's different acoustic wave devices I'm sure. A lot of people heard about the gain wave gains wave, but this is this is a different technology, so it's literally the head of the of the devices. It fills with water and you're using ultrasound GEL. And so you know we're using this for everything from e, d, to prostate conditions, I mean some of the stuff we're doing for. Prostate is unbelievable or ozone injections. We're using this TRT machine. game changer for a lot of elderly. That's all at your practice in Sarasota. You're doing that stuff, okay? The the other thing. I wanted to ask you about this water last night and I. Don't know if you're able to disclose anything about, but you. It was holy water and you can get my wife. She thought we were we were pranking. Are Because you gotTA NASAL SPRAY? Had some that I? Actually drank or early in the sauna can say anything about what this mysterious well, I. I can't divulge this yet I'm going to, though I mean we're going to be. We're going to be bringing this to the United States. It's it's big. And China and they're US utilizing this for. Chinese seem to have much luckily. Hard Go, but it's approved there for cancer and it's approved. They're they're using it for for viral infections as well successfully but when I was sick with lime disease. This is probably going back fifteen years ago I had a doctor. Come by my office with this home. It's a homeopathic. And he did some injections, so it comes in an injectable injected around some of the joints that were sore, and it was just miraculous like the pain went away, but this guy couldn't find it again and so. Dr, Alec Smithers, he's a medical doctor that works works with me in in Sarasota Florida. He found this company and so we. We've reconnected with them and. So in talking to the doctor that formulated does he was basically buying art in in In the Middle East, and so he found he found this this pamphlet and there was like in some in scripted language. He had it translated, and it was some sort of a a healing remedy. And, so he started playing around with us, and that's where he developed this particular product. And then? A few years later I. Guess, there's there's there's this true holy water. It's like it's called. Water and it's got certain properties that they think that there was some sort of a fountain of youth that was in Jerusalem somewhere. And, so there's there's the realize we've already lost like half our listeners. Keep going. I know, this sounds crazy. Well. So I'm not a big believer I mean I. We use homeopathy, but to me. He's always been subtle right. This product is not subtle. This product gets some amazing results like for instance even for me, personally like I've had bone marrow I've had X. zones in my hip, and I still had some stuff going on, and so I had this product injected into my hip, and it's literally done the best that anything else has done. Dan POMPA was at my clinic. Clinic a couple of weeks ago right and he's had X. zones and stem cells on his neck, and he got, he got a lot of results, but I talked to him few days ago, and he said because we use this this holy water injected into his neck combine with axioms and you know he's reporting to us that it's it's the best is next ever fell while we and it comes in a drinkable. You can nebulizers the stuff. It's a nasal spray. Lot of applications to, but we could probably do a whole podcast on it while so once you kind of have a chance to develop it and I assume nonproduction US kind of playing with the right now. No comment. Okay all right well I'll try, and the show notes updated at had been GREENVILLE FITNESS DOT com. Slash Dr John. If you WANNA, stay up to date on holy water, and that's also where you can. You can leave questions about any this stuff we talked about. Anything excited about right. Now, Yeah, so we started to. Play around with O's needed sailing actually so with the Russians kinda started pioneer this procedure where there's a it's like a glass. Tube right and you put sterile water in there and you bubble ozone through the water, and then you run it intravenously. And you know we've been using ten pass for probably WANNA say almost five years, so we got into PASOS ten of which I've. I've done some pretty thorough podcasts on before. Right so anybody listening to this. You know there's different ways you can utilize ozone, and there's all these different benefits ozone. Has You know we? We don't need to get into all that? But it has a lot of benefit and so. Dosage wise and safety. Wise, there's there's different ways that you could administer ozone ten pass. Seems to be one of the highest levels where you take. About two hundred CC's of blood out of the body, and then under pressure you mix it with ozone, and then it's allowed to go back into the body, and we've just seen remarkable improvements with lime disease, and some autoimmune, and so forth with that, but we started to play around with this with this other procedure were calling rejuvenates, and so what we're doing is we're? We're seeing this was needed. Saline and we're were were actually being high dose magnesium at the same time and we're putting him in this This pod device called CPAC. Have you ever see VAC alter alternate I low pressure. Yeah, so this. This machine is fascinating. It uses ambient air. And, there's a lot of the same benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber, but it's a lot easier to use. It's only a twenty minute session, and it's like you're going up to the top of Mount Everest. Back, down multiple times you're so the pressure changes, and that's where all the benefit happens, and so we like it because it really helps to open up. The body to circulate nutrients so like you know, and it's also very powerful with the fat system. So you're able to kind of flush a lot of things through the nervous system that way and it's also stimulates. They've done some studies where it actually activate stem cells. It activates Mata Kondracke biogenesis things that you want. That's called. Rejuvenate six so that the rejuvenation is the combination of all those during the high dose, magnesium. The the Os needed sailing and then the sea afterwards. Interesting. There's there's a lot of cool protocols that one can get done a clinic like that, but I also liked this idea that you can use something like a nasal spray suppository realize. Stuff you can, you can get pretty good effects from just. Go to the doctor, which a lot of people really can't travel right now. At least during the time we, we're recording this, but the the clinic in Florida. If people want to like fly in and see you, are you still taking new patients or you? Hardcore into like the the nasal sprays, suppositories now or well been that? That's one of the reasons that we kind of formulated these things. Things because you know we were able to ship them out. Send them to people all over the world. You know where we can only treat so many people in the clinic, but we're also able to use these products you know I was looking at like what Whoa what do I need clinically for some of these really difficult cases, and that's how a lot of these formulas came to be. But but yeah we. We are accepting new patients, or you want to get excited about something besides this podcast which I think is GonNa Change People's lives, I. Honestly I, whenever I find cool new shit. I just turned people onto it. Just. It just makes me smile and I think people are a lot of benefit of this stuff. They start to try it again. You guys listen to this Ben Greenfield fitness dot com slash Dr John. D. R. J. O. H. N.. The other thing I'm excited about is I. Want to give you a preview of tonight because going to be amazing. Okay? Here's Oregon tonight. Using listen so. Evening at the Greenville houses like I got a I got two of the doctors. Coming over guy runs a local wellness clinic that I think you're able to see yesterday. Dr Love Dr Love. Dr Love the wellness three amazing juice bars. Natural Medical Clinic in Spokane and then my camera chestnut. Race on his back in the day, the guy and now he's cosmetic surgeon here in Spokane, and then my my wife and I think I think cameras were might come over to, so we're going to do. We're on the sauna and we're going to go down. There s guys and just like Jackson the sauna breach on the sprays down there. If you want some of the guys, try brazen, and we'll spend like thirty forty minutes, sweating it out and catching up in the sauna that I like to do that versus just like drinking beers on the couch and then. Then we'll go hit the colts. will give people the option and do the thirty five degree Morales, forge, or the the big old cold pool. Therapy and then we're GONNA finish up with with some of the hot tub, so already feel amazing after that and then My my wife is making one of her signature recipes that I absolutely love beer can chicken, so she's got two big old organic chickens so. We're GONNA do a sweep. Jessica is an amazing cook by the way my Gosh. If I weren't fitness I'd be morbidly obese and then on. We're going to do a bunch of organic red wine. We have a nice healthy dessert. Music Awesome is. This is going to be amazing now. You've got a good voice by the way. Thanks yeah, I was I was shocked. You invited me up when you sung to your kids like for for bedtime, and it was just like I. Mean Your Your Voice is incredible. Have you ever Sung in front of your your your clan here on a podcast? I have and actually a couple of things. And I think if you want me to, but. To tell told me a song and often remember the words. Started to Heaven Dr Matt in Cook a Dog. Dr Matt and Cook. Dr McCook Country, music album okay, so our band is called rocky roots, and I think it's rocky roots dot. I'll put a Lincoln. If you search rocky roots Ben, Greenfield, you'd find it, so we've got that. I am trying during this Corentin to record another kind of like country music album of old timey Hems, because I just love kind of like the Allen Jackson Approach. Yeah. You do have a country like Gres. There it is there it is. So so how about this will will will sing people out on a nice nice little. Tune. I'll give you guys. A few verses thing to say goodbye to Dr John and me, and and please visit the show because I'm Gonna put everything that you need to know about Dr John There and a hillside me. Any additional study semi the mouse photo to Oh, yeah! For sure. Made. How sweet the sound. Of their say. Ranch. By me. who? owns. Low. Nan Who found. Was Blonde both now see. Beautiful Amazing Voice! Are you guys? We Love You I'm Ben Greenfield along with Dr. John Laura you so much for having me been has been credible signing off from Ben Green Dot com, having amazing week all right. Thanks for listening to today's show, you can grab all the show notes resources pretty much everything that I mentioned or at Ben Greenfield fitness dot com along with plenty of other goodies from me, including the highly helpful, Ben Recommends Page, which is a list of pretty much everything that I've ever recommended for hormones sleep, digestion, fat, loss, performance, and plenty more. Please also know that all the links all. All the Promo codes that I mentioned during this, and every episode helped to make this podcast happen and to generate income. That enables me to keep bringing this content every single week. So when you listen in, be sure to use the links in the show notes. Use the Promo Code that generate because that helps to float this thing and keep it coming to you each and every week.

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The SPARS Pandemic Of 2025 Simulation & The Dangerous Bipartisan Vaccine Agenda

The Last American Vagabond

1:26:54 hr | 7 months ago

The SPARS Pandemic Of 2025 Simulation & The Dangerous Bipartisan Vaccine Agenda

"Welcome to the daily. Wrap a concise show dedicated bringing you'd most relevant independent news as we see from the last twenty four hours friday november twentieth. Two thousand twenty. Thank you for joining me today. I have derrick rose on the show to join me to go over his recent article as well as a lot of other crazy things going on no shortage of that today. So thanks for joining the daily wrap today. derrick rose. Thank you for having me brother. Yeah it's always a pleasure to have you on man. I mean some of your work on the articles input outer you know. We've all been shocked to see how oddly few few there are there in the independent media. They're covering these very gigantic stories that seemed to be on. Its face obvious. And it's really intense but so some of the work you've been doing both on your side and the last american bag bond had been pretty powerful and that's one of the articles we're gonna start with today The one that he recently wrote for the last american vagabond is entitled the spars pandemic of twenty twenty-five echo chambers and vaccine opposition. If you're confused about what spars is. That's what we're going to tell you today. The spars pandemic. didn't you know it set for twenty twenty-five so this is actually another simulation. And for those. That have been following the work on this channel. The work on james orbits or or derrick rose or many other people for if smallest amount of time. You're aware of how ridiculous it is that they can have these simulations that basically damn near exactly line out what's going to happen and over and over and over it happens including the idea of things that are you know simulated that such as nine eleven with the planes flying into buildings and so on and so on so and we talked about it into a one and you listed them in this article as well and how interesting it is that these things seem to be taking place today so derek. Why don't you start off with you. Know what what this was. What brought to your attention and why you feel so relevant than we can go through some of the interesting points here. Yeah absolutely so first off. I want to say thank you to. I can't remember who but one of the you know. Anonymous people as as you know. Ryan the send us information or comment on things sent this my way in and helped me kinda stumble into it. It is coming from john hopkins center for health health security. Which as you mentioned is involved eventual. They've been involved in a number of different exercises and this was just one of the next ones. This was back in two thousand seventeen when they did this one october. Two thousand seventeen klay. X was i think two thousand eighteen in crimson contained in obviously a at to a one so this was kind of one of the predecessors to some of those earlier ones and it doesn't. We'll say the bad. It's not like as a. It doesn't display as much call to authoritarianism as say like lockstep for some of the other ones. But i do think that there are some interesting points particularly like you said it's the articles titled echo chambers in vaccine option. And the name comes from essentially you the name of the exercise the sort of scenario and it's it's kind of like lockstep in the sense that what they describe was they looked at future trends technological trends political trends economic and they tried to imagine what the world twenty two thousand twenty five the two thousand and thirty basically would look like in what different trends would increase in and from that they came up with four different scenarios. They say but they don't tell you what the other ones are so. I thought that was kind of interesting. But they chose to focus on what they called echo chamber. Which is a world that leads to more internet access lot more technological advances but through that a further insulating of different communities where people start isolating themselves and just creating echo chambers kinda like we're seeing today and And just kind of putting themselves into little boxes. Where the only information they have to get the information that they agree with and and just kind of reinforcing that view and so that world is taking place at the same time as they ended up calling the spars pandemic takes place like it's an outbreak of again another corona virus that that sleeps around the world in basically wreaks havoc around the world or at least that's the perception From two thousand twenty five two thousand twenty eight and there's a bunch of bunch of interesting tidbits in in this that we're going to go over One of the ones. I just want to say off the bat. I think it's the fact that this study or this simulation. It i mean it. It's sort of anticipated. This idea that authorities would make a big deal about something and that people would respond and be obedient but then after a while people would start to question it. Of course the anti vaccine movement and that ultimately the numbers would be way off that the that the whole thing was exaggerated and it wasn't nearly as bad and they kind of wrap up the whole exercise. It's like oh nobody wanted to hold anybody accountable or look backwards and you know we all move forward and it just. I don't know. I just find it so so familiar. Of course everything with covid nineteen yet. It's incredible to me. That's one of the big things that i keep hitting on when i see these exercises same with mental on the ultimately actually write down that okay so we were wrong. The people are upset about that. At how are we going to use this to control them longer. How are we going to manipulate it. So they're not upset anymore like they're openly talking about that. That's their mitts their objective to manipulate the people. So they're not upset about the obvious thing that they did wrong. And i mean people can read it for themselves. It's very interesting for so to start offer. People understand this. I it stands basically. It's the interesting part for me. One of the most interesting parts was that this was actually gamed out in october of two thousand seventeen so it's another example of them. Predicting corona virus being this focal point. And this is and they're predicting this as if it takes place in twenty five and as you write in the article it's it's basically written from the perspective of somebody looking back over the pandemic in twenty thirty in writing about at all so it's like they already knew what happens. And that's what the articles talking about or even the study is that they know that they were wrong. They know that all these things went bad and there. It's basically about controlling the people. That's what this always comes down to the fictional place. I believe or actually not fictional but the place. That's hypothetical in the study was saint paul and actually. That's what the name comes from. Saint paul minnesota saint paul acute respiratory syndrome corona virus or spars cove. Just so people understand what those names are coming from now. I find it so incredible. The two thousand seventeen they can right they can. They can outline how this thing will play out in the same ways that we're seeing now and to start off with the one point that i think is interesting is the idea of the social media aspect so let's touch on that and how it relates to now because what the what you pointed out in the article is they described the world that they seemed to be building right that were echo chambers and we're dividing and we're intentionally going for sources that we think agree with what we're saying and that's the problem that leads to actions they take right. I find that to be fascinating that they know at this time. That something that they're building and yet they point to it has the pro. It's almost a problem reaction solution in real time kind of idea you know what. What are your thoughts on the social media aspect. I think just to what your point. Your point theory saying about the problem reaction solution. I do think that's i mean. That's why they do the simulations and wargames it's not just because there are these are kind caring people that are just trying to make sure they're prepared for anything. I mean i know. That's the sort of mainstream response is like well. Of course we wouldn't. We want these institutions to be testing this out into trying to be as prepared as possible but we clearly. We know that there's more to that end. Yeah it just seems like a script in so many ways the social media part. I thought was really interesting because Well for one. The trends seem to be coming to real-life again. I think that's by design. And they describe a few different types of technology so again the two trends that they say are likely to influence public health emergencies are varying degrees of access to information technology and fragmentation among populations including along social political religious ideological cultural lines and so this fragmented echo chamber world has all the different technology you can think of including something that a they talk about universal near access to wi fi basically but they also discussed the new technology which i thought was really interesting because of this pops up in the next couple of years ryan. I think that's like another route here. They are this is what they are anticipating and they call it internet accessing technology. Just i t which they describe as thin flexible screens that can be temporarily attached to briefcases backpacks or clothing and used to stream content from the internet. Which by the way we've seen on a thousand movies in the last decade right so like little things. That are everywhere. It's like we all know what that is talking about. And they're working on them for sure. They thought with these next generation phones. They were going to be able to do it. These foldable phones but the technology's not quite there yet. But that's what they're working on. Which obviously like just as far as activism goes it opens up a whole range of things even discussed that in this how activists start using that technology. We'll get into that in a moment. They also discuss how the social media platforms they focus on of course facebook twitter the real life platforms tiktok but they also mentioned this other one that they said i guess it's created for the simulation but once again if somebody pops up with the platform like this i'm gonna be a look. This is what they were doing. And it's called zap q. And they describe it as a platform that enables users to aggregate in archive selected media content from other platforms and communicate with cloud based social groups based on common interest in current events. I mean in the way they describe. It seems like it's sort of like an all in one platform that can connect all your other social media's together you can share across them seamlessly basically those two things. The i eighteen flexible screens along with these new types of social media. They say make it easier for people to share information more than ever even more than we have at the current moment but also it causes many people to quote self restrict their sources that they turn to from formation which creates those echo chambers. That they're describing. Yeah that feels obviously the point right so it's not that the plot the it's almost that what i find fascinating about that is they're taking an idea of it on. Its face should be something we're like. Yes that's fantastic a site that allows you to have control and allows you to but they make it out to be something that the negative right you have too many choices and you're thinking for yourself and allied and ends up driving into these echo chamber so we need to you know that's what that it's like the teacher going. No no no. That's not how you should be doing this. And that's what it definitely felt like painting it like that. And i think that broadens out to so many more things than this study or kobe. Nineteen historically speaking. They always try to do that. And frame these things like a wikileaks scenario as something that we should not be a supporting. It's it's interesting you. I want to say to the whole thing. We're just talking about this. A moment ago that i think we are seeing this and it is being done but to buy designed to some degree but also there is a tendency you know confirmation bias for people to seek out information that just validates our experiences and seeing this massively with the trump coup crowd. But we're also seeing it with the democrats in the left and people who for one reason or another have chosen to support biden because it means trump is gonna be gone they think So like when you present information. I mean and this is just four. This is just what we saw. Four years ago. Four years ago i would tell people things about hillary clinton and they would say it was wikileaks. Russian propaganda fake news. You know and then you say something about trump like. Oh that's fake news right so i saw it happening. That people are basically denying anything that contradicts what they believe. And then only seeking out those things to further confirm their bias is so definitely is an issue and i i do think the platforms that we used do that to happen. People should be allowed to form subcultures in communities in have niche groups that believe in similar things but the problem is when people i guess. Choose to themselves further in for me. The answer isn't government involvement or government. Control our government interference. It's just we need more intelligent people. We need people who are capable of critical thinking to encourage critical thinking. We need those just has to become a thing instead of And i want to say. I think that also as i wrote a couple months ago that this is part of this. Push that there's a quote anti-science mentality in the us or elsewhere this is like oh people are just isolating themselves in their only believing what they wanna believe which is true to some extent and then they're saying they don't wanna believe the science you know their version of science and so it's just it's all kind of tied in together and it leads to just censorship and some of the things we're gonna talk about in a bit about the vaccine. I mean there's a huge push to go after vaccines now as you know have been covering anti vaccine and it's it's it's getting i mean i just think that's the goal here is to isolate and demonize the people that are not fitting with the agenda claim that they're just in their own echo chambers in bubbles in incapable of listening to reason and sense which some people are but Used as an excuse to well. I mean who knows. It might get to the point where they need to be sent to reeducation camps. They need to be sent to all these kinds of things. It's already they're already floating those ideas that people some people are not capable of existing with a normal society because they won't give the antibiotics propaganda or the kobe. Whatever denial or whatever it right see the thing about all of this is those. This is the illusion the same way that the allusion that government can remove danger from your life which is just naive and childish. The is always there. In fact government adds another layer of danger. The ideas the illusion of safety in the same way with this right. The that's always present. There will always be people that are blinded by their own opinions. That aren't smart enough to understand this or that or or people that you know isolate themselves echo chamber. That's never been nev that's always been there. What's happening in my opinion. And i'm sure you agree. Is the mainstream media is the entity in the middle of all this that is radicalizing opinions and driving division but then pointing to people like us who were saying things for yourself at sides as if we're the ones radicalizing people you know it's fascinating to see. It really is all. This is so interesting because we're watching a psychological operation in faster timeframe than i think we've ever seen before you know it's like breaking it down but that's the important part in. You're so right is there even to the anti-science point that they're talking about scientists who are pointing to scientific studies and they're going they don't believe the scientific method is like a logical. The point is that people don't care like two thousand sixteen point. It's not about facts and truth right. You say something. That's in this box. Oh i was told not to think about that. You know and that's what this is. They're driving things that should be a benefit or a positive into this negative corner because it polarized as they're the ones polarizing people but kind of just going through the go ahead. Sorry saying absolutely. I'll i'll continue on here a couple of points i wanted to just point. I know you had a few sections. You wanted to look at it. I just wanted to make it clear again. Like i said that they make it clear in this study simulation exercise that that the authorities overestimated the fatality rate. And they even you know they. They say that they were inflated. They don't even say they got it wrong. They said they inflated the numbers. And the cdc originally estimated that spars fatality rate was four point seven percent while who said something like fourteen to fifteen percent for people over fifty fifty percent for people over sixty four so these really high numbers and then later of course they admit that a more accurate estimate would be point six percent. And it's interesting. i can't remember included. This in the article. As i was kind of working through it progressively through the storyline. But they they the while they upfront. Admit like okay. Well you know because since this this is written from somebody twenty thirty right so the reflecting back and reflecting back and saying yeah. We got the numbers way wrong. We overestimated but throughout the whole experiment the whole simulation. They continue to tell the people the wrong number even after they realized so. I mean it's just a again. It's just so familiar to kobe in a lot of the things. We're seeing as far as the cdc in the who now. I'm sure your audience everybody's familiar of course that. The fatality rate is below one percent for most people. Yeah oh yeah. I in fact even even the cdc and the world health organization that you're saying are are open on the websites it's too in a general sense but that's over eighty is ninety nine percent of that if you're under seventy nine it's basically zero for the most part and that's what's so incredible and yet we're still here and that's public information. We're in the middle of a psychological operation like that's what we have to realize. This is core deception and this is one of the points again. All these are such great points because this is so incredible to me. And i can remember this government entities or think tanks right the same thing about into a one is derek has covered well involve the world health organization involved. Us government entities military. Right so same idea here. So this is the government gaming out what they will do. So don't forget about that against people are with involving people and they're basically saying look. We told them this wrong number and then we got we got it wrong so there there i mean think about how dumb it is that they gave out that they got the numbers wrong. Like why would you even do that. Because you tie with these things now and act like. That's normal oh well. Even in their simulation they'd got it wrong. You know it's like it just doesn't make sense to me and then as you pointed out they go forward as if it's the real number you know they never really admit that to people and assess where here the report goes on to detail. Public health and medical professionals were not successful in stopping the spread and it says the vaccine. Sorry i'll wait for that point. But it's incredible to see how they admit it throughout this whole process. And i believe it was the next part down here where they go on to say. Yeah it says it may see see admitted that it was only fatal in point. Six percent much of the public began to recognize. That spars was not as dangerous. They'd been told. I can't even wrap my mind around why they would put that in there. You know or or a larger point to the simulations. Why is it that they always simulate catastrophe. I've never even seen this simulation that ended up going. It all worked out. The thing is right if they it's like okay. Well we could argue this for the people who want to buy into the idea. Look this is just the government authorities. They're actually using my tax to others right there. Simulating you know how to keep us safe and do these kinds of things so if you if you take that argument will they did the relation and in the simulation. They realized that they overestimated the cases. And yet we're seeing. The same thing happened in real life. So the simulation didn't prevent or change anything it's with them claiming what we didn't have any foreknowledge of nine eleven or nobody warned us or whatever it. It's like the simulations. Don't actually prevent anything if you know if you wanna buy into the idea that that's what therefore i wanna make one other point where you were at their it's So when they start talking about how they weren't able to stop the spread they talk about thanksgiving and black friday that the transmission of whole thing had spread wide across the country. And i think that's really telling. Because i think that's i mean it. Maybe it's just the time you to my article. But i think that's where we're at right now we've seen this second wave pushed it's going on right or third wave or whatever and places new s starting to lock down and just talk of all that and of course like like yesterday. Houston where i'm originally from. They were making announcements like everybody needs to cancel their thanksgiving plans. You shouldn't be having anybody over. That's not in your immediate. Just all kinds of stuff really amping. The idea that thanksgiving and black friday could lead to spread of this. And i have a feeling that by next weekend at after the holiday passes that we're gonna be news reports about how people were just so dominate. Didn't follow any of the restrictions or some people didn't wear masks. They still traveled or whatever just like we saw in. The spring of people are still going to the beaches. They're still doing this as always. It's your fault america exactly. And then that leading to this accelerated a symptomatic spread. Which is what this. This exercise describes right right. Yeah i mean it's it's it's as always these things i mean to your point. You could argue that. This is them making sure that there's problems and how they deal with those problems. I understand the logic there right but it's like to. It's as if they're making sure that they do all the things that are currently or the other way around that their gaming out all these problems and then they literally live them out exactly like they got wrong. As to your point. I mean how either these exercises had no effect on the outcome of these are the real world scenarios. Or they're just planning out what's going to happen. I mean can remember. This is just one of event to a one person contagion as you point out they all do the same thing they all. They all end up with the same weird miss mistakes issues and or the one of the things astounds me was eventually a one. They one of the biggest things that ended up being the result of it was. You're not prepared. We don't have enough of this. We don't have enough of that and then didn't do anything about it. Apparently you know it just doesn't make sense. It doesn't seem like they're actually using these as tools to learn their propaganda tools. I think and to be clear about all of this. This is all our opinion based on the information in front of us. Just important to get this to you. Peop- people out there to think for yourselves to consider that this could be a larger part of the story now. I think it's interesting as you're pointing out the black friday thanksgiving idea and you mentioned that pfizer are. Maybe we talk about before we went live but pfizer is about to be submitting for emergency. Utah authors use authorization. Which by the way as i've said in past is almost guarantees. They're no longer going to be testing for safety after that and it will. Interestingly time right along with what's happening here so going to the vaccine part. Which i think we'll touch on more after this but they have this hypothetical vaccine manufacturer that is as it says. the manufacturer gm. I claim the vaccine would help. A clinical trials reveal side effects. So just think about how exactly this is where we are including swollen legs severe joint. Pain encephalitis swelling of the brain leading the seizures. Death like it's exactly. I mean even put. I put an abc nbc article. Where they admitted there's going to be a lot of really bad side effects. People be in bed for two three days right. And that's that's what's gonna happen even when it works properly. It's really crazy. It says there was no doubt available in the long term effects. Right which there wouldn't be. There's not now despite them already saying that but Go if you want to comment on the vaccine parks. I do think that it's really relevant to where we are. Now i think it is relevant and even i definitely courage anybody who wants to dive deep to go read the actual doctor because i mean i. It was just way too much. Try to include every single detail in this article. It's more meant to be kind of a overview of it in that itself is a lot of info but when it got to the vaccine part you know even in the simulation or the exercise they still tried to frame some the language as if like the Like for example. You mentioned the no long-term trials new no long-term clinical trials. And they say something along the lines of like well the it was basically that there was fear because the public doesn't understand you know how clinical trials worker you know so it was still very much like victim blaming kind of like that was just i mean and to me. It's just very addictive of psychological operation like you said that we're dealing with so much this is in our face now and just kind of taunting mocking people that it's just disturbing and again. I'm just gonna keep hearing hammering at home so you have a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic were. They acknowledged that it's not as bad as they thought it was where they inflated the numbers and they still push forward the vaccine. Either way and raiders. Unknown side effects. And then as we'll see as it progresses that people do get injured throughout their two thousand twenty five thousand twenty eight people end up injured and suing the government and and consider the idea of informed consent. Right because as we all know. It's our job to make sure we understand these things right. Not the doctors or the government. I mean it's the whole point of informed. Consent is there. I mean i even just covered the bioethics and human rights aspect of unesco in two thousand five talks about all these things and it's they the. Us government signed along with this. It's international law. They required to form consent that we're allowed to say no on and on and on in this. It acts like it's our fault because we don't understand trials. It's their job to make sure we understand the process but it's not happening but it goes on to say that as you wrote much like in real life of course the simulation states that department of health and human services agreed to provide liability protection. This is a common constant in all of these things because right now most people don't even realize that vaccines in general have liability in regard to chill in general for children and because the act of nineteen eighty six where basically said well. We're not gonna make vaccines if people keep suing us and so instead of saying make them safe. They gave them liability. Which makes no sense so again. They're just making sure that that's a common thread that we that's just how it goes. And it says the simulation makes it clear that health officials have planned for potential vaccine injuries and objection to vaccine mandates right so they know that people are uncomfortable and they're just gaming out how they work around what the people ones a democracy doesn't to me. It's really crazy. I mean and also i found a couple of reports you might have covered them as well like in the last couple of days. There was an australian article talking about. How the australian government is giving indemnity a liability for the vaccine manufacturers. The uk government. Of course the american government. I mean these. These vaccine manufacturers big pharma they. They're they're going to be let off the hook for so many injuries around the world. That are likely coming. And then of course in the way that it's set up in the us like mentioned with the nineteen eighty six act. It's the taxpayers that are gonna fund and pay for any sort of injury. Compensation always exactly the injury vaccine injury. Compensation court i believe of not giving everybody. That's an over. Four billion dollars paid out right. It's not a if and win. It is a vaccine hurt people. I always do that to get shriek out the algorithms because that is an accurate statement. I didn't say every time. I didn't say all the time. Just that's a fat some of the time it does happen and four billion dollars is the proof you know so in this case it's just like yeah we don't care we're going to and they game out how to drive it make sure the public doesn't realize the danger i guess it says quote how might they basically one section reports. The report asks quote how might federal health authorities respond to critics do propose that liability protection for spars and vaccine manufacturers jeopardizes individual freedom of wellbeing. So let's not pretend like they're not fully aware of exactly what those things do and they're just like let's just talk about it and shove it aside. But i want to say on that point. Because i didn't include most the questions because basically the way there's like eighteen or twenty chapters thing each one has like here's the storyline and then at the end. It's like here's three questions and they're all kind of pitched in that same way just sort of curious how can federal authorities they just. It's so just. I don't know just a absent of emotion for what they're really discussing. Bureaucracy does is it sort of tries to frame things in these ways that are that sounded knocked so that the person that's reading unless they fully understand the context in her kind of thinking on this deeper level that they read that sentence and not really think about but jet understand that this is the johns hopkins asset approach security which does have connections to the us government. It's a bill gates and other influential people. It's not just a random organization as we've discussed they've simulated so many different things and they're just kind of pondering. How can the federal government deal with critics. Who are going to be questioning. Is this liability and also claiming that this is going to jeopardize their freedom their individual freedom so it you know it's not like people are marching forward and just kind of clue as as some people are going to be offended by this. This might rub some people the wrong way. They're fully aware of this. They're fully asking the questions and of course we don't have the answers to how they answered that question but these are all the questions. These are just one of the questions that they pose at the end of these different chapters. And there's so many of them that i didn't even include most of the mailing included that one because i thought it was really telling of just their mindset. Yeah yeah definitely as you point out before i is. This is wild they later. Come to the conclusion in this that they were wrong and that they are making mistakes yet. They still game out how to manipulate the people one of the actual interesting parts. In the you know hydroxychloroquine remdesivir discussion. This they have the therapeutic aspects. Despite as you point out therapeutics are vaccines as most of these groups are concerned anyway. But it's a callow seaver or however you pronounce that there's a it says concerns about this therapeutic. Increased february twenty twenty six when a viral video shows a three year old projectile vomiting. After taking this therapeutic so again it talks about real world activism journalism. What i'm going to call someone goes look what we see. Serves me she. She was excuse me. Social media shares at around people talk about it. And ed basically go on to talk about how they keep this from people's view how they don't let this affect what they're trying to accomplish it. Just it baffles me. How clearly they're showing you that your concert. Your your safety. Your concerns me. Nothing to what they're actually trying to accomplish. It's crazy and this is where they mentioned this app group. You talked about and the videos and they're sharing it out and then again using the idea that oh well it's because they're q. Because they're echo chamber they don't understand you know but really it's just a video that clearly shows this and it actually goes on to make the point that ultimate that ultimately that was something that was that happens. Might right as far as i understand. It wasn't a fake thing. It's just about how things it was a real. It was a real video where the so basically and they didn't put the full context in there. But what it was is basically a woman is with her child. And she's at the doctor actually filming. She took a personal video of him. Getting a cow severe therapeutic and then he starts like puking projectile vomiting and goes kinda crazy in them and the mom or somebody in the family was filming or something. What was going on. And like it said it describes like the video ends with the child puking and the mother shrieking and horror and like it just goes viral. All over the internet in its launches those hashtags no called- severe natural is better and like you said they use the little flexible digital screens to i. Guess the these kids are like skating around with it on their backpacks. And they're going to the subways and they're holding the video and they're just making it go viral s- particular particularly mentioned going viral amongst like junior high and high school students. And it's paint and it's painted as a negative right. I mean that's again is just so disgusting that we're talking about the flow of information free spray speech and it's always painted with this negative tint like that's the damaging part of what's happening and again in the whole we really put as you wrote. It really puts an emphasis on the idea that despite the fact that cases dropped that things got better that the the social media buzz and the and the pay the pat panic really continued to stay and it points out that much of the public began to realize that it wasn't as serious. But as you say that the cdc in the fda in their own gaming of all of this or the people doing this they don't regardless of that. They drove in the message right. They kept finding ways to try to push the idea that this was just. This is exactly what we're dealing with. And there's no the they pause and say okay. Look we've overestimated this right now. We're promoting some things that are making people sick like let's scale this back instead. It's like how can we wargame this even better and come up with even better health messaging to make sure that people do still take this and that they prepare for the they call the vaccine kovacs which is interesting. And i mean yeah. There's no point where there's any sort of reflection in this and even again the questions that the chapter. They're not stopping like well. Now that we understood the simulation that we overshot. And you know we. The the virus in the pandemic wasn't as bad as we believed. How can we learn lessons from this. Going forward with real pandemics. There's none of that type of reflection. How can we convince the people now. Actual reflection of course not and it even goes forward to say the public a became become aware of their manipulative messaging and express their disapproval and so just continues forward like this and that's when it gets into the antibiotics groups. I did find this interesting as you pointed out. The opposition to the vaccine merged with growing anti vaccine movements and emerging media and it says these groups are made up of muslims who oppose the vaccine for african americans. Trust the vaccine due to fears of experimentation on black community a little too on the nose wouldn't you say right. I mean it's like these are things that people are very you mean the the Tuskegee experiments and things that are very clear our history. It's like but they float him as if it's conspiracy theorists and crazy ideas mentioned access several times to get mentioned like very clearly. That was why black americans were opposed to it because they were very aware of to ski and on the muslims part it said that the muslim community was opposed to because the source of the kovacs that was made by gm. I was coming from a pig. And so there were you know. Came from pig cells or something along those lines so the muslim community was opposed to for their religious released reasons. And yeah they they. They describe like they basically create two different groups in their mind. And i think this is what the media does right. You have the anti or groups which i guess those people that they think are just generally clueless idiots who just don't trust vaccines and who believing beers ethier's and then you had these other groups which they didn't really label as anti vaccine. They just kind of kept them separately at go. They're not anti vaccine. Just muslims who oppose the vaccine. They're just african. Americans who oppose the vaccine. I mean it's like why aren't those people including this overall roop of you know what i more prefer to accent skeptics. I know why in my opinion it's because they want a very clearly isolate the idea that these are a group of people that don't believe in the vaccine because they believe conspiracy theory because they're totally off base but then here's these other groups that have legitimate concern but we still don't care about those people either right like but they're different though they have legitimate things like like the idea that the the pig cells or something like that. There's no reason that anybody for religious reasons should be forced to take that if they don't agree with it right but right now we're already seeing people floated the idea. The i just pointed usa today article again yesterday. It said there should be no religious exemptions. There should be no exemptions and it's not wrong it's patriotic. It's just that's what they're pushing right now. One of the most disturbing pieces. I've seen throughout this whole thing. Yeah big time and it was right after. Donald trump also said in one of his recent statements that this is the right thing to do. It's pay he actually. I think he'd buy their used. The word patriotic or not. He was driving the idea that it was a patriotic thing to do. As an american and odd the media that's attacking him was driving the same message. What do you know you know but it goes on to talk about how the thing we're talking about right now. That people speaking out about how the vaccine was prep properly tested as were living experiencing now an unknown side effects and it goes on to say the response to the core of a coral vacs opposition. The us government began working with social media and search companies had to target advertisements into individuals searching for anti vaccine websites. Understand like derek says this is wild. They know that it's not as severe right yet. They're still pushing in the message. Still driving home a vaccine therapeutic. That made people sick that they know you don't meet in their own simulation. Let that sink in mina says mining data from public social media sources for positive stories so actually seeking out and finding the ones that they can put it in front of you. Isn't that cold bias. Journalism currently not when it has to do with health issues. Yeah i mean. I thought that was really. They talk about like i wrote there. That basically if you're out there searching anti vaccination websites then they're gonna you know what they're already working on this stuff but it was gonna make sure to feed you ads. That would talk pro vaccine. It would promote the positive stories. It would talk about having pop-ups in sidebar menus that we're all going to be promoting using this new technology and such and a few go back a little bit up. I also mentioned that. The japanese government rejected the quarterbacks as well in that created more legitimacy to the opposition because and even they like i think i just mentioned that the mainstream media had opposed it. They talk about which i think is a fictional newspaper. The los angeles herald tribune or something like that. They like they were mainstream media and they did like an actual investigative piece on how the vaccines hadn't been tested. And that like added more fuel to the fire. So in this simulation you even had some elements of the mainstream starting to speak out. You had other government speaking against like the same vaccine saying they didn't want to use it you know and that was just kind of adding to the fuel. Everything going on and there was another situation that i did include there. I wanted to just read the section briefly. Because it's right around this same time period. This says that in july two thousand and twenty six. I think we're in august two thousand twenty six so it starts october. Two thousand twenty five and this thing goes on until two thousand twenty eight but they basically said that in july two thousand and twenty six a week before the kovacs was was scheduled to be released for distribution the us. And do this. I mean we're at that point where these vaccines are getting ready to open for distribution. We're gonna talk about that more in some in a few moments but they said as it's getting ready to be distributed the power grid at the grand coulee dam in eastern washington state experienced a catastrophic failure and while the event did not destroy any infrastructure results in any deaths it cause widespread power outages in washington oregon idaho and british british columbia and says for like a week or more people didn't have the right information and access to what was going on with the vaccine. So i mean it's even that talk of like a power outage the grid going down was mixed into this and this is a result of like a damn failing but either way the point is that as i know you've covered that there have been a lot of talks of emp's in the grid failure all this sort of stuff so they did work that in there as well dams are considered critical infrastructure. And that's something that they've already talked about and as we all know today they're run by electronic of computers these days right so they can be hacked and the ideas that they've already discussed and floated as we all covered the idea of iran and china and russia. Playing a part in this and they're already floating the idea that they're involved with the machines. Maybe we can talk about that in a minute seemingly ridiculous as far as i could tell. But it's interesting the crossover there and i think it does the door to the next level of whatever this is leading to and it's weird that they gamed out in two thousand seventeen for sure. I wanted to add real quick that the interestingly enough based off the hypothetical paper you talked about. I don't know if you saw. The american herald-tribune was censored at the domain level on on the internet. The fbi has his page up. That says this is no longer allowed by the o. J. in the fbi. They took it down which is an only online publication regardless of what you think about them. That's just wild to see them hacking down websites from the domain level. Right now and that's related to covid reporting or something. I haven't found out what it was exactly about. But they were ones that were definitely putting out. Information was countering the narrative right and so it's and they're considered like as quasi mainstream. So maybe that's exactly why you know maybe playing the role of this group right here now. It's interesting there's so many elements of this. That's why i felt like even though when i went over this one it like. It doesn't have some of the nasty details of like threatening to arrest people for posting on the internet. Like to a one and stuff. But i still think there's so much telling information within here that when you put together what's the spars pandemic is talking about klay dex crimson contagion event to a one and then even back to the dark winter mean we see a pitcher emerging and all of it they they have common themes censorship of the internet suppression of the anti quote unquote anti vaccine baxter movement and the inflation of the numbers. Using like we're about to get to using influencers and celebrities to try to sell the message as well you know when they're talking about developing positive messages they also mention at one point talking about getting the celebrities and other people to get on board Yes so i think there's just so many commonalities to what we're dealing with here and the Familiarity to what we're experiencing with and you mentioned for a moment them site Mining the social media companies. So they could show the advertisements and stuff and they also mentioned there. There's a section right there at the bottom where they talk about. Accessing people's electronic health records and now controversy. That's a big one. Yeah and i think that's that's important and it could definitely going to be a part of where they go with kobe. Because basically they don't mention contact tracing specifically if that term was something that they're using at the time but either way they talk about similar things they say like they're going to get the healthcare providers so they're gonna go to people's insurance and healthcare providers. Go around them and violate hip laws. And things like that and get them to give them all their data so they could access that an in be able to determine where people are hanging at how many people are in high risk areas and how many cases are in those areas. So i mean it's contact tracing basically it is actually just talked about this on my last show and people there watching this now. We'll front will remember and find this to be very chilling to see that they're literally talking about Tempted to determine the number of individuals in high risk populations in particular areas. I just touched on the excuse me the immunization gateway and the The tennessee immunization information system or tennis and these are groups. That are working together to basically create a cr- cross-border superstar kind of national grid of information in regard to your vaccine. But why would you need that. Unless you're in one. Why would new york to know about people in california because they're trying to track your movements and make sure that you can't cross state lines without having your vaccine records and so then it goes on to explicitly state and the reason. I'm talking about this one because tennessee is one of the pilot programs for pfizer. So they're going to be doing it. I and it says right in there that they're listing. How they're going to track down people who not not tracked down determine how many and then what degree. they're resistant. I think of people that are high risk and they list people literally everybody. I mean it's like people who have co morbidity which is like everybody in this country people who are minorities people who are in tribal communities people who are infrastructure driving trucks and. It's literally everybody so basically it boils down to the fact they're deeming and whitney web makes the point that they could argue based on the way they frame it. That because you don't wear masks because you don't social distance because you choose not the lockdown because you think it's not real that you're at a higher risk of getting covid nineteen right and so it's like this weird picture. They're painting of an will probably touch on general purna after this discussion here and now we're talking about them saying everybody in america is going to be getting this and so it's very alarming to see them talk about this and how you know just getting your electronic records which is everywhere today. You know jerry. Very alarming. And i want to add to that you know as you whitney have covered that they're planning on the to does vaccine right so they want. That's another reason to keep track us because they need to make sure they can find your second dose in twenty one days and i mean it's going to all be used for just long-term tracking it's beyond the vaccines itself called pharmacovigilance and they listed very clearly that up to twenty four months two years. And this i pointed made in the last show if they're arguing that every person has countries to get one at the very least. They're arguing that we need to reach popular population immunity. Is they keep calling it now. Which is the majority that means that they at the very least need a majority of americans to get this vaccine which would then mean the majority of americans are currently under a two year surveillance. Think about how chilling that is every person and going to be monitoring your vitals your social media activity. You know who you're engaging with. That's why that's when will we talked about before what i've written about before when those vaccine patches in the wearable technology and even some of the below the skin injectables that are they're basically the biosensors in the bio electronics. That's when those come into play because that will allow them twenty four hour monitoring if people's vitals symptoms and again if your vitals say like outlook temperatures go into high or whatever sort of you know measurements that they use. Then the next step could be something like alerting you that you need to go turn yourself in or need to quarantine or you have to stay home and if you leave your house now. We're going to alert the authorities. 'cause they're already going to have your phones for contact tracing the already going to have whatever if they make you wear a you know they might draw. We know if things go the way that the technology is developing they might give people vaccine and then also give them one of these patches that they have to wear on their their skin under their shirt on her chest to track their vitals when they leave. It could be as simple as at your because you're the guinea pig right. I mean think about how they're going to monitor the vaccine for a longer period of time in your body than they are before they give it to you. That's just unbelievable. So many things happening today. That are just almost off. The i mean. It's incredible to see but it's the vaccine aspect. I want to make sure people understand that. The the reality is most americans at least fifty percents. We can see based on polls. Don't want this aren't gonna take it at least in the beginning. Which means that. They're not going to reach the numbers they they want to. Which means that. They'll continue to give this and it will continue to be where we are and they're even saying now that even if you get the vaccine you're gonna stop the where master still gonna social distance like not after the. You know the second dose or then you can do know forever like they say it's going to go on forever because the idea is that this is not something. That's going to go away and we also need to point out that the vaccine itself is not addressing stopping this thing or curing you. It's about lessening the symptoms. And they're very clear about that. So what does that tell you it means when you get the vaccine you can still get other people sick or if you get. It haven't gotten it yet. You can still get sick. It just lessens the symptoms. That means that it's not really going anywhere. Just just basically giving you a little like some cold medicine right. I mean that's basically what this translates to and of course their argument is. We're going to get better. it's gonna keep building. We're going to get the better next time. Let's just keep trusting the plan right sort of feels like right now. It's incredible but the last part here to get into its long term side effects lawsuit to the loss of trust. And this is the most head-spinning part. I mean 'cause they again outline the fact that they were wrong at their worst affected there are lawsuits and then again just about how they manipulate people into being. Okay with the scenario right. So what are your thoughts on this. Yeah so i thought this again. It's just disturbing for one. They acknowledged that there were adverse effects. And the interesting thing is. They say that they don't show up right away. It's in months. And in some cases years after people received a vaccine that neurological symptoms start to show up and parents start sit claiming that things are going wrong their kids the same neurological symptoms that the animal trials that the public didn't get access to but with the the simulation references for the gm. I coro vakhsh imaginary vaccine that these were the same neurological symptoms that were showing up in animal trial so they did animal trials and they found the same problems but they didn't release that information to the public and they didn't have long term studies of course and then of course it says by may two thousand twenty seven so this is nearly two years after the whole thing begins. Parents start filing lawsuits. There's you know. Calls for removing liability from the vaccine companies and the report says quote concern was particularly high among some african american parents. Who continue to question the government's motive so it does if anything at fuel more of a quote unquote anti vaccine movement in the country is what it described. Why but they. They knew it was a problem. Didn't tell anybody. And then even. After the fact. As i. If i'm understanding correctly even after this knowing that it was an animal's knowing that people are saying they got it they're still claiming that it wasn't connected right like no. It wasn't the same thing is that right. Yeah yeah. They never fully admit responsibility or claim like know. There's no sort of like I found it interesting. There's this discussion on. I showed you earlier. The question of each chapter ends with the question. One of the questions like how much how much apologies. Or what should we apologize without sounding too guilty but at the same time acknowledging that the public has made sacrifices they tried to like what's the language or the sort of way that we can phrase it like. We should acknowledge that people have made sacrifices or should we just not even say anything at all. Because then it might make. There's there's there's clear planning and studying to try to get the language down how to make this a public relations marketing campaign based on you know and this is what i really want to drive home again and this is so important. There's a difference between. Let's say fear rising or gaming out a breakdown of infrastructure right or a breakdown of planning like we didn't buy enough of this or we haven't gotten this right or we didn't do this properly. That's what this is supposed to be about right. We're gonna make sure all the problems happen so we know how to handle it. But there's a huge difference between a problem and infrastructure. And then actually gaming out that you lied about the study lied about the side effects and then lied people about why they were having those side effects. That's not. That's i mean it's just i can't even believe that there are openly talking about the fact that they're being dishonest with the public about what they trick them into doing right. That's part of the simulation. How is that. I don't see any way that can be seen as a positive thing no matter how this is being projected. I don't get it. Yeah and it's this. I thought okay. This is a study that needs to get out there because it deals more specifically with how they're going to handle the vaccine response the criticism of vaccine and admission that again neurological symptoms start showing up by the end of two thousand twenty seven and it says after showing no adverse effects for nearly a year. Several vaccine recipients that. I'm sure you know several who knows. How many wasn't the simulation begin to show symptoms such as blurry vision headaches and numbness in extremities and they claim the Two thousand thirty still unclear if the vaccines caused this or not right there. Exactly right and it's like i think that we probably we'll probably see a response like this where there's not very much Admission of guilt or personal taking over responsibility I think if anything. There's i mean i hate to say it because this is just me speculating. But based seeing i think in the coming years the people who are injured from vaccines it will be blamed again on the people who questioned the vaccines that they will try to find a way to say that things got so bad because people wouldn't wear the mask and if they had warned the mass than maybe we would would even though. Now they're saying nothing's gonna go until the vaccines to get there then. It'll be like well. The vaccines came. But we wouldn't have had to do that if people were locking down and mass as always and even point out right here it says there are. This is incredible to this is again dem simulating themselves. There piece appears to be a lack of accountability as there is little desire to rehash events. How how do you even include that. So it's like they apparently know that they'll not care about the issues. I mean i just to me that they would write this in here. And i it. They say like like see that line right before. It says several high-ranking officials with an fcc cdmaone cdc and fda forced to retire but what it actually said in the thing it was like basically it was. There was a policy decision that thought it was best for several officials to quietly resign and spend more time with their families it's plainly deceptive on. Its face and they're and they're even that it's being deceptive but it's but it's only a game though. That's why he would never do that. But it says here also social media. Backlash caught the. Hhs off guard as they faced pressure to award compensation to those experiencing. I get like so you know. They're having pressure to do the very thing that they should absolutely be doing that. They hurt people and that they're even reluctant to help the people that they hurt and then finishes off by saying in part that i want to show of course simulation states that conspiracy theories across social media remember. This is as they knew that they're wrong in that they're lying to us suggesting that the virus had been purposely created introduced to the population by drug companies or that an escape from a government lab secretly testing bioweapons. Yeah this was like this is. This is the moment where they go. We never thought of planes flying into buildings or like. You're right there. They they continue to float this idea. This is not a new thing. It's not a secret at this is two thousand seventeen. So they what i want people to kind of take away from. This is that they. John hopkins center for health security which is again connected. The gates foundation and a lot of other power players has been involved in all these various simulations that we talked about has collaborated with the world economic forum that they for one they have simulated the awareness that they were going to overestimate a pandemic. The numbers would be flawed and inflated in their own words that the public would have a backlash that there would be injuries from the vaccine and there would be a backlash to that and that there will be pressure to compensate the people but basically that there would be no accountability. So those are things that as we are moving forward now as. I think we're about to talk about. We're getting to the point where there's actual talk of emergency use authorization for these vaccines to be approved. Three years ago they were simulating a coronavirus. Pandemic that hadn't overestimated fatality. Count that led to the introduction of vaccines were untested and that had side effects. That in some cases didn't show up for up to year. I mean these are things that they have planned out in are prepared for. So i mean i. We can't clearly say that means that's what's going to happen but it's something we should be prepared for and be aware of and yeah there's the pfizer biotech. They're preparing to submit. That i mean is probably as this conversation is hearing this. It's already happened today. They said they were gonna submit it today. Friday yeah yup yeah. It's definitely happening right now and again. I want to make sure this is clear for people. Then we discussed this on the show that i believe dell big tree made a really good kind of rant about this you really made it clear that and even win over to why and how they do these things which is more than i did in this discussion ultimately once they get the emergency use authorization. There's no reason that a company would continue spending money on on safety trials even though as we should know by now that they're keep showing it designed to succeed. These things are a joke. And i'll even shell show these more on a minute after we get past this but ultimately it doesn't make sense to put a the same with gulf governments or with doctors or scientists. They put this kind of righteous mentality on them like they would never did. They wouldn't dare to me to break the trust of the public. These are companies that care about at financial and results about stockholders. They're not if they once they get this used. They're going to march forward with continuing to do it without your testing and dell pointed out what they ultimately do and this is really interesting. Is they basically use a moral obligation point where they say well. You know. we're gonna still test for safety but we're in the middle of this study and now we've got people who are getting the vaccine because they're sick but then we got people. We were gonna give placebo but we can't do that. They're sick and we have a vaccine. That was just approved. So it's a moral obligation. We have to give it to it just continues down the line and this has happened a lot in the past. I want to add to that. Just so people understand what they're applying here for. Because i did a video yesterday the day before kind of looking at this. I went to the fda dot gov website looks to help emergency use What does that actually mean. And he goes back to some bills from two thousand five but basically in in regards. Cove it as you know that most states in the country and cities have and have issued various emergency. Give but you know. Go away whenever we're told and part of that includes what they call emergency use authorization so pfizer's applying for one of these. That means they're going to ask the fda to say look we're in like you said a pandemic emergency. We don't have all the time to do the proper usual approval process so we need an emergency use authorization. Emergency use authorization allows for a drug or in this case vaccine which hasn't been fully improperly approved in the typical process to be approved under emergency use or for some drugs or vaccines that have been approved for different purposes to be used for you know basically for different purposes than they were approved for so maybe they approve something and it's a cancer drug but then they decide. Hey we think it might help in this case so they get an emergency approval for that so this is going to allow once they get this emergency use authorization. They just pretty much drive everything that each company is going to be able to drive their whole vaccine truck through that door and get whatever they want in there and that emergency use authorization could be. It's not it doesn't really say anything about a deadline. Mike how long like okay you have. You can use this thing for the next couple of months and then after that you know it's no longer viable or whatever this could be into infinity that these companies have these emergency use authorizations that allow them just to keep maybe they're gonna say oh we'll that vaccine didn't actually wasn't as effective as we thought it would be. We have to introduce a new one and that one has gotten an emergency use authorization to get that the people and also already been saying that these vaccines are likely going to be yearly at. This is might be like a flu. Shot that you have to get that. They recommend year. We all know that's coming. I mean it's very clear how they're building this entire infrastructure around covid nineteen how entire industries are redirecting themselves for something. That's going to go away in two months right like just. It's just a logical to think that groups like i think it was a gucci was it i i can't remember gucci louis vuitton who made this special man and the point i made is. I don't even remember why i know this. But louis vitton is. it's ridiculous. it's pretty gross. To be honest the way that they make these bags and it's special from same cow leather and all these kind of things and so you're telling me that this company is going to redirect resources and marketing towards making masks and all these different social media when it's supposed to go away in two months like these companies know this is going to continue forward. You know but back to your point it. This is something. I've showed a thousand times some people's probably until a collective groan as i show it again. But it's important for everybody understand and this can be seen in the actual the reason i show the article instead of the actual pages because it just breaks down one after the other instead of having dern visor astrazeneca all in a row and you can find them on their sites about this information and it's interesting that pfizer we're talking about. This is the term study and this is about people in understand is the only reason they're able to apply for emergency. Use authorization is because they met a metric that they're supposed to meet in regard to ninety percent effective or so on and in this case it was actually supposed to be seventy in the interim and over sixty in the primary but they got ninety. they say. But here's what they had to do to get. Ninety pfizer's interim was the initial group included. Thirty two vaccine recipients. That's it out of forty five thousand people as you understand it. Forty five thousand people come in they have to use people that are actually testing positive for it and first of all they use a pcr tests so those could not be true. What they give him that. They tested positive. And then within the forty five thousand people. I believe only ninety four. Got the vaccine when it was all said and done and as it says here. This is before it actually happened. The success margin was seven or less developing symptoms. Seven or less. That's in the interim and you come down to the primary all at one hundred sixty four total provider so if you think of what ninety percent means out of that small group that's ridiculous and that has no meaning and of course didn't apply to all forty five thousand people forty five thousand people had gotten the flu vaccine and then you could say it was ninety percent effective. I mean i don't understand why they don't just do the study over a period of time. Which is what they should be doing and get people that are continually being sick instead of saying well we only got ninety four so it's ninety percent and they justify saying it's because we're endanger. We have to rush this out. Which i always say makes no sense. The argument is were skipping safety. Trials for your safety. That's that actually boils down to. You've done a great job of kind of highlighting the the sort of that ninety percent thing the truth about that because you know people as you know people here the ninety percent are they here ninety five percent and most people think okay so that must mean there was a whole bunch of people and they all took this and they got tested and allow only like a very small percentage. Didn't do too well whatever it's so deceptive but it. It's you know it's easy to say that number ninety percent. It sounds like a whole lot. I you know it's like okay. Well this has been vetted. Everything's good. And and i can trust it and let's go. Let's get us one and the more important part is efficacy right because the point is they know people will misunder chirp that as stopping the virus. Because that's what people think about a vaccine. It's not this is not about stopping. It hasn't says and even in this article this was before they even finished so they were setting out to do like this. You know that the ultimate point and it says it right in here actually will. I've just article including the show notes. It says it right in the article that the whole point was not even stopping it. Not about curing you. It was about literally lessening the symptoms and in even as symptomatic second symptomatic aspects or even a secondary point. So when you talk the end of the day this will not change anything and people think it means effective so thinking. Hey it's going to hear ninety percent of people but you'll get this vaccine stop to be locked down off the wear a mask you'll still potentially get other people sick. I don't understand why this is a flagrant misrepresentation. As so much of what they do is and it's it's pretty depressing but let's move on to a couple more points. Don't let me know if you've got a rush off. Because i know you've got some limited time today Got a few more minutes. I'll whether important stories. Okay well let me know if anything else you want to jump into what we wanted to touch on. Let's do that. I sense you wanted to touch on general. I don't know if you have anything pulled up on your computer. If you wanna share it. I can grab my tweet of it. But we recently talked about general Perna and discussion in regard to the vaccine. Now actually i believe. I do have that link year or somewhere real quick. I can grab. But i could've injured introduce if you don't mind like so. I did a video about it. And i really odd. If i've seen the tweet. I tweeted out as well so i found the video to make sure. Of course okay. This is a real press conference and the press conference took place with the top. Three people of operation warp speed see had monsef slyly sitting at this table. You had alex. Czar who's another big pharma That wrote about years ago. That trump put his the head of the health secretary. Basically and then you had general He had the military. And then you had the two big pharma. Representatives basically the leaders of operation warp speed. And they did this. Press conference going on for quite a bit just describing what they basically the latest update and it was general. Ernest little section. That caught everybody's attention but he actually spoke for ten minutes. And i listen to the whole thing and there's just a lot of telling things in there for one. The talks about how they have divided the united states up into sixty four jurisdictions fifty states territories and in dip. So they have. I don't know what that looks like. Exactly i don't know if we've seen that map But they say so. They've got sixty four jurisdictions. They mentioned that basically already getting military members set up to go to these jurisdictions so that within twenty four hours of that emergency use authorization. We were talking about which pfizer is now applying for today. And i don't know if we said this already but they said that they're expecting to be approved by early december so within weeks that so his his answer was okay. Once that approval comes are people who are going to be in the sixty four jurisdictions within twenty four hours will be given that vaccine and be able to distributes. I mean they're talking about as we've been saying for months a an extensive military operation. I mean this is the biggest far military operation that we've ever seen before and it's it's pretty disturbing to see so i just wanted to provide that background because i know that some. There's been a lot of debate on what what did he say. Did he say america. Americans or that designing it's going to be forced or whatever all we know is that i think even if they're not gonna come to your door and force Vaccine in your arm just yet. I mean we've already talked about all the ways they're using the technocracy to sort of lock people out the other aspect is that it's just going to be terrifying. I think alone to have military running all around the us. In the way that we've seen simulated with things like jade. How and rex eighty four and like these big military operations. That just to me doesn't sound like the america that i think most people believe in. Can you imagine trump in this case trump supporters. What they would do if this was happening. D'oro during obama. I mean this is soft martial law. We've been on soft martial law for months regardless of what trump says he is or isn't doing or what the democrats are are not doing. It's obvious what we're in. We're in a general's lockdown we're a general mask mandate whether they're saying it different states or not more than fifty percent of the states already have mandated masks in california today right now. I just heard this from somebody. Today is a hundred dollar. Fine if you go outside without a mask hundred dollars. I mean and this is during a time when people can't feed their families that seems like a smart thing to do. You know it's just incredible. But this i mean and by the way just watch is general. Bernard continues to touch the mask on his face like thirty times. Which is one of the biggest issues that other doctors would point out but yeah so. Let's let's let's let's take a look we'll see if this is Actually loud enough. We're doing to make sure that loud enough for you. It's it's a little quiet. But i can hear me okay. I'll this closer. See if we can hear what we're doing to make sure that That we already ready at this level. After working details for the last six months as i've told the team to things we must have one upon emergency use saucers -ation all of america must receive vaccine within twenty four hours as gaspar smart all all america all amarah of america i mean and so somebody was like correction. He said america not americans. Okay well who lives in. America and all of america is going to be getting this within four hours of that emergency use authorization. Were just talking about so. I mean people need to really understand that. We're not like months away from this. We're like trump seems to be determined to deliver on the vaccine before he potentially leaves office. Which seems more and more likely every day that he is going to leave. Office in the power will pass on. Things will continue on. But he's it seems like he's he's preparing for that by trying to make part of his legacy which is what all presidential puppets care about is what legacy can they leave behind is that he wants to be the one that oh we developed the first vaccine in less than a year ever and it was successful in whatever blah so i mean he's been spending. I did another video about a week ago showing his rallies on the day before the election. He was promoting vaccines. He was going on and on set and accusing. Saying if you vote for joe biden. Joe biden will lock you down and keep you from having this vaccine like now. It's like selling point of like how it's going to be so great for you. And i mean things. The the script is slipping. But i think it's very likely that the reason we're seeing this embrace. This press conference was now two days ago yesterday. Foul she also gave a couple of interviews in that in one of also the coronavirus task force had their first press conference in months and at that press conference both mike pence and vowed she said that pfizer was getting ready to apply for emergency use authorization but found she also endorsed the vaccines and basically said like. Hey these have all been. Everything's good warp speed doesn't mean that we rush the approval process. Everything's a okay. So even even who's the villain within the trump corona virus task force. You know that the trump people are like oh you know which like why wouldn't trump get rid of him right if you really wanted to even him now he's embracing the quote unquote trump vaccines in and saying. Hey there's no reason to worry. So they're preparing to roll these out like very soon i. it's it's so incredible. How this gates and fao vaccine suddenly became the savior of humanity when trump just stepped into the role. Like it. and you know what. Alex jones literally argued that. This is a different thing. And that's why it's safe because trump took hold of the process and he made sure that it's going it's like it's the same vaccine is the same thing and that's the so frustrating and they're even funding gobbling already. Talked about all this. you know. it's like it's just incredible and it'll be even more disturbing though whenever the people who are like. I'm not gonna take trump back but fast forward a couple of months in. It's a biden vaccine. Also no yeah yeah. Let me lineup. As quick as i can more and it's it's exactly the same thing. It's the always show that to party all of it. It's not just trump's it's not just buying it's all of it in their all confused but seeing this is what's so interesting about this part to me is talking about beforehand. I very very strongly think that this is meant to be a double meaning right. This is this is meant to be taken by in different ways by different crowds and so if you say basically they're playing into the whole equitable future thing right. Where were we need this to be equitable ever. There's no they'll say in a second. I'll play the finish. No haves and have nots. And it's about making sure that everyone has the opportunity to have. It didn't say that. But that's what they're gonna take it as on the trump on the other side. It's going to be you know people want wanna hear it that way. I think it's actually meant to sound like we're we have to take it like so americans that are scared and are believing him. We're supposed to think that. Oh man we have to make sure that we're ready in twenty four hours to get this thing done like so. It's like a mandatory thing. Even though we didn't say mandatory you know so you get the people to ready to take it thinking they have to take it near the trump supporters. You know it's it's just. That's they're playing this intentionally. I think very. I think you're right with that. Let's finish the rest of it. I think this is upon all the team. Two things we must have one upon a emergency use saucers -ation all of america must receive vaccine within twenty four hours. As i said. I think this is incredibly important fair and equitable distribution of the vaccine throughout the country simultaneously. There is no haves and have nots. it is an equitable distribution And we are driving hard to make sure that happens and you could argue. That he said will h- that l. l. of america will have the vaccine right so it's intentional and i think to play this middle ground game where he didn't say take it. We'll have it so you have access to right you know. It's clear that that's how they wanna float this middle. I think i also wanna add to that because like we were saying before that. I mean they're even if it's not going to be forced on you. Just the side of the military running around the country distribute vaccine doesn't sound very like i don't know it doesn't sound like anything i wanted to beat through and then on top of that. You have to consider the societal peer pressure and familial pressure that's going to exist that while they're delivering these vaccines whether it's a trump biden drunk vaccine or biden vaccine. A lot of people are still going to sign up for them. Because they're just scared they wanna like okay. This is the answer they're saying. I don't have to lock down any more on that mass city. More wait masks and social distancing. Aren't going anywhere actually right you know. There are people who still believe that things are really going to go back to normal if they comply and so they're going to be friends and family who will shame and pressure people for not participating so even if it's not necessarily mandatory with the government. You're going to have that societal in peer pressure in addition to the using businesses to try to say well you can't come into this business without proof of vaccine immunity passports all the stuff we've been going on for about ten months now. Those are the other the other kind of factors that you have to consider in this whole situation absolutely agree. I mean we just talked about ticketmaster. And they're they're open discussion now that they're openly saying that they already have the system set up in the moment. That seems ready. They're going to be requiring vaccine proof or a variation of things such as an anti test or you know so on you have to prove these things before you can go in and get a ticket to any number of things ticketmaster controls like every venue concerts and everything right and then we also talked about the i was gonna say i don't know if you saw but they backed off of that they've words they're saying like oh well no. We have no intention of forcing people to get vaccinated. Basically wants that whole thing went viral after billboard reported it which seemed to be a legitimate. And i'm sure it was. It was right on their website so it was definitely they basically backed off and they said like like you said they said we have the technology and we're developing ways but we're not trying to force people to take vaccine so to me. It's like one hand it could be the backlash and shows a. Hey look we still have an effect if you push back make enough noise accompany we'll see You know they're going to do the numbers and say we might lose some sales or it also could have been a sort of like testing the waters. Let's see if they're ready for this yet. Well now let's wait six months and try that again or as you. And i pointed out in the past. It's a way of saying they come out intentionally doing it to a flagrant way. So people go and then they pull back. They were planning to pull back. And you know and it's just one step at a time and so then we're so little more familiar with the process you know and it's like well. This one's better than that one was go. Okay you know. And it's like that's how they kind of trick the people into it but that's a really good thing to here now i. It doesn't mean it's done or over as we sure you would argue. It just means that either ticketmaster pulled it back because they're too much pressure but at the end of the day it was clearly happening and that's clearly a direction that's going talked about all kinds of these different examples you wrote about the airline lobbies. I mean the examples are everywhere mainstream media openly calling for things like this. So it's pretty obvious. This is the direction that it's going. It's a. It's an alarming thing. And i want to add to that the idea of we've talked about policy comitatus in the past and that we're in a state right now. It doesn't matter whether you say we're in a pandemic or a state of emergency like we're we're building towards a scenario wherein a police state in where we are in a police state and i've said that for a long time and i think you would agree but this is just a continuous extension of that. Which pretty sad. Yeah absolutely and as yourself. In james and whitney and other termed it really is like the biosecurity. Stay and i think when you kind of had been calling it prior to this year the technocratic state because the technology is is obviously a big part of the direction at the state. The system of government is going but that was prior to cove in. Now we see the sort of bio security aspect of it so it is like a biosecurity technocracy. It's this using technology using biology using the elites scientists the healthcare workers that you know the trusted experts and all that sort of thing which is essential aspect of technocracy You know that rule by experts in rule by scientifically. They're bringing all that in and it's just mean. I don't think it could be more clear than it is now. I just want to like level with the audience and everybody and just be real. That i think that everybody should be Seriously thinking about what they are doing for their own families how they're thinking of taking care families and just recommend whatever steps you can take to make sure you're not dependent on whether means financially Foodwise whatever sort of ways that you feel like. You're entangled in the system. Try to start thinking a lot about severing some of those ties as much as possible because the less dependent you are on the system the better you'll be able to fair as they really try to lock things down most said completely agree and then just before you take off. I figure we could. You know. make fun of new york times because that's always a good time and The reality that and just to kind of go off your final point there that you know. We're we're watching the building of this technocratic you know this technocratic control network and the day the national security state i mean we're watching these things flesh out in front of us. The great reset being obvious lynch pin of this whole thing where people like trudeau. I mean it's not a secret. it's very clinton. Hillary clinton just spoke up the other day. Saying it's an opportunity to reimagine orleans. They're all saying the same talking points. Of course new york times comes out and says that the great resets a conspiracy theory on the same day the world economic forum is celebrating the great reset. It's just a dumbest thing. I think i could possibly imagine as you said here. I mean to me it's it's also another form of them kind of they. Gas lighting and making people feel crazy like we were talking earlier about things being so blatant like it's just. I think that this is a trend. That i'm starting to notice just with different friends that have communicated with that everybody's starting to notice how blatant some of this propaganda is that. There's not even an attempt to hide it anymore. Like like you showing there on the tweet. You've got a time magazine. Cover showing like the great reset. You've got all these people talking about it. You got the world building right in front of us. They're like you. You have like celebrating it. And then the new york times has get some some chick some young twenty. Something journalist who specializes in you exposing disinformation is what she claims. But i don't know if she's writing disinformation but even in her little piece like which was less than eight hundred words. It wasn't like it was some extensive deep dive. it didn't offer any debunking. Didn't offer any like this. Why it's wrong. It just said it didn't even like actually say oh by the way there is this thing from the world economic forum and they just taking it out of context just acted like addendum exist like that and it's just an all you have to do is use the even on the cia. Google search. You can search great reset and you get the world economic forum and you get the new york times at the same time and you can compare them and say oh. Well what does it. It says it's a conspiracy theory you know. It's just that blatant and obvious and i think we're really at that point where these people quite frankly do not give. Hey they just don't care anymore. It's quite clear that she's a very humble person and has a very clearly understands. I mean look at what at this is her p image like look. I'm not a fan of the times. But this is what she's you know. She clearly worked for the right journalist outlet. That's that's what she's trying to show you there you know. and it's just. These people are so high on themselves about being the stuffy elitists and they know this there on the inside and in reality i think truly today a lot of these journalists are most lost people out there today. They're they're they're the ones caught up in the illusion. I mean i really believe that. Same with the mainstream media people and let me just for a second my frustration that people that are working for the new york times probably with healthcare a very big draw a big paying job and we worked for the times. Oh yeah yeah come to our fancy dinners and your so respected in high society and you know normal mainstream life while people like us who i know bust their ass like every single day for ten and twelve hours a day to put out content and do deep dives and really exposed. Things sometimes can't figure out how to make ends meet you know in a lot of good people in journalists in people and independent journals that i've met over the last ten years have had to give it up because they gotta survive in. This isn't a really good way to survive all the time you know. It's not always doesn't work out for all of us in so there's a lot of people who can't as much as we need independent journalism right now. There's are lacking. Don't have the resources to continue to do this. While somebody like that can be smug and just so full of themselves and you know she writes for the new york times in just crank out six hundred word schill crap piece about ad calling something a conspiracy issues. It's so annoying and disturbing that. That's where we're at. But i mean think that's why i'm thankful for you know being able to work with you and for everybody who supports my work and supports last american vagabond. Because i mean if it wasn't for the support and the people who watch and read it making sure that we could keep doing this we would have to go do something else. We act to survive a different way. And that would mean less reports less investigations. And that's exactly what they want. They want those types of approved blue check journalists to be the ones that are getting their messages out. Right like barry weiss that goes on. Joe rogan doesn't even know the definition of birds that she's using right. These are not the people that we should be listening to. At the very least you should listing broader breath of people out there that actually have concerns for back some truth and all of these things. We're talking about today. But yeah it's it's exactly. The problem is that we're at a point where they have unlimited resources and can continue to just bomb people with manipulation and understand today whether you realize it or not that includes things like troll farms and manipulative tactics online. Whether governments or mainstream media. Let's not pretend like media outlets are not gaming in the same exact way you know and that just leaves individuals like us to do what we do in the best way we can. And that's why. I think it's so important whether it's the conscious resistance or the last american bag or unlimited. Hang out that you go out there and your support independent media in the best way you can with a sharing the work or sending words of encouragement or sending a couple of dollars a month. Because that's i'm proud to say that. I of built the last american bond in a way that allows individuals to directly support. This and not for some kickback. Not because they're going to get a free thing but because they believe in what we're doing and that's powerful can't just pull the plug on something like that and that's why it's important to go directly to our websites so you can follow the work and continue to branch out from there. So thank you so much for joining me today derek. So i think this is important stuff to go over anything else. You wanna leave us before we leave for the day. No i just wanna invite everybody to actually go back and re read the spars pandemic article for yourself and share it with people you know your friends and family and i just also reiterate like i said that we're in a crucial time. You know just putting journalism aside for a second human-to-human activists who you know. Other human at other activists. We need to really think about where we're headed. And i just invite everybody who's listening and hearing this message to to just think of what type of precautions you would. You would like to take to make sure that you and your families feel safe in the potential for you know. They're still potential for election. Chaos because trump is not left office yet. We don't know how that whole thing is going to go there. Still adding up talk of dark winter in the next lockdown in the next wave. And like i said thanksgiving and black friday coming up. I'm expecting more propaganda after that and potentially more lockdown. These are things that everybody should be thinking about. I'm preparing for in addition to the vaccine stuff that we went over. I mean there's a lot going on right now and just simply sitting down and watching and consuming. These videos were again. Obviously thankful you're checking out the content but if you're just consuming the content and you're not taking this information at doing anything with it. I i mean you're going to end up in a very difficult situation. That's all say but yeah thank you brother yeah always good debut on man and great were saliba song so as always everybody out there question everything. Come to your own conclusions. David remember the swine flu scare of nineteen seventy-six. That was the year the us government told us all it swine. Flu could turn out to the killer that could spread across the nation and washington decided that every man woman and child in the nation should get a shot to prevent a nationwide outbreak. A pandemic forty-six million of us obediently took the shot. And now four thousand. Americans are claiming damages from uncle sam amounting to three and a half billion dollars because of what happened when they took that shot by far the greatest number of the claims. Two thirds of them are for neurological damage or even death allegedly triggered by the flu shot. We picked up the story back in. Nineteen seventy six when the threat posed by the swine. Flu virus seemed very real. Indeed did this so called deadly variety of flu. Where did it. I hit back. Nine hundred seventy six. It began right here at fort dix. New jersey in january of that year when a number of recruits began to complain of respiratory ailments. Something like the common cold. Dr david sensor then head of the cdc. The center for disease control in atlanta is now in private industry. He devised this wind flu program and he pushed it. You began to give flu shots to the american people in october of seventy sect over. I by that time. How many cases of swine flu around the world had been reported. There had been Several reported but non-confirmed there had been cases in australia that were reported by the press By the news media there were cases in done confirmed. Did you ever uncover any other breaks swine flu anywhere in the world now now nearly everyone was to receive the shot in public health facility. Where a doctor might not be present therefore it was up to the cdc to come up with some kind of official consent form giving the public all the information needed about the swine flu shot. This form stated that the swine flu vaccine had been tested. What it didn't say was that. After those tests were completed the scientists developed another vaccine and that was the one given to most of the forty-six million who took the shot. That vaccine was called x fifty. Three a was xfinity fifty three ever field tested. I i can't say i would have to It wasn't. I don't know i would think you're in charge of the program. I would have to check The records. I haven't looked at this some time. Did anyone ever come to you and say you know something fellows. There's the possibility of neurological damage. If you get into a mass immunization program no no one ever did no. Do you know michael quick. Dr michael happy directed the surveillance team for the swine flu program at the cdc. His job was to find out what possible complications could arise from taking the shot and to report his findings to those in charge. Did you know ahead of time. Dr hat wig that there had been case reports of neurological disorders. Neurological illness apparently associated with the injection of influenza vaccine. Absolutely you did yes. How'd you know that by review of the literature. So you told your superiors the man in charge of the swine flu immunization program about the possibility of neurological disorders. Absolutely what would you say. If i told you that your superiors say that. You never told about the possibility of neurological complications. That's nonsense. I can't believe that they would say that. They did not know that there were neurological illnesses associated with influenza vaccination. At simply is not true. We did know that. I said the doctor had wick. Never told me of his feelings on this subject And he's line. I guess you'd have to make that assumption then. Why does this report from your own agency dated july nineteen seventy-six list neurological complications as a possibility. I think the Consensus of the scientific community was that the evidence relating neurologic disorders to influenza immunization Was such that. They did not feel that. This association was a real. You didn't feel it was necessary to tell the american people that information I think that Over the years. We've tried to inform the american people as as fully as possible.

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