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"severa smith" Discussed on New Jersey 101.5

"On tell you all got all these people have gotten so. Oh, no. So who who do you think has? I heard recently who does not have it anymore is a plumber Carney really got a new album out. I heard like one of the same. I heard the single is terrible. What about live have you ever seen him alive? Now because that's what I wonder. I wonder about these people who eighty year old guys still have it seems ridiculous. Because some do I mean some look at Tony Bennett. Tony bennett's. Tony bennett. He's you know, McCartney's Paul McCartney. Listen, I if I was if I were Iraq and roll star hanging up what if you needed the money, what have you blew through all your money on drugs and women in the eighties hanging up. And you gotta steal tour. That's everybody's gotta pay the mortgage or doesn't have it anymore. In actual. It does not sound good. Does. Not look good. It sucks. I love axel doing it. Guns roses my band when I was a kid really loved loved them headed. Always hated that voice. That was my first first concert ever guns and roses. Guns N roses, opening up for deep purple and Aerosmith giant stadium. Deep purple got billing over guns and guns and roses was they hadn't broken yet. But I knew of them was their first big hit was appetite for destruction with their album was out for a year before it hit wasn't it. So, but you knew them already a new welcome to the jungle the video on head bangers ball. This is great. And then as it turns out, it's a very ridiculous story. But I went there was the first guys ever went to they had been touring an England where they had kind of broken, right? They became big in England, then they came back to the states as eighty-seven pre internet, whatever. And I know this because I interviewed slash and he told me the story that they expected again right there opening for deep purple. They're opening for air for the giant stadium. They're expecting, you know, five six thousand people in the stands for them ninety thousand people were there to see them. They they didn't realize that this is their first show back after being in Europe for like three or four months. They didn't know that like they had gotten like this popular act quickly in the states. So they're expecting four or five thousand people there's ninety thousand people like waiting to see them like how do you know, they were there for them and not Ariza with they were there for that. Because who goes into see the opening band when you want to get a stadium show you want to get there early on her there for drink do some very wanna get in the parking lot. They were there for guns N roses. And as I said, they had they had no idea, and they all. Really blown away. And that's when they didn't wanna break it to them that they were there for. They were never going to roses. Believe me. Okay. But deep purple in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven relevant that gives you an idea of how irrelevant guns roses was would. They booked the show develop is because it went guns N roses. Deep purple harassment. Purple having to follow that. Being an on before Aerosmith. Right. Do you? Remember what the purple how they were. I could care. No. I don't I was gonna roses. Did you know I stayed? Severa smith. How old were you eighty seven? So I was fifteen somebody drop you off. I went with guy, his license. All right. So who still has it who does not among the aging rock and rollers one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five three eighteen years faster traffic. What.

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